American Idol 2011 Top 8 Elimination Results Tonight

Are we about to see another elimination shocker tonight on American Idol 2011? After last night’s Top 8 performances I wouldn’t consider anyone’s elimination to be terribly shocking, though I could pick a few which would be pleasing.

I know we want to see the aspiring Hopefuls to take the reins but as Branden noted earlier most of those song choices were turrr-ible. Even worse though was the complete lack of judging except for their momentary critique of Haley Reinhart before slipping back in to their “you’re the best thing evah!” coma of commentary.

On the plus side, tonight’s results show will not only reveal who made it to the season’s Top 7 but will also feature performances by Rihanna and the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson will be back on the Idol stage to duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean.

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While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

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      • Paul should for certain stay. It is time for Haley to go home, the growl in her voice is just annoying and it is time to say goodbye!

    • I agree about Paul….I don't understand how he made it this far but that goes to show that we all have different taste in music and talent..They will all do well in the end.

    • finally someone I agree with, they should have gone home way before Pia, and Thia

      they are terrible

    • I like Paul. I think his voice is very unique. Jacob is the one who should go home. His screaming is too much. I turn the T>V> down when he sings.

      • I change the channel. Can't stand him. Decent voice but his performances make me cringe.

    • I cant wait to see Kelly Clarkson Love Her!!!

      My favorite Idol this year is James.

      Go James!!

    • I love Paul! I was hoping he would be on long enough to sing Do ya think I am Sexy by Rod Stewart or Rod's song Hot Leggs.

    • Paul, Jacob and Casey would be my picks for bottom three.

      I know some here don't like the hard rock or the one heavy metal song that James did BUT, as someone said awhile back…"if you want to just listen to music, buy a CD or turn on the radio. If you want to to be totally entertained go see the performer. James to me is the one I would go buy a ticket to see. For me, he is the total package. Last night I woke up when he performed. Otherwise, I really didn't care much for the others song choices. I shook my head listening to Casey and for me, Paul took on a song he just couldn't handle.

      • Was it me, or did Jacob's version of bridge over troubled waters convey the wrong feeling?

        I never watched Clay's version, but I checked it out on youtub, and Clay's is much better.

        Jacob should go… Haley should stay.

      • Jacob is not amazing he is boring and does nothing but stand there and do ballads, not an entertainer I would see

        Haley is much better

        Jacob, Paul and Casey go away

      • Some of you are right about Jacob, he is boring and not a great entertainer, but who can match his voice – objectively I believe nobody.

      • Haley doesn't have what it takes to win but all the idol's are talented EXCEPT JACOB PLEASE SEND HIM HOME.

  1. I love Scotty and James. Scotty, is pure country. Although I wasn't totally impressed by his vocals on Cross My Heart, he's got an amazing voice and is ready to go out on his own. He'll definitely have record deals when this is all over. James, has a fabulous voice, serious depth in his lungs. I'm not a fan of Heavy Metal, but he certainly rocked the show last night and did Sammy Hagar justice. Lauren is really good, however not sure she's strong enough to make it through to the end. Steffano really did a great job with Boyz II Men last night. He isn't strong enough to make it to the end and will most likely leave within the next 3 weeks. I like Paul for his quirckiness, but I think I'm ready for him to go. Casey is just an odd duck and although he is an all around musician, I don't think he'll make it to the finals either. He will leave within the next 4 weeks. I absolutely cannot stand Hayley or Jacob. Too bad 2 people couldn't leave tonight and send them both home! I was surprised that not one of the contestants chose to sing Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Armagedon.

    • alrgihit i kinda agree with you. haley needs to go. scotty is amaziingg. jacob is awesome. but casey is going to win. even though he is very odd he has talent. it dont matter about looks people!! get over it. and paul is one of my favorites too. he has a great and different voice. we never see that that much. sooooo get your facts straight people.

      • You are about the only one who would buy a Casey CD

        he cant sing dance or perform

        he is really bad

        Pia should have got the save, not Casey


      • Finally someone admits to be a total Nitwit. Anybody that can listen to Paul the Octopus and Casey the Irish Potato, must be, without any doubt a NITWIT wit a brain of a peanut.

