American Idol 2009 Top 7 – Elimination Prediction Poll

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This week’s American Idol 2009 performance show featured songs from the movies which made for fun, but predictable performances. Who was your favorite and who will be sent packing on Wednesday’s Idol results show?

Check out the poll below and vote for who you think will be eliminated on Wednesday’s Idol Top 7 results show then tell everyone why.

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  1. I think Lil needs to go now, I liked her in the beginning but now she is just boring. She can sing but not as good as the rest, its getting harder now. So I believe that Lil is gone tomorrow.

  2. It’s time to say good bye to Lil. Her exit is long overdue. Yes she can sing. ALL THE CONTESTANTS CAN SING. But she is boring and doesn’t entertain and instead of getting better she is, in fact, getting worse.
    Bye Bye Lil.

  3. i beleive lil rounds is next ,she can sing when she is screaming but when she needs to sing real notes ,there are some she can t sing ,where is meagan and why ,is lil still here , meagan if you read these you are still one of my favorites ,it was not a dance contest it was a singing one ! you go girl

  4. Lil Rounds must go. She has always been average at best, but instead of getting better, she seems to have regressed. Many many notes tonight were an interesting variation when compared to the instrumentation (which I assume was actually in tune). Not awful, but definitely not the Idol. No saves tomorrow.

  5. Matt should go home this week, he’s been in the bottom three & he was not impressive this week. With that being said, I hope Lil gets another chance to show her god given talent. She is not going to win AI, but at least make America remember her. I identified with her: a strong, independant & confident woman. I really hope she comes out swinging.. that would be a great turn of events for the girls this year …..

  6. It should be either Lil or Matt. Lil has been bugging me for a while. She used to be very good but she seems to be getting worse and worse. However, Matt needs to learn that he is NOT Justin Timberlake, and I thought his performance this week was terrible. If I HAD to pick one I would pick Matt.

    I hope Adam wins, and Danny and Allison complete the top 3. I like Kris and I’m not fond of Anoop.

  7. Matt Girard because of his lackluster rendition. Good is no longer good enough.Simon was particularly harsh on Lil, but she will have the last laugh when she makes Top 5!!!

  8. I agree with the rest Lil has to go. I thought Kris did a pretty good job. He is a cutie too.

  9. I think it will be either Matt or Lil, however, I would like to see Anoop go as well. Lil had a good strong voice in the beginning, but what happened? Matt tries to hard to imitate Justin Timberlake. I think the top 3 will be Adam Kris and Allison…Im voting for Allison all the way, shes AMAZING!!!

  10. I believe Lil will be booted out tonight. The show is getting to be very tough and they should all perform to the best of their vocal talent.

  11. i have this feeling that the judges will use their power to save… because they just have this week and next week to use that! let’s see!

  12. Lil or anoop will go.I don’t know why she is getting boring every week n still there.Anoop have a good vocal but no personality.Maybe matt in trouble this week but i think his fanbase still strong.Top 3 is Adam,Danny n Kris and my hope Kris will win.He..He..Allison is not Kelly Clarkson but she will make into Top 4.

  13. Anoop was by far the BEST performance of the night. He has amazingly consistent vocals EVERY week. He takes such an undeserved beating by the judges (except for this week) If the contestants are voted on purely for vocals, he should consistently be in the top three! In order: Danny should win, then a toss up between Allison, Anoop, Adam & Matt. Matt may have struggled this week, but overall, he is fantastic! I agree with the judges that Lil Rounds has slipped from her initial performances. Very disappointing as she has great talent.

  14. Anoop will go.Remember he is three times in bottom three.Last week the judges praseid him but it can’t help it n Lil still had more vote than Anoop.

  15. I think Matt’s luck will run out this week. If he manages to stay (with Lil leaving,) he is only putting it off one last time. Anoop was surprisingly good this week. His problem is that he is so boring. He just stands there with zero stage presence. Kris impressed me for the first time, last night. Top4: Adam,Danny, Allison & Kris.

  16. i think lil must go this week.shes good but she boring i love math performance. i think the judges wrong about what to said to math on my opinion his performance is ok i love it & i think hes a kind of performer who made a woman heart melted. judges i think your wrong

  17. Lil should go. She consistently picks songs that target the wrong age group. Of all the movie songs, “The Rose”??.. really?

