American Idol 2011 Top 7 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 returns with its Top 7 performing live tonight with songs from the 21st century. As the field continues to narrow the pressure gets turned up on the remaining performers. Let’s see how they handle it tonight for the live show.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol 2011 Top 7 Performances:

  • Scotty McCreery – Swingin – 1-866-436-5701
  • James Durbin – Uprising – 1-866-436-5702
  • Haley Reinhart – Rolling in the Deep – 1-866-436-5703
  • Jacob Lusk – Dance with my Father – 1-866-436-5704
  • Casey Abrams – Harder to Breathe – 1-866-436-5705
  • Stefano Langone – Closer – 1-866-436-5706
  • Lauren Alaina – Born to Fly – 1-866-436-5707

Grab an album from your favorite cover tonight with Real Networks’ free album download, or 10 mp3s if you’d rather, as part of their free trial for music and entertainment online called SuperPass.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




  1. A god awful medley from the eliminated! Probably to help the one that goes first out a little, but since the contestant to perform first is Scotty, I doubt there is much for them to worry about.

  2. I'm trying to get the call numbers and the songs they will sing. Where do I get it? I'm on the west coast.

  3. Suprised by the judges comments to Scotty.. I mean he has so many people (girls mainly) voting for him I think he knows he can play it safe.

  4. Scotty took some lumps from the judges, but I'm sure he'll be safe. James is next, I guess they are putting the front runners on first, maybe in an attempt to get the votes up for the mid to bottom runners.

      • No Mindy, that was one of the most cornball preformances of all time – where's Hee Haw when you need it. If Scot is true to Country music, he should show more respect to the genre.

      • Also i like Scot but that was bad(and I don't mean in a good way)last night. What he really needs is to be in the bottom three tonight just to wake him up and to get him more serious about the competition!!!!

      • Yes Mindy, but all opinions are not equal. Some people think that the Macarena is a good song. Their opinions are garbage as well.

      • Oh Mindy, such a clever comeback, I am distraught. Really… look in my eye, that might be a tear… nope… never mind, guess it wasn't.

      • Listen, Mindy has a right to her opinion and so do I. I also think Scotty is the best. I respect your opinion if it is different so how about a little mutual respect.

  5. So Scotty is 100% my fav singer on this show!! However he was BORING, SO SO BORING tonight! I will be voting for him though, b/c I can't imagine AI without him!!!

      • Because Scotty is my favorite! Just b/c I didn't like him this week doesn't mean I don't think he's the best, or that he doesn't deserve to win! I'm sure I'll still give a vote to the best singer tonight, but I really like Scotty so I won't be turning my back on him tonight!

      • I always vote for for the best performance of the night myself. I can't immagine how boring this show would be to me, if I already knew who I was voting for, before the show started. But, i suspect there are many people who do just that.

    • and this is why this show won't bring the best performers but the most popular ones.

      • sorry Mindy I do not agree with you at all James screams are SUPER good!!! and he sings so well I cant take my eyes off him

      • I like James, but he was SO copying Adam with this. And IMHO he fell short. He was good and if we'd never seen Adam he would rule. But we have seen Adam, so no.

    • Yeah….I love Scotty…even if he's boring and lame …even if looks like a young forest gump..eeehaa I love scotty…

  6. HECK YES so excited for Haley! I love her and I love Adele… rolling in the deep is my favorite song so I hope she's doing that.

    • Is it just me. Or is Haley getting better with EACH and EVERY performance. How is this girl still in the bottom 3 most every week?

      • Yeah I totally agree, HALEY FANS make sure to vote vote vote! Lets keep this girl until the end because she deserves it!

  7. Liked James' performance. Hailey is next. Even Steven wasn't all that positive about Scotty's performance, and he normally doesn't have anything bad to say about anything. Maybe the judges are finally waking up and seeing that they can't just say positive things all the time.

  8. The judges are evidently biased. How could they decide James performance was the best of the night with only two contestants performing. Guess the others might as well go to dinner.

    • What are you on about you stupid American? It's implied that he was the best of the night SO FAR

      • They said that they think it would be the best tonight, nothing about so far. Also, if americans are stupid DON'T WATCH THE AMERICAN SHOW

      • That's when she had me! "B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets". I loved the way she did the B's, LOL!

      • I usually really like Haley, but I really disliked that performance of Bennie and the Jets from her… but her "Take Another Piece of my Heart" was absolutely golden.

  9. im from the philippines and we won't see the show until later in the evening (that's tomorrow morning US time). Glad to see updates here πŸ™‚

    • I am a American vacationing in the Philippines. Thank you Philippines for running my favorite TV show. Now if only that stupid Mango tree was not blocking my satallite dish reception, every time I try to watch it.

    • really?cant wait to see her performance…i am from malaysia and will only get to watch it later…love Hailey <3

  10. Somebody should tell Steven Tyler to ask for a kleenex and erase the kiss in his cheek lololol

    • It depends on what the majority of voters like…I personally do not like Haley….would never purchase an album or go to a concert. They all have bad nights. It is about time the judges did their job…wow, they are not saying everyone is wonderful and they should not change a thing…Hmmmm

      • I'm definitely, without question, getting Haley's first album! It will be interesting to see where James lands, as I like his voice and style and will probably be worth getting his first.

      • I didn't get to see Haley sing because I'm on the west coast, but I'm following the comments. I'm hoping the judges were not as mean to her as last week. It seems she was the only one that was critiqued from the judges. I loved her performance "Call Me". Her duet with Casey brought her a little more respect and I'm hoping it carries through tonight. Can't wait to see her tonight.

      • Mary, it is funny you should say that. Because I have never even remotely even concidered buying a American Idol album in the past. But, I would consider getting Haley's if she improves as much as she seems to be doing every week. She could very well surpass James and Scotty for the darkhorse win, if she keeps it up.

  11. Scotty's song choice was a remake from John Andersen in the 1980s, I believe. He could have picked a much better song. Plus you could not even hear him over the music. SOunds like they fixed that for the rest though.

    James – HOLY COW! That was awesome! I would so buy that!

    Haley – Although she is not my fave I will admit that was a very very good performance.

  12. We're having T-storms here, and my DirecTV keeps dropping the show. Bummer. From what I heard of Jacob, he nailed Luther's song!

  13. Scotty was stepping out of his comfort zone tonight and he did a fantastic job, but America his best is yet to come. Don't forget to vote, vote, vote.

  14. Can we please send Jacob home!!!These judges got on Pia about doing nothing but ballads but Jacob keeps doing them and they say nothing to him about!!!

  15. Jacob did just okay for me. I still felt he kind of peaked when he sang God Bless The Child during Hollywood week.

  16. Scotty was very good tonight, his voice will take him far.

    James took it to the next level tonight, amazing to see.

    Haley was great, love Adele and her no 1 album.

    Jacob was good but lacking, time for him to go.

  17. Scotty rocks the stage he's got it all Talent , looks and that voice wow'' double wow''

    • He definitely has the looks. He should be on a Magazine cover smiling… maybe saying "What? Me worry?"

  18. Um Casey might be safe tomorrow night I am not sure, though I don't think he'll be going home until the top 5.

  19. I had to mute Casey! I liked him last week (the first time I liked him) but this week I went back to pushing the mute button!

  20. James ''what can i say next to my #! guy Steven Tyler ''You got it going on from head to toe'' love the Alice Cooper move tonight you brought it home way to go dude'' Definitely saved once again …

    '' You to Scotty Saved as well Idol got lots and lots of Talent this year way to go 2011

    • I am so glad he did well, I am from Kent Washington and he went to the same school as my daughter in law and she thought he was a great guy and would eat lunch with her every day

  21. I don't know who I want to go home more, Jacob or Stefano. I say let's have a double elimination!

      • Randy said that at first he thought it was going to be kinda bad karaoke but that he turned him around and did a very good job taking his time singing the verses. Steven said he did a good job and glad he went "all in it" by including some dance moves. And Jennifer said that she was speaking for all of the girls in the audience by saying he did a very good job and felt he had his "swag" on. She really liked it.

  22. Not bad Stefano. Loved that look he gave to the camera at the end of the song. What a cutie. I hope he's safe.

      • He's a douche…thanks Stephanie. I also thought it was a horrible performance. Bad song choice.

      • Excuse me but Stephanie did notsay that. YOYO said it and Stephanie is right,that comment was not called for!

  23. Casey and James were AWESOME!

    Lauren, Stefano and Haley were great

    Scotty was boring as hell

    Good bye Jacob!

  24. My favorite is Scotty, however, I wasn't a fan of his song tonight. I absolutely think that he has a country music career ahead of him regardless of what place he comes in on IDOL. Did anyone notice how horrible Paul sounded in the opening song with all of the girls who have been voted off. Ouch! He made my ears hurt! I don't know what his problem was tonight.

    I thought Casey was okay tonight and I thought Stefano did very well.

    • I agree Jen, Scotty is one of my favorites to. But really "Swingin"? I had high hopes for something new (country of course)& fun. "Hillbilly Bone" would have been great for him & the audience would have really been into it.

      • ITA Bunny. He's my favorite but that was such a cop out. And next week they have to get some of Ryan's botox for Scotty's eyebrows.

