American Idol 2010: Inspirational Week Recap

Alicia Keys was our guest mentor tonight for the Top 7 of American Idol and brought some good advice for the contestants.  She has done a lot of work in Africa for people with Aids and so she is a fitting example for Idol Gives Back.

Casey James is up first with Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” and I’m sad to say it wasn’t all that.  The guitar playing was excellent and even though he was off key in the beginning, it got better towards the end.  Randy said it was a good performance but not your best.  Ellen liked the guitar.  Kara thought he made himself like everyone else and Simon said zero emotion; no originality and lazy song choice.  I hope he gets enough votes to move on but I do think he could be in the bottom 3.

Lee Dewyze suprised me by singing “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkle and I really enjoyed it.  I was worried when I found out what he was singing but he did a nice job.  Randy said he was ready to make great music.  Ellen thought it was beautiful.  Kara said he had his moment tonight with that performance and Simon said it was absolutely brilliant.

Tim Urban tried to bring it with “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls but it fell way flat.  I thought it was a little too low for him especially in the beginning and thought he reminded us why he is the VFTW candidate.  Randy said it was ok, good karaoke.  Ellen said something about the soup of the day; Kara said it wasn’t the best execution and Simon said the performance was a let down.

Aaron Kelly sang “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly and you could tell he was nervous.  I thought the song was too big for him but he gets an A for effort.  Randy said he did a good job.  Ellen said there was a time in the 70’s when she thought she could fly; Kara thought he got there by the end and Simon said if he heard the song on the radio he would have turned it off after 10 seconds.  I’m going to agree with Simon on this one.

Siobhan Magnus took on Whitney and Mariah with “When You Believe”.  I thought it started out great but went a little off in the middle but picked back up towards the end.  Randy said it was just ok.  Ellen loved it and said it was confirmation why she is here; Kara thought it was too dramatic and Simon said it was the wrong song for her.

Big Mike Lynche sang “Hero” by Nickelback and put the alternative spin on it which I liked.  I thought it was pretty good.  Randy said he held his own and it worked out.  Ellen said great job.  Kara wasn’t real impressed and Simon thought it felt artificial.

Crystal Bowersox won the night by singing “People Get Ready” by The Impressions.  She sings for the first time this season without an instrument.  She started out acapella and was pitch perfect.  She started crying towards the end of the song and you could tell she had an emotional attachment to the song which was nice.  Randy said that is how you do it and gives her a standing O.  Ellen thought she had never looked more beautiful.  Kara thought she just schooled all the other contestants and Simon said that was inspiration and he was happy to see her emotional.

It was an ok night for the contestants.  I didn’t feel inspired too much but it was a decent night.  Get ready for the two hour Idol Gives Back and the results tomorrow night.

Who do you think gave the best performance this evening?




  1. Nice recap Ashley. Crystal is the bomb. She made me cry..and yes the judges like her, why? because her worst is better than the others best, except for Lee.

  2. I think Crystal Bowersox really nailed it with not only her song choice, but the emotions she put in the song really touched alot of american hearts.

  3. I really felt the emotions from Crystal, great song choice and as always awesome vocals

  4. Siobhan needs to go! She is such a whiny baby. Lee rocked the house. Casey and Tim are still hot. Crystal was awesome.

  5. to Thebrasta

    You have been posting everywhere that Crystal is fake. She is the only one so far that hasnt been fake, and you saying it over and over wont make it true im afraid. But hey, chin up little one.

  6. Any 4 people on this forum would be a better panel of judges than the 4 clueless yo-yos who are making the big money.

  7. the only real standouts were crystal and lee. casey did a recasey…but i really like casey and hope he moves on. Tim did ok..i think fourth..but casey and tim were quite behind the first two. ok…i hope mike goes home and his performance was again very boring. aaron picked a real dog of a song. i have never liked that song. siobhan is too much…i have never been a fan, so i won’t beat her up. go home mike.

  8. Brittany, vote for talent, not for looks or little girl crushes.

    My wife and I think that that Crystal is by far the best contestant to have ever appeared on Idol. Musically her she is pitch perfect, talent is off the chart, she can sing any genre, and there is no way she should lose. Tonight by the way was totally moving and awesome

  9. btw crystal should lose the dreads forever..she looked really good tonight….not to be superficial…i hate dreads..look nasty to me.

  10. Siobhan was fabulous! Crystal was OK, but her tearful breakdown was unprofessional. Lee was boring, Casey pedestrian, and Tim the Cheshire Cat grated my ears like nails on the blackboard.

  11. Yes, everyone KNOWS Crystal is great…but jeez, talk about “dramatic”…Kara!
    The judges still gush over Big Cheese and he was no better than Siobhan or Tim.
    Kara has it in for Siobhan…”I just don’t know you?????” WHAT??????
    Nice “Saturday Night Fever” suit Ellen wore.
    Simon always looks bored.
    Randy is getting bored.

  12. siobhan was not fabulous..she was what she is always…vanilla. your cheshire cat metaphor for tim is nonsensical. maybe you should research that before you post it.

  13. Siobhan is interesting! Personally would LOVE to see Casey or Lee win. It would be fun to see Tim make it to the end (really pissing off all the judges). Crystal, like Adam, will do well no matter what happens on Idol.

  14. did anyone notice the recap for the night was of the end of crystals song, in which she did NOT cry? Odd just a bit?

  15. I DID notice that…thought I hadn’t seen it right the first time. I mean, she was all composed and she didn’t seem that way when she performed the song.

  16. Lee – Casey – and yes Tim til the end. It would be a great ending to this year. Judges are so biased I don’t know why anyone cares what they think’

  17. Ok Crystal is good – maybe great – but when she did her cry bit tonight it turned me OFF! I like Casey cause he is pretty – Love Lee cause he can sing and want Tim to go far or win cause he is the under dog. That leaves the others – Mike, Arron and what’s her name – Mike is a show off, Arron has a great voice but is young and needs work and miss show off – has show it off too much – so as long as it comes down to Crystal, Lee, Tim and Casey I will be fine – which should win – all depends on why you want or thing the should!

  18. anyone who does not see that Crystal is a superstar is a fool. The rest of these clowns bored me adn I would never buy a Cd they make. Crystal’s CD will be in my collection day one. Right now, aron, Tim, Mike, any of these could go home in my opinion. Siobhan or whatever her maen is has a standard voice. Not unique. She will never be a true star. Face it, Geez

  19. Can we finally lose Mike now? That performance was dreadful. Tim phoned it in, no surprise and non irritating. Lee and Crystal did the best job. Siobhan was Siobhan, nothing new. But, i think Casey was white bread and mayonnaise and Aaron was no better.

  20. yooo….guyz….
    Crystal is back…!!!
    i thin the bottom three of this week belongs to :
    ~ Tim Urban
    ~ Aaron Kelly
    ~ Casey James or Siobhan Magnus

  21. From a musical perspective, I have to say that Crystal is by far and away the most “seasoned” musician. I don’t get the fascination with Lee – I can point out numerous places where he’s been out of tune and that drives me nuts. I’m doing all of my voting for Tim, because for me, he’s just the whole package. I’m with Brittany!

