American Idol 13 Hollywood Week: Best Group Performances [VIDEOS]

Most of the American Idol performances in the group round last night came across as either a tortured mess or just plain bland. Very few of the American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week group songs produced any real wow moments. However, there were a few that stood out above the rest.

American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week group rounds

The first group of the tonight actually ended up being one of the best in our opinion. Calling themselves 3 Mo’ Days, David Oliver WillisTony Foster Jr., and Sarina Joi-Crowe gave a strong performance of “Too Close” by Alex Clare. However, Tony messed up the lyrics a little and kept staring at his feet. We would have put them all through, but the American Idol judges decide to send Tony home.

We didn’t see their whole performance, but from what we did see of the group with MK Nobilette and Briana Oakley, it was one of our favorites of the night. Both ladies gave really enjoyable performances and we can’t wait to hear more from both of them.

We include the next performance only for Caleb Johnson. The rest of his groupwere sub par and only Caleb and C. J. Harris survived, but Caleb truly did “own” this performance and made us love it despite the negative contributions of Tyler Ahlgren and Matthew Hamel.

What was your favorite performance from the Hollywood Week group round?