Nigel Lythgoe Responds To Adam Lambert Rumors

Earlier this week, the internet was buzzing with rumors that American Idol alum Adam Lambert was being heavily considered as an American Idol 2013 judge.

Sources were saying that since Jennifer Lopez almost certainly isn’t returning (and since the same might be said for Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson), Adam’s name was at the top of the list. American Idol producer Nigel Lyhgoe has since addressed the rumors. While he didn’t say absolutely not to Adam, he did exactly confirm anything.

“I can confirm with you that I have not been speaking to Adam Lambert, but there are going to be lots of names coming up now,” Nigel said in an interview. “It’s a bit like…when they were looking for judges for X Factor. Everybody’s name came up. It’s going to be the same with American Idol.”

“Everything’s still up in the air I have to say,” he added. “Nothing is confirmed.”




  1. if that’s the case, then who starts there rumors?  it’s almost like when sports figures get traded, the hype that goes on before the actual trade is made is mind boggling.  is he or isn’t he coming to our team?  case in point, lebron james and zack parise.  would LOVE to have adam on idol with his totally honest viewpoint and past experience as a contestant.  and a song every other week would be heaven.  (after all, if he sang EVERY week he would so outshine the contestants that it wouldn’t be fair!!)

    • Yes and no.  He sang every week during season 8 and lost.  Not because he wasn’t the best, he was.  But Idol’s audience is very conservative. As for who starts the rumors, everyone from wishful thinkers to gossip media.  When it comes to adding new judges, I hope they get someone who at least has a foot in Nashville as that is where it’s all happening now.  I’d be in favor of Anastasia Brown to replace JLo, Darius Rucker to replace Randy and maybe Jon Bon Jovi  or John Mayer to replace Steven.

    • LOL. I love your analogy with Zach Parise. I’m in Minnesota and we had no clue we were even in the running until the rumors starting that Parise AND Suter were here. Now we are all ecstatic! Totally off topic but at least the state of hockey has a shot at the cup!

      • it broke my heart that he wanted no part of the rangers.  the good thing is now he’s out of our conference!!

      • @PR63, they both have some major ties to Minnesota. I can’t wait to see how the team does this year.

  2. One Legend: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Shania Twain, MADONNA!!!!

    One Young Artist: Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Cheryl Cole, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce.
    The weird choice: Charlie Sheen, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta, David Guetta, Kristen Stewart, M’onique, Meryl Streep, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey.

    MY CHOICES: Madonna, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen! Funny, right? But more interesting than this year’s judges.

    • Can I get some of whatever you’re smoking?  Madonna would make it all abut her, Beiber needs to mature a lot, and Sheen is not qualified to judge anyone else.
      Using your guidelines:
      One Legend: Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, Carole King, Elton John

      One Young Artist:  Hillary Scott, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Nora Jones

      The Weird Choice:  Kevin Bacon, Melinda Doolittle, Sebastian Bach,  

      My Choices:  Cher, Jon Bon Jovi, Kevin Bacon

      I know that’s 2 legends and 1 weird, but that’s who I;d love to see on Idol.

      • I would love Jon Bon Jovi, Elton, and Melinda Doolittle myself but your choices wouldn’t be bad either. Actually any combination in that list would be okay by me.

      • Love your choices and it would be awesome to look at Jon Bon Jovi for 2 nights a week. Heck, I might even start watching the auditions again!

      • Cher is older than my great gammy
        Jon Bon Jovi..maybe
        Kevin Bacon..why?, why? why?

      • @LordCalvinReKlein:disqus Because he’s a musician/singer/ songwriter as well as an actor [Bacon Brothers Forosoco CD is great].  He’s got a new Fox show starting that will increase interest.  He’s popular with Idol’s demographic and he’s smart, cool and savvy.

    • I quite like some of your choices although I think AI is way beneath the likes of Mick Jagger and McCartney, but I guess it’s only a wish list. As far as Bieber goes I think after three weeks that choice of yours would become a nightmare wish. Besides being boring beyond belief I kind of find myself cringing everytime I see him in an interview as he comes off as being very thick. Mind you he does seem very genuine.

      My wish list although it would never happen: Johnny Lydon, Tom Waits, and Aretha Franklin.

    • To anybody who said a young artist… If they are younger than some of the contestants would be, than I say no.

    • You must be using the term loosely if you’re including Nicki Minaj in there. Talentless hack that she is.

    • Perhaps…yes I like…but Charley that bad lad, would cost too much and he would hit on all the young fit lasses.

