American Idol 2010: Aaron Kelly Voted Off

I was fully expecting to write my goodbye piece to Casey James tonight but somehow he made it through and I never thought I would write this but thank you VFTW for changing your minds at the last second and endorsing my man Casey.  I know he had the worst vocals Tuesday night and he obviously doesn’t know how to use his vibrato but he was awesome with “Don’t” by Shania Twain and no one has forgotten his “Jealous Guy” performance.

TV American IdolI know there are some of you who are really upset with this elimination and I don’t blame you because Aaron was even better than Crystal last night but let’s face it, he wasn’t going to win so whether he went tonight or later didn’t matter.

The 17 year old will now go on tour and get more experience and I’m sure within the next couple of years he will have an album out for all of you who love him.  He is going to be just fine so don’t worry about him.  And if the idol tour is coming to a city near you, be sure to go and check out all your favs.

We have our Top 4 and to be honest, I’m very happy with these.  They are the best of the Top 24 and things are how they should be in idol world.  Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Lee Dewyze and Big Mike Lynche will be back next week singing for our votes with ‘Songs From the Movies’ and Jamie Foxx will grace the idol stage with his presence again this season.  Hopefully these four can bring it and rock the house. 

How do you feel about Aaron getting eliminated?






  3. Sooo glad Casey survived…he’s soo hot! Can they give Crystal the title already! She’s the clear winner…

  4. In my opinion Aaron is the most talented of this years 12. A talent thats rare in this world. If anyone simply was born to sing, he was. Ok, he is young and Crystal is good too, but still… I was hoping he would be in the final at least. How do I know that Aaron is such a great and rare talent? Well it takes one to know one (I´m joking of course:-) Now my hopes are for C.

  5. no se que le ven a cristal, yo no le veo nada, casey es muy bello pero tiene sus fallas, pienso que el mejor es lee, cristal ya se deberia haber ido

  6. I’m so sad to see Aaron go home last night. He is obviously such a good kid! I was really moved last week when he sang the song to his mom. It was an emotional moment and I know his mom was proud. He’s done great this season and I wish him well!

  7. I am gutted that Aaron is gone I thought he could have won. I fail to understand why Cristal and Casey had such a bad night, but got through, seems it could be fixed.

  8. arron kelly i am sooooooooooo sorry that u got voted off i love u soooooooo much maybe disney channel will pick u up and you can be a disney channel star if u want to call me call me at i wish i can be your girlfriend

    you really don’t want to put your phone number out for the world to see…

  9. and 1 more thing well do u know justin bieber well im his sister my name is rachael bieber is that cool i was addopped by his mom when i was 4 or8

  10. I was upset to see Aaron Go, but Michael Lynche was better, he rocks! Mike has been in the bottom 2/3 at least 3 weeks in a row, but Im starting to get worried. Casey, Lee and Crystal are all so talented. I think either Mike, or Casey will be saying Goodbye next week! 🙁

  11. It’s a travesty that Casey wasn’t voted off !!! Shame on every one of you who voted for him ….

  12. I am more then disappointed, I think Casey should’ve went, Aaron has it all over all of them….he should of won this thing hands down…and only 17 he should be honored to go that far…

  13. Aaron is one of my favorite,he has a great voice in his age only 17,amazing…but what we can do, only one can win right? But i knew that his wonderful voice will lead him to success…

  14. i really really upset that he was sent home . VFTW sucks. still sad till now 🙁
    just cant believe it ! he was better that the other 2 people last night . i cant see his performance anymore. he is a good kid with an angelic voice . hey , i am in the same ages with him, but i never found blessed sound like him. he is talented . i will miss him
    i cried one tear when i watched his last performance ><
    i wish a producer would give him a chance for record. he is good for God sake !

  15. Like so many others, I am saddened by your being voted off last night as I was rooting you from day one!! It’s most interesting to me that you hail from Sonestown, PA!!! Well young man, I am from that area and in fact graduated from Sonestown Highschool many years ago… I think I do know your grandfather and will try to look him up soon when I return to Penna. for the Summer!!

    You have a great career ahead of you and I am so proud that you have represented Sonestown so very, very well!!

    Best wishes,

    Wayne in Florida..

  16. I am so sad that Aaron was voted out but he is always my idol.You have a bright future kid…I am waiting for your new Album kid………In my heart you are always the best singer.I am your great fan dear……….Muah kiss you Aaron.Wish you the best and good luck dear…..

