American Idol 2011 Top 4 Perform Tonight

I hope you’ve got your Victory garden planted and ready because tonight on American Idol 2011 we’ll be visiting the post World War II songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Gee golly, Wally! Surely it can’t be all that bad, right? Well of course it could, but let’s hope it’s not.

No word yet on if the remaining Top 4 singers: Haley, James, Lauren, and Scotty; will be performing two songs or just one but since we’ve got another 90 minutes of showtime I’m guessing they’re doing something to fill all that time. Didn’t past seasons drop to 60 minutes once we got this far in the competition?

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In rumor news, E! is reporting that James Durbin will perform a “mind blowing” rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'” to pump the crowd. Note that song was not written by Leiber and Stoller. Since FOX has locked down all song selections this season it’s interesting that they’re suddenly “leaking” that information. Could it be to entice an audience that isn’t used to cranking up their Victrola to listen to their music? Seems Idol should have done a better job of letting everyone know the Top 4 would also be performing music not chiseled on tablets. Fingers crossed.

Which performer are you most excited to hear on American Idol tonight?

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  1. omg!! i saw James Durbin on twwiter and followed him!!!!!!!!!!! i love james durbin!!!!!!

      • eat this guys.. Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson n former AI contestant Melinda Dolittle love haley.. so she’s a winner already.. she has a star quality..

      • Why do Haley fans always have to make a smart remark when someone comments about James? GO JAMES DURBIN!!!!! YOU ROCK AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!1

      • Im a fan of both and like all the top four, i like James and Haley the best, but why cant we just all get along and not fight over if somebody is bad or not. They are all good.

      • and this will really rock you boat–some people are talking about getting James & Adam together to sing a duet . They greatly admire each other.

    • Haley is the real 1. Go spice girl. She’s definitely much better than that Gaga Lady. YoYo Lady will win AI 2011. Gurr!!!

  2. James Durbin for the win!!! James if you ever read these, just want you to know you are crazy good. Keep up the good work ! You are such a great performer and i love watching you. If it wasn’t for you i would have bailed long ago. The last time i watched it was when Adam was on , and i got so upset he didn’t win i stopped watching. This year after seeing you i changed my mind. You brought Idol back to life. Can’t wait for tonight!

    • CJ…..Your post could have been mine except I gave in and watched Saeson 9….BORING…..
      but your right Season 10 has been fantastic due mostly to JAMES…..He has revived this show right now and I hope America realizes it and votes for James…..Please, we do not need another boring winner….!!!!!
      Haley is definitely my second choice but would love to see James in the finale…It would make my season of Idol worth watching…

      • I love James and I hope he wins too. The others are all good, but I think I would get bored with them very quickly. James always holds my attention. He is awesome

  3. Looking forward to Idol tonight. (as always) Very concerned that my favorite, Lauren will leave tomorrow. Beautiful girl. beautiful voice. but so young and sensitive. Not a bad thing, just not sure if she is tough enough to go any further.
    Never wanted Haley to get this far. Never have liked her at all. Plus she has a “potty mouth” so impressive for an “american idol” NOT!!
    If Lauren leaves, James or Scotty winning is fine with me!!

    • thankk you!!!! i agreeeeee with everything you just saidd!!!! wowww finally someone who agrees with me!! haley suckkks she needs to go home!!

      • Haley I agree with you also. Lauren has a better vocal presentation. I hope she doesnt get taken off tomorrow. She is attractive and a natural

      • Let’s hear positive comments about our favorites. Not hating on contestants. They are all FANTASTIC!
        Top 4 out of 100,000 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Potty-mouth? How old are you? Hahaha. They bleep them out anyways! If you wanna nickname someone Potty-Mouth this season, how about Steven Tyler who has a cardboard language sensor to hold up himself?

        I hope Lauren and James do better this week than last week! I hate seeing any of them bomb because I like them all. Hope Scotty does another uptempo as well. If he wants to do a slow and fast again, please save the fast for second…last week, I was so pumped up after gone, then I fell asleep during his second performance.
        I hope Haley nails whatever song she picks tonight, I reall want her to stick around. She’s a star. I’ll be okay if she goes home over Lauren, but I really don’t think it’s Haley’s time yet. I think Haley in the finale w/ James would explode my t.v…in a GOOD way!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Carol, Give up the potty mouth crap already, will you? We all know how you feel about Haley.
      Good luck to your Lauren tonight
      She will need a night like Haley had last week to hang in there. I still say she has the purest, most beautiful sounding voice this season.
      See how easy it is to be complimentary

      • I agree, Scotty, James, or Lauren are true American Idols. Face it- repeated bottom 3 and potty mouth is not an American Idol.

      • Delaina, how would you know? You personally know those 3? You’re probably right, though, I can’t see Haley ever selling-out so closed-minded and judgemental people will like her. She stays true to herself, and that’s AWESOME for her fans.

    • Seriously you guys. “Potty mouth.” I am sure none of the others ever cursed before in their life.

  4. the judges better be fair tonight ’cause what they say really influence how people view the performances. like how people say that scotty only had one bad night when in fact “for once in my life” was as bad as his swingin” and how james’ vocal control on “you’ got another thing comin'” is as bad as “without you”

    • Do you really think the judges critique of the contestants influences the vote, how very sad. I know what I like and who I would go see in concert, I would hope everyone votes that way.

      • Actually, considering how many people are just sheep… yeah, I would say the judges do influence many folks. Sad, but most likely true. Too many people need to be told what to think nowadays.

    • for once in my life & swingin were not bad at all.. he’s always consistent.. swingin was just a bad song choice & for once in my life was not bad at all.. maybe to you, but not to us IMO..