    • I read at the beginning of the season that he had a lesion on his vocal cords. Surgery is required to remove it. No speaking or singing for months. He probably was hoping his voice would hold until the end of idol. The last few performances of his were not as good, so who knows? Also Paul doing P!NK? I don't think that was a fair song to ask him to sing! Just my opinion…

  25. cant wait to see the idols performances… i hope somebody will upload the video in you tube before the show airs tonight here in Manila.

  26. My favorite is Haley, 2nd is Casey and then James. They are the most entertaining. The others are just boring with Scotty being number 1 boring.

    • She is not cute — she is over bleached, over straightened, over fed and has no style whatsoever!

      • agreed–right on last comment! I dont see anything in Lauren, she is ordinary and nothing great.

    • Lauren gets my vote this week. She sure needs to step it up though & start belting it out.

      • Lauren did look cute tonight, and her little jumps and stamping were right on also. That did seem to distract her into not singing as powerful as she usually does. Still, I had her as 3rd best behind Haley and Stefano. Stefano is normally my second worst (jacob worst). But, judging neutrally, his performance probably beat even Haley's tonight–barely!

  27. based on your comments, scotty was the worst tonight of the bunch, but he's still #1 in the poll "who was the best tonight?" He really has a following, huh?

      • I like Scot too but he had the worst performance last night;and last week's was not real strong either!

    • It's all about fan base from this point on. Scotty was really kind of "same ol', same ol'". But he has a huge following.

      • I agree. I like Scotty and hope he makes it to the end, but I think he is getting somewhat complacent and should start taking more chances to show us what he really has.

      • I was ver disapointed in Scotty tonight. Maybe some of it for me is that I HATE THAT SONG! Scotty gets my vote one more time. But he really needs to pick it up.

      • Country music is not a very complicated genre, and because of that, I just wonder if Scotty can sing anything else.

    • I agree. He's a good performer but he's getting stale and boring. Keep the country swagger but I would like to see what else he can do. Sing a contemporary pop song or any NOT COUNTRY song, the way he does. That would be interesting. Wish he had sang the rehearsal song last week. Maybe WE would all be singing a diffrent tune tonight.

      • Does what??? There is a version of the rehearsal song here somewhere? I'd like to hear it through. Where?

  28. woo. lauren. it was great!

    so for tonight, my favorite would be casey. then james. then lauren. then haley, jacob, scotty and stefano.

    i can see why she doesn't know what she is capable of though. she is so young.

    • But in truth, if she gets a recording deal, it will be with a country label; and also in time she could crossover into the Pop genre.

  29. Not bad Lauren but I agree with the judges she has to let herself go and do much more!

    My bottom 3 for tonight even ALL were so so good!!




    I think Jacob will be going home

    • Bottom 3 this week should be




      Casey, Haley, Lauren and James have stepped up their game every week. It may do Scotty some good to be in the bottom 3 for once, might give him a wake-up call. Way to go Haley. Again, Jennifer just can't completely give Haley credit where credit is due..I just don't get it. Well Haley gets better and better every week and I'm so proud of her..

      • I get it regards Haley. JLo is so jealous of Haley's diverse singing and being beautiful also–so the Queen Bee JLo tries to disguise her jealousy as critical judging.

  30. VOTE FOR STEFANO!!!!!!!!!!! 1866-436-5706!!! Vote rite now 4 him please!!!!! He needs to stay!!!!!!! He is in it to win it!!!

  31. Scotty didn't do too well, but I am sure his fan base will keep him safe. James was awesome as always. Haley did good. Jacob can go home. Casey was good. Stefano bottom 3 again. Lauren was good, and got to agree with what the judges told her about challenging herself as she doesn't believe she can hit the high notes.

    My Bottom 3




    Going home


    • I disagree. My bottom three are:




      I really like Lauren but she has to step it up. The whole season the judges have been talking about her potential. Well. It's time to see some of it in action.

  32. Despite James' foray into edgy fashion, he still seemed like he was imitating Adam.

    Paul proved he was voted off with good reason. He sounded terrible and looked like a psychotic windmill. He'd look marginally better if he fell down.

    Jacob needs to be gone. ASAP

    Haley was terrific.

    Scotty, Lauren and Casey were disappointing. Stefano improved. haley won the night.

    • I agree with the Adam imitation and although I'm not a rocker, I will give it up to James. He ROCKED. I really got him tonight and the performance was amazing. They should all imitate Adam more because Adam brought the whole package. It wasn't just the singing with him but the show. James knows how to showcase himself.

    • Templar my friend. Scotty & Lauren need to pick it way up. I think it was song choice more than anything. Did I mention that I HATE THAT SONG "Swingin". Always have. Lauren has lost her performance ability & she needs to find it. As for Casey, well, I don't like it when any of them sing to or kiss the judges. We vote not them, show us what you have. I agree with your assessment of the rest.

    • James does his own thing. They are two very different singers. James is so good it's crazy!!! Love his style!!!

  33. Come on really??? The poll says Scotty??? Be fair people he was NOT GOOD tonight! Even Jacob was better

    James won the night! followed by Casey and Haley

    • Sucks huh marta?i totally agree… scotty does not deserve the top spot tonight, people should just be fair

    • DISAGREE! Scotty may not have been the best, but he was better than Haley, Jacob, and Casey!! EASILY!!

      • @ trish For me Jacob was better that Scotty tonight. Scotty is playing it safe because of his fan base but he did awful tonight.

        @Jojo yes it sucks! vote for the looks and the cuteness is not fair but what can we do those girls are loco for Scotty lol

        @christin Scotty was NOT better than Haley or Jacob or Casey not easily not difficulty. Scotty was terrible Haley rocked, Jacob was pretty decent and Casey rocked.

      • Earlier this week somebody said that Scotty could walk onstage, fart into the mic, leave and still not be in the bottom 3… I'm starting to think he might try it next week… and I'm starting to think he might be right.

      • Who are you kidding? Haley was on a whole different level than Scotty. She out sang and performed him tonite, hands down. Are you sure you watched the show??

  34. I am not a Scotty's fan but tonight I liked his performance more than the others… Second place for me was Haley's – it is funny, for the second week on the roll, it seems like the judges are not polling for her – weird comments as her performance was excellent. They compared her with some Adel who sings the song, but hello – they compared Haley's live performance with the original on a record… not fair, I doubt Adel's live performance would be that good. Everybody is perfect in a recording studio, but live, it is another story. It is also funny how the voting here reflected my opinion – Jacob and Stefano are pretty much gone by now… The remaining will have to beat Scotty – the thing is, regardless of what type of song you like, which one of these guys would to go for a 2 hour performance? Could you handle James' screaming for that long? In my case, I thing that among these guys I would go for sure to a Scotty's concert and probably Haley and Lauren – once they let it go and be themselves, something that Scotty does naturally – and is doing pretty darn well… way to go…

    • Agree, although I would rather watch Stefano for another week rather than Jacob or Casey

    • I couldn't stand James screaming for 10 minutes, much less for a 2 hour concert. Can't understand the hype about his performances.

    • Then you haven't heard Adele live. Haley can't touch her, believe me (check her out live on YouTube). Although I did think she did a good job tonight.

    • Marta

      Nobody on this planet can sing Adele except me..Check out her live performances..They are actually better than the recorded version..

    • Marta: You probably would not go to a rock concert to hear these kids screaming all night as you say, but ask to young people who like rock and get all happy when they go to a concert. I tell you, I have a 20 years son and he likes rock music he've been to concerts of Metallica and he returns so happy

      and wanting more,he returns so excited talking about how well it has been the concert and I happy to see him happy. Talking to me about what he has seen

  35. Come on people!

    Scotty wasn't great at all. Randy is right; It was boring!

    On the other hand, James was AWESOME! Casey was really good too.

    I found the other contestants boring or not good

    • I agree, Scotty is getting boring…he needs to spice it up,maybe try an Eagles song. Jacob should be a gospel singer.

      • Scotty acted very lazy last night. I was very bored with most of Idol last night with the exception of James. He always does well. Gotta love James!!!!

  36. Haley

    You are amazing! I look forward to hearing you sing every week! Can't wait to by your album and see you in concert? Be proud because you great!

  37. I'm in Canada so I can't vote πŸ™ Please vote for Lauren , I hope she is not going to be bottom 3 and I agree with the judges she can do much more !! Do it next week Lauren!! U can do it!

    • i am in Canada to we can vote i think!! there is a voting thing i have bin voting iam not sure if it works or not

      • Oh Thanks Trish I tried on and this what it says : ” AT&T online voting for American Idol is not currently available in your location. Thank You for your interest. ”


    • Niki, I just phoned in some votes for Lauren just for you. I, also, think she is terriffic. The duet she and Scotty did is my favorite performance of the entire show so far. We play it over and over every day!

      • Thank you ruth sharp Go Lauren yeah! I think what Steven said was the hint for her to pick the right song. You can do it Lauren!!

      • Ah!! Ruth Sharp,any possibility that you could phone in some votes for Lauren, Scotty, and Stefano for me?? I live in Canada too!

