American Idol 2009 Finale Results – May 20, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, this entire season comes to a close with the elimination results for our Top 2 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

American Idol 2009 Finale Results:

  • Kris Allen is this year’s winner

Congratulations to Kris, the new American Idol!

Did America get it right? Was Adam robbed? Sound off now!

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  1. This could not have been about the more gifted artist, there was not even a contest. Adam was far and away the greater talent, and I am not even a follower of Rock & Roll. Sad. Kris has just the perfect blend of vanilla and sweetness and Christian piety to win America’s heart.

  2. No contest. The better artist lost. Enough said. Other factors than artistry played a deciding role in the “masses” voting.

  3. I am flabbergasted that Adam didn’t win. I don’t understand America’s taste. Adam is by far the greater talent. What is it about, then? Pray tell! I am so disappointed, I don’t ever want to watch American Idol again. Actually, it’s probably for the best for Adam, since he won’t be under contract to American Idol and will be able to have the freedom to sing what he wants to sing… so yes, it’s all for the best! Go, Adam, go! I’m a fan!

  4. He was surely robbed He can out sing the best amateur or pro. There is nothing he can’t sing beautifully. And wow, does he have class and style. What a performer!

  5. I am from Denmark, so I couldn’t watch the show, so the first thing I did, when I woke up today, was to turn on my pc and look if Adam won. But what happened????? Kris Allen won. How could that happen?? I am speechless. How can America choose so wrong? It was so obvious, that Adam had the whole packet. Kris is just a cute boy, but it didn’t make him a star. I am so sorry for Adam. You are maybe right “Tanya” that he will have more freedom. But it would still be so nice for him to win it all. I wish the best for Adam and I can’t wait to hear his music in the future.


  7. I apologize for my typo’s.
    It should read I bid farewell to American Idol, I won’t be watchin again.

  8. Congratulations Kris you are truly an American Idol. The public has voted and they most certainly made the right choice. As the judges are constantly saying “this is a singing competion ” and you are clearly the better. You are the one that I would choose for my son as a role model!!!

  9. Adam was totally Ripped OFF!! Yes… everyone likes Chris, but Adam is a real star. Not sure I’ll watch next year. This was just sooooo far off. It seems to me that political influence and judgemntal “groups” will vote against someone who is deserving! This was soo dissapointing. And poor Chris, he even knew Adam should have won!

  10. to the american idol producers.I think you should think twice in your criteria of judging the singing competition.There are so many kris allen like talents.He even cracked his voice in singing whats going on. he stopped and choked out in no boundary.Adam lambert is a total performer and has vocal prowess in any songs he sings.His compared by paula to icons elvis,Steve tyler and freddie mercury.

  11. Simon said adam is worldwide talent and gave him standing ovation in mad world.Adam”s performances gave you highest ratings every week this season.His songs are the highest downloaded in itunes.I think you should at least gave him credit to that.Matt was saved by the judges but Adam was not saved by them for him to WIN.He is an icon and incredibly talented.And its an upset for your show.

  12. Adam doesn’t need a title… he’s already good enough… but Kris.. was a nobody at first… now thanks to american idol, he has a title… just give some face to Kris. okay? he’s good except that he is not consistent… He’s a christian and I think God Helped him… if not, he could not have won… I also thought that Adam would win this round… but it seems america has its different opinion.. (I LOVE KRIS!!)

  13. Adam was robbed!!!! but hey america voted for the typical christian guy… it was expected… American Idol’s loss is gonna be the world gain XD

  14. lmao soo funny!!!! I’m so glad the faker lost and Kris won! To all you cry babies that say they won’t be watching Idol next year I just want to say hahahahahaha. I voted like 450 times for Kris. Lmao look he did not win the better man did. Of course kris didn’t think he was gonna win. He has heard all the Adam hype for months and he belived it. Adam lost Hahahaha. Again to all u drama queens out there ur girl got beat he is no icon no elvis for sure.

  15. well i still think danny should have won he has never ever been in the bottom waiting for your album danny.jj

  16. I have been watching A.I from “Down Under” & I am stunned by America. Apparently voting for the good Christian boy next-door image is more important than REAL TALENT. Adam Lambert is one of those rare *STARS* he has presence, larger than life persona & an incredible vocal range yet he lost. He doesn’t fit the American Dream mould. Rather than American audiences being judged as fair and wise, you are being laughed at for your small town mentality & Hicksville views. Shame on you. ADAM move to Oz we will accept you for the unique individual you are and the best talent the world has seen for decades.

  17. Well, America you have just shown what a lot of bigots you are. Comments like Dustin’s above, I believe, are the common attitude of the christian majority in American. Is that why Adam did not become American Idol – because he is gay!!! America, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Thank god – I’m not a christian. Adam is pure class and that’s what ‘American Idol’ isn’t. I will never watch that show again. Adam deserved that title.

  18. Wow, I was absolutely shocked. Kris will be forgotten… Adam was the one who could really sing…

    but don’t worry… although he didn’t win… he will be become a rock icon….

  19. LOL she thanked God that she is not a christian. LOL. No it was not because he was gay I did not like his screaming voice it got on my nerves. And the fact that the judges acted like he hung the moon. I’m sorry but danny and kris have more vocal talent than Adam could ever dream about. Quit trying to make this a gay thing. He will never be a big star gay or not gay. All y’all make me sick withe the badgering of kris because he is a Christian. Kris won because he was better. Now quit crying.

  20. What I find really hahahahahahah Dustin is that you voted 450 times, what do you do in your spare time???? I know who will be the cry baby when he gets his phone bill, hahahahaha. This is not a Christian thing it is about accepting & embracing REAL TALENT.

  21. AMERICA IS CRAZY! Adam is the best contestant to have ever taken part in A/Idol and he deserves to win. WHOEVER says that Kris deserves to win obviously does not have any inkling of what talent is! Adam is a class above the rest…and he should be A/Idol 2009!

  22. Dustin, your last sentence in your first comment showed your true colours. The judges raved about Adam’s talents and said he was the best they had ever had on American Idol. They said he was the “STAR” they had been looking for. Well the bigoted christian majority put a stop to that! Kris is a mediocre singer with no personality but he is a good christian and he is not gay- so he wins. once again I reiterate …thank god I’m not a christian.

  23. Dummy?? How old are you Dustin?? 10?

    I 2nd everything you said Yvonne.

    I’m sure Kris Allen will be a big hit at all those Christian jamborees, I hope they recoup some of their money back
    With that song “No Boundaries” i’m sure he will make millions: NOT

  24. who on earth is kris allen???????????

    adam is in a totally different league.. he’s way bigger than american idol.. he doesnt need that title but he definitely deserved to win this season.. he has been consistent throughout this season and always put on a fantastic show.. i enjoyed every performance by him, even ring of fire! hes far more talented than any american idol winners (not to disrespect any of em, i love kelly and carrie).. and thankfully (in a way) he can now go on and release a glambertistic single! and not the one he would have had to release (no boundaries which i personally thought was an awful song, not his singing of cos).. american idol would definitely lose fans over this.. 2 yrs in a row they caused major upset! (david archuleta so should hv won last season).. but whats done is done.. however i do feel bad for d “winner”.. he cant even be proud of the title, knowing that d crown should have gone to adam.. anyway, goodbye american idol.. and..


  25. Ya A/Idol shud be renamed…if this is the kind of prejudice that we have to bear with! Wat a sham! Ya he is the Christian Idol…NO BOUNDARIES indeed!

  26. Of course, it was a total rip-off! We all know who should have bagged the title. I don’t hate Kris because he’s really not at fault here. Even he admits that Adam deserves the title better than he does. But America voted. So to make myself feel better, I will quote my friend, “Kris had America. But Adam will have the world.”

  27. To Aussyroo – thank you my fellow Aussie and I agree with you too.

    Dustin – ‘Good’ christians don’t swear like that.

    Adam Lambert sang better, performed better, looks better and his Cd’s/Dv’s will sell better

  28. I think Adam ruined the American Idol show forever from here on out. I doubt there will ever be a bigger star contestant than him EVER to grace the stage of that show. All season long he blew everyone else out of the water! It was like they were all little kids up against Robert Plant.

    One good thing about Kris winning is…thank god Adam won’t have to sing that American Idol song. It didn’t fit him or his voice anyway. It did fit Kris like a glove and actually his best singing of the entire season. Gokie was even better than Kris and I’d have liked to hear Gokie try out that song. The last thing the world needed was another John Mayer.

    I don’t think Kris was even top 3 material.

    With the right management and song writers ect. ect. Adam is destined to become an Icon. I don’t know what Kris will become, I doubt anyone will even remember him in a few years. I’m racking my brain trying to remember anything he sang throughout the season and I can’t come up with anything other than the winning Idol song ???

    Been humming Mad World to myself for weeks now.

    Same thing happened last year on Idol. Archeletta crushed Cook and has a much better voice. He too could have become larger than life but after the release of his first CD I see they made some poor management decisions 🙁

    What on earth is wrong with America?
    If the show isn’t fixed or rigged I’m embarrassed.

  29. no boundaries wrote for Adam kris will write his own songs somthing Adam won’t do or can do

  30. You’ll soon see young whipper snapper.

    Sometimes it is better to lose. If I was him I’d have refused to sing those corny group songs and I’d be dreading the upcoming American Idol tour.

    If he has any flaws I can find, that would be sometimes he whines when he’s singing, his facial expressions look weird and pouty at times and screaming in every song is unnecessary. It reminds me of the 80’s guitar solos in every song. Other than that he needs good very GOOD management and he is well on his way to becoming HUGE.


    Again…only with very good management.

  31. pearl that is stupid. And no he won’t ever be as big as Carrie Underwood! This ain’t the 80’s and u hit the nail on the head that’s what he sounds like. He isn’t bad at all but he isn’t the next big thing if he was he would havre won gay or not. I got sick of him in just a few shows or maybe it was the judges. Danny could so out sing him. Kris is more talented plain and simple the votes spliit between danny and kris. It would have been the same results if it would have been Adam & Danny in the finals.

  32. ……..So….just wondering here….did anyone else notice that when Kris’s name was announced, all the judges except Simon stood up for a standing ovation?…..and even at that, when the camera panned across their faces, there was absolutely no joy registered there, just a polite acknowledgement….and Simon didn’t even have a smile on his face at all….
    ….wow, you Americans absolutely blow me away, and I am absolutely convinced all this crap about gay/not gay filtered into the equation… c’mon people!!!!…it’s sooo old, make with the times here!!!!….
    ……and as for you, Dustin?…. (gay name, BTW….hehehe!!)…nice mouth…. so much for purporting to be a “Christian”, seems like you wear that hat when it suits you….and oh yeah….Carrie who?…this show is supposed to be all about talent…. Kris has a lot, but Adam has it in spades, and he will go soooo much further than Kris ever will, and he will outsell any music that Kris will put out there, if I read these comments correctly…..and that 100 million vote count will never be repeated on this show again….Adam was responsible for that, and you KNOW it!!…
    ….Simon will promote Adam like you have never seen before…and Gene Simmons from Kiss, who is a marketing genius, will be in there as well, don’t think he won’t be!!!…..and Queen just might grab Adam as lead singer, and give Paul Rodgers the heave-ho…..if they do, Queen will be revived to their former stature with this boy at the helm, THAT’s how good Adam is….
    …for now, I am delighted that the crap Idol 2009 song won’t pollute Adam’s CD, and I am really happy about that!!!!…ROFL!!!…..he can do whatever he wants to now, free of any commitments that Idol may impose on the winner, apart from the Top 10 tour….he already proved he can sing blues/R&B, rock, ballads…everything, all with that fabulous uniqueness that is his alone….and it will sell like hotcakes, cooked on a volcano!!!!…’s going to be an absolute pleasure, watching Adam sell out every single venue he does, and Kris sink into country music oblivion ….once Adam hits the international circuit, he will be a mega star, so all of you from all over the world, watch for him coming…..and yup, I will be in the audience when he’s close to where I live!!!….
    ….yeah, I’m pretty sure I will go back to watching Idol for the hilarity during auditions, and that’s about it…..Kris, thank you for your words that Adam should have won, even you know it….you seem like a nice kid, you will have a nice little career within the boundaries of the U.S., but you are just not international material….good luck to you, tho, and wave goodbye to Adam, who will leave you in his dust….

  33. Congratulations KRIS ALLEN!!! You deserve to win the 2009 American Idol.. Thank you to all who voted for Kris..
    To all the supporters of Adam, what did you do? No sour graping please. What you should have done was voted for him to win the AI (that is if you really wanted him to win). Probably, your effeorts were not enough unlike the fans and supporters of Kris. I like both of them as well as Gokey and my children does, too. Voice quality, it’s Kris and Gokey.

  34. With the singing, maybe Danny is a closer contender, yeah. Danny does have a great voice. But Kris, c’mon! But these two put together cannot outdo Adam. Adam was the whole package. The other two are still kinda raw.

  35. With the possibility of Simon not coming back and this year’s decision, I will probably not be watching the show next season.

  36. @tartanrocker: gotta agree with you on that finale song. one of the first things that came to my mind when Kris won was, at least Adam doesn’t get to sing that horror of a song again.

    @Gina: about the voting, you should check out what some people are discussing — “Operation Ding Dong.”

    I don’t hate Kris Allen. I’m even glad it was him with Adam in the finals, not Gokey. But we all know, even the judges, that Adam should have bagged the title.

    Oh, well… Best of luck to both Adam and Kris.

  37. Oh the show will desperately need Simon now that there will be no Adam next year. Talent like Adam has is not easy to find. Very rare indeed.

    Dustin you sound boring. Your girlfriend is probably cheating on you. I do agree Carrie Underwood is great and Kris will never even come close to her. Kelly Clarkson is even better but Adam WILL be the GREATEST of all time.

    No it’s sure not the 80’s and Adam will be HUGE in 2010 and even bigger in 2011 and beyond if he gets the right team behind him.

    No way would he be a good fit for Queen. They had their time and it’s come and gone and Freddy Mercury is as impossible to replace as Adam is going to be on Idol next season.

    He will do absolutely fine on his own.

    The winner this year was the loser…YAWN

  38. South Africa loves Adam. He should have won. way better than Kris. Adam we love you and we dont mind that youre gay……..

  39. And to think I wasted three months watching the show for that ending!!!! Hayseed Chris from Arkansas deserved the title as much as Tatianna. I think American Idol lost a lot of viewers if all it’s going to be a popularity contest. They need to have a way to have the final percentage of the vote cast by the judges. While I’m disappointed, I’m just going to sit back and wait for Adam to make it big and wait for Kris who to disappear. It’ll happen.

  40. kris is lame. Adam was robbed. He was set up with that lame song. That was a joke.

  41. Adam, South Africa loves you. you should have won. And we dont mind if youre gay…..

  42. The whole show, the majority, is voted by 12 year old children! Hellooo! Why do you think they would be able to judge talent? Chris whatshisname shouldn’t have even been in the semi final, no, I can think of 6 better in the top 12. It was so obvious that Adam was in aleague of his own, my god just listen to what the judges were saying week after week. And who does the ‘public’ chose, a forgetable, not very good singer that had something wrong with his jaw. Adam will have many recording comapnies at his door, or maybe Queen will admit that he was at least equal to the great Freddie.

    A flawed exhibition of media gone bonkers via the 100 million votes.

  43. I doubt the reason he lost was a gay issue. Freddie Mercury was gay and people love queen. Elton John ect. ect.

    Either the voting process is severely flawed (cheat programs) or it was because of a contractual issue with Adam. I really think he is much better off not winning. Those Idol records are terrible.

    HUGE talent like his just doesn’t pop up every day. Idol may never again get anyone even remotely close. He raised the bar pretty far out of reach.

  44. I feel bad for Kris. He did nothing wrong and I think some people may try and trash him now just because he won.

    He seems like a good guy and doesn’t deserve to get any flack over the win. So he won American Idol, Adam will win the world.

    The show does apparently need to fix the voting process because something has got to be out of whack with it.

  45. I have followed American Idol from Australia all season, and kept tuning in each week to see Adam sing. He is brilliant. In Randy’s words – you got it wrong ‘for me’ America.

  46. Well I’m done with American Idol, never, never, again will I be hooked to the end. Adam was the star and winner in my eyes — how could such a wrong be right!

  47. Star Detector, I agree with everything you’ve said. Being a big Country Western fan (who voted for Adam by the way) I think that Carrie would never have been the big star that she is without good advisors even though she’s a fabulous singer. As much as a love Carrie, I think that Adam can be even bigger with the proper guidance.

    Last night was a bummer for us Adam fans, but congratulations and good luck to Kris.

    The final test will be who is most successful after American Idol. Like during the Idol season I’m voting for Adam.

  48. This world is in turmoil at the moment. With all the war and hatedred going on, darkness is not something that people are needing. Kris is insipiring. He’s uplifting and humble. I think America was looking for a good person who makes people smile. That is Kris. I’m not going to take away from Adam. He is a great performer, but I would hope he would since he was TRAINED at the MET. Kris never had any training. So yes, this is something that he will learn, just like Adam had to learn while he was going to the MET. And honestly, he didn’t sing that horrible song last night all too badly.

  49. wrong or wrong,it doesnt what i said they’re both great and fantastic.#18,you thank God you’re not A a christian hahaha!!you’re funny..

  50. i was convinced that Adam would get it. But Kris has enormous talent and potential. Both are already stars and it was a close contest. Somebody’s got come 2nd, right? I guess this time it was Adam’s turn. Well done Kris!

  51. It really pisses me off that people are saying that the only people that voted for Kris are 12 year olds!!!!!! I am a 32 year old mom!!!!! I MUCH rather prefer rock music to anything I ever listen to. But to me, KRIS is a wonderful person, with a wonderful voice, and VERY MUCH deserves this title just as much as Adam. Stop taking away from his talent people! Grow up and act like adults. So Adam didn’t get the title, so what?!?!?!?! He’s still going to be able to make albums, etc. GROW UP!!!! Life does not revolve around the fact is someone wins American Idol or not……

  52. Congratulations Kris! I, too, thought Adam would win; the judges absolutely thought so all along, but I have to admit as wonderful a performer as I think Adam is, I liked Kris’ style better. Personally, Adam was a little too over the top for me as far as his performances. He had a different persona every time he sang. I’m sure many people thought that was a great thing, but I liked how Kris was always himself. This season had some really talented people, and I thought any of the top four were deserving. Truthfully, I think they will all four be successful. On a side note, I think all the arguments about Adam being gay and Kris being Christian are sad. Who cares? While it may have impacted some people’s votes, I think the real issue here is “mass appeal.” When you have a show that relies on mass voting, you usually aren’t going to get a polarizing performer like Adam. People tended to love him or hate him. I think he’s very talented, but then I think Kris, Danny, and Allison are as well. Good luck to all of them!


  54. Theresa, I said in another thread last week that Adam was in trouble. If you have followed these threads Danny fans were, for the most part, Adam haters – many for all the wrong reasons. When they announced that only about one million votes separated Kris and Adam I was pretty sure where the Danny votes were going. I suspect the final tally wasn’t even close.

    For everyone who has sworn off American Idol, and I admit I feel the same way, won’t it be great to see Adam make a guest appearance next year after he’s become a star!


  56. what with Christian? :S
    i’m christian and i love adam lambert!
    he should have won but well…
    chris daughtry didn’t win either but he’s clearly way better than the winner anyway…
    adam is the real idol!

  57. And for all ya’ll that say Adam will have “Freedom,” they sign a contract with American Idol. He is stuck with their production company, etc. for at least a year. So much for freedom.

  58. As usual narrow minded mediocracy won!
    It is very sad!
    Adam Lambert is an IDOL anyway! He was robbed of the title big time. Even Kris himself knew he didn’t deserve it as much as ADAM.
    I’m not worried about Adam,he will be a huge star around the world!
    Kris is a nice guy(nothing against him) but the only place where you could buy his records will be …Wal-Mart. That is where majority of his voters shop! Good luck!

  59. “Adam deserved this,” looks like Kris got it right.

    Kris has to feel this is a cheap win from Vote for the Worst and the hateful ‘Christians’ who do NOT act as Christ and accept and love everyone.

    These seniors will buy the music of the best singer: Adam Lambert!

  60. Choosing Kris as the Idol winner shows me how stupid the American voting public truly is. Who cares if Kris is a “good” Christian? This was not a religious contest but a SINGING CONTEST. In a few months no one will remember Kris’ name. Adam will be a star whether he won Idol or not. Adam should have been the winner but losing will be best for him in the end. He will be able to pursue anything he wants without the Idol contract. He was a STAR from the auditions until the final show. Adam doesn’t need the Idol title but Kris REALLY needs it as he is just a forgettable, mediocre singer.

  61. I cannot stand you people! YOu bash and bash and bash!!!! KRIS IS TALENTED!!!! ADAM IS TALENTED!!!!! BOTH WILL BE AMAZING IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!!!! Stop bashing Kris! He needed this show more than Adam did. He paid his dues, he did what he had to do, and he won! DEAL WITH IT!!!!! Stop saying that he will only sell records at Wal-Mart, etc. GROW UP!!!!!! Stop making assummtions and being close-minded. Kris has a Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson feel to him, and if I do recall, both are pretty big recording artists. Plus, he did pretty dang well with Keith Urban last night. Grow up!!!!

  62. Adam din’t win, so what! he will be a star around the world unlike most of the previous winners. The only other winner to have any sucess in the UK (the only other important music country, sorry Oz) is Kelly Clarkson. I think Adam gay or not which is totally irellevant anyway, will make it world wide. His performance with Kiss was superb.

  63. Maybe next year Idol should tally the votes from the entire seasons votes for the two finalists to determine the winner. That way nobody can rig the final show.

    I’d like to know what the total tally of votes for Adam vs. Kris were for the entire season minus the last show.

  64. All you people out there get off the GAY and Christian Wagon…………………..What’s wrong with you anyway?
    Kris is good he won over Adam…and there are MANY Adam’s out there, for that fact thier a dime a dozen……..Good for you Kris………….And Simon knew who would win….believe me…….

  65. It was very upsetting to see that talent loses over cleancut image. Kris has a nice voice but he shouln’t even have been a runner up. In my eyes Adam WON!!!

  66. You people are so lame! This contest was about talent, and although Adam appeared to be the stronger of the two, Kris was much more rounded a musician than Adam with his always “SCREAMING”. Christianity nor Walmart had nothing to do with this contest. GROW UP!!!!!!!! “America Voted.”

  67. Louise I was with you until the “dime a dozen” comment about Adam. I also agree that Simon probably knew who was going to win. I think it was also obvious the latter part of the contest who he wanted to win – for one reason – he sees $$$$$ written all over Adam.

    Will either be a big success. None of us know for sure. My money is on Adam if, as Start Detector pointed out, Adam gets good advisors and listens to them.

    Kris really came on strong and I applaud him. He was so much better at the end than at the beginning.

  68. The real reason Kris won was because he is someone that females can lust after because he is not gay. Heterosexual males will like him because he is not gay. Being gay eliminates two very large audiences whether you are more talented or not. Maybe it’s all a sexual thing and we don’t even know it. How many heterosexual men will pay $200 to see a gay man perform in concert. How many females will have Adams poster on their walls. I’m not anti gay, just raising this question.

  69. Tee:

    You are completely CLOSE-MINDED to say the REAL REASON Kris won was cuz he was not gay. Gay or not gay has nothing to do with it. Stop making excuses people! Deal with it! When people make excuses they are trying to justify their actions. Adam didn’t make any excuses! He congratulated Kris with completely happiness. There is NOTHING we can do about who is the winner or not! Both men have talent, both men will make it, and both men are amazing.

  70. Tee, put me in the heterosexual male group that would rather seen Adam perform than any of the contestants from the this year and in years past and I’m a big Carrie Underwood fan.

