Adam Lambert To Return To American Idol As Judge?

Adam Lambert American Idol judge

American Idol fan favorite Adam Lambert is rumored to be returning to American Idol 2013 as a season 12 judge.

“They have been talking about Adam for over a month,” a source told E! News. “He personifies the show, and will be a popular choice right from the start. He knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the judges’ comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can’t go wrong if they bring him on. He would be able to bring a unique perspective to the show. People love him.”

As we all know, Jennifer Lopez’s return to the show has been up in the air since season 11 even started. That’s how she plays the game. So it looks like Adam’s name is being heavily considered for taking a judge’s seat.

Actually, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler’s fate hasn’t been decided either. So is it possible we’ll see an all new panel?

“Randy is great, but he’s part of the old Idol,” the source told E!. “They want to keep the soul of the show but have a new look, and for that reason he may well not be part of the new line up.”

A Steven Tyler spokesperson says Steven’s Idol future is also up in the air. As is Producer Nigel Lythgoe. So basically, host Ryan Seacrest is the only person locked in at this moment.

Who would you like to see as an American Idol 2013 judge?





  1. ADAM would be the best judge the show has ever seen,he would breathe life back into American Idol

    •   they both hae been great. love randy…when its not broken why fix it?

  2. If you get rid of Steven Tyler , except to lose a lot of viewers ! I’m one of them ! He’s funny , unpredictable , enjoy his softer side alot cuz he thinks of the person standing it front of him , don’t want to hurt their feeling ,

      • I agree with you Pally.   He is a Rock God, maybe that’s why he gets away with it.  If he wasn’t Steven Tyler and talked to minor girls the way he does (especially at auditions), he would be in big trouble.  But the PTB seem to smile and wink at him.  Also he sleepwalks through the shows..I’d rather he leave than Randy.  I feel bad for Randy, it seems like the show is his life.

      • @Vanessa, He is a Rock God..I agree with you. I love Aerosmith but it grosses me out every time he starts salivating over a girl young enough to be his granddaughter! I liked Randy a lot more when it was Simon, Randy, and Paula. He had more to say. Now, he seems like a puppet.

    • Steven Tyler is too old to be on the panel for American Idol judges. Good riddance!

  3. adam would be beyond brilliant as a judge!!   that’s the best idea i’ve heard yet.  he would breathe new life into an already hackneyed show.  and if he performed…!!!! (not that i’m biased or anything!!)  go for it, you incredibly gorgeous  creature!!

      • You can say that again…..I would be over the moon if Adam becomes a judge.  I don’t care who returns or who doesn’t as long as Adam is there every week….OMG  I’m getting excited just thinking about it…..YAHOO!!!   Now this story I will follow but I’ve had enough with the Jessica fans…..Frankly I didn’t care who won……Brutal blog this year!!!!   BUT next year if Adam is a judge I will be front & center watching….LOL 

        Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!!

      • hi namesake.  having a nice summer recovering from a gum graft, going to a.c. and listening to trespassing.  hopefully our guy will grace us with his presence twice a week and do a little singing in between.  hope your summer is more than happy with a little one on the way.

  4. Adam would be an excellent choice.  A top 5 All Time Idol Performer (I know a lot of ya’s have him at #1, but I’ve got Haley in that spot).  He’s obviously been a singer who’s been up there & knows what the kids are going thru.  I don’t think he’ll have a preconcieved top pick early in the game and stick w/ that person. 

    I think in the past every judge has pretty much picked their favorite early.  Then when other singers did better, they’d keep commenting to justify their early picks.  Scott comes to mind.  Yes, post Idol he’s smoking Haley.  He’s also been marketed a lot better.  When they were on the show, Haley was better.   This is not a knock on Scott.  I wish him the very best.  I simply don’t feel he was the best singer on the show in his season.