  38. lauren was awsome tonight

    scotty was good

    bottom two for sure the thrid one is hard



  39. Casey & James BY FAR are the best!!!!!!! They had the best performances tonight. I mean, Maroon 5? & Muse? That's awesome!!!!!! Haley's good but she was off a little bit. Lauren is great but she really needs to push herself, she's better than she thinks. Scotty is slipping a little. I wish he would do "I Wouldn't Be A Man" by Josh Turner. & Stefano was mediocre and once again, vocals were disappointing. Jacob just needs to go. America needs to be more musically inclined.

  40. Who I think should be in the bottom three:

    1. Scotty

    2. Jacob (with him going home)

    3. Lauren

    Who is probably going to be in the bottom three:

    1. Jacob

    2. Casey

    3. Stefano

    Again, it should be Jacob but I fear for Stefano (he was actually pretty good tonight). I just don't think he has all that big of a fan base and let's face it, it's really a popularity contest from this point on.

      • I love Stefano and I think he's growing every week. He probably won't win in the end but I'm glad that he's on the show every week. And what a cutie!!! P.S. I don't vote for him just cuz he's cute. I do think he can sing and present himself well too.

    • I don't think Casey will be in the bottom 3 , but I agree with your choice of who should be.

      • The only reason why I think Casey (who I thought was awesome, by the way) might be in the bottom three is because of the whole Pia backlash. I think the wound is still raw, so to speak, with her being eliminated so early and then they go and parade her out in front of all of us to remind us that she's no longer in the competition and the "mistake" the judges made by using the save so early. Which begs the question, why in the world were the eliminated contestants back so early (to murder Pink's song no less)? Don't they usually not bring them out until the finale? Confused…

  41. Miss Lauren, you have the talent to take off and sweep people off they're feet don't be afraid to do so. You have an amazing voice and I have voted for you because I know you can do it don't be afraid! Knock them dead for me please!! πŸ™‚

  42. i cant blame the girls who go gaga over Scotty coz I am feeling the same for Stefano every time he performs.. he's such a cutie and he's got the charisma! If only I could vote, I'd vote for him for 2 straight hours.

  43. This is for Scotty, Please next week surprise us in cowboy boots, White cowboy Hat, and a song that is newer in country, Chet maybe? Im not a country listener but you are bringing it back when I was younger. Bring on some color with girls dressed in neat cowgirl dresses etc: Have stage smoke or something and let it really rip!!!! You will Hammer and Nail it. Thanks, God Bless Ya!!!

    • I agree. Scotty needs to go all insane Garth Brooks one time. But the blank look he gave Jimmy Iovine when he mentioned the Pussycat Dolls tells me he’s very naive for 17 going on 18.

      • The Granny Groupies will give him double votes for that innocence! And the teenie girls will vote for him, hoping they can still be his "first".

  44. James rocks. He is truly a performer !!! just having vocals is not enough for the competition.

    GO JAMES !!!!

  45. I don't understand why people like Scotty so much actually. Casey and James like no doubt!

    • Hey Steph,

      I agree. Plus Haley had to work way harder than the others to stay in the competition. She is a true talent. I'm glad she made it this far. I wish only good things for her in the future. She deserves to be on that stage. I think she has proven herself to a lot of the haters over the past few weeks.

  46. i think that all was good tonight. i was esspecially empressed with caseys performance. i like scotty also. would love to here him sing a gerge strait song. like cross my heart. that would be a good song for him.

    • Honestly, it's probably for the better that you missed it. Scotty didn't do bad on it… but lets just say, he's no George Strait. (Then again, who is.. I mean, aside from George Strait)

  47. Oh Thanks Trish I tried on and this what it says : " AT&T online voting for American Idol is not currently available in your location. Thank You for your interest. "

    so………… πŸ™

  48. im sooo waiting for Branden comment about Scotty n Casey performance..heuuehuehue hahahahah LOLOL πŸ™‚

    btw,i have never pay attention to this sites poll πŸ™‚

  49. Thank you ruth sharp πŸ™‚ Go Lauren yeah! I think what Steven said was the hint for her to pick the right song. You can do it Lauren!!

  50. James is copying Adam's style. Obviously, the judges wanted Pia and Casey in the final but now with Pia gone, I think the judges would want to see their golden boy Casey and Jacob in the final. If that is the case, I will definitely not going to watch the season finale this season. Lauren is going strong, I hope she will be in the final with the right person, either Scotty or Hailey. As for Hailey, her singing style is similar to Casey but yet Hailey got more critiques than Casey, I don't understand why. Yes Hailey growls when she sings, so does Casey, then why haven't the judges criticize Casey about those growls, golden boy I suppose. James oh James please stop try and copy Adam's style. Since the beginning of the show, he has been doing it, singing like Adam. He probably thinks that this might helps him to win AI 10 ;(

    Jacob is not for AI, he does not belong in the show. The man belongs to the choir of a church or any orchestra choir. Jacob you will make it big if you become a lead vocalist in a choir. Singing in a choir can make you a superstar too, Jacob oh wait a maestro :}

    • Your right. Haley got a bum deal. But she fought and she's still kicking and hanging in there by the skin of her teeth every week. Go Haley. And not for nothing, I LOVE Casey. He is an amazing artist.

      • Yeah, I hear you. I think Lauren is talented and the judges may be right and she is holding back. Based on their commments, I was expecting a LOT more from her. It's do or die time now. If she's not going to sing a powerful song to her fullest potential, she should go and make room for the more aggressive and polished contenders.

      • yup,her biggest weapon is her echoing powerful n yet sooth voice. But tonight as nathan say that she came so strong….hmmm,i just dont see it.

    • Tonight is the first night that anybody with half of a clue about rock could even remotely compare Adam and James performances. Prior to tonight they had been diametrically opposed types of rockers. Adam was a glam Rocker and James was more of a classic/mainstream Metal type of rocker. Completely different styles. Comparing the two would be like saying Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash are copies of each other. Thats how silly the comparisons sound.

  51. Nobody has jacob's talent !!! Do not make the same mistake twise ( Pia )

    Jacob is Talent! Talent! Talent!

    • Elman, you best be going by the booze store, 'cause if you're not actually drunk right now, you're gonna wanna be tomorrow night. Sorry dude, but for the first time, the judges didn't give false praise to Jacob. Bo—ring!

  52. AGAIN! HALEY WAS THE BEST! really loved this performance… loved james performance too… my ranking tonight is:








    • Well, at least we all agree that Jacob sucked. But, I can't let this page end with all this nonesense about James and Casey great performances. I have both of them in my bottom 3. I agree that James' 'performances' are great, but after all the theatrical help he gets with drummers, guest artists, email praises, pimping–he just screams too much. Yes, I get it–he is talented and can hit the notes and control his voice–but it's just too much screaming for most of America. But I do agree he is one of the most talented singer/performer on the show. Casey, I'm tired of angry smirks being confused with great Jazz. I enjoyed it, just thought everyone else did better except for Jacob. bye bye jacob–but now I'm dreading his guest return and fear it'll be even worse than Paul messing up the harmonics of the lovely ladies tonight. So sad.

      • Coondoggie, you must be as disappointed as I was about last nights performances. Just too serious for you. Maybe Jacob will go home tonight & it will pick us up. Hey, at least your girl Haley did well.

      • yeah Bunny, you're right. Jacob's deserved downfall should be the life force for all of us! Haley did great, and the red and white polka dot dress will calm down her "Cutesy-Slut" namecallers (though that's kind of hot to me!). Sorry, Bunny if I put down your favs too much (James, Casey, who? I forgot)

      • Coondoggie, My favs are Lauren & Scotty. But I'm really disappointed in their performances last night. I really appreciate the advances that Haley has made. Sometimes it takes hitting the bottom to give us the momentum to advance. Maybe it is time for my favs to experience that. Whatcha think?

  53. Quite honestly I didn't love anyone's performance tonight and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed Stefano's and Jacob's the most. Haley did a pretty decent rendition of Adele's Rolling in the Deep but you seriously cannot touch Adele's studio or live version. She's got some serious pipes. I love Scotty but I don't think he actually sang enough in this song. It almost seemed like he was half talking/half singing for parts of it. In spite of that though, he did put a smile on my face for the first bit. Lauren was kind of meh for me tonight. As always spot on vocally but it just seemed like something was missing. As for James and Casey, being the non-rock fan I am, I can't say that they were bad/good.

    Who do I think should go home tomorrow? I honestly can't say. What do I think will happen though? Either Jacob or Stefano will go I think just because their fan base isn't big enough at this point.

    • Sad but true about Jacob and Stefano. Although, Stefano may have won a few hearts tonight. And I thought he did a pretty good job. I thought overall the group was great. Although the two weakest performances for me tonight were Scotty and Lauren. With Jacob right behind them.

      • Oh yes, Stefano is definitely growing on me. πŸ™‚ Although I think that he has stepped it up the last couple of weeks and I'm not just talking from a girl going crazy over a cutie.

        Btw, I really love Scotty and Lauren (their duets are fantastic) but they're just not getting it done on the nights where it counts the most.


  54. young girls are not just voting for the most good looking guys in the show, they also look for talents. you see if they really only vote based on the look, then why did Paul go home? Why have Stefano been on the bottom 3 for a couple of weeks now? Someone please answer me why???

