American Idol 2011 Top 7 Week Rankings

Let’s see how the American Idol 2011 Top 7 pulled through this past week in terms of ranking based solely on your poll results as they head in to “Songs from the 21st Century.” It was especially interesting this week to look and see where Pia Toscano’s voters might have thrown their support. While it’s impossible to know for sure who the former Pians are now supporting, there was definitely a few big gains this time around which could be attributed to the sizable portion of the vote she was holding when eliminated.

This week’s biggest gainer was Lauren Alaina. Lauren was up 8% points and for the first time had double digits in the rankings, but it still wasn’t enough to put her in this week’s top 3. The other big gain went to James Durbin who leapt from 15% way up to 21% and right on the heels of Scotty. Interestingly, Scotty doesn’t appear to have picked up any of Pia’s votes as he held steady at 23% which was good enough for first place again this week.

Although no one lost ground in the polls this week, attributable to the massive whole Pia’s elimination left in the rankings, there were a few American Idol Hopefuls who made little to no gains. Haley Reinhart sat tight at 8% again this week with no change, much like Scotty did. Jacob gained only 1% point to go from 5% to 6% while Stefano climbed only 2% points up to 10%.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing.

American Idol 2011 Top 7 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 23% (no change previous week)
  2. James Durbin – 21% (up from 15% previous week)
  3. Casey Abrams – 13% (up from 9% previous week)
  4. Lauren Alaina – 12% (up from 4% previous week)
  5. Stefano Langone – 10% (up from 8% previous week)
  6. Haley Reinhart – 8% (no change from previous week)
  7. Jacob Lusk – 6% (up from 5% previous week)

Would anyone be surprised by a Haley, Stefano, and Jacob Bottom 3 this week?

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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    • Yep! I hit 'paste' on the wrong line. Thanks for catching that.

      Post updated to reflect the correct order for Haley and Stefano. Both remain in the Bottom 3 this week.

  1. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. I have a feeling that it will be close…especially for 3rd place between Casey/Haley/Lauren. Do not really understand all the popularity for Scotty…he is good…that is a given…but so many of his performances are the same old same old..zzzzz James is the man…in my opinion. Have a feeling that either Jacob or Stefano will be going home this week…although, really cannot make a judgement until we hear and see their performances. Big shout out to Phyllis G., Sherry K., Angela, T. and all of my other James Durbin fans. Looking forward to this weeks entertainment.

    • It is a little surprising how much Scotty dominates this poll each week. I guess there's quite a large segment of country fans watching American Idol (or at least voting on this site!).

      • Maybe not all Scotty's fans are country music lovers, maybe some, like me, don't consider screaming to be singing.

    • O Ross, you can see the charisma of Scotty? He still young but really coll, remembering Michael Jackson, just by shouting only 1 word, people were screaming no matter how good or bad he sang, it's almost likely the same

      James is ok too but AI have Adam already, also he must workout, see the stomach???

      • ppl should stop saying SCotty got the most vote because of the young girls/teenages. you don't like him it doesnt mean you're old, you like him it doesnt mean you're teenagers.

        He makes ppl who is not into country music love country music. That's the fact. you find him boring. WE find JAmes boring too when he yelling and screaming in every single song.. and a lot ppl said he's Lamber wannabe…

      • Go ahead and bash Scotty all you want as he croons his way all the way through the hearts of America to become the winner of American Idol. Go Scotty! I LOVE YOU!

      • Scotty will have a carrier (cant spell) 🙂 anyway he will have a country music C, whether he wins or not, he is good and young and can learn so much. love his voice…. he will go far in country music, just watch and see.

    • rose you do not country all i have heard from james is screaming he needs to be on the screem show

      • Really, so his performances of While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Maybe I'm Amazed were only screaming? Really?

        The idiocy and blinders that some people put on never ceases to amaze me.

      • where were you when James ang Maybe I'm Amazed and While My Guitar Gently weeps…that was screaming…sorry…but I disagree…that was some beautiful and emotional singing.

    • @Rose A. — Hugs to you, Rose. And thanks for the excellent update, Matt!

      I am with you, Rose. Yes, I have voted for Scotty when he has done well, but the last performance did not impress me. Love James.

      Tired of the James/Adam comparisons. James Durbin is a hard core rocker. Adam…is not. I love Adam, but if you listen to either of his post-AI CDs (which I own), he is WAY more poppy. I call Adam's music angry runway model music…can't you picture models strutting on the runway to Fever or Strut? Adam's music is not heavy metal by any stretch of the imagination. Highly entertaining, but not metal. Not even hard rock. Listen to the stations that play Adam, all Top 40. I have never heard Adam on 98 Rock, where I hear Daughtry all the time. So, enough with the comparisons to Adam, people.

      That means you, Lona and jeffry. Learn to tell the difference between music genres.

      • Hello T. Good to see you back. And yes, I agree…Scotty did indeed start off strong…but every time he performs it sounds the same….absolutely no versatility…even some of the great country stars…past and present..Hank Williams, Sr.&Jr., Merle Haggard,Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, George Strait,Reba, Garth and Tim MsGraw are in there somewhere and the newer ones…Brad Paisley, Kieth Urban, Lady Antebellum…these stars do not all sing ballad after ballad fter ballad…come on…zzzzz James is the man to win. It will definitely be close…the Rocker vs the Country boy. 🙂

  2. Now that Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum are around, kids are moving away from hip hop and rap and going over more to country because it's more melodic and generally tells a story. Lauren and Scotty bring someone they can relate to into the spotlight.

    • @ Templar…You do make a good point… I am not a big fan of Taylor..but I do like Lady Antebellum..and most of the younger country fans are definitely voting for Scotty "McHottie"…although I don't see it…maybe I am just too old…lol… James is the man… :-)My husband is the "Country Soul" and I am the old hippie Rocker…lol

      • @ Gautham…yes…rockers are awesome people…I just remember the days of Led Zepplin, Ozzy and a whole bunch of them…that was my era. 🙂

      • what i would give to live in the era of the maiden, sabbath and the zeppelin… Unfortunately i was born in the late eighties and that too in the wrong part of the world…

        Oh well…. 😀

      • Gautham ~ You did miss out man. I was born in the early 70's and while both of my parents listened to Country music (thus I got a healthy dose and a taste for it) I also grew up to some of the greatest Rock music of all time. They were good times dude. 🙂

  3. too much hype for lauren alaina. she's too forgettable.

    i like stefano, hailey, and james.

    but overall, i think james should win the entire thing.

  4. I do think Scotty is amazing at what he does but James & Casey (Casey being the most musically talented…. EVER) should take the competition. My one big point is that every winner of AI in the last 3 years has been a boring boy with a guitar and with that in mind the person who comes 2nd sometimes does better than the winner…. Adam Lambert anyone? It really doesn't matter who wins as long as your heart wants the fame. That's where Paul and James will conquer.

    • Paul will be very forgetable in the coming year, hardly no one will buy his CD's. he will drift away from the lime lite. so will Casey, he is just bad, terrible.

      • Shelly, I agree wuith you 100%. All those you mentioned might putoput albums. But, like many Amrican Idols from the past, they will be forgotten by the time Football season starts.

  5. They call them performance poll ratings, but they're just POPULARITY poll ratings. The only people deemed worthy enough to give a performance rating would be the 3 judges. All the voters are picking are who they LIKE best!

  6. go James durbin love the rock he is not boring i hope he goes all the way and dose a AC/DC song i for 1 will be buying his album

  7. I am truly surprised Haley has not worked her way to the number 3 spot in the polls. She has that gravely, bluesy voice that I love and is by FAR, the cutest girl left, if that is important to some. And the way she sang on elimination night was awesome. I have here as my #3 choice and moving up a bit each week. She is bottom three to many. But I think she is far better than Casey, Stepano or Jacob.

    • Haley is pretty polarized. A lot of people like her but a lot of people also blame her for their favorites leaving because in their mind she should have said 'Don't let that person go home I should go home instead.' I'm hoping Haley makes it past the next few weeks, but it's getting down to the nitty gritty people. Anyone can go home if they don't get enough votes so vote vote vote. Don't let your favorites leave this week (and Haley) 😀

      • David P, Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? would you, if in the position to maybe win fame & fortune, say "I should go home becauseDavid P. thinks I'm not as good as someone else?" You're kidding, right??

      • Agreed, littlered hen. Besides, how can you blame the contestant for how voters vote (or not)? Nah, I think a lot of voters on these polls are simply a lot dumber (or deafer) than I am! 🙂 (I see stupid people!!) Jk, jk. . . . Well, ttytt . . .

      • Look Red, I think you need to take a class in reading comprehension. No I do not think any of the contestants should do such a thing. But a lot of people have expressed such feelings for Haley. You obviously think because you don't like some people they should go home making you not only terrible at reading comprehension but also an asshat, 🙂

      • Litttleredhen … You are "playing" dumb, right. Surly you know David P was referring to the idiot group of voters the want to put Haley down, because she forgot to show just the right amount of crocodile tears on one given night when another fellow bottom 3 performer was eliminated and Haley passed. I thought David comments were funny and spot on.

      • Well, I guess I am an idiot, too, David P, because I didn't "get it." Sorry! I couldn't fathom the logic there at all.

    • I agree with you Steve. Is Haley that bad? She has come a long way since the beginning. And as you say, she moves up a bit each week with me too.

      • Haley has won me over the last few weeks, she went from the bottom of the pack to the top 4 in my opinion. She is the one contestant who is consistently growing & improving. Something we haven't seen as much this season with the judges being less critical & more like cheerleaders.

        I am also looking forward to what Stefano does this week. I have expected him to leave 2 weeks in a row until last week. I think he did outstanding last week. I am curious to see if he can do it again.

    • Steve Fox,

      You should be suprised. Thank the teeny boppers for that. American Idols voting system MUST CHANGE. The true musicians are the ones that need to be on top.

      The true American Idol Top 7 should be as follows

      Pia Toscano

      Jacob Lusk

      Hailey Reinhart

      Casey Abrams

      James Durbin

      Lauren Alaina

      SOPHIA SHORAI <– Kicked off the show WAY too early because of her mother's terrorist ties.

      • I think that her duet with Casey last week should pull her up in the polls some, unless she doesn't do well this week, but she is improving every week. I don't think she'll be able to make the top 3… Top 5? I think so.

      • -I loved Sophia…..I thought she was the best female singer in the competition…It was so sad to see her go…I hope she gets a brilliant career…check out her original song on youtube… Just type in "SOPHIA SHORAI" and you'll find a video with her playing a piano…She sings better than any of the existing female singers including the ones who got eliminated…. Please check out her video and support her….

      • To Pup

        Not Islamic terrorists… She was basically a rebel who had a part in a bombing…Sophia has so much soul in her know she went through a lot…She was way better than any female contestant who got into the final 24…

      • @ Gautham. Thanks for filling me in. I somehow missed that. But I certainly will try YouTube to see if they still have something with her singing. Where someone came from is not as important as where they are heading.

      • Pup

        There is one video of hers on you tube..just type her full name and look for a video with her name as the title…she will be playing piano in it…You have to check out her singing.. its soothing and clear…

    • I am and have always been a Haley fan. I am mystified at the negative reaction to her, and the lack of support. I have never been a fan of shrill supranos or very many female singers in general, but I really do enjoy listening to her. I hope she goes on to record after AI. I do like Casey as well, I like the jazz and blues that he and Haley bring. To me the others are good, but I'd never spend money to listen to them.

    • Haley is way better than JACOB, PAUL, CASEY, and then Stefano, (but i do like him). she is cute and sings very well and has stage pressence. yea Haley. My fav is Lauren though because Im country all the way. (mostly), but I like James and I really liked Adam.

      • Haley has been my favorite for a long time now. Proud to admit that Haley gets most of my votes.

        I really like Lauren, but disliked her performance and song choice last Wed. She is not as even as I'd like. I know she is young and all that, still, I think we always need to be looking to give our votes to whomever does the best (in our own ears). And THEN, well, what did she do but then sing so damned fine again in that duet (where she dimmed Scotty's lights considerably) that she knocked me out.

        Course my girl Haley took center stage with her just outstanding singing in the duet with Casey.

        So thrilled to have two unbelievable female contenders!! I love it!!

        Love James' and Stefano's voices, too–and like them both as people, as well.

        Admire Casey's musical taste and skills, but not a huge fan of his actual voice nine times out of ten. I could go on about his grimaces and grunts, but I'll let that go. Trying to keep this strictly on what each singer does vocally.

