American Idol 2009 Top 7 Elimination Results – April 15, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 7 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

So far this week’s bottom three are: 1 – Anoop, 2 – Lil, 3 – Matt

Ryan just revealed that Anoop is safe this week. Either Matt or Lil will be going home, possibly.

American Idol 2009 Top 7 Elimination Results:

  • Matt Giraud

But wait! The judges have saved Matt Giraud from elimination! Since no one was eliminated this week, two singers will be sent home next week.

Did America make the right decision? Should the judges have not used the save? Share your opinion right now!




  1. Agreed. I think Simon was accurate with his assessment, but the other judges were strongly pressuring him. Oh well.

  2. He is crappy, it’s a fact. But the can’t save it until two are left and lil was even crappier.

    They should eliminate Kara, the new judge blows

  3. They might as well use it tonight; but, they will have to watch Lil and Matt leave next week, probably. The top 4 or 5 are pretty well set I would say…Adam, Allison Danny and Kris and either Anoop or Matt. Y’think ?????

  4. Anoop is the worst…he would sell exactly two records, one to his mom and one to himself.

  5. Did i mention Anoop is terrible.

    If that brow ever became a uni-brow, it over run the world

  6. The judges save is a joke. Whether they go this week or the next, who cares. Either way the saved contestant is going home at some point before the final three.

  7. Todd, if you don’t have any nice things to say, you should keep it to yourself. Besides, could you stick to substantive comments?

  8. I love Paula, but enough of the dribble she makes me cringe each week and everytime she starts talking. I press the mute button as I cant listen to her make a fool of herself.

  9. Happy Matt was saved. He may not be the best
    but is much better than Anoop and Lil. Next
    week will show that he can do better.

  10. Anoop was actually one of the best this week. He didn’t have any of the pitch problems the others had, and he came across more confident than usual. I think a brow wax and wardrobe adjustment would change peoples minds about him. He’s really quite attractive and has a nice personality.

  11. I can’t believe Lil is still around!!! She should have been the one to go! I’m glad the
    judges saved Matt. Next week it will be Lil and
    Anoop that goes.

  12. I can understand them saving Matt. Generic enough to be popular and soooo should not be going home before Lil!! It disheartens me greatly to agree with Simon: Lil is not the singer in the main competition that she was in auditions …

  13. Again, Anoop can sing, but the only contestant in AMIDOL history that he has a better look than is Taylor Hicks. If Anoop wins, the record industry loses.

    It’s also too bad that there are not any hot chicks left on the show.

    BTW, is Pala Abdul even real? she makes me sad…

  14. Well it was quite inevitable…
    they have to use the save to shpe up the final four or five anyways……..

    so I think they already had their mind set up to save anyone at this particular juncture…. they still would have saved Lil’ or Anoop if either one of them were voted out……..

    But I think the American people have gotten it spot on over these past few weeks in terms of performances….. Matt wasn’t that good last nite….. and the bottom three in comparison to the other performers was also spot on…… those three although at this level all of them was good performances weren’t the same level as the others……….

  15. By the way ….. was it just me or was it really weird just seeing two out of all four judges giving comments at a time??? I didn’t like it.. feels like missing a chunk part of a story……

    Anyways Todd I’m basing the performance on the nite unlike you basing it on looks, name and dare I say a bit racist…..!!!!!! (with the name calling) so knock it off!!!!!!

  16. I think the save is a joke, Adam is the only performance that I really enjoy every week, Allison was ok this week, the rest I thought we pretty bad and boring, so unless either Adam or Allison get the save I think the rest should go home.

  17. The save has been a waste, he will probably be voted of next week anyway, it should have been given to someone that could actually sell record if they won Idol.

  18. I think it was nice for Matt. But, It won’t matter in the end.And maybe in the mean time they could have saved a better talent? Adam is going to be the winner.

  19. Matt is not the best so he will eliminate on the next weeks. I don’t think taht saving him now will change somthing

  20. Dear Tina…
    I think that is exactly why they had to use the save now to shape the final four or five coz let’s face it this year is probably the most predictable season in the history of AI….

    The winner is definitely Adam …. but the producers have to make a drama out of this and shape the course of the final five or 4…
    coz’ by eliminating two next week we get to see all of the contestant needing to up the ante now hence weeding out the outsider for the final 4 in two weeks time, this is largely due to the final three being set between Adam, Danny and Allison

  21. It is disappointing that Lil is still there ! But Matt was worth saving this time as Lil was made ‘safe’ for awhile, but I believe that ultimately Lil will be sent home…and so would Anoop as he does not mesmerize the audience, he is just too bland, predictable, college-type karaoke singer…Adam should be the run away winner in the end…By the way, splitting the 4 judges is not good…we miss half of the story and the excitement…cheers !

  22. adam and allison and danny should be the finally 3 then allison and adam then in the end adam. allison and adam are a cute couple

  23. And so, it seems like 2 would have to be eliminated the next time around…and that should be Lil and Anoop….Danny has gone off key this week, and so with Kris and even Matt was disappointing though the 2 are really good singers. Allison can improve her ‘connect’ with the audience by changing that awful hair dye that diminishes her girlie (she’s just 16) looks that should spice up her performances !

  24. Todd Beavis, get out and get a life man… You are after me for a long time. I am here to stay you b*#*rd.

  25. It’s getting down to the end. Somebody’s gotta go! Why save Matt now? Sure Lil should have gone but maybe next week. My favs are Adam and Allison! Danny is up there too w/Kris comming in 4th.

  26. I was surprised at Anoop being in the bottom three again, because I thought he was one of the best last night. From this point on, it is going to be really tough. Good luck to my favorites, Adam, Allison, Danny, and Anoop.

  27. Anoop…… gotta up the ante man…. these next two weeks is the “fire up your engine” time….. to make it to the final four…..

    Btw….. way to go telling Todd off… he pushed a to far with the name……..

