American Idol 2010 Top 5 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 5 tonight on American Idol 2010 after last night’s Frank Sinatra performances and who will move on to the season’s Top 4. There’s no chance for redemption this week after the Judges’ Save was previously used so someone will definitely go home and we’ll be one step closer to the season finale.

Based on your votes in our Top 5 performance poll it looks like we may find Aaron Kelly, Casey James, and Michael Lynche in the Bottom 3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aaron go but Casey isn’t far behind and after last week anything can happen!

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal and then be sure to check for tickets to the summer Idol tour before the best seats are sold out.

American Idol 2010 Top 5 Elimination Results’ Bottom 2:

  • #1 – Michael Lynche
  • #2 – Aaron Kelly

American Idol 2010 Top 5 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Aaron Kelly

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. Should be Mike, for being so cliche and undiversified, but it’ll end up being Casey or Aaron this week.

  2. Casey, Aaron or Mike go home!! i dont really care for them three, either one would do =P

  3. a mi me parese q va hacer casey el eliminado a bajado mucho su rendimiento y estas dos ultimas semanas no le ha hido muy bn! espero q no sea aaron el es super lindo y tiene buena voz y siempre le echa ganas

  4. Casey yang akan tereliminasi….. Tadi malam penampilannya bosenin banget..

  5. Idk they are all good and did amazing they made it this far so they shuld not walk away dissapoited who ever goes home!

  6. I’m hpoing it’s not Mike…this guy has mad skills…I’m guessing he’s our next “American Idol”…..

  7. Casey has to leave. He picked a wrong song and sang it lifelessly. Quite boring that was. Very unfortunate for this young good looking handsome guy to be excluded at this stage. so long casey. Danny Miles of Sabah. Malaysia.

  8. Lee has improved so much over the past few weeks, and he’s my favorite, but i’m still waiting for that ‘perfect’ performance for him to connect to the rest of the world. For example, youtube ‘use somebody’ and you see what Lee is all about.

    Other than Lee, I don’t think the rest deserves to win as much as he does. Crystal is great but I feel she is too one-dimensional.

  9. After last week..I really do not care who wins…I wanted Sioban to win…Sinatra is hard..But Harry was a great mentor…best wishes to everyone…

  10. I am done with Idol. The Lady Gaga “performance” tonight was disgusting and the final straw.

    American Idol, I have always been a steadfast fan, but I am done. Those dancers were men fondling men and I do not find that a family performance. Good bye.

  11. Please I voted for Aaron like 100 times 🙁 Plzz dont leave ok its on ahhh

  12. no way..we have to put up with obnoxious mike another week….sorry aaron fans…he will be will hear from him again many times…i guess the fix idol put in for mike almost failed this week…

  13. seriously mike and aaron in bottom 2? wew..whats wrong with america..chrystal and casey are great but they seem kinda stuck…

  14. I think the show is bore

    they ve taken out the spice and talent and kept back the boring … sorry to say … uncharacteristic and untalented lot back

    What fun the show was with Shiobhan, Katie, Didi and the other – they had so much of vigour and passion

    There s no spice in the competition now

  15. Why is Casey James still around? He is terrible. The only reason that he is around is because of his looks. He knew that he was horrible this week. He fully expected to go home. Again, why is Casey James still around?

  16. Casey should have left instead of Aaron. He’s getting better.
    If America is going to vote for good looks, then I’m not watchin anymore.

  17. I think under the circumstances America got it right…But I did feel sorry for Aaron…

  18. Casey rocks…finally people voted….mike should be packing, not aaron…i think lee will win…but casey is something…looks and talent…and interesting…I hope crystal, lee, casey and aaron make loads of money.

  19. Im crying right nowww! I loved Aaaron:[ Casey should have got off! im never watching idol again!!!!! =[

  20. I hope Mike goes home! I had no respect for him since I watched him enjoy the birth of his child by cell phone! What a selfish jerk.

  21. what was the name of the song when aaron was looking back through the time he had?!


  22. Lee is as dry i n talent as dust on the tv screen. and mike is another Ruebin. what a waste. Aaron and Crystal should have been the top 2

  23. it really doesnt matter who wins anyway. Carrie Underwood is the ONLY success story that has come from the shows 9 year history anyway.

  24. OMG OMG America got it sooooooooooooooooo wrong. Crystal and Casey were pitiful at best!

  25. Put Siobhan back on the show to make it worth watching…! Siobhan was it and the rest can go for a walk!

  26. Mike has missed the first weeks of his child’s life. I hope when he loses idol that it was all worth it.

  27. They got it totally wrong. It should have been michael lynche. I bet the judges regret using the save!

  28. I really don’t have a favorite as I have said before but I have got to ask how the American public is voting…seriously…given the performances of last night, how did Casey manage to be safe but Mike, who gave the 2nd best performance last night next to Lee, end up in the bottom 2?

