American Idol 2011: What should the Top 4 sing?

What I’d like to suggest the “American Idol” Top 4 do is NOT sing songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. But unfortunately that’s the entire theme. So they’ll be singing only songs from that song-writing duo of the “post World War II” era. Yeah, that’s how Wikipedia explains them. That’s kind of a long time ago. But hey, they wrote some good songs so there’s no point in dwelling on the fact that teenagers and 20-somethings are being forced to sing songs as old as their grandparents.

That being said, here’s what I think the Top 4 should sing from Leiber and Stoller’s song list.

*Haley Reinhart, “I’m a Woman” by various artists. Now this song seems almost too predictable for Haley. It’s bluesy, it’s soul-ful, it’s empowering. But I think it would be a good choice for her. Even if Melinda Doolittle did sing the song during her season. I know a lot of people don’t think songs should be repeated. But it doesn’t bother me as long as the song isn’t the way-overdone “Alone” by Heart or “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins.

*Lauren Alaina, “I (Who Have Nothing)” (Shirley Bassey’s version). Again, this song has been done on “Idol” (Jordin Sparks), but it’s a pretty good and powerful song. Lauren could have a moment, despite how old the song is. But that’s the case with all these songs. It’s actually kind of frustrating. Maybe Lauren could do “Stand By Me.” While it’s been done on the show also, I don’t really remember it being done by a girl.

*Scotty McCrerry, “There Goes My Baby”  by The Drifters. I’m not sure this song will work with a twang, but it has a lot of potential for a modern twist. And there are some pretty low parts that Scotty could handle well. This is a tough theme for Scotty when you throw out the Elvis songs. I don’t think he should sing a third Elvis song this season. But if he did, he could handle “Love Me” maybe.

*James Durbin, “Kansas City” (The Beatles’ version). This has a pretty serious rock vibe for its time, so I think it could be right up James’ alley. Like Scotty, there aren’t a lot of songs that scream “James,” but he can easily make something his own.

I haven’t heard if the other part of the show will be more singles or duets and if the song selections change. Oh “Idol,” do you even know?

What are your song suggestions for the Top 4?




  1. I hope they let them chose whatever song they want on the 2nd song, or it will end up like carole king week. duets shouldnt be done again, because scotty and lauren probably wouldnt be allowed to do a duet together again, and whoever got stuck with scotty one note would be screwed.

    • Tanner, if you didn’t watch last week he has more than one note. Gone had a huge range and he sang it great and the studio version is even better. And he has shown he has more than one note. So can we please get off the one note thing and lay it to rest. The kid can sing what he wants, he just choses to sing the way he does. He knows what he wants and who he is, why everyone is trying to change him who the hell knows, but the kid got talent and anyway in any duet, girls, women always over take the song, very rarley does a mans voice over power a woman’s, please I listen to carrie underwoods duets and she overpowers any man she sings with as it should be. In my opinion, and many others of what I read, He kicked the crap out of Casey and James with his solo vocals on Viva La Vida, which showed and entirely different side to him and never mind what he did with You’ve Got a Friend and how he control his voice and twang and definetly got a country/pop sound out. But anyway good luck to all of them, this is a big week, they all want to go home and sing for there home towns, and idol has to pick the worst, stupidest theme possible for them. Thanks Idol.

      • Scotty did a good job singing “GONE”. I didn’t see a thing wrong with it. I am a country fan. And I have heard it sang by the original singers. And I think Scotty’s version was on par with theirs.
        Yes Dawn those were good comments.And all true! Sherry K

      • Until last week, the “Scotty-One-Note” comments had teeth.

        However after his performance of “Gone” most of those teeth have been knocked out.

        That said, Scotty needs to keep it up. If he slips back into ballad after ballad mode, he will lose the ground he made up with “Gone.” Now we know he can do it, he needs to keep reinforcing it and keep it fresh in the minds of the voters.

      • YOu ae so right…great comments…I do think Scotty has proven himself. He does know who he is and he is going to win or lose by doing it his way…sort of like Frank Sinatra sang….couldn’t resist!

      • I know he has more of a range, but not much more. I was just saying that he would be completely overshadowed by anyone but lauren as far as a duet goes. Scotty is not an amazing vocalist, But hes a phenomal performer and he has sooo much personality. And that country twang will get him far regardless. During some performances its obvious that he can sing without the twang, And if he would try, It would be awesome.

    • Listen TAnner can we really put the one note thing away already. If you don't like Scotty that is your choice. But please I think he has proven he has more than one note especially after last week and with You've got a friend. He has also shown it when he, in my opinion and many others of what I read, kick the butt out of James and Casey in their duet solos of Viva la Vida. He defintely showed a different side there. Also, there are not many men in a duet that sing higher or better than their female counterparts. That is normal as far as I am concerned. But anyway lets wish them all good luck, this is a big week for them, let's get them home so they can throw their concerts and entertain their home crowds. I know I will be voting much much harder this week for Scotty. But good luck to Haley, Lauren and James also.

      • Oh, and that “duet” of Viva la Vida was a complete mess from all three performers, saying he did the best on that song is like saying crap tastes better than snot and vomit, it may be true (I wouldn’t know) but it’s not really saying much.

    • american idol is no longer about musical talent, the three people with the best voice the best vocal range and the best create talent have left the show. Pia, James and Casey. The show should no longer be left up to america, because obviously immature little teenie boppers know nothing about music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sorry, I do not robotically vote for anyone because they are they are my favorite performers, each and every week. As it would be way too boring to know who I am voting for, BEFORE they even perform. So, I am one of those few that vote for the best performer that week. And last week my favorite was … HALEY. With Scotty and James not far behind.

      • Nick, your post is your opinion. It is for sure not an educated one. Haleys tone, vocals and range are almost flawless. She has consistently from day one been one of, if not the best contestants on AI this season. You might like her the least, but its without debate she has an AMAZING voice. Scotty is great in his genre, James is great in everything. He has had a little control problem the last couple of songs, but emotions contributed to that. Lauren has a powerful and beautiful voice. She just needs to let it go. Good luck to all four of you.

      • Steve Fox — Completely agree. I vote based on their performances that evening. Some are consistently great, others are not. James has been consistently good, and Haley has been consistently improving each week. Lauren keeps holding back. Scotty did excellent last week. My opinions vary as their performances vary.

      • everyone in the competition now has their weakness…
        Lauren is good, but she’s sometimes pulling back.
        Haley is overdoing things and sometimes she’s losing her voice and she’s being airheaded.
        James sometimes lose his pitch.
        Scotty can’t sing a high note flawlessly…
        James is safe, as well as Scotty, and based on what I saw, Lauren will be…

      • You’re the ‘loser’, Nick. Go back to school…oh, but wait, you can’t do that, can you? The popular kids would still kick your a$$, 🙂 It’ll be alright. There’s online classes available now. 😉

    • everyone in the competition now has their weakness…
      Lauren is good, but she’s sometimes pulling back.
      Haley is overdoing things and sometimes she’s losing her voice and she’s being airheaded.
      James sometimes lose his pitch.
      Scotty can’t sing a high note flawlessly…
      James is safe, as well as Scotty, and based on what I saw, Lauren will be.

  2. * Haley Reinhart – “I’m a Woman” and “Lucky Lips” would be perfect for Haley. Haley better do her best this week because I know that she’s next.
    * Scotty McCreery – Scotty is the luckiest contestant this week for he can really get Elvis’ voice. Maybe he can do “Hound Dog” or “Jailhouse Rock” or any song by Elvis.
    * James Durbin – I wanna see James do a twist with “On Broadway” and “Kansas City” because these songs are too old and I know that he could do something to make them a little modern.
    * Lauren Alaina – Lauren can do “Trouble” and “Stand By Me”. For “Trouble” she could use her high notes and take it to gather all the votes that she need to make it to the top three. ANother song that she could sing would be “Stand By Me” where she can make it a little country, and a little upbeat, and I know this is going to leave a big impact on the judges and the viewers.

    • I don't like Scotty doing Jailhouse Rock or Hound Dog, both could come off to karaoke. They are hard songs to do if you don't have that elvis thing going on and if he tries everyone is just going to say he's imitating him. Plus he did elvis last week and I'm afraid if he does him again, they will crucify him. But really with this theme there isn't much else to chose from either and I hope everyone realizes that.

      • I’ll say it again! Love Potion #9 for Scotty! It’s perfect, fun, not boring, and fits his voice great.

      • you haven’t seen what is happening. Lauren will make it. I don’t know, but if Haley will make it, Lauren will, but one of the boys wouldn’t. If the boys were both announced safe, and Lauren and Haley will be left, it’s Lauren who will be sent to safety!

      • Haley’s great, yes, but Lauren is also great. You haven’t seen what is happening. If Haley will be safe, one of the boys would go home. If The boys were both safe, Lauren and Haley would be left and Lauren will be sent to safety

      • I see Lauren breaking down under the pressure, that’s what’s happening. I really hope she pulls it together and gives a stellar performance. That being said, if Haley gives another performance like her last 5 I will be voting for her.

    • Lauren is out of her league now. She has nice voice, she is pretty and sweet.
      But so were Thia and Pia!!!
      She is plain lucky that she has got this far.

      • Haley’s great, yes, but Lauren is also great. You haven’t seen what is happening. If Haley will be safe, one of the boys would go home. If The boys were both safe, Lauren and Haley would be left and Lauren will be sent to safety… I don’t know with Haley fans, they should save her, because Lauren is

      • If scotty could not sing he would not be in the top 4. All the last four are the best. and all can sing great.
        I love them all. Good luck to all of them. I know there can only be one winner and one runner up. but look at Chris Daughtry. so the last four standing will have outstanding carrers.
        love them all each one in a different way
        cant wait for wednessday

      • They’re all good. It’s just America. We all know that Pia is better than one of the contestants in the top four but she was eliminated… but I think it’s going to be Scotty safe first, then James, then Lauren, and Haley will be eliminated.

      • @ Renz: I was never a fan of Pia. So we don’t ALL know that. But I have loved Lauren’s voice all along (even though I didn’t like a lot of her song choices). Regardless, I think she has a remarkable future and I am definitely going to follow her musical career, because I am positive she will have one that eclipses Carrie Underwood’s. My favorite is Haley, but I guess that’s no secret.

        Could you please give me an example of when Haley behaved in a way that made you conclude she is “air-headed”?

      • Yes I couldn’t agree more. James Durbin deserves to win and he is the new face that America needs at the point of time. From his audition, I should believe that he could win American idol. God bless him.

    • C’mon James! Lets see you blow us away this week!! I’m rooting for you so goodluck man!!

    • James for the win he has worked the hardest for this Idol title. He puts 110% into all of his performances. He does not just hit and miss like a few others i won’t name, if you get my drift!

    • JAMES will do “Don’t Stop Believing” I don’t know, but I think there will be a second theme

  3. Branden, you have a perfect choice for James; I hope that’s the one we’ll here on Wedenesday! It’s time for James to do some rocking stuff …. James FTW!

  4. i really can hear haley on im a woman, but is too obvious so i dont think she is doing this! i would say that saved (im not sure if this song is in the list) is a good one… but, dont call me crazy, i who have nothing could be the best performance of her if she picks this one… i just hope she shine again!! and she will!! HALEY FOR THE WIN! VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR HALEY

    • Monica, I agree. I don’t see Haley doing I’m A Woman. I think it fits Lauren so much better and would allow her to recapture her mojo. I see Haley singing, “On Broadway” and slaying it.

  5. These songs made for Ssotty. he will nail any choice and wipe out James and Haley. Everyone vote Scotty. He is the best

  6. They need to do somewhat known songs and not too corny so that limits it a bit.

    James – Ruby Baby and Riot in Cell Block #9 or Trouble
    Scotty – Bossa Nova Baby and Young Blood or JailHouse Rock
    Haley – Down in Mexico and On Broadway
    Lauren – I’m a Woman and Loving You or Stand by Me

  7. Haley fans wasted vote Twitter Followers
    Scotty 119,717 Lauren 98,614
    Haley 78,002 James 87,734

  8. dont vote for haley
    how can you people like her all her songs sound the same, and she has no emotion when she sings

    • Couldnt agree with you more Every song is sang the same way, loud and scheeching.