  3. If Lambert is a judge I know I will never watch again. He was just too much as a contestant, and I sure don’t want to see him every week!

    • There always a smartass in every crowd…………I hope you don’t watch, I don’t want you watching, you pollute the airways……

      • CoupeDeBill, When it come to the delightful Adam Lambert there are a lot of smartass’s. due to too many homophobics. We are all Gods children. And God loves Adam too! Love you Adam! Sherry K

      • Hello Sherry my friend, It seems we are always defending Adam and I’ll never understand why people feel the way they do about him. He is an awesome singer. Hope you had a nice summer.

  4. IF adam comes the show will go down. it will not make a whole season. the people they pick for judges are alfull. they could pick some better then they do. i think they should not have there favorite they want to win and give them standing o’s. this makes people vote for the ones they are running down on there performance.

  5. So that was just an April Fool’s joke in July?
    Blogs are like National Inquirer articles. They are there to entertain but not there to be believed.
     I feel sorry for real journalists–they must feel like board-certified doctors whose professions are being taken over by quack doctors.

  6. I still say where theres smoke theres fire…..I read somewhere that Nigel’s job was on the line too……so who really knows……..We will all find out in January!!!! 

      • Kevin Bacon will have a new show airing on Fox called The Following.  This show will be shot before Idol airs, so he could do both shows and the crossover might boost ratings for each of them.  Kevin is a singer/songwriter as well as an actor.  Win/win.  

      • I’m ready…..we would do a better job than the three previous judges…LOL……They keep saying that the ratings have dropped…..Does anybody remember Season 8????? Right after that season the ratings dropped big time…..Do we know why?  Yes, because Adam lost.  Bring him back and the ratings will sky rocket…..MPO

  7. Honestly, where does this crap come from? Has Adam’s agent been talking to Nigel? Then, Nigel could be technically telling the truth.

  8. I’m not sure if Jay Leno was serious last night, but he said that AI is bringing back Paula Abdul to replace JLo.
    I don’t know about that logic. If they will retain Steven Tyler, there will be two “gibberish” judges. That’s just way too much for me. I can tolerate one but not two of them.
    If you are remodeling your home, will you use the same old wood that you had just demolished? 

    • IMO that would be three gibberish judges as Randy hasn’t said anything worth hearing in years.  His lack of fashion sense rivals that of Elton John’s.  Unfortunately his credibility does not.   I hope Leno was wrong.  What the show needs is a credible female, preferably one who can sing.  Cher, Melinda Doolittle, Alicia Keyes, Nora Jones, Shania Twain are all viable choices.  Paula is a really bad idea.

      • I agree with you on Randy. It may be wistful thinking on my part. I may be hoping that he will be replaced by someone younger and brighter.

    • That was Jay’s subtle poke at Conan O’Brien. I refuse to watch Jay after what he did…he is pond scum.

      • IMO, Jay can’t be blamed. NBC executives did all the decisions not Jay Leno. He was being gracious for giving way to Conan but if the bosses said otherwise because the new arrangements just did not cut it, I could not blame Jay for going back to his old post.
        Don’t be too harsh. I have read some of your previous posts on this site and I am not sure you are one to judge him as a pond scum.

      • Jay was 100% behind the betrayal of Conan and stabbed him in the back .

      • Was Ellen Degeneres qualified?   Is Howie Mandel qualified?  Is Howard Stern qualified?  It seems to me that Kevin Bacon is more qualified than any of the aforementioned.  Perhaps, you are not qualified to say.  But then, you tend to be a helicopter in a septic tank most of the time, so I’ll just consider the source.   Peace, out.

      • Template
        Rubbish, Ellen Degeneres, is not qualified  and only lasted 1 season thank god.
        America’s Got talent is quite a different show than American Idol. It encompasses all types of entertainment and does not specialize in music talent as AI does. Therefore, Howie and Howard are qualified for AGT, but not for AI as they’re talented in their fields that could be the type of entertainment on AGT. Though many times, I find Howie’s  judging  very questionable.
        Yes, I am aware of Kevin Pork’s music, but that’s not his career and is not what he is known for. He is an actor and a good one, but does not have credibility in the music industry as a musical expert.

        As for your personal attack upon his Lordship, I could titty for tatty, but I’m an adult as well as a Lord and we don’t mock the peasant class (learned from the French Revolution). Show some respect!

      • @LordCalvinReKlein:disqus Self aggrandizement doesn’t make you anything except pitiable.   Get over yourself.

      • Templar

        Tell the Queen…I inherited my peerage and it isn’t my bloody fault.