    I stated earlier that Aaron is a good singer but needs a few years to mature so with him leaving that was no surprise..BUT…

    This is suppose to be a SINGING competition and NOT a beauty contest. If I wanted someone to win based on looks then I would watch the Miss America contest.

    America you got it wrong this week. Casey was the worse one last night vocally and should have been sent home.

  29. wow what a waste. aaron went home. should have been mike so he can spend time with his baby.

  30. To casualobserver #48…Mike’s wife and child are actually in Los Angeles and are staying at a different hotel. Mike spends his time rehearsing for the show then goes and spends time with his family…hmmm you know like all musicians do in their lives…

  31. This surprising elimination of Aaron was more than welcome. He is always off pitch and has no voice to speak of. It was about time he went home. So far, the only thing I have disagreed as far as the eliminations are concerned is that Aaron should have gone home before Siobhan. Probably big Mike will be next, but Lee will be the next AI. Cristal will most likely be 2nd. However, I root for Casey who certainly looks like an AI.

  32. Mel….you may think it is cool to enjoy your child’s birth via cell phone, but I do not.

  33. Well i am glad casey is still in it…aaron seems like a real nice person…he sings great…just needs some time to develop. but he seems so kind and respectful. I know he will make music and it will pay off.

  34. that just means people wants casey and they will buy his album no matter how bad he sound. they dont vote for mike even if he sounded good last night and thats one clue, he wont make that much money as much as casey will do. remember, the money they will earn comes from the voters and fans. GO Casey James. he maybe sound bad last night but he does good months before, and people dont base their votes on just one bad performance.

  35. i do think mike should be packing, but i don’t think criticizing him for participating in AI is fair…just by going to hollywood, he increased his income power 100 fold…now who knows what he will make in the coming years…he would have been a fool to stay home, given the break. now i really am bored with his family story, but he had to take this chance. not taking this chance would be failing his family, so leave him be on that one. but he is generic in his style and should be going home.

  36. Casey most definitely should have been the one to go, not Aaron. Casey was awful last night & has not been very good the whole time. He has an appealing look to the Young girls especially when he plays his guitar. This is not a guitar playing contest & Aaron definitely has the best vocals. Sinatra songs was a poor choice for all of them. What is with Lady Gaga? I think her performance should have been censored. I probably will not watch this show anymore due to the leudness of that performance.

  37. Chichi…I respect your opinion, but to me, American Idol is just that….an idol. Mike will never be that to me no matter how well he sings,

  38. Casual i agree with you on that. I was just commenting on people who were attacking him for not being with his wife when the child was born because of idol…it was a chance of a lifetime and it means his child might have some advantages now…mike did the right thing participating. i think mike should have went home weeks ago.

  39. Glee, I agree with you 110%. Casey was HORRIBLE last night!!! People, this is a singing competition, COME ON!

  40. I think Aaron Kelly and Lee have the best voices by far and should have been the top two. So what if Aaron is only 17. He is an unbelievable singer!

  41. did you see an American Idol winner that is has a good voice and ugly or fat? think about it. maybe if mike has usher body he will make it to the top 2. unfortunately he doesnt.

  42. lee has a good voice but just not memorable and not recognizable when you listen to him on the radio.

  43. Dee— I absolutely agree w/ your assessment of Lee & dear Aaron having the best voices— the best raw vocal “chops” if you will! All along I have seen the potential in Lee D & last night it all came into play for him-He truly, in my opinion will be the most successful Male A Idol winner, seeling the most records & playing the most heavily booked concerts. He has the making of a long term recording artist w/ staying power- long before Harry jr noticed Lee’s brilliance, I did. Wait & see him win it all against Crystal or Casey!!!! Comments????

  44. i think this just proves how unprofessional some people are. do they listen to the judges?? NO! then what’s the use of the judges if the people don’t listen?

    voting for good looks when this is a singing contest?? i mean, who votes for someone who in fact had the WORST PERFORMANCE?? unless they’re fans of GOOD LOOKS then this should be a MODELING contest, not a TALENT show!!