      • Seriously? Wow — please tell me fellas — and don’t be shy, who your favorite “non” Idol artists are. I would love to compare who you like with Haley

      • Scotty. Has a unique voice as Haley does, and a plus has lots of character. I like this "Young Veteran" as Randy called him. Looks to me that the balance incline towards Scotty, this young man with no experience. Haley has years of practicing and yet are in the same competition. I wonder what Simon did not like to her last year, that she did not make it to Hollywood.

      • N0 Problem Scotty is by far the best. No put on, no growling, no screaming. Non Idol Etta James James Taylor Stevie Nicks etc

      • @fairlady …hasn’t Scotty been performing since he was young? He was dressing as Elvis and doing performances. He was in an ensemble at school. He sang at his graduation…competed in and won singing contests. I don’t think he has a total lack of experience..just a couple of years less on this earth than Haley.

      • I am speechless. Sometimes what people write actually SCARES me…”Haley always sounds the same, my favorite is Scotty.” (She’s the most versatile singer in the competition…
        “I don’t like Haley, she screams too much, my favorite is James.”
        “I don’t like Haley, she can’t sing, my favorite is Lauren.”

        Really? I don’t care who you like or dislike, but can we please have some intelligent reasoning behind it, AT LEAST?

      • @devin lee I don’t like Haley because she’s airheaded and overconfident. I can see her reactions whenever the good contestants were eliminated and she would smile, like when Pia was eliminated.

        @bahloo compare Haley to Five For Fighting, and Alanis Morisette… what about Sheryl Crow?

      • Get over it, they’re competing against each other. Haley wants it, and wants it bad. She smiles even when sent to the bottom 3 herself. An airhead? How could you possibly know that? Over-confident? Oh, I’m sorry, you must be the type of woman who prefers insecure females to confident ones…yeah, it’s always easier to be around a meek mouse than a powerhouse, isn’t it? Makes you feel better about yourself, huh? Her confidence is an insurance policy, in my opinion. She’s not scared to take risks!! Confidence is never a bad thing.

      • Piper, you are clearly just biased and will hate Haley no matter what. Your opinions don’t change the fact that she is an amazing singer, no matter how many times you repeat yourself.

      • Piper, please stoppppp with the growling comments. We know you think Haley only growls, and that you hate it, but we don’t want to read it again. Ever. Please. We KNOW.

    • I do like her voice but I do not like her guts. Last few weeks she proved is a little too full of self. To bad she cannot show her feeling in the song, as she does when people are critique about her. Sorry, not my type of idol anymore.

      • I have to agree with your comment about Hayley. She seems to be a good singer and has potentional. However she doesn’t interpret the song or feel it. If she can capture and express that, she’d be awesome. I’m so tempted to give her one of those long cigarettes and have her sit on top of a piano. In other words, she’s far too “old” for me. I don’t see her creating sales. If she ends up winning Idol, I bet you she won’t be remembered.

      • So she finally after 9 weeks gets tired of biased and unfair criticism and everyone is all over her. What about Lauren’s reaction to the judges criticism? She totally freaks out if it’s not sunshine and rainbows coming out of their mouths.

      • And the way she interprets the songs makes them all Haley songs, she brings the song into herself and makes them hers. None of her songs have sounded anything like the original and a lot of them sound better. I don’t know where you people are coming from with the ‘she doesn’t interpret or put emotion into her music’. You are grasping at straws because you can not validate your own reasons why you don’t like her. Just say “I don’t like her style, she’s not for me” instead of trying to davalue her as a performer or a singer.

      • When she sang that song call me , she really should not sing a song that she can’t handle. If you can’t sing it better than the person who owns it don’t do it!

    • It's funny that out of all four of them you pick Haley as the one who sounds the same. That's clearly being biased because Scotty has a good voice but sings the same way every song. James SCREAMS every song and is never on pitch. James only got by this season because of the THEATRICS that distract people from his average voice. (ex .marching bands, rockstars, wrestlers, fire on stage) and Lauren sings the same way but with not enough emphasis and power as she is capable of. I think they are all vocally great. but you can't blatantly say Haley isn't good just because you don't like her. Also she "growls" maybe once or twice in a song so that isn't a well enough complaint. its not the end of the world.

      • Nick…..James could be the most exciting winner of AI ever……He has stage presence and he can sing anything……….Its about time Idol gets a winner that can be exciting and vulnerable……JAMES is the Man….
        Lets put all our votes out for JAMES……

      • I agree with you Phyllis G — I always stop to read your posts as you are a voice of reason – Now with the new format I'm afraid I may miss your comments.
        James is an amazing artist & entertainer. I am looking forward to his performance Wed. night – want to see his magic & know he will shine. "Without You" was touching & his voice was beautiful & haunting he was singing his heart out. Don't know how he got through the performance. I was crying with him & I read that most of the audience had tears or all out crying. I love that he can be so sensitive.I admire this young man & think he will have a long career ahead of him.
        I will certainly vote, vote, vote for JAMES!

      • Diana…..It looks like we got the old format back….but I did like getting the notifications again…..I believe James will have a career, win or lose but I really want to see him in the Finale….so we have to keep voting for James!!!!!!

    • intimidated by her last performance huh…

      too worry if that will be her ‘way to winning’ performance, and put your favorite in danger…

      please just be honest to yourself, never let your ego control yourself

      • Renz, your reasoning lacks any substantiation whatsoever. It is your emotional response only. And I’d say it it is probably due to fluffiness in YOUR cranium area.

      • that’s my opinion based on what I saw whenever the good ones are eliminated… you don’t have to cry Pup

      • I don’t want to argue with you, but pointing out poorly drawn conclusions is hardly crying. Sounds like something a 4th grader might say because he or she doesn’t have any other comeback.

    • Just goes to show you there are many people walking around without a musical clue. Haleys pretty much did the best version of "house of the rising sun" that I have ever seen (live or recorded) and some (possisbly) clueless folks want to say "she has no emotion" and "all her songs sound the same". All one can do is laugh.

      • Well said Steve. I really believe most of the people that just hate on contestants are really young. They may not liker her and that’s ok, but when they say; No Emotion, only growls, can’t sing, it should be all we pay attention too. We know then they are not objective and have no clue about singing. Haley truly is a special talent. She can control her tone and variations in ways most people can’t. Not to mention she never misses a note. I hope they all do good. James, Haley, Scotty and Lauren. This is my opinion
        And the way I hope it turns out. I would definitely not be disappointed if Haley wins. My whole family loves her, especially my teenage boys.

    • Matt, Seriously? Haley’s songs all sound the same? Give us a break & put your brain in gear before making such comments… please!

    • I won’t say who or who not to vote for but I tend to agree the emotion is missing from her songs. Yes, she can sing and she hits the notes but something is missing. Haven’t been able to figure out why I’m not partial to her singing but you guys hit the nail on the head.
      The genuine emotion/feeling for the song is missing.

    • So, matt, I guess you are a James fan. I can’t think of anyone else you would describe as having an overwhelming emotional connection to their songs except him.

  9. Scotty “Rhythm of the Rain”
    James “When a man loves a woman”
    Lauren “Singing in the rain”
    Haley “Crying” (Roy Orbison song)

    • I bang my head against the Lieber and Stoller Songbook!!!

      Please quit suggesting songs that aren’t in the songbook? It’s not any 50s or 60’s song they want to week?

    • All this will be settled by late tomorrow evening by their performances & song choices, agreed?
      It’s been the best season ever for me & I honestly do not care how it turns out after Casey went home.

    • Stefano did When a Man Loves a Woman and I have to say after that I really hate that song. All recordings of it should be put on a boat and blown up along with 16 Candles and Red Red Wine

    • Definitely vote Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he picks some goods songs this week.

  10. at this point in the competition they should be able to sing anything. whoever really brings it tomorrow night and the next two weeks is yopur winner. regardless, all four contestants will be making records. hope they all get good deals and be promoted the way they should be. and i’d still love to see james fronting a hard rock band.

  11. Personally — I hate “I’m a Woman” for any of them. It’s cliche, it was used as a perfume commercial, and countless other “I Can Bring Home the Bacon, Fry it Up in the Pan” type ads……it’s CHEESE, pure 100% CHEESE…..

    I hope they all stay away from it…….

    For Haley — I like “Spanish Harlem” and “On Broadway”

    For Scotty — “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Along Came Jones” — I can hear him singing “Low Talkin Jones” — as I type

    For James — “Hound Dog” (only if they get two songs) and “There Goes My Baby”

    For Lauren — “Stand By Me” and “Poison Ivy”

    Most of their early stuff was stuff for the Coasters — “Charlie Brown”, “Poison Ivy”, “Yakety Yak”, and “Along Came Jones”, etc — it’s a tough songbook to sing from…..

    I hope it works out.

    • intimidated by her last performance huh…
      too worry if that will be her ‘way to winning’ performance, and put your favorite in danger…

      please just be honest to yourself, never let your ego control yourself

      • Cuz you people are perfect? You have never ever said one thing you shouldn’t have said or done one thing you shouldn’t have done? You really shouldn’t judge like that it makes look bad.

    • I don’t exactly know about the “going home” comment but I believe that being an American Idol should come without being a “potty mouth or chewing your finger nails on tv”. Especially on tv.

  12. Scotty should slow the song down and sing Dance With Me, You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care) Or Jail House Rock.

  13. I acknowledge that I am a fan of Scotty and I like the consistency of James, Haley is the singer who has collected the votes that have been already started to like a lot, frankly I’d rather see Scotty and James (not mourn and cry) for Eventually I started watching videos of the three and truly hear Haley sing on every song same. Jimmy said in the voice of Scotty is a subtlety so fast these days it’s nice to find that they consider boring subtlety should stop a bit of an artist as a whole and truly connects Scotty will be great if those who manage their careers allow you to grow as an artist unfortunately I fear it is lost in silly songs that we sell today. James-I expect a final or may be Scotty Scotty-Haley (honestly do not think). Greetings from Peru. Sorry by my English.

  14. Wow I like this new format looks clearer and the letters are bigger 🙂 well done guys.
    There are so many songs hard to pick really but I am thinking like they could do some of the big musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar. I think James would nail some of Jesus Christ Superstar songs, Scotty also has a big chance because Caifas had a low low range. For the girls some songs of Cats or West side Story.
    Of course they would never sing those lol but would be great to see what they could do with a musical.

      • Personally, I thought the other format was MUCH easier to follow. New is not always better. And I think this is one of those times.

      • I agree Steven Fox……change is not always better…..
        The other format was easier to read……JMO

      • Thanks Matt Like the old way best. When you were going back to old way, I shut down Phew

  15. Is it just me?? Has American Idol turned into the Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Show??????????? Really!!!!!!!!!!

    • I so agree Gee, but I think it is more the Jennifer Lopez show, she was in obscurity pretty much and now she is all over the TV, self promotion is what she did when she signed on with AI. I had not seen her so in the public eye until now (except of course for your baby). Geez, I do hope she is not there next year. Randy needs to gain some balz and Steven needs to quit saying everything is beautiful. Want some constructive criticism to help these kids grow. The only one that has truly grown is Haley and of course she is the one that has received majority of the criticism.

    • Well, I know what you mean, but I’d say No. And that’s because they’ve shown themselves to be irrelevant in their roles.

      • its because we cant see all the post altogether like before. Who and what, the reply to replying debate without to click the reply box as of now. I like the Thumbs Up & Down format though. Its less fun not to be able to enjoy the troll n debate reply altogether like before… If u want u can make a poll which format that everybody prefer more… please consider this admin 🙂

      • Thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely looking at how I can get the replies to auto-expand. I agree that I don't like how it's doing it right now.

      • Matt…It just seemed easier to read before. Too much going on now….I have to give my name and email everytime I comment.

  16. Matt, I liked the old format better, simply because it was easier to scan the replies, and like they say about Scotty, if it ain't broke don't fix it LOL. Seriously, I was just used to the old format, and the new one will take some getting used too.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I think things might have been a little broken with the standard comments. I have to give it a few more days to see how it works with heavy traffic.

      I'd like to get the replies to be auto-expanded so it's easier to scan through. Let me work on that.

      • auto expanded would be great. i would like it this way better then the old way if it was like that.

      • my comment is gone. i would like it better this way if it was auto-expanded.

