American Idol 2011: Top 12 Guys performance recap – Some surprises arise

The “American Idol” Top 12 guys took to the performance stage tonight and while a couple of them were singing like they knew SEVEN guys would be cut by Thursday, some were not. I’m going to get right to the recap. I’ll give you my thoughts and my performance grade. Then you can agree with me or let me have it in our comments section!

(In order of performance)

*Clint Jun Gamboa, “Superstitious.” Clint got a little lost beneath the music. There were times when I could barely hear him sing. I don’t know if this is his fault, the band’s or some technical issue. At any rate, it was an OK performance. (And for the record, I’m trying to not be influenced by how much I dislike some of these guys’ attitudes.) That being said, I hope he goes home, but I’m still grading fairly. He can sing. B+

*Jovany Baretto, “I’ll Be.” I think my prediction for him the other day is going to be correct. He will go home. His performance was boring and weak and we’re not voting on abs. Randy Jackson agrees with me. D+

*Jordan Dorsey, “OMG.” OMG is right. And that’s probably going to be the most-uttered phrase of the night thanks to Jordan’s OMG-worthy horrible performance of the Usher hit. He’s been a good singer (again despite his terrible attitude) but tonight it just wasn’t there. That clearly isn’t who he is as a singer and he is a TERRIBLE dancer. It looked like it was the first time he ever stepped onto a stage. Maybe it was. Hopefully it’s the last. F-

*Tim Halperin, “Streetcar Symphony.” Tim is one of my favorite contestants and Rob ThomasΒ  (whose song he sang) is one of my favorite musicians. But neither Tim or that particular Rob song earn my praise tonight. Tim didn’t do much singing and the song choice was just bad. It’s not Rob’s best song so why would anyone choose to sing that? (Song choices overall tonight were pretty bad) As much as it hurts me to say, I think he will be going home. Maybe he’ll get the wildcard from the judges. D+

*Brett Loewenstern, “Light My Fire.” Brett’s been another favorite of mine so it’s also a little painful for me to say he didn’t quite excite me tonight. His version of The Doors’ classic got off to a terrible start and he stayed pretty nasaly the whole time. I sill like him and his energy. But he can do better. B-

*James Durbin,” Another Thing Comin.” Wow. I haven’t been a James fan so far. I’ve thought he was screechy and kind of a jerk. But tonight he was pretty amazing. His voice was powerful, yet controlled. He showed great confidence. His high notes didn’t make me want to leave the room. I’m impressed even if I didn’t want to be. A+

*Robbie Rosen, “In the Arms of an Angel.” Ugh. I love Robbie. I really do. But his performance tonight was weak. He showcased his soft and vulnerable voice but he was pretty flat through most of the song. It really pains me to say these things about Robbie, but I’m being very honest. It wasn’t good to me. I think he’ll still be safe, but not because of his performance tonight. C-

*Scotty McCreery, “Letters From Home.” Much like I was with James, I wasn’t a Scotty fan. And I pretty much hate country music. But I tell you what, this guy could make a country fan out of me. OK, probably not, but he already IS making a Scotty fan out of me. He’s got such great control over that low voice of his. It’s an impeccable sound. And the way he ended that song. Amazing. A+

*Stefano Langone, “Just The Way You Are.” This guy is so likable. As in pinch-his-cheeks likable. And he’s cute so he’ll be getting a lot of votes for those reasons. Those reasons also means he’s incredibly marketable. And he canΒ  sing, too! He did get lost in one spot tonight, but like Jennifer Lopez said, he’s very natural. He’s very believable. He knows how to own a song that isn’t his originally. A-

*Paul McDonald, “Maggie Mae.” What was once weird and irritating is becoming completely adorable and entertaining. Paul has really changed my mind about him. His odd moves and constant smile were off-putting at first, but now they’re a part of this great character and performer that I can tell will end up being one of my favorites. His performance of “Maggie Mae” could be a hit today. It was so unique and enjoyable. One of the best of the night. A+

*Jacob Lusk, “House is Not a Home.” I’m probably going to have to dodge a lot of rotten tomatoes and duck a few punches, but I don’t like Jacob. His singing is technically perfect. I mean PERFECT. But like a pair of shoes without a scuff or two, I’m not interested. I’m just not. He’s too fancy. Or too polished. It’s weird, I know. But that’s how I feel. His performance tonight was flawless and its going to earn him enough votes to secure a spot in the Top 12. But I’m not a fan. A

*Casey Abrams, “I Put a Spell on You.” Dear Casey, you sound sexy. Sure. JLo thinks so. But I think you still need to trim your beard and please never pretend to fart on Ryan Seacrest again. You’re not a frat boy. You’re on “American Idol.” Now that I got that out of my system, I can go onto my Casey recap. I’m not sure why he was in the pimp spot. I thought he was only the second or third best performance of the night. Like Jacob, Casey is technically a perfect singer. But his performance tonight wasn’t believable. He sang it like he was acting out a part. A very angry part. I like to believe a person when they sing. I know what I want to say here but it’s coming off odd. Thank goodness this is the last one of the night because I’m starting to sound like Paula Abdul circa Season 6. A

What were your thoughts on tonight’s performances? Any new favorites? Any thoughts on who will be leaving us Thursday?




  1. Too bad you don't like country! You're missing out πŸ™‚ I'm glad to hear Scotty did so well; I missed this night but it's on my DVR. Can't wait to watch tomorrow!

  2. Jacob Lusk You are outstanding, make me a promise you will sing in my daughter wedding.

    • Can you imagine Whitney Houston to sing with Jacob?!!!! It will be the Dream Duet!

  3. You couldn't have summed it up better! I agreed with everything you wrote. Scott, James and Casey blew me away.

  4. I don't see why everyone seems to love Paul McDonald….should not be in the Top 6.

  5. Scotty should be snapped up by the country powers that be, right now. James Durbin really surprised me; I too found his Lambert screechiness annoying and worse, inconsistent. But he was awesome tonight. Jacob IS flawless, but yeah, not may favorite kind of music. Clint: I agree. Good voice but I don't like him. Jovany: ick. David Cook did a way better version of 'I'll Be' at his Hollywood audition. Jordan: you ain't no Usher. I give him cred for trying to be current but that was pretty bad. Brett, Brett, Brett: I adore you but Morrison is rolling over in his grave. Light my Fire…really?!? Robbie: sappy, sappy, sappy and he ain't no Sarah Maclachlan. He was all over the place. I've liked Tim in the past but his song choice surely didn't showcase his talent. He may be in danger. Paul is still too quirky/weird for my taste. Very talented, just something about him bugs me.Stefano is adorable with those dimples. Occasionally inconsistent but I do think his looks and great personality will keep him in the competition.

