American Idol 2010: Should They Make it the Top 25?

Controversy abounds as American Idol 2010 gets underway with the long awaited unveiling of the Top 24.  Wednesday night we saw all 12 girls and all 12 guys who will sing for our votes next week. 

The one missing from the affair was Christopher GoLightly.  This caused a stir on the internet as bloggers and entertainment news writers raced to find out exactly what happened.  At the end of the episode you see all the singers standing with Ryan Seacrest and Chris is included in the picture.  (picture courtesy of Joe’s Place)

chris golightly

In a statement put out by FOX reps, the show claimed that Chris was ineligible to continue in the competition and was replaced by Tim Urban.  

We were introduced to Chris in Los Angeles when he sang “Stand by Me” and shared his heartbreaking story.  At the age of 18 months he became an orphan and grew up in the foster care system where he lived with over 25 families.  Now that he is 19 and on his own, his saga continues as he is beaten down by the idol machine.  “This is not fair; I don’t know what to do,” Chris told USA Today, “Everything was fine when I made the top 24.”  Chris apparently gave up his apartment and sold his car when he found out he made it to the semi finals.  He is now sleeping in a friend’s garage.

Apparently Chris had signed a contract to be a part of a boy band called D.R.E.A.M. 5 as he explained it to AI Now.  He said the contract expired in June 2009, a month before he auditioned for Idol.  He further claims he told the producers about the contract and everything was running smoothly until he received a telephone call from fremantle media telling him he had filled out his paperwork wrong and that he was still under a recording contract.

By the time he found his misplaced paperwork saying the contract had expired, AI producers had already brought back Tim Urban and the damage was done.  “It hurts, man. This hurts me so bad because I sleep in a garage. I have no money. I grew up in the foster-care system all my life, being abused and everything. Music has always been my outlet. This is messed up what they’re doing,” Chris told AI Now.

The problem I have is why couldn’t they bring him in as a 13th contestant for the guys?  They did it last year for Anoop.  Why is there always a double standard with this show?  One girl can appear topless on the internet but another one can’t.  One person (Matt Lawrence) can have a criminal record but another cannot. (Danelle Hayes)  Who makes these decisions?  Why can Big Mike Lynche breach confidentiality agreements and get by with it while Chris GoLightly suffers at the hands of misinformation?  What do you think about all the drama unfolding around this guy and do you think he deserves a spot on American Idol?




  1. That’s rediculos. Put the guy on the show! He’ll be good! With all he’s been through, he at least deservs a chance!

  2. If he was not under contract and he was voted in as the top 24, then let him stay. AI Now made the mistake, not Chris. Do what is right.

  3. Let Chris stay.It is a real shame someone is not holding everyone to the same standards….. or at least it appears this way to us. Give us the truth if these facts are wrong. Otherwise I think He should be allowed to compete.

  4. Lets be honest this a show that has obvious goals of appealing to as many viewers as possible by providing a little something for every genre imaginable. Even if the design were not so the contestants are judged by very subjective standards from some who are not trained vocalist or are not studio/performaning musicians. I understand AI’s risk management protecting their interests but they operated on what appears to be bad data and acted on this information and as a result significantly impacted one of 24 with the “best” life stories, which I can’t imagine does not open a huge litigation door especially since AI has a past practice of making exceptions and righting a wrong. They should have a sing off and public vote on Chris and Tim then get on with this new favorite American Past Time.

  5. Guys tell me, the lady who came with a rope and sang really well during auditions, very young,caramel color. I think she played in a certain sitcom or soapie or may be a movie (not so sure)….
    First they made her sing that “kids” song which goes “I love you, you love me, don’t u……..” The gal has a very good attitude and she sang those pop songs maan…….
    Tell me guys who is she and is she thru to the top 24? I really need to know.

    There was also this black gal(apart from Vaugh) who has such a really loud voice, di she make it?

