American Idol 2010: Top 10 Girls Perform Tonight – Update


After being bumped from their planned night the American Idol 2010 Top 10 girls are back and ready to go. Ryan Seacrest confirmed last night that the girls were bumped after Crystal Bowersox was hospitalized on Tuesday so let’s hope that everything goes smoother today and we’ll have a full two hours of song tonight.

Since we saw huge improvements for the guys from the week before I’m hoping the girls can bring a similar improvement. I think most would agree that they can only go up from here! While we wait for tonight check out our poll for the guys.

Share your thoughts on who you are looking forward to seeing the most and whether the girls can bring it back the way the guys did this week.

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Update: This could be the order of tonight’s Top 10 Girls performances.

Update 2: Idol Ex-Producer Warwick said this morning that they’re still awaiting doctor’s approval for Crystal Bowersox to perform tonight. If she can’t perform, then she’ll be disqualified. Warwick confirms it was a “previous condition” which cause the girls’ show to be delayed. Discuss amongst yourselves!




  1. Kara’s behavior around Casey is frightening and nauseating….She’s in her ‘workplace’ and what she says and does is ‘harassment.’ Doesn’t make me want to watch the show after so many years….

  2. Hey Matt, Joe’s Place has the performace order of the girls or as it was as of last night.


  3. The highlight of the night was Lee. He reminds me of Danny from last season. The mullet guy was also good. All the others can go for all I care. John Park is a total disappointment to me..I loved him at his audition. I hope Todrick and Keith Urban goes tonight.

    Oh and Casey James, is kinda only eye candy..he was not good lastnight at all

  4. OMG! Please get rid of the flowers in your hair! It is not a good look. Ladies, not sure who puts your outfits together, but please look in the mirror before you come out on stage. Be yourself and make your own style. I am disappointed in the ladies this year. Crystal is the only one who has a distinct voice and is true to herself.

  5. To me the girls aren’t doing too hot.They keep picki the wrong songs. some of the girls do good like lily, michelle,didi and crystal.

  6. i think paige miles has a very beautiful voice and the whole world deserves to hear it i think she should sing a song by whitney houston anyone would do but she has the voice to sing her songs

  7. I am so tired of the judges saying the contestants didnt pick the right song, ect.
    help them out, give them some ideas on what you want- they’re amatuers all trying to meet your expectations but your advice is all over the place. Normally Simon doesnt bother me,but he really had a bug up his ass tonight; so mean spirited.

  8. Simon wasn’t mean spirited. He was just telling it like it is and that’s the way it should be. After seeing Lacy sing last night I changed my mind about her and put her on my list of winners. The song was perfect for her and she played the audience well. I still have Lily Scot at the top of my list though followed by Chrystal and I do think Siohan has a shot at it.

  9. just tells you how great adam lambert was/is. he smoked on leno tuesday nite and i believe he is the best talent ever to perform on the show. these guys are weak overall except alex and lee, who by the way lives in the same town as me-mt.prospect. if he wasnt mr fancyboy he would be the biggest name in music now,.

  10. Well, I almost didn’t even want to participate in viewing Idol this year after last week. But, kinda like a trainwreck, I had to watch. I really want a girl to win this year, and thank god Crystal got to feeling better. She certainly deserves to showcase her talent. Still early in the game, but Lilly has got my vote as well, quite talented and can turn a song into her own like no other! Then, there is Siobahn. Wow, that girl got some pipes! If judging was to be based on voice alone, she is very impressive. So, to wrap it up, those 3 girls are the ones to beat. I am not impressed with any of the guys. Sure Casey is great eye candy and can really shred that guitar, but his vocals are just average. Oh, and Big John, I am a big fan of Adam Lambert as well. Him getting second place last year was probably best for him, cause he can do his own thing now, and he does it amazingly well!

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  12. I agree with Gayle about Adam. He was hot and he was good. I would have liked to see him to a song by Queen though. That would have put him over the top. Either Bohemian Rhapsody or Under Pressure! If not Adam (we all know he was going to be big even if he didn’t win) then Allison. She had ALOT MORE talent than Kris Allen. Kris Allen was very generic. I didn’t like him at all.

  13. Just so American Idol knows, I TVIO and I record this show and watch it later. I zip through the commercials, bad performances and RYAN SEACREST and all his drama. The drama is an asset and very immature. I wonder how many other people do the same. I tune in to hear some good music from some talented performers.

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