American Idol 2011 Dreams Up A New Poster

American Idol has released its first poster promoting the 2011 season featuring all their new judges while reminding Idol hopefuls to dream big. You’ve got Steven Tyler jumping for joy, Jennifer Lopez being all ladylike, and then Randy Jackson looking for a new way to say “dawg!” Oh, and there’s Ryan just being Ryan.

We’re only four weeks from the American Idol 2011 season premiere on January 19, 2011. Are you ready for the big, new season?!

American Idol Superstar Dream

Source: EW




  1. I have a feeling this season is really going to suck. I think how they changed it was a bad idea. I enjoyed how they where doing it. The season is going to be cut short now as well what will they do with the time?

  2. the season will not be the same without simon, but that doesn't mean we can't give the show a chance! i think it will still be my favorite show! can't wait for the season to start…counting down the days! yay!

    season starts wed. january 19th 8pm!!!!! woo-hoo!

  3. Ryan Seacrest has no business hosting any show abour music, music creation, singing or songwriting until he makes a worldwide, formal apology for the stupid and amateur comment he made, stating that "….Dance is at the center of art culture…."

    Wrong answer, Ryan. WRONG!!!!!! MUSIC is the HEARTBEAT and the CENTER of ANY AND ALL ART CULTURE and MUSIC CREATORS ARE KINGS AND QUEENS, GODS AND GODDESSES of the known Universe. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Period. End of arguement. End of story. Fade and scene. Ryan, do not get up in my business like you know what it's about, 'cause you DON'T. You, Ryan, are lower than the dust on the bottom of my feet.

    Ryan, you are the definition of what a total loser is all about, and you have absolutely no business hosting ANY music show. I now want any and all musicians and music creators to turn totally against anything you say and everything you do, and I want your million dollar contract ripped, destroyed and burned to ashes. Then buried.

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