      • Thanks, I do appreciate all the work you guys put in on making this blog available. I have been on many other blogs, and this one is friendly, and you and Branden have a good sense of humor, makes it a little more enjoyable.

      • Matt, it was so much easier to follow the old way. Do not feel you need to change just for the sake of change.

      • Matt, please do npt feel the need to changes things up, just for the sake of change.

  17. i went on a old thread and with this new format my computer would not even move. i like to use the find button and look for all my posts and comment. i really like to just skim past all the haley comments. i am really sick of all the hate comments and all the undying love comments about her. i like to read about the other contestants once in awhile. lol. so please put it back to the old format.

    • When I started reading blogs on the internet I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore, here there are flamers and haters and trolls oh my. lol
      Anyway, I totally agree that it would be nice to read comments about all the contestants in regard to their singing skills, what people like about their singing and performances, and what it is about their favorites singing that makes them their favorite.

    • I remember a while back Ellen Degeneras picked James Durbin to be in top 3 or win — can't remember which — wonder what her comments will be regarding
      who she see's as top three.

      • Diana…..I’d still pick James for the top 3 and 2 and maybe if we all vote for James the top #1…..JMHO

      • Check it out J Lo on Ellen today. She actually was a James fan and then after last week she is rethinking, she thought Scotty and Haley were great. Check it out. Bye the way Scotty got the loudest audience reaction as far as applause. Actually the only one. But it was a great interview, J Lo gave her thoughts on the winner.

      • I think stating that jlo was rethinking james is a gross exaggeration … in fact she said nothing of the sort. she said that james and haley have amazing voices and not that much more other than scotty was great on “gone”. i love how people put their own twist on things and suddenly its something it wasn’t.

  18. I sometimes use the translator my English is not good if you could see all comments would be ideal for me and do not forget to vote for Scotty is the voice I want to see win!!

  19. jlo only had great things to say about haley on ellen. i think if everyone watched it they would see she is not out to get haley.

    • I think the judges like all the contestants, after all they chose them out of thousands. I don't think Jlo or Randy is out to get anyone. I just think that as judges they need to be consistant. Constructive criticism is not a bad thing, and the judges fell short in evenly distributing constructive criticism to all the contestants. But hey, it is what it is, and this one is for you GO JAMES, now for me and Devin Lee GO HALEY 🙂

    • I would like to see Lauren there too, with Scotty and James, she is a very talented young lady.

  20. @Piper – Give the "I love SCOTTY, ra ra ra!" stuff a rest already. The kid's a one trick pony, with one note, that puts little effort into his performances. Even if I considered the final4 equal in vocal abilities, which I do not, I would still give the edge to 1) James and 2) Haley simply because they put much more effort into their performances. Really, Scotty & Lauren need to at least attempt to entertain before they could be considered Idols. I give him credit for one of his two performances last week. I was actually shocked, but only because everything else he has done was so lame.

    • Tim 🙂 Touchy, I guess you don’t like country. It’s much better then screaming and growling.

    • Tim I agree very touchy and why don’t you get off the one note thing. HE has proven that’s not the case. James was awful last week and I like him, and Haley final has shined yes, but both Haley and JAmes have more experience than both Lauren and Scotty, but yet the two of them are giving James and Haley a run for there money. If I look at progress Scotty has definetly made the most. And last weeks gone performance showed that.

    • We arent saying he can only sing one note Dawn so please shut up about it. We are saying the majority of the time he is just using his lower register. Progress last week showed Haley has improved the most, she is the only one who has really improved the others have just made minor to semi-major improvements

      • Shut up, who the heck do you think you are talking to. You have no right to tell anyone to shut up. So why don’t you take your comments and go some place else. And grow up while your at it.

    • That “one” performance last week shocked me also. It was upbeat and he actually moved around. I enjoyed it.

  21. Haley – I'm a Woman is a very good choice for her. She could also do There Goes My Baby
    Lauren – I Who Have Nothing or … I don't know what.
    James – James could do Kansas City or maybe something fun with Poison Ivy or Love Potion No. 9
    Scotty – Scotty's voice is perfect for Elvis songs, but he has done two already so that might be a problem. But I'd like to hear him try Trouble or Jailhouse Rock

    It's a hard choice because these songs have no relevance to these kids. This is another one of those things that will get a good singer eliminated because they chose the wrong song. I was really looking forward to hearing them sings songs that are relevant to them that showcase their talent. Oh well…

  22. Cannot find my comment – sorry if this is a duplicate — Ellen Degeneras had said awhile back on one of her shows she predicted James Durbin to win (or maybe in top 3) not sure– for those watching her show now has she mentioned an updated choice for winner ? Thanks

  23. Hate this new format. Took all the fun out of it. I doubt I'll be back here. To Bunny, Pup etc. It's been a blast.

    • NO TEMPLAR — DON't GO I agree with you about the new format. Although I didn't always agree with you I loved reading your "take" on AI contestants.

    • Templar, Don’t leave us just yet, okay? You are a great contributor & besides, don’t you possess the Holy Grail?

      • fatboy; No, but i have a friend from India who has a Holy Cow. Do I get any points for that? Love that we’re temporarily back to the old format. Admin; Thank You.

  24. if there will be a duet, IM A WOMAN is good for both Haley and Laure!!

    it will be great for both of them!!

    HALEY FTW!!!

  25. Matt……I am giving this format a chance but so far it gets a D……

    • I don't like this new format either. To me its very confusing. Would like to go back to the old format.

    • Lol…Phyllis! I would give it a C-…I like the thump up or down bits….& that's it! Like U, I hate that we have to type name & email each time! yuk!

  26. HooRayy!! Banzai!! The comment page turns back again!! Great job n thabk you Admin!!! 🙂

  27. the voice of Lauren is good but so typicall… scotty is only talking with isnt good too..I like James.. but definetly.. I LOVE HALEY REINHART..every week she does something different and new..her voice is unique.. she needs to be in the final with james…

  28. Admin: Thanks again for restoring the old format. My choices for what should they sing [I’m going with the premise of two songs each] are:

    Hayley – Poison Ivy and Love Me [ treat me like a fool etc.]

    Lauren – Stand By Me and You’re So Square

    James – Trouble and Don’t Be Cruel

    Scotty – Love Potion #9 and Treat Me Nice

  29. Thanks for restoring the old format. Not as confusing as the other one. Thanks again

  30. I would love to hear Scotty sing “Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper; He has the voice for it and I think he could have a lot of fun with it. Also “Great Balls of Fire” or “Donna” by Richie Valens.
    Hailey would do well with “Fever” by Peggy Lee. Either she or Lauren would also do well with “Sweet Nothings” by Brenda Lee; would love to hear Lauren sing “Who’s Sorry Now”.
    James maybe “Stagger Lee”.

    • I like the song choices but I am not sure who wrote them. Also, what difference does it make if Scotty sings another Elvis song…Elvis sang country, rock, and gospel…his favorite. He was a great soul singer….AHHHHH those were the days….of course…he was older than me but I still remember him…LOL

  31. Matt…..I’m sorry…I know you are doing your best to give us a better site….I do love the notifications a lot…..I’m sure whatever you do eventually will be for the better……You guys are great……

  32. Things that I am tired of reading in the comments section of this blog:

    1. The phrase “In it to win it” (Yes Randy, please stop)

    2. “Haley” being spelt “Hailey” or “Hayley”

    3. has no talent because . (They’re all pretty great)

    4. Pia Toscano. (She’s out. Let’s get on with it.)

    5. Growling is not singing. (It is as much a vocal technique as singing Opera or Yodeling)

    • I totally agree with this comment.
      tired of hearing Randy say, all those comments, especially ” I think you just won IDOL” he is a judge for Ch— sake. judge their performance, dont sway votes.
      tired of Jennifer being so whisy washey, cant make a decent judge comment.
      Tired of steven being so oblivious.

  33. At this point in the game, the top four should be singing songs they want to showcase what kind of artist they WANT to be….I want to see if I will ever buy their CD, pay to see them in concert. Who will ever sing these old songs? Let the top four shine on their own..even the top five..They are all so talented and can do anything. I want to see what they WANT to do and what kind of music they WANT to produce. AI should step out of it now, and let the contestants do what they do best with their own genre of music.

    • This is my feeling The judges are always saying, what kind of artist do you want to be and now give them old songs to sing, its down to the last four, let them show america what they can sing and do with their talent and ability. they are all great. go all of you, James, Scotty, Haley and Lauren

  34. At this point I don’t really care what they sing because I think they are all going to be good – some will shine more than others but they all have their own style and should sing songs that will show us what they are really all about…..can not wait to hear them all but James is my best – I am sooooooo excited…..

  35. Although my personal favorites are James and Haley I think any of the final four could deserve to win. But when they go on tour, I’d want James to be the rock-out finale. I’d hate to have to go on after him in a big arena show. And for those who think James is all showmanship, just listen to his Idol recordings on ITunes. This Wednesday I’d like to hear him sing Young Blood and the John Lennon version of Stand By Me to continue to show his versatility. Ironically, both songs would also be good for Haley.

      • Young Blood as recorded by Bad Company? I’m not totally crazy about that song except as a performance piece. Not liking the music so much.

        Although, in listening to versions (the lyrics seem to be different in each, though) by the same name, I did like the “Slave Raider” version for James.

      • And I really think “Kansas City” –whether the version by The Beatles or not–would deal a death knell to anyone who sings it. Terrible song.

    • Well SCMAN – not that I can disagree with what you said but in my opinion, if James wants to win he should sing one of the songs that made his idol famous – Kansas City. The Beatles version of that song fit’s James’ style perfectly & to be honest, we really haven’t heard him do any blues performances yet and I’m dying to hear him do it singing Kansas City.

      If you just listen to the Beatles rendition of that song – you can hear James doing his own version that would absolutely bring the house down… could even top all of his previous performances (and that’s sayin something).

      I really hope he does & I hope he absolutely nails it :).

      • Guess we can’t reference links to versions of what we’d like to hear the contestants sing…oh well :(.

  36. Every year I have watched AI and have watched the contestants get totally confused because the judges have said “make the song your own” and then back pedal like they did when Haley sung a Lady Gaga song because it was a “little known” song of Lady Gaga, so they had nothing to compare it to. What! Haley sang the song — either it was good or bad singing and critic that. Judges please make up your mind!

    Scotty, this year, and Adam Lambert, previously, know exactly who they are and did not/have not fallen for the conflicting messages that the judges send. So for that alone Scotty should win, he has been Country every week.

    I would not be sad if James, Scotty, or Haley won. I dont think this is Lauren’s year even though I loved her from the beginning but her confidence needs building and she needs to mature a little more.

    But whomever wins from the final four ALL have amazing voices.

    • the problem is that the judges have no clue on how to judge. to tyler everything is beautiful. lopez has the backbone of a bowl of jello. and randy, who i thought would really step up to the plate, is the biggest disappointment. and the fact that they have no idea how good haley is, is ludicrous. BRING BACK SIMON who told the truth, brutal though he could be. or at least someone with his guts

      • the judges are weak, no doubt. where’s simon when you need him? Brutually honest and to a fault but right on!!!

      • pr62, you said it. That’s exactly how I see it. Although at one point I thought JLo was astonishing in her criticisms, for some reason, all that is washed away. There must be an ulterior motive here. And Randy? Well, I just don’t get him at all; I never was a huge Randy fan, but now, well, I think he has to be a liar. Because to know as much about music as he does and react to Haley the way he has 9 times out of 10, well, it doesn’t compute for me. Steven–fun to laugh with; not helpful as a judge at all. I am so disgusted with each of them! I wonder if they pay any attention to the fact that their judging is showing them up to be fools or liars.

      • If you go onto the official american idol website and listen to Haley’s You and I you can hear Randy talking about Haley’s performance, then he had 10 sec to make up some kind of asshat comment completely contrary to what he was saying.

      • I totally agree, Steven Tyler most likely knows more than all of them. Sure J lo can dance. Sure randy was a bass player in journey, But steven was a frontman for one of the greatest bands of all time, He needs to be tougher. I think jimmy iovine should be a judge.

      • @pr62,well said!after viewing whole scenario,follow with couple of talented ones being voted out!I am experiencing withdrawal syndrome!!
        By chance!!should Scotty or Lauren voted to be American Idol,sorry to say!! SAYONARA to American Idol telicast.
        From abroad,We miss your truthful judgements Simon.