    God I hope Jennifer leaves.  I can’t stand that woman.  Fake, phony, she adds nothing to the show except to try & promote her other stuff.  She doesn’t even sing.  She’s about as legit a singer as Milli Vanilli. 

    So if Adam is 1 judge, for another I’d like to see Martina McBride or someone of that ilk.  She’s a big fan of the show and I think she’d be awesome. 

    Then as the “tough” judge, maybe someone like Harry Connick Jr. 

    • Harry Connick will be an excellent choice! He’s very talented in many aspects. And doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking too

  5. I only started watching American Idol again with the edition of Steven Tyler as a judge. He goes I’m done viewing.

    Joe Perry would be a cool judge to have added next to Steven. The way he & Steven differ would add spice to the show.

  6. I absolutely love Adam and think he would be a positive addition to American Idol.  He would also be a fantastic judge.  I like Steven Tyler, but I think Randy should go…he truly adds no value to the show and he is, and has always been, a boring judge.

    • I love Adam too Holly but would rather hear him singing than judging.  I don’t want Randy to leave either.  He and  Ryan are troopers, man, from the beginning.  If everything is different, they may as well scrap it or give it a new title.

      • Keep Ryan…but sweetie, Randy…change is good and I think Randy has gotten tired of the show.

      • MyLord:  If this show wants to have any sense of its genesis…of what made it the first reality singing show in decades to be so popular and make stars  of the unknown in three months and be copied unmercifully, imo, there has to be some essence of its core, which…… to end this totally run on paragraph is Ryan and Randy and of course the dopey theme song!

  7. Adam Lambert will definitely be a breath of fresh air. He has real talent and had been through the AI experience. I think he knows talent when he hears/sees one and very easy on the eye!
    Definitely, YES on that idea.

  8. Branden, please keep us posted about Adam.  Its been a long time since I’ve looked forward to Idol this early in the year….(-:

  9. I would like to see Steven Tyler, Queen Latifah, and Adam Lambert as the new Idol judging team.

    • Steven never would have been a judge at 30 years old.  Adam judging on AI is so middle America, please stay true to yourself, keep everyone guessing like you always have.   Don’t become a suit… doesn’t suit you. 

  10. I would like to see Steven Tyler, Queen Latifah, and Adam Lambert as the new Idol judging team!

  11. I adore Adam, always have, but I can’t comprehend why such a new talent that he is would want to judge.  He has a particular type of singing that he likes and I just wonder if he could identify with a different genre than his own.  I love his cd’s, appearances, everything about him…but he needs to be young and enjoy his career.  I think everyone wants him just for the Adam show, but it’s still Idol.  Love you Adam.

    • I think he would be great, but I agree, I can’t imagine him wanting to do the show at this stage in his career. I think he would be slightly biased as you say….but that bias would be in the right direction for the show and is what it needs; judges to help move the show into the more popular music with a future.

    • MONEY! lol..but’s a regular gig. He can promote his new songs. It’s a win/win for him.

      • It can’t hurt his career.  It did wonders for J.Lo’s and Steven Tyler’s plus he is young and can relate to the contestants because he’s been there and done that!!!!!!  It is definitely a win win for the show and for Adam.

      • I know the whole site disagrees with me, judging Idol would so take away any cool factor he may have.  Steven is fine bc is an old guy now, but Adam judging 16 year olds?…as much as I love him, would hate to see it.  Plus no one would pay attention to the contestants anymore, it would be the Adam Lambert Show featuring what was once American Idol.

      • In reply to Vanessa……Adam would not take over the show.  He would not be dressed up for a performance.  H would just be a judge and great for the ratings……..JMHO

      • @Phyllis… Hahaha..Adam is ALWAYS dressed up for a performance.  As a glambert you should know that!  If its meant to be, it will happen.  I guess I should stop worrying about his career objective and focus on how cool it would be to see him every week for a few months!

