Adam Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ Video Premieres

Adam Lambert’s video for his single “Better Than I know Myself” has finally debuted and fans seem to be loving it.

“There’s no word to say except for PERFECT, BRILLIANT, OUTSTANDING!!!” a YouTube user said.

“This was such a brilliant video! I loved the cosy, tea drinking Adam,” another user said.

I must say, the overall video turned out much better than I though after watching the previerw for it. Adam is great at channeling anger and drama to make a good video. It’s very “well-acted.” And that’s a pretty sweet jacket he’s wearing.

What do you guys think of the video? Check it out after the jump.




  1. Adam does have talent, but I didn’t like him when he was on the show, and I certainly do not like him now.  This song is horrible!! 

    • I guess he is not everybody’s cup of tea but he is mine!!!! I loved him on Idol, I loved him on tour and I love him even more now!!! I love this song and I totally love this video!! Two thumbs up Adam Lamert!!!

  2. I love everything about Adam…..He has a wonderful  voice and I can listen to him all day…..I LOVE his video…..I love this man……

    •  to my namesake..adam is supposed to front queen on a summer tour!!  no info yet on dates, venues, ticket prices.  we gotta be there!!  wherever it may be.  and march 20 can’t come soon enough.  my copy has been on order for months.  have a great weekend

      • I knew that he was offered the gig but I didn’t know he took it.  Please let me know if you hear anything…….I would love to see that concert……Heres hoping that they will be coming to Vegas…..I will be in NY sometime in the summer…..maybe I can catch them there.
        Have a great weekend too!!!

    • Hi Phyllis G! I knew if ADAM was anywhere near I would find you! I LOVE ADAM. I just really , really love him. I would like to prop him up against my wall and just look at him!! I wouldn’t mind touching him. Naughty old lady!  He is so gorgeous. And I truly love his voice too! Pathetic I know. I will never stop loving ADAM!   See you later Phyllis! 

      • Hi Sherry…you are not alone in this club.   I just want to see him again in Concert with Queen would be just fine…..Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    • Phyllis G, If you read this girl friend. did you make your self a DISQUS? Is that face book? I was having a problem getting this site to even pull up on my computer. Matt if you see this do I need to make myself a DISQUS. I do not want to miss talking to my friends after 5 years because things have changed? Thank-You! Branden, I am asking you too!  Sherry K

      • Sherry K…..Hello Girlfriend…..I just go on the AI website and I click on the blog sites but normally Matt, etc sends me the blogs thru E-Mail.

    • He did not cut down another artist.  If you and the other artist couldn’t take constructive criticism, that’s your problem.  Adam Lambert is more critical of himself than others.   I may be wrong, but I don’t think you liked Adam that much, if at all.  I love this video and Adam’s voice just keeps getting better.  

  3. First, I love Adam talented, nice voice, handsome, good performer… but I think he need to find his way… He was absolutely brilliant on AI, and nor, He is just OK… Maybe because of the songs people write for him, maybe because he is focus on a very special audience, or maybe because he is just a great cover singer (but I continues thinking that he could be great)…
    This song in the first part is very Backstreet boys (BAD) and int the middle very Darren Hayes (GREAT)… When I think in Adam, I think in a rock start, but maybe he could does Pop, but pop like Darren Hayes, great pop… So, I love your talented man, but I think you need more and we need more tooç

  4. Phyllis G. Phyllis where did you pre order ADAMS  new CD?  I usually order mine from I was just wondering if you ordered yours from RCA?  Thanks so much girl. Sherry K

  5. Ich liebe einfach alles an Adam er ist Fantastisch was seine MENSCHLICHKEIT BETRIFFT
    Ich fühle mich wohl wenn er Glücklich istbin ich es auch @)->- Eine Rose für dich Adam
    und Hoffentlich tourt er wieder in deutschland das letzte kontzert war wirklich Athem beraubend ;o)

    Das Video ist so geil ich liebe es

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