    • judges are the problem. do you branch out and do something on your own or do you stay true to yourself????

    • @ pat: I agree with you, too. They are like the Cheshire Cat. They seem to be making nonsense their code.

      • Pup, Quite by accident I think I figured out Jackson pronounced antagonism for our Haley. See if this makes sense to you:
        Who was the one contestant that was still competing until last week when Haley got her first positive review from Jackson? That’s right… Jacob. You can figure it out from there, dear.
        Makes me want to puke. Jackson, the ‘great’ musician/all-knowing guru well knew Haley was a threat to his ‘bro’ & so continually was as derogatory toward her as he could be

      • Fatboy, I cannot believe that. I think there is something else going on. I really do. I mean, no offense to all of you who loved Jacob, but he was pretty much a laughing stock for a myriad of reasons. Not saying he didn’t initially wow me, because he did. But it was all downhill, and it was SO downhill, and SO lame that he was actually embarrassing to watch, let alone listen to. Only he did not realize that. (Oh yeah, and his most devoted fans apparently were blind and deaf to that, too.) Just because someone professes to be religious does not make them untouchable.

    • I have to agree. The judging this year seems to be so lame. I liked Steven Tyler at first, with his snappy, one liners. I can know see those snappy lines were most certainly manufactured ahead of time. And his extreme sugar coating of each performance is LAME, very LAME. Come on, not every performer is a “Breath of fresh air”. Jo-Lo is just as lame, but cuter to look at. Randy has always been the weak-link of the judge, since season one. So, why is he the only original judge to still be there. Please, bring back Simon next year.

      • OK, Web site spell-checkers. I can see I wrote “know”, when I meant now. Sorry, I all to often press the send button BEFORE I proof read.

      • secondchance… would be so cool to have someone like James win this whole thing? His concerts would be wonderful. He cd would be awesome and he would be the first exciting winner on AI since Carrie Underwood……(I wasn’t a big fan of David Cook…sorry)….I would not be totally disappointed if it was Haley either……but Scotty & Lauren…..another Kris Allen…….sorry Scotty, Lauren fans….I believe they are talented but not exciting at all!!!!! JMHO

      • I would love to see James win. I would deffinately go to one of his concerts. I’m sure this will be a good week for him. I like Haley too.

      • Phyllis G- I loved your post..secondchance… would be so cool to have someone like James win this whole thing? His concerts would be wonderful. He cd would be awesome and he would be the first exciting winner on AI since Carrie Underwood……(I wasn’t a big fan of David Cook…sorry)….I would not be totally disappointed if it was Haley either……but Scotty & Lauren…..another Kris Allen…….sorry Scotty, Lauren fans….I believe they are talented but not exciting at all!!!!! JMHO

        I think it should be posted again! 😉 I agree with every single word. I strongly agree he would be an extremely exciting winner. He is someone I would want to follow after Idol, as good as the others are, I wouldn’t want to follow them. JMHO

      • Durbin Fever…..Thanks for correcting my English….I get so passionate about James that I just ramble on….LOL…
        Its what I feel…..James for the win!!!!!

      • Phyllis G i know what you mean i could talk about James forever. He so good it’s crazy! It does not get any better than James!

    • James is going to kick it off huge this week i gotta feeling. He is not letting this slip away. James is such a true performer. I think he would make a great Idol. James is very smart and i know he’s going to bring it on and make it very hard to compete with. Vote for James!!!

      • *imitating James* (dropping on my knees and bow)Love your post! It’s spot on! BRING IT ON JAMES! (followed by… *rock scream* ) I’ve voted 100% James Durbin all the way and will continue til the very end. 😉 Rock on! \m/

      • Can you explain why they’re reporting that James will sing a song that’s not in the theme? Is the Journey song a duet? Why Journey of all bands?

      • Gary it might have been remade by someone else. Maybe he is allowed not really sure. I know whatever James does it’s going to kick a double ss. We are not allowed to curse, it’s the best i can do. lol

  37. Scotty – Charlie Brown; Stand By Me; Jailhouse Rock
    Lauren – Fools Fall in Love;
    Haley – I Who Have Nothing; I’m Stuck on You
    James – Love Potion #9; Kansas City

      • HAHA, i’m thinking that maybe james will do ”i who have nothing”, for a change..haha

      • I agree, James would be awesome with Jailhouse Rock. I am a huge Scotty fan but at this point in the game, I would be happy with any of them. There are all great. I would love to hear Scotty sing “Love me Tender” but I do not know if that is a song in this category.

    • Well – if anyone has heard James sing the blues……..he could do something absolutely amazing with Kansas City or Riot in Cell Block No. 9 (I think he’ll do Kansas City because his idol Paul M. sang it for the Beatles….just my opinion). Sort of like his final audition – if anyone saw it.

      If he does either one of those songs – look out America :).

      Don’t know where Love Potion #9 came from – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

      In my opinion – not that he will go in that direction for his career, but James’ voice is perfect for singing the blues (then again – he’s one of those singers who can sing just about anything).

  38. James and Haley are my favorite as well. I feel bad for Haley getting so much criticism, but, it has made her STRONGEr. Hope you’re proud of your woman CASEY, i know you have helped her…

  39. Given Elvis songs are in play – James pick one, then Spanish Harlem, rock it. (I agree Jailhouse rock or Hound Dog type songs might come off karaoke, someone said that)

    Scotty – Young Blood, which was covered by Bad Company once, has Scotty written all over it. He’s probably do a slow Elvis song as second

    Lauren – Stand by Me, this is nice and sing songy for her!

    Haley will probably do Poison Ivy, she can growl it.

    Girls: Love Potion #9 maybe or Leader of the Pack? As seconds?

    Who goes HOME this week.. ooohh this will be tough to predict I bet…

    • i think lauren will be leaving us, i will hate to see her go. at this point i would hate to see any of them go.

    • Dan, I like your choices. I would love to hear Lauren sing “Leader of the pack”.

    • The thing is, I thought of the songs suggested on the article, and say, ok, maybe.. these songs listed.. I can honestly say, I think each Idol could craft to make a relevant song that you could hear today, but adding their flary, style to it.

      Lauren – she needs to absolutely crush this week, full confidence, come out swinging, or I happen to agree with peoples posts, she might be in trouble given the other Idols preformance abilities.. She can’t be safe with both songs..

  40. i think they should sing a christian song! makes the show seem more emotional and meaningful!

  41. I am guessing that the order this week will be Lauren, Haley, James and Scotty. Not sure if Lauren has gone first yet or Scotty last so more likely this week.

    • Lauren has gone first the top 13 week, and they dont really give people turns, the way they choose is if they think the song they are singing will go good as last.

      They want to save the slower songs for the middle, and start it and end it with bang fast preformances.

  42. I think we can all agree Lauren is in the deepest hole & that is a shame!
    At times, some of her notes are the purest I have heard this year on idol. When she comes into her own, she will make a great impact in the music business. Has any 16 year made it this for on idol before? Curious. An absolutely beautiful voice inhibited by insecurities & lack of experience. Best of luck, sweetie!

    • honestly i could listen to a CD of lauren. she sings like a sweet little bird. that is saying a lot cause i only listen to rcok and roll.

    • Diana Degarmo in season 3 was 16. She made it to the final two and Fantasia was the winner.

    • fatboy: David Archuleta was 16 when season 7 began. However he was 17 during the finale. He was runner-up to David Cook.

      • Thank you, you two!! So it’s likely Lauren is actually the youngest? That quite a load to carry at that age, isn’t it?

      • Nobody her age was allowed to compete in previous years. The natural conclusion is she’s the youngest, but only because of previous regulations. I think Thia is younger than Lauren, though.

      • fatboy: This is the first season that AI lowered the age to 15. I am a Lauren fan, but I do hope that AI will rethink the age thing for next season.

  43. Give James A Chance! Give James A Chance! Seriously we’re down to the wire, all the contestants are good in their own style. I personally believe we all need to sit back and look at each contestant. Who has shown growth, who has shown improvement, who has show stage presence, who has got the personality, who has the looks, do we know who they are and where they want to go? Scotty has been one of the strong leaders in this entire competition. Country is hot. I strongly feel he needs to bring in more variety and more personality to the stage. I don’t see much growth in his entire package. Lauren has the looks, the voice, doesn’t believe in herself and lets her emotions get the best of her. Hayley has shown some growth yet is all over the place not realy allowing us to connect to her as a person. James to me has the entire package. Each performance is signed, sealed and delivered. He connects to me and everyone I know. We feel as if we’ve grown up with him. He’s like the all american boy. Each time he hits the stage, not only does he have theatrics, stage presence, he also has something real, something captiviating. The only negative thing I have to say about his performances is he never does it twice. I always want to scream encore after he performs. No other contestant has made me want to scream that. I think everyone out there has to forget his tics, stop viewing his screams as annoying and start feeling it. I ignore Scotty’s annoying manneurism, the way he holds his mike, the way he sings from the corner of his mouth and the way he waves his arms. Laura behaves like a little school girl on the playground who needs to mature. Hayley appears lost on stage, unsure how to dance, stand or what she should be doing next. Everyone has quirks we can’t stand. We just need to look past it and look at them for who they are. Are they appealing to us, do they captivate us, do they entertain us, do they make us want to scream for more? For me, it’s James. I’m asking you, Give James A Chance. Listen to him, truly listen to him. He connects to every song in such a strong way. I truly believe he’s our American Idol. He’s such a wonderful person inside and out. I love each and every performance. I’m asking you give James a chance. He truly deserves this title. Vote for him with all your heart, I know I am. <3 <3 Give James A Chance!\m/ <3 <3 <3

    • great post! i turely love james too. it kind of feels like i know all these kids but james is my favorite.

      • Durbin Fever…..Love your post and I will be voting my fingers off…James deserves to win and the rest can have their recording contracts in their own genre…..GO JAMES FOR THE WIN….VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR JAMES..

    • Wall of Text Crits for over 9000 damage.

      I probably agree with your sentiments, but the complete lack of paragraphs makes that a chore to read, so I’ll just say, “ROCK ON JAMES!”

      • That’s ok kdub, my favorite has 25000 critical mitigation, she earned it dodging Randys crits LOL.

      • I used to be an English teacher. When I see anything written as one LONG paragraph, it makes me turn purple. I won’t read it just for that reason.

        People, paragraph divisions make things readable. They help break up your thoughts into digestible chunks. And they’re really important in convincing your readers that they aren’t climbing Mt. Everest.

        No mountain climbing for me today, sorry.

      • Pup: I’m in complete accord. Proper English is disappearing, as is grammar, syntax, sentence structure and tense.
        There was a segment on today’s news about how many school districts are dropping cursive. In another 10 years people won’t be able to sign their own names.

    • Enjoyed reading your post. Very insightful, and for a nice change of pace from many posts here, not at all mean.

    • I like your post too. However, while trying to get everyone to give James a chance you really aren’t giving Haley one. Her style is her style. Not being uncomfortable. I dig James too. But Haley, to me is the whole package. Go Haley.

  44. Scotty ….”Yakkity Yak”…wouldn’t the low notes be fun coming from his mouth!?!

    Haley….a bluesey “Love Potion #9”

    James …. “Chapel of Love” in some rock fashion

    Lauren… her sweetest voice “Is That All There Is”

    • How, pray tell, is Haley going to sing the line “I told her that I was a flop with chicks”?

    • Scotty should sing Love Potion #9. I think stylistically it fits him perfectly and he’d make it fun to listen to.

    • @ Moonshadow: I’m afraid I don’t care for any of those. “Is That All There Is,” though a critical success for Peggy Lee, is a huge downer of a song. I think that’s a very bad idea.

      Love Potion #9, though fun, is not the meaty kind of song anyone needs. It would be fun to watch the “group” tackle this, though.

      Chapel of Love and Yakkity Yak–both WAY too corny.

      Sorry, just my reaction to these songs, not you!

  45. I was just watching last week’s show again in a desperate attempt to like Haley before she makes it into the finals and I still can’t get past her disconnect with the meaning of a song and how it always seems she’s just concerned with impressing the audience with sexy style and ragdoll moves. The Lady Gaga “You and I” is a powerful love song and she sang it so casually and all flirtatious because it had the word whiskey in it. Not that it can’t be interpreted differently but it stops you from getting lost in the song because she’s so busy trying to impress you with her “stage presence.” How do you guys get past this? Maybe she’s just too young to have such an understanding??