    [sorry, i’m just obviously not satisfied with the results from the past few weeks especially now]

  45. It is so obvious from day one that Lee is going to win-he is another David Cook and Kris Allen,a little more talented maybe, but of the same ilk-judges favorite-same type singer. They got it wrong 2 years ago, blew it big time last year and will have the same type singer win again this year. I agree-Carie underwood is AIs only successful winner. The losers all do better every other year. As will Crystal when she loses to hand picked Lee

  46. most idol winners have been somewhat average looking…attractive but average. none of the top ten were ugly. casey is more than looks..he is interesting and sounds great. mike is not ugly, a bit fat but mostly his personality comes over arrogant…but who knows in real life.

  47. hapee, thanks. Lee & Aaron are both GREAT. Crystal seems to only be able to do one style, although I do think she sounds a little like janis joplin. But definitely Lee & Aaron should have been the top two. Casey will do well in a nightclub band, but not as the Idol. Still think the producers made a big mistake with Lady Gaga – there was nothing “ladylike” about that sadistic performance.

  48. I th0uGht cAseY wiL be LeAving aftr Lst nyTs pRf0rMaNs,, i love u aAr0n, buT i luV crYstal m0re! shEs uNiqUe & orIginAL!

  49. #66 Juana: Yep, remember the winner of the second season, Ruben Studdard. He must have weighed 300 pounds. Look it up.

  50. Mike should have been sent home. He looks absolutely awful on stage, and everytime he wears a hat, it looks too small for his big head. He will have a break next week, as Jamie Fox will be there tutoring the top four. Do you think the judges would have the guts to tell him if he sang badly? Nope, they just can’t stand the thought of him leaving the program. Hope Aaron’s friends vote for Casey. Casey looked GOOD and sounded GREAT on stage tonight.

  51. yay yay…Casey stays! Well, come on, an American Idol should be an all-rounder….sure this competition is about great singing, but hey, dont we want an ‘Idol’ who looks like one too? sounds like one, looks like one, acts like one, humble like one…thats CASEY JAMES!!!!

  52. In my opinion, I think Mike should have gone home. Though based on last night’s performance, it should have been Casey and Aaron on the bottom 2 plus Crystal. They really did not do well. But basing on diversity and well-roundedness of the idols, Mike should have gone home. It was his “element” last night so it was predicted that he would do great, but at the same time, every single week, HE SINGS THE SAM WAY! AND IT BORES ME TO DEATH! 🙁 I dont really care who goes home first. I just want LEE DEWYZE TO WIN THIS WHOLE THING! 🙂

  53. I not sure who was watching last night but based on the performances the wrong two were selected as the bottom two. I really think the show is rigged and the judges have something to do with it. Based on last night Casey and Cristal should have been in the bottom two and Casey should have been history. It is so madding when you have someone who was first in the line-up, have a good performance, and then be criticized by the judges. It’s like a predetermined thing as who is not going to do well. Big Mike for sure should have not been in the bottom two for sure. I am all done watching this program, back to biggest looser which is not so subjective. I guess the Judge fix was in for Arron’s Departure. Sorry to see Arron go. Lets face it Casey or Mike will be next and Casey should have been gone a long time ago. I think the Judges save should have been used earlier in the process for another young singer that got a raw deal from Simon.

  54. The show was great tonight. Very enjoyable. It doesn’t really matter who went tonight because there can be only one idol. At this point, it is sad to see anyone cut as they are trying so hard & must be very hopeful.
    Lady Gaga’s performance was not for this type of show. Terrible.

  55. if this show is not rigged then,its certainly planned s all for ratings,and politics.big mike should have been gone 2,or 3 weeks ago,but now that jamie foxx will be the mentor for next week,well we just cant have mike go just far as who was the worst on last nights show,it was casey,and then crystal.but here again the worst do not leave,instead its someone else.just like last week siobhan was sent packing her bags,she was predicted to be int the finals,or possibly the top 3.that was all for ratings,well now there ratings have hit rock bottom.the were down bny over.13%margin against last s starting to get to dramatic of a show.they the upper brass already have the ending planned out,and it will not be like its supposed to end!it will be another suprise,just similar to last year,and the year before,and so on,and so on.
    the real best talent has already been depleted.they were lacy,alex,didi,and finally the very most talented,and entertaining singer was siobhan.maybe they all are better off in the long run.

  56. WHY?!!!!!why aaron???american got it wrong casey should have gone home.he sounded terrible last night..and without his guitar he sounded like a retard he doesnt have enough talent to win this competition except for his looks!!!!..aaron deserves another week!!!this is all wrong!!im not gonna watch american idol anymore..the best ones have all gone home…i voted for siobhan but she’s gone and so im voting for aaron but he’s gone too!!!why why why why why whyyyyy???!!!!this is stupid!!!