  22. I hope Crystal and Lee will be in the finals and after that I’m okay who will win. Who agrees?

  23. Chichi..maybe your crystal’s sister, maybe close friend…maybe a special fan…
    Crystal’s use her tears to kill the rest tnogith..but i am so sorry i did not see anything special…

  24. everytime a watch american idol this season, it seems like i’m watching a movie… wherein the judges are the director whiile crystal is the leading lady..

  25. yes i feel that too..everything Crystal does..judges will not see negative side…and i notice it week after week…Its a drama…they are in one game..

  26. Why was the ending of Bowersox song different on the recap video at end of show. She did not breakdown on the recap.?????

  27. Okay, who chooses the song themes?? The judges are acting like the singers pick the themes…inspiration comes differently to different people. I think Simon is a good judge of music and musicians, however I think that all four of the judges are really being picky.

    Soibhan has an amazingly clean and clear voice, just because the song was not their cup of tea, the vocals were spot on and she is an amazing singer.

    I think Crystal and Soibhan are going to be in the finals, they are both amazing and I think they both have amazing careers ahead of them even if they don’t win this contest.

    Of all the contestants, Crystal and Soibhan are the only ones I would pay to see in concert.

  28. SEAL never did that song. Learn the artists and the songs before giving an “accurate” review.

  29. They have to pre tape the recaps so they do it at the dress rehearsal before the live show begins. This is why the ending is different with crystal.

  30. Siobhan is the Best Singer! I am so tired off the judges pushing Crystal like shes this awesome singer cause she is NOt, and kinda funny, how they didnt even show her true ending at the Recap! They are pushing her so bad its pathetic and putting down poor Siobhan cause she is TRULY the better singer, and so is Lee!Siobhan has a waaaaay more beautiful voice!

  31. yes i also thinking that way ..and thinking why the judges pushing that girl Crystal .. i don’t comment who is good who is bad…but its very obvious that judges are always pushing that girl Crystal and i find her nothing special to be honest…

  32. I really love siobhan.. because she didn’t need the judges advice to be a star… in the case of crystal… i know that all of u r feeling it too, it seems like we r already being trick by the show because the judges always praise her and her performance is always good.. not to mention the ending of the song of crystal, y is it different? i’m telling u america, we are watching a movie, with directors, the judges and a leading lady, crystal

  33. 1. Lee is so humble, he has no idea how awesome he is!
    2. Crystal has the vocals, but she’s a little too full of herself. And I think the crying at the end of her song was intentional, to bring a little drama so that she can stand out from the rest, and to woo the judges. I don’t know… I didn’t like it. It felt insincere. She’s got too much baggage.
    3. Casey’s song didn’t make me think of inspiration, but I thought he did a good job. I loved his guitar playing. He definitely has a stage presence. Plus, he’s hot hot hot!
    4. I used to like Michael a lot, but lately he’s become quite the show-off. He’s very arrogant. Did you see how he rolled his eyes after the judges made their comments?
    5. Aaron has great vocals, but he’s still very young and inexperienced. He should definitely audition again next year.
    6. Siobhan has got amazing pipes, but she’s a bit too weird. I loved her performance on Rolling Stones night, but it seemed to go downhill from there. She used to be one of my favourites, but now, not so much. She has to stop arguing with the judges and being so bitter. She always looks so angry.
    7. Tim… hmmm… You know? He’s actually not so bad. But AI isn’t the place for him. I think he’s better suited as a singer in a theatre setting rather than as a pop artist. He has a good voice, but nothing special. I love his perseverance, and how he really takes criticism like a man!

  34. Unusual of me I am going for Crystal tonight… she did an amazing job all the way and yes she smashed the rest of the contestants. That is the good stuff… the bad stuff is the judges attitude towards Crystal trying no matter what to make her the AI of this season. I feel it unfair as they are to judge not to push higher and higher a single contestant.
    On the other hand Lee was wonderful too. Even in some parts of the song I felt pitch problems he really connected with the song and delivered it great.
    Siobhan was amazing even the judges critiques were unpleasant and trying to get rid of her just to make one female contestant to run for the title. That is so unfair as I said before. Siobhan has what it takes to win (if only she didn’t reply every week to the judges) that takes some many points out of her 🙁
    Casey was not that bad.. he loves his guitar and plays it well. Sadly is a singing competition and his performance was just ok.
    Aaron in my opinion did ok too. Not to scratch the walls with annoyance lol so he will still be fighting next week.
    Mike was not bad, not his best but starting to bore me.
    Tim was terrible in my opinion. His song choice was horrible; too low for his tone of voice, boring and pitchy I really think he should go home even his big big efforts he doesn’t belong there anymore.
    Bottom 3 for me Tim (should go home), Aaron and Big Mike.

  35. (i’m guessing you mean “threat”? lol)

    ya… probably?

    actually, i think Lee is an even bigger threat to Crystal.

    the thing with Crystal, is that from day one, she behaves like it’s all in the bag, like she knows she’s definitely gonna win.

    i hope Lee wins.

  36. I am going to go down the list and give my opinion song by song tonight. It’s getting to that point in the season where you have to start setting people apart from the rest and it’s true that the performances from here on out have to be “GREAT” and not just good.

    I will start with Casey James: He actually sang the song very well. But it was just another standard performance of “Don’t Stop”. So I agree with the judges.

    Lee DeWyze: I never heard the song before and I will look it up by it’s original artist and compare but it wouldn’t be the kind of song or performance that I would label a classic or something I would remember to download on my ipod 10 years down the road. So he may have very well did a good job but I wasn’t overly impressed.

    Tim Urban: The kid can sing a little. He is actually better than some established recording artists who are out there today. But there are better. I am not blown away by him but his song choices are better and he is improving a little. I do think, however, that he could easily slip backward and really mess up in the next few weeks. If he wants any sort of recording deal by the time he is eventually voted off he better be really careful from here on out.

    Aaron Kelly: Great voice but he feels really artificial to me. It takes great effort on his part to pull off these vocals and he can’t really perform and sing at the same time because it takes so much concentration to just sing the notes.

    Siobhan Magnus: Really great effortless vocals but tries to be way too technical in her delivery. Needs to just let go and perform and take the song where it wants to go. She can hit the notes without all of the special attention she seems to be paying to the ones she deems to be important and the rest of the vocal suffers when a great performance all the way through could really and I mean really be amazing!!

    Michael Lynche: I actually think he did a great job. I liked the guitar. His theatrics were kind of subdued by the fact that he was holding the guitar and that is a good thing. The one time when he pointed was even too much in my opinion. Just stand there and vocalize dude!!!! All the other stuff is unnecessary and looks kinda goofy. Just stand there and sing!

    Crystal Bowersox: Good performance. Just the right amount of drama. The first part of the song was awesome! My only problem with her is that when she hits the big notes and tries to go into her upper range her voice gets this whiny, nasally, twang to it that I don’t find pleasing to the ears. Also, and I am in no position to say where it was genuine or not, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say I didn’t exactly buy all the tears at the end. The reason I say that is because she was supposed to be so moved but then the part where she asked for the sun glassed sounded rehearsed and not genuine. Just my take on it from what I saw.

    Best performance of the night still goes to Crystal because I really liked the first part of the song.