    • i hated haley, but now i really like her. not her kind of music, but her as a person. watch the chef ramsey thing, haley is great with her expressions and laughing and just being a young adult with the rest of the contestants. at first i thought she was a snotty witch but if you really watch her you see that is far from the truth. maybe she is unsure of how to put on her performance but that could be cause she is scared what he judges will say.

    • Haley early on lacked enough emotion in her songs, her style needs it but has add more each week, in HOTRS she as angry and on fire in that song.
      It seems Adam Lambert is a big Haley fan too.
      Adam quotes “I love the sound of her voice, the texture of it” and “I don’t even think people are realizing the things that she’s doing vocally. I think it’s because she’s so effortless about it.”

    • I think Haley is somewhat like a hot cup of coffee. Coffee is an acquired taste, a lot of people don’t like coffee when they first try it, after a few tries though, you can stand it, and once you decide you like it, it’s over, you are hooked. What I am saying is, you have had a dozen sips of Haley’s coffee and if you have not acquired a taste for what she is serving by now you probably never will. Most of us who love Haley, love exactly what those who don’t care for Haley dislike, and that is the growling, the rasp, the stage presence, the uniqueness of her voice, the way she can sing with a growl and still stay on key. As I have said several times before all these kids can sing, I just prefer what Haley is bringing to the table.

      • Right. Listen closely to her entire body of work. Nobody compares to Haley, if you do that. In versatility, style, technique, range, balance, dynamics, control, intonation, and singing in harmony, she is the best overall vocalist on the show. You can have your preferences, stylistically or personality-wise (like whether you prefer steak or fish), and choose what you want to listen to or watch. That’s all fine. I just wish we could get off the bogus and unfounded criticisms that have no factual basis. If you like James, Lauren or Scotty, fine (heck, I do too!); but let’s not make stuff up.

      • JD! You really are awesome. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. I can’t wake up w/o a cup of coffee, and I can’t wake up on a Wednesday morning without being giddy with excitement to hear what she’ll do next! I’ll be okay if she doesn’t win, I can’t see her as being America’s princess. I see her as being a genuine artist in the industry. I just want her to be in the finale so I can hear THREE songs in one night! 😀 I know she’ll be successful after the show, because her fans are real FANS, and won’t just be into her while Idol is still on and we have easy access to her. Haley’s in it for the long run! Classic Roast Coffee Beans right there. Haha. Be Real, I agree with you, too. After I listened to her studio version of You and I, I listened to it again, and have again…& again. Love her texture in that song.

      • After once again listening to everything she has on you tube today, she’s my cup of tea! (can’t handle coffee)

      • Great Post Jd! Very well said. Only Pup and a few others could have said it that well.

      • I heard Adele sing on DWTS last night and I think that Haley is the same style of singer as Adele. I think Haley sings beautifully. In fact, for the first time I heard Adele on the radio singing In the deep and I thought it was Haley signing on the radio, sounded good and I waited til the end to find out who it was. Loved the song by both Adele and Haley’s cover of it.

      • Of the 10 itunes of Haleys that I have downloaded, that is my current favorite, with HOTRS a close second, but I just keep playing all 10 over and over and over. Imagine that, someone my age admitting that a Lady Gaga song is my current favorite LOL.

    • Have you heard Lady Gaga perform that song? It’s really not all that deep, it’s just a fun song she does for her concerts. Haley’s studio recording of it is great and her performance was, too. The fact that you are projecting your dislike for her into the word whiskey invalidates your argument.

      • I have heard lady gaga perform that song and I actually find her simple version of it powerful. There’s so much coming from her when she sings it. It’s actually a really beautiful song, surprisingly.

      • Scott, I don’t know what recording you heard of Lady Gaga singing that song, but that is not the “feel” of the recordings that are on YouTube. Not at all.

    • I hear what you are saying. Stephano was told many times to make that connection with a song.

    • Well, Scott, Lady Gaga described this as a “rock ‘n roll” song, dedicated to all her supporters. I don’t think it is meant to be terribly deep. It is more a celebration of the good feelings. I think Haley captured that essence perfectly.

    • I have never been able to connect with any thing Lady GaGa sings but I totally connected with Haley singing “You And I” and It was because she sang it sexy and flirty. To me Lady GaGa is not sexy she is just plain weird.JMO.

  46. James Durbin brings out the rocker in me! (the side I never knew I had) oooOOOO What a good FEELIN’! Durbin all the way!

  47. Well,reading reading,I love Haley, I hate Haley….
    Please stop it !!! If you are going to comment,put something useful.I already decided not to vote for Haley, I prefer Scotty, even James for winners

    • Sure thing Beatrizll,
      What songs would you suggest for these final four contestants to sing?
      I would like to hear
      James sing Stand By Me
      Scotty sing King Creole
      Lauren sing Spanish harlem
      Haley sing Trouble

      • JD, you’ve got it. Love those suggestions. And hey, Beatrizll, guess what? I LOVE Haley!!! 🙂

  48. Well,reading reading,I love Haley, I hate Haley….
    Please stop it !!! If you are going to comment,put something useful.I already decided not to vote for Haley, I prefer Scotty, even James for winners!!!!

    • Beatriz, you just did what you asked the others not to do ” If you are going to comment,put something useful” you perfer Scotty, even James for winners but you didn’t state anything useful…could it be because you LOVE THEM?

    • Well, I love Haley. I have from the start. I don’t much care if you like it or not.

    • and I love Haley to ever since I heard her Hollywood week day three when we first heard her growl and then she sang “Blue” and the Yodel…WOW!
      Anyone remember the name of the song Haley sang Hollywood week day 3?

  49. James should sing Jailhouse Rock or Hound Dog, possibly have both Scotty and James sing one of those, even though Scotty has already done Elvis twice including once last week so i doubt he will do it again.

    • he has done Elvis twice because it’s easy. There is no variety. Before you attack I love Elvis but he is easy to replicate. I like country also but that’s what scotty sings best. James and Haley final

    • And we just hope you stop posting… somehow I have the feeling everyone is in for some dissapointment.

    • Stops crying and running around the place slapping hands and high five-ing!

      • Ron (Santa Barbara) Come on Ron, you know Idols have been slapping and high five-ing hands every season…..what makes James doing it any different????
        He connects to his audience, nothing wrong with that!!!!

        As far as the crying, I guess you haven’t realized that James is very sensitive yet!!!!

      • ahh, yeah, you mean stops… you know, performing and being entertaining… gotcha.

        OK contestancsm you heard Ron, from now on, everybody only sings ballads, and stands still. And don’t any of you show any emotion either! Ron decrees that only emotionless immobile robots are to be on American Idol… now get to it people!

      • I’m not sure Phyllis as you know I started watching Idol during season 8 (because of Adam) and I can’t really recall anyone of substance getting so overwhelmed as James. There are a few performances of his I’ve enjoyed, I just think he’s to over-the-top and I always feel the urge to hit the fast forward button on the remote when listening to him. Just my opinion and it seems I’m in the minority here.

      • kdub: Great now you’ve done it. What you have listed sounds like a whole season full of Pia robots? Come to think of it, that could be a great marketing ploy. LoL

      • LOL @ Bunny I’d buy a Pia robot… to listen to of course, no other plans for it whatsoever. ~whistles innocently~

      • Jake, Maybe they will have her back & she could sing, “(Almost) Getting sentimental over you” & “Great balls of fire”, huh?

      • kdub: The sad thing is… Now someone out there will probably market the silly things. And there you & I will be in a world full of Pia Robots, where somebody else is raking in the royalties from our idea!

      • Ron (Santa Barbara) I agree with you. James is not everybodys cup of coffee or cup of tea But if you dont like him you are the lowest of low. So dont let it get to you. Just consider the sources

    • I believe that the producer’s comment about learning to control your emotions will sink in to James. He is a sensitive young man and sensitive people tend to show their emotions but in a competition like this, perhaps it would be better for James to pick songs that don’t remind him of missing his family. If that is at all possible. I hope so. I really like him.

    • James does not do that all the time , he had a little emotion last week on the stage but still was able to pull off a perfect night.

    • @as-hen… You’re so biased! Why don’t you “hope” that Lauren stops crying as she’s the one who crys her eyes out each week!!

  50. So we’re down to the last four. If I had to pick ‘em, I’d put James and Scotty as a tie for first, Haley third and Lauren fourth.
    Scotty and James are way ahead in every category as far as I’m concerned. It looks like the pressure is getting to James. This is a pretty rough way to go for some, James among them. I like Jame’s rocker style. He is very good at what he does and I hope he continues to have success.
    Scotty has already carved out his future and doesn’t need American Idol at all. But American idol sure needs Scotty. There is no need for him to “Step out of his comfort zone.” Country music fans worldwide will ensure his stardom for many years to come. For Scotty, American Idol will just be a small stepping stone on the path to much bigger things.
    The “Most Improved” award of the year goes to Haley. She has talent, and a multitude of abilities, skills, and qualities to offer. But they are just too raw, too undeveloped and lacking poise and polish. Pia had what Haley is lacking. Haley has what Pia abandoned.
    Lauren is another nice girl, too shy, too immature, and Lauren will be forgotten very quickly. Every week she gets closer and closer to a total absence of confidence. The way things work, she could even win it all. Lest we forget Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox. The best singer doesn’t win very every time.
    I am so glad Jacob is gone. I don’t know if he ever looked in a mirror, but even more important, did he ever hear a recording of himself. More than any American Idol contestant in memory, Jacob seems blinded by his own hubris, unable to be objective about his personality, musicianship, and singing ability.
    Now, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I spend hours in the “AMERICANIDOLNET.COM” chat room. I guess I haven’t made much progress in life, huh?
    It has been said by many people in many places that American Idol is not a singing contest, but a popularity contest with the winner determined by teen-aged girls. Yeah, OK.

    I think that is true, and I also think it is ok. Here’s why I don’t have a problem with that.
    Teen-aged girls, or tweens, will determine the course of the future in many ways. They will set trends in fashion, and families, they will capture the hearts, minds, wallets, and souls of the young men who run corporations, build bridges, and buildings, fight wars and father the next generation. Some will, themselves be politicians, leaders, and vanguards of tomorrow.

    Young girls are impressionable, often gullible, and at the mercy of raging pubescent hormones. The greatest songs of all-time are about classic themes: “Boy meets Girl,”
    Falling in love, unrequited love, jealous love, fulfilled love, loneliness abated, and a jillion other fairy tale princess dreams as classic as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and as modern as tomorrow morning’s sunrise.
    Let the teens and tweens do what they do best.

    I haven’t heard anyone sing above a 9.0 this year. I keep waiting. To me, a great singer, a great song or performance stirs something inside of me that can’t be explained using objective rhetoric. An example that I’d recommend is Charice Pempengco. When I need a good tear jerker, I listen to her Youtube clips. Last year, Siobhan Magnus did it to me. But this year, although I’ve enjoyed it all, I haven’t been moved to a ten yet.
    A whole buncha wannabe’s are looming on the horizon trying to gewt the top billing away from American Idol. It has been a good decade for Ryan Seacrest Randy Jackson, Nigel Lythgoe and many others. Is it possible that they’ve peaked? If they ever do go down, it will be a very rapid and steep descent.
    American Idol isn’t very good at finding great singers or superstars. Of the hundreds of thousands competing over the last decade, maybe millions, there have been about half a dozen who really reached stardom. Carrie, Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, (fill-in the blanks for two more) _____________ _________.

    The Voice, XFactor, and others are doing what they can, and who knows, tomorrow we may see a different world on the horizon.

    • A bit long but I can see your point.
      There are some good singers in the last few year but the music and arrangements are way to generic and canned for my tastes.
      Songwriters do good on lyrics but are lacking on the music side and the same few arrangers are used over and over again to the point of most the music sounding to similar.

      • I think I’ll just take Bob Seger’s advice and
        Take those old records of the shelf,
        I’ll sit and listen to em by myself,
        Today’s music ain’t got the same soul,
        I like that old time rock’n’roll!

