American Idol 2011 Top 7 Weekend Update

Oh Paul, what are American Idol audiences going to do without your happy feet, stage dancing? And no, Jacob, that’s not an invitation for you to start your emphatic hopping again. American Idol 2011 will press on next week without Paul McDonald after his elimination on Thursday night which may have disappointed some viewers, like me, but probably didn’t surprise many.

Thankfully we’ll get a breath of fresh air during the Top 7 performances when the remaining singers must choose songs from the 21st century, otherwise known as “songs from since Scotty and Lauren learned to read” (young whipper-snappers making me feel old!). I can’t wait to see what Branden puts together for his list of song recommendations for this round. Any suggestions to get the ball rolling?

Then on Thursday we’ll get the return of American Idol winner David Cook to perform his new single, “The Last Goodbye.” Katy Perry will also stop by for a rendition of her song “E.T.” Any bets on her hair color for the night?

Get ready for another round of American Idol fun this week!




  1. There is so much hating of Jacob on this site. It makes me suspicious. There is a lack of respect for diversity on all levels.

    • It has nothing to do with race with Jacob. He is so full of himself, who could like him? Someone should have taught him respect, because without that he will go nowhere. And I'm looking in the mirror!!!!!

      • Homophobia, also. calling a f** as well as negative guesses about his sexual orientation are unnecessary. Its okay for you to be angry about his comment or not like him, but leave it at that.

      • I totally agree someones sexual preference or race is not the issue, Jacob insulted all of America with his comment(s) and yes, I was offended.

    • Holy Crap, the man just can't sing and is horrible to watch. Bottom line, this race crap on here is stupid, we will vote for a BLACK President, but not an American Idol singer??? Really!! Well then I guess that is why Paul is gone now, his Teeth were too White..

    • Ah yes, what very intelligent points you make, Sam. If I don't like Jacob's style then I must be a racist homophobe. Is that it?

      Orrr, maybe I just don't like Jacob's singing. Sometimes it's just that simple.

      Stop playing the race card at the drop of a hat. You're diluting the real occurrences that too many people face in this world.

      • @ Matt…Definitelyagree…Now…enough about Jacob.

        I would love to hear JAMES sing something from Muse.."Feeling Good" or Coldplay – Don't Panic" or "God Put a Smile On My Face" – these would definitely showcase his vocals for all those naysayers out there…as if this was not already done when he sang Maybe I'm Amazed or While My Guitar Gently Weeps. James Durbin Rocks…enough said.. πŸ™‚

      • Matt, my comment was directed at Branden slurring Jacob's supposed feminine behavior. as well as comments from bloggers on this site calling him a F**, and referring to African Americans as turds.

        It is okay to not like Jacob.

        I am white. Whenever someone brings up racism or homophobia others take their comments too personally and do not look outside their own realm of thinking.

        Now that's the problem!

    • Sam, I have Jacob listed on my Facebook page as my early vote favorite. But it's been downhill ever since for me. I do not care for his vibrato style at all—to me, it seems really corny. So, despite his obvious talent, it's his chosen style that is off-putting to me.

      About his "mirror" statement: Unless someone had pointed out (in one of the posts on these blogs) that stupid remark he said, I would have missed that. (Guess I had walked away from the set at that point.) At first I thought, well, he is reacting to the coercion he felt from Lovine. But his words were passive aggressive (probably from years of being attacked for who he is). Despite that, they were not pretty and did not serve him well at all.

      I think there is definitely a niche for him, but I don't think it is as the American Idol.

      • Last week Jimmy Levine addressed in inappropriateness of the man in the mirror comment directly to Jacob during rehearsal. Jacob would have served himself well if he would have appolgized to the fans or at the very least expressed the intent of the comment.

      • That said, Sam, I do agree with you that this site attracts all kinds, including bigots with respect to race and sexual orientation. You can acknowledge that inappropriate remarks have been said, but shouldn't paint everyone here with that same brush. Makes you guilty of the same stereotyping, you know?

      • To take a quote from a Sheryl Crow song…Jacob is like "someone standing in the desert waiting for their ship to come in"…being the next AI…never gonna happen. It will be between James and Scotty with James 4 the win. πŸ™‚

      • Good to know. Thanks. Comment still seems accurate with the exception of Jimmy Iovine.

      • Just think if you talk about someone, getting their name right is the respectful thing to do.

      • From the Philippines. Just a prediction of Top 5 in any order. SCOTTY, JAMES, LAUREN, CASEY & JACOB ( who will get more votes from black Americans, senior citizens & his church followers.)

    • Sam, I would like to give the negative commentors the benefit of the doubt. Many see Jacob as having the best voice and the one who should win; however, they prefer another person and, therefore, look for the negative about Jacob to bolster their own favorite and their own decision-making abilities. Jacob does seem to have a holier than thou attitude, but what diva does not have something akin to that?

      • Jacob is a very good singer but not great due to problem with hitting lower tones.

        I believe this goes back to his Gospel training in learning to use his falsetto voice with a lot of power but his natural voice for lower tones is not well trained so he avoids them.

        The bigger problem is that many great young male black singers are doing Hip Hop and Rap now days or go into music training or sports rather than training to sing.

    • Like a schoolyard bully. I hope they do not delete our comments. I have seen so many racist, homophobic, and sexist comments here from both the writers and those who comment. America this is the 21st century. Let's move on from all this unproductivity and be more civil!

      • Branden is only saying what most of us feel….I walk away from the television when Jacob is performing because it hurts my eyes and ears to watch him. It has nothing to do with race either…plus he is no angel like everyone makes him out to be. He had to literally beg a judge to let him off probation so he can be on Idol. So leave Branden alone…everyone has a right to speak their own mind!

      • @Sam: Says the man who claims racist, homophobic attacks against me out of thin air. Those are pretty serious claims. You should back them up or stop.

        @Gautham: Well thank ya much!

      • Any time dude… You're the only writer here i kinda agree with…plus you're just hilarious..We both have a dream of taking Seacrest's job away from him…Grin grin, wink wink, grin….

    • My name is Matt, not Branden. Anyway, opinions are biased by nature. They're influenced by a preference. That's what makes them opinions.

      • Exactly right! Opinions are preferences. (Doesn't mean we need to insult the other person below the belt when we dislike something.) But "viva la difference" certainly applies to our voiced perceptions of the world.

      • Sam, a little over the top, don't you think? I mean, there are some jerks who post here. The writers seem to be on their own; they are not affiliated with AI. So they reveal things about themselves (foibles, biases and all) when they write. I don't think they saddled with having to be objective.

      • Hitler now…wow….ahahahahahahhahahaaa….that is so funny…How come everybody goes to hitler…And oh by the way, Hitler hated the Jewish people but all the atrocities he committed were mostly due to a man called Himmler… He was the one who put all those crazy ideas in the mind of a man who was clearly unbalanced…so go for the Himmler reference from here on in…

      • Sam, do you not see the irony in your comparing someone whose opinion you called biased to Hitler. Such a comparison seems to paint you with the same brush you attempted to use. Ease up, and lead by example.

      • Hi Matt — where were all the Admins last week when heaps of obscene sexist trash was being posted about Haley? How is that kind of talk OK? Did you consider it "civil and on topic"??

    • Gautham, I am glad you mentiond Ryan Seacrest. I posted several comments about him. When I look back on the blog it appears that my comments we deleted. He did behave this week but I still cannot understand how he is in the show.

      • The contestants provide the entertainment. the judges show way too much love and Ryan provides the comic relief although his sense of humor is fairly non existent. jmo

  2. Although Jacob has a beautiful voice I feel he shot himself in the foot when he acted so flaming gay in the beginning of the show and now that he has calmed down some and only preached to everyone about looking in the mirror, he shot himself in the other foot. He is a very good singer but I feel he has alienated a great deal of the audience. He dosen't have a chance in hell to win this show.

      • Well he was literally in everyone's faces and by that i mean that he was actually on another guy's face..hahahahaha

      • He came in second overall, so how many people did he beat out? So what you are saying is if the gay guy doesn't win then we are homophobic? Even if he ended up beating out every other contestant but 1? Seriously?

      • I don't care if someone is black or gay, some of the great entertainers have been and I loved watching and hearing them.

        I just don't connect with Jacob's style of singing and parts of his voice that well, he needs to get a few notes lower at times to make it work for me.

      • Adam Lambert did not bring up his sexuality nor was he exceptionally flamboyant during the competition. He didn't want it to affect how people heard his music. To him his music was more important than his image. He lost because I don't think he quite connected with the majority of the AI viewers and Kris did a pretty amazing job the night before eliminations.

    • I really haven't seen or heard that Jacob has come out about anything but not wanting to sing about "doing the nasty". I am most certainly not a Jacob fan but in the beginning I found him very comical to watch. I must say that his rendition of God Bless the Child, blew me away. I do not vote for Jacob quite simply because I have other favorites. It has nothing to do with anything but personal preference. That having been said, lets move on & get away from the gay bashing thing before we excite all the gay rights activist in the world.

      • Why does the sexual preference of anyone with whom we are never likely to be involved with on a personal level mater to any of us? Unless I am personally involved with someone, I cannot figure how it is any of my business what he or she does in the privacy of their own home. As long as a gay person does not try to proseltyze me, I am okay with them doing their thing with consenting adults.

  3. Wat the hell is going on in the mind of ppl in America voting out paul! vote out lust or Stefano ho dont deserve to even be ther

    • I would never vote against lust, or Lusk for that matter. I would, however, have voted against Rod Stewart on helium any time, any place, for any talent contest.

      • Good thing "Rod Stewart on helium" isn't a contestant (and never has been) is this contest, now isn't it?

      • Evidently, Bunny, your ears are only for show, not for listening or you would have realized that that is exactly what Paul MacDonald sounded like. His voice is high, squeaky and scratchy. Stewart's is just scratchy sounding.

      • Oldster,There’s a time, a season for all things,There’s a season to be glad,

        There’s a time for birth and a time for death,A reason to be sad.

        There’s a time to sow and a time to reap,A season to be free. There’s a time to build for the future.There’s a time to watch and wait.There’s a time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to contemplate. There’s a time to mourn and a time to dance. There’s a time to hold on topleasures,There’s a time to let them go. There’s a time to tear and a time to mend.There’s a time to speak and a time for quiet.As the waters cover the sea. There’s a time to search for an answer,To accept defeat with grace. There’s a time to love and a time to hate. Forgive with an embrace.

        There’s a time for war and a time for peace,A time when all’s revealed:

  4. Jacob needs to go because he's arrogant and oversings everything. I'm sorry the judges have completely lost their objectivity where he is concerned. His performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was horrid. His voice was all over the place (throaty, then chesty, then nasal) and the delivery was overembellished. The song got completely lost with all of his nonsense. The beauty of that song is its simplicity and he ruined it. I wish he had done one of his cheesy first choices and then maybe he'd be gone.

    • I compared it to the Elvis Presley rendition and it came up seriously short. Elvis gives you a beautiful feeling in your soul but I could haldly wait for Jacob to finish. I know that is an unfair comparison but I'm just sayin'.

      • Elvis was a King, Michael was a king, Jacob is not a king. He is good & I'm sure he will be very respected in his arena. Enough said.

      • Bunny, I do not disagree with your assessments of Elvis and Jackson. However, I think it may be well to point out that both of them had feet of clay as people are suggesting Jacob has. If icons can have issues, why cannot those who desire to become one not also?

      • Oldster, Please explain "feet of clay". As I recall (given that I was a very young child) Elvis was never televised from the waist down do to his suggestive hip & feet movements. And we can all recognize that Michael Jackson re-created dance for his generation. So again, please explain feet of clay?

      • Thank you, Translation. Bunny, to be more specific, each of the icons mentioned had some character flaws. Michael Jackson's was more, shall we say, extreme and publicized. Elvis was just not "sophisticated" and, of course, had all those food and drug issues.

      • Bunny, for one thing, Elvis (at least in his later years) abused drugs and alcohol (how he died). Not sure about anything else going on, though.

      • I appreciate you're response Oldster & Pup. I'm sure that no one in the world is totally uninformed regarding Elvis & MJ when it comes to their "clay feet" issues. Like I said before, I am not a Jacob fan but whatever his clay feet issues, I'm sure he will prosper in his arena.

    • Not too bad he is still there. Maybe you should try to be more objective. Maybe some of you do not like gospel music. That's okay. I do not like country. As soon as Jacob is gone I will be casting my votes for Scotty and Lauren. I do not like their style of music, but they sing it well. I'm being objective.

      • But wait, Sam. If you don't like country music then you must be very, very racist, right? If I'm racist for not enjoying Jacob's gospel performances then based on those same evaluations, you are racist for not enjoying country.

        Hmm… See how stupid that sounds?

      • Looking at the previous comments I can see people giving very specific reasons why they don't care for Jacob. The large majority of comments are objective and do not mention sexual preference, race or dislike of gospel music. It sounds to me that they simply do not like over the top singers with arragant attitudes. Turning fans comments into a form of bigotry won't help his appeal to people and may even cost him more votes.

        Now here's here's an objective comment concerning Jacob. He has a good voice, but he sings well out of the range of every song he sings. I think he's most likely a better person than is protrayed in the AI takes, but he did make the man in the mirror comment and has earned that fall out.

      • Matt, What does race have to do with this comment. You are taking my comments out of context here.

      • Better be careful with the gospel references Matt. The next thing you know little sam will be calling you an athiest, lol-lol.

      • Gospel and country have similar roots. Further, they both were bases for rock and roll.

      • Maybe he got his gospel from when he was in jail. They said he sang to all the inmates for practice. Black or white he still is not good and doesn't hold up to what I think and American Idol should be. All the rest are so good it will be so sad to see them go. I personally can't wait to see Jacob off the show!!!