    My little sister is 16 years old and yet she has been voting for Casey and I know a couple of my younger friends who have been voting for Jacob.

    The votes are not just about young girls picking the cute guys in the show.

    • yeah stefano and paul definitely are cuter than casey and scotty but yet casey and scotty have more votes than both of them. i agree with you it is not about who is cute who is not.

    • Stefano should have never made the top 13 and would not be around if it was not for little girls. He has NO talent and needs to go now!

  55. I loved Scotty and thought that…let us all be real…was not his best performance, but he has been doing amazing in the past weeks…it is hard to beat his past performances…and yes…they were that good. I think Scotty is sexy and a sweetheart and is Josh Turner's unplanned son. Keep your head up Scotty because I thought you rocked it in your countryfied way and you will definitely be safe…DEFINITELY!!! Keep doing your thang Dog and just relax…all of your friends are nervous for you. Loving you Scotty!!!~AnimalLover38

    • yes but scotty deserves to still be in the show. scotty has been doing great performances for the past few weeks, yet stefano did a great job only for this week. Does stefano deserve to be still in the show? Come on America?

      • mm stefano is not my favorite but i think that he is working hard… scotty is not compiting at all… i dont see any effrot from him… so, for me yes! stefano deserve stay these week more than scotty

    • that's because scotty kept on singing safe songs coz he's confident he's got the following regardless of his performance… Good thing the judges saw it and were honest with him tonight… I say as a performer and versatility, stefano is better than scotty!

      • casey has had a couple of bad weeks yet he is still here,,so get off scotty for one maybe bad song choice,,which i think he done well with it!

    • James does not sing, he screams. I like to hear the words to a song.Can you hear what he is singing, NO.

    • I'll agree to all the James/Adam comparisons when James shows up for one performance in a suit & tie & totally dismantles a Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire".

      • James is a great performer and has what it takes to be a winner. He is the best performer on the show and he will win.

      • People say James is imitating Adam, but they don't say he's doing it successfully. For my money, Adam is incomparable.

      • James should win Idol this year. He deserves to win for sure. He is amazing everytime he gets on that stage.

      • Yes. James should win and I hope he does. Scotty needs to go to Nashville not 19E/Interscope. And Scotty isn't ready to start his career, James is.

      • I keep hearing rumors that James can sing anything–including Country. I'd love to hear him do it and would give him proper credit, as Safe Scotty won't even try the cooler, harder country such as "Chattahootchi", my fav. He'd better do Ring of Fire before James beats him to it and steals his votes! P.S.–I actually thought Adam's theatrical performance of it a few years back was one of the great AI moments!

  56. Not Impressed with the Casey crap! Carrying it way to far and further more the judges one minute want them to find there way of singing yet Casey all over the map. He needs to go! Who are they kidding. Take the girlfriend Hailey with him!

    • What the hell are you talking about? It seems you have problems with Casey. He has the best performance of the night! Sorry for you! Get a life! πŸ™‚

    • Totaly agree with Doesitmatter, Casey was voted off once by the people vote. Now the judges praise him soo high because they don't want to look like fools.

    • Casey Crap, it does fit! Also very tired of James screaming being portrayed as "Unbelieveable"! It's not enjoyable, his theatrics are great (thanks producers for the pimping), and I admire his talent and control of the screaming voice, but even though we admire the talent of jugglers–watching them gets tiresome fairly quickly! Same thing.

  57. I still believe Jacob is the most dynamic singer in this competition but sadly his confidence is shattered after the mirror remark and he probably will not survive the cut tomorrow.. This is supposed to be a talent show, but it's the fans of a particular style that win. Scotty could walk out and do farm animal impersonations and win this thing. His fan base is that strong. Nothing against country but talent-wise the other 6 contestants have more skills.

    • Yes I agree. Compared to the other performances on there, Scotty was very safe. He never does any high notes, he plays it very safe. The songs he chooses are never vocally challenging. I wouldn't say it's little girls voting for cute guys that keep him in, but he just may know more people in life who are supporting him. I mean come on if any of you have been to a karaoke bar, all guys that sing country sound like him.

      • Agree .. I am not a country fan, never have been, I appreciate Garth Brooks and a few others for their song writing ability, but the singing style is vanilla pudding to me and monotone..

      • listen if little girls only vote for cute guys then stefano would never have been in bottom 3 for like how long a zillion years now? and as for paul he would have stayed in the show. make any sense?

  58. I wonder what people actually understand by the concept of voting for the best.

    Keeping distances, and only intending this as an analogy, people who believe that James is actually better than second place Adam, are as blind as the people who thought George W. 2.0 was a good idea.

    Showmanship does not equate to talent… Good looks don't make idols. If putting on a show makes an American Idol, Vegas sure is packed with them.

    James… different lights, same screaming and out of tune singing.

    Casey has incredible versatility, Haley has excellent control and impressive power.

      • Don't understand the George W. 2.0. We only had one George W. His father was George H.

        Casey sucks. What he has is chutzpah. He thinks he's Arvil Shaw … he isn't. He thinks he's Scatman Crothers …. again he isn't. He's a spoiled only child of doting senior citizens. His talent is just average and his appeal is minimal. Jacob needs to go this week, but Casey needs to be in the bottom 3.

      • Really???… George W. 2.0…?

        absolutely no recollection of 2000-2008, George W. Bush getting elected, and then re-elected (Hence the 2.0).

        Then again perhaps you were too busy playing bass, upright bass, helping arrange your music, and singing your guitar solo's as you go, for blues, rock, jazz, and ballads better than all "average talented people" out there… or maybe you were building up the nerve to go kiss the person chosen by popular consent as the most beautiful woman in the world, or perhaps just commenting on everyone else's opinion took all of your time.

      • Absolutely right… I had forgotten when a president is in office for two terms, it is actually considered just one. It really makes you wonder why they would waste all that time, effort, and money actually campaigning, and going through primaries, in fact… just wasting tax payer's money setting up an election. It's all just the same thing.

        Funny they didn't change that in the Constitution, and have it just say… well, 4 years… 8 years… no difference really, let's just leave it up to the guy to be there for as long as he wants, and call it just one period.

        In perspective it's kind of like saying well, I'll just vote for the same person on American Idol since I really liked him the first time. Doesn't matter if they really botch it this week, or maybe didn't do it that well the week before, let us all forget other contestant's progress and evolution, and stick to only one until the end. It's basically just the same vote since the shows are sequential.

      • I'm not gonna press Will on the semantics of 2.0. I get his point. However, I'm glad to still be living in a country fairly free of Al Qaida maniacs thanks to getting their A—s kicked for 10 years and running, that we still have American Idol to leisurely entertain us rather than worried about being terroized by a Saddam Hussein sponsored nuclear attack, which also deterred Iran on that for at least 8 years anyway.

        Sorry folks, but just like all these other commments, figured someone's got to stand up for an unprovoked attack on one of my "favs". And regards Constitution and being fairly elected, everything followed the rule of law and Constitution including FL State and US Supreme Court decisions. But yeah, it sucks when your "fav" gets barely beaten, but only poor losers are poor losers. ha,ha.

        Proud to be an American and watching American Idol. So, back to AI, Jacob needs to go bye bye! And I stand ready for my Admin beatdown. (I regret that I have but one Coondog life to give for my Admin)

    • Keeping distances, people that think James is out of tune and only screaming are the same ones that are in desperate need of a visit to the audiologist because when Adam was hitting his falsetto, James is reaching higher and hitting notes.

      • It seems to me that there were a lot of audio problems last night. The mics were off at the start of the group #, Jacob was getting bad feedback etc. You'd think with all the $$ spent on this show all of the equipment and engineering would be 1st class.

  59. Vote for Haley until your fingers fall off! Seriously Haley fans…she deserves to make it to at least the top 3 if not win the whole thing.

    • I voted 50 times caling in …but only twice online at AMERICANIDOL.COM because the system evidently is overloaded… am tying! She's been my pick from audition night and I have voted her since we were allowed to vote!

      She's very underrated and the judges have been extremely harshest to her in comparison to the others! Her CALL ME rendition of BLONDIE was ingenius!!! Tonight, she was just amazing… and BENNY AND THE JETS….

      • i agree, her CALL ME rendition was the best of the night! i dont understand why the judges said that it was that bad… seriously.

        Thanks PJS, you're not alone. Im a dieheart haley fan too! Voting only for her and wanting her to WIN THIS COMPETITION

  60. Is it just me or was the sound on stage pitiful…Everyone's voices sounded so weak today…When paul came singing..i was shocked..he sounded really really bad.. everyone's voices sounded weak today..

      • I suppose as much as I normally am critical of Paul, it's probably not his fault so much as his voice just didn't mesh with the ladies' harmonics. And he looked so out of place in his flower suit amongst them, but they couldn't figure out how to fit him in I guess.

        Lauren's voice seemed a little weak for her, but she looked good and moved well with her little jumps and stamps. She just could've sang a little stronger.

        I think our Truce will hold Gautham, but only because Jacob seems to be most everyone's bottom. I would not be shocked to see Casey (and I'm hoping James for his Screaming) in the bottom 3 though.