      • Some of the music coming out of the UK is very good like Adele or Muse and Gabriella Cilmi from Australia is promising.
        Sadly the US is mostly canned music right now with the singers making it good sometimes.

    • sorry,IMHO Charice Pempengco is just an imitation of a girl tryin wannabe. Her voice is beautiful & powerful (granted),but she just sang just like the original no creativity at all (note wisely n arrangement). Her Beyonce song,begh… the 1 that make the “Listen” song magnificent is Beyonce not her. She just sing the way Beyonce does. It will pop the question… “Who i prefered more between Beyonce or Charice “Listen”? They both sing the same way,so which 1 should i choose…?”

      The answer is… Beyonce no doubt. You wont be big if u’re just tryin to imitate somebody..

    • There are 5 contestant in the Top 13 AI this year that i consider not a wannabe artist. The 5 of them sang a song different from the original or the past artist who already sing the song (arrangement-wisely). Thats a mark of a true artist like Adam Lambert

      • Hey Pup, Are you having trouble figuring out who is replying to what? One minute I’m talking about Pia Robots & the next thing we are not feeding trolls again. I’m so confused?????

      • Bunny, the posts don’t follow the comments properly. The indents must be a little screwy.

        I also noticed –due to the formatting being done–that several times that my posts weren’t showing up–even after leaving the site and returning.

        So I typed them in again. Same deal. Typed again. Suddenly my duplicates all show up! Ack!

    • Sfj: A good editor could probably have condensed that into about 5 sentences.

      Coondog could name that tune in three notes… LoL

    • Sfj Keep on writing. You are intitaled to speak out just as everyone else, you make more sense than a lot of others

  51. Ok there is another CJ in this room. I’m the female CJ . I’m the one who says gotta love James Durbin .

  52. they said James is gonna sing “Don’t Stop Believing” … is there a second theme?

    • Boy if he can sing that I’ll change my mind about him, if he sings it well!

  53. Honestly, some of you are making me dislike this site now…which is really sad. I like 95% of the people who come on here, and 75% of them have a favorite other than Haley. Why do people have to be so rude and disrespectful? What do they get out of it? You don’t think it’d be easy for me to bash James, Scotty, or Lauren??? Believe me, it would be simple…it’s very easy to think of something mean to say about anybody, but I don’t WANT to bash them. Because not only do I respect them, what they each do, and for going after their dreams at such a young age, but because I respect the people who love them on here enough not to make them read that kind of garbage about their idol. People need to be more polite, more respectful, and more accepting that not everyone is exactly like them with their musical tastes. I can handle it if you say you don’t like Haley’s style, voice, ect., ect., but can we go back to how it was all weekend? All 4 of them are talented, or they wouldn’t be the top 4.
    Can’t wait for Wednesday, I open intead of close now so I’ll be able to watch and vote afterall! 😀 GOOOOOOO TOP 4!!! Sing my face off!!!! I’d pick what they should sing, but I’m not familiar enough with those songs to even try. (Except Stand by Me)

    • Its the trolls hitting the site to stir up trouble, please don’t feed them and they go away.

      • Agree Bloodyscot And hopefully most people can see thru them, especially when the worms (trolls) come out of the woodwork to stir up trouble!
        And then there are the Fan(actics) who will say ANYTHING to try to sway votes towards their favored contestant whom they want so desperately to win!
        IMO this is not the majority of people who post here. Most people are very respectful of other peoples opinion and know it is just that. People will always disagree with one another and that is perfectly OK.
        Just my 2 cents!

      • Diana Love your 2 cents worth. Wish it would change many to say nice things for a change(pun on 2 cents worth) but that is a lost cause for the najority

    • I agree with you Diana, they are the majority. They just get on my nerves so bad! I wish I could block all their comments from showing up on my computer, hehe. I do love this site, and most of you all are wonderful people, and I respect all of your opinions and feedback. The trolls…a momentary lapse in my stern resolve to ignore their ignorance. 🙂

    • WELL SAID!!
      I wish everyone is like you!!

      I’m sick in seeing all the hateful comments and all the bashing!

  54. I love Scotty but i miss Paul alot.
    Check out “Paul and the Magnolias”

    there good! its Paul’s band!!

  55. i just found out from E! online one of the songs james is gonna do! he is gonna slay it! i am not gonna post it cause i dont want to ruin it for people who dont want to know.
    so they must get to do 2 songs cause these is not a real old song! woot!

      • I heard Journey will not release their songs to be on Idol but it seems they didn’t write this one just rearranged it.

      • E! News is reporting that James Durbin will perform what is being called a “mind-blowing” version of a Journey classic.

        James has the voice for this can could really nail it and be his biggest moment yet.

      • I think Randy played for Journey at one time so watch out for name dropping this week.

      • @secondchance: It’s a great song! I love Journey and I love that song. James will be phenomenal if he gets to sing it.

        @Bloodyscot: LOL– about watching for Randy to do some namedropping. 🙂

        @JD: I’m scratching my head, too.

        Speculating now . . .

        Since Haley got to do Lady Gaga (special kind of deal)

        And if, as is apparently true, James gets to do this Journey song (another special kind of deal) . . .

        Then, certainly James and Lauren will get “special song permission deals” as well.

        So, whichever contestant does so last may have an advantage and get an extra bump in voting numbers –if they handle the song well. The timing on this could be critical. Kind of like helping the racehorse reach his or her peak at the right moment. Hmmmm.

      • I heard James sing a Journey song on tube, can’t remember which one, but as I was listening I was thinking this kid could replace Steve Perry and it would still be great band and I would definitely go to that concert. Haley and James finale please!

    • Hmm, that is not on Leiber and Stollers list of songs. I hope that is not his exit song?

      • @ secondchance: I LOVE Journey and I LOVE that song. If James gets to sing it, it would be wonderful! It’s romantic, sexy, upbeat, poetic–it’s got everything!

        @ Bloodyscot: LOL about watching for Randy namedropping! Now that was funny! 🙂

        @ JD: I’m scratching my head, too. Who knows? Maybe they FINALLY got to select a song of their own choice for their second performance. Not sure how one relates to the theme for the week (logic?), but nevertheless, I’d love to hear James take on that song.

        Makes one speculate . . . Since Haley got a special invitation and permission to sing a Lady Gaga song . . . and now it appears James is getting approval to sing a (HIT!) Journey recording . . . that things will fall into place for both Scotty and Lauren to do something “special” in the next couple of weeks, as well.

        If I am right, then whichever one gets that special “honor” LAST will be in a great position to take the final lead in votes. (If that person sings well, that is.)

      • sandman i keep looking and i cant find james doing journey. if you could find the link i would be very grateful 🙂

      • pup, you are really a nice person and if i was willing to give devin up, you would be a good choice. lol.
        do know, she comes with 3 cats!

        you always have something nice to say about all the contestants even though we all know you love haley!

        love reading your posts.

      • @secondchance I’m trying to find that video again.It seems to have disappeared of the face of Youtube tho.Did find one of James doing Rainbows In The Dark (DIO) in that same bar that is also very good. Ill keep looking for the other and if I find it I’ll let ya know.

      • sandman, thanks. yes i seen the dio one and i loved it. i have watched every video of james i could find.

  56. “Jailhouse Rock” James
    “Stand by me” Lauren
    “Trouble” Scotty
    “Love potion number nine” Haley

  57. now that i know they are doing 2 songs each i am excited for tomorrow night.

  58. How about a country theme, they haven’t had one this season.

    * Rose Garden * Lauren
    * Country Road * Scotty
    * Digging Up Bones * James
    * Blue * Haley

    Scotty will take this round in style.

      • ok wasn’t thinking. I like Bloodyscot’s chance Crazy for Haley.

      • Love Patsy Cline anything! Crazy is a super song!!! Wonder how Lauren would sound doing it, too!

    • Are you talking about Scotty singing “Take Me Home Country Roads”, by John Denver?
      I agree with you if that is the song by John Denver!

      • yes that would be the song I was thinking of.

  59. scotty should try songs by gibson miller band
    1 texas tatto 2 stone cold country

    good songs for him

  60. What James is still in it. He is a cry baby. Whos’ big idea was to keep him in? Oh! America… come on keep it real. He is sooooooooooooooooooo annoying. I can’t stand someone that is trying to be someone else and James is one of them. He can’t even be himself. He is no idol. My best friends son (whom is 4 yrs old) said “Who is that idiot James trying to be?, because he is useless.” Man I just had to laugh. He is soooooo right. He likes both Lauren and Haley and also likes Scotty. One more thing from my friends 4 year old. “I am the future child, and I want good music, not someone that is useless (James). I won’t be getting my parents to buy his CD. And AMERICA VOTE WISE WITH HALEY, LAUREN AND SCOTTY.” We don’t live in America and have to live with your chooses and don’t like what you have done, so think about what you are doing to the world, when you vote for James (annoying).

    • A very wise 4 year old Serafine. I can only image his face when watching American Idol and with James on screen. I won’t be surprised that 4 year old boy, just walked out of the room. He is right about being a future child, they deserve good music around them. I am totally on your side on this one.

      • Who you calling a worm? Think about it good music makes our next generation. Rock is okay, but some just have no idea what they are doing.

      • I like how Diana labels everyone that disagrees with her favorite a worm or troll or having some kind of ulterior motive to sway her votes.

      • Oh David P – If she replaced “Haley” with “James” name you would be defending her like crazy! Which is fine. We were just talking about how the trolls will stir up trouble — & up popped Sarafine’s comment -just struck me as being “troll” like & that was the way a troll would work.
        Quoting a 4 years old opinion!!! Really believed!! And as I’ve said before James/Haley are my fav.& seems as if they get an extra amount of extremely negative things said about them & stated as facts.I do check out the “facts” & find that they are really distorted.
        I do this mainly with James/Haley because they are my favorites. Would like to see James FOR THE WIN!!

      • Dang Diana, enough with the laid back, cool, logical persona! Aaaahhhh! You are right, I would have defended her. I’m tired of all the baseless accusations, for James, too. Can’t we just support our favorites instead of attacking the ones we don’t like as much? Your response, however, was somewhat out of character so I found it slightly humorous.

      • What an immature remark. Makes you on a level of a 4 year old. But with your association with trolls, it figures

    • I believe James will come back very strong this week but I expect the best show of this season from all of them tomorrow night.
      Maybe the best top 4 every on Idol.

      • Yes, David P. My husband is a true Haley fan since beginning of AI & thinks she is talented & HOT. I’m a James fan & think likewise of James. We have been having fun this season “discussing” our favorites:)
        Great being passionate about our favorite, Right? I think with Haley & the judges neg.responses, we just don’t want her to look like a victim, whom needs “saving” but a strong woman who has confidence in herself. And I think she really faced the challanges she was given.She has sung with her parent’s band since she was eight & is aware of what goes on in the entertainment industry, & also last year she didn’t get through but got right back on the horse!
        Same with James tried out 2 yrs. ago did alot of maturing & got through his challanges also. We really admire these two young contestant! Think I let the troll get to me:0

    • that is just awesome that a 4 year old is calling someone an idiot and useless. what a bright future indeed.

    • you really need to chill out and think about what you say to people. We have a right to vote for who ever we like. They are all good. The 4 year old needs some dis. Go Haley

  61. Scotty is great with country music!
    It would be nice to hear him sing some John Dever songs as well as Elvis. Like Denvers “Take Me Home Country Roads”. “Grandma’s Feather Bed”, “Alaska and Me”. John Denver, (Henry John Deuchendorf)
    John Denver also had a popular song “Thank-God I ‘m a Country Boy!”. Check some of Denvers songs out Scotty!

    • Totally agree with you Scotty. John Denvers’ music is the best in country music.

  62. Not happy to see James still in it.

    I’ve noted there was no musical theme this season.

    *Bring him Home* (from Le Miserables) Scotty
    *Memory* (from Cats) Haley
    *Something Wonderful* (from the King and I) Lauren
    *Not while I’m Around* (from Sweeny Todd) James

    • It’s OK Nadine for not being happy as long as you still have a LIFE. If not happy to see James still in it, then don’t watch this show just tune in to watch other crappy show like The Voice or Ellen Degeneress show.