    • Vanessa…you are totally right about Adam dressed for success (LOL) but I meant that when I saw him in person he was dressed up in Glitter and bing and more makeup than I’ll ever wear but I think if he was a judge he would down play the glitz but than again Steven Tyler never did……LOL…..I just want to see him twice a week all winter and maybe sing at some point……….

  12. Adam is a great choice he is young .he is so talented and honest.he would bring new ideas with himself. american idol wouldnt be boring anymore.

  13. I cannot believe it…Adam would be the best choice, and wow, what a come back AI would have if he were a judge. A kinder person you could not find anywhere and so talented…that would be an amazing choice.

    • Actually, I think they would serve themselves well if he came out a little harsh. Just the opposite of what people are expecting. 

      America’s Got Talent pulled the old switcheroo with Howard Stern. Everyone was expecting him to be a bit hostile and he is actually a big old softy…LOL

      • Howard is 57 or 58 years old now.  Back in the day, his day,  he wouldn’t have judged AGT, he would have never left NY.  His true fans know he is a softie.  I was very young on 9/11, but Howard Stern talked me and everyone listening on the radio through it.   Now here’s a guy I’d love on AI, but it would never happen.

      • So you are saying he has mellowed with age? LOL

        He has always been a bit brash! I’m just saying it wasn’t what we expected from him on the show. Plus I’ve heard it said that he started the whole “Vote For The Worst” movement. Is that true?

      • @Taymaro..I don’t know if Howard has mellowed, but we all change as we age obviously.  He would be the first to admit it’d be hard to keep up the pace he was living in his 30’s and 40’s.  Don’t know about Vote For The Worst…wouldn’t be surprised.  Do know when Clay Aiken lost, Howard said on air “Clay is still my Idol.”   So funny!

      •  Well said, Howard’s little breakdown with sending the little kid home was so sweet, I’ll never look at him in the same way again.

  14. Adam is very talented, however, I think he should not be one of the judges for American Idol. I think he is to contraversal.

  15. Adam is very talented.
    However, I
    think he is to controversial to be a judge onAmerican Idol

    • Controversial is a good thing….it creates interesting drama instead of conformity which is boring.

      • Controversy isn’t what’s required on this show. The warring fan factions provide enough of that.  Adam would cause the Bible thumpers [Idol’s biggest demo]in the fly-over states to boycott the show and the ratings would plummet.  That’s not in anyone’s best interest.  Adam is my favorite Idol contestant ever, but this is not a good idea.

      • Templar
        I disagree…The bible belters will watch him, and I think he can do good for the cause. Ellen didn’t make ratings go down. True..he can’t be a flaming…well you know; but he’s not, that isn’t Adam…he’s very male!

    • Oh Carlos,
      You sad little man. I’m sorry you felt left out of such a great holiday. If you were there I would have partied with you…and found Dr Phil for you too (He goes to the Hamptons often, I’m told). But my little basement chimp, I must strongly disagree with your assessment of Randy, he must go!

  16. Adam would be a great judge!  AI desperately needs new blood.  Randy and JLo have to go, especially after the way they judged this season–so biased, they couldn’t be objective.   I won’t watch AI next year if Randy and JLo return as judges next year.

  17. Think Adam would be a brilliant judge on Idol. Not only does he have an incredible voice, look great but seems like a very nice young man.
    Would be sad to see Steven Tyler leave, he is a legend and so cool.

      • Is there something wrong with 30 year old and a 16 year old…he did raise her from a pup

      • Stephen Tyler is 64.  And yes, there is something wrong with a 30 year old and a 16 year old. In a lot of states, you could go to jail.

  18. The show needs a Judge who will be honest and speak bluntly. Maybe someone with a British accent who knows much about the music industry (part-time talent scout) and lives for British humor. Someone who can be a softy at times, but who is still dedicated to truth and music. Someone who can flirt a little with the girls and boys. Someone hot with a great tan , who is a gifted guitar player, and a fabulous singer with great hair. Someone who will only drink high quality single malt Scotch. The anorexia survivor turned amateur bodybuilder known as “Intensepump”…….