  17. I think it’s so sad that Aaron got sent out. I love big mike, but not as much as Aaron. i had really High Expectations for him, and i think he did BRILLIANTLY 🙁 I’m so sad rite now 🙁

  18. Well he sang beautifully on Tuesday and appears to be a great guy.

    I am sure he will do well in life with his singing and his boyish genuine personality.

  19. I thought Aaron was the best, For a 17 year old to have a voice like he does….I was for him all the way..Aaron You go for it, I know you can go far and i want to see that…..I didnt think you are the one that should have left..But i wont go into that….

  20. CASEY should have gtone home, not Aaron!

    What a farce.

    Next week it had better be Big Mike or Casey or we will all know for sure the voting is rigged!

  21. I dont very often get wrapped up in Idol, but for some reason, Aaron stood out to me from the beginning.. I personally think he is far better than half of the remaining four. Some smart label will hopefully snatch him up, and guide him to be a teen heart throb.. I know my G’kids loveed him.. and in my opinion he is 100X’s better than Justin Bieber, and look where he is today.!! Usher, here’s another great one for you!
    Hang in there Aaron.. you will be a star if you want it bad enough!!

  22. Aaron was a victim of the technical problems the soundcrew had this week. The sound was atrocious behind Aaron and slowlygot better as the nightwore on. The soundcrew just didn’t know howto mic a big band with strings. I thought Aaron’s performance was the worst of the night, myself.

    Oh, and Junior made a point that’s been bothering me. THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS PITCHY! If you are a musician, you say the singer is singing off key. If you are a college professor, you say the singer has intonation problems. Only a doofus uses the word pitchy.

  23. Aaron has such a good vocal and he did really good last couple weeks..eveen better than Crystal, casey james and micheal…i m so upset for his leaving….

  24. Wow, Finally! Aaron is gone. His voice is so vanilla and he was only in it this long because of the teenyboppers! Now Big Mike needs to go so it can be decided between Crystal, Lee and Casey. Crystal is in another league but Lee and Casey do have the potential to win it.

  25. I don’t know what is big mike still doing in idol???? he needs tobe gone long time ago. i hope he is the next to say bye bye, i am never going to buy not any of his album even though i get it for free.

  26. Big Mike? he’s a good friend and comfort to have around… he keeps the top two calm and relaxed to last, the judges and producers know!

  27. I think honestly this show is fixed… if was really really fair and honest Casey should have gone just for his weak performance. I am not an Aaron fan but he was way better than Casey.
    Since Siobhan is gone the show has lost the sparkle and the competitive factor so I am certain that this is not the honest and straight show I always thought was.
    There will be one winner of course and that will be either Mike or Chrystal as producers think its time for a girl to win after so many seasons none have yet.
    I dont mean Chrystal is bad at all just is not my cup of tea, she is a wonderful singer but sounds for me the same all the time, she has no sparkles in my opinion.
    Lee is a good singer but has so much lack of stage presence that hurts although he is getting better.
    Casey is good looking, he has his rock style and very low range in his notes but still he will do well because girls love his looks.
    Mike is experienced and has his style very defined not the cup of tea of the young generation though.
    Anyway whatever happens in this season for me is not a motivation without Siobhan in the show so good luck to the remaining 4.
    I dont know why I say good luck lol as the winner is already chosen but anyway I wish them success they worked hard.

  28. I thought Mike should have been gone a long time ago; it was a mistake to save him. His singing all sounds the same and he is so full of himself it spilleth quite over. I have noticed over the years that whoever sings first is usually in danger of being voted off – anybody else notice that? I really though Aaron could win it. Yes he is young but man can he ever sing! I will definately buy his album when it comes out also Casey’s & Lee’s. Like someone else said already, would not accept Mikes cd if it were a gift. And Crystal? Needs to quit arguing. She is not ‘all that’.

  29. a travesty? lol…that is funny….go casey…sorry about aaron, but casey is the best.

  30. Aaron for his age is really a good singer, and I’m sorry to see him go, but he will have time to get better and do good for himself. The real dual is going to be between Lee and Crystal,{if the parents of all the teenaged girls take the phones away from them and let the competition be about singing and not looks}!!!!!!The teenage girl factor is the reason why Kris won last year,and not Adam who clearly has better ” pipes”.If the teenagers keep on voting Casey will be the new winner, competotion isn’t rigged it the kids and they’re texting!

  31. I Thought Casey should have gone home last-night. He was terrrible. Hopefully, Casey or Big Mike should go home next week. My Daughter was sad to see Aaron going home. Now, we are rooting for Lee hopefully he will win. Crystal she looks like she is on something everyweek she sings. I just hope and Pray that its not rig if Casey and Big Mike is still their.