      • I agree with you V I dont think those songs were that bad. Like you said Choice I hope Sccotty knocks em dead tonite…Good luck to all Should be a super show

  5. i am more excited to hear haley perform tonight what song she ‘ll gonna sing.hopei can vote for her but i can’t.

  6. Greetings from Peru. I want a good night for all, my favorite is Scotty. I want to see Scotty in the final. Their votes are important. Scotty makes us appreciate a genre of music, which is released here in Peru. My friends and I hope Scotty CDs. We feel that going to be someone big in music. I hope you understand me. Hopefully the music industry management allowed these kids grow as artists. Will not fall into the light music sold today. Scotty is our winner!!

  7. Ok, to answer your question, Idol to hear this week.. now it is James!

    Interesting news leak, if James sings that song, “Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey’s version and Steve Perry’s vocals are so silky smooth and ridiculously good, I really hope he does justice to it. James will be attempting to make a song his own that is definitely is going to be a big challenge. If there is one Idol on the show to even attempt it, it’s James.

    This is a song every single singer wishes they could sing and can’t hit those notes. This alone should make it worth to watch tonight’s show.

    Unfortunately, I grew up hearing this song and now only equate it to the masterful ending of the Soprano’s last show!

    One last thing, this is what I am talking about, known, relevant songs by the Idol’s in their versions, that is the only reason I watch.

    • A big risk for James since Glee did it also but will be a grand slam if he pulls it off well. Not sure if he can match Glee’s itune sales with this song, that will be a tall order to fill.

      • I had heard Journey would not release their songs to Idol but Randy played with Journey for a year including their 1986 album Raised on Radio so maybe he pulled some strings or maybe because they let Glee use and record it.

    • Yeah, don’t stop Believeing is one of those Monster songs that either you slay it, or it slays you. If James really is going to perform it tonight, then it will likely be either his last performance, or the performance of the season (right there with Haleys HotRS)

      James is rolling the dice and trying to put this thing away tonight.

  8. Seems like some more Durbin-pimping. Leak his song performance, but nobody else’s; entice early-on in the show with the promise of a Steven Tyler performace with him if he makes the Final. Ignore the fact he has a problem singing in tune.

    Real competition – NOT. Whatever. I hope he’s as good a guy as portrayed, and that he’ll really stick to and support his family with his fame and fortune.

    • Big pimping and we all know the TPTB leaked this info. Bad move all the way around. May get more viewers because everyone is going to want to compare the glee version. But it just puts added pressure on James, like these kids don’t already have enough of it and actually I think can piss off some people because there are going to think it’s bull&*#@ and a ploy from the TPTB.

      Im routing for Scotty, but I hope James pulls this off, if not it’s going to be very bad for him. And I agree with Dan, Steve Perry’s vocals are silky smooth, and James is good but saying he has smooth vocals is a stretch.

      • I agree, Dawn. Anything that pulls in comparisons to Glee is bad as they are all professional singers. Especially for James since he’s had the Adam Lambert stigma since the beginning. It’s a good song, though. He has that going for him and he’s had some really amazing moments this season so he may just be able to pull it off.

    • I know…
      They’re puppetmasters of the first order. But don’t forget when Zak Wylde played guitar for James, also…that was uhh…really something, as well. It sucks that the other 3 don’t get such great priveledges and special treatment. They’ve had to rely strictly on their voices, and mass appeal. (Which came easily to Scottie the Hottie/Body, and Fall-down-the-stairs Laughing Lauren…
      Haley’s had to fight tooth and nail for every single inch she’s advanced on this show, and I really admire her so much for that. She’s got courage, all around!

      Love all of them! Go Top 4!! Please, don’t put me to sleep with these songs…work it out! 😀

      • Oh give me a break. Any one of them has access to the same things. They just have to ask. James was the only one with the vision to even consider pulling in such insane things into his performance. The others are at fault for not having the same vision.

  9. from the philippines, we support haley. and journey’s new frontman, arnel pineda, is from the philippines too

  10. I’m not sure what I think about the rumor mill and James doing a Journey song. I could not find that song on Leiber and Stoller website, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t somehow associated with the song. If they are not associated with the song, then, well heck, I don’t know.
    Anyway, how could they possibly know its a mind blowing rendition of the song. Even if they were allowed to watch a practice session and he did well, it isn’t Wednesday night yet, and he hasn’t performed it on stage in front of America yet, so unless they are fortune tellers, or the show is taped, they cannot possibly know that it is a mind blowing rendition.
    It sounds like fun though, I hope he gets to sing it and slays it.

    • I saw a rumor that they are doing only one Leiber and Stoller song now due to negative feed back. Idol likely released the news to get younger fans to watch the show since few even know any L&S songs.

      • rumor has it that Mel Gibson tweeted a Conspiracy Theory after hearing James was singing journey. Mel says that Idol is fixed, they know James is going home tomorrow night, and will be singing his swan song, a mind blowing rendition of Keep On Dreamin on thursday night after his elimination.

      • Don’t worry JD…it’s not you! Jake never has a sense of humor anyways. Just a bad attitude. 🙂

  11. why does james get to sing a song that’s not from leiber and stoller?? if the rumors are true. something is not quite kosher.

    • As noted above, I suspect the Top 4 will be singing a second song not from Leiber and Stoller. The Journey song would be one of those songs.

      • I wonder when they made this decision, seems like the kids won’t have much time to prepare if they changed the format this late.

      • @JD: I’m sure it was always their plan to do 2 songs. They knew they had to fill 90 mins.

        The difference is that last week they told us they’d be doing “Now & Then” performances. This week they only mentioned the “50’s” songs theme portion, but they’ll still have an hour and a half to fill with 4 people singing 2.5 min songs.