    Well who else but…..ME

    I got dibbs on sitting next to Adam….:)

  19. This just in mates:
    Phillip Phillips, and Kellie Pickler To Sing At MLB All Star Game

    • Jimmy can’t judge, he’s the guy with the contracts.  It would be unethical for him to judge.  Steven is useless, but lovable,  he can stay.  JLo needs to go, replace her with Cher, Pink, or Alicia Keyes.  Replace Randy with Darius Rucker, Babyface or Brad Paisley.

      • I know Jimmy can’t judge but I always seem to agree with his critiques way more than the current judges. I will take anyone over Randy and JLo but it would be nice to have a male country judge! 

  20. Judges I would like to see on the panel would include; Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Adam Lambert.

    • Simon is all X-factor, he owns the show and his plan includes X-factor to eventually replace AI, Google it.
      Paula Abdul is contractually locked out.

  21. I love Adam. I think we need someone who will be a little more honest. There was way too much,  “that was beautiful” this past season.  Is Adam that guy? I don’t know.

    • Who is he replacing on The Voice?  I’m thrilled, I like Michael B. just curious as to who is leaving!!!

  22. Adam does not need to wait to be as old as Methuselah to be an AI judge. If AI wants him and he wants the job, we like him to be there too. Adam, go for it!
    TV exposure will do wonders to Adam’s record sales. AI, on the other hand, needs a larger share of the 18-49 demographic (most sought after by advertisers). We need young and vibrant on the judges’ table.
    To those who think that young people can’t do the job. Look around you. How old do you think is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook? How old did Jobs and Gates start Apple and Microsoft?
    Talent has no age limit.

  23. I really wanted someone who has been trough the process to be a judge… I was considering Kelly Clarkson, but I don’t mind Adam! Maybe this will give a bigger boost to his career as well..
    I also heard that people like Miley Cyrus, Will i am, Fergie, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj were being considered? What are your thoughts?
    Just another couple months and we will have our official Season 12 panel!

    • You asked for it:  Miley Cyrus is a manufactured star with no mental resources to make her a suitable judge.  Will I Am is too street and east coast to appeal to the middle america, small town Idol audience.  Katy Perry is the best suggestion except the viewers who vote are not Perry fans.  Nicki Minaj is a train wreck six ways of sunday.  We’re dealing with a white bread and mayonnaise demo here.  Most are not teens, and most are white.  Idol desperately wants to win back the young viewers, but rap and hip-hop are dying and rock is already dead.  The young people are turning to alt and country.  So, Brad Paisley, Hillary Scott, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, Jason Mraz etc.  would be more likely to draw in young people.

  24. Adam would be brill. Best idol ever but please don’t get rid of Steve as he is so funny and unpredictable

  25. Steven Tyler
    Adam Lambert
    Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Lissie , or Sara Barielles

    If Jessica loses 75 lbs in the next 6 months

      • But I don’t know Anastasia Brown personally. Anastasia is more involved in movies now and hardly at all with music. She just isn’t a force in music any more

        Linda Perry is probably the #1 female music producer currently and perhaps up to this point in time.

  26. Hmm good idea to get a former contestant to be a judge. It would be a lot better than JLo and her “goosies” or Randy’s constant name dropping. Though Adam Lambert wasn’t my first choice as a former contestant to be a judge, mine was Kelly Clarkson, but I think Adam will do well in that role as he’s been through the process and knows what it’s like to be standing there having to listen to the judges feedback. Now they need to get a judge who will be bluntly honest like Simon and all will be good.

  27. I have been thinking about this. They better raise the age back up because if I am a parent and he gives my child a bad critique after a performance you know what I would be thinking?

    “So you think that was bad huh? Well we all know what your idea of a great performance is don’t we?” 