  6. I agree 110% with your critques. Two problems though, 1.) There were 6 worthy to move on so who goes and 2.) Will the teen vote do as it often does and keep cute boys and send real talent home ie…Paul, Jacob and Casey? Here's hoping realy talent wins out!!!

    • There will be 6 guys & 6 girls in the finals. The audience votes the top 5 guys & top 5 girls into the finals. Then the judges pick an additional guy and girl to go in.

  7. Scotty, Scotty, Scotty Wow!!!! He has my vote so far as the next American Idol. I love his voice and would never get tired of hearing him sing. Also like Paul and Casey.

    • I thought James Durbin was amazing. I have never heard anyone sing a Judas Priest song

      so well. Not easy to match that voice.

    • Completely agree with you!!! I can't stop smiling when Scotty sings, love his voice! Paul and Casey are also pretty amazing… Not a big fan of James although he did do a pretty good job last night.

    • i'm totally with you. 110%. i honestly think scotty should win. they shouldnt eliminate a voice that unique. if he doesnt win this american idol, then the judges are idiots.

  8. Could there be more gay guys on this show? Really? Seriously do straight guys not sing?

    • Wow, you can tell who someone is attracted to just by the way they sing? You must have special powers. *sarcasm*

      • Paul and Brett are very feminine…I kinda like Paul's whole "Drunk loosey goosey movement on stage". Its very weir and nice…I didn't like Brett's version of 'light my fire' at all. Durbin kicked ass and brought "priest" to Idol. Casey was crazy good as usual..I just hope that at least this year, people will vote for the talented ones…

  9. I don't get all the hate on Jovany. I mean, yeah, he didn't do a rock song like James, but I thought he was a hell of a lot better than Brett tonight at least. His voice was actually really nice.

    • I have to agree. Although I like Tim I think Stefano will beat him out. Will this season be Stefano vs. James who are similar to Lambert vs. Chris.

  10. talent wise my top 6 are:

    Scotty, James, Jacob, Casey, Paul and Stefano. But how will the teenyboppers vote?

  11. I really thought the A.I. winner would come from the girls/women group but after tonight's performance by the guys I think it will be a really tough competition. This is the best overall group that I can remember and several of these singers could have won the last two or three Idols. Looking forward to Wednesday night.

  12. I can agree with all of these ratings/comments/opinions except for the versions of Casey… seriously C'Mon Casey i know you can do better than that… where was your harmonica or somethin… maybe some sunglasses… James rock the AliceIC…

    • OMY Casey plays Many instruments… He is UBER Talented!!! Just Keep Watching… You'll come over to the Casey Side in Time!!!

    • They actually aren't allowed to play instruments this year in the weekly shows. They might allow it at some point for a week or two, but for the most part they are not allowing it.

  13. *Clint Jun Gamboa, Sorry, Going Home

    *Jovany Baretto, Sorry Going Home

    *Jordan Dorsey, Better Pack… You are GONE!

    *Tim Halperin, Sorry Going Home

    *Brett Loewenstern (Staying?)I Like You But I dunno!

    *James Durbin,” STAYING!!!! NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT UP!!!

    *Robbie Rosen, Cute But Going Home

    *Scotty McCreery,Staying!!! Cause You will Get ALL The Country Votes

    *Stefano Langone, You are SOOOO Cute But Going Home

    *Paul McDonald, STAYING!!! Not Going Anywhere!!!!!

    *Jacob Lusk, Staying!! Amazing Voice People will keep you!

    *Casey Abrams, STAYING!!! Idol 2011 WINNER!!!!

      • Not sure if Paul did enough tonight. I don't know why people think they have to do upbeat songs on idol. He woulda been much better behind a guitar. Same for Tim, he should have played the piano and done something intimate. So often the band gets in the way.The opposite is true for James. When its acoustic his voice is so annoying. But with the band, the light show and the stadium rock reverb on his voice he was totally amazing. A rock god.

        I think Stefano will beat Paul to the 6th spot. The other 5 are pretty predictable. However I hope Clint makes it ahead of Brett, who is just way too weird. But he makes for great TV.

    • I was on twitter and stefano has the tweenie vote.

      He will stay.

      I hear a girl tonight will emerge as a big contender against the boys. Don't rule the girls out yet people

  14. I missed Simon for the first time this season. Overall, the judges had too much of a love fest instead of giving constructive criticism. Brett needs to contain the mane. Jacob needs to enunciate. Love Casey, but he should sing more and growl less. Best tonight? James and Scotty.

  15. Didnt anyone hear Clint, he has unbelievable range and didnt miss a note. He may not win in it all but dont count him out tonight. My pick for 2011 idol is James Durbin. Something about the guy…

    • I don't think Clint has the "IT" factor. I would say the "X" factor but thats another show.

    • I think Clint/Jun really hurt his chances when he kicked Jacee Bourdeux out of his group during Hollywood week. People don't forget stuff like that.

      • What i dont understand is that Clint isn’t a bad guy. So why is everyone hating on him so much. Yes he kicked Jacee out of the group. So what? Its not like he threw him out, stomped on him and called him names or anything. He made a rational decision. What clint later said was spot on. If anyone in the group fails to fit in musically, the whole performance will come down. People have to realize that the group performance week is very strenuous for the contestants… Clint sings great..Yes, he chose a song that has been sung millions of times on idol (superstition), but he sang it brilliantly.

  16. Probably close to the order of Staying!!!

    From 1st place to 6th

    Remember the judges get to keep one! So 6!!

    Casey Abrams

    James Durbin

    Scotty McCreery

    Paul McDonald

    Jacob Lusk

    Brett Loewenstern?

    • didnt anyone hear Clint tonight. He has outrageous range and didnt miss a note. He may not win it all but dont count him out tonight.

      • He has a GREAT VOICE!!! But we only get to pick 5-6… Clint could have WON it all in previous seasons!! But Now it is RAW WONDERFUL TALENT!!!!

        He is GOOD!!! REALLY GOOD!!! But not in my top 5.

      • Casey Abrams

        James Durbin

        Scotty McCreery

        Paul McDonald

        Brett Loewenstern

        Jacob Lusk

  17. Wow! I was amazed how similiar your opinions were to what I felt, but you also gave great insight as well. I did not think that Brett was as good as the judges proclaimed, and I also thought that Robbie was going to blow them away, but was just fair.

