American Idol 2010: The Judges Pick For The Top 3

As if the American Idol season couldn’t get any weirder the judges have chosen their songs for the remaining three contestants and it is not at all what I was expecting. 

First I figured Simon would choose for Crystal but no, he gave Lee Dewyze “Hallelujah”.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Tim Urban sang this weeks ago and not only that, Jason Castro had his “moment” with that song.  What is Cowell’s problem?  Does he want his last season on the show to go down as the absolute worst, because it is.  Lee is a rocker and he gives him this bs???  Why didn’t he choose some Creed or Rob Thomas or anything?  I’m flabbergasted and don’t even know what to say.  Obviously Cowell is pulling for someone other than Lee.

Kara and Randy teamed up for Casey James and chose “Daughters” by John Mayer.  Another shock for me because this is so far away from his genre it’s laughable.  How do they expect him to take a song that’s not even that good to begin with and change it into his own style?  You can’t do it with that song.  Another what are they thinking moment for me.  They want him to use more range so choose Journey or Seger.  Come on!  I’m blown away at the stupidity of this.

Ellen, who has no musical experience whatsoever, actually picked the best song.  She chose “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney and I think Crystal will blow this one up.  It has power and emotion and she will do it justice.  We may as well go on and crown her the winner. 

What do you think of the song choices for this week?




  1. I just posted nearly the same thing on the EW blog. In the first place, no way do I believe Ellen chose that song without help from Voldemort/Simon. In the second place, Daughters wasn’t even a good song for John Mayer. Which effectively disposes of Casey. Lastly, Hallelujah besides the Tim, Jason connection was a Jon Bon Jovi track for Shrek. Nothing other than Over the Rainbow could be more cliche’. This is just more evidence of Simon’s season long manipulations to make Crystal the winner. His constant badgering of Siobhan because he knew she was Crystal’s strongest competitor. Pimping Lee lately so he could throw him to the wolves with this week’s judges’ picks. I will vote for Lee no matter how he does on Hallelujah. Good riddance Simon. anyone but you as a judge will be an improvement.

  2. I think that judges made the decision together, and gave everyone seperately. Obviously, they fulfill Simon’s wish: a girl will win.

  3. After looked John Mayer’s “Daughters” from Youtube, now I understand a little and maybe it’s not a so bad choice for Casey. This song needs lots of guitar’s work and not too hard for the vocal. “se passe ou se casse, c’est vous(Casey) a jouer!”

  4. To Jake #1: I’m with you about the songs selected by the judges…they have wanted Crystal to win since the get go. I, too, will vote for my favorite…CASEY.Boy, I sure wish he would do a Bob Seger song this week!

    My Favorite Mentors this season:

    1.Shania(She really brought out the best in all the idols).

    2. Harry Connick(He, too, was excellent!)

    3. Adam Lambert(LOVE HIM!LOVE HIM!LOVE HIM!)

  5. Lee definitely has gotten the most challenging song from the judges (all of them, sure it’s a team decision though Simon might have more say…) while i think Kara did watch out for Casey because of the guitar part.

    It really is a fierce test on Lee’s music arrangement and singing skills – lots of creativity needed, and he needs LOTS & LOTS of votes too… HALLELUJAH!

  6. ashley your analysis is correct…why does idol torture the contestants amazes me…you want to be an idol so instead of helping you they do everything they can to humiliate and harrass the contestants…the great dog and pony show…poor lee and casey…man after this sham of an idol search i hope they can make the music that they enjoy and can be proud of. do they drug test the judges?

  7. wendy@4- I agree w/you. You’ll notice that Shania, Junior and Adam gave the same advice:”Sell the Words”.

    Lee’s best chance is to take the approach he took on “Hey, Jude” and not take the song too seriously.

    Jake@1 – I don’t go along with your conspiracy theory. Don’t forget that Simon told Crystal that this competition wasn’t a good one for her. You give Simon way too much credit.

  8. Casey Casey Casey Casey Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will win!!!!!!!!!! Lee and Casey will go to the finals…

  9. A Casey and Lee final would be FABULOUS!! LOVE both of them! They both need to bust out of their shells and let it rip!!!! I also like Crystal, but I’d much rather see the two guys perform. This is a top 3 I was rooting for all along! GOOO CASEY!

  10. Lee and Casey will be definitely handicap their songs.
    But I believe They will get over it!!

    I also believe why they have chosen their songs and I believe judges pride as professional.

  11. I agree with you guys that LEE and CASEY deserve to be the two finalists this season. Crystal is talented but definitely NOT the strongest of the girls. I believe Siobhan will be more pleasant to watch on stage.
    It’s a big challenge for LEE to sing Hallelujah, however I do believe he’ll not disappoint his fans. Who says a rocker can’t sound sweet and tender? Listen again to LEE singing “The Boxer” and “You’re still the one”. I’ve been a great fan of Simon & Garfunkel’s for all my life but I honestly think that LEE’s version much BETTER. GO LEE!

  12. Just watched the footage of Lee’s homecoming in Mt. Prospect and Chicago. That’s one sentimental guy. He cried quite a few times. They gave him a key carved out of a Mt. Prospect ash tree.

  13. Casey says he’s Ok with Daughters by John Mayer. He got it as a text while he was onstage in Texas.

  14. May 14th, 2010 at 10:56 PM
    Jake @15 i agree…
    Lee is so genuine and down to earth a person, so real, he’s full of feelings and sentiments…
    that’s probably why his songs and singing move me… really hope he’s going to win and continue to live his dream and make wonderful, soulful music!

  15. Does anyone think that the judges picked the songs because they are difficult and not particularly the genre Lee and Casey are used to, so they can see how they handle the song and make it their own? Artist have to sing all kinds of music..and not always songs they may be comfortable singing..that’s what makes them “stars”. I think if Lee and Casey prepare well, they can nail these 2 songs and “make it their own” as the judges have said all season. This could be their WOW moment.

  16. Melanie @18 i am thinking the same, top 3 shouldn’t have problems except Lee must sing hallelujah with all his emotions so that it is not sleepy like the original

  17. @ronnie Ok, but geez Hallelujah? How overdone is that song? How do you make something fresh that every male singer who speaks english has done since Leonard Cohen wrote it twenty six years ago? Will they then tell Lee he’s not currant? Why not a different Leonard Cohen song? I’m Your Man or Everybody Knows would both suit Lee better. I just hope the song Lee chooses for himself will be enough.