    People may not respect his opinion all things considered. He has taken on a very different image since his appearance on the show. 

    If I were the parent I might even be compelled to say the above statement in my out loud voice….LOL

      • No. I was pretty serious about it. Can you imagine having someone who shoves people’s faces in his crotch and grabs people between the legs telling your child that they didn’t do a good job performing on stage? I wouldn’t take it lightly if I were the parent. 

        Parents can’t even contain themselves at little league games now days! What’s to keep them from ripping Adam to shreds in a situation like that? 

      • JLo’s videos are almost soft core porn. Or have you ever listened to the lyrics of Aerosmith’s Walk This Way? Steven Tyler says horribly inappropriate things to the young girls all the time! I don’t think Adam has done anything worse than either of these two.

      • That’s true. I haven’t been jumping to JLo or Steven’s defense either. This show is supposed to be family programming. Remember the ratings have dropped in the past couple of seasons. JLo and Steven might be part of the reason why.

        Everyone always tries to use one bad act as the defense for another. Why is that? It’s getting scary when people who resort to these outrageous antics on stage always have a plethora of people waiting to defend them while the people who try to act in a dignified, moralistic way get demonized. I guess if you can’t reach super stardom by your musical prowess alone you have to do things like him, JLo and Steven on stage just to get noticed.

        I wouldn’t want my children to look at these people with their successful careers and then have to explain to them why they get rewarded for their bad acts while most people get punished.

      • Well, Aerosmith had reached super stardom long before American Idol but I totally understand what you’re saying. There is hope though…look at Adele.  I didn’t like when Adam did the whole face in the crotch thing either. I hate when they think they have to resort to the shock factor. It’s gotten so old.

      • I’m in shock by you…..Do you seriously think that is what Adam would be doing if he was a judge?   I think your getting confused by his performances and him as a person.   Look at the way Steven Tyler talked to the female contestants….and you think thats okay because he is not gay……I think you are a little confused about peoples personalities…….and their stage performances…..

        I’m a parent too and I doubt that Adam would put his crotch in my son’s face if he was a judge  but I’d bet that Steven would likely talk trash to my daughter.   JMHO

      • You’re in shock by me???? I didn’t say Adam would be doing anything as a judge. What did you think I said there? I said, “If I were a parent I would be thinking those things when he said something bad about my child’s performance and I might even have to say it out loud.”

        That is an honest response. Why do you think that JLo and Steven’s comments are not really respected or appreciated that much? It’s because we all know what their idea of a “good performance” is. It would be the same with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or any of those controversial figures.

        I think you are getting confused because I didn’t say anything about who he is as a person in this post. The performances are what he is going to be judging, so my comments are completely valid.

        Shannon Magrane’s dad should have kicked Steven’s a$$ if you ask me. Also it wasn’t a very good thing when Steven encouraged one of the contestants to keep indulging in things that take them away from their troubles and then added as an after thought “especially music”.

        These are the type things that Idol needs to stay away from and maintain it’s family programming status IMO.

        I never said that Adam was going to shove his crotch in someone’s face on the show and I can’t say enough how inappropriate Steven’s actions were but you can’t use one bad act to justify another.

      • I guess I misunderstood what you were saying….Sorry!!!!  Well at least we’re on t he same page about Steven….

      • TaymaroI for once agree about AI maintain it’s family programming status.

        So I have to ask, Jess is still associated with AI and it does not bother you for the same reasons that she wants to play the role of a 16 year old hooker?

        Doesn’t that seem beyond family values too? Is there a double standard, or does she get a pass?

  28. Adam is a good choice…if he’s in so there’s one singer left…they needed another one, female counterpart – a country singer (Taylor) or an RnB performer (Beyonce).

    They needed someone who knows the in-outs of the business – perhaps a female talent scout  and a male music producer…

    I don’t know what to think anymore…hahaha…let them surprise me then.  I am still a fan.