  57. Does anyone know when they put out the approved song list for next week. Songs from the cinema should be a pretty broad selection. Hopefully no one will go near the Moulin Rouge song.

  58. Casey fans…GREAT JOB keeping our boy in the game despite his rough week.As usual, he showed nothing but class…LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! Aaron should NOT have been sent home…should have been Mike…

  59. I agree with # 28..

    This show is boring with this Top 5 finalist…Didi,,Sihoban,,Katie,,Alex Lambert,,Todrick Hall,,Lily Scott,,and Katelyn Eaperly is more various then The Top 5…
    The Judges is Subjective this season….Glad Simon is gone next season…

  60. you people are voting the contestant that most people dont like thats why theyre sent home. im happy casey is still there. he is not arrogant or someone who talks back whenever some bad comments are thrown on him. he has the good looks but he never acted like he does, even alot of people even the judges say he does look good. look at mike, he never that good looking but i hate when he acts like hes marching on fashion show raising is hand pointing his fingers. ewwwww

  61. yeah i agree casey has class, no bad attitude, has good looks, very marketable, alot will go to his concerts just to see him regardless if he will sound great or not and will buy every album he will make. period.

  62. Just thought I would pass this along…last night while I was voting (not saying for who) but I heard “Thanks for voting for contestant 2” and this happened to be Casey last night but he was not the contestant I was voting for and it was not his number I dialed. I checked my call log on my cell phone and I had dialed the correct number by my votes were being counted for the wrong contestant and not the one I really wanted to vote for..hmmmm rigged maybe???

  63. I don’t understand AT ALL why Michael keeps being on. I don’t like his voice, can’t stand his facial expressions when he TRIES to sing. Just don’t get it. To me he should NEVER of been on the show. Amazes me.

  64. No No No I love Aaron Kelly. He is great. Mike is good too but Aaron is so young has so much talent to grow. Mike will make it on his own. I have picked Casey at the beginning like I picked Taylor. I hope I can be right again this year. At least there is no freaky guy like Adam this year. They are all normal at least.

  65. I agree about Lady Gaga. She is as bad as Adam was. She needs to go away where ever he is. We don’t need that kind of stuff on the tv. Our kids are corrupted enough. We need to get our youth back on the right track. This world is going to hell in a hand basket. Our youth has no respect for us older Americans and it the fault of TV and their parents and of course the administration. NO NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER!!! for the first time in 60+ yrs.

  66. Marje and Imelda, can’t you speak English? Do you live in America? If you do, speak or write English. If not, then that’s fine but I’m tired of us having to catering to people who live here and don’t speak the language. Press #1 for English. Life is crap!

  67. #90…this show is rigged!!!how can big mike stay for soo long??i missed aaron kelly..i hope he gets a record deal soon like how kellie pickler did…i wanna hear him sing again…i love you aaron stay strong and dun give up ur dreams!!!

  68. I’m happy to see Casey perform again next week. He deserves to be in the top 3 with Crystal and Lee. Mike will be the next to be eliminated. He’s always in the bottom performers. It shows that only few are in favor of his performance. It’s soooooo boring.

  69. If the voting were based on just the most recent night’s singing performance, then Casey should have gone home. However, I think many vote for past performance. I think this is a good idea because some singers just don’t fit some genres (e.g. Casey and Sinatra’s pop) and should be given some slack in such instances if they are sufficiently strong in others. Moreover, he seemed much improved in the genre tonight over last night.

    Sorry to disagree with Aaron’s fans, but I thought when the contest began that he sounded like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz or one of the chipmunks. He was so nasal. He did improve and probably will continue to as he and his voice mature. I did think that he was the second worst performer last night and overall was the weakest of the final five – even with his improvement.

    Maybe the show is fixed, but I don’t think so. There is too much money to be lost if it is ever found out. There might even be criminal charges (remember the scandal in the old quiz show, $64,000 Question??). Also, last year’s winner (what is his name??) was not in my memory the judge’s favorite. Their favorite as far as I could determine was without question, Adam Lambert (who, weird or not, is the best male to come out of AI, so far).

    By the way, Adam probably would have liked Gaga’s performance. I certainly did not.

  70. sioban magnus was way better than aaron or big mike why is he still there big mike can’t sing quit making him think so.put sioban back on there she really has talent.

  71. The next idol should be crystal she is the best in there now,the others really suck.

  72. LEE will be the next american idol, just listen to his voice.2nd is Crystal and 3rd is Big Mike

  73. the way casey sang compared to aaron kelly, it really should,ve been casey who went home…but casey stayed because if his looks not his crappy singing

  74. i feel very happy for Aaron, who seems such a good kid, and he’s in the best place – he’ll finish highschool and he can get into ANY university he applies, including Harvard and Yale, with a scholarship… what is better than the best educational opportunity?!


