American Idol Producers May Allow Early Album From Pia Toscano Afterall

A few weeks ago word broke that Jimmy Iovine was pushing to get an album made with Pia Toscano before the American Idol 2011 season was over. While it makes sense to strike while the iron is hot, the American Idol producers said at the time that they weren’t going to allow an eliminated Idol Hopeful to steal the eventual winner’s thunder. Someone is singing a different tune today.

American Idol Executive Producer Ken Warwick told reporters today, “If we’ve got a rising star that the record companies and [‘Idol’ parent company] CKX think are marketable now, they will try to get records out.

As time’s gone on, we realized what we’re seeing so often is that the big star is not the winner, but from the top five or top 10, so it’s unfair to hold someone back so we can promote someone else.”

I’m not sure I’d agree that it’s unfair that the season winner gets the first album. He or she (probably “he” this season) made it to the end and won the game. That seems like a very fair prize. But when it comes to Hollywood, green calls the shots.

So does this mean we’ll definitely see a Pia Toscano album or at least a single before late May? That’s not much time, but I think it’s entirely possible.

Source: MTV News




  1. It sure will not be on my list to buy!

    I saw her on Leno – same stuff different audience. Standing still, pagent arm, and just boring!

    • SO, there really isn't any such thing as an American Idol. America's wishes don't mean one thing. They knew who they wanted and the producers will do whatever it takes to get Pia. Even if I loved her, and I didn't, I would not accept her album if they gave it away. She was in on this and is a scam artist, too. Isn't that dancer under contract with Nigel? They are uncutting whomever the ultimate winner will be. Piss poor way of doing business, and thanks for scamming America, you British fools. Kiss our American arses good bye, and Nigel kiss your dancing show goodbye, too. Pia you are being pimped big time and that is just another form of prostitution.

      • why so rude on PIA? It seems you hate her that much? Why not give Pia a break! Maybe you are an opportunist!You have no right to turn down Pia! She has an amazing voice! For sure you don't have!!

  2. I'm glad they give her the opportunity to make her album, she's a good singer.

    I like her

    • No, it doesn't matter if you like her or not, they should not have her put out an album before the winner does. It is as if she won and she didn't. If she was any kind of person she wouldn't under cut the winner. I figure it was all planned before she even appeared. They will promote her album and forget the winner of AI. It is clear they don't care what the voters think because this has to be their last season after this stunt.

  3. she reminds me to Jennifer Hudson was nominated along with Fantasia in the season 3 top 7 Jannifer was eliminated. Look where is Jennifer and Fantasia the winer. To me Both are great singers.

    • Jennifer did on her own and not on the backs of the other contestants. AI was of no help to Jennifer.

  4. Wow still people keep coming back to criticise Pia's performance, that will only get better in time but can anyone tell me an artist thats made it who hasn't improved their performance level throughout their career!

    The important thing for now is even the Pia knockers never fault her amazing voice!

    What's important for now is the fact that she has the right amount of exposure to get her started, I think the idea of her putting out a record now would be unfair to the remaining AI performers is a ridiculous notion, why? this would only help promote the show and if a top 9 performer can put out a record/album now shows AI is getting it right as far as talent goes.

    Finally the diversity on AI this season is amazing and hopefully more success stories will follow!

  5. This is not fair to the other contestants that are still out there working their tails off. Granted she was good but she was voted off!!!

  6. As they say…it's all economics. Pia can bring big bucks. Stage presence is a learned talent…whereas her voice is a God-given blessing. Face it… the woman can sing, very, very easy on the eye and obviously believes in working out. No need for some entertainers to jump around the stage. Ever seen Sade in concert? You go Pia. You ARE a STAR. Kudos and Applause for AI for taking the risk on birthing a STAR.

    • AI's obligation is to the contestants that didn't get voted off. After a winner is chosen and they put out their album and first single, then the producers can start working with Pia and anyone else they want to produce.

    • I don't see her selling that many albums. She cannot touch or even come close to the artist that sing the same genre.

  7. It should not matter if a contestant that does not go on but has the potential to make it while they are hot look at past history of the top winner and runner up in past. Nowhere to be seen or heard,and if they did most have fizzled.There have only been a small amount that really produced (Kelly,Carrie,Daughtry,Cook,Maybe Adam,)They should never hold someone back for there own greed or for the New winner this season.It will be up to them to prove they are worthy of the crown.

  8. This so wrong if it is true. Pia, herself, should refuse because she would be basically doing in the other contestants whom she professed to care about. Scotty, Lauren, and Haley should just leave the show and go to Nashville, where they would get a record deal quickly. Toby Keith has a recording studio, and so does several other stars. I cannot say if any of the other would be picked up but maybe out of California. This is wrong regardless of how good Pia was/is she and the producers both had an ethical obligation not to do this to those who are left in the competition.

  9. I couldn't believe Pia got voted off. She has a beautiful voice and can go along way with it. If she gets a record deal I think that is great. But I do think it should come after American Idol is over.

  10. Yes, this is a good thing, future contestants will not be put-off by what the may perceive as a popularity contest and not worth the effort and cost-and may therefore not enter the contest, who knows what future star may arise. They would also see that they could possibly win without winning the actual contest if they are right in their belief about their particular God given talent.

  11. This is so awesome. I loved Pia on American Idol. I dont think she should have gotten voted off in the first place but with the unfair voting going on with all the teenagers voting for boys only. A boy will win once again on American Idol. So all this crying of unfairness that Pia is going to release an Album before the AI is crowned thing about all the unfairness of the voting on AI in the first place that got her voted off AI in the first place. She should still be on AI right now if the voting would be fair but its not so here we are with this amazing talent with a record contract let her fly. And she will sell lots of records believe me she has alot of fans out their. So all you Pia haters watch Pia Mania happen and weep. Pia release your record and wow us with your beautiful awesome voice. PIA!! PIA!! PIA!!! PIA!!!