  29. I was very surprised to hear Adam may be a judge. I didn’t figure he’d have the time. I do know that like millions of others, I would love it! He’d bring something new and exciting to the panel. Even tho I greatly admire the judges we have, Adam would draw a lot of new fans to the show.

    • Now Michael B is someone with talent. Not someone that wears enough makeup for 20 women. He is very talented and doesn’t walk around gropping himself as so many of the “new” classfied as talent does. Well what is ‘talent’ anyway= screaming and strutting? I don’t think so.

      • Miss Nancy:  I disagree with you on every level, but in the deepest sense believe you are entitled to your opinion.  Rosie O’Donnell (not a fav of mine btw) hid her sexuality for years embarrasingly constantly talking about her enormous “crush” on Tom Cruise for fear the straight, far right sanction would make her lose her tv show.  There were a group of zealots trying to oust Ellen DeGenerous from her CG contract bc she is a lesbian.  Nipplegate with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake is STILL being talked about by the right.  None of the above mentioned would hurt your children.  They are people trying to survive like all of us.  Adam Lambert is an entertainer loved by many and hated by many more.  Why?  He had a stage performance that was over the top, does he have to pay for it the rest of his life.  I think not.  In your day, did you hate Liberace.   I think we as a country have to accept that we are all different.  I am a straight young married woman with 4 year twin girls.  I would be proud to have Rosie, Ellen, Adam or any other decent human being at my table.  The day all Americans are treated the same, whether it’s a man wearing makeup, or a woman in pantsuits, is the day America will be truly free.   Stop hating.

      • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus I don’t think anyone is attacking him for his sexuality here. He has never apologized for what he did on the AMA awards or what ever awards show that was. Also he continued doing the same disgusting things after that each time he performed the song. All he ever said about his performance on the show is that he might have went too far and he was afraid it might impact him negatively. He didn’t show any remorse for springing something like that on people who didn’t tune in to see a soft core porn exhibition. That was extremely disrespectful to the industry, the network and the audience.

        Why do you want to make this about sexuality? It has to end somewhere. The antics just keep getting more and more and more outrageous! Someone has to send the message to these artists that the key to their success is in their music and not in delivering shocking and inappropriate performances on stage. The up and coming talent pool is watching and taking notes. Is this really the example that you think should be set for them? He has already been dropped by his label and is having to use his own money to produce and distribute his music. Someone has to step up and show the generations to come that you don’t get ahead in life by resorting to this type of behavior. It will just compound and snowball until all since of decency and proper behavior are lost for good. It’s almost there now!!! We need to take a few steps backward in this area if you ask me. 

        If you want to perform like this then do it before an audience who is well informed and prepared and paying money to see it. Don’t spring it on an unsuspecting crowd that doesn’t desire or appreciate that type of thing.

        Why do all you people jump to defend performers like this so vehemently? Just get up on stage and deliver your music with passion and purpose and if you are good enough to move people and connect with people you will do just fine. 

        They don’t have to rely on the shock factor to get noticed if they are truly musically gifted.

      • Why did Adam take it too far but Madonna and Brittney making out wasn’t taking it too far?  Or Brittney walking around on stage half naked?
        Is it because he is a guy? He was not droppped for God’s sake..he is with RCA! Are you high? Have you seen how well is album is doing? How well his tour with Queen is doing? I think YOU have a problem with him. I agree that the antics on stage have gotten out of hand but Adam hardly started this trend.

      • First of all I have never said that Brittney didn’t take it too far. She’s a nut job!!! Everybody knows that! I have never been a Brittney or Madonna fan. Madonna was just as controversial in her hay-day as well. But of course this thread is about Adam Lambert and that is what I was commenting on.

        Are you suggesting that if I criticize one individual for their behavior I now have to make sure I cite every bad act by every individual that ever lived on the planet or else I’m being unfair??? We were discussing the prospect of Adam Lambert being an AI judge. That is what this comment is about. It’s not about Brittney or Madonna.