  76. I think the results were fair……..indicative of more than just Sinatra night.

    ?Chances are Casey, will not appear guitar-less ever again.

    I’m starting to think the Crystal and the 3 harmonairs show might be tighter than previously thought. Crystal does have an edge, but the next 3 might be too close to call.

    As I’ve said before the only drama is who finishes 2nd.

  77. The problems with the sound crew dominated yesterday’s show. It’s not a coincidence that the last performer was first in the voting and the first was eliminated.

    But still it’s great for Aaron. He spent a couple of months at the world’s most exclusive music camp and he still gets to go home in time for prom.

    If Junior could afford it, he would make a great judge. He can be brutally honest and funny and, oh yeah, knows more than the four judges put together.

  78. to Marsha Kinzer # 92 & 93 :

    Well Adam that you said freak and bad,,,is now famous around the world…and that it’s called entertainment if you don’t know….

  79. too bad that Aaron went home this early. it will be better if big mike went home on the top 5. oh but its also good because lee had done the best performance! he deserves to win, really! who agree with me? RAISE YOUR HAND FOR LEE!

  80. America did get it right. Aaron Kelly is a sweet kid and he succeeded remarkably considering his age and lack of experience, but his basic talent and star power are nothing when measured against Casey and Crystal and Big Mike. That other Mike leaves me cold musically although he is sweet too and the young girls seem to love him. Overall, Crystal is the biggest star, I think, but Casey is also a standout for his combination of pretty boy looks contrasting with real soul and real guitar chops. It’s an exciting season. I look forward to next week!

  81. I really did like Aaron and I think he will be successful, but the other four were a lot more talented than he was. I hope that Casey goes next. Go Lee and Big Mike! 🙂

  82. Yeah they finally get it right Casey isn’t in the bottom 2-next should be big Mike then we will have us a competition–I don’t think Lee will win it think it will be Crystal,Casey and then Lee-Lee doesn”t have enough confidence and versatility-while Casey might have been not so good sans guitar, I think it was those lame ass Sinatra tunes that were the trouble only 3 really got it right and 2 were the bottom 2–nobody likes Sinatra except if Michael Buble puts a spin on it-what were they thinking-Let’s hope next week rocks!

  83. remember also the fact that when Ryan Seacrest ‘teased’ Casey about being ‘guitarless’, Casey admitted that he did miss it. Its not like he made excuses and said that he doesnt need any instrument to help him along. He was honest. He is what he is..he feels comfortable with his guitar and he admits it. This is the kind of idol we who is wholesome. Can sing, is honest, humble, has personality, stage presence and lol, extremely GOOD-LOOKING!! So no way Casey should be going home at all, no matter how he sings which can never be bad! go go Casey!

  84. 92,93 and 95 seems you have a discrimination problem and you are a bitter person. Get a life. We are not here to judge sexual preferences nor how youth behaves we are here to comment on a singing TV show.

  85. Is america crazy? aaron is greater than any 17-year-old that i have ever seen

  86. Big Mike in the bottom 2? No wayyyy. The guy was spot on. The judges thought he was the second best. I thought he was the very best. What, with those notes and vocals. America, what is wrong with you? Obviously you are not voting for talents or Mike would never have been in the bottom 3 at all on this show. He is not only endowed with talents, he has charisma and personality. Some of you call him Fatty. Is it a crime to be fat? Afterall, he is the only contestant among the lot who can move easy on the stage.

    And for you so called CasualObserver, you must be really casual in your brains to be talking about him watching the birth of his child on the phone. What is your problem? Why is he doing all this in the first place? If your brains can’t figure it out, I’ll tell you, Silly. It is for the benefit of this same child and his wife. He is a wonderful dad and a loving husband. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! Judge him on his talent as a singer, that’s what the show is all about and don’t base your judgement on his private life. Which is great by the way.

    He was the best last night, still america voted in the bottom 2.

    Mike, this is for you. Even if you go next week, be sure it was not because you couldn’t sing nor because you didn’t give it your very best. It is because america is unfair Period.

    MIKE TO WIN…………

  87. Lee–a big ball of nerves, “you know, you know, you know.” Good voice, bad stage presence.

    Mike–comes through over-confident.

    Casey–resilient. star-power.

    Crystal–versatile. unshakable. a true artist.

  88. Based on the performances last night, the bottom 2 should have been Crystal and Casey. This shocking results confirm that america is not voting based on the talents nor performances. It’s a big shame. Mike and Lee were the best by a mile, however, Lee was safe and Big Mike for whatever reason was brought down to the bottom 2. It is really a shame.