        Oh and people, the reason that Haley always seems to hover in votes near Bottom 3 is because her and Lauren and Scotty have to split the "All American Kid" votes, while the hep music types give their votes to James, Casey and 'ladies man' Stefano. But tomorrow, we'll all be happy to send Jacob home to Look in His Own Mirror!

    • Oh Gautham, some Haley/Casey comparisons further below but no feud, just analysis. but wanted to answer to you why I referred to you as the Indian from the Taj Mahal country–the TM is cool, but I get so tired of saying "I mean an Indian from the country of India, not like Tonto" (Kemo Sabe's American Indian sidekick from the Lone Ranger TV show, played by Jay Silverheels–only thing he ever did except token Indian in other 'B' Westerns). Just giving you a few cultural references, lol.

      • I love the lone ranger…I grew up on American pop culture…Batman (the holy gazzokes batman with the shiny red phone), nightrider, baywatch (for obvious reasons), crystal maze, blah blah…

        And yes our truce will hold but there are others who are starting to annoy me… πŸ˜€

      • Cool regards Truce. Thanks for explaining your American cultural knowledge, as I was suspicious of your Indian heritage claims since you seem very aware of "Us" over here. I thought maybe you were truly in India, but that you were a pretty smart American working in the Embassy over there! So, I'm giving you props for your knowledge and good postings here. Good luck to your Casey and my ('Our', since you admire her also) also)Haley! Depart from us Jacob!

        Wait, one last cultural point. Always liked Haji on Johnny Quest adventure cartoon. Seems like he had some ancient Indian powers of thought or levitation or forcefield or something–Very Mysterious. But Bandit was kind of Lame (80's term)! Regards Bandit, I'm speaking as an Old Coondog. Do you follow Gautham, or will you have to Google Johnny Quest?! Nursery rhymes, westerns, and old cartoons is how us Americans use to ferret out Commie spies in Cold War Days!

      • Cooniee

        I replied to your post but it didnt get posted…. What i said was that i dint get your first paragraph.

        "as I was suspicious of your Indian heritage claims since you seem very aware of “Us” over here. I thought maybe you were truly in India, but that you were a pretty smart American working in the Embassy over there!"

        I am an Indian and have lived here for more whole life (all 23 years of my life). I have never been out of the country (sadly).

        I love American pop culture because i grew up with it…Cartoon Network, HBO, Star Movies, TNT etc…I used to be a big fan of classic Hollywood movies like the old planet of the apes, time machine, wizard of oz, my fair lady etc…mostly because at night cartoon network gave way for the tnt Chanel. I grew up with jurassic Park, Godzilla (the awesome Japanese ones), G.I.Joe, He-Man, Power rangers, Teenage Mutant ninja turtles..

        And i do take offense to you questioning whether i have to google Johny Quest or not. Of course i have seen it..Who doesn't watch a show about a virtual alternate reality with people on flying skateboards??? Who doesn't want a cool cyclops visor that can transport you into a game world? Indians do not live under a rock..We have been around for about 8000 years as a civilization…so do give us credit for that..

        I also take offense to you saying that you liked Haji. Haji was modeled after an Indian and so do you think that i will be more happy if you pointed out to the one popular Indian character in pop culture.

        I am just kidding.. πŸ™‚ Why the f$%k should i give a ? heh hee… Also regarding the whole commie reference..remember that while Americans spent millions of dollars to design a pen that would work in outer space, the Russians used a pencil.

  61. Scotty is very boring tonight, James yelled to much

    Scotty, James will be on bottom 3, and Scotty maybe go home

      • I still dont know how Stefano overpowered Paul during the elimination? Paul was a better performer and singer than Mr. Stefano. Stefano has been lucky for the past few weeks now. Have you seen the elimination charts on the previous AI seasons? The winner of the show has never been in the bottom 3. Stefano can't pull it off. The guy is struggling, Jennifer Lopez has been flirting with ever since, even with Marc Anthony presents in the show. Stefano still needs to learn a lot of things, he is young he still has the time. Be mature.

      • Um actually you are wrong their. Ruben and Fantasia both made a couple of apperences in the bottom 3 before winning. Plus Kris Allen and Adam Lambert landed in the bottom 3 in the same week before. So it's not impossible to win after being in the bottom 3. Hoever after how many times Stefano has been in it I dont think he can win.

      • just because you are stefano's fans a good looking guy mr cute! doesnt mean you can influence others, dear

  62. Haley was absolutely star stuff tonite, beautiful and what a songbird she is! Casey was unique, entertaining, and fresh. James was James, he is on his way. Jacob was so-so, Lauren was boring, Stephano stepped it up a bit, Scotty made me mad with his song choice but he did it well. But the judges are hitting the mark when they say it is time to bring the big IT.

    I say Jacob goes home this week. I really like the judge panel, they are big FUN.

  63. Off the topic : Does any one else miss Caleb or that Crazy blonde guy – Carson Higgins …. One of em in the top 13 instead of Stefano would have been much more interesting viewing.

  64. I know Scotty is a country singer and American Idol is not just looking for a Pop Idol like Stefano or Paul. It can be any genre, we have Jacob (gospel), Casey (jazz), Hailey (jazz), Lauren (country pop + rock) and we have James (rock + metal crazy)

    Anyone of these people can win AI 10 but we still have to see which one of this contestants is truly talented in singing.

    To be honest, Stefano's voice is just mediocre. You can find the similar voice of his almost everywhere in America, all those struggling musician. It is just too common.

    Unique voices such as: Casey, Hailey, Scotty, Lauren and Jacob are very rare.

    James's voice hmmm I think he is trying to make it sound just like Adam. Of course, Adam is a better performer and singer. Adam made every song that he sung in the show an unforgettable moment!

      • scotty´s voice is unique only for his age

        Lauren´s voice is beautiful but not unique at all.

        Jacob´s voice is… old church style xD

        agree adam is better than james

        and yes casey and haley are uniques =P

      • im soooo eagerly waiting for Branden comment of Scotty,Casey n Lauren performance… hehehehe hahahaha heuheuheueh LOLOL πŸ™‚

  65. Wow.. Scotty(my early favorite) to me was quite bad, muted him and turned away!

    Awesome hard rock vocals from James.

    Haley always lacks something..never tells a story, just a killer a voice.

    Jacob way too intense.

    Can someone tell Casey(my other fave) to stop with crazy faces?! He is losing votes just by making those.

    Good job Stefano, he is groing as a performer. Lauren -another powerful angel voice-no intellect(as of yet). Great night!!

  66. Everyone seems to forget that Casey was VOTED OFF and is only here due to the save .. Being radical and different does not win it all, talent does, and he is lacking severely in that dept…..

    • I agree with Bill! I just don't like Casey's voice! It's just a difference in opinion… everyone is entitled to it! Either way Jacob needs to go next!

    • Wow! You are crazy wrong with that! Casey has the best talent in the show in 10 years! What the hell are you saying? Casey hater? Duh!

      • Casey is Uber Talented. Everyone else is one-dimensional. They are good, but only at one thing….whatever their 'thing' is. Casey does many, many things and all of them quite well. I would rather watch Casey perform than listen to Pia sing any day of the week! And, I am not even certain Casey is my Fave. I can't decide between him or Hailey.

      • Nikki, I think you should make Haley your Fav for her versatile singing abilities. yes, Casey can play "various" musical instruments in a limited fashion. Newsflash: Harmonica, tonette'/flute thing are simple to learn for 5th thru 8th grade. Guitar is a definite talent, but the Bass thing is fairly simple and is always given to someone they want in the band because he or she is cute/entertaining or they just want a husky dude to help carry band equipment.

        And, there's tens of thousands of high school music teachers that can play all the various instruments and more like Casey does at an amateur level. Judge him for his jazz, good voice (and for Gautham dude that likes his dirty beard), but Haley's singing is harder and more diverse. So Haley should get your votes!

      • Nikki

        You should just support Casey like you're doing now…Cause lets face it..he is so much more talented..ha ha to you Coondog.. People who like Casey will undoubtedly love Haley but sadly the same cannot be said for the other way around… Jazz musicians admire casey more for a reason..they see true talent that goes completely wooshh above some people's head…which is fine..not everyone will get it… Haley is very talented but she hasn't done any wow performances apart from God bless the child and Moanin…Benny and the jets was one of her best but it wasn't anything to go all crazy about… Has she ever changed a song… Casey represents everything that is missing in today's music…authenticity.. he brought jazz into A.I which is not a small feat..Till last year..A.I was a pop competition..yes there were rockers but the competition became really diverse this year when James and Casey came… This year if Scotty, or Lauren win, every good thing that has happened till now will be dissolved… This is the one chance we have where we can honestly put a talented musician into the finals..Once he reaches the can vote for Haley… Because i fear that interscope wont do a good job of making a jazz album…

        And have to be kidding me.. the upright bass is fairly simple to learn… please expand..upright bass players are not important…

      • Okay Gautham, i'm giving you one on the Bass. I admit to "talking out my ass" on that one in our mutual quests to win Nikki's votes for our favs! I have no idea on the complexities of the upright Bass, just thought it was some good fodder!

        I hope Nikki gives us a decision sometime on her fav even if she likes both–Casey or Haley, let us know Nikki, either here or in later posts somewhere (Branden's recaps/previews?)