  5. I haven't been a fan of Paul for the most part and don't have any negative comments about last weeks voting. But I recalled someone mentioning his songs on You Tube, so I pulled a couple of them up. He is part of a band called "The Grand Magnolias". I'm not sure if it was Paul's voice, or just the sound of their music, but I really liked their original songs. AI will likely give the band a boost.

      • Paul's band is pretty kick ass…American idol producers try their best to mold you into this stupid pop singer for all the pop lovers who watch the show..Why do you think James performed a bon jovi song? Come one..Bon Jovi..No self respecting metal fan will ever sing a Bon Jovi song… People think that the contestants are just as they seem when they watch these music reality shows…but the honest truth is that they are so much more talented…

      • @Gautham, I am a James fan too. But yes anyone trying to win this Competition would sing that, He made it into the top 24 singing A Change is Gonna Come. That is so far from Metal that I dont think you can go much further. But he did it and did it well. That is what makes him so talented and why he is such a fore runner in this.

      • @ Wellen

        I agree but there's no point in showing that kind of talent because he isn't gonna make a blues, soul or pop rock album…He's gonna drop a metal one..The whole purpose of doing these songs is to appeal to the mass pop loving people who watch the show..Check out the Dio song he sang in a karaoke bar…Its on youtube..he kicked ass in that song..

      • I wish that each contestant could just choose their own song each week–they know what style they sing and what they will sing eventually during their career. It would showcase what they can do and make a much more enjoyable show.

    • I go to YouTube to listen to that snippet of the "Blackbird" duet Paul sang with ousted Kendra Chantelle. It was perfect for both of them!

      • Thank you Pup. I went to YouTube & you are correct it was great. I remember watching them during the audition phase & I enjoyed their duet just as much then.

  6. who will go home next?

    1. Jacob

    2. Casey

    3. Haley or Stefano

    4. Stefano or Haley

    5. Scotty

    6. James

    7. Lauren

    As much as I love Stefano, I think he's not gonna go as far as Top 5, but still Im gonna pray hard since I cannot vote from where I am. Without Stefano, Im gonna be rooting for James and Lauren for the Finale with Lauren winning the title.

    • Definitely need to do something about the order of contestants…no way is Jacob going to be # 1….and James is certainly NOT going to be #6…way off. jmo

      • @ Pup…thanks…@ byebye…sorry, my mistake…not sure about Lauren, however. That would not be my pick for the next AI…It would definitely be James. πŸ™‚

      • Lauren has picked some bad songs and didn't do so well on Wed. But she has shone in some performances, for sure. Can't you admit she did really, really well in that duet with Scotty? My goodness, she was tremendous!

    • PLEASE, I dont want to ever see Stefano has to go. He lights up the Idol stage. I am praying really hard for Stefano to make it through the Top 3. Love Stefano so much.

      Lauren, Jacon and Hayley have to GO next!!!! And why are the kids loving this Scotty? He's so monotonous.

      • Could not agree more! Stefano is amazing!

        And yes, what do people see in Scotty so much?! I know he's a great singer, but seriously, he doesn't appeal to me at all. Unfortunately, most of American disagrees and believes he is "amazing".

  7. I am hoping for some great performances now, very talented people have been voted off and very talented people are still on. Do I like Jacob as a person dont know him, now do I like his voice NO. For all of those who will post and say that he is talented I will agree, he pulls off over singing and arrogance with the best of them. Almost as dramatic as Casey when the Judges saved him on every performance. But Casey has the drama award this year. I am truely happy to say that at this point we still have the chance for anyone to go home. I only ask that Parents be more responsible and take your daughters phones away after the first 100 calls for Scotty. Can he win it sure he can and he will be lost in the crowd with the others who have gone before him to make it and flop a record on America like a soggy pancake. I really enjoy Country music but I would not listen to him on the radio. James I think will be the one to produce something from this year, he has the potential to go out there and stun America on the stage or on the radio. I will agree he does some moves that make me laugh but I cant help but Enjoy everything he sings. I enjoy all of the others also but I am sure it will come down to James and Scotty in the final 2. Either way it will be great to finish watching the season.

    • Scotty (1) Lauren (2) James (3)

      James also makes me laugh but Idont believe it is for the same reasons

      • Scotty and James are the favorites but after listening to Haley on itunes(very good) I think she maybe holding back some on stage or just to focused on her stage presence.

        Lauren has got to pick better songs soon or she will be in the bottom 3.

        Bottom 3 next week Casey, Stefano and Jacob but a good song selection could change that.

      • Wallen Itotally agree with you and James is going to have a great carrer he is a nice guy and has charisma

    • Wellen, while I would never go so far as to say that I am an expert in country music or, even, a particularly great fan of the genre, I have listened to it for 63 years. I was sort of forced to listen to it when I was young because my Dad was a country musician who performed a few times on the Grand Ole Opry. I even met, though I was too young to be impressed, with some big names in old, classic country. With that said, I will say that Scotty should become a big time country music seller unless he gets bad advice and direction.

    • Now here comes another opinion, I am not a young girl, I would vote for Scotty and purchase his CD or go to his concerts. Never would I purchase James' album. They are both very talented and Scotty will do very well in life.

    • And this 75 yr old teeny bopper(who had her very own cell phone) disagrees with you. Scotty is very talented and I think the Idol winner should be either Scotty or Haley. I will be delighted if it is either of these but they they will certainly be the last two standing in my opinion.

    • @ Wellen…I agree.The top two will most likely be Scotty and James. I can see James out there really making a name for himself. The country field is so competitive…so many country singers out there trying to make a name for themnselves The CMT now has a show for the next country singer. I believe that James will be a lot more marketable and make some truly good albums…James Rocks. πŸ™‚

      • Rose, all genres of music are extremely competitive. There are few endeavors that are more cutthroat. If the fan base is smaller, there is simply less room for one more star. In other words, there are a lot of country fans, and, therefore, a room for a lot of stars. There are less heavy metal fans, and, therefore, less room for another star. Both Scotty and James have the talent to do well in their respective genres. However, it takes more than talent to become a star. Sometimes, it does not take talent (e.g. Johnny Cash).

      • While I agree that James is talanted and may even when the show this season. There is no way I would call him marketable. He brings little in the way of a unique sound to the stage. So he would be like all those other American Idol winners in the pat, who sell a few thousand CD's that end up colleceting dust after one or two listens. And with the exception of country music, few performers are selling many records these days.

      • Steve not many people purchase Heavy Metal records as the majority of parents wont allow it. Most Rockers have a bad history, and not good role models

    • In regards to my Cell Phone comment, please understand that I know that people will vote for him. I made that comment after reading many posts (not today) on how people vote so many ways and so many times. I meant no disrespect to anyone, kind of a joke honestly. And that is because of comments that I read left by others like " WOO HOO SCOTTY best singer EVER!!". I know people have their opinions but those are the teen comments I was poking at. I think it will be Scotty who wins it, is that who I am wanting to win it no, but hey I didnt vote for Bush either.

      • @ Wellen…agreed. The voting system is outrageous. DWTS has a time limit on voting…a half hour. I know a lot of votes can come in within a half hour

        but it may cut down on the amount…but there is At&T…the corporate giant who so desperately needs the money…lol Go James. πŸ™‚

      • @Wellen Great blog Scotty will win and Bush ( if he watchs AL ) would vote for Scotty, but not for Obama LOL

  8. If being repulsed by grotesque over-singing makes me racist and homophobic, so be it. I must be damn near KKK level, since I'm sick to death of listening to that mindless turd with a BS name "Will I Am", can't stand Usher, and never cared much for ball-grabbing, squeaky-boy, Micheal Jackson. Oh wait…Michael liked little boys, so I guess that makes me anti-pedophile. I can live with that.

    What a schmuck; trying to make it out to be race or orientation that people don't like about Jacob. He's a pompous, disingenious, absurdly flamboyant buffoon with a wildly out-of-control vibrato. He shouldn't have even made it into the top 12. Hell, that Clint Jun Gumboa, who went home back in February sounded much better than Lusk.

    • WOW, dude you need to call your Doctor before you blow an artery your blood pressure is so high righ now that when i scroll past your post my screen pulses.

      • Actually, I thought he stated his point very well. And I agree with his assesment of Michael Jackson, and the lack of talent from Will.I Am or whatever he calls himself in real life, or even Rap music in general. I would hope that does not make me racist, just because I do not care for that style of music. If it does, than we truly have deluded the meaning of the word in this country.

      • Well said Wellen, you made me laugh! I am not going to even address or make reference to the comments about MJ. It is a sad person who discraces the dead. MJ is the King of Pop, enough said. As for the reference to Clint Jun Gumboa, he was just an arrogant AH early enough that America didn't have to endure him on a weekly basis for a week or two.

      • I agree with you Wellen. I would point out about the topic in general that when I mentioned something about not liking some of the rap music my son was listening to, he said that I was racist. I pointed out to him that this did not seem likely as his mother, the woman to whom I have been married for over 35 years, is not the same race as I am and that over 65% of the music on my Ipod was written and/or sung by black people. The difference was/is that almost all of that music was from the 50's, 60's and 70's, when I was young. I said I am not racist, just a generalationalist, I guess.

      • Clint Jun Gumboa put himself out of contention by ousting JC from his group,because he didnt think the 15 yr old was good enough. He would have never got past the 3rd week He almost fainted when he didnt make the cut

      • Whatever. Cool as a cucumber. Just don't like listening to crap. As for someone's silly comment about "discracing" the dead, I don't have to. He disgraced himself plenty during his mercifully short lifetime. Who knows how many more boys he would have molested, had he lived to old age.

      • As for Jun Bug, I was only commenting on his voice and that he outsang Lusk anyday. I agree that he was a jerk and deserved to pay for it.

    • I agree except Will.I.Am (while lately the Black Eyed Peas have been somewhat disappointing) I think he's a funny guy and he does give decent advice to the contestants unlike Jimmy and the judges. Clint never had a chance when he booted Jasey from his group. I'm glad they didn't put Jasey through either, can you imagine a Jasey/Jacob finale? LOL might as well just go to bed.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion on music – it is art so that is what it is for. If you don't like the genre or style fair enough. Lets leave it at that. Comments about the artists are meant to insight argument. That's a whole other ball game which will bring your credibility into question…

  9. Haley needs to sing "Like A Star" by Corrine Bailey Rae. She will WIN this thing in everyone's heart forever if she sings this!!

    • That would be good, but I'd rather she'd sing "Girl, Put Your Records On' by CBR. And would like Scotty to sing Bucky Covington's "Different World" or Bon Jovi's "Superman Tonight.

      • I think the judges would consider that song "lightweight" as I think they did with "Call Me." She has to be very, very careful.

      • I really like these suggestions. I like “Girl Put Your Records On” for either Haley or Lauren.

    • Naima sang "Girl Put Your Records On." (I just watched on YouTube to hear her; she wasn't great that night.) I wonder if it would be a mistake for any contestant to sing a song already performed during the season?

      • You may be right Pup. I didn't realize that Naima had already performed that song. But I have to say that I'm not fond of all the repeats from seasons past either. Maybe Idol needs some new material for the contestants to choose from.

  10. Lauren: "Rolling in the Dark" Adele. This could really move her forward among the non-country set.

      • OOOOHHH, Bunny ! You must be the song title monitor like I'm the name monitor. This site is getting some structure!

      • Templar,I"m guessing that you were in some way offended by my spell check comment? I certainly meant no offence. Spelling has never been a strong point for me & yes I believe that spelling one's name correctly is a sign of respect. And I do like the song Pup suggested for Lauren.

      • Bunny: Not offended at all. Just having fun and picturing you and I trying to make order out of something that can get pretty disorganized. My OCD kicks into overdrive at times.

  11. Stefano: "Hot" by Avril Lavigne. This would be eye and ear popping for all fans! No, he'll never do that. But he should.

  12. Stefano: Okay, a closer pick for him: "Cry Me A River" Justin Timberlake. That would still be a departure, but closer to his comfort level.

  13. Scotty: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day. Wow, if he could pull this off, it would be amazing!

    • @ Pup…I just listened to a lot of Green Day…if Scotty sang would indeed be different for him…might work…I can hear James doing Holiday by Green Day…awesome. Lauren would do well with Taylor Swift…Teardrops On My Guitar…very age appropriate for her.I still hear Haley singing songs by Christina Aguilera…anything from the Back to Basics album or even Beautiful or Fighter from her album Stripped. She has the voice to pull those off. Still…James 4 the win. πŸ™‚

  14. Song choices


    Muse – "Feeling Good"

    Coldplay – God Put a Smile On My Face"

    Maroon 5 – "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"

    the White Stripes – "Fell In Love With A Girl"

    Linkon Park – "One Step Closer"

    Nickleback – "Saving Me"

    SCOTTY : needs to step outside the box~!!

    Toby Keith – Bullets In The Gun, Trailorhood or if he wants to do the same old same old – American Soilder

    Luke Bryan – if Scotty really wants to make a change – "Take My Drunk Ass Home" lol…

    LAUREN :Step it up a little

    Carrie Underwood – "Casanova Cowboy", "Before He Cheats", "Don't Even Know His Last Name"

    Miranda Lambert – "All My Friends Are Getting Married"


    Christine Aguilera – "Fighter", "What A Girl Wants"

    Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It"


    Taio Cruz – "What You Need", "Run to You"

    Michael Buble – "Everything"


    James Blunt – "Wisemen"

    Creed – "One Last Breath", With Arms Wide Open"

    Hinder – "Lips Of An Angel"

    JACOB :

    2Pac – "Ghetto Gospel"


    Michael Jackson – "One More Chance"

    Just want to hear some versatility with all the contestants. πŸ™‚

    • Hmm..Idk if all of those count. What A Girl Wants was released in 1999 and Hallelujah is not 21st century at all. Are they including songs that have been redone since the turn of the century?