        Dislike Jacob's style intensely, even though I see little sparkles of miraculous stuff in there. Hope he gets someone to help him figure out to do with his skills.

      • Oops, I forgot about Scotty! He's in the country corner, where I don't usually sit. I do think he has tons of talent, though. Just doesn't do a whole lot for me, personally.

      • Shelly, like you I am a country fan as well. But, it it hard for me to not see tha Haley, in my viewpoint is a much better and more gifted singer than Lauren. But that might be because, even though I am a country fan, I have always likes bluesy female vocaist.

  8. Hello

    My 2 favorites are on the top. I just love country and as I was younger I was and still love heavy metal, brings back good memories. I would definitely buy albums from both of them.

    thank you

  9. I am glad to see some gain in the polls and that there were either more fans gained or others spread out their votes.

    @ Templar, I agree that there are alot of great new artists in country music today but Scotty is not bringing anything new to the stage. As for music telling a story no Genre has that cornered, I ask you to check out Time Waits For No One by Black Label Society. Which is sang by Zakk Wylde who was the guitarist last week.

    • Wellen, I agree Scotty isn't bringing anything new to country except a fresh face in the same age group as the kids who are coming over to country. Also, someone on another thread said that they had started listening to country since seeing Scotty and Lauren on Idol, because they understood all of the lyrics, which are sometimes hard to understand with other genres. I'm not sure if they were referring to clarity of pronunciation or the meaning of the song.

      • @ Templar, very understandable point. I know that there are some of my favorite songs that I have had to look up the lyrics to.

      • Some of the old great time country story tellers…Tom T. Hall and even Johnny Cash to some extent do not seem to be popular anymore. And I seriously doubt Scotty could pull any of that off nor would I want him to even try..still think he needs to do something a little different…Toby Keith, Kieth Urban or even sing one of the newer songs out…"Are you gonna Kiss me or not"…can't remember who it is by?? I still like James and that is where my votes go…Looking forward to seeing what happens this week. 🙂

      • Rose: you're right. Some really great ones are gone. There are some newer storytellers coming along now and I hope the trend continues. I'm referring to Emerson Drive [ their "I've Had My Moments" is worthy of Kris Kristofferson], and some Chris Young [White Lightning etc.].

  10. Lauren seems to have picked up quite a few of the Pia votes. Her first time above like 7-8% and her performance was arguably one of the worst of the night. This may be the beginning of her rise to top 3 🙁

    • Lauren is very talented for her age, she has growth, and she is cute and can sing and perform. and looks nice. She picked a bad song last week with a Miley song. (although I love it when Miley sings it. Lauren will keep rising, she is great

      • People on this board keep saying Laren is "cute". I just do not get that. She reminds me of that Miss Piggy puppet charector

      • Steve, what you said wasn't terrible, but it was still kinda mean. Lauren's actually a very pretty young girl. (And remember, the camera adds 10 lb.)

        I tell you, when I think of all the really nasty posts on here about the contestants, it just breaks my heart if any of them or their family members came upon them. Let's let these kids follow their dreams and work things out for themselves about how they want to mature into adults.

      • Tim, why are you hating on Pia? Plastic Barbie? Get real!!!!! She did the best she could and she was voted off. Time to leave her alone. Pia is a whole lot more pleasing to the eye than Lauren.

  11. How can people continue to say that Scotty is the most talented preformer on this show. This cannot logically be the case. Hear me out for a moment. Scotty continues to use his one trick, a low voice that is not difficult to pull off (karaoke singers do it all the time), to his advantage.

    Scotty continues to survive on this show because he is riding the teeny bopper wave to stardom. There is no other musically logical explanation. America is not out of touch with music by any means. American Idol's fanbase is simply dominated by 12-19 year old girls that are starstruck by Scotty's looks and strut. They then do anything and everything in their power to vote for him.

    Shame on American Idol for allowing the fan base to exploit this obvious loophole. I am promising you that the show's rules will change next year.

    The fact that Pia and Karen Rodrigez were eliminated before Paul and Scotty makes no musical sense.

    Folks, American Idol was originally designed as a "SINGING COMPETITION" Pia obviously had the best voice, BY FAR.

    You can say all you want about how she didnt walk around the stage during her preformances…thats because she didnt have to. The audience was already mesmerized the minute she opened her mouth.

    Its a fact, teenage girls dont vote for girls.

    Its a fact, Americas fanbase is skewed disturbingly by teenage girls, and American IDOL MUST modify the voting system to reflect this.

    • I guess you missed the huge neon green sign that read "Grandma's love Scotty" didn't ya?! Nice try with just the young teens love Scotty – blah blah blah.. and quit crying Pia is gone and she is not coming back. I loved her voice as well and she really did have the best voice but she is already out of the competition so move on already. Haley sucks, Stephano is good but doesnt seem to get votes, Jacob lacks appeal to all age groups… top 4 – Lauren, Scotty, James, and Casey…

      • I am 42 years old and I like Scotty. Steve, dear, I understand that you are very upset for Pia's early leave, but this is an AMERICAN IDOL competition and not a singing – only- one. I did like Pia, no doubt she is a good singer, but as Someone said, she is gone. As for Karen, she was not for the top 12, there were more better singer and also better looking if you do not mind me saying. And to come back to Scotty, I would have really really like to see other singer touch those lower notes, after Jonny Cash. Every time after a performance I try to listen to the original version of the song, sung by a famous person, and after I judge. I gave also credits to Lauren, she is also good. I could tell that I started to like better Lauren than Carrie. You are wellcome to judge and to vote whomever you like but do not judge others who vote. After all, the name is AI and not MyOwnIdol.

      • Gaby,

        Thats the point. Scotty cant make a song his own.

        He sings a song like George Strait, like Tim Mcgraw, like Elvis. Its a good karaoke performance. He cant make a Scotty song.

        Did you see Casey and Hailey sing Moanin? That was out of this world. Jazz music is the toughest egg to crack and those young musicians nailed it. Lets see Scotty sing that.

    • I would have to disagree with you on the whole voting thing its just not 12-19 year olds voting for scotty. Scotty is very talented and i find he gives one of the best peformances every week and if i lived in the USA i would vote for him because of how talented he is not because of hes looks

    • I think in you opinion:

      "Every thing that I don't like is the worst"

      Why Scotty is in top every week?

      because of the teenagers?

      OK. maybe you are right and teenagers love him so much that make him top in every site and in everyweek.

      he touched their soul.

      But I'm 42 and I like him. he doesn't sing good every week but at the end a lot of people choose him for reasons you don't understand.

      • Think about this for a second…

        Country music fans ARE voting for Scotty and Lauren. Not just teeny boppers. The South is very passionate about Country music. All ages are voting for Scotty.

      • How could you get "Everything I dont like is the worst" out of my post?

        I am a musician myself, and while I will admit that I do not like country music…I vote for Lauren because of her versatility.

        Its not just that Scotty touches the teenagers soul…its that they ignore the other preformances that are OBVIOUSLY better.

        My argument, and I think it is a good one, is that Scotty has no versatility.

        Scotty has no range, Everyone else still in the competition does.

        Scotty has no power in his voice. Everyone else in the competition does.

        Scotty does NOT have near the Charisma of James or Hailey or Casey. Not even on the same planet.

        What Scotty has is the teenage groupie vote.

        I agree that country music is a driving force in the UNited States. BUt frankly, I would be complaining if there was a rocker on the show that didnt have any versatility.


        Its obvious to everyone who the more talented musicians are.

        Go back and look at previous preformances by the following artists on AI 2011.

        Sophia Shorai

        Jacqualine Dunsford

        Karen Rodrigez

        If you have any sort of musical expertise at all, you would see how much more talented these individuals are than SCOTTY.

      • Lori, you are exactly right. Country music is family oriented. It is loved by all ages. Everyone from Grandma to the youngest children sing along. The lyrics relate to their own life. Good parents do not have to worry about profanity and the ugliness pushed on children from some of the other popular music. Country music, once known as the music of the South, has branched out to include the whole nation and other countries as well, as it speaks to families everywhere. I challenge you to tune into CMT and watch videos or turn to a country station on your radio and listen with an open mind. You might just find out why Country is speaking so loudly.

      • Well I am 50 and I adore Scotty. If he had a CD out right now I would stand in line to buy it. His voice is exactly what country is all about and he can give the younger girls what they desire in country music too. He is the whole picture. The fact that he is a grandmas boy makes him even more likeable especially to us grandmas. So go Scotty go!!!!

      • OH Steve, once again – are you kidding me?!?! Scotty has no versatility but you are telling me that James does?!?! We must not be watching the same show. Scream SCREAM SCREAM… oh and let me see… Jacob – same EVERY WEEK, and let me look at Haley with that darn low growly thing every other word that comes out of her mouth… your arugement is still lacking to me… everyone is (as J-lo calls it) "in their lane".

      • Steve, Karen is not someone I would have pointed to with loads of singing talent. She was just okay in my opinion. I'll gave to listen to the other two when I have time. Don't remember either!

    • Scotty will do very well in country music, ok he may sound like the singers he is singing but what choice does he really have, when he makes his own he will make it big in country music. Haley is very talented and a excellent performer. Pia could sing but she was boring. Jacob is terrible the worst is Casey. who would buy his CD's let alone pay to see a performance. When AI tour goes out I can bet the sales will not be good this year.

      • Steve, I am afraid you are wrong – not only teens vote for Scotty. I am in the 60's and I vote for Scotty. I fell in love with his low notes. And he gas not used that low notes the last two weeks. I agree he did not do well last week, but he is still my boy. Haley is a performer, but I am afraid she made that growley voice up. It's not genuine.

    • I think he has a valid point and here is why. I know that Country music is wonderful, I listen to country artists everyday. Everyday! I have some of my favorites on my Wake up Playlist. According to the Recording Industry Association of America Garth Brooks is the 2nd best Solo performer behind Elvis Presley, yes a country singer. With Led Zepplin in 4th place and the Beatles in first.

      But I also know that MOST of you who post here and talk about Scotty are not the ones we are referring to. I have reffered to the teens that will vote as many times possible on the phone, on the net, on their friends phone and every way they can. Look at some of the polls on here, Scotty in the lead by 45% and the show hasnt even started yet. He could come out and Fart on the mic and not be in the bottom 3. In fact it would probably boost him some, <> But you get my meaning.

      I am not trying to make anyone up set here, and I know you want your votes to count but I think that if all of us above 20 couldnt vote he would have an even higher percentage. Because, not taking away from the younger generation, alot of them have gotten used to the cover of the book and not what is inside of it and they have the resources to influence votes to such a degree, now that most kids over the age of 12 have a cell phone with internet access.

      I agree that there should be a max of 10 votes per phone number and no online voting. But they have that cap higher to show the huge numbers to show a boost in viewers. 50 million is a HUGE number.

      • @ Wellen…I agree with you. The voting is out of control. I have mentioned before several times that AI may need to take a cue from DWTS where the voting is limited to one half hour after the show and if one does vote on line they are only allowed a certain number of votes per night. It is amazing how one week Ryan will announce that AI recieved 50 million votes and the next week (when Pia was voted off) he did not even mention how many votes were recieved but the following week – last week, the number had climbed up to 55 million…go figure-!!! James to win. 🙂

      • LOL, okay, the farting on the mic number was funny… but yeah, I agree with you. And I say this as somebody that actually likes Scotty (He and Lauren are kinda tied for my third favorite in the competition right now, I might have to give the edge to Lauren becuause she has shown more versatility, but Scotty has been more consistant.. so yeah, heard to call) but it is rediculous that he has so many votes on the poll before the nights performances even start, it just shows that many folks have already made up their minds and honestly have put on their blinders to what is happening.

        Personally I think there are several up-tempo great country songs out there that I would love to see Scotty take on. I don't know if he could nail them, but if he can, and he shows that he can energize an audience as well as mellow them out, then that will go a long way towards silencing his doubters… but he has to take that step and choose a couple of those songs, until he does that, people will continue to toss out the "one-trick-pony" label.

  12. I am from the UK and we don't get country music for this reason alone Scotty fascinates me.

    • Really? I've just come back from the Lake District and the places we went had quite a bit of country music in the pubs. Everything from Don Williams to Brad Paisley. And Bon Jovi's country CD.

    • I am from Finland and we dont´t get country music either – of that reason I think everything Scotty does sounds the same to me .. I never find any nuances. I just can´t get his popularity 🙂

  13. Haley needs to step up another notch to avoid getting lost in Bottom Three World. She's got the goods to last for at least two and maybe even three more weeks. Fan base will never let her get any further than that. In the meantime she seems to be finding a groove.

