American Idol 2011 Top 5 Weekend Update

Four weeks remain in the American Idol 2011 competition leaving four more Hopefuls to be eliminated before we crown a new American Idol. While the judges like to say its anyone’s game I think most of us know better than that.

To keep the 90 minutes runtime filled the remaining Top 5 singers will each perform two songs. One will be songs from the 60’s, because that’s hip and relevant, and the other will be modern to help balance out the fifty year old songs. Maybe next week they’ll take on hits from Bach and Mozart! No word on what restrictions will be placed on “modern” songs, but hopefully they do better than letting Scotty sing an 80’s song for the 21st century theme…

Come Thursday night’s American Idol results show we’ll see Jennifer Lopez get out from behind the judges’ table and perform “On the Floor” alongside Pitbull. The non-Idol guest performer will be Lady Antebellum and though FOX says they’ll also be singing “On the Floor” I’m guessing that’s a typo in their press release. Or maybe it’ll be a rap battle! Yeah, probably not.

Ratings took another dip for American Idol this past week. Thursday night’s results show was down 5% in viewers from the previous week. As we get a little closer to the finale I’m still expecting things to pick back up, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

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So which singer are you most excited to see perform this week on American Idol?




  1. Scotty is my absolute favorite, but it's kind of hard to watch and not want him to actually win. I'd like to see him get 3rd, so that he gets the parade and hometown bit. Don't want to see him in the finale and not win, but you have to admit that Idol doesn't have a real good track record of promoting their winners. SO many times the runner-ups have a much better career. Someone in Nashville needs to get this kid and give him the kind of support he needs, then he'll go a long way.

    • Absolutely. Scotty shouldn't win and third place would be best. He can negotiate with Nashville producers while he finishes high school and gets some seasoning on the tour. Interscope and 19E would be more beneficial to James.

      • Scotty has to go by the Top 5 or Top 4. He has lost his track on this competition. Vocal wise, his beyond the shattered Kryptonite. Too yeehaw for the mass audience.

    • Nancy A. You don't have to worry about Scotty!! He will get signed for a country CD even if he doesn't win. Daughtry should have won the season he was on. No! RCA signed him up and he is doing great. ADAM LAMBERT ( should have won )was signed up with RCA too! He is also doing great. So , it's OK if Scotty doesn't win!! Sherry K.

  2. Nancy – totally agree but I hope Scotty finishes in the final. James will probably win (he is terrific) but my heart belongs to listenable Scotty. I too hope he gets the right people to promote him and that he has a happy and decent life. He's is only 17, what a future!

    • If he's in the finale, then guess I'd like to see him win…what a thrill for a 17 year old. I'm going to be out of the loop for a couple weeks, so you're in charge of taking over my Scotty voting duties!

      • Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. Why oh why, can't country win? He's the greatest. Judges, stop coloring the votes….

      • Well James is in trouble if either Lauren or Scotty get in the finale. Why because, Lauren and Scotty split the young, country, southern vote. With one of them gone everyone is voting for the other. I really don't think James can take on that many votes.

      • James is most likely picking up the votes from all the people going home. Lauren and Scotty had a large plurality of votes but I don't think they had the majority of votes. When it comes down to the final two (most likely James and Scotty) it will be Scotty/Lauren fans vs. Ashthon/Karen/Naima/Thia/Pia/Paul/Stefano/Casey/Jacob/Haley fans.

    • We all know that now.

      James will win this competition!

      … becaue the show is rigged and they want the duet with Mr. Tyler to happen in the finals. Pfffffffffft! Too obvious!

      • I do not think James will win because it is fixed or rigged as you say. He will win because he is the best.

      • James already said that he didn't mean anything by that comment when he asked Steven to sing with him in the finale because he said they are all performing in the finale in some way or another. Not sure if that's true or not.

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  4. I wanna watch this show because of JAMES DURBIN ^^ hope he ganna win . He's a top # 1

  5. James James James. But I'm also hoping that Scotty will come out of his safe zone and blow us all away.

    • Ain't gonna happen πŸ™‚ Howdy Doody is outta here! What has happened to the American Idol excitement I'm used to looking forward to each week? Don't know what voters were thinking when they let Paul go. At least he had a great personality and style. Of course Idol will NEVER be the same since Adam. But it certainly hasn't dampened his SPIRIT any πŸ™‚ Maybe an "Adam Wanna be" will win.

  6. For this week following my favorite as always is James, I think it is ready to rock again. If as you say the songs to play are from the sixties and one more modern. Imagine he has a lot of material to choose from these two. Gooooooo James

      • Were you watching the 2008 American Idol? If not, then you missed the most talented and best looking of all the singers……ADAM LAMBERT . There will never be such an exciting season as that was ever again!!!!

      • weslyn…..Totally agree about Season 8 but James is not Adam but he sure is exciting in a James Durbin kind of way…..James is inspirational and talented…

        GO JAMES!!!!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing James perform again. He always gets a standing ovation in my living room. If he wins he certainly deserves it.

    • WOW! Weslyn, Yes, Yes!! Adam Lambert is the best EVER. He is handsome. And can sing the phone book! I am jealous Phyllis G. got to see him in person!! LOl. Just kidding Phyllis G. I wish Rose was on here where I could find her! Please tell her I said Hi Phyllis G. Hugs to both of you!

      Sherry K.

  8. James is now my favorite by a long shot. It took me a few weeks to really appreciate him, but I realize he has it all. He can sing anything and give me goose bumps. He's the real standout among a mediocre bunch.

    • Oh don't worry. He's no long shot.

      James will win it. Isn't it very obvious that they are playing favorites and rigging the show so that the duet with Steven Tyler in the finals happens?


      • Idolfan…..America votes…not the judges…..and if that was true Adam was the judges favorite and front runner but he didn't win…REMEMBER…If James wins it because he deserves to and America voted for him…….

  9. Of course ratings were down. Seven states were besieged by violent storms. Those folks may have been a bit distracted.

      • Yeah… Alabama was completely destroyed, as well as GA, TN, & MS had some major damage. No TV, not phone lines… I went down to Alabama, it's horrific, so, yes I'd a agree, they are a LITTLE distracted, so of course ratings will be down.

    • Templar, I have said this to you before. But I just want to say Thank-You again for talking about the stoms and tornados we have had in the South. I do not know where Lauren's home town is? I am sorry Lauren if it hit your town!! I live in Arkansas and it has completely wiped small towns out here! My heart goes out to anyone who was hurt by any of the pouring down rain for 3 days now!! flooding!! And the ones the tornados hit. May God bless you all. I hope this week on American Idol is fun. Sure could use some fun! And sunshine. LOL! I am so tired of this dreary weather! Hugs to all. Sherry K. πŸ™‚

  10. I've ben a James Durbin fan from day one.I watch the show to see what he does next.He will win as I've said from his first performance.He definately has what it takes and then some.Another James Durbin fan.

  11. j lusk, even if you are so ready for him to go home he dose have a voice, what about you?

    • To sbyrd: You say "j lusk dose have a voice", but then we all have voices or we couldn't speak. I think you mean does he have a good voice; my answer is yes, but not enough to go beyond the top 5. I hope he's eliminated once and for all this week.

    • I've seen enough of his sashaying around the stage.It's over due for him to head home.An american Idol, he isn't. Can't believe he is still there and pia, paul and casy are gone. I'll give credit where credit is due, he does have a good voice but he is out of his element, sort of like Scotty (((:)))

    • Yes mabey he has a good sining voice but he puts to much drama into his peformances that its really annoying and i dont know if he really deserves to be there he had to beg a judge not to give him probation just show he could do the show

  12. I`m hoping Scotty wins it!! He has a great voice and I feel he will represent America well, he definately has a quality that is unique and he deserves to go far!!! Go Scotty!!!

    • … and because they've already rigged it so he wins!

      Duet with Steven Tyler in the finals. Woohoo!

  13. James has everything it takes to be the American Idol.

    Scotty and Lauren are both so talented, and they both have already won in that they WILL have amazing careers…but on "Idol," I think it shows that they are just a bit young. With Scotty, his voice is amazing, but he just doesn't have the life experience yet to take some songs to a deeper place. Lauren has that natural "tear in her voice" as the judges have said, but really does lack confidence. We sort of like her for that…it's like watching a flower bloom…but still.

    • Too right, Devon. I'm all for them raising the age to 18. It was a mistake for Thia, Lauren and Scotty to be in this at such a young age.

      • Ben; There's 18 and there's naive, sheltered 18. If Scotty came from L.A. or NYC or Chicago, I'd say yeah maybe he's ready. But he doesn't. When Jimmy Iovine mentioned The Pussycat Dolls to him, he was completely clueless about who or what Jimmy was talking about. He's not ready. Haley is from Chicago and it's plain to see how much more street smart she is compared to Lauren and Scotty.

      • I agree with you about raising the age to 18. Thia has such a pleasant tone to her voice.

      • I do not think the age has to go up and just because the come from a small town dosnt mean nothing you can get amazing young artists at 16 from small towns I can think of a couple artists that started out young came from a small town and is huge today

      • Templar…..totally agree…..Minimum should be 18….These kids are much too young…Talented..yes….but too young…They should be out and about with their friends, thinking about dates and Proms…..not living in Idol house with a group of past HS ages….

  14. James james James superb a true performer a true talent the best of the best you will win

  15. James, James, James, James James!


    And what a life-changing experience that will be for him!!!

    • Sure it will be a life changing experience, even for the other contestants. To know that one is going to win because it's already rigged so that the duet with Steven Tyler happens in the finals.

      Go James!

  16. It is James's to win and I believe he will. He has all the talent,looks and stage presence to be an all American Idol. I think Scotty will be runner up. Lauren in third. Jacob home next and then Haley.

    I always look forward to what James will bring. No matter what he sings he does it with perfection. He just nails it. I would like Scotty to sing "Sweet Lips". The young girls and the "cougers" will love, love it!

    • I don't think Haley should be over looked.She seems more experienced in her singing talent and stage presence and looks good doing it. How about she and James ending up the final two? Laurie is a sweet girl and has a nice voice but needs confidence. The others are just plain boring.

      • I am looking forward to a James/Haley runoff…Scotty may come in 3rd. James for the win. πŸ™‚

      • Rose A. How are you doing? I miss my sweet friend. I miss Phyllis G.too! I hope you are not mad at me about something! I like to talk to you and Phyllis both! I have to scroll through these boards to find you ladies. Both of you have the nicest comments. And both of you are so level headed! Give me a shout! Hugs to both of you! I am holding on for James to win!! We had our electric off down here in Arkansas for 2 days! Sherry K

      • I have been having a great time watching American Idol this year. I didn't think I would. That really shows what preconceived thoughts are worth! It breaks my heart thought that my two close friends from ADAM LAMBERT'S time do not talk to me anymore. WHAT DID I DO SAY SOMETHING wrong?? Anyway enjoy the rest of this years American Idol. Still hugs to both of you! I had come to love both of you! Thank-You to Rose A and Phyllis G. For all the good times we had! Sherry K πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Im hoping for it to be like this

      Jacob leaves next week, then Scotty leaves, then Lauren leaves, then James wins in Haley/James finale!

  17. J Lusk has an amazing voice, so does the rest of the contestants. When everyone does so well, it is so difficult to make a decision. Each contestant is a winner in my book.

  18. I hope to see James & Scotty in the finale !! Don't forget, Clay Aiken & Adam Lambert are the runner-ups, but with bigger success, so being in the finale is already successful ! I'll buy CDs of both of them.

    Lauren has been my most favourite 'female' contestant, but it seems she hasn't done her best yet.

    • Let's hear it for Haley and James. Forget about the others. And I don't mean that I think they will all make it in the music world because they are so talented. Not. just forget them and consentrate on sure fire winners. You have to be TALENTED to get a record contract even when you come in second etc.

    • I love Haley too! She has been the most criticized contestant of the judges, especially by Randy who seems to have a double standard when it comes to "karaoke" and "not finding your niche". Just this past week Iovine said she has to find herself or she will be voted off. That's ridiculous – she is the most self-confident and best singer and has "found herself" many times over. Just goes to show how silly the professionals can be, or, I wonder do they have an ulterior motive in wanting her to go. All the more I want her to win. GO, HALEY, GO!

      • I think most of you know this but I will repeat it. Haley's parents have a band. Haley was raised in the music world. She knows exactly who she is. If they bring this topic up once more I am going to lose it. Did you ever notice Stephan Tyler closes his eyes and smiles the whole time Haley sings.

        I think Randy' critique is fake. JLo says what she should but I am never sure if she means it.

    • Hooray!!!! For the Haley fans!!!! Good to hear from ones with good taste and knows talent when they see it. What confidence that girl has no matter who tried to cut her down or critize. She's mature and knows WHO she is and what she can do. Has the voice and the looks.

      • Theres a kid, I assume kid on iTunes who comments every week on Haley's song. He always says,"Marry me" I chuckle everytime he does it.

    • Haley might win it!

      … only if they are not rigging the contest so that the Adam Lambert wannabe would have a duet of screeches and screaming with Steven Tyler in the finals. Their bias is too obvious already.

      • Is that all you can post? We get the message.

        If James does a duet with Tyler, it will be on the final results night and not before. That will happen whether he gets into the final or not.

        They have a show on results night that includes all the ones that are going on tour.

      • Ah good… you understand! And it will happen regardless if the other contestant step up and perform beyond expectations.

      • Nah, what we understand is that you have absolutely no clue what the heck you are talking about, or are an annoying class-c troll… or both… my money is on option 3 (both)

      • Aww, kdub… and you had to look that up all by yourself?

        So what's your stand in all this? You do understand what I'm asking right?

      • idolfan if james makes it into the finales witch he most likely is its not because they rigging it its because he is truly amazing look at the votes on this site hes at the top

  19. Haley is really the only one i care about now that casey is gone πŸ™

    Scotty sounds the exact same every week, Lauren wont take risks, James cant control his voice and he seems like kind of a douchbag, And jacob is just arrogant. Haley has actually improved over the course of the show, And i hope she makes it to the end.

    • ya you are right. Haley is the best for now among the rest when Casey is gone. i love Casey…

    • I completely agree with both of you! James is probably my least favorite! Haley is the only one with a really unique voice, I think. I hope she wins, too!

