American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys Performances & Phone Numbers

It’s time for the Top 12 guys to take the stage on American Idol tonight when the first half of the season’s Top 24 step into the spotlight and compete for your votes. Join other fans in our Idol Chat room right now or comment here on this post!

The show is now rolling and whoa!, the new stage is awesome. Ryan also reveals that our votes this week will create the Top 10 with the 5 highest vote-getting guys and girls each. On top of that the judges will add their Wild Card picks, but he doesn’t say how many that will be, but probably another 3 with 1 each.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

American Idol Top 12 Guys Performances & Voting Numbers:

  • Clint Gamboa – Superstitious – 1-866-436-5701
  • Jovany Barreto – I’ll Be – 1-866-436-5702
  • Jordan Dorsey – OMG – 1-866-436-5703
  • Tim Halperin – Come on Over – 1-866-436-5704
  • Brett Loewenstern – Light My Fire – 1-866-436-5705
  • James Durbin – You Got Another Thing Comin’ – 1-866-436-5706
  • Robbie Rosen – In the Arms of An Angel – 1-866-436-5707
  • Scotty McCreery – Letters From Home – 1-866-436-5708
  • Stefano Langone – Just The Way You Are – 1-866-436-5709
  • Paul McDonald – Maggie Mae – 1-866-436-5710
  • Jacob Lusk – House Is Not A Home – 1-866-436-5711
  • Casey Abrams – I Put A Spell On You – 1-866-436-5712

The bottom vote-getters will be cut on Thursday so vote wisely and don’t forget that you can head to starting tonight at 8PM to register for online voting using your Facebook account. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook!




  1. It started!!!! I just saw Clint Jun Gamboa singing still a long way to go he did ok but I want to complain πŸ™ the studio sound is horrible in my TV so I want to ask is my TV or is the sound in general?

    Hope it improves.

    Good luck to all

    • Clint definitely did not sound good. Neither did Jordan there at the beginning. Maybe something is going on w/ the mics. I dunno.

    • Marta it has to be the studio and the mikes!!! These guys all cant be sounding bad, the music and the backups are so much louder than they should be!! so not fair!

    • Yes Marta is general ,my TV sound is no good too. Is horrible , I hope it improves. Until now i didn ´t like any of the boys only Clint until now was the best one. Lets see the other ones and the girls tomorrow.

  2. Wow someone who has the guts to do Jim Morrison! And sound pretty good! I have to say i liked it. He has guts go Brett!

  3. Finally something great, James Rocks yeah man amazing ,just amazing.He deserves to be in the top 10.

    Good luck James

    • he will be in for sure, wild card if America does not votefor him. Makes me think I should pick someone else for tonight.

  4. OOOH Robbie- ouch! not a good song! Or maybe it was just the sound in the theater!

    • I meant James my favorite so far, Robbie is one of my favorites but this song was not good, he was all over the place πŸ™

  5. I can't believe no one has commented on Jiovanni's performance. He really has a beautiful voice – probably the best one so far (except maybe James, but their styles are very different). Actually, those are the only two performances I have enjoyed .

    • Yes Robyn you are right Jiovanni was very good! strong voice but my problem is that I dont like his personality that is why I didnt comment about him.

      • If we are voting based on personality only, Clint and Jordan should be gone, but that's just my opinion. For some reason, those two guys rub me the wrong way – too full of themselves. I really like the guys who seem surprised that they made it to this point and are very humble about it.

      • I dont mean to vote for based on personality, of course not but I see the whole package too as I am sure everybody else does. I am not saying he is a bad singer he is good and sounded wonderful but he is not my cup of tea πŸ™‚

  6. So why is Scottie in a contest? He sounds like a seasoned country singer!! And he sings about Jacksonville! Yae… im still voting for James hehe.

    • I dont agree with you Patti, he had some pitch problems but he sings so good. Think is their first time on stage with public and the nerves must be terrible. I would give him a chance.

      • True he was ok and I think the sound in the theater so needs to be redone! That is realy hurting them all tonight!

  7. What's going on with the sound tonight! Can't really hear the contestants over the band. Too bad! Ohterwise it would have been a good show!

    • You can never expect anyone to ever be better than Jim! But I give him props for trying!

  8. Something is very off.

    They all sound like they're doing karaoke, and the face mugging is out of control. Who is coaching them on stage presence? It's TV not Broadway. Jiovanni is the only one giving a performance as good or better as what we've seen from him. Just when I thought we'd have a season of singers who could actually sing in tune….sigh.

  9. Sound is bad but not so bad to ruin the show. James is the best so far. At least he is original.

  10. So far, so bad. These first three boys are not doing well. No one worth voting for.

  11. Paul is ok. Unique voice. I like him. But would he become annoying after a while??

  12. Sorry I'm using DVR so I'm a bit slow.

    James sounds the best so far and I don't like rock! Lol

    • I am so torne now! Jacob's voice is sooo smoth and well, I will buy his first album!

      • Hard to be a judge, my other favorites were Jovany, James, Paul& Brett hope they all get to stay.Good Luck to All !!!!!!

