American Idol 2010 Premiere Part 2 Open Discussion

The American Idol 2010 season premiere part 2 is airing right now so join other fans in our American Idol chat room and feel free to use this post to share your thoughts and commentary on the show as it goes.

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Let’s hear which singers were your favorites from the Atlanta auditions!

Update: The Atlanta auditions episode is over but hits like “Pants on the Ground” (watch the video here) will live on forever! Also of interest is the rumor that Ryan Seacrest may replace Simon Cowell on the judges panel while still being the show’s host. That’s some craziness for you.

Once again TVGuide has an excellent breakdown of who was hot and who was not if you’re looking for names of your favorite singers from last night.




  1. The guy Jermainne was awesome. Loved the way he put his own spin on the song. I will be surprised if he don’t make it to the top 20.

  2. What was the name of the song playing in the background after the country girl in the pink dress sang? It was acoustic with a banjo I think…

  3. Could Mary J. Blige be any more inappropriate? To be a judge usually implies that one will act somewhat professional. Consistently falling over laughing is just not cool.

  4. I just watched the first contestant tonight, Jesse or JC from Tennesee. It is disgraceful what AI did to insult this poor country guy & laugh at his near-misses with death & laugh at him on the way down in the elevator. There was no reason to do that, they crossed the line. They should be ashamed.

  5. 1/13/10
    i dont know what MARY J. BLAH was laghing aT?
    her voice sounds like that guy Jesse she laughed at.she came off very PREDUDICE and has no business judging anything but a 9th street hooker get up contest in the ghetto!

  6. I’m sorry but Kara… wow… can we say “loser”? Her behavior, comments and errogance are not just annoying but truly concerning. Simon is the aggressive judge, Randy is the middle of the road judge and Paula was the tender-hearted judge… Kara is a just a ‘jerk’. There is NEVER a place for a ‘jerk’ ANYWHERE. The woman needs both a reality check and a ‘pink slip’. Not to sound petty I hope someone does something about her overly oily face because she looks greasy and disgusting (which of course matches her personality).

  7. Get Mary Jane Blighe OFF the show. She is absolultely so unprofessional that I will NEVER buy any of her music. It is making me vomit!!!!!

  8. The blonde headed girl from Tennessee in the pink dress was awesome. I was pulling for her that the judges would say, YES! I would love to see her make it to the finals. She would be a great sucessful story…

  9. Why isn’t Mary J yanked off the show immediately? She is a disgrace and an embarrassment to watch as she ridicules and insults contestants as they stand alone before her. Jesse from TN came forward trusting that he was in a safe place and would be treated with respect, but instead she treated him to a low blow to his self-confidence that he will carry with him the rest of his life. I hope everyone sees her for what she is, AN UGLY PERSON!

  10. Comment deleted.

    Moderator’s note: Watch your racism or you’ll be banned. Keep it to yourself.

  11. could someone tell me the girl’s name in the pink dress from tennessee? it’s going to bug me if I can’t remember and I have pretty much selected her as my one to watch! it kind of bothers me, though, how American Idol knocks country people. although I’m from rural PA rather than the true, southern country, I find it very immature of AI to bring in the banjo background music and try desperately to put such an emphasis on them being “hicks”

  12. I dont know how you guys feel about Jessie Hamilton. But the judges were straight up rude to him. I wish I could just meet the judges for a few minutes. Jessie seemed like a gooD Godly person and for them to make fun of him. It makes me so angry.

  13. Mary J. Blige is a disgrace to American Idol. Always been a fan of her music, but I have lost all respect for her. Very unprofessional. I am one less person that will be buying anything of hers again. Please AI, don’t ever put that woman on your panel again.


  15. I was reading Ellen will be on when they get to Hollywood. Kara’s facial expressions makes me want to change channels. I think Simon is leaving at the right time.

  16. I think the female judges are so stupid and elementary in their actions reactions. Grow up! I miss Paula Abdul. She put the class in this show. They need to get her back or get some females that can class up this show or its going DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!!