  12. I am most excited to see Haley, but I am looking forward to seeing all four. I hope Haley gets to sing Trouble.

    • yah you are right ,i also hope Haley gets to sing Trouble, OR I’m A Woman.

  13. i’m from Malaysia .. just support Lauren .. She should win .. she got everything package to be a winner .. 🙂

    • im frm malaysia too.. i loveee haley soooooooooo much.. u go girl.. cnt wait to see u singing live tommrw (malaysia time) hihihi

  14. I am predicting the best show so far this year tonight and possibly 70M votes this week since the fan bases are really pushing hard to get out the vote. Top 3 get a hometown visit, this coming weekend I think.

    • They are singing two songs tonight. If you follow twitter the contestants talk about their songs, not song. So sure one Lieber and STroller and one their choice.

    • You mean Scotty the Body? Who knows, but I know Scotty doesn’t like it, he is always like why does he say that.

      • Ryan is just a stupid person, thinks he is funny and makes himself looks the most ignorant person. I truly don´t like him, he always have made idiotic comments thinking he is the best joker. Ha!

    • Sorry for the duplicate questions, but I posted the original. Then, they were gone, and now they’re back. I dunno.
      I get this weird uncomfortable feeling every time he says it. I imagine Scotty wouldn’t like it either. Or, does Scotty sport some guns, six-pack, or other asset that we don’t know about?

  15. Seriously, I am wondering who is gonna get the Jacob votes… I figure James got the Stefano votes, and Haley got the Casey votes. Admin, did you really remove this question?
    As for Scotty, why does Ryan keep calling Scotty, Scotty the ???

    • I suspect Jacob votes likely will be split between Haley and James, or they just won’t vote. Scotty could get some; I doubt seriously Lauren gets some unless she finds a way to sing some kind of R&B or gospel-infused version of a song tonight.

    • if you voted for jacob, you probably don’t like rock or country so i’m thinking haley gets the jacob votes. or maybe Be_Real is correct and they just won’t vote. Ok by me! i want james to win

    • I’m hoping that the Jacob voters will remember who was standing with him in the bottom last week. To keep voting for him they way they have, they must be compassionate people.

  16. I really wish good luck to all, the 4 remaining are awesome but of course I have my favorites. Would be super duper (lol) to watch James and Haley in the finals. All of them will have huge future in the singing, Scotty will be the most successful I think.
    Hope the judges behave tonight and give for once a powerful feedback. Go James and Haley!!!

    • I just hope they actually critique singing and musicianship for once. Tell us if you think they are in tune (“pitchy”), please. Unless, of course, somebody does rap or a Bob Dylan song, in which case, I guess, intonation wouldn’t be an issue). Do they sing with dynamic control? Do they do anything impressive with their voice at all? Or is this just about song choice and emotions and wishy-washy, subjective garbage about whether the judge believes the performer “connected” with the song and the audience? Please – an evenly balanced musical critique – just once! I know, I know…I’m delusional if I really believe they are going to start doint this now…

      • Be Real, Maybe it would actually be better if the ‘judges’ just kept their mouths shut? Especially that prejudice, PSASHT Jackson!

      • fatboy, I can’t disagree with you there. I’ve realized, however, this show is no more real than “The Bachelor” or other “Reality game shows.” This latest leak of James’ song choice for tonight is the final straw. I wonder whether it has always been this obvious, because I’ve never followed as closely. Makes me feel like a sheep to be so easily manipulated. Still, I do like the kids this year and so will continue watching until the end. But I won’t be watching Idol in the future, and I’m going to listen to judges tonight only for the sake of ridiculing them from the cheap seats of my living room.

      • Clearly, this show is all about what they can market. It’s my first season watching, and it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t just about vocal skills.
        I plug each song into Band Hero on my wristwatch, and no one scores above 87% accuracy.

      • Band Hero, really? To achieve high accuracy, someone would basically have to do karaoke mimicking of the BH version; that’s not what AI does! So, I would expect the accuracy to be low. I would HOPE it to be low, in fact; that means the performer has done something original and not just tried to sing like the original. For example, James would need to sing and sound as close to Steve Perry as possible tonight in order to score highly. If he does that, he’ll have achieved a fine impression of Perry, but he wouldn’t have made it Durbanized. I suspect he will Durbanize it some, so it won’t have a high Band Hero score.

      • JLo got the buzzer from my wristwatch band hero as it detects lip-sync vs live singing.

      • Maybe…just MAYBE…there are ways to sing songs that would make them better than they were originally? I mean like…MAYBE? Is it just too implausible?

    • You’re a good hearted person. I can just imagine the pressure they most be under tonight.

    • Your nervous me too. I feel like a school girl. My stomach is in a knot because I know these kids want to get to there home town celebration. But someone has to go, and I just hope it’s not Scotty. I love the rest but I’m loyal to him. Either way, for me tomorrow will be very sad because all four have been my favorites from the beginning, including Haley, from day one.

  17. thank you matt!! the victrola and chiseled tablet comment made me blow my coffee out of my mouth from laughing. i was almost safe getting past the victrola part but then the tablet part came to soon and there went the coffee.

    • You’re welcome!

      I just get ticked off when Idol screws around like this. Preseason Nigel told fans that they wouldn’t do themes like this this season but here we are. So meanwhile The Voice is rocking all modern, recognizable songs that represent what an artist would do while we’re forced to listen to 60 year old songs they’d likely never cover in their careers. What’s the point? Frustrating.

      • I totally agree…..If Idol has another boring winner this season, The Voice might be the channel to turn to…..I gave it a shot and I glad I did….Awesome show last night.
        AI will always be my first love but I am truly getting tired of the Kris Allens and Lee Ds winner this competition. We really need a James or a Haley..James is my preference but I’ll take Haley over Scotty or Lauren any day…

      • Imagine: Tonight we get to Liston to songs actually sold pm 78 rpm records!
        Wow… will most of the kids be confused.

