American Idol 2011 Top 8 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol, we’ll learn which singer is sent home and who goes on to be part of the Top 7 this season. Lets hope America got the vote right tonight!

Based on your votes in our Top 8 performance poll it looks like the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Paul at the bottom with Jacob and Haley not far behind. Could these three make up tonight’s Bottom 3? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I think we’re more likely to see Stefano swap places with Haley.

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American Idol 2011 Top 8 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Haley Reinhart Ryan reveals she is safe
  • #2 – Stefano Langone
  • #3 – Paul McDonald

American Idol 2011 Top 8 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Paul McDonald

Paul becomes the second male voted out, but the first to be eliminated (Casey was saved) from the American Idol finalists this season. He might not have been the overall best this season, but he was my favorite performer from the bunch.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. The show is starting off good with doing the duets and smaller group performances over the god awful group medley.

    • yeah it was awful…except for Haley's. Oh my gosh! so where are the Haley haters? haha she's still there because of US. because of millions of her fans. come on Haley fans, let's not allow the other super safe performers to win this AI. Oh my gosh and can I just say how effing bias these judges are? when it was Haley's turn last wednesday night, it was Randy who first gave those negative comments. and you remember when he asked Steven…he said "do you agree". and this stupid Steven Tyler immediately said "I agree". what the F?! we all know how he gave positive comments to mediocre performances like Paul's/Stefano's. Oh my gosh!!! it's like Steven was just going with the flow… whatever Randy says, especially if it's negative, he'll have to give negative comments too. why is that? well i guess that's just for the audience to think that he's not an oh so positive judge after all…that sometimes he also has to give negative comments, although in an obvious way that he's just going with the flow.

      • I agree. Haley is fantastic. Entertaining, likable, and the girl can SING. She's getting more and more comfortable on stage, I think. I just don't think that she has a big enough, loyal fanbase. Tonight's duet with Casey was top-drawer material, as I've said elsewhere. It was fantastic, with a very difficult arrangement meshing those voices and singing all those incredible doo-be-doo runs against each other.

      • there's nothing to shout about.. judges wanted all the girls out from the begining… when did you start watching idol?

    • You wish! Haley's millions of fans including me won't let that. this is the correct order:

      next week: Stefano out!

      a week after: Jacob out!

      a week after: Casey out!

      a week after: James out!

      a week after: Scotty out!

      then a final 2 with Haley and Lauren. oh my gosh!!! this is just soooooo exciting!

      • That order will not happen this way sorry to say. James and Scotty will be standing in the end if America does this right, with James winning Idol!

  2. Scotty and Lauren sounds so good together, they should consider recording some duets together.

  3. haley needs to go! did you see her face when Pia got voted off?! she was thrilled. No one likes her and her nasty red lipstick.

    • Um…I like her and damn…can you be any more hateful? She was not thrilled, she is just not an obsessive sap like some other people have turned out to be.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed that! I thought her gleeful reaction to seeing another girl getting voted off said alot about her character… whereas Lauren was truly shaken up.

    • first off…welcome to planet Earth! I know right? Oh my gosh you are effing insecure of Haley..i can totally sense that.. It's not Haley's fault that she's sooo optimistic and that she always smiles. She could be smiling that time because Stefano was safe…but then when she hugged Pia, she was almost about to cry…you Haley haters, please go back to your own planets!

    • @ CRL: Why are we still talking about Pia???? And WHY do you think you know what is in Haley's mind, for heaven's sake. Get real. Are you really making decisions about your musical taste based on red lipstick or your interpretation of a smile? I LOVE HALEY. So that "no one" statement obviously needs striking.

  4. Goodbye James or Lauren….Scotty and Lauren should record something together, think it might blow up!

  5. kalau menurut saya yang cocok ke Bottom 3 adalah :

    #1- Haley

    #2- Paulus

    #2- Yakub


    . Haley.

  6. O this sucks I'm in oklahoma and were haveing some storms so they pushed AI to 8pm so the news pp can do there job of taking air time come on the storm hasn't even been that bad some rain I Wish they would put AI on πŸ™

  7. I was hoping for an all male bottom 3, a guy better be eliminated this week. Hailey's performance last night wasn't half bad, stupid judges praising performances like Paul's and Casey's but came down on Hailey.

    • I know!!! They're just sooo unfair. Oh nobody should listen to the judges! See, they sooo praised Paul last wednesday and what just happened? Paul got eliminated!! and he deserved it.. if only the judges were true to themselves, it could have been better! then mediocre contestants like Paul could have improved more and get more votes.

  8. I dont think Haley is going home, actually my guess is Jacob will be out tonight, people just dont connect with him

  9. If one of the girls go tonight, it may be the start of the end for AI so let's hope it doesn't happen.

  10. Base on last night performance, I think Haley is in danger. I actually dont understand Paul & Casey performance, like singing in the lounge !

  11. Well Lauren is safe so at least there will be one female next week, but if Hailey gets the boot tonight and the judges start picking on Lauren next week while praising all of the guys, then it's sexism at work. I am however keeping my fingers crossed for a guy elimination tonight.

    • It has to be a male otherwise there will be even more questions asked.

      In the first 6 seasons there were 4 female winners and 2 male. Since then it has been three guys with only one woman in the final 2 and that was Crystal last year.

  12. The judges are ticking me off. They seem to be prejudiced against country music. The only enjoyment or comments they make is for the old time jazz/blues thing! good grief!

    • You are wrong there! The judges loved Scotty's performance last night and predict he will be a big star, which he will. What I would like to see though is someone other than a "pop" singer win. Would love Rock and Roll to win…James Durbin…..

      • The only response from them tonight was for Haley and Casey. They did not acknowledge Scotty and Lauren. Nothing to Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean, wither. Aldean is hot in country music right now. He did the show a favor coming on there.

      • Reason was that for Scotty and Lauren, they know (which they said last night) that these two are stars in the making. They knew it from the moment they first saw them at the audtions, so there is no real need to say anything more tonight. For Casey and Haley they both performed, one something different (Casey) and the other not up to her last 2 performances, so of course they will say something.

      • I can't believe Lauren gets such low popularity> She's so darned sweet and has such a nice voice with the most listenable country flavor to it. Honestly, she's a better country singer than Scotty. He's just got that low voice / country twang thing going. I am sure the girlie girls think he's the bomb, but he's still pitchy at times, while Lauren is practically pitch perfect. I like Lauren – always have. I'd buy her album too. Scotty? Too old school country twang for me. But that's just me!

    • What the hell is wrong with jazz. It's instrumentally and vocally challenging. To an educated ear it is amazing to listen to. I thought there performance was top notch. I wish people would open there minds to the possibility that music can challenge you in a listening sense… Much music today is dumbed down. I blame the lose of music in our schools. Casey and Haley you Rock!!!

      • I agree with you, but if I had to say why it isn't more popular, I'd say that we are programmed from infancy to sing along [wheels on the bus etc.]. Chiming in on a popular song is built into us. Not an easy thing to do with jazz. My personal favorite is Dave Brubeck, but he has done a dozen different arrangements of any given piece. Jazz is just not a singalong genre.

      • To Kraf-T…

        Well said. Haley and Casey's duet was fantastic. And I agree with all that you wrote. There is a reason all these Kids are on American Idol…

  13. Uffffffffff was not expecting to see Stefano there darn!!! πŸ™ hope he will make it and Paul goes

  14. Stefano and Paul in the bottom 3 big surprise. Paul should have been in the bottom 3 last week. I hope it's one of the guys going tonight, personally I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Paul.

  15. Paul has to go out of those 3 – he is awful and, based on last night, Casey is lucky he is not there!

    I have been a critic of Stefano but last night he did a great job.

    • He's connecting more and he's singing songs he should be singing – boy band stuff to steal the girly whirly vote away from Casey. He needs to be more cool and way less broadway, which he has been doing. Now he just needs to lose the "just sat on a hot poker" facial expression and give the girls in the audience that "I would die for you" look that makes the girls squeel like little piggies! πŸ˜›

  16. Even if Lauren is not safe, there will be at least one female next week, SHAW.

    Please eliminate Jacob

    • pls stop hating… he sang well…better than the bottom 3..look in the mirror; besides u have got to move on from that

  17. If Haley is safe, Seacrest had better send her back to the bench and make it clear it is between 2 guys.

  18. So much for Haley picking up Pia's votes. Unfortunately Haley got harpooned by the judges last night. Hate to see another woman voted off. Especially one that is my favorite contestant!

    • Wow. Scotty's performance was safe and boring and Haley ROCKED "Call Me" and added her OWN STYLE to a classic golden-oldie rock song. It's just that anybody under 25 probably never heard of Blondie. For me, the Haley version of that song rocked me. But I grew up with that sound, I was just a kid. To me, that is what music is all about. I get that a younger audience may not relate. It's all good.

  19. I'm ok if any of those go, although Stefano did finally step it up a bit. Haley was the worst though.

    • Since he's learned to turn down the tap on the emotion and save the power for his "Jacob" moments I like him a lot more. He might be a good recording artist, but really. Would you go to one of his concerts? I don't know. His Itunes track was just… okay. Haley, James and Stefano (yes – believe it) had ROCKIN good tracks that were 100% radio ready in my opinion.

    • I agree. Not only does he have the best voice, the best musical imagination, the best enunciation, and the best commitment to the lyric, he's also the funniest. He should practice being a graceful winner.

    • I know!!! that should have happened like weeeeeeks ago. oh my gosh Haley for the win!

  20. Okay, I think voters got it right this time. Scotty will pick up the majority of Paul's votes.

    • What? Not a chance Paul's voters will go to Casey, Haley and James in that order.

  21. YES!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul had absolutely no talent. Well, he had improved a little bit in the past few weeks but was still at the bottom of the pack for me.

    • He had talent, but his singing voice is just… too eclectic and not a strong enough vocalist. Comparing him to James Blunt is about as laughable as comparing Casey to Norah Jones. A real side splitter!

  22. He was the weakest and has been for weeks. Don't get me wrong, he is a hell of a nice guy but has a very weak voice. People compare him to Rod Stewart but if you listen to records Rod made when he was Paul's age, his voice was much stronger. Croaky – yes, but much. much stronger.

    • You should go listen to his origanal stuff with his band.Some really strong vocals Much better than AI.

      I got both his cds. Really good stuff. He writes some good songs and is performs rally well with his band. Folks should really do some research on the contestants before they pass judgement. IMO Haley has the best vocal abilaty of those left. Casey is starting to get boring. He should have sang "In The Air Tonight". Jacob Is Boring and has been for the most part. Scotty is nothing new. Could not even compare to most of the newer country artist out there today.

  23. America got it right. Course I'm sad to see him go. I liked him but it is true that he's just not at the vocal level that the other contestants were. He did make me smile though.

  24. I don't think america did right this time either… Paul has great talent and a unique voice. I think he brought something new to American Idol and it's sad to see him go.

    • You wish! Haley will be the American Idol of 2011. Yes Lorena, Haley is gonna rock the house next week because she will belt out a perfect song and will get millions of votes again from us.

  25. why not stefano who was sent home???

    it is damn..

    paul is better than stefano..

    stefano have not talent!!!!

    • Listen to the Itunes recordings and tell me again that Stefano has no talent. He may not sing your brand of music, but the kid is RADIO READY.

  26. Why is Haley still in this competition. She should have never been in the top 12. The fact that the girls have gone quicker then the men this season shows that if there are more talented males then it should be even 6 and 6. It's whoever is the most talented. If that means 12 men and 1 girl, then so be it. It's not called Equal Opportunity American Idol. It should be the most talented no matter who it is.

      • Haley has a unique quality to her voice and is exciting! She has good stage presence and her vocal style is as unique. I would buy her songs!!!!!!!!!

      • I beg to differ without girls in the mix there would be no drama and whats entertainment without drama….

      • You are simply a blithering idiot. Stefano should have been gone each of the last 5 weeks

      • Dan,

        Who are you calling an idiot?


        There would still be drama….the drama that the show creates and what the media creates. If we are truly to pick an "American Idol", we should be picking from the best of the best not the best and then some that aren't the best but we have to have them on the show because it has to be equal.

      • hey dan, watch your language. everyone has a right to their own opinion. If anything, you're the idiot!!!!!! The public has spoken and they preferred someone else voted off.

      • @dan how dare you say that about have no right..everyone has equal chance to win..even you if you were a contestant..since youre not..SHUT UP!!!!