      • LordCalvin, I tend to agree with you on a lot of things but sorry..on this, no. Why do you have to be in the music business to know good music? Music is mostly personal taste anyway.  Most people can tell when someone is horribly off-key. I like the idea of Kevin Bacon.

      • You don’t have to give birth to know it hurts.  Kevin Bacon is a cool guy, and that is something this show desperately needs.  He and his brother play in a band, he knows music and he has experience.  Plus he’s cute and was in the only watchable Footloose!! Just throwing in a tad bit of humor to try to get people, including myself, to chill out..brrr.

      • I’m sorry my dears, Vanessa & Pally, I came across a bit harsh on Kevin. I am actually a Kevin Bacon (hehe) fan. I’m just not sure if he has the stature in the music business that AI is looking for in their judges.

        The “Pork” thing is not meant to be derogatory against Kevin…I have many Jewish friends and we have this long running joke about Kevin “Bacon” being pork and that whenever we chose to see a Bacon movie, I’m forcing them to sin. So it’s hard not to say his name without immediately thinking about it.

        Anyway, as I said I am a fan of Kevin, movies and music both. However, he did creep me out in  “The Woodsman” and it has taken a bit to get over that.

        Did you happen to see him on the show, “Finding Your Roots”? It was very interesting and good to see him as a normal guy.

      • @Calv:  You are so freaking funny!  I can just imagine you cracking up when you say Kevin’s last name. BACON.  Plus, you’re right, he probably wouldn’t make a very good AI judge!  I just like the guy.

  9. Today I spoke with a business associate involved with AI at a certain level…who indicated that Raven-Symoné was a recent topic of internal conversation as was a 2 female, 1 male panel of judges.

    I guess…it would make some sense, she is now 26 with some maturity, but still has identity with that 16-25 year old demographics. Her career needs it, she would be economical and an ideal replacement for Randy. There was an issue of her being tied up in Sister Act, I don’t know, is it still playing on Broadway?

    • I had not thought about her. She would be a great personality and have real music insight. I used to watch her every day after school on Disney. I hope she gets it.

      • Lol, you’re showing your own ignorance of TV, music, and Broadway. Surely, you jest Carloser. Try google.

      • She’s hardly unknown and if you’d come out from beneath your rock every once in awhile, you would know who she is.

  10. NO ADAM LAMBERT!!! KEEP IT A FAMILY SHOW! We love AI. Make your decision wisely or you will lose rating. Pick someone that is a seasoned artist with class and musical education/background.

    •’s okay on a family show for Jlo to practically do her boyfriend on stage and for Steven Tyler to talk disgustinly to girls young enough to be his granddaughters but it’s not okay for Adam Lambert to be on the show? I do believe someone is a homophobe.

  11. Someone suggested Adam Lambert, Pink, and Meatloaf.  I think they would make great judges and I think they would have good chemistry between them.

  12. Adam Lambert is making headlines in the UK with his Queen Concerts–crazy good performances.  Nigel even retweeted this:
    Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet
    RT @MarlenaRosie:Overheard in London:Queen fan: “this guy LOST American Idol?? Who the f*** won..Jesus Christ??” [ADAM LAMBERT IS GREAT!!!]

  13. Adam Lambert as a judge–It will be dream came true! Did you see the people’s pool on this matter? The maximum percent of votes(30 %) were for Adam (among other candidates.) This says volumes about how much  Adam is loved and respected NOW (and not than…….2009).
    There’s no better fit than Adam for a judge position.

  14. It will be dream came true to have ADAM! did you see the poeple pool on this matter? the maximum percent of votes(30 %) were for Adam (among other candidates) This says volumes about how much  Adam is Loved and respected NOW (and not than…….2009).

    There’s no better fit than Adam for a judge position.

  15. I liked the judges last year, but good judges they did not make. The standing ovations were way over the top and nauseating. They need to show a little restraint and let the voters decide. Change the voting so that little girls can’t vote 1,000 times a night. This is why we keep getting crap winners. Seems like for the past few years the best talent has gone home way too early and then we are stuck with the likes of what we were stuck with this year. Sorry but Phil Phillips was painful to watch. 

  16. I heard Steven Tyler isn’t coming back. He said (whatever this means) it was like sitting around and killing bunnies. lol

  17. Adam Lambert single handedly breathed life back into Idol.  Everyone watched that year even though we knew the homophobes would vote their butts off to ensure a victory for Kris.   He did nothing on the show but bring brilliant performances.   At first I was against Adam being a judge, bc I was worried about HIS career.   But man, after reading all the inane reasons people don’t want him on the show, I am his biggest cheerleader.


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