      • ABS and Dee, you say a lot about yourselves by those comments. I admire your deep and educated musical tastes. Geez…

      • Jerks!!!! It’s as bad as people saying Haley is a crappy person, and only growls.
        Lauren is 16, and at most 135Lbs or so, give or take 5 lbs…she is not fat by any standards, especially American standards…
        There’s nothing wrong with having a little baby fat and meat on her bones…and this is coming from a 100 Lb girl. She’s adorable.

    • kechik: I think Lauren is wonderful too! And for all those below who said horrible things about her. Lauren is a size 8 & where I come from that isn’t large by any means. Lets power vote her into the top three!!!

      • Sorry, I guess it would be those above who said those horrible things. This new format is confusing.

  18. To much favouritism for JAMES , I mean there are still three other contestants and how does that make them feel . I don`t like American Idol this year , they took the result show off of my station in Canada not LOL

    • Tonight will once again be James Durbin’s night.. Go James.. Your the best in this season.. Keep rocking!!

      • I am a James fan; however, I don’t think people should be making him out to be the winner. There is a lot good talent in the top 4-anything can happen. So, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. Keep Voting For JAMES TO WIN IT!

      • No but he is good and should win Idol. He has worked so hard for this. Not saying the others didn’t . He has more range and is by far the most entertaining . I hope James is the next Idol. I guess at this point it could be any of them. I do believe Scotty is good too , but not as good as James. My vote will always be for James because he has demonstrated extreme talent that we don’t see often on Idol. He goes above and beyond to please a crowd . It’s like being at a James Durbin concert every time. I can’t say that about the others. Gotta love James!!!!

    • The heart and emotion he had singing that song. If you didn’t catch that where is your heart?

      • My heart left when my ears couldn’t take the dissonance. And then I lost it when he was dubbed “emotionally perfect.”

      • @Be_Real…
        Hahahahahaha. I love James, but last week his voice was just so off in many different ways…but I knew he was still gonna get positive feedback, and I knew he would still be safe, as well. Idol’s golden boy can do no wrong!

    • yeah, Haley’s gotta GO!! You don’t belong in the TOP 3. Over n out with your growling!

  19. Hola SCOTTY, me encanta por su sencillez y humildad y canta precioso , veo america idol solo por el deseo que gane. beso y éxito

  20. I’ve actually thought James sould perform some Journey for a while now. But I was thinking more along the lines of “Faithfully.” He would not only kill (meant in the good way) the performance but it kind of fits his life right now. I just hope he rocks “Don’t Stop Believing” and doesn’t come off too Glee-like.

  21. Lady Gaga coaching the Final Four on sings from the Pleistocene. Should be interesting. 🙂

  22. what is this Glee thing everyone keeps talking about? is it some kind of show?

    • LOL… I’m going to assume you’re either joking or from another country. I’m not a fan of the show, but the media won’t let me forget about it. Amazing what passes for entertainment these days!

      • i was not joking. i do not ever watch TV. this american idol is the first year i have ever watched it and that is because someone told me steven tyler was a judge.
        back about 16 years ago when a woman called susan smith drowned her kids, i turned the TV off and pretty much stayed away since. the story haunted me and when i would try to sleep at night i could see those kids faces as they drowned in the car. i dont ever read the news papers either.

      • Glee is a tv show about high school students in the school choir. They have covered some pretty big hits in the 5 (?) seasons it’s been on. While the acting isn’t that great there are a few good chuckles and the singers are actually very good, young PROFESSIONALS which is why I keep saying any comparison to them isn’t fair.

      • 2nd chance: I’m glad your enjoying this season as I am, too. For some of us, it is the only entertainment we have besides our rare appearing kids!

      • @secondchance…I know what you mean. I remember the diane downs case and andrea yates case. Horrifying events!!! gives me daymares on their behalf when I think of it and hold on to my children a little tighter when I give them a hug. There are a lot of TV shows out there that are pretty darn funny and entertaining after a long day at work. Just have to watch CNN and news networks in moderation or they will definately get you feeling down in the dumps.

  23. I am most excited to hear my idol James – he is soooooo good, I just like what he do on stage, I really enjoy his voice, his singing, his sensitive side and mostly he is true to himself, I do admire this quality in him – he will shine tonight I just can feel it….I am also very excited to hear Haley, Scotty and Lauren because I know they will put on a great show too – at this point, I am not sure if I prefer Haley to Scotty now, after Haley last performance, I think she did an excellent performance and not sure who I prefer Haley or Scotty – will see tonight – but my vote goes to my James – lets rock tonight James. Your number one fan from day one.

  24. I wonder if the screen behind them will show Flintstone cartoons while they sing the Leiber & Stoller songs.

    • LOL I can see it now, Fred saying Yabba dabba do after Lauren, Scotty and James performing,
      then when Haley sings the judges will come on and say

    • I saw an infomercial for a 50’s CD package the other night. To me all the performers were like old people in youthful bodies! LOL

    • Templar, buddy, Selected highlights from ‘Night of the living dead’, perhaps? Better yet, Al Jolson and Janette & Eddie singing?

      • And in Steven Tyler’s chair sits Nipper the RCA Victor dog listening to the gramophone.

  25. Tonight should be a very interesting night….I’m hoping James really is singing Journey, one of my favorite groups, and nails it……Well lets all watch and enjoy the show…

    • Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) In an interview James was asked what one song TITLE would he pick to define his life so far and he said that song title would be “Don’t Stop Beliving”. Being that he will only sing & perform he
      has a deep connection too, I think he will nail it!

