American Idol 13 Hollywood Week: Worst Group Performances [VIDEOS]

We had a very short list of bestAmerican Idol performances from the Hollywood Week group round after a rather bland night on Thursday overall. Our list of worst group performances could have been far longer, but we decided to narrow it down to the truly terrible to keep it concise.

American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week group rounds

One of the most awful group performances for the American Idol judges last night came from Megan Miller, Spencer Lloyd, and Alyssa Siebken. They were not only off in their individual parts, but their harmonies were all over the place as well. Spencer was the best of the three, but we still probably would have sent all of them home. The judges, however, decide to keep Spencer and Megan, sending only Alyssa packing.

We actually included the next American Idol 2014 performance on our best of the night list as well as our worst list. That’s all because of Caleb Johnson, who absolutely rocked this group song. We think he was one of the best of the evening, but the other three guys were some of the worst. Only Caleb and C. J. Harris survived from this group, while Tyler Ahlgren and Matthew Hamel went home.

Also in our least favorites of the night was the drama-filled group of Jessica Meuse, Nica Nashae, Stephanie Hanvey, and Cara Watson. Although there are a few good moments, it is just a mess overall with forgotten lyrics, off key notes, and bad harmonies. Jess, the last minute addition to the group, sounds decent, but looks so uncomfortable it’s painful. We would probably have cut most of these girls, but the judges only decide to send home Stephanie. Which causes her stage mom to FREAK OUT.

What did you think was the worst performance of the Hollywood Week group round?



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  1. Simon can sometimes say stuff that makes sense to me. Once I remember Simon Cowell said he was looking for contestants who can sell records. I think he made this statement so contestants will avoid a lot of heartaches and disappointments about their future in the entertainment
    business. Just making it to the top doesn’t mean you are going to be successful.

    I have been watching over and over some of the Hollywood week group videos hoping something would jump out at me to see as to why the girls in the group said all those awful things about Spencer Lloyd. I do have to agree by watching the video, that this group did not have it all together. Even though Spencer was the one who could sing the best and Spencer
    Lloyd is my favorite to win the show this year, he was still not with a group.

    I know that everyone has spent a lot of time traveling, and have been working very hard. Stress caused form a lot of mental pressure and along with the lack of rest can create a short circuit and then everything gets a little craziness and there’s a lot of unrest. Ever been there?

    I think because Spencer already knew the song. He was comfortable and relaxed with it. He is such a cool guy and wanted to keep his cool. I saw how Megan Miller and Alyssa Siebken behaved and said things for him to hear. It might make him feel the opposite of what he wanted to feel. What I saw on the video was that the more they played out their little
    drama on camera the more they exposed their true feelings and that really turned him off. That’s why we can see in the performance video that they were off big times. I am glad that the judges were clever enough to see it and make the perfect decision.

    Nica Nashae was listening to the judge when she said to Spencer Lloyd’s group that they need to step out and help the other contestant in the group when they can’t remember the lyrics. She followed the advice and did it. It was noticeable and almost looked a little fake, and the judges let her through.

    I think the drama award for the night needs to go to Stephanie Hanvey’s mom, the back stage drama Queen. I don’t think she
    even heard the judges say that they were sending Stephanie home because she was too busy playing with the camera man. While walking out the exit hallway she finally got the big picture and really freaked out. Stephanie was smiling. I think she might have been relieved to know that she was going home. I’m can’t blame her for that, I would feel the same.

    I’m not sure about Jessica had to have her last word, but hope she will prove a drama Queen wrong and making it farther. I’m glad that the judges also let her through.

    I think this year American Idol will be my favorite year. I love all the judges and the show. I am so glad that Harry
    Cornick Jr. has joined the panel this year. I love music and love this kind of show. It’s an opportunity for someone with extraordinary singing talent to make a career out of what they love to do most.

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