  37. anyway lee is not a threat for crystal because he doesn’t have any personality and doesn’t connect much with the audience

  38. You know, maybe the judges praise Crystal because she’s never had a problem with pitch, she always comes out and PERFORMS, and she remains true to herself. Search her on youtube and you will see that even when she was a “nobody” singing in bars, she had this same style and talent. She’s a natural performer. And she will definitely have a lasting career now that she has gotten her break on American Idol.

    Oh yeah, I only even looked at this to see if anybody else noticed the odd recap?? And as I see, others did. So what’s up with that?

  39. Come on people….the judges praise Crystal week after week because she is far and away the best singer and consistently delivers. And to all of you conspiracy theorists out there, the ending was different on the recap because they do a dress rehearsal before the show so they can have it ready by the end of the night.

  40. I am not against the judges to praise Crystal what I am against is to put down other contestants that really sing good. I am talking about Siobhan. She is pitch perfect also and consistent too.
    You as judge can have your favorite BUT your job is to judge and try to give the best advice for them to improve.
    One cant be judge and part at the same time, that is unfair and unprofessional.

  41. Aaron was actually really good- the judges will realize they were so wrong when they play it back- he really got the vocals even though they are very tough, and he performed well, too.
    Siobhan has such an incredible and pure voice- she needs to relax and get back to her quirky side a bit. I think Simon really does not like straight on performances. He calls that like a ‘musical”, and is looking for a gimmick.
    Tim missed sooo many notes tonight- I think he is really the least talented and nees to go home.
    Of course, Crystal was and is amazing.
    I like Lee a lot but he is still so introverted.
    Big Mike is good but his movements are hard to watch. And Casey is too stiff, though a very talented musician.
    I think Tim goes home this week.
    Save Aaron and Siobhan!

  42. SIOBHAN just defending herself……..because stupid moron kara and simon is to hard for her….

  43. thats so true reyal.. another reason is that its not the right criticisms after that wonderful performance

  44. Crystal and Lee are the only contestant who simon complemented last night!!! Simon got it right!!!

  45. i will be disapointed if crystal does not win this season. she is better with her guitar.
    but she is always worth watching.
    i also noticed the difference in the recap. in the past i thought there were occasional differences in recaps but this was by far the most obvious.

  46. yeah its boring..why don’t the judges annonce Crystal is winner..don’t continue the show..don’t waste people time… this is kinda clear that they puching just only one girl Crystal …but they will see the rest from Only negative side..

  47. This Season 9 Idol is boring. Nothing exciting. No star power and recording artist. The best Idol season 8 (for me). Even Crystal is so like breezy lazy laid back hippie singer. No vocal power and strength. Not good enough to be an Idol. Maybe Lee is better off in terms of vocal but need to open up more and take it in more from the audience.

  48. Crystal is fake??? AND THEN ALL OF YOU WOKE UP!!!! She has been REAL from DAY 1!! And her performance made me BELIEVE!! God bless her

  49. In years past, I have pretty always agreed with Simons evaluation when it comes to judging the performers. But, this season I am so not agreeing with some (if not most) of the judges comments. To the point were I think either they or I … must not be watching the same performance each night. Here is assessment based on order performance:

    Casey started the night with Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop”. None of the Judges like it … But I did. The problem is I’m not certain if it was the singing or the guitar playing I liked. But, I thought next to his version of “Jealous Guy” he did a couple weeks back, this was his best effort to date.

    Lee is one of the most consistent performers who for me, always seems to be in the mix for top spot along with Crystal and Shioban every week. And Lee not only gave a what I thought was a extreamly heartfelt and inspiring version a Simon & Garfunkle song called “The Boxer”. He put his own spin on it and somehow made a song that is over 40 years old, sound fresh contemporary. That can not be easy to do.

    All the judges said Tim’s version of “ Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls was a bit of a let down. But, once again I was saying to myself this doesn’t suck. Much like all of Tim’s song did just a few short weeks ago. That said, I probably have to admit it was the still the weakest performance tonight. But not by much.

    Aaron did a song called “I believe I can fly”. Simon said if he heard it on the radio he would have shut it off after the 10 seconds. And I agree … But, if I did turn it off I would have missed the second half of that song that absolutely rocked. I think this was a huge step up for Aaron.

    Here is were it gets really strange for me. Shioban did a song called “ When you believe” that I thought crystal clear, perfect pitch without a once of screeching (as some call the high notes she does). And Carla says what she always says when it comes to Shiobahn … “I don’t know who you are”. Are you kidding me? First off, when she sings that good, what difference does it make “who she is“? Secondly, by my ears, that song was pitch perfect. So, I’m convinced more than ever the judges just seem to have it in for Shiobahn. And for that reason alone, I lit up her line all night when I voted tonight.

    Mike did a song called “Hero” by Nickleback. I will give Mike his props for stepping out of his comfort zone a bit. But, much like Aaron did tonight, Mike’s song started out boring and bland, but ended with a very strong finish. Just not quite as strong as Aaron’s was.

    Crystal sang “People get Ready”. Talk about stepping out of ones comfort zone … Crystal sure did that by performing not only without a instrument for the first time, but doing a long intro of the song in accapella. Now I’m a big fan of Crystal’s and have been since the start. But, I did not think this song was nearly as good as all the judges were trying to convince us it was. Good, but not best (or even second best) of the night for me.

  50. REALLY REALLY BIZARRE NIGHT. You can tell when the judges are stuck for what to say, and finally cough up something lame, like “it wasn’t your worst performance.” Crystal was the best. (she usually is) Judging by how people have been received in the past, coupled with tonights efforts, I believe the bottom 3 will be Tim, Big Mike and Aaron.

    Strange Mike gets voted out. Is saved by the judges and comes back huge. Then tonight, slops out something that missed altogether.

    I hate to say it but the only reason Mike might come back is Tims was close to being as bad. So bottom 3, mike, tim, aaron. Aaron is told to leave and after a few seconds of anticipation, Ryan will say and the person leaving us tonight is Big Mike.

    About 4 weeks back i thought Crystal was way above, with Siobhan and Micheal the closest competitors. But Siobhans screech and BM’s strange song choices have made this a 1 horse race.

    Of course……..haven’t they refused to cut anyone on “Idle gives back” night, so all of this may be moot.

  51. Interesting…first Crystal was boring? When she nails a song [again] but on a night when everyone else, except perhaps Lee and Mike performances are mediocre, Crystal is a fake, has too much baggage and has to lose her dreadlocks? If you cannot see this girls brilliance as a performer and artist America you are missing out BIG TIME!

  52. Im still a fan of Casey’s, and i think he does what he does best. But i do wish he would do a love song, esp as it was inspirational week…you know, Casey has that in him to do love songs and let emotions flow. But i guess he feels more comfortable doing what he does most weeks, and maybe that could spell some kind of trouble for him as there will be those who may start finding hin ‘stereotype’. All said, i still love seeing him perform, even if its just to see that smile of his…wink!wink!

  53. Siobhan sang the most difficult-to-sing song tonight (or last night), not Crystal
    Lee has shown his very artistic and creative side tonight (or last night) as a song-writer, not Crystal
    as far as heart-felt and sincere, it’s gotta be Lee, he’s telling his own story of struggle – it definitely connects!