      • To Tanner and Hranica – I totally agree that Haley is the best. See my detailed reply to No. 23 regarding Haley. Don't forget to vote, vote, vote for her. She needs the votes against Scotty, Lauren and James to stay in the game.

      • Probably not going to happen. You see, they already fixed the show so that the duet with Steven Tyler in the finals happens. The screamer is going to win this season.

    • I like Haley, but dont start calling James names for no reason, he hasnt shown to be a dbag and anything that may make you think that is probably his Teretes and Asburgers Syndrome.

      Haley and James are the only ones i want to see in the finale.

      • yes, you're totaly right..

        james isn't that bad..

        and haley is really2 great…

        but, everything ( even the voted off for pia) can happen in AI…

        just hope and vote….


  20. I like Haley and love seeing her go through each week but she has already supassed my expectation, not that see doesn't deserve it, she is clearly more talented than those who have been eliminated, with the exception of Pia maybe and should survive next weeks Jacob onslaught.

  21. Looking forward to see James and Hayley perform this week's theme. Not so surprising the rating sinks since Stefano was eliminated last week. Many love Stefano stage deliverance hence they possibly switched channel. Be rest assured the rating will peak again by the Top 2 Finale night when Stefano's back on stage and get set On The Stage-Floor.

    Really miss the energetic, bubbly and talented Stefano. He would possibly win the award for the Best Personality American-Idol contestant and Most Good Looking Idol.

    I just have a feeling the Top 2 could be James and Hayley πŸ™‚

  22. When the show began, I said that James Durbin was going to be in the top 2……hopefully to win it all…………he is absolutely amazing in his ability to sing anything…..when I was a young lady; "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" was a favorite song of mine……he did it even better….loved it! James is in it to WIN IT!!!!!

  23. James and Scotty should be in the finals. There is nothing wrong with a 60s theme since there were far more great songs then than there are now. How about a Country Theme?? It would be nice to see actual LIVE performances from the guests , not pretaped ones. We are not stupid. So = bring on James and Scotty!

    • Country theme?!! Scotty sings country every week πŸ™‚ singers are suppose to be able to sing different styles of songs. He is getting to be just a bit too boring.

  24. James will win but unless he finds a good metal band and write or find some good material, after a year, you'll never hear from him again. I guess you could say that about anyone though. James is not a soloist and is reliant upon band members.

  25. I say the eliminations for each week will go from right to left in that picture.

    Meaning Jacob leaves first! Then scotty in the top four, then lauren in the top three, then a James and Haley finale with James winning!

  26. They are all great kids,even Jacob has gotten better.Just do not like to look at him when he is

    doing his act. But his voice is Ok.James,Scotty,and

    lauren are my favorite since they have removed my other four favorites.But they all bring something to the plate.Go Scotty Go.

  27. Haley can win this thing. She has the voice, the looks and the stage presence to be the next "American Idol" Haley is the best of the group, according to Adam Lambert, if his opinion matters. She has been consistent, has chosen songs that are difficult to sing, and has proven she can sing anything. This is a "singing contest", right? But strangely enough Haley has received the most negative comments from the judges. They have certainly influenced the vote. And it was totally off-base for Randy to say "Best performance of the night" for James the other night before all the performers had performed. I hope Haley sweeps up Casey's votes and keeps moving up. All the performers are talented and deserve to be there. Five left standing after over one hundred thousand auditions…they are all pretty amazing. I do think it could be Haley that will be wearing the glass slippers in the end.

    • No. 37 Andy: I'm with you on the comments you made. Haley has been the most criticized by Randy especially. It seems difficult for him to really praise Haley – only in "Moaning" when the votes were cast already. And for Iovine to say this past week that she has to "find herself" really annoyed me. She has "found herself" many times over and is confident, consistent and has the best voice and is the most entertaining. I am tired of hearing about Scotty and Lauren and their Dullsville songs each week. GO HALEY GO!

  28. Still love Haley, but won't be disappointed if James wins. I pulling for Haley to at least be in the top 3. I'd like to see James/ Haley/Scotty since Casey is gone. Haley has got to pick 2 great songs this week. I was wondering if Etta James is of the 60 era? I would love to hear her sing I Just Want To Make Love To You abd maybe Arms by Christina Perri for the now song. Would love to hear James sing Adam Lamberts Time for Miracles, I love that song. I am so caught up in these kids this year, I am starting to think I am obsessed, oh well I entitled to enjoy myself.

    • Etta James has like 7 albums in the 60s most of her best songs.

      James has a lot to choice from like Cream's "White Room" or The Yardbirds or best yet Led Zeppelin's first two albums but Adam did "Whole Lotta Love" off their 2nd.

    • I love "A Time For Miracles" too, but if James did it there would be a big backlash because people would go back to saying he's just copying Adam. I think he should avoid doing anything Adam has done. JMO.

      • I agree with that. Adam songs would be suicide for James. And yes…he does have Adam Lamberts range, but he has never tried to mimic Adam's look, style, or poppy genre.

        What he reminds me of is: if Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert had a idol baby it would BE James Durbin.

        I do not say that to slam any of them. I love them all, but he reminds me as much of daughtry because of the rock flair as he does Adam. Their all great.

        He, Haley, and Casey were always my top three since the beginning. Haley took over as my number one by the time they were down to 13.

  29. I love the Haley enthusiasm but song choice is so important, she really shined two weeks ago, last week no so much but I always like her!

    • What's not to love. Haley has it all, can sing country, pop, can yodle, and is very sexy to boot!

    • I wonder if Patsy Cline's Crazy from 1961 would go over well, it was written by Wille Nelson. The song Blue did not help her since most country fans vote for Scotty and Lauren.

      Etta James' songs maybe better but really depends on her newer second song choice.

      • I'm hoping Haley does "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore for her 60's song. Even younger people will be familiar with it due to the big production number in First Wives' Club.

      • I don't know I think Crazy could work. Blue is what made me love her. She could take over the country vote if she nails it. Lesley Gore is not the way to go. She needs 2 really good songs.

  30. Still love Haley, but won't be disappointed if James wins. I pulling for Haley to at least be in the top 3. I'd like to see James/ Haley/Scotty since Casey is gone. Haley has got to pick 2 great songs this week. I was wondering if Etta James is of the 60 era? I would love to hear her sing I Just Want To Make Love To You and maybe Arms by Christina Perri for the now song. Would love to hear James sing Adam Lamberts Time for Miracles, I love that song. I am so caught up in these kids this year, I am starting to think I am obsessed, oh well I entitled to enjoy myself.

  31. I am so SICK of the way very one is treating James likes he's God! there is only one king, AND THAT ID GOD! so I say GO SCOTTY!

      • I think she said she was feeling sick. And for some reason she's mad at that "Id-God" (maybe he's the one that made her sick??) and she wants Scotty to go. There you have it!

    • Jacob Lusk has the purest sound of them all. Don't believe Randy can ever say; Jacob that was a little pitchy. Ha ha. I am rooting for him, although I believe Durbin will win in the end because of the general age of those voting.

  32. The judges (all) have mentioned a concern for the vocal range of Lauren Alaina. In reviewing all music downloads since the final 13, I found that she does have the necessary range. She's only 16. and should probably add another octive using a voice coach. She's awesome now. What a young talent! Her future is only bright!

    • That is an over all problem this year with going younger, they simply don't have the vocal training needed to sing at the pro level.

      Grant they have great natural voices and I love watching as they develop each week but it limits the songs they can sing well.

      Pia at 23 had the most vocal training and Paul at 26 the most stage experience, with James and Haley have had some training, while Scotty and Lauren are still in high school.

      I believe they all have the talent but without enough training they are more likely to fail as pros.

  33. an american idol is someone we can look up to and respect……………..all the way Scotty!!!!

    • How many friends do you have? Because possibly you mean jacob leaving first, lauren next, then scotty, then a james and haley finale. Which i would be fine with…Aslong as James wins.

    • LOL, are you with VFTW group by change?

      1.James – better every week

      2.Scotty – best place for him really

      3.Haley – if she get enough of Casey' votes

      4.Lauren – for 16yr old in the top 4 is great

      5.Jacob enjoin him this week, will be his last I think

    • That is perfect if you flip that breakdown UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Go Haley!!!!! That is exactly the opposite of right.

  34. at first i could not pick between scotty, lauren and james. i have no doubts anymore. i want james as the next american idol!

    i will be very sad to see scotty, lauren or haley leave. these last few weeks i have really grown to like haley.

    still for a modern song i want james to do breaking benjamin or avenged sevenfold.

    for a 60's song i think he would slay build me up buttercup.

    dont care what jacob does. only song i wanna hear from him is his exit song.

  35. I have a feeling that Scotty and James will be in the finale. Enough though I want it to be Scotty and Lauren in the finale. I really hope that Scotty wins because he is the best and most improved. James is okay but he is Scotty's biggest challenge and I think that if James where to get voted off them Scotty would win. Jacob needs to go! He is by far the worst one there. Haley needs to go after Jacob! After those two go then the competition will be the best! Below is how I think they will place ;

    1. Scotty

    2. Lauren

    3. James

    4. Haley

    5. Jacob

    ^^^^ I have been putting Jacob last for as long as I can remember but he has yet to go home. Hoping and praying that this week will be his last πŸ™‚

    • i will be really shocked if it is wanybody but jacob. i really like all the rest of the contestants and will hate to see any of them go.

      • Yes! I love all the contestants except Jacob! He really needs to go! πŸ™‚

      • Pshhhhhh! you must be living in a dream world if you could possibly think that Jacob is gonna win! So pop off my comment and get in the real world where Scotty and James are in the finale!

        Thanks πŸ™‚

        BYYYYYYE !

  36. I think its between James and Scotty.Wish they would let Scotty sing Ghost Riders In The Sky,whatever James sings is great.

    • "Ghost Riders" is a story song and about impossible to condense into one minute and forty seconds.

  37. I'm looking forward to hearing Scotty take it away by doing something really gutsy and special. He can get the viewers back. I saved his take on Elvis and I'm looking forward to seeing something else just as precious. He can do it, he can win.


    • Scotty never lost the viewers. Seven states that support Lauren and Scotty were devastated by storms. People didn't see the show and couldn't vote . Of course the numbers were down.

      • I hope you aren't referring to last week. He wasn't in the bottom three if that's what you're thinking, he hasn't lost any viewers unless you count the South, and they really can't help it at the moment, I'm sure they'd rather be watching Idol than picking their clothes off the ground… They shouldn't have ever done the results that way. If you still think he was in the bottom three, this is from Ryan Seacest's twitter.

        RyanSeacrest So u guys know, that was NOT ur bottom 3 on #americanidol tonight. They were in random order! Got ur heart racing tho right? πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, I am from North Carolina, where Scotty is from and to this day some people still do not have power and are living in shelters. But Scotty was NOT in the bottom 3! Ryan said a million times that it was in random order.

      • I think Idol should have skipped the elimination due to the storms and had a double elim. next week. But, that's just me.

  38. It has taken me a long time to develop an appreciation for James Durbin, but his last performance was so stellar that I now see him as a possibility for the top spot. Scotty is an outstanding singer but needs help with song choices that will inspire and ignite an audience the way James did on the last show!

    • It took me a bit, too. But I am definitely a fan. And he certainly is a model for how to engage an audience! (Comes from the heart.)

    • I agree, until week 6, I really didn't like James most of the time. I hope he listens to Jimmy and doesn't do rock and metal, because as he said his talent lies in singing just as he did his song.

    • I wished yall would stop picking on Scotty, he's still singing, isn't he?????????????? errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for putting Scotty down!

      I think he's the best left in the top five! Go Scotty!

      • They didn't put Scotty down… where in that post or the following posts did anybody put Scotty down?

  39. People, vote for Haley so we get a James – Haley finale!

    She is ahead of Lauren in the polls but it seems Lauren fans vote a thousand times for her, so we gotta do the same.

    If you like James and Haley try to give her some votes too. James has enough votes so we can share some with Haley.

    • Please don't split your votes between James and Haley.choose the one you like the best.and don't ever think your choice is a for sure winner. Get those votes in there!Both James and Haley are very talented, but we have to choose.

      • I'm not spliting my vote, NO WAY. Nigel said , Lauren and Scotty are front runners in votes, I know Nigel wants a country finale. I'm voting for JAMES!!!It's all over the internet Scotty can't be beat. Vote like he** for James , don't let the south win again !

      • I am voting for Haley. I won't be unhappy if James wins. Hey Chicago, vote for Haley. Shes one of yours.

      • Hey Bev. Internet or not everything can be beaten at some time. Seabiscuit and Northern Dancer were unbeatable and they were beaten a few times. Nothing is set in stone.

    • i do not like haley's voice and i didnt think she would reach this far. I just want her to be eliminated already i always change the channel on her performance i even like jacob better than her.

      • I totally agree and have felt that way frome the very beginning. Have no idea how she got this far.I like Jacob very much when he sings the right songs suited for his voice.James should be the next AI.

      • Haley keeps getting better. If you stopped changing the station when she sings you might change your mind about her. She was good

        on one of the Ford commercials. Maybe there are opportunutues that she had not even thought of. Good Luck Haley.

      • Just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean that a lot of other people don't like her either…that's how she got this far.

      • I like Haley's voice best! I don't change the channel on any of them, however. I give each a shot every week.

    • Have voted for Haley since she sang "Blue".

      I am a Patsy Cline and Etta James fan, blues is the best but in Texas we listen to everything as long as its good, from Wille Nelson to Stevie Ray Vaughan(blues master, RIP).

      • oh bloddyscot…its so refreshing to hear someone say they listen to all music genres, as long as it is good music!!

        I'm so fed up with the rock/country/jazzy/bluesy fighting.

        PEOPLE open your ears and feel the music!! ENJOY it!

      • Bloodyscot, we have exactly the same taste in music. My favorite is Haley.

        Like you, I absolutely love Stevie Ray Vaughn. His untimely death was a huge blow to the music world. πŸ™ (Haley's style reminds me of his.)

        I adore Patsy Cline, Etta James, Billie Holiday and Hank Williams, Sr., Leann Rimes. Love all types of music, including classical.

      • I listen to everything too. In fact, I bought 2 country yodeling songs this week. But Haley is still my pick.

    • Oh, we will definitely see James Durbin in the finals…

      … because they already rigged the competition so that the duet with Steven Tyler happens! It's too O-B-V-I-O-U-S!