  18. I think Matt will go. Actually there is only three that’s in the running. Them being Adam, Danny and Allison. In that order.


  20. Lil will go home tonight…Top 3 will be
    Adam, Danny and Allison….Adam will probably win but I have my fingers crossed for Danny!!!

  21. Lil presence is long oberdue…she has to GO! Her voice is magnificent but she is consistently not using the right song. It is not her time yet..maybe she will learn her lesson,she needs to review every performance she had in the idol and hope she will know where to start all over again in another leap of fate. Anoop has a very good range of voice and he knows now how to pick his song…but…he lacks stage presence..a connection to the audience which gives him the votes supposedly…unluckily he lacks charisma. Bottom three(3) this time are(in order): Lil, Mat and Anoop. Top 3 for tonight are Allison, Danny and Adam in that order. Kris is in the 4th top position

  22. I think Lil should go and should have gone about 2 weeks ago. When she tries to put a twist on a song her voice goes off key. I believe the top three will be Adam, Danny and Allison. Adam has an edge for performing which gives him the advantage. But I am still rooting for Danny.

  23. I also think it’s Lil’s time to go. She and Anoop will be in bottom 3 tonight. I wonder if Simon’s critique of Adam will affect his results? We’ll see tonight I guess.
    I voted for Allison and Kris, I thought they both did very well.

  24. I think it will be Adam all the way, followed by Alison…I do have one comment..I do not like two of the four judges commenting..why can’t they just cut out the bull… and let each judge comment. You can have a bell that rings after 30 seconds or one minute and then they have to stop talking….the show last night was way too rushed at the end, just like the previous week.

  25. Lil will go this week. Then Anoop, then Matt. The top 4 will be Kris, Allison,Danny, & Adam.
    That’s my prediction – I agree Lil was good at first but she is getting worse instead of better! Anoop did a surprising good job last night! I liked all of them – Lil did a good job but not good enough. I am least impressed with Adam – but he will be in the top 2 – I think the top 2 will be Adam & Allison! I just don’t care for Adam’s style – and he completely ruined RING OF FIRE!
    We’ll see what happens tonight –
    The judges wont use the Save tonite if its Lil – If it’s Matt they might – But by next week they will definitely use it.

  26. Lil or Matt will go home tonight.
    Lil’s numbers are higher than Matt’s on dialidol. Lil is also this weeks vote for the worst Idol which might be getting her some extra votes. It should be Lil but I think Matt will be the one to go.

  27. Matt will go this week and Lil next week.
    They have Kris in the last place again but he should be ok for now.

  28. I agree with Skippy that Lil with be eliminated tonight. I also agree that the judges won’t use the save on Lil. I think she has a great voice for gospel and R&B, but she’s no good at picking her own songs or arranging them. Afterall, the show is about artistry, and Lil doesn’t meet the criteria for an idol. I still think Adam will win for his creativity although not everyone likes his style.

  29. Sorry Lil, you simply cant swim with the big fish. Last night Allison was WONDERFUL. Adam is the best vocals by far. Danny is in the top 3. From there its a toss up.

  30. Bottom three will be:
    Anoop will go home, with Lil right behind him next week. They will not use a judges’ save tonight.

  31. Lil will go tonite she just doesn’t have what it takes. Good voice yes but thats it! When will America wake up Adam does the same ole screaming every night. I love rock but he is pure Broadway material!! Allison, Danny and Kris are my favs and the best to represent America!Don’t like the 2 judges only still ran over. AI just needs to set a time limit for each judge….too easy???

  32. Lil has got to go…She thinks she is better than she really is….A squaker!!!!!Kris is my pick….so fresh and new and really a cutie pie……Just hope it doesn’t go to his head….and he stays just the way he is!!!!!

  33. PLEASE send Lil home!!!! I cant take another week of her!!!!! Shes not worth saving at all!!

  34. I agree with the majority of comments here — I think Lil will go tonight. She started out this competition as the front runner, but has made some bad song choices and does not listen to and act on the judges’ comments to improve — perhaps she got overly confident. On the other hand, the other contestants are improving and showing their versatility more and more each week. Top 4 — Danny, Adam, Allison and Kris. Matt is great and Anoop has an incredible voice but not much stage presence. Their problem is they’re up against some really great talent who have captured the spotlight. While Adam and Allison are absolutely amazing and I do appreciate their incredible talent, their style of singing is not my personal choice. I would buy CD’s by Danny and Kris — they have very nice controlled voices and I’m touched by their down-to-earth personalities.