  28. I think the save was wasted on Matt.What if the next round Anoop or Danny is voted out?
    We all know that the top 3 shld be Adam,Danny and Allison but who knows how America thinks?
    I think the judges made a bad call this time around.And the person who shld have been voted off is Iil

  29. i think it’s good that the judges saved matt but why was he in the bottom in the first place?? Lil definitely should’ve gone…. she is too boring and sounds like everyone else in her genre…

    i still don’t get adam…..????? i can’t stand watching him… it’s just yell yell yell…. i always have to fast forward when he is on….

  30. The only reason they used the save was just for the sake of using it. The opportunity would have expired after next week anyway. There really haven’t been any “shocker” eliminations this season, so there have been no strategic reasons to use the save. Wouldn’t it be funny though if someone like Adam or Danny got voted off next week –but the save had already been wasted on Matt?

  31. UGGH!!!!! I can’t BELIEVE that they saved him. That’s really terrible. And I bet you anything there will be a shocking elimination next week because they decided to save that idiot, who has NO chance of winning.

  32. I’m surprised they saved Matt tonight. With one more week to go before the save’s are useless there is still a chance that some glitch in the voting could send one of the best singers to the bottom and now they can’t be saved. I’ll have to vote triple to feel like I did my part to protect my favorite.

    Wonder if they would have saved Lil? That’s who I thought Simon was talking about when he said we’d be surprised by who he felt was worthy of the save. any thoughts???

  33. A great percentage of the voting audience knows very little about music, and should try to pay more attention to what the judges have to say. Which now that only two of the judges comment, it will give people who are clueless even less to go on. Come on American Idol Less commercials and more judging???

  34. Yes I think the judges made the correct decision saving Matt! I think he is very talented but hasn’t fully revealed his full potential. Lil is boring… I also think Danny & Allison are amazing singers.

  35. I have not yet seen the show as am in Hong Kong. But think that the judges should not have wasted their time with a save at this stage. Its all very boring. No surprises really with the bottom 3. I think Allison will be a star! Even if she does not win outright someone will snap her up and give her a great contract, without a doubt.

  36. I think the judges made a mistake in saving Matt, he is not that great and has no chance of winning, so why save him?? I believe Lil and Matt will go home next week followed by Anoop. Allison and Adam i believe will be in the finale. However, I am going with Allison to win it all. To many times when everyone predicted someone to win, we were shocked when they were voted off. Jennifer Hudson, said to win was voted off in the TOP 6!!! Chris Daughtry, everyone predicted to win, and voted off in the TOP 3!!! So, yes, in reality Adam should win but could we be in for another shocker????

  37. I really do think “THE SAVE”is a joke and they are not fooling anyone!!!Glad Matt stayed for this week anyway.

  38. Alision needs to dress her age…she is fantastic but whoever is her stylist needs to be shot!

  39. I felt they were pushed in using the save tonight even though Simon I think was right in not wanting to. It is not going to make that much difference and if they need it next week like if Kris were to go and not Lil then they would really need it. I think they should of saved it for sure this week. I do like Matt though and think he will do well in his career.

    Why have they not mentioned Idol Gives Back this year? Because of the economy???? Also no mention of the song contest at the end of the season…

    I think the judges do the best they can, they all bring a different spin on things.

    Will Chris Daughtry perform this year on the show? That would be a real treat!!!!

    Rock on Idols!!!!!

  40. am i the only one that thinks Adam isn’t an ‘american idol’, he should be on stage with Siegfried & Roy… he is just a showman, not an artist.

  41. if the judges had the SAVE in season 4, maybe they could have saved us all from Taylor Hicks and Daughtry could have won…


  43. Matt is a good singer. he has a very pleasant personality, i liked him but i think the judges should keep the save for Allison or Danny or perhaps Adam just in case they were voted out coz i think this three is much more deserving. For Adam he probably will not be eliminated coz he is very talented and unique if thats what America is looking for. So the save should be used for Allison or Danny just in case.

  44. im so happy that math saved tonight he deserve it, i think hes a good performer rather than anoop & lil. take note if alison sing shes broken are glass in our house its so painful in my ear i think american did notice that cos they like rock & reality alison voice is like a chiken shit made my ear drums broke. i love math math for american idol. go math

  45. fuck american he dont know how to judge well. alison voice is terible & her style like a 50 years old rockers trying hard hahahahahahaha

  46. adam lambert has all the qualities of a super idol; stage personality, good voice, showmanship, good stage presence, versatility, charisma, charm, HUMILITY…hopefully, he remains the same after winning the idol..way to go man!

  47. Here’s the thing that I like about this season….
    Seems like America is voting the right way nowadays and that is performance by performance…… and that is the best way to go……
    The same way I write here….. I’ve been a fan of Anoop from the day he audition but I have to be fair…. and see that although he has star potential the other three powerhouses (Adam, Danny and Allison) already have star qualities……and his real competition is only Kris, Lil and Matt for the fourth spot…. hence although it saddens me…. if Anoop doesn’t push it next week he’ll be in real danger…..

  48. i agree with all of you,that they shouldn’t have saved matt.He is not the 1 to save,he won’t more than another week, lil hopefully will leave next week and matt will follow with suit. ADAM WILL BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!

  49. saving matt was a good idear lil or Anoop should go next week. Didnt like the way they judge this week either to at a time get rid of t he forth judge thats why we didnt have enough time

  50. they really should get rid of the fourth judge. why did they need a fourth, anyway?

  51. @Bess:
    I think one of the Judges would be leaving next season that’s why they need to ease in the new judge this year….

    Hearing the Buzz that Simon might be leaving or Paula…….

  52. You know what I think? I think the best one is kris.I dont konw why you think Adam is good.Because judges like him,you like him too.I will be sorry if he be the next american idol.I think danny and alisson are better than him too.

  53. I think judges have made a right decision.because he is better than anoop and lil.anoop has been in bottom three for many times.but I dont know why he does not go home.

  54. Those of you who think Danny should be in the final three should get their brain and eyes tested. He is so soppy and pathetic

  55. well i’d say no one deserves the save option except for kris,adam n allison….they are the ones we are still watching the show!!! the rest r gonna be history in no time!!!