    • I agree, Haley is really good and talented. better than Casey for sure and better than Jacob for sure.

    • Agreed, with Haley it is all about song selection. When she picks a good song, she is phenominal, when she doesn't, she falls flat. If she can start nailing songs like she did with "Take Another Piece of my Heart" then she can push alot deeper into this competition.. if not… then her run is rapidly coming to a close on this show.

      • On what song did Haley fall flat? I honestly have never heard her sing a song I didn't love!

      • I don't care WHAT these very narrow polls show. I am betting all my chips on Haley!!! Only because to my ear, she is the best.

      • "Call Me" (which I thought she was gonna rock, but Blondie just didn't seem to work for her, it was a fun performance, but vocally it just didn't work for me) and "Bennie and the Jets" which just felt awkward and forced like she didn't feel comfortable on the stage.

        I like her, and I hope that she picks the right songs for her from here on out, because she has a ton of talent, she just needs the right songs to showcase it.

      • kdub, guess my ears hear things differently. I couldn't disagree with you more about Haley's success with "Bennie and The Jets." Wow, remember her sitting on the piano? I thought she looked really cool and performed spot on!! I also loved "Call Me." I felt the judges were extremely harsh to her that night–and guessed because it wasn't a "meaty" song. When I hear people repeat what the judges said (you did not), I think they are just using their words as gospel to prop up their own favorites–rather than really objectively comparing the performances. I thought it was a really upbeat performance and I really loved it. (I was actually read to strangle the judges, and Randy in particular when I heard what he had to say.) Still irritates me when I think about it. And they did the same thing when she sang "Fallin'" which was flipping fabulous!!

        So, no I don't hear faults–I just hear her powerful, rich, incredibly bluesy voice–which I love.

        And I still say she hasn't improved over the weeks. She's been this good all along–it's just that people's focus was elsewhere for whatever reason. Not mine! Haley deserves the spotlight as far as I am concerned.

  14. Being down in South Africa, I've only seen a few episodes of a few Idols series. They've been incredible. But… Then 2011 exploded onto our screens.

    I didn't know it was possible for so many untrained singers to be so awesome! At this stage, my money is on Scotty. Can't wait for his first CD!

    Well done to all involved. I'm hooled for life!

  15. Being down in South Africa, I've only seen a few episodes of a few Idols series. They've been incredible. But… Then 2011 exploded onto our screens.

    I didn't know it was possible for so many untrained singers to be so awesome! At this stage, my money is on Scotty. Can't wait for his first CD!

    Well done to all involved. I'm hooked for life!

    • If it wasn't for Scotty I wouldn't have known I am a country music fun. I have lived for years in Europe, very close to classic music like Chopin and Bethoven and from time to time listen to some disco music. I have had very easy remembered and sing hard parts, like "Romeo and Juliet" and "Declaration of Love" by Chopin but it was very hard to digest and sing "I told you so" by Randy Travis. This how new I am in country music. So, to make it short, if American Idol did not allow country music singer, Scotty would have not compete and I would have not become a fun. I would have ended up voting for Paul as his voice is close to Rod Stewart. Meanwhile, I came to also like Scotty for he is smart also. He takes songs that are not very well sing and he make them better, except maybe the last one from the movie. I think he will not sing very soon something that Johnny Cash used to sing, because JC was so good in what he was doing. This is called playing smart, and i like Scotty for that.

      • Kinda… yeah, taking on a George Strait song was a huge risk, and in that song, Scotty definitely showed that while he is talented as all get out, he has alot of work to do. George Strait is a legend and arguably one of the best country crooners of all time. It was a very very tall order and Scotty didn't quite measure up this time. (given time and some more training, he might get there someday though, the kid has tons of potential.) But he is better off at the moment not trying to tackle the legends quite yet… although personally, I'd kinda like to see him try a Johnny Cash song. Cash is covered so often that the aura of "ohhhh, dont try that, that song will destroy you" just isn't there even though he was an amazing legendary musician.

      • kdub: I think you're right about the George Strait thing. What Scotty needs to do is take a great song by a not so great singer and make it better. Kris Kristofferson is a fabulous songwriter, but a crap singer. I'd like Scotty to take on "Bobby McGee" or "Why Me Lord?". Even "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" would be sensational.

      • Templar ~ I agree that they would be very solid choices for him. Granted it goes against my desire of hearin Scotty crank up the tempo with something upbeat, but he would definitely be great on those Kristofferson tunes.

    • @ suz….to some extent you are right…There is a new show on CMT that is focused on finding the next country singing star…have not seen it so I really do not know much about it.

  16. you know pia and paul are gone so lets get on with the show the well be alright as for people running down country music i think you all need to study history more all the singers this year are good

    • yes, ALL the singers are good this year!! that's the point!

      haha… try a history lesson in gospel, soul and blues…. see where that leads you

      • When will we have a "Gospel Week"? That would be awesome! I think everyone would do well in that genre (well, maybe not James–but screaming is allowed, I guess)

  17. I love all singers, but I think that Scott will be the winner! He is amazing!


  18. I hope Scotty, James, and Lauren are the top 3. I think they are the best.

    Haley uses sex appeal to distract from her so-so voice.

    Casey is creepy weird. Gives me the wiilys.

    I like Jacob and Stefano, just don't think they can make it to the top.

    America, please vote Haley and Casey off next! PLEASE!

    • Casey is really creepy wierd , really yuck I dont understand his votes and his wierdness. and Jacob is also wierd

      • You think Casey & Jacob are weird??? Clearly you haven't been seeing or listining to James.

        That dude is beyond weird!!

      • James has an amazing voice though! His voice is powerful and he is always on key…….I love his range.

      • Ok Kim, either you are a fail troll and I'm about to lose some fingers or you are slightly delirious. James is very rarely on key and he distracts from his so-so voice more than Haley does with his fancy lights and the fact he gets to have famous people play back up for him. The guy can give a performance but his voice isn't that great.

  19. How can people continue to say that Scotty is the most talented preformer on this show. This cannot logically be the case. Hear me out for a moment. Scotty continues to use his one trick, a low voice that is not difficult to pull off (karaoke singers do it all the time), to his advantage.

    Scotty continues to survive on this show because he is riding the teeny bopper wave to stardom. There is no other musically logical explanation. America is not out of touch with music by any means. American Idol’s fanbase is simply dominated by 12-19 year old girls that are starstruck by Scotty’s looks and strut. They then do anything and everything in their power to vote for him.

    Shame on American Idol for allowing the fan base to exploit this obvious loophole. I am promising you that the show’s rules will change next year.

    The fact that Pia and Karen Rodrigez were eliminated before Paul and Scotty makes no musical sense.

    Folks, American Idol was originally designed as a “SINGING COMPETITION” Pia obviously had the best voice, BY FAR.

    You can say all you want about how she didnt walk around the stage during her preformances…thats because she didnt have to. The audience was already mesmerized the minute she opened her mouth.

    Its a fact, teenage girls dont vote for girls.

    Its a fact, Americas fanbase is skewed disturbingly by teenage girls, and American IDOL MUST modify the voting system to reflect this.

    • Saying all the same things twice doent make them right. Lots of middle aged middle America is voting for Scotty because his music is something they like and they like the way he does it, singing, not screaming. It's clean, musical, not just loud, and it's also understandable.

      • Connie. Thats called Bias. You vote for the most talented, not because you like the Genre of music better. You want musical? Listen to Sophia Shorai. Thia Megia, Hailey Reinhardt, the list goes on and on.

    • Steve, You are correct, in that, AI was in the beginning a "Singing Competition. However in the ten years that have past, AI has evolved. Not necesarily because the AI producers wanted it to, but because the American people wanted more. The "complete package" as it has been refered to many, many times. Pia does have a great voice, but America didn't want her on AI anymore so we didn;t vote for her. There are those who truly found her to be boring. The cameras were always zooming in on her mouth because that was the highlight of her performances. I have not missed her upper pallet in HD not one bit. I wish her well, & hope that you will move on or seek the therapy required to do so.

  20. I am a musician myself, and while I will admit that I do not like country music…I vote for Lauren because of her versatility.

    Its not just that Scotty touches the teenagers soul…its that they ignore the other preformances that are OBVIOUSLY better.

    My argument, and I think it is a good one, is that Scotty has no versatility.

    Scotty has no range, Everyone else still in the competition does.

    Scotty has no power in his voice. Everyone else in the competition does.

    Scotty does NOT have near the Charisma of James or Hailey or Casey. Not even on the same planet.

    What Scotty has is the teenage groupie vote.

    I agree that country music is a driving force in the UNited States. BUt frankly, I would be complaining if there was a rocker on the show that didnt have any versatility.


    Its obvious to everyone who the more talented musicians are.

    Go back and look at previous preformances by the following artists on AI 2011.

    Sophia Shorai

    Jacqualine Dunsford

    Karen Rodrigez

    If you have any sort of musical expertise at all, you would see how much more talented these individuals are than SCOTTY.

      • Just want to add, I think we need to lay some of the blame on the judges. There is absolutely NO constructive criticism this year. NONE NADA

      • Suz is right–they liked almost everything. The worst they said was just maybe not the best song choice or a little pitchy. A lot of people like that they are kinder though.

      • I agree the judges are not being judges they are not offering advice only your so good, I got goose bumps and steven tyler is to stoned to notice anything except a short skirt.

      • I agree with Suz about the judges. When J-Lo said that we want them to be tough, but they can't because everybody is so "gosh darn good" I actually stared at my TV with the Big-eye/little eye stare in amazement. Some of the craptastic performances that they have heaped adoration upon absolutely amazes me. I am a fan of Jazz and a fan of CCR, but Caseys last 2 weeks of "performances" have left me wanting to throw something heavy through my television at him. lol But both performances got rave reviews from these "judges". And those have been far from the only ones, but if I mentioned all of them, this would turn from a post into a novel.

      • Steve I have to say that it tickles me that Scotty staying in first place has got your dice in a vise. Go Scotty!

    • Steve has a great point. There aren't any other candidates really for the teeny bopper vote which is a huge influence on who goes home. I don't think that's the only people who are voting for him. He has all the grandma's and country fans. But I feel these people are voting just as blindly as the teenage girls. They vote for him because he's from the south, because he wears a cross like a good christian kid and because he sings country. No matter how good or how terrible his performance is (this last week was prolly his worst peformance ever and he's still at the top)they vote for him anyway.

    • like Pia i don't care who and what anyone says somewhere someone made a big mistake the biggest since American idol started.She would have won.maybe someone miscounted it or didn't want the most beautiful voice and girl to win because she is stunning had the whole package.I'm glad she has agents and producers calling her and the biggest known producers and agents.see someone messed it up on purpose i think.Well my favorite now is James not Scottie James is so much better and is so talented and fantastic so America vote for him he is the best

  21. I could listen to Scotty's sing all day. I love his deep voice and his boyish, kind looking face. I do hope he wins cause I will be first in line to buy his recordigs.

      • I do hate to repeat myself. However since I mispelled a word in my afore post. Steve, you need serious therapy for that which is holding you're mind hostage.


  22. My gosh!! Steve is so on the money!!

    America never gets it right, year after year, the winner goes on to what ? NOTHING!! Because they weren't the most talented!! 2010 Chris who?? 2011 Scotty who?

    • Some of the people simply don't like the type of music that James does anymore than they liked Adam. It's definitely performing, but it's not necessarily singing, anymore. Anybody would look good with the famous guitar player James used last week. Scotty should get Trisha Yearwood to sing with him–it would be just as fair.

      • @Connie, I would bet that If he were asked Zakk Wylde would be more that capable of playing Guitar for any of them. He did not SING with Scotty. That is the difference, i would agree that ANY muscian who wanted to play with one of those people could. And Scotty could not handle standing next to her, he would be drowned out in the Duet like he is every time he is in one.

    • Kris Allen won in 2010 because he's a handsome, clean-cut, talented young man. But the showman was clearly Adam, and I thought he would win from the first week I saw him. Adam lost because the Rigid Right gasped when they feared that he was gay. Fortunately, his career has jump started anyway. In fact, he probably benefitted from not having to comply with AI commitments if you win.

      • If you check the success of Idol contestants, Kris Allen is ahead of Adam Lambert in the Neilson Ratings American Idol. That is a fact. However I loved Adam Lambert.

      • Adam was talented from the get go. i loved for AI to come on so I could see Adam perform. Now James, I enjoy watching sing as he is good. but not the performer that Adam was.