    I think a lot of this year’s contestants and contestants in years past are very good singers. To me Adam is by far the best entertainer.

    We all had our favorites. That doesn’t mean we’re right or wrong. It’s really about who we enjoyed the most.

  71. It does not matter about the title, to me, Adam is the “real” American Idol! He’s the best!

  72. Sorry, you are wrong on the closed minded. Just trying to analyze why people do what they do.I personally liked Kris better.

  73. Kris doesn’t deserve this vitriole. He seems to be a nice young man. I hope he never reads these vicious comments. This is a reality show people and the sun came up this morning even though Adam didn’t win.

  74. Well we all know CD sales are pretty much in the toilet when it comes to how an artist brings in money these days so that means they will both have to rely on giving great performances when they play live.

    GEE I wonder who will put on a better show and bring in massive ticket sales creating the most street buzz?

    If he proves to be anything like he’s shown on Idol then Adams shows should be up there with the likes of Kiss, Madonna, Cher, Alice Cooper ect. ect.

    I have no clue what Kris’s shows will be like or who he’ll be opening for touring the upcoming carnival/fair circuits.

  75. Sharon, none of the contestants deserve some of the comments directed at them. I’ve been following these threads for quite some time and Adam sure had his share.

  76. LOL…Louise dime a dozen..yeah right!

    When is the last time you’ve done a talent search?

    I got a dollar run out and get me ten I could use ’em

    There are an over abundance of guys that can sing and perform just like Kris or better but to have the persona and star quality with the voice of Adam all in one package is very very rare.

  77. He has an aura around him. When he comes on stage to perform it’s magic. All the famous rockers that have seen him know he’s got what it takes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gene Simmons wasn’t back stage trying to work a deal with him or at least making an appointment for a meeting…lol

    I’d like to see him get together with Slash and take over where Axl Rose left off.

  78. I am from Lebanon. The show is aired here 24 hours late, so I just got the results (i wanted to see it on Tv and not read about it from the net)…I AM STILL STUNNED!!!! I didn’t have any doubt that Adam will be the star…Chris is cute, that’s it CUTE but ADAM!! A real performer with an extraordinary voice. He didn’t get the title, but I am sure he will be a world wide Idol, I will book his first CD from now!

  79. I’m so disappointed in you people. Are you seriously saying that Kris deserves to be on the fair/carnival circuit?!? If you think that, YOU get up, do what he did, get as far as he did and STILL stay humble!!!!! STOP DISSING PEOPLE WHO HAVE TALENT THAT YOU DON’T HAVE!!!!

  80. Nasser, Simon said that Adam would be a world-wide star. It appears from the posts on this site during this season that he’s right.

  81. Frank, I used the words said by Simon coz I think he is THE JUDGE is this panel…and looking at his reaction to the results says it all!

  82. i am very very disappointed in the results last night adam you are the idol in my eyes good luck in the future. love you always

  83. Adam is the most talented star American Idol has ever had. You got is soooo wrong America!! I’m very disappointed in the show, that’s for sure. The decision should have been a no brainer!!

  84. By the way, Chris didn’t even deserve to be the runner-up, Dany should have been on the stage with the real Idol, ADAM.

  85. I was SO angry when Danny got voted off instead of Kris…. Very ordinary voice, but to win the idols show over Adam is absolutely ridiculous!!!! He is going to fade into obscurity.

  86. I am a Christian. And I am ashamed at the “so called Christian Base” that rallied against Adam. The judges, the news media, and every American I’ve talked to (and my business keeps me in contact with many many people) felt that Adam was a star and the best Idol had ever seen. The backlash alone…. calling this an “upset” should be proof enough. I hope Chris does well and think he has a nice voice… but WAKE up America.. get you head out of you high and mighty rear end. I am proud to be an American. My husband fought for our Country, but this vote shows just how much farther our Country needs to come. I am ashamed of the message the vote last night sent to the world. Will we ever change and become the Country we preach we are?!!! I am a Christian, a fiscal Conservative, an American that finds that this vote as betrayed what is in the hearts and minds of most Christians and Americans.

  87. Nasser, like him or not, Simon does have a track record of knowing talent when he sees it. He even saw that in Carrie Underwood and he hates Country Western music.

    I wish Kris well but still believe Adam will be the bigger star. Just my humble opinion.

  88. Dear AI producers.. find a fair way for the final 4 pick…. maybe America 50% and the Judges 50%. Something has got to give after this… I will not watch again until something changes.

  89. By the way Nassar, I agree with most of what you say… but yes, I remember Bush… he kept us safe and while not perfect, made a lot of good choices. Maybe the idol vote last night reflects the current American Voting…. We now have Obama….

  90. Kendall I’m a 37 year old mom and still think that adam was robbed. Kris is a good singer. Adam is the all around better singer and performer. I wish Kris the best, but think that it was unfair how the vote turned out. I feel that they will both make something of themselves, but Adam will soar to the top.

  91. Frank, no doubt about it, Adam will be a big, big star. As far as Simon is concerned, as I said before, he is the true judge in this panel because he says his opinion frankly without worrying about being politically correct or even polite, in some instances, and his pledge to the Americans to vote for Adam and not take things forgranted, proves again his foresight in these matters

  92. Even Chris was embarrassed by this result! He openly said it should have been Adam! Kudos for honesty, Chris. 38 million folks from Arkansas voted for Chris because of the state he’s from, not because Chris is a great singer. Chris is competent and a nice guy. But, Adam is a star. His voice, his charisma is unmatched. In fact, no offense to Chris, but I felt like Chris was in the final four because they “needed four.” All of Arkansas wasn’t voting for him all along, or he wouldn’t have been in the bottom. Arkansas jumped on board at the finals. I thought he’d be voted off before Allison. Never did I think a “bland” singer would beat out a true talent like Adam. Could Chris have carried his own on stage with Kiss? With Queen? Heck NO! He can strum a guitar and sing in a pleasant voice, like a ton of other young guys in the U.S. Adam was robbed. Plain and Simple!

  93. Nikki, I said a few weeks ago that Adam might be the worst thing to come along for American Idol whether he won or lost because he does have a large fan base who will probably never see another contestant live up to the expectations that he set for his fans.

    Time will tell.

  94. haaay!!!whether we like it or not,the show was over.we must accept it.AND prepare your wealth for your world idol.. The best way to show your LOVE and endless support is “buy his albums”..thats it.

  95. Also, they judges had safeguards in place prior in the competition to ensure someone good didn’t get kicked off prematurely. The need something at the end to avoid this type of debacle in the future. This was the first season of Idol that I watched. Until something changes, it’s the last. Sickening…

  96. Frank,

    I agree with you 100%. Finding an other Adam for AI will be more like trying to find an other Elvis.

    The bar is set too high

  97. Kendall, there is nothing wrong with the carnival/fair circuit. He should consider himself lucky. Most mediocre singers never even make it that far.

    He seems like an awesome very nice guy but I’m not going to lie and say I think he’s going to be a huge mega superstar.

    There is however always the possibility he makes a pop album and it hits big but I think the chances for that are slim too. I’m not sure if he even has the work ethics needed to last in this business. All his Idol performances seemed a bit lazy there were none that stood out as being momentous. All were pretty lackluster and his vocal abilities are average/common. You could go out on a friday night and find guys singing Karaoke in bars that sound just like him.

    Adam has every range, every tone and is spot on. He’s got swagger, attitude, showmanship. The whole package period. Being a huge star takes all of the above. Mediocre doesn’t cut it.

  98. …and the winner is…Simon Cowell
    He has two wonderfully talented artists to make even more money off of…Go Simon! Gotta love Simon.

  99. CORRECT MM..AI is like a war!!THERE’S NO VICTORY ,ONLY VICTIMS HAHAHA!!!and I considered myself victim hehehe!!idol’s can’t pay my bill..anyway i’m still happy its over.I can fully pay attention to my husband hehehe!!!

  100. Fanny, in that case I suspect your husband is very happy it’s over with as well.

  101. The wrong guy one – they should change up the format. Adam is a Phenom and will probably do ok anyway but it’s really too bad. Adam is a one of a kind – like Celine Dion. I think Simon will be majorly disappointed – as I am!

  102. Star Detector:

    Are you kidding me? Heartless, Ain’t no Sunshine, She works hard for the money? PLUS, he plays the piano and guitar… is THAT being lazy. This week alone, he learned the guitar part to two songs, What’s going on and Keith Urban’s song last night, and the piano part to Ain’t No Sunshine. Stop bashing a person with talent. You are pathetic. And to inform you, I am actually a HUGE Adam fan, I’m just so disappointed in close-minded people like you who like to take away from a person’s talent. And I say close-minded cuz you were so sprung on Adam that he’s all the you listened to. You didn’t listen for the artistry that the other contestants had cuz you were so sprung on Adam. And now that Adam didn’t win the precious title, you have to bash other contestants that have talent. OBVIOUSLY, you are close-minded and there are MANY aspects to music, otherwise we would only have one genre of music. Yes, Adam will make it is rock, which by the way is my genre of choice. However, he wouldn’t make it is Adult Contemparary or pop or country. Kris could make it in either of those three, but not rock. THEY ARE DIFFERENT FOR A REASON!!!!!! And America voted for who they wanted for a reason……get over it! You can’t change it, I can’t change it. And you bashing Kris and complaining about Adam not winning just make you look like an immature, close-minded ignaramous who can’t except that there are many fasses of music.

  103. yes frank.imagine ,everyweek, i must go to the boarder just to vote,hehhee!!my husband was so upset…He can’t say no,of course what loves for hehhe..!!

  104. Kendall, my genre is Country and I agree that Adam would look like a fish out of water trying to sing true Country. However, I think he demonstrated that he can sing more than rock if he wanted to. Rock is his genre and I hope he becomes very successful at it. I wouldn’t be disappointed if all the contestants could be successful at something they obviously love.

  105. And if he sounded karaoke, TRUST ME, Simons would have said, “Kris, you sound karaoke.” Which, he never did. Simon did say Kris had a chance of winning this competition on more than one occassions and told him he deserves to be up there, AND he said his performance of Ain’t No Sunshine on Tuesday night was by far better than Adam’s Mad World, which earlier in the competition Adam got wonderful reviews about, fyi, Mad World is one of my favorite all time songs. If Kris was your run of the mill karaoke singer, Simon would have said it at least ONE time this season, sorry Charlie, never once came out of his mouth. And we all know that Simon is the judge God.

  106. Fanny, sounds like you have him well trained. Fortunately my wife and I both liked Adam the best. She’s more Pop and and, as I’ve stated, I’m all Country and we’re both pretty conservative.

    Isn’t it strange how Adam provided a common ground for us?

  107. After this, I don’t think I will ever watch American Idol again. The ratings were slipping and Adam SAVED the show… but of course Middle America voted for Kris and here we are… didn’t they vote for Bush?… funny how that turned out. Based on talent and the entire season, Adam IS the clear winner… doesn’t matter about the results… heck, over 60% of Kris’ votes came from ARKANSAS ALONE! It’s TRUE… Voters should only be allowed to vote once per phone line. One person voting over 10,000 times from a phone line or texting SKEWS the results, and ultimately the TRUE WINNER, ADAM LAMBERT!

  108. I have always thought that the final results are bought by big labels wanting to buy the better contestant. Kris is a decent at best vocalist, seeming like he would be best suited for a boy band type. No big label is going to have a need for him. Adam, on the other hand, can command an audiance all by himself with his vocal range. This years results just prove it once and for all that AI is FIXED. Even Kris said that he did not deserve it and that Adam is the better singer. Paula also made the statement that Adam will become a legend. Notice that they never mentioned what the actual individual votes were for each contestant.

  109. I am a Christian. I have been and continue to be a fan of Adam. He is the best talent to come along in many years. I am very dissappointed in many Christians, yeah, there are lots of bigots in the church. This proves it. But they do not represent the love of God, and are sometimes not very fair minded. This particular show was based on talent, and ADAM had it all. It was evident from the very begining that he would win. And he did. He is the real winner and those Christians who voted for Kris just got out there and did thier thing. But they voted with bigoted intent and it makes me sick in my spirit. Kris even knew he should not have won. It came rigth from his mouth. I dont care what affiliation Adam has or his sexual preference. It is all about THE TALENT. God bless Adam. God loves him too. Good luck to Kris and his family also.

  110. Kendall, I think one of the few mistakes that Adam made this year was singing Mad World a second time. There was no way he was going to improve on the first time.

    As far as Simon goes he even accused Adam of being too karaoke with “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. I still think Simon was pulling more for Adam than Kris though he did warm up to Kris at the very end.

  111. Sorry guys, gotta run. Enjoy the banter but don’t take it too personal. Remember we all are entitled to our own opinions.

  112. Nope, America got it correct. GO KRIS!!

    So, the Adam backers sure are quite today. That’s nice.

  113. Where were all the Christians in this last presidential election? They have the time to vote several times for Kris to get thier bigoted point across but not get the right man into political office. Whats up with that fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? It is very evident that Adam was the better talent, but some of you still got out there and voted several times skewing the vote. There are so many people out here who know this that will blame us and God and we once again are going to be hated. But worst of all, they will continue to hate God and stay out of church. I just dont know anymore about fairness and goodness. It does not exist except in heaven. I just hope my mansion is in the people that voted for ADAM section. LOL

  114. Congratulations to Kris Allen. You are a nice guy and quite a good singer, but I do feel sorry for Kris always will be haunted for the facts that he won American Idol for the wrong reasons. He was not the best of this season and Adam Lambert is far too good.

    Kris may now be the new American Idol but Adam Lambert is the “world Idol” as he is an international icon already a Star, and for those
    who called themselves “Christians” and vote for Kris based on those reasons shame on you!

    Let me tell you Adam Lambert may not be a Christian, I don’t know if he is or not,but he has given us the biggest Christian message in AI.
    The day that people learn to live and accept each other with their differences, that day we will find peace and Love!
    Thanks Adam Lambert for that message you are a great role model for my son because unlike others we do not judge people for other reasons than the heart. After all thats what Jesus message was: We all are the same, equals. “Love your neighbour as you would yourself”
    Adam Lambert you rock!!!

  115. I don’t think America got it right because Adam is the best singer/performer but America is not ready for differences in all aspects of life but I’m sure Adam will be a ROCK STAR or whatever he aspires to be. Congrats to Kris but even he said that Adam deserved it- which he DID! Thanks for being honest Kris- he is a truly humble Idol.

  116. Hi everybody! I live in Europe and was shock with the news. I like Kris but lets face it he was not the best of this season.

    What’s the point to watch American Idol if once again it has proven that they do not chose the most talented.

    Even Kris knew he didnt deserve it!

    Kris is a nice guy in all but Adam is too. He is always polite, friendly, he is the only one thanking the musicians, he gave us a message when he said he wanted to be the role model for those kids who didnt fit the molde, he is kind and generous he cuddles, kids, youngsters and older people and he has a great talent far more superior than the other contestants. He made this season interesting.
    Looks is not what is important isnt. America thats why you are getting down with all the prejudice you have.

    Adam Lambert congratulations you are a winner anyway. The news are not with celebration but with shock. The winner of American Idol is Kris Allen what a shock!!!

  117. I wouldn’t like to win for the wrong reasons. I feel for Kris. He will be remember not as the winner of AI but the Christian who manage to robbe the title.

  118. Everyone just needs to chill. This is not a gay issue or a christianity issue. AI is a singing competition!!! The votes were tallied and Kris won! I think America made the right choice but will admit I was pleasantly surprised! Adam and Kris are both winners along with the other top 10!It just shows the majority doesn’t prefer screaming ALL the time! Can’t wait till next year!

  119. If Adam is Gay, he will be the first gay i care about!
    Who cares. I love you Adam you are a big star!

  120. Different Nikki. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are very naiev. Have fun next year…. Idol, nothing more than fluff, politics and America showing thier lack of insight and un-christian ways. I am an American that remains proud of her country and understands that there is more to America than what the vote of AI 2009 reflects, I hope others in different countries will see that one day too.

  121. i believe the producers of idol need to look into 1 vote per line your results would then reflect the true winner! it was a clear shout out from the right last night that only white bread boys should represent the american ideal of what an idol should be i personally stopped watching when allison was voted out i truely believe that it should have been her and adam in the finals!!!! but what would you expect from the states, vote in the gay guy or the girl with the mexican last name, hell no only the straight religious white boy allowed!!!!!!

  122. I think the lyrics of “Mad World” said it really well…”I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad…” Of course Adam is the obvious winner! But I think the people who will be most hurt by this vote will be the American Public [who have shown the world the worst side of conservatism] Unfortunately, Kris will also suffer for winning, through self-doubt and guilt – because he knows that Adam was the real winner. Adam, I believe has long since dealt with the issues of marginalization and rejection by a narrow minded society, and he will move on and claim his place in the ranks of the unimaginably talented !

  123. Diana – So pretty much what you are trying to say is that you are a christian and all christians that voted for Kris were not true to themselves… hmmm… so since obviously you voted for Adam, does that mean you are the worlds greatest Christian and everyone should use you as an example? Cause believe it or not… every person in this world has their own opinion. Who are you to tell people that they voted wrong?

  124. Nikki – If you realize there is more to life than this…. why does it upset you so much and you stoop to the level of calling people Naiev…. I think its pretty clear that you are one of those people that needs to realize there is more to life than American Idol. Dont try and make yourself look better than them. Just a little reality check.. Think about it.

  125. J-careful the way you interpret my positon. I am one of the worst Christian examples. But in this particular case, people I go to church with have told me they voted several times for Kris. It really should be one vote per person. Everyone has their preferences, and if you like Kris, fine. But, you already are intelligent enough to know, that the real issue for many Christ followers is the issue of the “gay” thing. The real reason many Christians did not vote for Adam. So many maliciously made it a point to call in several votes. Bigotry in its finest. The show was about talent. I can see a 100 Kris clones at church on any given Sunday in the sanctuary. But if I want to be entertained, I go see Adam. He is and continues to be the real winner here. After all, Kris said it best. He shouldn’t have won.

  126. I cant believe Kris won! I was SO sure that Adam would win based on last nights show! And I wish he had… I way prefer Adam to Kris.

    I’m kinda disappointed! Actually I’m VERY disappointed!

  127. I understand what you are saying, and maybe some people you go to church with voted like this. However its nobodys position to put ALL Christians into a category like this. Simply put, a lot of people have different tastes in music. Adam may have been better in your eyes whcih is great, but many others felt Kris was the better singer. Thats why god made everyone with individual personalities. So I dont see how everyone says “Adam is still the clear winner” because nobody posting on here knows what people were thinking when they voted. People might of voted against Adam because his sexual preference but people also may have voted against Kris for being a Christian. And i know people say one vote per phone line which would be fine with me, but dont act like people voting for Adam all only called and voted one time.

  128. I think everyone that says that Kris shouldn’t have won, are naive. Just like if anyone said that Adam shouldn’t have won are naive as well. THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN ISSUE!!!! I am a Christian and I could give a rats butt about whether or not Adam is gay or not, he is who is and I don’t expect anyone to conform to who is the “norm.” That said, KRIS is who who is and we shouldn’t be saying that the ONLY reason why he won is cuz American can’t vote anyway different than the typical American white boy. HE IS TALENTED!!! Not everyone has the music gift. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but dont away from someone who is talented. Don’t make him into the “Idol that shouldn’t have Won.” Be happy for him, the top 5 will make it places anyways, so it doesn’t matter who has the “title” anymore honestly.

  129. I am royally ticked off. Kris cannot sing. He is not in the same league that Adam is in. Adam is a super singer and performer. All Kris can do is strain his vocal cords and make monkey faces. Give him a banana

  130. I still say not to look for a season 10 of AI.Next year will probably be the last year when the ratings drop like a bomb with 8-9 million less viewers than this year.

    Not saying I won’t watch,I just won’t watch or vote as much.I’ll watch the wild card show and find out who the cute guy is and there you go,that will be your winner.Then skip everything but the finale cause all the performance shows mean nothing so why bother.

  131. Go Kris! Just shows you can’t SCREAM your way through the competition, slick your hair down EMO and wear a lot of make up. Shows you actually have to be able to sing.

  132. When we said Idol, we love the guy, we imitate or copy the best in them. My opinion is that Kris really deserves to call an Idol. Everybody loves him. So, people in America voted for him because he has the quality what people needed. Adam is a great guy but not the best. Congrats Kris.

  133. Hello All,

    Art imitates life or is it the other way around? Art represents what is going on around us; including religion, politics, our social being. Offering critiques of an artist’s interpretation of music is relevent -However, criticizing an artist or anyone based on their personal beliefs including religion, sexual preference etc…is so archaic – people – get with the program – this is AI 2009 not AI 1949
    How on earth did Kris’s religious affiliation / Adam’s sexual preference become relevent in this competition?

    Just curious.

    The program is supposed to be entertaining and fun; not a source of conflict and hate. I am deeply saddened by the outpouring of negativity seen here.

    Until next year – take care all,


  134. Lori:

    Wow, you’re so stuck on how great Adam is that you can’t admit that Kris has talent and you are bashing him. I like Adam, he’s my genre of music and I think he’s amazing. But I also think that Kris is talented as well and to sit here and make fun of him, shows your maturity level. Good one


  136. I will admit that I looked forward to seing Adam every week the most – he is very entertaining and a class act. BUT, when I ask myself whose music I would buy, it was Kris by a mile. Why? I like his style better. Don’t care what their lifestyle is, just like Kris’s music more. Would I buy an Adam album, probably not, would I go see him on Broadway, absolutely.

  137. I’m v surprised to see comments regarding performers’ religious or sexual orientation. My friends & I are catholics & married to people of other gender, & I cannot understand how this might/should influence my perception of performers/any performance, of their artistic power & vocal ability.
    I liked all 13 but in everybody’s perception, people to whom I’ve already spoken, Adam’s vocal & atristic performance distanced him miles ahead from everybody else.
    I must mention that I’ve spoken to people who are 10 to 78 years of age. There was not even a minute doubt in their mind
    – Adam IS the best of the 13.
    He came second only because some Dustin-likes spent the whole hour voting (& for free????) I have nothing against the chosen idol, however, he is just one of many.
    His win was as a total surprise to him as to anybody else, who paid attention to real artistry as opposed to the artist’s looks, size, sexual or religious orientation. The winner, I believe, knows it too. So sad ….

  138. The wrong person won. Kris might be a nice guy but no stage presence and nowhere near the vocals of Adam. It was a one horse race and Adam a clear winner.

  139. Go point Stan, I feel the same way. Constantian Biorales, or however you spell his name, from a couple seasons ago had the same stage performance ability that Adam does. Maybe not to the extent but very similiar. He is up for a Tony award for his newest Broadway play that he is in.

  140. im glad kris won,adam is a shouting,bawling **** yeah he can sing but ffs WHY all the shouting,,anyway,well done kris,you deserve to be the new american idol.xx

  141. Kendall,

    this is what I do for a living. Kris is mediocre at best and I didn’t say he sang Karaoke I said you can find many like him singing Karaoke. Also top 40 radio is loaded to the hilt with artists like him right now.

    Adam stood out, will stand out and will do better than Kris will in the long haul. He was the best talent ever seen on Idol and should do very well long after Kris’s 15 minutes are up.

    Just wait and see. I’ve said all I’m going to say on this subject. Idol is over they have their “winner”

  142. KISS KRIS FOR KHRIST’S SAKE! OR AHH..DAMN ADAM!? Stop your protests and insults! They are NO DOUBT the Best 2 of finalists no matter who wins. They truly stand in their own Limelight!

    Is a natural star, he belongs to entertainment industry with his own daring and forward style. Charismatic & stylish. He is a statement of his own.

    Shines shyly but surely, he has more room in the making towards a true star. Quietly confident & hopeful. He can convey a statement to the world.