  56. The answer’s simple. Anoop has the voice that’s why he have all the rights to stay in the competition. Just admit it, he was GOOD and consistent for the past couple of weeks!

    People may see his style a bit boring, but hey! That’s his style. We cannot force him to do those shreaky singing styles.

    Whatever happens, I am Anoop’s fan through and through.

    GO ANOOP! Woot.

  57. yes, they made the right decision. Matt has more potential that Lil. He is more commercial too

  58. good job judges. i love u math your the man. for me hes the best soul artist in american u men

  59. adam dany alison thier voice like a made my ear drums bleeding god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i like math voice very cold not like 3 of them.

  60. I think Danny is the best singer in this competition. Danny can sing the whole phone book. He has a warm tone in his voice. But Adam ??? Adam yells a lot. Yelling Screeming, he’s a good singer for horror films. He sounds like Prince…Oh my ears….

  61. No. Lil should have gone. I don’t know why the judges saved Matt. Like Simon said, he has no chance of winning this competition. Anoop should not have been in the bottom three, but in the end, it will be Adam against Allison so I guess it doesn’t really matter much.

  62. I think they shouldn’t haved saved Matt; he can’t win. The whole pupose is to save someone who can win the competition. Besides Allison and Danny no one else has a chance to beat Adam. Somehow I think this was a put on for the viewers and a waste of the save.

  63. I think it was ridiculous to save Matt, just for one week..A waste of time since there is no way he can win..Simon didn’t want to save him but was pressured by Kara and Paula..Speaking of Kara, I think she is a big joke..Who is she trying to impress with her long tirades that make no sense? Come to think of it, Paula makes no sense either..I cringe each week to see what she is going to say next..No doubt, Adam has it all and is so extremely talented, no one can touch him, unless the thing really is rigged..

  64. I think they did the right thing by saving Matt. I have been a true fan of Matt from the beginning. Lil and Anoop will go next week.

  65. I think idol is rigged. lil round should have gone but they pulled a fast one to add drama and improve ratings. matt is my favorite!

  66. I think that the judges did the right thing to save Matt, but at the end he is still going to be sent home.
    In my opinion Lil should have been sent home and the judges would have not used the save.
    Allison and Adam are amazing. Danny might have needed that save later in the competition.

  67. I do not think they should have used their save..there is no way that Matt is going to win, and he will most likely be gone next week anyway, so why waste the save????It seems the women want to save everyone but you have to use the save to protect a person who you think has a great chance of winning, like Adam, Alison, Danny or Chris

  68. I think the judges save really does not matter. I don’t think Matt should have been voted off by the people because Lil was not hitting the correct notes at times the past 3 weeks. Lil should have been the one voted off. This was not Dannys best week but I think by far he is the best. Where is the ear of the american people? Couldn’t they hear the off notes of Lil?

  69. I am glad Matt was saved! I think he is good and still deserves a chance.

    L Harmel

  70. To the woman who said all Adam does is scream. Did she ever hear him sing Tracks of my Tears, and see Smokey Robinson give him a standing O. I think perhap Matt is a wasted save, but next week I can’t see how possibly the top three will be in the bottom three. He just get taken out next week with Lil. Just gives everyone another chance to sing.

  71. I was shocked. The save could have been much better used, in my opinion. The save should be eliminatd if it’s not going to be an effective option to retain a viable winner.

  72. Taylor Hicks wasn’t the only one who beat “your Daughtry.” Remember Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin? Chris finished 4th, not 2nd. And the save cannot be used after the final 5. So “your Daughtry” would still have finished 4th. The man has sold over 4 million albums. Isn’t that enough for you? Stop insulting Taylor, Katharine and Elliott already! Geez!

  73. The judges should not have used their one save on Matt. He is just ok and others are much better. I would have kept the save for Adam, Danny, Anoop or Chris!

  74. I agree with the SAVE this week! I knew if it was Matt the save would be used! Lil should have went home – But next week the bottom 3 will again – be Anoop, Matt, & Lil! the top 4 in my prediction is Allison, Danny, Kris, Adam.
    Top Three: Allison, Danny, Adam
    Top Two: Allison, Adam
    Winner: Adam
    There is my prediction! Although I would much rather see Allison or DAnny be Idol – because Adam is not a SINGER!!!! He SCREAMS to much!!! He is heavy Metal Material – Not Idol! But that is just me!
    The split Judges SUCK!!! Let em all talk! Yeah Paula Carries on too much – but that’s Paula! She doesn’t give good advise she tells them they look good! Kara – now she gives good advise! Randy & Simon hit it every week! Paula is the Odd Ball in that group! Kara Rocks!

  75. Speaking of Lil..Yes, she should have gone home for sure..I can’t recall an Idol in the top 7 singing off key, like she did Tuesday..Makes you wonder if anyone has an ear for music..she was off more than she was on…She had better improve a lot this next week or she will be gone with Matt..They always say “America votes”..Hard for me to believe there are that many Armericans who are totally tone deaf…

  76. No matter who wins – look at the past – Kelli Pickler! Daughtery! They have made it bigger than the actual winner!!!! I believe Taylor Hicks was the Winner that year – That was Dead Wrong!!!! But no matter the outcome – the top 10 get to tour and make an album – then we will see who the “REAL” American Idol is……

  77. My pick for the final three is Adam, Danny, & Kris. At first I liked Adam, Danny & Allison, but the more I listen to Allison, the less I like her. Allison’s voice is hard to listen to. Kris is easy on the ears & has a great singing voice. The more I listen to him, the more I like him.

  78. You know, you are right…”The Cream always rises to the top” and Adam has had enough exposure already..whether or not he makes American Idol, he will be a Real Star..

  79. As far as the judges go, Paula says a lot of nothing. Simon tries to get her to just answer Ryan’s questions with yes or no, but she rambles. That is why the show runs over. Kara, Randy and Simon make very good points and get to the point! I think Adam, Allison, Danny and Kris are the best. Next week, the bottom 3 again will be Lil, Matt and Anoop. Anoop has a very sweet, soft, soulful voice but no stage presence. Lil was better at the beginning but has not picked great songs. Matt cannot figure out if he wants to sing Rock or Pop/R&B.

