American Idol 2010: Idol Gives Back Tonight

After last night’s inspirational song selections we’ll be treated to a two-hour special performance “Idol Gives Back” show featuring tons of celebrities and maybe, just maybe, an elimination. The first few “Gives Back” ended with a reprieve from the usual send-home so maybe that lowest vote-getter will be lucky again this year.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we share the live show. Fun stuff!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

While we wait to see which two singers got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 8PM ET!




  1. @ those who think Crystal’s tears are fake

    You are stupid!… no other word for it….

    This girl has so much talent that she does not need to rely on pitiful stunts, like removing shirts or sliding across the stage or promoting parenthood.

    Crystal has more talent than all the others put together….

    I can not believe the people who like casey… His voice range is terrible, and it speaks volumes when we are supposed to be judging a singing contest and comments like “The sound mixer allowed us to actually hear his guitar” tells you that listening to someone’s guitar is far better than listening to him sing!

  2. Crystal is very talented, but yes, she did not need the tears! Hold it together! My theory…they are promoting Crystal for one reason…there are only 2 girls left, and the past 2 season winners have been males. She’s had so much publicity from the beginning of idol, it’s almost like they chose her from the beginning!

    Michael should not have been saved, he’s starting to get boring…my top 3 in order…1.Lee 2. Crystal 3. Casey

    Lee is awesome!

  3. I think Casey has what it takes to be in top 3. Agree with #2, but think 1.Crystal2.Lee3.Casey4.Siobhan. Others can as well fade away and i wouldnt notice

  4. I agree with you FLY…they should be the top 4.
    I just don’t get the judges this year regarding Siobhan…..The girl has got some set of vocals. And whats up with Kara…”I don’t know who you are” is she for real? They are really pushing Crystal, who I think is unbelievably good in her genre but its the same almost every week….Personally I would not buy her CD…It would probably bore me midway thru it but with Siobhan you never know what she is going to sing…
    My wish list: Siobhan or Lee should win AI but we know that it will probably be Crystal….(She is great just not the kind of singer that I enjoy listening to) JMO

  5. I think that the two best singers are Lee and Crystal. They are in a league of their own and will be the last two standing at the end of the day when it comes to the Finals. They are so unique in their own special way, and when they sing you can be blind folded and know exactly who they are, that is how great they are. The others do not stand any where near their talent and the vocals are truly the best. I would buy either one of their recordings without a doubt. I believe no matter what happens at the end, they both will go on and make great music.

  6. 1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Casey
    4. Mike
    5. Soibhan
    6. Aaron
    7. Tim
    First four are very good and deserve to make it in the business. Soibhan looks and acts strange and has a nasal sound. Aaron & Tim need more time and training. Aaron will probably be quite good later with more time.

    *Remember, its not vocals only that makes a star. It is the whole package deal. It is voice, looks, stage presence and personality. What they are looking for is someone who will sell CDs and draw ticket sales at concerts.

  7. Crystal is a beautiful singer and an honest performer. Her life has now become upside down and I’m pretty sure she will be OK. She is a well grounded young woman and I hope she keeps herself surrounded with her family and true friends. They will help her through the insane, unreal life of celebrityism.

  8. @Ashley….how is it possible that Casey is going home before Mike, Aaron and Tim?????
    @lee #1….I would love to see a Lee and Siobhan finale but don’t hold your breath if the Judges have anything to say about it!!!!!!
    They are pushing Crystal but than again they were pushing Adam last season…hmmmmmm!!!!!

  9. Phyliss, I’m not saying Casey is going home only that it was predicted and most of the time their predictions are right but not all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is one of the times they are wrong.

  10. hurmm…i think mike is going home this week..
    he is not doing good this week..i only hope either him or tim is the one going home this week..

    as for other contestants,they are doing great..hard to choose the other person for bottom 3..but based on this week performance i would say it will be aaron or casey..

    top 3..lee…crystal..and..maybe casey or siobhan..

    to finale..surely crystal n lee..

    the winner still remains unknown..really hard to choose..couldnt say more..

  11. Ashley… fingers are crossed too…..He definitely should be in the top 4…..

  12. Another ho hum evening! Crystal was the only one that blew the vocals out of the water! Way to go Girl! Could have gone without the tears, but sometimes they just flow.
    My top: Crystal and Lee
    Bottom: Tim and Big Mike.
    Hopefully one of them will go home tonite or they will pull a stunt like a few years back where no one went home because of Idol gives back. Whatever the case – they will go in time.

  13. Kara should go home! What a wingnut – we don’t know who she is! Siobhan did very well last night. My favs = Crystal, Siobhan, Lee
    Bottom three = Mike, Tim and Aaron. Hopefully Tim will finally go home – if not, Mike?? Would like to see Aaron have another shot.

  14. I do not believe in abortion and know your stand or agenda with America gives back tonight.I believe in life and am against this and very outraged towards your Pro Abortion agenda and deeply grieved. I want to make a stand against this whole abortion agenda. I love American Idol but the agenda tonight is just plain sad and heart wrenching. I plead on behalf of unborn children that have no voice.