    IMHO, the only two singers I had a different feel for was that James was good, but not maybe B+. SOng was not all that challenging for a A+. And Paul, who I like and have high hopes for, seemed too 'karaoke' with melody and his voice seemed annoying on this song.

    As far as who goes…. Jordan and Tim are gone. The crooners are going to split a lot of votes so I see Stefano making it thru but Jovany and Robbie coming up short. Paul didn't dazzle enough to get non-quirky votes. "Junbug" personality may cost him enough votes with the other talent being so good, so I think even with a good performance he goes home. That is six short on votes. I think the last spot will go to either James or Casey, as they split some rock/blues votes so one ends up in bottom 7 but survives by judges.

    • So Brick You're confusing me"" Who is staying and who is going?? You say the last vote will be eithe James or Casey… But not both??? Hmmm… Betcha a Coca Cola You are incorrect… They are the Top Two!

      And Paul is AWESOME!! So he will get ALL the ole Hippy Votes (never underestimate the power of the 70's) Lol

      • Hey Krikit,

        I loved James an Casey, but I was going on what I think the public is going to vote. Rockers have not fared well in AI for the most part (d. cook aside). My fav 5 are:

        Jacob – that was an amazing performance

        Casey – love the blues and the vibe

        Scotty – great voice, but will need to show some versility to go far

        James – love the story and the voice, overkill on the screaming at this stage, will get old fast (see Siobhan)

        Paul – I am an old rocker from the 70s, love some of the things he's done have been brilliant. Just felt his "Maggie Mae" left us less than impressed.

        then toss up for 6th 'tween Robbie and Stefano

        I don't get the Brett love but I think he will survive. Clint sang well enough, but won't make it. Jovany just not as good as Robbie and Stefano in that class, but may get enough votes for his "abs' to keep him around.

        I love all the feedback on this site. Good to get other prespectives.

  18. It's like you went in my brain and pulled out my analysis (except I am a fan of Jacob). If I were to rank performances tonight it'd go like this (best to worst):

    1. Jacob (WOW…flawless)

    2. Casey (Love the personality)

    3. Paul (Nice and controlled)

    4. Scotty (He wins most improved in my book)

    5. James (Not a fan, but he did a great job)

    6. Clint (Good vocals, but overpowered)

    7. Robbie (Sweet but weak)

    8. Brett (I just don't get him)

    9. Stefano (Cute, but off in some places)

    10.Tim (Sad b/c he's one of my faves)

    11.Jovany (boring)

    12.Jordan ("no, just no")

    That's just my opinion…good luck to everyone! though!

  19. The Top 6

    1. James Durbin

    1. Scotty Mc Creery

    3. Paul McDonald

    4. Robie Rosen

    5. Jacob Lusk

    6. Tim Halperin

    These are in no perticular order..but it would not be right at all to put our top two guys in a number of 1 or 2. =) That is "IF" a guy wins it and LAUREN ALANIA don't. If in then this would be your top 3??

    and blahhh Casey just sucks and not to mention looks like a Pilgram.

    • I love the diversity of what people hear… Casey is an amazing musician, and will go far… If you think he sucks, You will learn to hate him… Because I believe he will be around a Very Long Time! It's all according to taste!

      • Sadly it is all according to taste, and some people don't have much. Robbie is a cheesemonger at the best of times, and tonight he absolutely murdered a beautiful song. He was all over the place. Even if he had hit the notes properly it would have been absolutely appalling. He just tried to fit in as many notes as possible with no sense of artistry or TASTE.

    • lol Casey does look like a pilgrim. Nothing wrong with that, though! I'd rather be a talented pilgrim than an untalented ummm… what's the opposite of pilgrim?

  20. Here are my top six (not in any particular order)







    My personal favorites are Casey, Paul and James…all seem to have a unique sound and style of their own.

    Scotty could be signed today.

    And while I find that Jacobs voice is incredible, I recognize his great talent. But he is not for me. I would never buy his album.

  21. Jacob, Casey,James and Scotty all in for sure

    Paul or Stefano will be the fifth I believe.

    One of either Paul or Stefano will fight with 3 others for the judges choice.

    Needless to say i think the judges should pick Paul or Stefano

  22. First of all, I'm a singer and I admire anyone who can do what I can't. Secondly, this is the most talented group of people I've ever seen on Idol. The best voice is obvious Jacob Lusk. He is just flat-out insanely talented. However, it's been my experience that talent rarely wins American Idol, so I don't think he stands a chance because he's a. gay, and b. he isn't very good looking. Oh well. The same will happen to Casey who is the most musically gifted of all the contestants. His looks will kill his chance to be the American Idol. Paul McDonald is the most entertaining contestant and his voice is addictive. Scotty has the most perfect country and western voice I've ever heard and James Durbin is a natural performer with an incredible set of pipes. The rest of the gang are reasonably talented and I don't think any of them are embarrassingly bad. What a break from the typical American cast of characters. I think finally getting rid of that creton of talent? shows, Simon Cowell will actually help the ratings. What a bore he had become.

    • Need to listen to Josh Turner… Most of the songs Scotty has been singing were Josh Turner's.

    • Previous winners have not been universally attractive, and Jacob is not even bad looking. I also think it's stupid that people assume he's gay. Did some sex tape come out that I'm not aware of? Short of that, there is no way to really know. Plus Adam got #2 last year without much trouble, and educated audience members were aware of his sexual orientation from the semi-finals on. I don't think it's bad that Jacob gets a little carried away when he sings, but I wish he would rein it in once the music is over instead of always seeming like he is about to dance down the aisle of some church only he can see. He has to be someone that people can relate to, and right now he is a little scary to me lol.

  23. Jacob, Paul and Casey were great, too bad some people do not appreciate Soul music because Jacob was the best tonight.

    • I agree that these three are great, but so are Scotty and James; they're all off the scale. Casey will stop channeling Screamin' Jay Hawkins and show variety; not sure that Jacob has any to offer, but who cares? Paul will be surprising, too. Scotty is flawless and his low voice makes even the walls listen.

  24. Not sure if Paul did enough tonight. We already know he sounds like Rod Stewart, so why do a Rod Stewart song? Especially such an annoying one. I don’t know why people think they have to do upbeat songs on idol, and why they think they have to do massive hits that everyone knows. He woulda been much better behind a guitar. Same for Tim, he should have played the piano and done something intimate. So often the band gets in the way.The opposite is true for James. When its acoustic his voice is so annoying. But with the band, the light show and the stadium rock reverb on his voice he was totally amazing. A rock god. After tonight I am a fan.