      If Haley chooses Christina Aguilera I think she needs to go with a slower song (Fighter would be cool too though) maybe Beautiful or a lot of the songs from the album Back to Basics would be great.

      An awesome song for Scotty would be Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue. If he sang that song I would vote for him just for showin he's got a pair.

      I don't think Creed anything is in Casey's range it would sound funny. If 21st century includes covers done in the 21st century Michale Buble did an awesome rendition of Mack the Knife Casey would do great with.

      • @ David P. That would be good as well…Mack the Knife remake by Michael Buble…I listened to some of Creed's songs and I feel they would fit Casey…just to show something more versatile…I can see Scotty singing Courtesy of the Red White and Blue as well. want to see these contestants really show what they have and start to step out a bit. jmo

      • Rose I totally agree, this week they really gotta bring it and show us what they really have. The same ol' same ol' isn't going to work anymore. Great people have gone home and they need to show they deserve to still be there and earn all of the votes they are getting.

      • DavidP: If they're allowing old songs that were newly recorded since 2001 Hallelujah would qualify because Jon Bon Jovi recorded it for Shrek.

      • If they allow remakes of old songs there is no reason to say 21st century — the remake doesn't make the song new.

      • Halleluhah was also recorded in 2008 by Alexandra Burke as a single and one the the best selling singles that year. Do not know if remakes are allowed or not. ???

      • Right, I was saying I don't think they are doing covers of songs done in the 21st century and those ones stuck out to me, but IF they did etc etc. The biggest problem with Hallelujah even without the ambiguous theme is it's been done the last 3 years (Jason Castro, Lee DeWyze, Tim Urban) and is possibly one of the most overdone songs on AI. Not hating on the song, because it's great, just sayin.

    • I am impressed with you're choices for Haley, Lauren & Scotty. Really you have made good choices all the way around.

      • OK yes he has sang rock songs, Heavy Metal rock, Pop, Classic Rock and the Blues. So I guess you have a point. Scotty has sang Country, Country and Country. He hasnt even tried to sing some of the Rock songs that country artists have covered. Kris Allen sang with Keith Urban live on Girls of Summer by Don Henley. That is what we want from these guys in diversity. Wait until the end when they have no choice in what they sing and the lack of diversity will come out.

      • Yeah, and when they have a country week, he will sing country. Rock is an amazingly huge genre with a ludicrous number of subgenres. Trust me, once we get "country week" James is gonna make people stand up and take notice. James CAN sing country. And when he does, he will make people wonder why he was able to go country for country week, but Scotty stayed country during the Rock and Roll Hall of fame week. (And I'm still waiting on Scotty to even sing a real uptempto Country song… closest one was his elvis performance, and that was generally considered to be his weakest performance by most folks I know that are fans of his.

  15. Songs from the 21st Century?? Give me a break. I can't think of many 'good' recent songs that will be worth any of them doing. Can't the producers use a little more imagination with the 'themes'? How about a Country Week – oh, that might favour Scotty though, wouldn't it? We wouldn't want that. I mean, look at the themes that we've had so far. And who has excelled each time?? Scotty has – hmm, do I see Am. Idol in his future? I think Jacob and Haley need to go next. Final three? Scotty, James and Casey. What a final that would be!!

    • I'm sick and tired of Scotty. The is a country music idol type competition . . . that's where he belongs. He's a one trick pony. If he wins, which is possible, it will set idol back quite a bit. It's now so much that I don't appreciate country, I just think this competition is not meant of a singer in such a tight pigeon hole.

      I would feel the same about a rapper or an opera singer . . . the original appeal of the program, to me, was forcing the singers into various styles. After the show they can settle into their milieu (ala Carrie Underwood, for example).

      • And what exactly was so versatile about Lee DeWyze. A petrified, blank faced mook with nothing to offer. And he WON! I'll take Scotty as an Idol over Lee, Taylor, or Fantasia.

      • Once again Templar you are right on! And just so you know Melloblue, the "one trick pony" will be riding his pony all the way to the bank!

      • The comment by Melloblue didn't mention Lee DeWyze. What happened with that season anyway? Were the judges on crack when they chose the top 24? And why Lee? If it was really the teenbopper votes Tim would have made it past the top 7 with how much he was improving. (Not saying he was good, but he left a much better singer/performer than when he got there). Anyway, I see where Mello is coming from. Scotty I don't think is really taking things seriously, he's not quite stepping up to the challenge. And his performing is uber creepy, he really needs to get that under control.

      • that's such a stupid thing to say "country music idol"? really? well then james should go audition for something along the lines of "rock n roll idol" or how about Jacob or Casey? maybe they should go audition for something like Jazz idol or gospel idol – c'mon people. stop being biased towards scotty because you don't like country. every one of these idols has a specific genre they sing every week – regardless of the song choice, it's how they sing it. and from the previous weeks i cannot recall any of these people not singing any differently than the type of genre they are golden in.

      • I actually love the diversity this year. Something for almost everyone. Although you'd think they could have picked someone to do polka or Gregorian chants. Bummer.

      • Bunny you are so right about Scotty..Randy coined a phrase one trick pony for those non thinking creative quote copiers

      • @ Templar

        Like the might knights who came before you, you are indeed very humorous…Your humor will not be lost on me. I applaud and laugh with you

        ahahaahahahaaa. THIS IS Gregorian chant idol..

    • Agree. Have a feeling the Top 3 will be James, Scotty, Lauren/Casey with Country vs Rocker as the final 2. James for the win. πŸ™‚

      • I'm so hoping for a James/Haley finale. Long shot, fat chance even. But that would be one heck of a show.

    • Take Casey out of that lineup (why is he still here at this point) and replace him

      with Haley’s gravely edged, bluesy tinged voice and I would say you nailed your top 3 prediction, spot on Buddy. It does not take a genius to see it will be Scotty and James in the final two. Predicting the top three is a bit more difficult. But I think I am seeing Hailey’s popularity growing a bit more each and every week.

      • Casey is still here because he's talented…and he will be here for quite some time hopefully…Lauren should go..with stephano and lusk…

      • tenisaddict

        first a question…Are you addicted to tennis..If you are, why? Whats the point of hitting the ball here and there, back and forth…Why don't they just hit the ball as hard as they can like in golf??? Also how come your name has only one n in the tennis part.

        Second- You be crazy…talking about not being able to sing…hahahhaaa…I just love reading what you write man/ woman? (sorry i don't know if you're a man or a woman. All your crazy posts are just entertaining to read…

        P.S- In fact would you please answer as to whether you are a man or a woman?

    • well put KScratch,the others singers should have to sing country once,but they wont do that….

      • if and when luarin gos,then scotty will pick up the votes he and her split ,then james will be in trouble to try to take #1 in finale

        scotty for the win!!

      • I hope they do have a country week, because James actually sings country as well and that would be a great chance for him to seriously wow people that underestimate him.

    • I agree music produced since the turn of the century has a very small list of good songs to choose from. One reason the recording industry is on the verge of extinction, if you ask me. But, we can not expect young viewers to want to hear ONLY songs their Mom and Grandma listen to.

      • ITA. We used to enjoy an abundance of singer/songwriters. Now most songwriters are barely qualified to write advertising jingles as evidenced by the plethora of golden oldies being used in commercials. And as music programs in schools diminish, it's only going to get worse.

  16. I think Paul`s elimination was ok. Seems to me the fight in the highest top is between Scotty and James in first place and then are coming Haley and Jacob.
    In this finnaly race they must choice the ok song and music for each other. That people of US could identificate to the singer with the things he says,do and express with the songs and music they do….I imagine Scotty singing something about wild west… (even still think that Stranger in my house of Ronnie Milsap is the song to win becaus it has a mix of country,pop and the necesary strengh to reach to the number one…. more I think that song been N 1 in its moment)
    And James could make it with a big and tremendous hit of rock and roll: Long cool woman in a black dress, Traveling band, You shock me all night long, The only thing I need(B.Adams)…or hits where he could show all his power ….
    Jacob could do songs of Philip Bailey for example or there`s one of Jon Secada called Just another day that could be ok….
    And Haley I think is my favourite of the Ladies and is great but still I don`t see what she could sing better… More ahead if she continues I`ll see….


    • Scotty and Lauren are so becoming Boring lately. I dont think Scotty fits to be in the Top 2 Finale….Scotty voice is just one dimension and he has no X=Factor appeal to sell records across the world. This is the fact.

      Only James, Hayley and Stefano have the best package to shift million of records across the sky. Just face it.

      • Well I am from the UK, and I love Scotty's voice and no I am not a teen,I am in my twenties. I think he does have the X Factor,and when his Album comes out, I will be buying it. Scotty is still young and he is learning all the time,I think he has a great career ahead of him.

      • Claudia UK knows good music and talant

        Sorry you cant vote Am really glad you can at least listen

  17. This is going to be hard to guess because it's such a huge theme. However a pitfall the contestants can fall into is picking songs that are only cool because of the person that recorded it (like the suggestion above: Cry Me A River was only popular because Justin Timberlake did it, it's a terrible song). Most songs nowadays are only 'good' because of the big name behind them. They are going to have to really sift through to find things that will translate to a good performance on the idol stage.

    Jar of Hearts by Christine Perri for Haley, that would be crazzzyyy. Especially if she put as much emotion into it as we saw for her God Bless the Child.

    • Love the lyrics, but "Jar of Hearts" is too down, don't you think? And, as arranged, don't think it would let Haley soar.

      • @ Pup…If Haley continues to improve like she has then she could very well climb up to # 3 instead of Casey and Lauren…that is why I chose these songs for her…I think it would showcase her vocals very well, especially Fighter…there is a lot of growl in there. I listened to it and like it for Haley. jmo

      • Maybe you are right Pup. She really needs to show off her real voice. Rose is looking in the right direction I think with doing a Christina Aguilera song. There's lots of things Haley can play with and the growl will definitely not be out of place.

      • Speaking of Christina, I happened on an old YouTube of her singing on some talent show. I think she was either 7 or 9. Man, oh, man, the youngster had very mature singing skills even back then. The range she has is incredible. Even if you're not an Aguilera fan, it's really interesting to see.

    • Surely if Haley overgrowls the song as she did in God Bless the Child, she finally goes home next week.

      • Her God Bless the Child was one of the best performances of the entire season. She's not going anywhere anytime soon, πŸ˜€

      • @ David P. I agree…I think Haley is stepping up the the plate hoping for a homerun. I did like the duewt she did with Casey…that skat was good~!!! and thought her performance last weel showed some spunk and sass. She is coming right along. It is still James for the win…:-)

      • Listen to Haley on itunes, far better, I think she is focused to much on her stage presence to give singing 100% but while Pia has a stronger voice she did little on stage and gone now.

    • That song Cry Me A River was recorded a long time ago by Johnny Ray and was #1 for many weeks

      • I believe you are confusing the song "Cry" by Johnny Ray with "Cry Me A River" which was originally sung by Julie London.

  18. hey Matt is right… canT believe the show without Paul… His Performance and his moves and his voice is Great and cute and funny and awesome &…

    then from now on When should we have cute and enjoyable smiles on our face when someone perform ha???!!!!!!!!!!

    thats Not FAIR AT ALL…

    Stefano in Bottom 3 =NOT FAIR AT ALL

    Paul's elimination=NOT FAIR AT ALL

  19. I can't figure out why anyone has to write about Jacob's sexual orientation or race. Bottom line is who is the best singer, both visual and voice. Jacob assaults both those senses in my opinion, so why assault the man personally? People of color have taken the AI title twice now, I really don't think race has anything to do with it. A gay man almost won, and should have…come on people, stick to the subject.

      • And yet somehow, some folks cry racism ever time a most every time a Black performer is elimenated. I never understood this.

      • I really need to proof read before I push the send botton. I can barely understand what I wrote. But, I hope someone understands my point.

    • Its about connecting with the public and entertaining them, a good voice, stage presence, song selection, singing style and attitude are all part of that.

      Jacob has a very good voice but having only 1 or 2 out of the 5 will not cut it for long and the mirror comment didn't help.

  20. One more : Thinking about James he could make a great performance if he could do zztop songs like the two big hits: SHARP DRESS MAN AND SHE GOT ME UNDERPRESURE.

  21. I believe the concensus on why Pia was voted off was because her endless barage of ballads made her boring, forgetable, maybe to some even annoying. So, how in the heck is Scotty let off the hook so easily? "I'm going to stay true to myself (country)" translation is that he's going to stay country because he is LIMITED to it. Ok so YOU'RE country we got it by now I guess. But can we atleast see something a little more upbeat with a better performance. It's been an endless stream of one country BALLAD after another. Enough already!!!

    • "Ain't going down 'till the sun comes up" or whatever the song title is or something similar with an actual performance. Give all of us non-15 yr old girls something to believe that you're an actual legit artist. Because we aren't buying so far!

    • Okay, what do you call what he did last week?!? He did Elvis & he danced & it was NOT country?!? The week Pia went she did an upbeat song but she still stood there like she was singing a ballad. That's why she was voted off! Scotty is very much better than her & will win. This is his year πŸ™‚

      just sayin' πŸ™‚

      • The version of the Elvis song he did was most certainly country. As far as his performance goes, I though he did better this week than the week he tried to do Elvis, but then again it was another country ballad that didn't even live up to the original.

      • …and the week Pia got voted off she actually left top stage, circled the judges and returned front center. I think part of why she got her voted off AI was because she tried to take advice and make changes to what was already working for her. She dressed like Gwenn Steffani and tried to present more of a stage show. Neither of these changes worked.