  32. Aaron, well done kido! You’ve got an awesome career ahead of you!! Thanks for all you’ve given us over this season… we look forward to watching your star rise higher and higher!! We’ll miss your smile, Sunshine!!!! Well done America for keeping the Legend Casey James in the running ~ excellent choice!! Yes he had a bad night, but a song doth not the man make!! Here’s to Casey & Lee being the top two and, yes I’m biast, Casey winning American Idol 2010!!!! With love from Sunny South Africa 🙂

  33. Very upset. He should have stayed.But on this note,very well done and do not stop singing.

  34. Fat Mike = Serena Williams = arrogant! Last call for their flights departure!!

  35. Aaron is very talented and has the gift to please people with his singing. Sad to see him go and truly hope the music industry sees the talent this young man has and will let him have a career in the music industry. I am sure he will grow and his voice will become more mature and his records sales will soar. GOOD LUCK AARON AND WISH YOU SUCCESS.

  36. I’ll agree, it should have been Mike, but next week for either Mike or Casey to lose. It doesn’t matter either way – it will be a Lee/Crystal final, with obviously Cyrstal winning.

  37. Sorry to see arron, go, casey is a good singer despite the fact that he had a difficult week, however I am really having a hard time understanding why crystal is still in it, she continually argues with the judges and or has some comment, and reality is they know best, despite the fact that they may be hard core, they are in the business, be quiet and listen crystal

  38. I have enjoyed AI since the first show but I am saddened to see that it is not about the most talented performer. Even those who are not in the music world know who should leave the show and it only took the results of last year to prove it. Mike should go back to his 12 piece band and be in the spotlight. Aaron is such a true talent.

  39. I am sad he got voted off. I would have liked to
    see him and Mike to the end. The other three
    do not have it.

  40. It seems to me that all of the current contestants are kind of in a slump. Lee got the most kudos last night because he was the most improved. But the remaining four need to really start pullin out the stops and start bringing something new if they want to stand out. If they don’t, it’s like watching the same performances week after week.

  41. I am sad he was voted off. I would have like
    to see him or Mike make it to the end. I do not
    like the other three or think they can make in
    the music world.

  42. I am so glad that Casey James made it another week!! Had he been voted off, I would no longer watch AI.

  43. Aaron is a much better singer than Mike, Casey, or Crystal, and should have won in my opinion. I also feel that the voting is rigged, and will not be voting or watching the show any further.

  44. I admit that Aaron has a good voice and is a well mannered young man with a humble smile. And that is why he is liked by many (mostly religious folks) in much the same way David Archeleta was loved a couple years back. Unless ones idea of entertainment is listening to church choirboys, just like Archeleta, young Aaron was painfully boring to watch perform. As either one seldom brought anything resembling emotion to the performance. Had Aaron have waited a few years until he was able to develop a stage presence, he might of went further.

  45. Aaron is a true inspiration to everyone. His innate ability of warmth and compassion is so reflected genuinely in his presence and smile. He is appreciative of his family; especially his mom and of this wonderful AI experience. For such a young age, he’s got tremendous vocals and a desire to be his best, in a humble manner. He has got a pretty diverse range and through experience, he will aspire to greater opportunities. I wish him well.

  46. I really like Aaron Kelly. He has superb voice. He deserves to be in top 3 for sure. I simply love his voice. Big Mike is no where close. Lee is awesome. Aaron you are still the best!!

  47. So sad to c Aaron go, but also so proud of him. What a journey he has had and just to be in to top 10 is an honor. He put Sullivan Co. & Lycoming Co. on the map. Looking forward to ur homecoming.

  48. The best singer was eliminated last week so it doesn’t matter to me from here on out. I mean really people. Have any of you downloaded any of the studio performances. I know you hate Siobhan Ashley but even you have got to admit that she sings “When You Believe” every bit as good as Whitney or Mariah. Be honest about. If you haven’t downloaded the studio version go and get it and then pull up the duet of Whitney and Mariah and just compare the two. In fact I have downloaded all of her studio performances and so far I haven’t heard a bad one. Just give them a listen and be honest is all I ask. Thank You!

  49. I just printed out the song list for next week and it isn’t good. Aaron would have been OK with it because he had the most range. But the final four are going to struggle.

  50. I’ve got to disagree with April @24. The judges are clueless! Randy’s made up a new word – pitchy. Ellen tells jokes. Kara talks about her feelings. Simon tries to come up with new insults. And they all try to be amateur psychologists. And they are working blind – they hear a different mix than we hear out in TV land.

    In a perfect world – one where my opinion mattered – the judges would select the top 24 then go back to their day jobs. We don’t need to be told what we just heard, particularly by someone who didn’t hear it.