      • I believe that Kris Allen won in 2009 beating out Adam Lambert (so sad) and Lee Dewyze won last year 2010 beating out Crystal Bowersox…and other than his weak performance this season…we have not heard much from either of them.

      • I'm not sure about worldwide sales, but According to the Billboard site, over the year 2010 Kris Allens album was at #115 on the US Billboard 200 overall. Adam Lamberts album (both albums were released at about the same time) was at #29 on the Billboard 200 overall for the same year. I don't have the Worldwide numbers, but that is a significant difference just stateside.

      • Kris won because I think he was able to connect with more people than Adam. As awesome as Adam is he was always a bit out there which may have turned some people off. Kris is doing Christian Rock which a very small % of people listen to but that's what he wants to do and I think he's doing fairly well for himself with the genre he has made his own.

        Lee DeWyze is just terrible anyway. It just shows how terrible a season it was that he actually won.

      • geeez…proves my point…forgot all about Lee for 2010 .Kris was 2009. yep…real memorable winners I must say… they win, but they go nowhere…because they are NOT TALENTED

      • Kris won largely thanks to Adam who openly admitted he's gay before the final…which put a lot of conservative minded people or anti-gay to vote for Kris!

      • Adam is more famous than Kris worldwide…he recently released his first concert tour dvd & cd, but where's Kris?? none!! He's as busy as….sitting out as AI audience recently!!

  23. I think there is more talent this year than in the previous 10 years. I believe personally, it comes from the professional judges, They really found some outstanding talent. I was disappoint that Paul left, he was my personal favorite, I think Stefano is a very talented young man, with an amazing story. So is James, and I am voting for either one of these two guys to make it all the way. Jacob is tough to watch., yes, he has a gift, but not good to watch while singing. Scotty is an all american looking kid, and I wish him well, Lauren is very good, and of course there's Haley, she's come a long way. It's really hard to vote on Wednesdaynights. They are all so very talented. I think most of them will end up in the entertainment world.

    • I sure hope, Scotty and James and Haley, and Lauren and Stefano end up doing very well they are all so good. The others can fade away. Like 2010, Chris Allen and Adam Lambert who else do you remember from that season. the year before, David Cook, and David Archileta spelled wrong 🙂 David cook is great other David no where, but who else do you remember, anyone.

      • oops have wrong dates, the year before was adam and Chris, last year was cant think, mama sox or yeah crystal and Leigh where are they and they the year befor was the Davids, I think….

      • David Archuleta has done pretty well and he’s very young so we probably haven’t heard the last of him. Brooke White has to be my all time favorite contestant on American Idol. She’s real, ya know? I’m not quite sure how to explain it.

  24. After Casey's last jazzy song I think he is the most talented of them all and should win American Idol.

  25. My favorite is Scottie . My least favorite is James Durbin, followed byJacob Lusk.

      • And tell why Charles Bradsher has to justify his perferences to YOU? Are you know all, see all?

      • I am simply asking the question. No need to be rude. I havent seen one good reason why Scotty should even still be in the competition, let alone win the whole thing.

      • I agree…why? I stated my reasons on why James should win and all I hear about Scotty is that he is country and has a deep voice or that he is Scotty McHottie…oh puleeze…is that his talent??? just asking.

      • Steve, don't worry about red, most of her comments on here are either James hating or just being rude to people, don't sweat her, just don't feed the trolls. 🙂 Know that if you had asked the question in regards to a performer she didn't dispise for some reason, she wouldn't have snapped at you like that most likely.

    • He's already knocked us over…from boredom. He's gonna have to do something pretty amazing to make us sit up and take notice…not something 'nice' and 'good' , but something really really amazing!

      • Well, even if they put a cardboard copy of him on stage, they won't notice the different & still vote for him anyway!

      • Im just waiting for him to play the mic like a flute the way he holds it. That would wake me up.

  26. James you rock you can sing anything and you are fantastic.we need a new rock in roller and your the will win you are great .fantastic go you will go far

    • Don't you hate these people who try to make a point by sending such terrible posts?? In your 33 word post, you made at least 10 errors! Either grammer or punctuation. Pretty sorry that your generation is so scholasticly challenged!

  27. I used to really like scotty (not my favourite) but hes getting boring. He needs to step it up a notch.I like counrty music but hes starting to fall in the counrty trang where every beat sounds the same. He also needs to hang on to the mic different I hate the way he does that.

    Jacob needs to go this week I dont understand why he is still there. Casey after that. I do like him some weeks but last week was god awful. The girls are doing great, they hae great stage performance. It would be nice to see a girl win this year but I think its going to be tuff. I think james is great He can sing a variety of different songs Heavy meatal, slow songs he can sing anything. I bet he could even do great at county if he had to. I cant see scotty doing heavy metal?? I like the idols that sing dirrerent every week not the some old thing. Cant wait till wed.

    • Good by to Jacob and Casey, the rest are talented and need a chance to win and get carrers

      • I disagree shelly. Casey is the most talented and James. Lauren is right up there too. Scotty is good and I really liked Paul as for the others no votes from me. I really want to see Stafano leave and Haley.

    • I used to think Scotty was pretty good. But now I can't even distinguish between each of the songs he sings (besides the Elvis one). He sings 'em all the same…just kinda blurs all together…

      • The people voting for Casey have an appreciation for the artsy fartsy side of music. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's bad. It just means YOU can't see it.

      • The thing that irks me about Casey is that he has a Right Said Fred attitude. He thinks he's Arvil Shaw. He isn't.

  28. Type this in youtube

    Paul McDonald – Hightide Blues – Making Love Come Easy in 2008 – American Idol

    and go to 1:12

    Paul is killing it in the song…If he showed that side of him in A.I….he sure would have stayed for a long long time…

    • @ Gautham…I you-tubed Paul after he was eliminated…yes, you are right. He has some awesome music out there. In one of the exit interviews, he did state that there was so much more he would have liked to share with America…too bad they did not give him any creative license…or any of the contestants for that matter. Paul was definitely likable and I enjoyed watching him…as far as an American Idol…not so much.

  29. James Durbin is a role model for any kid who has had to struggle.

    For his handicaps he is doing an amazing job and should inspire

    other kids who have issues to deal with. Also a vote for music–

    as how essential it is to kids. (and let's not forget that the state of

    California is slashing that one from the curriculum.) And how it can

    help transform lives.

    from a teacher

    • I agree. I admire him for that but the #1 reason I am voting for him is because of his talent…Great singer and performer. 🙂

    • @ Big Geo…ah come on…you too…we have David P., coondog and now you, who are in essence, admitting to your mid-life crisis. LOL

      • Cmon Rose, I'm a college student in my early 20s. A bit early for a midlife crisis 🙂 Though when it comes I'll have to find Haley on youtube or something. I do love Haley. I know she has a long way to go still, she needs to work on her stage presence, get out of her head. But she has such an amazing interpretation of music for someone as young as she is. And that scat! That's not something you see every day. I seriously had my doubts about Wednesday night but after that duet I'm all for her. Oh, and she does have hot legs, just sayin 😛

      • @ David P. I am sorry…had a senior moment…got you confused with pup and his mid life crisis. I apologize…yea, being a college kid, I would imagine you are too young for that. PS. Good Luck in school~!!! James for the win:-)

      • Thx Rose! Finals comin up and I'm spending time on an AI blog, >_< gotta take a break sometimes though, eh?

      • Rose, dear, I am a woman who is 63 years old!! No mid-life crisis here. I am over the hill but couldn't care less! (Except I'd still like to be able to run like a 12-year old!)

    • Was about to say, "What? Lauren is cute too" but I remembered her age and yeah, "Girls are like square roots, If they're under 18, you just gotta do em in your head."

  30. Bottom 3 Haley.Stephano and Jacob.. with Jacob being eliminated..

    Top 3 James Lauren and Casey that's how I feel

  31. It upsets me, that I have no doubt Scotty will win.

    It upsets me, that so many talented young people try out for this show, only to have their hopes dashed by shortsighted voting.

    I do however, take some solace in the fact, that there seems to be many more people ' in the know' behind the scenes this year. These producers and music mavens, will pick up the ball and run with it.

    I do believe there will be 4 or 5 great careers, from this years Idol. Scotty will win, but he won't be crossing the finish line.

    • I beg to differ with you, Suz. Not only will Scotty win, but will burst through the finish ling.

    • yes he will, even if he dont win, he will have an amazing carrer in country, just like Carrie Underwood. we love our county music

      • exactly. Bias. Beyond belief. Buy his records, fine. But expand your horizons a little bit. Listen to some other music for a change. Country music is not the end all be all. Neither is Rock or Jazz. What makes music, music is ALL OF THEM COMBINED. Dont just vote for country. What makes the show fun is analyzing all the contestants.

      • Underwood has since become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, a multiple Grammy Award winner, a member of the Grand Ole Opry, a Golden Globe Award nominee, a three-time Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association Female Vocalist winner, a GMA Dove award winner, and a two time ACM Entertainer of the Year. She is the first-ever female artist to win back-to-back Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards for Entertainer of the Year (2009/10). And you are going to compare Scotty with that?

      • Did you notice the first ever part there? Scotty is not breaking any NEW ground here. He is talented yes, but not nearly enough

        , but I will let him prove it. 6 weeks is a long time to think anyone has it won.

      • I grew up listening to Django Reinhardt, Lionel Hampton, Miles Davis, Count Basie, Sinatra, etc. Casey ain't got it. Haley might get it sooner or later. Jacob needs to go.

      • Well said Wellen. Nobody can compare Scotty to Carrie. Carrie is amazing and Scotty for the most part, sounds like a lot of other famous and not so famous country singers.

  32. My hope is Lusk goes next. He is the only one I can't stand to watch and listen to. Is he a vocal gymnast? Yes. Have I heard anyone that says they can't wait for Jacob Lusk concert? No.

    Stefano is improved, but just doesn't seem authentic.

    Lauren well she is talented and I don't mind her, but she hasn't popped out.

    Scotty is the person you wouldn't mind as a next-door kid. I just like the young man. His singing is distinctive, but I hope he starts stretching himself if he wants to win or prays that he leaves at #3 and isn't forced into a 19 Ent contract. Nashville awaits, he is money in the bank.

    Haley is the most interesting to me – she shows at times she has the whole package. Great vocals, good looks, an artistic sense, and command of the stage. Sometimes alienating, picks the wrong song, and overdoes the growling. So and she may leave at #6, ironically where last years gifted young female vocalist with looks, charisma, and complete performances and similar foibles left. Siobhan Magnus.

    No matter, I expect Siobhan Magnus is one of the better prospects Idol has had for "great career though she didn't WIN!!! – Idol", and same with Haley, who has her own "it" factor.

    James Durbin. I like him, but he is like a kid playing at being a performer, vs. a performer with his own artistic identity.

    Casey is an artist. Talented. But I don't see the charisma and truly good voice there yet. Hope he has it because I like him…but I worry that I will discover Casey really can't sing that well.

    • @ Chris Ford…Now, I do agree with some of your comments. I do think that Shioban Magnus WAS definitrly voted off way too early…and yes, to some extent Haley is getting better. Casey is a true musician and I like it when he sings us some of that jazzy blues~!!…BUT…please …a big disagree to the comment about my man James. I do not feel like he is trying to pretend anything. Do some replays of his performances and listen to his voice…it is "wicked awesome" as Siobhan used to say. He rocks. Enough said. 🙂

  33. We've been a Scott fan from the beginning and thought he could go to work tomorrow in Nashville. He's just a natural, if you like country. All of the contestants are very good and all have basically great talent. This speaks well for the judges and their selections. Casey is one of the best string bass talents we've heard. I'm more into jazz and my wife country. Great, great show.

  34. James has my vote. Pia would have had my vote as well. I do like this years singers – best so far.

  35. Stefano is an artist, just not given enough credit. He is a singer/composer/musician. Not sure which of these is his strongest gift, but he doesn't seem to get enough credit..

    • Stefano´s voice annoys me somehow, I notice it especially in group performances where I can hear his voice over everybody else and it makes me want to shut his mouth

    • How so? How is Scotty better than the others? No one seems to have a good argument why? thats the problem, thats why the voting is getting changed. BIAS.

      • There r a lot of country fans who can identify with his singing. He makes sense with his songs, you can understand him, he is true to him, he sounds good, what is there not to understand about Scotty

      • You are getting really tiresome and obviously have all day to protest here. Try this. Idol is a popularity contest, like it or not. Scotty is in first place because:

        He appeals to teens and tweens.

        He appeals to country music fans.

        He appeals to parents and grandparents.

        His voice is soothing and comfortable to hear.