      • Americanidol what a Great show, So many good singers !!!!!! My favorite are Scotty & Lauren!!!!

  13. They need only a Top Three

    1)James! 2)Scotty! 3) JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know these guys have a real future no matter where they end up in the Idol mix.

  14. I think Scotty is the best guy ……He can really sing and i'm not even in country ….

  15. I liked Jovany,Tim,Scotty,Stefano and Paul….I hope they get to stay. These are my favorites!

  16. Casey was amazing!!!!! Blows the rest away.

    My top 3: Casey, James and Scotty…..then Brett and Jacob

  17. Top 5 should be

    1. James Durbin

    2. Casey Abrams

    3. Scotty McCreedy

    4. Jovany Barreto

    5. Brett Lowenstern

    wild card Robbie Rosen

    The rest have been done by others and are fogettable.

  18. Idn, maybe it's me, or the different judges, the whole thing seems a bit strange to me. The screaming, odd choice of songs, etc, etc, ……ummm. And I'm missing, absolutely NO ONE played an instrument. I'll take Lee DeWyze's performances any day over these guys. Absolutely no personality in this bunch, BTW, Lee's Live It Up CD is awesome. Oh yeah, I'm missing some Casey James too. Lol. I think I just tuned out for this season, except to watch Lee perform his single on Thursday. Can't wait !!

  19. Though to pick who is going to stay but looking all over this is my list:

    1) Jacob Lusk

    2) James Durbin

    3) Scotty McCreery

    4) Casey Abrams

    5) Jovany Barreto

    6) Stefano Langone

    7) Paul McDonald

  20. this year is the best. who is paula and simon? dont even miss them. steven, jlo and randy are doing a knock up job. i can not believe the talent. how can you possibly pick one idol. cant you have like the ten top idols this year. it is fantastic so far. i feel so sorry for anyone that gets voted off. its not fair. they all should win.

    • Kathy, I agree, I think the talent this year is better than I've ever seen. It's so hard to pick because they are all sooooo good, and so different! I wasn't really sure about the new judges, but I'm really am enjoying them. They bring personality to the show without taking it over from the contestants! So far am loving this season!!

      • I am really going for Jacob when his song is over I find myself wanting more and more so I just DVR him and listen over and over to him. He is so passionate,I can feel his joy when he is singing.

    • I have Never heard such a strong, mature voice from such a innocent looking young man. My opinion is: I miss Simon —- everyone on the "judge" list is way too accomadating, they think "everyone" is talented. And they are SO wrong, WE the people are the ones who really decide in the end, yes? Do we, or rather, would we want to spend our hard earned dollars paying to see/or hear any of these wedding singers? I would not/so my vote is with my 2 men. And…………….Judges: get real, stop being so damn "nice" It is not a political thing here…..chop,chop

  21. Both Lutz and Abrams made me cry. I've only been moved by one other Idol like this, and it was Adam Lambert. I am so excited to follow these two on their journeys to success.

  22. James,Casey,and Scotty,Jacob would be My top 4 best of the boys In the order listed.

  23. What about the people that don’t do face book or texting? Leaving out alot of the viewers! We STILL CAN'T VOTE!! This is NOT fair!

    • I agree, I do not do Facebook, because I do not believe in it…………so how do we vote?

    • Peeps, if you watch the show (I mean come on ;0) they repeatedly give the phone numbers to call. I've memorized the number over the past 6 seasons…last one or two numbers is all that changes to the one you want to vote for. I sit with pen and paper during the performances each time to note how I'm voting.

    • Exactly! I know very little about music, but I told my husband, "The band is too loud." I noticed most with the first singer and then a couple others.

  24. I got chills just hearing him sing! All I can say is May God Bless You! Amazing! WOW!

  25. This is my favorites :

    Top 5:

    Casey Abrams

    Jacob Lusk

    Paul McDonald

    James Durbin

    Scotty McCreery

    They deserves it!! There are all unique!!! Yeahh:)

    • I agree with your top list. I think if America votes on who will make it far in the industry in many idfferent genres….Those will be the top 5. Although I believe that clint was not too far behind these top 5. I hope they all make it and that they all are consistant performers!! If they are,….It will be a great season of music for American Idol!

  26. It certainly does not take a Music major to decide on strong voices,unique and would you really want to listen to them in the future? Most of these men sound like local bands/wedding gigs you can here in your own hometown…..The only two that sound as if they may have a future is Scotty McCreey (he has a future in country – I will bet anything gand James Dubin (excuse wrong spelling) but he will be a force in the Rock world…excellent to both

    ……Wisconsin Watcher

  27. Jacob Lust is the most experienced singer of all.But the talent this season is BETTER than any prior season.The talent that has been shown so far I don't feel Carrie Underwood nor Kelly Clarkson would have been the number one finalist

    • I love the uniqueness about this guy! I think that he will do great things in music and hopefully this show!!

