American Idol 2010 Top 10 Guys Performances & Phone Numbers

Ryan confirms that Crystal Bowersox was taken to the hospital today so the guys will be performing tonight, one day early, on American Idol and the girls sing on Wednesday. Let’s see if they can pull it together and perform at their best!

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American Idol Top 10 Guys Performances:

  • Michael Lynche – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – 1-866-436-5701
  • John Park – Gravity – 1-866-436-5702
  • Casey James – I Don’t Want To Be – 1-866-436-5703
  • Alex Lambert – Everybody Knows – 1-866-436-5704
  • Todrick Hall – What’s Love Got To Do With It – 1-866-436-5705
  • Jermaine Sellers – What’s Going On – 1-866-436-5706
  • Andrew Garcia – You Give Me Something – 1-866-436-5707
  • Aaron Kelly – My Girl – 1-866-436-5708
  • Tim Urban – Come On Get Higher – 1-866-436-5709
  • Lee DeWyze – Lips Of An Angel – 1-866-436-5710

The bottom two guys vote-getters will be eliminated on Thursday so vote wisely! Then be sure to vote in our poll below and let everyone know who was the best.

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  1. I find it hard to believe that these are the best 24 singers you were able to find throughout the country. None of these people have any potential star power, nor can they sing on key. I have watched American Idol since its inception, and this is the worst group that has ever been on the show. Although I admire your seeking people who are “down home” “ordinary” “everyday” people this group is totally without any extraordinary talent. They come across as a bunch of country hicks — no style, no uniqueness, no sense of presence, and less than amateurish. I don’t even want to vote for any of them. Pick their songs, do something to bring out some flair and interest. This is the dullest group of people I have ever seen on your show and it is almost painful to watch. Sorry, but this isn’t the way the show use to be. Claire Stanard

  2. I am all for lee! He is so sexy! And his voice gives me chills… I love the bad boy in him too.. TOTAL package

  3. I love how everyone that is all for lee dwyze or Tim urban cant say anything about vocal talent. The only thing that draws them in is the fact that they are attracted to them and that is enough to get America voting. The only person thus far that I can envision listening to their CD is Andrew Garcia, every thing he has sung has got me on youtube trying to listen to it again. Judges seem like children this year and don’t know how to give actual helpful advice (aside from Simon).

  4. Lee Dwyze? He is just going to saturate the market with more bullshit like Nickelback. America is retarded.

  5. I don’t get Season 9. The judges say one thing;then they jump all over the contestants when they comply. Nonething pleases them this season. All I can say is- Simon, meet Jennifer Hudson. And Ellen what qualifies you? (Except maybe belonging to the “Millionaires Club”;whendid you ever sing a note?

  6. Did not get excited about last nite. Had to change the channel. I was so bored. There is no talent in the guys. Very disappointed in the picks this season. Hoping the girls will liven up the show tonight.

  7. i don’t get the judges.. when someone sings the song and make it their own they say bad things about their performances, and once the contestants just sing the song as is, they tell them that they didn’t make it their own..Who the hell is that lee dewyze that makes simon so head over heels with.. i don’t think he has 1/4 of adam lambert’s talent.. the only person i like for this season that i really think has the talent is jermaine.. the others are just average. And simon, CLEAR YOUR EARS.. you should have listened on how lee sang the songs not on how he looks.. that is a singing contest, not a beauty pageant!!! Lee has lots of pitch problems, I don’t know y in the world he’s even there…

  8. Please, what good is Ellen she is just there for fun . she hasn’t a clue what to say about singing, she sounds like someone told her what to say, what on earth is she doing there. American Idol is on its last leg for sure. Not enjoying it at all. I don’t even sit thur the whole show anymore. It has become very boring.
    Also all those people and this is what you eneded up with these untalented to sing,GOD HELP US !!!

  9. I liked Mike’s performance. Big improvement from last week. I also think that Lee may have some potential. I like his voice even though he is a bit pitchy…he can work that out. All in all, it wasn’t an exciting night. I slept through the middle of it. I hope the girls are better this week. I can’t wait to see how Siobhan Magnus does. She has potential.