        No one thinks he's Caruso, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury, or any other world class entertainer past or present.

        We like him best of this year's talent roster. Deal.

      • No, no I'll have to disagree "Ok Steve" we've seen plenty of comparisons to many world class entertainers 'past and present.' I don't see Scotty as the next Carey Underwood or Keith Urban. He doesn't have the originality to do it. He's like a cookie cutter country singer and like Steve has said he could fart into the mic and then walk off stage and he'd still get all the votes.

      • Ok Steve, you are absolutly accurate in you assessment of Scotty & why America loves him. Steve is just in need of some serious therapy & has earned our pitty.

      • No he doesn't, he's just questioning the mindless reasons why people are voting for Scotty in such mass quantities.

      • The axiom that applies to Scotty's popularity is one that is generally applied to art…."I'm no expert, but I know what I like".

      • But then, you'll totally forgot about him next year…when another bunch of new talented superstar wannabes arrive….lol!

      • Won't have a chance to forget about him because over the next few years he'll be maturing and developing a more personal style. Chris Young won Nashville star in 2006 and over the ensuing years he grew and improved. He's a country star now thanks to the national exposure. Country music fans aren't as fickle as those who follow pop, rap etc. And we have long memories. In another genre Reba McEntire's career would be history, but in the country genre it's still going.

  36. haven't had the opportunity to listen to good music and don't know the important qualities that an excellent singer must have. While the others are are considered great entertainers in 2011; their kind of music probably will be gone in a few years, while the standards from earlier days will live on. Don't get me wrong, each of the contestants, I feel, are great, but I think that Jacob knows vocal technique and probably was classically trained at one point. The way he sings is appropriate, so that he won't damage his vocal cords, while the others may not be able to sing in a few years.

    I do think that this has been the best thing that ever could have happened to James Durbin. In spite of his Tourettes, he hasn't given up on his passion. I imagine he was teased by his peers all through his life, but I wonder what they think of him now; I bet they want to be his best friend; shame on them. His success should be an inspiration to anyone who has had to struggle with a disability.

    The show is better than ever this year, the best singers, judges who aren't afraid to say, "Wow, that was great!" In addition, they speak their own mind, and don't just agree with the others. I do like their compassion as well and their words of encouragement to those who have been voted off the show.

    Thank you for the fun Wednesday and Thursday nights!

      • Hopefully…NOT. As a recent post suggested…@ David P ( I believe)..Scotty is "cookie cutter"…nothing original…same old same old…zzzzz Just because he has that Josh Turner deep voice…he is in no way comparable to Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Toby Kieth, Rascal Flatts, Brooks & Dunn, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum or even Sugarland for that matter…He has a lot of polishing up to do before he is invited to party with the "big boys"

      • Well, you can find plenty of bulls at the countryside have that knid of "deep" voice…..Moooo…Ooops!

  37. The beginning section of what I first wrote (right before this blog) was cut off inadvertently, so I will rewrite it.

    I think Jacob has the best voice. He has an amazing vocal range and he may have been classically trained at some point. He is able to sing well in many different genres of songs. I feel that in 2011, many of the people who watch American Idol vote according to what they like on the music charts now. They

    haven't had the opportunity to listen to good music and don't know the important qualities that an excellent singer must have. While they may consider the other contestants great singers today; this kind of music probably will be gone in a few years, while the standards from earlier days will live on. Jacob knows music of the past, he knows classics. Don't get me wrong, each of the contestants, I feel, is great this year, but I think that Jacob knows vocal technique. The way he sings is appropriate, so that he won't damage his vocal cords, while the others may not be able to sing in a few years.

    I do think that this has been the best thing that ever could have happened to James Durbin. In spite of his Tourettes, he hasn't given up on his passion. I imagine he was teased by his peers all through his life, but I wonder what they think of him now; I bet they want to be his best friend; shame on them. His success should be an inspiration to anyone who has had to struggle with a disability.

    The show is better than ever this year, the best singers, judges who aren't afraid to say, "Wow, that was great!" In addition, they speak their own mind, and don't just agree with the others. I do like their compassion as well and their words of encouragement to those who have been voted off the show.

    Thank you for the fun Wednesday and Thursday nights!

    • Right on, M. Wright, you are correct, here today, gone tomorrow with today's music, they should ask the contestants to take on songs of the 40's.

    • Agreed.

      Listen to Pia sing, then listen to Aretha Franklin, Listen To Pia Sing, then listen to Whitney Houston, Listen to Pia Sing, then listen to Alisha Keys, List to Pia sing, then listen to Celine Dion.

      There is not a woman alive today that can sing with such clarity and tone as Pia. Not a soul. (That I have heard so far). You can say that its my opinion, but just listen. You'll see.

      • Pia is a great singer technically, sure. No one is denying it. But every single one of those performers have more personality in their pinky than Pia has. It's not just about singing, and I disagree. Listen to Pia then listen to Sarah Brightman or Emma Rossum or Elaine Paige or Randy Graff or any other person famous for a technically beautiful voice. Pia who?

      • Steve, listen to Pia sing… then listen to the others & watch them perform…enough said.

      • Bunny, don't confuse him with the facts. His mind is made up. He cannot accept anyone else's opinion and yet hammers his viewpoint incessantly. His mind is like a steel trap, rusted shut and illegal in thirty seven states.

      • tenisaddict, yes he is different. We support our choice not tear down his choice. He not only works hard at belittling our choice, he also acts as though he's angry at us for not seeing things his way.

      • Watch Pia sing, then look at a rock, Watch Pia sing and then look at a tree, Watch Pia sing and then stare at your speakers for some time………..

        Look at a cat chasing a string…wow…i feel alive…

  38. Pia was great, that was a mistake, but still Jacob has the most beautiful voice and those who know what a great voice is, will vote for him. Those who like screaming and imitations of other singers, wiull vote for what they know, not what is real.

  39. I was asked why Scotty should win over the others. Why NOT? When he walks onto the stage I am absolutely mesmerized by him. I love his voice and the way he conducts himself. Why shouldn't he be an American Idol. You are going tol see him for many many years to come–he is not going to fade into the back ground like so many other IDOLS. Don't put me in the country music category either, because I like all kinds of music—Last year my favorite was ADAM. He was mesmerizing too. Several times I have liked the one that comes in second.

    And for the record–I thought Jacob butchered "Bridge over troubled waters" I remember when Clay Aiken sang that song and it was Awesome. AND yes I bought the CD

    • How are you mesmerized by Scotty? He is a one trick pony. Boring. My fiancee and I fast forward through his preformances after half of it because its the same thing over and over. If this is what sells in America today, then maybe America HAS lost touch with music.

      Stevie Wonder

      Johnny Cash

      Benjamin Burnley

      Sophia SHorai

      Janis Joplin

      Aretha Franklin

      Celene Dion

      Shawn Morgan

      Chris Daughtry

      Those are talented musicians.

      • you not listen very good you or your girf i quess you both i deft the id this year are all good if you do like it go to something else quite running everyone down

      • Have you ever seen Airplane, Well this is Text instead of Jive. It translates to..roughly.

        " Sir/Ma'am, you do not listen very good, you or your girlfriend. I question you both. I definately think the idols this year are all good. If you do not like it" and I am sorry I cant make out the

      • Wellen ~ That is the funniest thing I have read in here since… well.. since the fart on a microphone line from the previous page, but that was some funny stuff right there.

      • WEll after the bickering between the same few of us, over and over. I thought that some humor might be just enough to break up the tension. I try to stay light on most of my posts.

        But thank you.

      • Most every “successful” musical artist out there in the history of music, is a so called "one trick pony." Steven Tyler, great Arrowsmith front man … One trick pony. If they are exceptionally good at the one genre of music they play (like most successful artist are) they are likely to be a “one trick pony”. That is why MANY American Idol winner are not successful … They are not exceptional in one area of music. So, if it somehow makes sense to average people with little in the way of musical knowledge to put Scotty (or any one else) down because they are a so called one trick pony … I laugh at them.

      • @Wellen and Steve

        What he said was

        "I guess both you and your girlfriend do not listen very good. All the idols this year are good. If you do not like it, then go do something else and quit running everyone down.


      • @Steve

        Firstly, Steven Tyler sang in Aerosmith not Arrowsmith, which speaks volumes on your knowledge of the man's music and vocal talent. With Aerosmith Tyler sang everything from blues and classic rock, to soulful ballads and hard rock, even rock/rap fusion. So definitely a poor example of a one trick pony.

        While I can't admit to being a huge country music fan, my criticism of Scotty is not his genre, but that even within his genre his performances lack vocal range, power or integrity of tone. Scotty could very well win given the huge support base he has, but that seems to be despite the fact that he has the least vocal ability of the contestants. Which renders American Idol more of a popularity contest than a musical contest, an that's a real pity.

  40. I am not a country music fan but I like Scotty, and think he will be in the final 2, and no I am not a teeny bopper. I am a 31 year old man, and I also like James( nice I love hard rock and heavy metal) he's my number one fave. I also like Lauren too. I can't stand Jacob I hope he goes this week. I think this week it will be either Jacob or Stefano who goes home. I see the top five being James, Scotty, Lauren, Casey, and Hailey. With Lauren, Casey, and Hailey competing for the top 3 spot(which I think will go to Lauren).

  41. I do not know if i am allowed to post links if its isn't allowed..i am sorry in advance…

    The video above is Casey playing like 5 different instruments in the same song..The sound is a little bit weird..a lot of glitches and squeaks…I am trying to get the previous songs done by other idols too…

    This video is James singing Dio..Yeah!!! He lays it…He should be singing this song on A.I…. 😀

    This is the very sexy and sweet Haley..sweet sweet Haley…

    These three deserve to be the top three…Metal, Jazz and well one more Jazz….

    Sexy Metal Beard will rule us all!!!!

      • India… Why is this so important now? 🙂 Others are asking about where i'm from too…and oh btw when i say Indian, i mean the country where Chris. Columbus was supposed to land… 😀

        How he managed to get all the way to the opposite side of the world is beyond me…I think he inspired the character of Jack Sparrow…

    • @ Gautham….LOL…I love it. Just listened…awesome…yea Casey's sounds a little squawky (is this a word) but no doubt he is a talented musician…and of course James Rocks. Thanks for the links.

  42. first time i heard scotty sing country. i thought this is what i call a top singer. even if scotty dont make it to the top there will be a lot of label records waiting to grab him. i also a big fan of country music. good luck scotty.

  43. Steve, you have your opinion I have mine. I don't tape Idol so I don't have the luxury of fast forwarding thru a contestant. I don't think that would be the right thing to do. All of the contestants deserve to be heard. Maybe if you listened to Scotty –you would be mesmerized too. Just kidding. I personally don't like the style of Jacob's singing. I like all of the other contestants with Jacob and Casey being on the bottom of my list. It is all a matter of preference. I would love to hear Scotty sing some of Johnny Cash's songs and I would love to hear him sing "Ghost Riders in the Sky" (You probably don't know that song) I like Janis Joplin and Celene Dion and I also like Pink Floyd and Rod Stewart.

    I'm sticking to my guns—I want Scotty to win this one.

    • I know the song well Janet.

      You can want Scotty to win this one all you want. The FACT is, he isn't the most versatile and talented musician out there. Its a darn shame that he is going to win it. Call it my opinion, but at the end of the NEXT season, you will understand why this does not make sense.

      • Scotty may not be the most "talented Musician" on American Idol. I doubt most of American Idol performers are. The point is Scotty has a voice that make people "instantly" stop and take notice the very first second you hear it. I do not seeing any other performer on American Idol that you can say has that. Not even James (a talent performer as well). Some people say Casey is a so called, talend musician. Maybe he is … But there is NOTHING about his voice that will make many people want to buy his Album. Humm, I wonder which one of these two will have a more successful post Idol career, Steve? If you say Casey, I have a thousand dollar bet I am willing to wager you or anyone else on this board.

      • And before the spell-checker Nazi's complain about my spelling, I can already see my numerous mistakes. Yes, I need to edit before I push the send button. But, I think my point is valid.

      • @SteveFox

        I completely disagree…and i am quoting you here

        "Scotty may not be the most “talented Musician” on American Idol. I doubt most of American Idol performers are. The point is Scotty has a voice that make people “instantly” stop and take notice the very first second you hear it."

