American Idol 2009 Top 13: Will Sex Hotline Get The Scoop On Anoop?

Tonight on American Idol 2009 this season’s Top 13 singers will hit the stage to do their usual: sing for our votes. However, the first ever introduction of a 13th performer in the annual Top 12 event has introduced quite a problem for American Idol producers.

Normally you’d dial 1-866-IDOLS plus your favorite contestant’s number, 1 – 12. But this year, the addition of Anoop Desai would require viewers to dial up to (and don’t you do it, because I’m about to tell you the problem) 1-866-IDOLS13 and who would have guessed that number would take you a sultry voiced line offering up some adult topics. Oh yes, that number calls a sex hotline! Naughty, FOX.

A new number has been lined up for the 13th singer, presumably Anoop at this point, but how many people are going to dial dirty by mistake? I’m guessing lots. You’ve been warned.

Update: I can’t confirm that Anoop will be the 13th performer, but I’m guessing that’s the speculation because he was the 13th name announced last week. I am willing to guess that whoever goes last tonight will be the singer eliminated on Wednesday’s results show at least in part due to the phone number mix-up.