  54. Tim is whacked- he is only there because the little girls thinks he’s cute… and he is.. but he has no talent. Siobhan can sing but there is something missing; i just can’t pin point it. Aaron is ok, but his stance is hella annoying; Chrystal is the bomb- she need to be the top two, i say the top two because Lee gotta be right up there. He is very sexy and that smile is just kicking. Mike- for some reason he just lost it and continues to lose it. Casey is great but his hair is driving me mad… bring in the hair stylist.. he need help in that department.

  55. Marta – I agree with your post. I did not like Crystal at all at first, however every week she is growing on me and I really enjoyed her last night. (Maybe I am being brainwashed by the judges) Siobhan is very good and the judges just rip on her. I personally like that she defends herself. She knows the judges are trying to swing the vote and I would be pissed too. Lee was outstanding as always…Casey is still one of my favs. He does sing the same “style” every week, but that is him. If you like that kind of music it is fine, but I am afraid those that do not will start to be bored with him. Michael did good, not the best but very good. Aaron was surprising…that was a big song and he did well with it. I thought Tim was horrible. I thought he did ok last week, but I think he is usually horrible. I swear I saw him on Disney yesterday singing on a commercial. I had to look four times and I am still not convinced it wasn’t him…. Miley is leaving, he could take her place. I think he has a bigger following then I thought but he should be net to go.

  56. Siobhan sang the most inspirational song.. and she really puts emotions into her songs not unlike some other contestants

  57. As usual, I loved Casey.Aaron did very well.Big Mike was not good,you couldn’t even hear his vocals over the band…not that I really wanted to hear him!

  58. The problem with Siobhan is it seems like she is trying too hard to be some image she has created. Great vocal range..yes. But what type of music would she do? There’s not much sales for artists under “other”. Remember Taylor Hicks…he was loved but should he have really won?

  59. totally agree with Steve. Judges are weird this year . Their comments are mostly the same and lame. especially Ellen and Kara. Kara’s comment sometimes didnt hav connection and pissed me off. Simon .. in the past seasons i used to agree and see contestants’ performance based on is point of view. but this year ? err, idk it seems that he is subjective on judging people

  60. Ok guys – this is how it is. The judges are so different this year with their attitudes apart from Randy (what does he actually contribute) Ellen is lighthearted and makes them smile or confused but doesnt really give any criticism (constructive or otherwise) Kara has become Simon from previous seasons and Simon just cant wait for it all to be over. Simon and Kara have been really negative this year (probably deservedly because they are not the best contestants we have ever seen)and also a lot of ambiguity and conflict.

    I still think there was a lot more talent out there to choose from and think it was a very dodgy top 24, half of whom could barely sing at all. There must have been better out there but anyway lets stick with what we have.

    Big Mike – loved his Elvis song last week but other than that its been the same same old thing and I think hes a great singer but its now boring. I think he could do a lot more but is secretly confident that he will be in top 3, Mike you wont sorry.

    Aaron – you have to give this guy 10 out of 10 each week for his courage, dedication, and attempt. I always find myself willing him on but always slightly disappointed with his song choice. I was furious last week when Simon said the song was too old for him (or he was to young for the song) Of course he is. Elvis had been dead nearly 20 years before Aaron was born. It was a ridiculous comment. Aaron needs more experience. He has the dedication but Im afraid hes not the Idol they are looking for. Bless.

    Tim – As so many people have also commented, I too, would like to see Tim get to the top in this season. If the judges insisted on picking Victoria Beckhams choices because they had a nice handbag or looked great then its no wonder there are a few hopefuls with no chance that were picked. Tim was doing so badly with the exception of Hallelujah and then pulled a couple of decent numbers recently. Confusing for the VFTW team and Tim actually looks like he is really enjoying himself and probably saying to his mates “Im in it for a laugh”. I think he expects to be out every week and is shocked when he is not in the bottom 3. He probably feels really guilty too, when one of his colleagues gets sent home knowing they were better than him. But I say Go Tim Go.

    I love Siobhan as you never never know how she is going to be or what she is going to do with the song. She has had some fantastic moments and I loved her answer to the judges last week about her character and who she is. Well done Siobhan. I dont think she is the best and I do think she will be the next female to go (not a hard one that)but she is very interesting and always has wierd friends in the audience supporting her.

    I think the top 3 will be Crystal, Lee and Casey with Crystal and Lee in the final. I think Crystal deserves to win because she is naturally talented, consistant, meets the challenge, pitch perfect every time and just different. Shes not the 50210 type and has her own style. I want her to win but I think most will vote for Lee as he has made progression throughout the series (Crystal was great from the start and no real challenges for her) whereas Lee has struggled with his confidence and his personality has taken a long time to come through. I really think hes good but I think Crystal is better.

    I just dont want it to be like last year where the obvious winner week after week, was pipped to the post in the final. A matter of taste or talent.

  61. Siobhan was great and was always great. The judges are very unfair on providing their comments. Siobhan is the only one taking risks in very episode. Unlike crystal and Lee who always do the same thing. Maybe crystal made a little bit changes but this time crystal was loud and annoying she even did an emotional appeal, that’s a shame/. I mean try to think about the recording output. Siobhan will surely have the variety package with a full blown hooray. Not Crystal; and the other contestants. Come on America! Vote for Siobhan. Siobhan has million of Fans here at Manila, Philippines!

  62. Siobhan was great and was always great. The judges are very unfair on providing their comments. Siobhan is the only one taking risks in very episode. Unlike crystal and Lee who always do the same thing. Maybe crystal made a little bit changes but this time crystal was loud and annoying she even did an emotional appeal, that’s a shame/. I mean try to think about the recording output. Siobhan will surely have the variety package with a full blown hooray. Not Crystal; and the other contestants. Come on America! Vote for Siobhan. Siobhan has million of Fans here at Manila, Philippines!

  63. After looking at all of the comments on here and giving it some thought, I think I want Tim to win. Not that I like Tim, I actually think he’s horrible. But if Crystal or Lee win, then AI, whoever produces them, or who holds their contracts will have too much say in what they do, and I think that will be bad for Crystal or Lee. If they don’t win, there is NO doubt they will get a record deal … and I believe alot more freedom in expressing themselves in their songs!

  64. Crystal is awesome and never fails to amaze everytime she’s on the stage. She’s a cut above the rest. Its just sad since we cant vote from where we live. But if ever she’ll have a tour here in the Philippines, i’d definitely be watching her. Go Crystal!!!!

  65. I am a die hard Mike Lynche fan but I am woman enough to admit that that was horrible. He could have really hit out of the park with some of the other songs on the list but that was a mess. I’m not really big on Lee Dewyze but he sung that song beautifully as if it was his own and Crystal closed out the night wonderfully. Big Mike you got to get it together sweetie.

  66. I am sorry to say this but I hate Crystal and Lee becoz of SIMON. Btw I hate him 2!!!!! He is the worst judge ever!!!!! Siobhan is the real artist there!!!! Why won’t Simon and he’s flooze Kara just admit it. The show is not what it was and is really annoying!! Simon, we know it’s your last season but stop talking crap!!!! Same for Kara!!! oh and have I said i hate them!!!! Siobhan All THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Crystal will only win if people vote for her and not expect for her to win because she’s amazing. Big Mike has a great voice, but unfortunately, he’s getting boring as all get out. Tim is an honest guy who’s just having fun….but not sure that he’s actually trying to win. Lee is great, but I dont know….he’s just not at the top of my list. Casey is getting boring. Siobhan makes me get on facebook when she starts singing. And Aaron, bless his heart….it’s time for him to go too. But I will say that Aaron did tons better than he has done in the past 3 or 4 weeks.

