American Idol 2010: The Idols Head Home

 AI top 3

Our three finalists are back in their home towns today making good use of their time by being in parades, conducting interviews and singing in front of their locals.  So if you live close to Toledo, OH, Chicago, IL, or Dallas, TX go on out and see one of these Top 3 in their element with their hometown crowd behind them.

Crystal Bowersox will be in Toledo and will be in not one but two parades and give a 45 minute concert at Levis Square.  She will sing the national anthem and throw the first pitch at the Mud Hen game. 

Lee Dewyze will be in Chicago and will throw the first pitch at Wrigley Field for the Cub/Pirates game.  He will also be in a parade and perform a concert at Arlington Race Track at 6:30 pm.

Casey James is traveling back to Dallas where he will sing at several different places.  No parade is scheduled that I have seen.

All 3 finalists will receive their songs from the judges while at the AT&T store so we should know what they are singing before lunch and I will update as soon as I receive the information.

Will any of you be attending these events?  If so let us know and send us some behind the scenes pics that we could possibly put on the site.




  1. I really like Casey’s shirt.
    I really like Lee’s personality
    But I really really like Crystal voice. Go Crystal you rock girl.

  2. Crystal, you are a star – a born singer. Go girl – God gave you the talent. Use it!!!!Good luck

  3. As you can see I won’t be anywhere near those three towns but instead of bashing these performers if anyone gets to see the three of them in their hometowns, please tell us about them. The season is almost over, it is what it is and lets just go with it. We all have or had our favorites no need to be nasty about it. REALLY…….

  4. From down under, sunny Qld Australia. Lee you by far will win this competition,but your persona is too tense..just let it happen, you still havent opened up, your a sexy little beast. Casey, good looking but stiff, no exceptional talent, Crystal, love to cut off those rats ends and get your back tooth fixed, not a good look.

  5. Thanks Ashley for your valuable information! Most of my fav. one are end up as a runner up (i.e. Lambert & Archileta etc)…so hopefully, Lee is the exceptional one & will break thro’ to be a winner!!

  6. @tenisaddict

    I know how you feel…those were my picks too and came in 2nd….. Our only consolation is that they both went on to bigger things…….
    GO LEE!!!!!!

  7. Where is Big Mike and Sibohan. Lee should be the winner of these last three. Ooooh to Crystal I have never like her at all. Her singing is not Commercial, and she is very I am the best, when she is not.

  8. Casey isn’t my favorite to win the whole thing, but I think he’s probably a very nice person and doesn’t deserve nasty comments. As for the winner – let it be Lee. Crystal is okay in my opinion and I’m sure she’ll have a successful future, but Lee should win. (in my opinion)

  9. looks like both Crystal & Casey have gotten better songs from the judges than Lee for next tuesday…

  10. I think Chrystal will win. AI needs a girl to win here have been many seasons before and no girls in the final so… Not that I am Chrystal’s fan but I think America will vote for her.
    Between the 3 finalists in my opinion Lee should win.

  11. Lee was my favorite from the start, but now I’m leaning towards Casey.I think he is more “Idol package” than the other contestants.
    Sound of Casey’s voice gives me shivers.
    The three of them are good and I don’t really have too many feelings before finale (unlike last year for Adam!)
    Good luck to all of them!

  12. En mi opinión yo creo que Crystal debe de ganar,lo malo es que solo se centra en un tipo de música y no combina otras, en cambio Lee puede utilizar el género que quiera y le saldrá bien, solo que su voz no es mejor que la de Crystal. Sobre Casey, no creo que el gane, no ha tenido actuaciones muy relucientes y la mayoría de veces está entre los menos votados, lo bueno es que…tiene mucho carisma! jeje!

  13. Crystal is singing Maybe I’m Amazed, Casey is singing Daughters and Lee inexplicably is singing Hallelujah. Tim just did that song so it makes no sense. More of Simon’s evil manipulation I expect.

  14. Caseys good looks ARE a plus, along with his picking and singing. Nothing wrong with that at all!! It is called a “complete package”. Even if he wins or places second or third, he will have a great career if he wants it. Good luck to each.