      • The show is not rigged. People do and say things that they would not say if they thought about it. They reacted at thy excitement of the moment.

      • Are you sure about that? So reacting the way they did by standing up, hugging James Durbin after a not-so-stunning performance singing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is not obvious they want him in the finals?

        There's another contestant that sang way better than anyone else that night and yet they still had to squeeze in their criticisms. Oh, but for a judge to say that James was consistent week after week even if it's not true is just so obviously rigging it.

        It should have been a singing contest. Screaming and screeching is not so much as singing.

        It's fixed. The duet will happen. They need the ratings to go up. Open your ears. It's too obvious.

      • Not rigged. James and Steven Tyler will do the duet whether or not James wins. The fact is though that James is the best all around singer in the show period. He just happens to like hard rock the best so that's what he sings. He could sing a phone book and win.

      • I disagree. Actually, you're saying he doesn't deserve to win. If he wins, he will have done this honestly, with his incredible skills and heart.

      • I don't think it's rigged, but I have noticed the last two shows, J. Lopez finding it very hard to say something nice about Scotty. She is very cold toward him. She told him last week he did a good job on his duet with Lauren because it was always hard to stay up with such a strong singer like Lauren. I think she's doing that to try to stir votes in a different direction.

      • I hate to "almost" agree with this. I love the show but I can see the judges wanting James…I don't care for his style although I did enjoy him last week…when he did actually sing and sing well…I won't vote for him. Lauren is also getting the nod from the judges…all of this talk about lack of confidence. Other than Casey and James…I don't think any of them are reeking in confidence…just trying to do a good job. I say it will be Scotty and James and I hope Scotty wins.

        Scotty fans…worry about the southern vote…those poor people victims of the tornados have way more to think about than AI and won't be casting any votes.

      • JLo is cold toward Scotty, Nothing he does will ever be good enough for her, but she goes crazy for James the song he put out the other night would never had me dancing or anyone elkse truth be known but she had to ham it up. It's just not right. Never been one to follow myself. I know what songs are hard to sing and I know what's easy. Scotty has a natural talent. I'm glad he don't strain his voice he should be taking care of it so it will last. Screaming is not good.

    • I don't think we need to BEG for votes for Haley. She is solidly deserving and those who agree should put forth an effort and vote for her. That's it.

  40. Jacob will go this week…

    Casey's votes gonna go to Haley…

    when Jacob leaves, his votes will go to ABC( anybody but Scotty)…

    that will leave James, Haley and Lauren for the final 3

    • No, thats what i think and hope happens, Scotty is improving the least, and right now the only one he is better than is jacob. Plus preformance wise, scotty is usually boring.

      • I feel the love for Scotty here, God blessed him with and amazing voice that sounds better then the others, they you say imporove but yet they still don't reach Scotty, Scotty all the way.Trying to out him, Shame.

      • Scotty is outstanding and the only one who is a true American Idol. What a nice young man with a stellar voice. He is a natural and doesn't have to screech and scream to try and get attention. A winner to the end. I am sure he will be in the finals. It is rigged if he isn't.

      • I'm pretty James is a nice young man ,too as well as Jacob..And I'm also sure that Lauren, and Haley are nice girls. Haven't seen anything to tell me otherwise.

        Just every week, James, Haley and Lauren, have grown, improved.

        My vote goes to whom I think deserves it…NOT the genre, NOT who had the best clothes on…doesn't mean the voting is rigged.

      • Sorry guys, I like Scotty, too, and he would be a great Nashville Star…(or whatever that show is called)…as he is a SUPERB country singer. However, he has no versatility and a lot of limits, not something an Am. Idol should be at all.

      • Devin: Yeah how could he ever live up to the standard set by Lee DeWyze? Would totally fall short. LOL

      • I just have to say that the individuals selling the most CDs right now are country…and a great entertainer that appeals to the masses is Taylor Swift. I don't see some of the idols or runners up selling tons of songs. Marketing is important and so is the right producer of the CDs/videos….I think Scotty has it…he and Lauren are the only ones that I would purchase a CD when they make one…Also, I think Lauren has had her ups and downs as well….she and Scotty are kind of equal in that…Then it goes to voice preference…mine is Scotty.

      • I have not voted so far this year…but I will this week…all my votes will go to Scotty…maybe make up for a few of those lost southern votes.

      • That's all fine and dandy Carol, but Haley's songs have sold the most on itunes, with James in second. Two of her songs are the top two selling songs of the season. Haley's music does and WILL sell, I promise you.

      • Devin…how do you know that the songs (Haley/James)are selling the most on itunes….I thought the producers didn't let that info out. Are you quoting facts, guessing, or making things up? I'm serious. I looked and couldn't find the data.

      • @carol On Itunes it shows the # of downloads for every song And for the AI contestants Haleys songs are being downloaded more than the others and Benny and the jets and In THe Deep are top 2 AI downloads right now.

      • Suz missed Sesame Street the day the did the letter S so she had to improvise. LOL

      • LOL…seems like I lent my keyboard and typing skills to templar and channing.

        @pup…yes i did mean ABS…and I have no excuse for the typo, other than ooops!

    • James definitely won as the worst dressed. He looked like he's ripped off a circus clown.

      • you have to remember the church votes that jacob gets,they will go to scotty becuase of his christian roots….

        go scotty!

  41. I am officially Boycotting the American Idol show for the rest of the season, I am so annoyed with voters, I mean come on the most talented people keep getting voted off, the only one left is James, Lauren has zero personality, Scotty can only sing country and not that well,Haley is a nice girl BUT, jacob would be great on Broadway, Casey was the most accomplished musician, great artist, great personality, talented all around entertainer and the public decides he does not deserve their votes, This has happened other years too like with Daughtry , I am just really disgusted.

    • What do you mean Scotty can only sing country? What do other artist do, Stevie Wonder keeps the same style, so does Randy Travis, James has never sang anything but rock one way or other.

      • Everyone was tired of Casey…he was a repeat every week. Personally, I think Haley should have already been gone, but…

      • Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. If any of the AI contestant were not repeats from week to week it was Casey. You are in severe denial of what your senses tell you if you really believe what you typed. You might not like him. Heck, even I do not think his voice is anything special. However, he has a knack for getting everything out of it that it has and for presenting songs differently. He is also not particulary handsome or sartorially smart. He certainly is very entertaining, though. I will pay to watch him perform.

      • agree james mite have slowed it down but was still rock and some screaming,so lay off scotty,stop being double standard!

    • If Casey had cut back on the grunts maybe he would have stayed longer, I will admit that I thought Jacob would go before Casey but Jazz has few fans than other types of music.

      Lauren has great personality off stage but on stage the last few weeks she has closed off, likely the pressure and being 16.

      Nothing wrong with singing only country but Scotty's age and lack of vocal training limits the songs he can do well at, yet he has a great natural voice that will take him far.

      Haley is the best singer now I have all her itunes and they are better than her live.

      James is just a natural showman on stage with a easy to listen to voice.

      • Agreed. Listen to the whole body of work. You can do this on the website, itunes or even youtube.

        There are a lot of subtleties in Haleys singing, as well as a lot of effects and runs. That's jazz, blues, soul and R&B influence.

        All those folks who don't like the "growling" — I guess you don't like Wynona Judd, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Etta James, Christina Aguilera (and a whole long list of other women singers of ALL genres over the last 50 years), either.

  42. Hey is it me or does that Scotty not so hotty guy look exactly like the characteur from the Mad Magazine from back in seventies man he even has the bad hand gestures with the mic. He could play the part in a movie representing the Mad kid from the magaazine someone has to post his picture beside the kid I am telling you it is him ; the mad magazine has actually come to life. Let everyone know its him he really is the true guy. Jeff Wpg manitoba

    • Some posters have a Ugly Mouth. Put your photo on here and we will all critique it! Bet you wouldn't win a contest!! Grow Up!!

    • jeff lee, I'd be willing to bet that your parents regard you as an unfortunate turn of events.

    • You are talking about Alfred E. Newman. My hubby pulled up a picture of Scotty on the internet and the picture was overlaid with a picture of Alfred E. Newman. No kidding, they look so much alike.

    • I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because 1,000s of young girls think he is a cutie as well as a lot of older ladies. Come on…look at the cuteness…Are you a looker??? Probably not!!!

      • Oh lighten up. He does look like Alfred E. Newman. Are you saying Alfred E. Newman isn't cute? Did you forget to read "P.S. It isn’t an insult by the way. They just do look alike."

        "Are you a looker??? Probably not!!!""

        Repeat……Lighten Up!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Lauren Alaina is by far the BEST performer and most worthy of making it into the finals. Haley growls and her sound is not pleasing to listen to. I can't figure out why Jacob is still here. Scotty is not as versatile as Lauren. James is my only other pick but I would like to see a girl win.

    • Lauren start out as possible the best but the producers and judges seem to be trying to remake her and with being 16 with limited training, it messed her up more than helped.

      Had Lauren been 2 or 3 years old with a bit more training, she likely would have won hands down but sadly that is not the case this year.

      • Lauren Alaina is right now the most boring singer on American idol. No presence. Unable to push and reach for the right notes. Her crybaby drama every after a performance is getting to be nauseating. Age does not have anything to do with talent. If you have it, you simply have it! Oh, and the judges being biased also do not help at all.

      • I agree with you again. They have messed too much with Lauren. Hey, I should say I like Scotty. He sounds just like Josh Turner. I don't vote for him because he is going to have a country career and I am going to buy the songs of his I like.

    • Lauren is not ready, it is very obvious. She will buckle under pressure, and she needs more vocal coaching so she can hit the high notes someday. Her singing is one dimension…sorry. We need a 3-D singer to win AI!!!

    • You are all a bunch of nut cases. Don't you seriously have anything better to do than rip the final five. They made it out of thousands. Shut the Hell up and vote for who you like. Losers!

  44. I am going to miss Casey but I am always pleased to see James Durbin. I still love all 11!!!

  45. I look forward on seeing the top 5 perform at this stage of the finals. I hope they take their position in the top 5 seriously and really perform to win. I find it more exiting when the judges do not tell we viewers who is going to win or who should win. I like to think that my opportunity to vote for whom I wish to win rather then be told who should win. Isn't it the purpose of the show to rely on the viewer to choose the ultimate winner. I feel insulted when a judge tells the viewers they were wrong. I do not think the judges should have a say, just rely on the intelligence of the viewers to choose the winner.

  46. I look forward on seeing the top 5 perform at this stage of the finals. I hope they take their position in the top 5 seriously and really perform to win. I find it more exiting when the judges do not tell we viewers who is going to win or who should win. I like to think that my opportunity to vote for whom I wish to win rather then be told who should win. Isn't it the purpose of the show to rely on the viewer to choose the ultimate winner. I feel insulted when a judge tells the viewers they were wrong. I do not think the judges should have a say, just rely on the intelligence of the viewers to choose the winner. I have not expressed this opinion before.

  47. GO SCOTTY!!! Scotty is a real star, the best of the top 5. He has a magical voice and will go far in the music industry. This young man, at the age of 17, is unbelievable. I agree with another fan; I would love to see him go home and be cheered by his friends, neighbors and loved ones. I am a true fan and hope he hangs in there until the end. Knock their socks off Scotty. YOU CAN DO IT…………………..

    • oh, please….boring,boring, boring…no wonder viewership is down. Stefano and Casey are gone…there is no competition for James…

      • Shut up! Your just jealous because you couldn't sing like Scotty when you were 17. So shut up! Scotty is gonna win! Sorry, hate to burst your little stank bubble!

      • I'll say the same thing, and I can say I could do a complete mimic of whatever song he sang at a younger age :

      • Rozzie: Has it occurred to you that viewership is down because seven states were battling TORNADOS instead of watching Idol?

      • I'm not a particular fan of Scotty either. I also find him boring but that is just my opinion.

        There is a huge difference in being a FAN and being a FANATIC. There is no call for people to tell others to "shut up" etc. just because they don't share the same tastes.

        East up. This is just a tv show afterall. Not the Spanish Inquisition.

      • Templar, good point you made abut seven states battling tornadoes instead of watching Idol being the reason viewership is down. Many still do not have power or phone service. I think this is the reason Scotty was in the bottom three. Scotty fans, we must vote, vote, vote to make up for votes lost because of tornadoes.

      • @ ScottyMcCreeryfan….have you not heard the term "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar"…it appears that your insulting attitude toward anyone that is not a Scotty fan may perhaps cost him votes rather than gain him votes. Think about it.

        James to win…:-)

    • I agree Scotty is amazing, he is true Country. I love his voice. I would love too hear him sing I Can Only Imagine, by MercyMe.

  48. I would love to hear Scotty sing more Josh Turner songs and Lauren sing LeAnn Rhimes "Blue".

      • Uh, Haley has done it on March 9th. Besides Lauren would be foolish to do it. Because she would then, be compared with the Haley version, and that would not be good. Personally I thought Haley's "Blue" was never sung better by anyone.

      • I agree, no one could do blue as well as Haley…they'd be very brave and daring to attempt it…

      • I was disappointed when the judges critiqued Haley's version of Blue and said that she was yodeling. No, guys, she was just breaking her voice. Yodeling is different – a constant modulation of your voice.

      • @Templar, as Matt mentioned that there would be no restrictions upon that Modern songs, my suggestion for Scotty singing Kenny Rogers's 80s would be acceptable. I really like "The Gambler", but the range in that song is not quite wide.

        I cannot suggest Poison's "Every Rose Has it's Thorn" for him due to the lyrics.

        Btw, will it be eligible for Scotty to sing Josh Turner's "Long Black Train" again, since he had already sung it at Vegas/Holywood week ?

      • Haley already sang Blue. Not a good choice for Lauren in that, it is never a good idea to repeat a song during the same season.

      • The only problem I can see with "The Gambler" as you suggested is that any song that tells a story is problematic when it gets condensed to less than two minutes. I had thought of Marty Robbins "El Paso", but it's the same problem. You can't get from point A to point B in a minute and forty seconds. You are absolutely correct in stating that Scotty wouldn't sing a Poison song.