  51. Hey I was just listening to the studio version of “Superstition” by Siobhan Magnus and I finally figured out who she sounds like. I can’t believe it but she actually sounds like a very young Michael Jackson. It’s a remarkable resemblance the two voices and tones are almost identicle. I’m talking about the Jackson Five Michael not the older one. Give it a listen and tell me I’m just hearing things.

  52. sorry simon for my last comment i was just upset for siobhan leaving, i love you


  54. From my personal prospective, I cannot deny Siobhan’s vocals reach a very high, outlandish range; however, it was not always pitch perfect. When she was good, she was good, but when she was bad; the sounds she vocalized was irritating and very bad! Her signature screeching at the end of songs became a bore and intolerable to listen! Also, her low register is very weak when she starts her songs. I wish her luck, but she just doesn’t suit my taste in music.

  55. Aaron’s being voted off was a surprise. (I thought Casey would go). Next will probably be Big Mike. Both of these guys are talented, and Aaron has the best chance at success, being only 17, his age likely being the reason he was voted out. Casey has probably one more chance to prove he’s worthy of staying–he’s got qualities not unlike Eric Clapton.

  56. I understand that Aaron Kelly got voted off last nite and I’m not too happy about that at all.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  57. I really love them all. I wish the top five could win but not to be.. Aaron you are great and I will see you in the future. Good Luck!

  58. Sad to see Aaron go as Casey was obviously the worse singer on Tuesday. I don’t know why people say Big Mike is so full of himself. He seems so sweet and loveable to me besides having a fantastic voice. I have a son who is big like Mike and alot of people are intimated by him because of his size. Maybe that’s why people don’t like Mike because it can’t be because of his voice which is fantastic.

  59. I think he was fantastic, his last time out. I think for my taste Casey could have gone but really all those left are going to go places.

  60. Siobhan: had a good personality, but i really didn’t like her voice.
    Big Mike: such a nice & funny guy! he has a great fun voice. but i really never thought he would make it this far.
    Crystal: a nice girl, but her voice…not so much.
    Lee: why so serious? he seems never to let his guard down and lacks stage presence.
    Casey: my fav! i do think his performance this week was definately not his best, but i’m worried about him for next week…
    Aaron: such a cutie! he had a great voice and when he was in the bottom 2, i was NOT expecting him to go. i mean, i think big mike ROCKS but i still think its his time to go.

  61. when i saw aaron leave i burst into tears i mean it im not joking. i really thought he had a chance at the title. casey should have gone out instead. don’t get me wrong casey is an amazing singer but aaron is stronger and will definatly get a record deal where as casey is less likly to get 1. i feel the only reason casey got through is because he might not get anothre chance to get his dream and aaron’s dream will deninatly come true no doubt at all.
    i can not wait to see aaron again when he is rich and famous. he is the sweated, and most kind person evr. in all of the world he deserves a second chance and he will get 1.

  62. I don’t understand why everyone keeps going on and on about how good singers this one is or that one is. They’re ALL good singers. We KNOW that. That’s why they got to the top 5.

    What it comes down to now doesn’t really have so much to do with how good of a singer one is. It’s more about how good of an entertainer/performer one is. It comes down to these things: confidence, charisma, versatility, and stage presence. Quite frankly, I think the top six have struggled with all of these.

    Siobhan: She SO needed to go. Her stage presence on that Shania Twain number was downright awkward and embarrassing. She came across like a prepubescent girl dancing around in her bedroom.
    Casey: WHY is this guy STILL on the show? It’s not because he’s talented. It’s because there’s a bunch of teenage girls that have a crush on him. Unfortunately, he’s just the flavor of the month. Not much to build a career on. Plus he shows no confidence.
    Aaron: Gave us an EXCELLENT performance Tuesday, but stage presence is his weak point. He may be 17, but he comes across more like a 14 year old.
    Crystal: Seems to be the most vocally talented person there. And, she very sweetly and confidently receives the judges comments with a smile. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her making her own comments in response to the judges.
    Big Mike: Ho Hum…
    Lee: Shows no confidence at all. Doesn’t have any charisma. Maybe some of the girls think he’s cute. Even if he should happen to win I don’t think he has much of a future for album sales.

  63. Aaron Kelly being eliminated is a joke, but this is what happens with these random kinds of popularity contests. I love Casey, but he truly deserved to go home after that sloppy, out-of-tune performance. I’m done voting, but now I have to hope that Crystal wins. Things have gotten beyond silly at this point. I think the judges are pushing Lee now, just the same way they were pushing Adam last year. Unfortunately, their comments probably do influence impressionable people who always want to be on the side of the “winner.”