  68. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Siobhan
    to prepare each week and come out on stage and
    sing her heart out and know that Kara and Simon
    are going to rip her apart with their personal bias. She continues to choose songs that are
    challenging and does an amazing job with them.
    In a performance where she opened her heart to
    hopefully inspire, Simon could only focus on the “leaves” on her dress. As Randy said last
    week, “This girl can sing.” This show is supposed to be about singing, not politics.

  69. #11 Nexus
    It is true that I posted that Crystal is fake and thats my opinion. From the beginning of this competition I always felt Crystal is the front runner and will win AI. Last night I saw a different side of Crystal so called emotional plea to the viewers and judges and IMO her performance was FAKE and she achieved what she set out to do in gaining more support from the judges and her fans. Good work on Crystal part she is not only a good singer and an actress as well.

  70. Besides having talent, an American Idol needs to be attractive, classy, personable, likeable, connects with people like Kelly Clarkson for example. His or her life with be concerts, traveling the country, appearances everywhere so when you vote for the idol, it should be a person who can fulfill all those roles, someone loveable and likeable and very talented. As far as this years contestants, there is only one who falls into that category, SIOBHAN if the judges would leave her alone and say something nice for a change. It is hard to her to be natural and do her thing worrying about what the judges will say to her but she is the best, no doubt about it in all those categories I mentioned. I hope everyone picks the right AI this year

  71. I’m sorry Simon but your queer eye for fashion shouldn’t be your basis in judging Siobhan’s performance.

    And Kara, I think the most confused person in American Idol is actually…you. (I’m sure Simon will agree LOL.)


  72. 1. Lee-Getting better each week & hopefully can peak at the final!
    2. Crystal-almost perfect…until she hit the high note which put me off! She sounded like she got something stuck at her throat! she maybe tune perfect, but her voice is so ordinary!
    3. Siobhan actually got a better voice than Crystal,but not as tune perfect & for some reasons, judges don’t like her…especially Kara (she delivered the most terrible comments!!)
    4. Casey-a sexy version of Huey Lewis…
    5. Aaron- How can anyone consider he got great voice is beyond me. he’s nowhere near as good as David Archileta
    6. Fat mike- Zzzzz…
    7. Tim- worst of the pack!

    The bottom 2 should be Tim & Mike, with Mike going home!!

  73. Casey James is my favorite..not his song choice last night…but for his well roundedness.. expirience, looks, passion for the music..class, great attitude… guitar licks and no kiss butt…his voice is unique and multifaceted, his style is roots/crossover and guitar hero.. this competition is weird…trying to please all types and ages is impossible…he is the reason I watch.
    Crystal is down to earth and has OK voice lots of style but not much range or power really…I’m not getting the craze…
    Aaron Kelly….holding up under pressure well.
    Sioban man no matter what she does she gets flack..she is to eclectic for me….broadway for her?

  74. Not to be a debbie downer but siobhan doesn’t do it for me. I agree in order to be a true artist you must first be true to yourself and Siobhan is despite whatever the judges say to her, but she has tried 3 of my favorite artists: mariah, whitney, and chaka khan. Brilliant singers and songs that weren’t right for her. So to be true to herself she needs to choose the songs that will showcase her talent and let her shine. I love the voice it’s very unique, and I don’t think Simon and Kara say the stuff to be rude they say it because they want to push her in the right direction cause she does have talent and deserves to be there.

  75. Feel like I’m in bizarro world. Up is down down is up. Producer scheme for Lee/Crystal Final. Casey gets no love for solid vocals and called lazy. Lazy? He just played lead guitar on the only uptempo song of the night if not for Casey it wouldve been a night of ballads. They trash Siobahns haunting, gorgeous, vocally tasty performance. Then Lee has a “moment” of vocal pitchiness that draws race reviews not to mention 30 seconds of pimping pre-performance that no one else gets. Makes no sense at all. The judges rag on everyone to know who they are as an artist well he stamps himself every performance saying HEY I’m a bluesy, rocker. WTH frustrated with the producer pimp job they’re doing on Lee he’s OVERrated and Siobahn and Caesy are getting the shaft!

  76. Btw, I bet Tim must got a pair of ugly big ears & thus that 70’s ugly hairstyle!! lolz

  77. Simon said that CASEY’S SONG WAS NOT INSPIRATIONAL… then why was it even on the song choice list? Casey felt inspiration for himself in the song, I got the drift of it … HE IS MOVING ON TO TOMARROW, to pursue his lifelong dream, thus yesterday’s gone! He is inspiring to so many, staying true to himself,his family, and friends. PESONALLY I THINK HE IS THE BEST!!!!

  78. WOW Crystal that was an amazing… acting job!!! She sang well but the crying was so fake. Good on her knowing the judges and audience wanted to see a different side of her and her delivering it. Putting the exclamation point on it with the crying act. She had everyone but then she went too far. When she was asking for Ryan’s pocket square to wipe her fake tears it got cheesy and obvious she was going out of her way to give the judges what they were looking for. Do us a favor Crystal and just win us over with your awesome talent which doesn’t include acting!

  79. I’m not against crystal but I think the crying part at the was corny!! I’m betting for Lee all the way!!!

  80. I’m not against crystal but I think the crying part at the end was corny!! I’m betting for Lee all the way!!!

  81. Crystal added that drama at the end, crying did not seem sincere. Remember Alicia said that if Aaron cried at the end of his song that he would win the audience. Well that’s exactly what Crystal did. Seems like she’s trying to be the next Janis Joplin or something. Siobhan needs to go and get some braces. Her mouth is hideous! I like Lee.


  82. The weird chick gotta go – what is with the butterflys. She cannot sing – she is boring me to death. She is what Kate Gosselin is to Dancing with the Stars. I am sick of her explaining herself week after week. No one cares. When the judges say they don’t know who she is, and she agrees with them. Hello – get a clue – you are just a wanna be, boring singer and you are definately no Adam Lambert. He could back up his outfits with his voice. She obviously doesn’t have the chops. She sings, High, Low and somewhere in between. I cringed the last few weeks watching her sing. Kate Gosslin cringe when she dances. I could’t watch, it was a train wreck. Please people, viewers from Dancing with the Stars put Kate or should I say us viewers out of misery, lets do the same, and vote this girl off before we really embarrasses herself. There is just no defending this woman.

  83. I think crystal should not have cried In the middle of a contest.
    The judge should have warned a word for the future.

  84. Ok, I’ve had it with the judges!

    Siobhan’s performance was almost perfect.

    Although Kara thinks Siobhan is too dramatic, she didn’t say that about Adam last season, and rightly so. He blew our socks off!

    Well guess what so does Siobhan.

    Only Ellen owned up to Siobhan’s quality, but on the other hand, her critiques are so lame and NOT funny.

    Simon had the nerve to criticize Siobhan’s style but NEVER says a word about Crystal’s usual dreadful hippies rags.

    I can’t figure Randy out this year either. His comment are getting repetitive and boring.

    If they keep it up they will be dissapoined that Siobhan may just win as they are providing incentive to cause her supporters to vote, vote vote.