    Adam sure can sing almost anything with the range of keys he cover but those high notes get overbearing after awhile… If Kris is criticized as “anywhere can find” vocal, it makes 2 of them cos Adam can write off as 1 of the plenty of ‘rockers’ who all sound alike at the top of their lungs…But people don’t really wanna rock all the time… However, I do think Adam can capture many individualistic souls with his sultry melancholic ballads… He attracts with his young, hippie, non-conformist yet clean & approachable looks.
    Whereas Kris’s style is boring to most but unassuming and fresh. He’s the ordinary star with originality. If Kris hits the right path, he will be a classic star as he ages.

    The song ‘No Boundaries’ not so great but nice and as usual meant to be inspiring?? Do agree that it’s too wordy and too high for both of them.
    Some people claimed that it was wriiten in favor to Kris, which I thought otherwise.
    The high notes & chorus are obviously catered to Adam’s vocal, but even with his high strummed lungs he had his pitchy moments…
    To listen to Kris’s first attempt at that song made people worried for him, but he tried his best & sang with all his heart loud and fierce. Not to mention he did it under great stress that Adam has better advantage… Personally I think Kris’s version has more punch in it and it was momentum. He proved he’s the real owner of that song in his winning anchor.

    To share with you, I had no eyes on Kris to begin with. They were widely set on Adam until the final 5, when my heart then goes to smiley Danny- The master class vocal who was out without a struggle, with less than exciting to bring to the table….I was kinda disappointed. When the 2 finalists are concluded, that “What the hell is Kris doing there?” did came up on me. But the star in Kris was determined to draw my attention to him, he showed great potentials and qualities, though not as LOUD as Adam but firmly. Kris truly is the Dark Horse and he will be a Golden Horse in the longrun.

    Having said that, there’re both great and potentially qualified as your new AMERICAN IDOLS!!! It makes no difference who wins.

  143. Obviously, then America chose what they like at the moment then…..especially since that’s what the top 40 is full of.

  144. I watch AI every season. This is definitely not the first time I have been disappointed. I pretty much felt this way when Chris Daughtry lost too! I am shocked and disappointed that Adam didn’t win. I liked Kris throughout the show but Adam was clearly more talented. Honestly,I wouldn’t buy an album from Kris. Some of his performances were so low key, lacked any risk taking whatsoever and dull.
    I tried to vote for Adam,about million times, but it was always busy. What disappoints me even more is what the people I have seen today are saying. Everyone I have come in contact with today has said that they voted for Kris because of what Adam looks like, that he’s gay and not a positive role model for kids. etc…
    This really bummed me out. How can people be so shallow to judge someone from their appearance? All these people I spoke to weren’t anything special that they should be judging others that way.
    Adam was FANTASTIC this season. Every performance was soooo entertaining. I would smile and laugh at everything he could do. Adam would “scream” sometimes in songs because he COULD! Plus, that put life into the performance. He rocked the place every week. Kris has a nice voice but he didn’t scream because he can’t. He seriously doesn’t have the range like Adam. That would make him look silly. His performance with Keith Urban was good but it wasn’t great. I am a huge Keith Urban fan and Kris’ voice was just too average.
    Adam singing with Queen and Kiss was NUTS!(In a good way!!) He sounded better than they did!!! Kris looked silly being on stage with Kiss! That arrangement was a little strange to me.
    Best of luck to Kris and Adam. I will buy eveything of Adam’s. Kris will be like Taylor Hicks. (what the heck were people thinking when they voted for him?…) As Simon would say…”UNFORGETTABLE…”

  145. Sorry for the error in my email. Kris and Adam were on stage with Queen. I didn’t mean Kiss!!!

  146. Adam was totally ripped off…no comparison on overall talent. I think the show has to have a new voting format…like Dancing with the Stars where the judges have 50% of the vote. Chris a good singer and a really nice, sweet guy…Adam a TOTAL unique TALENT with real CREATIVITY.

  147. Adam is a superb talent and performer, but I am not surprised to see online (I cheated, I’m in Scotland and the finale airs tomorrow night) that Kris is the winner of American Idol. They are both very talented in their own way, but Kris obviously appeals to a wider range of voters.

  148. Dustin, you are a moron. You know zero about singing. I am a singer and it is as clear as day that Adam is an awesome singer of the caliber that we rarely hear. Kris is pretty good, yet average compared to the talent in the general public. I can hear singers of his ability and better every night in karaoke bars. He is talented, but not that special. BUT you could search karaoke bars for years and search professional performances on youtube all you want and you will have a difficult time finding anyone with the voice and passion that Adam Lambert possesses.
    I can tell you exactly why he lost…..

  149. I am in New Zealand and the final doesn’t air until tonight. I was stunned when I read the results. Adam will always be the winner in my heart, he has a talent that is destined for stardom. Kris while entertaining will be forgetable Adam on the other hand will always remain unforgetable. I just wish him the most wonderful career ever and perhaps by not winning he will be able to follow his dreams rather than become another face of someone eles ideas. I look forward to seeing and hearing him in his own right.

  150. I think Adam was robbed , he is by miles the better singer and performer and if i stayed in America i would have voted for him a million million times over- he is a class act that will be about much longer than any of the others

  151. kris allen winning AI over adam lambert? it’s ridiculous.. but you can see adam wasn’t too shock when he heard the result, there was almost no time gap after ryan told us the result and then adam congratulated kris. i think he knew it’s going to b happened and okay with it. i believe the only reason he got to lose is either danny’s fans were all gave their votes for kris (and/or the christian – homophobe voters speculation), or the more logical reason that explains adam’s not-so-surprised-enough reaction on the result: adam had been told about the result (which truthfully he’s the winner) and he refused to take the title and gave it away to kris because kris needs it more than he does. american idol was so stupid and take the offer adam suggested, they will suffer the impact of us hating american idol and won’t watch that stupid show no more.

    but i believe adam will be a super big mega star in no time. i will wait for the day he releases series of greatest hits and albums plus big concerts around the world in his tour. he is damn iconic!

  152. i completely agree that the final should be 50% votes and 50% judges after this ridiculus ending. i don’t even know if i want to watch next year. it just made me sick!! what a horrible ending to a wonderful season. atleast kris seems to be a nice enough guy to admit he didn’t deserve it.

  153. Go Kris! Deserved the Win all the way! Sorry so many people hate on you Bro. The only reason all the comments on here are for Adam is because they needed somewhere to vent! They will get over it!!!

  154. I don’t beleive it,this would not have happened in England’s pop idol contest! Adam was the most charismatic talented new young performer to date.I just don’t believe it!!!

  155. Nasta, WOW, you win for originality as to why Kris won.

    Like it or not, as Ray pointed out, Kris won because he got more votes. Whether you agree with the way voting is done, the rules are anyone can vote as often as they like withing the time limits allow. Well, they can try anyway.

    While I believe Adam was the best performer throughout this year’s Idol, I have to take my hat off to Kris because he did improve as time went by and he sure showed his toughness in being criticized over and over and taking it with a smile.

  156. Never thought I would be caught up in the hype of American Idol, but this year the audience seemed to embrace a broader age group which is why Kris may have won.
    Having a degree in music (which does not make one an expert by any means) I nonetheless marvel at the general public that believes one’s ability to SCREAM a loud high pitch for a sustained period of time is TALENT. My daughter did this the day she was born and has continued for 25 years however I don’t call her a talent.
    Kris won for ONE REASON ONLY. Fox 16 News reported that ATT stated that 38,000,000 text were sent out from Arkansas during the wote, a state that has less than 3,000,000 people in it.
    I am from Arkansas and tried to call in my vote for Kris and NEVER got thru. One voter in Arkansas text 300 times for Adam and then realized he meant to vote for Kris.
    In the end ARKANSAS carried it for Kris he only needed about 13,000,000 votes from the rest of the Nation TO WIN.
    Both will do fine in Life

  157. Chris, Yorkshire, England – don’t worry. I imagine you’ll be seeing plenty of Adam in the U.K./Europe.

  158. Way to go Chris! I was impressed by your humility and your God-given talent. You have a wholesome air that is refreshing. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  159. One extra caveat to all this Religious Dialogue. It has been reported (BUT NOT CONFIRMED) that Adam prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord AFTER Tuesday night’s performance. I am anxious to hear if there is any truth to this. If it is true there may be a higher calling and purpose as to why these 2 made it to the finals.

  160. @bill : then it’s definitely true that kris is the idol for arkansas (only). i will be crying if i were him, his winning numbers of vote actually must be divided by a number of ten or maybe a hundred?

  161. Thanks frank i’m glad there’s some good old British common sense about in America.I can’t wait to see Adam in britain doing what he does best, wowing audiences,he will be very appreciated here,just had to vent my feelings!Chris.

  162. America got it right. I thought both of the guys did a wonderful job and cudos to both of them for their professionalism. Don’t take away from them, they are both talented in their own way and will go far.

  163. Bill, being a Country guy I too never thought I would get caught up in the hype of American Idol like I did this year. I’ve watched it since the second year but never voted – even for Carrie.

    I will say if your daughter can hit those high notes like Adam you should encourage her to enter next year’s Idol contest.

    It’s amazing that the judges – who make their living in the music industry not once the entire year accused Adam of “screaming”. They did praise him for his vocal range. To each his own.

    I could say something about somebody from the South voting 300 times for the wrong person but I’ll keep quiet since I’m from the South as well.

  164. Chris, LOL, I’ve worked with Brits for years. I guess it has worn off on me.

  165. i have just watched the show in england and could not wait for the results show tommorrow so came on this site. the shows name is american idol and the only one worthy of that title is adam. every week he was consistant and proved the range of his voice was unique and incredible. the judges said themselves kris came together in the last few shows thats not an idol. i no adam will have an amazing career ahead of him its just a shame he did not recieve the support of his country for the raw talent that only adam lambert has brought to american idol to date. a definate vocal genius.

  166. BILL … enough with the ridiculous SCREAMING claim, as if Adam can only belt a high, powerful note (which are in key on perfect pitch) He ALSO sang numerous soft, passionate ballads !! DIDN’T you hear those ? or would that ruin your WRONG judgment ?
    Did you listen to Mad World ??? is that screaming ?
    Don’t all of you people understand that THE SOUTHERN states of the US vote far more than the western states ? Don’t you realize that almost all of the Winners and 2nd place people have been from southern states ?
    1. Kelly Clarkson: Texas,
    2. Ruben Studdard: Alabama
    3. Fantasia: North Carolina
    4. Carrie Underwood: Oklahoma
    5. Tayler Hicks: Alabama
    6. Jordin Sparks: Arizona
    7. David Cook: Texas
    8. Kris Allen: Arkansas
    The south MOBILIZES for their home-town contestants and Califonia viewers are far too busy with Lakers and all the entertainment available and they are just not as enthusiastic about picking up the phone.
    It has already been reported today that of the approximately 95 million votes on Tuesday night, 38 million votes came from Arkansas. Do the math !!
    So OF COURSE if the entire state got behind Kris in an enthusiastic voting block, he wins. That is easy for you to understand. I am sure the radio stations and schools etc were organizing calling parties and encouraging the whole state to vote for the entire 4 hours…and IT WORKED. It sure doesn’t have anything to do with who is best. Adam, Danny, and Allison will all be more successful than Kris… cause they all are better singers and entertainers. Those are the FACTS.

  167. I’m 56 years old and live in Denmark. I’ve watch every season of American Idol and it was great, but THIS season ”HOLY SHIT” it was a nightmare, all the best and most talented singers were eliminated Allison, Danny and Adam I don’t believe it. Adam is my favorite, no doubt. He is the one and only I don’t think there will be an Adam, ever in A.I. again. He is so speciel all the way and a unik singer. Maybe he didn’t need to win, he will doing just fine BUT I THINK HE IS THE ONLY TRUE WINNER!!!!
    I don’t want to watch Idol anymore, THAT’S FOR SURE :O(

  168. I think that the Christian vote did Kris a great disservice. He knows he should not have won. Who wants to win like that! From the beginning he never had the necessary self confidence as Simon mentioned on more than one occasion. This whole fiasco will be an even bigger blow to his self confidence. My heart goes out to him. Adam will take this in his stride as he knows the world is in awe of him. Kris, however, knows he did not win on merit. Sad!! Do these lame brains ever think further than their noses? Kris is now out of his depth, thanks to the do-gooders.

  169. Bill-if thats true, then I would imagine Kris had a little to do with that. I sure hope the rumor is true. In any event, I got tears in my eyes. I really like that Adam. Bless both their hearts.

  170. nasta, you’re pathetic. i live NOWHERE near Arkansas and I voted for Kris. There are others in the country to like Kris. you’re close-minded to think that ONLY people that live in Arkansas can like him…get a life!

  171. Lee, you make my case well. I said the ONLY reason Kris won is because of Arkansas.

    As to your other point, yes Adam sang ballads as well, but not any better than Kris. As to southern states way to go. California has MILLIONS of people, you would think several could take the time to text for heaven sake if they truly thought Adam was best.

  172. No matter how he got the votes, Kris got them fair and square unless someone can come up with something otherwise stated. As a result he is the American Idol for this year and no one can take that away from him.

    It will take a couple of years to determine who will be most successful. I’ve got my money on the guy from way out there in California.

  173. Mom, I said earlier that Adam may be the worst thing that ever happened to American Idol. They are going to be hard pressed to find another contestant to satisfy his fan base – which I suspect was quite substantial this year.

  174. Late Breaking News

    I just checked the Evening News. Kris Allen is still the 2009 AMERICAN IDOL.

    Congrats KRIS

  175. Thanks Bill. I was hoping this was all a horrible dream. Oh well……..

  176. oh my god cannot believe adam didnt win, so shocked rite now you wouldnt believe. i mean i like kris but he was not a patch on adam, he shouldnt ave even been in the final alison was way better and that duet alison and adam did was superb, obviously i think that they will be big stars and i cant wait to bye thier albums but is the show on a downward paddle i think it mite be!!

  177. Another gobsmacked Brit! Sorry, Gaynor, I had to use that once in my lifetime.

  178. Can you believe the ticket prices? over $1,100 a piece front stage floor level. $65.00 in the nose bleed sections

  179. i cant believe adam didnt win.
    me, mom and my sister love adam so much.
    we love danny and allison too.
    but kris.. only my sis tot he was cute..
    Adam, if the entire world votes, u’re the winner!

  180. amazing, I cannot believe it, there is no comparison between Chris and Adam!! Yes Adam was well and truly robbed!!!!!

  181. I am from the UK and watch American Idol each year to see if there is any talent in America and have not heard/seen any in the past to rave about. This year however was a totally different story, Adam; at last a person with real talent. But hey, judging on past shows it was a sure bet when it came down to the last two who would win, the underdog. Had it been one vote per person we all know that Adam would have won. There is only one word to describe those that knock Adams singing and that is JEALOUSY. I do not criticise genuine fans of Kris’ only those that had to result in voting, rather childishly at that, hundreds of times for him, purely to prevent Adam winning (must have been worried?) Well they must lead sad lives if they have nothing better to do, hence my reason behind saying they must be JEALOUS but more important know nothing about or even care for, good music. Well you say why didn’t Adams fans vote in the same way. The answer is above; people who appreciate and know when they hear real talent are probably more mature and have better things to do in their spare time. All those that voted for Kris, though they won’t admit it, know that he is just average and that he won’t last long because there are hundreds like him.

  182. Bill-Looks like all of us who voted and are writing here will be unable to afford to go see any of this Idol stuff anyway. Man, that’s not cheap.

  183. Evidently, according to various news reports that I’ve been reading, people in the state of Arkansas were extremely well organized, and organized to use fast serial voting equipment. American Idol as a matter of simple fairness really ought to find a way to disallow this sort of thing. Its cheating, pure and simple. Surely software exists that will recognize the source of a phone call and reject duplicate calls from the same source. I’m a 64-year-old ex-musician, and usually I find myself bored by the final winner, who always seems to be an inoffensive piece of pop whitebread. Out of curiosity, more than anything else, because I like to see what the kids now are doing musically, I’ve watched AI on-and-off since it began, and this year I almost didn’t watch at all. But not only did I end up watching every week, this actually became the first year I’ve ever bothered to vote, because Adam was the most interesting, original and talented contestant I’ve ever seen. Its also the last year I’m going to bother watching, because when someone who generates the excitement that Adam did can’t win, it means the show has become totally irrelevant. Even Kris seems to know it. Simon knows it – go back and look at his face when the winner was announced. I’d advise Simon to quit now while he’s ahead – while he still has some credibility. And I’d advise AI to either rerun the vote, or fix their system. They’ve become useless as a source of information about current pop culture. They’ve lost me as a viewer.

  184. Adam is the entire package, he has everything it takes to be a mega-star. Kris will be forgotten and Adam will slam America as the next rock icon. Can’t wait for him to go platinum, which won’t take long. Go Adam, I will follow your journey.
    I WILL NEVER WATCH “AMERICAN IDOL” AGAIN!!! I’m sure the show has lost a lot of fans. The voting process needs to be limited to one vote per person. The number of votes received may make “american idol” look good but it is unjust!

  185. Congrats to kris allen(FANS)for winning season 8 of american idol.Your the winner not kris as he could not have done it without your help.I would also like to thank “VOTE FOR THE WORST” as you were that extra 1.1% of votes that got kris to the finish line.Hell why were at it I may as well thank danny gokey fans that voted not for kris but against adam when your to stupid to relize that kris was the main resaon danny got da boot.

    Now you can watch AI tell kris what to do and how to get nowhere in music while Adam will do as he pleases with no limitations.

    Adam didn’t need to win this stupid reality show and will be much better off this way.As for kris,who knows he could be the next taylor hicks or maybe in six years or so he can be like ruben and come out with an album thats goes on sale for under ten bucks before it even hits the store.The possibilities are endless for him:)!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  186. It is amazing to me how all the Adam lovers last week were bragging how they got in 200,300,400 &1000 votes…but now that he LOST it’s unfair to vote more than once….cry babies!!!!

  187. We are not electing a President for heaven sake otherwise Arkansas would have voted early and often and put McCain in the Whitehouse.

    It has been assumed by some that American Idol is only about singing, for others of us it is the total package. Adam is a great singer but Kris is a great performer, singer, guitar and keyboard he did it all. He is humble in his winning, Adam honestly congradulated him and seems to be more a rest about who and where he is than most of the bloggers here.

    And shame on SIMON COWELL who could not control the vote and have it his way. He could hardly clap his hands for Kris let alone stand up. DON’T BLAME KRIS that he won, blame yourselves. We all knew how to vote and how often we could vote.

    Judging music is much like beauty (in the eye or rather the ear of the beholder)

  188. And to those who say they won’t watch American Idol again WHO CARES they found millions of new viewers this year.

    Go watch something else for your BORING AND PATHETIC evening.
    And Nikki, you are right, ADAMS fans had NOOOOOOOOOOOOO problem voting often as well.

  189. Absolutely rubbish result. Adam is the consumate professional and the future will show this. It will be another case of the Runner Up succeeding where it matters. I am from New Zealand and have watched for years. This would be the biggest blunder ever.

  190. Wait, American Idol lets you vote more than one time? I always thoght it was one vote per phone line. So here I am like a dummy, rounding up everyones cell phones to vote on for Adam. I voted on 6 different phones for him, and all I had to do was use one phone as many times as I wanted? And that doesn’t make sense, it should only be one vote per phone. That only seems fair. Kris is a very sweet and he does have a unique voice, but Adam is a super star. He is probably better off not winning anyway. Now he won’t be told what to do and he can do what he wants. I can’t wait for his cd. It is going to be amazing. And I can’t wait to see him in September!! I love Adam!!

  191. Agree 100% with John Dabrowski’s comments. It is so obvious that Adam is extraordinary in every way and a cut above the rest – no question. He so obviously was the best in the competition and it is extremely disappointing to see the result. Sure, Kris seems to be a lovely guy, but not memorable. Danny also had a much more interesting and distinctive voice than Kris and I was definitely sorry to see Danny go. I guess the rest of the world is seeing the legendary bible bashing, middle America at it’s best (or worst). John’s comment is right – when the best contestant doesn’t win, American Idol is becoming irrelevent. The judges must have been incredulous. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter in the end because Adam will be a huge star and I fear in a couple of years people will be saying Kris who?

  192. @Jimbo It’s called “AMERICAN IDOL” not

    “New Zealand Idol” No doubt Adam has a unique stlye and range but it seems consistantly ONE STYLE.

    As for multiple voting, ADAM had fans vote 300 and 400 times. All new or should have known

  193. They found the new viewers because of Adam. I agree with all that John Dabrowski had to say. This too was the first American Idol I watched to the end unlike past years when I stopped watching after the first round. Come to Britain Adam you would be a sell out over here let America keep Kris, along with the thousands of other like him. He was okay but that was it, just okay, certainly no one to write home about.

  194. i cant believe adam did not win,i am absolutely totally so sad and dont think i can watch it next year,i know it is up to america but over here my mates and i were fans of adams from the very first audition.x

  195. This is the only season in american idol put me in doubt of who’s gonna win, why? i lost confidence in the counting of votes. Before the anouncement, i set my mind that if ever adam will not get the title, i am sure as paula said, he is already a great performer and a lot of opportunities to come ahead for him.

  196. when i said over here i meant england and i still can not believe it.sorry.x

  197. Ok Dee, there are a few Americans over here that voted for Adam and would attend his concerts. Anyway, I’m sure he will be a world wide success and you will get to see him in the U.K.

    Kez, you and your mates have a pint for those of us in American who agree with you.

  198. Yes Adam DID get robbed!! The voting system needs to be revamped. There are so many complaints posted on the two AI message boards from both Adam fans and Kris fans who said they couldn’t even get ONE vote in because the lines were jammed for hours.

    The competition wasn’t about the best talent – it’s a freaking popularity contest. I for one, will never take part of the voting if the system doesn’t change. AI should be able to obtain software that allows just one vote per phone number. Virtually EVERYONE in America has a cell phone once the vote is called in or texted in the number should be blocked automatically. Allowing one vote per person is the only fair way.

    However, Adam doesn’t need the title of AI. He has phenomenal talent. He had the best exposure he could possible dream of because of AI’s world wide coverage and the best stage sets he could ever dream of. He won’t have to have his talent controlled by AI nor will it be limited. He is free to pick and chose from the best of the best offers.

    I was a fan of Adam since his first audition footage as were most of his fans. I am absolutely positively sure that because of his incredibly awesome talent for singing and entertaining he will be the biggest star American Idol has ever produced out of all eight seasons and very possibly even future seasons.

    Adam, your talent is so very HUGE it’s impossible to go unnoticed by those who are more than willing to further your career in the music industry. I can’t wait to see what you do next.


  199. Donna, nice to see a fellow Floridian for Adam. That makes at least 2 of us.

  200. Not a fair result, Adam was by far the most superior and Talented singer and should have won!!!!

  201. To all you Kris supporters, you can say all you want but you know who the real star and World Idol is. Adam is best thing that ever happened to American Idols, and I bet after this they are going to stop bacuase they have found what they were looking for!

    I’m all the way from Botswana (Southern Africa)and Adam is the reason I watched the show so religiously every week. He is a true music genius and has a bright future ahead of him – he reminds you of Michael Jackson in his best days.

  202. To all you Kris supporters, you can say all you want but you know who the real star and World Idol is. Adam is best thing that ever happened to American Idols, and I bet after this they are going to stop bacuase they have found what they were looking for!

    I’m all the way from Botswana (Southern Africa)and Adam is the reason I watched the show so religiously every week. He is a true music genius and has a bright future ahead of him – he reminds me of Michael Jackson in his best days.

    Damn this guy can sing!!!!!!!! He is so unbelievably talented. I pray that he becomes the music icon of all times!