        Scotty's voice is only surprising when you see him…On the radio he has a deep voice..thats it..I'm sure that here are many others who have deep voices in the country scene.. So after A.I, it will be more about what will Scotty bring to the table in terms of the artistic aspect…

  44. Why do I want James to win? The same reason we all rooted for Rocky, the underdog. The Greatly talented, respectful, handsome family man who wants to make his Life out of what he is passionate for. You can keep the clean cut young guy from next door thanks, I do have daughters. He is in a Genre that does not care about looks but talent, that is why people are able to name more Rock Musicians (guitar players, drummers etc..) Who played guitar for Garth? dunno but I can name 20 Rock guitar players who impacted music. I can tell you every time that James is told how great he did comming from Rock performers that it feels great to him on a level that could be compared to that of a father to son. He can sit down sing and play you a beautiful ballad and then take you to the rafters on the next song. He has shown the ability to not be afraid of breaking out into a genre that has not won on the show. Is he a Lambert wanna be no, far from it. He wants to be singing to people for decades like other great Rockers. Everyone has their opinion and that is my Why.

    • @ Wellen…You are so right. James is the whole package…My reason for voting for him have been listed in an earlier blog…but they are much the same as yours. James keeps it real and can go from an tender emotionally charged ballad to a high energy charged and rocking metal song. And everything in between. Talk about versatility. James is the man. 🙂

    • Wellen that was a great post. My hubby the professional drummer read it and had a big grin on his face. His comment was "that is so true". Also, he loves it when people remember drummers names as well as guitarists. lol I'm a huge "Rocky" fan. Guess that's why I would vote for James if I could. :O)

      • @JC…just stomp all over my heart why don't you…LOL and no…I am not James' mother. Not cool.

      • Don't worry Rose, JC is just jealous Scotty fans aren't as fun and exciting as James fans.

      • Don't worry Rose…JC is just a "farmer" who loves anything "deep voice" Mooooo….lol!

      • JC says:

        April 19, 2011 at 9:17 AM

        If you cant say something nice about a person, dony say anything Scotty is going to win

        Just sayin…

  45. Scott i love your voice…you give me the gooose bumbs every time i hear you sing…Keep up the good work and become 2011 American Idol..

    • Hey Scott..pst your not supposed to use your real name here. But good personal pep talk.

      • LOL…Wellen…too funny…a little self-appreciation doesn't hurt now and is when they actually start believing their own press…then the trouble begins…aka Charlie Sheen~!!

      • Not that I ever would be, but if I was in any of the contestants position I would stay as far away from the blogging world as possible.

  46. What is all this talk about teeny bopper wave votes for Scotty? Ummm last time I checked I was 67 years young and I love Scotty. I can’t wait for him to perform each week and look forward to his first CD. Oh, and by the way my Sister 63 and my mom 88 plus my daughters in their 40’s love Scotty too. So much for teeny bopper votes

    • Congrats Janet. I am glad you are participating. Give me your reasoning for why Scotty should win over the others.

      I challenge anyone to tell me why Scotty should win over any of the others.

      I am predicting that he is going to win, but its for stupid reasons.

      Are you watching any of the other preformances? Are you not seeing the obvious musical superiority of just about everyone else on the show?

      Jacob Lusk is soulful. His range is undeniable.

      No doubt, Scotty is a nice Christian boy with great country roots. But he has no business being in the top 12 with some of the most talented musicians in the entire world.

      • Thanks, Steve, for acknowledging Jacob. I think his voice is the best of all contestants. I'm sorry there are so many who don't like him.

    • You can't discount the teen vote. Without it Scotty may have even already gone home. This isn't what bothers me. It bothers me that Scotty doesn't have to work for his votes he just gets them. He could go up there and as long as he gives a generic country performance he'll win. He's a good kid, sure, he's got a good voice. I don't think he's the best this year.

      • @ David P. I agree that Scotty does not have to work for his votes…his fan base is going to vote for him regardless…and James Durbin's fan base is going to vote for him….I am one of them…

        (although, in my personal opinion, I think James offers more charisma and excitement to his performances than Scotty does) The reasons I am voting for James is : 1. To me, He has a great voice whether he sings a ballad, pop (Bon Jovi) Heavy Metal or straight out rock…his voice is great; 2. He brings a lot of energy and excitement to the stage and connects with the audience; 3. I think he is keeping it real; and 4. I admire him for the person he is and the challenges he has faced and overcome in his life. He is the whole package… 🙂

    • I so agree with you. I too am no teenager (56 soon to be 57) And I think he is wonderful and has a long singing life ahead of him. I too can't wait to by his first CD– and to think we are on the ground floor of his startt.

    • Steve, I am taking your challenge. Why should Scotty win over all the others? Very simply because more people like him better. He will sell the most recordings of any of the others because people love to him him sing. Wo care about range. I don't buy CD's because i like the range. I will not be buying them becaue he is a good christian boy with great country roots, but rather, I love the music. Get it?

      • Agrees with Mandy 100% I will buy his music because he is good and I enjoy to hear him sing.

      • No, Actually I dont, Mandy. I dont vote for a not-as-talented Rock Musician over other more talented singers just because I like the Genre better. That is called Bias. What you just stated, Mandy, is one of the reasons the voting is being changed next year.

    • heres to that, i am 61 and like Scotty and would buy his CD's, and also Lauren,because County singers go far. We stand behind our singers.

      • Shelly, thats called Bias. Its exactly why the voting gets changed next year. Tunnel Vision. Ridiculous.

      • Steve I have seen you say over and over the voting is being changed for next year. How do you know this? And what is the changes that you think is being made. If they change where we can't vote the way we feel then it would be producers idol instead of American Idol!!!

      • Steve, you have a very hard head! If I am being bias, then you are being bias also, in your choice. I like many different kinds of music. I love James and Haley this season. When I like them better, i vote for them but it just so happens, I tend to like Scotty above and beyond. In the industry, it is all about money–whatever sells. I will be spending my money on Scotty's CD because I love his music…whatever genre. How do you know the show will change next year?

      • I cannot discuss the voting changes because the person that told me was speaking was not allowed to discuss it. You can believe me or not.

        Mandy, I am glad you have an opinion on the show. I am happy to discuss it with you. HOw can you justify voting for Scotty over the others, thats my question. You like his music over the others? Why?

        Are you basing your opinion on his voice? Technique? Stage performance?

        Its not going to be producer Idol. I can tell you this, America will not have such a large impact on who goes home. Amen and Amen.

      • Geez 'Uh' you added to this conversation in such a wonderful way.

        That being said I am not impressed with Scotty. I liked his audition the most because he was wearing flip flops and I thought that was funny. The thing is he's not growing as a performer, singer, artist , w/e. He just goes up and does whatever and still gets votes because he has a heavy southern accent and sings country with a baritone voice. Have him try to do something like Haley did on Thursday night or give a performance on the same calibur as James or play with the dissonance and nuances of the music like Casey or perform with the sheer passion Stefano and Jacob have. It's not going to happen because he's just Scotty. The issue isn't that people like him, that's fine. It's the fact that people feel he can do no wrong because of the genre he's stuck in.

      • Scotty will most likely be at least somewhat successful as a country music singer. Let's face it, Bucky is making a living at it and he wasn't even in the neighborhood with 17 year old Scotty.

        But to be completely fair we should grade Scotty on the same basis as the other contestants. He has had slip ups the last few times he's performed. The duet with Lauren and the George Strait song come immediately to my mind. He either slipped out of beat, forgot lyrics or something. He covered fairly well, but it would have been widely ridiculed if it were Haley for example.

      • Next year there will be the bottom 3 and then when the bottom 3 is announced the judges will get to pick who goes home from the bottom 3

  47. huh,my previously post've been deleted… i have no idea whats goin on. I just post my predictions of Top 5..hmmm..yo admin,no hard feeling dude 😉

  48. solo quiero decir que en argentina las personas que siguen americanidol extrañan la vos melodiosay dulce de pia,nadie esta de acuerdo con que se fuera

    Gracias atte:ronad un cubano que es fan a american idol

      • she said: I just want to say that in Argentina people that follow American Idol miss the sweet and melodious voice of Pia, nobody agrees that she is gone.

        Thank you Rondard a cuban who is an American Idol fan.

        🙂 that was textual 🙂

  49. Scotty have more charisma on stage than Casey. hmm….

    Scotty is more versatile than Casey. hmm….

    Scotty is the better musician than Casey. hmm….

    Scotty have more melodic sensibility than Casey. hmm….

    Scotty is more talented than Casey. hmm………

    hehehe,just mumbling to myself. You dont have to read it LOLOL 🙂

    • Oh No…say it isn't so…Thinking that perhaps Jacob will be going home this week.

  50. para mi la cagada se la mandaron los jurados hace tres semanas al usar el ultimo voto de salvacion… por eso se fue PIA.. una verdadera lastima…

  51. All 7 American Idols are awesome. I can't sing although I love music and love to dance. I also listen to the comments made by the Judges.

    1) James

    2) Scotty

    3) Lauren

    4) Haley

    5) Casey

    6) Stefano

    7) Jacob

      • Scotty should try and change up his song then everyone would know that he can only do one thing. All the others have tried other things and did very well. Time for Scotty to go home.

      • ^ Justin Beaver has been really successful lately…does that mean he's doing something right?? ¬¬

      • @Mandy

        Scotty is doing two things right in this competition: 1. singing country in America and 2. being cute and 17. That is why he is doing so well. You know that right?

  52. My true question is after looking at this poll, and we know someone is leaving. Where do you think the votes will go? Will voters go for the top 2 or be spread out? The gospel crowd my go for the country more than rock, but I dont see Stefano or Haley fans going country. With the top three the way they are it could change the whole dynamic of the poll with who goes home this week.

    • Exactly, I'm thinking Jacob could go home and his votes will most likely boost Scotty's already insane fan base. Stefano fans could either go to Lauren or Haley but most likely not Casey. Haley fans will go for Casey but I don't think enough will be there to beat Lauren. When Lauren goes home her votes will go to Scotty and Casey votes will go to James leaving us a James/Scotty finale. I still do not think James will be able to break through the entire American South + Grandmas + teeny weenies + misc. country fans that are throwing Scotty votes just because, imho.

      • @ Wellen and David P. I agree. This will change the dynamic of voters. It may be that Stefano's votes may go to James. I am not sure how many people have noticed but James and Stefano have become really good friends. In fact, according to an article I read on Reality -entertainment or one of those socially redeeming sites…everyone of the contestants really like James…they all think he is very sincere and funny. Who or lose, James will definitely go on and have a great career. My vote will still go with James.

      • David: Don't know if James can break through the entire American South but many of the pioneers of "rock and roll" in different forms hailed from the South. Elvis, Creedence Clearwater Revival(southern rock) Georgia’s Allman Brothers Band, South Carolina’s Marshall Tucker Band, North Carolina’s Charlie Daniels Band and Jacksonville, Florida's Lynrd Skynrd to name a few. There are many harder edged southern rock bands that are selling millions of records. Seems to me that the American South has produced some great bands with varying types/styles of rock and roll. Something for everybody, so to speak. James may appeal to more than you think.

        I'm a Canadian who just loves the southern rock and roll bands.

        So many forms of rock and roll out there. Too many too mention.

    • I'm a big country fan and a Haley fan and I am not a Laren fan. My favorites are James, Casey, Haley and Scottie.

  53. Thought I would mention that my daughter works for a non-profit organization in Canada that helps children with mental and physical handicaps. Most of these children are autistic. Some high functioning like James Durbin. The organization put up a picture of James Durbin on their website and in all their offices to give inspiration to autistic children and to their parents that even those with handicaps can succeed.

    • I thought james had Tourette Syndrome, didn't know he was autistic…..way to go james!!

      • @ lynn…yes. James has Tourette's Syndrome and Aspergers, which is a high functioning form of Autism. He is indeed a role model for so many individuals and someone to really be admired. PLUS…he is an amazing talent with a wonderful energetic stage presence…He just Rocks… 🙂

      • Friendly Advice Log in to Web MD and enter Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

        (OCD) AL will be over soon

    • i have voted for ja,es all along. i knew he had tourettes (SP) but did not know about the autism part. makes me love him even more. go james!!!!

  54. Scotty is the best singer for me!!! his voice is different.He is an artist!!

  55. He is awesome . I have not watch the show since the first season, until Scott. way to go Scott. You are the hidden talent that the show survives on and you kept me watching . Thank you and your family for having the courage and stamina to go through the process. I hear in your voice / songs, You will succeed.

    • Blergh!!! He sings always the same way, just like a "banjo" guy. Come on, american idols must be much more than that.