    • wow should have proof read my comment LOL i meant "think about all the unfairness of the voting on AI that got her voted off in the first place."

      • Q – very well said. Also – think about it – if she releases an album shortly AFTER the show ends, it will be in direct competition with the winner's album. Bottom line – whenever she releases it, it will either sell well or it won't. And that will depend not just on how many fans she has out there, but how good the album actually is – which to me is all about song choices. She has the vocal talent; few people dispute that. But she can kill her career with bad song choices. Think about the two Kris Allen AI performances that were over the top and basically won him the show (Ain't No Sunshine and Heartless – both were amazing KA interpretations). But his album was mostly up-tempo, with too much background stuff that didn't showcase his voice. Compare that to Carrie's first album – GREAT song choices that showed even better than Idol what she was really capable of. Hopefully Pia will take enough time with her first album to do the same.

  12. Lee Dewyse, David Cook, Taylor Hicks release album before everybody else and did not make a difference. At the end if you have the talent you will make it. It is like sports,the best player out of college is not always the Heisman trophy winner, or from the championship team. So, she got the pipe and in an album this is what matter. Go Pia, can't wait for your album.

  13. i couldnt care less when her album drops…but the fact that only about 20 or so people commented on this articles shows that her popularity is weaning…

      • hahahahahaaaaaa…..i am sorry…hahahahaa…i really cant stop laughing… i guess it was a freudian slip because i honestly dont know why i wrote it…Damn biology!!!! What have you done to me?

    • u took the words right out of my mouth… i was just about to comment that… Our comments would make the # more btw… lol!

  14. Sick of hearing about Pia,sorry she is not that great

    boring,boring. Wouldn't walk across the street to see

    her in concert,of course she will never do a concert

    except idol.

  15. que papel juega la opinion del jurado? parece preparado para la eliminacion de pia, soy venezolana me gusta la musica, venia siquiendo el concurso y me senti que todo esta arreglado, el jurado parecia sin voluntad y firmeza eso que han tenido que pasar por eliminatorias y situaciones dificiles…hay que asumir liderazgo en lo que hacemos, porque quedo visto que el poder monetario es mas importante que el moral( para ustedes )no puede EEUU saber de eliminatoria mas que un jurado que viene del medio y que se le paga para realizar un trabajo…disfrutaba viendo el concurso, ahora se espera cualquier cosa…utilicen el porcentaje…

    Translation via Google:

    the role played by the opinion of the jury? seems prepared for the removal of pia, I'm Venezuelan music I like, leave even the competition and I felt that everything is settled, the jury seemed no will and determination that have been through qualifying and difficult situations … you have to assume leadership what we do, because it is seen that the monetary power is more important than moral (for you) can not tie the U.S. to know more than a jury coming from the middle and you get paid to do a job … enjoyed watching the competition Now expected anything … use the percentage …

  16. I agree with the majority. Not a fan of Pia. Very boring performer even if her voice is good. There are many good singers out there in the world that will never make too cause they don't have the personna. But who should deny anyone to have a chance at their dream. Good luck Pia.

  17. Enough about Pia!!!!!!!!!! If the voters had liked her, she would still be in the competition. She is a beautiful lady but not impressed with her talent. I agree she is boring and has no stage appeal. I would never buy one of her albums and frm other comments, not too many people would. Don't take the glory away from the others but making them feel they are not as worthy of winning as Pia was. From what I have read, she would never have won and didn't have the votes going her way.

  18. For those here that believe Pia is not as good as the remaining amateurs, I have a question. What do you deem is talent? Susan Boyle vocally slaughters anyone current who runs around on the stage screaming lyrics. Talent sells boys and jealous girls. The remaining 7 on Idol will be as successful as last year's Lee Dewyze, who sold a whopping 39,000 cds the first week his cd dropped. Pia is a rare talent. Josh Groban and Charise do not run around on stage either. Boring? Talent is not boring unless you deem rap is talent and you find that entertaining.

    • you are one person out of 100 pia fans that dont find shes boring everyone else hated her even VFTW was considering voting for her she was next on deck to Paul for Vote For The Worst LOL

    • It was her stage presence she does sing well at the same time she comes across as being older. More mature in her dress etc, which I think is a good thing, she would be a good role model for younger girls. pre- and even older teens. Pia has class, beauty and a big future. She doesn't need to run around on a stage and she's proven it by getting a contract.

  19. Pia is Washed up now who cares about her anymore she is gone! and i will never bye one of her albums! and i lost respect for her because she wants to take all the fame away from the actual winner and runner ups she just needs to kill herself

  20. Wow!  You all don’t get it.  Pia was, and still is, the best performer in that group.  Unfortunately, when America votes, they sometimes get it wrong.  Finally, it is important to understand that American Idol, the show, is only interested in making sure that everyone tunes into the show.  They could care less who wins.  That’s part of the show.  There goal is to get the largest number of viewers so that the advertisers get the best bang for their buck.  As for the performers selling albums, singles, etc., there’s no time frame for that.  Unfortunately, it’s all business without regard for honor.

  21. Ohh james is gone..He is a great heavy metal singer, of course Pia was one of the best voices of this season and who care what the peoples says about her, ihave to say that she is a nice singer is the truth…But the next American Idol maybe can be Lauren that she sing really, really good or Sccoty that sing really good too..!

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