      • You know this season the good ones get eleminated first in top 11.. Everybody's voting for the worst AI this time!

      • How old are you two? Honestly? Grow up and lose the adolescent insults… they're pointless.

      • eresth I will say what I please Stefano at least gives the top seven another woman along with Jacob the total is 4

    • yes dan your completely right. as for u jill you wouldn't know talent if it hit u in the face. wake up haley has the whole package

      • She is a conceited, self-serving you know what who gets enjoyment on others misfortune. Great role model material, don't you think?

      • C'mon Angie, Haley just smiles whether it's an up or down moment. She smiled when she said "drat" at her Own misfortune also. But, I guess you like the hangdog, sympathy begging way that Jacob stands there. Not me, not classy. At least Paul went out with class. And Haley will too if and when her time comes. But, when Casey or jacob goes, they'll play for sympathy instead of making the crowd happy like Paul did.

      • @no.opinion. You were right when you coined your name, because you threw away your chance to express your opinion by dumping a smelly bag of trash behind instead. Grow up.

      • coondog, you are so right. I was not a big Paul fan, but he went out gracefully. He appears to be a real class act. I commend him on that last Rod Stewart number.

        I wish him well.

    • rock and roll will never die. I picked James from the very beginning to be the next idol. I'll stick with my gun. Its like he escapes into his own world when he performs. He is awesome….You rock Durbin!!!!!!!!!!

    • The problem is that popularity plays a big part and young girls are the majority voters followed closely by their mothers.

      Pop/Rock and Country style voices will do best since they have the biggest following now days but metal, blues and jazz is far from dead yet, just little new music for them to buy or even know about. The radio plays mainly new pop, rap, old rock or Hispanic songs.

    • Haley is still here because we VOTED FOR HER! Lots of us LOVE her! She is better than half the contestants. Let's remember:WHY is Casey still here? Judges f*cked-up save. WE VOTED CASEY OFF 3 weeks ago. Time for Casey to go. And Jacob, the pelvic-thrusting gospel singer (what an OXYMORON)!

      • Casey was voted off because people hadn't been voting for their absolute favorites. They were voting for those whom they LIKED… those they feared would be sent home if ignored.

        Casey still being here proves the save was worth it. If America really didn't like him, we would have sent him home the following week.

      • I agree, Casey was voted off and the judges wasted their save and brought him back. In attempts to justify that decision , even though his performances have been substandard, the judges continue to overly praise him for performances which do not measure up to the rest of the contestants. I am really disappointed by the fact that America has been sucked in by this attempt by the judges to push him through and continue to support him.

    • Well… she's still in the competition because she's the most vocally talented girl left. Her runs and riffs are better than any I've ever seen on the competition. Her voice goes wherever she wants it to go. She's an amazing singer and the power behind EVERY one of her notes still surprises me every time I hear her sing. Her lowest low notes and her highest highs come out just as strong as those in her comfort zone.

    • Hey Jill, you are just soooo jealous of Haley. I agree, Stefano should have been gone like even before the tope 13. Remember, he's just an effing wildcard? same as Casey…the judges just wasted their save! Haley has the most unique voice and her studio version are just to die for.. she's gonna be a great recording artist! I'm sure Mariah Carey is soooo glad because Haley is sooo gonna follow her footsteps. I hope it's gonna be Mariah Carey week soon!

    • I get it. You don't like her.

      I do. I think Haley is the most talented contestant on the show.

  27. I was happy to see that finally one of the girls was safe. I wish it was Jacob eliminated, I can't watch him so annoying!!!

    • Jacob should definitely be the next in line to pack his bags and leave. It's long overdue!!!!!!!

      • Who is voting for Jacob? For obvious reasons, it is not the teeny bopper girls with crushes or men in general. Are there that many gospel choir singers voting?

      • I think there are bacically two groups of people who are voting for Jacob no matter how well he sings. Black folks who vote based on the color of his skin and ultra religious groups who vote for those that have a wholesome, clean image. The ultra religious are probably a very large number of the voters on American Idol. So do be surprised if Jabob goes all the way to the top. How else can one explain Adam Lambert, coming in second place, last season.

    • I completely agree. I'm getting tired of Jacob. The same thing every week, but the judges never mention it. Seriously, wtf?

      • He might be in danger of getting predictable – look at the poll here – James is right on his heels and James keeps turning up the HEAT. Scotty is becoming like a double-shot nightcap before bed. Nice, but moreso sleepy…

      • AJ, you took the words right out of my mouth! The only reason why "straight America" is hating on Jacob is because he's gay. So what if he is? This is 2011 not 1102! The man can sing! And all the gay joke are childish and lame! And I wish people would stop using his unwise comment last week as another excuse not to like him, because they probably didn't like him from the start. I also believe if Scotty, James, Paul or Casey would have made Jacob's unwise comment, it wouldn't have been a big deal. Anyway, with that said, I wish all of the top 13 the best in their carriers.

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got rid of Paul, now it is time for Jacob, the pelvis-thrusting choir-boy . He didn't want to sing a song about sex, but he humped the air like a horny dog. JEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      • Har har. Yep. Jacob must go. A couple of weeks ago someone called him "La Cage Aux Folles Goes to Church."

        That was the post of the year; I'm still laughing.

      • So true Cat. If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Jacob.

    • I think Jacob made a big step last night. He didn't get too emotional. It wasn't as much "weight" that came with his performance last night… and made it much easier and enjoyable to watch. He also didn't go overboard with the crazy-powerful pipes we know he has, which was a big thumbs-up in my book. If he can do that again next week I'd like to see him stay longer.

    • Ya'll can say what you'll want about Jacob week after week, but guess what, he's still there! Jacob is in it to win it, so take that Jacob haters!!! LOL… And he's getting MILLIONS of votes….get over it and look past the gayness and focus on his vocals. The man can sing whether you admit it or not and that's the bottom line. He's NOT the first gay contestant and he WON'T be the last! Side note: Pia should still be there. She' the complete package…

      • Go listen to his original stuff with his band you will think different. I bought his cds great stuff

        He writes some really good songs.

        Now That my favorite is gone my votes go to Haley. she is the best left. James is Second then maybe Lauren.

    • Totally agree with that it was hard to even try to hear let alone go blind from the terrible cloths.

  28. I think Casey should have been gone a long time ago. It was stupid that Pia got booted off. Jacob or Casey should be gone.Pia was great and I do not think Lauren is all that good. She acts like such a baby, she need to grow up. Haley is getting better but I think Scotty is the best out of em all and hope he is the next american idol

  29. I love all the idol performance. These kids are doing great and give a a full array of different music style. It was sad to see Paul leave us but he left us on such an upbeat tempo – what a champ.

    • although he was not my favorite, i respect him alot and think he will go far with his attitude and talent

  30. wanna the black guy goin home next week. i'll be jumpin jumpin.! he disgusts me!

  31. I am happy for two reasons, first that the girls were safe, and second Paul went home. Let's send Jacob home next week.

  32. Paul has even more talent than he portrayed. He is a true artist…read his background and accomplishments.

      • You are so right Ruth Sharp. That's the way you do it. GOOD for you Paul. Was not my favorite but we kind of liked seeing what he would do next. Very limited vocally, but was really good with what he did have. He really showed everybody how to exit this great show. He even shed a tear or two right before they went off the air. Wish you all the best in the future Paul. I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous career. You were a CLASS ACT tonight. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

      • I agree Ruth and Kev. I'm not a Paul fan, but Nice Exit. As I've posted earlier, a classy exit is like Paul's when you allow the crowd to be happy with you, rather than feel sad and guilty like Jacob and Casey will probably do when they leave. Let's watch and see.

  33. FINALLY America got it right tonight GOOD BYE PAUL you can take jacob and Stefano and Casey with you and save us three more weeks of changing the channel because they are terrible. You can keep Hailey around for a little while she is nice to look at , not much else.

    Top three; James



  34. What? Stefano should be the one who is eliminated Because he He Got pia ELIMINATED I LIKE PIA WAAAAA

    • Please tell us, how did he get Pia eliminated? I'm no Stefano fan, But I'm curious how he did that.

    • why do people keep on blaming stefano for pia's elimination? like, did he have any control or influence on that? i'm not a stefano fan, but i find it disrespectfull and insensitive and completely unfair that he gets all this negativity because he got saved when pia was booted off.

  35. What? Stefano should be the one who is eliminated Because he He Got pia ELIMINATED I LIKE PIA WAAAAA awts

  36. America definitely did not vote correctly this time. Paul was incredibly good last night. Haley should be the one voted out.

  37. i do like paul's raspy voice, kinda like a younger rod stewart. surprised jacob and casey are still in the running. casey uses his bass as a clear cut "randy" vote. of course, randy is tryng so hard to save face by promoting JAZZ…JAZZ…JAZZ..

    who wants to buy religious cuts on the top 24?????top 10???? top anything???? stefano has been saved too many times. each of the artists is unique this season. who wants to buy what kind of music??? thats who will win this year's american idol……judges wasted their save on casey way early on…he looks like he has demon eyes or is constipated when he sings. call the cops…..when he has his health problems arise…again….again..and again…how can he promote the tour unless he has medvat behind him???

    • Interesting, talent should be universal and versatile. I could see Jacob doing well for an Appolo theatre audience. I could see Pia being really well received by an Appolo audience. Not so much for the rest of the remaining singers, they would be out of their element.

  38. what a wonderful entertainer.I feel so let down that america sent Paul home tonight.I am sure that we will hear from him many, many more times. I for one will buy anything he puts out there. I sure hope to see a video.You go show everyone what a winner you are Paul!

  39. Paul was my favorite – he is destined for a Rod Stewart movie… sooner, than later.. And all will be well served. Great entertainer, we wil see him and his band, especially if he plays off the Rod Stewartness..

  40. Stefano needs to leave he only appeals to 10 year old girls, Paul should have stayed!

  41. I want Casey to go home next week. I feel he is getting too cocky. He seems creepy to me and I don't care for that grunt/growl he often does during performing.

      • Casey reminds me of a leprochan. I wish he would be voted off. Am I the only one that doesn't get his singing??

    • I read that Casey and Haley have something going, perhaps the growl they both have was the attraction. They both need to go, she has real attitude and yes, he is just creepy.

      • right on! Things would be better off on the show if both of them were gone, too much attitude and not enough real singing voice for either of them.

      • Haley, attitude!? Attitude is Queen Bee JLo that keeps dropping her not so subtle "but I don't mean it" critiques to lose girls that threaten her Queen Bee status–she did her disses on Karen, Thia, Pia, and Haley. She didn't on Naima because she wasn't as beautiful or as good a singer.

        But I don't like the thought of "the caveman's paws" on Miss Haley!

  42. It appears that being in the final two with Stefano is the kiss of death. He has taken down Casey (then saved), Pia, and now Paul [any others that I have forgotten?]. And online polls always show Jacob in the bottom 3 —but not when it comes to Idol itself —interesting, eh?!

    • Stefano should not have made the top 13 yet Jlos racism shined through and kept him alive.

      • JLO makes me sick. It makes me even sicker to think she was voted the most beautiful woman.

        I'm still vomiting from hearing that garbage.

  43. Haley has an incredible voice and is my favorite but I think she is gone the next or following week. She’s just not the peppy pop star nor the cute country gal that can be the idol of many pre-teen and teen – where the voting majority lies. Case in point, when you read these posts of those who dislike Haley, the vast majority are girls.

    • You are absolutely correct. Whatever one thinks of Haley's growling (and even I think she does too much of it at times), she has NOT SUNG A BAD NOTE YET. I'm not kidding. She's never pitchy, never. Even Pia was a bit pitchy last week for the first time (I didn't think that she should have been booted, by any means, though.) And Scotty (whom I don't love, although he's probably going to win) was pitchy for really the first time THIS week. But Haley is dead on with both her vocal control and her range every week. (And I thought that her duet with Casey tonight was KILLER. It was fantastic in every way.)

      • I agree. Haley did great on that Janis Joplin song, but then how many people realize how it was supposed to sound? Listen to the ending of this again —awesome!

      • Haley seems to have some training in Jazz/Blues but lacks traditional like Pia had or Lauren's self taught country/pop training.

        If you want to have a singing career start with a good vocal coach or you can learn in Church but Gospel technics are tricky to break to sing some pop or country well.

