American Idol 2009 Top 12 Wild Card Performers

Tonight we learned which 8 singers will come back to perform on Thursday night as part of the American Idol 2009 Wild Card round:

  • Von Smith
  • Jasmine Murray
  • Ricky Braddy
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Tatiana Del Toro
  • Matt Giraud
  • Jesse Langseth
  • Anoop Desai

Tune in Thursday at 8pm on FOX for the American Idol 2009 Top 12 Wild Card results show. I’ll be posting the results live as they happen right here.

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  1. how can you let this — drama queen (Tatiana Del Toro ) go on and waste spot for some one who deserves it!!!!!


    ALSO Tatiana Queen is so desperate to be a queen one more time ..

    I happy with all the results tonight .. It pretty predictable ..So Hopefully 8 remaining contestant would do a good job and good luck to all of them .

    YES American Idol 2009 is the best .!!!

  3. Since Felicia Barton didn’t make the wild card round, I’m going with Megan Corkrey, Jasmine Murray, and Anoop Desai to round out the final 12.

  4. OMG!!! This to me is the most disappointing year ever. Mishavonna Henson was incredible and they dissed on her. I ususally call it right 95% of the time. How in God’s green earth could they leave this girl out and oh by the way….Tatiana?? You’re kidding me, Right?? AI will be suspect at best this year other than a couple of picks. Lil Rounds is definitely the best singer in the competition and has the stage presence to go with it.

    We’ll see…..

  5. There are already 6 guys in the top 12, so won’t all the wild card winners have to be girls??? That means (ick) Tatiana will be chosen…..

  6. Terrible.

    And guess what? The judges pick which three make it on to the show. Know what that means? Tatiana is a lock for the Top 12. Count on it. The producers will have it no other way.

    Judges failed miserably. Von, Matt, Ricky, and Megan did nothing special, but were at least competent. Fortunately, they’re bland, pretty, and white. Jasmine was one of the worst performers — she couldn’t sing in tune. Jessie’s “personality” is transparent and her voice that is mediocre at best. She’s also incredibly obnoxious. I do like Anoop!

    Ju’noe absolutely deserved another shot. His performance was difficult, entertaining, heartfelt, and actually had some musical merit. Felicia is a natural — she got shafted as well. The judges ought to be ashamed for leaving these two out, especially Ju’noe. What a joke.

    In my mind, the other Matt and Alex are both talented and engaging; they clearly deserve another chance. They also have a personality, unlike several of these eight. I’m just afraid the judges decided they didn’t like how they looked.

    So the judges failed miserably. Not surprising. Paula is the only one who knows when the singers are in tune. Kara is obsessed with marketing. Randy has no idea if the singer is in tune but thinks he does. Simon is exactly right about 40% of the time. At any rate, massive failure tonight.

  7. Hey, everybody. Tatiana deserves a chance. I think she did really well even though she is a drama queen. Just have a laugh from her drama and judge her from her voice.

  8. There were others who deserved a chance way above Tatiana. It’s all about ratings…sure everyone will tune in just to see what she does, how she acts. She laughable at best, and yes, extremely hard to watch, espcially now. I truly wonder how true the voting actually is….america isn’t that tone deaf !

  9. Had hoped AI had learned that putting drama queens on(Sanjai)is what dropped their ratings.Not So,Tatiana?It’s not fair to the thousands who try out & are good to be disked for this. You’re hurting youselves A.I.

  10. I sincerely hope that Tatiana does not get through to the top 12. Some other singers that are far more talented than her have gone home already, and the idea of having another Sanjaya is frightening.

  11. Tatiana makes this show more interesting. She attracts viewers to watch AI. Attraction in a different view. People (like some of you) watch Tatiana because you love to hate her, laugh at her. Now, what is genius about AI is, it is not only about singing competion, it is a business entity. And Tatiana helps AI a lot in this business sense. Tatiana boosts AI ratings because people all watch her to hate her. People talk about Tatiana, and indirectly making people watch AI. AI producers sure loves Tatiana! Personally, I like Tatiana, because she is the one who makes me laugh, makes me to look forward to watch AI.

  12. What were they on when they picked them? How could they leave the talent in the redroom and pick the people they did.

    And Anoop really disappointed me tonight. He didn’t look happy that he was chosen.

    Oh, and I don’t think all three will be girls. i think I read at the start of the season that the top 12 won’t be six guys and six girls.

  13. I don’t understand that Tatiana thing???? Anyone??? I think they put her there because they need a counterpart for Jorge; since they are from the island and Tatiana is female and Jorge is male, is for competition purposes; and a show. In my opinion, they should’ve picked Felicia. What a waste of our time, to choose Tatiana, instead of Felicia and other more talented Singers.

  14. Tatiana does have a good voice. I don’t think America will vote her in. The only reason they brought her back was to watch her lose and have another melt down on tv. It’s all about ratings.

  15. I want to see Matt Giraud and Megan Corkrey to top 12. These guys have natural talent. They don’t need to fake or force it.