  80. I agree with the last poster. Matt is nothing special . I think it is going to be between the red head and adam. Rembering Constatine,I say they should have saved the save for Adam.

  81. Wish all the judges could be like Simon..Short and sweet – whether good or bad, still short and sweet..The others don’t seem to get it, especially the girls..I think they try to outdo each other..

  82. you always know when someone SUCKS, it is when Paula starts talking about how CUTE they look, or how well dressed they are.

  83. For those of you thinking that Allison will be in the top 2, have you watched the season so far? how many time has she been in the bottom 3?? i don’t think the VOTING public like her as much as they like Adam, Danny or Kris…

  84. I agree with DDC about Adam; he can move and perform, but his voice isn’t as great as they make him out to be. I am afraid they’ve already annointed him the winner though.

    For the matter at hand though, Matt did NOT deserve saving. I can never even remember what he did by the end of the show, he is so boring. He has been in the bottom 3 often, so that should have told them American doesn’t really want him there. The bottom 3 this week all deserved to be there, and none of them should have been saved. Now Matt will leave in a week or two and they wasted the save. I can’t believe they sent Scott home, when it was his 1st time in the bottom, and he was a very good performer with a wonderful voice and Matt’s in the bottom all the time and they saved him. He’s a boring singer and not that good a performer. My whole family is really upset and feels the save was just a ploy to keep viewers and it’s a real waste that they used it for someone like him. They cited Jennifer Hudson and Michael–the adorable Australian, as reasons to have the save. Matt is nowhere close to the singer or performer either of them are. Simon usually pushes his will on everyone else, why did he let them bully him this time? It’s ridiculous and makes no sense.

  85. Lets face it, the public doesn’t vote for the best singer. a lot of the public votes for who they think is cutest (teenage girls) or they vote based on sympathy… “Simon was just to rough on that singer even thought they did suck, i feel sorry for them”

  86. I think sometimes Simon just gives in to shut Paula and Kara up..He is so far ahead of the others in intelligence, he knows the ones that cannot possibly win…and did not want to save, but just gave in for once..I doubt he does that again this season, because he knows it is useless..

  87. I think Matt has a wonderful voice and again I don’t think people are voting based on talent for singing. I think people are voting based on how much they like the person. If we could stick to voting for who sings really well then I believe Matt would have stayed on. I think Lil sings wells too; however, she seems to have lost the passion. You just don’t see anything in her anymore. I like her but I also think it’s time for her to go.

  88. I think people are voting on talent this year instead of just looks. Adam is unique and appealing. I think Allison should sing some of Pink’s songs because she has that kind of rocker voice. Kris is pleasant to listen to as well. Danny’s best was when he sang Jesus Take the Wheel.

  89. I’ve heard that Simon is possibly leaving American Idol. Probably because he is tired of being around Paula. She is so wishy-washy and I think she is starting to rub off on Kara. Kara can have some good, valid points, but she has been too busy flirting and teasing with Paula. They aren’t acting very professional for the show. Randy and Simon are the only ones trying to listen and give advice to the contestants.

  90. judges should make up thier mine.this is a competetion!!!not just a roadshow..It’s now revealed that each judges has its own pick and favorite.I think they should replace by somebody who is really a true artist and professional singers.I suggest that after constestants sing thier part,the judges must show thier capability and ability to sing too.

  91. YES!!! Matt is such a nice guy. Everyone knows that Adam will win so I think the judges rewarded Matt for his personality.

  92. The contest is not about being NICE or even POPULAR. It is about who can CONSISTENTLY sing and sing well. Lil should have been gone, but since it was Matt, the judges should have used the criteria of how he SINGS, not how popular or NICE he is. They blew it. Obviously.

  93. Fanny, that is just stupid, that is like saying that the only person who can judge Miss America should be a beautiful woman… you don’t need to be able to sing to be able to judge someone who can…

  94. I do agree with others that LiL should of went home, Anoop was awesome and i was shocked that he was back in the bottom three. I do like Matt, and i think he might still have a shot, but he’s really gotta work at it. I think Allison should of been in the bottom along with Kris. But that’s just my opinion. I do think Adams voice is over the top, and it’s not for this type of show, but it’s more then likely that he’ll win.

  95. I think Lil should have gone home but….now that the save has been used I hope Adam gets voted off and we get to say adios!!!!

  96. Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Adam to get voted off..Adam is here to stay to the end!!!

  97. What aggrivates me most about last night’s save is that the save ended up being totally opposite of what it was intended for. At the beginning of the season, they explained how people like Michael Johns and Chris Daughtry were voted off because people didn’t vote for them because they knew they’d be safe. The bottom 3 last night shouldn’t have even been given a chance to sing for the save as they have been consistently in the bottom 3 the last few weeks. I think Lil’ should’ve gone home before Matt, but he would’ve only been good for another week or two at most.

  98. I don’t think the judges made the right decision to save Matt because I don’t think he has a chance of winning the competition, and it’s only a matter of time before he does get eliminated. The save is just delaying it another week. He is a talented singer and keyboard player but, for some reason, he doesn’t seem to be popular with the home audience. I think his performances are much better than Lil’s, but Lil keeps hanging on. I think that when so many of the contestants are talented, the show becomes more of a popularity contest than a talent show.

  99. I am so shocked!
    When i checked the website on wedensday it was
    %60 CHANCE ‘Lil Rounds would be kicked off and %18 chance Matt but now i am even more upset because i voted for him 2,000 times.

