1. Me too. We thought Anoop would make it for sure so we were surprised, well for a few seconds at least.

  2. Yeah, Matt, you are right, they brought the excitement tonight, by leaving Anoop in for the last seconds of the show.

  3. I’m Glad they Picked Matt Giraud, I like that guy a lot!!!!!!!!!!!He’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ok thank goodness tatiana did not make the top 12 I don’t think I could have listened to her cry or sing one more time I mean honestly she seems to have like a dozen personalities

  5. i thought ricky braddy is the best singer. Except for Megan Corkrey, i am ok with the results.

  6. I do not agree with you aris…Megan is one of my favorites from that group along with Matt! And I also agree with the comment RE: tatiana! I didn’t like her from the beginning with her laugh…gross!

  7. Ditto what aris said, I’m happy with the results except for Megan Corkrey. She has a unique voice but she has some major voice range issues…….

  8. what song did Megan and Jasmine sing tonight?
    I dont think Anoop has a special voice!!! Ricky Braddy is much better then two or three that are in the top 13. Alexis Grace and Megan are originals!!!!

  9. Yess Anoop dawg is in the house………
    well now its worth watching American Idol’09 again…….. (for me at least)
    anyway it’s not a rEal shocker as I’m from Indonesia.. coz the very first Indonesian Idol Spin-off had the same 13 finalist and similar to Anoop he was an early favorite of the judges….. any way bravo.. kudos for not letting Tatyana back into the mix again pheeeew ………

  10. That was the PERFECT decision last night! Good Job Randy, Paula, Simon & Kara (sp? sorry). Those final four deserve a shot! 🙂

  11. Iwould say that the judge made the right choise last night GOOD JOB……
    I think chris Allen or Allsion would be our next american idol

  12. I am so glad that Tatiana did not make it thru. She was very annoying. I was thrilled that Anoop made it. I think this will be the best season ever.

  13. Looks like the most interesting season since daughtery, pickler, covington, elliot, and taylor I cant wait to see how it goes

  14. If there was a reality show on being the most annoying person in the world…Tatiana would surely be the winner! Thank the heavens above that we won’t have to endue her one more second!!!

    GREAT 13 picks!!!

  15. All finalists are great especially Allison, Adam and Lil but….. in my opinion Lil Rounds is a cut above the rest. She has that something which makes her a winner !!

  16. poor Tatiana, but it was inevitable that she would be cut anyway; I just hope there aren’t any more “wildcards”

  17. Tatiana’s FAT! Why does she keep wearing dresses? SHORT Dresses!!!! So glad she’s out!

  18. ever since the beginning i was a big fan of Allison, Adam, Chris & Scott. There’s somthing really special in Allison’s voice, she is totally unique & Adam is soooo Hot & has the most amazing voice. Tatiana was a TORTURE!!!!i actually praid at night so that she wouldn’t pass through i think she is sooo annoying starting with her useless cries, her dispicable voice and horrible laughs. Scott really is special i think he disurvs a spot in the top 3!!

  19. Whew, so glad that annoying Tatiana is GONE! I think they picked her for the wild card just to throw in a little more of her drama and only for the sake of entertainment. I think they knew she wouldn’t get any further. But I was so fed up with her fake personality that I was going to quit watching the show until she got kicked off by americas votes. Paula was right on when she told her that she would be an actress. She needs therapy first though!!!

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