      • We are forgetting that Pia sang specifically to the judges for half of her song that week. I personally saw Tina Turner perform that song in concert as a young child & she tore up the stage. I also saw Celine perform that song & she as well stompped the stage. Pia did not do that song justice & she obviously didn't research the song. If she had researched it she may have been able to relate to the song & the American people. Pia is gone, lets move on.

      • Scotty will smoke them. He sings great, is very hot, and is the only reason i listen to country now.


      • TheFarSide has it. Expand on what you do, do not change it. Scotty doing Elvis was not a change, it was an expansion. You see, Elvis started out as a country singer. He was born in Mississippi after all. He tried to get on the Grand Ole Opry, but failed. They did not like his wiggling, evidently. I believe that he was on the Louisiana Hayride (sort of a feeder for the Opry). Also, his manager, Colonel Parker, was the manager for the big country star of the middle 50's, Hank Snow, and actually toured with Hank in 1954 or 1955.

    • Tim I tend to agree with you. I've never been much of a country song type person. One here or there maybe. At first, I said Scotty made me want to listen to his country songs and that's a compliment for any performer BUT, as you said, something a little more upbeat would be so nice. Ballad after ballad yikes!! Not just him either. Scotty tilts his head to the side when doing these ballads and when watching him I start tilting my head following him and nearly fall asleep. Beautiful deep sound but wish he'd break out of the box even a little bit.

      • well no, and scotty is a county singer and james rock so they both are not good at each others singing group. and F.Y.I SCOTTY WILL WIN TIM SO EAT THAT!

      • I guess it depends on what you mean by rock and country. For example: Scotty could do and has done good Elvis songs. He was the King of Rock, you know. I would love to hear Scotty sing Jailhouse Rock. I do not think, however, that James would do as well on such classic country hits as Hank Williams, Sr's "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." So….

      • Wow, Oldster. I hadn't thought of that song ("I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" b Hank Williams, Sr.) in a LONG time. Wonderful, mournful song, and I'd love to hear James, Scotty, Lauren or even Haley sing it.

      • But I'd be willing to bet that Scotty would sound great doing a Gospel song. Maybe better than Jacob because he wouldn't church it up as much.

      • My Dad used to sing what was then called a "spiritual," but is now referred to as "gospel," I guess. He was about as country as one can get. I think Scotty would do well singing this song if there is a Gospel week. It is called, "Steal Away." Look it up. It is a very good song with an uplifting message considering the subject matter – the death of a young child.

      • Thing is, James HAS done country, it is very much a genre of music he is more than capable of singing and singing very well. I hope for a country week because James will shock some people that week. πŸ™‚

    • Don't know if you're aware of this but …. James won a country music contest a radio station sponsored … he then was introduced at a ball game as "the country idol" and sang star spangled banner … it's on utube


      Did I detect a bit of a twang? why yes ma'am I did lol.

      • @ Kar. I heard that clip on youtube. James did an awesome job on the Star Spangles Banner…and that was about 2 or 3 years ago. He is still doing an awesome job on AI. He is the man to win. πŸ™‚

    • I would LOVE to hear James comes out and Slay TROUBLE by Travis Tritt, Rock My World by Brooks and Dunn or Love Me Right by The Casey Donahew Band.

    • I think James could do some country… something by Keith Urban…"Put you in a song"…I can see him playing his guitar with that one…he has the talent to pull it off. JMHO πŸ™‚

      • Just thought of another one…he could pull off some Toby Keith…"Bullets in the Gun"…even "Trailorhood"..let's face it…James can sing anything and it would rock. πŸ™‚

  22. Stefano: when he did "I need you now" during the wildcard round, he proved to the AIs audience/judges he is legit. Now, he is on the process of improving week by week. It is the essence of the competition. He comes off too proud at times, but hey, that is sometimes needed for someone who wants to succeed. Prediction: he is a dark horse, and once he gets on his feet, he may land in the finale with Haley.

    Haley: awesome talent, natural, young and fresh. a finalist for me. πŸ˜‰

    James: we already had seen Adam Lambert, I think no one can top that. But he tries to bring to bring something different on the table. Kudos to him for that. If Stefano fails to cope up with the improvement needed for the finals, James is the next guy for that.

    Jacob: good singer. but too over the top. he is generally not pleasing visually and musically.

    Casey: in a world of his own. I believe in his endeavor of educating the audience about a type of music which is not so popular. He is an artist, but I am not sure if he is a great singer.

    Lauren: I feel she lacks excitement. too boring. too cutesy and trying to please everyone. she has a great voice though, but not enough to overpower Haley/Stefano/James.

    Scotty: unusually very low tone for a voice. that's it.

    Pia and Paul: they don't need AI. it is their destiny to leave early so they can take off on the music industry earlier than the others. They are ready to record. πŸ˜€

    • Ahh dirktrude or whatever . for Scotty i think you are forgetting; AWESOME,HOT,BEST SINGER EVER, AMAZING,TALENTED,CUTE,THE BEST,SMART,COOL,AND SEXY!

      (sorry casey but he is sexier than you) πŸ˜€ WINNER!

      I agree with you though that PAUL should get a recording contract even though he got voted off.

      Haley is ok but will not be a finalist. top 3,4,or 5

      Casey is pretty good but i think he will be in the top 4 or 3.

      Jacob, ahh, Jacob, He is more of a old people/religious people/church people, guy so will not make it to finals.

      Lauren, … go home, she dosent have excitement in her or any spunk. top 4 or 5.

      Stefano is pretty good most likely will make it to top 3 or 2.

      Pia is gone but she needs to move more

      James is ok, tries to be to rock in roll/Adam Lambert. most likely top 4 or 3.

      • May I recommend a good optometrist, Scotty is a great singer on idol and will have a successful career after idol.

        But the dude does look like that dude on the cover of Mad magazine, for me that rules out sexy or hot!

      • Basta! Enough! Scotty does not look like any of the people, cartoons or marionettes he's being compared to. He looks like himself and maybe a bit like Clay Aiken after his makeover. He's 17, is still maturing and will continue to do so for another 5 years or so. This is also true of Lauren, Casey and Jacob.

      • Scotty is one of my favorites & I have said from the beginning that a cowboy hat would do wonders for his image. Coondog where have you been? I hope you didn't bring sexihotmmomma or what ever her name is with you. I was laughing for a couple of days over the roll her over on her belly comment.

      • Templar…wish your parents didn't find out your addiction to "MAD" or they'll lock your cell phone every Wednesday night…lol!

      • Bunny, Bunny

        Listen Hunny

        How can you be so crass? Sexhotmomma is my wife!—NOT! LOL.

        You must be the only one that got the gag! (or wasn't offended by it!). Thanks for noticing! Coony out.

      • Templar, you need to get Simplar. Me and Tennie are just kidding Scotty regards his Mad Mag resemblance. It's part of getting the thick skin for sho biz. Same as politicians get by cartoonists. Folks pick out obvious or noticeable features about a VIP. For example, I now list some for some of the contestants–mostly what others have noticed first. And listen, being a VIP requires some humor and a lot of thick skin. I invite arguments or additions to the list–good and/or bad 'cause you can't choose your kidders you VIPs:

        Scotty–Mad Mag's Alfred E Neuman

        Haley–Heavenly Angel (cute slut?)

        Lauren–Country Goddess(chubby cherub)

        James–Tail-swinging Tourettes boy

        Jacob–effeminate emoter

        Stefano–Bo–ring! or Cougar's Cutey?

        Casey–Geico Caveman, Grizzly Adams

    • Thanks for a well thought out and articulated post. I do not totally agree or disagree with you. I think Haley, for example, has talent, but I really hope that she does not win, unless she grows a lot in the next few weeks. I do not think she is ready, yet. She strikes me a little like Jordin Sparks. She needs nurturing away from the spotlight, I think to become all that she can be (excuse me US Army). I agree totally about Lauren and Casey. Lauren should improve with age along with Haley. Casey should do well with jazz and blues records and apprearances as well as in arranging and producing music. Scotty has an unusal tone, for sure, but he has more. One must remember that he is still a child, himself. I think he can become a Tug McGraw or George Straight with good management. James is good, but not my cup of tea. Jacob has the best voice remaining (Pia had the best overall). He needs to learn control (he seems to be improving on this) and a personality transplant. Stefano, is growing. I am reminded of Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Andy Williams.Were I the judge, Jacob would win. I predict, James Durbin.

      • Boy, are you folks going to pi–ed off, if Jacob wins this thing!( or comes close to it)

      • Sorry, Bunny, I was not specific enough. I meant to say if I were the sole judge (I am an attorney, so I am kind of used to having THE Judge make decisions -LAM).

      • Oldster I agree mostly with you.

        Jacob in top 4 iffy at best.

        Haley is improving the most with Stefano close behind but can they win the race before being vote off, maybe their itunes songs are better than on the show.

        Lauren's poor song selections are hurting her maybe its her age showing.

        Casey I respect but think his time to go is near.

        James has a strong clear voice but needs more vocal training to get to the pro level, about 90% there now.

        Scotty has a natural country voice but need a vocal coach to polish it to improve his transitions.

    • I see eye to eye with you about Stefano. I really think he is improving. Earlier this evening, I went to YouTube to watch his prior performances, and he sounded great in so many of them! He is the dark horse in this race, I think.

    • @ dirktrude. You are right…Adam was one of the best…but James does have a uniqueness and tries to bring something different every week. I mean…he went from Juda Priest to the Beatles to Bon Jovi to Elton to some Metal…talk about versatility…he rocks~!!!

  23. I was very mad to see Paul go. I told he was so much better than Stefano. It seems like Stefano has the best luck ever. He’s always in the bottom 3 but never goes home. He needs to go home this week or I’m going to die. Stefano, Haley & Jacob need to go. After they go then the competition will be fierce! This is the place that I think they will come in..

    1. Scotty
    2. Lauren
    3. James
    4. Casey
    5. Haley
    6. Jacob
    7. Stefano

    ^^^ this is how I think it will turn out πŸ™‚

    • swap places with James and Haley and I will agree! Really enjoy Haley more than James and she certainly has a better attitude and stage presence.

      • Yea, I could see Haley being in the top 3. I put her behind James & Casey because I thought she did not have as good of a performance as the past 2 weeks & James & Casey had much stronger performances πŸ™‚

      • Actually, a lot of people think Haley has done exceptionaly well the past 3 or 4 weeks. I see her working her way into the top 3 before all things are said and done.

    • Stefano had been ordinary but had a blinder last week – right song sung well. Hopefully he has worked it out now…

  24. Music careers breakdown after American Idol!

    Scotty, fame recording deals and a long career in Country Music.

    Pia, all the above and more in mainstream music.

    Haley, recording deal.

    Stefano, not sure a chance!

    Lauren, Country Music has room for her.

    Paul, on the road career.

    James? maybe.

    Jacob, Room in R&B short career.

    Casey, bar singer or musical director.

    Forgotten about the first two gals already! that says it all.

    • I seriously laughed at the comment about James … have we forgotten already that a rock legend, yes legend, agreed to accompany him? Do you think he would have if James had a questionable future. And Chris Jericho, aside from being a wrestler is also in a rock band. He is a fan of James'. I think, win or lose, James has a future and you'll be seeing lots more of him for a very long time to come … IMO – an opinion apparently by those already in the business who are prepared to back him.

      • In my opinion The appearance of these two helped to temporarily bring Jame's vote count up.

      • @ Kat…I agree. James does have a great future ahead of him…even Randy made a comment about seeing James perform at the next Ozzy Fest…and I seriously doubt the Zakk…may have misspelled his name..(outstanding guitarist) would have agreed to play with James if he did not think James was any good. James Durbin Rocks~!!!

  25. Scotty is good, but his performances are boring, i don't even interested to see it until the end of the song.

    Unlike Casey who has bring the crowd move into his, unique, talented. As Randy said, the world can't live with the pop star alone! i think this time AI should have another fresh and new, for all the way, Casey should win this thing!

      • Say wha~???? No way. I used to think Casey might come in 3rd…but if Haley continues to improve like she has been then she and Lauren may be in competition for 3rd place. Still think that James and Scotty will be the final two…with, of course, James winning. πŸ™‚

  26. Song suggestions:

    Casey: The black keys – Tighten up

    Lauren: anything by taylor swift seems up her ally

    Scotty: Anything country would do.

    James: Papa roach, Buckcherry, Shinedown sounds good

    Haley: Maybe christina aguilera?

    Jacob: I dont know

    Stefano: Jason Mraz maybe? I dont really know

    • @ Tanner. Some good choices…just hope Lauren does NOT do another Miley Cyrus song. Taylor Swift's "Teardrops On My Guitar" would be a good choice for Lauren. If Haley wanted to slow it down some…"Hurt" by Christina Aguilera would be a great choice.

  27. Big Deal! I've already heard the winner and best singer and her name rhymes with Kia.

    • I wonder if "Criminal" (Fiona Apple) would be taboo for Haley–since Rachel Zevita sang it and was cut. Love, love, love that song. Right up Haley's alley, I think.

      BUT . . . I hate that people keep trashing Haley as a woman and a person because they read into her gritty, bluesy performances that that is her. And this is is another song that will just feed that animal response (calm down, Coondog!), I'm afraid. Nevertheless, man what a song!

      • I was totally thinking Candyman by Christina Aguilera, but that too is a bit risque. I don't want people to continue to feed off what is a confident young woman and turn it into something trashy.

      • @ Pup…and u 2 "coondog"…your mid-life crisis is showing…lol…I have to admit that Haley is starting to impress me…the skat # she did with Casey and her spunk with Blondie's "Call Me" were very good.

