1. If Tatiana stays on, I WILL NOT be watching this season until I hear that she is off. I have not missed a single season, but that drama queen makes me litterly sick to my stomach. I was SO relieved when she was voted off the first time. pleeeeeeaaaaassseeee !!!!!

  2. I agree with Linda K on this Tatiana. She makes me sick. PLEASE american make sure she is GONE!!!! FOR GOOD!!

  3. I take my grandkids to all concerts and watch the show faithfully. I hated Sanjia and refused to spend the money to watch him. If the drama queen makes it to the top 12 I won’t go this year either. Do we have to have a soap everyyear? She is terrible what is wrong with the judges, do they just need controversary.

  4. Tatiana is a Drama Queen…she needs to be auditioning for LiveTime Movie

  5. I also agree with Linda K about Tatiana being a drama queen. I can’t stand to listen to her either. Everything isn’t about her! It’s too bad she doesn’t realize the drama is ruining it for her. She’s such an idiot!

  6. I also agree with Linda K, she is a drama Queen. She makes all the Latina women look bad, and not all Latinas are like that. She doensn’t have to exaggerate like that.

  7. What bothered me was Paula Abdul telling Felicia that she wanted coming back for more rounds, but did not pick her for the wild card. And the Blonde lady they said she doesn’t have an identity can sing better than Tati???

  8. I agree with everyone about tatiana or whatever her name is….she is so sick in the head. Pleasse everyone out there give anoop a chance because he deserves it….do not let nationality come into play.

  9. Jasmine is NOT my choice. I am still reeling from not having Mishavonna in the finals. Nobody gives her mention anywhere. Go back and watch her last performance and tell me she doesn’t deserve a spot. Lil Rounds has the best voice in the competition but who knows how things will shake out.

  10. Yeah, Mishavonna, had a great performance, but so did Felicia did a great Job when they brought her back, and did not give her a Chance.

  11. I didn’t think they were going to choose Jasmine at all. But they did, she can prove to be great Voice later on in the competition. She’s NOT my cup of coffee. I don’t think she’ll win, anyway, but who know what’ll happen next…it’s creepy this time; this year.

  12. i was some waht happy about the wild card results but i REALLY wanted felicia to make it instead of that looney bird tatiana,,,I CANT STAND THAT girl!!! felicia tour up that stage i got goosebumps she def shouldnt atleast got a wild card(WAY OVER THAT PHYSCO tatiana) oh and i missed the performances tonight im so mad who was good!!!?????

  13. I agree with mama15 tatiana didn’t deserve a wild card. Look how she messed it up!! She sang the same song and it was boring and she was drama-queen again. When does she stop? Felicia was way better and she was the one who deserved the wildcard.

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