  44. Jacob has an amazing voice and perfect control of it.

    James is super rocker. Stefano is a nice boy with great voice. Scotty will have his country career anyway. Lauren has potential. My favorite is Casey – wonderful artist with great talent and unique personality. He is full of surprises. Haley is nice looking but her vocal wasn't even close to others, all over the place and flat. She is one to go!

    • You're so right ! πŸ™‚ I agree with all your judgments except the Jacob and Haley part. πŸ™‚ For me, Haley has a powerful voice and I love it when she sang the line "Call Me" .. I don't appreciate Jacob much. He sings well but I'm not crazy about his vocals.

  45. You people keep talking about how the young girls are voting for Scotty. I think the only rason Haley is still there is the guys are voting for her. What woman wants to hear her growl? Not me. That's for the birds, oops guys!

      • Her growls are not natural…she puts them in randomly. Stevie Nicks has a naturally raspy voice. Haley is a fake.

      • Angela, Haley is not a fake.

        You're a fu

        {Sorry, hit the enter button by mistake)

        You're a fumer!

    • Guys basically don't vote, in my opinion, or if they do, it's very little. I don't see guys sitting at home hitting the redial button for their favorite performer for two hours straight. Little girls, on the other hand, yes. Idol is basically THEIR competition, and it always has been. AI has got to get it fixed to where one phone number can place ONE vote, and then that phone number is locked out. Pretty easy to do. They won't do it, because they like to scream 200 MILLION VOTES THIS WEEK, even if it really means that only a million people voted, but they voted 200 times apiece. Ridiculous.

    • And I love Haley. She's the best VOCALIST remaining. Terrific vocal control and incredible range. Never out of tune. She won't win — Scotty will — but we'll be hearing more from that young woman.

  46. Paul was one of my favorites, along with Casey and James. He has an unique voice. Reminds me of James Blunt. I'm sad to see him go. It should have been Stephano since he sings balad after balad.

  47. I am happy that Haley is still in the competition.

    And from now on eliminations are going to get harder especially disappointment for the fans .But someone has to go

  48. James and Casey were amazing last night!!! I felt bad for Haley because her performance was good but the judges were so critical about it. Honestly Lauren…The Climb? I'm surprised she was n't in the bottom 3 tonight! Its sad to see Paul leaving the competition but I guess its time for him to go home. I wonder who will go home next week.

      • i like lauren,but she is splitting votes with scotty,if she were to leave scottys votes would skyrocket even more πŸ™‚

    • Lauren has a beautiful voice. She sang the song BETTER than the original. I loved James, but Casey??? God, PULEASE>>>STOP THE EVL CAVEMAN YE!!!

  49. why Stefano always safe?? he is in bottom 3 almost every week but he never been lucky he is..i hope the winner is not stefano.. at first i heard paul's voice very weird..but..then..he become one of my favorite in the competition because of his unique voice and performance..good luck, paul, i hope you'll launch your album soon..:)) and for scotty.. love u..:))

  50. I loved Paul. Out of all the performers this season, I would go out and buy an album made by Casey, Haley, and Paul. They're the ONLY contestants that have really brought something different to the table. Paul's voice, though not "traditionally" good like… Pia's for instance, is unlike anything I've heard before. He's got a Dylan-esque/Conor Oberst-like style and being standing out like he does is something one NEEDS today to make it in the music business.

    And Stefano-haters, he and Casey are the two most vocally talented men left. The both have incredible range and performing abilities. Stefano, although I wouldn't go out and buy his music, has such a strong voice and has shown all of us his nearly perfect pitch practically every week since he auditioned. He's incredible as well.

  51. finally a good decision ! Paul was the worst voice of the group. A good showman but not a good voice.Everyweek a wondered why the judges were so pleased with his performance. Hailey and Stephano clearly better singers .

    • not too sure about Haley, but agree with Stefano. loved his performance this week. i also agree with you that Paul was a very good showman, but not a great singer. still, i think he'll have a solid career in band though.

  52. I’m just sooo glad that Haley is still in the running of becoming the next American Idol. Thanks to all her fans!!! And can I just say how lucky this Stefano is? How many times has he been in the bottom 2? haha he is just like Syesha Mercado! I’m beginning to think that they’re just manipulating the results to increase this Stefano’s popularity!

    My predition next week: Stefano out!

    a week after: Jacob the drag queen out! then he could look at her fugly self in the mirror all day.

    a week after: Casey out – I’m sure these stupid judges are gonna cry..

    a week after: James out!

    a week after: Scotty out!

    then a final 2 with Haley and Lauren. oh my gosh!!! this is just soooooo exciting!

    • Lauren should not get into the finals… She pales in comparison towards the others.. She has a beautiful voice but thats it.. Plus she's not mature enough to get into the music industry..She's a sweet kid and she deserves a normal and fun filled childhood.. Once she becomes a woman, she may be unstoppable. In fact i believe that she will go pretty soon…Haley is amazing though…She just has to perform every song like she tackled god bless the child with the right amount of growling and singing…

      • Totally, totally agree. I think that Lauren will have a career IN TIME. But you're right about the maturity level at this time. Haley has got it going on right now, even though the judges have been inexplicably hard on her.

      • I happen to think that Lauren's voice is maybe the BEST of all. Never out of tune, never screechy…I don't even want to think about any moron who thinks otherwise.Jacob sucks like a big TOOL.

      • I like Haley, granted her voice is not trained for pop but I also like Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan.

        Haley puts on a good show with a strong chorus but melody not always perfect.

      • prediction,,,,,if luaren is voted out it is over,scotty will get the rest of her votes they have been splitting and it will be over for the rest…..GO SCOTTY!!!

  53. I am gonna truly miss Paul….His crazy drunken monkey smiling chimpanzee dancing will be missed. I have never seen someone so free on the American idol stage. He knew he danced ridiculous but he didn't care…This is the first time i will miss someone…Next week, there will be an empty pair of shoes dancing in the spotlight for Paul…

    P.S- His band songs are amazing…A.I producers literally turned him into a lame dancy duck… check out his band on youtube…its quite refreshing…

    • I totally agree with you here AI did not do Paul Any Justice. His band is awesome. The videos on youtube ( not the AI stuff) are very entertaining His band is very talented and his vocals fit perfectly. Folks should do more rsearch on the contestants before bashing them. Paul is a great song writer and will do well. I will be looking for him on tour with his band.

  54. I am so glad of the results!!!!YEAH YEAH YEAH!!trust me, JACOB is going to be the NEXT american Idol********

  55. for once, i'm not too bummed that Paul's leaving. the only thing better than that would have been Jacob leaving. hah! crossing my fingers for next week.

    • Mr or Ms RD, Why you wish for Jacob to go home next wk. That is not possible.

      The brother can sing, not shout and yelling***HA

      • because "the brother" humped like a horny dog last week. Shall I have to beg you to watch his "performance" again from April 6?? Dog humping the air. DISGUSTING.

      • Jacob moves less than Pia except when he had a co-singer and almost seemed to hump her.

        He can sing but no stage presence and an attitude.

  56. Hope and pray for whoever you want but in the end as much as I dread it, Scotty will be the last man standing. Hes had the highest percentage of votes every week since the start. And once again AI will fail to produce a true American Idol.

    • yeah, stupid, but TRUE. Take it from last year's winner. Lee DeWyze. DUH. He may have won Idol, but he is OBSOLETE. Addam Lambert didn't win, but is INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS. Just pointing out that from here, everybody knows their names, and it does not matter who wins. That does not determine their success at this point. Pia has recording deals begging at her feet. Do you think Paul does??

    • you are sooo right, he is the best, he sure isnt there coz his look, since he's got that ugly face, but he is da best in there, totally agrre with ya

      • Winner or not, James will definitely have a career after his Idol journey.

      • i love James too. Hope rock fans will help him win instead of the boring Scotty. Come on rock fans, let your voice to be heard. Keep ROCK alive!

  57. i wish it was haley to go. then i would've liked to see stefano go and then paul. but hey, watcha gunna do?

    • I saw a website where they panned in on Haley when Pia's elimination was announced. Everyone else's face was shock and devastation (especially Lauren who sat next to Haley). But not Evil Haley….she was smiling ear to ear. It would have been karma for her to get voted off the very week after Pia. She really thinks that she is the queen of the show now. She is trashy and Pia was classy.

      • I agree that it was a shame for Pia to leave so early, but Haley's duet opened my ears. If she can really sing like this going forward, she can be a real contender.

      • mhm i saw a video of her smiling when Pia was announced. i just cannot stand her voice. i really hate the way she growls – i do not find it sexy, nor do i find it harmonious. but in the end i cannot see her in the finals – she is definitely not a frontrunner. she'll be voted off sooner rather than later i hope.

      • actually, the story is that haley and stefano were dating offscreen, but stefano dumped haley so he could date pia. so haley is still mad at pia. that's why she seems happy.

      • Alright, Five Fools in a row is too much! (and no I'm not the fifth). I think you all believe what you're saying, but here's the truth: Haley is not smiling as in gloating for Pia getting booted. That's just her natural look or reaction in surprise just like other people have their "O" Faces (LOL) or whatever. Same thing as when some people laugh or giggle at shocking or embarassing news whether about themselves or others.

        Here's a new phrase to learn: Give the Benefit of the Doubt people. Haley is not evil, and none of the others are either. Don't vote for Haley is OK, but stop being Haley Haters please! (be Jacob Haters, I'm

      • Haley’s jealousy had nothing to do with Stephano. I think Haley was called pretty all her life. Then she got to American Idol finals and bam… is all about Pia’s beauty. Every show they talked about how gorgeous Pia was. Haley obviously is a spoiled brat who can’t stand playing second fiddle to another woman. Pia was stunning and Haley is well, slutty.

      • Yay, Coondog! I'm with you. The rest of the above comments (from Angela James and friends) are good examples of spewed, infantile gossip.

  58. Not upset about losing Paul but Jacob should have gone first, then Stefano, then Lauren, then Paul. My favorites are the rest of the gang. Casey and Haley were terrific tonight in their duo. I like jazz, i play keyboard, and jazz is a challenge, love listening to it too. Very happy to see a little jazz on Idol this season. Although, will someone pick a really great big r n r, or r N b hit and sing it for all its worth sometime???? The song choices are driving me nuts. I am sick of ballads!!! No matter what genre, no matter what famous song…please NO MORE BALLADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Here's my list based on last night's performance.

    1. Stefano

    2. Scotty

    3. Haley

    4. James

    5. Casey

    6. Paul

    7. Lauren

    Saddened by the fact that Lauren was safe.

    • Lauren is born with the talent she has. She is fresh and young and a very nice change of pace.

      What is America thinking????My dog can sing better than Casey!!!!!!

    • wow, you're already not counting Jacob? I am eager to know where will you put Jacob on the list πŸ˜€

  60. I don't care who went home. I only tuned in to watch Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. This was the first week that I didn't vote since Kelly Clarkson won. As far as I'm concerned, Pia won the whole thing and she is our new American Idol!

    • Frankly, Pia was BORING. She couldn't bring anything to the music industry that we haven't already seen Celine, Whitney, and Mariah bring more than enough of. She's a good singer; no, she's an incredible singer. But, she's the farthest thing from a performer. Bending her knees, taking a step forward, looking up, and raising her hand slowly whenever she hits a high note or nails a crazy run IS NOT what a talented performer does. Think about it… re-watch her videos. You'll notice that she stays in a straight line the entire time although she JUST MIGHT take a step forward or backwards. And the hand move I just mentioned too… well that's her only one.

      She's got the pipes. She's amazing. But she's not what the industry needs.

    • I too will not give American Idol my share of the ratings anymore. They knew the voting was broken years ago and did not bother to fix it. Pia is the next American Idol just like Daughtery was. Can they honestly say that the voting process isn't a mess when 9th place sold millions of more records than 1st?

      • Yes Pia certainly got eliminated too early in the show. She should have at least made the top 3. Even though people say she is not a good performer, some other contestants are pretty boring too. Everyone seems to go crazy over Scotty, yet all his performances are the same and quite ennui inducing. All country music sounds the same and isn't that difficult to sing (especially by males. It's basically a form of talking with a Southern twang to it. Even the themes seem to be the same in country songs. Anyways I digress, I guess it's all about preferences. I think it's more about connections too that help with the voting. Some contestants may initially have more friends, family, acquaintances, or larger state populations etc that support them.

    • Pia,Pia,Pia…Nothing special with your Pia, Time to move on!…Those remaining guys were great,so entertaining to watch..PEACE!