        Still want James 4 the win….go ahead…just call me a cougar…

  28. As my handle suggests, I am more familiar with songs older than a decade. Moreover, even newer songs I know by sound and not always by title. However, I do have some ideas of what I would like to hear some of the contestants sing. Because Stephano reminds me of some of the old time Italian crooners like Sinatra, Dean Martin and Andy Williams (was he Italian?), I would like him to sing one of Michael Buble's songs like "Home." I could envision Casey singing something by John Mayer. Scotty has a wide range of songs, but I would like to hear him try a Brooks and Dunn Song. Haley should try Nora Jones. Lauren could do well with Reba, but stay away from Martina McBride – she does not have the chops, yet. I think Jacob should maybe try something from one of the popular muscials. The Phantom of the Opera is probably too old, but has the kind of melodramatic songs at which he could excel even if he did oversing them. James should sing, "Whatta You Want From Me." Would that not be fun?

    • Love that suggestion for James! However, from a political standpoint, viewers might think he was trying to "take on" Adam. Not a good plan, even if he could. He would get booed by all the Lambert fans.

      • Pup, you are probably right. Politics ruins everything, doesn't it. It seems to keep people from doing the right things. James singing that song would be so right for so many reasons.

      • He can make the heavy metal version of “Whattaya Want From Me.” ,but I don't think he can be sung "better" than Adam…vocal wise!!

      • @ Pup..u r right…that would be a good song choice for James…but then the Adam comparisons would fly. Think James needs to distance himself from singing anything that Adam sang…even though I feel he would do justice to them. Someone previously mentioned that James do a country song and Scotty do a rock…NOW…that would be fun and entertaining. I liked that suggestion. James for the win. πŸ™‚

      • Pup, you are right. I'm sure that Lauren has wished that she could go back & undo her choice to sing Natural Woman. She did a great job as far as I was concerned, but then her video was posted with Kelly Clarkson's video & they were being voted on. I thought they were both great, just different styles. James and non of the others need that kind of pressure. Unfortunately it is just the beginning.

  29. I was sorry to see Paul go. He was fun to watch! Here are my picks for the remaining seven:

    Scotty- “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square

    Lauren – “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

    Jacob – “Fallin’” by Alicia Keyes

    Casey—“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

    Stephano—“I Know I Loved You” by Savage Garden or “Grenade” by Bruno Mars

    Haley—“Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson or “So What” by Pink

    James—“I Don’t Wanna Be” Gavin DeGraw or “Holiday” by Green Day

      • I would love to hear Scotty sing that song but I read he's going with something older. I think he'd do amazing with it tho.

    • @ CJ. Those are good pics as well. I gorgot about Green Day….Holiday would be good for James. I am going to youtube it and listen to it again. πŸ™‚

    • Casey and rolling in the deep would be great….or Don't know why by Norah Jones…

  30. I just want to add that, Jacob, doesn't need all this attention, whether he is black or not, gay or not…shouldn't matter at all. This is a singing competition..wake up America, as Simon Cowell would say..this year has been the best so far, as for talented people..As Jennifer Lopez said, different music from each contestant, its a huge variety, From Heavy Metal to Jazz to Country and so on..again its a singing competition people, keep that in mind. Its all a matter of choice, of what the American people want. Its all votes now. No need to put down people for who they are or what they sing or how they sound….just vote for the one you like the most, that deserves to be the AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! It's very immature the way people are commenting on here…grow up!!!! What if these people were any part of your family, would you like to see any of these comments. What I would rather see for comments, is like well I didn't really like that song choice for him or her, or should have listened to the advice given for song choice, or what kind of music you like best, and who is your favorite and why..those type of comments are great…just saying, have some respect..If you don't like that person for whatever reason, don't vote..

  31. i am going to rant…..

    Holy Father of @#$$!!!! By the beard of Zeus!!!! There are some big time idiots in America….There are so many idiots in America….OMG!!! I was reading up on a few articles based on the recent American Idol Performances and i couldn't believe what i was reading….

    1) Haley should go home because she can't hold a single note together…She growls and screams all the time to hide the fact that she cant sing..Her only goal is to become a sex kitten on the show..Her teeth looks weird and i hate her…I hope she goes…she will never be a good musician…

    2) Stephano is the best…

    3) James Durbin sucks…His ears look weird and why is he screaming with that guitar guy…That guitar guy was ugly too…he is an adam lambert wannabe and nobody can be as good as lambert. every week he tries to be adam and fails…Scotty is the only real musician in the show…

    4) Bring Pia back

    5) Jacob is gay and ewwwww…he moves around funny…i wont be voting for him….He cant even sing properly…always making weird faces…He should learn something from Lauren….

    6) Lauren is the next Kelly…She is the best thing to happen to A.I…she looks amazing too.. her performance of the climb by Miley was one of the best i have seen…

    7) Casey….I hate him..he looks ugly with his stupid beard…someone should cover his face and kick him out of the show…he always sings off key and looks crazy… why was he even selected? he thinks he can play the base but he just sucks…Scotty plays the guitar way better…

    these are not my opinion..these are some of the things i have read on websites that review A.I performances….I wish i could strangle people with my mind like ol Darth Vader… These idiots are voting… They should be arrested for being so stupid… Someone please pass a law, do something…I swear if only we could somehow tap into the stupidity of people and convert it into a source of energy….somebody slap someone!!!!

    That is all….


    • Hate is a pretty strong word for someone who hasn't met any of these people.

      You may say don't appreciate there looks or voice or something like that. For the record this is not a beauty contest it is a singing/talent contest.

      Casey, James, and Lauren have the talent. Scotty too. The others just don't have it yet, they still have a lot of work to do especially Stefano and Haley they need to be voted off…..yesterday.

      • @ Gautham It took American Idol to convince you the US is full of idiots? I would have thought you'd have guessed that sooner since the White House gets much more media coverage.

      • To Jean

        sup…yes..isn't it sad? How people still cannot think in a logical or rational way? Thinking with your heart is good but thinking through your ass is just stupid and bad… whatever happened to rational and fair assessment? Its like most people want to be spoonfed about everything. Whatever happened to free thought? Its not just about a music competition but this reflects a very dangerous way of thinking especially as most of these people are young…

    • Don't feed the trolls Gautham. Just don't do it! The comment about Haley cuts me deep, though.

    • OMG I want to know where you found the post on the Ugly Guitarist..I would love to post on that thread. I love it when people make fun of the people who really have a name in the Music industry and could make a phone call to have one of these Idols dreams crushed. Will I Am, (Spelling?) has a 20 year influence on the music industry. He has royalties comming in from before Scotty was born. He is a music Producer who has Produced some of the best today and he is in his 30's. I think he knows what it takes to be somthing at the age of 16, since that is when he got his first record deal, as a rapper and went on to produce for U2. Yeah I think I would listen to him. As for making fun of Zakk Wylde just shows ignorrance. I am sure that when a TRUE METAL HEAD LEGEND, steps onstage to play back up guitar, with 7 people left in the competition, there is something to be said about the strength of the performer. This man has HIS OWN band, and the last person he played background for was Ozzy.

      • @ Wellen…agreed. It says a lot for James and his status as a performer for Zakk Wylde to even consider playing for him. Even Zakk gave James a big shout out.

        …and @ Gautham…I believe that you called Scotty a great Musician…maybe I am wrong but I do not believe that he has ever performed with an instrument…and if he did I must have missed it… James for the win. πŸ™‚

      • @Rose, Yeah I found that Chris Jerico From the WWE and the lead singer of Fozzy (Heavy Metal) asked Mr. Wylde to do that.

      • yes it is Brett…I am an Indian..Its cool if you are a racist…:D. Who isn't these days..:)

    • Dont get Gautham wrong. Read what he says in the latter paragraph "these are not my opinion..these are some of the things i have read on websites that review A.I performances….I wish i could strangle people with my mind like ol Darth Vader… These idiots are voting… They should be arrested for being so stupid… Someone please pass a law, do something…I swear if only we could somehow tap into the stupidity of people and convert it into a source of energy….somebody slap someone!!!"

      its not his saying,but other people sayin πŸ™‚

      • jordanj

        they are stupid because they are stupid… never underestimate the predictability of stupidity….


    • All of them have a lot of talent or they would not have made it on to AI and the people working on American Idol are some of the best in the music business.

      Yes I like some better than others, either due to their style of music or the talent and level of polish.

      Remember Naima and Paul are 26yrs old while Thia just turned 15yrs, Lauren 16 and Scotty 17, so that has to be factored in to some degree to be fair. Improving each week matters to see if they can get to pro level at some point.

      While a good voice is maybe most important, it is still only one part needed to be a great entertainer. You need good voice, stage presence, musical training, a good attitude, smart song selection, able to connect(charisma) and the right look(dress correctly for music style,hair style,…).

    • @ Gautham… I agree. Some people are in the Bozone layer…and intelligent ideas cannot seep through this layer…sad that they are voting based soley on looks and not talent. πŸ™‚

    • With all honesty for this season AI to lift up its best world standard and to get extreme rating on the Top 2 Finale Night and to achieve highest record sales across the world…….it's to place JAMES DURBIN and STEFANO LANGONE battle-off on the Final night. Only James and Stefano have the best package to win the title.

      The rest of the kids, Scotty, Lauren, Casey, Jacob and Hayley can never make it. Zero X Factor and no star quality and they are best kept in the Mickey Mouse Club.

      Only James and Stefano so far gave the best performance on stage just like a true star.

      Anyway, can't wait for Katy Perry E.T Performance, great song, No.1 in Billboard now hope Kanye will be on the stage….and Katy to boogie-woogie on stage with the contestants especially Stefano cos he is such a smoking-hot-good-looking Alien like an Extra-Terestrial for Katy Perry to sing to on stage.

      Love Katy….Stefano and of course James, they are the best buddies in this competition. I am so happy to witness that James seems to share his care and concern to Stefano in the moment when he was done. That's what true friendship is all about but the rest of the contestants are so fake and plastic-like especially Jacob and Lauren.

      • I am curious…Do you like James because hes sings metal or because you think he's an awesome performer?

      • Stefano the best package…wow,now thats a 1st for me..dont mean to be rude hehehe πŸ™‚

        "The rest of the kids, Scotty, Lauren, Casey, Jacob and Hayley can never make it. Zero X Factor and no star quality and they are best kept in the Mickey Mouse Club."

        so what ur sayin is ur a hardcore metal fans (although James kind of misdirection with Bon Jovi though) and macho build man? LOLOL πŸ™‚

      • I'll answer that…

        Both: James has an amazing voice for many genres of rock (as well as other types of music) and is beyond any comparisons to a glam-rock type as Adam. (Not saying he is better or not, just very different) and is a natural amazing performer on stage as well.

      • You know what is weird..Many people who like James now won't sadly buy his album when it comes out..Here's why..James is an out and out metal guy.. Since he came on american idol which is predominantly a pop singers swamp, he had to simmer down and play Bon Jovi tunes and Elton John tracks…You see this as versatility and that is fine..But the reason why most people like James is because of his performances..(from what i have read so far) more than his singing.. Some of you might like him now that he's tackling slower and softer songs…but when his heavy metal album drops, then will you buy his album? Will you listen to hardcore metal without being able to watch him perform..Sadly many of you won't… If he wins this competition, i can guarantee you that he will flop..because interscope knows nothing about metal and will destroy the album…Even if A.I fans buy his first album, will they stick around for his second? These are important questions…

        Do note that these are some of my observations…I am not stating them as facts…i am a huge metal fan and have been listening to it for a long time..But so far, the only performance i truly loved from James was the Judas Priest one… That was insane but after that he kinds lost me…I personally think that he would be perfect for the Dio, Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson style of singing (high projection operatic type) but he has to do that while he is in the competition to gain some real metal fans…

      • Once he is out there and fronting a band, he will gain those fans. Folks know he's performing what he has to perform, and lets face it, even most of the truely successfull heavy metal bands out there released a few ballads at some point that garnered some recognition (not all, but enough to see a trend) as another lover of Metal, I will definitely buy his first album, and assuming it is as good as it should be considering his vocal talents I'll be getting his second and third etc… Thing is, AI will get his name out there and get him in the spotlight, at that point, metal fans will, if for no other reason tune in to see just what the hubub is all about. And once they see him tearing it up, metal fans (assuming again that James keeps it up) should be won over. I fully agree that he would fill that Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford kinda role perfectly, in fact if anybody can carry that torch into a new generation of metal, I think James is the guy to do it.

        The classic AI audiance may not continue to follow him when he fronts a metal band, but I believe that the exposure definitely has the potential to be the spark that ignites a new generation of classic metal rather than the industrial/death metal that dominates the current metal landscape. I for one, welcome the hell out of it. πŸ™‚

      • Kdub

        Don't get me wrong but i hope so too…i just dont see it…Now you said that this show gave him exposure..fine..but what kind of fans did he attract? Will they listen to him when he sings pure heavy metal? You have mentioned that people will come once he begins singing…Will enough people come? that is the question…

        Second, very few bands have released ballads… and that too only in the hair metal category…and Metallica (God bless them)…

        I am not disagreeing with you…i do hope that he finds success…I just think that he has to bring metal a lot more times to the American idol stage..Next week especially since he can choose any song from the 21st century…:D

    • @Gautham – comments about people's physical appearance are out of line and entirely unnecessary … let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Are we to assume then that your physical appearance is perfection itself?

      As for James, he does indeed have a melodic quality to his voice. Yes he has the rock growl but when he did Maybe I'm Amazed and I'll be there for you, the sound of his voice is just amazing. No, I am not a regular Idol watcher. I tune out after the auditions, except for this year. This kid is amazing. Not only does he have a singing voice, he has been able to overcome some major challenges to make it to Idol and his performances beat the bejeezes out of the competition. The whole package? I think so ….

      • I think you missed the entire point of his post. At first I was confused as well because everything there contradicts what Gautham has actually been saying. He's quoting people from other blogs because he was so mad about what they were saying.

      • kat..kat…kat….