    Please America, don’t let a talent pure and divine as Mike’s go in vain just because of some crazy politics on the show or whatever.
    Vote for mike. He is great and simply the best. You know it and I know it too.


  89. My favorite Top 3:
    1. Lee
    2. Lee
    3. Lee

    Unfortunately only pick one , ok.

    1. Lee (Lee rocks 5-star vocal & original not put up, humble and charismatic)
    2. Casey (great band star potential, need to open up more and feel the audience still lack of confident and a big shy but great voice and talented guitarist and flare for music)
    3. Crystal (voice too lame and lack energy and body, quite flat tone and sleepy laid-back coast to coast style)
    4. Mike (good but not good enough, clumsy looking but with big warm heart and loving trustworthy faithful reliable protective guy, u can count on him for friendship)

  90. think it should be crystal and lee in the finals. there is truth in what simon said…the competition is for crystal to lose. she has given two consecutive ‘oksy’ performances while lee has consistently done well these past few weeks.

    crystal, please wake up before it’s too late. still voting for you though…still believe in your talent!

  91. Based on last nights performances, Casey should have gone home!! But to be honest I don`t mind Aaron going home either. He sure has talent and he might be better than any other (or a lot of) 17 year olds, but he is young, he still has a lot of chances to become famous and he just lacks (stage) experience compared to the others. No wonder considering his age! But all of the other 4 remaining singers are able to make songs their own, didn`t see Aaaron doing that…

  92. “that just means people wants casey and they will buy his album no matter how bad he sound. they dont vote for mike even if he sounded good last night and thats one clue, he wont make that much money as much as casey will do. remember, the money they will earn comes from the voters and fans. GO Casey James. he maybe sound bad last night but he does good months before, and people dont base their votes on just one bad performance.” – DEFINITELY TRUE

  93. crystal sings ok. but lacks star power, not idol material. sounds same every time. and talks back to judges.

  94. Good grief Marsha!!!!! what is your problem? how bitter, old and narrowminded are you?? FYI Adam is now a WORLD WIDE STAR… This season of idols is soooo boooooring, I have been an idols fan since the beginning and have to say I am struggling to be entertained for the first time ever!!!!!, even the teenages find this season not worth watching!, soo sad… Last seasons oh so talented contestants are a hard act to follow!!!!!!

  95. AAAAAA…i’m shocked!!!!

    i really dun wanna aaron to go..:(

    i guess he have a lot of talents..well,at least better than sumone who still in the competition..(not all,just one)

    i know that he couldn’t be the idol this year but i really hope that he could go further..

    sad..i’m just sad..

  96. Great show last night! Harry Jr. is a riot! Lady GaGa was awesome! She’s like an accident on the road, you want to look away, but you can’t. Always doing something new and unusual that keeps your interest.

    Well, Casey missed being the LAMB led to the slaughter. Kara said what I had been saying all along about him, his vibrato is ANNOYING! Too bad Aaron had to go, I thought he was much better than Casey.

  97. LEE.. is champion my friend…
    And Lee ‘s keep on trying till the end..
    LEE is the champion
    LEE is the champion
    No time for loose
    Cause LEE is the champion..
    Of this year..!!!

  98. wrong should have been mike or casey. notice how mike is always in the bottom come on america next time vote him out and give your votes to lee

  99. there is no point in watching idol anymore i they just kicked the best singer off. his was the only performance id watch anyway! during the rest of the show id play music and dance with my sisters but when aaron kelly came on i paused it and sat down to watch him perform and b judged. (we also stopped for big mike cuz my sisters like him) but we blasted music right thru casey crystal and lees performances and since the best (and olny talented one) has left, im not watching anymore. but of course ill hear all about how the “wonderful” lee wins AI season 9
    tosha 🙁

  100. Has anyone noticed that not one of these postings is praising Crystal with the same fervour that they used to? These past few weeks she has been boring, lacklustre and downright arrogant in her replies to the judges comments and I think she has really gone down in everyone’s esteem. Lee and Casey, on the other hand, have been humble and willing to take the comments on board and learn from them, and although Casey’s performance in Sinatra week was not his best, he tried, and took the criticism like a man, without talking back. Even Mike handled his song pretty well and I’m not overly fond of his overpowering manner at all.