  67. BEST OF THE NIGHT: Haley Reinhart.

    2nd -> James Durbin

    stefano, casey for the 3th and 4th

    lauren 5th

    jacob and scotty -> WORST OF THE NIGHT

    • agree, haley and james the best! would love to see them in the Finale. My vote is still and only for haley though! πŸ™‚

      • i dont think so, but maybe you´re right… i think jacob will leave (finger crossed). scotty deserve to go too… as simon said to crystal last season "you are judged for your las performance"

      • shut up you!!i think you have a crush on stefano dats why you hate him that much..youre juz jelous..i thought youre a man..fight like a man…huh!!!

      • erseth crush dont be serious I am not gay and cannot stand little gay boys like stefano. He has no range and sings like his nuts are in a vise if he has any at all so eresth I have no idea who or what you are but STFU

  68. Scotty's fan base will keep him safe, it will either be Stefano or Jacob who goes home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Jacob.

  69. I know people vote for who they like, which is great, but come out.. Be open minded!! It is possible for people to change their favorite if someone proves theirselves!! I see a little bit more stefano props but almost every bottom 3 had him in it! You have to be open to change, that's why the judges say you have to bring it every week.. Stefano has for third week in a row performed great, and to be honest Scotty performance may have been worst of the night.. He didn't bring it this week .. If Stefano or Haley did that people would criticize the he** out of them but for scotty it's like the performance doesn't even matter??? He's leading the poll tonight on here for best performance.. Thats outrageous! Even Scotty fans must realize this if they are open minded and have any knowledge of music whatsoever.. Lol.. Kids talented but let's reward some people who brought it in the clutch and not vote on past performances! Also best of the night=Casey .. Thoughts??

  70. Let's vote for Stefano! He has a good vocals, it's the reason why he should stay. Let's vote for him: 1-866-436-5706

    • areeee youu crazzzzyyy….Stefano has horrible vocals, he cant even sing..sorry for the people who like Stefano, but face it you only like him becuase of his looks..You have to look at the singing, not the looks.


      • hater! I think the stefano hater comments here were all posted by you- using different names… lol

      • ya youre sounds like the one named DANQ!!!haha cool man dont fight..esp on ladies much more on man..haha funny you dan..

    • Vote for anyone BUT Stefano the little maggot has no talent and should have never made the top 13

      • Yeah, JLo has bad judging habits. She also never gives Haley FULL credit on great performances because she sees that Haley is beautiful like her , but that Haley is so much more talented as a singer, that JLo wants to keep her beat down a bit. Girls have a name for that kind of woman like JLo is being. Coondog being a southernly type of Gentleman shall not repeat it here, but I'm gonna go get me one of the dog kind to snuggle with!

  71. James Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • Prob depends on who you are voting for! I have only been able to get through once for Scotty! It's busy everytime! But I have been able to get through for Lauren so… Might just be the contestant!

      • You should still be able to text vote from a non-AT&T phone. If you have an AT&T phone then it would be free to do so, but if you are non-AT&T customer it could cost you unless you have an unlimited texting plan, as Ryan always says standard texting fees apply.

  72. Scotty and Lauren have great voices but their age and limited experience shows at times.

    James has a very good voice, tons of charisma and simply fun to watch, I look forward to seeing him live in the future.

    Haley gets better every week and her itunes are even better than live, my second favorite this week behind James and just ahead of Scotty.

    Casey is different and I like that but bottom 3 I think.

    Stefano is improving but his style limits his fan base, so bottom 3 and runner up again.

    Jacob needs charisma and stage presence, his voice is strong but iffy on some notes, bottom 3 and likely going home.

  73. Scotty's song choice was not good ,but as usual he did a good job. I will vote for him because he has the best and most marketable voice for his type. His albums will sell more than anyone of them and he reaches many age groups. I want to see him sing a Lonestar song, or "That Summer" .

  74. Jammmessss Durbiin the BESTTTT….VOTE FOR JAMES DURBIN…

    He has incredable vocals and has an awesome stage perfomance..


  75. Stefano is going home and it is so long overdue. He only made the top 13 for demographics and to entice Latinos to the tour. He has NO talent

  76. Did anyone catch the guy in the blue shirt, dark spikey hair, during Steven Tyler's critique? It was right after Scotty sang. He was totally picking his nose! Gotta love live TV!

  77. James was great and so was Scotty and Lauren. The judges are still putting Casey on top with their comments. They are all great and that's what should be said.

  78. Stefano tries to hard and he is not a natural on the stage. Scottie however is so natural with a great voice & style. Vote for Scottie!

  79. β—¦porn star "Scotty to hotty" says:

    April 20, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    Scotty is a natural tonight he redid an old song, and had alot of fun doing it,still not a big fan but he is tallented.

    James kicked ass he is unreal, the range is incredible, he has a rare and surreal tallent. If America cant see what he is and where he will go, well America you know where you can go!

    Hailey sounded good tonight, she looks good also, she will get offers. But she is not the next American idol.

    So is kleenex giving Jacob kick backs for all of the crying he does, not a strong performance took to long to get going and it was over before he was done.

    Casey did better this week but he is not the tallent that America wants, he is a weird freak.

    Stefano, well his back up singers did great. He will get a lounge job in Las Vegas and will end up on TMZ after a night of crazzzy partying like Charlie Sheen.

    Lauren not her best tonight she is better than Hailey and shouldnt go home.

    My bottom three:




    Send Jacob home cant stand him any more.

    Want to see James and Adam Lambert do something together!

    • "Scotty is a natural tonight he redid an old song"…hmm,do u mean imitate?

      "Lauren not her best tonight she is better than Hailey"…hmm,really?

      "Casey did better this week but he is not the tallent that America wants, he is a weird freak"…hmm……SERIOUSLY??!!

      • damn Dan, you are one cold dude! But Old Coondog–still being a little frisky–ain't quite so sure that there's such a thing as a "pathetic" slut. Where Coondog prowls, we grew up learning, "that the only good slut is–wait for it, waaiit–Any slut". Use of the derogatory 'pathetic' is just rude!

      • Porn Star, in the words of my esteemed posting buddy Coondog… "Don't feed the trolls".

      • agreed, too much screaming etc from james. Even when haley does a rock song (Piece of My heart), she sounds great and controls her growling/screaming. James seems to be very non-versatile, the same old performances every week. He should try harder really, and not get by every week screamin and doin stunts on stage.

      • James has total control in his voice !!!! He is great every time he gets on the stage. A true performer!!!!

  80. April 20, 2011 at 8:00 PM

    Tonight James is going to kick assssss on all of the rest. Look for Jacob to cry as usual and stammer through. Hailey will over do it as usual. Stefano will try to get Jennifer to get goose bumps, she should check it maybe the mumps.Lauren will do well. Scotty will have that old sound :Thank you very much:. Casey go home already what a waste of a save.

    • You waste your face! Casey is the best there is! No one can come closer to his immense talent! James must go home! Im tired of his scream and theatrical acts! It sucks! Scotty and Lauren must go home. They have no talent at all, besides the weird holding of the mic! No range! No versatility! No great voice to show! Poor America if Scotty, Lauren or james wins! Eeeewwwww!!!

      • Casey may have the most musical talent but lacks the voice to fully back it up.

        Casey will make a great musician, producer or arranger but great singer is unlikely.

  81. OK i've had enough of the adam lambert comparisons with james. james has gone WAY beyond the performances that adam did on the show IMO. every week is like a finale for this guy. he brings it EVERY WEEK.

    • I agree with you that James is great (haven't seen tonight's performances though, I live in Sydney and Idol isn't on for another 7 hours). James is effortless, he is a natural in my opinion – and when he sings slower songs his voice is wonderful – he just obviously prefers to do hard rock. Adam Lambert isn't in this year's competition so I agree that no comparison should be made. I'm pretty sure James is doing James when he is on stage and is not trying to do Adam.

      I also do like Casey's talent and think Haley is strong too.

      Thank's for listening.

  82. CASEY ABRAMS has the best performance of the night! America wake up and vote for the most talented, whole package artist and singer! Vote for Casey! 5705! πŸ™‚

    Casey deserves to be the winner! CASEY FTW!!!!

  83. I would say that Casey has the most impact on me. He keeps on surprising me every week with different types of music. He really deserves to be in the finale! Vote for Casey guys! 5705! Casey rocks my world! πŸ™‚

  84. Please vote for HALEY REINHART! πŸ™‚ after listening through all of the studio recordings, I truly enjoy haley's the most. That goes to show how much I will buy her first album. And to say that she is boring is truly bad taste, haley has one of the most personality on stage this season. The way she sings, plays around with the camera, and the prowess of her voice – my god! πŸ™‚ i love her style and hope she wins. She's been the only contestant so far to consistently put on a creative spin onto her performance – being true to herself by mixing some blue-sy, soul and growling into her songs. LOVE HER.

    Please dont be complacent – ALL THE HALEY FANS OUT THERE. please vote! don't let her be in the bottom 3 again!

      • A lot of people do like Haley's voice and style but she did start out slow and judges have been hardest on her.

        She should be in top 4 or 5 but Scotty or James will be hard for anyone to beat out.