  203. Hey! from Canada,I was disappointed for Adam,he has the whole package.Kris won but Adam will go far past him in the industry,we will see,was surprized that FOX,didn’t ask Kris’s wife not one question,after all he is married to her,he has left mommy and daddy and his wife on the last night should have been at least spoken to,so we could hear how proud she was of him not just his mom and dad.What’s was with that????

  204. Enough you guys… it’s done already! and like all of you said, Adam WILL BE A GREAT STAR in the future with or without the title..

    I think that what most of the audiences thought also… so you all need to get Kris a break.
    They both simply cannot be compare… because they were both in a very different genre…

  205. Hi, Frank, well ADAM lost and that made me sad for awhile..Actually I was more in shock…but some good points…He does not have to sing that “No Boundaries” song again and he can go on and do his thing and be a huge International Mega Star!!! How about that for being positive??

  206. Hi Mary Anne! Yes, it was a real bummer but not unexpected. Kris is the American Idol and we could have done much worse.

    I too think Adam will be an International Star. It’s amazing the number of people on here from other countries who are already big Adam fans.

  207. According to some of the TV channels this morning, American Idol Owners felt, Americans are ready for a black president but not ready for a (possibly) gay American Idol..I suppose that is true…Sad that he didn’t win with all that talent..

  208. If any industry shouldn’t care about someone’s sexuality it should be the entertainment industry. Heck we have a Miss California with topless pictures.

    I think Adam will be a good ambassador for America.

    It has truly been a pleasure getting to know some of you guys – even some who were not Adam fans.

    Maybe we’ll meet again on some Adam fan blog. If not we know that there are a couple of southern country fans who can enjoy outside the box.

  209. Yes, I have gotten several notes today from International fans that said “America got it wrong again” and I guess that is what the world is thinking…We have gotten it wrong before but we never had a contestant with the “it” factor before…

  210. I was laughing while reading all the comments here. I hope you guys realize that the two people we are all fighting over do not even give a damn about what everybody is saying about them?

    Adam and Kris are both happy where they are. Besides, Adam’s right when he said it’s what happens tomorrow that matters.

  211. I received this from a fan in Arkansas today – think about it…

    Arkansas alone, Kris Allen’s home state, cast 38 million votes for him. Arkansas population–2.8 million. Lot’s of voting issues going on there!

    It is a known fact that the computer at Kris’ school was set to vote 100,000 times a minute..Those figures are about right..38 million votes from little Arkansas alone..and here we were dialing our fingers off for ADAM…

  212. No, not all of America got it wrong…We had very supportive die hard ADAM fans and lots of them…And it was great chatting with all these folks with this common thread…All who recognize a super star when we see one…and ADAM is that…

  213. Mary Anne, unfortunately American Idol is set up to allow everyone to vote over and over. Under those rules Kris won.

    We’ll see in a couple of years who the real winner is. Some of us already know;-}

  214. Hey there Frank – Tallahassee – I’m sure there were more than two of us posting but just didn’t mention where they were from. Virtually EVERYONE down here in south FL thought Adam’s performances were stellar. The local news stations and the Miami based entertainment segments ie Deco Drive were in shock of the outcome.

    I won’t say I won’t watch AI next season but unless they revamp the voting system I refuse to vote. I text voted the full four hours but all my friends who aren’t AT&T customers had to call in and most of them couldn’t even get ONE vote through.

    Mrs. Joannou – this message board was set up as a place for the people who think “Adam got robbed” – their words not mine – to “sound off”. I haven’t read all the posts here but if there’s any arguing being posted here it’s not what it was set up for. The competition is over. The winner was decided upon. There are two other AI message boards to voice thoughts and opinions. This message board is to sound off about ADAM BEING ROBBED. Anyone who thinks he DIDN’T GET ROBBED shouldn’t be posting here.

  215. @Donna: That’s the main reason why I am here. Who in his/her right mind would not think that Adam was robbed? If you have read my previous posts then you wouldn’t have addressed me here. I was just pointing out the fact that some people on the previous posts are practically biting each other’s heads off over Adam and Kris, when in fact these two idols really don’t care what we all say. I just find it amusing.

  216. Donna there are probably a few more Adam fans down there than up here. I phoned in for 3 hours and got through 4 times.

    As for next year on I think Adam has set the bar so high that those of us who appreciate his talents will be in for a let down. I said in an earlier post that Adam my have been the worst thing for American Idol.

    Anyway, nice to meet another fan. I’m sure we’ll be enjoying Adam along with the rest of the world for years to come.

  217. Oh Mrs. Joannou – you mistook my message. I am in agreement with you and I wanted you to know my thoughts about people using this particular message board for debate. I apologize for not making my post more clear. I find most message boards amusing. Some of the posts are quite funny.

  218. Frank – when I have the time I’m going to see if Adam has a MySpace page where we can message him directly. Or perhaps someone has set up a Adam’s Fans MySpace. I’ve met so many really nice people from all over the world on the other two AI message boards here. It would be nice if we all could track Adam’s career together.

  219. @Donna: I know, right? But anyways, the whole world has spoken for Adam. They’re congratulating Kris for winning America but they’re congratulating Adam for winning the world. You would be surprised to know that so many people from South Africa to New Zealand are supporting Adam. With that, I am happy because I know he’s going to be huge all over the world and that’s what matters 🙂

  220. Hey Donna, good idea…I was thinking the other day that would be great to “keep in touch” and compare notes about our Boy Wonder!!

  221. Just heard on CNN, Kris and ADAM are going to be on Larry King Live tomorrow night at 9:00 Eastern…

  222. It said they would be taking calls from listeners…I’m going to tune in, just to look at ADAM…He still looks so much like Elvis did at his age…Unreal!!

  223. Guys, stop this non-sense. Both Adam and Kris deserved to win – each has his own strengths and weaknesses.

    The judges are there to GUIDE the contestants about their performance, and the public about the quality of the performances. The keyword is GUIDE.

    As Simon once said, the public decides. This is a singing competition but the American public VOTES and DECIDES. That is not a flaw – that is the system.

    So those who do not like this system please quit whining and stop watching.

  224. Hey Mary Anne – thanks for the info – I’ll be sure to tune in. If anyone misses it, Larry King’s show is rebroadcast late night. I sometimes can’t sleep and catch it but I can’t remember the exact time. I have satellite service with Directv so the show might not be repeated if you use cable television.

  225. Post #37 – PEARL
    “Kris had America. But Adam will have the world.”


  226. Adam should have won.

    Kris doesn’t deserve it.

    My top 5:

    1. Adam
    2. Danny
    3. Allison
    4. Matt
    5. Kris

  227. Post#31 – DUSTIN
    question? If he is so Great then why did he not win?


  228. Larry King speaks for all Adam fans by inviting BOTH of them. If it were Adam who won, I bet Kris would not have been invited, just a third wheel in interviewing a worldwide phenomenal talent like Adam.

  229. Um idolfan_pa – the link to this message board is “Did America get it right? Was Adam robbed? Sound off now!”

    It’s clear this board was set up specifically to “sound off”. It’s not whining it’s sounding off mainly about WHY we think Adam got “robbed” – it’s my belief had the voting system limited people to only one vote the outcome perhaps would have been different and there would be no room for doubt – the COMPETITION could NOT become a POPULARITY CONTEST. I personally think it is to Adam’s advantage that he didn’t win the Ai title. He has freedom to pick and choose the best of the best offers to further his career.

    (Nothing against Kris though. If there are parts in it that say so… apologies…but true…)

    Adam Lambert Loses, Homophobia Wins

    The best singer didn’t win a freaking singing contest.

    When Kris Allen defeated Adam Lambert as the Season 8 “American Idol,” it was, as predicted, a seismic upset. The Chicago Sun-Times said, “David slayed Goliath.” Endless bloggers posted reactions like “The biggest robbery since Bush stole the election” and “The end of American Idol’s last hope at relevance.”

    Everyone, from the judges to Google to Yahoo to the Vegas odds makers, predicted a Lambert victory. They were right, and everyone knows it. In the end homophobia won, and everyone knows it.

    Yes, homophobia is alive and well, which is why Lambert lost the ultimate title. Go ahead — give me another reason. Yes, Lambert is over the top and screams a lot and is campier than Liberace at Radio City. Sure, Kris Allen is a cutie, and has pleasant enough vocals, and he’s nice. But a better singer, or performer, than Lambert? Please.

    By anyone’s estimation, Lambert was the best vocalist of the entire Idol season and one of the best, if not the best, in the history of the program. He towered over every contestant, exposing them as the amateurs they are. Every Lambert performance was an event. If this competition were only about singing, he crushed everyone else the second he walked onstage.

    Kris Allen is a very affable and attractive young man. He is a decent vocalist with a very limited range and marginal talents. He should have made it to 3rd place at best. Time will tell if he reaches the level of John Mayer or Jack Johnson.

    The final round, if vocals were the actual standard, should have been Lambert and Allison Iraheta, the precocious 17 year old with the whisky crusted Janis Joplin voice. But vocals, as evidenced by this and other Idol seasons, are not the final standard. In the end, a ‘likeability’ factor intrudes, turning ‘Idol’ into the Miss America Pageant or, more realistically, the high school Homecoming coronation.

    Melinda Doolittle lost to Jordin Sparks. Chris Daughtry lost to Taylor Hicks. Jennifer Hudson lost to … anyone. It’s a real shame that Idol is decided by the public and not just music professionals, because let’s face it, the voting public is not that bright. The public voted George W. Bush twice as president. The public thinks Halliburton is Liz Taylor and Richard Burton’s daughter. The public votes on who they want to ‘hang out’ with.

    In that event, Allen won by a landslide. Lambert hangs out with kinky L.A. theatre folk who dress wierd, stay out all night, and possibly do drugs and get into compromising positions. Allen hangs out at a local Arkansas bar, has a beer or two, strums a song, and then goes home to wedded Christian bliss. (Of course, I’d rather hang with Lambert’s crowd. How much fun do you think they are? Are you kidding?)

    If the contestants had zero backstory, Lambert would have decimated the competition. Instead, Allen’s Christianity, church roots and corn-fed wife were exploited, as were Lambert’s musical theatre roots (i.e. his ‘theatre fag’ history). He didn’t say a word about his sexuality, but didn’t need to. For that we had the Internet, zapping anyone’s private photo library to the world, so photos of Lambert swapping saliva with a guy went viral, as well as a lot of his very strange yet riveting LA cabaret performances, turning off the homophobic majority.

    Yes, a majority of the country is homophobic. If it weren’t, gays would have had their rights back in the 90s when the Europeans got them. We wouldn’t have a majority of states with a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. We wouldn’t be fighting for even rudimentary domestic partnership laws in some cities and states. We wouldn’t have anti-gay imbeciles like Maggie Gallagher, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber or the “God Hates Fags” morons getting publicity. Yep, if American weren’t homophobic, Lambert would be waving to the crowds from a convertible.

    Bill O’Reilly, a homophobe who knows what plays to his old white guy audience, did at least two features on Lambert’s sexuality, creating an issue where none needed exist. He first brought up the Internet photos of Lambert kissing a guy and asked if this would be a “problem” for America, an America who might not have even thought about it until O’Reilly brought it up. And right before the Idol finale he brought on Newsweek’s Ramin Setoodeh, author of an article about the “Christian vote” going to Allen, again planting a seed in a public who might not previously have thought of it. O’Reilly is a skilled propagandist, warning us against the evils of the secular world before they even entered our minds. And Steoodeh wrote, post ‘Idol,” about reasons why Lambert may have lost, neglecting to mention how he himself may have contributed.

    I’m sorry a simple musical theatre actor from California and a simple guitar strummer from Arkansas have to bear this cultural burden, but there it is. Despite Allen’s pleading that “It’s about music, it’s not about religion and all that kind of stuff,” it is indeed about religion and all that kind of stuff. Danny Gokey’s pastor Twittered, “We need a believer to represent.” Even Rev. Ted Haggard, the most frightened homosexual in America, Twittered that he wanted Allen to win. A Lambert win would have scared the bejeezus out of him.

    Conservatives are all still stinging from their defeat at the polls in November. They wanted something to take home. They couldn’t possibly let a guy who wears eyeliner and nail polish win, no matter how astoundingly talented he is.

    It is to Lambert’s credit and astounding talent that he got this far, and the media sensation he has created ensures him a very exciting post-Idol career. He’s a phenomenon who has earned every bit of ink he has created. He made ‘Idol” relevant again. His outrageous performances woke up a sleeping audience.

    And he made, without really trying, a great leap for gays in America. The American public learned his sexuality early on and still voted for him into the finals, even if they were too scared to give him the ultimate prize. But they obviously had their limits. Perhaps if he hadn’t sung his finale “Mad World” performance in that ‘Basketball Diaries’ cloak, which made us fear he was a misunderstood youth about to pull out a semiautomatic and open fire on the tweens in the mosh pit, he would have won.

    Even Kris Allen, at the end, said, “Adam deserves this. I’m sorry.” It’s Allen who will have to endure the publicity of how it really should have been Lambert up there. He’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve it. He should enjoy his victory. But he was competing against Goliath, and these things happen. David himself would have had to deal with the fallout.

    Sorry but I just had to post this.


  232. Hi YL… did I miss something? I didn’t get the memo… LOL

  233. There are more Adam websites that may be more conducive for those of us Adam fans who want to track Adam’s career together. I only say this because it’s been fun..

    Mary Anne – Nashville
    Kathleen F
    Phyllis G (Las Vegas)

  234. Mark #203.Good comment! You actually made me smile in this very upsetting moment. Well done!
    John Dabrowski#200, you couldn’t explain this mechanism any better! Thank you or should I also say “dziekuje”?!

  235. YL – I honestly don’t know what you are referring to that you’re apologizing for… lol

  236. I cannot believe Adam did not win.

    The show should be titled AMERICAN IDIOT.

    Those who voted for Kris are obviously crazy. It was unbelievable how his stupid fans got him higher than Gookey and Iraheta. Now he beat Lambert. It clearly is a farce.


  237. Adam Lambert was the best artist, singer and performer you ever had from the beginning of all american idol He is quite exceptionnal and he was definitively a much, much better singer and from far away of the winner…..I was shocked by the decision yesterday. The only reason I can imagine is homophobia, and
    short mind. I am very disappointed for the first time and in total disagrement with the final winner in 2009.

  238. Wow, I only watched two shows, but Adam was incredible. Looking on from South Africa, it seems that Americans have a problem in selecting a clear winner. I have nothing against Kris, but Adam’s abilities are streets ahead. The only right selection in the US over the past 8 years has been Obama.

  239. This is the same as BALLSUP as the South African Idols the wrong idol won and rectified a week later. ADAM was by far the better contestant in every way. THERE HAS BEEN A HUGE MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. To John Dabrowski (No. 200) – also agree with you 100% and To YL (No. 251) – you said it like it is (great post).

    I can’t imagine Kris selling many CD’s around the world but Adam will have massive sales!!!

    The world was watching you America & you have maintained your image and that is extremely ‘HOMOPHOBIC”. Shame on you. The rest of the world has moved on.

  241. To the few sensible Americans who knew talent thank you for putting in the extra vote for us who could not vote…

    And for the rest basking in their bigotry…

  242. That’s it!
    I’m done here…




  243. I think America became cruel without even knowing it

    Both ADAM and KRIS have now become victims because of the AI results

    Adam is the victim of a country’s backward prejudice. Many voted against him rather than FOR Kris

    And unknowing Kris is also a victim, Its not his fault, he is a nice guy but with not so much talent like Adam and now many people find his victory ridiculous

    The Kris Allen fans may have unknowingly hurt him more with this victory. Now many people are upset with him. If Adam had won, Kris would still be liked by many and would not have gained the hate or speculation now

    tsk tsk tsk!

  244. Well, at least he isn’t tied down by AI’s contract and can do whatever he wants (: Allison should have gotten into the top 3 though, she’s really talented. But since america didn’t want two rockers in the end… Ohwell, ALLISON AND ADAM ALL THE WAY! I’m waiting for your album!

  245. you have to be kidding! Kris is very sweet etc but as Simon said, by no means a world beater. I would walk past him in a crowd. Adam is a one off. His voice is amazing and his look is today. But hey ho, look at Jennifer Hudson…..

  246. i have just read 268 post some constructive some not..but after 0ver 30 years in the music business..both guys have talent both differant styles only time will tell what happens . look what happened to daughtry, jennifer hudson, elliot yamin, none were winners but have become winners in there own right.i download the track from idol and listen to them in my car . in my opinion and its only mine after 4 tracks of adam ive had enough the sreaming gets on yours nevers. we are going to hear these guys and girls on the radio so they must have commercial voices ..kris and danny are more commercial to the ear . alison and adam are more the performers..only my opinion ..even though my opinion had got me 2 big houses and 2 fasts cars lol…just one last thing..a comment made by T you were adam fan going on about kris been a christian then you went on to say david archeleta was better than david cook get real .david cook along with daughtry carrie underwood and kelly clarkson have been americas best discoverys in years..

  247. THIS WAS SOOO UPSETTING!Why let someone like Kris win who wiil definitely dissapear after his first album!SOUTH AFRICA IS ANGRY!Adam was the best and everyone knows that!

  248. The most dissappointing American Idol result ever…..Adam, Danny and Allison were the best by a country mile. What a pitiful Idol victory speech by Kris….he knew he shouldn’t have been there and that Adam beat him hands down. What a crock result for normally a very good competition! Adam will be a star and go to the top….Kris will be short-lived and only ever able to parrot other artists’ songs at the local barn dances. He struggles to hit the notes and is certainly not imaginative, polished or a performer like Adam is. Honestly America ….Kris should have been there with the other 13 unsuccessful competitors and Adam should have been fighting it out with either Danny or Alison.

  249. Mondre Bremmer, you say S. Africa is Mad, well most of the people in the US are Mad too…The ADAM fans did their part but somehow this horrible upset happened…ADAM, the American Idol Contestant with the most talent to every grace the stage, lost to a cute, sweet boy..I don’t blame Kris, he is a cute, sweet boy but will never make it in the music business..Our only consolation is knowing that ADAM will be the International Mega Star!!

  250. I wasn’t this upset since princess Diana died!!!It is good to know that I’m not the only one…
    From what I see, there is not much celebration over Kriss’s win. Mostly disbelief and shock over Adam’s loss! That feels good!
    Adam is stage phenomenon and he will survive without this meaningless AI title.
    Good luck ADAM,share your talent with the world! You have millions loving funs around you and I’m one of them.

  251. American Idol sux!!! What the hell is the point of having the judges sounding off about the performances week after week after week….their input is totally irrelevant when it comes to the final outcome. And what a travisty to have someone like Kris go through to the final and win…he was way out of his depth and he felt and showed inadequacy over the last 6-8 weeks as he watched performers so much more talented than him get eliminated. Adam most certainly deserved the title and was robbed!! What is the matter with you America??? Did you not see who was voting for Kris when he went back to his hometown in the second last episode….little girls aged between 10-16 fully dominated the crowds wherever he went. What do they know about talent, imagination, versatility and having what it takes to be a performer. Adam will go on to better things than the American Idol. Kris would

  252. Well, after reading all of the posts since I signed off last night I only caught one mention of Adam screaming. While I understand that we all have our own preferences for music I still don’t understand critics – some who profess to be more expert in this field than I – using that term when none of the judges used it the entire season.

    Is it that you don’t like someone with the ability to hit high notes so well and uses that ability? That I can understand. Or maybe you know more than the judges who make their living in the industry and some of whom have made a very good living judging talent?

    I just wish someone who professes to be knowledgeable in the business and who uses the term screaming when describing Adam would explain this to a dumb old country boy like myself.

  253. Adam should have win !!!!!!!!!
    the result were so shocking I was so sure Adam will win .. i lik kriss and all but he wont bw a star like Adam will be !

  254. Frank, Mornin’..Someone (ADAM Haters)started using the words screech and scream to describe ADAM’s vocal delivery way back..I think all the others have just picked up on the words and used them on and on to describe ADAM’s singing..

    Actually ADAM does have a phenominal range and can hit high notes that most other performers cannot hit…No screams at all..Like you, I never heard a scream..Just a beautiful soft lilting voice that is beyond belief and yes, he does hit some very high notes but never a scream!! You never heard the judges or any ADAM lovers use the word Scream, just the ADAM haters copy catting…My opinion!! GO ADAM!!!

  255. I agree with you!
    Adam rocks!!
    Kris….sorry, you can’t sing. Try yoodling lessons.
    Bring back Danny, Allison and Adam….what an amazing trio!!!
    American Idol has no credibility anymore…..the judges knew that Kris should have not made it to the final…he was just not good enough…and he knew it.
    Adam put his heart and sould into every single performance and truley deserved to win the title….but hey, he’ll be the winner in the end. He will be a star for a long time to come. Kris, unfortunately, will be forgotten very quickly. He may get the odd gig at the church fair, school gala day, barn dance maybe.
    I’m not gunna bother watching this show anymore…waste of time after this result!

  256. WOW…..what a HUGE number of posts about this….mostly about the fact that Adam should have won….and I agree totally….
    ….poor Kris….he will have to go out there and do his thing, all along with the knowledge that he knows he shouldn’t have won….poor guy, I kinda feel sorry for him…..
    ….still, I think the guys are more philosophical about it, Adam said something about there always being tomorrow, and he’s right….the stats stand, and Kris won….congrats, Kris, cuz I don’t think I said that in my last post….you are talented, although limited in your versatility……your time from now on as the rep for AI 2009 will unfortunately be overshadowed by the fact that if it truly was based on sheer talent instead of sugary sweet cuteness ( as evidenced by the tweenie votes), you would have been gone a looooong time ago…..
    ..still, it is what it is… time unfolds, maybe America will get it’s head out of it’s arse and vote for the talent, not the lifestyle….I am a Scot living in Canada, and I just know that if Adam was over in the UK, he would have won hands down…..hell, look at the buzz Susan Boyle caused, and that was her talent that got her international attention…. Adam got the world talking about him too, first and foremost, based on talent….
    ….Ooooh, just wondering here….what if Adam had been in the Eurovision Song Contest?….that’s a one night thing, with no time for fear and hate mongers to cast any disparaging words and insinuations that could affect the outcome?….hmmmm…..but I digress…
    …..Adam is the best thing to come along in many a year, and I, for one, will be delighted to watch his career take off around this little old planet, which sadly is stil full of people full of fear and hate…..

  257. You know what people, i don’t care at all on whether you like the predictions or not but i’m gonna say this! Yipee! Yipee! Yippe! Yipee! Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! My fave fave fave idol has won! Whoo Hoo…….
    Yes! I never ever expected expected this to be happened in the history of the Amercian Idol knowing that Adam a super super marvellous/super powerful/super strong perfomer/vocalist on season 8 ever can be beaten by Kris and lost, way below that his expectation and worst, live on t.v! That’s got to be hurt and shamful! I first found out the news for the first time @ yahoo while i was working. I was so so so shocked but very very happy and proud at Kris and those people who voted for Kris and most inportanly, very glad that he won. Later at night, when i watched the finale on t.v, i was totally blowned away! Kris never expected that he could win and then, later he hugged his wife and cried very very happily. I said to myself, Wow! that is one hell of a show! Lots of emotion but lots of happiness. Kriss deserved to win and very deserved to cry on his wife shoulder. It simply worth it very very much!

    You know, what i can say about Kris Allen is that he’s a survivor and no matter what negativity, he kept on performing, performing, performed and most of all, he did not even gave up so so easily and that’s what all of the struggling musicians out there + people who are having a bad day and really really need a real true motivation, follow Kris one!

    When people and the judges said negativity comments on his weekly performances on idol, he did not gave up but instead, held up to the judges comments on what the hell went wrong + listened to the mistakes very very carefully and yes, turned into the best and brilliant marvellous on the next performance and he had trully done that on idol!. Everyone should be inspired, motivates and most inportantly of all, did not give up that easily just like how he does and i’m sure gonna follow his motivation.