  64. Joanne, I think you are exactly right in saying that it is like a popularity contest. It certainly isn’t about raw talent, or things would turn out differently. But, indeed, it does have more to do with how much a person is “liked” or “disliked”.

  65. Each Tuesday night on AI is like a debate before a primary election where the candidate who gets the least votes is dropped.

    In a perfect world the candidate who did the worst in the debate would be off. But this is an imperfect world and people seldom abandon their favorites so casually even when they do poorly.

    The same is true of American Idol. Yes, based on his poor performance on last Tuesday night Casey probably should have been sent home, but he is a favorite to many and they will not casually abandon him.

    American Idol simply reflects life and how people behave. The worst singer will not necessarily be voted off on any given night and the best singer may not be the ultimate winner.

  66. I think it’s time for Big Mike to hit the road, he sing the same way every time.
    B O R I N G.
    I agree Aaron wasn’t going to win and wether it was now or next week his time had come.

  67. I’m really very upset it wasn’t his time to go he deserved to stay he sang much better than casey and crystal this is really the wrong decision!!!!

  68. Ashley it is eerie how much I agree with you. I always agree with your rankings of the contestants. I agree with you that Casey won’t be the next American Idol because it is supposed to be a singing competition, but He will be, one way or another, the only of this bunch who will, sooner or later, become famous.

  69. Mike will be/kept in the bottom 2 till the final.
    Then another save, and voila ……. the new Big Idol.

  70. I quite liked Aaron. I do think Lee is the best singer,though,and he did a really good job of looking and sounding cool.

  71. I have the feeling that Siobhan would have done well with the Sinatra songs. She’s just naturally hip.

  72. Aaron should have left a long time ago. He has time and growing up to do.

  73. Totally the right call, Aaron a great kid but time to go based on who was left. I disagreed with all the judges and didn’t think that Aaron’s selection suited him or that he had a believable performance. Thought Casey should make it through based on past performances. Wasn’t a fan of the vibrato but didn’t think it was that bad overall !!

  74. It is now crunchtime. Any one of the last 4 could win, depending on their future performances (except maybe Mike).

    Lee seems to be gaining the most momentum lately -and Crystal has had two mediocre weeks. She needs to step it up.

    I agree with those who say that it is much more boring now without Siobhan. She deserved to be in the top 4, and added a lot of originality. All of the last 4 except maybe Lee are too predictable and boring.

    I predict Casey will never perform without his guitar again after his disaster with “Blue Skies”!

    Sadly, I fear that this might become more of a personality contest, or looks contest, which favors Casey.

  75. Once again, American voters get it wrong.
    Casey should have gone home. Aaron Kelly might be seventeen, but he has a great voice.
    I expect to see more of him ,in the future
    Maybe Casey cannot control his vibrato. Some people can’t. Nevertheless, vibrato or not, he should have been gone.

  76. why are some against Casey winning? If he wins, it would be American Idol cum American Model..Now isnt that nice…Looking forward to next week..

  77. i was really upset that aaron went home..i love him and he has such great mum and i thought he would win this competition.tha both of us agreed that aaron has the best vocals and he will be a great singer in future..what is casey still doing in the competition ..he should have left instead of aaron…those who voted casey,SHAME ON YOU GUYS!!!!

  78. I like the voice of Aaron Kelly, he is natural and have a good smile. But dont worry Aaron you will have a good future in singing. Just keep up the good work..A lot of people love you so much… I’m from Canada.

  79. One of the five had to go, the youngest and the least convincing ended up going, simple as that… Doesn’t mean that he’s no good, he’s actually terrific, but he wasn’t believable… No fault of his, just name of the game.

  80. thực sự Aaron bị loại là 1 điều đáng tiếc nhưng có lẽ mọi người cũng nhận thấy rằng để đánh giá khách quan thì trong TOP 5 loại bỏ Michael là 1 điều thật khủng khiếp 🙁 giọng ca của Mike quá hoàn hảo….Aaron bị out nhưng tôi tin rằng anh ta có thể tỏa sáng trên con đường âm nhạc :x….

  81. It’s okey that Aaron voted off, surely he has talent but still he needs to mature his voice… maybe a couple of year he will be very best.

  82. Clearly we not watching the same program. Mike sings better than Aaron, there is a chance for Aaron in the near future considering that he is still a young. I wish Mike & Lee all the best..

  83. We must remember that we are looking at the whole package, the look and the performance. These need to mix nicely and connect with the audience on an emotional level, physical as well (goosebumps). Unfortunately this cannot happen with every song from each performer.
    I think the final two will be Casey and Crystal.