  18. Jake @20 feel the same, don’t know what they are masterminding, maybe they want to send him as AI to Haiti with Hallelujah! will vote for Lee no matter how he does it, like you said. Maybe Lee can choose Bridge Over Troubled Water or Stand by Me!

  19. Considering the conspiracy theories about Idol that are so rampant this season, Everybody Knows would be the perfect song for Lee!

  20. I’m not sure about Hallelujah for Lee, but I think Casey will do great with “Daughters”…he is an awesome guitar player–I think it could work to his advantage. Lee will probably pull it off, too–it’s a nice song, although a bit overdone as previously said. Crystal just might change her song “too much”. Fingers crossed for Lee & Casey!!

  21. “Hallelujah” is a very big challenge for Lee. Simon gave him something different this time and I guess it is very too late for him to make a mistake. He has to show some emotions on that song. Lots of cheers for Lee! Boost up confidence! As for Casey, I think he can survive that song since there are no solo leads in “Daughters”. Am I right? He can do it! And it is very obvious that they are already leading the way for Crystal. The crown is saved for her. It’s really great if the show ends up with Lee and Casey in the finals. But if one of them gets eliminated this week, I’m pretty sure that I’ll still hear his voice on the radio.

  22. Please vote for Lee and Casey! It is really a good one if they both reached the finals! It’s so sad that I cannot vote here because I’m from the Philippines. But I hope you guys can. Go! Lots of cheers for them. Thank you. 😀

  23. It is ridiculous…they plan who they want to win and it is obvious when they suddenly start slamming the ones they want voted off….then you see the history and oh my how they just loved them and they were so good and blah blah blah…give me a break!!!! I am not watching this show again…it is sucking big time!!!! it is a joke anymore!

  24. I love Lee he is the best…Crystal is ok but sounds the same all the time…Lee has that voice and can sing anything! I am voting for two hours for him!

  25. I dont think it matters much what we say guys, the show is a joke already. Chrystal is the one chosen and she will win. They picked the right song for her to shine in stage and for the 2 poor guys something than definitely do not suit their styles whatsoever. I feel this is so unfair. I know an artist should sing anything no matter what so lets be fair why to chose for Chrystal something she can do hands down and make the boys struggle? This should be equitable and is not. Shame on you judges.

  26. I felt it necessary to leave my ‘five bob’s worth’. I’ve been an avid American Idol fan for the last five years but feel the show is now past it’s expiry date. The only points which really stick in my mind are when the judges have all told the contestants that the songs they choose to sing are not contempary but here we are watching the finalist battle it out singing ‘golden oldie’ songs. Yes, this season has become one big joke.
    If you all would like to see a riviting competition then you should watch the recent season of Australian Idol. Those guys knew how to ROCK!

  27. I am crazy about lee… Wow, It was a wonderful night for him. I wish all my best for lee to win the competition and crystal will get next place

  28. Ya know…whatever happens…I wouldn’t worry about Lee & Casey (I love these two)…Daughtry did alright, even tho’ he was voted off before his time (that was a shocker!) And remember…it’s the votes that put them through! Don’t count these guys out…I think they’ll prove ’em all wrong!! They CAN sing!!!

  29. Trouble is, most of you seem to think this is some kind of talent show… it isn’t, it’s an entertainment show. Simon wants whoever will do best for his record company to win, and at the same time more controversy and discussions (as there is here) creates more publicity. The more he puts someone down, the more votes they’ll get, and so the more money goes to the show – it’s just business and entertainment and unfortunately the talent level is far less important.

  30. You have to remember these are just the judges picked songs, they will also sing a song of their choice, so if they don’t nail the judges pick, then should nail their own picks. As for Crystal not being the strongest girl… im sorry but in my opinion, she outshone Siobhan, all Siobhan did was yell. Crystal is a true natural artist, she deserves to win. She can sing anything and still sound good. My vote is for Crystal!

  31. @34 MistyLou – not always the case. see: danny gokey (and paula abdul). you’re a rock if that second song doesn’t affect you.

  32. Has everyone forgotten? The one you call ‘The Chosen One’ NEVER makes the top spot! They are the top three and I enjoy everyone of them! They have all worked hard and ALL deserve applause, not just the guys! Hard songs make the singer show how good they really are.

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  34. OMG! This is a disaster. This is not America voting, this is the Judges voting and show. They picked not America.

    As predicted, Simon already had plan to put Cystal #1 so he went all the way to prevent Lee from grabing #1 by his ridiculous remarks of Lee. This will make America vote more for Lee and Casey to be #1 & #2 and boot Crystal out.

    Of all songs, why did Simon choose Halelujah for Lee? This shows his conspiracy. They should choose songs that suit them to bring the best out of them and not otherwise.

    Simon is cruel. America, you vote not Simon.

    Vote for Lee and Casey. They deserve the #1 & #2. Crystal is too proud and over confident. She tried to hit the high note like Shibon but it was a disaster. Her range is a straight tone and at times struggling. ” Simon, be nice “- First Lady

  35. Imo, i find this Season, the judges did not make the right choice in their selection. They would kill those potential ones with their negative remarks to get voted out.

    The girls like Kathie, Lily and Shibon should be in Top 5 instead of Crystal. All these 3 girls have powerful vocals and energy packed. The judges eliminated them far too early. Wrong selection. These 3 girls add color to the show. They have showmanship, interesting, confident, stylish in their attire (Crytal’s sense of dressing is old fashioned and not dynamic). The 3 girls are fresh, relevant, young and good vocals. What a shame. Hope they come back next season. Without these 3 girls, the show is boring and sad with only Simon’s colors, black and grey dressing. Where is Paula? She is good in the wardrobe and give life in the dancing.

  36. Lee – nail it with that song. The more Simon wants you out, the more America will vote for you.

    Show your emotion in this song. Your voice is great. If you are good, any song will make no difference.You will make it your own. Go all out to prove Simon wrong you don’t deserve #1.

    Do your best, leave the rest.

  37. Yes, Lee, go all out to make the song your own, like what Kris Allen did to that song “Heartless”. Now the judges want to see whether you are creative enough to make the song your own.

    Casey, we know you have no problem. You are always good.

    Good luck, guys.

  38. Hey LEE’s fans, looks like we all concern about Simon’s song choice Halleluyah for LEE. I love LEE, want him to win this thing and I’m a bit worried too.
    But on second thought, I think maybe it’s good for our adorable boy to prove his talent.
    GO LEE !!! You won our hearts and you’ll surely WIN this thing!