      • What does being a Christian have anything to do with the Lyrics to "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" I just rechecked the lyrics and there is nothing anti christian in there at all, it's a song about heartache and regret and feeling like you didn't do enough to keep a love alive. Nothing in there that we haven't seen in hundreds if not thousands of country songs that have been performed over and over again by many different country musicians.

        I agree he wouldn't do it though, but mainly because I don't think he could do the song justice, it's just too far out of his range.

      • @kdub, I have reread the lyrics. You are right, sorry, I was comparing that song with "Give Me Something To Believe In" so I made that inaccurate conclusion.

    • Sure. Lauren can sing Blue.

      Even if it's not anywhere as good as how Haley sang it, the judges are going to stand up, throw a party, dance on top of the table and say, "You slayed it! Lauren Is in it to win it! Like a a voice of an angel on a mountain top praying to the high heavens!"

      The bias is too obvious.

      • No instance of that happening Lefty.

        They're playing favorites. The show is fixed. James Durbin will be in the finals just so the "much awaited duet" with Steven Tyler happens! Count on it.

        That night, Haley sang the best.

      • OMG! LAY OFF of James. It's not rigged. If it was ADAM LAMBERT would have won. James Durbin can sing ! Get over it. He has earned his spot in the finale in my eyes.

    • I loved the "Train" song but I don't think he should sing a repeat. What about Elvis's Devil with a Blue Dress….and/or Brook and Dunn's Put a Girl in It….I could see him rocking these songs.

      • James Durbin has no control over what the judges say or do. if you remember Ryan Seacrest was the instigater behind getting Randy to give James a hug. If anything James looked awkward.

        Also Randy being in the moment said James just MIGHT win — He did not say James WOULD win. If that had been the contestand you were voting for you wouldn't be complaining. Randy has given great comments to the majority of contestants during the final 11.




      • It must really eat you a$$ that you have nothing this good in your country. As rude as you are, you don't deserve anything this good.

      • I'm not in the US used to be and its just really dumb calling Americans stupid considering the fact that it's their show if you're not happy with the results…guess what?! You dont have to watch easy and simple

      • If you don't like, don't watch, don't comment, be bored…..not appreciated here….

      • actually Pauls original music with his band is very good bought both of his CDs. Nothing like the pop stuff they have them singing on Idol.

    • Turn your American TV programs off and watch your own low-budget boring shows and leave us alone!

      • thank you! i could not agree more ruth. if us americans are so stupid then those non americans need to watch their own damn shows.

        i take it very bad when people put down america/americans.

      • I guess this PROUD AMERICAN is just too "stupid" to care about your little third-world country opinion of me. It gives me pleasure knowing my "voting mentality makes you sick".

    • wow tina…sounds like someone should calm down and take their meds. Its our voting right….get a life…K? K.

    • With such a lack of grammar, good manners and decency, you may want to get out of that glass house before you throw stones.

      As for Adam Lambert, I wouldn't be too upset since he is the only one from the last two seasons who is enjoying any semblance of success.

      • I just bought Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert from the 2012 movie. It is beautiful song. I never voted for him, but I love this song.

    • I agree that Adam Lambert should have won. He is probably better off because he could choose the type of people who wanted to work with his type of style.

    • Well, in that case, just change the channel and watch durka durka idol or whatever it is in whatever hellhole armpit of the world it is that you come from where things are so pathetically sad that you have to fill your time watching an American show and getting this worked up over the results on it. LOL

      • clapsfor kdub. i agree totally. thanks for saying what i wanted to!

  50. Scotty by a mile – even on his worst nights he is better than the others. I agree that James is great on what he does and he gets well deserved kudos – Scotty is told to venture our of his comfort zone and gets slammed – why can't he stay great with the country sound and get the kudos. The best country singers (especially the guys) do not run around the stage – they actually just sing

    • James won a country idol contest in his hometown, and i can say he sings country better than scotty. Although i like him singing rock more.

      • James don't have the Southern draw anyone native in the South. isn't he from CA? He'd win there. I use to live in that state and besides myself I never heard anyone talk with a southern accent.

      • she probably looked scared because no matter hwo well she does the judges put her down. after singing adele the way she did she should have not been bottom 3. that was terrible for her to be in bottom 3 that time.

        james is my favorite but haley has really earned my respect these last 5 weeks.

      • @ Piper – who said you have to have a southern accent to succeed in Country Music?

        For quite a number of years, the #1 female country singer was Shania Twain and she was from Canada.

        Keith Urban is an Aussie.

        Taylor Swift is from PA

        Julianne Hough (Dating Ryan Seacrest) is from Utah

        Alison Krauss is from Illinois

      • What the fxxx!! Julianne Hough Dating Ryan Seacrest?? What a waste…I mean Julianne is so goddess, how could she fall for a botoxman??…!

      • Paul Sometimes they put country music on pop stations too. Anne Murray sang country but I could tell she wasn't as with the rest. I do like to hear Blue Grass music, Southern rock.

      • Piper, I currently live in the same region that James is from, and in Northern california there are plenty of good ol country boys up here. Great thing about this region is you can easily find all types fron good ol boys with a country twang, to guys with 2 ft green mohawks (still around, even if rare) and everything inbetween.

    • I agree with secondchance on this…Haley is constantly being 'critiqued' by the judges, and just keeps coming back every week trying harder. I like her alot, and I think she knows 'who she is', and what her 'style' is… she's just trying to please the judges, namely Randy.

      And James, well he really did give the shows all time best performance with 'Will you still love me tomorrow'. Absolutely beautiful……the guy has a fabulous musical sense!

      • Do you ever think the judges are trying to do a reverse psychology on us with Haley. Randy always looks and acts a little fake with his critiques of Haley. Something I have felt since Blue.

      • sara i noticed that too. i think something is up with haley and randy. at the end it would not suprose me if randy admits he really loved haley and was trying to get her where he wants her. her adele performance had to blow people away. it was wonderful.

        also maybe randy just dont like her voice. people on here love caseys voice and i cant stand it. i couldn't stand stefanos voice or jacobs. you cannot force yourself to like something if you dont.

        people need to remember that the judges are human and they have likes and dislikes.

        i am shocked everytime i read someones post on here that they dont like james voice, but i dont think they are lying or making it up.

    • I agree, Scotty is the only one there that stays true to himself. You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy. YOU GO SCOTTY!!!!

      • Not so Joan….

        Thia stayed true….gone

        Pia stayed true….gone

        Paul stayed true…gone

        Stephano stayed true….gone

        Casey stayed true …gone

        Are you seeing the pattern yet?

        if you want it…go for it…

        like James Haley and Lauren are doing!

      • suz, I hate to break the news to you but… Someone will leave every week, "true to themselves" or not. It is just the way it goes on idol. Please keep in mind that when we speak of staying true to themselves, they must have a defined direction. Casey is the only one that you mentioned that has left that has a defined direction. Scotty, James, & Lauren all have defined musical directions. Even Jacob (as much as I hate to admit it) is defined as a gospel, blues performer. I have my favs just like everyone else, however, there have been times that I have enjoyed each of them. I wish them all well & may the best girl win.

  51. James Durbin won my vote. He has a beautiful voice and is a top performer. Haley sung beautifully but looked very scared. Jacob was pitchy and looked silly. His interview comments are always awkward and inappropriate

    • Undeniably the BEST performance ever on AI …

      followed by Adam Lamberts "tracks of my tears'

      • I talked with a friend that was there and she said the place when absolutely crazy after James' performance but was mostly cut from the TV broadcast.

  52. I want to talk tickets for their tour. I live in Oklahoma. They will be here July 19th. I checked on tickets and was shocked at the prices. The cheapest was $92.00 where the nose bleeds. They went from $200.00 up to $675.00. Why are they so high? Thats why nobody bought them and they had to cut the tour short last year. By the way I and all my friends are voting for Haley

  53. Jacob will leave next week, followed by Haley, followed by Scotty which will leave Lauren and James…James will win it by doing either Aerosmith or Ac/Dc song for the finiale. I'd rather hear him do a Guns n Roses song, but, oh well.

    • Hate to burst your bubble but that's totally wrong! It's gonna be a Scotty/Lauren finale!

      • Zzzzzzz…zzzzz…zzzz…"What?! Oh! It's over!!! Who am I gonna vote for to win?! I slept through both performances!!! Aww, shucks…"

      • Lol…Hate to burst your bubble, the show won't be air due to tv technicians strike!!

      • I don't know who this other Carol K. is but I'm the original one. I never said Randy/JLO finale. Change your handle pls.

      • Sounds scary…why do we have soooo many copycat in this blog?? Is it because their idol is one also?? Oooops! lol!

  54. I would like to here Johnny Cash and or Tennessee Earny Ford songs. The other comment I have is for the singers to hold the microphone away from their mouths so people can read their lips to understand what they are singing. Good Luck This is a wonderful program.

  55. Given the opportunity, to hear someone else sing on American Idol as a guest, I would love to hear Stephano Langone. When he sings, we can not help feeling every word, every note. He is surely missed.

    Stefano you are a great singer! Wish you had been on the top two.

  56. James Durbin is definitely the most deserving of winning! He is a role model and inspiration to all people to believe in yourself, and whatever life deals you, whtever obstacles life put in your way, kick them out of your way, focus and strive on reaching your dreams and always think positive, keep focused on the big prize (winning American Idol, because no one has worked harder than James), and do it for yourself and for the ones you love (his wife and son). He's a real, what-you-see-is-who I am- guy and he puts for heart in everything he sings. "Maybe I'm Amazed had me crying). He just has to win!!!! We're soooo wanting him to win!

      • ScottyMcCreeryFan: With the utmost respect if you are as big a fan of Scotty's as you profess to be you would see that he's better off making top three, but not winning. If he wins, they'll push him into doing a quick album with crap songs. And just listen to what they did to his song from Wednesday night on ITunes. Interscope and 19E have no clue what to do with a country singer. Please don't cite Carrie, she was older and a crossover artist. I'm sure you'd be stoked if Scotty won, but if you care about his future career you'd understand why that would be a temporary victory.

      • @ Templar – That studio version of Scotty's was pathetic and bore no resemblance to the way he sung it on Wednesday.

        To your point about winners being restricted, it is not only the final two although they have the biggest commitment to make of 7-years.

        In Season 1 there were a number of regional winners who refused to go to the next stage because of the contractual constraints.

        One of them was in The Voice last week – Vicci Martinez – and Kelly Clarkson took control of what kind of music she wanted to do after she said her 1st album was too much of a pop album and only went Double Platinum.

        Her self-controlled content 2nd album went 6x Platinum.

      • I don't agree with this one…I don't think it matters at this point if he wins or not for success in the future…but I do think it would be a blessing if he did. He wants it and I think he would be able to have some say in what he does. I don't think Carrie's first album was the greatest either but it gave her a great boost as it would do for Scotty or any of them. It they have what it takes, the win will carry them. Hasn't that been proven by the AIs that won but didn't have what it takes (Hicks) and the ones that didn't win that have gone much farther than the winnrs that year…I hope he wins because win or not, the same thing is going to happen to him…Go Scotty!!!

  57. If Scottys votes were down it was due to the terrible tornados that devestated much of the south. All you Scotty fans need to vote this next week because service will be slow being restored to many areas and people won't be able to vote.

    I would like to add that even though I don't support Jacob for the Idol title, I enjoy him and his great enthusiasm and joy. He seems to be a nice person and people should be ashamed of the ugly things they have posted on here about him.

    • Well said Ruth; it is despicable what some of the poster have said about Jacob Lusk.

      The situation in the SE with the Tornadoes is heartbreaking and we can only hope and pray that they do account for the more than 400 who were reported as being unaccounted for as of this morning.

      • Paul, I didn't hear that count but I Hope and Pray that they will be found safe and reunited with their loved ones.

      • Agree with ruth shart. The devastation in the south is unreal. Still no power and phone service in so many places and will be slow coming. Poor Scotty lost thousands of votes because of this and will lose this next week also. We must vote, vote, vote to try and make up for it.

    • I don't suspect that the vote in the South will come back before this season is over…they have much more to worry about than AI. I pray for them. As for Scotty, we need to double up our votes for him if we want to carry on for his southern fan base. I am sure he is aware of how this will affect him….He has a great heart and is very compassionate…

  58. I've said it before…

    James Durbin will win this competition!

    … because they’ve already rigged it so the duet with Steven Tyler in the finals happens! Isn’t it too obvious?

      • Ummm definitely not obvious.

        People always have a list of excuses ready when their favorite loses a competition. Yes, I had my list of excuses when my daughter lost a singing competition. Maybe just human nature?

        BUT, if they win…..No complaints about the voting.

    • I doubt that American Idol will allow Steven Tyler do a duet with one of the contestants while the outcome of who wins is still in the balance.

      Maybe on results night it could happen but not on the finals night, assuming it is James in the final.

    • You're just making dumb excuses because you know that rigged or not James is going to WIN!!!

      • Please read your reply again CJ… LOL! So you confirm it might be rigged.

  59. haley got to go i did'nt think she will come this far

    Between scotty and james maybe lauren at final 3

  60. The way I see it, and I'm sorry because there are alot of scotty fans on here, but he's just WAY too boring. I can take a reveiw from his first performance, plug it in on every one of his performances, and it would hit it on the head perfectly. It's the same boring song every time. Steffano, Pia, Casey, and Paul should have made it before him. He needs to go.

    Jacob….well…… He should have been gone before casey, stefano, paul, pia, and karen, and Chris (who was eliminated before the top 24, the one who had the fiancee in the wreck).

    Haley just about has it all. The voice, the confidence, the stage presence. She wont win though, because for some odd reason, she just dont stand out like a couple others still on here. She's my personal favorite, she just doesnt generate alot of fan support though.

    James, the guy sure can rock. I use to hate him. For the longest time, it just seemed like he would mumble through a song, scream like an idiot at the end, and the world would just cheer because steven tyler would be all drooly over him. But he's grown on me, shown that he could carry a tune. I think he's going to have an excellent career.

    That brings me to who I think is going to win this competition. Lauren has ALL the intangables of an American Idol. She has an excellent voice, a huge fanbase, great stage presence, you name it. To me though, she lacks that confidence. If she could find that confidence then this competition wouldnt even be a competition.