  56. Haley, Stefano and Jacob should be in the bottom 3 this week and Jacob should go home! Haley proved she should be there after that duet with Casey, she's actually very good…

    • I wouldn't be surprised to see Haley in the bottom 3 again unless she does something crazy on par with her Thursday night performance. Really, though, it's the top 7. The person going home on Thursday has come so far and I think all of them deserver to be where they are at this point in the competition (yes even Scotty and James).

      • Haley has made the most progress in this competition than any of the others. Most just sing the same way as they began without much change, especially Scotty,Lauren, Stephano and Jacob. I suppose it's enough to keep them at the top- but it becomes boring. Contrast those 4 with James, Casey and my favorite, Haley, and there's no comparison. I can't understand why the judges thought Mia and Pia boring, but not Scotty, Lauren, Jacob and Stefano. I say GO HALEY GO.

      • I agree 100% Corinne. I am a huge Haley fan as well but I also want to be realistic about it. I think Haley is very dynamic and is bringing a very new sound to the world of music. I don't understand why the boring contestants are on the top, Haley, Casey, James are my favorites out of who is left. (whodathunk I'd put James on that list, but the others just don't do anything for me).

      • After listening to many of the itunes, I was really surprised by how good Haley's were, much better than on the show but Pia's River deep Mountain high was truly the best of all.

        Scotty and James are about the same on itunes as the show, with Lauren sounding ever more country and less pop on itunes.

        I just could not connect with Jacob's voice, like something is lacking, like lower tones but his voice is very good.

        With Casey I think he is better live on the show than itunes.

        Stefano is getting better on stage but he need to work on pronouncing some of his words better, accents take time to over come, so by end of the AI summer tour he maybe ready.

  57. born and raised on country music …

    love all kinds of music from rap to baroque …

    just because someone sings a certain genre does not make them good…

    the judges have done these contestants NO FAVORS …

    they are NOT all so really really good, that you cannot give them constructive criticism …

    they judges told Thea and Pia, they had to change things up… make a song their own…move on stage…

    bang both girls gone…

    they critique Haley…bang…she's in the bottom 3 AGAIN…and she DID what they told her to do

    Scotty sings in the same old boring tone, doesn't move on stage and he gets absolutely no critique from the judges…

    am I starting to see something here?

    • I'm starting to see something here.

      You basically blame Scotty for Pia and Thia leaving because the judges and his audience enjoy his original sound and do not wish for him to try to do another genre. Pia was no doubt the best singer in the competition, but she did not move either. That's old news I'm so over it. It simply sounds like you're blaming Scotty because the judges and his audience don't want him to change.

      • The judges even said Pia was the closest star. Fast forward one year to american idol 11, rules change, if Pia was back, she would win. Bar none. Case in point.

        The no talent fool will win this year.

    • Suze I agree with you regarding Haley. Hubby and I have said many times that Haley does what they tell her to do and then they seem to pounce on her for doing it. Although I love the tone of Scotty's voice it is starting to sound a little "old hat" to my ears and movement on stage would be nice. Nothing from the judges there. Jacob the same. Nothing from the judges there.

      I just don't get these judges at all. Simon was out and out rude sometimes but he could dish out criticism as well as praise to each and every contestant. Not just too a select few.

      There is always room for constructive criticism. After all, isn't that why the judges are there?

  58. It's interesting that most of the comments seem to think (or hope most likely) that Jacob will be in the bottom 3 and go home. That's funny. He only made the bottom 3 two weeks ago because of his comments.

    Last week he was in the top 5 since he wasn't in the bottom 3 and you don't know where he placed in the top 5. Jacob is the best singer there and although he seems to be disliked on this site and a few others, he gets a lot of votes each week. Jacob isn't going anywhere for awhile, except maybe to the final 3.

    • He's a wonderful singer, but not the best as an all around idol winner. He will have a career, but not "top 40".

  59. If Fox and American idol made available for Asia to vote then many more people cold cast their vote on line,but as America is 1 day in front of Asia in many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,Thailand etc we cannot.No personally I would be pleased to see Stefano go then croaky voice [bitch]Hayley afterwards.It is a pity that the men do not do more with their appearance on stage Paul was the really only one who dressed for the stage performance other then the girls. I think that if James is to be taken seriously then a wardrobe and make-up would indeed help him, give him a long wig.

    American Idol is not about whether you are pop chart idol, or you sing country or Jazz. Casey is good at jazz, he incorporates swing with swanky soft mellow moods and samba dance like the other week. Casey is different and their really is enough pop hopeful wannabes out there going nowhere.Personally my top 3 would be Casey,Scotty and Lauren. Top 4 just add Jacob, top 5 just add James.

    • Who pissed in your cheerios? And no one outside the US is technically allowed to vote. Why would they open up Asia?

    • Who do you think you are calling the contestants names? You deserve to be slapped. I would be happy to do that.

      • I am right behind you, Steve! I'm just glad the voting isn't open to you, Tony.

        There was a young man named Tony

        Whose words were incredibly phony

        His rudeness was clear

        To everyone's ear

        And now everyone knows he's bolgna.

    • Since Haley is in the top 7 she is a serious contender and she wouldn't be there if she was a "croaky voice bitch". That phrase usually comes from men who don't like women. It's your opinion if you don't like her, but to phrase it in such an insulting way is very low-class. My top 3 are Haley, Casey and James because they are the most colorful, entertaining and versatile.

  60. People may think that Paul should not have gone, and that Paul was like a Rod Stewart without the accent.

    But Rod Stewart would have been nowhere without being the lead singer with the Faces. If Paul is to go anywhere then he should I think form a band and be the lead singer then when older go his own way.

    I wonder how many idols actually make the grade? How many end up on the scrape heap or on cruise ships?

    Where are the past winners and the passed to 5 from previous years, what are they doing??

  61. hugh casey fan.he"s is one special talent. second is haley. she is is casey&haley match made in heaven.

    • would be ideal, but not gonna happen.

      Its already too late. The country bumpkins, the grandmas and the teeny boppers are allowing Scotty to take it again.

      Not next year. The voting system will change. Mark my words.


      • Gustavo. Dont ruin it for everyone. I have been talking up this vote change. How did you know???

      • Either public picks bottom three and Judges decide who goes home or two nights of voting, first for bottom 3 then second night for who goes home from the bottom 3.

  63. I am really enjoying this season of American ever. The talent is phenomenal. I really like most of the contestants. My absolute favorite is Scotty. I love the duets with Scotty and Lauren. I absolutely loved the duet with Casey and Haley. I played all these duets several times. I really love James, also. Sometimes I like Casey and sometimes I do not. I miss Paul..I think he will be successful. I can see Scotty, Lauren, Haley and James becoming big stars….Casey possibly also. Jacob and Stephano are my least favorites; however, I cannot say that they are bad. This is an awesome season. Go Scotty, you are the best.






  66. Some of you have wondered why Scotty is so popular…I think if you go back and watch Jennifer's reaction to him, you will see. Even before he sang, she commented "I hope you can sing" and after he did, she said "You made me smile." He's just a nice, clean-cut kid with a sweet personality and he sings beautifully. Not just this granny's opinion, my husband and son think so too.

  67. these are my top 5:

    1. JAMES

    2. SCOTTY

    3. LAUREN

    4. HALEY

    5. CASEY

    but i think these are america's top 5:

    1. SCOTTY

    2. JAMES

    3. LAUREN

    4. CASEY

    5. HALEY

  68. I must be living on the wrong planet–a planet where the masses have no idea what real vocal talent and showmanship is. I don't understand why people don't get that in this show, Haley is the whole package with an incredible vocal ability. Oh wait, that's because this is not really a show based on "talent." It's a popularity show decided by tweenies and musically challenged listeners.

    I can guarantee that if this show was only judged by professional musicians and industry professionals, Haley would be at the top of the list, followed by Stefano, Scotty, James and Casey (niche market). Oh yeah, and Pia would be on top for the major labels choice–and will be anyway.

    But at this point, I do realize what this show really is so it is what it is until they change the stupid voting system and make it fair. Then and only then will we finally know if the American public has any real musical literacy.

    • But the "professional musicians and industry professionals" aren't the ones who will be buying the CD's and going to the concerts. The whole idea is to find new talent that people will support. People will vote for whoever they like, regardless of what you like.

    • Matching the right song and music to the voice is important and many times the song is more important than the voice that is singing it.

      The industry professionals are part of the problem with the lack of variety in today's music, since they like to package singers to match the current or past stars. It is far easier to steal listeners than create a new fan base, which Jimmy Iovine hinted at with Lauren this week.

  69. I watched the whole season and I just can say that Jacob was my favorite since I heard him sing with such emotion and control but things have changed.

    Now I am thinking who of those guys will I watch for 2 hours without getting bored? and the only one that stands for me is James.

    Scotty is great but boring, needs stage presence and he is not entertaining but he will go far, has all the package just needs to be taught how.

    Haley also has lots of talent but I dont think I can stay and watch her for 2 hours in a show.

    The rest are good singers, will get record deals but the winner should be James hands down.

    • I'm not exactly a "young" guy but I am a pro musician and I can see that Haley will be snatched up by a major label and will have an outstanding career both as a recording artist and performer. I don't disagree that Scotty will be a big star in the country market but Haley has the talent to cross over and cover everything from blues, rock, jazz, R&B, and yes, even country. That's more than you can say about any of the other contestants on this show. That's a fact–from a pro's perspective…

      • I agree, with the right songs Haley will go far in many areas of music.

        Listen to Haley's itunes, they are much better than she is on the show, maybe due to her focusing on her stage presence more.

        Pia will go far but will be harder for her to cross over and not sure if she will even need to try.

        Scotty and James will be major stars in 5yrs, while Lauren has a great voice, she maybe better waiting abit and finish high school and find a good musical college program to get into before going fully pro.

  70. i think this years idols top 14 were the best. the judges really did a good job. i love lauren hope she wins(girl power) james is good and casey is awesome and a cutie pie i wish all of them the best of luck in there careers

  71. my top three is james casey and lauren, and i know that scotty is everyones favourite, but not for me cause i dont like country singing.

  72. Hayley is WEAK and needs to go! I am still beyond shocked that Pia is gone… Hayley is inconsistent and pathetic so she needs to bite the dust! Lauren deserves to be there, but Hayley… no way. Be gone!

    • Can't figure out why you don't like Haley's sound. Or is there something else that bothers you?

      That "inconsistent" charge is just wrong and sounds so much like a quote from the judges rather than something a typical viewer would say. If you would take the time to listen to Haley on YouTube–and are honest about the quality of her voice–I'd lay odds you'd feel a trifle embarrassed . . . because she is that darned good. She's a treat for the ears–and eyes!!!

  73. Haley could win this thing, if she would perform at the level she is capable of. She has a unique voice and is very attractive, and can have a tremendous stage presence. Jacob should have been gone long ago. Lauren and Scotty will last a long time. James is about 20 years to late to be a threat. The other two are there to fill out the field.

  74. I want to take time to say I have left a few responses about my thoughts of the contestants so far. I tried to make them short not to bore people but I think some may have been taken wrong where as I didn't explain. So therefore Im going to try to explain my thoughts and hope no one gets bored.

    To start off with yes this is a reality show. They show us what tey want us to see to make a decision about each contestant. No we don't see everything that goes on.However moving on I do enjoy this season more than the past due to the fact that their is different styles of artist. There is pop, country, jazz, heavy metal and etc.Which is a great variety.

    The point I was trying to make about the contestants is as follows. It should not matter what race they are, what sex they are, or how goodlooking they are. People needs to look at their talent and how they have improved and how much they will continue to improve. We are all different if we were all the same it would be a boring place. As far as Casey goes I said I didn't like his attitude. That was wrong of me to say I admit. What I should have said is Im tired of the remarks from the judges on how great he is and the way they praise him. They should treat all the contestants the same. For jazz yeah he is pretty good. However for country so is Scotty and Lauren, for metal so is James, for gospel so is Jacob and Haley and Stefano the same for their style. I think the voting needs to change. There needs to be a very limited number of votes one person can place for a contestant not 300 as some has stated they did. To sum up what Im saying take race, sex, and looks out of it that shouldnt matter vote on talent and talent alone.

    • Melissa…I agree with you on a lot of things..i do..I do not see you as a loony or an idiot…I really respect a lot of your opinions…but i still dont get you when you say that you're tired of Casey getting the praise for something you don't understand (i'm not dissing you..i get that you're not a jazz fan…) James gets compliments every single night, Scotty does, so does Jacob…When have any of them received even a bad comment? And why should the judges treat all the contestants the same? Some are better at singing, others are better in the musical aspect, some are better at performing..Judges have to judge them based on the category they fall into… Yous say that talent matters yet when the judges acknowledge talent in someone whom you don't personally like (music-wise, you say that you're tired of it…

      I'm sorry but all i see is Casey bashing..