        You seem to be quick passing judgments about me being an arrogant self righteous prick but don't take the time to read what i have written fully…This is exactly what i have been writing about in the past few posts..people are just ready to jump at others throats without even knowing why..There is nothing confusing about what i have written…i wrote in points to avoid any confusion and to make for easy the end in a new paragraph i wrote that it isn't my opinion…please for the love of god read what i have written…

    • apologies then … was skimming through and am tired of all the hate … these kids are amazing and James in particular has overcome so much to get there and I am so tired of the vitriol I see. Some amusing people even thought it would be entertaining to do a video on utube mocking his tics. My taste may not be yours and vice versa but what ever happened to common courtesy and respect. What I've seen on the boards is just disgusting and makes me ashamed to belong to the same race … guess I only got so far and got annoyed – lesson learned

      • whoa….I am a huge metal fan..Dio, Iron Maiden, Priest, Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultra…blah blah…

        James does have a disorder but that shouldn't be the only criteria for voting (i am not talking about you)..Many are providing him with sympathy votes…Once he makes his album he will have a problem selling it to his fans because most of them aren't into heavy metal..And i do agree ..even i am tired of all the hate..that is why i wrote the post above… But honestly i have seen more hate for other contestants than for James… Scotty, Pia and Lauren never get hated on..but the rest repeatedly get raped verbally for every single reason under the sun from having weird expressions while singing and looking ugly to screaming and playing artsy songs…

    • Welcome to the human race Gautham. Some of these folks here don't get that ranting is a way of letting off steam–while expressing yourself. But for your own health and since you like Casey's (dirty, gross, flea-infested) Beard, I suggest you you get beer-ed and chill!

      • True..But you know what? Being in the human race ain't all that as it was supposed to be.

        And btw…careful what you say…The more dirtier his beard, the….

        well your dear Haley will be the one to suffer…Her face must be all itchy… Might not give a good performance next week… πŸ˜€

      • Beware Bearders! I now place the Coondog Curse upon Casey the Caveman! I want him off the show, that my fair Haley may continue her march to stardom. By the strength she gains from picking up The Beard's Bloc, Haley will sing her woeful Blues (briefly!) and ascend to the Throne that is the Top 3.

        The world will will soon forget these words I type. Four score and 7 hours from now (approx 8am EST Friday)the headlines shall proclaim a new era in AI–The Casey Collapse; Bottom 3, Ejection to follow shortly. I Coondog, so Curse Casey the Caveman!

      • Gautham, I've already anticipated that remote possibility (I fear too many of the Haley Lovers spend too much time at the computer with their pants down, instead of logging up Haley votes) Oops, did I just say that–reminscent of your Go Metal Beard shoutout!

        Anyways, I've given proper advice for Haley on Branden's song selection blog. Besides, if Haley leaves, who will Casey deflower next–Lauren?

      • If Haley foes dude…I will weep at the stupidity of the people who didn't vote for her….

        Also did i hear a confession about pants on the ground, pants on the ground….looking like a fool with his pants on the ground..If so, full power to you. (I kid, of course).

        As for Casey….he will be sad…he cant deflower Lauren.. She's too hefty and more caveman than him..But i did hear that Joanna Krupa likes Casey…so a polish model would be a nice change for the caveman playah!!!!

        Pants on the ground, pants on the…Great!! Now i cant get this song outta my head!!!

    • Really agree. Jacob singing makes me Bleeding so bad. He should be cut-off soon. To Jacob, Please Papa Dont Preah and Look at yourself in the mirror first.

  32. Although I haven't voted for Jacob…. the guy can sing. Like it or not, he can. He has a distinct, powerful voice but…… he needs professional coaching. He has to control his voice. Sometimes he screams instead of singing but he has the ability to become a very good professional singer. He could. I think he would be a good gospel singer. Everyone please be considerate to his feelings when making comments. Not only his feelings but his Grandmothers feelings who is there weel after week supporting him. He is there because he can sing. Please have respect for Jacob and his family. Your vote is your vote. My vote is my vote. America will decide who the 2011 Idol is.

    • Did he have respect and consideration for me when he spoke about voting him off not because of his great singing voice but for other reasons only Jacob knows about. How about the mirror statement. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

  33. Stop making excuses for all the contestant's What a load of crap. You either can sing or not, well these remaining "vocalist's" cant. Obviously fixed. Pia's out, that's me out too. Thank god for UK Idol.

    • if ure out than why are u here in AI site? wakakakak u really crack me up hahahaha LOLOL πŸ™‚

  34. I watch AI to hear the music and see talented young people try to win their dream. I do not know if the songs of recent vintage that I like the most would be the best to show off their talents, but I would like to hear them try, "You Make Me Smile" and "Hey, Soul Sister." Which of the contestants, if any, could or should try these songs? Would the popularity of the songs offset the lack of difficulty or range that each requires for success on a talent show?

  35. Movie theme was a so-so performance and Paul really deserved to be booted-out. His showcase was the weakest BUT both Stefano and Heyley shouldn't be in bottom 3 cos they're simply great.

    Bottom 3 fits like a glove for Lauren, Jacob and Paul. Lauren's performances have been worst lately she's becoming like Pia seriously and I am not surprise she will be voted out by the Top 5 and Hayley has been improving lately.

    From my observation based on All-Rounder Performance matrix on the MOvie Theme night, below are my honest ranking :-

    1. James Durbin

    2. Stefano Langone

    3. Casey

    4. Hayley

    5. Scotty

    6. Jacob

    7. Lauren

    8. Paul

    Really, really pray hard by the Top 5 both Jacob and Lauren are vote-off. Hope America agrees with me.

    • Sorry Leslie May Correction on your errors 1 Scotty

      2 Lauren

      3 James

      4 Haley

      5 Stefano

      6 Casey

      7 Jacob

      • My goodness Lee…..Scotty is at Number 1….Scotty is damn monotonous, boring and definitely ONE DIMENSION….I pray hard he got rid sooon….Tired of his sluring off the country song. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF SCOTTY … PERIOD!!!!!!!

      • If you really are praying for someone to fail at something they enjoy and is not causing harm to other people I think you have completely missed the point of prayer, just sayin.

  36. Here are my weekly picks, this week I blended what I would like to see and what I expect to see together. My picks to watch this week are Casey, James and Stefano.

    James- Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)*****

    In The End (Linkin Park)***

    Savin Me (Nickelback)*****

    The Reason (Hoobastank)***

    Hero (Chad Kroeger)****

    Lauren- Jesus Take The Wheel(Carrie Underwood)*****

    Because of You(Kelly Clarkson)****

    You Belong With Me(Taylor Swift)***

    Moment Like This(Leona Lewis)****

    Dear Mr President(Pink)***

    Stefano- Grenade(Bruno Mars)*****

    Waiting on the World to Change(John Mayor)***

    Hero(Enrique Iglesias)****

    Hey There Delilah(Plain White Ts)****

    Drops of Jupiter(Train)[/w Piano]*****

    Jacob- Wavin' Flag(Knaan)***

    The Worlds Greatest(RKelly)*****

    No More Drama(Mary J Blidge)****

    Ghetto Gospel(2Pac/EltonJohn)****

    Haley- Beautiful(Christina Aguilera)*****

    Fighter(Christina Aguilera)****

    Fallin(Alicia Keys)*****

    Maneater(Nelly Furtado)***


    Scotty- Halelujah(Jeff Buckley)*****

    Raise Me Up(Westlife)*****

    Follow Me(Uncle Cracker)***

    Christmas Shoes(Alabama)*****

    How To Save A Life(The Fray)***

    Casey- You Found Me(The Fray)*****

    Mad World(Gary Jules)*****

    Cooler Then Me(Mike Posner)****

    Break Even(The Script)***

    Chasing Cars(Snow Patrol)***

    Group Night Performance will be where is the love by black eyed peas

    • @AMAM : i believe that she's not using Casey to boost her popularity and frankly Casey is a kind of person that doesnt care of that. He's just happy if he'd be of any use to any contestant. Just look at him when some1 is save. He's always the 1st one to smile gladly that other is save πŸ˜‰

      • oh…amam thinks she is a user because of the duet with casey? then with that string of logic, scotty and lauren are users too?

      • Casey just happy for Hailey that finally American people can see the real Hailey's talent. He's that good πŸ˜‰

    • I guess all contestants are "users" …they're using their fans to vote for them to stay in the competition….lol!

  37. I love all the idols but why is Stefano always on the bottom? I mean, havent we all heard him singing If You Don't Know Me By No?????

  38. Final 3 to be Scotty, James and a toss up between Lauren and Haley with Scotty winning it.

    I thought Jacob would get eliminated last week, well maybe this coming week if it is not Stephano

      • Why couldn't Haley make it to the top 3? She is in the top 7 now.Any of those 7 could make it into the top 3.Just depends on their performances song choice and so on and finally the votes.

  39. So I watched the group performances from this last week and I have to say everyone in the top 7 is pretty darn good. Comparing them to many of the top 7 contestants of past seasons and this is definitely the most talented group aside from season 7's as far as everyone being pretty frikken amazing.

    That being said James/Haley finale, go go!

    • @ David P. I still think it will be a James versus Scotty finale…Haley just may make it to the top 3 if she is very careful and chooses the right song. I still do not understand Randy's continued criticism of Haley. I thought her performance of "Call Me" was very good and when she sang Blue…that was great…Even though James is definitely my favorite to win…I do not like the fact that Haley is almost being used as a scapegoat. JMO

      • Yeah, I know it's wishful thinking. There's a lot of hate out there for Haley and she's done so great keeping it together and going out to perform every week better than the last.

        I've been saying it's a James/Scotty finale since top 13 just because those two have such a large fanbase (I feel left out of the club here). I don't think James can beat Scotty, though. He has the teeny boppers, the grandmas, and country fans backing him up. It will definitely be interesting but I don't feel Scotty has earned his way yet. He really needs to start working for those votes not just go up on stage and give a generic country performance and a sly smile.

  40. This is my opinion some may agree and some disagree. I don't feel it should matter if you are white, black, purple, orange or green. It should not matter if you are straight, gay , lesbian or bi. It shouldn't matter if you are a goodlooking guy or a pretty girl. They only thing that should matter is how well they can sing and perform and how week to week they improve. Someone willing to take critique and not be offended by it thinking they know eveything. Someone who doesn't tell All of America they need to look in the mirror.

    • Melissa you are very correct. I just don't see Stafano improving at all, even when they are singing in a group. Haley is pretty and all but just mature enough in herself and her singing to make it. I liked Jacob in the begining, but he is getting old. Paul was wonderful, Casey is awesome, James is unique and very good. Scotty is hanging in there and trying very hard and you see improvement each time. Lauren is just very blessed with her talent and voice.

    • ah Melissa..unfortunately we live in a spiteful world where people will always be ignorant…All we can do is to root for the people we believe in and make sure that they get a fair chance in this superficial appearance crazed world…To be honest America has to look in the mirror….not for Jacob but for many other things..

      • @ Gautham….oh boy, I do agree … where is my soap box when I need it..but, alas…this is not the time nor the place to expound on all of the injustices and shortsightedness of the world…

      • probably because everyone was expecting her to be in the top 3 or 5, at the very least. it is no secret that AI is more a popularity

        rather than a talent show. guess most people who believed in pai 'forgot' or was too confident to vote. and that, my friend, is the fact about pia's shocking elimination.

  41. Paul has a band and a song that hit 16 on the charts,no wonder he was "at home" on stage. There are more and more contestants who have "experience". Like James and Jacob. In the beginning of American Idol, they were hopefuls as Kelly and Carrie.

    • What is the name of the band and the song that went to 16? For that matter on what chart? Surely, it was an instrumental as I cannot believe many people would pay to hear his voice.

    • Do not like Paul's band and do not like his voice. I tried to give him a chance and listen to the video but I couldn't get past the first 25 seconds. His voice to me is very annoying

  42. Ok unless we get another shocking Pia like elimination then I would say unless the contestants do something to truly "wow" us the eliminations will go as follows.(These are my opinions and not what is actually going to happen)

    In the next two weeks:

    Stefano and Jacob. Not sure which order.

    The following two weeks

    Casey and Hailey once again not sure in which order they will be eliminated.

    The week after that.

    Lauren(I like her and think she'll be in the final 3, but won't be in the finals)

    I think it will be Scotty and James in the finals, not sure which one will be declared the winner.

    • i hope casey gets at least to the top three…i know he wont win..but i just wanna see him perform…

    • I agree with you 100 percent on how the coming weeks will play out. It's not necessarily how I'd like it play out, but I think that's the way it will go.

      The only unknown is Haley's voting bloc. If African-Americans vote for Jacob solely because he is A-A, and Latinos vote for Stefano solely because they want a Latino represented, then Haley could be in trouble sooner, because she doesn't have any identifiable "core" that I can see. I mean, in the sense that Scotty and Lauren have country voters, James has the "rocker" vote, and Casey has the quirky, offbeat, out-of-the-mainstream vote.

      Haley can flat-out sing, though, and her performances have been the MOST VARIED of anyone, in my opinion, so I hope she hangs around.

      But I think that her voters are the unknown.

  43. Pia was fantastic. She should have been around until final 4.

    Paul was terrible. Enthusiastic and energetic but could not sing a lick. It is a mystery how he said around so long.

    Final 4 noe – without Pia – Lauren, James, Scotty and Casey.

    Stefano goes this week, Haley next followed by Jacob.

    • @ Rick. I have a feeling that Jacob and Stefano will go before Haley. I think that Casey/Lauren/Haley will fight it out for the #3 spot. James and Scotty in the finale…with James winning. JMO

      • Lol Rose, we posted pretty much the same thing at the same time. Creeepyy! We spend too much time hanging out together on this blog, <3

    • Jacob has already dug his grave. Unless he does something spectacular he will most likely go home this week or next. Haley is picking up a lot of fans it might be too little too late, but I don't see her going home before Stefano or Jacob. After her duet she might even be able to beat out Casey. If Lauren doesn't start standing out in some way she might go the way of Pia and Thia.