        Again you try to use the bad behavior of all of these other people to justify what he did. Ridiculous!! That’s what teenagers do not adults!

        “Well Johnny’s mom let’s him do it so why can’t I!!!”

        We are discussing Adam Lambert and I am not going to go back for 50 years and list every controversial figure that ever existed in the music industry just so it doesn’t seem that I’m picking on him unfairly.

        Let me just make one broad statement to get my point across since you all don’t seem to understand.

        The entertainment industry has gone too far! It just keeps getting more and more and more outrageous and it needs to stop somewhere. We need to take a few steps backwards for one or two generations in as far as our social progress as a civilization is concerned. I don’t expect you to understand that and I’d probably be looked upon as a kook if I tried to explain it.

      • @Taymaro:   Can’t focus now, have to catch a plane in a few.  But…the times they are a changing, either we accept or we reject.  Adam explained his actions 3 or 4 years ago, and that’s that.  Accept or reject.  He is doing well in America and better in Europe, where they are more accepting of alternate lifestyles.  From Jim Morrisons’ actions in Miami to Rod Stewart and Jagger on stage, Tommy Lee, oh my bad rock behavior goes back decades.  I won’t even start on the beloved Rock Hudson having love scenes with Linda Evans while having aids without knowing the ramifications.  Enough said, everyone will judge in the manner they sit fit.  I see Adam as a talented man whose best interests would be that of the contestants and not to be a threat to them.   Like I said before, gotta fly….literally!

      • Okay Taymaro..take a deep breath. I actually happen to agree with you on the entertainment business getting out of hand.  I don’t like that women seem to think they have to come out on stage half naked to get their voice heard. It’s disturbing to me and the women’s movement has taken about a 2 decade step backwards! Speaking of…lol..did you hear Katy Perry got her hair caught in one of those stupid pinwheel bra things she wears?

  30. I don’t agree that Adam L would be a breath of fresh air. He is to absorbed in himself and promoting his own issues.  And by all means keep Randy. He appears to be the only one with a real ‘real’ idea of talent. J Lo can move on, her love pants and particiality really messed up this years fairness. I do like Steven but his mouth should be lceand a little (maybe a whole lot) before returning. Just Drop J Lo and get a woman that has some real appreciation for talent.

  31. NO WAY ADAM L. Can you find someone that isnt so darn crude!!!  Remember what he did on that one program!?! COME ON…remember it is a family show! OR at least it was.
    Good Bye J LO and KEEP RANDY JACKSON! It wouldnt be AI if you didnt have RJ!  IF you drop RJ…I am finished watching it.

    • That incident was one time and he knew he made a mistake…..Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch every performance, sleep with little boys and he was still loved by the world…..Get over it…..Adam would make a great judge with no theatrics……

  32. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING BUT…The panel is about as good as it gets but there is one thing American Idol didn’t expect to happen in 2011.  Keep JLO – she looks great but she talks too much, have her talk alot less and do what she does best, look GREAT.  I love Jennifer but she’s not “THE ONE”.  Tyler my man…he stole the show…who would have guessed?  He’s hot, sexy, interesting, quick as they come and funny as heck, and sings too? he’s the BOMB- he needs to do his ‘smack’ he’s mesmerizing.  AI took that away from him and it shows…that’s where the problem is…BRING TYLER BACK IN ALL HIS GLORY and let him ride the reign!  The show isn’t the show without Randy -all around part of the show and makes IDOL feel like IDOL. 

  33. It s so funny to imagine Adam in the judge seat.he hasn’t even won in American idol.why you him???

  34. American Idol isn’t smart enough to have Adam Lambert on the panel. N.M. is about as bad as they could pick and M.C. we will wait and see. I just don’t believe that N.M. mouth or attitude belong on the show. For the first time in years I will not be watching.

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