  84. Casey should have been OUT!!!!!!!! not aaron .

    I wish Michael and Lee all the best.

  85. I am very very very disappointed with the result. Its very obvious that Aaron is more good than Casey. I wish Lee, Crystal and Aaron be the final three but with the result, im so down. The 3 are the best. How come Casey survive…he dont have the voice. For Aaron, I wish you all the best and I know well you will become popular more than Casey and Michael.

  86. it really feels bad that Aaron has been voted off,this young man has got huge talent which i really admire.he used to make me sit down to watch american idols everytym he was performing,i would stand up and shout WOW!!! wat a really hurt sana(very much zambian language).Wat ever the case my bro you still got a brighter future ahead of you coz you are still young and energetic and you talent is massive.GOD KNOWS BEST WHY IT HAPPENED LIKE THAT.WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST YOU ALONE DESERVE IN LIFE

  87. Aaron was very good. But elimination doesn’t mean bad for him. As the saying goes, if a door closes, windows will open. I’m sure there are lots of opportunities waiting for him. You can do it Aaron. Take care. 🙂

  88. Thank-you, im so glad he is gone, there are too many kids winning idols, i really hope casey wins, he has such a nice voice, or at least come in 2nd place, crystal can take the title, she too has a stunning voice. well guys good luck, may the best vocals win. please ppl dont vote on looks, thats just stupid.

  89. The grammar and vocabulary abilities of people commenting is shocking. Do Americans not learn this in school? We South Africans encourage learners to read and improve their language.

  90. agrees with anita!!!!!!and i beleive the show is rigged because big mike can not sing and didnt deserve the safe….I am so mad about Aarons leaving I am no longer watching american idol because none of the 4 remaining are worth watching..

  91. Casey James is like Brian Adams, he’s been around for the last 20 years…. Casey will still be around in 20 years too!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to AI for discovering him and sharing him with the world!!! 🙂

  92. The 17 years old boy Aoron with his beatiful smile and nice voice, who s the best he sould win. You r the light of the world Aoron. I am praying for u to win. This is my dream, plse America the 17 years old boy is the light of the stage and he sould win, plse let him win…… every one love him he sould be the winner of him. i think his voice is very nice and he did great

  93. aaron doesnt deserves to go’s casey for godsake!!!!he was the worst that night and aaron has lotsa talent compare to him..casey’s vibrato sounded like a lamb and i have to agree with kara on and my sis were watching AI on the tv and when it comes to casey’s vibrato the both of us was laughing madly..IT”S NOT FAIR!!!I WANT AARON BACK!!IM NOT GONNE WATCH AI ANYMORE!!!

  94. I was really sad to see Aaron go. I thought it’s gonna be Casey but was shocked when Ryan said that Big Mike & Aaron are the bottom 2. And from that, I already had the feeling that it’ll be Aaron. I was wearing a sad face while watching his last performance. He’s very talented. Now I don’t know if I’m still gonna watch AI. But at least Lee is still on! 🙂 Wish Aaron the best. Hope he continue doing what he loves. He’s an inspiration.

  95. The 5 idols put on a great show this week. I agree with the choice of Aaron leaving. Although he came out of his shell and started sounding very good the last few shows, I think he’s a bit too immature. Casey has been amazing the past few weeks also. Chrystal is always amazing and I am glad Mike is still with us.
    We could have done without what seemed to me was the old “Gong Show” with the performances by Lady Gag Gag and Harry Conig Jr. attempting to sing. He is a horrible singer. I just hope the idols didn’t pick anything up from them.

  96. CASEY – Remember – Whatever is going on in your mind, you are attracting to you. [The Secret] Sing from your Heart. Love.

  97. @#103 Please keep in mind, that a good majority of these comments are not just coming from America!

    There are comments that are made by people in other countries!

    About the comment you made regarding Americans learning in school, well I would like to point out, that there are many people from other countries who have come to America for a better life, and education whether it is for the children or an adult.

    Please do not assume, that it is just Americans making comments!

    I wish you all the best Aaron, keep polishing and conditioning those vocals!

  98. Of the last four left, here is my rundown:

    1st Crystal – Absolutely the best, most talented. Needs to win.

    2nd Lee – Okay, but generally unimpressive.

    3rd Mike – Good singer but no originality at all.

    4th and LAST – Casey needs to go home next week REALLY bad!

  99. Aaron seems like a good kid and he has a good singing voice. I think he did well to get in the top 5 and he gets to go on tour. I think he has a bright future.