  17. to answer the question, the Tennessee girl was singing Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. You can find the song on You tube.

  18. I’d take Ellen any day of the week than those two skags they call female judges – get them off! Please Ellen save this show!

  19. The little girl from Tenn. was awesome in her $5.00 dress and barefeet! The next Dolly Parton and if she doesn’t make it to the top I hope someone will recognize her natural raw talent and teach her to believe in herself! And BTW….Mary J. I thought was awesome I would have laughed myself outta my chair on some of those auditions!

  20. I think the judges are making it work most of the time except when Kara starts her shit. Both Victoria B and Mary J’s expressions are hilarious for me at home…because I’d be laughing, too!!! But where is Ellen? Supposed to be Paula’s replacement but not to be seen yet. Bad move. Even Simon hasn’t been caustic. He’s actually seemed a bit happy.

  21. American Idol Show tonight was very unprofessional in several areas…..especially on the young Tenn. man named Jesse. American Idol owes that young more than an apology……maybe a new red Ford F 150!

  22. ATL …has no talent…they show all the losers instead of the singers making it to hollywood MARY J inconsiderate and rude, has she forgotten she came from the ghetto and started from the bottom


  24. Totally agree with all the other posts about MJ Bligeg and Kara, PLEASE get those two low life ignoramus IDIOTS out of the judging panel. MJ is so ignorant .. she just verifies you can take some people out of the ghetto but you can’t always take the ghetto out of them. And Kara – I’ve HATED her since the first time she was on! She’s a total MORON. The best audition was the last one – 62 year old, “Pants on the Floor”, absolutely LOVED him!!

  25. I would have to say hands down that “Pants on the Ground” was the hit of the night. It was humorous, witty, catchy and even showed a bit of social consciousness (lol) from the artist standpoint. I loved it, someone ought to get with this guy and produce a longer version, if weird Al Yankovic (whatever his name is) can make why can’t this guy?

  26. I really loved the police mans voice, also the girl from Tenn., was so sweet and inocent.She really did sound good also, she could really be turned into a cute country music singer,she reminded me of Loretta Lynn.


  28. Hey just a small note. I loved the girl in the pink dress and I can’t stand the girl judges. Sorry if things don’t get better I’m going to have no choice but to switch stations. MJ Bligeg come on you can do better than this for hells sake your American Idol..

  29. Vanessa Wolf from Tennessee was wonderful! Great voice and so humble. I’ll be pulling for her.
    On the other hand Mary J Blith was a fool. She has no class. I give her credit—she is a fairly decent entertainer. But as a judge–or as a human being she is pathetic. She owes that young man from Tennessee a big apology–they all do. He did his best and they humiliated him. It was one of American Idol’s LOWEST MOMENTS!

  30. I cant stand either of the women judges. Kara is the worst judge ever. when she opens her mouth i mute the sound. I will miss Simon and the only other good judge is randy. I don’t see how there will be a show after this season.

  31. Very happy to see I’m not the only one who thinks Kara is completely AWFUL. I hope the Executives of American Idol are reading- because I (along with many) am NOT going to watch this season. Sorry, I can’t stomach looking at Kara, her greasy ugly mug, disrespectful comments and inappropriate behavior. That woman is, under no uncertain terms, the WORST decision Idol has made to date. In the famous words of n’sync… Americal Idol should say, “baby bye, bye, bye” to Kara (and quick)!

  32. American Idol MUST lose KARA and bring back Paul… although I seriously doubt they can get Paula back. The original three judges had a clear chemistry the panel of judges today does NOT.

  33. The way Mary Blige behaved was atrocious, unprofessional, racist, and an embarrassment to American Idol. They owe Jesse Hamilton an apology. Shame on them for this crossed the line. Never watching again. I will be calling my FOX station to complain.