  35. Lil’s voice really is not that good. That’s the real reason she should go. Listen to her… we are all thinking it’s her song choices… but are any of us really hearing how “off” her voice is? What a great season of talents… I put Adam, Kris and Allison in top three. I’m also tiring with Danny’s voice.

  36. Lil has a great voice but she’s not great. She just mimics people’s style, I would not pay to go see her live! Adam, Allison and Danny are my top 3 picks but in the end I really think it will be Adam vs. Allison. As much as I like her, I vote Adam, that guy is crazy great – I am amazed with each of his performances! I love Danny though he’s a sweetheart!

  37. Who SHOULD go and who will go are two different things. I still think Lil, with some additional training, could be a successful recording artist, but if the percentages (already showing on this poll) are indicative of the vote, well, she will go tonight.

    As far as talent goes, I think everyone will agree on the top 3: Allison, Danny and Adam. They are head and shoulders above the rest. It will be REALLY interesting to watch when it gets to that point.

  38. I meant to add that I would have picked Matt to go, with Kris right behind him. If Lil is eliminated, I think the judges will do a save. Anoop did fabulously, btw; just not a big fan of his style. (Sweet but just doesn’t do anything for me.)

  39. I agree Danny, Adam, and Allison are the top 3.. Who should go tonight is LIL Rounds… The first part of her song showed promise, but lost it in the middle.. This to me is the best year for Idol by far..After LiL is gone the rest is going to have a battle..

  40. I agree with Melinda the bottom 3 will be Anoop LIL and Matt.. I hope it will be LIL going home.. It is too bad for Matt.. I could tell his confidence was shaken and it should not be he is awesome with great potential.. Danny is my favorite by far.. However Adam has wild crazy talent!! We shall see..

  41. The talent this season is really amazing . . .to bad there can’t be more than one winner, but I do believe that a lot of the contestants will get recording contracts, regardless of who wins.

  42. Lil is good, but in my opinion, the others are better and at this point in the contest, somebody has to leave each week. I do not believe that they will use the “save” on her as she wasn’t that great last night.

    I believe that that the top 3 will be Adam, Danny, nd Allison, but I don’t believe that we can be certain about who will win. I really thought that Daid A. would win last year, so I still believe that any of the top 3 are possibilities, but if I was betting, I’d bet on Adam.

  43. I stand by my prediction that Lil will go home tonight, but there is NO Way, after last night, that the judges will use the “Save” for her!
    I just don’t see that happening.
    I think they would use it for Matt, Kris or Danny if any of them make the bottom.
    I still think Anoop with be joining Lil, I’m just not sure who the 3rd person will be.

    Is it time for the show yet? LOL

  44. I’m tired of Simon beating up on Lil everyweek. Howwould you feel if the 1st comment indicated that the only chance a girl had was Allison even before Lil song. Her voice is great and she’s trying but there’s soooo much negative response from Simon! I love Allison and Danny. Adam is somewhat weird and dramatic and Matt is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Anoop is boring.

  45. Lil too bad,this night belongs to you.She has been singing the same modulation.Kris was my best,still dont know what the judges what from him.

  46. I think that Simon has been too harsh on Lil round. Why are the rockers praised for turning every song into a rock hit and she can’t change her songs into gospel or R&B. When she does what the judges ask her to do, she is still criticized. If she goes, the judges are differently responsible for it. She has an amazing voice.

  47. Well, I agree they’ve been far too harsh with Lil for some time. However, last night, even my untrained ear could hear she just wasn’t hitting the right notes in parts. Her rendition just didn’t come across well–didn’t seem to naturally flow from one style to the other, either. I’d call it not a great night for her. But others have had “OK” or “not so great” nights, too, and they’re still there.

  48. I think Lil Rounds will go to nite.She just seem to get what the judges are telling her.

    I’m still sticking to who I think will win. If America is fair, and the show is not fixed, it should be Adam. WHAT A TALENT!