  61. America finnaly got it right! Paul should have gone weeks ago. Absolutely lousy stage presence.

    • A lot of people would disagree with you stymie, I am not one of them. I didn't care for his style at all either.

      • Then you did not like Rod Stewart with that SEXY voice. Or it may be you are too young to know how good Paul is and how much Paul took us back to our teenage years with w/ Rod Stewart . Casey should of not have even tryed out!!!!! Talk about a ugly face and no talent!!! Casey deserves an award…The Rasberry Award.

      • I grew up with listening to Rod Stewart and Paul is no Rod Stewart. Are you thinking the similarity is the raspy voice? Because if that's what your thinking, then by the same line of deduction Froggy from the Little Rascals was a Rod Stewart too. Wait, the time line is wrong. That would make Rod Stewart a Froggy and in turn mean Paul is Froggy. You know what, that works for me. Paul is the essence of Froggy.

      • That's funny Mike! (Froggy!)

        Froggy, are you still alive Boy?! You must be 80 or 90 by now!! Too old for AI, but X-Factor? Maybe Amer Got Talent!

      • Aw, Coon-D-

        Don't be so rough.

        "Haley-Haters" now "Froggy-Haters".

        An unpleasant remark does not a Hater make.

        Remember, I don't have many good words for

        Pervie, Grand-Daddy-Tyler but hate him, I don't. Hail, he can put his shoes under my bed any day!!

      • Ehh!? What say now? I say what's all this fool talk about Ol' Froggy not cuttin' the mustard no more?! Why, I just needs to swoller me a couple dem blue pills and call up Betty Davis. You hear me Boy?!

        For younses information they's awantin' me to sing the anthem at the next Super Bowl! (iff'ns I live that long I guess) I gotta take a nap now.

      • I believe we can to the bottom of this. Froggy says he still has talent and but he is obviously too old to be judged on AI. I think the best thing to do is bring in someone that can give us an unbiased opinion on Froggy's singing voice past and current…enter Robert Blake (Mickey in the Little Rascals, a.k.a. Beretta) stage right. Old Mickey says Froggy died on a motorcycle at age 16. I'm appalled…we must have an imposter in this chat string! Wow, I'm as shocked as all of you.

      • SHOCKING NEWS!! Mike's investigations inspired me to do a little digging of my own, so I googled Little Rascals and worked through the Froggy threads. Yes, he did die in a motorcycle accident at age 16, but guess who was riding on the back and survived with extensive facial scarring?–his rising star cousin, Stevie T. AKA "Tyler the Defiler" (he had been kicked out of school after 'accidentally' knocking the school marm's inkwell off her desk and while retrieving it had snuck a peek up Miss Virginia's dress).

        There were rumors that Froggy, jealous of his cousin's blossoming singing career, had actually switched identities with Stevie T., whose death Froggy had just caused by his reckless driving!

        Of course the only way to confirm or disprove would have to come from the "survivor's" proctologist (or any intimate partners of the "survivor"): As all Little Rascal aficionados would recall from Season 2's episode "Animal Institution", Froggy suffered a 3rd degree burn on his backside after carelessly sitting on the 'AI' branding iron those crazy kids had been using on the various stray cats and dogs for their play "kids zoo".

        Perchance–based upon her admitted Steven Tyler proclivity–we could enlist Debbie's Two Cents help in getting to the "bottom" of this mystery?!

      • There's at least one other Mike doing the AI string, so to minimize confusion I am "The Far Side" from now on.

      • Ah, shrewd move, Coonie-D but alas, no can do. I am w-a-a-a-a-y too young to opine on the antics of the young rascally lads.Hee-Hee

        as for my Stevie-T proclavities, don't go messin' with any of them—-he be MY "Bad-Boy" to spank!(Lascivious Chuckle)

        I think I just turned into a Dirty-Old-Man!!!

      • Thanks for the fun coondog and Debbie's two cents.

        FYI..Points while examing the shoes under your bed: The shoes are probably Froggy's if they're triple E wide, no arches, smell like a swamp and are dripping wet. Steven's shoes are narrower.

      • Classic! That's a wrap you two (?)!

        Except now we still have two ID mysteries: Froggy or Stevie T? (Someone's got to take a peek under those skivvies to see if there's an old AI brand or not–I think someone with a Lascivious Chuckle is volunteering!).

        And will the real Mike, alternate Mike, or Farside ever be known? (3 persons in one spirit? Whoa!)

        And Debbie-Too, how'd you know about my Rap moniker 'Coonie-D'? U-tube?!

      • The



        You made "Under-Bed-Shoe-Examination" a definite priority for me now. Thanx for the heads-up!

      • O-O-O-H, Coonie-D

        You just KNOW my hand is raised for a rousing game of "Mystery-Peek-a-Boo".You can bet I want to field this one!!!

        And your rap moniker???

        Haven't a clue (Smiling innocently).

        More Blackberry Brandy???

  62. Scotty deserves to win it all!!!!!! Glad Paul is gone!!!!! Lets keep Stefano around awhile he might surprise us!!!!!!

    • Wow use some more exclamation points please. Stefano need to go now should not have even made the top 13

      • I'm wondering if the majority of those wanting Stefano to stick around are basing their opinion solely on his 'cute' looks. I hope not. While I'll admit he's a nice looking lad, I like him because he has a damn fine voice. The way he sang I Need You Now did not only showcase his vocal ability but demonstrated a musical sensitivety that I found rather surprising (and pleasing) in one so young. I for one am rather sick of him being in the bottom three all the time!

  63. now i know america is gone insane stephano sucks and he still there and 2 awsome greats are gone wth america wake up how much is stephano paying you all

    • Those who say Stefeno is no good are insane themselves…….Jacob and Harley should go then Lauren and casey…….Stefeno singing very well and can have a better album then Pia… please be fair….

    • just be fair guys……..

      i hate haley's top13 and top12 performance, but i really love her last 3 weeks performance, because that's really AWESOME…

      i vote Halley for the Winner

  64. For Cinema Songs Theme week, I think it was an error to put Stefano in the bottom 3. It should be someone else.

  65. I agree, Paul, while different, should have gone a long time ago, but what the heck is America thinking, Scottie should have never made top 24. It has to be the young girls that keep him in it. I love all music, country is great too, but I would never pay 1cent to see him or pay for anything he put out. Casey is far the best Artist AI has ever seen. Haley is AWESOME, but Pia should have won AI 2011. Now that she is out, Casey should come out on top.

    • Well I don't think Scotty will have to worry about your 1 cent. There will be a zillion more to replace you.

      • I agree with you completely Dave, I have no idea why Scotty made it this far. There's so many male country singers out there who sing the same, nothing special.

        I just hope this season doesn't leave me feeling like the one where Taylor Hicks won!

  66. Yes, finally America got it right! It was about time! Hailey and Casey sounded so good… if they do a CD I will by it! Jazz is GOOD! Not everything has to be rock..Rap…or whatever. The Bluezz Jazz is a nice change of pace.

    Thank-you for not voteing for the worst! We want these kids to be the Superstars they are, and hope all their dreams come true. YOU ALL ARE WINNERS!

    • Haley & Casey were terrific together tonight and she looked stunning with her hair pulled up and not flying all over the place.

      Someone said she was smiling when Pia was eliminated and, from what I have seen of her, she is always smiling even when she is sent to the bottom 3 chair.

      I thought the result was right tonight, even though I like Paul and he went out in a classy way, giving high 5's to his new found buddies.

      • Exactly! You can't even call her expression a smile. For Haley that was a sad face. People are so hard on her for no reason.

      • Yo right Paul and David P. I set the Fools and Haters straight in an addendum to #2 Katy above.

        It's just her natural look when she moves her facial muscles for various expressions. i.e.–Do the Fools think an alligator or shark is smiling a greeting when he moves toward you?! See! just their natural look!

      • haha, Coondog. i hear where you are coming from but the analogy might not present the best side of the argument, xD

      • ha,yeah. on thinking it out, I think you're right. but you knew where I was coming from!lol . but kinda works in that just as alligator smile don't mean he's your friend, Haley's smile don't mean she's laughing at you at a sad moment. Just her look , like alligator got his look. (I'm digging a hole ain't I?! lol)

  67. OK, so America got it right this week. Paul is the weakest singer of the group that's left and his performance was all over the place (and rather annoying as he looked like he was having a fit). The least said about the outfit he was wearing the better (really Steven? I think somehow even you wouldn't have the bad taste to wear something like that!)

    What is going on with the judges? Glowing critiques when most of the performances certainly did not deserve it (to be specific Casey with his creepy facial expressions, James with that OTT scream my cat ran for cover, Haley was so off key it was embarrasing, Paul for the outfit alone and Stefano who has to stop trying to be a soul singer). This is not helping the contestants development. And to respond to J Lo's question, NO the performances aren't coming across the TV screen well and they sound aweful. I would say last nights performances were the worst of the season (which doesn't bode well this far into it). Maybe it was the ridiculously bad song choices (probably worst of any AI season!).

    P.S. have I heard correctly that Pia has been signed up? As predicted, it didn't take long and I suspect she was pulled from the show for that very reason (much like Jennifer Hudson). Pia will have a promising career and doesn't need the AI banner behind her.

    • I agree with you there…She will get copious amounts of training based upon her singing ability and looks as well as her charm and professional attitude…..She used idol as a springboard and will do far better on her own….but something which would be great to see is a Pia, Thia, and Haley as a trio or maybe even Pia Haley and Namia….Namia was an excellent backup singer so the blend of the three might just be what American and the Wold wants next….Far better to go out in a group at first and headline later on…..

  68. The two worst singers last night were

    1) Paul

    2) Haley

    I liked Paul at the beginning. Loved his voice. But he got lazy, or cocky, or something else. Then came the bad choice of songs and the ugliest outfit ever. My eyes!

    Next week Haley will be gone. She's nothing special. My theory is that she's still there because unhappy guys have been voting for her.

  69. my ranking based on last night's performance:

    1) james

    2) haley

    3) casey

    4) haley

    5) scotty (sooo overrated by the judges!!)

    6) lauren

    7) jacob

    8) paul

  70. just based on the performance, this is mine:

    1. Haley

    2. James

    3. Casey

    4. Lauren

    5. Jacob

    6. Scotty

    7. Stefano

    8. Paul

  71. glad paul has gone. for me he was poor and the teeth did not match the outfits. uncomfortable to look at and to hear. pia should have won this competition and if casey can regain his innocent appeal could do the trick. no one at this point for me stands out as the winner.this competition has lost its way a little or maybe even alot. jennifer hudson is the bar and they cannnot reach it…

  72. Glad America finally got it right!Paul just didn't do it for me.Glad he's gone.Jacob should go home next week.My ears were bleeding during his performance.

    • Even if Jacob got his crazy faces under control, his voice belongs in a church. He can't take that over the top gospel out of it. He needs to lock himself in a room and listen to Luther Vandross CDs until he understands what he could have sounded like. Compare his versions of anything with Vandross's "Dance with my Father". He just never got it.

  73. Paul leaving doesnt surprise me, esp after pia was booted last week…sure she prob wouldn't have won but i definitely think she went home ahead of her doesnt matter what order they go home in,but next to go are jacob, stefano, haley and casey..sorry to say but none of them stand a chance against lauren, james and scotty.jacob was great at the beginning,he has great pipes but its gotten old and frankly im tired of his loud screeching.stefano is cute,but lets face it,he's boring.haley never really appealed to me,shes good but prob one of the least best if not the least singer left.kasey also hasn't really got as much ''singing'' talent as the top3 is definitely james, lauren and scotty.lauren does come off as annoying sometimes but i like her voice.scotty of course has a huge fanbase but i for one am not as much a fan of his as i am of james.honestly, i hope james wins this season.he seems like a great guy&his voice is great too,AND he puts on a great performance.

  74. As someone who can't vote but watches AI on TV (from Australia) I really am enjoying this season of the show. To me, fron the begining I have only ever liked a few of the top 12, that is James, Lauren and Scotty. Sure the others have got vocal talents. I mean Pia, but I never liked her performances. They were too rigid, boring, nothing. As for the others, well Haley, she is ok, but needs alot of mentoring to get her groove. Casey, liked him in the begining but well, I am not sure anymore. Jacob, he has an amazing vocal ability but is far too full of himself and needs to get out of singing ballards. Stefano, never really liked him as a performer. He would do well on Broadway, but cannot see him as a performing star.

