American Idol 2009 Top 12 Becomes Top 13 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009, the final 3 performers in season 8’s Top 12 were revealed, and then some. After informing Matt Giruad that he had been given the 12th spot in the Top 12 the judges rescued a dejected Anoop Desai with the news that this season there would be a Top 13 instead. I’ll admit it, the judges shocked me as I did not see that coming at all.

Next week the American Idol 2009 Top 13 singers will enter the Thunderdome where only one will emerge as this season’s American Idol come late May. Congratulations to all the singers who made it. Here is the official Top 13 list:

American Idol 2009 Top 13:

  • Alexis Grace
  • Michael Sarver
  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Jorge Nunez
  • Jasmine Murray
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

Is it too early to start making predictions? Nah. Let’s hear ’em. Who do you think will be this year’s American Idol? Comment below.




  1. My favorite is Allison And Kris
    Allison I think you the most beautiful girl in the top 13 and you have an amazing voice And for Kris i love you i think you are the most hansome boy in the top 13 with some good talent of singing

  2. Get rid of Cara. I cant stand her. She is a Simon wanna be. There’s no room for her on that show. I just cant stand seeing her or listening to her damn voice.

  3. I have to agree with Sue, Cara is very irritating and I’ve been DVR’ing the shows so I can fast forward through her. I think Danny Gokey is by far the most talented, with a few very close seconds, what a wonderful group we have to start with this year.

  4. I hope this season lives up to its best,since there is talent here especially once they start being coached.
    For Cara,no words,she seems an accessory!

  5. I think Danny is the best guy, and Lil Rounds is the best girl. Half of the people in the top 13 don’t deserve to be there.

  6. Why is EveryOne Picking on Cara all of a Sudden! Just Knock It Off (J & Sue) But I have
    Favs in Lil Rounds and Kendall Beard you Go
    GirlFriends. I Think (J&Sue) Should Slamming
    The American Idol Judge Cara cause That’s just
    NOT Right.

  7. I’m all about Matt this year, but I may be slightly bias (I’m a Michigan girl). But he is incredibly talented and I love the smokey soulful sound of his voice. I also like Danny. He’s got such a moving story and he’s got some phenominal skills. For the girls…kind of tough this year, but probably Allison. She’s cute and oozes natural talent. On a sidebar, J and Sue, I half agree with you. She has good insight, but she’s just a little too harsh I think. My question is, who is she? I had never even heard of her until she came to the show. PRAISE JESUS, TATIANA IS GONE!!!!!!

  8. Keep Cara! She is Hot! Danny Gokey is by far the best singer in the competition. And, Hey!…. What a story he has to go with his talent!

  9. I think Kris Allen is best, cause my name
    is Chris Allen too! Only I’m female!
    Also awesome. 🙂
    Actually personal favorite is our Milwaukee
    hero Danny!

  10. Okay, now I’m really thinking (maybe too much!)
    1. Danny Gokey
    2. Mary J Blige 2 (whatever her name
    3. Blind guy! (we love these kind
    of stories!)
    Rest are interchangeable.

  11. I believe it will come down to Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds. Thank you judges for sparing us from Tatiana. I thought Junot deserved to be in this group. Paula is an embarassment – she appears to be on drugs most nights !!

  12. Lil Rounds is BY FAR the most talented person sitting in the top 13!!! Lil Rounds Biotches!!!

  13. Wow, what at surprise ending last night.

    My favorites are: Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre! I believe it will be a man’s year!!!

  14. I am tired of the drunk and/or drugged out antics of Paula. Kara is almost acceptable, but PAULA HAS TO LEAVE……. NOW!!!!

  15. DANNY GOKEY SINGS LIKE BUTTA!!! He reminds me alittle of Rueben, who could do no wrong in #2, even against what seemed like better and bigger voices. I could listen to Danny Gokey all day and not have to worry about screaming or anything like that. I think Lil Rounds may be best female. Danny vs. Adam lambert in final I Think. No one is going to care if Adam is gay. He sings Freddie Murcury better than Freddie Murcury did. Now THAT is PIPES. Love Danny “BUTTA” though. he is my pick.

  16. I personally think Danny is going to take the whole thing. I love is voice, and I like the way he changes up the song some. Kinda like David Cook. I Think he is by far the best guy. As far as the girls go, I think Lil Rounds has got some serious pipes.

  17. Winner? Immaterial. But…
    Paula has to go! She is painfully sickening when she tries to say anything. Most of the time she seem to be high on something!
    Seacrest is a definite liability to the Show. He is is an idiot who got a free pass to do as he pleases anytime, specially in his constant harassing of Simon, and his unsolicited and corny comments about the comments of the judges regarding the performances. He is just a facilitator, not a contributor! That brat should be fired yesterday, and the Show will be better for it! If he stays, I am out!

  18. I am thon from Philippines. I think Lil Rounds will outstand them all! With great vocal range and great motivation – she’ll rule the AI 8!

    Other contenders are also good but i’ll go with my Top 5.

    I am just sad that Leneisha Young and Kai Kalama did not make it. They are good but there are far better than them. – they’re inspiring

    Thanks, Tatiana is finally OUT!
    Here’s my Top 5:

    1. Lil Rounds
    2. Danny Gokey
    3. Adam Lambert
    4. Allison Iraheta
    5. Jasmine Murray

  19. I agree with you Ken Mc.Had much respect for Ju’not,i hope he would have been included in here in place of Megan.
    Most definately Lil Rounds,Danny,Jasmine,Allison,Adam and Scott will go through.