  39. I have a feeling that Casey James may very well be the last contestant to be sent packing this coming Wednesday night, leaving Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze the only two contestants to perform by singing four songs each on the last Tuesdat Night of May 2010, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  40. Minnie, I’m with you about Lee!!!! He has been my choice since top 12, but it frustrates me wondering is Simon hoping to relegate him to 2nd place w/ that overdone “song choice” or seal the deal for our sweet Lee?????? What does everyone else think??? Millions of songs for the judges pick & the kid from chitown gets to redo a so heavily redone song !! WHY??? AND does it really matter if Crystal wins for Lee as 2nd place will be clearly more successful. How is evryone getting this imfo anyway on Judges picks & home town visits?? Please, someone, enlighten me on this. Lee is still #1!!!!

  41. Has anyone noticed yet that Lee cannot sing? Just curious./ Let’s put Crystal in the winner’s seat with Casey as runner up–the only fair option. Lee needs to learn to sing on-key before Tuesday!He is like the “Emporer’s New Clothes”.

  42. It is soooo obvious that the judges just want Crystal to win. Really disgusting. I think she is great, but honestly there is something about Lee. A sincerity that I don’t see with the other two. I hope he wins!

  43. Have a little faith in Lee my friends. Honestly, I was hoping he would get a chance to perform that…trust me, he will have everyone on their feet, and hopefully, Simon back pedalling like crazy and taking the credit.

  44. I think Simon has wanted Crystal to win all along since in the beginning he predicted that a girl would win..Crystals song is great for her, but the two they picked for Lee and Casey stink….it is just what people say all along…whatever Simon wants, he gets and he wanted Crystal to win…no suprise there….

  45. I have said for a very long time now that the finale will be Crystal and Lee, but now I am not so sure about Lee…. Lee sucked last week on the solo song, and chances are he will suck again with the Judges pick
    Mama Sox should be the next American Idol….
    But then…All the young girls love Casey and they do a majority of the voting….

  46. I just read an article saying that Casey visited the hospital where he was nursed after his motorcycle accident and visited with staff and patients(don’t know if it’s true or not)…AAAAWWWWW….He is TOO adorable!

  47. @ most of you…. Crystal is far and away the greatest talent in this show.

    All the Casey lovers need to learn to understand music, range, rhythm… all of which he lacks… He couldn’t carry a note to the teacher asking for a hall pass! lol

  48. sorry Chris #53 your comment is far from the truth, take a moment and check out Casey’s homecoming performance and you may be embarrassed about your insult not only to Casey but his fans… i am a Lee fan but i wouldn’t insult the other remaining contestants about their musically competence, especially not when they are the top 3.

  49. Poor “artists”….this is a receipe for failure…except for the built up “favorite…Crystal”. I understand that the judges want to take the top 3 out of their comfort zone and challenge them but these songs are ridiculous…

  50. All the contestants have a different style. They are all winners in my eyes. If I’ve noticed any difference in the 3 chosen, it’s Lee’s attitude. He seems to be a bit more arrogant, less humble than he was to start with. He does need to realize that his pitch is out of control and if he sustains notes for very long, that could kill him. Plus he’s, no matter what, going to be compared with Jason Castro’s version and Jason is all over the American Idol website right now in videos and blogs and replays of him singing Hallelujah, so how can anyone forget. I think the song for Lee is much too slow and he will be too “pitchy” as Randy likes to say. As for Casey, I’ve listened to the song over and over with John Mayer singing it on Youtube and I think Casey with his guitar skills and his unique voice can do it much justice. I love the Spanish type guitar work which he showed in his duet with big Mike. Casey is very humble and seems a bit shy. If I can make an analogy, it’s like a woman who is beautiful but doesn’t really consider herself beautiful. That is the best type of person. Humble and much humility and patience.I’m not sure about Maybe I’m Amazed with Crystal. That’s a bit of a guess. I’ve googled for versions of that song with a woman singing and can’t seem to find a cover song. That will be interesting.

  51. I do not agree that all singers must be able to sing everything. Do you really think Crystal could sing an aria made famous by an opera singer? Nonsense. Who will win? who knows. I do think the panel/judges try to influence the public. I think that chosing Hallelujah for Lee was stupid. No one so far has sung it as well as Jason Castro and everyone, certainly the judges, know this. Why do they not let the performers chose the 2 songs they want to sing?

  52. Anyone who thinks that all Siobhan did was “yell” either needs to have their hearing checked or get treatment for their drug use disorder. Siobhan’s voice is astonishing. She “screamed” a grand total of 3 times (Paint it Black, Superstition, Through the Fire) – the scream worked in PIB, not so much in the other 2. Part of the reason that she “screamed” is that Simon goaded her into doing it (after “House of the Rising Sun” “..but Siobhan you didn’t have that MOMENT…). Crystal and Siobhan are just different – it’s not a matter of one being better than the other – but Siobhan ABSOLUTELY should have been in the top 3.And this years the judging was just plain awful. It was very sad.

  53. AI is the only place in the music world where matters at all. Eminem doesn’t do show tunes. Shania Twain doesn’t rap.

    I’d like to see Casey sing the chorus of “daughters” once, play a guitar solo for 90 seconds, then sing the chorus, end the song and look at the judges expectantly. lol.

    Lee should just read the lyrics a couple of times. The song is not a hymn, people just sing it like it is. If he sells the words, it’ll come out creatively.

  54. Chris you and mark think way too much of yourselves..casey has more talent than you have judgment.

  55. Rejoice people! In two weeks’ time we are rid of Simon. When you are finished shouting HUZZAH! go to and take the 10 minute survey to tell Fox the changes you want for next season. You will be able to rate the judges and give them answers to how they screwed the pooch this year. Believe me, it’s worth the 10 minutes.

  56. Now , now, boys and girls…it’s starting to get ugly…lol…Casey does have a certain look…but not too sure he is AI material. Have to go with Lee…in some of the survey’s I have seen…Lee and Crystal are running neck to neck…we shall see. I do believe that Casey will get voted off this week…Looked up some of the scheduled events that the top 3 had lined up for their visit home. Big bonanza for Lee and Crystal…not so much for Casey…kind of sad…

  57. I guess casey could have thrown the first pitch at a Rangers game, but he would have had to gone to Toronto to do it.

  58. Crystal is NOT the best in this show. Her singing always sounds the same and is very very boring to my ears. I would never buy her CD’s have heard it all before. Go LEE, you have a really commerical sound. Casey is ok, and I would prefer heaps better than Crystal, but for me it has to be LEE.

  59. Dianne @65 – in 110% agreement with you. Lee will win and prove worthy as an idol, both in music and what he can do for people.