  15. Why does everyone think michael should go home!!! he has the best voice in the competition. Aaron or tim should be leaving

  16. i think only lee and crystal are not in danger to go home. I am hoping Mike goes home. He is so boring and one dimensional. Casey really did not shine last night, but he is my favorite i think overal. Jealous Man was the best performance of the season of anyone. Crystal is always good, but i was not really thrilled as everyone else last night. It was good…but not emotional for me. I just hope Mike goes home…and then next week Siobhan….Tim is not so bad and am tired of him being kicked around. I hope he is in the top four, but doubt higher. If Casey goes home, i think i will stop watching. Won’t be interesting after that.

  17. UGH! Why is Tim still here? He can’t hold a note! C’mon people!

    Siobhan got a bad rap. She has an amazing voice. Yes, she has an unusual and personal style – so!? She can hit notes and hold them.

    Mike can sing well but there’s nothing individual about his voice. Sounds like stuff already out there.

    Aaron has a great voice – yes, he’s young but what a voice!

    Crystal, Lee and Casey are all so talented. They can sing an play instruments.

    My bottom 2 are Tim and Mike. I like all the others too much!!

  18. i dont care who’s going home tonight, just as long as crystal and lee are in the finale 🙂
    poor siobhan.. i really feel for her though, she really isn’t as bad as the judges make her out to be..
    as for casey.. i dont get why people like his voice, its so average. he’s just good at hiding that fact by pushing his image, and yes i know the guy is sexy but seriously he can’t sing all that well..
    i like aaron and i hope he doesnt go too soon..he just needs a little bit more experience but he has loads potential though..
    mike and tim are in the same boat for me..mike is probably a tad more talented..but tim has the image..

  19. the only reason pick on tim is because the judges were so hard on him…he has talent…i mean come on Kara’s latest artist was that lame rapper who performed a couple of weeks ago…the one who thinks he dances like michael jackson..what a loser….so Kara know talent? thats a laugh…and the other judges told her what a great act he was…shows how fake these people are…so leave tim alone…he will do just fine.

  20. I have thought long long yesterday after I posted my comments and read some others and I have reached a decision
    In spite of who I want to win (Siobhan) I will now turn all my energy and best wishes to Tim Urban to win this season of American Idol.
    First of all American Idol has the winner signed for one year (I think) and this person cant do anything else but work for the producers and all the money he or she makes is divided in LOTS for the AI producers and many others and the remaining or a very small percentage is for the “Idol”.
    I dont want Tim to do bad in his life dont get me wrong… what I want is the REALLY GOOD singers to have open doors to get juicy contracts with people that I am certain are willing to produce them.
    Having said all that… I wish Tim to be the next AI for the enchantment of all those teens 🙂 and wish $$$$ to Siobhan, Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike and Aaron.

  21. @Marta….I like your thinking!!!!Give Tim to the AI producers and let the other Idols make money!!!!

  22. Hey marta, you’re so right lol. i guess the only real thing the winner gets out of the show is claiming the ”american idol” title for whatever season it is. it doesnt necessarily mean they will sells loads of records and become even more famous than they are now. most idol winners actually start to lose their fame after the show unless they can produce number hits like kelly and carrie.

    btw over here where im posting from its 10am in the morning, i dont know what time it is in America but im at work, obviously not doing any work lol. this is a great site and often when im bored at my desk i pass time on here. if my boss knew….lol 😛

  23. even though i dont want this to happen i think crystal and lee will b the top 2 crystal is amazing but lee bores me big mike has been getting boring too but i still luv him tim shouldnt have come back its just a waste of my time when he preforms i couldnt care less about casey siobhan is freaky and she looked like a tree last night she should go home and AARON KELLY SHOULD B THE NEXT IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it probably wont turn out that way, but AARON KELLY is the winner in my mind TEAM AARON!!!!!!! xoxo~tosha <3

  24. With the exception of Beatle’s week when Lee performed that somewhat lame, bagged pipe version of “Hey Jude … I think it has been Crystal, Lee and Shioban in the top three EVERY WEEK for me. The order of the top three may change week to week, but it is always this group for me in the top 3 spot. And the drop off in talent after that top 3 is mountain wide, in my opinion. Sadly, with the judges huge efforts (that they don’t even try to hide) to never show Shioban in a good light, I can pretty much guarantee it will be Crystal and Lee in the final two.

  25. Uhmm question here. Am I the only one who Really liked Aaron last night? I thought he was amazing and the third best after Lee and Crystal.

  26. from,hearing,and listening to all comments made.
    my conclusion is,its purely mathematical at this stage.anyone can pull it out,and usally its not the one thats been leading all the per crystal.that being said.i think the judges are trying to sway votes for her,as per the way they give harsh critisim to siobhan.they feel her and lee are the only main
    singers to really give her a run for her money.

  27. I think Siobhan is a very good singer. I wan’t her to win. I do like Mike very much but he does not have a stand out voice. I root for him so much. I like Crystal but I would like someone else to win. She is the likely winner. I pulled for Tim and Mike for so long but the fact is I really think Siobhan has the best voice. She just needs to get a style and grow. I believe all these idols will end up winners. All may windup with a record deal..

  28. Casey was in the bottom 3! But maybe its a good thing so that he will step it up next week..sing something really solid and emotional….not just strum away his guitar and be labelled ‘ a lazy and without emotion’choice. Im still for him all the way, and hope and hope he picks the right songs, of so many!!!!

  29. crystal sings a totaly differant type music than this 62 year old guy listens to but i like her voice and if she makes any cd well ill be standing in line to buy it and i never liked janice joplin when i was young i do love crystals singing good luck girl from a fan

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