    Globally, there are only 3 singers who will do well outside of the USA and they are Scotty, Lauren and the one who I have loved from the begining James. Being longterm in the music business is not all about vocals, it is all about both vocals and performance. If an artist cannot entertain the crowd, then they will not succeed. This is way last year's runner-up Adam Lambert is doing so well not only in the USA but around the world, he can perform and his vocal ability is amazing.

    This is the music business folks….good vocal (not excellent) and great performances…there are exceptions….

  75. My list:




    I really hope these are the last three. They are really good and entertaining. Casey and Hailey are really good together… and Casey by himself with his bass…SUPERSTAR!!! Stay away from anything sounding angry and you are #1 in my book. James, what can I say… You are also good! You started out with lemons and have made sweet lemonaide! Anyone of these three are good enough to be #1! Iknew Pia wouldn't have a problem signing! She is a STAR!

    • best comment on here nicely done. I just dont like the voting process, i feel its what has knocked many ladies off the show.

      ( too many young ones overtexting)

      I still feel though Idol wants a cute pin up guy that can sell records , they need someone to stand next to Carrie Underwood so i see Haley going soon followed by Lauren making a very boring May and predictable finale. Scotty will take this thing.

      But hats off to Pia and yeah Haley & Casey did a nice number together Great talent this year. lousy judges with nothing to say. You and I could do a better job and have zero experience. Next year only one vote per phone per week and 3 new judges get rid of the save and let America vote one time per week fairly.

  76. I have voted for Paul all along and I will buy his songs when they come out. He was FRESH! Not the same old boring manufactured singers you hear on the radio all the time. I know I am not alone – you don't have to like him, but we do!

  77. America got it right this week with Paul leaving. Infact they got it right with Pia leaving last week too. I only have a few favorites in this season and they are best of the lot, they are Scotty, Lauren and Stefano, but I won't be surprised when Stefano goes home earlier they he should. I just loved Scotty and Lauren's job on a great country song of Randy Travis. That is what put Lauren as my top female artist. Next week either Casey or Jacob to go. If I could vote I would, but I don't live in America, so all American's reading this vote for me. If you do please vote for Scotty and/or Lauren, thanks.

  78. Thank God Paul's gone – he couldn't carry a tune if it had handles on it…if they'd flicked him & Stefano over the last couple of weeks, Pia would still be on the show, where she belongs…

    Now if they can only get rid of Jacob….

  79. Sorry to see Paul leave, sadly all but one will take the same walk. I think Haley should do a Patsy Cline song it would really suit her voice. Scotty has a presence on stag that draws a person into his performance that's what makes him such a pleasure to watch. It will be between him and James but it doesn't really matter because both will have great careers….

  80. Does anyone else agree that Stefano sounds nasal, his voice, for lack of a better word, seems so subdude when he sings. After listening for 10 or 20 seconds I have to fast forward to the next contestant. No reason to listen to the judges, for anyone contestant, it's all praise all the time.

    • James is nasally Stefano is forced. He really has to work hard to belt it out, like it doesn't come naturally.

  81. To the authors of this web and to Templar or chris whatever… Casey didnt get booted!!! EAT THAT YOU MEDIOCRE TASTELESS PEOPLE!!! I already told u, Casey n James are REVOLUTIONARY in this mainstream world!!! Casey off-key??!! LOLOL…. i.d.i.o.t…

  82. YES Finally Paul is gone.

    Next Elimated Jacob.

    Followed by:








    Scotty has to win this years AI. If not I won't be happy with the people of America.

    • Its all about your happiness Nadine. We all live to serve you. Paul should have stayed Stefano should never have been in the top 3 but dim wits like you have kept him alive.

  83. Hailey stick with JAZZ that is what suits you best! You and Casey both! You Both are SUPERSTARS in my eyes. It's so nice listening to the both of you! You make a great team! My husband and I have nicknamed you Hailey as JAZZ and Casey as Teddy Bear. And James you are M&M. Good Luck to the three of you… YOU ARE GREAT!

    • I agree about Haley singing Jazz, unfortunatly if she had done that in competition she would be eliminated by now.

      • Still she has that raspy sound that is perfect fot the Blues Jazz. That is where she sounds her best. Not everyone has to be a cookie cutter singer. It's good to step out of the box and be yourself. I think more of Casey and James being true to themselves and who they are than to be told they should change what they do… They had the courage to stay in what they felt was their niche rather than trying to do something different that they did not feel comfortable doing. WHOA… Two tumbs up!

  84. America Voted wrong!

    I seriously don't understand , First Pia and now Paul! Paul has been my favourite since he auditioned.I cryed after getting the news that He's been kicked out. Now i don't even have the mood to watch Idol this season . And Stefano should'nt be the one in the bottom 3! He's good. I love his voice. Honestly, Haley is the one who shold be kicked out! D: :@ – My opinion.

    • Paul, while escaping the bottom 3 every week, was never 'safe' He was always one of the less popular contestants. I like Paul, he's a cool jam. Haley definitely deserves to still be there, though. She's fantastic.

  85. Listen to those that can't vote, as it isn't fair on them and lives overseas. Vote right and you will get the one you should to win American Idol.

    I am a huge Country fan and Scotty deserves to win. He has the voice and is the full package.

    James is annoying. You all know people are saying he is trying to be another Adam Lambert, I agree he is. I went to Adam's concert he was brillant. James be yourself.

    Paul was right to go. He reminds me of Rod Stewart in voice and looks, that is annoying.

    Next week vote for James to go. He is annoying and his voice is horrible. If still there you deserve the bad results.

  86. I am also sorry to see Paul leave. I still think he could be a young version of Rod Stewart. The rest of the group is up in the air as the talent to so good.

  87. If was in America I'd leave Pia till the very grand finale…..!!! A woman with a great heart…!! By the way am from the Solomon Islands, very tiny islands in the South Pacific..!!!

  88. Then again,we've got Thia,Pia and Paul gone while the worst of worsts aka Stefano stays on the show?Gee,I'm dreaded to think about what comes next.You Americans are really blinded when you look at the talents.

  89. I don't care for her singing, but I think Hailey is HOT! πŸ™‚

    Casey is a lucky guy to be spending so much time with her.

  90. MY VIEW……..!!!!!!!!!!




    • A lot of people. That would be the 2nd worst finale ever (the worst being last year).

  91. It was eight to vote Paul off. He could play an instrument well BUT could not sing. His movement on stage was also sooooood odd. Its going to be hard this year as James is a rocker,Scotty and Lauren, country and western singers. Casey

    abd Stefano not sure. Jacob, gospel singer and Hayley a jazz singer.

  92. here's my list yesterdays show









  93. when Haley picks the right song then no one is close to being as good as her. whether she wins Idol or not, If she finds the right producer to help her pick the songs, She would be a big star. Keep up your support for haley. The songs that she has been raved about has touched the hearts and souls of many who watch this show. she is a pure and raw talent

  94. Next week , Haley has to go , she is ugly and not AI performer anymore, Poor Haley!!! bouboubou!!!!!!

    • I think you are jealous of her! The only thing she hasn't done is listen to herself. Instead she has listened to Randy and others tell her who she should be singing rather than listen to herself and make her own choice. Casey and James did much better listening to themselves rather than to thoes around them. They know who they are and are ready to perform on stage. They are that good. And Casey and Haily together do make music!

      • For sure , Tha first time when I heard her voice was bouh!!!!! bouh!!!!! like a roaring , hahahahaha!!! like my cat, Haley has been many many times on bottom 3. next time Haley will be voted off!!!! And smile on your lipstick poor Haley!!!! with all her fans!!!!!

      • Just another Thia fan that can't get over the fact that Haley is still going strong 4 weeks later. Nothing to see here.

    • Seems to me if you are able to say such a thing, that your soul is the ugliest thing within sight.

  95. Always be true to yourself… You did very well Casey and James! You know yourselves and are true to yourselves and fans understand and appreciate it! Many have made the mistake of taking someones elses advice rather than listening to their own heart and not doing as well as they could have if only they had done it their way! You two stand out because you are that good! Hailey, be true to yourself… you are JAZZ. That is what makes you stand out! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

  96. Scotty is a good kid.

    He has a low distinct voice that makes it hard for sign to sing other genres.

    My brother watched his perf last night with me and suddenly told me: "I was bored for a while when he's kind of a one-trick pony. But then, isn't the fact that there are many different themes each week means to help the contestants shape their own style? In that case, there's no use changing someone who already has his own style like Scotty."

    I think he is right.

    Scotty loves additional country music. Say he is boring and that means traditional country musics is boring. But he choose this part. And he's good at this.

    So OK, I understand people saying he is boring since he sticks to what he loves. It's okay if he is not the winner of this competition: singing tradditional country songs weeks after weeks may not be enough to gain enough vote to him.

    The way he holds his mics and tilts his head, as he tweets, that's how he like it. As long as there's nothing vulgar or immoral in his behavious, I can't believe people use the word "loathe" on him. Uncomfortable maybe the word,but "loate"? Isn't it too much?

    He is just 17, for god sake. The pressure is weighing on him.

  97. too bad it's paul. it should be jacob he suck he give the creeping feeling when he sing.

  98. By now, I don't think the actual performances really matter. The voters have made up their minds who their favorite/s are. Plus the judges have been too kind with their feedback. This is a great, great group no doubt but had Simon been around, we surely would have already heard some nasty, but genuine, feedback that can actually swing voters' choices. My bold prediction is the following (Top 3)will go back to their hometowns to celebrate: James, Scotty, and either Casey or Lauren. In the end, it's another male idol this year, only because young female voters outnumber all other demographics. Kinda lame, if you ask me. Crystal should have won last year. And Pia and Lauren can really contend all the way this year. Oh well.

  99. Why did America forgive Jacob after that self-serving, rude comment criticizing us last week? Shouldn't we have seen how ungrateful a "star" he would have become if he is already cocky enough to treat his fans this way. America should have said, "Fine…we looked in the mirror as we voted your behind off."

  100. My rangking:






    6.Jacob Yakub



  101. here is everyone worst nightmare that is not a scotty mccreery fan…….

    Luarin gets eliminated at some point befor scotty.

    scotty gets the votes they have been splitting….

    contest over ,scotty wins by landslide

    GO SCOTTY !!!!!!!!!!

  102. Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:


    2#-Paul Ryan reveals she is safe

    3#-Jacob Yakub Ryan reveals she is safe

    American Idol 2011 Top 8 Elimination Results :

    . Eliminated:haley

  103. Lauren is just another Miley Cyrus. Just another cookie cutter singer. Didn't like how she played up to Stephen Tyler. A real suck up! Scotty, you have a nice voice but you sound like all the other cowboys. SORRY. I do like James, but he too, is too much like Adam Lambert. Casey has a wow facter that music needs… something new! Open your ears and minds…it's all good! Hope that Casey and Hailey put out a CD together. I would buy it!

    • Adam Lambert is an outstanding singer, one of the best ever on Idol, so I am sure James would be flattered to be compared to him.

      • Yes, I too voted for Adam Lambert… to bad he didn't win… but in all truth he did… because what ever happened with Chris Allen? Everyone making it this far can make it to the top if they so desire. Look at Jennifer Hudson… she made it big, BIG TIME!

  104. What's with all the Haley hate? I will admit, after being a huge fan since her first Hollywood solo performance, last night was a bit of a downer. I almost lost hope in her. But tonight, that duet, that scat! No one scats like that anymore, and she's only 20. People do not realize what kind of creativity and musical know how goes into a good scat. Not only do you need to know how to stay in the chords you gotta feel the music deep down in your bones. Seriously gave me the chills. She's gorgeous, an amazing musician and performer. People need to stop saying she sucks and realize that people are voting for her because she's absolutely frikken amazing. And you people saying 'omgwtfbbq she smiled when Pia got voted off' well did you see how big her smile was when she found out she was in the bottom 3? Maybe that's just how she reacts to bad news. Everybody has their coping mechanisms.

    That being said I am sad no more fun jam times with Paul. He was fun to watch and he seems like an awesome guy. Now to the top 7. This week was pretty terrible they all need to bring it next week for reals.

    • Oh my, are you like crushing on a stranger on a TV show?! Hope your wife is ok with that, lol. She's awful btw, take off the rosy glasses and try to find a girl ITRW. seriously.