    However, with that said, I dont think Lauren wins it for that reason alone. At the begining of the season, Steven Tyler said that they have found the winner after Laurens performance. If you been paying ANY attention what so ever to this seaon, it seems that Fox goes out of its way to make sure steven is happy and that he is right about everything. Now that I'm done yacking away with my views, here's how I think the rest of the competition plays out…

    Scotty goes home next week, should be jacob

    Jacob goes home in 4th

    Haley goes home in 3rd

    James in second (he does deserve to be there, or to win it for that matter, but like many said before, the James Durbin/Steven Tyler duet is a must for fox's ratings)

    Lauren wins it (Fox's baby boy steven tyler cant be wrong)

    • You make a lot of excellent observations…except for one thing. With Now and Then being next weeks theme…it's right up Haley's alley! If she kills it like I think she will, she will generate a lot of new fans, along with Casey supporters switching to her. We may be seeing a James/Haley finale afterall. Her fans have fought harder for her than anyone else's! And we will continue to do so, until the very end!

      Haley Reinhart for the WIN! The most beautiful, classy, confident, and talented idol contender this year!

      • Right on Devin. I sure hope she picks good songs She probably should not sing another Adele.I was thinking of Christina Perri's- Arms or Jar of Hearts and wonder could Etta James I Just Want To Make Love To You. I think that came out in 1962.

      • I think she maybe will do Etta James, because on a Q&A they asked her what song she'd love to perform most and she said Etta James At Last…ya never know!

      • Devin, I would love to hear Haley sing "At Last." Really hope she does that for her "Then" selection.

      • Classy??? yeah right cursing at your mentor (i.e. Jimmy Iovine) on national T.V. with 20 million people viewing is really "classy"

      • Oh boohoo, at least they bleeped it to save your precious little child ears. Get over it. Not a big deal.

      • P.S. I wanted to curse, too. The idea that she doesn't know who she is as an artist is a JOKE at this point! Just because she's not a one trick pony, doesn't mean she doesn't know who she it, it means she's versatile. It's so ANNOYING to keep hearing that! Sorry, she doesn't curl up in a ball and die in the same boring genre over and over and over. SIMPLETONS.

    • I have voted for Haley since she sang "Blue" and will continue but if the final two are Haley and James then I would have to vote for James but that could change in the next few weeks.

  61. james.each week I look forward to see you rock and cant wait to see you sing ,bring it on.

  62. jacob has purest voice he can sing with or without music,as steve said his voice so emotional and real.second scotty then james,lauren and finally heley.

      • Haley needs to sing something that the kids like also. Benny and the Jets was proof of that. Plus Rolling in the Deep. However, a lot of the kids liked Beautiful too. Her song has to impress almost all this week.

  63. I can't wait to see what Scotty chooses for his modern song…I bet he's horrified! And already planning for a way around actually DOING a modern song, haha.

    I am SOOOO excited for this week!!!

    I want Haley to do Jefferson Airplane's "WHITE RABBIT" for her song from the 60's so bad I can't stand it!! She'd do it so awesome, it's a beautiful and haunting song!!! Oh please Haley, if you read this, doooo it!!

    For the modern one…Amy Winehouse "You know I'm no good" or "Back to Black".

    As for the others, I hope they do whatever floats their boat. Haha.

    • Love your song choices, Devin Lee. But whatever Haley sings, she will SLAY it!! Hope Randy finally admits her performance is flawless.

      • Haley is the best, of course but, "White Rabbit". The subject is a little questionable for the youngsters that are watching. Are am I way off?

      • You have got to be kidding. Haley would growl the natiional anthem. Give me a break. Stop drooling over her and listen to her.

      • Vicky, go away. I don't trust your taste level. πŸ™‚ I bet you could do so much better!!!!

        Go HALEY!

      • @ Susan, the song basically give a recap of the movie Alice in Wonderland, some things may have double innuendos, but the lyrics are harmless enough.

      • @ vicky: Devin Lee and I are both females. We do not DROOL over Haley. Couldn't it be possible, that like us, people just LOVE her voice?

        We think she has it all–voice, range, power, incredible skills with respect to mastery of an array of genres, poise, looks and smarts. And despite what malicious and gossipy people say, she has a gentle, sweet and kind nature. We believe she is the best choice for the American Idol!

      • Well said Pup!! That just about sums it up! I've come to a decision that I absolutely believe, alot of the Haley haters are really jealous of her, so they ignore her talent. Otherwise why would they ALWAYS bring up her looks?

        Like, hey…I'm a completely straight 25 year old girl, and I freakin' love Haley's voice! Time to think of something else now, guys! Any more excuses for the reasons people like her?

        She is beautiful, especially when she's on stage. She lights up from the inside with the joy of singing, and male or female, it's impossible to miss. The joy is translated in her songs!

        She's an AMAZING singer!

        And she's pretty, too, not that it makes an ounce of difference.

        Deal with it. πŸ™‚

      • @Devin Lee, I guess if you lived through the 60's. The movie, Alice in Wonderland, not so much. Everyone is right, they are all jealous of Haley. She is not like any other girl that's been on AI before. She has got it ALL!

      • I have a feeling she'll do At Last by Etta James, but my fingers are still crossed for White Rabbit.

        The new one…I'd like to hear Amy Winehouse, but really the skies the limit for her. W/E she feels like singing, as long as she brings it home like she's done for the last several weeks. (She always does for me, but for America, too.)

    • I agree Devin, White Rabbit would be good for Hayley it has huge potential to showcase her voice the song itself is a long song so it would need to be changed a lot – may not be so good. Im from New Zealand and i have to say James is a big favorite. He should sing Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns n Roses hes got the voice for it. Even ACDC – James u rock dude I wish i could vote!!!! NZ loves James!!!

      • devin if you look on his you tube he did a few zepplins and they were awesome!

      • To Lou NZ:

        Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n Roses would be a great choice for James. Good thinking. I don't know about ACDC. Poor James gets a lot of "he screams, he screeches" now without tackling ACDC.

        Zeppelin would be great too Devin Lee

      • To Devin Lee:

        Asked hubby the drummer and he said that Led Zeppelin 1 came out in 1968 and Led Zeppelin II came out in 1969.

      • Hi Lou NZ:

        Actually, White Rabbit is only 2 minutes and 31 seconds long. So its actually a pretty short song as songs go.

        One of my favorite songs and my daughter has sang it in a few competitions and it always gets great raves from the crowd.

        Oldie but goody.

    • As long as it's modern Scotty can do country. I hope he does Brad Paisley's "This is Country Music"

      • I was thinking about "The race is on" by George Jones for Scotty for some reason but not sure if he could do it or maybe Only The Lonely or Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.

        Jacob – The Twist by Chubby Checker

        Haley – Somebody To Love – Jefferson Airplane or Crazy sung by Patsy Cline(written by Wille Nelson)

        Lauren – something by the Beatles or Loretta Lynn maybe

      • I have really had a hard time choosing an old song that I would like to hear from Lauren. I think she could perform "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. Not a great choice, but I really think she could pull it off.

    • To Devin Lee:

      Gracie Slick is one of my favorite female singers and her "White Rabbit" is just amazing. Seeing the song is quite short though I don't know if it would be a wise song choice for Haley.

  64. Have loved Scottie's performance from his first appearance. He is such an accomplished singer and so comfortable on the stage.

      • These two – Scotty and Lauren – abosolutely are the top choices. Scotty can sing Trace Atkins "

        You're Going to Miss This" of if available Chris Young's "Voices" – both are great songs for Scotty

  65. Picture Lauren on tour. Do you really think she is strong enough to go on stage alone and perform song after song, night after night?

    • Oh she's as storng as a horse…or Serena Williams for that matter…lol! But whether can she able to deliver variaties of songs is in doubted? I myself don't want to sit thro' a concert just listen every songs sound the same…like scotty….it would be boring!

      • @tenisaddict: First, you do know tennis has 2 n's right? (Had to get that off my chest!) Secondly, I think you are underestimating this girl's gift. She will need time to mature, but there is no flipping way Lauren does not have the capability of delivering a masterpiece performance with anything she touches. I love her rich, textured sound. And unlike Scotty, she seems to be able to turn down the twang.

      • Good morning Pup. I'm glad to hear you support Lauren. I know that you call it like you see it from week to week. We all have our favs but I think there are a few of us who try to stay fair to all of the contestants. Glad that you seem to have been spared the rath from the weather.

      • @ Pup…that's your opinion & I stucked with mine….& you too, forgot py at the end of your name too…& I hate dogs!

      • To tenisaddict and Pup.

        Interesting reading between you two. You both bring up good points. I have always liked Lauren too.

        I'm not sure she can do a variety of songs and take the pressure at this point but I do agree with Pup that Lauren can turn down what she calls the "twang" unlike Scotty. I can only take Scotty's voice in small doses now but Lauren I can listen to for much longer.

  66. Well, right now the only new country stars seems to be girls. I am unsure how well Scotty would do since his first songs and most of his album has to be new music.I know Scotty reads music, but he will need to be more than a one hit wonder. It is iffy in Nashville for guys right now. Only the contestants with ability to read music make it unless someone can sing the song to them first.

  67. Can't wait to see what Haley is going to do each week. The best singers left are Haley and James. I don't base my vote on cuteness, although I have to say that Haley certainly has that going for her. I vote based on my own experiences as a seasoned professional musician. I've had the opportunity perform and record with many incredibly talented female vocalists and Haley is the real deal. Keep it real…

  68. Matt, you may think that the only relevant music has come out in the last 30 seconds, but many of others do not. The 1960's was probably the single richest decade for popular music in history. There was a wide variety of quality music which has stood the test of time. From Motown, to Beatles to Elvis there were songs which are remembered now, 50 years later. How many of today's songs will be remembered in 2060? Speaking of smart-aleck remarks and standing the test of time, let me know when any "popular" song comes out that you think will last as long as Mozart's music. Not that I expect the AI's to perform his music as the language might be hard for them (to the extent there is any), but his music is the very definition of timeless. Oh, and by the way, several "modern' hits have used the music of Mozart and other classical composers for their lyrics.

    • Too right Oldster. Elvis' "It's Now Or Never" Is actually a song called "O Sole Mio" written in 1898 by Eduardo Di Capua.

  69. scotty should do 'in the ghetto.' is that sixties?

    lauren to sir with love by lulu

    james build me up buttercup

    haley crimson and clover or white rabbit

    jacob his exit song πŸ™‚

    • Down in the Ghetto…love it…love it…love it…never thought of that one.

    • Jacob his exit song ?

      I have a suggestion for that. Let him sing "Vision" by Cliff Richard for the 60s song.

      Because in that song there are lyrics "When will we meet again…"

  70. Scotty and Lauren are the two I like best. Hate the songs they sang last week. Carole King week sucked overall. Scotty you got to bring it. Lauren sing something people know and like. The other three I could care less about. Hate Haley's attitude, Jacob actually hurts my ears and James has to lose that damn tail.

    • What attitude does Haley have that you don't like? She never talks back to the judges; she always tries to follow their directions. She is positive, energetic, performs with an electric energy, and is fun to watch.

      So WHAT attitude do you mean?

      • i use to think haley had the cockiest (sp)attitude. i realized i was way wrong on that. this last week she looked so terrified when ryan was calling them up. haley has improved the most since the beginning and since benny and the jets she should never have made bottom 3. it seems the judges are beating her down and trying to break her confidence. when ryan told haley first this week that she was safe i actually had tears in my eyes cause i was so happy.

        james is still my favorite and will remain that way but haley deserves way more then she is getting.

        she is only 20 years old and i hate to see some of the judges trying to break her confidence.

  71. Not a fan of country, but I think Scotty is great. He hadn't had a weak performance until Swingin, and I think he lost a lot of momentum because of that. The same week, Haley and James did great and with James getting Stefano's votes, he separated himself from the rest of the pack. He deserves to win. Haley, though, is still my favorite. She's like my other favorite Mariah who plays with notes a lot and I love it. I hope she gets signed after Idol. As for Jacob and Lauren, I think they lost their magic long ago.

    • I agree about the Swingin…part…What a poor song choice. I can't believe they allowed him to do it.

      • that was horrible. that i s what i said 'why did they allow scotty to do that song'

      • I'm glad to know that there are people out there who despise that song as much as I do.

      • I think it was because the judges kept says to move beyond the county ballad and choose something more upbeat – so he did and everyone hated it. He needs to move back to country – Elvis for the older and a new one for the modern

  72. I have to agree with pinoyfan on Scotty. He's definitely my favorite and has been since the beginning (after Pia got taken out). I thought she was super-talented and I'm sure that we will hear more from her in the future. Keep up the good work, Scotty! James has a strong voice but Haley is my favorite girl that's left. Keep up the good work!

  73. Who has capability to sing STYX's "Show Me The Way" ?

    I actually want James or Lauren to sing it.

    Btw.. I can sing it with a lowered key…

    • If Stefano were still in the show, I think he would be the one who could sing that song.

    • That would be tough for guys like Scotty who can't hit high notes…lol!

      • For high notes you go lower with your voice and we know Scotty has amd amazing low voice so he can reach higer notes with no problem. He can sing.

    • For me they would be way down the list behind The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bee Gees, Abba, Def Leppard, etc.

      • ABBA ? Without Pia Toscano, Thia Meggia , Paul McDonald and even Naima, that theme is less interesting,

        because only Pia who can sing "Chiquitita","Ring Ring" or "Waterloo" and Thia fits to sing "Fernando".

        Beach Boys ? I agree. Scotty sings "Cotton Field" or "Sloop John B". Lauren sings "Help Me Rhonda", Jacob sings "Good Vibration" because he has extreme vibrato.

        And the whole group sing the Medley.

  74. For 60's song, I want someone to sing Herman Hermitts's song. Maybe Lauren fit to sing one of these songs : "No Milk Today" or "Can't You Hear My Hearbeat".

    • If Casey was still around he could have sang Henry the VIIIth I am I am uuuhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm

      • Ha.ha.ha.. That's funny. If Paul McDonald were still in the show, he could have sung I'll Never Dance Again.

  75. Jacob can sing extremely well, unfortunately for him to win on AI it takes more than just singing.

    Lauren can sing extremely well, unfortunately for her to win on AI it takes more than just singing.

    Haley can sing extremely well, and has some very unique qualities in her voice. Her stage presence although sometimes a bit quirky is good, unfortunately for her, the judges (mainly Randy) have been seemingly far more critical of her performances than of any other contestant (except for the night she sang Benny and the Jets).