      No musical theme for you? Then switch your remote to Disney’s channel or perhaps Discovery channel 🙂

      • Arent you a lovely person. People like you with your responses really show the meaning of the Saying the Ugly American

    • LOVE that song!!! I had picked it for James. I think it suits the softer side of James. I am all for the bluesy stuff with my Haley girl. I still think she could do wonders with “On Broadway.”

  63. OK American Idol fans … Of all the performers this year (even those already eliminated) who do you think will have the most successful post-Idol career? In my viewpoint James is a GREAT performer. But, there is little to make him STAND OUT in the pool of already established rock and rollers who are selling very few CD’s these days. He will be forgotten by the time Christmas comes around. I think Haley (my favorite) is unique and talented, but I am not sure how marketable she is. Scotty, on the other hand has a VERY unique voice, that people stop whatever they are doing and listen to it, the very first time they hear it. Add the fact that he is only 17 and his genre of music (country) is one of the few that are selling many CD’s these days and I see him out selling the other performers COMBINED. Even if he does not win this year. Any one disagree?

    • I am not disagreeing with you Steve.

      James is an OK preformer, but doesn’t stand out for me, I agree he will be forgotten by christmas. Haley is talented, she is great and a real sweetie. Lauren (whom you forgot to mention) is also talented and young, not so sure if she is marketable. Soctty on the other hand is VERY unique and has to be people chance to win out right and has the voice for country.

      • Well, I read that country fans are the only ones still buying CDs. So if that’s the case, then he will succeed.

        However, it a peer review were held from the music world, I think he will be a blip. In the LONG run, I think Lauren may outshine everyone. Course, I am hoping Haley will find her way there, too–because that is the kind of music I like best. Now I think James is good; but I am not sure he stands out enough in his chosen genre to be uniquely identifiable vocally.

        Haley does have that–and that helps her stand out from the crowd. There is no mistaking her voice.

    • The right songs and arrangement is needed to go with a good voice to become a star, right now they are only copy cats of great artists which shows they could make it big, not that they will.
      Pia has a style similar to Celine who sold 200M+ albums, Scotty sounds like Josh Turner who sells album but not a super star just yet. Haley will do well but depends on her songs and how she is marketed on how many albums she will sell.
      James with the right band and songs could go far but it the music he does that will decide the record sells.

    • Totally agree Steve Fox. This is what I have been saying all along. Scotty will have an amazing career whether he wins or loses. I also think Haley stand a good chance for success. I really like james, but rockers are a dime a dozen. I am not sure about Lauren. She has a great voice and with the right handlers could be very successful.

    • The thing about Haley is she’s got the ears of a lot of people that are already in the music industry and past idol stars. She’s gotten a lot of praise from Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, and Melinda Doolittle and gotten the attention of Lady Gaga of all people. Even if you hate Gaga you can’t deny she’s a huge presence in today’s pop culture. I will agree that it totally depends on how she’s handled, though, and what type of music she decides to settle down in. Her biggest downfall will be if she allows the industry to manipulate her instead of staying true to herself.

      I’ll also agree that Scotty will be the number one seller from this season and may even be up there with Adam Lambert and Daughtry as far as success goes. I’ll refrain from going any further than that because time will only tell if he reaches the heights of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson has 10 years on him. The kids got a voice, though, no doubt.

      • IMO The thing that will limit James’ success is the relatively low popularity of hard rock as opposed to the pop and country genres. Bon Jovi sustains a number one touring band title because the band is power pop rock. And the band evolved when hair bands were fading. Not many kids coming up are being drawn to hard rock.

  64. my opinion about the AI contestants

    JAMES- wow!! the only soul rocker and screaming monster in the stage. his taste have a soul and power when singing but not always to scream because not all of the audience doesnt want loud voices
    just go high pitch and some emotional sometimes!!

    HALEY- the girl who always nailed it!! she has a growly taste or a sexy touch for every singing moment she has a unique voice and passion in singing! so just go forward and be stronger every week!

    LAUREN- the youngest of the rest and who has sensitive feelings. his voice is soothing and sweet
    but i think the problem is i dont see any unique or different every week when she sing!!
    so if you want to win!! give all your best!

    SCOTTY- scotty, scotty, scotty, the girls choice because of his look. i dont think hes perfect to be an AI season 10 winner because his singing was so boring and lazy but for a man like scotty, his voice is soothing and not bad to ears with his deep voice, but its still boring..go find another part of your voice!

    for any opinions just reply

    • I love opinions!! Is someone a tad jealous? This is the best of the best. This is what AI gave us. Deal.

      • Just because most country ballads do not encourage running around the stage, please don’t call them lazy. They are usually beautifully written and tell great stories. That iswhat Scotty does – he pulls us into the song without all the craziness. If the song is fast – like Gone – then he knows how to use it. He moved around quite well to that song.

      • Mary, I agree that Scotty’s type of music is mostly all about “telling a story“. Some people do not get that. With that type of song, one does not need screaming guitars, smoke bombs and lighting piano on fire, like some performers do to make their point. This is coming from a country music fan, who was raised on hard rock and roll. So, I one of the few that can appreciate both forms of music.

    • AI has lost it’s sizzle cos the gorgeous, smouldering, upmost talented Stefano Langone is already eliminated. Please bring bacl Stefano on stage, he’s so mesmerizingly amazing on stage. Love everything about Stefano. Hope someday Stefano would be in the movie industry and act alongside JLO. Wow!!! a great show to watch. Possibly romantic comedy.

    • I think you’re wrong, you do not like a slow song does not mean boring, Scotty sings great and me personally is the best singer of all. Jimmy said it has to understand the subtlety of Scotty. I hope I said well my English is not good. GO SCOTTY !!!!!

    • Haley does not always nail it or she would have not been in the bottom 3 a few times. You can’t say she always nails it. Now James never being in the bottom three or Scotty you can say that! They nail it with James blowing it away all the time.

      • Well, I don’t think that’s accurate–only because:

        1. The judges swayed voters tremendously with their critiques, and

        2. I am not sure who was doing all the voting. And by that I mean, I don’t trust the taste of all those who voted numerous times . . .

        So I think if you are comparing the vocals (and not comparing who got the most votes–and I guess that means “nailing it” in your book), then I believe it is another whole story.

  65. “Goodnight everybody” – Jackie Gleason
    “May God bless” – Red Skelton & I’ll see you tomarrow if…
    “And the good Lord’s willing, I’ll be right (here) – Joe South

  66. i want Hailey hailey!!!!!! she sounds so hot in every song…vote for her so she could be in the final with James

  67. Well some how it was leaked one of James songs is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Article was on E-Online

  68. I just wanted to come on here and comment seeing as this might be my last time visiting this site for this year. I’ll be travelling to china tomorrow 4 work and i dont think they air am/idol over there which is too bad 🙁 I won’t be back til June so i will miss the remaining episodes of idol 🙁 But i just wanted to thank the people who run this site, i come on here everyday to read your updates as well as what other people say… it’s been so fun sharing in the excitement with you all and i cannot wait until next season so we can do it all again… thank you all!!! this year i gotta say has by far been my favourite season!! i love the talent these kids bring to the stage week after week. but i gotta stay true to my pick to win right from his first audition, james durbin. GOODLUCK JAMES!!!!! you are a winner already to me 🙂 much love to haley, scotty and also lauren as well… may your futures be bright and fullfilling! last but not least, to everyone who have become a part of the idolnet family, it was great reading all you had to say, i hope the rest of the year is just as enjoyable for u all… until 2012! 🙂 Adios!

    • Marlena, I too am overseas. And beacuse of that, this web-site is a God Send to me. Don’t be surprised if you can see the show in China a day after it is performed live. As that is how they do it here in the Philippines.

      • Going to China! You are so lucky.

        You’ll have a laptop, no doubt. Check out YouTube and AI for the videos and latest news. Then, look on this blog (only if you are prepared to read something in advance of seeing the videos, though) to get the feel for all the excitement. And if you just can’t stand it, peek!! 🙂

  69. I can’t wait to see what they’ll sing, I just hope ALL of them give ground breaking performances 😀

  70. E! News reported that James Durbin will cover the song ‘Don’t stop believing’ by the Journey 😀 the insider said it will blow our mind, hope It’s true and kick Mattew Morrison ass when he dish American idol

  71. Lauren became too emotional at the end when she thought she was leaving. Continued crying after she found out she wasn’t leaving. James is far too emotional and seems to have emotional issues. A singer who cries does not have control (according to one of the judges), and that is most important in the music induustry, so that may go against Lauren and James. The one who is steady, clean cut, nice looking, polite, and is a good singer with a contract as soon as the game is over, is Scotty. I firmly believe he will win and Haley will be second. Hope so, anyway.

    • I am not sure Scotty would win against Haley, a lot of people would like to see a girl win after all the guitar guy winners and if James’ voters support Haley it would be very close.
      I don’t think either will win if James doesn’t have another bad night.

    • Ditto! I hope this shows up under kechik’s comment, but just in case. Go Lauren!

  72. Some moments to laugh about for the top 4.

    Scotty’s Nuts o’ wonder
    Haley’s hot lipstick mess.
    James’ lolscarftail.
    Lauren’s trip down the stairs.

    Who’s excited for tomorrow? I really do love all 4 of these guys and am hoping for great performances from each of them.

    • just think about casey abrams when he was on the kitchen table hahaha!! soooooooo funny!!! but he was elemanated. to bad!

      • Shoot. I missed that!!!:(

        I must have also missed Scotty’s “Nuts of Wonder”!!! Now that is a leading statement . . .

    • the hardest i laughed this season was when jacob gagged on the tofu!

      the whole chef ramsey thing was my favorite.
      a close second is when all the contestants was describing each other and casey chased scotty for imitating him.

  73. Any song for the remaining 4 Idols would do BUT I am cock sure the Top 2 would be James and Haley. This week Lauren will be sending to pack then Scotty.

    Oh my goodness gracious, I MISS STEFANO LANGONE SO VERY MUCH. Please blaze the stage Stefano, can’t wait for your next performance, do a duet with James on the Final-Idol-Top 2 Face Off night ya. Stefano absolutely a true performer with a movie star good looks. Just can’t beat that.

  74. I am from South Africa and I absolutely love American Idol. I sit and read all these remarks and replies above and it keeps me busy and amused.
    I think all top 4 contestants are good but my favourite is Scotty, he sings fabulously and I think he is a great role model for any young child, his paents must be very proud of him as I would be if he were my son. Go Scotty go!!

  75. Well it’s obvious James is gonna do Young Blood, Scotty is gonna do Charlie Brown. Haley is gonna do Love Potion Number 9, the Elkie Brooks version. And Lauren is going home!! Cause there aint no song for her on this list. But I think she will attempt Stand By Me. But I could be wrong. It may be Lauren’s night to shine. There are other options for the top 4 but these would be my picks.

    • I hope they all shine. With Lady Gaga mentoring one thing is sure, it will be interesting?

      • Yes, interesting to say the least. Gaga is a character, I hope she behaves herself and dresses decent for a family show unlike last year when she performed in a thong (shudders)

  76. Vote,vote and vote some more for James,he really should win American Idol,have liked him from the very first.So he had a bad week, everyone does

  77. Vote,vote and vote some more for James,he really should win American Idol,have liked him from the very first.So he had a bad week, everyone does

    • Yeah!! me too!!! and this is cool because James Durbin is on TWWITER!!! i followed him!!!

  78. I really really would like to hear James blow out a Steven Tyler song…may I don’t want to miss a thing …ciao!

    • i want him to do ‘seasons of wither’ or ‘lord of the thighes’ i know AI would not allow ‘lord of the thighes’ though.

      i really love old aerosmith. dont like new aerosmith much.