    Kris had showed lots and lots of improvement on his performances especially from his first one of “Man In A Mirror” to his latest and soon No 1, platinum single soon, “No Boundries”. What i trully trully like and love about his atttitide is that he is so so so so genius, genius, very very intelligent, so so so smart on that his accustic performances are so so absolutely marvellous and brilliant. I really wanna wanna know and learn on how the hell does he do that cause that passion/talent are so unique and honourable and i don’t ever think that any performer/artist can performed that accustic performances better and marvellous than Kris.

    Kris is a sensative sweet guy who we all heard on his ballad performances and indeed what Randy Travis called him the strong ballad singer and Randy and Simon called his “Tender Dogg/Tender Puppy are true. Kris really really showed to every single one that though he’s not like Adam but he worked very very hard and in the ned, it showed that hard work really really paid off big time and also the risks.

    I wanna thanked every single one out there who voted, cheered, supported, Kris, Danny, Matt, Allison from day 1 and i hope those idols will come out with their latest projects asap as i can’t hardly wait anymore. Kris Allen, congrats to you once again for winning. You simply simply deserved and worth it to be won!

  258. Good morning to you Mary Anne. Yes, I know it’s that Adam haters who use the term. I just wish one of them that profess to be so knowledgeable would explain to me why they use the term screaming when the judges never did.

  259. While I think Kris is adorable and talented, he cannot hold a candle to the entertainer that Adam is….I am speaking for myself in PA and my daughter in DC..we both have verizon wireless phones and for four hours we both tried and tried all three of Adams numbers and neither one of us could get through. My daughter tried Kris’ number, she thought it was her phone, no, she got right through with the “thank you for voting for contestant no. 2”. I just find this very frustrating that verizon would not let us get through to Adams three numbers..I can see for an hour, or two, but all FOUR HOURS??? Something was wrong somewhere….best of luck to I said, he is talented, but he will bel ike Taylor Hicks…he will fade after a year and Adam will still be standing. Congrats to them both…I do have a suggestion…why can’t all 13 finalists go on tour? If you made it that far, then you should be able to go…I would love to see Alexis again..she was another one who’s time on AI was way too short…Thanks

  260. I don’t think you will get an explanation because it is a “fictional term”…but, I’ll be watching in case someone can explain it..would be interesting….

  261. Another suggestion….the powers to be at AI should do what they do on Dancing with the Stars..limit phone calls to so many a night, limit text messages to so many a night, and limit (and add) voting by email but limit them also. That way, the schools in Arkansas cannot be set up to make so many calls..that is really not fair…for a show so powerful, they have to figure out how to make the public vote more manageable. No more programming your computer to make so many calls..use your fingers, type your message, or send your text. but LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU CAN DO THIS. Poor Adam, he was definintely robbed..if all the Adam fans were able to get their calls to go through, Adam would have won….

  262. can you tell me why when i called to vote,no mater what number i dialed it always said thank you for voting for contestant number two, and i tried every number. 01,02,03,04,05,06 something was very wrong. i think they need too address this problem,and let the public know, because we have doubt about the whole system of letting us vote.

  263. I think all (most) you people need to get over it.

    All you wackos that are blaming this on Christians are idiots. This has nothing to do with Christianity. Just cause your fav lost doesn’t mean you have to whinge like four year olds…

  264. Good Morning Mary Anne- Nashville, Kathy & Frank Tallahassee!
    I left this message board and gave my “sound off” on the other link. I’m just here because I wanted to let you know that Adam has a website that the fans can join. It’s not set up by fans – it’s actually Adam’s website and he leaves a message to his fans on video.
    Theres photos & videos – all kinds of fun stuff. I joined last night. Hope to “see” you all there.

  265. Congratulations Kris Allen!! Don’t listen to anyone that says you don’t deserve to win or you can’t sing. I think they are sore losers. Adam Lambert is too over the top for me, although he seems like a nice guy. All you Adam fans just accept that Kris won and has a lot of fans that think he deserves it – including us down under! We love listening to Kris sing – he is genuine, heart felt, and moves you when he sings. Good on you Kris! Can’t wait for your first CD. America got it right and you have our vote here in Australia!

  266. @ Kathy, what justification do you have to say that Adam’s fans were not able to get their calls through. The system is the same for both contestants. For instance, I can guarantee you that some of Adam’s fans abused the voting system.

    I personally thought Adam was better but maybe others just disagreed?

  267. William, that’s very Christian of you. Thanks for your very well thought out retort.

  268. To William-What justification do I have????? Didnt you read my post??? I said IT HAPPENED TO ME AND MY DAUGHTER..I am not hearing this, it actually happened to me…my verizon phone would not allow any calls for FOUR hours to go through on Adams three numbers, but I could get it to go through right away when I tried Kris number–I was checking to see if my phone was not working correctly, but when I dialed Kris number, it went right hesitation, no nothing..same thing happened to my daughter who also has verizon, and lives four states away from me….seems fishy, doesnt it??????????

  269. Kathy#283 I agree with you. Same thing happend to our cell phone.Adam’s lines were busy for 4 hours. Not even one chance. Something was very wrong with voting system!
    And to #287 be careful what you are saying!!!

  270. @ Kathy… No it doesn’t seem fishy at all. It seems like 100 Million votes travelling on limited lines. Its quite easy to dial one number and go through and dial another number and be engaged. Its also possible for Adam’s lines to be busy for a few minutes, and Kris’s lines to not be busy during the same time. Its completely random and completely understandable. The bottom line is that engaged lines are not going to lose the competition. If anything, a person with lines that are engaged the whole time implies that the person is receiving MORE votes.

  271. Kathy I got 4 votes in for Adam in 3 hours of trying and I have Sprint. I saw something interesting. It stated that as a rule older Americans favored Adam and younger Americans favored Kris. Younger Americans are more likely to use texting which doesn’t have the same problem as you will have with phoning.

    Now I have no idea of that’s correct and I’m not saying that Kris won because of this. I also heard Kris fans complaining about busy signals and not being able to get through. Kris won within the current system.

    For those of us who supported Adam it sucks. We can take solace that Adam will be around for us to enjoy for years to come if he plays his cards right.

  272. Oh please Frank, spare me the lecture. The people in this discussion have been bashing Christians and Kris for no good reason yet I didn’t see you jump in to tell them to behave.

    Blamely Christians on your idol losing is pathetic, and I’m not going to apologise for pointing out something so obvious.

  273. Sorry William you’re right. Go ahead and misbehave like those you are bashing. Just doesn’t sound like the Christian thing to do to me.

  274. Okay Frank. Sorry about the tone of posts so far. I tend to be less reserved when on the internet.

    Let me put it this way.

    1. Ultra – conservative Christians (who are the only people likely to vote for someone just because he’s Christian) are the people least likely to watch a show like American idols in the first place. I can’t imagine the average fundamentalist enjoying watching a girl walk around in bikinis. Therefore it really makes no sense to blame this on Christians.

    2. People have voted consistently for Adam over the whole competition otherwise he wouldn’t have made the top two. So to suggest (as others have done) that homophobia is what made people vote for Kris is ridiculous because everyone voted for him before.

    There is another option (and a far more likely one) to homophobia / Conservative Christian frenzy etc. That is that Adam just lost, that America voted and they prefered Kris. This is not surprising at all considering the fact that the majority of votes come from girls between 10-20, and Kris seems to appeal to that demographic alot more 😉

  275. William, this is one of many posts on internet. Just to show you, “good reason ” to belive why Adam didn’t win on talent base:

    “he is a gay..america and the world will not accept immoral ways of life that against world major religion…image is important as a idol…he is not a good idol for our generation ”
    Do you need more?

  276. William, thanks for your response. I deal with logic much better and don’t disagree with you one bit.

    It seems to be the nature of people when their favorite person/team whatever doesn’t win a competition to try to find someone or some group to blame. I see this all the time in sports and American Idol this year and years past doesn’t seem to be any different.

    Kris won within the system – like it or not – and is the American Idol for 2009. The kid persevered like few others have. Being a big country fan I like his style of singing. All of that can’t stop me from thinking that Adam was the best performer this year.

    One other thing, boy I sure feel sorry for any red bloodied heterosexual male who doesn’t enjoy watching a girl (or at least some girls – bimbo or not) walk around in a bikini. Or maybe some don’t look because they are afraid they will enjoy it.

  277. ADAM FANS! All questioning how Kris beat ADAM when ADAM was clearly the favorite and rightfully so, based on talent alone..Perhaps an explanation: Arkansas alone, Kris Allen’s home state, cast 38 million votes for him. Arkansas population–2.8 million.

    Kris’ school had a computer voting system set up that could vote 100,000 times a minute for Kris. So many of you felt Kris should not have been anywhere near the finals..I thought he would have been sent home a long time ago and that the finale would have been ADAM-Danny or ADAM-Allison..I know lots of you felt that way..So now we know why…This voting system for Kris was obviously used all along..Not fair but legal, I’m sure because anything goes when voting for American Idol..And we ADAM fans were all voting as fast as we could, but no comparison to what Kris had going for him…Now you know the rest of the story!!

    I, for one, will never vote again, since my votes don’t count..The voting system is the pits..Actually, none of ADAM’S votes counted on the Finale vote..But ADAM will be the International Mega Star…GO ADAM!!

  278. Mary Anne, this was the first season I ever voted and will probably be the last. Not because Adam lost but because I don’t think there will ever be another contestant that will compel me to vote the way Adam did.

    The good news is that American Idol gave Adam the platform he needed to reach us. Now we can just sit back and enjoy.

  279. Frank, you are right, as usual..So wise…I have watch AI all 8 seasons but have never been overly excited about any one contestant..Thus, I also had never felt the urge to vote before..In fact, in previous seasons, I watched, if convenient but didn’t make it a priority..

    Then ADAM came along and I could see the talent never seen before on AI..From the very first night when he auditioned, I knew he was so special..I never missed a night and voted for a contestant for the first time..I, along with many others, felt that strongly about ADAM and his unique talent..

    I may watch again but don’t expect another talent like ADAM ever again on AI…I will not vote again, since the voting system is so flawed..I do thank AI for bringing ADAM to us, or we may never hae known about this potential Mega Star!!

  280. Mary Ann#300: that explains it all!!Thank you!
    I’m just sorry for Kris and his pittyfull victory.
    So long Adam’s funs! It was pleasure to read your posts. Now, lets enjoy Adam’s road to the world stardome.

  281. Hi Mary Anne, Frank, Kathy and all ADAM fans
    I have a correction on Adam’s official website
    it’s adamofficial . com
    I hope to see you on the discussion boards there.

  282. Welcome Frank.. I’m spending this holiday weekend up in West Palm Beach but I’m bringing my laptop – I never leave home without it! LOL
    I’ll pop in Adams Official website from time to time. I love it – it’s SO ADAM..
    He is such a total class act. It’s a fun site.
    Have a safe holiday weekend everyone!!! 🙂

  283. I’ve joined up as “FrankInTally”. Donna, you sound like me. As much as I try my laptop seems to follow me wherever I go. Have fun in West Palm.

  284. Mary Ann, I am a 55 yr old from Arkansas. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that school computers where preprogrammed to text or vote 100,000 times per minute for Kris. Not everyone who voted for Kris was 10 – 20 year olds. I know a WHOLE lotta people as old and older than me who supported Kris.

    And I have NEVER sent a text in my life, so I tried to vote for Kris by phone and NEVER got thru, so it goes both ways.

  285. And furthermore, WHY would anyone who considers themselves to be fair, broad and open minded, bash and disparage a 23 yr old who wouldn’t say poop if he were standing in it.

    This young man didn’t STEAL anything. he entered, competed, improved and overcame countless odds. If you want to bash someone, blame Simon Cowell. If Kris were the son of anyone of us we would defend him vehemently.
    Hopefully neither Adam or Kris has to read or hear this trash. Both are unique and will do much better in life than most on this BLOG.

  286. LOL Frank – think it could be a Florida thing???
    I need to get my stuff together for my wkend mini vacation. When I have time I’ll look for you and other familiar ADAM Fan’s names… I’m sign in as the same as here 🙂

  287. I live in Arkansas, but I am really disgusted with the people here. I think Adam is so much more talented then Chris, yet, due to closed mindedness, igonance and plain ole stupidity, Adam lost to him. I do know dam will be much more successful than Chris could ever imagine. I will not watch this show again. Kathy Spiers

  288. Kathy, You could at least spell his name correctly. I live in Arkansas too and I am very proud of Kris. I think they are both winners and both of them will have success. I live in Arkansas too and I am PROUD that Kris won. Maybe you should give AMERICA more credit “Cathy”… because America voted..not just Arkansas.

  289. Nobody “stole” anything. America voted. If Adam and Kris can be great friends…why can’t the people posting comments here be happy for Kris. I personally voted consistently for Kris. If Adam had won, I would have been happy too because I think he is very talented. In the end, I think both will have successful careers. Kathy, it’s sad that you are disgusted with the people of your state because Kris won…take a lesson from JJ and be proud of the accomplishments of one of your own.

  290. Just for the record…Kathy and Kathy Spiers are two different people..I am Kathy and I am from PA..I have no connectin to the Kathy Spiers from Arkansas…..

  291. Let it go people!!!
    Kris is still the new american idol and adam is still gay.You people have to remember that being gay will only get 2nd place. First with clay and now with adam.

    Life goes on so go live it and have a good summer:)

  292. Whoa Mark-I do not know how old you are, but someone needs to go back to high school for some tolerance training…..comments such as these should be blocked by the moderator of this blog…..just Judas’ comments were finally blocked.


  294. Kathy,
    Maybe you took that post the wrong way.Or maybe a good number of americans need some tolerance training as well.Someone had to win and congrats to kris!!! Adam being gay is the only thing that ruined his chances.I voted for adam every week while hundreds of thousands would not vote for him cuz he is gay.

    Adam will be around for many years to come.Don’t know about kris though.

  295. I am tired of you Kris for saying Adam deserved this!. YOU DESERVED IT! Start owning up to the fact that you are GREAT! GOT IT! Don’t put yourself down. Be confident that you HAVE IT!

  296. The teeny bopper demographics voted for the bland and predictable cutie – however, the real talent and performance was Adam – but it should be noted that runners up have done well – and I am sure Adam will do extremely well. I am ashamed that we are still not able to embrace the “different” and are blind to the talent.

    I too will think twice before watching Idol again ……..sign me disappointed.

  297. American Idol has never in its history been a singing contest; it is completely and totally a popularity contest. They aren’t looking for the best singer, but they are looking for the one that will make them the most money, and showing dedication to dialing the same number over and over for four hours to support one contestant may well be a reliable indicator of how many concert tickets, CDs, T-shirts and posters a rabid fan will buy. The system is designed to allow multiple votes from the same person, and as long as it’s allowed, how can you possibly call it cheating?

    I loved Adam for most of the competition – he did lose my attention for one brief period, but got it right back. I was rooting for an Adam/Allison finale, and when she was booted I thought it was inevitable that the finale would be Adam/Danny and that Danny would win, because of the ridiculous props from the judges he was getting. I think that Adam provided a better show throughout the whole thing, but there’s no reason to demean Kris’s also strong abilities because of jealousy that he won.

    One more aside: it seems the only time people want Christians to act how they think Christians ought to act is so the non-Christians can get away with all the insults they want, with no retaliation. I wish that people wouldn’t think themselves exempt from showing respect and courtesy to others because they don’t identify themselves as “Christian.”

  298. Donna, I just checked in to Adam’s Official website..I’m Mary Anne – Nash.TN.. Bet you never would hae guessed it!! You have a great week end…

  299. Kris has more talents than singing. He also plays a guitar and piano. Congratulations Kris. You DESERVED to be the WINNER!

  300. Hey Frank, did you ever get anyone to describe Adam’s “scream” to you?? Bet you didn’t because there is no such thing…

  301. Mary Anne, nope not one. As a result when I see “scream” in the same sentence as Adam I assume it’s an archaic way of saying using his upper vocal range.

    Glad to see you joined the site. Did you see the post for Grandmas and Cougars – hilarious.

  302. No I just joined it and had some things I had to do..When I have more time, I’ll investigate…Sounds cute…I’m neither a Grandma or a Cougar, but I sure do think that Adam is a good lookin’ dude!!!

  303. I hope this thread still exsist till next year or years a head..then we will see who will sell more singles or albums,who will get more awards,and who will survive in music industry….ADAM is the MAN..!!!

  304. Mary Anne, I didn’t mean to imply you were either. LOL, I just thought you would get a kick out of it.

    As far as Adam being a “good lookin’ dude”, I’ll leave that up to you ladies. I just know the boy can sing and perform better than anyone who has ever been on American idol.

  305. Oh,no offense, I’m old enough to be either..I just dont have any grandchildren and never have been attracted to much younger men…

    I got on and looked for it..That web site is wild, already almost 500 posts, all praising ADAM…I’m so happy for him that most folks really do love him…I didn’t see the post pertaining to Grandmas and Cougars..any hints at where I might find it??

  306. I think it’s kinda’ funny that everyone talks about Kris’ good looks..He is cute in a boyish way but ADAM is much more Handsome, I think..I guess because he looks so much like Elvis and I have always been wild about Elvis!! Who’s not??

  307. Hey, Frank, I did see the link on there for you to download “No Boundaries”..I know you will want to do that right away!!! Our favorite song!!

  308. The site is so active it’s hard to follow the topics but right this minute it’s on page 4.

  309. Actually, I have all of Adam’s video performances from American – even that one though it doesn’t get much play.

  310. Perhaps if you listen to it enough, it might “grow” on you..I know ADAM did a great job..I just didn’t care for the song..

  311. Adam is by far the best that American Idol has ever had and he was the only one I enjoyed watching and listening too, Adam should have he is amazing and I’m going to miss watching him every week now 🙁 …..

  312. Im still shocked that America picked Kris over Adam! whats wrong with you guys??? I have never seen such a gifted artist!! and Kris?? well he to me is just a singer and Adam is a STAR!! 🙂

  313. mary anne,you go on about adam haters,you are clearly a kris hater,and for the record i dont hate adam,and as for him not winning because he is gay,what a load of bull shit,,kris won fair and square,he got the most votes,so deal with it,and you go on about his upper vocal range,in my ears it is SCREAMING and i may not be an expert on music but i speak as i find,and if many people hear it as SCREAMING then thats theres and my opinion,and bacause we use the word SCREAMING doesnt mean we are coppy catting,how many people in these posts have used the same words about adam,,so im sticking to my opinion whether you like it or not,and no matter how much you go on,i will not stop using the word SCREAMING,because thats what my ears hear

  314. Sorry KiwiLady, the good guys just got outvoted somehow but not for lack of trying.

  315. Wow mgtfraser, did you not get your Wheaties this morning? Seems like you’re taking all this a little too seriously.

    And please keep using the word “screaming” in all caps, that way we can easily identify what camp you’re in and won’t have to waste time reading your posts.

  316. I am from england and thought that the final show was fantastic. i had a feeling kris was gonna win for some unknown reason. why oh why on these talent shows does the underdog always seem to win. im sick of it in england when the other year on x factor rhydian roberts was obviously far more talended that leons whatever his name was who won. I am gutted that adam lambert didnt win and im not even american. yes kris was pleasant and wholesome etc. but adam was big, brash, pushed the boundaries so there was none musically and visually. i know that adam will get a great career, as did rhydian in the uk. but, and no offence to kris, the best man or artist, did not win.

  317. I admit i did think he was good looking as well, and guessed he might be gay. if some people didnt vote for him because of his sexuality, they should be ashamed of their selves. and if people voted/or didnt vote for kris because he was a christian, they should be ashamed as well. sorry, but i still go for the musical talent element.

  318. frank just for you SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING,,,,,,,,,and for me taking it to serious,take a look at the other posts about adam,now there serious,im just giving my opinion like every body else

  319. Frank, I was innocently on ADAM’s website looking for the Grandma – Cougar post..By the way I never did find it.

    Where in the world did this # 339 come from?? Thanks for your cute answer to her..Hey, maybe she was answering your post about Screaming..Strange, over 300 posts regarding ADAM’s loss and I got picked on…I have never said anything negative about Kris..I do not hate him…I just believe, as many others do, ADAM is the most talented..

  320. Hey, this post is Headlined “Was ADAM robbed?? If # 339 does not like what she is reading on this post, perhaps she should find a Kris web site, if there is one…LOL

  321. yeah,the post was headed “was adam robbed?”,,to me that is a question,didnt realise it was only for adam fans to answer,u believe adam is better,i believe kris is,dont really care what your opinion is,as you dont care what mines is,,oh frank,thaught id better put SCREAMING in,save you from wasting time reading this

  322. Hey Frank, I just checked out the other thread on this site…Just Another Glambert has been on there this afternoon, raking somebody over the coals..Last post I saw she called them a piece of s..t. LOL

  323. Sorry for the late post Mary Anne. Went out to dinner and had a great steak. On a good note I asked our waitress if she watched American Idol this year. She reluctantly said yes and that she was for Adam. Thought that was funny that she assumed I wasn’t.

    I was thinking that site would be a little boring because it would be just a bunch of Adam fans all agreeing with each other. Guess that’s not the case. JAG does have the ability to liven things up.

    Yes, I found it kind of strange that “SCREAMING” picked you out. Maybe she has trouble reading and/or understanding the posts. At least she took my advice;-}

    Sorry you can’t find that post it’s a hoot.

  324. WTF, Kris won! I guess the 2 hours that I spent dialing all 3 #’s for Adam only to get a busy signal 99.9% of the time was a WASTE of my time! Out of the FULL 2 hours that I spent hitting the redial key or dialing another #, I think that I managed to get TOP – 10 votes in for ADAM! What a bunch of SHIT! I refuse to pay/waste my hard earned money text messaging to vote on a stupid game show that is a BIG hoax! When I heard Ryan Secrest mention Kris’ name as the winner, I just as quickly shut off the television set and proceded to the BR to vomit! I hate to lose and with Adam losing, I feel like a poor loser. No worries though, Adam you will always be a fan in those who put a lot of time & effort into voting for you. We will purchase your CD’s & purchase tickets to watch you in concert. As for Kris & his fans, a bunch of homophobics, they can ALL go to HELL! Kris will fade into the shadows & disappear. Adam will become an Icon such as Elvis P. & Frank S. As I see it, the only looser here is AI, as I do not have the time to waste on watching incompetent singers win the competition. And once Simon is gone from the show, forget it, AI will not have a chance of making it. I like DWTS’s as they are much more fairer with their voting system, and I find that the dancing is more entertaining.

  325. Well, I tried page 4, 5, 6 and then went over to 10,11, etc…What is happening, people are discovering it and all signing up..It is growing by leaps and bounds.. It went up over 500 in just a couple of hours…All the notes to ADAM are so positive..I have never seen such a reaction to an entertainer in years..Hey, next time you have time, check it and and see the date and time it came in..And maybe the heading…I can probably find it that way…I did see lots from Grannies but just the usual notes..Didn’t see anything about Cougars..

  326. Ah, out for a steak dinner..I am not a steak eater but my husband loved steak..We used to go out on Friday or Saturday nights..He passed away suddenly just a year ago..So that was another reminder.. My son has been by this afternoon to check on me..I’m fine but he checks just the same..He is amazed at me being such an ADAM fan and likes to tease me..

  327. Got to get tuned in to CNN to see ADAM on Larry King Live…I also read somewhere that they will be on Monday night also…

  328. Ok, the title is “COUGARS and GRANDMA’S for ADAM”. It was started on May 21 at 13:49 and as of 9:27 tonight the last entry was today at 18:08.