    And Nikki,
    Agree with you %1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    I hate Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And BTW:Every Reality Show has 2 people that look alot like each other Ex.
    Rikky Braddy and Matt Giruad,Mishavona Henson and Anne Marie Bovoscovicth,American Idol
    Hosea and Stefan,Top Chef New York
    J.T. and Spencer,Surivor Tocations

  100. In reference to those saying allison will not win or even make it to the finale because she has been in the bottom 3 twice….obviously this is your first time watching Idol. Fantasia was in the bottom 3 three times and WON, carrie underwood was in the bottom 3 once and WON, same with david cook and Taylor Hicks…it means absolutely nothing. If America votes on charisma, performance, vocals, talent, and authenticity…it will be Adam and Allison in the finale. And I hope its Allison, I cannot stand Adam…has great vocals and stage presence, but he screams and whats up with that obnoxious scream he does at the end of most of his songs???

  101. I felt the judges were forced to use the save. I like Matt, but he is not worth saving. Lil should’ve gone. Adam is the best. He is very exciting to watch but he is weird! I believe Danny will be the winner.

  102. iF their are going to elimemate two people next week it does not make sence to save one this week. they are trying to get at Lil. American Idol knows who they want to win. this was done for ratings.

  103. I don’t care what anyone says about Adams singing, Adam has it ALL, and he should win.

    I think the save should not have happen. Matts going home eventuly any how. As for Lil, she should have gone.

  104. ddd singing competition is deffrent from beauty singing u can fell,see everything esp thier inner most part of what they sing.the soul of thier willbeing,meaning to say if you’re the judge you must be matter what, you have to stick to your valid opinion and judgement.the whole world is watching.

  105. anyway AI is a many millions of dollars the communication got when people vote through text, email,and call just for that program.and how much they got % on that?I know all this things because I’m working in one of the most prestigeous network company in my what ever happen lets just please ourselves and enjoy watching.have funnnn and be fan of ANOOOOOP!!!!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!

  106. Fanny,
    (rolling my eyes in disbelief) you can see their innermost being??? LOL and a judge must be perfect? if you can name someone who is ‘perfect’ then the world should take their hat off to you cause you can see the impossible…

  107. Will the real Todd Beavis, PLEASE SHUT UP, PLEASE SHUT UP. You are making racist remarks and name calling. Besides that, your opinion is useless junk. So Will the Real Todd Beavis,PLEASE SHUT UP.

    America is wise & should vote for talent.



  110. Allison is a great, no…terrific singer, but I have to agree with whomever said her stylist should get the boot! I’m rooting for what looks like the majority of folks are for…Adam, Allison & Danny, with Adam being the WINNER!

  111. Adam Lambert has a hell of an instrument but I don’t think he is in the right competition. He is not yelling, that is just how high he can sing. Allison is amazingly talented and should win. After all these weeks I still can’t tell what kind of record Adam would make. He knows how to work the stage and he is very creative with his renditions but again I don’t see how he fits in to this competition. Lil should have been eliminated weeks ago. She can sing but you can’t tell that from the last few weeks. Danny has a good voice but nothing out of this world. Matt has a sweet voice, very bluesy, but he is having trouble finding his niche. So, I think he should have been saved. It’s not his time to go yet. Kris is your teenybopper singer. He has an amazing market with the teenage girls but I don’t think he will win on AI. He has a nice voice as well but I am not sure what all the fuss is about. And he makes strange expressions when he is singing. And Anoop can sing as well. I think he has surprised everybody, but he’s been the bottom 3 the most I think so he will be one of the next to go.

  112. I have watched AI since it’s inception. This is the 1st year that I have seen and heard the Judges pic the “winner” from the start. If I’m not mistaken America is supposed to be the ones voting. I know my music and yes Adam can sing but he is NOT as talented in the voice department as everyone thinks. Can he put on a show? Yes! He would be great on Broadway. Raw talent…NO!! He destroyed Ring of Fire and every other song except Tears…. Lets remember that this is a singing competition and not a Broadway audition. Adam is stuck on himself and very conceded. Lets shake him up America.

  113. It doesn’t really matter. I tried calling a few weeks ago and my call went thru to the right person and upon redialing it went to someone else. I redialed again and it was right, again and it went to another person. There phone lines are either messed up or it’s rigged! Why waste my time

  114. I’ve tried to call a few different nights to vote and I can never get through. I don’t know if it’s because i am on the west coast but after 20-30 tries I am not going to bother.

  115. I love Anoop’s voice. Adam is a performer, no doubt he is not new to this. He is a little over the top for American Idol. He is not someone I think should be labeled as such tho.
    Allison is very talented but does she have any versatiliy? The others have not shown me anything that WOWs me…. I think it’s a sad year and with the phones not working properly I am quickly losing interest. This has always been my number ONE show. I am tired of Paula’s gibberish also…

  116. I believe the judges wanted LIL to go. Unfortunate, the american chooses Matt and I feel Simon is pressurised to save Matt.

  117. Of course Adam would be good on broadway, he’s a professional who performs in musicals. Hello? Does “wicked” ring a bell? And I’m not surprised the judges’ save was used on Matt. They make more money off Matt on itunes downloads than lil or anoop so it makes sense to save him another week. It’s all about the money.

  118. Wow i just love hearing everyone’s opinion, I Really think Adams voice is too over the top! Anoop’s voice is great, very smooth. Allison isn’t bad, just really different, and i’m not sure what kind of music she’d make. Lil was one of my Favorite, that changed. She’s got a beautiful voice but i think she should of went home, Matt on the other hand i didn’t completely agree with the save, but who knows next week we’ll see, he might WOW us.Danny’s okay, some weeks are better then the next, And i don’t think Kris has a Chance. As of right now I’m voting for Anoop!! that might change, but i believe he’s a awesome singer.

  119. Hi I think Adam & Allison are the most talented of the group. They all have nothing to be ashamed of as they have all come so far.I really think Allison should when> I can see her as an American Idol. I also really like Adam, but see him performing in a rock band

  120. I think Simon is the one who have an acurate judgement. I cant believe Lil is still around!!!! Anoop is nice, just give him a chance. But one thing for sure, Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol. The guy is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. american idol is all about commercialism. Adam has it. He is an all rounder whereas the others are too restricted in the performance. Matt, Kris and Anoop is quite forgetable. They do not leave a lasting impression.

