American Idol 2010: 7 of 24 Revealed

Tonight was our last round in Hollywood Week for American Idol Season 9.
For the first hour of the show we go from the crooning voice of Ryan Seacrest as the judges deliberate, to the solo round of Hollywood Week. We hear many outstanding performances including Angela Martin, Casey James who dazzled me by singing “Bubbly,” Jermaine Sellers who had to make the King of Pop proud by his rendition of “Man in the Mirror” and one of my favorite solo auditions of the night by Crystal Bowersox who sang “If it makes you happy.”
The 71 remaining contestants are broken up into 3 groups and separated into different rooms. Rooms 1 and 3 make it to the final round while room 2 is sent home. Those in room 2 were Mary Powers who said she was not intimidated by the competition, Charity Vance, Hope Johnson and Lloyd Thomas the dock worker. I thought he sang “Man in the Mirror” very well and deserved the chance to move on.
The judges are then sent to consider which contestants should move on to the Top 24 to sing for our votes. Tonight we got the official word on 7 of them.

Our first contender was Michael Lynche whom we all know as the new father of Layla Rose.  His poor wife gave birth to their daughter while talking to him on the phone.  His hard work paid off and he is chosen by unanimous decision to be a part of the top 12 guys.

The first female out to see the judges was Didi Benami who is in my top 3 favorites right now. She has an amazing voice and incredible stage presence. I think she will go far. The next through was Katelyn Epperly. I’m not too sure about her. I thought her solo was off key and pretty weak. Shelby Dressel who was the first told she hadn’t made it sang much better. Even Simon said it was a mistake not to include Dressel in the top 24.

We then see four guys make it. Casey James, whom Kara undresses with her eyes; Aaron Kelly, the young 16 year old; Lee Dewyze, and Todrick Hall who is a dancer with no voice training.

Jessica Furney was the last hopeful of the night and when the judges inform her she hasn’t made it she tries to plead her case to no avail. She manages to tick off Simon who finally tells her that’s enough.

All in all we had a great episode with the all the necessary dramatic effects from Ryan Seacrest and emotional outbursts from the singers.  Who was cut that you wanted to see in the top 24?




  1. i would have liked to hear Michael Castro sing. He was cut with no real reason given. After listening to some of his music on-line I feel he has a better voice than some of the others that have made it further.

  2. There was a young man in one of the early tryout cities who grew up in Foster Care, and had no family, and sang really well. I can’t remember his name.
    Does anyone know if he’s made it to Hollywood/Top 24? Anyone remember his name?
    I was really moved by his story.

  3. Shelby!!! Once over her initial nerves and warming up to the reality that she was and should be a serious contender, she would have blown us and herself away!! I think she had a great tone, undiscovered powerful voice and she would have been able to handle all the ranges and types of music that the best of them should. The blondes you put through last nite won’t be versatile enough when the show’s really going. We’ve seen them before, with that one sound only….as Simon said last nite about Shelby, he thinks it was a mistake. One last note, she also really brought game with her refined, show ready look and dress since her audition. She has it in her!! If we’d just show her we love her and that she has what it takes!! She would have thrived and won!! Please find a way to bring her back!
    Thanks and Cheers!
    A singer myself and avid idol watcher from Canada! No contestant has ever made me resort to pleading online……..

  4. Hope:
    She has a nice mellow voice…but with ‘punch’ to it/ I think she could have been quite the little entertainer,given the chance…in Country Western. Good human being,too.


  6. I agree with everyone, Shelby was amazing. This is one of the most disappointing decisions I have ever seen on American Idol. This is like saying Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson aren’t good enough to break the final 24. I just can’t disagree more with Kara and Ellen’s decision. After this miscue, I’m ready to bring Paula back. Even Simon said this was a mistake and Shelby should have gone through.


  7. I would say Tori Kelly definitely deserved a place in the top 24, she has a fantastic voice (despite Simon’s biased opinion) and she grew from the America’s Most Talented Kid to a real singer and a beautiful teenager.

  8. Well, obviously Chris Golightly is not in the top 24.

    Wonder what happened?

    Ellen and Kara are helping Angela Martin out. I bet we’ll hear more from her.

  9. From a review in the Houston Chronicle on 2/25: Tim Urban: Apologize. The Duncanville boy who replaced ousted contestant Chris Golightly.

    Why was Golightly ousted? Anyone know?

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