      And i do stress on the fact that i am not attacking you in any way.. i am simply questioning what you said..

  75. It makes me so-o-o sad there aren't more voters out there who can see(andhear} what makes Stefano such a fine musician. He started out slowly but has grown so much. His voice is beautiful; his heart is in every song he sings. AND, MOST OF ALL, he has taken the suggestions of the judges seriously and will one day pass out the others in his future career. I hope he isn't disheartened by the voting and knows his musical talent will take him far. Hang in there, kiddo!!!

  76. Pia and Mr. Lusk are the best ever in American idol Change the formula . Let the judges save one of the 3 bottom candidate every week if you want to have the best performers. The votes are only chance and marketing. A real competition is not with only lhe quantity of voters. Girls vote more than boys so a guy will win again. I hope it will de Jacob Lusk… Pia I so sorry, your the new Celine

  77. James should win this competiton!!!! why?? Because he is the best!!!!! but casey sings very very good. scotty not so much, it is something kinda boring it makes me want to sleep. Stefano cool pretty cool!!! heley could make a cd but not win it. luaren sings very well and also could make a cd out of it but not win it. jacob lusk (the cry face) IS THE WORST ONE IN THE COMPETITON!!!!!!

  78. hi guys i saw the show of two weeks ago and i have to say i was really sorry to see pia leave despite how i felt about her in da past she was good this time and they shuld have given her another go then i saw why i was not fond of her in da beginning she looked like mona lisa wif da hair parted in da middle & da mustache like a van gogh painting hehehehe anyway….. i know paul was eliminated but i saw him as well that time and he had actually also a gud performance but we do da votes command us i still think james shud win but lets play it by votes jacob lusk will be da next person to go & shud speak to u next time & have a gud time at da idols bye……………………

  79. I would love to see Scotty McCleary in: I also love Laurin Aliana. These two have the best voices. I also like James Durbin, however, I do not like heavy metal. I think this should be in another group. I do like Stefano Langone as well. I predict it will be Scotty McCleary, Lauren Aliana,and James Durbin and possibly Stephano Langone. I think Haley does not carry enough votes nor Jacob Lusk, I am afraid this will be there last appearance.

    • Scotty is my favorite and I hope he wins it all. I could listen to him sing all day long.

  80. I ask myself, who would I pay to see in concert and who's music would I buy….this is what I came up with:

    James: Music and Concert Now!

    Lauren: Music and Concert Very Soon : ) : )

    Scotty: Music Definitely, and Concert Eventually!

    • Scotty-

      would go to a concert and definately buy any CD he came out with TODAY!!

      Thats about all I would buy from any Idol that is left in the competition.

      • I would buy any thing Scotty sings and would pay for a front row seat at his concert NOW!

      • I CAN'T STAND to watch scotty sing. His facial expressions and the way he holds the mic, well, he looks like he's trying to make love to the mic as though it was something else……

  81. I predict James, Scotty and Casey will be the top 3 standing. My favorites are James and Casey, Scotty is really good but seems like he only sings country. Casey's vocals are so smooth it keeps you listening and don't want to miss a single note. James of course know how to put on a show and will becomes very famous even if he does not win.

    Bottom 3 are Jacob, Stefano and Hailey.

  82. I think America got it wrong this time! scotty in the lead! (he diden't sing very good! James should win this competiton!!! When he sings it makes us jump!!!! Casey is good but i whould seppose that he will make it to the top three! And Haley is pretty good to she will probly make it to the top five! Stefano might get to the top four!!!! That is what i think but you never know i might be wrong!!! And who will win???

    • you might be right i love how these people sing!!!! My Rankings

      (1) James Durbin

      (2) Scotty McCreery

      (3) Casey Abrams

      (4) Stefano Longoune

      (5) Haley Rainheart

      (6) Lauren Alaina

      (7) Jacob lusk

      Those are my Rankings!

    • James was absolutely awful singing the heavy metal. I couldnt even sit thru it. I got up and left. I cant stand the screaming crap. Its not singing. I just cant stand his voice at all nor his blinking

      • Yeah A Beast Thats a good name for him Yeah he looks like it gross- Nasty looking

      • I bet that tail has never been washed

        (u know the tail he wears HAHA Wash ur hair while at it it has to much clogged gel in it

      • Adam Lambert is much much much better than James. Adam is a true artist and he could sing anything with his own style. James does not make the songs his own. I think only Scotty does with his signature low note at the end, but he has not done that lately. The rest Karaoke, but the judges for got that word, they only know how to say goose bumps, awsome, and hot these days.

      • You are mean-that "blinking" as you call it? Get educated! It is from Torret syndrome-it is a involuntary tick that he cannot control-he is unique and exciting to watch on stage and has emotions and he is sweet and sensitive.Didn't you see him cry when Stephano was elimated? Now come on, be nice if you want to be critical.

  83. Este sem duvida nenhuma é o melhor american idol que venho acompanhando, mas acho que vai continuar a ganhar o rostinho bonito em vés do talento

    Alexandre Brasil

  84. Time for Casey's journey to end. He is a little too unique for the idol scene. I just can't imagine the American Idol as we know it lugging around unusual equipment. Jacob is becoming boring. Poor stage presence. If I want to go to a concert, I want to see something. Just to listen to an artist, I would just download or buy a CD.

    • "Too unique?" Umm, when has being "unique" become a bad thing? I guess you would rather see another pop cookie-cutter take the idol crown. :/

  85. Scotty still at the top James could be but heavy duty screaming is bringing him down Casey this not much better Jacob getting more dissappointed each week the top 2 will be between Scotty and Lauren the bottom three is Casey-Jacob-Stephano with Jacob going home who knows maybe they all will blow us away

  86. to all voters of american idol….please wake up and choose somebody who can sing all kinds of songs and not a singer who can only sing one type of song.I am wondering as to why scotty and jaboc are getting a lot of votes. I am tired of hearing scotty singing country songs…seriously ? since day one and so with jacob who has been singing songs as if if he's in the church.

    • Danny I totally agree with you. Variety is the spice of life. Initially I thought those two were very interesting, but "break out of the box people". Yes, Scotty has a beautiful base voice and Jacob a beautiful vibrato and they play to those strengths week after week. What I once admired is now boring the heck out of me. Variety performers. Variety.

      • They all have their own style and that's what they will sing when idol is over. You won't see James sing country and you won't see Scotty running around screaming and singing rock. That's why they sould have judges who come from the different types and not just rock lovers. Randy saying James is the best of the night before the others even sing is just not right.

      • I never considered myself a country fan until I heard Scotty.

        He can sing anything with that talent. He loves country, now so do I. As Jimmy said, " Scotty could sing a phone book" and people would love it. His rock n roll song was amazing!



    • And wouldn't you love to see them put out an album of duets, they are so perfectly matched when they sing!!!! Love them both.

  88. I notice Scotty is on Top…and he has been my favorite since the beginning and I'm not a country person, but for a kid of seventeen he has such a good deep voice and such a nice personality. I hope he will get to be American Idol.

  89. IMHO, Hallie needs to go home. She is such a phoney personality – Janis Joplin, don't even say her name in the same sentence, Tyler! Stefano is cute, fairly good singer, but he is BORING! And FORGETTABLE (um, who won last year? can't even recall his name because there was nothing "different" about him, but I remember Crystal Bowersox!). Lauren is good, James is good, Casey is good…I'd be fine with any of them. Pia was pretty, talented BUT also forgettable – no stand out. Who are the stand-out non-winners? Daughtery, Hudson, Lambert, Bowersox, Aikens. Where are the folks they lost to now? Hmm…

  90. I was sorry to see Paul go, he was different. I like Casey and James both. I am sick to death of

    country singers who all sound the same to me. We

    need something different, tired of all the cookie cutter singers.

  91. In my opinion, Jacob Lusk is the best pure singer out of the remaining 7. But, he is too predictable, and has actually gotten boring. Scotty or Lauren seem to reach a broad audience, mostly the country fans. I think Lauren should be the next american idol. Thanks


  92. Lauren.. You got it Girl..Go for it…let Go and reach for the Sky!! Believe In You and You will WIN!!!! THIS..ALL THE WAY. Believe In Lauren. Sing some of Mirah have the voice.

  93. i look for scotty or stefano to get eliminated tomorrow night. james is real good. but hes to heavy metal for my taste. but he is one of my favorites.

  94. I think we should look at how versatile casey is with the talent he carries. His jazz is great, I am not in favor of when he likes to razz or be to raspy. He is smooth and very well rounded as an artist and should be considered a contender. Haley is getting forgotten in the background. But we need a different winner this season as to what David Cook accomplished and Carrie Under. Scotty should be right up there with the rest of them as a chance to sing. I like artist that dont have to be all about show. Look at raw talent up there. Its

    tough this year. I dont predict who might win. they all deserve too win.

  95. I think all of the singer are great in their own rights. Jacob is a pure singer regardless if he came from the church. How many great singers have a great gospel background. I believe he is holding back because of a comment a few weeks ago. Let the boy saaaannng!! Yo9u don't have to jump around the stage weat crazy outfits, it is all about the sound of the voice. Eventually, the winner will make an CD and you won't see them in various outfits and see thier stage presence it is all about the quality of the voice. Jacob has that quality it is raw and natural.

  96. We are voting for the best singer aren't we? There are only 2 singers that I would actually pay money to listen to!And they are Scotty and Lauren.

    This will be my last season to watch American Idol. I have been a fan since the first season, but I really think the judges think their opinion is the only one that counts.They don't realize that it is the public that will be spending their mony on these artist, if they are good.

    Just hope Scotty wins. A true artist!!!

  97. From a senior's point of view, I do agree that Scotty and Lauren and would sell tons of cd to those that listen to country. I want to put on my radio, switch around the stations and hear a "voice", be entertained by someone that can switch genres. To me James Durbin is it. Casey is entertaining to watch, Hailey, unique, Jacob, great voice, but same stuff, Stefano hasn't had that OMG song. So these 60+ year old ears, vote for James.

  98. I am sick of Casey-Casey-Casey. He is a creep with no singing talent. I can't stand to watch him. James proved tonight that he has a great voice and is entertaining. Top 3 should be James, Lauren, and Stefano. If Stefano can give a few more performances like tonight he has a chance to win.

  99. American Idol has more talent this year than ever before and the judges are awesome.James Durbin is #1 for me and has been since I fisrt saw him in the early auditions.I hope James wins it all.If he doesnt make it all the way then I hope it is Hailey..she is awesome too.

  100. I am a country fan and love my rock and other music but country the way Scotty sing`s it is just outstanding and to think he is only 17,Love you lots and you and Lauren are the only two who are very good.Scotty should be the winner.

  101. Oh my, lots of stuf about James!! I think Casey is the best!!! Casey sings like he is gonna win!!!!!!

  102. I can't believe people actually think that Scotty is a good singer. He is okay but does not have the pipes the rest of the singers do. James deserves to win and Haley has a great voice but never gets kuddo's for anything. Lauren has a great voice but is to young and will probally make it in country regardless. The rest are just plain forgetable. Pia was great. Stephano, no way, Jacob, no way and Casey might be good but he is too creapy for me. would not buy his music.


  104. I am all in for James..he is exciting on stage to watch and his voice is incredible. I even love him and I am in the "baby boomer generation".Scotty is too one dimensional although his voice is beautiful and unique–same for Haley- the other girl has a way to go yet-she has time and is only 16 years old and she somehow annoys me ..Jacob has got to be the next to go and I don't think Casey will end up winning-he will probably be eliminated after Jacob.His looks have got to change.

    • James is also a one ponie act he can yell very well but is also a good singer when he does`nt yell like a girl.Scotty is better because he do not have to yell to get votes.

  105. I miss Stephano already. No artist has ever moved me to tears from the sheer beauty of their performance like Stephano did when he sang "Amazing". Now all of my cheers, well wishes, standing ovations, prayers are all with James. James has been my first choice for Idol from day one but some of the others caught my attention as well. No more. Its James, James, James!

  106. i guess that stefano was a deserving one than jacob . . stefano made the show a very nice and interested . .i will go for

    1. james

    2. lauren

    3. haley

    4. jacob

    5. scotty

    as my top 5 . . CASEY ABRAMS should be go home . . LETS CHEER FOR THEM AND FOR THE FUTURE OF THE OTHERS WHOSE ALREADY ELIMINATED(stefano, thia, pia, naima, paul, karen and ashton)

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