    • Well said, Andrew. She's amazing.Vote Vote Haley. Most deserving, class act..

      • thanks, i have been a fan of haley reinhart ever since i heard her sing – God Bless The Child and Fallin'… and somehow I was really disheartened when she was not given credits as much as she deserved at the beginning. Glad that people are now agreeing that she is truly talented and has one of the best voices in the season…

  85. Best three… Casey,James and Haley! You sounded really good tonight! Good Luck to the three of you!

    • Casey is so baddddd. I dont understand why he is still in the competition. He needs to seriously get out of his streetbeggar appearance, shave up, and sing some SONG – not growl and scream like there's a stick up his ass… unlike haley who growls with class and sounds attractive.

      • Open your ears and eyes. This guy Casey has soooo much talent! Love all that JAZZ. And when Haley and Casey sing… they make MUSIC! Not everyone needs to sing Rock,R&B, etc. It is a very nice change to hear JAZZ in the mix these days!

  86. im soooo eagerly waiting for Branden comment of Scotty,Casey n Lauren performance… hehehehe hahahaha heuheuheueh LOLOL.

    Maybe Branden will give Scotty a B+ (??), Lauren a B+ (???) and Casey a C (???!!!) hehehe πŸ™‚

  87. Great Show–Stefano is really trying hard–he gets my vote all the way. He's A+singer.

  88. I really hope that America opens their ears and eyes to the sounds of JAZZ. It is a wonderful type of music that sounds sooooo good! Especially sung by Casey and Haley.

  89. Really tired of COUNTRY MUSIC. Scotty is a one trip pony,… and I give more credit to the pony. Sorry Scotty. We already have contry singers… very few JAZZ singers… It is time to show appreciation for JAZZ!

  90. James: I can love him, he makes some great performances.

    Hayle: I loved her to. She was wonderful tonight and sang very, very well. She reminds me of Betty Boop in that costume.

    Casey. very well,he hed a great performance.

    Stefano: Good

    Lauren: Pretty much, I do not know.

    Scotty: Same as always nothing new.

    Jacob: Ready to go home

    • James is so good it's crazy!!! Again he gets out there and puts on a great show. Gotta love James!!!!

  91. Lauren is now my favorite. She has a killer voice for such a young age. Add Scotty to that too. I'm not much for hard rock but James is really good too (except for when he screams).

      • Agree James knows how to sing and it's not screaming. He can hit high notes and there is a huge difference. He had alot of control in his voice last night. Shows amazing vocals!!!

    • Lauren DOES have a fantastic voice but Jimmy gave her a horrible song tonight and Jimmy made sure the viewers knew she has fears. He has picked on Lauren about Miley 2 weeks in a row. I think he wants her out of there.

      • I do not think He picks the songs, but I do think he does not like Lauren because she is stubborn – as he, himself said once. Oh well, Lauren has just to choose the right song and go for it… that is all…

  92. Stefano, Casey and James.. Who predicted them to have the best performances? Me.

    • Okay, Stefano did better tonight. But I still think Casey did the best and than James and than Haley. Good luck to them all. They have real talent this year.

    • Yay the fake Simon. Stefano was the worst of the night. His vocals were off (when there were any) and his dancing was atrocious. People bagged Naima for bad vocals and dancing in a singing competition but Stefano can do it? Naima at her worst sang better than Stefano did tonight. And what the crap kind of song pick was that? Out of all the great music sung in the last 11 years that's what he chose? Seriously?

      Stefano, Jacob, Haley (even though tonight she was solid) for bottom 3 with Jacob or Stefano going home.

  93. I really don't understand why people are always hating on Stefano.He is the whole package. He is sexy as hell, his vocals are insane and he has good stage presence. He has the whole package.Guys are jus hating cuz they want to be him and girls are hating cuz they want to *tap* that. Dats rite, I said it. All u Stefano haters are just haters and jealous. He is waaayyyy better than Jacob, Casey, Lauren, and scotty all put together. If you don't agree, oh well cuz u a hater!!!!!!!!

    • It all depends on your age! It's not that they we are hating Stefano…it's just that the guy's trying too hard and sister…he does not have the whole package…he's just another Mark Anthony, Enrique…blah blah blah, as he brings nothing new to the stage..he has a nice smile and that's about it! The other performers are unique and that's what we want – a change from the top 40 BS!!!!

      • Stephano has a great stage presence and an amazing voice. what i really like about him is his passion and dedication to continue to improve. jacob is too self absorbed and boring. scotty needs a new genre which i dont think he can pull off. james definitely raised the bar. but i think truly stephano has the most passion out of all

      • You are so right – It depends on your age. I am not a hard rock fan, so I don't care for James. My votes are for Scotty and Lauren.

      • I agree he is NOT THE WHOLE PACKAGE and yes BORING he didn't bring nothing new so bye bye.

      • who cares in hes only 5 least not 4'9" hahaha weird funny..nothing to say at all..theEAR? funny!!

    • Last week Stefano was the only one who did not look down while he was waiting to hear the results. All of the contestans are stars. Keep you heads up and be proud that you are in the finals. I am not a fan of Paul's but I think he was classy when he heard the results.

  94. i think this is rigged. why did scotty go first again. he already went first a few weeks ago. someone who hasn't gone first should have. also when i tried to vote for scotty i got a busy signal. sounds like they are trying to knock out the front runner for ratings.

    • I also thought it was unfair that Scotty had to go first again and I wondered if they were starting to set him up with the criticism. If so, it will not work. I thought he did a wonderful job singing "Swingin."

      • Scotty was BoRiNg!!! today..please change it up & perform…scotty just sings…That's not good enough!! STEp it up or STEp Down!!

      • Scotty blew it. He is so much better than that. He has gotten too comfortable, and can do so much better. I think that is what the judges were telling him. I know him and his family and know for a fact that he can do so much better. Time for him to step up to the plate and take a chance. At this point what does he really have to loose except AI

    • i agree he has had to go first 2 times now and some havent even went first once,and i couldnt get through to vote either,,wtf??

      • The one that goes first has a disadvantage because people remember the ones that sing last. If he has to go first again next week it will be obvious to everyone what is happening.

      • I do not think that the show is rigged. I also tried to vote after his performance. I got a busy signal. When the show ended I was able to vote for Scotty.

  95. Stefano did better tonight with connecting with the audience…eye contact. But as for the best…that is your opinion. May the best win. In my opinion they all are winners. They have made people know their names and have shown they can sing. They will all go far I'm sure.

  96. Jacob Lusk rocks! Stefano Langone sucks! The boy can't sing. He is just good looking thats all. No takent at all!!!

    • Good looking>>>uggg. Stefano's not good looking well.. he's a troll so I guess if you're into trolls…

    • Both have a lot of talent but so does every one on the show now. Charisma, stage presence and singing style are needed to connect them with the fans and all 3 are working against Jacob and Stefano to some degree now.

      Jacob has a strong voice, he does not seem to be improving, while Stefano is trying and has gotten better on stage. Granted Lauren does not seem to have improved much, yet has charisma and only 16 on her side.

    • Casey, you have the power! Just like Casey Abrams, who I LOVE! Stefano is trying to act like Stevie Wonder and Usher, who are STARS, but he knows that he will never be one with his stupid mouth. His car crash thing wasn't even sad when I saw the audition…

    • Agreed! I liked Jacob at first, especially his "God save the child" rendition. But lately he's getting on my nerves.

      • YOUR MOMS ARE GETTING ON MY NERVES! JACOB IS AMAZING! YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS THAT YOUR MOM DIDN"T GIVE BIRTH TO YOU WITH ALL THAT TALENT THAT JACOB HAS! Now, your moms, if they are even women, will die tonight if you say Jacob will go home! Your dads will go to, just like Jacob's

  97. Guys have you ever noticed the judges especially Jennifer Lopez ** never once criticize Stefano Langone even though he was not good enough when he sung a song? Yet, not a lot of people vote for him.

    If it is the young girls are the main voters…then Paul would have stayed in the show…and Stefano Mr. Goodlooking would have been on top of his game every single week, right.

    Really, it is not just about popularity contest, who is spreading this rumor, come on please stop it

    • It is not just Jennifer Lpoez. According to Steven Tyler, every performance of every single singer is AMAZING, A MOVING PERFOMANCE or MUSIC TO HIS EARS. This unprecidented sugar coating is making me want to throw up. Simion, please come back.

  98. I think that James is an incredible talent if you like hard rock/heavy metal, you cannot take that away from him. Casey reminds me of Harry Connick Jr., smooth and easy to listen to. Sotty and Lauren are great country singers but, I agree that Scottie's song choice was bad and he only sang ok tonight. There were way better songs for him. I missed Haley's performance so I don't know. Stefano is just an average singer but, deserves to still be in the running. They got rid of the worst ones first except Pia. She would not have won, but she is better than Jacob. Jacob is not an American Idol he is a Broadway singer and very theatrical. I believe he should be let go this week.

    • Ryan,JLO, & Randy love him too. They gave him best props,costume, and much praise before and after his performance.

    • Yes too much praise. His head is big enough.