    Also, I don’t know about the rest of you but, I had a hard time getting my vote thru for Adam. I kept getting the message that due to telelphone problems the call could not be put thru at this time. What the heck is that all about? I still wonder if this is how they can keep him from winning. Hope not.

  49. Matt was terrible last night. He was off. He can’t figure out whether he wants to sing Rock or Pop. Lil isn’t that great either. I think Matt, Lil and Anoop will be in the bottom 3 with either Lil or Matt going home. Kris, Danny and Allison were great. I love Adam too. He’s sexy!

  50. i simply cannot stand lil anymore….she better be heading home. I really hope its not anoop, he’s the best after adam.

  51. I think all of you are wrong about Lil Rounds. She is one of the most talented singers in the whole group and she deserves to make the top 5 for sure!

    Kris has only impressed me one time, and last night was not it. I think that he is actually at risk of going home tonight after his performance last night.

    Also, I don’t think that Allison is as great as everyone says she is. I think that her voice is raspy and forced. I know that she is going for a certain rocker style, but I would never purchase an album of hers.

    I think Matt was shakey last night, but that it was also one of his better performances. That being said, he has not proven that he is good enough to stay in this competition.

    Tonight’s bottom three will be:
    Allison, Matt and Kris.
    Although I think Kris had the worst performance out of the three, I think that Matt will go home.

  52. April! Lil has a voice but is NOT an artist, she’s a mimic. Anyone with a voice can mimic but you have to have to be an artist to make it. She’d be good at weddings and/or a cruise ship but our American Idol…I think not!
    Allison has pipes and artistry. Kris was wonderful; not an American Idol but good, Matt not so good last night but the boy has talent and is artistic. But no one touched Adams pipes, talent and artistry – the boy is CRAZY talented and headed for the Idol win! Go Adam

  53. My top three: Adam-to win
    They all sounded great last night, but I still think that Adam rocks the house!!
    Matt, Lil or Kris may be the bottom three tonight.

  54. I think either Matt or Lil will go home, Allison might be in the bottom 3, just because I’ve noticed that the first performers of the night (who are not very “strong” vote-getters) tend to be in the bottom 3 the next night. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Anoop, who gave the best performance last night (I think), would be in the bottom since he doesn’t seem to be popular with the voters.

  55. Time for Lil to go. I too agree that she was better earlier and has become boring. Danny is wonderful, behind him is Allison and Chris. But I look for Adam to win! I said that from the start.

  56. I’ve met them all and they’re all nice, except Danny who copped an attitude.I was very disappointed. Success and money will go to his head even further.Pls.don’t buy his ‘nice guy’ persona.

  57. The bottom 3: Lil, Matt & Anoop. Kris is on his way out. The top 3: Adam, Danny & Allison. What a solid performance by Adam, and he’ll go all the way to the top! It’s time for Lil to go home tonight!

  58. LIL should go home!! She’s a great singer and never an ARTIST!! It has been 5 weeks in a row and did not show us great performance not even once!! What judges say after each candidates performed are JUST THEIR OPINION!! We don’t need to base with them our votes because they too have their favorites.

    If you listen to their itunes of AI this year, Only ANOOP has almost perfect vocals most of the time. Most of them are just shouting and has a great performance on stage. But if you will going to buy their CD do you want to listen to a songs that are irritating!? Gosh..they can’t relax you..seems like world war..

  59. No way will Matt go home before Lil or Anoop.
    Much better performances by far. Anoop is too boring. Lil – nothing.
    Unfortunating screamfest Adam, Matt, Allison – top 3

  60. Lil MUST GO !!!!!!! absolutely bad attitude — she should take a leaf out of Adam and Danny’s book and learn how to take criticism and use it positively.

    Idol is about being a ‘total package’

    an Adam, Danny & Allison final 3 will be cool!!

  61. I really thought that lil would be voted out because her performance was really boring. I like Matt’s performance a lot more that Lil’s. Lil is great singer, she’s got unbelievable vocals but the songs that she chose are really not for her. The songs that she chose didn’t let her vocal ability shine like the time when she sang that Mary J. Blige song. She’s been lucky these past weeks. I believe by next week if she does not shine she should be voted out. She has good vocals but it’s not showing. Sorry Lil but I hope America votes you out. As for Allison the kid wonder I would like to request her to sing “All I wanna do is make love to you” by Heart. Wow what a performance that would be if my request came true. That song is great for her and I hope this request reaches Allison the kid wonder. Good luck to all the contestants, they are great. As for Adam, the screaming thing was great at first but it’s getting a bit old. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great performer but a little less screaming pls.