    I think Stefano will beat Paul to the 6th spot. The other 5 are pretty predictable. However I hope Clint makes it ahead of Brett, who is just way too weird. But he makes for great TV. Can't believe Robbie and Brett made it ahead of Colton. So, my preferred 6 based on what we've seen tonight:







  25. Hey dudes and dudettes. What's up y'all?

    I'm currently a masters student in music on a full scholarship. I play several different instruments including guitar, bass, piano, and violin. I'm not bragging. I'm just trying to establish that I know a little something about music. Are you kidding me? Hands down, Casey Abrams is the most talented contestant.

    Based on tonight's performance, I'd say the 5 should be…

    1) Casey Abrams (he plays instruments)

    2) Paul McDonald (he plays instruments)

    2) Jacob Lusk

    3) James Durbin

    5) Clint "Jun" Gamboa (forget his personality – be objective people)

    However if we're talking "marketability" then I'd switch out Clint for Scotty McCreery


    Orange County, CA

    • Yeah, but…the contest is for SINGERS! If it was a contest for musicians …no one would be watching!

  26. I like Stefano.but he wasn't good enough.

    and I'm a country fan woooooow Scotti I love his voice. Casey is Great but I like Scotti be the winner. among guys:

    5- Paul( I don't know why!!!)

    4- Jacob(what a powerful voice)

    3- James(I had asperger so sumpathy!)

    2- Casey( he knows music but no match for scott vocal instrument!)

    1- Scotty( I want to cry!)

  27. I do like the new judges, but who would have guessed that Steven Tyler would be the next "Paula Abdul". (Actually, after Paula has a couple more plastic surgeries, she will probably look like the next Steven Tyler). J-Lo was praising alot, but Tyler sounded like everyones gr'ma.

    Overall, I love this new group. They bring humor, good advice and sincerity. (much better then 1000 "That was dreadful" quotes.

  28. Another thing I have noticed is that they love to pick this very young kids over equally talented(or better) adult singers. I understand they are trying to find "the next big thing" but most of these kids fall apart as the competition rolls on. They would be better served to take the more experienced when talent is equal while encouraging the youngster to come back next year with more seasoning.

  29. Loved:

    James – cause I love hard rock;

    Casey – cause I love jazz;

    Scotty – though I don't like country;

    Jacob – cause he's got voice.

    These 4 are outstanding and showing extremely high potential. The rest – mediocre (of course, my opinion is very subjective and subject to change based on further performances).

  30. After listening to last nights performances, I rest my case….JAYCEE should have been in the top 12!!! A few of those singers sounded tone deaf! GO JAYCEE!!!

  31. I usually do not post on these things but I just dont understand why everyone thinks this is the best season ever.. I think its one of the worst!! I might watch the girls tonight to see if anyone is better but I might not watch again this year. Did anyone else think the sound in that theatre was terrible last night on TV? But anyway there are a few decent guys but none like a Chris Daughtry who you cannot wait to listen to every week. I mean come on does anyone think Bret would sell records? The only guy who will sell records when this is over is Scotty and he doesnt even have to win to do that.

  32. Hey, give Clint a break. Why do people go on and on about how Clint kicked somebody out of the group? It's not as if it was just his decision to make. Really. It's pathetic. I don't even hear any of the people not liking Jordan what'shisface who looks like the bad version of Chris Tucker. He was even more RUDE! I think the fact that Jaycee was 15 is the reason why people are making a mountain out of an ant hill.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand why people would be turned off with Clint..but really, people just need to get over it! I'm sure Jaycee did!

    Now for the performance:

    JACOB LUSK –Hands down! He should just go directly to the top 10! I love his voice and how he sings. POWERFUL! AWESOME! He's also so modest. I just hope he doesn't become like the "melissa doolittle" of the show. (I hate it sometimes when AI becomes more of a popularity contest than a singing contest)

    CASEY, CASEY, CASEY — HOT!HOT!HOT! he's something when he performs. He's unique and he can really, really rock. Plus, with the diversity of what he has brought throughout the elimination and all– he's THE MUSICIAN!! I <3 him!!!

    Paul McDonald — I love his voice…and he is quirky! he rocks too!

    ScottyScottyScotty — GO COUNTRY!!!! I LOVE IT!

    Obviously, I agree with all the grades you gave.. and thanks for being fair with CLINT. I just hope people will be too.

    Everybody makes mistakes. He who has not sinned should cast the first stone, right? LOL

  33. oh..i was really hoping robbie would sing something profound…but really, i was disappointed. πŸ™ i was rooting for him!!!!

    Brett — he's adorable! I hope he gets in! I really like him and his story!

  34. This has been the best season by far…

    Everybody seem to be REALLY good…

    However in my opinion Tim, Brett & Robby aren't strong enough comparing to the rest of the guys, Giovany is the worst of the bunch and Jordan ruined his chances because of a terrible song choice.

    My favorites so far are:

    1) Casey Abrams (amazing singer/musician, love his personality)

    2) Paul McDonald (odd but really good)

    3) Jacob Lusk (best voice but he won't win the show)

    4) Scotty McCreery (love scotty, I hate country music but Scotty is INCREDIBLE)

    5) James Durbin (this guy just isn't likable at all, he can sing, but I don't know)

    6) Stefano Langone (likable, good voice, joyful, but really bleak, AI material)

  35. Whether or not you like Rod Stewarts voice…You should be able to admit he is talented and that he has made a lot of money in the business. Those are the kids that we should be voting for. Whether or not you like the music…Use your minds to pick the ones who will make it. I do not like the music that Jacob sang…But I KNOW that he is amazing with his voice…..

    so my top 5 are:

    1. Jacob

    2. Scotty

    3. James

    4. Casey

    5. Paul

    And for the record…Brett was not even close to the top 5 as far as talent…

    • I totally agree with u… Brett is alright but just not good enough considering how good the other guys are this season.

      I like Paul, he's really odd but weirdly good and awesome. I don't think he sounds like Rod Stewarts tho.

      The problem is that show hasn't been credible for 5 years now, it's been more of a looks over substance thing. The only people who won the show and were actually good were Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Carrie Underwood.

  36. -Clint Jun Gamboa, “Superstitious- i give him a C coz the begaining was bad but once he open up on the second half it was good.

    -Jovany Baretto, “I’ll Be.” i give C coz it was just singing but nothing special

    -Jordan Dorsey, “OMG.” i give him a F the worst of all.he need to get kicked off soon as he finish the song. then he had the nerves to say that it wasn't really him! are u kidding? then why did he pick the song? he just trying to save face coz the judges say that it was bad. this is the guy who was having others to sing for him and judged them to be in his sing group in hollywood. he should have never made it to the top 25!!!please kick his ass off !!!