      • Diana…He has all my votes..I just hope he keeps it together tonight no matter what song he sings…..He has to sing his heart out not his emotions….He WILL nail it tonight…..
        Vote for James by far the most exciting singer in the last two seasons.

      • Isn’t the song about teenagers in the streets (prostitution, homelessness and drug use)? How does James connect to that? Some of you who have talked about Haley and her performance and song choices can hold your tongues here…

      • I agree with both of you. James is wonderful. He is also very smart with his song choices. I know he will do great tonight. I believe in James and have from the beginning. I have not been dissapointed one time since he has hit that stage. My loyalitys will always be for James!!

      • Be_Real: Somewhat, but the main theme of the song is that no matter how hard life seems to be, you have to keep believing that it can get better.

        Anybody that has gone through a rough stretch in their life should be able to connect to the message of the song. Especially somebody that has had it as rough as James did, but has now climbed so high, so fast.

  26. Go Haley. She is awesome. I never heard her say a bad word. Doesn’t matter she is the best singer. They all are good though.

  27. I laughed the first time I heard the reference to the Heroes tv program… Save the Growler, Save the world. However, after watching a clip on idoloonies about how unfairly Haley has been treated by two of the judges, I urge all fencesitters to Save the growler.

    The clip is entertaining and funny, yet it really points out just how biased and unfair the judging has been the last couple of weeks, or more accurately all season. I could sit here and vent about the judges for hours, instead I will just say


    • I agree about the judges but I have to say this again — I think Haley is a very stong person as well as contestant. As an AI voter I do not let the judges opinion sway MY opinion regarding a performance & I feel the majority of the AI voters have the same mind set, but I may be wrong.
      Also she is a strong & determined young woman.
      She got cut from the auditions last year, but came back – she didn’t give up.
      She has been exposed to the critical world of entertainment because of singing in her parent’s band & is savy to the way the entertainment world works.
      I feel being unfairly judged -not that it was right-actually helped her because I could see her get stronger every week.Really like that about her.

      • Diana ~ You said “I feel the majority of the AI voters have the same mind set”

        Well, I think you have much more faith in people than I do… but then again, old age is making me very cynical.

    • Regarding Haley…I’ve almost always agreed with the judge’s opinions before they even opened their mouths about her. So it’s not just them.

      Call it poor song choice or unintentionally making songs more promiscuous than they were meant to be, but I’m not on board with the majority of her performances.

      • wowser!! PROMISCUOUS???

        what pedestal did you fall off of??
        unloosen your collar…its a wee bit too tight!

      • When you have the time, please explain how a song can be promiscuous because I would truly love to read your explanation.

      • I agree with you, James! Haley’s always TRYING to sex-up her performance hahaha hahahahahahaha keep trying GIRL! Maybe you’ll get more votes doing so, good luck

  28. i want to see haley sing!!! i also like scotty and lauren as for james i dont really care about him he is way to fake to me

  29. Ok, Matt…I gotta admit you made me laugh with that but don’t be SO close minded … You might actually enjoy yourself tonight!

    • Oh I hope so. I really do. I just don’t get why they put these singers up against the odds instead of setting them up better.

      • I do agree on that…but I’m telling ya, I like this theme better than Carol King. I hated that show. There are all kinds of good songs from this era…unfortunately, most of the Leiber-Stoller songs are, for lack of a better word, hokey! I’m really hoping Someone ( Haley) does “Down in Mexico. But I hope nobody does Coaster classics like Charlie Brown or Yakety-Yak. I’m looking forward to tonight’s challenge. Hope it’s surprisingly good!

  30. So this picture just confirmed how short Haley is and how crazy tall Lauren is. The last few weeks I’ve had the same thought but camera angles are always trying to make Seacrest look taller than he actually is so I couldn’t tell.

    • Hayley is small and it really showed last week when they all got round Jacob and that’s with heels so she is probably not much above 5′ but sure packs a big voice for a little one.

  31. james sucks… he is so loud when he sings, but i believe he can make it to the top 3…
    lauren is so robotic…. i wish to send her home..
    scotty is becoming cool though a lil’ bit boring.
    Haley has becoming likeable…

    my prediction:

    final 2: Haley and Scotty

    3rd- James

    going home this week: Lauren

    • You have the perfect name…weirdandsarcastic.
      Nobody sucks….all four of these idols are good singers, its just a matter of our own tastes in music……

  32. I can’t wait to see how Lauren responds! I think her fans will retaliate this week. I am praying she picks great songs and goes for every note!! Good luck Lauren…hoping Haley goes home. I have never liked her voice.

    • I would love to see a miracle out of Lauren. I’d also be very surprised to see it happen. The girl was broken last week, the stress obviously has gotten to her and the producers have pushed her too hard in the wrong directions. Still, she is a sweet and very pretty girl. By the way, in pictures on various Facebook sites and comments there, it appears Haley has treated Lauren like a little sister in recent weeks and has given Lauren support and encouragement. There are all kinds of behind the scenes photos of them embraced, arm-in-arm, smiling and laughing. I hope they both win (by getting satisfying musical careers). As many have already proven, winning Idol isn’t the be-all/end-all.

      • Interesting point: Which idol winners would you go to see in concert vs. top ten?

      • I would pay to see Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson. I would also pay to see Kimerberly Caldwell, Adam Lambert, Siobahn, as well as Scotty and Haley from this season.

  33. I love Haley. Great stage presence and her voice is raspy. She has a little bit of Adele and Rihanna. She a winner! Follow your dreams and don’t think that one is safe hope the public and judges votes votes for the voice and not for popularity. You deserve to be in the final 2. You know your niche now. Go for it

  34. I think comment # 44 don’t know anything about music. Lauren is good she needs more time to grow I don’t think she’s ready for the big guns.