  34. # 11 # JD

    I loved the Tennesse girl to. Although Simon was spot on when he said she is ‘ill-prepared’ for what is about to happen to her. I hope she can calm her nerves cause it contestants like her that make the show watchable.

  35. My daughter and I have always liked Mary J. Blige but after watching her on American Idol, will never feel the same towards her. We have lost all respect. She was so ignorant and disrespectful towards some of those young people with all that falling over and laughing out loud. I will not ever feel the same towards her. And isn’t she supposed to be a born again Christian?

  36. Larry Platt “pants on the ground” Hero!

    “He was beaten during the Bloody Sunday march from Selma, Ala., to Montgomery.

    He got his nickname, “General,” from the Rev. Hosea Williams because of his heroic efforts on behalf of the civil-rights movement.

    The Georgia General Assembly proclaimed Sept. 4, 2001, Larry Platt Day in Atlanta, because of “his great energy and commitment to equality and the protection of the innocent and for his outstanding service to the Atlanta community and the citizens of Georgia.”

  37. Skotie68, I also like the girl from Tennessee too.. she has raw talent and I hope she goes far in the competition. As for Mary J, I agree she was very rude by laughing at the contestants, but I didnt see any racism there as she also laughed at the chubby blackgirl with the bad voice.

  38. I totally agree with all those before me who thought Mary K Blige was rude and unprofessional, not to mention just plain MEAN! The bad singers are put on the show on purpose to boost ratings – fine – but Jesse was star struck and scared and seemed like the sweetest kid……and she was just nasty! I have no respect for her and will never watch/listen/buy any of her music again…..I would rather listen to Jesse that that mean hag!

  39. PANTS ON THE GROUND ! Pants on the ground !
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground . . . . : )

  40. Mary J. Blige obviously was not prepared for what she was gonna see during those auditions. I guarantee it was hard for her to keep a straight at all. She’s not used to judging talent. Yes, Kara can be a jerk, but so can Simon and Randy. Simon is just down right mean sometimes, so don’t just harp on Kara. And Kara isn’t a moron, she knows what it takes to be successful in the music industry. She knows talent. Mary was unprofessional because she didn’t heed the warnings given to her about what she was getting into. I just can’t wait for next week as Shania Twain will be quest judging the auditions in Chicago. And in case it hasn’t been said before, Ellen will start judging in Hollywood after the auditions are over with. I would imagine the travel schedule of the audition phase would’ve interferred with her tv show tapings.

  41. Vanessa Wolf from Tennessee was amazing!!! I just love her. I will watch just to see Vanessa again. She has raw talent and is a true underdog. Go Vanessa! I think you are famous already.

    Loved and admired from Canada

  42. Well I still am just disgusted with Mary and Kara. They are disrespectful and they think they are BETTER than us rednecks or country people. Mary J. Blige was acting immature and Kara should just leave. She will be the reason American Idol will FALL. Paula if your out there reading this I’m BEGGING you COME BACK. Save American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. If AI wasn’t prepared to deal with southern ways, why the heck did they hold auditions in Atlanta? Oh, wait a minute — they did it BECAUSE they think southerners are easy targets for ridicule. Last night was too cruel for words. All of the judges should be ashamed of themselves.

  44. Why can’t we just have an short intro of the tryout highlights then start immediately with the official judging of the finalists? I’m losing interest and find the tryout comments cruel at times. Such criticism is necessary yet it can easily be presented with more respect for these kids.

  45. @#54 – AI is prepared to deal with southern ways because they’ve always done auditions in the south. Mary J. Blige however was not. Either that or she just didn’t take these auditions that serious. And besides you can find easy targets for ridicule anywhere and they prove it year in and year out. It’s not just in the south. I’m a southern boy from louisiana and you know what…some folk are just really country. That’s how they’re raised. It’s the same everywhere in the states. West Coast, Mid West, East Coast, etc. Their are easy targets for ridicule anywhere in this country. All i’m saying is that the show is prepared for anything, the guest judges aren’t.

