American Idol’s Angela Martin Gets A Record Label

Angela Martin may have been cut from the American Idol Top 24 this week but that doesn’t mean her music career is over. Martin was on Ellen’s talkshow and after performing Ellen gave her exciting news: Kara is going to write her a song and they’re going to get her on a label!

Now maybe Chris Golightly should head over to Ellen’s show to continue his fight for reinstatement in American Idol 2010.

Jump to 7:45 for the big reveal:

How cool was that? Now keep in mind Ellen does say they’re going to work on getting her a contract, not that they have one already but let’s hope they pull through for her.




  1. I like angela she is the best in audition and hollywood I hope she will get a break in music and I dont know why AI don’t give her a chance she’s awesome. All the way from Saudi Arabia we support you in your music career. Good Luck!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Angela!!!! I think she’s better than some of the other girls in the top 24. I really hope she gets signed to a label. Simon got it wrong, she should’ve went thru!

  3. Some interesting news”’

    “Last Wednesday, on a night that the U.S. won six medals, including three golds, NBC attracted more viewers overall than Fox’s “American Idol,” the first time any show has topped “Idol” since 2004.”

    Look like the Olympic is doing great this year. However Idol beat them on Tuesday night due to a lack of American’s winning any Medal on Tuesday. I heard someone on the Radio today saying the Idol viewer and Olympic viewer are totally distinct viewer. I totally disagree with that. I love both

  4. Let me say I said it first when people were bashing Ellen I knew she would come thru by surprisig Angela with her new record deal Ellen will do this with quiet a few of the Idol let go’s when the voting begins she has the power to continue to let them shine with their talent watch and see she is a very giving person who instead of worrying about who’s the baby’s daddy or I can’t stand my inlaws like other talk shows the positive will come to life thanks to people like Ellen

  5. Guys have won for the past few years.The year Katherine McFee was a runner up, she was brilliant – are less guys than girls voting ? Do girls vote for guys and visa versa ?I have always believed it is not equal, and that there should be a female and male winner. What do you think ?

  6. I love this story about Angela and I love Ellen. She is a real GREAT BIG PLUS to the show. It would be wonderful if Angela could perform this song at the finale. Best of luck!!!

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