    -Tim Halperin, “Streetcar Symphony.” i give D very bad song choice

    -Brett Loewenstern, “Light My Fire i give D it was very bad and too low in the beganing. then too much hair flipping WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?

    -James Durbin,” Another Thing Comin.” I give him an A coz i think he right now would make and is ready to be a front man for a kick ass rock band. he reminds me ofthe movie Rock Star. i would love to pick his songs coz i would pick all rock songs like still dragon, van halen and twisted sister coz his voice and high notes are good for rock and metal.

    -Robbie Rosen, “In the Arms of an Angel.” i give a C, he can sing but that was wrong song and its better if he sing from behind the piano

    -Scotty McCreery, “Letters From Home.” i give him an A coz to me he is ready to record country music now. whoever sign him will be very rich coz he can sing country like no other and he is young so he will have a great long grammy winning career

    -Paul McDonald, “Maggie Mae i give a C coz to me he sound like he was trying to be rod stewart and it seem very karaoke

    -Jacob Lusk, “House is Not a Home.” i give a B+ coz he can sing for sure but he need not to add all the facial things he do it looks cheezy

    and although he was control tonite, some times he go too far to church and that will limit his audiance if he go overboard, it may work once when the time is right like if he make top 3 but if he start doing it now people will get tired of it

    -Casey Abrams, “I Put a Spell on You , i give him an A. like Randy said he is the best musician that they ever had and because of that he sing very good coz he understands whats musical note work well and bends then just right. so far he is the odds favorite to me

    • yes but he is in the right kind of music, country music is the number one selling music now.the country fan are very very loyal thats why alot of the past idols try to get in it. he is ready to sell many records in country. thats who he is so why should he channge it when he does it so well

      • Don't get me wrong,I am a huge country music fan, but we already have Josh Turner. Scotty is going to have to get a little more origianl. There is no aguing the fact that he has a great voice, he's just going to have to bring something new to the table.

  37. The obvious top 5 that are going through are:






    The 3 who will be given a chance to fight for the wildcard spots are:




    Stefano was edged out by the top 5.. He was definitely the 6th best performance. So I'm sure he will be given another chance to fight for a spot in the finals.

    Robbie & Tim were amazing prior to this performance. They rocked hollywood week, especially Robbie who was consistent all the way. So they should be given chances to fight for the spot as well.

    As for the others, they wouldn't be in the final 12/13, even if they did get chosen to sing for the spots. Clint is all over the place, Brett is horrible tbh he's just here because of his backstory, Jovany is good but boring, Jordan just murdered whatever he had with that performance.

    I really hope Robbie makes it because his previous performances were amazing.

  38. ok so my boyfriend hates scotty because everytime i hear him sing i get goose bumps. he sounds just like josh turner exspecially when he sung long black train.

  39. Jordan was bad last night… but he has the most talent IMO. Jordan should be given another shot. I dont get all the love for Casey!! Im not impressed. Scotty, Jordan, Paul James and Jacob should go on.. Jacob should be a gospel singer..his style is getting on my nerves though

  40. I pretty much agree with this article. However, I think James Durbin is over-rated. How many times is he going to do that scream? Yeah, he sounds good vocally but he's too over the top for me and too reminiscent of Adam Lambert. Can't wait to see Jordan Dorsey go home, don't think he even deserved to be in the top 24 to begin with. Randy was the most honest judge last night. I agree that Clint's vocals were drowned out by the music. He sang well but I don't like his personality. The men I voted for were Brett, Jacob and Scotty. I liked what J-Lo said about Jacob – that Luther Vandross is gone but now we have him. What a voice he has. Vocally, he is the guy to beat. I love Brett's stage presence. He is great performer and I like how different he is. Scotty is a man and makes you believe that there are still good old-fashioned men with good values in the world. Not to mention his amazing voice. The two things together in the same category is amazing and I know he'll have a successful career in country music. He is so true to who he is. I really like Stefano being a Kentonian as well but I wish he would have chose a different song. Bruno Mars is hot right now and all over the airways. I think he sounded too much like the original and his own personality didn't shine through enough. I get the whole Paul McDonald vibe. His scratchy vocals do remind me of Rod Stewart but Maggie May is too much of a classic to be performing. I would like to see him do some James Blunt because I think he is better on ballads.

  41. The judges will pick Jacob if he is sent home since he is a sure thing. We should vote for others we like who aren't such a shoo-in. I don't actually see myself buying anything Jacob puts out since it isn't my type of music. Is he going to sing Luther all the way through? Maybe he'll do some James Earl Jones. What?? I want Casey, Paul, Scotty, Tim, and Jordon, then Jacob as the judges pick.

  42. Jacob was remarkable, I just love his singing voice. Scotty McCreery will be hosting the Country Music Awards in a few years with Carrie Underwood, and with any luck they will record a duet. As soon as both of these guys are voted out, their music careers will begin!

  43. Jacob and Paul will be the last two males standing in this competition. Both have looks and Sound, the teens will be voting for them both.

  44. Dont know about all the others but our Hometown Boy did us well—I know he'll be going on. And in person he is truly a very likeable sweet person. GO SCOTTY!!!

  45. I totally agree with you on Casey Abrams performance. He looked really mad and borderline psychotic at time. It gave me a really uncomfortable feeling. And speaking of uncomfortable Brett's version of light my fire really made me feel that he didn't belong up there. Everyone else left much to be desired. I'm sorry but that Lusk cat loses me with all his lip gyrations. Just too much. I though the judges were way to easy on the fellas or they may not be very good judges. Randy gets a pass. Kind of makes one appreciate what Kara brought to the table. These items mentioned stood out the most for me. Hopefully, the girls will bring the heat tonight.


    • Abrams' actions were supposed to be a caricature – over the top. You see, entertainment frequently involves hyperbole. You clearly haven't seen too many blues singers. The blues is pretty boring when just sung. If you don't believe me, listen just to the lyrics of any blues song. Also, Lusk's lip gyrations are necessary to make some of the sounds that he makes.

      • Some people just haven't been exposed to Blues. Some of us have and some of us don't get into. It's OK that we don't all agree with everything. I give credit where credit is due. Lusk got a A from me. He's great, but I won't be buying an album. That's all. But thanks for reading! I love hearing everyone's thoughts!

    • I personally really really enjoy Casey Abrams!!! he is so good and so entertaining I love the bluesy side he has and I really hope that my 20+ votes for him pays off I would love to see him continue for a long time.