    • Madeleine, I’m almost 30 years old, and I know when someone sounds good. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Just because I don’t like someone’s voice that you like doesn’t give you the right to say something nasty to me. Grow up! or go do some homework!

    • Lauren has the single best voice in the remaining four! But she lacks the self confidence and stage presence of the other singers. Scotty sounded pitchy as hell when he did a duet with her, and in my mind, she sang the Miley song better than Miley ever could – and “look ma – no Auto Tune!” as well!

      I don’t think she’ll win this, but she can have a music career if she would just believe in herself. The judges said it – even she does not know the depths of her talent. I really hope she one day can.

    • lauren did better than Haley last week. The judges sure thouhgt so when they said Haley should not have sang a lady Gaga song!

      • no one is ballsey enough to do GAGA..except one. James and Haley in the final

      • Yeah, yawning high notes instead of actually singing them certifies someone a star.
        Lauren can be a star, but she has to find confidence in herself first, to do so. I bet she will, she’s only 16 yet.

  35. holy moses. last summer, i heard james perform ‘don’t stop believin’ at a karaoke bar in santa cruz and he SLAYED it. *very* excited about this rumour. 🙂

    • his voice is definately similar to the Journey sound. I bet he will do really well with it.

      • I dunno.. Perry hit some impressive powerfull high notes in that song as well… James putting his trademark note on it wouldn’t be out of place assuming he uses it in the right spots of the song. 😉

  36. Haley will kill this thing tonight. She’s got the perfect voice for post-WWII songs. I’ve always thought that too, so I’m really looking forward to hearing her performance tonight! Go Haley!

    • I knew I was not the only one thinking this! Imagine if she wore some 50’s style clothes and matching hat? WOW she would look and sound the part too. She has SO much music to choose from in that era as well. I think she has the edge here, and if she is smart about song choice and wardrobe she could really come out on top.

      • LOL, funny you mentioned the outfit.. I was thinking the other day that I could just see Haley in one of those Black and White Detective Films as the classy dame that comes into the Detectives office to ask for help… One of those wide brimmed hats the ladies wore in the 20’s and all. 🙂

    • Not all of their music was written in the 50’s.

      I’d like Hayley to do “I Keep Forgetting” in the style of Patti LaBelle who had a big hit with it or the Elkie Brooks song, “Pearl’s a Singer.”

      But love the image of her as a Bogart type lady vamping it up. 🙂

    • Me too! Between waiting for my finals grades to be posted and tonights performances I’m a wreck xD.

      • David P….Good luck with your final grades……Hopefully you will do as good as James tonight!!!!!!

      • Haha, thanks Phyllis! If I do half as good as James does normally I will be ecstatic.

    • Aren’t we all? I sincerely hope we hear the best singing collectively from ALL of them. AI has never been this good!

  37. maybe by some miracle, James will go home this week. I am still hoping for a Haley/Lauren final 2, but I know that won’t happen.

    I will still vote for my two girls!!!

      • Personally, I’d like to see James and Haley for the final…but I like Lauren, too. I think Scotty is a great kid and has a nice voice but I just find him a little boring ( Don’t hate me…just an opinion). I grew up on country music but I don’t like most of the new stuff…too generic and too pop sounding.

  38. I’m not suggesting that the show is going to physically rig votes or stuff ballot boxes or anything like that… but I feel all involved in the show will do all they can to influence the viewers/voters toward a Scotty vs James finale. Afterall, this show IS all about ratings. And what will ultimately amount to a Country vs Rock’n’Roll finale would ensure the best ratings. That simple.

    • The only question the next couple of weeks is who goes first, Lauren or Haley? I think Lauren goes first. I just feel that Haley has more fight and simply performs better.

      • I have never liked Haley, don’t know how she got this far
        I hope she goes home next

      • I don’t want to fall asleep, though!

        Haley got this far, because we voted for her.

      • I totally agree, I do not think Haley will get any further then next week, perhaps this week.

      • Wrong! Haley is gonna make you wipe your brow and get down on your knees and beg for mercy with her killer performance. You are going to eat your words!!!!

    • Well, it appears, from the judges critiques, Tim, that you may be right. Hoping like crazy that they are unable to pull that off.

    • Seems to be the way the judges are trying to angle it.

      I have downloaded all the songs these four have sung since the round of 13 (except the two last week from James and Scotty’s Always On My Mind.

      Playing them back, the two most consistent and good to listen to are the two girls.

      At this stage, there are so many spare votes out there from people who were supporting another and now may be casting for another.

      So, while the judges may be pimping for a James/Scotty final, don’t be surprised if that is not the case.

    • Lauren came thru on both songs tonight, big time. You want country vs Rock? How about Lauren vs James? She’d win it!

  39. ok this is it…
    tonight we see these 4 perform together for the last time…
    I have my favorite, but seriously, each one of the 4 left are quite good …
    I don’t want to say anything negative about any of them today…
    I hope the all do their very best tonight, and knock it out of the park…
    I can see each of them in a good career after this, so long as this experience hasn’t hardened them too much…it’s tough enough to be young, without all the stupid negative comments we have seen…
    So … here’s hoping they all have a great night!!
    And tomorrow , I will be sad to see one go……..

    • Amen to that sentiment and let’s hope we have a great night worthy of four great singers in their own style and genre.

      This final four is the youngest ever on Idol, beating Season 3, where the final 4 had ages of 16, 17, 19 and 25 for an average of 19¼ and this years ages are 16, 17, 20 and 22 for an average of 18¾.

      The biggest thing the Idol producers and 19 Productions want out of this year is finalists that will sell well album-wise and when they go on tour.

      Apart from David Cook and Adam Lambert, the last three years have been bad for them with last years final two having major flops with their initial albums.