    James can sing extremely well, and has a good stage presence. Like Haley he has performed consistantly well, and has improved each week.

    Scotty can sing extremely well, especially country songs. His stage presence although quirky at times is good.

    I think all five remaining contestants deserve to be where they are since they earned the votes by appealling to enough people to vote for them and keep them in the running.

    I hope that all 3 judges take the road that Steven has taken most of the season and just say each performance is a yummyyummyslammerjammer fantabulous performance that made me scratch my head and hear god, and not try to influence the vote.

    In my book the playing field is leveled after each elimination and if any one of these five come on strong they could indeed become the next American Idol. By the same token at this stage of the game if any one of them has an off night it very well could be their last night.

    • That's right! πŸ™‚ I like your comments about them. Even though we all get caught up in our faves, they really are all amazing singers…and so YOUNG! A great group of kids, to be sure.

  76. I think next week AI should display the clip of Herman Hermitts to show the girls that Peter Noone, the lead vocalist looks like Justin Bieber, esp. his hair style.

      • I actually want to say that Peter Noone looks like Justin and vice versa. Someone said in youtube that Justin stole Peter's hair… lol

  77. I cant wait to see james durbins next performance. He is very creative and clearly the best voice the show has this season.

  78. Would love to see Scotty win but then again I think Haley is great as well. The quicker Jacob goes the better should have gone long ago. Think the finale three will be James Haley and Scotty but not necessarily in that order

    • OMG Scotty and Haley both need to go and soon Haley yell to much and Scotty is just plan boring James is the est singer there and he should win the whole thing

      • i think anyone could win so let be nice in what we all say and just let the singer enjoy themself i still think james scream to loud he may my friends baby cry and we like to never got him calm down so i think he needs to turn it down

      • Hahahah I just realized that you said James is your favorite!!!! Who's the screamer? Pshhhh. Haha.

      • nikki seriously have no sense towards music. yelling? lol… you are such a joke. Haley punctuates her performances with certain growls, rasp and huskiness to add style and taste to her music.

        what a joke…

      • huh?

        Haley yells, n yet your favourite is James?

        Are you kidding me?

        I can understand if your favourite is Scotty, so you are not used to some yelling….

        But how come you say that Haley yells while your favourite is James?

        Kinda ironic don't you think?

    • I am fairly certain it will be James and Scotty in for the finale two. And as country music lover, who was raised on rock, I would be happy with either performer winning. And if Haley somehow worked her way into the top two, I would not be disappointed either. In my viewpoint, the talent level of the other two remaining performers (Luran and Jacob) while being good, do suffer a huge drop off in talent compared to top three I mentioned.

  79. have any of u seen what rodney jerkins one of the music producers that have been working with the contestants this year had to say about the one likely to succeed after AI.theres a video at ,go and take a look at it,expecually scotty fans….

      • well if not there is a video at ON THE RED CARPET,with rodney jerkins 1 of the music producers thats been helping the contestants,they ask him which one of the AI contestants has the best chance for a big carreer after AI,,,, go take a look at the video…….

      • Interesting….he is predicting Scotty and Pia will have the biggest careers.

      • I think those 2 have the most commercial voices that will appeal to the mainstream in their genre but songwriters and arrangers will play a large part in if they make it big.

        James or Haley will do great but will have to work harder to sell as many albums due to small fan base in their genre.

        Lauren needs more time to develop but could surpass them all in sales if handled right.

      • You are right. All you need is to write a good song or have one wrote for you. I think thats the secret of success in music. I know I buy for the song.

      • Hey based on what standards that you assumed James has to work hard to sell albums? James is great and he has big number of Fans. Stop giving such idiot comments dude!

      • Yes, interesting. If you watched The Voice, there is a young guy named Patrick Thomas that is on Blake Shelton's team that is very impressive…way better than Scotty…(IMO). James to win. πŸ™‚

      • I agree Templar but I did like his cowboy hat. Wish Scotty had one of those. A Black one. He doesn't need to be the Lone Ranger.

      • I did see him, and thought he was good,until the last 2 or 3 lines of the song…then, not so good.

      • Chris, as noted in the Commenting Rules:

        "Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval."

  80. I simply love all the contestants. However, I'm particulary hopeful that Lauren will win. She's absolutely great! She has a lovely voice, so adorable, and she can win the American Idol crown! Best of luck Lauren!

  81. the judges and everyone else needs to listen to Jimmy Lovineon what he said about the judges and scotty,,here it is

    Iovine, by the way, continues to be much more incisive and interesting than the judges. I mean, they're adorable but… In particular, he suggested that they need to stop urging the singers to chart their personal artistic progress from week to week and start comparing the vocal talents – start making sense of the whole competition.

    After all, he said, what's the point of urging a pure country talent like Scotty McCreery to spread his wings? Would they have urged Johnny Cash to do the same? "He comes with character, strength and confidence," said Iovine.

    that was copied and pasted…..

    • How many times do people need to be told that…He is making the most sense of everyont.

    • I agree with you, the judges have become useless, this man jimmy, should be a judge, and another that would be a good judge is the coach from hell, remember that woman on the episode of Las Vegas she would be a perfect judge.

      • Iovine is just tooting his horn and trying to be important. His last comments prior to the show last week were that Haley "needs to find herself" or she will be voted off and he was complimentary about Casey being there. Look what happened – Casey was voted off and Haley was not even in the bottom 2. What does he mean about Haley "finding herself" – this is a girl who knows what she wants and is capable of performing any time of song though she prefers the blues and jazz.

        The judges are struggling to comment on the singers' performances because there is nothing to critique. These are the chosen few from over 100,000 contestants and they are the best. So as they struggle, Iovine comes up with more nonsense. Just let the contestants perform and let America vote. The heck with the jibberish from the judges and Iovine.

      • @Corinne DiLeo…Iovine means that Haley is just karaoke all kinds of songs. Noone knows what genre she is good at. She needs to focus on blue or jazz as James always put rock (metal) spin in his songs. If she does that, she will win the idol.

    • Hi Christ 71.

      Actually using Johnny Cash as your example may not be the best choice.

      Johnny Cash first approached a music producer as a gospel singer. He was told there were far too many gospel singers and his music was just the same ole.

      He then changed his style of music and became the legend we know of to-day.

      Cash spread his wings and changed direction. Certainly paid off for him.

      • Sorry Chris 71.

        First I type Christ (so sorry about that) and secondly I assumed the Johnny Cash referral was yours. It was Lovine's, and he should have known better.


    • I agree. I don't get what everyone sees in Lauren. She doesn't use all of the voice she has. In another year, with lots of instructional guidance, she should acquire more confidence. Then she will be ready for the life a touring star.

  82. Ai Winner: Lauren Alaina

    2nd: Scotty McCreery

    3rd: James Durbin

    4th: Haley Reinhart (shouldnt have even made it this far)

    5th: Jacob Lusk (Another who shouldnt have made it this far)

      • I agree that Haley should not have made it this fair but I do think Jacob can sing his voice is a good gospel voice I would put James above Scotty James is a better performer Scotty is just kinda boring

      • That's really funny how people think lauren should win AI. You must be basing that on: 1. She can continue to be boring in her performance and that is ok with you. 2. You have a very limited musical IQ–that is, if you think Haley should have already gone, then it makes it very clear you don't really have a sense of actual talent.

        Record companies and producers know that they will have work very hard to get Lauren up to speed to be able to make it in the business. Her inexperience shows every week in that regard. Sweet and all that but Haley has real chops already–very marketable. I say this based on a long career in the music business from live to studio performance.

      • I've liked Lauren since the first audition. Her voice just comes naturally and is very consistent. No gimmicks to this kid. It is her lack of confidence and maturity that are her drawbacks and these things will hopefully come with age.

        There is something I just don't like about Haley and I can't pin it down. Don't know if it is the growling, the stage presence, the song choices or whatever. Hubby loved her "Janis Joplin" song. He's big fan of Joplin.

      • @Sam Haley does not have the other contestants backing. Watch they shy away from her as do the judges, especially JLO, who has a (meow)attitude of envy of pretty girl,very nice figure sexy and young

    • WRONG

      AI winner: James Durbin

      2nd:Scotty McCreery

      3rd:Haley Reinhart/Lauren Alain

      4th:Haley Reinhart/Lauren Alain

  83. I wish the Idols that had been voted off will perform every Thursday nights.

  84. I truly enjoy listening to each of the top 5 but I'm pretty sure this year's idol will be James or Lauren with Haley coming in 3d, Scotty 4th and I think Jacob will be out by the end of this week. But, wow, kudos to all of them. They're each so special in their own way. Even though I don't think Jacob will make it to the end, I absolutely love his voice. He's come a long way from the audition when he was belting out his huge voice. He's got so much more control now and he sings with such sincerity. Wish em all luck. Can't wait to hear all their albums!!!!

  85. Scotty is my favorite,such a natural and so sweet …down to earth country boy.When he sang to his grandma it tugged at my heart strings.My husband is a song writer musician.He wrote a song called "Hey Gramma" for me and gave it to me one Christmas eve.Grandmas cry when they hear it.Scotty would do this song justice…I would love for him to sing it.please go to you tube then broadcast yourself and type in hey gramma by joe bulger.Scotty I hope you take the time to won't be disappointed.Best of luck..your number one fan..Maureen

    • That is one great song, put that on Scotty's Fan Club site. I don't know if he'll see it there but some body might know how to get it to him.

  86. james would also slay 'the lion sleeps tonight' he can hit those high notes. that would be awesome.

  87. I cant believe that Haley is still in the competition, she should have been booted off long ago. James is so talented I cant believe he is not doing his own thing long before this.

    Casey should not have been voted off, I like his growl its his signature. Just like Tylers scream is signature.

    Lauren needs to get more confidence and she will be a star.

    Jacob is talented but not at talented as the others remaining.

    • Could you please qualify your comment about Haley? On what critical musical basis do you make that judgment? Or is it just a personal thing? Because I just find it interesting how people can say this unless it is just because you don't like her personality, her looks, her confidence, etc. Real musicians and industry professionals would never say that she does not deserve to be in this and even to win it. She (and James)are the best singers in this at this point–from a professionals point of view…

      • I agree with chris71, Rodney Jerkins is a professional, and he seems to think that Scotty and Pia will be the most successful of the group. So… Even if Haley & James do make the finale, some professionals would not agree that those two are the best singers in the competition. I don't think Haley will make it to the finale, hate to break it to ya. James probably will though.

      • Being the best singers is not the same as the most marketable always, depending of size of fan base for their genre.

        Miley Cyrus is more marketable now than Aretha Franklin but is no where as good a singer.

        A good Pop singer could out sell a great Country singer who could out sale some of the greatest in other genre.

      • Tj, it's a losing battle. Don't even waste your time. The people that hate Haley obviously have no knoweledge of music. They wouldn't say some of the crap they say if they did. That, or their jealous OF Haley's looks. Girls can be very catty to better-looking females then themselves. Haha, keep up the good fight! πŸ™‚

        HALEY FOR THE WIN! (From a girl.)

    • irish girl, i think ur such a shallow person, you put carly smithson to shame.

      Haley has been agreeably the most improved contestant in any idol season, and she has a great genuine personality, goofy and loveable. She sings her heart out, adds in her style to all of her songs and make them truly marketable, as seen on the ratings over itunes. (BTW, haley currently has the HIGHEST ratings for all her songs – more than 12,000 – as compared to any other top 5 contestants… even james is the second closest with only 11,000).

      So go figure, if you're not a fan of haley, stop demeaning her. Say positive things about your own favorites, dont go around shooting worthless comments about other people's favorites.


      • Irish Girl is entitled to her opinion as well as any body else. You must be worried when you vote 500 times, You would be better sticking to homework

      • I am for Haley. I vote as many votes as I can get in in the 2 hours. Hey Jennie where do I go to get those numbers you quoted. Haley needs to please pick 2 great songs this week.

  88. I am looking forward to seeing what James will try next, hmm lasers and smoke, dancing girls or maybe both.

    This week every should everyone should do well with the wide selection to pick from and really showcase their voices and styles.

    • Whatever James does at least we know he will put on a good show. The mark of a great performer is to keep the audience on their toes and wanting more, more, more. He does just that. Never boring.

    • If yuo wanted a show you should of voted for Casey. This contest should be about voice, you can't see stage on a cd in the car.

      • Hi Piper:

        I'm greedy. I want the show and the voice and ultimately the cd. If I like what I see/hear on the show/stage, I will buy the cd. OR, like what I hear on the radio, buy the cd and buy a ticket to a concert.

        It's all tied in.

        Saw movie Armageddon, heard Steve Tyler's song, bought the album and went to their concert.

  89. Lets not foget that James has a band and has been in bands for several years. He has had loads of practice and experience. Scotty on the other hand has only sung at events and is into school music. They are pitting a semi profesional up against an amature. I for one like Scotty's laid back ways.Country singers entertain with there story telling, James screams alot and I think we all saw "my voice is better than yours" when he and Jacob sang the duet…Scotty is not a show off. I do like James but I would not buy his albums however I would buy Scotty's. As for PIA. she has a great voice but is boreing. The vote off will help her more than winning idol. Letterman, Ellen, Dancing With The stars. Getting voted off was the best thing that ever happened to her

    • if james had a cd out now i would so be rushing to the store to get it.

      i can see him becoming one of my favorite musicians.

    • James' bands were amateur training bands, like GuitarArmy with 7 or 8 young guitarist including a 10yr old lead guitarist that is pretty good for that age. GuitarArmy's mentors are some ex-Dobbie Brothers members showing them how to play as a band with James doing the singing.

    • James is a grown man, has a child and is engaged. Scotty is s junior in High School singing in the Choir and local events even though he did win a local contest.

      I choose Scotty the All American Kid with the fantastic voice and humble country boy demeanor.

      • LOL, James is only 22, he's practically a child as well. Both have fantastic voices, both are humble and thrilled to be there (they do show it in different ways though)

  90. I quit watching the show after that Taylor Hicks person won. I mean pleaase, over Kelly Pickering and Daugherty, come on!!! They almost lost me again with Pia getting voted off and then trying to vote off Casey and then finally doing so this last week. I would really like to see how many votes people are actually getting. Even the judges seem unamused and not really understanding the voters. I really didnt understand how Haley could get away with the 'bah, bah' part of Bennie and the Jets and still remain. I mean that was almost comical. She is pretty and pitchy and needs to find her genre, and listen to the judges, not just brush it off like she knows it all. That part of her is not pretty.