  79. For Haley Fans. My Haley Great Moments:
    – Haley sexy walking entrance in “I feel the Earth move”
    – The Lipstick mess in “I am your baby tonight”
    – The few lovely seconds she was sitting with Scotty and Thia on the group performance Top 13
    – The “OooOoo you treated me badly I love you madly” after down the stairs on the Motown song .
    – The tight sexy miniskirt dress on “Fallin”
    – The awesome legs on Top 12 group performance
    – The killer “meeeeeeeeeee” ending look in “Blue”
    – The crossing-legs sitting on the piano on “Bennie and the Jets”
    – She looked taller than Pia and moves so great on the group song “Teenage Dream”
    – The black outfit on “Piece of my Heart”
    – How pretty she looks in her audition when she sings and close her eyes
    – Her jazzy scat improv solo in “Moaning”
    – The few seconds she walked down into the judges area on “Call me”, OMG she was so sexy there.
    – Her hips movements on the group top 9 rock medley (with the tight jean) and her dance with Iggy Pop
    – The so pretty and angelical smile and head movement after “Rolling on the Deep” just before the judges’ comments.
    – The few seconds she holds the microphone with two hands on “Beautiful”
    – How she improvises Hollywood group performance when she forgets the lyrics (very funny)
    – The green miniskirt and the way she moved on group “Soul sister”, she was a Barbie that day
    – The way she says “You taste like whiskey when you kiss me oooh I’ll give up anything again to be your baby doll” on the lady gaga song
    – Everything on the “House of the Rising sun”, the a capella intro, the walking, the look, the hair, the accessories, the makeup, the torn jeans, the singing, her voice ……

    • LOL Ed, you seem to be in love!! Congrats! I couldn’t even read it through without blushing, had a feeling I’m reading someone’s diary 🙂

    • Overheard at an emergency meeting at the Viagra corporation headquarters.
      Why are our sales down so far the last couple of months?
      The reply came,” I don’t know, but we haven’t sold any since last Wednesday.”

    • You are crazy!!!! Go Scotty!!!
      Scotty moments;
      When you hold the microphone with both hands.
      His eyes look fresh when the judges
      When greeting the grandmother in the song Country Comfort.
      His shyness when girls hug came in That’s all right mama ..
      His look at his first audition, just a country boy.
      Swinging total fun …. …… etc
      Okay, Scotty can sing and has the voice and attitude. Scotty Vote!

    • “Sit right back where you belong, in the corner of my bar with your high heels on…” ooohhhh…Nobody has sizzled like this in years….

  80. I am so sick of James Durbin fan’s. WATCH all he does is cry and pout. by all mean’s he can sing but if he keep’s telling everyone he misses his wife or what ever and baby HE should not be there. Scotty is the NEXT american Idol is so comfortable with what ever he does I don’t care IF i have to stay on the phone for 2 hrs and on the Idol votes He will get a great many of my votes. He is the only one worthy of the title.

    • well judy, get use to it cause you are gonna be hearing a lot more from us!


    • Judy, I agree 100%. I almost vomited in my mouth when he started crying last week. He’s very talented, but he was all over the frickin’ place with his second song. I can’t believe the judges still praised him. Had it been ANYONE else, Randy would have bashed them, but since he’s already hailed James as the next “American Idol”, I guess he very well couldn’t do that.

      • Totally agree, what Randy was not ethical. Vote lot Scotty … I think I get confused with the reply…

      • Randy deserves public ridicule for “emotionally perfect.” Yuck. Disgusting.

      • maybe randy should be publicly stoned to death for having an opinion that does not agree with others. get real people.

      • Lisa There has been many blogs about James,s actions. Every thing that he does is pimping (not my words)for votes. Many are tired of these antics. so it will e interesting tonight. Would anybody but me like to know number of votes per contestant? Know it will never happen but I know the judges know before thr “dim the lights” routine

      • i think before anyone judges James, they should consider that he suffers from mulitple disabilites. on that note, his disabilites make it hard for him to hide his emotions. so he is not crying to get pity votes, it is something he cannot control, and it is simply his character. so think twice before calling names. personally, i think he is the only one who deserves to win, he not only has the voice, but he has a story that reaches out to everyone who has ever been struggling in life financially or who has suffered bullying due to his disabilities. i want him to take the win! =)

      • This is a prime example of someone being different than others and people not able to understand or accept it. I personally think that the remaining 4 are already idols and will each have a good future in the music industry.

      • Angelica That is exactly what a lot of people are complaining about. Tired of hearing about. Several blogs saying they are turned off and are going to change their votes. Enough already

    • Seriously, Scotty? Last week he was great. But the previous couple of weeks I thought his range sounded limited, and his song choices seem to be blurred together in a repititious annoying sort of way. Since you’re a Scotty fan, you may not have ever listened to Tone Loc. He had two hits – ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘The Funky Cold Medina’. Both had an enjoyable beat, but sounded almost exactly alike, kind of like Scotty’s music. The reason Tone only had two songs was because he was limited – like Scotty. I think because of his age, he has a ton of potential, but I don’t think he’s there yet, and I think he’s the least entertaining singer left. In the duo’s with Alaina, she killed him. Hailey’s been knocking it outta the park for weeks now. And James doesn’t “cry and pout” all the time. He cried once and it connected with people. Scotty’s aloof (arrogant) as if he’s already won. The other three have heart and soul – and that’s what makes a winner. Bye Bye Scotty.

      • I beg your pardon but we differ in opinion. Scottie is the best ever: the voice and the way he carries himself. You interpret his “confidence” as “arrogance”. If you look at the votes in the upper page, Scottie has the highest vote %. I rest my case.

    • What gets me is that idol goes above and beyond for james. From the drum intro a few weeks back to the numerous times he has had pyro, no one else is getting the “star” treatment. I hope this is another Lambert, judges pushed him to the finals, and he got his @$$ beat. But that’s just one mans opinion.

    • unfortunately the three that should be in the final three are no longer on the show. Pia, James and Casey. So much for a show about musical talent. It is more about a bunch of teenie boppers staying on the phone for two hours and voting for God knows what, certainly the talent has left the building. Who cares which one of these three wins it!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I love you Judy, I can not rate many times votar.porfavor Scotty, from Peru our love. Scotty is our American Idol

    • Vote Scotty for President of Peru, he is better than Umala or Keiko! and for American Idol vote for James.

      • Humala wih “H” I have the disadvantage of not voting, but I see a winner Scotty … Scotty luck to all …. is the best!

    • xure…totally agree..James & Haley in the finale…..Why do they people want another boring winner?..Scotty… Oh please spare me….

      • There is nothing wrong with any of the contestants. They can all sing what they want and do very well,and you just may get surprised who will win this. I can tell you this not all of will be Happy,But for me I say it is a guy and a girl for second place.

    • Absolutely! James and Haley are the best by a long shot. The other two are very good, but James and Haley are the only remaining two whose songs I have have played back on the dvr just to hear them again.

      Having seen Smokey Joe’s Cafe three times on Broadway (where they sang all Leiber and Stoller songs), I really would like to hear Haley sing “Don Juan” and/or “Pearl’s a Singer.” If you haven’t heard those songs, they both are on Youtube — just include “Smokey Joe’s” in the search. “Kansas City” or “Some Cats Know” might be a good pick for her as well. “Hound Dog” seems a natural for Scotty. Leiber and Stoller’s songs are so good that I’m sure we’ll be entertained tonight.

      • @ Clive – My two choices for Haley are either:

        “I Keep Forgetting” in the style of Patti LaBelle.

        “Pearl’s A Singer” by Elkie Brooks, which Hayley could easily adapt to her style.

      • Elkie Brooks version of “Pearls a Singer”is without doubt the best version. Lieber & Stoller also produced it for Elkie.

  82. i also joined and what is really cool and refreshing is instead of bashing who they dont want to win, the durbinators and the scottymacs etc…made threads wishing all the other contestants good luck. that was very nice.

    • I enjoy it over there as well plus you can watch interviews they do that give a totally different perspective on the person and download videos of them singing, which is cool.

      One that Hayley did was interesting because she talked about the fact that they are told to look more into the cameras and not play to the studio audience, which explains some of the awkward stances some of them have taken when singing.

      She said it has taken her a while to get used to it and Lady Gaga told them that it is one of the hardest things to remember to do, especially if you are used to singing to an audience.

      I guess it is easier to do when you are doing a slow song and can seduce the audience through the camera lens. 🙂

  83. They may be old geezers Branden (both 81 I think) but their songs have been interpreted by many artists and recorded in many genres.

    I’m A Woman was also recorded by Reba McIntyre so Lauren could do a Country version with a hint of Blues that would suit her voice and style.

    Haley could knock the socks off “I Keep Forgetting” a la Patti LaBelle. They also wrote “Pearl’s A Singer” recorded by Elkie Brooks, which Hayley could easily adapt to her style.

    James could really get his teeth into “Stuck in the Middle” by Stealers Wheel or Searchin’ by The Coasters.

    I think that Scotty could do a good version of “On Broadway” a la George Benson which is more in his vocal zone and will give him an opportunity to do something interesting with his voice, even some scatting, which we know he can do. Spanish Harlem is also in his wheelhouse.

    • I’m with you, Paul. All this snarky crap about how OLD these songs are obscures the fact that these are classics! Figure out how many of today’s songs will be around 40 years from now!

  84. I’m most interested in hearing SCOTTY because he is the only one that can really sing. He doesn’t miss a note and you can hear clearly every word he sings. I hope he sings something that puts him into action because that’s what the viewers seem to like. When he is a superstar he can do what he wants. The others are so busy screaming and worrying, that the words are not clear unless you know the song to begin with. They are all good, and I like James a lot–not as much as the judges–but Scotty outsings him by a long shot. Scotty is clearly the winner in this group. I like Haley a lot too. She’s a great entertainer and will go a long way, but she won’t be great like Scotty.

    • Scotty is the best by far. Can’t dispute that! He is such a wholesome young man. Can’t stand the way Haley and James dress. Very poor taste. And all of that screeming. ICK!!!!

    • Thank you both for an honest avaluation. That you both had the nerve to express an opinion to which I total agree. Now all three of us will under fire Good luck

    • I totally agree with you. Better than the other three and better than the original artists who sang the songs he now sings.

  85. Actually I like all four who are left. Scotty is by far my favorite. Scotty’s shy demeanor, his impeckable way he delivers the songs he sings can be matched by no one. Scotty has it all personality, talent and humbleness. He’s my choice for this year’s American Idol. God bless you Scotty and the best of luck.

  86. james is the winner by far and as far as his crying last week the song hit home for him have u never heard a song that made u cry give him a breakgo james

  87. Lauren’s time is about up. I do not want an American Idol that is constantly scared and immature. She needs to grow up before she can handle a title like that. Someone more mature like Scotty, James or Haley is more rewarding of the title. She may sing great, but her maturity level astounds me. Please Lauren go home!

  88. nick your comment about james was uncalled for you know nothing about music and talent

  89. It would be nice if Idol was won by the person with the most talent. Instead of people’s personal feelings towards the person, and if that were the case, James Durbin always leaves me standing and clapping with every performance, and will be worth the $40 admission, when he goes out on his own !!!

  90. Judy, Is 100 % right!Scooty is great,I love that deep voice, he well go far in country music almost another Carrie. His smile is to die for! I get tired of screeming!James has talent, but by far he won’t go as far as scooty, scooty’s smile and personality well get you every time. I just Love him! Go Scooty Go!

  91. did u see how Haley bloomed? i think she deserves to win,you should see guys a person who can really sing and gave a remarkable performance,not just he/she got the looks? Haley got standing ovation, and the judges really appreciate her, hope you guys can see it too.

    • Catherine replies to CoCo in ref. to Haley:
      May 12, 2011 at 1:10 PM

      Haley has bloomed as you say and the judges are in notice and seemingly are very proud of her accomplishments. However, one thing which is very noticeable is her attitude when given constructive criticism from the judges or just different ideas. She gets an I don’t have to take this and has even talked back to the judges. This is a poor standard for any performer and could show a difficult character flaw for others to work cohesively with. Seemingly she might be a controller or always think her way is the only way. Anyway for the record, on major television it came across as disdainful.
      Lighten up Haley! How old are you? Being respectful of any elder shows great wisdom and knowledge. Go get them and hope tonight turns out well for you.

  92. Scotty has a very limited range in his voice, and most of his song choices have not been that great. Haley can sing with the best of them, but only when she’s pushed to do so. Lauren has definitely improved, but she is very leery of herself. James has by far been the most consistent and has the best range vocally.

  93. Scotty should have been the one to go.Yes he can sing but was not entertaining at all.If idol relied on him they would be of the air. The creativity that James has is what will make him succeed it sad to see him go. The two girls that are left have come along way and have improved dramatically and James should have been with them in the top three at any rate. Scottys performance last night looked cumbersome at best dont get the viewers at all that voted for him.

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