American Idol 2010 Auditions – Road to Hollywood Episode Tonight

American Idol 2010 has arrived at the end of the city-to-city audition process with tonight’s episode featuring the “Road to Hollywood.” While Fox is pushing the usual description of Simon, Randy, and Kara continuing their search for the next American Idol the episode preview notes that all of this season’s guest judges will be featured. So unless something weird shows up tonight this could be a recap and clip show of the season’s very best and very worst including Pants on the Ground! Hopefully instead of just rehashing clips we’ve already seen we’ll get more of the best and worst that didn’t make the cut each episode.

Also important to note is the change in time for American Idol which is moving from 8pm (ET/PT) to 9pm (ET/PT) and switching spots with ‘Human Target.’ Don’t be fooled in to showing up early and sitting through the new show just to catch some Idol (you know what’s what they’re trying to do!).

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  1. i am unsubbing from this list!! you are ruining the show by revealing who’s on the top 12. 24 i could live with but 12 is really ruining it for me.

  2. Who has the Top 12 info? I didn’t even think that had happened yet.

    Ashley’s latest post says that no-shirt guy makes the “top 12 guys” as the top 24 is split between 12 guys and 12 girls. So if you know the Top 24 then you know the Top 12 guys and the Top 12 girls.

  3. Does anyone know where I would find a list of the songs that were played on the show tonight? Not the ones that were sung by contestants but the songs that were played in the background.

  4. It sucks that Jennifer Lopez couldn't get to American Idol. It would have been completely awesome if she could have gotten there. Properly perhaps she can get there up coming season.

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