  122. I keep reading what kind of music would Adam make, I think it’s obvious he can sing anything fast or slow, I would buy his album and go to see him in concert I think he would be very entertaining to watch and listen to. The others on idol are ok but by the end of the show I can’t even remember what they sang they don’t stand out like Adam, and as for him screaming alot that’s like saying when Mariah Carey sings its just screaming and she gets even higher, to be able to sing like that is a real talent.

  123. I hate adam!! he’s gay!!!!
    Matt shouldn’t have been saved coz he sucks!! The save should have been reserved for anoop because he always is in the bottom three..
    AMERICA!! Vote for him..I’m hee in the Philippines and if I would be given the chance to vote, I would vote for anoop 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 million times.haha.go allison,kris,danny,you also rock..

  124. Coz the save has already been invoked I’m a bit wary about next week…..
    It’s Disco week……..
    I fear for the favorites especially Allison and Danny…… If they choose the wrong song they could be in the bottom three
    and to make matters worse, good Disco songs are only from ABBA in my opinion…. so not much to choose from….. if this were to happen than they would have really wasted the save………
    Anw My fave has always been Anoop but sadly it’s Disco week … it’s gonna be hard so he has to really pull a rabbit out of a hat to survive…..

  125. Why didn’t they save Scot last week!!!

    Very dissappointed fan of Scot. He is the best.

  126. Recommedations for Adam Lambert: Donna Summer, Sister Sledge, Pointer Sisters, Thelma Huoston..these are the true disco queens. I cant see any of the others doing these disco queens

  127. Scott was not the best. he wasn’t that good of a singer. He can play instruments, but that is about it. I too, tried getting through on the phone lines, and they were constantly busy, so I just gave up. Does anyone else think Allison should sing songs by Pink!? Like, “Who Knew” or “Sober”

  128. Todd Beavis – You are a negative jerk! Kara is awesome and Anoop has a wonderful voice. You need to clean out your ears, because you obviously aren’t hearing correctly.

  129. What a waste for people who voted.
    Its like we hear what you say ,that he is the least favourite by our tried & trusted public vote system. But because 3 judges( 1 with questionable thoughts) overide viewers democracy!!

  130. I think Allison could sing anything. I would like hear her sing Pink – I think she would do great!!!

  131. Hmm Tom, I wonder which judge U are talking about. Ha!!! I think the top three should be Allison, Adam and Danny and either Allison or Adam winning. They both have GREAT stage presence and, I believe, can sing anything you put in front of them. What do you guys think!!

  132. I Also called in and got no where with it, and gave up. IT DOSEN’T MATTER IF ADAM’S GAY OR NOT!!! His voice is great!!! Yes he’s got plenty of experience and stage presence, which is needed. I think he’s got raw talent and i believe he’s going to win this years Idol. I still believe at times he’s way over the top. but when it comes down to who wins i think it will be him.

  133. Yeah, I think it’s a toss-up with Adam and Allison as the final two but not sure who should win. They are both great. Think about Allison only being 16 and sounding so great and Adam is just stunningly handsome!

  134. If this was about looks, personality, or singing ability I’d say Anoop should win. I only started watching this year because I happened to catch the auditions and heard him. I don’t like the show otherwise and will stop watching after he gets the boot, which will probably happen next week 🙁

  135. I really do hope that Adam doesn’t win AM Idol. I wouldn’t want to buy a record that’s just full of screaming and screeching. That will just give me a headache. As for Anoop he has great vocals but has no star aura. He needs to work on the total package. Allison is a very strong contender. Don’t just focus on Adam and forget the other superb performers. Matter of fact I like Danny and Allison a lot better than Adam. That guy’s performance is getting old guys. To all the people that think Adam should not win because of the screaming props to you guys! Thanks for seeing past all the statge presence and stuff. Jolina I totally agree with you. Hey arline you fucking piece of shit learn proper english first before you insult one of the best performers on American Idol! Also try to study spelling ok, most 2nd graders spell better than you.

    Next week bottom 3 will be matt, lil and anoop. I hope the one that goes home is lil. Please america vote her off already. Wake up and smell the coffee!

    TOP 3: Adam, Allison, Danny

    Next American Idol: Danny or Allison (I hope)

  136. Well, Matt has been saved by the judges this week, but only 2 will be eliminated next week, possibly Matt and Lil. Adam will eventually continue as a front runner, with Danny or Allison closing in the gap. I’m voting for Adam to become the next American Idol!

  137. everybody has its own idea and belief. I believe that my bit ANOOP WILL BE IN TOP 4…AGREE…???i DONT CARE WHO WILL BECOME

  138. My predicition: Adam (American Idol); Allison followed by Danny. Allision, please, please, please, change your stylist.

  139. I was thrilled that they saved Matt I agree that I do not think he can beat Adam but I think Matt is a very talented young man, I loved the emotion he showed when he was saved. He truly deserves to be there and I hope he comes in 2nd if not 1st! I would love to see 2 of either– Lil, Kris, Anoop or Danny go home next week. I do not like any of them. Danny can sing okay but is a little cocky which turns me off. Top 3: Adam, Matt and Allison!! (I hope)

  140. The 4 judges really really really should use the safe especially since the only had what, 2 weeks left and the timing was just very right. I mean if they didn’t use the safe on Matt and instead next week is the last week to use the safe and Lil Rounds or Anoop got to be eliminated, (I really really hope so that they are the 2 idols), don’t tell me that they decided to use the safe on one of them cause they had to and worst, she gave the very very bad performance and he, just gave an okay performance. I mean, that’s not fair. We all know that the safe had to use asap and we also know that the good ones (Adam, Danny, Allison that Simon really want to use it on them badly) are not going to be in bottom 3 next idol show and so i do believe that it’s the best and right decision to use the save is on Matt G. But it’s not that easy for the judges to use the safe after all since it’s was so frustrating and nerve wrecking at that time, Simon did not want to use it at all ++ the bad comments he said to Matt and he doesn’t want to simply agreed that easily because of mijority but he did it in the end and Matt shed a tear for that. At least, Simon do have a kind heart! I already knew from the beginning that Matt was about to be saved especially since Paula and Kara knows and tursted Matt that he is talented and a good singer even though he’s not the strongest singer unlike Adam and Danny! The emotion Matt gave was so so touching as if it’s the finale and he has won the idol + + other idols hugging and jumping up and down around him. It was a very worthy for the judges to use the safe on Matt!