        Especially Casey, this guy is a freak-show at best, he has no voice, no looks, he is absolutely the worst piece of bad by-product American Idol ever let go so far.

        He might try his luck on second or third rated TV or Movie shows, he did show quite some talent of "Falling apart on stage" the other night.

      • Man o man…. You are betting on the wrong horse!! Even in a new blanket and barn Casey is not even goign to make to the finals. I would guess he will be gone within the next 2 or 3 weeks. But you can still see him in concert on the summer tour.

  2. I feel Stefano did great this week..I felt so bad for him last week..Everything was based on Pia getting voted off and yet he was voted to stay..his limelight should not have been taken hopefully he will get to stay this week and continue to progress..I'm not saying he is my favorite but he deserves to stay and a couple others need to go! I know not everyone will agree but thats ok..we all have our own thoughts.. *smile*

    • I agree, sure feel bad for Pia, but they could have congratulated Stefano. and he was great last night,

      Yea, Stefano, Scotty, Lauren, Haley, and James

      the rest can go bye bye

    • I agree with you Wanda!! I'd sure like to know if the judges took the time to personally apologize to Stefano, too.

  3. We certainly do all have different taste in music. I guess that's what makes the world go round. My take is I had liked the sound of Paul's voice but his song choices have been dreadful.

    Stefano never had it for me. Lauren is just singing the song regardless of her voice which is good she is not challenging it enough. James although not in my music collection is very talented, Jacob, love the voice should be doing more Luther or Jeffrey Osborne. Scotty, Great. Casey is truely a all around artist. I knew most people wouldn't get it. At least the judges did.

    • Astute comments. I don't understand the undercurrent of dislike for Jacob. He has produced more top class moments than anyone else. Yes, he is a bit fake and he boobed very badly when preaching to the voters ……. but he is entertaining and very talented. I bet Casey's song sounded wonderful when heard live because TV doesn't adequately bring in the soul of the upright bass……

      • My credentials for not liking Jacob: I have two ears…. and sometimes my ears hurt when Jacob performs :/

        His version of Bridge… just wrong.

      • Rob, Jacob may have a great voice for church choir but it stops there. I am very eclectic in my music, however Jacob is not all that even with a case of chips. He is fake, light in loafers,and extremely hard to watch.. and can be pitchy and off key to which noone seems to comment on. Wher is the real judge.. the person not afraid to critic these kids (young adults)!!!

    • Since this American Idol, if you sing a song that most people don't get, you won't get many votes and you will go home. Casey is capable of singing songs that most people "get", but chose one that they don't. I personally detest jazz and could only listen to half of it before I hit the fast-forward button. I loved his rendition of Have you Ever Seen the Rain last week and was very disappointed this week. I won't be terribly upset if he gets voted off tonight though I would rather see Paul, Stefano or Jacob go first.

  4. I don't understand the James love at all. He comes across as so arrogant & obnoxious. Most of his performances consist of him running around like an idiot with screechy, off key vocals. Last night more then 1/2 of his performance was Zakk Wylde killing it on guitar which had nothing to do with James as a singer or performer.

    • I think James is super talented and he definately knows how to channel it through his disabilities. I understand how he feels music and he will do well and be in the Finale.

    • I think James is awesome, does every Americal Idol have to be a pop star? In my opinion there are way too many Brittney Spears, Ushers and that Bieber kid, I grew up with rock and that kind of music is classic, just look at Aerosmith, AC DC, Van Halen etc. those tunes NEVER die!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope James wins the competition, he is a great singer and entertainer

      • @ Sonya. I totally agree. It is amazing how confidence, determination and passion are being misconstrued for arrogance. I do not see this at all in James. James rocks… 🙂

      • I'm going to agree with both of you. The 80's rock music is something that will never die.

      • I agree!!! James is Wonderful!!! He gives 110% every time he is on that stage. He loves to perform and it shows. You are right to many pop stars we need some more rock artist. Ozzy and kiss and some of those others are getting older now , they won't be performing forever. It's time to bring in some young new rockers!!! Gotta love James!!!!