      • Damn TJ, cool name but I agree with DavidP, especially regards Haley's duet performance–bluesy, jazzy singing with some scattin'. A real crowd pleaser like Scotty and Lauren's first duet a week or two back. Tonight SnL's was a little weak. But in both duets tonight, Haley outshone Casey (good prop from Randy!) and Lauren has better vocals than Scotty.

      • How is he crushing on a stranger because he likes the way she sings? You're obviously just a hater trying to find ways to bring Haley fans down. Not gonna happen. Try again.

      • Also DP (oops, that don't sound right for here, Sorry), I mean DavidP, I agree regards Haley's expression and coping mechanism–and detailed on it one page back to the Haley Haters!

        Oh and if you do have a wife or gf like Ol' Tiger is s'posin, then me thinks yo wife be OK with yo Haley Love, cause she be getting the end results of it! Am I right?

      • Right on Coon! and well said Elijah.

        Haley and Casey did good, but Haley's Scat stole the moment!

      • I wouldn't have imagined Haley singing that jazz duet last night better than Casey. But I agree with DP on her performance last night. That was very good.

    • @ David P: you post pretty nasty comments on James here so please, don´t be such a hypocrite…

      • Not nasty, I have explained why I do not like James when everyone thinks he can do no wrong. Haley is taking a lot of flak for no real reason other than she's not Pia; someone's gotta step up and defend her from the crazies.

  105. No!!! Jacob should have gone home..after his comments last week…kind of "preachy"

  106. Paul, You're in great company of the list of the other great singers to leave before you. I had you in the top three are you'll leave an empty hole in the line up. Your style, enthusiasm and smile brought excitement to the stage. Can't wait to see you on tour. Best of luck. Keep on Rockin!

    • I agree going to miss Paul. Haley was awesome tonight with Casey. Scotty couldn't keep up with Lauren, but then again he is a loner singer..Lauren did great. No commit on the others

    • Agree with you all on the Haley Scat! Let's add Scat to Growls and Howls and Yodels and Oohs and Blues. She had the Schizzle tonight! And the done up hair was a stunning look changeup also!

      • A-men to all that. I don't understand the Haley dissers. It's funny, because after 3 or 4 shows, the judges were criticizing Haley because they didn't think she "knew who she was" because she was singing so many different styles. WHAAATTTT? I thought that versatility was GOOD!

        Well guess what? Now that versatility — she's the best remaining pure VOCALIST left — is winning her more and more fans every week, and for good reason. There are some good things about all the remaining performers, but again, Haley is the best VOCALIST. Amazing range, power and voice control, and just plain ol' accuracy of notes. Uh, that's rather important for a singer! Too much growling? Yeah, sometimes, but even that she does well. She's amazing.

    • It truly was a "moment" for Haley, IMO. Hope the open-minded (meaning not fixed on a winner, but willing to listen each week) viewers who take the time to vote think so, too. Haley is an incredibly resilient and brave young woman to not only have gracefully taken the judges' criticism, but when you think about her yodeling (Blue) on this show, well, that took such courage. (She had to know a certain segment of viewers would not "get it" let alone appreciate it. So, to make that decision early on was a real risk. I actually think it hurt her and slowed her takeoff, but, perhaps that was how this whole thing works out best . . . starting out by not jockeying for the first place position, but surely and steadily pressing to the finish line for the win.

  107. One of the posters suggested that those who can't vote because of geographics, not vote for James. I am one of those who can't vote. Wish I could.

    I'm pretty rounded in my music tastes and I would encourage those like myself to vote for James. I don't think he is trying to copy anyone. I get the impression he is doing what he enjoys doing and it shows in his enthusiasim. Sometimes maybe a little over the top, but those who love doing what they are doing can get a little carried away sometimes. They are all young and have things to learn. I applaud all their efforts. Some I just applaud a little louder for.

    • Sorry, but i get the impression he is doing what he thinks would make him cool. He's so full of himself! And hey, not trying to copy anyone? How about listen to the originals of the songs he sang, and hear that they are not too far. He just couldn't sing without trying so hard to be a rockstar! ugh, poser! If Simon were there, he would've slapped him with a lesson in humility.

      • omg!!! i cant believe there are people out there who does not love james!! he is THE best singer they have on that show. everyone else is boring. only competition he had was pia and shes gone. you go james…you fricken rock!!!

    • @ River.

      How superficial of you.

      You are pretty sure you know this person who you've never met, aren't you? I don't get that impression at all. I get the impression he lives for what he does because it makes him happy and feel free. I also think he has a beautiful voice. (We don't always get to hear it in some of the heavy metal choices he has made, but he does.) I've heard him sing tenderly–both on the show and on YouTube videos of him, and I can honestly say I enjoy both sides of him.

      Must anyone repeat that there are medical issues (Asperger's Syndrome/Tourette's) at play that make him (as others have stated here more than once) cocky when he is not? If you are going to critique someone, at least be fair and acknowledge the facts.

  108. I liked Paul but did not think he was as good as most of the others. I listen to country and Scotty is good but cannot stand to watch him perform. I have really enjoyed all the different genres of music from the contestants this season. My three favorites are Casey, Haley, and James. I think they are the most unique voices and performers. I don't know why there are so many negative comments about Haley and most coming from what I believe are a bunch of jealous ladies because she is attractive. She is a real talent and a hell of a lot more than looks. Overall this has been the best talent ever on AI.

    • I think Haily is amoung the best. A notch below Scotty and James, bt above the rest. And it has nothing to do with her looks.

      • Redsox, It could be worse. We could be from the generation that think Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are powerhouse entertainers. I supect your "OLD UNCLE" has more musical knowlege than you give him credit for.

    • Agree with every word you said: the best three in your mind, your props for Haley, and your opinion that this is the best talent ever on AI.

  109. Good- luck to you all… Remember to be true to yourselves. The fan base will see who the best really is… just remember you have made it this far and this says something for each and everyone of you. Be proud that you have made it this far. Your names are known and each of you have a fan base. You will go on tour and some will pursue your dreams and others will find it too difficult or lose interest like some in the past. Hope that everything you have done and accommplished you will treasure and learn from. Be all you can be but most of all be true to yourself. Good luck, again.

    • You realize the Paul only made it as far as he did because he was VFTW pick? Not dissin Paul. I enjoyed majority of his performances but I don't think mainstream america 'got' it.

      • I agree… I didn't see what others saw in him… he was the worst while the better singers were sent home…

        Naima…Thia and Pia… I'm sorry but if America is going to vote for the top singer, than they should do so. This voting for the worst only to send home the better singers… is not what this is about. The people voting to keep the worst in are heartless people not only to the ones they send home but to themselves! They think they are being funny. I'm sorry but I don't think much of their sense of hummor. They enjoy hurting everyone around them. As it is each week someone is going to be voted off, but lets play fair. That web site VFTW are very sick people! And the person they put on that web site is hurt each week knowing that they should not have won. Shame on anyone playing that game!

  110. You guys notice Pia in the audience looking as elegant and composed as always. Glad she got signed up for a record contract. No surprise there.

  111. I also think America got it right this time. With the number of contestants remaining, "Vote for The Worst" people could not get enough votes in on Paul to keep him on. I am sure they will begin voting to keep Jacob on as he just absolutely creeps out most people. So keep on voting for the girls as both Lauren and Haley are outstanding singers. Also, James is one heckuva entertainer! Wow! That guy is awesome. I really think this year A.I. has the most talent EVER! Very entertaining. Now, all we need is to get Simon back!

  112. I just hope that Naima and Thia are just as lucky as Pia. They are all great singers.

  113. Oh Hell yes…Paul needed to go! His voice is so off key….it was unbearable…thank you America…you got this one RIGHT!!!!

  114. Oh America…..YOU GOT IT WRONG THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to see Paul , Casey , Lauren , Haley ,James and Scotty competing in the end! You would have received mind blowing experiences from all these contestants including Paul becoz the pressure would have been more greater for them to push themselves….and now you have retained Stefano and Jacob instead who just sing without further improving their performances or their creativity!!

    Boy…im gonna miss him and i just hope he gets a better chance in the outside world!

    • I agree with you BIG TIME, Rd!!! It's good to see someone who's not so into fatiguing mainstream and pop.

  115. For Stefano, it's time for him to think about strategy so as to keep him staying in this show. Try to steal votes from other contestant who has already got solid fan base. SING COUNTRY song whenever possible; pick the country song which has high level of difficulty to sing, e.g that requires wide vocal range. If he can perform this country song very well, maybe the country folk will acknowledge him and share their supports for him. He can do similarly to grab votes from James's fans by singing Rock songs such as Queen's songs : "We are the champion", "Save Me", "Don't stop me now", etc.

    Well, there is a risk for every attempt, decision, etc, isn't there ? However, he was ever voted off at the early round but brought back as a wild card; he should have nothing to lose, after all.

    • He just needs to pick songs that fit his voice but at the same time will attract the viewers, hes the male Pia of this competition, pure vocals with no specific genre. He needs some wow moments.

      • I think he has done it so far, but you see the result : bottom 3 a couple of times.

        He needs to surprise other contestant fans by coming into their zone and performing very well.

    • Good strategy analysis SoftDev–And I'll pass that on to Haley to try to steal some of the Scotty/Lauren votes! A nonexample of your strategy is Scotty who wants to ride the country safety all the way. It will carry him to top 3 or top 2 probably. But then the diversity of a James or Haley (I hope not Casey) will win over half the votes. Only 1 of Scotty or Lauren will make top 2 because they take each other's votes. Lauren would fare better than Scotty against one other finalist because she's better than Scotty.

      • Actually that strategy may be applied by any contestant who lacks of votes, including Haley Reinhart. I intentionally didn't mention Haley, because I just don't like her voice, though I have to appreciate her improvements in recent weeks.

  116. I know people are just expressing their opinions but come on everyone! Be realistic.. No one left here is terrible or aweful..! That's like saying a backup quarterback for an NFL team sucks and is a bad football player when in reality they are still some of the best in the world.. It's all a matter of preference.. At this point to win would be nice, but they are just showcasing for their least I would feel that way, especially considering you have people voting 100 times for one person, or people who watch religiously who don't want to call or don't have AT&T. To text so they simply don't vote.. No one knows the true consensus of who has the most fans out there.. Enough rambling, lol, go stefano! Thoughts?

    • Stephano is more like a cute horse who is dying every week….only to be reborn next week to die again…

      • Not bad Gautham! That one stands up pretty well to AI's line comparing Stefano to "a mosquito that never dies no matter how many times you smack it"!

      • Who is A.I? Does he/she like casey? The name sounds stupid…is he/she stupid? πŸ˜€

        Honestly i just feel like slapping Stephano every time he sings…He's a very good guy with a nice heart and all that..but his whining makes my hand itch.. I would slap him and then apologize to him..then maybe slap him again… awwwwww…but he's so nice…

  117. Ugh..why Gaycob not in the Bottom 3?! How come America voted off Paul before him? Next week he should go home! Please America,he's definately not an Idol we're looking for!


  118. Stefano is taking steps in the right direction, he always had a very great voice and now is connecting with his audience and choosing better songs lets see if he keeps it up. Stefano has been my pick to win for a long time, hes got it in him like Jimmy Iovine keeps telling him, hes just got to perform.

    • Stefano and Thia was my favorites..

      Sad Thia Go ..But I'm stremming only STefano..

      Never watched bec judges are hypocrite..

  119. i think lauren needs to go, her voice is too comon. HOW COME THEY VOTED PAUL OFF INSTEAD OF LAUREN? >:| SHE NEEDS TO GO!

      • Hi..:) Casey is extremely talented but his talent will only be understood by other talented musicians because he is so technically great. notes, pitch, phrasing..all amazing.. To those who do not understand the nuances of jazz, he will sound off key and pitchy..but there are actual valid reasons for that. It all boils down to a certain maturity in music..Lauren has an excellent voice…i do agree…she will go places… with a little bit more maturity she can beat carrie underwood…

  120. I am a Scotty fan, but after watching the last three performances of Lauran Alaina, I think, Lauren is getting better and better and better. I like Lauren's voice and with her powerful voice, I am expecting more from her.

    As Pia Toscano is gone, my preference of who will be in the finale is Lauren and Scotty. Lauren vs James/Stefano is interesting too.

  121. Lauren XD , Scotty get eliminated , so Lauren can get a higher chance of winning XD, jokes love you both , but I prefer Lauren she is more versatile as a singer XD, go both of you!!!

