American Idol 2010 Premiere Continues Tonight

Part two of the American Idol 2010 premiere continues tonight on Fox at 8pm ET with an hour and fifteen minute episode featuring the Atlanta auditions.

Last night we were treated to the Boston auditions with guest judge Victoria Beckham. TVGuide has a great recap by aspiring artist of who made the cut and who never will. So far I’ve been more impressed by some of the male talent than the ladies from Boston. I’m hoping we’ll get that balanced out tonight in Atlanta.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, be sure to grab the free American Idol browser add-on for the latest news, updates, and fan discussions on this season.


In case you missed it, here’s Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol audition which went anything but smoothly. I was hoping Kara would call Simon’s bluff and change her vote to, ‘yes,’ to force Simon to break the tie. Ah well. On to tonight!




  1. Way to go Kara, what a prick this superman wannabe is, and he cant even back up his BS.

    OK so the makeup people on the show should go easy.. All four judges were wearing to much.

  2. Ohhhhh blackgirl. Andrew Fenlon was awesome. It was a total act on his part and I loved it. He should have made it to hollywood. It would make for some great TV. He will be back for the finale.

  3. skotie68, loved the italian guy and the guy who overcame cancer (he was hot). Wasnt impressed with the girls much except the 16 year old. She had a voice beyond her years.

  4. I loved the Cancer guy! He was so cute and he could really sing too. I hope he makes it far in this competition. On the girls side, I liked the 16 year old with the mature voice. I hope tonight brings more talented people, and less jerks (even if it was an act) like Andrew Felon. Of course, he is getting more than his fifteen minutes of fame here.

  5. Russel Hantz, BB Evil Dick, AI’s Andrew Felon, what is it with me? I’m really a nice guy but seem to always root for the ‘evil’ ones.

  6. i think kara over reacted, id be a little on edge waiting all day to ( agreed he didnt have to be an ass about it) but she was still in no position to say that she didnt like him at all, she just went way to far….not a fan of kara

  7. not a fan of kara after that comment about not liking the guy, etc. not the way to treat someone. if you get bad vides from someone it is best to be kind. scary.

  8. I agree with Heather. I thought that Kara was over the top in her assessment of Andrew Felon. I wasn’t sure if I liked him at first, but definitely ended up feeling sorry for him after Kara tore him up. His voice wasn’t bad, either.

  9. Every year and each show there is at least one tear jerker due to a performance or in combination with their background and most often, the reaction and reception of the family members after getting the Yellow Sheet to Hollywood.
    So the first show, I get nailed by the young lady with the two adopted brothers. I thought “SOB, you got me in the first 15 minutes.” That’s what I love about the competition.
    If you need spiritual cleansing; Watch American Idol! If you can’t find something here that inspires you, then you just have a cold heart.

  10. What stood out to me was how innocent Andrew Felon acted after getting ‘called’ on his attitude. Suddenly he went from ass to whiner and wondering/crying “What happened?” He said he was trying to express a positive attitude and when it backfired he acted like he had no idea how this happened. He orchestrated a style that he thought was cool; turns out it was very un-cool.
    Thought his voice was good enough to get in if he lost the attitude.
    The girls were too rough though. Are they trying to trump the king of rude?

  11. # 14 idol101

    I agree. Many inspiring stories smashed inbetween them crushing peoples dreams. Some of the kids who can’t sing but have enough guts to try inspire me. To bad everyone laugh at them with their cold hearts.

  12. Ok…That Andrew guy creeped me out! Thought he was gonna pull a gun out at any minute. Even though he could sing, he has a MAJOR chip on his shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring him back for the wild card, though. Makes for good controversial t.v. They’ll give him another shot and tell him to bring some “positive” energy this time….lol!!! Was it an act???? Or is he really that way in life? If he is, I feel sorry for him. Nobody knows what’s in his past. As for the rest, the 16 year old girl really stood out to me. She has a beautiful voice! And so does the girl with the down syndrome brothers….She was really good, too! She was humble and had the right attitude for the show. The guy who battled cancer is really inspiring. And the Italian dude was really fun, I thought. Great personality!!

  13. simon dude u fuccing rock lol i like how u jugde them and for the lil rich girl V stop judging them by there cloths it aint a clothing idol so stop but u are sexy and ur bf ugly lol

  14. WHY FOUR JUDGES…MARY BLIGE WAS A JERK, SHE WAS RUDE, AND UNPROFESSIONAL…you cant take the girl out the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out the girl.

  15. I feel that Mary Blige exposed her racism. When the ‘country folk’ were performing, you could see disgust in her face and she instantly rejected them. She needs to get over the country folk stigma of racist crackers. They are now just simple folk.

  16. i love the old man ( pants on the groud ) hehehehe :p … and i love the cancer guy he is sooo cute

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