      It is crunch time for them and Idol’s future because if they don’t get true winners this year, they may not want to continue investing in the show.

  40. SPOILER: Well Jacob they said spilled the beans in an interview. Second song choice is inspirational songs. Let’s see if he is right, if so I hope Scotty does Live Like You Were Dying

    Anyways good luck to all your idols ladies and gentlemen.

    • another country song…great song …but no variety…sure scotty will do well .

      • At this point they want them to know who they are not variety. Even the judges said this is the time to show who you are going to be and what you are going to sell. And for Scotty that is country.

      • You can stay withen a specific Genre and display variety. Scotty finally did that last week with “Gone”

    • Yeah Dawn J, that would be the obvious safe choice. Which has pretty much been his m.o. throughout the season. Same ol’ lame ol’. He ain’t got the stones to do it but I’ve suggested “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” before. Country, but country with a little get up. And a powerful message to boot. With recent events still fresh in viewers minds, he could steal the night with that one.

      • I would love that but I don’t think it’s listed as inspirational. But he should stick to country at this point, it’s who he is, if he deviates at this point they will nail him for it.

      • I agree piper I can only imagine would be a good test for scotty. I wanna know if he got that exploding range.

      • I want him to sing I Pray For You! I think of all the Haley haters when I hear that song.

      • David P.: I think that is a great suggestion. However, somehow I just don’t see Scotty singing “I pray your breaks go out going down a hill”. LoL

      • James is singing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, it was leaked yesterday. That must be his inspirational song.

      • Josh has the strongest male voice I’ve heard in years. If James can master that tune, he would deserve to win! It’s like Unchained Melody… only Clay & Lauren have tackled it & Lauren bailed on the big note.
        Good luck to all of them tonite.
        I have told my two friends to watch it…that they’re in for a fantastic night. I pray they all hit their A game!

    • Never could guard his comments, could he? I am surprised
      AI would let him be privy to that info.

  41. I wonder could they possibly be doing 2 songs by themselves, AND duets, for ten preformances?

    • There is time for about 12 songs if they stick to the 100sec(1:40) format and little filler talk.

    • I would actually prefer longer songs than more songs though. So the contestants can get into the song more, because 1:40 is pretty hard to shrink a song down to, and close to impossible for those giant 5:00 songs like bohenium rhapsody.

  42. My guess is that Lauren will lead off and Scotty go last, with Haley 2nd and James 3th but the producers make the call so who knows.

  43. I, as everyone else, have my favorite. That being said I wish them all well. All of the contestants will be successful, some sooner then others. Enjoy tonights performances!!!

  44. It is curious to me…that USA Today, today, ran a pic and write up about Scotty! I wonder who put them up to that…??? Seems a bit suspicioua to the other contestants… though, one can only conjecture who might have been the power behind that article.

    In spite, of of today’s voting day publicity for Scotty, I think James and Haley will become the final two contestants.

    If Scotty wants to place in the final two spots… he is going to have to stay of out the sleepy time,
    lullaby, slow mood and rev things up a bit. I admit that he has a good voice… but the slow tempo in which he sings betrays his youthfulness and the synergy one would expect from a young entertainer.

    • Why should Scotty stay away from the music that he does-Thats just stupid and I dont for a minute think anything hes sang was sleepy music They have all sang slow songs and Scotty has also sang fast upbeat songs. Hes Country music only and that should be what he sings-DUHHHH

      • The point, I think is, Country is a huge genre with a lot of really amazing songs he could pick from that would be fun and exciting and we’ve really only seen that out of him once.

      • Exactly David. Scotty can stay withen the genre and sing good upbeat songs that energize. Last week was the first time he pulled it off, now he has to keep it up.

    • The article I saw in USA today talks about Scotty, James and Lauren. Haley was mentioned, but no write up about her.

  45. My vote will most likely stay with Scotty if he sings like always hes fantastic

    • I hope Scotty does great tonight – I know he can – country has a lot of inspirational songs – hopefully they let him pick the “right one”.

      • Scotty has the voice to do an slow inspirational songs well but can he put the needed emotion into it.
        A slow ballad like song will make his fan bases happy but may not win him new fans, doing “Gone” was a very smart and well timed move for Scotty.

      • I felt bad for the contestants whos leaving the competation.but there is only one winner to get the title.iam so glad my 2 favorites is in the final 3.i want to see Lauren and Scotty in the finals..

  46. Go all the way, James. The other three are good. James and Scotty have major talent. They both work the crowd naturally. The girls have to work to have a chance. Jacob should have gone before Casey. I think we lose a girl tonight.

  47. I will try again. This year’s show seems less directed that the prior years. Simon pulled out Lee last year. He redressed him and suggested songs for Lee. Randy does not seem as pushy. Jennifer and Stephen both seem very balanced. They are much easier on the kids than Simon. I do miss Simon’s biting comments. Who does Simon want? That is the big question.

  48. OK I have the popcorn ready to microwave, dip and chips setup and cell phones recharged.
    Is every one ready for a great show tonight? and don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE after.

  49. Hailey just sang her butt off, that was better than the original. J.Lo and Randy are CRAZY! Stephen is right…she nailed it! She is awesome and very talented.. Excited to see the rest of the show!

    • Steven seems a little detached from Randy, and J-Lo. Could there be some friction there, J-Los body language towards Steven tells alot. ???

  50. I think James and Lauren tied for round one, Haley sang it very well but maybe not the best song to pick and Scotty was off key with backup singers on one part but great song done well over all.

  51. No, not a Lauren and Haley finale! No! I think that Lauren will go home this week. Hope so.

  52. What is wrong with the voters? Scotty is not even close to the talent singing as anyone that has been on the top 100. He is a nice Kararoke singer!