      • I grew up with rock too,but James is no Chris Doughtry. He is ok for the people that just want to hear all yelling. I don't think it was fair that he had a fantastic guitar player to play next to him last night. It made his performance look better than it was.

      • Sonya……GO JAMES…..If James is not in the finale… will be a sleeper. Scotty is boring and Lauren is right behind him!!!!!

    • @Bella: I agree. People think he's amazing because he screams. Seriously. Will he ever stop screaming for once?

      • James and Jacob both should go home and scream together. There is only one screamin deamon and that is Steven Tyler.

      • Yeah, he's shown he is capable of not screaming, I just wish he's be more tasteful with it. I'm not a fan. And I also think no one should pay any attention to his disability. I don't know if people do, but they shouldn't, because it doesn't matter. And Jacob can stop screaming too…

  5. I didn't see Paul do his "chicken dance" last night. That's always sort of amusing. He was actually good though. My favorite is still James. He rocked the house as we suspected he would do. Don't you guys worry about Scotty when he gets voted off. Remember he's only 17. He's got a GREAT future ahead of him now. Thanks to AI he's got a lot of fans.

    • uhmm thats cool. scotty is amazing. whatever you sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. whatever your opinion is.

  6. The judges should be kicked off the show. All at once, too. NO SAVE. Just..see ya!! Jennifer might be the "Most Beautiful." But she's also the "Least Intelligent." Well, no… that would go to Tyler. These two have brought Randy down with them. Pathetic. Haley was phenomenal – as ALWAYS- and she gets the ONLY criticism of the night. Casey Abrams practically cleared his throat during his song? Or whatever you call his travesty. Lauren didn't come close to Miley's rendition. The way they gush over Jacob is disgusting. And Paul and Stefano are awful week after week- INCLUDING THIS WEEK. I voted nearly 200x for Haley- but I was happy to say I couldn't get through until the last 1/2 hour- so, HOPEFULLY, America got it right. She's the WINNER of the whole show- in my book. She's got it all. Beautiful in voice, charm and appearance. She's the whole kahuna. I wanted to crash through my tv and choke all 3 judges after she sang. As for the other two: Scotty was ok, but, in no way did he deserve the GOD-like comparisons the judges (especially Randy) gave him. And James, in my opinion, gave his WORST performance of the year. STEFANO OR PAUL BETTER GO HOME! IF it's Haley, I'm done with Idol FOREVER- unless 3 new people are sitting in the judges' chairs next week. While I'm at it, I want to give praise to Ryan Seacrest who NEVER gets credit. His talent is the MAIN reason the show has remained on top. In fact, he makes the WHOLE show on elimination nights. He's worth every penny they pay him. Maybe he should be the sole judge, as well.

    • You are perfectly entitled to your opinion but I think Haley chose an appalling song that sent her back by a long way. Paul is a poor imitation of Rod Stewart and should be sent packing – but at least he gave it his best shot. Stefano is a one-trick pony – a likable guy and a decent singer – but how many tracks of that could you put up with! The Scotty phenomenon needs to be halted – lovely young guy, great voice and clearly has a career in country music ahead – but can we please stop the lovefest – he is very limited. I've no idea why people hate Jacob so much – he has given more spine-tingling moments to this contest than anyone. But great observation on ryan Seacrest who is performing spectacularly well – especially so in the absence of Simon Cowell!

      • I think over all only season 5 has had so many very good singers on stage.

        Casey needs someone to choose his songs and hit him over the head with a violin if he says no. Nature boy was a farce.

        Jacob, sorry man you got a voice but go back t church and sing stick to hte chritian inspirational music and you will do good.

        James might have a good voice and talent but Heavy Metal in my Opinion belongs out in alley with Rap. I mean if I cant hear you or understand you why should I listen.

        Paul at least I could hear and understnad but your voice is too weak.

        Scotty years from now I will be hearing you on the country station around the country. But there are too many non musical people voting for you too win Maybe second place.