  122. I don't think this is fair! I found Paul's performance last night good! And the pitch issues were far less. America, can you open your ears, hearts and minds and go beyond all the pop thing going on! i can't believe, Stefano was saved instead of Paul! Stefano is just like another Bruno Mars! Yes he sings well, yes he's got good looks, BUT we've got a lot of those artists already! Grow up voters and choose the ones with more mature music! MUSIC is more than all pop and mainstream. And for those who judge the contestants here (especially the anti- Casey, Paul, Haley), well, who are you guys to just give out comments??? I bet you don't even have basics in music. Let me tell you, the background of these 3 contestants (Casey, Paul, Haley) is not just about having a good voice or singing to create money. It springs out from true knowledge in music (you can just look at their influences and you can tell). They're not the normal G-C-D-A chord singer. They try to bring back the goodness that was called music in the 60s, 70s, 80s. You won't be able to appreciate mature music without knowledge in it. The sad thing is… a lot of people now do not have REAL knowledge in music, but gets to say whatever they want about the REAL artists/musicians. GET MATURE, AMERICA!

    • LOL yeah so true…not the usual 4 chord song hahahaha. But there are beattles, Elvis n others legendary song that have only 4 chord song though :). But i understand what u meant πŸ˜‰

    • Can't happen dudes. Only 1 country can make it to top 2. At least half the votes will go to a rocker or a blues/rock hybrid like Haley, that's Haley Hybrid to her haters! Hokay?!

      • I'm not a Haley hater. She's probably a nice girl. I just don't think she can hold a note. Her voice sounds like it's out of tune 90% of the time. It's so hard to listen to her. I think James' voice is strong and always in tune.

      • It can happen, unless Haley and/or other contestants will be able to steal votes from Scotty/Lauren, perhaps by doing strategy that I explained previously.

      • Unbelievable Jay May. If what you just said is really what you believe, YOU ARE TONE DEF!!! You may not like Haley but she has not hit a flat or sharp note the entire season. With all the different types of songs she has performed that's saying something. I am not trying to be hard on you just speaking the TRUTH. Her vocals are flawless. You may not like her style, but vocal control, pitch and control are not her problems. Anybody that knows music and has an ear for it will agree. Just saying. By the way she is not my favorite by no means, but when you say she sings out of key a lot you loose credibility in your posts.

      • I agree with you absolutely, KEV89, in your comment about JayMay. Sorry JM, there are opinions on here (and everybody is entitled to his/hers), and there is fact. Haley's vocals are dead-on perfect — the best of the remaining contestants. "Out of tune 90 percent of the time?" Are you kidding me? She's NEVER out of tune. I've been a musician all my life, sing in three groups, play a couple of instruments, know what I'm talking about in music. Sorry man, you may not LIKE her or her style (and she ain't gonna win, I don't imagine), but her vocal ability is awe-inspiring. Wow. She tackles all styles of music — country, jazz, blues, rock — and nails 'em all, while the other singers stay in their same comfort zones every single week. That scattin' with Casey she did on this week's show, very complex and very difficult to do, stole the entire season so far, IMO, and she was pitch-perfect through the whole thing.

  123. Interesting reading, once again everyone is an arm chair expert, we will have the Show tonight in NZ, am looking forward to hearing them all sing now, and form my opinion, not that it will mean anything, it`s only my opinion, πŸ™‚ so i don`t get upset about thing`s, don`t sweat it, more important thing`s to worry about in life, what will be will be. πŸ™‚ My personal favourite has alway`s been James, he`s the whole package and the best all round entertainer, in my opinion, πŸ™‚ but if he doesn`t win i won`t get all bent out of shape about it, he will do well regardless, look at Adam. πŸ™‚ Paul is cool in his own right, but not winner material, probably better suited fronting a Band, but OMO. πŸ™‚ The rest of the contestant`s, well can`t really say anything bad about them, they all bring their own flavour, don`t worry, be happy. πŸ™‚

  124. Many of the remaining contestants have talent, but I really think that Lauren, Scotty and Stefano are really GREAT singers! They've got my votes!

  125. WTH is with all the Hailey haters.. She is amazing, has a great range, she is connecting to the audience, and did you hear her TONIGHT.. WOW..

    I was surprised to see her in the bottom 3 again.. hope some voters wake up and see the talent she has.. thinking that the girls are not voting for her because.. I don't know maybe because she is gorgeous.. πŸ™‚ but that only adds to the total package.

    So Hailey haters… enough with the hurtful and mooronish comments.

    Sorry to see Paul go he was unique..

    Scotty got a voice that only comes along once in a life time

    Casey…. I don't get him but the kid is talented

    Lauren… amazing voice and gorgeous eyes.. she connects to the audience in her own special way

    Jacob…. great set of lungs.. hate his facial expressions but sings like no other

    James… He is like another person when he steps on stage.. goes to his "star" place and rocks it every time. he is like a kid in a candy store

    Stefono…. love his energy, sings great but reminds me of some boy band member…

    Top 3 Scotty, Hailey, James

    middle Lauren

    bottom three *now*

    Jacob, Stefono, Casey

    just my thoughts.. πŸ™‚ hope everyone is enjoying AI as much as I am.. πŸ™‚ take care

  126. Scotty has the real voice. Durbin did really well with the heavy metal, the rest are good, quite good, but Scotty is ready to go into the recording and performing now. Always thought there should be an 18 and under winner, 19 and over winner, male/female as well. Some really good participants this year. Everyone could sing, this time, it's about the better singer…..good group!

  127. no i don't think paul should have been sent home.. i was hoping either jacob or stefano would be or even haley… haley's not going to last much longer…

  128. Yes, I think the votes were right this time. I thought his voice is very unique. True, great smile. My opinion is that he was not very controlled in his voice and his performance. He looked clumsy and his voice wavered. Even still, he was a fun performer and will be missed. I'm not so sure stefano deserved to be in the bottom 3. I thought his performance was great this time. Vocally, he hit the notes. He had a good performance. So I think that was wrong. The person I think should have been in the bottom three was Lauren. I keep thinking she has this great voice, and then I get disappointed. I think the Climb would have been great to showcase her voice and I felt she just did not go there. it was uninspiring. Casey, I think did an AWESOME job. Completely unexpected that he could turn Nature Boy into something cool. And of course, I'm a huge fan of Jacob. Have been since I saw him do God Bless the Child. He's not always on pitch, but he has a very cool style and can handle some pretty serious melodic shifts. Smooth. I love Lauren's voice. I hate the raspy thing she does though. It's not bad every once in a while, but she uses it way too much. Scotty. Amazing voice. I just wish he wouldn't look so goofy, with the Mic sideways, little bit of an elvis lip. I loved what he did with 'that's alright' last week though. One of the best performances I've seen from anyone. The goofy-ness bothers me. Out of all of them, I think Casey has the most star power potential. Scotty and Haley are up there too. I'd be happy if Jacob won it, but I'm not sure if he's the best yet.

    • I just don't get Jacob. When a song is written with mid-range notes it is generally not song with fluctuations that repeatedly run back and forth between sharp and flat with an overendulgent vabrato being the only thing blends the vocal together. All considered, I think he either needs a new vocal coach or consider serious therapy, because he sings like he has more personalities than Sybil.

      Paul has never been my favorite. However, I can't rember any idol that showed more great attitude during the competition (any year) than he did. His farewell song last night was classy and left most viewers feeling good.

    • @ Brian while Casey did an interesting arrangement of Nature Boy if you thought his was cool than please check out

      George Benson's version by far the coolest!!!

  129. Now that Pia is gone(which would'nt happen if I was in the US!)my prefered Top 3 will be:




    Who Agrees?

  130. We will all miss Paul's charismatic stage presence, smile, quirky but attractive moves and professionalism. But he is already an established performer. Idol is (allegedly) about finding NEW talent – people we cannot see on stage normally. So, sad as it is, Paul – who almost certainly has less future potential than the others – was the right choice to go. If he never makes the big-time as a singer, he will always have a future in toothpaste commercials.

  131. I'm heart broken over Paul's being voted off..And I do not agree with the vote. I'm done watching the show..He's spirit was a joy to watch and I wish him the most wonderful adventure in his continued music career….

  132. all are so amazing in their own ways…I believe and this is just me…Stefano is a wonderful singer. He just has to show more of what he can offer to the community he is reaching for. I believe this could be, Motown, R&B. We have such great singers and performers in that group, he really needs to do something that says he can keep up and get the job done.

  133. I see there are so many Jacob haters, so first of all I just want to say that I love his style and originality. A lot of people say he's too "churchy", well please tell me what's wrong with being "churchy". He gives it his all and sings with every fiber of his body. I get goosebumps when he sings because he makes me feel every note. Every one of the singers bring something different to the show and that's why I enjoy watching it. I love what Haley does to a song. Lauren and Stephano can sang like no other. Casey and James both rock. I like Scotty because he does what he do well. He doesn't try to be someone else and step too far out the box. He has that country-swag. These are the opinions of a well-rounded music lover. I listen to it all (gospel, country, r&b, blues, and etc).

  134. Paul will be just fine. He may not have the voice that appeals to everyone, but he can perform and connect with the audience. His "Maggie May" last night was better than Rod Stewart's! Haley also is a true performer. Although I wasn't impressed with "Call Me" on Wednesday night, her duet last night was one of the best ever on American Idol. She and Paul will both have successful futures, with or without the teeney-boppers votes.

  135. I think America got it right with the bottom three this week. I think the choice to choose Paul was a good one. Next week I hope it's Casey, who should have been gone a long time ago.

    • You have got to be kidding me…Casey is a very talented singer and performer. I wish Stefano will get eliminated, he is just not ready for the big time. Paul was great and unique I wish people had voted more for him.

      Jacob is good, but he same old same old nothing new. As for Haley big deal, I think she acts way beyond her years and that doesn't impress me at all. James is awesome and why you all keep comparing him to someones else is wrong. I am also sick of the race card that always has to be pulled out get over it already!

  136. To all you Jacob haters. I think he did not have a chance with white America the day he was born. Black, Gay and a Christian. He said look in the mirror and I say the same before you find yourselves in hell.

    • Jacob has an awesome voice and those saying otherwise are only haters. Just because he may not be like you, is no reason to not acknowledge his talent, which is his voice. I don't care if he's gay, black, purple or white. He can sing and that's the bottom line.

    • such hatred you spew… maybe someone should be kind enough and remove that chip *mountain* off your shoulder for you..

      P L E A S E the entire US is not out to “get” Jacob… or he would be gone by now..

  137. Finally Paul got eliminated.. Damn it's about time that people recognize how terrible he is. He may be a performer but he's not a singer. Well there's no one to blame since its a popularity contest.. Hope the winner really deserves to be an idol not a popular one who can easily be forgoten..

  138. I guess if yuou make it at the to 10 even tho you are voted out you are still a winner.

    T his time they voted out the right person

  139. What about this ack of empathy of the american people with the contestant Hailey. She's great, one of the best female voices that have ever appeared in A.I.

    Let the girl be recognized about her talent on singing and very beautifully, by the way.

  140. *idol: scotty or james

    *concert sell: james, paul

    *cd sell: stefano, pia. scotty

    *radio airway (different genre): stefano, jacob, scotty

    *cabaret sell: combo act casey & hailey

    *others: same fate as previous idols, disappearing acts

  141. I am really surprised by that elimination. Personally I think Paul was the best over all entertainer on the stage. Oh well.. I guess its going to be Scotty..I hope not, but, looks like that is the way the votes are going. I would like to see either James, Casey or Lauren pull it off personally.

  142. There's no denying the awesome talent during this season, it's gonna hurt no matter who gets voted off. Personally, I'd like to see Stefano going home next. For the last two weeks, he seems to be surprised that he's not booted off. My perception is that he's more in survival mode than winning mode. Since we know now that they can all sing, it's got to be about personal favorites and I would hope that voters would consider more than JUST the cuteness factor. Each one of the contestants, if they want to, have a future in music, so their time spent on American Idol can only boost their opportunity for success!

  143. America did get it right this time. But saying that, I strongly believe that Haley should say bye next week. She is not consistent at all. Well, for Scotty he can go too because we all know he can sing country. (that's all he has been doing)Change it up Scotty!

    • @ Rita.

      To me Haley has been amazingly wonderful from the very beginning.

      Are you just saying what you've heard the judges say (a convenient but faulty criticism to repeat), or, when you listen to her, do you REALLY think she has been inconsistent? I dare you to go back and listen to Haley's performances on YouTube. I doubt (if you are honest) that you would say she is the one who needs to be sent packing.