    Talking about looks over talent, that would be Tatiana and Jasmine..

    The rest are just bland..

  16. I cannot believe they didn’t give Ju’not another shot!!!!! He’s amazing!!! And soulful and wonderfully talented! When he was singing, the way he reinterpreted the Plain White Tees song, I was totally convinced he could go right to the radio! And then when they asked him, he said he was restrained so that he wouldn’t overdo the song when the songwriters did such a good job!! So humble and yet so good!

    American Idol, we know its rigged so go ahead and pick the person who will most likely MAKE IT and not the Tatianas who will only draw viewers. You’ve disappointed me yet again….

  17. #13 Michael: I hope you’re right about not making the Top 12 6 and 6 as in the past. I’d love to see Von in the top 12.

  18. I agree Zach , I just watched the show on Fox and yes for Tatiana to get a second chance LOL!!!! Hopefully they bing back Felicia later because she has a huge future and would definitley throw a few spanners in the works!
    While I love Lil’s voice Felicia is the whole package. Dont give up Felicia.

  19. I don’t know about anyone else, but as soon as they announced Tatiana’s name I turned the channel. This show is no longer about talent. The judges just want a little drama.

  20. Honestly, i think this entire year is screwed up. i only like lil rounds and danny. the wild card is so messed up and this entire year is confusing. when the heck did we ever get the whole “wild card” thing? why should we let the judges choose who’s in? Isn’t this American Idol not Judges Idol? Each year WE the people have picked OUR American Idol, the judges just narrowed everyone down to the top 24, not 36. i think this year is stupid and if Tatiana gets in I’m not watching this year. it’s stupid and yeah she has her good moments but she’s not the one i want in my top 12 and/or be my idol. she has nothing really THAT special to offer. Each singer in the 36 has something different (whether good or bad) to bring to the table and i think we should all respect that, but she doesn’t have anything worth listening to. i think when we vote we shouldn’t just base it all on the performance. i base my vote on how the performance was, their personality, did they engage with me and/or the audience, and previous performances. So i don’t know but i think i liked the top 24 and narrowing it down like we’ve gotten the past years than this. now we won’t have even number of boys and girls talent wise and people wise. Eh, it sucks. so whatever, you can agree with me or disagree, your choice.

  21. I pretty much agree with the wild card choices except for Ju’Not. He was fabulous, even with the asthma problem. Hope we don’t have to put up with Tatiana past tonite. I’m putting my money on Anoop, Jasmine (Go, Mississippi!), and Matt.

  22. I can believe that Tatiana crap! It should have went to Ju not…someone with real talent not drama!

  23. I believe picking Tatiana was a “fix” purely to get people to watch — it’s like watching a train wreck — it’s horrible and gut-wrenching, but you can’t turn away. If she is voted back in to the Top 12, I will NOT watch — it’s so unfair that this piece of crap takes the place of someone else who truly deserves a chance. There are so many people with talent who are so much more deserving of that spot. My hope is that the Drama Queen gets booted AGAIN .. boo hoo hoo, more tears and dramatics, then b-bye (I hope). If she goes through, that would ruin the whole season for me.

  24. How can you do that Simon?
    You picked Tatiana to go on, everybody knows she cannot be the next American Idol.
    Simon, I admired since Idol started but not in your decision this time. Please! we want to see American idol as still the best and No.1 TV Show.

  25. How can Tatiana still be on American Idol????She should have been kicked off wayyy earlier.Why would people even vote for her

  26. How is Tatiana still in American Idol????She should have been kicked off wayyy earlier.What is “the wild card round”?I don’t even know what their talking about.What ever it is I’m rooting for Scott,Lil Rounds,and Ju’Not

  27. In response to Alexis — “Why would people even vote for her?” — Remember Sanjaya??? “Vote for the worst” — there are a lot of sick people out there who try to manipulate this. Since the judges are deciding the final 3 from this Wild Card group, I pray they do NOT put Tatiana through. Make her go through another elimination tonight! Poor baby!

  28. I don’t mind the judges reserving 3 picks for themselves as long as they are solid picks. Oh well….so much for that!! Mishavonna to me was wayyyyyy better than Jasmine. Jasmine is the one pick I’m so disappointed in (other than drama queen). Just so disappointed words cannot describe or do justice.

  29. im surprising tatiana back in wild card. she sings like a funeral & shes over acting.michavonna was better than her.she cant sing as michanovva

  30. Well, Tatiana certainly didn’t dissapoint last night — could you stand the dramatics? Talk about a “one trick pony” — did she plan to perform the same song each time? What an idiot?I loved Simon’s comments! Oh my gosh — soooooooooooooo glad they kicked her to the curb. I could not have taken any more of the Drama Queen . . . good riddance. Now, on to the competition! There’s some really good talent this time.

  31. thank God Tatiana is so gone. I was so mad she stole the happiness from well deserved Megan tonite. Why they called her back is so beyond me. Felicia deserved way more then her

  32. debbie,
    Mishavonna is the way to go!

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