  329. This is to all Idol fans or ex-fans, Kris Allen received at least 38 million votes from his homestate of Arkansas. I will say, home town or state support will help any rising star. And this is to Yvonne, if you are not a christian, do not thank God that you are not. Votes are votes. America voted, leave it at that.

  330. I must say that this was one hell of a surprise. It is true that everyone expected Adam to win, but come on, its actually America who votes. And I can recall what Simon said before about certain Adam performances, there are those who will love it and those who won’t. Therefore in saying that, I think the same happened in the finale.

    Anyway, they were both great, but like they say, the winner takes it all and the best always win. I was a huge Danny fan, but when it came down to Adam and Kris, my bet was on Kris. So congratulations Kris for a great performance. And also to Adam for a job well done as well. You both said it, you weren’t there to compete but just to have fun.

    Good luck to both of you in the future. Oh!!!I just remembered why I’m writing this comment. Don’t criticize Kris for his christian faith, the voting was not just christians, there were also those non-christian freaks as well.

  331. Ello, everyone!

    I have just descovered this thread. (with mary anne’s help, of course) Please tell me there aren’t as many psychos here as there are on that other thread!!! 😀

  332. As a matter of fact, I did!! How about you guys?? Danny didn’t seem very happy. : /

  333. Danny kind of seems like the odd man out of the group. Kris and Adam are both class acts and seem to be genuine friends.

  334. Mary T.L. I’m a very conservative Christian, Never miss Church on Sundays..Not a Granny but old enough to be..Not a Rock fan at all..ADAM caught my eye the night of the auditions and I just thought he was so very Special and had such great talent and such a beautiful voice..I have not criticized any of the other contestants but I have praised ADAM’S talent a lot..We all have different opinions…You know if we all liked Vanilla Ice Cream, they would not make Chocolate…So there is room for all kinds of people with different opinions..Also I think this should have been a talent contest..Actually, I feel that religion , politics and lifestyle should not have been an issue…However, with some, it became one..Sad that people can’t discuss these differences sanely..You have a good evening..

  335. Yes i agree!! They all seem so close (Kris, Allison, Adam) but Danny hasn’t talked at all about the friends he’s made… Kris seems nice, though. And of course Adam was adorable. 😀

  336. JAG I wouldn’t go as far as adorable.

    Mary Anne, what did you think of the show?

  337. Hey, girl, you found us..I told you Frank was here…Donna was on earlier too but was going out of town for the week end but was taking her laptop..she will probably be back on soon..tomorrow anyway..

  338. To Just Another Glambert-I loved the interaction between Kris and Adam, also Alison, but I also noticed that Danny seemed to be on edge..I wonder what was up with that??? Anyone have any ideas???
    Kathy from PA

  339. Kathy, i think Danny thought he had the competition in the bag. He never seemed real close with anyone, though…

  340. Of course, I was mainly watching ADAM..I think he is just gorgeous!!Guess I might learn to be a cougar!!!LOL

  341. Mary Ann Nashville..I am with you…..Adam is such a gentlemen and so humble, although Kris is also, but there is something so sexy about Adam….

  342. YL was on last night. I haven’t seen Phyllis in a couple of days.

  343. You know, at first I thought Danny was pretty good. ADAM, Allison and Danny..Then I noticed Danny seemed a little cocky, a little too sure of himself..I think he thought he had it in the bag and is now acting to me like somewhat of a sore loser…My perception

  344. I think so too, Mary Anne. I also liked him from the beginning, but i suppose at about the Top 13 i started liking him less and less each week. His voice seemed pretty weak, to me.

  345. I agree Mary Anne and so do quite a few others on the other site we joined today.

  346. I thought it a ltiile odd when Danny said the judges may have hurt adam with all their praise.
    Hope a lot of adam fans had the chance to watch this so they will be able to see adam is ok with the way things turned out.

    Even kris said this show is not always about music and should not be about religion.

    Kudos to Kris and Adam, and don’t forget to watch monday.

  347. Well, I’m from the old days when all the girls were in love with Elvis and he just looks so very much like a young Elvis…I guess little “mature” ladies can fall in love with ADAM just like we did with Elvis…LOL

  348. I really liked Danny in the beginning, but he seemed to change, personality wise…although I still enjoyed his singing….I still think Alison should have made it into the finals, but Adam and Kris are cool….I do not believe Danny should have been in the finals…did anyone notice that he could not remember what he wrote on the blog of Larry King Live show? How could you be doing so many things that what you wrote on the blog slipped your mind???? No one is that busy…he really seemed like he was trying to be something or someone he is not tonight. Looking forward to seeing them all again on Monday night. I have no life now that the show is over.I hope they continue to be on different shows.

  349. Oooh better go record Monday’s now!! Almost forgot. I was happy to see Kris saying he was disapointed in people basing it on religion. It really is a disapointment.

  350. Ohmigosh JAG, we have been on here talking so much, we are thinking alike!! Scarey…We were typing that note about Gokey at the same time!!! LOL

  351. Sorry its Kathy from PA again..what other blog are you people referring to that you just joined? I believe it was Frank from Tallahassee that said that..where can I find another blog?

  352. I told Frank you were on the other Thread this afternoon giving somebody hell!!

  353. Mary Anne, believe it or not I hated Elvis at first. The very first date I ever went on – 7th grade mind you – I took a girl to see “Love Me Tender”. At least I think that was the name of the movie. She cried all the way home after the movie because he was killed at the end.

    I got over it though. LOL

  354. JAG, I’m FrankInTally though it’s hard to find others over there. There are so many posts and people.

  355. I’m Mary Anne,Nash,TN. on Adam told us who she was ,I have it here somewhere.

  356. OH, okay… haha well that dude was being an ass. Okay i’ll see if i can find you guys over there. it may take a while. LOL. i’ll have an account soon!!

  357. JAG, I like this thread better..Mostly ADAM fans and the others are pretty nice…Once in awhile we get one on here that tries to cause trouble, but Frank nips that in the bud with all his wisdom!!

    We had a live one on here this afternoon that got on and read over 300 posts and picked me to jump on…but Frank, The Defender, came to my rescue and staightened her out…

  358. Yeah, that was too funny. She jumped on Mary Anne for stuff I was saying and I didn’t think I was saying anything to cause her little tirade.

  359. HAHA!! Don’t forget the “Great” part. Teeheehee. The Great Defender. 😀 Around what # was your convo with her??

  360. You know I enjoyed the little thing on Larry King tonight..I especially enjoyed the beginning when ADAM and Kris were talking..Gives you more insight, also more understanding…ADAM is just fine with it and who wouldn’t be, since he is going to be a Mega Star…I truly belive that!! Poor Paula is such a flake.. She can’t say S..t with a mouthful, as we say in Tennessee..

  361. LOL, Mary Anne, never heard that saying but will have to remember it.

  362. Yep, The Great Defender…Reminds me of my favorite song a Looooonnnggg time ago…The Great Pretender by the Platters…Bet none of you remember that far back!!

  363. This is no knock on Kris but he still looked overwhelmed tonight while Adam seemed very comfortable.

    I too enjoyed seeing them together and hearing their input.

  364. Come on guys, “Great” should be reserved for Adam alone. I just like to make people use logic if they are going to be critical of someone.

    And, Mary Anne, you know I can remember the Platters – unfortunately.

  365. LOL!!! i just went back and read the posts ^^^ of yours and that other idiot. Very hilarious. And random. Can’t stop laughing. 😀

    Oh and with the Larry King show i wished they just stuck with Adam and Kris. I got bored after they brought out Matt, Allison and Danny and i didn’t stay to watch the rest. I got a kick outta Paula, though. Always do.

  366. Frank, there was a lady on tonight around the time JAG came over…She was #355, wanted to give someone a hard time…I answered her with #360…I thought,very diplomatically..I want you to be sure and read it…See, I can be nice like you, although I’m not so wise yet..Maybe I’m learning to be the Great Defender #2…LOL

  367. You know, you can almost always scare Kris and Danny fans off with a few mean words. Adam fans never go away. We must be really annoying. : )

  368. You know, I’m really going to miss talking to you all after they discontinue these threads..I had hoped to find something similar that we could touch base from time to time..when we have news of ADAM..I don’t think the new website is going to work for that because it is just too busy and you really can’t find anyone on there..It is just for posting..My daughter set me up on myspace with picture, etc. and of course, we have email, but I don’t suppose we can exchange anything like that on here…Just thinking..

  369. Grasshopper?? Did I miss something? Or just brain dead from no sleep for the past 2 nights??

  370. Hmmm…. I am too going to miss this all. Well, there IS always Fall Out LOL!!!!! I know you guys aren’t Fall Out Boy fans but it is super easy to exchange messages on there without having to exchange Email adresses. Just sayin’. 😀 There’s no way to exchange messages on AdamOfficial???

  371. Mary Anne, I agree the other site doesn’t allow interaction like this one. It’s unfortunate but it’s not wise to put too much personal stuff on these sites. The “SCREAMER” could stalk you the rest of your life.

    Let me think about how we could exchange info in a safer way.

  372. You’ll have to copy everything in the link including the (TV Series) to get to the right page.

  373. JAG, in the early 70s – long before your time there was a TV series named “Kung Fu”. The Chinese Kung Fu master called his student Grasshopper.

  374. Oh, I knew we could not put info. on here..Too many nut cases…Just wondering how..that is what Donna was trying to do, when she found this ADAM website but it is not what we need…Frank, I’m confident you will come up with soemthing great…Sleep on it..I’m going to try and get some sleep myself…Maybe I can calm down a bit since ADAM seems perfectly OK with the outcome of AI…He is so COOL and so Mature, far beyond his years, don’t you think??

  375. For its time it wasn’t bad. David Carradine, who you probably also don’t know, played the main character.

  376. Oh great..Now I can really rest, knowing that my new name is Grasshopper…Cute!!

  377. Mary Anne, I’m going to call it a night too. Yes, Adam shows maturity way beyond his years.

  378. Hey, I remember that show..I know I always thought that David Carradine was so homely..I always wondered how he became an actor since most were so good looking..He was a good actor though..His Dad or maybe brother, or both were also actors..Keith Carradine was his brother, I think…See, I remember!!

  379. Yes, there were several Carradine family members in the business including Keith and I believe you’re right, his father was too.

  380. hi, to all of you who used the word CHRISTIANITY, CHURCHES, FAITH AND JESUS, are all 100%completely idiots, what those word gonna do with the AI???????????????????????????
    it is even a cursed to those who used the name JESUS.

  381. Hey, Frank, JAG, Donna, Kathy, YL and all you other ADAM FANatics..Go to CNN Larry King Live..Lots about ADAM and the others interview last night..Also scroll down to Quick Vote:
    Do you think ADAM should have won?…Right now 67% yes..33% No..Which just reinforces the fact that KRIS got more votes but ADAM has more VOTERS!! I’m so glad that ADAM knows that a large majority of people actually voted for him but actual number of voters didn’t count..

    Also a place to send an email..I sent my email requesting more ADAM time..In fact I suggested a complete hour of nothing but ADAM!!

  382. Frank, I found the Cougars and Grandma’s post…cute…It says they also have a spot in the Forum section for posts…There seems to be a way to set up a forum section for groups..That would be ideal for us…I could not figure it out (After all, I’m just a grasshopper):)..Maybe you can..

  383. Hi Mary Anne. Glad you found the post. I’ll look at the site and see if I can figure out a way to setup a forum section for us.

    Quote from Kris last night:

    Seriously, we’re really good friends and he’s amazing. He’s been probably the most consistent performer this year, and just overall probably one of the best performers that’s ever been on the “Idol” stage.”

  384. To Mary Anne Nashville–thanks so much for letting me know this. I went on and sent in a few questions myself…I also would LOVE an hour with Adam…or two, or three…he should be at least a monthly guest and let us know what he is up to. Thanks so much for including me.
    Kathy from PA

  385. Yes, you know, I never really paid any attention to Kris during the show…I thought he would go home early..Never dreamed he would be in the finals…After listening to him last night, I really like him…He seems to be an alright guy and really can’t help what happened..I feel sort of sorry for him because everywhere he goes he will be in ADAM’s Shadow..He knows he can never be the Mega Star ADAM will be…Well, actually, already is…

  386. You are most welcome Kathy..Any Fan of ADAM’s is a friend of ours…Always glad to include any ADAM FANatic in our “ALL ADAM FANatic’s” discussions…LOL

  387. JAG, I just checked out the site you were on yesterday, when I found you..Boy you really have them stirred up..They are still talking to you or about you…Another ADAM lover came on and really gave them a mouthful..It was great…So I had to jump in and put my 2 cents worth in, you know….You need to check it out..They are still looking for you….Hop on there and shake ’em up!! LOL

  388. Haha yeah Ms A was great. Chrys is really getting on my nerves….. How’m i supposed to “shake em up”??? LOL

  389. mary anne,frank didnt straighten me out,dont no why you thaught that,,and JAG,having a different opinion from others doesnt make me an idiot,im far from it

  390. JAG, did you see that Chrys posted that he was not a fan of anyone, that he lives 10,000 miles away and can’t even vote…So, it turns out he is just a troublemaker..As we say here in TN, the more you stir s..t, the more it stinks..I think he is practicing that…

  391. mgtfraser…there you go again..Not my fault.. I’m not the one who called you an idiot..You are far from it, because you said so. I can tell by your post that you are extremely intelligent..Besides, what do I know? I’m just a grasshopper…

  392. lol,,i never said you called me an idiot,read the post again and you might understand it next time

  393. Oh and yes i saw his post. I wish he would just leave already. :/ He’s just making people mad.

  394. Yep, that’s what he is there for, stirring it up….LOL

  395. I have been over there again..A poor lady just came on and could not figure out how American could let ADAM lose with his talent..I explained the crappy voting system…Kris had more votes, but ADAM had more voters..This was my first year to vote..I was so inspired by ADAM..but I have made a decision, I will never vote again..

  396. Amen Mary Anne, I will NEVER vote again either. I do not have the time to spend 2 hours dialing or hitting the redial button trying to vote for a performer who can sing only for some amateur singer to win the competiton. I am SO done with AI! I am over it!

  397. All Adam fans should go on “strike” and not vote whatsoever until American Idol fixes their voting system to a limited amount of votes per phone line. Who’s with meh?

  398. Ok Adam fans (Mary Anne, JAG, Donna, Kathy, etal.)

    Check out this site as see what you think.

    It appears that we could create a virtual room which will last as long as someone accesses it on a regular basis.

    The kicker is that to invite everyone they would have to provide an email address. Rather than use your current private email address you could create one on something like Yahoo. It’s dead easy to do. I’ve created one which would have to be made public on here but since it’s only going to be used for this purpose I don’t care of wackos see it.

    From looking at the FAQ it looks like we could easily control who can access the room and I believe it can be setup so each of us can invite others that we would want to join the group.

    Mary Anne, maybe your daughter could look at the site and my idea on emails and see what she thinks.

    Y’all Let me know what you think.

  399. Ok Adam fans (Mary Anne, JAG, Donna, Kathy, etal)

    Check out this site as see what you think.

    It appears we could create a virtual room that will continue to exist as long as it is used on a regular bases.

    It will require that everyone provide and email address that wants to be invited. You wouldn’t have to use your regular address if you didn’t want to. You could create one on something like Yahoo. It’s dead easy to do. We would only have to put one of these email addresses on here so that the others could use it to email their addresses. I have one that I wouldn’t mind putting out since I would only use it for this I wouldn’t care if some wacko(s) see it.

    Mary Anne, maybe you could have your daughter evaluate this idea.

    Let me know. I’ll take responsibility for setting up everything if enough people are interested.

  400. Hey JAG…Been out today…I’m not saying I won’t watch the show..I well may watch some of it but I already know, it will be disappointing to me unless they can find someone as Special as ADAM, which I doubt..However, I will not vote again unless they change the system…Yeah, I’m with you on that one…Lots of people feel the same..

  401. Hey JAG, on Adamofficial,com, someone mentions having a forum for a group to chat on…I told Frank to go over and see if he can figure out the way…Sounds like it might be a perfect place for us to meet…

  402. Did you see the forum for Glamberts?..They all have a number…there are hundreds of them, maybe thousands…

  403. Yeah. I agree the show will most likely go down-hill from here. It’s a miracle that some one with such talent as Adam was on such a show as American Idol. I don’t see how the show could possibly be interesting or entertaining from here out but i’ll give it a try. 😉

  404. Guys, I didn’t see anything obvious on the adamofficial site about how to set up a forum. I did find another site and posted information here but I don’t know if it can be seen. It’s got some strange note about awaiting moderation.

  405. JAG, hop over the and click on communities and then on forum…You will see all these Glamberts waiting for a number…You can get you one….

  406. JAG, check out the other site when you get a chance..I have been on taking your place, I think, but I have had lots of help from a guy named Ted and also lots of other ADAM fans on there..

  407. Hey Frank..I’ll look again..Under Community – I know they have all these forums and something about getting your own…Have no idea how…

  408. Hey Frank, if you’re going to be a Southern boy, you can’t use you guys..It is pronounced you all or better still ya’ll….

  409. Oh yeah just went over there, Mary Anne. 😉 Um, on adamofficial, how do you click on forums??

  410. Hey, Ya’ll, I think I may have a forum for us…It said Create a Forum and I think I did..I had to give it a name and “ADAM FANatics” came to mind..I guess, as good a name as any for us…So click on Community at the top and then to Forums and it was at the top, newly created…ADAM FANatics…Click on it..I left a post..See if ya’ll can leave a post…It may or may not work..After all, I’m still just a grasshopper!!

  411. If this works, I may graduate to Great Defender II..LOL

  412. How long ago did you create it Mary Anne? I don’t see it in the list on the first couple of pages.

  413. OK, it may take all of us to figure this one out…I just did it about 15 minutes ago, but when I went back to find it, there are way too many and I don’t see it…However, I clicked on create forum again and when I typed in ADAM FANatics it came up and I put in another message so now it says 2 messages..and I can read them…There is no search engine so it looks like the only way is to click on Create forum and type in ADAM FANatics..Try that..

  414. Where do you see “Create Forum”? I see “Post New Forum Topic”. Is that what you’re talking about?

  415. Yes, I found you on there..FrankinTally..You got the really good pic. of ADAM on yours..I tried to put that pic. on mine but could not figure it out…I clicked on browse, but my pictures on my pc came up..

    Oh, I typed in FANatics…Wonder how the s got left off?? Oh well..I can send messages but the only way I have figured out is by clicking on create forum..There should be a better way..

  416. Mary Anne, you click Browse and select a picture from your PC. It will then upload to the site.

    I’ve found a site that would allow a group to setup a room to use for chatting. The problem with adamofficial is it’s just too busy and is not really setup to allow interaction between posters.

    I tried to post the information about the site I found earlier but it doesn’t appear others can see if for some reason. I can try again if you think it’s worth pursuing.

  417. Mary Anne, how come you were mad with me on the other site?? You told me to shake ’em up…

  418. Frank, I don’t want my picture on there.. Although I was told I was “cute” today..I know how to do that…I want the picture of ADAM that you have on yours..How did you do that??

  419. I was not made, when I said shake ’em up, I meant go get on there and irritate them a little, You know shake ’em up…That’s what we say in TN…Ya’ll are going to have to learn my language!!LOL

  420. That’s what i thought I was doing; irritating them a little. I’m sorry. Guess i misunderstood.

  421. Hey, I have to tell you all a funny..My daughter lives in Montana and is not an An American Idol fan. But she has been hearing about ADAM in the news…I had told her about the guy that looked like Elvis..So when I was talking to her today she had been hearing about ADAM in all the news, and that he lost, etc..

    She had gone on UTube and listened to him sing Mad world…She said, “Oh, he is singing a song about you” My initials are MAD and when emailing I just sign MAD…So I never thought of that..Guess I can think he was singing about me..LOL

  422. JAG, yes you were doing great..I just had not seen you on this morning and sent you the post that you needed to go and give ’em something to talk about…Yes, you do a great job of that!! By the way, I just had to go over there a little while ago and give ’em a shot in the arm!!

  423. I was doing great? But you called me an internet troublemaker. ?

  424. Mary Anne, I have software that allows me to capture anything showing on my screen. However, you can copy an image using your browser as well. Assuming you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser, just right mouse click on the image and select “Save Picture As”. Select where you want it saved on your PC. Then on the adamofficial site use the Browse button to locate that picture.

  425. Perhaps someone can start a Yahoo News Group ONLY for Adam Lambert fans that is monitored by a few assigned monitors. This way the mgtfraser’s of the world who do not know how to spell or write can be exterminated from the group. Make it a group strictly for ADAM LAMBERT FANS only – NO TROLLS ALLOWED!

  426. Frank, you know the Idols newletter you get in email? Well to get to this site, you click on the first highlighted words “Kris beat out the favorite”…To get on the other website, she is on now click on the next highlighted words “what do you think”…We have been over there having fun with some real idiots tonight..

  427. Oh the “internet troublemaker” was a joke…that is what the guy called you and I thought it was funny because he is the one!!

  428. Mare, I’ll look into a Yahoo News Group for Adam fans.

    Mary Anne, I don’t get a newsletter.

  429. Mare, sounds good to me…All ADAM fans…No negatives allowed..Would be nice…

  430. Thanks, Frank, I think I can do that to get the right picure on there..

  431. You don’t get the Idol newsletter? Well it has 2 sites..This one and the other one…So Idon’t know how you get there without the newsletter..Let me see if I can figure it out…It is fun over there…Mostly ADAM fans but you get one of those nuts now and then, just like we do..

  432. Hey, just sign up for the newsletter and they will send the last one…Don’t have to worry about more mail from them because this is the last for this year…

  433. Frank, just go to I don’t get the newsletter because I entered a false email adress!!! LOL I didn’t want a bunch of junkmail. Yeah, just go to and on the first entry you can either click on the blue highlighted “you think” or “302 comments”. hope that’s not too confusing.

  434. Oh and sorry mary anne i didn’t know you were kidding with the “internet troublemaker” on the other site. I thought you were serious!! LOL it’s hard to detect sarcasm through letters on a computer screen.

  435. Mary Anne, there is already an Adam fan site group on Yahoo. I’ve just submitted a request to join it.

  436. I didn’t think of American Idol website..Perhaps I would have thought of it eventually..After all, I’m just a grasshopper in training…You all will have to look after me..

  437. AMERICAN IDOL WEBSITE!! GENIUS!! That’s pretty easy to chat on, right??

  438. Huh? What?
    I am lost here.
    Where? Who?


  439. We are working on some place we can chat after they shut this site down..We only want ADAM fans, not these weidos…You are one of us for sure…Frank is working on finding a place…Good to hear from you YL…I told JAG I’ll be going to church this morning but will be back on this afternoon..

  440. Frank, yes I got the picture downloaded to my account on…I found the one in the white suit, the night he was so spectacular, but come to think of it, he was spectacular every night..


    Adam’s Site Traffic is ENORMOUS Compared to Kris’s !
    Adam’s site has astronomically more traffic than Kris’s.

    Adam discussion forum: 696 threads and 14,968 posts
    Kris’ discussion forum: 43 threads with 543 posts

    Adam’s total board topics: 1123
    Kris’s total board topics: 104

    Adam’s Europe topics: 29
    Kris’s Europe topics: 1

    Adam is already an international star!

    If Kris won and has so many fans, where are they? Kris got the votes but ADAM got the voters!! It’s obvious Adam has many, many, many, more actual fans… I love it!!

  442. Adam is the world’s idol. I think even Adam’s performances during the season would make a good album that will sell well worldwide. Bravo Adam!!!

  443. Joanna, yes I thought this would make you ADAM FANatics’ Day!!!Yes, I agree, it is ADAM FANtastic!!

  444. Joanna. The adamofficial site is not really setup to be able to chat amongst friends. There is an Adam fan group on Yahoo that I’ve joined and awaiting confirmation. There is also a site called Chatzy that allows one to setup a chat room or virtual room and control who can enter. There is a FAQ page that describes the features.