    I predict Mike or Casey will be the next to go, depending on how they perform. Mike has to have another winning number and Casey can’t mess up again. Crystal really can’t afford another mediocre performance either. She needs to WOW us again. Lee needs to keep pleasantly surprising us. All four need to really be careful in their song choice. It could make or break it for any of them this time. And it’s not a good song list. I think it’s all pretty exciting at this point.

  100. The results this week prove that it is a popularity contest and not a singing one.

    Lee did give the best performance but when the other four were split into 2 groups of 2 each, the worst two performances from Tuesday night were the 2 “C’s” yet they were the two announced as safe.

    Casey gave the worst performance I have heard in weeks and even his studio version was hard to listen to and is the first of his studio versions I have not downloaded to my i-Pod.

  101. man that sucks!!! Aron was so good and so cuty , it should’ve been casey not Aron. any way we love him no matter what.

  102. ok just watch Aaron on Ellen and he did alright…a little pitchy..sorry had to say it, but at the end he did not get a standing Ovation…Tim Urban did….play them on youtube and see what you think…Aaron should be there soon.

  103. big mike should go out and the two girls btAoron will stay and become the top of AL for 2010, Aoron is like justin ber and he will win

  104. crystal:-she really needs to heed to simon’s commment. she should sing from the heart but apart from connecting to a song she should pick songs that show off her vocals

    lee:- @David says you are unimpressive that might be because of his shyness (mentioned) but he needs to put more swagger in his performances and that will definately stick him on top 2. he has to learn to put the tain in entertain.

    mike:-his performance was great on tuesday but if he is not careful he wont last the next 2 weeks. he should give us something different. surprise us mike……

    casey:- he should have been the one eliminated based on that performance on this week because it looked like he did not put much effort. he sang like he had nothing at stake. are u sure he is in this to win it hmmmm… i wonder i just wonder

    aaron:-loved your performance. keep doing what you do. i will be looking forward to your album. goodluck

  105. Well its getting hard to see them go each night. I still believe Lee and Crystal will be our final two, however it will not surprise me to see Mike as one of the possible final two. In my opinion Crystal should be the Idol.

  106. How many times do we have to see Big Mike on the “bottom” group? I mean give me a break, he sounds mono-tone, every song sounds the same! Casey is even worse, the same voice, the same style no what the material. Aaron is the only one that seems to “listen” to the judges and try to become better, the others don’t. Very dissappointed, all the contestants suck! It’s only a matter of staying in key, and boom you win. Lee has a strong chance, good luck!

  107. You guessed it, Casey and Mikey will be the bottom two, Mikey is there on a weekly basis, but he won’t go because he’s black. American Idol will get a hicky by the NAACP, so he has to stay and he knows it, that’s why he never sweats it. Too bad there is no real talent this year.

  108. I agree with anyone that thought that 1)Big Mike should have never been saved,and should have gone home when America told him too. Also that this week Casey should have gone home!!!! I think I would have rather seen Tim Urban come this far than Casey or even Big Mike. I definitely think American Idol is rigged. But I don’t think they have Crystal winning it, I think they might have Big Mike or Casey winning it [:-P]. Honestly, I think that as of now Lee DeWyze should win!!! He is the best by far (even with the little lack of stage presance he is definitely getting better at it). I actually think that he smiled on Tuesday!!!! Just like some of u have said….. Aaron Kelly shouldn’t have gone home this week!! Also people have said that Siobhan should have stayed longer…. yah…. NO she should have gone home way before she did. I personally thought the final 3 was going to be Lee, Aaron, and Crystal… with Lee winning and Aaron in 2nd….

  109. i m so so happy because Aoron is save this week i love u people who voted for him and made him save plse people keep it up and let Aoron win he is the light of the stage………… love u Aoron


  111. It’s SO OBVIOUS that the final 2 will be Lee and Crystal..
    (sighs)where’s my Siobhan? >:(

  112. Big Mike should not have been saved, they could have used it for Aaron…..

  113. I used to think Christal had a chance, but when it comes down to it, would you buy her record? She sounds too Janice Joplin, in other words, old fashion. Big Mike is horrible, no chance! Casey James is worse, let him go back to being in a bar band and let the real talent get the big gigs. This leaves Lee Dewyse, he’s the only one with a unique voice fit for today’s music. Would I buy his record? Absolutely!

  114. totally agree Jo Jo, and he’s so creative making other people’s music his own and BETTER!

  115. JO JO,
    I very much agree with Lee having the most unique and record friendly voice this year. But, I’m a sucker for a girl with a nice bluesy style of singing, like Crystal has as well. If that makes me “OLD FASHIONED” … So be it.