  101. I thought AI was all about singing not looks. I wonder how some of you would feel if someone used a derogatory term like “fatty” when referring to you. What is the point of being good looking with a personality of a viper? Mike has charm AND charisma.Do half of you even have an iota of talent that Big Mike has? If Mike leaves the competition it is because America has deemed him “not attractive enough” as I can see according to the majority of comments that unimportant things like looks are considered “talent” but not the actual singing. Casey James better at singing than Mike? No way! Looks fade but beauty inside doesn’t. Again – how shallow and immature.

  102. Melany #120: Girl, you need to get out more. There have been numerous 17 year olds that have been much better than Aaron Kelly is or ever is likely to be. E.g. A young lady named Brenda Lee had sold millions of records long before she was 17.

    I don’t know if people are voting for looks as some have suggested, but I do believe that with the exception of the “vote for the worst” groups, that the voting reflects America’s taste in music/talent. Some people’s taste agrees with me/you, some does not. For example, I don’t think and never thought that Johnny Cash had any range or a pleasing tone, but he sold millions because others disagreed (they were wrong, of course, but Johnny was glad to take their money and adoration, I am sure). Quit letting others opinions raise your blood pressure. Enjoy the diversity people.

  103. marsha the administration did not end your precious day of prayer…you bigot. go pray all you want.

  104. Every since they saved that Mike guy I think the show is fixed, if not they should have saved the first girl. This guy can’t sing??? And the last girl kicked off, I heard it was fixed,! This is the last season I’ll watch if that Mike guy wins????????????

  105. people dont vote for mike thats why he is on the bottom two, because his voice is just average and he doesnt have the look. if caseys voice is just average and has the looks definitely he will get more votes than mike. thats why he stayed safe. when judging you need to balance things, looking at other angles and not focusing on a one good side.

    mike has charisma? hmmm lol

  106. casey sings out of tune because the piano/organ wasnt in tune. it did sound boring and hey who can sing good with a boring sound around especially if its not your type of melody? you may force yourself to sing but you will never sound good. whats what happened to casey. but i really admired his humility and honesty. he knows he sounded better weeks or months ago. he knows he can sound better than that. he can rock and he can pop, and he can melt peoples heart – this is very true. his charms are natural and he really stand out.

  107. It was really a bad choice in themes. all sinatra songs sound the same. its a very narrow range…and its hard to make different. most importantly, the songs are old and sound old. mike was not that good…not sure why all the raves..and casey did fine with what he had to work with.

  108. @ MARSHA Z. Go move to Amish country and never watch Footloose

    @ Everyone else: I just printed out the song list for next week [songs from movies] and it isn’t good. Aaron had the best vocal range for the movie song choices, but I think the final four will struggle.

  109. Thank you MISS CANDY (137). You just hit the nail on the head. Big Mike is simply the best. I don’t care about what anyone else is saying.

  110. I don’t think AI is fixed. If anything, it’s the younger ones, like Siobahn and Aaron, that will try to vote 100 times for their fav. I haven’t voted once–and my fav is Lee. The bottom line is that 100 votes from 20000 Aaron fans will not save him. That only adds up to 2,000,000 votes out 33,000,000. The judges may have their favorites, because they are human and opinionated just like the rest of us. It isn’t so much about the best vocals, especially at this stage of the game. AI is about who will have the most marketing appeal to the general public. That usually translates to a total package of great voice, unique or fresh singing style, stage presence, and yes…even looks. But, what defines these attributes is widely varied. Not everyone has the same taste. I agree Aaron has a good singing voice, but it really isn’t the style I like. I also think he looks more like a 12 year old than a 17 year old. He is perfect to join the Back Street boys or Disney Club. But, he isn’t going to satisfy mass appeal. I’m pretty sure Myley Cyrus wouldn’t win AI either, but she would probably make it in the top 10 or 5. Mass appeal is satisfied by mega star ability. Someone that can cut across any age restriction. They will have to appeal vocally, stylistically, charismatically and looks can certainly help. I think one of the most important elements is picking the right song that will bring out the best in that artist. When a contestant can do that, they deserve to wear the AI crown. Lee Dewyze is the only one who has been able to consistently do this. He may not seem all that exicting to some who have different music taste, but once he gets past having to stay within a theme and let him demonstrate his own artistry, he could be a megastar contender with the likes of Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Don Henley, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Jon Meyer…you probably get the point by now. They have all had enormously successful careers and represent varied taste in music. I really only like and would buy the music of about 3 of those artists. But they were all very talented, uniquely stylistic and had mass appeal.

  111. Ellen’s comments are spot on. She has to be right because she agrees with me lol. Seriously, though, I think what she says is well thought out and expressed.