    Scotty is a natural voice for Country music, let him sing it.

    Lauren's accent is adorable and so is she.

    James is adorable and very talented.

    If they vote off either one of those two I will boycott the show from now on.

    • I willing to bet that Haley's "Bennie and the Jets" is the best selling itune of any of this years contestants so far and "Rolling in the Deep" maybe second. True its only a guess but they are that good.

      • I agree with Irishgirl Haley need to go she yell to much and she have that know it all attitude which make her seem kike she is better then what she is I hope she go this week it is so over due

      • Haley's versions of those two songs are already playing on the radio nightliy.

      • It's true that Benny and the Jets outsold all other songs on Idol this year. I saw the chart, haha. Rolling in the deep was second or third, as well.

    • Bye!! Just wanted to wish you luck wherever you go. I already left. Watched the "Voice" and love their concept. Don't matter what you look like, dress like, blind audition and only thing that counts is the Voice. Plus, being coached by Top professionals in music: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Can't get any better than that. Oh Haley is going to win it all. Time for a female winner. Lauen, maybe next year.

      • nikki davis from no. 14: Why do you think Haley has an " attitude that makes her seem better than she is"? She has taken the most criticizm from the judges and has always been very sweet and laid back about her. No attitude at all. It's just that she's pretty and sexy when she performs and sometimes other girls are just jealous of her. I say Haley, go! I hope she makes it through.

    • Let me tell you something friend. I have played Benny and the Jets 160 times. I have played blue 110 times, Rolling in the Deep 75 times and on and on. Let me tell you, they aren't messing with the votes. Its against the law. Go on itunes and listen to Charice Pempengco or Celine Dion sing All By Myself. Pia can sing, but shes not the best around. By the way Elton John had that Bah,bah in his Benny and the Jets. For the 10th time she knows her genre. Shes Blues. It a contest she has to sing the theme. For Heavens sake. Do us all a favor and quit watching.

    • no matter what you're talking about. but the fact is Haley has thebest studio version in this season… Period.!!

      • "I'm Your Baby Tonight" is pretty awesome, too!

        And I wouldn't be surprised if "I Feel the Earth Move" (duet with Casey) outsells them all on iTunes! It is awesome! Check it out!

      • Yep. Great. Funny to read someone say James sounds the same every time. He challenges his voice every performance. No stagnating for James.

    • James can sing but he's not as good of singer as Scotty. Scotty is amazing. I'm shocked they haven't handed him a cowboy hat. I wonder how many country stars that have taken notice of Scotty. I bet even Randy Travis would agree Scotty has a great voice.

      • piper,i totally disagree with you. sure scotty is great but only for country singing,nothing else. james on the other hand can sing many different styles if he wants, is a great preformer,can write his own music into anothers and make it work. plus over comes his deretts syndrome to do it. james is my pick! as for the others – jacob needs to go [his voice is good for movie background songs. casey should have stayed longer.haley is great for jazz and blues.lauren is our country girl but with a voice that can do lots of other types of music.

      • I once had a friend who told me she coulod do alot of things but wished she could do only one better then all the rest that would set her a part. Scotty has that one thing he does better then any thing else God gave him that voice and He meant it to sound Country. James you say can sing in other sytles so really he never found that one thing he can do yet. I've listen too them all and only Scotty had me stop what I was doing to really listen. I like Jazz and Classical music but Scotty has me lovin Country music as well.

      • Piper…you said it…Scotty is the one that has made me stop and listen…really stop…listen and enjoy….well said.

      • I pray PRAY that they have a country wetern week before this is all over, because then we might just find that Scotty isn't even the best country singer on the show…

        Heck, James should just play a country song during an open week like this just to put the final nail in this competition this week.

      • Don't know if I would like to hear a country song with alot of screaming in it.

      • the post that said kdub is awesome was me. my daughter forgot to take her name off when she was done using my computer.

      • Even whwn James sings a ballard it ends with a scream, with full camera on his face, as planned

      • Piper, Agree with you on Scotty. Scotty has said he doesn't like wearing cowboy hats.

      • @Piper

        We all like different styles…u say Scotty made you stop and listen and i respect that I think Scotty is good but for me James was the one that made me stop and listen so i would really appreciate if you backed off and left James alone because like many say just because you dont like that certain style doesn't mean others dont

  91. My favorite Casey is gone and if people pick Jacob to advance I probably won't watch the show any longer because it is getting more ridiculous every week in the picks the young folks are making.

    • I agree , If haley or lauren to and jacob is still there . Then i am not

      going to watch the stupid show either. He is getting on my nerve.

      I usually leave the room when he comes on.

    • I am so happy that its a free country you have the right to say and do what you want. Go team Jacob.

  92. I have been trying real hard this year not to be negative about any contestants, but I am going off the wagon. I close my eyes when Jacob and Stefano sing and neither of them give pleasure to my ears. My apologies to their fans.

  93. I get very excited to see James perform each week. He's always original & gives 120% to his performance. His desire to succeed & please his audience is an incredible experience for everyone.

  94. JAMES will be a top # 1. JAMES all the way to win . can't wait to see his next performance. JAMES DURBIN is awesome.

  95. James All the WAY!!! I hated rock until I started watching him, he had nothing to lose going in and sings will all of his being. Go James

  96. Well, the fact is kids, we are a very small amoount of the voters as a whole that is. We Americans get our backs up about something and you never know what the outcome will be. I will be voting for Haley as long as she stays. I will be buying 4 of the 5 contestant's songs. So 4 of them are my idols. Team Haley/James.

  97. I think Jacob should have let go instead of Casey, He is way better then Jacob.

    Jocob same old same old. He is not the whole package. Maybe judge's feel

    sorry for him. I am so surprised that Jacob is still there?

    • Did you see the look on Jacob's face when Cassey's name was announced to go. Jacob looked totally shocked. Each week Jacob looks like he will be the one to go.

      I've got nothing against him. I just am not a fan of his style of music.

  98. I have to say that Scotty would be my no 1, he is amazing a real star with born talent , i really cant understand why the judges want to change his wonderfull voice and sing different style,,if not broken dont mend it,,,singers wish they had your voice, we all here are proud of you best wishes scotty ,love your gentle way and smile god bless you .i dont think they should tell you spread your wings as the tallent you have is remarkable. all the best xx

    • Singer that can do many types of Country and some Pop will sale more album due to larger market. The more Album the contestants sell over the years the better for the show, the record companies and support staff(songwriters, arrangers & musicians).

      • I am sure George Stait, Randy Travis, Reba, Brad Paisley, even Dolly Partin…etc…come on…really need to change their genre to sell CDs…Really????

      • Carol, nope, they don't need to go to other full genres, but notice that every single singer on your list has played a large variety of Country music from very classic soulfull country to rockabilly and for most of them a very pop-country music as well… Scotty doesn't need to sing other Genres, but he does need to spread his wings within the genre of country music.

      • To kdub:

        I agree a singer doesn't have to go to other full genres but as you said there is much variety within a certain genre. Your Country music example is a good one .

        Makes me laugh when some say James only sings rock.haha There are over 212 different types of rock music. James spreads his wings well within his genre.

    • Hi Kathleen:I do not believe the judges want Scotty to change his voice, that is physically impossible. As to different style, well I think they want him to build on what he has. You know, good, better, best. No one can say the boy doesn't have a beautiful deep voice but he does not challenge himself. Ergo, he can be boring.

      There are singers and there are performers. Then, there are those that have the magical combination of both. If Scotty doesn't "spread his wings" a little more, he'll never learn to fly.

      • He's already there, He has the Gift. He don't have to change a thing. I'd bet Nashville has there eyes on Scotty. You may not like some of his songs but he sings them with all his heart. I tend to listen to the grade of music they sing each week and undestand some of those songs are hard, some easy. I also listen too the voice. Scotty has the most amazing voice.

      • Opinions make the world go round and you are certainly entitled to yours Piper.

      • Agree Carol K. Scotty sings just like Josh Turner. He needs to spread his wings a little. Last week showed that he can sing a little different if he tries. The voice is there. I love the kid, believe me I'll buy his tracks, but he will be a better singer if he expands.

  99. I LOVE JACOB, I don't believe people give him the proper credit he deserves. Maybe you people just don't want to the next BLACK American Idol. I love Jacob Lust and his talented and gifted voice 100%! Go Jacob Lust, no matter what you wear!

      • I don't care if he is green and from Mars along is a great singer, which he is a not, sure he hits great notes but lacks vocal techniques and poor phrasing in singing words.

        If he could sing like Babyface or Stevie Wonder I would quickly jump on his bandwagon in a sec.

    • jah jah No. 26. I'm sick, sick, sick of the race card thing. Jacob is lucky he made it this far so I'm sure it's not a racist thing. Judging strictly by the voice and the whole package – he should be next to go.

    • I agree with you and on top of it many believe that he is gay.To be black and gay oh my lord.Oh no not a al winner. Get over it. GO TEAM JACOB do you thing.

  100. scotty is awesome ,we all just adore him,what a great voice he have,,,best wishes Scotty,

    • I would love to hear Scotty sing The Charlie Daniels Band – The South's Gonna Do It Again, and get Charlie Daniel himslf to pay the fiddle.

      • I'd love to hear it as well, he would finally really start spreading his wings and doing something different… pretty much the exact reason I don't expect him to though.

  101. We are in the final five, At this point the only one I want you to leave is Jacob,don't get me wrong I don't hate jacob,I just don't like the way he sing he is so exaggerated. Lauren, Haley, Scotty and James are my favorite contestants. Haley is the underdog here, she have prove week after week, that she is versatil the judges slammed her all the time but she still here that's what I like about her. Lauren has a beautiful voice, she just has to learn how to choose songs that are appropriate for her, songs that fit with her personality. Scotty is unlike any other contestants from all seasons of american idol. He is unique, if this was country music idol, he would be just one of the bunch. I think James has everything to win the competition,.

    • agreed, go haley! i love her so so much i cant wait to get her albums and go for her concerts! :):):)

  102. We are in the final five, At this point the only one I want you to leave is Jacob,don't get me wrong I don't hate jacob,I just don't like the way he sing he is so exaggerated. Lauren, Haley, Scotty and James are my favorite contestants. Haley is the underdog here, she have prove week after week, that she is versatil the judges slammed her all the time but she still here that's what I like about her. Lauren has a beautiful voice, she just has to learn how to choose songs that are appropriate for her, songs that fit with her personality. Scotty is unlike any other contestants from all seasons of american idol. He is unique, if this was country music idol, he would be just one of the bunch. I think James has everything to win the competition.

    • Sorry It wasn't my intention to put the same comment twice.

      I just click twice to fast I guess.

  103. I would definitely like to see the judges QUIT proclaiming the best performance of the night and predicting a winner—–that is what the show is all about–every one has the BEST performance for them and the one the would like to be the WINNER—come on judges be fair and give your opinions without trying to sway the opinions of the voters…

  104. Haley is my favorite but I'm not optimistic that she will win. She is the underdog here mainly because the teeney boppers want Scotty and James. She has been the most criticized of all the remaining contestants and she has gracefully accepted it from the judges. The judges are pushing for their own favorites – especially when they say "best performance of the night" when only 2 have performed. What nonsense is that? At this point they are struggling for comments when basically they are all excellent. These are the remaining 5 of over 100,000 contestants. Any of their comments now are just meant to influence the vote and Haley doesn't benefit from it. All the more I am rooting for her and doing all I can to get out the vote for her. Since James is almost a shoo-in and he is my 2nd choice, I hope some of his voters will throw some votes to Haley who needs it. I hope this week will be the end of Jacob, next week Lauren and week after Scotty. I'd like to see Haley and James in the top 2.

    • Haley gets all my votes. However, I love James and Scotty also. I said before that I don't vote for Scotty as his career is set and I will be buying all of his songs that I like. I won't be upset if James wins, love his voice. But Haley has my heart.

  105. My order:

    1. Haley
    2. James
    3. Jacob
    4. Lauren
    5. Scotty

    Scotty needs to GO!!

    • my order!

      1. Haley

      2. James

      3. Lauren

      4. Scotty

      5. Jacob

      i love haley! votin like crazy for herrrr this weeek!

      all haley's fans, we need to put our best for haley! these are the crucial moments, we need to push her to the finale. im voting till im goin to drop.

      if you're voting like crazy for haley, please pledge!

      1. Andrew

  106. James should be the next American Idol and please people vote, vote, vote. Don't assume he's safe, just keep voting and show your love for him with each call you make. Amazing talent and he's exciting and he's the only one thatο»Ώ I really look forward to seeing. C'mon, let's make sure he wins this thing!!!!

  107. To keep the 90 minutes runtime filled the remaining Top 5 singers will each perform two songs. One will be songs from the 60′s, because that’s hip and relevant, and the other will be modern to help balance out the fifty year old songs. Maybe next week they’ll take on hits from Bach and Mozart! No word on what restrictions will be placed on “modern” songs, but hopefully they do better than letting Scotty sing an 80′s song for the 21st century theme!

    So which singer are you most excited to see perform this week on American Idol?

  108. ok then!!!! i was just listening to james's preforemence!!!!!!!!!!! till the end i will just jump up and down!!!!!! it's sooooooo cool!!!!!!!! love it??????

    • ARISSA When you were jumping up and down it might hurt your head, like it matbe already has. Its your bedtime, get your teddy and get in Nite Nite

  109. I am a white person that thinks Jacob is the best singer and has the most powerful voice and is not given enough credit for his performances. I am surprise of Randy, the tutor and his comments. they both always put the hype on James and Scotty and it is not fair to him they should stay nutral and give the right comments for what it is.

  110. Does anybody happen to know if there is an ignore feature on here that would allow us to just blot out the inane moronic drivel from certain posters because sometimes we accidentally read their crap and I'm convinced that just reading their stuff makes a person dummer.

    (I'm thinking of one poster in particular, but I'll refrain from naming names in accordance to common decency and the rules of the forum)

    • kdub—–

      We also need a "re-smart" button. I read the post and instantly "dumbed" myself up!!!!