  141. I would have never used the save for mat, I’m mighty afraid that Allision will end up being voted off. Even though I think she is definitley in the top three. I think people are voting based on looks, and that never should be a reason to vote for someone.

  142. If people are voting for looks then Anoop, Allsion, Kris, Danny and Matt would not have made it at all. None of them are very good looking except Adam. I am sorry Matt chose a bad song but the boy can sing and deserves a second chance. Lil rounds consistenly picks the wrong songs, she should have been voted off last week and according to all the internet votes I saw last week she should have gone home. So perhaps it is rigged. I feel like Daughtry went home when he should have won so we will just have to wait until next week. I am praying for Matt…

  143. The competition is in a way quite funny this year. There is Adam, who was already from the beginning a full artist (note that the judges have never tried to give him any kind of suggestions). So Adam should not have been in this competition at all. He should have been in the American Talent show, where he could have shined with all the talents he has. AI is to my opinion for competitors who will start a long learning progress and finally become artists..
    But as it is now, after Adam the remaining other competitors which I like so much too (except Lill as she has nothing original in herself) have no way to compete against Adam. So the competition for me has been just to wait and see what Adam does next. And I just wait for the day when Adam comes to Europe.

    Anyways, tks for a great show America:))

  144. Adam, although not my style, has more talent, artistry and ability than any of the others by far. I am also always amazed by Allison. It is amazing that a girl so young can not only be so talented but know who she is and what she wants. Danny and kris have had some memorable moments as well. When it comes down to Matt and Anoop I have to go with Anoop. I honestly cannot remember any of Matts performances. Lil should have been gone long ago. Lil has ability but does not know what to do with it. I will say that these contestant unlike last years have at least remembered the lyrics.
    Final 4 prediction Adam, Allison, Danny & Kris…..Anoop might surprise us though:)

  145. Anoop!!! He’s on his way to stardom!!!He always take bad comments as a challenge..that’s why he gave us surprises every week.Let’s wait what he could do next..gooo !!gooo!!ANOOP!!!yAH

  146. I would not have saved Matt,
    While I think he is good, he doesn’t have a chance of winning.
    America has put him in the bottom three more than once.
    By using the save this early, they are jeopardizing truly needing it later as it can only be used once. Mistake? I think so. What if Adam or Allison, both who are Idol winner material, are inadvertantly voted off? Again, The people have seen a lack of popularity in Matt. Why? I don’t know, I guess when compared to the others, he falls short. Personally, I would have voted off Anoop or Lil Rounds, although Lil has tremendous talent, she just hasn’t picked a song that showcases her talent. However, based on performance up to now, I would have eliminated her.

  147. In response to Carol, I totally agree, The woman who accused Adam of just screaming, obviously has not been paying attention. I am a 50 yr old woman, and I personally do not care for heavy metal, but Adam is truly talented. To sing a Smokey Robinson song and to receive a standing ovation from the artist is unheard of in all the seasons I have watched. Adam reminds me of Elvis, The way he reaches out and just grabs you, like he’s singing personally to you, the contact with his eyes and smile, trust me, this young man is going straight to the top whether he wins Idol or not. Literally, A star is born………

  148. To continue about Adam, Check out his performances before Idol on Youtube, He has sung some beautiful ballads and gospel. He doesn’t just scream. He is unique, he takes each song and makes it his own. Case in point, Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire, Personally I like Johnny Cash’s version, However Adam’s version was equally as good, in his unique style, If he had just done it as the original, it would have been the equivilant of karaoke.In my opinion. Allison, runs a second best, for 16 yrs old, this girl can belt it out. she needs a little polish, but again I believe she will be a star.

  149. Go Matt!!!! I really do not see why people do not see Matt’s talent. He is very, very good. No he will not beat Adam, Adam is in a league of his own. I think Danny is ok but honestly Matt is much better. Danny sounds exactly the same week after week. At least Matt is mixing it up a little and trying new things, maybe not so good last week. I think the 3 finalists “should be” Adam, Allison and Matt. I would like to see Anoop and Lil go home this week, then Danny he is just too confident and should not be, it will bite him in the end, Adam is too but has good reason to be confident. Go Matt!!!!

  150. I think Matt was the right time to use the save. I think Matt doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Definately thought Lil would be the one going home….and I would not have used the save on her.

  151. I would like to comment on the judges. I can’t imagine a better group! Each one really adds a different flavor. Simon is a MUST! He tells it like it is…even when it hurts. And if you really pay attention to the contestants, they value his opinion the most! They have soooo much to do with the success of the show! Let’s give them the credit they deserve.

  152. My opinion: Allison has an awesome voice, but she is socially immature and is unable to hold her on in an “on camera” conversation. Until she fixes this, she doesn’t have the “total package” required to be an American Idol.

  153. My prediction:

    Top 3: Kris Adam Danny
    Top 2: Kris Adam
    Winner: Adam (wish it were Kris though)

  154. Top 3 Adam, Matt and Allison…..I need help from people who think Matt is awesome, Vote, Vote, Vote….Not sure what people are seeing in the rest of the remaining group. Danny and Allsion sound the same each week they do not even try to change or try new things. Matt was so sweet when they saved him too, seems like a great guy. I am sticking with Matt and Adam, with Adam winning of course.

  155. @jf: I agree. I won’t watch AI any more if Anoop gets booted out.

    Anoop! Yeah. Next week’s going to be tough, but I know he can do it. Go Anoop! As what Fanny said, Surprise the whole world.:)


  157. I’m leaning more towards Allison as the winner. I think it should come down to Allison and Adam as the final two with Danny in 3rd place.