  46. Wow, I almost totally agree with you in every way — both in your observations about the contestants singing-wise and personality-wise and in your actual grades.

    I'll lower a couple of your grades a bit, though: I thought that Brett's "Light My Fire" was a very odd choice for him and came off as totally non-believable, so I give him a C- instead of a B-. And I'm not as onboard with Paul's quirkiness yet as you are; I thought his "Maggie Mae" was kind of silly/shallow. I like him still (but he could wear thin over time), but your A+ was too generous, imo; I give him a B.

    • Hey thanks! After re-thinking things over night, I too would lower Brett's grade to a C. I also would probably lower Stefano's to a B+ But I'm not budging on Paul! haha. Thanks for reading!

  47. There's only one thing I disagree with you about, and that's the matter of Casey's performance being believable. If you know anything about Screamin' Jay Hawkins (and really, the name alone is enough to go on), Casey was basically channeling that man into his performance while also giving it his own touch. I thought it was believable and entertaining and different (exhilarating and hot), and frankly, the most memorable of the night. He sang crazy good and he really knows how to entertain. In my opinion, he completely deserved the pimp spot.

    Also, many comments here are lamenting over the fact that AI doesn't seem to treasure talent over all else, but it's not JUST AI that does this, it's the general population on a whole and (subsequently) the music industry. It's not solely about talent, it's about whether someone can sell you. Now, regardless if you like her, before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, she was just Stefani Germanotta, and she could SING; she was crazy talented. No one could sell her, however, until she became the persona of Lady Gaga.

    It may not be fair, and it may not hold up to all our standards, but that's how it works. When you look at these contestants in regards to talent AND marketability, there are only a few that might be able to measure up. And Casey, at the very least, has enough soul, talent and interesting qualities to make him marketable; never mind his looks either, because I WOULD take him home with me.

    That being said, I hope he doesn't win, but goes far, then goes on to get his own record deal, and when that happens, I think he's the only one on this show I would be prepared to buy music from. In the end, that is the only thing that matters.

      • I know, virtually everything is, and if not an outright 'opinion,' everything we perceive is still effected by our bias. I admit I'm smitten with Casey and just can't help myself. My personal enjoyment/appreciation of what he did biases my defense of him, though most of your own reviews for the performers include bias too, mind, not that they‘re completely overrun by them.

        But I like arguing (intelligently) about opinions! I wasn't trying to be rude, but I do like replies that are more than one word, or that have…something to say. I'm civil, I won't bite, and if I'm not outright respecting your opinion (though it's always fine to disagree, that's all the fun, in my opinion =D), you can tell me!

  48. I disagree with you on Lusk and Abrams. Lusk has one of the best voices I have ever heard in pop music. It is also obvious that he puts everything into his singing. His facial expressions are a bit much, but then an angel's wings are superfluous also. Abrams voice is not as good as Lusk's or several others. He makes up for this with showmanship and technical skill. If you think he was over the top or artificial, then you probably haven't seen many blues artists. Blues must have hyperbole in the singing because the lyrics are downright boring. These two were 1 and 1a, with Scotty being #2. As for the rest, it does not matter, they are also rans this year.

    • I'm not sure who you're talking to because how can you disagree with an opinion? Because it doesn't sound like we disagreed on the voices. Lusk and Abrams both got As from me. They're just not my favorite. Opinions are awesome. Always remember that.

  49. The Guys: Mind-Blowing Talent! The winner will be one of the top seven on my list below:

    1. Paul McDonald is a thrilling performer – a unique talent. He’s a complete phenomenon in which every part grooves with the other part. His slanted stage-walk complements his illusionistic hand gestures. His illuminating smile complements his slim and perfect form. He entirely mirrors himself. There is no oddity about him, other than the fact that he is utterly unlike any performer in history. His raspy soft voice remains unparalleled. He’s a brilliant creation, a vocal magician, a masterpiece of God.

    2. Jacob Lusk has the talent of the late opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti. He sings with the power of erupting volcanoes. His voice is divine. As Tyler mentioned, we are honored to be before him, as he humbles us with his mighty voice that is oh, so tender, as well. He unveils a magnificent talent that has such strength, it reaches supernatural boundaries.

    3. Casey Abrams is a wonderful performer and a gifted singer. He has a talent that can’t be mimicked. His performance is breathtaking as he slices through all regulations and sings true to his own. He’s a genuine rebel, which makes him a phenomenal singer.

    4. James Durbin is packaged for the stage. He unleashes his soul, his feelings, and a singing voice that moves through different keys, while it escalates into a blasted scream of ecstasy. He holds a note for an unbelievable duration of time that staggers me. He is grand.

    5. Brett Loewenstein is in harmonic balance with his being. He is totally odd and beautifully so, as he sings like an angel in the now generation. His talent is superb. His consistency is remarkable, but understandable, because he is his true self on stage for every performance.

    6. Clint Jun Gamboa is ready to record today. He astonishes us with his signature singing that appears to be stress-free. He was born for this career and he’s a good stage performer.

    7. Stephano Langone has movie-star quality. He’s worthy of recording. He’s young, brilliant, fun, and his voice is quite special. He brings pure delight with his performance.

    8. Robbie Rosen has a gorgeous and carefully controlled voice. He sings as a poet writes. His ballad performances are remarkable. I want to see more before I move him up on the scale.

    9. Jovany Barreto is a gorgeous man to look at. His singing is tender, and his tone is luscious. More work is needed for stage presentation, and he needs to unleash his emotions.

    10. Tim Halpern is good, or he wouldn’t be in the top twenty-four. But I’ll have to see what he brings next time, because I didn’t see it last night.

    11. Jordano Dorsey delivered a performance that he admitted was out of his genre. If he has his own thing, he must bring that to the stage. It’s a big mistake on night one to bring something uncomfortable and to admit it, too. Not a good move.

    12. Scotty McCreery is ready to record. He is strictly a country singer, and he might fail to perform well with other varieties of singing. But for country music, he is an A+, and he’s worked on his facial expressions that now harbor on professional.

    Beryl Shaw/

  50. When I think of an AI, I think of the whole package. Some of our greatest stars had just ok voices, but along with their presence on stage, they became superstars. I think of Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan…wonder how they would have fared on Idol…hmm

  51. Like you mentioned so many times, opinions…everybody has one. However, here's a fact. Jacob Lusk voice is unmatched by any of these guys and I like several of them. Jacob is heads and shoulders above the rest as far as vocal ability. His voice is powerful enough to move folks to tears. He has a spirit the rest do not possess. I think I hear your bias in the type of music he sings by the statement you made about how good his voice is but you wouldn't buy his records. Strange remark. I think u need a reality check. Randy even stated that one of his performances was the best ever. He has the best voice but he may not win due to the Melinda Doolittle factor – read into that for me

  52. I just love Casey – he just has it – voice & the way he conducts – like a professional!

  53. I LOVE SCOTTY!!!!! I can't help by smile every time he sings. He has one of the best country voices I have ever heard and I REALLY hope he's the #1 guy! GO SCOTTY!