    Maybe you could look at these and see what you think.

  445. JAG..I don’t know that he does have a website..I got this info. off this morning…It just says discussion forum…That’s all I know..It also shows he is certainly not very popular..It just prooves, he got the votes but not the voters..

  446. Oh okay. Yup, that’s true. Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t seem that the fans Kris DOES have are very dedicated!

  447. If it is any comfort for the fabulous ADAM LAMBERT fans. DON’T BE SAD! ADAM HAS ALREADY HAD 5 producers offer him a recording deal. And ADAM will not compromise him self. HE SAID ” QUOTE” I AM WHO I AM. AND I WILL NOT CHANGE MY SINGING STYE OR ANYTHING ESLE FOR ANYONE! He went on to say he changes his songs up. And he is right. He is cool and can sing anything. HE SAID HE IS GLAD HE DID NOT WIN AMERICAN IDOL!! HE DOES NOT NEED IT. AND HE WILL NOT BE PUT IN A BOX. He said Kris is a really nice young man. But Adam said Kris does not know how hard the music world can be. And it is going to be a BIG shock to Kris when he finds out how cruel the music busness is. He tried to help out Kris by telling him what goes on in the music business. But Kris said thats nice Adam! But I am going to sing the type of music I want to sing. And dress like I want to. Adam said Kris is young and naive. And he hopes all the best for Kris. And hopes he can adapt to what ever they choose for him. So God Bless you Adam!!! And God Bless Kris too!

  448. Thank you Frank for info. I’m looking forward to join the yahoo site.
    JAG-LOL on #506 and Kris has very dedicated bash Adam!

  449. True, Joanna!! I don’t think they care very much about Kris or his music… they just root for him because it’s not Adam!!!

  450. Come on JAG, that’s not nice. You know his parents and wife are serious Kris fans. At least I hope none of them are closet Adam fans.

  451. Joanna, there have been no posts on the AdamLambertFans group today. I finally got confirmation that I’m a member.

    I guess when those of us who have been active on these other sites all join the activity will pick up.

  452. Hey, Sherry, where did you read the article you are referring to?? I would like to read it in it’s entirety..

  453. Are you a member of Yahoo? If not, it’s not hard to sign up. After you are a member you can go to the main page – – and select “Groups” on the left. Then search for AdamLambertFanz.

    The nice thing about joining Yahoo, if you haven’t already, is you can get an email address though could be used by just those of us who have been communicating on here.

    Let me know and I’ll be happy to help you get through it all.

  454. Well, I just googled Yahoo ADAM fan sites and got about a thousand….I wanted to get the right one..

  455. No, I don’ have anythong on Yahoo at the moment..Not a member..

  456. Don’t and anything..Excuse the typos…fingers not working this afternoon..

  457. LOL, that “anythong” typo was as bad as my “singing” typo when I meant “screaming” on the other site.

    You can’t search for the group on Google because you will rightly so get hundreds if not thousands of hits. Do the following:

    1 – Go to
    2 – On the left hand side is a list of things, one is “Groups” select that.
    3 – A page will come up that will have something like “Find a Yahoo! Group”. That’s where you should search for “AdamLambertFanz”.

  458. To Frank Tallahasee..thanks so much for this info. Tell me something..I am waiting to be approved for the group…I never checked Yahoo before..where do I see my mail that tells me anything? I am used to AOL You’ve Got Mail lol
    I cannot see where my new mail comes in at.
    Thanks soooo much for this information..I am so glad I hopefully will be able to join.
    Kathy from PA

  459. Kathy, Mine came in to my Yahoo email even though I have a personal email on my account. It might take 24 hours or so. I don’t see any activity on there today and there might not be tomorrow because of the holiday.

    Anyway, I’m “FrankInTally” on there.

  460. Thanks Frank, but I do not even see a link for my mail….is it on the homepage of Yahoo? In other words, how do I know I am getting mail from Yahoo?
    Have a great night.
    Kathy from PA

  461. Hey Kathy, I just now got on Yahoo myself…It does come up on the homepage , at the top where it says your name..I already got an email for confirmation..Bet you have one too..

  462. Kathy you can go to the Yahoo main page and get to email from there.

  463. Thanks Mary Anne..I do have eight messages…lol
    What do I do with these messages from Alisha and Terra…they keep saying I have to send an email to cinderella…should I do that or is that just a spam email…anyone know???

  464. Kathy, you have to do a “member reactivation” what ever that is. I sent and email to Alisha asking how to do that. She replied back that she would tell me how later tomorrow.

    You can either write her and ask or send me an email from your new Yahoo email and I’ll let you know when I find out.

    Nice to have you in the group.

  465. Kathy, the only email I received is the one from Yahoo to activate my account..Nothing from the other group..

  466. Mary Anne I got three different emails from this Alicia and Terra… I answered it to reactivate my account…I believe Frank said he got one like that too….I guess she is the person who started this whole group…..I do not know..I am so new to this stuff…I have no idea…I just hope I get on lol

  467. Mary Anne, you’ve joined Yahoo but did you join the AdamLambertFanz group? If so you’ll get a bunch of emails like Kathy said.

    If you haven’t joined, wait until you get your new account.

  468. didnt get to watch final but was upset when danny went out, as danny and adam were my fav from day one. also i got it right last year, david cook was my fav all way thro and he won. Adam really really should have won, he should do well and prob better in long run than kris.

  469. Hi frank.
    Haven’t posted here in a few days and I see you Jag and mary anne are looking into yahoo for a place to chat.I had no problem finding the group as I have used yahoo message boards for years from time to time.

    well I tried to join the group but have to wait for a conformation first.Not sure what that’s all about or how long it will take.

  470. chris W….I joined both Yahoo and then the Adam Lambert Fan group…you should be getting a series of emails from cinderella something asking you reactivate your membership..not sure what it is about either, but I did it and got confirmed right away..check your email for a few new emails about Adam Lambert….looking forward to some nice chats
    Kathy from PA

  471. Frank, yes I already joined the group with my real name too…Such a dummy, but you have to realize..I’ve traveled all over the world but actually led a sheltered life when it comes to this stuff…This is my very experience with any of this..I never have done anything more than Instant Messaging with my family and friends…

  472. Kathy,
    Thank you.
    I don’t get the part in the e-mail that tells me to go to the group and click view all,I can’t find it but I just went there a minute ago and it says I am a group member.

  473. @ Mary Anne on #495, I love the statistics that you gave and it’s ALL true! Seeing how well Adam is doing on the discussion forums – well what the hell happened with the voting system for the idol title. Seems to me like a hoax or a RIP off! I have to agree with those that say the Kris won the title because of the computer set up. It must be SO embarrassing for Kris to have to hold that title with Adam really deserving it. Kris has a lot of baggage to carry on his back now, so sad…..

  474. Frank thanks for checking into the Yahoo groups. I will be checking out the one that you mentioned. I already belong to a few of them, but not any related to Adam or AI.
    Mary Anne, once you get the jist of the NG’s, it easy and a lot of fun. I sure hope that there are no idiots posting in there praising Kris & bashing Adam.

  475. Chris W, don’t feel bad about not being able to figure out that “email reactivation” thing. I’m not sure I’ve done that right yet even though I can get into the posts, etc.

  476. I was approved within 10 minutes but have yet to figure out how to do the reactivation thing and if you don’t get that done your account will be deleted.I can go and read messages and all that but for how long?

  477. Chris W, I never got a clear explanation of how to do the reactivation thing. Here is what I did do – right or wrong:

    1) On the home page for the AdamLamberFanz group there is a “My Groups” link on the second line at the right. I clicked on it.
    2) On the next page on the right hand side about 5 lines down is “My Email Preferences”. I clicked on that.
    3) That produced a page that has a personal email and my new Yahoo email. I clicked on the “Edit” link and then saved the resultant page.

    Like I said, I don’t have a clue if that is what I was suppose to do. We’ll see.

  478. Chris for item 3 above I did the “Edit” for the new Yahoo email address not my personal one.

  479. I should be ok. I have had the same yahoo account and e-mail address with them for almost ten years now.

  480. OK, I got the info. on what happaned in Arkansas..How 2.8 million people cast 38 million votes for Kris..We all know something weird happened for ADAM to lost when he was the favorite all the time..

    It seems as I understand it, there is a computer program called Gizmo…The 100,000 votes per minute can be cast on this Gizmo..Thus the 38 million, which resulted in Kris’ win…I know nothing about this Gizmo..Anyone else know about it??

  481. Hey Guys, There is a poll on CNN right now asking if American got it right choosing Kris over Adam. Obviously for us the answer is NO that they didn’t get it right. I like to be positive about Kris but I think that all of us would like to vote that Adam should have won so I am putting the link here:

    Just scroll down the page when you get there and you will see the poll. Do it now because I don’t know how much longer it will be up there and Adam is behind by a little right now.

  482. Mary anne,
    I only learned about this gizmo thing during the last week of idol when I went to krisallenation to see what they were up to.They called it “operation ding dong” and led people through the steps on how to use it.

    Problem is,it allowed them an extra three hours of voting thus many more votes.

    We (adam fans) really can’t complain about this to much as we could have used the same thing if we wanted to.Don’t really think adam fans felt the need to go overboard as we did not think he needed the edge to win.Kris fans on the other hand felt kris needed all the help he could get.

    Not saying adam fans never used this gizmo also, but I never heard of any that did.

  483. Chris W…Thanks for the info..I never checked Kris’ website since I had no interest…Also I was so sure ADAM with his great talent, would surely win…No, I don’t think any ADAM fans used it..I have never heard any of them mention it..We were all trying to do it the old fashined way with phones and text messages..LOL

  484. Let me just say the only reason I went to that site was because an adam fan on another board brought it to our attention what they were up to at the time.

    All I know is that when your time is up for voting in your time zone your able to switch to another time zone and continue voting.

  485. Well, you know and the whole world knows there was something going on besides regular voting for Kris to win…ADAM was a huge favorite from the beginning…

    Probably just as well..ADAM seems fine with it..He can go on and do his thing and be the WORLD IDOL!!!


  487. Perla, I sure wish the rest of the world could have voted this year. Adam would have won by a landslide based upon the input I’ve seen on here and other sites.

    The world will enjoy his talent for years to come.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  488. Perla, we ADAM fans agree with you 100%..Just keep watching..He is going to be around for a long time..

  489. The news about the Arkansas people cheating makes me sad. I wasn’t sure if it was true before. Adam deserved to win and he practically earned it. Stupid Arkansas people were desperate for Kris to win even if it wasn’t fair. 🙁 I guess it’s better for Adam this way, though….


  491. Hello All,
    Hope everyone had a nice memorial day weekend.I’ve been working in the garden and pop in here to keep up.My neice had a birthday today so I got her an itunes gift card and she was thrilled cause now she can download some more of adams music:)

  492. Hey gang, I just went in and signed up for the Yahoo group. I pretty much got the same response as those who have already went through the process. Hopefully I will hear something from the moderators soon and hopefully I will see all of you over there.
    I hope that everyone is having a nice holiday weekend and you are cranking up your Adam Lambert tunes at the cookouts. God Bless America.

  493. i think both will be around for years to come to entertain us, both have so much to offer. god bless both these young men and may they both be successful in their endeavors, both are extremely talented and i would buy whatever the two of them put out there to buy this was the best season ever it is going to be hard to top for a long time to come.

  494. Hey Ya’ll…Frank, JAG, YL, Chris W., Mare and any other dyed in the wool ADAM fans..I have had a bunch of men here today, putting in my new windows…They are finally gone..What a mess they have made..Now I’m cleaning up..Just had to get on and see what ya’ll are up to..If I don’t catch you any more this afternoon, don’t forget our Golden Boy is going to be on Larry King tonight…

  495. Well I was surprised to hear that Kris won and even more surprised to hear that he is a Christian, but I was partially right about what Adam Lambert deserve…a humble pie Well I predicted that Adam would make it to the final only to be beaten. I first thought Gokey will beat him, but Gokey got eliminated on the 3rd final round…kind of sad though, but Gokey had a really good run. However it was Kris who beat him…so Koodos to all Kris Allen Fans out there! And to all Adam Lambert Fans, what did I tell you, Adam needs to be humble or else he will ended up being “lambchops” for the winner’s dinner (I mean it in a figuretive way as in he would lose). So yeah congrats to Kris Allen for being 2009 American Idol

  496. JAG, that nut, nancy is on the other site..I just got on and she came on with one of rants. K sent her a cute little post and I sent one too and got right off..I don’t have time to talk to that goof ball..Hopefully catch you all later..

  497. Ryan, are you a bit confused? I have never seen a more humble or more gracious person than ADAM was through out..He always stood and maybe smiled and thanked each judge..I was really impressed by his humility and so were lots of others..

  498. Ugh, Mary Anne, I thought Nancy left!! I was breaking open the champagne….

  499. Ryan, please. Adam was as humble as he was a remarkable talent. He was confident. Maybe you mistook confidence for arrogance.

  500. You know, we are really fortunate..We have gotten rid of so many of the ADAM Haters from this site and the other one too…But ever so often another one shows up or one of the old ones drop back in…You would think they would learn we are not going to listen to anything negative about ADAM, our Golden Boy…Usually I just ignore them and they go away..

  501. Frank, have you been on here all day?? I wish I had been..I was checking to see what I have missed…I really should be packing but this is so much more fun!!LOL

  502. JAG, did you ever notice, after ADAM finished a song, he just stood and looked at the judges…When they went on and on about how great it was, he would smile that gorgeous smile and I know all the females just melted…That is just the way Elvis was, all he had to do was smile and turn on the charm and everyone just melted…It’s called Charisma and is scarce as frogs teeth as we say in Tennessee..

  503. Interpretation: That kind of Charisma is Extremely rare..

  504. Haha wow you guys in Tennessee sure have alot of sayings….. it’s hard to keep up! 😉 Who didn’t notice how polite and sweet and respectful Adam was? (And is) You’d have to be brain-dead not to notice…. Ryan is mixing Adam up with somebody else… Could it be Danny?

  505. Oh, by the way, i fanally made an account on AdamOfficial. My name is Just_Another_Glambert. Where’d I come up with that? 🙂 How can I find you and Frank on there?

  506. JAG, I’m FrankInTally over there but haven’t gotten on very much.

  507. That’s the thing about the site, It’s pretty hard to find anyone. That’s why some of us are joining the AdamLambertFanz group on Yahoo.

    If that doesn’t work our we can form our own group on Yahoo.

  508. JAG the following Adam fans have joined that group on Yahoo:

    Chris W.
    Mary Anne

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

  509. JAG, go to the Yahoo main page and click on “Groups” in the list on the left. Then in “Find a Yahoo! Group” type in AdamLamberFanz.

    If you’re not a Yahoo member you’ll have to join Yahoo and then this group.

  510. I’m Mary Anne – Nash. TN. but like Frank says, there is so much going on over there, you have to sift through hundreds of people to find anyone…They surely will come up with a search engine but right now you have to search yourself…I had a hard time finding myself on there..I did find Frank one time..

    However, it is an excellent site..You can just read and read ..all ADAM Lovers…No trolls…I read too long yesterday morning and didn’t realize…It is all white print on black background…When I got up to get ready for Church, I was nearly blind…So it’s all interesting but I will have to limit my reading on there..

  511. Oh okay i found it. I guess I’ll see if it works for you guys first. I don’t have a yahoo account.

  512. JAG it’s easy to get an account on Yahoo. They might even let you join. LOL

  513. Hey, I just went to Larry King website again..I had a horrible thought..Sometimes his shows are reruns, you know…However, tonight does say American Idol – Round 2 – so hopefully it will be all new…

    It had a little click on to send a question to one of the guests so I sent a question to ADAM, of course, basically about his strong physical resemblance to Elvis, and would he ever do any Elvis Songs?? I think it would be great…

  514. Ok Mary Anne, are you sure you haven’t joined one of those cougars for Adam posts? LOL

  515. LOL cool… let me know if you get accepted to the group!!

    Mary Anne, i hope it’s not a rerun, also. That would be sad. 🙁 It would be interesting for Adam to do an Elvis song… vocally, they don’t sound much alike… that sure would be interesting.

  516. You know Frank, I never have been a Cougar, before but I am considering it!! Anything for ADAM!!! Right JAG??

  517. JAG, no they don’t sound alike…ADAM has a much higher range..Elvis could hit some high notes but not as high as ADAM..I’ll just bet ADAM could really excell on some of his ballads though or even some of the rock songs that Elvis recorded…He has started out a lot like Elvis..So many people judged Elvis for the way he looked, the way he dressed, the way he wore his hair…the way he shook his hips..very many similarities and look where Elvis wound up!!! At the very top!!

  518. Ahhh!! Thats so true!! Can’t wait for ADAM to get to THE VERY TOP!!!

  519. Not just America….Worldwide…Just like ADAM is going to do…

  520. Has annyone been to rolling stone magazine?They have several articals on adam there,You have to go back and forth between newer and older post to find them all.One of the newer ones is gene simmons on adam saying adam is not a rock singer which I disagree with.Adam can sing anything.

  521. Chris, I saw that article on VoteForTheWorst. I can’t help not liking Gene, now. What does he know about modern day rock?? Psh… you’re right- ADAM can sing anything!!!

  522. Nothing against Gene here,after all he is entitled to his own opinion as you and I are.


    Well I guess they see and do things different here.Adam will do just fine.Nothing against Canada,I love Canada and it’s people and a lot of great talent comes from your country.

    Adam has many many people here spoiled now as they know they will never see the caliber of talent like we had this year again.

  525. Next season will go down hill. No one will ever be talented like Adam is, on that show, ever again…

  526. @Mary Anne #559, thanks for reminding me about the Larry King Live show. I have my television set on now.
    #569 – Goood one Glambert! LOL! I still think that it should have been Allison & Adam going at it toe to toe – NJ slang, lol. Of course still hoping for Adam to win the title.
    Frank, I joined the Yahoo group, did you post on there yet? I didn’t see your user name that you mentioned, Frankintally? Right?

  527. Mare, no I haven’t posted yet. One of us needs to get it started. Anyone have an idea of what the title of our first post should be so we can all recognize it?

  528. This was about the screaming meamie 12 year old girls voting a million times. I am a Christian who loves music, all kinds- Adam had the best voice. Kris was sweet and all, but very limited range.Both young men carried themselves very well. It was all about the voice for me.A person’s sexual orientation should be private. Adam has a God-Given gift!

  529. Haven’t had a chance to watch larry king yet.Been working on cleaning up my dvr.I put all of Adam and Allison performances onto DVD so I can delete all the AI shows.Maybe I’ll catch it tommorw,it’s on the DVR.

  530. I saw it, Frank. Very good. It’s nice to see all their personalities show. Atleast Danny was in a better mood tonight. What did you think?

  531. I am shocked!! Adam is by far the better singer and performer compared to the rest of the contestants. Kris was just a pretty boy next door with an above average singing/performing ability. Nothing fantastic… To me Adam Lambert is the winner! I am a fan!

  532. Frank, I wanted to get my feet wet so to speak, so I posted on the Yahoo NG at around 8:45 pm eastern time, but I do not see my post. It was titled Larry King Live – Adam Lambert fans or something to that affect. My user name is foxmeyer, so look for me. I don’t know if the hold up is because my post has to be approved by one of the monitors or not, or what the deal is. I did get a notification from one of the monitors stating that I was approved for the group. We’ll just have to see what happens.
    Chris W. it’s cool to see another Adam and Allison fan, WTG. Can you imagine those 2 performing with the “Queen” band members instead of Kris & Adam? Now that would have been a rockin performance!
    I saw the Larry King live, and no offense, was it my imagination or was Scott trying to run the whole show? Damn he would not stop interrupting, how annoying!

  533. People please! Stop making this a religious or gay issue. It’s silly and immature. I happen to be a Christian and voted for Adam. I don’t care what his personal life is….I voted for the talent. Kris won because he got more votes. Get over it. They are both talented or they wouldn’t have got this far. The only thing I think should change is the way voting is conducted. It should be limited to one vote per person. Now accept the results and get on with life. These two fine young men will succeed at life based on what they put into it.

  534. I Mare, your post is out there now. I replied but didn’t see my reply. Hopefully the delays won’t be so long as to prevent any “real time” interaction with the group.

    I too saw the show. Yes, Scott was a little wordy. One of my favorite comments came from Anoop. He indicated he wouldn’t date Kara because she’s a Duke girl. You have to be from North Carolina to appreciate that comment.

  535. All of you adam fans, stop braging AI is done and kris is the winner so I think all of you should just shut your mouths and get on with your lives.Stop trying to make adam look good, Kris was better than him throughout the whole season that is the reason why he won,so just face it ADAM IS A BIG LOOSER

  536. Thanks Kris Allen Fan, we all enjoyed your very intelligent and well thought out diatribe.

  537. It amazes me how different the comments have been after the fianle. Adam fans go back and read your comments about how yall need to vote as many times as you can so your guy can win. I saw some Adam fans claiming to vote over 1000 times!!! SO its OK to vote over and over again if your an Adam fan but not for Kris? Just curious!! Both will do well but Kris was the right choice!!!

  538. Hello everyone,
    First of all Frank, not sure how well that site will work for us.I saw mares post there and I think a few from JAG,
    as well as one I started last night.Note sure how long it takes for your post to go through as they all have to be approved first.

    The one I started is very short just to welcome adam fans.

  539. Hi guys (esp Frank, Mary Anne. JAG … )

    I have been following your comments over the last few days from Melbourne (Australia). Watched AI all season to see Adam – most captivating new talent I have seen in years.

    I got to see Adam x 2 on Larry King because of your leads. And got to his website because of you. Thanks so much.

    I don’t know anything about your domestic issues that might have influenced voting – I didn’t even know he was gay until this post as it wasn’t reported in Aus. (I just thought the mascara was part of his ‘rock look’.) But I have to say your voting system sounds weird.

    Anyway, just wanted to reassure you his world wide popularity is already growing – and as soon as his music becomes available on Australian iTunes the thousands of Adam fans who got to see AI on cable down here will be downloading it! Can’t wait.

    Go Adam.
    And good luck with your support group.

  540. Chris W. I’m not too sold on that site now that I’ve seen how it works. It appears to be more for sharing info than just chatting.

    Sooo, I’ve taken the liberty to start a chat room. Right now I’ve password protected it to keep unwanted people out. If you would send me an email I’ll send you the location and password.

    I’m going to post this to others as well and see how it goes.

  541. For those that want to continue chatting as a group.

    Chris W, Mare, I, and a few others have joined the Yahoo group named AdamLambertFanz. It does not at this time appear to be a good means of chatting.

    This is getting frustrating so I’ve taken it upon myself to create a chat room on a site that allows such. Rather than open it up to the world right now I would like to invite all Adam fans who read this and want to be able to chat to send me an email and I’ll send you information that will allow you to get to the site. My email address is This is not my personal email but one I created just for the purpose of communicating for with you.

    I’ve already invited Chris W. All of the rest of you Adam Fans (Mary Anne, JAG, YL, Joanna, Kathy, Mare, and others) who want to join please email me and let’s try this out. If you don’t want to email with a personal account just go to Yahoo or other another similar site and create one.

  542. Yeah,
    If you look from last night,every new post was at 12:44 am and they all ended up in my e-mail today??

  543. Frank, seriously, I think that we should start our own Adam Lambert Fans NG – perhaps call it Lambervillefans or if any of you can think of a better name. Maybe you and Mary Anne can be the monitors of the group or perhaps anyone else who is a Adam fan can volunteer. I think that may be better than chat, because with chat, not everyone is on the same schedule. Just MHO. Although I would be happy to join as Mary Anne would say “y’all” in chat. Let me know when you guys will be chatting.