  158. I am so thankful they save Matt, he is one of the best. How Anoop, Kris, Lil, Danny are getting by I am not sure. I will be voting for Matt….Go Matt please pick the right song this week!!!!!

  159. The judges HAD to use the save this week. It was usable either this week or next week. If they let Matt go home THIS week, then they would be obligated to use it on Lil NEXT week (as she is the one who obviously should and will be going home and SOON!). I’m sure Simon would have a tough time using it on Lil, so he saved Matt, who could at least sing SOMEtimes.

  160. Anoop ….u have already surprised the world. And for ur looks…U look great man. U r already a winner…The whole world knows u and may u be the number one this week…God bless u

  161. Once again they have to use it last week ….. coz if they didn’t use it and used it this week as this week was suppose to be the last week the save is eligible if they used it now it would seen as if they used it just for the sake of using it……

  162. I think Matt should save because the last his song is very great, but can this week Matt and Anoop will go home.

  163. I think adam anh allison will win american idol this year,and lil rounds if she doenn’t sing by heart so maybe she will go home on this week ,and kis allen got the good voice but he still doesn’t control it,maybe kris will have to go home

  164. allison controled her special voice,maybe she will be winner american idol competetion season 8, adam lambert and allison iraheta will have to fight each other in finals when only have two people.

  165. WASTE THE VOTE… The save is really not required becoz fast or slow he will be voted off,, and I think this is unfair… This is american idol not judge idol, so american is the voter,,
    Beside, I think adam and allison are the strongest finalists,, but its just an opinion,, we have made wrong prediction in season 6 when melinda doolittle was voted off and jordin sparks won the competition,, but I cant say that this unexpectable moment will be on anoop who shows a how-confused-i-am-when-judges-say-he-is-the-best-performer contestant…

  166. Wasting wasting wasting… I know matt showed a really good performance last week but the save is not useable,, matt will be voted off,, or lil or anoop,, only adam and allison who will be in grandfinale,, or with kris,, the save is wasting and I know that many american feel unfair with this,, they support their favourite to save her or him from elimination, but theres noone eliminated,,

  167. Matt’s saved by four judges, others are saved by many americans… The summary: four judges=many americans…
    This is Judges Idol

  168. Next time I won’t give my favourite any votes,, I know he will give the best and surely the judges save him… We cant save any one on the top 7,, one judge means one billion votes for finalist, and it means that four judges means one world votes for finalist, gyahaha…

  169. Agree with valery,, i think the judges have fixed the top 2,, or maybe the winner of this season,, yaiks, i wont vote again… Wasting,.

  170. I cannot agree with most of these comments, I think the save was justified by the fact that Matt is great! Every person on the show has had a bad week but were not worthy of the save. Matt was and they did not have to use the save at all if they didn’t want to. The judges just do not want to see the same thing happen that happened to Daughtry. They see potential in Matt and that is why they used the save, not because they had to. We will have to wait until tonight to see whether or not they made the right decision. I think the judges saw people sitting over in the safe zone and saw that Matt is much more talented than some of the ones left like, Kris, Anoop, Lil and Danny. Go Matt I am praying for you to sweep the votes tonight.


  172. Did you hear when Matt sung “You Found me” by The Fray? It wasn’t good at all. Adam and Allison are the best.

  173. All I can say is go Matt, and I think the judges made the right decision saving Matt. He had a bad week but so have all of the others including Adam with Ring of Fire that was terrible! I am praying for MAtt to make it through this week.

  174. Great save AI judges, Matt is more talented than most of the other and certainly doesn’t deserve to go home before Anoop, Kris, Danny and LIL Please!

  175. When Adam sung Ring of Fire, the judges as well as everyone else loved it! Matt did a terrible job again last night. He needs to go home, along with Lil then Anoop. Danny and Kris were great along with Adam last night.

  176. OMG I can’t believe anyone would have liked Danny or Kris last night, they were both awful! Matt and Allison was the only one that sang a disco song and made it sound like disco, I thought that was what the show was about last night. Disco is not about slow boring songs. Go Matt I really thought he did a good job. Although Adam didn’t really make his song disco either he is just unbeatable.

  177. Still routing for Anoop!! didn’t care much for Danny or Lil, they should go home, Matt did good. Not completely liking Adams Choice but he did okay, Allison i wasn’t a fan of. Kris did okay – i believe he’s not a strong singer but always comes from the heart. Who knows we’ll see tonight..

  178. Yipppeee!!! Matt is safe, what a nail biter. I am so happy Lil and Anoop are finally gone we can get on with the show after Kris and Danny are gone as well.

  179. I luv danny and kris wen it comes to amazingly sweet ballady heart throbs,i luuuv adam cos hes so david cookish and wich rock lova wouldnt luv wat he doeS EVRY week!i dont get allison-shes not confident enough and out of her league!best season of american idols yet!altho i realy liked alexis

  180. Adam is very talented.. you’d have be bind & deaf not to know it. But I personally do not care for his style… it’s not for everyone! He is definitely gifted though. Any of the remaining contestants would be worthy of the win… but I personally will be voting for Matt… Maybe because he seems to be the underdog… I’m sure they will all have a great future into Stardom!

  181. Sad that Anoop went home =( but happy that Lil finally did!! She knew it was coming.. But i’m happy that Matt stayed, he tried. With the others they were good as well. Another week, we’ll see again..

  182. lol all this talk about george brett, you won’t believe this I found a video on this website that shows george brett out on the baseball field admitting to shitting himself on video! LOL Heres the link

  183. Loved Kris’s Last Performance Tonight!! Thought he did a Great Job!! Liked Adam’s Performances too! It’s gonna be a hard Choice.. Good Luck to Both Adam & Kris!!

  184. There is no question, it has to be Adam…….Come on people there is no way Kris is better than Adam. Come on lets go Adam fans, don’t stop voting until your fingers are bleeding……..

  185. Is Twitter or Facebook better? I say both are great together. I have my blog, and my twitter account, and my facebook account all intergrated. Then I use tweetdeck. Its great.

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