    Anyway,ultimately she will be the winner of this season having the most marketable talent and , yes , style!

  85. If anyone else would have cried and not finished their song becasue of it tohose judges would have raked them over the coals. no not the diva Crystal I am so over her and her drama. Wish should wouild leave. Just go and wallow in your self pity …damn.

  86. crystal rocks, she is only the american idol.
    Mike needs to go home, long…….time ago,
    why simon saved him for what?

  87. Crystal Bowersox is by far the best and the one to watch. I feel she is already a star and second only to the late, great Janis Joplin. Keep on keepin on Moma Sox. You will change the world of music forever just as Janis did. You are awesome !!

  88. crystal, crystal and crystal, she is very simple, real beauty and talented, she will do fine any where she goes.

  89. Crystal is by far the best singer but the fake crying lost me.

    Big Mike sings good but his style is pretty outdated. His vocal style would have been hot in 1992.

    Siobhan seems like she can sing but her vocal and clothing style is very disconnected with the majority or America.

    Tim can sing better than the average person but compared to other singers he sucks.

    Casey is pretty locked into his style and while he sounds good it won’t be very marketable. He can probably go country though and do very well.

    Aaron sings good but it sounds like he does the same song every week. He even moves around the stage exactly the same way.

    Lee may not have the best or most unique voice but he seems like he can be molded into a superstar. I think the judges a 3 steps ahead of us the viewing audience. His vocals are really good and his vocal style is fairly unique. Very sellable when plugged into the right music. If he doesn’t win he will probably make the biggest impact out of this group.

  90. If I took the hot tub time machine back to the 70’s then Crystal would be the American Idol. NEWS FLASH: it’s 2010. The fake crying was lame

  91. With regard to the criticism of Crsytal being “full of herself” or otherwise stuck up, etc., I am a dentist and I can tell you from my experience that people with dental problems often do not smile because early on in life they found it generated unwanted negative attention. They become self-conscious and even withdrawn. Crystal has two malaligned upper front teeth that could easily be fixed (over time) with orthodontics. Crowding has forced two teeth to the rear and it gives the appearance of being toothless. I believe she comes from a poor family that could not afford treatment. So why are so many of you making fun of her or otherwise misjudging her? The reason her recap ending was different is that the producers gave her a second chance at the ending and re-filmed it. If you were on the east coast, you wouldn’t have seen the second ending.

  92. Thought tonite was rather boring – then on came Crystal. I do believe that she is the one to beat!
    Top Three = Crystal, Lee, Siobhan
    Bottom Three = Casey, Tim and Big Mike.
    Big Mike to go home –

  93. my top three are mike,lee,and crystal…
    they all did good last nite.

    o and i guess now if u cry your called fake. its called feelings people. so now u know america dont cry or else your goin to be called fake guys are lame >>>

  94. No I think what everyone is saying is that you are going to be called fake when you force out some tears. That looked really cheesy. REAL feelings usually are what cause real tears. Crystal has the best voice with a side of cheese.

  95. My frontrunners are: Crystal,Lee,Sibhan and Casey. Winner most likey-Crystal.
    REGARDING SIBHAN: I believe Sib’s technical abilities are the best of the group. Granted Sibhan is very unique,and people may get distracted by her appearance so last night I listened to Sib with my eyes closed (per Simon, like listening to the radio). I thought she absolutely nailed it, spectacular job on the song. With the exception of Ellen, I could not believe the criticism Sibhan received last night!!!! I really believe the judges are biased against Sibhan. They are so wrong. I really believe that Kara and Simon have screwed with Sibhan’s head…she can’t do anything to please them and their comments are baseless. I am also glad that Sibhan has the courage to fight back. I would love to hear Alicia’s comments on Sibhan’s performance.
    Whatever the outcome, I feel Sibhan will have a great future because THE GIRL HAS TALENT!!!! It is time for Tim to go home.
    Happy Hunting.

  96. Crystal was the best last night but, given a better song (like he did with Heaven and Jealous Guy) Casey is more of a star than Lee. Like carrie Underwood did Casey can learn to move on stage and connect more but I don’t think Lee could pull it off. If he was as handsome as (a young) James Taylor he might pull it off but he’s not. David Cook has the great voice so it’s not so important how he looks although he looks okay.

    Here’s my analysis


  97. Crystal, of course was the best last night but, given a better song choice, like he had with Heaven and Jealous Guy, Casey trumps Lee by far. Casey has a greater potential star power than Lee. Like Carrie Underwood did, Casey can learn to use the stage more but I don’t think Lee could pull it off and his voice is not THAT great and he doesn’t look that great. If he looked as handsome as a young James Taylor or had the songwriting skill and uniqueness of a young Neil Young, I would say his introversion would not be such a handicap but I think he has too much developing to do. he’s not ready. Casey is more than ready. He just needs some guidance on song choice to change him into more of a balladeer.

    Voice Presence Looks

    Crystal A+ B- B+
    Casey A A- A+
    Lee A C C+
    Mike A C D
    Siobhan A B- A
    Tim D C- A
    Aaron B- C- C

  98. I agree with “A Thought” on the top 3 Lee, Siobhan and Crystal But I think the bottom 3 are Aaron, Tim and Mike
    I just wish they’d replace Ryan – he drives me nuts. He is like a little peacock strutting around and he’s nothing. He’s like a mosquito in your bedroom at night – buzz buzz – I want to get the swatter and splat him.

  99. this season has somehow such a letdown..but someone going to be winner and runnerup very soon..this week u know well who will be the one to be beat, who is pulling away from the pack and who got potential to sell lots of records when the comp ends , who already stagnant , who is humble who’s not , and who still think he/she got the chance of winning but it all not realistic,

    the chartbusters power-ranking and short-take (1st – 7th )
    1) lee – the best performance of the night, u felt inspired after heard him singing that one, Andrew departure doesn’t affect him at all..
    2) crystal – she got magic-power and so regal n not far off from lee
    3) tim – good singing , cool song and can hear him singing on the soundtrack
    4) siobhan – uninspiring, struggling , too ambitious , quirky image but average vocal , style over substance..
    5) casey – still no surprises and boring song choice for inspirational song, one dimensional again..
    6) aaron – another too soppy-mellow song again for a 16yo..
    7) mike – lazy, dont like the singing , never like his song choice ,i’m suprise he love to sing those kind of song despite of his ‘trying’ to look spirited confident attitude..