  544. Mare, the chat site above allows messaging as well but I’m not sure how well it or the chat works without testing it out with others.

    I’m not sure the Yahoo group thing works any differently than the one we’ve already joined. I’ll look into it.

    Any other ideas welcomed.

  545. Anybody watch the Early Show? Adam was supposed to perform but Obama cut in….

  546. Frank,
    Just sent ya an e-mail.Have you or anyone else thought of going something simple like Yahoo message boards for american idol?There you can keep your post in “adam fans only”

    Just a thought!!!!!

  547. Has anybody checked out Can we not chat on there?

  548. Oh almost forgot,

    For the ones that made a yahoo account for the other site would be able to post there right now.

  549. Jag,
    Maybe it’s just me or my old computer but American gives my computer a lot of greif and won’t work right half the time.LOL

  550. Jag, I think Adam was taped this morning so if you were there you could have seen him. I think the segment will be aired on Thursday. Not sure though.

  551. Adam deserved to win….he was so consistanly good all season……he was the best….it’s a shame that the most talented person didn’t win….Kris didn’t compare to Adam…..I thought Danny and Allsion were both better than Kris…

  552. Sharon, I agree with your statement – top 3: 1) Adam; 2) Allison; 3) Danny. JMHO, Chris, oh Kris should have abracadabra a long time ago. Poor soul he has a lot to live up to.

  553. Frank, I belong to 4 other Yahoo NG’s and most of them we monitor. One in particular, we emailed those who we knew were dedicated to the related topic and emailed them with invites. That way, the monitoring process was expediated, and anyone else who wanted to joined had to be monitored & approved before they could join. I hope that I am making sense and I do not sound like I am rambling on. If we all share what our Yahoo user name is or send an email to your email address that you submitted above, than we will be able to know who the TRUE Adam Fans are and who the trolls are and send email invites to our Yahoo group. Should a troll accidentally slip into our group, it is just as easy to kick them out! I would be more than happy to volunteer as a monitor, but it would be good to have a couple of other people volunteer such as you Frank, Mary Anne, Jag, Kathy, YL, or Chris W. What do you guys think. We need to do something before they shut us down. I will sure miss talking to you guys as it has been a lot of fun sharing our love for Adam Lambert.

  554. One more thing, I liked when Ryan Seacrest asked Kris & Adam if they have read any of the blogs, and Adam stated that he did not let the negative remarks affect him. He is so positive & comfortable in his own skin, he will not have a problem being a BIG success in the music industry. The way that I look at it, I wish that I could have called in and told Adam for every 1 negative comment that I blogger makes there are a thousand positives commented about him.

  555. Mare I went out earlier and started a Yahoo group just to see if I could create one that is more user friendly than AdamLamberFanz. It’s not very sophisticated at the moment and I haven’t necessarily setup of all of the options the way it should be. Since you have experience, email me and I’ll give you the info and make you a moderator so you can look around. Maybe I haven’t setup things the way they should be but still find the ability to communicate quite cumbersome compared to a site like this.

    I have also setup a blog that allows comments like this that might be a solution. I’ll give you that info as well if you want to investigate.

    I too am concerned that this will get shut down and we will lose contact. That being the case a few of use know each other’s Yahoo email addresses. So that’s a backup until we find a solution.

  556. Kris has won this years Idol…
    Adam needs to find his on way and quit hanging
    onto Kris..
    Each time Kris is on an interview here is Adam
    hanging on.
    Go away Adam.
    Congratulations! Kris

  557. WTF, Reva??? ADAM hanging onto KRIS?? Where the heck did you invent that crap?? It’s more like the other way around. Or better yet, neither of them are hanging onto eachother!! Adam doesn’t need Kris and he doesn’t act like it. Seriously, where’ve you been? Adam is independant but humble; Kris is the one that needs support.

  558. Go REVA!! About time I agree with you!! I will be happy when all the Adam lovers/cry babies/sore losers get their own chat room!! Adma lost end of story!!!!

  559. Different Nikki, when we all pull out of here it’s going to be very lonely for the few of you who will be left.

    Yes, Kris won. We know that and congratulate him. That’s not going to stop us from saying who we think is the best talent.

  560. Clearly Adam set the new standard for AI for 2009. Even the judges comments revealed that. The general public votes who they are comfortable with – not on the talent of the individual. I think Adam made some of the audience a bit uncomfortable and Chris was the all around likeable guy.

  561. Quite possible, Angela. But it seems that most of America loves Adam…

  562. JAG, betcha’ you will be surprised to know that I love ADAM!!! I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon…Catch ya’ll then…Can’t wait until Thursday AM to see him…If anyone knows another time before then he will be on let me know…ADAM!!!

  563. Haha yeah, aren’t you a Kris fan or something?? xD Um, Adam will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning, performing. He was SUPPOSED to be on the Early Show this morning but was cut out when the president talked…. Obama was on every channel…

  564. hey u kris fans dont go on this site anymore. just leave this site for the adam fans. it seems that theyre lost they cant get anywhere to talk about their heartbreak without kris fans disturbing them. so have mercy on them. just leave them alone in all AI site. try to find the kris fan base its fan there.

    and for all u glambert fans, i know ur saying that kris is a losser coz he dont even have fans posting here anymore. dont worry u all he got a more stronger fan base than adam. they just been quiet. dont want to waste their time reading all the nonsense written here or somewhere. so they have already their own base before the finals.

    so wonder no more where the krin fans went


  566. Thanks YL, we miss you too..Seems we are the only ones up this early in the morning..Or maybe it is not early where you are..Where are you YL??
    Good to hear from you…
    We are all still loving ADAM, WORLD IDOL!!!

  567. Amor, please don’t go! Adam fans need a good laugh every now and then.

  568. Speaking of Donna..We have not heard from her for awhile..

  569. Yeah, I like all the different ways Amor can spell Kris’ name…Variety is the Spice of life..

  570. Catch you later…I’ll be back home this afternoon…

  571. Wow, did y’all hear on Good Morning America this morning that AT&T personnel admitted to providing assistance to Kris fans holding voting parties in Arkasas during the final voting. Showing them how to vote in blocks of 10, etc.

    I have not idea if this is speculation at this time or is true.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  572. Good morning Adam’s fans!
    Wow, about voting! I can’t belive that someone would start talking about AT&T methods finaly!
    Today we can see Adam on Regis and Kelly!
    Did you hear Kris yesterday?

  573. Joanna, yes I saw Kris yesterday. He appears to be such a nice and humble guy I would hate for him to be the American Idol under a cloud.

    Can’t wait to see Adam this morning if I can.

  574. It’s been wonderful reading all the great comments about Adam here. I’ve seen the two interviews on LKL & he comes across so well! (He’s obviously a “star” even to his fellow contestants!) He’s going to be on Regis this morning (wed) & they had Kris on yesterday. I anticipate a completely different show today. Adam can hold his own with interviews. I heard a radio interview where Adam even mentioned that his life changed at 25 “when he fell in love.” It gave him a different perspective. I thought that was such a private, personal thing to share. He’s such a talent, but he’s also a great human being. I think it would be great to know him personally. I intend to fully support his music where it counts: with my wallet!

  575. Jimmy, I’ve been saying all along that American Idol is a voting contest as much as a talent contest. Adam’s loss is simply that those who voted for Kris outvoted those of us who voted for Adam. With American Idol you have no idea how many voters there were for each contestant – only how many votes.

    Now, I know there are Kris fans who had the same experience that I did while voting the last night. I got in 4 votes for Adam in 3 hours. One lady at one of these Kris Allen watch parties in Arkansas stated that she and 2 of her friends got in over 11,000 votes.

    Like Lavergne said, the best thing that Adam fans can do now is vote with their wallets.

  576. Gosh, who is that idiot on the other thread pretending to be me?!

  577. There is concern among some of us that this site will eventually go away and we’ll lose touch with each other. I’ve looked into several alternative sites and have not found any to be both as user friendly and as interactive as blogging sites which allow comments such as this one.

    Last night I created a blog that will allow us to share our thoughts and other information about Adam. It’s not the most sophisticated blog site but is functional. Right now I consider it a work in progress.

    I’ve also posted an article about why I think Kris won and Adam lost.

    If you would like to join the site send me an email to and I’ll pass on information about how to join. As I’ve said in earlier emails if you don’t want to use your personal email address create one on Yahoo.

    I hope to see some of you there.

  578. Ok, guys. An Adam fan on another site referenced a site that we might could adopt.

    Go check out Joe’s Place Blog. Just Google it and you should find it no problem. I’m not a big fan of too much color but it seems to have the same basic comment design as this site.

    The person running it seems to keep it current and sure has a lot more time to dedicate to the site than I would.

  579. I like Joe’s Place!! It’s really easy to comment on just like these sites and you don’t need an ‘account’. It seems perfect. 😉

  580. LOL yeah…. good thing my evil twin hasn’t descovered this thread yet.

  581. From Brazil….Yes Frank, I agree with you, but there is a problem even with the vote system. I think Adam is unique. But thats ok… Adam will be the next Fred Mercury substitute.

  582. Jimmy, if Adam gets good guidance and listens to his advisors, and if the record company gives him some leeway he will be a world wide star – no doubt.

    Hope you get a chance to see him live in Brazil. From what I understand his voice is even more amazing live than on TV.

  583. JAG,
    Just went and checked out joes place and it does seem simple and perfect,I like it.

  584. To all the Glambert fans…Adam’s blog taught “power texting” also. Check it out
    Now everyone get a life…the show is over we had a lot of talent this year! This was NOT a gay or christian issue just personal taste plain and simple…..until next year God Bless!

  585. Frank, the others should agree that it’s easy to find and easy to use.I missed adam today and think they have a video there I’ll have to see.

  586. Adam only sang one song – Mad World. Kris sang 2 yesterday, but he is the American Idol.

    As always Adam was interesting during the interview and great when doing the song.

  587. Adam is so likable in interviews. He’s just as much a humble dude as Kris.

    I don’t see why the others won’t like the other site. It’s very similar to this one, chatting-wise. We’ve got the 3 of us, and i would assume K will come, too, since she suggested it.


  589. i couldn’t believe it!!! my mouth dropped!! don’t get me wrong chris is good!!! but the vocals on adam, anit no joke!!! he’s the real winner,an he’ll be coming up for real!!! if i waz in the mucic bizz, i would put every dime on adam!!! cause he’s going to get ppaaiidd!! that’s no doubt!! simon couln’t even stand up, probably cause he would of fell bk. down!! i know the both of the guy’s r friends. but bussiness is bussiness!!! don’t get it twisted. if i waz adam i would of asked for a recount!!!! god bless u chris,u have a very good future too!!! adam is worth the million man walk!!! my hat goes off too u!!!

  590. Tell me what’s up with the AT&T voters scam? Has the show been compromised? Where do we go from here, a tie?

  591. YL, I’ve just clicked on the email address above and sent an email from another address. Let me see what happens.

  592. Mike, I doubt anything comes of this. AT&T has admitted this happened but American Idol claims they still consider Kris the winner.

    I really don’t think the title means that much to Adam at all. He’s achieved what he intended to achieve and that’s getting discovered. Many think he’s better off not being the winner.

    I think what’s important is for American Idol to come up with a better voting mechanism. Maybe that will come out of this. Time will tell.

  593. Frank, appreciate your reply. I also feel Adam is better off without the confines of the title. However I do believe AI has lost creditabllity.

  594. Not to worry JAG. I’ve been called much worse – even on here.

  595. YL, my email to the above address went through okay. You might want to check the address to make sure it’s correct.

  596. Frank,
    Just caught the reply on YOUR other thread.
    We will see what happens tommorw after you get a chance to let the others know whats going on.

  597. JAG, I think Chris is talking about Joe’s Place. I saw a comment by you on there as well.

  598. Hey, there…I’m back in TN…Just reading all your posts…Very interesting..Thanks for keeping everyone posted about what ‘s going on…

    Frank, you have given the email address…In your post #642, you gave your email address as FKingInTally..I don’t know if you intended to give 2 choices??

    I checked out Joe’s place site and all the stuff about ADAM..I love it..but had no idea where to go from there…Have any of you posted on it yet and where?? Later…

  599. Oh right…. i haven’t seen any comments from you guys, though.

  600. Chris W. Ok, now we know. Back on Joe’s Place the only thing that I don’t like is having to type in my ID and email address after a reply in a post. Maybe the owner doesn’t want the comments in a post to be too interactive.

    Looks like there might be some kind of chat on the site but I haven’t spent any time looking at it yet.

  601. “Lost Video Found: Adam Lambert Sings at a 2004 Telethon”. You did the first reply.

  602. It’s not showing up on my computer. There’s only 5 comments there; Me, emme, wizkid, tammy, and sparky. …. ?

  603. The reply I did on the post about Clay Aiken apologizing is there. Go figure.

  604. Hey just got back on– no, that is not me!! Ugh what am i supposed to do???

  605. Seems he calmed down a bit this time, though. :/

    Oh i found your post on the other website. Annoying that we have to enter our names every time to comment…

  606. JAG, sorry didn’t mean to creep you out. Actually what the fake JAG said was nothing to hide behind another poster’s name.

    At least he/she has to type in a whole lot of name to impersonate you. LOL

  607. LOL yeah… it’s not really worth it, though, since they make it so obvious they’re fake. 🙁

  608. Well, it’s almost midnight here so going to go get my beauty sleep. Later guys……….

  609. OK, night, Frank. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I won’t see any new postings under my name…

  610. When Kris was Announced the AI season 8 winner, i felt like i was slap on the face. This is so unbelievably ridiculous! Has America gone nuts?? How can Kris be the Idol???
    Adam was the one who OBVIOUSLY sang better..I felt so touched when he sang ‘ No Boundaries’. The other two songs were also sung so well, especially Mad World! Man, I thought ‘No Boundaries’ was a great song. Later Kris also took on the song. My mom was like ” OMG, he’s singing the same song as Adam?? ” and started laughing out loud.. My parents didn’t know he was singing ” No Boundaries” cuz it sounded bad–half dead and lifeless. Even a beautiful song sounded horrible when sang by Kris. I felt so crushed and sad when Adam lost..everyone in my school(and radio station) also has the same thoughts as I have. We were shocked that Adam has lost. Anyway, now its juz the beginning of Adam’s rise of fame..He’ll be a big star in the future. America, juz wait and see..By the time, you will regret for not choosing Adam. I love u Adam! I’ll alwayz be a Glambert! =)

  611. YAG, nobody up at 4:00-5:00 AM except you and me…Where do you live??

  612. I mean YL…Where are you posting from so early in the morning??

  613. Adam is about to perform on Early Show for anyone who is interested.

  614. Yes, just amazed that an ADAM Haters will come on here and jump right in the middle of all you ADAM Lovers…Someone suggested you all get a life..I think it is the other way around..Can you imagine an ADAM Hater taking the time to read all this stuff and respond to it?..Perhaps they are the ones that need to get a life..That would be about like us going to a Kris site, if there is one and finding fault with the Kris Lovers, if there are any..

  615. Yes, I’m watching..I just saw them interview him..They are calling him Almost Idol Adam…Cute…

  616. Got on Joes place and watched interview yesterday with Regis and Kelly..It was great..They talked a lot about his presence as a mega star..He is so very professional…I’m impressed all over again..

  617. Well, they are still holding off..Keep saying ADAM is going to be on…Holding the crowd..Guess they will save him until last like AI did so many times to hold the audience..

  618. Ohmigoh!! He is soooo gorgeous….Made my day…Now maybe I can get something done!!

    Ge us is very amazing and the crowd is just wild about him..I noticed they made the comment that losing AI was probably the best thing that ever happened…So I guess we will have to thank AT&T for teaching Arkansas to vote 38 million times for Kris…LOL

  619. Don’t know where the Ge us came from..ADAM just has me “all shook up” this morning…

  620. This is Kathy from PA I have been going through some emotional personal times and have not been keeping up with things..does anyone know if Larry King Live, the show this past monday will be repeated again? I missed the whole thing and would love to see it.
    Thanks to you all. I am glad you are all still here.

  621. Kathy from PA, sorry to hear that. As YL said you can find it on YouTube. It’s also on the Larry King Live website if you Google that.

  622. YL, no wonder you are on at 4:00-5:00 AM..What is it, 5-6 hour time differential?? I could look it up but rather be lazy and ask..

  623. Looks like these sites are drying up all of a sudden. Sorry to see it happen but it was inevitable I guess.

    As I posted on another similar site, we may have been outvoted but not out commented.

    I sure has been a blast and I hope y’all on another site.

  624. Hey, Frank,,Just been too busy today…Did see an interesting show about AI here locally around noon today…Talk show, a group of singer-songwriters, Voice coach (Taylor Swift’s voice coach)..Recording execs..Producers, etc..Talking about the huge misjustice done to ADAM on AI..Whether or not he really needed AI, just so sad , he missed his “moment in the sun” when everyone knew it should have been his…Also they all realize that ADAM will go on to much bigger and better things…It was mentioned that ADAM was by far the most talented individual ever on AI..So we were right!!

    FOX has only the one really popular show and play it to the hilt..Everyone seems to think now that all this has come out about the flawed voting system that perhaps AI will have to take another look at it…Even FOX admits they need to look at the voting system..So, hopefully there will be a change..If not, lots of us will not be voting again..

  625. Hi Mary Anne. I’ve gotta run for a while but will respond to your post later.

  626. Mary Anne, Adam really seems to be ok with the results and he’s the least likely of the contestants to need the win to guarantee a record deal.

    As far as changing the system of voting, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  627. Oh, I know ADAM is fine with it but I think the whole world was watching, just knowing he was going to win..It would havwe been such a special moment for everyone knowing he won…Not to worry, I’m over it because he is going places, for sure and we will get to see plenty of him…No doubt..

  628. When assessing this site, it keeps going to Big Brother Site…anybody else having that problem?? Just me??

  629. K, I have not seen you here yet, but if you arrive…I and the other Recycled Teenager Welcome you…..

  630. Hi Mary Anne, I’m not having that problem. The only problem I’m having is that nothing is going on. Except for the fact, of course, that you’re on here:-)

  631. Hey, you know what’s happening? I was on and nobody else was here…Then ya’ll were on here sometime in between..Now here I am again but nobody else is here…I think we should “make a date” and all come on here at the same time…Sometime, we old folks (recycled teens) have some bright ideas!!

  632. Oh, just you and me Frank..I thought K had been here…You mean K has not come over to be greeted by the “welcoming committee”??.

  633. I can’t see evidence that K has been over here. At least she didn’t post.

    There are so few of us on here now that it’s a good possibility that only one of us will be on here at a time.

  634. Maybe it’s better now if we just post on the other regular site and just monitor this for old acquaintances and suggest the other site to them as well.

    As I posted on the other site, “” might be a solution as well. We could stir things up on any other site because people aren’t use to posters being so interactive.

  635. Well, maybe we all could “make a date” on the other site so we could talk together…

  636. JAG go to the other site and see post #555 on how you can join Mary Anne and I and hopefully others.

  637. Yeah it is. 🙁 But if we use the site you created it will be just us. How will that be any different than using an official site??

  638. My plan is for us to be able to invite others and eventually open it up to everyone. At least we will be able to communicate until the site takes off or we find something better.

  639. Found it! The other site has some new angry fans so I didn;t botehr posting. is slowing down too. MJ’s Big Blog seems active with regard to the number of posts. The problem is that MJ’s is not as easy to navigate. Let me know if you’ve all gone elsewhere and I’ll check in again soon.


  640. The other site is a little more active that this one but with none of the old gang around. Pity…. I posted a reply to your message over there.

  641. Hoang,

    American Idol is a SINGING COMPETITION. Sure, that’s great that Kris can also play 2 instruments, but that is not what the show is for. The show is meant to find the most talented SINGER, which is ADAM. Kris is not a song-writer, as he has never written a song. ADAM is a song-writer, as he has written many songs. (9 that i know of) Simon repeatedly did compliment Adam, as Simon knows true talent, and he wanted the Americans to see it, too. I don’t think Simon’s intent was to irritate voters. He is a judge on the show and all he’s doing is judging. Adam would have gotten along fine in the competition with or without Simon’s “help”.

  642. I Agree with Glambert. Also, I can see 100 Kris’s in any Sunday service at church. They all sound like him. He isn’t original for me. Now ADAM, he is original. I love the kid.

  643. Hey gang, I have been hiding or should I say that I have been REAL BUSY. We are getting ready to renovate our kitchen and we have been going around getting different prices, so I have been out of the loop. Forget about my kitchen, let me get back to my boy ADAM LAMBERT!
    Frank, when I get a chance, I will email you at your yahoo address.
    #766 YL, thanks for that link, it is awesome, and I have added it to my favorites.
    It’s good to see some of the regulars on here. I see that people are posting about other groups, what and where are the other groups?
    Diana, I agree with your comment 100%.
    I will try to come in a little more often. TTYL

  644. ATTENTION – Anyone coming to this site – especially the old gang – but anyone for that matter.

    It appears this site is slowly grinding to a halt and will probably be this way until next season.

    Some of us have formed our own site just to stay in touch. If you are interested you can email me at or link directly to the site. Since we cannot put a link on this site the base address is adamlambertfanatics.wordpress . In most modern browsers you can type this in, hold down the Ctrl key and press Enter.

    P.S. Fans of other season 8 contestants are also welcome. Stay there long enough and you might see the light. LOL

  645. Hi Mare, glad to see you on here again. See my post just above for info on the site. We’re small but hope to grow. You’ll see Mary Anne and JAG (Just Another Glambert). Feel free to invite others.

  646. Actually I just realized that my first post above is waiting to be approved – probably because I used my email address? Anyway, Mare, if you see this the original email address is wrong. The first part should be “FrankInTally.

  647. All there is to this point, is to continue our lives as normal as possible ’cause I honestly could have never thought America could do so wrong, to such amazin and extraordinary talent as Adam Lambert then again American Idol is all about money, but Adam is so much bigger than American Idol he simply didn’t need to win with the every week on stage performance long before the last results he had already won the WORLD, not only poor minded americans. Adam I will be the first to get ur album, You Rock.-

  648. No stretch of my imagination could have predicted this once in a lifetime, devastating defeat. However, I am glad that I am more upset than Adam. His dream will come true as no other performer on this show could ever top his flawless and extraordinary performances. Go Adam I’m a fan for life.

  649. It’s heartwarming to hear about the great response that Adam has been getting doing his set on the AI tour. Most accounts describe a “crazed crowd” screaming nonstop upon his entrance. I hope that the tour doesn’t wear him out. The touring schedule, meet & greets, press interviews etc sound endless & draining. Plus, if he’s recording his CD stuff during his “down” time, that makes for a real grind. I hope he doesn’t burn out. Also, safety seems to be an issue too. A barricade apparently collapsed during autograph signing after the show. I’m glad he’s famous and I hope his schedule improves after the tour. Also, I hope he can get some normal time with friends & family so he can enjoy his success too.

  650. Did America get it wrong? Of course they did, you only have to listen to the audience response when Adam comes on the stage to perform, the whole tour is centered around Adam, all the others, although they do have talent, they are no way near Adam’s amazing talent. We will never see another contentstant on America Idol to match Adam’s talent for a very long time. This is mad in the faces of all those who did not vote for Adam for all the wrong reasons.

  651. I recently went to the concert in Albany and Adam was far above the rest. Danny G. did great as well as Matt. Adam got the most cheers and it is clear that he was robbed. It is also very clear that he is the ultimate performer. I am checking the tour to see where I can see him again, He was glorious.

  652. Your site is one of my favorite blogs I’ve ever seen so far and man , I tell ya , I’ve seen a lot of great informational blogs. I’m glad that i found such great news here. Keep up the good work dude.

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