      1. Scotty

      2. James

      3. Lauren/Casey/Haley

      4. Casey/Haley/Lauren

      5. Haley/Lauren/Casey

      6. Stefano

      7. Jacob

      There is still a lot of room for change, though, we really shouldn't expect anything to turn out as we think it will.

      • @ David P. Yes, we have to satop meeting like this…hey…maybe a rumor…lol…Like I have stated earlier…I am more and more impressed with Haley's performances. Still want to see a James/Scotty finale and with James winning. πŸ™‚

      • Awww Rose….Why can't it be a James/Casey finale…..Metal vs Jazz…What could be better for American Idol than to show that it has truly become a real singing competition for all genres…I can't wait for next year if this year's idol is a metal guy or a jazz guy/girl…Next year a lot of great guys and girls afraid to come out will audition and so music..real music like old school country, Jazz, Blues, Metal will be back with a vengeance….One finale can change the world….Always remember that…. πŸ˜€

      • my favs are:

        #1 haley

        #2 james #3 scotty but my predictions are Scotty to Win , James #2 Haley i love you but dont see you getting by the next 2 weeks because of all the jealous tweens that are not voting for you! that sucks!

    • Since when is it fair to bring a professional famous Hard Metal performer in to back a contestant in a contest involving other very dedicated players. Watching the tape showed it was almost a duet. It didnt look like advantage was acheived as it shouldnt have. JMO

  44. I still think that a girl should win this time….if Lauren will sing Steve,s song again in the finale or something from Queen…. and Haley will pick a song from Bonnie Tyler Like ( total eclipse of the hearth) or Janis Joplin, they will be 10 times better than any of the boys….and they are beautiful too…you don't need to worry about Casey or James they are going to be fine anyway….

    • I am getting tired of Lauren – yes she has talent and probably will get a career out of this – but there is just something about her, I don't think her stage presence is that good. Now Hailey is different she grabs the audience and like Steven Typer said "she sings sexy". I think she's great.

      • I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who cannot see/hear Lauren's talent. I just don't know what I'm missing since the judges seem to think she is wonderful.

      • Wow….I feel the same about Lauren…I think she is ok but…nothing like what so many seem to think..Haley has improved so much and she knows how to work the crowd…Go Haley!

      • Wow this is encouraging to hear this. I feel the same way about both these ladies. I think that Lauren will have her day as an artist, for sure, but she's not as mature and performance-savvy as Haley by a long shot — her voice very nice and pleasant but not nearly the character of Haley's. So I'm hoping enough people will see this to advance Haley.

    • I agree, GIRLPOWER! They are both great. (My husband loves Haley, and I love Lauren…(and Haley!) And James. Please, goodbye to Jacob next. That "go look in the mirror" comment was egotistic.

  45. I am gonna open a hornet's nest here…I just read that Pia…the ever so talented, beautiful singer has a dark side…ta da ta…

    Apparently she just ditched her boyfriend after getting all famous…Her boyfriend was busy consoling her parents when she got eliminated…But the very beautiful Pia gave her number the next day itself to the dancing guy..Mark something.. Its seems that she was the one who took the initiation. It was also said that about a year ago, Pia started acting different..She cut herself off from people who she thought would become a blot on her "superstar status" after she got famous..She like stopped partying and enjoying a nice beer pong because she wanted to have a blot free record once she becomes a superstar…

    Plastic anyone?

    • @ Gautham…Ah…the attraction of Tinsel Town…ain't it grand. …and Paul is dating Twilight star, Nikki Reed…what's next…Jacob and Jennifer Hudson…Casey and Kelly Clarkson…LOL…let's just start some rumors. πŸ™‚

      • Ryan Seacrest and Neil Patrick Harris [nudge-nudge, wink-wink.] , Steven Tyler and Lauren's mother [Lord knows she's screaming for the attention],

      • @ Rose

        That might be fun haha….Casey and Kelly would be like the perfect cavepeople…Casey with his growling and screaming and his beard and kelly with a body that can scare anyone into submission..Did you see how quickly Ryan jumped back when Kelly got angry at him last thursday..

        Kelly was like "You're reading all my tweets"

        Ryan……..(a hundred miles away)

      • @This Just In

        So true about Steven Tyler and Lauren's mom….My god she has such a crush on him…I wonder how Rock n roll parents raised a country pop daughter…Lauren would have been amazing if she was a rock n roll singer…

      • Honestly if Steven Tyler can get away with having a 14 year old live with him I think Lauren's mom wouldn't be too big an issue, >_<

      • Ryan Seacrest should be with his nip-tuck specialist….so that he got his botox free…lol!

      • @Tenisaddict

        How much botox can the man take? Its like water for Ryan i guess..The guy's fold lines just vanish every week….

    • Not plastic. Just good planning, seeing how many others in past years have been discredited for "playing around" a little too much in their past.

      • @Fran

        I do agree that its good planning but isn't it extreme to start doing so a year before she became one…That has to be a little crazy right? Also i honestly dont care what kind of person she is, but right now she only has a single with interscope..not a record deal….just a single and that too while American idol is going on coz all the fire is blazing for her now…and it might sizzle out soon…

      • Well preparing yourself to be a star a year before she even became one is a little crazy…she didn't stop doing things, she just refused to be photographed..i.e. she would still go out parting and do everything but once a camera comes into the picture, she's like hell no!!! Also dumping her boyfriend a day after she gets eliminated…whew…Is that a chill in the air? Pop princess is acting a little too Div-ish isn't she? Especially before even getting a recording contract…

        It really isn't a dark side but it sure as hell ain't a bright side…

  46. Haley should sing a sweet and dark ballad, that exposes her vulnerabilities.

    My song choice for her is THE BLOWER´S DAUGHTER, by Damien Rice. That would be totally unexpected and diferent, just like Adam did with Mad World!

  47. i would like scotty to sing Bad Thing (theme Song From True Blood) ans Lauren to sing Never Again _kelly Clarkson!

  48. Stefano needs to bust out the piano finally and perform Drops of Jupiter by Train

    Casey needs to do Mad World by Gary Jules.

    James needs to do Seven Nation Army by White Stripes.

    Lauren needs to do Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood.

    Haley needs to do Fallin by Alicia Keys.

    Scotty, not that I care, should do Raise Me Up by Westlife, this will be a slight step outside the box but still something he can pull off.

    Jacob, not that i care, will probably do The Worlds Greatest by RKelly.

    • For the record, Casey can out do Adams Mad World performance, it would be a risk and it would pay off to do it.

      • I dont know…I am a huge Casey fan…and while i respected and loved Adam's vocal ability…i have never been a glambert or whatever they call themselves…. He was great on the show but i didnt like the songs on his album at all..which made ask myself how talented he was in the musical aspect..not the vocal aspect..but as a musician and an artist…Even so..i think Adam blew the Mad World cover right out of the water…Casey cannot do a soft rendition a'la your song here…He has to make people froth at their mouths to beat adam's performance..I mean like he has to bring out the bass, the piano, flute..the whole shebang…

      • If James does white stripes..i will get up and applaud him..I might even punch out a few mirrors out of happiness…

  49. This has probably been one of the best idol seasons in a LONG LONG Time! The problem is the call-in votes are not looking at the real talent. I agree Scotty and James will probably make the finals and they both have talent+. I have felt for a long time that Stephano is your typical (in the past) idol contestant. We really have a range of music from jazz to heavy metal and it is refreshing. Staphano is so typical idol – its time for change and Scotty and James have the change needed. Loosing Pia hurt – she was amazing. I think its time for the call-in (or text) voters to really look at the talent.

    • Don't worry about it. If 9 seasons of Idol have taught us anything it is that it doesn't matter who wins. Getting national exposure is where it's at. Many non winners are in much better shape financially and career wise due to their time on Idol. Yes the power voters decide the contest winner, but the life winners are many and often not the crowned one.

      • totally agree with you! with the exception of a very few, there seems to a jinx on the AI winner…the runner ups and 'non-winners' have been doing so much better.

  50. I know we havent seen wendsdays performances yet

    but who are y'all planning on voting for?

    Just wondering

    i know they can change based on your opinion of how they did come wensday night though.

  51. I think Scotty's holding back on us. I've actually seen a video of him singing John Mayer… it looks like it was taken on a cell phone and the sound is not the greatest, but his Country twang was not that constant while he was singing Slow Dancing In A Burning Room in his chorus class for a final project before he went to audition American Idol… I think he might be waiting to get closer to the finale and break out some shockers to bring in some extra votes like Kris Allen did with Heartless – Kanye West. : )

  52. My prediction of Top 5 (random order)

    1. Scotty – people start to wear off with Scotty,if he doesnt start to fire-up the engine..he's not gonna win

    2. James

    3. Casey

    4. Hailey – as i said from 1 month ago,she's the dark horse of this competition. If she can stick with her appearance like in the duet performance-not to slutty >< and stick to blues n jazz (Alicia Keys n not the slutty Cristina Aguilera )-slow things a bit

    5. Jacob/Lauren/Stefano (this is as far as they can go)

    Jacob – with his comment "need help from the American people",hes been forgiven.

    Lauren – with her performance in the Top 8,Miley Cyrus teen fans start to like her. If she can stick to that (teens pop star), she'll definitely get the spot in the Top 5 n maybe can fight-on with Hailey for the only female in the Top 3/4.

    Stefano – like Lauren,if he can stick to his Top 8 performance (pop), he'll definitely get the spot in the Top 5.

    As the winner goes,as i was sayin a month ago its still uncertain. Because without a doubt this is the most talented group in the AI history. Everybody can win. Its a matter of their performances week,no sob story.

  53. What's going on between Haley and Stefano? Did anyone notice at the elimination last week when it was just Paul Haley and Stefano on stage, Haley tried to put her arm around Stefano and he didn't respond, just stood there with his hands behind his back. Haley then sort of rolled her eyes and moved closer to Paul who had his arm around her…very odd…

    • Just judging this on body language, but I don't think Stefano and James care much for Haley. James usually shakes hands or hugs someone when they are safe, it appears that he doesn't even acknowledge Haley.

      • My quess, James's wife has probably had something to do with that (I mean really she is HOT!) , Stepano who nows it's not a popularity contest.

    • One thing that I didn´t like about Haley earlier was that she seemed to be happy when Pia was voted off, she had a big smile on her face while the others seemed shocked. Pia wasn´t my fav in this competition but IMO she didn´t deserve that kind of reaction which she had from Haley. Haley is surely a talented singer but her behavior makes her an anti-idol to me.

      • Casey will NEVER outdo Lambert's Mad World. Casey did Mad World on most of his other songs! He looked so ANGRY. Remember the Nirvanna song? Casey was doing MAD. EeWwww

      • I watched Haley's response several times, and it looked more like disbelief than happy smile. Like she said woah, wow. I Do NOT think she was happy about it in the way you suggest.

    • Perhaps, you haven't read it yet. Haley pursued Stefano but Stefano declined her because he likes Pia better. To get revenge, Haley went to Casey instead. Go read it in Entertainment Weekly (EW) site.

      • LOL. Really? Sounds like the freaking Bold & The Beautiful. But then if Stefano’s not interested in Haley cos he prefers Pia (?) why would he care if Haley hooks up with Casey. Weirdness…nah I think there’s something else going on there. The plot thickens….

      • bull….Haley tried to put her arms around Stephano..he was petrified at the prospect that he might leave..That was pure fear and tension on his face…That's why he was stiff…

      • Nah Gautham it's def something between him and Haley cos as soon as she left to go and sit with the others he was all smiles and he happily put his arm around Paul. I'm not saying I buy the romance thing, I'm just saying that there is some weird tension b/w him and Haley.

      • Stephano and Haley never dated… His dad said that there was nothing between them and that it was a rumor started by someone on the outside…also the food that Stephano's mom cooked wasn't actually her food…It was all set up for the show…

  54. Okay Gamblers, place your bets. For I bring to you the most likely scenarios to play out in the coming weeks. Yes, once again Stephano and Jacob will be in the bottom 3 with EITHER Haley or Casey. It is of course irrelevant the order that those 3 gentlemen depart. Here now, I present Your Final Four:

    James, Lauren, Scotty and Haley will be in the Top 4. Lauren and Scotty will split the votes for “Country” and “All American Boy/Girl” (no offense meant, nice blocs of votes to have), so that only Lauren OR Scotty joins James and Haley in Top 3.

    Stay with me here. I hope it’s Scotty, because if Haley can squeeze out James (and that’s the longshot part of my theory, because James is as diverse in talent as Haley), then it’ll be Haley and Scotty. At that point Haley will get most of James’ voters, allowing her to be the New American Idol!And prettiest one since Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia (prior to the eating disorder)Sorry!

    Otherwise, your top 3 will revert to James and Scotty (post Lauren). Scotty would pick up Lauren’s voters, James will have gained Haley’s Blues and youth/middle-aged men admirers. But, it’s still 50-50 at this point.

    Stay with me. The difference will be that while most of James’ voters will vote vociferously multiple times, that 25% of Scotty’s ‘Granny Groupies’ will only vote once (“like properly finished folk should”) or not at all due to unfamiliarity with newfangled gadgets like I-phones and push-button phones that beep.

    In that case: American Idol–James!

    Two scenarios–James or Haley: Which is correct? I’m going with the dark horse Haley!

    Oh, and for you shortermers, the elimination order to get to the top 4: Jacob is out this week, AI is trying to trick us by sending Jacob to safety last week instead of Stefano–trying to build up to a 5.0 on the Pia Scale (0-10) of Drama. After Jacob leaves, then Stefano and then the Caveman. Two days to deny the Truth, then you Doubters will return to these Words of Wisdom. Bet the farm on it!