  46. @#55 – you can’t just have a short tryout intro, because it’s a major part of the show. You get to see a lot of the people who get put through to hollywood before they become polished performers. Plus some of the bad tryouts are just downright HILARIOUS. And those folk who have the bad auditions know what level of scrutiny they’re gonna recieve. They’ve obviously watched previous seasons.

    @#52 – Paula leaving the show will not be the downfall of the show, and neither will Kara being their. Paula was that as immature as the rest of the current panel. Do you not remember Paula crawling under the table because she couldn’t hide her laughter? Yeah, real mature. Kara isn’t terrible, she knows what it takes to make it in the music industry.

  47. Oh and btw, that kid who nearly died on 3 different occasions, is in my estimation a “sweet idiot”. When he was little, he almost died, not his fault. The other 2 times, he nearly killed himself. Playing around with a gun, idiot move #1. Being in the middle of the road, idiot move #2. Like I said before, he might be a very nice guy, he’s just not the brightest crayon in the box. So yeah, I really don’t feel to bad for him.

  48. Thank you!!! I think Mary J. Blahhhh should be ashamed of her behavior. She, of all people should know how hard it is to audition for something that you want more than AIR!
    She was classless and just plain mean. I will never listen to her again.
    I loved “pants on the ground” too.

  49. @Linda – Mary was not prepared for these auditions. She probably thought she would just be able to go into this situation an shrug a lot of that stuff off and she couldn’t. You can’t tell me, that you wouldn’t be laughing your rear end off at some of those people if you were judging. I know i would, because it’s hard not too. Randy and Simon have been there long enough to have a tolerance against bad auditions, Kara hasn’t and most certainly not any guest judges. Some people are just better equipped to handle those situations, and maybe Mary J. Blige isn’t one of them. And besides there have been worse guest judges in the past at the auditions who’ve been a lot worse

  50. Did anyone catch that beautiful girl shown on the preview for Chicago auditions? I can’t WAIT to see what she’s got. Just the short time on last night, she blows everyone else away.

  51. Hi! Does anyone know the background song that played as Mallorie Haley was receiving judges final comments and then leaving her audition on last night’s Atlanta show? Please help! Thanks.

  52. I have been a fan of AI since it season 1 and have always looked up to all the judges. I even have a great respect for new comer Kara. But I thought all the AI judges were out of line last night with that sweet country boy Jesse. They point blank asked him if he had ever sang in front of anyone, “he said no”. I realize there are some silly ones out there who audition for nothing more then there 15 mins of fame, and that’s all they wanted was to be silly and be on tv, but I felt Jesse was wanting to stretch outside his box, even if he didn’t get he just wanted a shot. I felt this was a life stretch for him more then anything and the Judges (all of them) act as dispecable human beings. I’ve always agreed it’s best to tell it like it is, but you don’t laugh and crack jokes at the expense of someone. Really disappointed. Incredibly disappointed in Mary J. Blidge. I am 53 yrs old and always thought of her has someone who worked incredibly hard on her career, a humanitarian, I know she mentor aspiring singer…. so that was a real big disappointment for me. Ruined the rest of the show for me.

  53. I think the show is not the best it could be without Paula Abdul. I definitely loved the pants on the floor song. Funny. ROFL. For sure.

  54. I’d just like to know how a few of those contestants made it all the up to audition in front of the main judges. I thought the contestants would have to go through screening judges first. Are those who can’t carry a note used soley for entertainment purposes? I don’t find it entertaining embarrassing and belittling people. Are those people keeping people who really have talent from being able to audition?

  55. The music playing in the background of vanessa’s video is….great lake swimmer?? Your rocky spine??? Pretty sure!!!


  57. Sad I guess, but the utterly ridiculous contestants make the auditions hilarious and interesting. The really weird thing is that these strange wannabe’s don’t even realize how terribly weird and laughable they are—hard to believe. I don’t care for Kara as a judge–she’s cocky and boring. Simon is a blast. Randy’s just ok—a little strange at times. Can’t wait to see how Ellen and Simon relate. Don’t see any particularly outstanding contestants yet. Loved the older fellow and his “pants on the floor.”——adorable!