    As to those who have commented adversely to Marsha Z. Is she bigoted because she wants people who live in the U.S. to speak English? If so, then the French, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Spanish, and (horrors), even Mexicans are, likewise, bigoted. Now as for Imelda (about whom Marsha’s comment was partially addressed) I believe she was writing in Tagalog – or Pilipino, one of the two official languages of the Republic of the Philippines. The other is English. Therefore, there is a good chance that Imelda speaks English and was just writing her comment in Tagalog in response to the comment that was in Spanish. For a bet, she speaks English better than Marsha speaks Tagalog.

    (At least the Philippines used to have two official languages, they may not now. However, many, if not most countries have official languages. This, I believe places the United States, which does not have one, in the minority. So, why are we so worried about appearing bigoted?).


  113. It doesn’t matter who wins AI this year. Casey will be famous whether one likes it or not. He will have his own band and it will surely become extremely successful. He will make loads of money. He does remind me of Barry Gibb 30 years ago and even his voice is similar. He won’t be the next AI but he is not worried about it. The publicity is what he is after.

  114. I really do not get it at all, how in the world did Michael Lynche end up in the bottom 2? He was spot on Tuesday night as well as last Tuesday. Everybody keep saying that he is arrogant and egotisical yet the same people praised Adam from last season, I think most people are basing their comments on this man size and not his talent. Like on poster said, most people gets intimidated by people of his size.

  115. What was American Idol thinking? Lady GAGA was not family viewing material. Sadistic really!

  116. NO. Mike should have been voted out. Nothing but arrogance and the same ……… and nothing new.
    Not Idol material.

  117. intimidated by people of his size? lol! mike doesnt have any appeal to most of the people in america thats why he end up in bottom 2 no matter what they say about the way he sings.

  118. @#147, Gary, Imelda is not speaking Tagalog…..something else, sounds Bahasa to me.

  119. @Tabitha #150 It isn’t Mike’s size. It’s Mike. People are put off by his strutting, his chest pounding, his smirking and his self absorption. If we could trade him and bring back Ruben Studdard who is a gentleman and a better singer, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  120. well, all i know and am sure is that casey james will get alot of concert bookings and he will become famous. i love how he laugh when randy says it was his worst performance. i cant see any sadness or tears in his eyes or any embarassment on his face. definitely a star.GO CASEY JAMES! i hope people will always keep him in.

  121. I think AMERICA has gone stark raving MAD. How on earth can you ever think that Casey sang better than Aaron. Aaron has got so much talent considering he is only just turned 17. I think that he has more talent and stage personality than Mike, Casey and Crystal put together, and over time he will progress even better than all these other idiots that sing like frozen frogs. He had every chance of winning American Idols if America just gave him a chance, because it has now become a popularity contest. Mike should have gone when he was voted out and the save could have been used for Aaron who rightfully deserved it. I am absolutely horrified to think that he did not get enough votes and I am sure that this have been rigged. Now I am rooting for LEE to WIN American Idols. So America PLEEZ PLEEZ pick up your phones and vote for LEE becoz if you don’t your vote will be wasted and if any of the other contestants win besides him, they will fade into the distance like all the others b4 them…..and in closing, I think that Casey should have faded into the sunset as there is no way that he sung better than Aaron……Now, tell me that this is not rigged. CHOW 4 NOW

  122. IN response to all those who say Lee is not confident or doesn’t have stage presence–wrong, wrong, wrong. He is shy and seems humble and I love that about him.He is also very cool! You can see in his last performance, when he was without his guitar, he was very vibrant and energetic. His voice has so much energy, he doesn’t have to do a lot. He can fill a stage and own any song. Lee DeWyze the next AI!!!!!

  123. casey always looks has a stage presence and personality better than aaron in my humble opinion, whether he sings good or not, whether he gets good comments or not, the smile on his face never fades out, and he’s always been humble the way he moves and talks, considering he reached this far in the competition.

    casey has a unique talent and i could say he can go farther than whether he goes home before aaron does or not.

    i always been a fan of aaron, but i don’t have much confidence in him on stage, and when singing a fast song, he doesnt know how to move his legs. aaron has to develop more his voice and especially his body image and most especially his self confidence.

  124. #159 Elle, thanks – you’ve spoken my mind.

    Lee is the most intense because he pushes for the best sound, he does not want to miss anything – be it learning or creating or performing… he WILL succeed, not only at AI, but in his music career… i wish him the best!

  125. omg whoever is not voting for mike because of what he looks like. u guys are ignorant jerks. u dont call people fat thats so mean. anyway my idol is and will always be lee he deserves it more then any of them.

  126. Hey, just stumbled upon your website through Google, and located so that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. Cheers!

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