  111. This week I'm looking forward to James singing. He is so good every week. The best.

  112. Coondog has placed an Immediate Coondog Curse upon Osama Bin Laden! So Beware Jacob; you're next!! (just off the show).

    • Actually, this warning should go out to Mommar Khadafi, also–A Coondog Curse upon MK (MQ?) also. And staying on topic of course, Jacob you're next! (off the show)

      • You go Coondog! It is too bad that Jimmy didn't throw that banana peel in front of him (Jacob) last week himself. Good to hear from you… missin

  113. i want jacob next scotty next lauren to go home

    and haley and james will battle


    HALEY is the next american idol

    we love you haley!!

    your style, your singing, your moves

    everything that makes you a perfect singer

  114. i hate randy ruining and throwing negative if tis not

    if randyread this i think he need to change

    because he always beating haley!!

    • randy is so obviously lovin james… maybe he didnt intentionally put haley in the negative light. but seirously, stop being so harsh on our lil haley babey. she's one great shining star, and has a great sexy persona. i love you haley, marry me please!

      eff randy!!!!!

      • Andrew-are you the guy on itunes asking Haley to Marry Me all the time? I chuckle every time I see it.

  115. Scotty has a fantastic voice, but he's so boring I can barely stand to listen to him once, let alone over and over again. Same with Jacob. James on the other hand, I could listen to over and over – I usually have to go to the internet just to watch his performances a few more times. I just can't get enough of James, and look forward to seeing what he will do each week, since he seems to be getting better and better as he gets more confident.

  116. I realize that this is a music forum and I apologize for going off topic here but the news is Osama Bin Laden is confirmed dead.

    Justice has been served and may all those that paid the ultimate price now rest in peace.

    • I agree with you Ijust hope there are no retaliatory strikes. Ihope all terrorists back off. We shall see how far Bin Laden's reach is now that he is dead. Hope all his followers back off and the money stops flowing

      • He doesn't have to pay any of us (his fans) listening to his wonderful voice is reward enough…we post the comments because we want to!!

      • Yeah, all he pays for our support is his wonderful performance every week. GO JAMES GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  117. People here are always saying Scotty is a “one trick pony” Maybe he is. But, I think the very reason many former Idol winners do not do well in post Idol music sales, is they are neither unique or strong in one nitch of music. And in my viewpoint, Scotty is strong in both those areas. That is why I am certain he will have the biggest post idol career of ANY idol performer this year. Regardless of who wins. And probably more than MOST previous idol season winners.

    • You know, Scotty is a one-trick pony.

      So was Johnny Cash.

      It's not about diversity to survive in the recording industry it is about doing one thing so well that nobody else can touch you at it. Scotty sings in a way that very few country singers do anymore, he has the storyteller quality with the way he allows the rise and fall and inflection of his voice. Almost everyone else just sings and for me that doesn't cut it.

      That being said I don't think Scotty is the best of the top 5; though he is in the top 3 of those who remain.

      • Duston, I agree. I do not think Scotty is either the best all around singer (Haley) or the most entertaining performer (James) of this years performers. But even so, I definitely think he will out-sell the rest of this years performers, combined.

      • Another aspect of his potential is the fact that country music is doing better than most of the other genres. So much so that pop and rock acts are trying to cross over. Train, Bon Jovi, Rihanna etc. are teaming up with country stars to try and co-opt some of that revenue.

      • I am a country fan, and Scotty will have a big carrer in country music, he sings well and you can relate to his stories, he sings like he means it and lives it and he is great.. win or lose

        he is a winner

    • I agree with all of you. There is just something special about Scotty it will be fine in the country music world that he is "subtle". That is an endearing quality. His voice is special and one that gets your attention. I totally agree that he will outsell all the others. Alot of people do not understand the special world of country music but do not underestimate their audience. I think it is becoming the nations music because it is clean family entertainment that the whole family can enjoy…old and young alike. I do not want my young daughter listening to music about "bitches and Ho's…I'm sorry! I am for Scotty and Lauren all the way. I fear for Scotty because of the huge devestation in the south…his stronghold. Nevertheless, he will be successful whether he wins or loses.

  118. Hello Folks

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing James perform this week. Up here in the great white north we need that Dude to keep us rocking so that we can keep warm! :)Seriously though it would be nice to see a real rocker win this competition for once!I like country I like blues I like jazz I like folk I like hip hop I like classical but I have to tell you that Rock Rules! Go James gooooo!

    Turn it Up!

    • Notice that James has NEVER been in the bottom 3? Not ONCE had he been close to elimination. The man has been protected by the Gods of Rock and they have decreed that he shall thus be awesome!

    • Agree with you all. I love James since the first moment i saw top 13, i told myself "oh my God i have found my Adam Lambert". I always long for his performance. Love Scotty too but Scotty is good with Country music, win or loose he shall still be successful. I pray for James every single show he has. He surely win! Go James!!!


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    The youtube link is for the sample and if ever you are interested about the song then you might want to download it at the 2nd link above Thanks! Sorry for the pm and hassle if ever.

  120. I know there known as a religious group but i would like to hear james do a song by Stryper. i believe he has the voice for it.

  121. ()~()~~~_____

    (• • )__( ) ( )

    • •) / / |

    l l l l


    Scotty to win it

  122. There were some previous posts that said the JLo was a little cold towards Scotty…and I have noticed that she has recently avoided making much of a comment towards him. In the beginning, she was flirtacious towards him and actually giddy…I read a blog that said incoherent when she went to critique or comment about him. Wonder what brought about this change. I have a theory…simple minded as it may seem…but I bet her adorable husband commented on it and told her to lighten up. I bet he was jealous of Scotty. I mean, why else the lack of comments? For Lauren and Scotty's duet…she over-praised Lauren and as an after thought said, "…and you were good, too, Scotty!" Other than I am crazy…your thoughts???

    • My theory is that JLo didn't like the "Swingin" thing either. Hate that song!

      • I think they do that to sway votes toward their favorite, same as with Randy always finding fault with Haley.

    • My guess is that JLo's attitude toward Scotty stems from the fact that he doesn't respond to her beauty as Stefano and Casey did. In fact Scotty has the same reserve toward Haley and Lauren, leading me to infer that either he has a girlfriend at home or he's too religious and straight arrow to flirt. He was adamant that he and Lauren were like brother and sister when they were interviewed together.

      • I believe that Scotty is just plain ole polite. I am sure he was raised very good in the country way. and to be polite and honest. He is a good all around nice country boy.

      • No argument from me. He's an older person's [me] idea of what a young person should be. He's a role model.

      • Personally…the flirting thing…he is so young…and probably thinks that JLo…georgeous as she is..a little old…and just maybe the other two girls just aren't his type. I think Haley might be too much for him and Lauren,,,they might just be brother/sister-like. Or just maybe…he is to shy and polite in the spotlight to do that. However, I kind of think he flirts with the audience.

      • I agree with Shelly and Carol. I think Scotty is a very well raised, all American, country boy. He is nice, polite and gracious. I would be very surprised to hear that he was romantically involved with someone on the show. The beautiful JLO is probably his mother's age or older and he being the well bred country boy that he is feels he must treat her with respect.

      • While I do agree that Scotty has an unusually high respect for women (and I give him props for it) to say that he was raised 'in the country way' is pretty bogus. The south doesn't have a monopoly on good morals.

  123. I am looking forward to seeing what Scotty sings. I am hoping he picks a song that is upbeat and he can show his ability to reach the audience. He has a great voice and it reaches out to me everytime I hear him. He is very sincere and enjoys singing. GO SCOTTY!!!!

  124. SCOTTY, do "CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE" by Queen for next week plzzzz! They wanna something up beat, then do that Dude! Let's make them twist! You can do that!!! GO SCOTTY GO…you're the greatest contestant in this season. You just have to show it to them. So, come on…YOU CAN DO IT!!! πŸ™‚

    • I do not think that song. "Crazy Littthing called Love" meets the requirement for something old (60's) 0r something new.

      • Crazy Little thing called Love is an old old song. I don't think Queen did it first either. It might be old enough for him to do. I might be wrong.

  125. I think this week Jacob has a chance to blow us away again by doing Tom Jones or John Rowles for the 60s song. He can try "Delilah", "Without Love", "If I Only Had Time" or "Hush Not a Word To Marry".

    For modern song, he can sing "Show Me The Way" by STYX to bring out his high notes capability.

    • Interesting choices you mentioned.. As for the 60’s songs, not sure, I wasn’t even alive, so I’ll listen up and see.. but the Styx, absolutely agree, their music is tailored for his vocals and range. “Renegade” even but I don’t think Styx is considered Modern

    • Jacob needs to give it up and go home.

      he does not need to be there any more.

      He is boring and drama queeney and needs to leave. yuck to Jacob

  126. I want the whole group to sing "Teach Your Children Well" by Crosby, Still & Nash to advice the parents not to allow their children to vote 500 times or greater…lol

    • The one and only black singer since american idol belong to white people only. All of you haters should get a life. Vote for who you want to win and not who you hate for no reasson at all. I love Jacob but i would not say to hell with the other singers.

      • I think people do pick on Jacob and it is disgraceful. None of the group should have ugly remarks made about them. I prefer to boost my choice and let others do the same.

      • Lourdes, Please stop with the "Idol belong to white people only" crap. That is so untrue and I am tired of the comments in that regard. People like who they like no matter what color he/she is. Why does everyone have to bring in this racist attitude. If AI was only white why have we had black winners as well. Get off this band wagon and try to understand that no everyone likes the music/voice/tone, etc., of the contestants.

  127. This is Amercian Idol chat, not the Voice chat.. That's a goofy format, it's not comparable.. go to their chat if you want..

  128. I still think Scotty needs to sing "If Haven Wasn't So Far Away". Love that song, and I think Scotty could really relay the story.

    I vote for all the remaining contestants to win!

  129. i am excited to see everyone, except Jacob. i think it's time for him to go. nice guy, but… i would LOVE for haley to sing paramore's "the only exception" it would slow it down a bit for her and i think it would show her voice off!!! anyone agree?

  130. haley – would like to see her sing "the only exception" by paramore – not sure why my previous post got lost in the shuffle!

  131. I'm looking foreward to seeing them all sing, but james and scotti are my favs they are the ones to beat. Jacob going this week.?

  132. JAMES is the one reason that I am excited about this show, can't wait to hear him again tomorrow…..he always blow me away….I also like to hear Scotty and Haley……Lauren is good but does not do to much for me and Jacob, gee I won't go there……..GO JAMES GO!!!

  133. i am so over scotty. every week sounds the same. jacob needs to work with a religous rock group. i loved casey but too many people didnt "get" his jazz thing…he will be fine tho…out of the remaining few….james is the best, most consistant, most entertaining one left. the girls are ok. lauren has never been as good as her initial audition. haley has gotten better but not winner material compared to james. so, in my opinion, james should take the crown… hes almost as good as adam! (adam lambert is still my all time favorite!)

  134. My fave part of the competition πŸ™‚ TOP 5!! From here on it gets so much more interesting for me. So far, kudos to all 5 for making it thus far. Even jacob. Im glad he still has fans out there voting for him and staying true to him despite his widely known unpopularity. Most improved for me has got to be Haley, and if she keeps going at this rate, I truly believe she could make it to the finals. I also think, the poor girl isn't getting as much credit as she deserves from teh judges. The one thing about haley that i like is that she is interesting. Her voice is interesting, beautiful and unique. Her performance also is always so interesting. Most consistent would definitely have to be James. Like JLo said, he's never had a bad week, and i agree. James is most deserving to be in the finals at this point in the competition. Lauren has a beautiful voice, i love listening to her sing. But sadly, i think her years have finally caught up to her. She's so young and her lack of experience and maturity is really beginning to show. She's such a sweet girl but i think she isn't ready to be the next american idol. Scotty, like Lauren, has a beautiful voice but i think some of his perfs have become such a bore to watch and its gotten me to expect the same thing week after week. I wish he would come out of his comfort zone and maybe try something a little different.

    Moreover, i would very much like to see a james/haley finale.

  135. Scotty my choice he alittle rough around the edges at time but isn't that what a real cowboy is… his voice it will take him far…


  137. Comment deleted. User put on moderation list. – Admin

    Side note to "Rissy": perhaps you should rethink using your .gov email address when encouraging acts of terrorism.

    • Considering what has happed to our country in the past I find this statement disgraceful!! Many of us still grieve for the lost lives.

    • I think Rissy needs to be blocked from posting on this board. What an awful thing to say. I just don't understand how heartless people can be, or how they don't understand the impact of terrorism in this country and all over the world. So wrong to say something like this.

  138. Scotty is my favorite but I think James will pull the votes. Only because he's getting stefanos votes and will probably get Cassies this week. But I agree with many of you Scotty will sell a lot of records. Guess saying records shows my age. Lol. Anyway I hope Scotty picks good songs this week.

  139. Me encanta Scotty, estoy a la espera de sus cd, porque me he vuelto una adicta a su voz, es encantador trae algo nuevo a la música de hoy en día siento por no escribir en ingles, pero deseo expresar mi total apoyo a Scotty. Scotty es mi favorito para ganar American Idol.

    • Scotty will win. James don't stand a chance. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he leaves soon. Final 2 scotty and lauren

  140. Hand down it's Haley that I am most interested in hearing again. Her unique voice and ability to sing anything from blues to rock amazes me. I would buy her album if she sang the Hippopotamus song. Haley is the winner s far as i'm concerned.

  141. Hands down it's Haley that I am most interested in hearing again. Her unique voice and ability to sing anything from blues to rock amazes me. I would buy her album if she sang the Hippopotamus song. Haley IS the winner as far as i'm concerned.

  142. Just saw an interesting comment on one of the other blogs…ALot of the Alabama,etc. people where the storms hit…were upset that they couldn't vote last week for Scotty or Cassie…so maybe thats why James had the bigger percentage. Of course most of those people still don't have phones, etc. Just hope they find a place they can vote this week.

  143. Now my rating is different since James is out but seriously I felt bad for him πŸ™ when he said all that stuff at the end when he got voted off.Wish him well.
    1.Scotty!!!<3 ya

  144. For the finale Scotty and Lauren.Totally.I believe Haley will go next in my opinion and I will never watch American Idol again if Scotty gets voted off well I won’t watch the rest of this season!
    Team Scotty!

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