  54. I love Scotty!! I don’t care for country music but I could listen to him ALL DAY!

  55. I love the diverse opinions on here! But I think we can all agree top five were James, Scotty, Jacob, Casey, and Paul. (I am personally in LOVE with Paul!! Found his band online, the grand magnolias, and the man is so freaking talented!!) My question is who do we think the judges will pick as wild card? I'm hoping for Stefano. If they send Jovany through I think I will throw up in my mouth. A lot.

  56. i think two guys are the best scotty,and jacob.i love the way they perform!!!!!!!

  57. Here Again Are My Top 6 Guys I've Given You My Top 6 Girls And I Believe The 13th And Final Wild Card Will Be One Of The Girls.

    1. James

    2. Casey

    3. Jacob

    4. Scotty

    5. Paul

    6. Brett

    • Bret was amaizing.I love him and i want him back next year or for him to start on his own im shure if he did he would get big he diserevs better.

    • I totally agree with you. casey is so great everything I have heard him sing is wonderful and he is so entertaining! I love old country and have come to hate the new country it is too borderline pop (not that I don't like pop, it just needs to be country or pop not both it doesn't work) Scotty is so good for how young he is I think he has a lot more in him and once he just relaxes a bit more he will be great!

  58. And I hate Clint Jun Gamboa . His attitudes is so bad , If he does not have a good soul he will not deserve to continute . We vote for american idol not only their talent but also their figure and soul .

    • I could not agree with you more. I Don't like him one bit. He isn't even that great of a singer to me. I don't like his attitude, his look, his voice nothing. I think that he thinks he is better than he really is. He can't hold a candle to Casy,Robbie, or Jacob. I will say this I am not a Jacob Lusk fan at all, but he sung the life into that song. I will give him that. That is one of my favorite songs of all times and I think he did it real justice.

  59. Tim Halperin – Not a great performance but hope he continues because when he gets on that Piano he is in the zone.

    Casey Abrams – Thinking that he is a given either by America or by a judge choice for top 13.

    Scotty McCreery – I really like him and when it gets to disco week he would be best to stay in his zone and put a country spin on it.

    Jacob Lusk – I know he is the rave on the blogs and a hot choice but sorry for me it is a hot mess, to much tech and not enough to really pull me in.

  60. What I like about Casey is that the kid is an all-round musician, playing a number of instruments as well as having a solid voice – but the beard and hair must be given a work-over. Not gonna win lookin' like a delivery driver for Domino's.

    And yeah, the original Screamin' Jay version is also over the top/campy, so Casey wasn't going in a wrong direction by hamming it up a bit.

    James Durbin – Pipes pipes pipes. I said it at the audition and I'll say it now again: he has the power to really do something, as long as he doesn't trap himself in the mode that the 2nd place guy did last year, that of a one-trick pony.

    I didn't see the actual performance just the Youtube clip, did any of the judges comment on hos obvious/glaring flub of the lyrics? The line is "I'm taking FLIGHT, I'll never get enough" not "I'm taking TIME…" Big giant metal eagle on the cover of the album give a clue guys???

    As for the rest of the clip, he was more controlled and less screechy than before – good. But I really thought the song lacked any of the fire of the original (I will allow that some of that was due to the seriously bland rendition by the house band), it was just kind of even and level and that made it more American Bandstand sounding than Headbangers Ball-like.

    He can do much better than this, and I hope he does.

  61. I agree with the your grades literally across the board. Including Brett getting lowered to a C after your night of rest. The only thing person we do not have in common is CASEY!! Casey is my favorite of ALL American Idol contestants PERIOD. Please youtube Screamin Jay Hawkins if you havent already, then maybe the history of that song and the artists that professionally covered it. If you were to really see the history of this song performed and then bring it to Casey two nights ago…you will see how he brought a killer uniqueness to it that is ALL his. While other fine competitors get As and A+s, I will have to bring Casey's performance two nights ago to A++++, yep that is FOUR ++++s. His style in his performance, his Casey-ing the song through note selection and delivery of lines at the times he decided to..the moments he brought in his add-ons, he is a musical genius.

    But seriously, I am agree on EVERYTHING ELSE.

    You're an amazing judge! I started having to do my own computer research because as you mentioned between Steven and JLO, doood…there needs to be another judge to talk about these performances with. Steven is way too nice about everyone, JLO (youre a superstar I get it) but you suck so bad on your nice-ness. You just do. I mean I love her but as a judge she is so off. Just off. I am worried that her star power will influence the fans of the show to making the wrong decisions because they will be blinded by her star brightness. The worst part is that she seems to believe her judgement to be absolutely true…which it just aint!

    You are awesome though, you might just make me get through this season without getting too frustrating.

    • Its late sorry for my embarrassing grammar, should have double checked will next time!

  62. Thank God that I have the time to really witch American idol ,it look like we will be having a better American idol this season than last season

  63. Branden,

    I have to agree with many the people above; your observations and opinions are right on the mark!! =) Again, like you said I emphasise the opinion bit, as I understand we all have different tastes.

    I don't usually comment on boards and so forth but it's a good feeling when you actually agree with a critic as it can be quite a rarity…so thank you!

    The guys performance just aired here in Australia hence the late comment. I want to add that you definitely are right about Paul he is a gem! and definitely deserved the A + .!!..right there he was an artist and pulled it off perfectly!!!! it's beautiful when the artist comes out and THEY are in the song..because noone else needs to be there ..they are supposed to bring us with them. One of my biggest pet hates are when performers or artists egg on the audience to get into it and gesture to clap or wave; that ruins it for me and he was just happy in his own little world on the stage with great indie quirk!..i hope he stays like this. (I will add Steven Tyler has that aspect, I dare not compare Paul with the genius that is Steven Tyler (I emphasise you can not get close to Steven's brilliance) but you know when Steven is on stage..he is enjoying every piece of that music and you want to be exactly where he is …such a beautiful characteristic in a performer)

    I agree above on the lowering of Brett…I don't dislike Brett but his performance reminded me of someone at the end of the night in their drunk happy state. It's all good and well to be yourself and I commend him for it but it didn't connect.