  60. Agree, Ronnie. and Diane. Lee is coming “out of his shell” and his charisma is definit3ely showing. Also agree with Canyon and the conspiracy theories plaguing AI this year. The survey on AI is good..Kara received a thumbs down all the way…the focus on her “cougarism”, posing nude, the uncalled for remarks about Casey singing Mrs. Robinson and the worst…having Casey take off his shirt during auditions…ewww…the woman has issues. They just need to get all new judges and start over…Lee will win.

  61. Lee will sing a beautiful,raspy version of Hallelujiah and it will make us all cry.
    Casey will look so handsome we will all just die.
    Crystal will look sad and forlorn and we’ll all feel guilty for not voting for her when she has to leave.
    The following week Lee will win when he sings a great,rocking song that everyone will just love.
    No one will remember any of these folks in 2 years.

  62. jini @68… all it takes is one really good song that touches/resonates to remember an artist for a life time 🙂

  63. What is wrong with all you Crystal bashers. Obviously you have no musical talent. She is the best contestant this season. She’s worked hard to get to where she is and doesn’t deserve you idiots bashing her. She appeals to all ages and has a unique voice. I hope America votes on the best singer and not the comments of talentless people on these boards.

  64. @ # 68 I for one will not feel guilty in not voting for Crystal. I do agree that Lee will sing a great version of Hallelujiah that everyone will love. Casey,,,good looking…eh ?? may be able to rock Daughters(an already bad song) out country style ( Ted # 59) I like your version even better ~!! Crystal will do her ssdd ( same s___, different day) bland and boring and, of course, get raves from Simon…ah well.

  65. Ronnie@69 – I agree. This year, those performances are Crystal’s “See the Light” and Siobhan’s “Think!”.

  66. Ted @72, i know and i can respect that because that’s what america and idol are all about… and, you’ve always been polite and non-abrasive in your comments which i appreciate – you never call people who disagree with your preferences “idiots” or “talentless.”






  68. Why Casey James will win? Jealous Guy

    Why Lee DeWyze will win? That’s Life

    Why Crystal Bowersox will win? Hand in My Pocket, Long As I Can See the Light, Given Me One Reason, You Can’t Always Get What You What, Me and Bobby McGee, Midnight Train to Georgia, Come Together, Saved, People Get Ready, and I’m Alright.

    Please forgive me for using this worn out expression, Do The Math!

  69. I think Crystal’s song People Get Ready, is one I will certainly remember. Powerful and totally heartfelt. Give Lee or Casey a song like that to sing, and i guarantee you they both fail.

  70. all else being said, this is not a boring three…lets hope they all do well and don’t have to be tortured by heartless judges. i am for casey, but i like many of you picked these three weeks ago…i think lee might take it, but i am hoping casey will inspire a lot of people to vote…crystal of course could easily win…lets just enjoy the show.

  71. Mistylou @76 thanks for your gurantee so thank God Lee & Casey weren’t given “People Get Ready” to sing next Tuesday, Hallelujah! [sigh of relief…]

    Lightspeed Dialer @75… now was Crystal given all those songs you named to sing or did she choose those songs herself?

  72. Lee and Crystal are great and will do fine…of course in my eyes casey will do the best….and of course even if casey wowed the universe the casey haters would just say stupid things like he can’t carry a note, people only like him because he is smoking hot…of course we all know what inspires your hate…its more about you than casey.

  73. Well, it looks like a planned lock for Crystal, then, according to you, Ashley. Not surprising if you know that Simon has been pushing for Crystal all season. (But he likes Lee, too.)

    I think Lee will surprise you with that song!

    I can’t recall the song Casey is set to sing, but I will find it and listen to it.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday night!

  74. In my opinion, Lee is the only true contestant left. He will most certainly become the new ‘The Boss’, win or lose. Casey can certainly sing and play guitar like no other but some how I feel his best performances are when he doesn’t play the guitar. Crystal was certainly the clear winner from day one, which leaves me to say that Lee would be the most improved contestant of the season. If you apply that to his whole future in the music business, then he will be the only idol contestant ever still making hit records long into his eighties.

  75. I actually like the TOP 3 this season, i believe they are all good and it will be very close.
    Im for Lee though , he is more than amazing and i think he will surprise us all with Hallelujah .
    Its probably going to be a Lee-Crystal final , but im pretty sure we’ll be seeing the three later no matter who gets voted off

  76. And I have to say it. What all us ‘pom’s had been thinking. Siobham, if you’re reading this, then please do a copy of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. I know you could pull it off, which then would put you into the category of one of the best female singers ever.

  77. Personally, I’d like an update on Lily. I thought she was a tremendous talent!

  78. If Crystal BowerSUCKS wins American Idol, I will never watch it again. I am totally pulling for Lee to win!

  79. Well everybody, the three remaining contestants will all do well. Simon chose Hallelujah for a couple of other people in the UK…and they became VERY popular…don’t think he’s being nasty towards Lee…he just wants to see what he can do with it…I think everyone will be surprised!! I couldn’t get up there and do what ANY of them are doing…that takes guts…it is all up to the voters. The judges didn’t like the solo performances but I thought they were good. Casey did an awesome job on Mrs. Robinson…I’ve listened to it a few times. After listening to Crystal a few times, I don’t really like her performance. Lee was OK, too. Anyway…long & short of it…they are all good…Crystal already has a band…she doesn’t need AI…they’ll all be making a recording after this, anyway…and touring…doesn’t matter who wins!!

  80. Crystal is the only one left who can actually sing. As a life-long musician, singer and writer I can’t believe what the American audience deems as talent anymore. The only true talent was Michael, and he’s gone

  81. Let the best artist of those left shine is all I can say. Daughters would have been perfect for Lee but not Casey. Why do they want to hear “Hallelujah” again. Do they really miss Tim U. that much? Also “Maybe I’m Amazed” would have been an easy choice for either of the three left. Paul McCartney doesn’t even do that great a job with it in my opinion. It’s just kind of raspy and choppy. Not hard to mimic that at all. I hope Crystal changes it up a little and makes it sound like more of a ballad.

    Lee will rasp out his song and everyone will think it’s just adorable but I really feel for Casey. Hey, maybe we will all be surprised. Maybe not.