  116. @Steve#132, i think old-fashion is good if it is genuine, as when Sinatra sings… Crystal pushes her own life stories into each song and she’s only 24… it seems a routine and it feels old

  117. i was very upset to see aaron kelly be bvoted off. i really didn’t care if i saw the others leaving . I just wanted aaron to get thru. After viewing this , i s aid “i don’t want to watch any more idol.” i think america definitely got it wrong this past week. I was hoping he would be in the top two. THe 2 c’s gotta go- it seems that casey doen’t even try and crystal appears to have given up and i really liked her. Aaron was better than these two this past week. Even one of the judges said “you’ll be here next week.” I’ve gotta give it to you. You gave it your all and God gave you a GIft-you will share that with others. THer are so many that are proud of you.

  118. i still think that Casey has a chance, i definitely will not be buying Crystal’s music, although even if she is eliminated, she will be very marketable…..

  119. I also, always thought, that a Pop Idol is someone under 21, Aaron definitely looked the part….

  120. Lee Dewyze is the only one left with talent. He wows me every week. He never lets his fans down. He’s the best of them all. He beats Crystal 2 weeks in a row. He SHOULD win.

  121. Lee does sing well, but has no stage personality, he does not interact with the audience, in other words he is rather dull, definitely not Pop Idol material…….

  122. Well, eventually, he’ll overcome his shyness. He’ll learn how to interact with the audience. I love seeing him perform onstage. He always looks adorable. He is always connected to the songs he sings

  123. My favorites from best to worst:

    1. LEE DEWYZE ( of course, no doubt )
    2. Casey
    3. Mike
    4. Crystal

    I think Crystal’s a nice person but I don’t like her voice. Casey doesn’t know how to choose songs wisely. But whenever he picks the right one, I get goosebumps. Lee’s the best singer. No question.

  124. Connecting and wowing are two different things.
    However connected he is to the song, he does not wow me or should i say a large majority of the people….
    And yes maybe Casey does not know how to choose his songs, but be realistic, look at the song choices they have had to choose from, eg. Shania Twain, how can a guy sing one of her songs, Frankie, how can the girls sing his songs. They should be able to choose their own style of song and then we will see who has talent……..


  126. i so dont agree with #143 cos there were other guys dat sang shania twain songs well. anyways at this point it is anybody’s field depending on major factors like:

    -how well they sing
    -how well they perform
    -judges comments
    -fan base

  127. @#143 from S. Africa… based on what poll or statistics were you representing the “large majority of the people?”

  128. Sorry to see Aaron voted off. We must have not been watching the same Idol. Casey should have been voted off, shame on you who voted for Casey.

  129. I wish it had been Casey,as the 17 year old,Arron,was wonderful.Godd LUCK ARRON.God Bless.

  130. Judging on performances of the night, Casey should hv been voted off, not Aaron. And what’s with Big Mike still being there?????? he should never have been saved, the save should have been used for Siobhan. I’m beginning to think Idol is fixed, as Big Mike is constantly in the bottom 2/3 but never voted out…. curiouser and curiouser lol


  132. I agree with Taymaro @55, with Siobhan gone, the show has lost its luster, don’t care who’s in or out anymore since the best is already gone last week.

  133. i agree with 147..shame on those who voted for casey.!!!!!aaron you are great!!

  134. Aaron should’ve stayed. He has a great voice even if he’s young. He’ll have a big career in the future though, anyway. I’m still the biggest Lee Dewyze fan here on Earth. I hope he wins.

  135. I think that Aaron should of stayed with Lee, Crystal, Big Mike. Casey should of went home…but who am I to know??? I still wish good luck to all the singers tonight on the show!

  136. I am sorry to see Aaron go, but am so proud of our wonderful local talent. What a remarkable accomplishment for someone so young! Although many youngsters demonstrate talent, Aaron has well-developed maturity, focus, and stage presence rarely found in those twice his age, much less teenagers. It was amazing to watch him grow and fine tune his musical artistry week after week, and become a positive role model for other young people all over the world.

    What I find most incredible is how Aaron coped with the tremendous pressure of a rigorous practice and performance schedule, for unlike the other candidates, his status as a high school student forced him to undergo full-time tutoring in order to maintain his academic studies. Despite that additional burden, he still managed to stay on top of his game and remain competitive. His determination to excel and encourage his personal self-growth is a powerful testimonial to how poised and talented Aaron truly is and bespeaks volumes of his potential to do genuinely great things in his life. We in PA are immensely proud of our ‘native son’. WTG, Aaron!!!

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