      He is all about how good he is with HIS music, HIS arrangement.HIS presention. What would without Adam Lambert HIS wanna-be

  99. Is it just me, or did Scotty seem like an arrogant ass tonight? He's gone from lovably awkward to much overly confident and smug. I saw it in both his expressions on stage, and the way he speaks.

    And I thought his performance tonight was totally corny and boring (this coming from someone who has been expecting him to be in the final 3 all along).

    • Scotty was having fun on stage and that makes the fans relate and connect to him. I think that sets Scotty and James above the rest to a degree, they simply love preforming.

      • well scotty may be a very good sinder i think he's getting to comfortable. come on this is the top7 not the top 40 he needs to step up or step down

    • When has Scotty not been arrogent?? Remember Hollywood week when he was acting like no one was good enough to be in his group and kicked the jc kid out last minute? I thought he shoulda been gone then, but he apologized then everyone seemed to love him from there.. He's a fad right now, hopefully it will end soon because there's so much more talented people there.

      • I don't think Scotty had anything to do with Jacee leaving, tbh. If anything Jordan Dorsey is most likely kicking himself for how he treated Scotty. That being said Scotty needs to really step it up. Ok ok sure, he'll win. But does that mean he should be complacent and give BS performances like tonight? Greater singers and performers are going home and he gives us that kind of crap? I don't care that he is cray popular even if he doesn't need anymore votes, it's disrespectful to the people that have gone home already to go up there and give such a halfassed performance.

      • Scotty had nothing to do about JC being kicked out of group. Abour ststement Its based on ignorance

    • He are right Chris. I thought he showed a little immaturity Hollywood week by he way he acted. Then after Hollyweek he showed a little humbleness, but now, he is at the over-confident and cocky stage of his growth.

  100. vote for scotty scotty is a good singer but he didnt choose a good song also vote for the best James

    • I have been trying to vote for scotty and keep getting a busy signal do you know what is going on. Or is he getting so many votes I can't get through.

  101. Vote for Stefano so he doesn’t get voted off this week. He deserves to be there over Jacob

  102. wtf,why couldnt i get through to vote for scotty last nite,tried several times no luck,busy,busy busy,

    So i go to dialidol to check busy signal numbers and his is through the roof at almost 40.00, is only 19.00,,what the fk does that mean,,is that the reason i couldnt get through?????

    • and now im seeing several peeps saying they couldnt get through either..i smell setup!!

  103. James' performance was fantastic but he was given best props,costume,& support from Ryan,JLO,& Randy.I felt like Ryan was "hard selling" James to the viewers. I felt Jimmy picked on Lauren for the 2nd wk in a row.

    • i don't mind james cause the boy is very talented by what is up with the screaming! my opinion is that it's getting very played out.

      • TMC, your MOMMA gets annoying with her big butt blocking your fuzzy little nut of a TV! James is better, you are obviously just JEALOUS!

  104. Haley once again sang magic with that Adele song and wow is her voice amazing!!

    The girl shone in her dress it was beautiful, it showed off all her wonderful curves.

    She has all the moves, the makeup and hair if perfect.

    Haley has to win this competition, she represents and is the best!!

  105. I thought last night went pretty well , but it seemed like a lazy night The only only one who really showed total entertainment was James. He always knows how to please a crowd. Scotty didn't seem to care to much last night at all. Casey i thought did ok but nothing to write home about. The girls i thought were just ok .

  106. My Vote 1 being best 10 being worst.

    1. Stefano







    so needless 2 say casey has to go!!!!!

    • Listen, psycho! Casey is better than you! Listen, your MOMMA can’t sing! Casey is better than you and all your poor little family times 14,000,000,000! Just because your clown brain doesn’t have talent doesn’t have talent mean he doesn’t too! STUPID FART HEAD! OH YEA! I’m a 12-year-old, so I smoked you!!!!!! OOOHHHH!!!! If Casey goes, so does your face!

    • I have been saying the same thing! James is kind of a what you would call a poor mans' Adam Lambert. In fairness though, I would say James is a little better than ok.

      • Adam Lambert is AMAZING! When Kris Allen won I was about to call my uncle who is in the army to get a tank to run over his house. But James is SOO GOOD! My dad is like JAMES CRAZY! It's kinda weird because he's 41, but still…

  107. I don't understand something. This is a very talented bunch and we all been moved by at least one of there performances. So y is it that when they should be trying to stand out they back down and pick they safer choices? Honestly it seems like a sad attempt on their part to just stay in the contest come on lets step it up!!

  108. I thought the best performance was from haley.. though i think she had sharps with the falseto on the first chorus.. the rest were just wonderful.. she surely played a risk for the song was difficult to be sang but she sang it great… next is james and casey… they were both great for they elevated their own style with great songs… then lauren is probably fourth for she had a great tone for the song but she should have not played safe… then scotty was a little off for he chose a song that was boring for he only sings country.. with his elvis.. the country falvor was still there.. jacob had some technical problems that is why he is a little bit pitchy and off tune but he always sings this kind of stuff everytime.. a little bit boring.. my last would be stefano.. his end of the road was phenomenal.. truly touched my heart.. but his performance with closer was for me terrible to hear.. except for the high notes.. he really nailed it.. stefano will be eliminated for his inconcistency in his performances and for his voice is the least versatile…

    • FINALLY! Someone who agrees with a 12-year-old like me! I agree on everything except with the whole Lauren thing. She was probably between Jacob and Stefano. I love Jacob, but I didn't think it was boring, considering it was dedicated to his father that is deceased, so yea…..

      • i don't mean that this performance was boring but his whole journey in american idol has become boring… he never sang something which brought him outside his comfort zone..

  109. Why did Ryan Seacrest walk down the stairs? If his job is to be the host then he should be on stage and introduce the panel of judges. They are the ones who should be walking down the stairs.

    • That is the stupid! Why do you post something so stupid on a website viewed by TONS OF PEOPLE!

  110. Vast majority of people voting for Casey are sheep…proof that it's all in the marketing…this clown has no talent

    • Listen, your MOMMA can't sing! Casey is better than you and all your poor little family times 14,000,000,000! Just because your clown brain doesn't have talent doesn't have talent mean he doesn't too! STUPID FART HEAD! OH YEA! I'm a 12-year-old, so I smoked you!!!!!! OOOHHHH!!!!

  111. Sad to say I am getting bored of Scotty,same old same weekly with nothing new at all.Enjoyed watching Casey and Hailey,hopefully both of them will make it to the finals.Best wishes to both Hailey and Casey.

  112. I have loved every minute of this season.. the singers have all been absolutely wonderful. Thank you USA for producing the other world with so much good entertainment! All of these singers could be winners.

    My opinions of the constants are:

    I think James is going to win. And for good reason, he is a good singer and knows how to entertain! He will have a good career!

    I love Scotty, he will have an amazing career amongst the country-lovers!

    Jacob.. he will have his audience

    Haley will be so much loved amongst people who love jazz-kind of music. Her career will be followed also internationally.

    Lauren will make a good career amongst the country-lovers also

    but CASEY .. Casey will be a long lasting international star..he is only 19 yrs old but already making history with his interpretations.. when Casey gets a little bit of maturity he will blow one day the whole world away. I would eyes and ears shut buy his CD already now without any questions, no doubt about that, and know that I would enjoy every minute of it!!

  113. I was surprised! Jacob has the lowest vote and he stays but Stefano let go?

    WOW……. Is this inside job? to keep Jacob on?

    Haley did awesome . And James just a GEM… He should win the Idol.

  114. Who thinks James should be the 2011 Idol?

    49+ yrs

    mother of 4 (2 college grads /2 still in)

    cat owner

    Fan of Stephen Tyler, Gene Simmons, Ozzie, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Dolly Pardon, Shania Twain, and Kid Rock.

    Remember where you came from James, and always give thanks to the two people sacrificing so you can live your dream. Go for it James! We can see how much you love performing, and that is part of why you are so fun to watch! The vocals aren't forced and you're not trying to figure out what to do with yourself while you're singing–you're a natural. Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so!

  115. You know, I don't know how americans decide on who to vote for, but it is definitely not by the best to worst of the performers. Alot of people were eliminated that should have really been up there…and it stands out so STRONG how the bottom three always seem to be african americans or latinos….Jacob is the last left of the non white competitors…AND other than just James and Casey…the others should not even be there…the girls can't even be sing and are definitely not IDOL material….come on get real america and be FAIR in your voting…because right now it sucks….sheesh

  116. I think Scotty has a voice that country fans love. However, he has begun to act like he doesn't need to compete anymore; that he has the win in his pocket. Surprise winners have happened before. Look at Chris knocking off the forerunner Adam Lambert!

  117. Nea2myheart: I can't believe you are throwing the race card in there. People vote for who appeals to them,and it often isn't the best singer. Sometimes there is merely because someone is a better performer. Sometimes it is a single performance. Fantasia won after she nailed "Old man river", for example. This season has so many good singers, everyone of them will have a career, whether they win or lose.

  118. Love James! He is awesome!

    Scotty seems to have gotten a little cocky! Needs to pull it back a bit and sing.

    Lauren is great.

    Like Hailey and Jacob.

    Ready for Casey to go! Don't know why they saved him to start off with. Yes, he is a talented musician, but can't stand to hear or watch him sing. Plus he is arrogant and a spoiled brat!

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