  10. Unfortunately, no one on this season of AI can hold a candle to Adam Lambert. He is the type of singer/performer that comes around once in a lifetime. You have Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, and maybe even Meat Loaf and now Adam Lambert. This season is failing because we all want someone of Adam’s calibre and it is doubtful we will ever have that again.

  11. Thank God for DVR’s. The guys were so off key and pitchey I had to fast forward during performances in order to finish watching the show. This is on top of listening to four judges instead of three. Why is Ellen a judge?? She has no music background and I do not think she adds anything to a panel of judges that has one too many people to begin with. I don’t understand why the producers of a hit show feel they have to fix something that was not broken.

  12. Is it just me or does it seem like whoever gets the pimp spot gets the most votes? Last week everyone was raging about Andrew Garcia, now it’s Lee Dewyze. I wonder what will happen if Casey James gets pimp spot next week…

  13. i like lee however he needs to improve his vocal performance. he has this charisma on t.v that makes me watch american idol always.

  14. i like lee, however i think he needs to improve his vocal performance and stage presence.

  15. It’s like watching an amateur talent show. I had to fast forward through all of them. Ugh.. talent, what talent? Ego is what they have.

  16. I do think this group of 24 is not the best by far. But Lee looks to have a great chance cause he is what you hear on radio now. I do like Andrew garcia voice alot. He has a new twist that is marketable but still fresh and only one to be on pitch.

  17. Seeing good contestants leave while obviously weak ones remain (as we saw last week) makes it more difficult to take the contest seriously.I think that the rules should be changed to make sure the 12 finalists are really the best ones, just like in “You Think You Can Dance”. The audience vote as usual but the judges decide who goes and who stays within the 3 contestants who received the least amount of votes. Once the 12 finalists are chosen, then, it’s business as usual… the results are based on the audience only.

  18. The biggest problem is the call in voting system, because tweens with their cell phones spam redial on shitty performers like tim urban and sites like this round up a ton of idiots to sabotage the competition.

  19. well, I really love to watch American Idol, I followed this TV show from season 7 up until now, so I don’t really know about the other contestants from season 6 and below…But, I know, that season 7 and 8 were great, their contestants really got power and talent in singing, such Denny Gokkey, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, the older one, David Archuleta, David cook, Clay Aiken, Jordin, Blah2…but this season…I almost can’t remember the contestant’s name…Well, I like Michael Linch and Andrew Garcia…but they were no better than the last performance before they went up to the real stage…I don’t know what happened to them…I like Andrew Garcia so much..Huhuhuhu…TT_TT

  20. oh again! Jo Munoz is really great, but got eliminated! Those voters are stupid!

  21. Casey James, please sing the song of air supply or edwin mckaine or the brian adams hit songs.

  22. simon cowell, just want to ask, if you do not have millions will you still be same bastard, rough-mannered judge? Step down a bit before the world spits you off your idol seat!

  23. Do not hold your feelings for Casey James it is obvious. Let it go woman! admiration is not a crime.

  24. I love Todrick Hall…he is sooooo coooool, amazing,very hot and got nice voice…..:D:D:D

    also Aaron Kelly is very Awesome!!!!HE have very amazing voice.

  25. this year most of the singers don’t have potential. most of them are pitchy. i don’t like healeys voice she gaves me a head ache i think the judges are working with names and faces
    that’s why they have a shitty top 24

  26. I think this year there are only three guys & three girls worth watching, we also fast forwarded through most of them. It might get better when we are down to the top twelve, as long as America gets it right. As far as Adam Lambert, he mighta could sing but he has turned out to be unfortunately quite sleezy. We have had gay entertainers before but none of them were quite so flaming. And sure compare him to Madonna or Spears in his defense – but maybe the world is just not ready for that yet in a male. I did think he was the best last year too but y’all know what he has turned out to be like.

  27. This year belongs to the guys! They have a lot more talent than a lot of the girls do. And the jugdes haven’t done the best job this year… I’m glad that the audience gets to vote now because i don’t think the judges would have made the right decisions. Certain people have been voted off that i think we better than some that get to stay, but there can only be one winner and i think its gonna be another guys year to domenate!!!

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