  100. long-takes
    1)lee – he’s getting better , never had an off-week , really know to pick good song and make it his own and this week he is really excellent and soo a real contender for the crown
    2) crystal – unlike other she can survive without the instrument and didnt look out of place without it..she’s pulling away from the pack of hard to catch her up..
    3) tim – he can be a good singer-songwriter, he got the cool rich voice , he look good when he’s singing should deserve another shot next week and he got the appeal that label like
    4) siobhan – she really confuse and her voice is actually too soft and pitchy most of the times, and she cant keep saying say that ‘i just love the song’ that is so not original and stubborn coz u cant expect judges to love u when the song didnt sound great on her voice..and i think she shouldn’t compare herself to Adam Lambert..and the judges really overrated her screaming during the ‘paint it black’ ..really surprise if she in the final 3..i think katie is a better singer than her..
    I think she should sing ‘You Gotta Be’ by Desree which could suit her voice better.
    5) casey – still no surprises always got that one dimensional singing and style and this week he sounded like when he sang that huey lewis song few weeks back and so predictable the vocal, he love short phrasing song..already stagnant..
    I think he should sing ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter..
    6) aaron – i dont understand the judges, they always advise the teen-girls contestant to sing young, be young and choose a young song..but did they did the same to him?..hardly..he always sing the soppy-mellow songs despite his age and that is not exciting..a sad sounding 16yo can be too boring,if that kind of music going to be his debut album..he should learn something from Justin Bieber..
    7) Mike – i dont find his singing inspirational at all, the least one among the 7, he dont look good when singing and always taking a band song which is find a put-off..and never handle the judges critic well , that remind me of Lil Round, i dont think he’s an idol type or have the star-presence..

    who should go home ?
    bottom 4 = Casey, Siobhan, Aaron, Mike
    please sing the swansong = Mike

  101. SIOBHAN and CRYSTAL are the only real sincere and original people out there. Nobody has the vocals that SIOBHAN has not even Crystal. However they should be in the top 3. If CRYSTAL and SIOBHAN are elininated the sooner their albums will come out. I will buy one of each!!
    The Idol Tour is going to flounder this year. Not enough talent to sell tickets.

  102. if SIOBHAN gets eliminated before than..Adam Lambert should sign her to tour as an opener for his concert.

    Alicia Keyes was ‘smokin aces’ last night. That women is beautiful! I love her accent.

  103. @ Joanne Light… if you think casey is seriously better than lee then honey you must be blind and deaf!!

    its so true, lee is the one i can see as selling records in the music world…everybody else is either too boring, can’t sing or is weird!

    and yes alicia keys is one gorgeous woman lol.

  104. UGH! Why is Tim still here? He can’t hold a note! C’mon people!

    Siobhan got a bad rap. She has an amazing voice. Yes, she has an unusual and personal style – so!? She can hit notes and hold them.

    Mike can sing well but there’s nothing individual about his voice. Sounds like stuff already out there.

    Aaron has a great voice – yes, he’s young but what a voice!

    Crystal, Lee and Casey are all so talented. They can sing and play instruments.

    My bottom 2 are Tim and Mike. I like all the others too much to decide a third!!

  105. Until last night I thought Casey was a contender. But, come on, Casey fans -he was terrible! Why would he take such a lame, over-played (even on commercials)and out-of-date song like “Don”t Stop” (used by Bill Clinton in his ’92 campaign)and do such a mediocre karaoke job?? He’s a fine guitar player but, last time I checked, AI wasn’t a guitar competition -if it was, maybe Jeff Beck should compete!

    At least Crystal had the courage to sing without her guitar -and she was amazing! To all those who criticize her “fake” tears -you can’t fake those tears -that was true emotion overtaking such a skilled, professional performer. I’ve been a big Siobhan fan, but Crystal’s performance last night, I have to say, puts Crystal way ahead of the rest -even Lee, who did a very good job on The Boxer.

    Sadly, Siobhan just seems too inconsistent -her performances are half great, half mediocre. I still think she will grow to be an exceptional artist.

    I think the reason Lee is getting so popular now is by default -no real competition from the men anymore.

    Mike tried to be contemporary by singing a Nickelback song, but it didn’t suit him. And why must he keep picking up everyone (poor Alicia Keys even!). His personality is losing him a lot of points.

    Tim sang a real good song, but only did a fair job -unfortuantely, reminded us of his limited vocal skills.

    Bottom 3 this week should be Aaron, Mike and Tim -with Aaron leaving (thank goodness). Casey might be in that group rather than Mike, but his looks will keep him safe.

  106. To Brian #131 I agree with you 100% And regarding Mike picking people up, I think he needs to be told to stop! Mike stop picking people up off of the ground.
    Did you notice Alicia didn’t go near anyone else after Mike manhandled her eeeek!!!

  107. I haven’t ever liked Crystal… she sings behind her guitar and everything she sang sounds 85% the same as everything else.

    Last night though was the first performance I ever actually liked that she did… hopefully more of a clue of thing to come, but she’ll probably go back to her previous performances which I just cannot stand.

    Siobhan though… she is just so strange, but I love the sound. She’s odd looking and I always enjoy the songs more if I listen to them without watching… then she sounds awesome since my perceptions aren’t thrown off. Right now she’s the only one I consider voting for.

    Mike… oh no.. Mike.. I used to love Mike, but he’s gotten weaker, and that performance last night I thought was utterly terrible… just so terrible… like almost wanting to make me puke terrible…. come on Mike, if your still around, you can’t do that!

  108. everyone at this point has there favorites.and,thats understandable.i want to comment on the judges.
    first,of all there seems to be more negative feedback this year than normal past years shows.
    secondly,i always felt they were there to not only critique,but also to provide support,and some professional advice.
    third.i thinks its normal for all of them to have there favs as well,but it shoulnt be at the expense of other singers,such as the case with slamming siobhan,even after a great performance as she sang last night.
    finally,i think it should come down to crystal,and siobhan,and lee.all three have proved over and over again they belong at the top.
    last night ratings.
    1.siobhan,by far the most challenging,and toughest song to sing,she keeps tackling the hardest songs,and trying to improve her craft.l feel she is the only one doing so.
    2.crystal,good performance.but i concur she stopped singing,and still,not faulted for that.
    3.lee,again good ,but not song choice.
    4.mike.2nd best male singer tonight.
    5.tim,getting better until last nights song
    6.casey,should of switched up to acoustic sound.
    7.aaron,song choice way to big for him.

  109. If Shioban is consistenly in top three according to what AT LEAST half the people are saying this on every forum, from what I am reading … Why are the judges seeming to go to great lengths to make certain they do not give her a single good review? Makes no sense, right? I have a theory on that. Many (if not most) of the past American Idols winners have proven not to be big money makers for American Idol, because their sound is not that marketable. The owners of American Idol (of which Simon is one) have a vested interest into trying to get the person they feel will make the most profit FOR THEM. I’m certain they feel Crystal and Lee are very marketable, as they have said this many times. But, I suspect they also feel Shioban’s style may not be as marketable as Crystal and Lee‘s … But they also know a voice such as hers is going to be the biggest threat to their projected moneymakers. So the sooner they can eliminate Shioban, the better the chances that their future cash cows will win.

    Seriously, can anyone envision any of the performers but Crystal, chocking up emotionally while performing (Which I do think was staged) and still receive the praises and admiration that judges gave Crystal? I sure can not.

  110. I think the bottom 3 should be Mike, Tim, & Siobhan. Stricktly based on last nights performances. Aaron was just ok but I think he may stay out of the bottom this week.

    Sadly, I think it is time for Mike to go.

    Although Tim’s performance this week was mediocre I still think it was marginally better than Mike.

    Siobhan I think is trying too hard and therefore not giving great performances. Still don’t think she is done though.

    Because Idol gives Back is on tonight I don’t think they will send anyone home so hopefully those in the bottom get another chance to try to improve.

    I have to disagree that Crystal crying at the end was “fake.” I think it was an just an emotional performance for her. And it wasn’t on the playback as others have said because it was recorded at a different time.

    While you are watching tonight, pick up the phone and give back. All donations are truly needed.