  53. I am feeling low. I have a feeling Haley is not gonna make it. I could just strangle Randy. He has personally sabotaged a great singer and wonderful talent. But here I go to vote. My goodness, but they all brought it. I really enjoyed watching and listening to them. Wish I could say the same for the judges.

  54. Haley sang beautifully in both songs. But I have to agree her first song was a bad choice. Haley should have known Randy and JLo were going to get all over her for that. Of all the songs to choose, why that one? I don’t get it. It’s not that it was that great. I did not know it. But, then again, I didn’t know Scotty’s, either.

    I did not agree with Randy’s asinine comments about Haley not reaching the notes near the end–and was screaming. I didn’t hear screaming. . I thought she did beautifully, especially in the first part of the song. But she did get too growly in the second half of the song. So she once again raked in a bad review from 2 of the judges. And for the first time, she answered Randy and argued in her defense a little–never a good move.

    Oh well, let me go distribute my votes.

    James took it tonight, that is straight up the truth.

    • About Hailey I have to say that the growling is killing her, she is losing her voice and make my ears bleed. When she has to sing the high notes her voice get lost in the music you can not hear her clearly. Her second song was well performed but then again that growling ah..I personally think that is going to be Scotty, James and Lauren the top three, people the way this is going a male singer will again win AI.. Blessings to all..

    • Time for JAMES to go every song he has sang he’s always screaming and he freakin BORING want to be ROCKER.

  55. Lauren blew everyone away with both songs, unlike last time when she pulled back onUnchained Melody. She’s the one to beat IMO this week!

  56. The judges are trying to manipulate the voters so James and Scotty get the two guys finale. For me, now its James is getting a bit annoying with his Axel Rose wannabe screams…I like him, he is a good performer and have a great personality but in my opinion he’s not the best singer of the bunch. And even though i’m rooting for Haley, her attitude tonight was very inappropriate. I didnt agree with Randy but, she have to maintain her grace and class specially with millions of people watching her facial expressions. But still, I loved her performances.

    • I agree with you,I’m so sick of James hope he goes home and I think Haley is AMAZING both songs were great.

  57. Lauren was the worst IMHO the judges praise her because she is 16 acts like a 12 yr old and they don’t want to kill her confidence as if she had any to began with lol.

  58. I didn’t like Lauren’s makeup or her clothing, if that matters at all. Especially disliked the first dress. The 2nd outfit fit the song, but was still way too tight.

    • I wasn’t crazy about Haley’s hair or makeup, either–made her look too old. Her clothes didn’t bother me, even the 2nd dress, which was hitched up on one side. Thankfully, the camera didn’t dwell on that so much so the haters can just leave her alone, please.

  59. Although I did not know Scotty’s first song, he did a fabulous job singing it. And it was a fantastic pick. However, I did not like Young Blood (as I had been saying, I wasn’t really a fan of the song). I think he was trying to have a lot of fun with it, and he did make it upbeat as he should have. For me, however, it was a little too over-the-top silly.

    James nailed both songs, imo. He really came back strong, and I am very, very happy for him and his fans. (I did cast some votes for all 4 contestants because I thought they’d earned them, with Haley getting the most of my botes, James getting the 2nd largest number, and Lauren getting the 3rd largest. I gave Scotty a couple, too.

  60. I don’t know how Lauren and Scotty made it this far! both are very cheesy. Sorry, fans!

    • Scotty is very boring both hands on the mike, and head tilted to the side. Each week you can tell what he will look like performing.

  61. I had to laugh at James in his performance–he used strictly rocker moves. There were no Elvis swivel hips going on at all, despite Lady Gaga’s personal attention to that detail.

    • Good for him, he is true to himself… was his moves not someonelse – I think he shines last night…

  62. Did anyone notice how Lauren is starting to growl a little (trying to be like Haley?)

    • I did! I couldn’t believe it when she did that. She sounded just like Haley in those two spots! Now, I wonder if she did that on her own was because she thought that’s what she should do after watching Haley all this time–or if Haley was coaching her a little. Although she did a good job with the growling, and it came at the right moments, it didn’t seem to fit with the “Lauren” persona everyone knows and likes.

  63. WOW only a couple of busy signals while voting for Haley tonight, not sure if that is good or bad.

    • Well, I voted a few times for each contestant (some more than others) and I didn’t get a single busy single the entire time! Thinking having 2 phone lines, with both texting and online voting access capabilities has eased things up considerably.

  64. James u knock me off my feet from the first day i saw u and i know u will win it all gl and we love u in wyoming

  65. James BORING don’t like him and I’m a rocker he SUCKS.I hope he goes home this week had it with his screaming.

  66. (I’m the ‘LINDA’ a huge fan of James Durbin.)

    Without James, the finale will be really ‘DIM’ !!!

    • Fox. I guess channels vary, depending upon where you are. Here on the East Coast, it is channel 5.

  67. I love Lauren but she will have many more chances as she is still very young. I will be backing Scotty, he is an AMERICAN IDOL. I was previously voting for Jacob he really kept the spirit going, sorry son that you did not make it but you are definitely the next Luther Van Ross (My Superstar)and will be going places. At least you had the opportunity of been exposed.

  68. @ Vanessa: Seems this is the only blog I can post on right now. People must have rushed to their computers after the results show.

    Re your statement above: Although I agree with you, it’s the same one Hilary backers used against Obama. And look who won. Didn’t sway the majority of voters.

  69. Hayley must out…I want Scotty, Lauren and James… Their voice was pretty good…

  70. there is no excitement performance of this top 3 my the good performer are jacob,casey and james this are the great performer singer

  71. The very heart of your writing while appearing agreeable in the beginning, did not sit properly with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a very short while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you might do well to fill in all those breaks. In the event that you actually can accomplish that, I could surely be amazed.

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