    • First off yes get rid of Hayley yes good idea. Second Everyone on this show has thier style we're not gonna send James home just coz he sings rock or Stephano home coz he only sings boring pop (he should go though but not because he sings pop because he's weak), everyone has their style… Scotty sings country music very well and thats what he will sing if he makes a career so he doesn't need to be able to sing anything else, imagine Kenny Rogers going oh I'm gonna make a rock album then a pop album no he's a country singer he'll sing country music

      • James? boring? did you not see all his amazing performances… he's the favourate to win it at this stage so i'd be very supprised if he went home before top 3

  144. Would have preferred to see Jacob leave since he's got no charisma and is annoying! I was sad to see Paul go, but he was truly professional in the way he said goodbye…still, so sad…



    • OMG I aggree with you 100% (exept you should add James to Lauren and Scotty) I hate Lusk and Stephano is irritatingly boring and those 2 you said and James are consistantly amazing and all have stunning voices… but in saying that Lauren did completely screw up The Climb, well not completely screw up it just didn't sound right

  146. who cares when they sent Pia home (not realy but to agents producers so she is top 1 the winner.i had no interest who won.only 1 man james is true and fantastic.i want him to win and i think he is the best .

  147. I really like all of the singers,but Jacob in my

    opinion should have been the one to go home last night.

    Paul was great last anight and we will miss him

    But good luck to all of them.

    • aggreed I liked Paul he was def in my top 5 but his voice was slightly weak he needed to go at some stage… Lusk on the other hand is just irritating and needs to go

  148. Scotty has to go next he is all set there is someone ready to sign him . He is being saved because of the popular vote not the most talent.

    • That's the way Americans buy dvds and movies. We have to LIKE the individual and his talent before we will spend our $'s.

  149. If any of these singers were professioals,I would expect them to know how to walk,act and sing professionally.We must all start some where and then when we reach the top take acting lessons. The voice is what is important part,the strut comes later.

  150. I never liked Paul's voice however I think Jacob and Haley have to go also. The rest showed GREAT performances this week and I am really enjoying watching this!

  151. Finally got rid of Paul, it's about time. Couldn't take any more of his annoying,whiny vocals.

  152. From down here in New Zealand,watching a delayed broadcast I agree with bottom three.Had picked either Paul or Haley to go.Personally gave Paul a slight edge over Haley,but it was gonna be one of them.

      • I hope you both know how childish those two comments sounded–as if you were popping gum at the same time.

        I guess you forgot that Haley's been the most (unfairly!) criticized final 12 contestant throughout this season. Nice to hear a good word or two thrown her way by these judges.

      • @ pup… unfairly? she can't sing all the criticism is correct, what's unfair is the nice stuff the judges have been saying to her recently she is terrible and needs to go

  153. They are great and unique in their own way, may the best talent win! I enjoy watching everyone, while I do have my favorite, I wish them all of the best and I wish they could be the victorious winner, it is so hard to pick just one! By the way, Hailey does sing well. I was very impressed with her during Hollywood week, she is not my favorite but not for personal reasons, she is in my top 3, I wish her all of the best! I wish them all the best!!

  154. I agree with sending Paul home. I also think that the viewers votes should be combined with the Judges votes (its done that way on Dancing with the Stars).

  155. First Pia, now PAUL! These American Idol voters are really getting on my nerves BIG TIME! He was such a great entertainer. Loved hearing him sing Maggie May.

    • Agree! There are still contenders left who are worse than Pia & Paul! For example Jacob & Casey & Scotty – really, they are not Idol Material?

  156. What's with everyone against Jacob? Who cares about his personality… he's one of the better singers.

    What's with everyone liking Pia so much? I'm glad she went home because she didn't have a distinctive voice and Mariah Carey or Celine Dion would be getting the contracts with songs that Pia would sing, and Mariah or Celine would do a much better job.

    I'm very glad Paul went home because Bryan Adams could do anything he would sing 10x better.

    Did you people not hear Haley sing that Janis Joplin song… come on people, get with the program; she could be great.

    Casey really made up for that disaster with the Nirvana song, I kicked him out of my top 4 because of that, but now he's back in with that jazzy song… he really is an artist true at heart despite him massacring Smell's Like Teen Spirit….that really was awful what he did to that song

    • I have to like the singer plus appreciate his talent before I vote or buy, don't you? If I did not like someone, I wouldn't go see his movie or buy his cd.

      • ITA. Jacob may have a good voice, but he isn't Idol material. Basically Idol is a popularity contest. That's why Thia, Naima, Pia and Paul are gone. Who would spend $100 or more to see any of them in concert?

  157. i cant believe stefano was in the bottom 3 and jacob was not! He seems to have more following than jacob… based on the comments here!

  158. I thought I was going to be devastated tonight when Paul was voted off,but I got over it real fast.

    Seems I wasn't such a die-hard fan,after all.

    I've shifted my undying support to Casey. As long as he's on the show,I'll watch it…with baited breath.

  159. I know we are going with the votes but I don't understand how Jacob keeps sliding by.He dose'nt have what it takes.He is boring Paul was so much better.I can't stand Casey he's not what we look for in AM. idol.The judges should have let him go.They would have been able to save Paul who had great potential. I still believe that James Durbin should go all the way. He's really good and he's what AM Idol should be looking for.

    • "I can’t stand Casey he’s not what we look for in AM." Please do not say "we"..say "i"…that is the correct way to say it. and also who are you kidding sweetheart..You're not gonna buy James's heavy metal album after he wins…If you do love heavy meal then you should pray that James doesn't win because if he does, interscope will destroy the album and make James into a washed out performer…

      • exactly Andrew… James has to lose the competition and work with a real heavy metal producer… i wonder what genre he will fit in?

  160. This has been the best season except for Carrie Underwood. Scotty, James, and Lauren are really the best. I could listen to Scotty and Lauren singing together forever. James gives me hope for my grandson's future. I believe he's the most talented of all. Judges are great. I don't think they should of saved Casey. America voted him out so he should of been gone. I really can't watch him perform. I turn my head when he sings because I feel embrassed for him for some reason. Judges are partial toward him and it shows. But I still enjoy the judges. Best wishes to all.

      • I would assume that means that the grandson has either Tourrette's Syndrome or Asperberger's. James has both.

      • This has been a good year, but the best in my eyes is still ADAM LAMBERT! Love, Love, Love him. Seen him in person and his voice was right on pitch. He's my #1 choice for the best to come out of American Idol.

  161. Haley must be eliminated net week…but it should be in this week because PAUL MCDONALD is better than her!!!…I think America don't know who is the best but we can't control them…soooo, i will be voting James because he is another idol and yes the bestfriend of my favorite, Paul!!!…

  162. Everyone of these remaining seven deserve to be where they are and each will do well, in the future, on their own. However, I feel the only true american idol representative here is Scotty. He is all that one could want as a representative of the youth of today. He has it all. This does not diminish the others.

    • I love Scotty, he is my favourate, I just fear that he will be forced to sing something that isn't him if he wins American idol, he needs to go out and get a contract with a country based record company. American idol is the wrong place to be

  163. I think that it was time for Paul to go. Between his weak voice and his awkward movements onstage, I felt that he was the least talented contestant left. As to who is the most talented, I find that a hard choice. Lauren has grown on me the most; she has a beautiful voice with great control. Initially I found Jacob's voice really excellent, too, but he's no longer my favorite because of his defensiveness and the limited range of songs he's willing to do. Call it provinciality. His sexuality doesn't matter to me one whit. Scotty does indeed have a narrow range, too, but he is amazing at what he does, especially when he growls out an occasional low note that is dead on. I wish that Stefano believed in himself more; he has a nice voice and is learning to look at us. His vulnerability will do him in, ultimately. James is the most natural performer of the lot. He has a commanding stage presence and is really comfortable up there, and his voice has range and power, even if his song choices are not my favorites. Haley doesn't do it for me–her voice is rough, even when she's not growling intentionally. Finally, Casey is the best musician of the lot, but he doesn't have the best voice. So if the criterion is showmanship, it's James, hands down. If it's earnestness, it's Stefano. If it's the sheer beauty of the voice, then it's Lauren or Jacob. If it's musicianship, it's Casey. If it's commercial potential, it's probably Scotty or James. I do wish the judges were more critical, and I appreciate that Randy is willing to speak his mind, even when it upsets the audience. This is the first season I've watched, and I'm having a ball. What a talented group of contestants!

  164. Of all the people on American Idol wantabes, James Durbin is the best. This guy has over come many problems and I watch every week to see how he is doing. I would also like to say that I think Steven Tyler,Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson are the best judges the show has ever had.

  165. "He/she is not A.I. material" Or "he/she is JUST what A.I. is looking for"

    I have heard this SO many times for all the remaining 7. Can someone tell me what an A.I. winner is supposed to "look and sound" like. Really! I would like to know the definition of "it."

    • well I'm annoyed by this but the way I look at it Scotty James Lauren and Jacob (despite me not liking Jacob) should all get voted out and get record deals that suit them, Scotty and Lauren get country James get heavy metal and Jacob get a gospal one. while the rest and stay and get the crappy mainstream pop record deal that the winner gets.

  166. i wonder why Paul voted out i prefer if Jacob or Haily out in AM idol both not deserving to be in top 5

  167. i love Haley and Lauren they are equally good, and Scotty and James are

    Great too. The rest should go. Specially Jacon. I walk out of room when he

    goes to performs. I can't stand him.

  168. I just LOVE Lauren and Scotty performances on Thursday night.WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Casey sounds to much like a scrached plate. If he does not scream, no fun, if he screams to many times, boring. So, next out is Casey and then Stephano. Third one to go home is Jacob. He did some mistakes with the choice of song, two episodes ago. Alone again is Alicia's song for sure. Forth one to go, Haley. She sings very nice, her voice unique, she will do great as a performer, but in American Idol people are not ready to see girls that act too much like a man. Her hanging on Ryan shoulder put her in the bottom three not her voice or Jenifer remarque. After that is up to people, how much they love country music and how much rock, also if they love a contry girl or a boy.

  170. este progrma realmente me gusta por la calidad vocal de sus participantes y del jurado pero mequedo asombrada de las votaciones del pueblo de usa por no acertar en la votacion PIA erala mejor voz de este año y como la sacan de esa manera ninguno de los q queda son mejores q ella realmente me desepcione viendo esta injusticia

  171. si a si vamos este año ganara el q tiene voz de gato PAUL JEJEJE ES LA PEOR VOZ DEL CONCURSO PERO APUESTO Q ESE GANA

  172. American Idol made a big mistake when they eliminated Paul McDonald. He has more talent and certainly the most distinctive voice. When you heard it you knew it was Paul singing. I will not watch now that Paul is gone.


  174. 1. Scotty sings country music well but i dont buy it and i wont buy it. 2. Metal music is not that popular therefore the majority wont buy it. Casey is a performer not a singer. Jacob has the voice but he must learn to tone it down. then he will go places. all the remaining gals have what it takes to win. May the voters vote intelligently.

    • you are right and heavy matal is good but other boys that are his age can do that thing to! casey some kind of talent that i love!

    • And you really expect us to believe that you are actually Hayley from the show and do you realise the majority of comments are against Hayley

  175. this might be weird for some people, i think paul deseved to go home, he does not have talent at all!!! pia should of stayed not paul!!!

  176. Yeah!! paul was elemanated," this is awsome," he did not sound good!!!! so shut your mouth up saying that paul should not be elemanated!!!

  177. casey is the best and scotty too!

    the one's who will not be in the top two!

    (1) James (very close)

    and all the rest exept for casey and scotty!

  178. I do believe they got it right this week. The only other option would be Haley. I'm not sure why people aren't voting for Jacob. He has an awesome voice. I guess if I want him to stay I had better start doubling up on his votes. I do like Scotty alot, but Jacob needs to stay till the end.

  179. stefano or casey shld go home nxt, they r nt idol material at all, lauren is the best, she gonna win it. am tired of scoty

  180. James Durbin,

    You are awesome. For the first time ever on American Idol when you sang that Carole King song it made me cry! No musician on the history of American Idol has done that.

    America – don't forget to vote!

    James Durbin – no matter what happens, you are

    number 1. You are truly blessed!

  181. jennifer eres lo maximo, james durbin es el ganador, soy colombiana, me parece fenomenal este prtograma

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