  28. robby is the man he did a good job to night one no wount hurt him i thank tim or jorden might go home thursday night becuse they did not do a good job like the others did tonight man

  29. Scotty and Paul are my favs!! I guess being in my late 60's keeps me from enjoying the LOUD rock singers. The band was too loud for two or three of the singers.

  30. Whew! Some Awesome performances tonight!!

    James Burbin rocks out!!

    Jacob Lutz gave me chills with Luther's song.

    Casey Abrams growls the Blues!

    I don't like country music, but I could listen to Scottie's voice all night.

    Brett is the only other one I would consider, and I don't even remember how he sounded…all I have to go by are my notes.

    I'd like to see Clint go home just because I plain don't like him…there's just something that goes against the grain for me.

    Jordan, Tim and Robbie all chose the wrong songs, in my opinion. Jovany has a nice voice, but I'm not wowed by him.

    Paul sounded so much like Rod Stewart that I thought Karaoke the whole time he was singing…and was surprised that none of the judges mentioned that.

    Ah, well, we all have our favs and thoughts about tonight; and some of us will never agree LOL

    I am looking forward to tomorrow night to see how the girls do.

    • You are right i did think they were all good but a few stood out more than others. Scotty was good but James just rocks. The girls were good , but Pia said she was gonna come out and move a little more and i didn't see it. She has a good voice but just not the all around performer. I was hoping she would come out there and pull off something from heart with some dance moves, but it just didn't happen.

  31. Jacob Lusk is THE BEST!!!!Even if he doesn't win, which we all know he won't, he will still become a professional singer! There is no denying his ability to move a crowd!!!!

  32. The guys, for the most part were AWESOME! Brett surprised me! Yes!! Tho, I give his hair toss (tosses) a 2 ! He should grab a few of the ladies in the competition and have them show him how to do a " hair toss " ya know, toss the hair to the beat of the music, let it be natural! imho. ( loved it all!)

  33. I thought tonight was fabulous!

    Scotty, Casey, Jacob, James and Brett are my five!

  34. I have to say that after 10 years of Idol this has got to be the worst season. The performances tonight by the men were just the worst in Idol history. I was so disappointed that I have bid a fond farewell to Idol.

  35. well. I am glad we won't hear from YOU again. GOODBYE. Please live up to your farewell, and go watch something else that agrees with you ADIOS.

  36. I just tried to vote on phone and got busy on all my picks. I do not do Facebook or text. This is not fair to the rest of us out here! Why didn't they listen to their "fans" before going all out with Facebook and only texting? NOT FAIR AI!

  37. Favorites: James and Scotty.
    Stephano & Paul(a Rod Stewart type.)were good too. The band was overpowering the singers hope they take it down a little tomorrow.

  38. we are having differculty in nyc voting for jacob and jordan… phone is saying due to network diff unable to get call thru…what kind of bull is this

    • Jordan? Were you listening? Please America vote on talent this year instead of popularity!!!

  39. Scotty…Please sing “Wayfaring Stranger”….listen to Johnny Cash’s version! It would be completely awesome!

  40. We really enjoyed the show this evening the selection of songs the men did were much more entertaining then past seasons, there is some really good talent this season.
    We are looking forward to tomorrow night to see how the girls do.
    Long time viewer

  41. Scotty McCreery – whether he wins or not, he'll have someone nab him – AWESOME @ 17 already, wow! I want to hear him sing Rodney Atkins "Going Through Hell"! He'll go far, no matter what!

  42. I just wanted to say how the sound mix for tonight was not as good as the previous shows. In most case the vocals were not as forwards but most of all not as warm. The performances were all amazing and even better then previous years. I am really enjoying this years season.


  43. My dumb DVR decided not to pick up last night's show as a "new" recording. Does anyone know where I can go to watch the performances?

  44. I really enjoyed the show…..I am james,and clint fan……way to go boys…keep up the good work….I am a bigger fan of scotty so scotty keep up the good work love your voice….stay try to country…

  45. Totally loving Country cutie Scotty. Amazing Country baritone with a sexy, cheeky charm! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Scotty.

  46. I just wanted to say that I love the way Lauren Alaina sings and that she probably don't remember me but we had a chorus class together at Lakeviw Middle School in 2008 I was in 7th grade and she was in 8th I am so happy she made it this far and I hope she wins

  47. The young man with the deep voice(I think his name is Scotty) Now there ia talent, He is the best Male Vocalist that American Idol has ever had on that show and I am a old lady but I love good music and I know talent and Scotty has it.

  48. I LOVED Paul McDonald. He is one sexy, young man with a smile that gives me goosebumps! His distinguished voice will go far. Google his name or Grand Magnolia. He already has a group. Keep up the fantastic work, Paul!!

  49. I totally love scotty, he is such an amazing singer plus he is cute, and 17 like me:) (scotty hit me up on face book)

  50. James was great ! He has what it takes to be a great performer. He is just all around good. Way to go James!

  51. scotty, I would like to see you make a country version out of the song (you've lost that loving feeling) by the righteous brothers

  52. james by far is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has so much heart u can tell he is the real deal good luck james

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