      • Agreed… Haley might be top three in your eyes, and she is getting more fans every week, but I think it's too little too late, she doesn't have the fan base to make it to the top 3, hence the amount of times she's been in the bottom three.

    • Not that I hate Haley or any thing but I am quite tired seeing her heavy make-up face, sexy clothes and her growling on stage weeks after weeks. Can she sing emotion slow ballad song and wearing some decent clothes, not moving much, for at least a week, like Pia? I'd like her to give that a try. In that case, I will acknowledge her versatility.

      • Agree! I am pretty sure the audience got a shot of her undies during her last performance… classy!

      • Can UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ just hear urself?‎​Ɣ can't she sing lik Pia?plssss,don't compare dem at all. dΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊εΜ²Μ£Μ£Μ£Μ₯γΜ²Μ£Μ£Μ₯ r 2 dif pple n its so nt nice of UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ 2 do dt.frankly,its pple lik UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ dt mak me happy Pia is gone..afterall,wt all her decent clothes n haley's sexy n skimpy clothes,haley is still in d show n Pia is NOT! Btw,‎​Ɣ nt ask nelly futardo ‎​Ɣ she can't sing lik p!nk uhn?

      • Haley's the real thing. She got music running through her veins! Do you remember hearing her parents perform? She comes by her sound and professional performance skills naturally–because she has lived with it growing up.

        Haley is a young, beautiful, happy sweet girl. I haven't reacted negatively to anything she has worn, and I'm a 63-year-old woman. So no, she is not sleazy and no, she is not trying to give you a glimpse of her underwear. My goodness, give her a break and withhold all the catty remarks. Behave like an intelligent adult!

        Is there a need for women to model themselves after Pia? Haley is not Pia, so forget it. She is her own person, and I like that vibrant, gutsy, and yes, sweet person!

        She and the other contestants are singing their hearts out, and all people seem to want to do is make snide remarks and focus on what is WRONG with them.

        There really is something to be said for looking on the positive side of things and thinking the best of people.

      • Coondog wants to get to the bottom of this undies situation. I will sniff out the truth.

      • I don't think she was smiling because she was eliminated, why read into something when you truly don't even know the person. I didn't see anything that should cause this controversy, maybe she was smiling because the other person made it. Why do people assume so much. You know what happens when you assume!!!!!

      • AGAIN I SAY: I watched Haley's reaction to Pia's elimination MANY times, and it looked more like an "I'm shocked & can't believe it " than happy smile. C'mon!

      • You know, Karl, have you considered that if someone were to tape you living your daily life 24/7 that you might not come off as a prince every moment?! Puhleeze, give people the benefit of the doubt instead of being so ready to believe the worst.

    • I'd place my bet on James and Lauren to belt it out in the finale…just a feeling though…

    • @ coondog…while your devotion to Haley is so sweet…I just do not see her beating James or Scotty for that matter. I can see Casey/Lauren and Haley vying for the # 3 spot. I will admit Haley has come a long way in the past few weeks…but realistically…James is going to win. πŸ™‚ Happy Monday.

  55. Oh my has anyone noticed Casey and the extended arm and hand placement in the above photo for this forum.

    Eye popping stuff comment meant in good fun!

  56. I'm Jacob 's Fan , but i must to tell you this

    1. I was very surprise when I watched him on "Audition -Hollywood week-…up to top 12)….The song he had performed made me tear up by his voice…

    I'm Vietnamese ,i always hope there 's nothing race in this show…. I watch him everyweek and hope he can through….

    BUT! , yes, i said but…now i havent loved his vibrato anymore…. I felt there's no atracttion to me anymore… i have to say this thing : boring :)…. sorry Jacob, I still like you, but i dont know 'bout loving ur song now….

    .However , I hope Jacob would be at the top 5 πŸ™‚

    Now The contestant who impressed me best was Casey :)….love his personality , his song , very atractted…

    thanks you 4 listen to me

  57. Paul is gone boohoo. He won't be missed.

    Steven Tyler looks more feminine each week. What's up with that? Plus he's a pushover and appears disinterested.

    Randy and J Lo are too nice too. I miss Simon. Never thought I'd say that.

    Lauren beats out Scotty in the final. Scotty too much of a one trick pony.

    Voting is skewed against females because it's primarily teeny bopper girls voting and they vote for the cutest boy (or bad boy). Also, it is a predominantly southern voting base which further skews voting. AI needs to figure out a more equitable system.

    • "AI needs to figure out a more equitable system."

      Why? The people who vote are more likely to buy the winner's music. If people can't be bothered to vote, they most likely won't bother to buy or download music either.

      • I guess that is a valid comment. I think the general population currently buying and downloading music is far greater than the teeny bopper southern girls voting on AI, however.

  58. Lauren will be the next idol. She appeals to the tweens and teens therefore making her very marketable for years to come. She is humble and a natural performer with a beautiful voice.

  59. I want to say that most of the contestants are talented in their style of music. However, I feel that Scotty has a geat country voice, but he needs to mix things up. It seems from different comments I have read people feel he is getting boring to watch. Which I am starting to feel that way too. He needs to throw a HUGE wow factor out there or he may be going home soon. James I feel is exciting to watch perform. You never know what he is going to do.However he needs to tone down the screaming and show his true vocal talent. Lauren has to me improved the most. She still has alot to learn but has improved alot. Think she will go far. Same for Haley and Stephano they are improving but have way more to learn. Casey needs knocked back to reality that yeah he may have vocals but he isnt great and that he still has alot to learn and stop thinking he knows everyting. Well Jacob he just needs to go. He needs to go home this week.

    • hi

      And your reason(valid) for saying that Casey isn't as great as he thinks is because…….

      • My thoughts are as follow. I look at each contestant and I dont say hey they got a great voice and be done. I look at how much they improve how well they can take critique and attitude. Yes I agree you need to be positive but not think you are all that and a bag of chips. To me my feelings are that yeah he may be good but to me his attitude makes him not so good.

      • But then wouldn't you agree that in a reality show where there is a particular vision for the entire episode, certain parts may have been edited for saving time or the contestants would have been asked to act or say something to enhance the overall appeal of the show..I'm not talking about casey alone..I am talking about everyone… Take Clint for eg…The decision to take out Jacee wasn't as bad as the A.I showed it to be.. Except for one girl, everyone else pretty much stood there and let him go.. Clint didn't say anything abusive or demeaning…But the cut and commentary was made in such a way that he was made the villain. A talented singer's dream was cut short right then and there for something that clearly wasn't so bad as it was portrayed. These are kids auditioning and how petty is it to completely squash a dream due to something that was insignificant. In the end neither got through. So how can you possibly judge the character of a contestant on a reality show where everything is an illusion… I don't know about you but i have studied film making and believe me when i say this…the power of the camera can distort any view and alter any perspective no matter how grounded they are.. Also now coming back to Casey…He's a jazz musician.. Jazz is extremely unique from other genres…It uses a different set of chords and chord progressions with a combination of jazz and feign notes..Some of the most difficult notes to play in Jazz are ones that sound terrible to the untrained ear… Due to this many say that the singing was off key and he wasn't hitting any proper notes… I'm not saying that Casey is the be all and end all for Jazz…Of course not… There are hundreds and thousands of people who overshadow him…But at 20 years of age, to have mastered 7 different instruments, one being the upright bass which is extremely difficult to play and to posses the musicianship he currently has is extraordinary..Ask any seasoned musician and by that i mean someone who really knows his stuff (not an average musician who happens to sing a couple of songs well) what he/she thinks of Casey.. Have you ever played an upright bass? It is not easy..Singing and harmonizing while playing it..hah!! On my best day i might hit a single good note.. The upright bass doesn't have any frets and so you really have to know exactly where to press and when to pluck…In a guitar, you have frets which guide the player on the various notes that can be played on the fretboard. Imagine playing the upright bass and singing at the same time… Do you even see him looking at the bass even a single time when he performs?…Its fine to say that yo don't find Casey appealing…You don't get jazz and so you have every right to say that you don't like him.. But with all his talents, very few people appreciate it.. So cut him some slack… If he's so talented let him believe in it.. Is he dissing you or disrespecting his fans? No he isn't. Did he say he was the best? No he didn't. he said he wantd to educate people about Jazz…People here got all riled up asking how the hell is he to teach us? Well was he so wrong? Look at all the ignorant comments written in this blog from people who clearly were brought up on a palate of auto tuned commercialized music.. Music is a living breathing least real music.. Most pop songs have the same pattern where the song starts slow, in the middle it rises up, then in the end the singer hits a long wailing note. That is fine but that is not all..Challenge the very perception of music and usher in a new era..Most people don't understand his talent and so they mock him.. James Durbin said give metal a chance…i say give real music a chance…including metal…

        P.S- Sorry for the long post… I apologize if i bored you..

      • @DavidP

        I'm sorry..Guess i'm the Jacob of writing…I go and i take off never to touch the ground again…

  60. Melissà,casey doesn't behave lik dt AT ALL.he is a rily cool guy n he is gr8.besides,you shldnt wait 4 pple to tell UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ dt ur gr8 b4 UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ start bilivin it urself.d guy is rily very cool ecen wen d judges praise him it doesn't get 2 his head one bit.btw,jacob sings very well too.infact,his songs rily touch pple(as d judges said) cos he taks his tym n sings 4rm d soul.however,i can't say a particular person is d best cos dΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊εΜ²Μ£Μ£Μ£Μ₯γΜ²Μ£Μ£Μ₯ r all very talented,evry1 of dem in deir genres.UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ certainly can't compare jazz wt metal or wt gospel or wt pop or ballard.i respect evry1 of dem.

  61. some of these comments are terrible but some are true i think james needs to stop his screaming my dog howl at his last singing

    • Lauren, James, Haley my top three in no particular order(For Now). I hope Jacob or Casey goes next.

      • I hope Lauren goes…She's boring and really doesn't bring anything extra to the table whereas every one else does.. except for stephano..but at least the dude's trying hard…

  62. Hi, it's hard to know who won but I think that Pia was not to go, my favorites are Casey, Scotty, James and Jacob are very good it's hard to decide between them…

    Good luck to all from Costa Rica

  63. I suggested earlier that James do Lambert's "Whatta Ya Want From Me." While the general consensus was negative due to political issues, one person thought that he could do a heavy metal version. Seems odd, huh? Well, I heard a country version the other day. It was remarkably good. So, perhaps the song would translate to heavy metal.

  64. I went to a Crystal Bowersox concert last night and it was fantastic. She almost overcame the gender bias thing last year because she is such a unique and talented artist. That uniqueness is (or should be) the key to who has "idol" potential. Crystal and Adam Lambert both had "it" and will not be held back by America's failure to push them over the top on AI.

    I have been listening to the performances with sound only and imagining hearing them for the first time on the radio. I highly recommend this approach to anyone who wants to pick out star quality.

    So who, in the remaining seven, has this uniqueness and talent? Pia had a great voice, but no more uniqueness than a Stepford wife. She has little chance of stardom, IMHO. Others who also have little such chance are Stefano and, I'm sorry to say, Lauren. Sorry because she is so lovable!

    Next to eliminate would be Jacob and Scotty. Jacob has unusual talent but isn't all that pleasurable to listen to. Scottie has a certain country charm, but doesn't really lead the listener to crave more or even to distinguish him from other similar country stars.

    That leave James, Haley, and Casey. In a just world they would be the last three standing. I think they all have star quality that DOES lead me to crave more.

    James has a phenomenal rocker voice and persona. When he finishes a performance, I am immediately put in the mood for more, more, more.

    Haley is very underrated. She does "crazy good" things with her perfectly in-tune voice and I'm always eager to see what she will do next. Many seem to dislike the little growl in her voice. But I think it is infectious and delightful. Her stage presence continues to grow week by week and I fully expect her to have a fabulous career.

    Casey is uber-talented and has a certain nerdy charisma and grit that I think is a huge draw. He is true to his artistic vision and succeeds in making me want to see what he'll come up with next.

    I'll consider it a successful season if any of those three wins the crown. But I don't expect it to happen this year any more than it did the past two years. We'll see…

  65. i think scotty was terrible james great as ever haley was amazing needs to win #1 lauren pretty good jacob needs to go casey was ok and stefano is underestimated hes not winning because boys are just jealous of him

  66. I don't care about the elimination night. I just like to see them singing. I mean, the guys. The only girls who had something extra was Naima. Pia is a gorgeous woman. But too corny to my taste. As for the boys, they are all amazing. I love them all. But I prefer Jacob Lusk. I feel sad to see so many people who dislike him, not because he is a bad singer, but only because he said something they disapproved. Others dislike him because he is Afro American. Really too sad. He is indeed, the best of them all, maybe the best that has ever showed up on this show.

  67. What ever happens in this competition, Casey will be the winner. He will have a world wide audience who will demand more and more!! .. Winner doesn't take it all..the one who is the most talented takes all and so happy that AI has given Casey a chance to be known world wide. He is a true artist ..and only 19 yrs old. His performances have not been any trials in this competition but performances of a true artist. Casey is the only artist who doesn't have already a million similarities in the whole wide world!

  68. yo no queria que paul se fuera!!

    mejor se hubiera ido stefano ya me harto!!

    tambien no se que hacen ahi lauren y jacob me aburren,no le encuentro nada nuevo a esa chava pero ya que

    i miss you paul!!

  69. Three years ago, Hubby and I went to Yellowstone the last week of May/first week of June. The roads were all open BUT at many “scenic turnouts” at higher elevations you couldn’t see anything except the 10 high wall of snow that still remained. The waterfalls were spectacular, with all the melting snow.

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