  6. Seriously, they need to do right by Chris. He wrecked his personal life for this show, and for them to go “Ohhhhhh, we’re so sorry but because of misinformation on our part, your DQ’d from the competition. Oh, what’s that? You really aren’t under contract, and we really have a bunch of idiots handling our paperwork. Right. Well, we can’t see our way to give you another chance…even though we’ve done it for so many others who’ve done a lot worse than you have.” Yeah I have a feeling they will end up giving him an oppurtunity again and soon. MAinly because of the bad press they’re now getting for basically setting in motion the possible breakdown of this kid. Especially seeing as it is mainly their fault for being less than thourough idiots.

  7. To FOX, you should redeem by including Chris in the top 25 finalists or we will not submit our votes and that means FOX will be losing big money.

  8. chris should definately go through, come on AI, suck up the ‘misunderstanding’ and let him sing. after all, it was AI hype and video clips that got us hooked on this guy…his talent will then decide his fate…(just a random side note after watching too much tv, i think tabitha coffey would be a fun AI judge…)

  9. LET HIM STAY!! This double standard American Idol has is wrong. If you wonder why they do this double standard thing, just follow the money! If they can make money on someone, they will call them back. They made a mistake cutting this kid, and I am pretty sure they will call him back. I say I am pretty sure because if they don’t, lawsuits will make them wish they had. This kid has an excellent case because he should not have been let go. Good luck Chris!

  10. Okay, get your facts straight. It was not Mike Lynch that broke confidentiality agreements, it was his father who said something to the paper. Big Mike himself has no control of what his father does. He’s in L.A. for crying out loud. Yes he can tell him to stay hush hush, but if his dad slips, it is not Big Mike’s fault. If AI really wanted to control confidentiality, then they shouldn’t let them call home when they find out. But I don’t see them going that route. So there is no double standard with Mike and Chris.

  11. There are plenty of double standards on this show including the confidentiality breach. If it wasn’t a big deal than why did it get out that mike could possibly get disqualifed? Apparently Idol holds the family to the same standards as the contestants or it wouldn’t ever have been an issue.

  12. I say get rid of the muscle guy because he cant sing. He got in because of his story. Remember my words “the Mike Tyson lookalike CANNOT sing”


  14. Christopher GoLightly definitely deserves to be on the show….I will sign a petition if someone wants to start one…Abuse is Abuse…LET HIM ON…the public definitely wants him there…

  15. Put him back on AND Angela Martin. Make it the top 26 – 13 guys and 13 girls.

    Or better yet Kara needs to sign both to Warner Bros as she has the power to do that and she loves to sign new artists… Let’s start an email campaign to get her to sign these kids!

  16. Okay, here it is. Let Golightly stay in. American Idol is getting too snippy. We, the people who watch the show, want him in.

  17. put yhe chris back on hes young awsome singer. If there is one thing that this young man can show is that it would be a good rating for the show and also no matter where U come from anyone can overcomer adversity as well as it can inspire young people who have come from similar backgrounds u can rise above anything that live throws at u.

  18. Let Chris stay, what is the big deal anyway. Mike, I am sure you are not the only one who blabbed, they just dont know it.

  19. It really looks bad for AI to exclude Chris because of some bad information. Where is their sense of fairness? If they could have 24 guys last season, they can do it again this time. I’m really disappointed in them. Make things right because we aren’t going to let this one go! We’re all thinking pretty bad about AI decision makers right now.

  20. Yes they should make top 25.its not fair at all.He really is talented.its not fair to cut him because some wrong information.

  21. Golightly was under a current contract. And he knew it. He had just signed the two year contract less than two months before he auditioned for Idol. He misled Idol by not disclosing this and placed AI in a very bad situation. His own actions led to his dismissal. American Idol owes him nothing. No, he should not be allowed back on the show.

  22. I was a die-hard fan, but have actually given up watching after this gross injustice was done by AI producers. And they do not have the decency to apologize to Chris either. Shame on the money hungry bast****

  23. AI PLEASE READ….. Do the right thing and bring Chris back. Everyone makes mistakes but it takes character to admit to them, so correct your actions. I’m sure the fans would appreciate AI more. Thank you.

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