  58. Ok I would have laughed my butt off too. I am sure not anyone of you would react differently and sometimes I wonder where these people come from who try out and can’t sing at all.Maybe all the Kara haters should try out to be a judge. She is a famous song writer and producer and she knows music…She is sitting there cuz she can! Heres a box of tissues go cry some where else and BTW all ya all are rude!

  59. “Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, gold teeth in your mouth and your hat turned sideways.You think you’re cool but your being a fool—–”

    Did you love this guy or what?

  60. My family loved the girl from Tennessee in the $5.00 dress from the Dollar Store. Her name is Vanessa Wolf and her A.I. audition is on YouTube and she has already got thousands of views on YouTube along with hundreds of positive comments. We are all pulling for her. We hope she makes it to the finals.

  61. I think Mary (ghetto) Blidge needs to be sent BACK to the ghetto!! And Kara…she needs a bath!! And this time USE SOAP!!! I think that AI should ask Dolly Parton to be on the show! She has class…look up the word Kara and Mary (ghetto) Blide…as I am sure you have NO idea what that word means!! If Kara continues to be on the show I will stop watching!! She makes my skin crawl!!

  62. Why and how is Cara allowed to continue as a judge. Can we pleaseeeeeeee have a vote on this.I am so thankful for my mute button when she begins to talk. Can we please get a judge who is not so full of themselves. This is American Idol, not Cara wants to be idolized.

  63. The gentleman who sang, pants on the ground was a breath of fresh air. Sure hope he is brought back for an ancore performance, later in the season! His song also made a lot of sense. Men do look like a fool with their pants on the ground, lol!

  64. I liked that girl from Vanore,Tennessee. she has a really good country voice,and i would <3 to see her go to the finals. Good luck Vanessa Wolfe!

  65. If you are talking about that tall blonde boy near the end of the show who nearly died 3 times, he is from Anniston, AL. I hope he doesn’t wear blue jeans down Noble Street. 🙂

  66. I’m sorry, but it needs to be said. All of you who rip on Kara and praise Simon are now hippocrates. Yeah Kara may be arrogant about her knowledge, but she’s earned it. She’s one of the most successful song writer/producers in the business. She absolutely knows what she is talking about. And Simon is as ARROGANT as they come. And mean spirited for the most part, but yet he’s awesome and Kara sucks. Right…Like I posted earlier, it’s what AI does. ANYONE can audition. There will be clowns, idiots, and fools who’ll audition. They know they suck and will get ridiculed, but they go anyways. If these people get embarrassed, it’s their own fault. And that dude from Bama was not to bright. He nearly died twice by his own hand. Wow. But we can’t make fun of his own stupidity, can we. Stop hating on Kara. Yes she can be annoying, but so could Paula. At least Kara shows up SOBER.

  67. It’s official, American Idol has jumped the shark.
    The way they treated Jesse Hamilton was absolutely the pits.
    Simon, Kara, Randy, Mary J and whoever else – oh, Ryan, too, because you were in on that what was done to Jesse – and everyone behind the scenes who worked on that stupid “reenactment” – you have no class, no heart.
    Best wishes for Jesse Hamilton – perhaps you have all done us a favor to get us to finally stop wasting precious time watching these very unlikable people.

  68. You should invite to your show, as a guest, a worthy American Idol, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the courageous pilot of flight 1549, whol performed in his normal, everyday job in extraordinary conditions. Now that’s a performance. From someone who never sought the spotlight.

  69. hey guys, just sayin, stop complaining about mary. the people she laughed at were funny, honestly i laughed. everyone laughs. calm down. seriously.
    oh, and jermaine from joliet was deff the best (:

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