  20. Finally, someone aagrees with me about Cara. She needs to go big time! She adds nothing at all to the Judges. She really seems out of place. I’m not sure why they added her.
    As for Paula, say what you want,but she at least leaves the contestants with something positive. GET RID OF CARA

  21. I think the winner will be Adam Lambert. If its a girl, it will be Lil Rounds. She can really sing.

  22. Here’s my overall projection(s), who’ll will American Idol Season 8:

    1. Lil
    2. Danny
    3. Adam

  23. American Idol as a mom of a disabled child you guys did an amazing job at assisting Scott and making him feel comfortable in his performances and allowing him to participate free of additional barriers so his talents were unhindered. I’m impressed!

  24. For those of you who are interested in
    Danny Gokey-big article in the Milwaukee
    Journal Sentinel about his church…and
    his friend Jamar(?)who unfairly got the boot
    and wasn’t in the top 36 which he should have been. The church in question is close to the
    Milwaukee Airport! You can check out the
    article in yesterday’s, March 8, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Sweet!

  25. Adam is by far the best I have seen on American Idol. In a league of his own. The next best chance is Lil. Everyone else is just ok.

  26. I would be very very shocked if Lil didn’t win. She is in my opinion better than everyone else- by a mile!!
    Adam- v.good too but a bit too freaky.
    Danny good voice but nothing special
    What about jasmine? She too has it all

  27. I think they have a great bunch this year.
    I believe Danny, Adam and Lil will be there at the end, but I’m not sure of the order. I think they ‘re all great, but I’m sure Danny will continue to get the sympathy votes (not that he needs them.)

  28. Seriously, the Milwaukee Journal did a good
    job of explaining that Danny is not the one
    trying for sympathy! Make sure everyone understands that. I think he sounds like a
    really nice guy (so rare!) and he can really
    sing…so let’s not get background stories too
    confused with the actual contest.

  29. Seriously I think most people have not given Adam the respect I know he deserves. He’s in a league all by himself. I like Danny alot too. Allison is a natural. Lil is also very good. Any of this “TALENTED 4” could go on to win the competition.

  30. Adam is AMAZING-also I like Danny. The women will be Lil or Alexis. Jasmine is like so
    many singers already out there. Megan is
    quirky–but won’t last.

  31. 1. Lil
    2. Allison
    3. Either Danny or Adam
    All depends on how America votes. Let’s hope they realise where the talent really lies and not in sympathy or freakiness.

  32. Wow! What a night! What happen to my Lil Rounds? She should’ve been able to blow the
    top off the joint…and she didn’t. I’m afraid
    Anoop and George have gotta go tonight…maybe
    the pretty blonde…she should model or something…because she is gorgeous, but….
    singing…not so much. And I can see that
    Adam is going to bull doze his way in here.
    My man Danny needs dance lessons but can sing
    no doubt–did Milwaukee proud. I liked Human
    Nature guy and Kris Allen (love that name!)
    got by this week but he’ll definitely have
    to step it up. That last girl, “Dirty Diana”
    will make it this week–but also has to watch
    it big time. That’s my take. And, wait,
    Michael Jackson, in all due respect, is,
    after all THE GREATEST, therefore hard to “do”.
    Great show! Great season so far!

  33. Hello from England, This series is the best its been for a long while! Im not interested in their stories all I want is someone who captivates me the voice, personality, charisma and for me from the first time we saw him I was hooked and thats Danny, I annoyingly missed his performance getting to the top ’13’ but loved his performance tonight singing ‘PYT’ who cares if he can dance or not I agree with Randy. We were also shocked when his friend Jamar didnt make it through??? Why he’s got talent compared to some of the fools who did make it!! As for all your other comments on Cara well over here we’ve NO idea who she is but it seems neither do you lot?? We dont like her, Paula seems to be falling apart and yes its painful to watch! So Danny to win and I would definitely go and see him perform so long as he comes over here?

  34. Adam Lambert has got to be this years American Idol, for sure ! He has got the WHOLE damn package going on. If he is not the one, I will eat my proverbial hat !

  35. Adam Lambert is the Bomb.Lil is great to,it is hard this year there are so many good, good singers.Megan needs to hit the road,she is the only one that I don’t like,sick of the Rob moves.

  36. Adam Lambert is this years AI. He has it all. If America is really honest and picks the person with the whole package it will be Adam. He has worked hard and it shows. How could he not win. Pleasssssss, America, look for talent and it to one that really deserves it.

  37. Hi America, well its Friday and we’ve just watched the results of Wednesdays show and Yeh Megan’s finally gone, she seems like a nice girl and her voice is ok but she has no idea about dancing very irratating and I know its fashionable to have tattoos but I hated hers just tooo much. Anyway can anyone tell us why they seem to be constantly choosing the wrong songs Matt annoyed me this week choosing a song that he thought would just keep him on the show, ok it was a real shock to see him in the bottom three last week but dont sell yourself short just to please you should be true to yourself??? Adam on the other hand has no problems with this, WOW!!! mega talented, as you all say AWESOME! we get sooo excited on Thursday just wondering what he’s going to be singing. Looking forward to this weeks show, I just hope you all vote for the talented ones Adam and Danny the rest Im unsure of they have to sing something really fantastic for me to decide and for the last few weeks havent.

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