Jennifer Lopez Talks American Idol 2011 and Her New Album

Jennifer Lopez went on the Today Show this morning to discuss her work on American Idol 2011, her new album “Love?”. Along the way she discussed her initial reservations to joining up as a new judge and we get a preview of her new video for “I’m In To You” in the video clip below.

JLo also fields a question about criticism that the American Idol judges need to be more critical, you know, like doing the “judging” part of being a judge. Lopez responds that they’re just being themselves rather than trying to live up to Simon Cowell’s no-BS approach to telling the singers how they did.

Jennifer also mentions her upcoming show, “The Chosen,” which she says is being misunderstood. It won’t be a Latin American Idol with a competition, but rather a show to highlight undiscovered talent.

What’d you think of Lopez’s new single?




      • Forgot to type..should…lol!

        I think they should get someone like…Bette Midler or Cindy Lauper!

  1. If there was any more BS on that program you would need to take a shovel to get in the door!

  2. I think this year the judging is a little screwed up the judges are just to nice. I didnt have a problem with it at first but its just getting really annoying like steven tyler has never said one bad thing to any of the contestants and Jenifer has said on the show befor that everybody is just too good to be harsh on I say bs when i see a bad peformance they always go oh that was beutiful that was perfect when there was pitchy problems or the song just didnt do them good and i used to like randy as a judge but now i believe they are playing favorites because hailey wil get up there and throw a good peformance and randy will say it wasnt really all that good sure hailey isnt my favorite but I can tell when she has done a really good peformance

    • I agree that the judges have been too nice. They should have used constructive criticism much more than they did, to help these youngsters develop. Too little too late at this point. Now they should just encourage these kids to do what they do do well and sing their hearts out. At this stage of the game every performance could be a contestants last performance, so these final 5 need to stick to what they do best and hope their performances are good enough to keep them in the competition.

  3. I think Steven Tyler is great, I just wish I could translate his comments!! Is he out there or what!!! Simon would say "What the h.ll was that"

    • I like the fact I got to see Steven Tylers personality. But I do not think these 3 judges ARE NOT TOUGH ENOUGH!! And Steven says ' THAT'S GREAT "

      to everyone on them. I am going to watch the x~Factor. I want to hear how a judge can be frank with the contestants!!! And that is Simon Cowell. At least he tells them the truth when they are bad. Tyler talks like he does because he writes songs! It takes a poets mind to write songs. Ergo all the funny remarks he makes! Sherry K

  4. I read in Casey's exit interview that after he was booted off, Steven gave him some constructive criticisms, and I was like, now why didn't he give him constructive criticisms before?! I think it's sad that Casey, with his immense talent, was never guided properly by the judges, but instead they indulge him.

    Re: Steven Tyler, I noticed with him, you almost have to read this body language and interpret what he says to get the real feedback. Like "it's beautiful, you did it man" with no excitement, that means that's an ok performance, no excitement. When he gives that leery smile, it means, it really doesn't matter how you perform, I just like your voice, and you are sexy to me. But when he give you a big hug or has that big smile on his face, that's a vote of approval from this enigmatic judge.

  5. they are all good judges, they are professional the way they make criticism. i like them a lot.

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