  82. i think simon want to challenge lee .. by giving him a song that’s not his genre .
    that’s what i think
    but , really ”hallelujah” .. cant imagine lee sing that song 😛
    hope he can blow us with his arrangement

  83. Okay heres my 2 cents; for starters people Lee cannot sing, he has a nice tone and thats it. IMO he is a half baked brand of Cook and he has MAJOR pitch problems that should have been worked out by now. I am willing to bet my paycheck he bombs on Hallelujah. I love Casey James and he has had his moments, he is better than Lee because he can sing plus play a mean guitar, Lee just holds his guitar for decoration. Crystal Bowersox, she is the real deal, a polished professional, she deserves to win this. According to the majority of the online polls if Casey gets voted off over 70% of his votes will go to Crystal because of the wars between the Lee and Casey fans and because she is better than Lee. If Lee gets voted off which don’t kid yourselves, is very possible if he bombs a song Tim Urban sung well then the polls say the majority of Lee’s votes will go to Crystal, again because of the fan wars. I don’t have anything against Lee but am unimpressed because of the pitch problems, hes so uncomfortable on stage he cant even look into the camera, and because the schlep has tried out for every talent show that exists. My prediction is a sure win for Crystal!!

  84. Enough with bashing the top 3. My vote is for Casey James. Please vote for him. He is sooo talented and sincere. He will go far. Good luck to you, Casey! 🙂

  85. To all Lee fans:

    Please vote him more than you do because many other fans of his like me live in other country. Please!!!! No matter what happened to the performance.


  86. As for me it’s Crystal and Casey. 🙂

    Sorry Lee fans out there. Only my opinion.

  87. i personally think Crystal will do good this week and IT’S NOT THAT I LIKE HER, coz I DON’T! but you know, the song of choice is quite obvious.

    It’s a powerful song while the 2 other guys, if they don’t get to sing it really well, I think it would be a bit sleepy and I hate it that the choices are really bad.

    I just hope Casey James goes through. I believe in him. Really.

  88. Why we are still fighting for the song’ s choice from judges? We all misunderstood Simon: in fact he wouldn’t give this season’s title to a girl, he really do give to…………Adam!!!!!!

  89. The one to be eliminated next, should be Casey..
    Dammit!The top 3 should be Lee,Siobhan and Crystal.
    Anyway,I think the winner for this year will be Lee.

  90. I totally agree with U, Simon. 2009 AI is Chris Allen, 2010 AI is Adam Lambert.
    Hallelujah…… That’s the AI show what I loved.

  91. If Crystal wins it will be because America votes her in. She is for sure my pick. I think all three are so good…so good that it is hard to decide but Crystal is still my pick. They are all winners and they will all have careers.

  92. To Lightspeed dialer-I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys definatly had great moments,but Chrstal always is great.I will never get a boring comment about her.She has such a unique sound,and is always on pitch.SHibon screamed.That isn’t exciting-its annoying.I don’t know the daughters song-can anyone refresh my memory on that song?I agree about Jason Castro/Hallelujah totally belonged to him.That would be like someone singing Summertime after Fantasia.I do think Lee can pull it off-he has a pretty sound,I don’t get it either though.He has a Bruce Sprinsteen sound.

  93. i think simon gets a kick back every time Hallelujah is sung on one of his shows…lol..he always picks that one here and in the uk…the song sounds inspiring but the lyrics are actually just a guy having problems with his girl…lee will sound fine…but one of the judges will say something nonsensical…like nothing new here…and not being a mayer fan, i think casey risks hearing about the same about daughters…or something like sleepy…since i think the song is kind of sleepy. Crystal is being set up for a win. maybe they are worried about her going out. come on casey make us tear up..then people will vote for ya. but the song sucks.

  94. Hi People,

    Do you agree?

    1. Lee has a husky, rocky voice?
    2. Casey has a silky, smooth voice?
    3. Crystal has a gypsie voice and personality?

    I vote for Lee and Casey, as both are more marketable, handsome, great vocal and young bachelors whereas Crystal is a Mama with baggage and a boyfriend -full of commitments.

    She needs to fix her teeth for the finale. How could she sing well with one or tooth at the side missing?

  95. go to youtube and listen to Casey sing gravity and he and his mother sing wayfaring stranger and then tell me he is a talentless pretty boy…he is bigger than American Idol..and he proves it when he gets away from that over staged show.

  96. Buffy: A response to your remarks about LEE DEWYZE, you know “NOTHING” about this man. He is STILL a VERY humble appreciative person. He has a VERY GOOD voice and his music from his pre-idol days to now has PROGRESSED to FANTASTIC. I have every CD that he has recorded and all of his Idol music. I have read everything I can find about him, including comments from recording company executives. LEE DEWYZE will have a GREAT future and DESERVES to be the NEXT IDOL. He has only been singing for about 8 years and is a self-taught musician who can take a song and make it his own. People keep saying he is “pitchy”, first: the term is “out of tune” and that he has seldom been. The only poor performance that Lee has had on Idol was “Kiss From A Rose”. He wants his music to move the audience so that they can relate to it and he does this with his unique raspy tone and true emotion. I vote at least 600 times a week for this performer (NO, I’m not a teeny) I am a senior citizen who loves Lee Dewyze’s voice. I CHALLENGE all of Lee’s fans to meet or beat my voting numbers!!!! As for Casey: He is one H— of a guitarist and has a decent singing voice but it does not come over to the listener like Lee’s. For me, Crystal always sounds like a folk singer (not that folk singing is bad) but I would rather listen to music that moves me which Lee’s music does (I often can still hear his music in my head the next day after his performance. . . so I believe I am MOVED) Good Luck all with your favorites.
    Las Vegas Grandma

  97. Dear Jean @108 you touched me with your comments, they resonate, like Lee’s music… thank you.

    I watched videos of Lee’s homecoming concert at Arlington Hts Racetrack. The chemistry between him and his believers was simply AMAZING. The crowd’s love for him and his music was only surpassed by his for them…If that does not show an idol in the making, I don’t know what it is!

    Anyone who’s seen any of these clips can tell that Lee’s deeply moved and he has such a wealth of feelings and sentiments… NO doubt he’s going to make the best sound possible for everyone because he won’t let down anyone who believes in him…

    Lee has so much soul and depth and heart that Hallelujah or whatever comes his way will not be a problem, instead it will be just another opportunity he gladly has to share his talent and love for music with his fans. Can’t wait to see them all this Tuesday!

  98. Jean #108 and Ronnie #109…Totally agree. I admit I was an Aaron Kelly fan; but when he was eliminated, my votes started going for Lee. I do like the raspiness and huskiness of his voice. Seeing all the pics and reading all the commentary on him just makes me more of a fan and his believability quptient when way up. He has shown himself to be impressive, genuine and a GREAT vocalist.

