American Idol 2010 Denver Auditions Recap

Our American Idol 2010 auditions have come to an end and once again guest judge Victoria Beckham judges more on the contestants looks then their vocal ability.  I was hoping for a better showing from her but I was left feeling disappointed. 

First up was Mark, the Jack Black look a like.  He sang “Tempted” by Squeeze and had a great voice.  Even Posh said she was pleasantly surprised. 

We then see several people make it through and only a couple of really horrible try outs for the first day.  We saw another Top 24 contestant in Casey James.  I was not impressed with his audition as Simon wasn’t either but then he let down his hair and stripped off his shirt and was good looking so Posh said send him through.  I guess he improves during Hollywood week because he does make the final 12 guys.

The second day starts off slow and we see many competitors leave in tears.  Nicci Nix flew 14 hours from Florence, Italy to make the competition and Simon asks if she had been sucking on Helium.  A pretty rude comment if you ask me but then she sang well and they send her through. 

Our last contestant was Haeley Vaughn another Top 24 contestant who sings pop/country.  I was more impressed with her then Casey James.  I do not count bikini boy as a contestant.  What a freakin weirdo!  I don’t blame the judges for walking out on him.

A total of 21 hopefuls made it through to Hollywood.  Who stood out to you?  Be sure to watch tonight as we see the “Road to Hollywood.”




  1. last night the guy with the glasses and in black i thought they where going to laugh him off , boy did he blew me away he was really good his son is so cute. now i see a sexual aharrssemt they told this man to take his hair down and take his shrit off. if he didnt they wouldnt have pass him to hollywood??

  2. The best last night was the blond guy who let his hair down. He sounded like Brian Adams..he just needs some confidence and some good clothes. Yeah Posh was great last night.. she gave constructive criticism to the contestants.

    Bikini Boy – what at freaking could you as a judge not to walk out.

  3. I was far from impressed with long-hair-no-shirt. I know they’re looking for the most marketable individual, but it’d be nice if they at least pretended on the surface to be looking for the best talent.

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