  62. My top 3 bet is Danny, Allison and Adam. My American Idol bet is Danny. Go Danny Go!

  63. But Danny, dude, dog. You gotta learn some dance moves to go along with that dope vocals of yours.

  64. LawrenceTom wrote: “Lets hope Adam goes soon. He is so gay it is repulsive.” WTH does being gay have to do with artistry? The boy who might like boys (who cares by the way!) has got amazing talent. You are a hater and YOU should go NOT Adam. What a d’bag you are for being homophobic! Trust me he probably wouldn’t like you so don’t get your shorts in a wad. BTW I didn’t say Panties in a wad cause you’d get TOO SCARED!

  65. Rebecca thank you for saying what so many of us were thinking. Adam is by far the best artist ever on American Idol. Some may not like him or they may have another favorite but they cannot deny his fantastic ability to deliver the best preformance week after week.
    This site is not the place to make hateful comments. Everyone has a right to say who they want to win or be voted off but they should not resort to the nasty hateful comments. You are right it has nothing to do with his singing ability. This is 2009 and some people need to refrain from smear comments. If Adam bothers this guy that much it sounds like the guy has some personal problems to deal with. Adam is going to sell a lot of music with or without this guy’s approval.

  66. Gerri,

    You’re welcome! And as for your prediction of Adam selling records….. Heck yes he will! Good day Gerri

  67. Adam was UNBELIEVABLE AGAIN!! I love him! Lil was disappointing!! She as usual did NOT listen to the judges & try to be unique. She copied another singer! Bye bye LIL!!!

  68. What I like about Matt is, he is sweet & works hard. He has a great voice. If he stays he needs to be original. Not over do it like Simon said but just be Matt & try to make it his own like Adam did, showing off everything he can do & make it original.

  69. i like Kris…he’s so down to earth…takes comments good or bad…he’s a chistan…the boy don’t scream…he just sings and plays his guitar…i’dbuy t-shirts and cd’s of him….i like rock but adam is awful…my top 3 is danny,alison,and kris…bottom 3..lil,matt,and anoop…we’ll see at the end!

  70. Two are going home tomorrow: Lil and Anoop.

    I love the top 3: Adam, Allison and Danny! Just love them! I’ve never yet bought a record from any Idol winner so far, but this time, because I truly love all 3 of their voices, I think I’ll break down and do that.

  71. Lil is stubborn or just plain hard headed.I
    would think someone has to be giving her some good suggestions on song choices. I was
    really pulling for Lil but after Heat Wave
    what was she thinking that was her night
    to shine and she blew it and has continued to flop week after week. Simon is probably right. Sorry Lil you have had an opportunity of a life time and you have
    thrown it down the drain Not Listening !!!
    Perhaps you can do a come back for now
    Lil it time for you to go and get it together. I do really wish you best.

  72. Matt was the best preformance of the night. Thanks Terry, I agree that Matt is sweet and original. he dosen’t deserve to be going this week. I think that Lil was awful, her time to go. I think the other person will be Anoop. WAY TO GO MATT!!!!!!!! LawerenceTom, I also agree with you that Adam needs to go soon, he is gettting so old. Lil is just the worst contestant on American idol by far. Hope you guys voted for Matt. I think the top three will be Adam, Allison, and Matt.

  73. Adam was great, I think he’s got it in the bag!
    Allyson not my favorite performance but she can sing and she’s so damn cute and humble too!
    Khris was wonderful, he is another Cabrera (think that’s how you spell his name)
    Danny had another great performance – what a voice and what character! hd also seems very humble
    I think Anoop did good but he, Lil and Matt will be the bottom three. My guess Lil and Anoop will be leaving tonight.

  74. Lil and Matt need to go for sure. Anoop should go next week. Kris and Danny are cuties. Allison is sweet, and she acts so shocked everytime the judges compliment her. She is great for 16 years old. Adam is so sexy, hot, stunning, handsome. May I go on?

  75. u suck april allison is the best i will definately purchase all of her albums i love her… three should be allison,adam,and danny but allison to win…..GO ALLISON!!!!….

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