  99. Crystal Bowersox rocks my sox!!! Lee and Crystal for the final 2! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  100. I hope they all have a terrific night on Tuesday.

    I wish I could hear Casey sing a song through without it feeling like he’s delivering the song in snippets. His delivery leaves me feeling like I’ve heard a lot of “stops and starts” of nice sounds all the way through–but not a cohesive song. I’m sure he CAN do it. Just not his normal style. Am I off-base about this?

    I have officially moved from the Crystal camp to the Lee camp. Crystal’s voice is wonderful; Lee’s is magic.

  101. Yeah HP i don’t agree…go to you tube and listen to his homecoming concerts…

  102. I think they are all really talented singers and it will be a close competition. Props to Casey for changing it up and staying in the competition. He can still knock out Lee and Crystal from the competition by doing something big next week and surprising us. Lee is very talented but I think he needs to work on his pitch, which is why Simon gave him “Hallelujah”, to tackle his obstacles and make some improvements. And Crystal, who is extremely versitile, was given “Maybe I’m Amazed” because the judges now that she can easily take on any song she is given, and it has real meaning to it. Its also a organic song and they probably wanted Crystal to bring it back. All three of them are going to do extremely well.
    p.s. notice how all of them are musicians!!

  103. It will be Lee all the way…His popularity has just skyrocketed….So tired of Crystal’s emotional malingering…it is getting old…Casey seems like a really nice guy but compared to Lee…well, there is no comparison. Casey will do well in a rock band..maybe he can join up with Chris Daughtry.

  104. Like Daughtry Casey should be the winner but probably won’t be. Daughtry finished fourth and Fantasia won…Fantasia is very talented by my guess is that Daughtry is making a lot more money. Casey will probably come in third but he will make buckets of money…because he will attract more fan, because he has more talent. Lee is a super nice dude…just not a star…Crystal belongs in small venues..both lee and crystal will make money and have a career…but Casey is the real thing. if you can’t see that, go put on a taylor hicks album and see what winning AI means.

  105. Jean, Rose, & Ronnie – I understand your point, but I just don’t hear what you describe when Lee sings.

    Lee can’t produce a strong, clear, loud, integrated tone. So he covers this by adding a throaty growl to make him sound soulful or bluesy. The only problem that he doesn’t really feel the blues. He was born after Muddy Waters died, so that is understandable.

    But where you hear brilliance, I hear a hard working fake.

  106. You have to admite chichi that Crystal has an amazing voice and will go far.

  107. Crystal i hope she does..she is a great folk singer with a little rock..definitely a janis joplin type without the drugs…so she will do fine. I think Casey has a story to tell…watch him perform with his mother…he feels this music.

  108. Oh, and for the record, please stop bashing on other contestants. For one thing, all of them are FRIENDS and wouldn’t want you to insult each other. (talking to everyone)

  109. I agree with Crystal(comment 125) especially if any of you are going to be future american idol participants.

  110. Well, Chichi, you were right about Casey, but not via his homecoming concerts. (They had too much background noise going on to really listen well.) I had forgotten about his performance of “Power of Love” (which I guess the judges all hated), but proved to me he COULD sing melodically all the way through a song. I loved it (upon listening to it again on YouTube just now.) And the crowd loved it, too.

    So now, geesh, gotta give Casey his props and a real chance here. This is REALLY difficult!! Hope I don’t miss a second of Tuesday night’s show. Make it or break it night, for sure.

  111. HP
    Well it doesn’t matter who wins…we have three new interesting entertainers to watch…hope they are all a success.

    ok i put the link below but in case it is not wayfaring stranger by casey james…it should pop up.

  112. way to go ellen!!! crystal is the best artist in this show. I THINK SHE MIGHT COULD GET A STANDING OVATION WITH THIS SONG, IF DONE RIGHT. can’t wait for tuesday night.I’m glad crystal got ellen.

  113. You should all watch videos of the contestants performin in their home towns. I was there in Toledo watching Crystal perform the national anthem and I fell in love with her. I used to be a Lee fan, but not until I heard her live.

  114. I think it is disgusting how the Judges want Crystal to win. At the beginning of the program, Simon said it is the year for the girls. Everyone should vote for Casey and Lee. Wouldn’t the judges be sick if their little plan backfired? Some are saying Casey and Lee will do better if they do not win. I think they entered a contest to win, and they have played their part fairly and honestly. It is the judges who are not being fair and are trying to rig the competition. The judges chose the songs, hoping they wouldn’t sing well. Vote for Casey and Lee.

  115. The judges’song choice sucks! But it doesn’t matter what song they chose for Casey. He will make it great!!!

  116. Ted @119:
    Lee is not “faking” it… check out youtube “Lee Dewyze recording Annabelle @ studio ten23” He wrote that song and that’s how he sings.

  117. I totally disagree with the ones who don’t think Lee can pull it off with “Hallelujah “.I think Lee like all the rest he has did thus far will do great with the song.Would love to see Lee walk away American Idol 2010 winner,but…feel Crystal will take it…But i do believe Lee is much better than the other two.

  118. Casey should do well with ‘Daughters’, but why ‘Hallelujah’ for Lee???
    Crystal would really have to do something special with ‘maybe I’m amazed’ to be in the finals
    Of all the songs in the world….what wierd song choices by the judges…..I see the end in sight for AI
    but cant wait for X Factor, and Paula and Simon again !

  119. Ronnie@139 – thx for the tip. The sound recorder is more impressive than Lee. I know 15 self recording singer songwriters who are as good or better. Sorry, Lee.

  120. lets hope the top 3 choose better songs as their pick..
    Crystal: As long as I can see the light
    Lee : You’re still the One
    Casey : Jealous Guy

    What r your choices everyone?

  121. Buffy: thank you for saying this: “Okay heres my 2 cents; for starters people Lee cannot sing, he has a nice tone and thats it. IMO he is a half baked brand of Cook and he has MAJOR pitch problems that should have been worked out by now. I am willing to bet my paycheck he bombs on Hallelujah.” THANK YOU Buffy, I’ve always agreed with your opinion and I really believe that so many of Lee’s fans must be tone deaf. Whoever said before, “has anyone noticed that Lee has pitch problems?” Heck yeah. Sometimes they all have pitch problems, but I literally am almost embarrassed for the boy when he performs. I am really not sure why he is being ‘pimped’ so much. This is just crazy and escapes my understanding and the music I’ve been in since I was a child. I have a great appreciation for musicians, epecially multi-talented musicians. I have a great respect for honest people who just tell the truth about themselves and what they do in their lives and do not respect the ones who are trying to make their already existing recording contract (which of course has to be broken to be an idol contestant the minute before idol starts)redone or signed with someone else because the existing CD’s weren’t so popular. And we wonder why? Good grief.