  15. I love all of the top 3. They were my top 3 since the beginning…I had Siobhan at #4. They all so deserve to be there!! My votes are for Casey James because I LOVE his voice, his look, his amazing guitar skills, his humbleness and his sense of humor(as he showed he had one last week by picking Mrs. Robinson to perform). God bless all the Casey fans and keep voting for him! GO CASEY!!! I wish he would sing a Seger song this week!

  16. @88 There is no theme. Each contestant sings twice. One song that the judges pick for them and one of their own choosing. Ellen picked Crystal’s, Simon picked Lee’s, and Kara & Randy picked Casey’s.

  17. I think Crystal or Lee will take home the top spot this year. It’s been pretty much written in stone ever since we reached the top 12. But, Casey could do well if he has a couple more “Jealous Guy” moments. But the off stage personalities of these three are all somewhat bland (especially Lee).

  18. Got to see Lee at the parade in Chi-town- there were tons of people there. The parade was short, but it was a cool experience to be a part of!

  19. Steve @22… watch Lee’s homecoming clips and you may change your opinion about his being bland.

  20. Chrystal Rocks!! I attended the Mud Hens game & if the participation was any indication of the next AI, I would say she bagged it! There was over 13,000 @ the game alone & that was just one acty. She made a day of it & carried her fans (and non fans) through all of it…. 2 parades, 3 performances, and even a *chrystal key” to the glass city of Toledo! She did not disappoint at any of these venues. Her accapella rendition of the National Anthem before the game while holding her wee lad Tony put a knot in everyone’s throat! We couldn’t have been more proud of this hometown girl!

  21. I don’t what anyone sees in Crystal. I don’t believe you will even hear of her after Idol.Her singing is very ho hum, and there is nothing different above anyone else that things this style. I would never buy her cd’s.She also looks very tacky.

  22. Sorry Bev, I am watching this from New Zealand, and I just don’t like the singing of Crystal.Her singing is very boring for me, I have not liked her much from the beginning. Simon has beefed her up, when really she is just so dam ordinary, nothing special about her, like others. NAF not for me, you keep on begging for her.

  23. Dianne,like I said just watch. I want her to win ,but america sometimes gets it wrong. Her song writing alone will make her millions.

  24. Bev I am not interested in Crystal, so I won’t be watching for her. I simply don’t like that type of singing. I am pleased you like her. She won’t do much good on the World stage I am sure of that. She reminds me of what we hear on the street corner here in NZ. We have better singer writers here in this Country and they are struggling.

  25. Crystal can be the new Star’s Hollow town troubadour if they ever get around to making The Gilmore Girls movie.

  26. To all Lee fans:

    Please vote him more than you do because many other fans of his like me live in other country. Please!!!! No matter what happened to the performance.


  27. To all Lee fans:

    Please vote him more than you normally do because many other fans of his like me live in other country. Please!!!! No matter what happened to the performance.


  28. To all Lee fans:

    Please vote him more than you do normally because many other fans of his like me live in other country and they can’t vote for Lee. If you really want him to win then vote for him more than you do!!!!!!!! No matter what happened to the performance vote vote vote vote vote vote.

    Thanks! 🙂

  29. Don’t just vote for Lee. Also pray that God will help Lee pick the best song for him and to help him win it. He also needs it.

  30. I live in another country,can’t vote for our AI bet… so to the Casey James fans vote,vote,vote,vote for him.

  31. Casey was amazing…see him sing wayfaring stranger with his mom on youtube. casey is alreay a star.

  32. Lee had over 40,000 at the racetrack on Friday- it sold out in 10 minutes- if that is any indication of his popularity…

  33. Way to go everybody. VOTE FOR Lee, he is definitely better than Crystal.

    LEE all the way. I wish I could Vote, but live in NZ.

  34. Gabby: I’m a Lee booster too, but since the Chicago metro area holds nine million people, everything sells out in 10 minutes.

  35. I like the 3 remaining singers but, if I had to choose one, it would have to be Crystal. She is absolutely awesome. The girl could sing the phone book and I would love it.

    You go girl!!

  36. HAHAHAHAHA Crystal looks like a piece of turd here!!!! Seriously I like her vocals and everything but the look is just…….. BAD. Sorry to all those Crystal fans but I’m with Casey or Lee!

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