        Haley, wow, not much of a song but boy did you sing it. send me your number I'll call. lol. Best of the night.

        Lauen, I think you might have a career but not with me.

        Stefano, Great voice, but America does not want a great singer of songs they want a jumping monkey. SO sorry you will not make the final 3.

        bottom 3 Paul, Jacob and Haley,

        Paul or Jacob will go

        Oh one final thing, Pia was head and shoulders about these remaining 8. Is the voting fix? This is almost enough to make me think it is, by leaving so soon a connected musci company got the chance to sing her and get an album out before the AI tour is over. Lots of publisicty. I normally take at least a year for the winner of AI to get a Record out, Pia will be on the charts and off befoe the winner of AI even get a album out. lol.

      • James is not just heavy metal , maybe you should go back and see some of his other performances. He can do anything and he has proved that to America !!! James has alot to offer.

    • Ryan bahaved himself last night but he is horrible on elimination night. I expect his true colors will come out again tonight.

  7. the people that r going to be on that bottom 3 they r haley, paul , jacob

  8. I notice your poll always has Paul in the bottom 3 but he's only actually been in the bottom 3 once…I'm guessing a lot of Paul fans must not read this.

    I liked Paul's performance, he's great, not the best song choice but he needs to be singing his OWN songs or even some Dylan or Neil Young…sadly that's outside the grasp of the judges. They didn't even recognize "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams…like flip on a radio every once in awhile!

    Lauren did well, better than expected though the song choice was BLAH.

    Stefano is great, he sings well, he performs well but he is too forgettable. Great song choice though!

    Scotty will win this whole thing, it's in the bag! Song choice could have been better but it was nice.

    Casey is not my favorite but he is talented, I think he's safe for another week.

    Haley, the only one criticized by the judges, rocked the house. She has a great voice, she's fun and gorgeous! However, I think she'll be in the bottom because of Paula.

    Jacob…song choice was amazing but not for him. He needs to go! I'm sorry but I just don't get it and to send Pia home before him was ridiculous!

    James…again, I just don't get it. What part of shouting is singing? Heavy Metal has it's time and place and this ain't it…sorry kid, you're sweet but it's time to go.

    My bottom 3 [based on performance]




    What will probably happen [based on votes]




    with Haley getting the boot.

  9. I'm tired of Paul and I'm ready to see him go. Also Jacob can go anytime. I'm a real fan of Casey mostly because he is quirky and different. I think the bottom 3 will be Paul, Jacob and Haley and just because the judges were hardest on Haley, she'll probably be the one to go.

  10. when Casey didnt get booted,i will say to the author of this web… "Eat that u mediocre tasteless people!!!" wakakakaka

  11. Jacob Lusk has the best voice in the competition, an amazing gift, but may be going home. It's time to give the judging back to the Judges. America is incapable of voting intelligently.

    Thank a Veteran.

  12. How I'd rank 'em after last night (also taking overall top 13 performances into consideration)

    1.) James – The guy's a flat out performer and I'm sure Zack on guitar did nothing but increase his overall legit rocker image.

    2.) Haley – As Jimmy said, slow starter. But she's figured it out and has won me over. She's edgy and performs her heart out. Even last night wasn't as bad as the judges lead us to believe.

    3.) Lauren – Girl's got more than she's given us so far. But she better start bringing it soon or I'll give up on her. She won't survive on "potential" alone.

    4.) Scotty – Not a fan. To me every performance SOUNDS the same. However, his performance skills are improving. Doesn't matter though, he could pretty much just go out there and fart on stage and his fan base will save him anyway.

    5.) Jacob – Again, not a fan. Really wanted to not like his performance. But for what it was, he did great. This guy can bring it vocally. If I could just get past his boring stage presence.

    6.) Stefano – Tries too hard to be perfect vocally and forgets to let loose and perform. Last night WAS his best. Too little too late?

    7.) Paul – Quirky, always entertaining. His vocals aren't strong enough for his performace style however. This guy needs to be on a stool with his guitar to really shine. But then he wouldn't be as entertaining. Like I said, he's a quirky cat.