    Scotty – I agree with the Scotty critique..he is brilliant for a country singer..Country is a style I can't seem to like but i enjoy his voice… this bloke doesn't need to be on the show..go get him a country record deal … he will struggle with the other genres..but who cares he knows where he could be!

    Casey – Branden you hit the spot with him, this guy is brilliant and his vocals were sensational.. I like him a lot and he was nearly all there but he focused too much on putting on an act, less of that and he's gold!

    Jacob – I have to disagree slightly with you on him.. I agree that we know he is the best technical singer there I think he just needs to ease up on using all his ammunition at once..(something I thought James was going to do .as we know he can scream!)..but Jacob is definitely a gift !.there are moments that he hits notes that remind me of the brilliant haunting vocalist and artist of antony from antony and the johnsons….he is actually capable of doing that haunting….not there yet but hopefully he gets there..of he takes us down and then hit it when where not expecting it.

    Well, thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your critques and opinions!!!

  64. There is alot of great singers this year, & the judges are so compatable! I love it!

    I'm a Scotty McCreery fan all the way!I love his deep voice! I love country music, but then again, I love all kinds of music!

    I agree that scotty should stick to what he does best………country! I also agree that he needs to develope his personal style. Garth Brooks started out trying to sound like George Straight, but then he found his own style. I'm confident that people will tell Scotty that, & no matter what happens, I picked Scotty the first time I ever heard him as the winner this season! He has such great manners, looks, style, & he is humble.People like that!My advice to Scotty is………….be yourself… seem comfortable there. Pratice other types of music, & I'll keep on voting for ya! Hugs, & God bless!


    • THE JUDGES SUCK!!!!!!

      BRING BACK SIMON!!!! they are too nice and tweetums…. im starting to get annoyed by jennifer's niceness!!

      Can she not see that the others where not even close to STAR quality…geez… it's making me nauseous… barf!!!

  65. You have got to be kidding me?? Jacob was A.MAZING!! and Brett L…UGH, if he hair flipped one more time I was going to throw up. Someone needs to tell him his hair is not all that.

    Paul McDonald comes in second because of his quirkiness. I can see him on stage.

  66. Boys are better than the girls again this year: Favorites are: James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, Scotty McCreery.

  67. I freaking love Scotty McCreery! I am a country music fanatic, but all of the country nowadays is pop/country and it sucks. Scotty is bringing back the good ol' country music that I grew up listening, and loving. GO SCOTTY!

  68. I think Jacob should be the top guy and Stefano, Casey, Clint, and James should follow.

  69. OH EM GEE I JUST ADORE THE HECK OUT OF SCOTTY! i totally think he should win. i love him. i never really listened to country music, never really liked it, until i heard that beautiful angel voice, i fell INLOVE. i'm sitting here now, downloading country music, listening all day. i'm inlove inlove inlove with him! GO SCOTTY YOU SEXY BEAST I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 ur voice is WOW and ur eyes are WOW and omg everything about you is WOW.

  70. I agree with Tarheelsgirl! Scotty is the total package! He appeals to all ages! I'm from North Carolina too, but if he was from Ca.

    …………….I'd still be his Biggest Fan!

    Stay true to yourself Scotty………..That's what the judges saw in you! You're A true entertainer!

    Scotty, you're so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Scotty all the way. Natural, non screamer, non shaker of hair and a wonderful voice. He is a real joy,

  72. Clint needs to go back to the Kareoka and back io putting down kids who is younger by half his age

  73. Scotty McCreery is the best!!!Hands down

    I been a fan since his audition

    I will always be #1 fan. LUV!!

  74. Scotty Mccreery, is the most amazing on the show. I grew up listening to country music, & this is the first time i've ever heard a voice like his on american idol. I hope you take it home Scotty! I'll def be going to one of your concerts if that ever happens! (:

  75. Brittany…………………GF………….

    Pa Leaseeeeeeeeeeeee take me with you when you go to Scotty's concert! πŸ™‚

  76. While I am ipressed with the level of talent from Casey Abrams, I do have to admit to thinking that I am watching Will Ferrell. If he starts banging on a cowbell, I will just die of laughter! Google it, folks.

  77. Konrad, if you're referring to me using GF………….you must not be pc blog savy. It means girlfriend. I don't use my Lord's name in vein! I'm a CHRISTIAN! I forgive you, you didn't know. HUgssssssssssssss & God bless ya!

    • VAIN not vein…. a vein is a blood vessel…fyi

      but I commend you for saying though shall not use the Lord's name in vain =)

  78. gosh….who said that Clint Gamboa is ready to record…ahhhh yes!!! "opinions" anyone can be a recording artist… but you think people will buy it??? i dont think so..

    He is just another bar singer…

    nothing special!

  79. I am not a country fan either; but Scotty is slowly changing that. I love how he doesn't try to be like the other country stars; he just acts like himself. I hope he wins it all; and when he does, he needs to come to Branson, MO. and perform. I know I'll be there to see it. πŸ™‚

  80. Husky…..thank you I think! lol (laugh out loud) I was so excited I typed a word wrong, but it's ok.We all make mistakes. πŸ˜‰

    FYI………..for your information…………Scotty McCreery just made the first one to make it into the top 10. Go get em' Sweetie! You got alot of FANS!!

  81. I think all of these guys are doing a great job out there cuz it's not easy to make it to the next round,for me I felt some strong feeling on how those girls sang,this year American idol will be greater than last season cuz we have more talented singer

  82. I am not a country fan but I have been a SCOTTY FAN since day one. There's just something so adorable and sweet about him, which I hope Hollywood fame never never ruins. I don't know how far he'll go in the competition although I have no doubt that he will still get a country-singing career started out of all this. I do wish him well.

    One thing is for sure: Idol has not had that type of a good old fashioned country singer like Scotty. The question: Is he relevant and 'trendy' enough for today?

    Go go go, Scotty!

    • And yes — he is also the only one whose vocal range does not include screaming or screeching. A lot of the past Idols and Idol hopefuls had the scream factor and it certainly is a trend to scream/screech. It would be such a refreshing relief to have one who just…. sings and makes your heart all warm and fuzzy. Holy Sheep…. sigh

  83. Scotty is my choice by far, then Casey & Paul. I think Clint Juan Gamboa is too high on himself & should go. Jacob Luck has a remarkable voice but he is way overboard with the way is carries on!

    • Scorry McCreey reminds me of Don Williams. Give him a stool to sit on, a guitar, & mic, & he can blow you away. He takes you to a happy place. A+ Scotty! Hus, & God bless!

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