  122. Plse give Lee a proper Rock song to sing…. something from Daughtry perhaps, this guy must sing Rock… I love him.

  123. Hallelujah–let’s go ahead and proclaim Crystal the winner right now!! She will ROCK the McCartney and blow the others away. Lee will come out and mumble his way through his song, and who knows what Casey will do.
    Go, Crystal!!!

  124. Pitch problems… who cares. When Lee sings there is something in his tone that hits the spot. That’s what I want. You don’t have to be perfectly on key….just look at Rod Stewart and Sting ! Music is supposed to move you and that’s what matters to me. Lee baby….you move me !

  125. To me it’s obvious the fix is in. Crystal’s song is familiar and Paul McCartney is universally loved. Casey’s song is unfamiliar to most people, so they won’t identify with it. Lee’s song is nearly as overdone as Happy Birthday and, much as I adore Leonard Cohen , people are sick of it. So I’m voting for Lee, no matter how he performs that chestnut and I have my fingers crossed that his other song is a huge hit.

  126. @Ashley……I agree 100% with you….
    #18 Melanie….Artists DO NOT have to sing all kinds of music….Lets be real…..They sing in there own genre…
    #59 Ted…..I agree with you…Artists sing their own songs… does not sing rap and rock doesn’t sing classical.

    Now getting back to the top 3….I am a big LEE
    fan, I like his style of music….I like Rod Stewart because his voice is different, I love Adam because his style is different. This is called freedom of choice.. and I choose LEE but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a Casey or Crystal fan….They are all artists in their own rite……
    Also if you remember…..SIMON’s picks don’t usually win….Just to name 2…David A and Adam L… don;t go putting too much in what he says…..really!!!!!!!

  127. I do not understand why some people often compare Crystal to the one and only GREAT Janis J…tis was my era…and she does not even come remotely close…nore close to Melissa Ethridge…puleeeze…I am not sure that Crystal will meet the judges expectations of her “chosen” song….she may very well dissapoint…I also have a feeling that Lee will do very well with this over-rated song…I am hoping he puts a rock spin on it…I agree with those that liken Lee to Rod Stewart…I can hear that raspy, huskiness in his voice. I do not think Casey will win; but I do hope he blows his song out of the ball park…Voting for Lee.

  128. Lee is the one I want to see emerge as the winner. I am so tired of hearing about him being off key. He and Crystal both have great vocals. I think it all comes down to what suits America’s taste more?
    Also, concerning judges choices,I think we should all vote for our contestants based on their own song choice and ignore the choices of the judges…show them who’s vote really counts on this show…the AMERICAN PUBLIC!!! They are easily replaced. Hear that Simon?

  129. I think at this stage of the competition the 3 finalists should be able to pick their own song, at least have the right to refuse a selection and work with the assigned judge(s) to pick a song that will best showcase their talents. God Bless Ellen, she may not have as much experience musicaly as the other judges but ya gotta love her and the song she picked for Crystal is a winner. You go girl

  130. Casey already is the American Idol, he is a million miles above the rest. All I care about is he gets a contract and we can buy his records. He is a superstar already and has a following here in London. What a gorgeous, talented, humble, elegant, gentle guy…wow..thanks America for making that one!!!!

  131. I think you’re wrong about them wanting Crystal to win. I think Simon would like her to lose so he can promote her without having to wait a year.
    Maybe I’m Amazed?! Written by a guy and soooooo identifiable, esp piano part. How can anyone make it their own.
    Casey’s song – a good choice. High on guitar work, little range for singing which works out good for Casey.
    Hallelujah? A bit boring, but it does give impact. You can’t hate it.

    I also don’t think Crystal was in bottom 2. They never said she was, only asked her to stand by Mike. I think it was for effect and to keep up alert.

  132. Some suggestions:

    Lee should try the old Rod Stewart hit “Handbags and Glad Rags” and maybe Rod’s phrasing will rub off.

    Casey is a natural for a power trio. Arrangements are easy and payroll is low. How about the Who? Maybe “See me, Feel me”?

    Crystal has done well on gospel-like rock tunes. Maybe she should try the real thing: Shirley Caesar’s “No Charge” or “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, for instance.

  133. Sorry about the last post. I read to late that we couldn’t past links. 🙁

  134. Hey Guys,

    I just tallied all your votes based on your comments. Yes I read it all, and here is the result.

    Lee 62 votes
    Crystal 30 votes
    Casey 30 votes

    Please note: This is base on your comments here and not on votes. Remember it is more important to vote. I will be back later to continue my tallying.

  135. Interesting choice for Casey to sing John Mayer. Does anyone else hear him and think Pearl Jam? At certain points his voice just rings of Vedder. I’m calling it right here right now – If he sang PEARL JAM – Through your arms around me – or Betterman – He could make it to final two. As for Lee does anyone think Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi – his raspyness could make it very sexy.

  136. Hey all you Lee fans, Lee has already been getting air play for the past few weeks here in Toronto, Canada, of his studio recording The Boxer. He has many Canadian fans already, so if he doesn’t win AI, who cares, his career is already set!

  137. I think Lee can pull off Halelujah,but people will def compare him to Jason Castro,who did beyond amazing with it.Jason has a pretty,calming voice,perfect for the song.Lee is great,but I don’t think the song is good for him.I’m sure he will be great,but no Jason.I don’t think Cyrstal is a sure thing.I do think she can win,and be super successful(we need a non cookie cutter with a wonderful sound-which she is.SHe will keep everyones interest.People need to stop talking about her looks.There are a ton of successful artists who have flaws(Like everyone in the world.)There are alot of great looking,beautiful,or handsome ones out there,but no one buys that on Cds.Can we say Rod Steward?Looks like a german sheppard ,and very successful.So many more examples.Lee is great,but I think his lack of stage presence could hurt him.Casey has it all,and is so down to earth-will never be jaded.Lets all picture(close your eyes for one minute of each singer),and see who you would want to hear the most,and who you would recognize on the radio.VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Do’t just watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Its about time people sing other songs to see what they really can do. Out of all the contetants Crystal is the most well rounded and talented.

  139. i think Casey will do great. Though it’s an unfamiliar song(daughters), he could easily put his heart into it coz with the lyrics of the song, it seems to me that he can relate to it.

    So I believe he can pull it off and I hope he’s gonna pick a great song of choice as well.