    Thanks Ashley for another great recap! I enjoy it every week!!

  111. My money’s on Crystal but Siobhan is my fav. Siobhan has beautiful vocals yet she seems to be able to retain her uniqueness in spite of Kara and Simon,s “advice”.

  112. I don’t get why Crystal won the night? When she was good, she was good but she struggled with several notes, including in the acapella part which was 100% noticable. Had any other contestant done the same they would have never heard the end of it by the judges. Also, I get that the song meant a lot to her, but isn’t it bad song choice to sing a song that is so emotional that you can’t even finish without crying? Before I saw the tears, I thought she was faking to cover her missing several notes towards the end. She undoubtably has one of the best voices of the season but I do think she is very overrated.

  113. 1. Crystal (genuine emotion)
    2. Lee ( did you see his nice smile at the end?
    3Siobhan (despite the judges)
    4.Aaron (better every week)
    5.Mike (not developing)
    6.Casey )boring)

  114. The judging this year is manipulative. It is designed to influence the voting audience. Once they decide who they want for the top spot, the one who will sell the most CD’s, they get unabashedly obvious about who they want by virtue of their comments. Siobhan is a great singer who has really good range in both directions. With some encouragement, she might have given Crystal a run for her money. At this point she is brow-beaten. I really feel sorry for her. On the other hand, they lift up a sorry talent like Tim so that he will steal votes. They know he actually has no chance to win. Crystal is sincere and full of courage. For that matter, so is Siobhan. But Crystal likely will edge out Siobhan in the end. She is a true talent. And the tears were real. Her dad was there for the first time and it meant a lot to her. I wish them all the best.

  115. Right now, the singers break into 2 groups. Group 1 contains Crystal, Group 2 is everybody else.

  116. Phil…ditto….on everything you said. It is SO obvious what the judges do, but you have to admit MOST of they time they are on the money. But TIM…PLEASE — Why did they waste that save? Ellen needs to be replaced next year, I love her as a comedian, but as a musical judge…I don’t think so! And why does MJB always where those big glasses when she performs? All in all great show tonight, its a wonderful thing what Idol is doing. Taking advantage of their huge audience to raise money for children. KUDOS AI!

  117. I loved Lee’s song. I think what makes Lee and Crystal stand out is that they really just lose themselves in the songs when they sing, so it seems heartfelt. And they both have really great tone to their voices. I think they’ll be final 2. Aaron, he just looks like he’s trying to be a 25 year old sex symbol with the clothes they put him in and the way he strikes a stance when he sings, when he actually looks like a little boy. Great voice, but he won’t win. Tim had a good idea for a song, he just sang it badly. Nice guy though. Big Mike just oversings everything with his runs. He has a nice voice, but just needs to relax and really find his genre. Casey, cute and nice rocker voice, but that song was hardly inspirational and I feel like I’d be hard pressed to figure out what song was different from the last 3 weeks. And Siobhan – geez girl! You have one of the most amazing voices and you manage to stand still every performance and sing a slow boring song, when your personality is clearly not that. Just let it loose! I am so bored with her now which is a shame because she has just a beautiful voice. I say Aaron and Casey in bottom 2

  118. Crystal may be terrific in her singing but she comes across old-fashioned… Lee has a great voice and his singling is much more current, so he should be recording and she can go around perform to people her fathers’ generation, and everyone will be happy!

  119. Casey: Same old routine….stiff and boring
    Lee: Great voice….will be in the Finals
    Tim: Three words for you…High School Musical
    Aaron: Nice voice….picks songs that his vocals can’t match
    Siobhan: Great vocals….doesn’t take criticism very well….whiny….
    Mike: Nice voice….performance was okay….he’s a personal trainer? WOW!
    Crystal: Great voice…..natural talent….will be in the Finals with Lee…No doubt!

  120. Lee of course was the best one last night.for me,crystal is a fake person.I don’t like her at all.

  121. Aaron should win, but he probably won’t because judges don’t like him. Judges find it easy to criticize him, mainly saying he is too young for the song, etc. If he wasn’t too young to be selected in the first place, why is he too young just a few months later?

    Casey is another who is a great singer. Nice personality and good looks.

    Lee has great voice. He has the looks and personality also.

    Sauerbox has great voice but irritating personality. The crying scene which she said was caused when she saw her dad in the audience, supposedly his first time. I recall seeing him there before, so that wasn’t true. I think she has too many emotional issues. She sounds like Janis Joplin, but that is it. The closer she gets to the end, the more weird she gets.

    Siobhan is a good singer but, when criticized, she goes in to a long explanation as to why she sang what she sang. It is rather annoying. She screams too much and her teeth are distracting – like drachula.

    Mike should have been gone a long time ago. Kara acts like an idiot over him, but he is just not a good singer. He is a bully and acts like he owns American Idol. Hope he is the next to go.

  122. Casey,stop singing to the garage walls and playing for the guys in the band. You’re good but you need to feel your audience out there and sing to us. Use the camera, your voice and beauty to pull us in otherwise you’re not going to make it.

  123. You know I find it very interesting tha some of you think that there is already a selected winner, I think your are right. Lee has already produced his second album and Crystle has the bar room groupies behind her. the others have no official fan base. So either on of them would be a good choice for thr producers to back. As far a Siobhan goes she is a threat to them, Do any of you guys remember Pattie LaBelle? that is who she reminds me of. She will have a great R&B career. Casey is the ultimate front man for a band.

  124. I thought the show was so uneventful and non-entertaining this year. I actually ended up turning the tv off. We had company and we all thought the same thing. The sound wasnt good and who were some of those singers and why were they even on???? To bad…was really looking forward to the show…will watch again when the contestants are singing again…at least they know how to sing.

  125. Unless we have a trainsmash…this is how I believe it will end.
    1. Crystal
    2. Lee/Soibhan
    3. Mike
    4. Casey
    5. Aaron
    Based on singing ability and performances up to now.

  126. Crystal definitely was the best performance of the night and I believe she would make it on the finals with Lee as he grows better week after week. Crystal was consistent to wow the crowd and even the judges because she was an innate artist, very natural, and true. I just wish Siobhan wouldn’t be affiliated too much with Crytsal because she’s nothing compared to Crystal’s artistry and talent. Siobhan’s shrieking is a torture to my ears and her big teeth is an eye sore. sorry.

  127. Anybody who thinks Krystal is by far the best vocally as well as puting her time in song choices has awareness in music. Anybody who thinks she is not going to win need to quite listening to music and learn to play games like Sorry,Chutes & Latters or Go Fish because musically you haven’t a clue.

  128. RonStazey…must be what you have been playing while we were watching the performances! If you have a problem with stazey…her name is Crystal!

  129. I guess Reality Dannie must have all the answers. I bet you sing like old people f&^%. But you always got one person who thinks he as to comment just to let his name be said. Your what they call a put down artist but afraid to give your real name Mr Realstupid. So I used a K instead of a C. Did that make you feel better? Or do you just get off by expressing yourself…..Mr Reality?

  130. My my…RonStacey…attempting to get personal if someone disagrees with you? Reality is…someone always will! Read your own post again before you accuse anyone else of being “a put down artist”!

  131. Would like to hear lee sing Segars “turn the page”
    Would like to hear Momma Sox sing Melodys “brand new key”

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