    I know win or lose, Casey will make it big, but I just want him to stay around til the finals coz he really is great and I wanna see him til the end of the show. CASEY JAMES is my American Idol 2010!

  140. Yeah right, I have the same first name with Kara DioGardi, and for me, Casey should win this thing!

  141. Hey come on. I agree that if these are the top 3 then they all must be flexible enough to sing anything. One of Casey’s criticisms was he took the lazy way out more than once. If the genre proves to be challenging the good will rise to the occasion and hit it out of the park. This is no time to take the easy way out. For those who criticize the song choices from the judges and will vote for your favorite regardless of how they do…..that is one of the things WRONG with this show this year. Many are voting for a favorite regardless of musical talent. Take marginal input from the judges and combine it with poor voting practices spells a disaster not watching…..which is about what we have ended up with.

  142. Regardless of the song choice by the judges, all three should be judged on their talent for making the songs their own. All are great songs, despite our opinions of the oringal singers and the choices have more then likely been made to test them within their abilities. Yes, it is television, yes there are games but, in reality, they will all end up in with contracts regardless as all are exceptionally talented, like many who have already been voted out. I love all 3 of them and have watched many of my favourites voted out early, despite all, what will be what will be and it will based on talent.

  143. I think these three are where they should be, on top. They are all skilled, and gifted. The judges don’t have as much control as they might think, we will choose, not them. They may attempt to influence us, but we are all wise to that.
    The top three this season all deserve to be there, and they will all move on to great careers after idol.

  144. I have read most of the comments. Some of you have made valid points for the contestant that is your favorite. What comes across to me, is the fact that many of you think one or the other two of those that are not your favorite, cant sing. These three very talented people, both Crystal, Lee and Casey are the top 3 so they must be doing something right. Each has a different type of music and each are good in their own right. No matter who wins, all 3 will do well in the music world. Cheer them all on is my opinion. My favorite is Crystal, I like her down to earth demeanor and her singing. I shall though, cheer on all of them and hope they do well. It is not necessary to put these 3 talented singers down because you prefer your favorite for various reasons.

  145. Ikay, all three can sing. Although I really like Casey, he has proven to be the least of the three overall. He’s great in his style, but otherwise … I think Daughters can be hit or miss for him. Granted, he would have done much better with a Seeger song, but if he sings it right he could do well. As for Lee, everyone gripes about Hallelujuh, but it is a hot song right now. People are going to like the song and Lee has the voice and emotion to sing it well. Curious as to which Hallelujuh he sings as the versions are quite different. Ginally, McCartney is not exactly her style, although the song as a whole does fit her voice and mold. When all is said and done, I think the songs are rather unusual, but still rather good. All three can do well tonight. I do think it will be Lee and Crystal, not because of the songs, but because they are the two best.

  146. And… all you who were ye of little faith in Lee…He totally took the night…Great on both songs as I knew he would be…” Hallelujuh Lee you did it”Brought tears to my eyes.And…Simple man was so Lee.

  147. I, too, have read most of the comments of the last three singers. My favorite has always been Lee. Lee will win this thing. All three individuals do have talent and have done well…I think Lee is the best and he will win this hands down.

  148. Of the three I liked Crystal’s second song and Lee’s second song.
    Lee has come a long way, but Crystal has not compromised herself. She has stayed true, throughout. My money is on Crystal, but knowing the American public and how it votes, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised ,if it goes to Casey. Definitely not my choice, but what happened last year tells me that it’s a very political game.

  149. I watched Lee with my little granddaughter,Didi,and we both applauded when he sang Hallelujah! He definitely gets the over 30 and under 5 vote.
    We’ll be watching tomorrow when he goes on to the Final 2.

  150. Few days ago I was worried about Simon’s choice for LEE. Now I must say “Thanks Simon” for giving LEE an opportunity to prove he really CAN SING! He did a great job tonight.


  151. I watched Lee perform tonight with great EXPECTATIONS—-as I knew to expect pure magic from him!!!! LeeD- You didn’t disappoint– You exceeded & possibly gave the most memorable rendition of “Halleluyuah” I have ever heard of any previously recorded artist!!! You, whether 1st place or second will not know paint charts anymore, dear Lee—as the only charts you will be covering after next week shall be musically based. I’m old enough to be your Mom & you are a darling young man> You made me cry & listening to you once again on youtube–I’m crying some more. You are the best this season!!!!!

  152. I tried to vote for Lee last night in zip code 03222. One line was disconnected. One line went to another dial tone over and over. And one line belonged to someone. I never got through??????

  153. Hate to see Casey go tonight,but he will not leave as a loser,but a winner.They have all excelled.Casey will go far as is..he has been great.Unfortunately someone has to go.I do believe Crystal will go next after Lees performance last night.I have been a Lee fan from the beginning ,but felt Crystal would probably take it.But Lee stole the show last night.Either way they have all fought the good battle and won.But believe Lee will excel above all.neither is a loser.Congrats to all…

  154. Ditto TREES (177) !!! Well said. Keep the comments on the 3 POSITIVE. They didn’t get there being “run of the mill” singers. Even if you all are singers to some degree….”try singing in styles unrelated to your style, learning the words & tune & singing it to millions”. Bet you can’t…yet you put any of the top 12 down?…These 3 are exceptional, or… otherwise….THEY WOULDN’T BE STILL IN COMPETITION. Each are unique & have their own persona….in personality, style, looks & delivery. They’ll all glow when they start getting checks in the mail & can afford to look like you want them to look. If you don’t like their sound…DON’T BUY THEIR ALBUMS….Just don’t put any of these 3 down.

  155. Every singer is unique, but the judges still have their favorites. In Randy Jackson’s own words, Simon set Lee up. But you know what, Lee came thru, and I think it shocked Simon. Simon’s favorite is Crystal, and quite frankly, Crystal is a fat hippy who sings like Janis Joplin. Nothing unique about that.

  156. And, Simon would love to send Casey home. I think Casey will do very well if he is sent home, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some movie company doesn’t approach him about being in the movies. He would be a natural – good looking, tall, good musician, friendly attitude, women love him, and he is mature enough to see thru Simon.

  157. @#Everybody! Big Mike may not have been eye candy to a lot of people, but he was certainly voice candy to me and still is, and that’s fine with me!

    Big Mike stay focused on your family and future, be proud of what you’ve already accomplished!

  158. Just as i thought it would be.. Casey went..but he will do good in life.Now lets see if Lee pulls this off…and I personally think he will.He will be the next American idol,as I am sure Crystal will go on to do well also.

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