    8.) Casey – The guy's lost all credability as a "mainstream" artist at this point. Regardless of his talent, I can understand the judges concerns that America won't get it.

  13. The judges hit on a very true point last night. The talent is very very diverse this year. It is sometimes comparing apples and oranges.

    I'm no fan of Hip Hop, and I don't "get it". Nor am I a fan of Gosple. However I am a fan of Jazz / crooner music, Country, and Hard Rock. I think Casey when he stays Casey (which he did this week and last) is great. He could be opening for Buble.

    When this started, I thought Scotty was an interesting novelty, and I was proved to be wrong very fast. He knows who he is and he knows how to connect with his fan base.

    James Durbin in my mind personifies the Live Concerts of my youth. He is not just a singer (and yes, if you listened to him do While My Guitar Gently Weeps you know he can sing anything!) but he is more importantly an entertainer. Concerts are not just about someone standing like a maniquine at the mike and belting notes out, I want to throw my hands in the air and flic-my-bic or todays cell phone equivalent. More importantly, he has pulled out songs that hit home with the older crowd, if you are a male between 35 and 55, James has picked more songs that you grew up on than anyone since maybe… Anyone!)

    Paul was great ONCE. His Rockabilly version of Folsom Prison Blues was perfect for him, and he should do more of that style. Keep his guitar and be a SHOW.

    The rest are sadly so forgetable, yes, even Jacob, that they could all go and I would not notice except for the four weeks of songs from the above that I would miss.

    Prediction: Scotty, Casey, James in the final 3

    Scotty and James in the final two

    Scotty takes it because he has a bigger appeal to the 10 to 15 year old girls and a large part of the south (that James might be able to grab some of if he does some Skynard or ZZ Top, but I want to see him do Deep Purples Highway Star, or GnR Welcome to the Jungle)


  15. Casey & James are REVOLUTIONARY in this mainstream world!!! U heart this u mediocre tasteless people??!!

  16. i agree with with you james performance was bad last night the star was the man that is already famous i think he need to sing by hisself and no one famous needs to help him i though this was for amierican idol only not stars to help thim can he not do it his self one song he did

  17. Oh dear….Oh dear…..I can't believe that pia sent home last week,…..I just can't stand Jacob performance,….the way he sing just so disgusting….I just can't stand to see those fake face and his voice also not that spectacular….just sing for gospel only without showing his disgusting face with his disgusting mouth…..he should gone long time ago…

    Best performance still James (I'm not his fans though)

    Best vocal is Scotty

    Paul is ok

    Laurent is ok

    Casey…..I don't know about what from this lost duck that made the weirdo judges gave him a standing O (maybe they just try to save their face from using the save over this lost duck)…..sorry to say to all Casey's fans…….Casey may go any time..

    Hailey..she is not that spectacular….her song choice and the bad comment from those clown judges will put her in danger for sending home

    My bottom 3 are: Jacob, hailey and casey

    Regarding the vote: paul, hailey and Jacob

    I want jacob to go home, but obviously probably Hailey….(sorry……just my feeling)..

  18. my opinion (who knows if ya'll agree)

    Paul- is aweosme and has a distinct voice and we never hear that. he should stay in a little longer and pick better song choices for his voice.

    Haley- good but needs to go

    Jacob- a great singer. has amazing talent.

    James- reminds me of adam lambert. but a little bit copying him. hes nothign like adam lambert. but still really good.

    Lauren- probably the best girl on the whole season.

    casey- weird but has great talent. he is going to be in the finale. its not all about looks.

    stefano- wicked cuttte! but not a great singer like the others. it might be his time to go.

    Scotty has my vote he is the winner this year!!!!!! anybody agree with me??

  19. Basing on last night show. Man Casey what was that? I think the judges used a save way too early, the judges should have save Pia. Just my opinion of course. Last night show was not one of my favorites and I have been watching for 10 years.

  20. My humble opinion for this week.

    In order of greatness:

    James A+ (did his thing, and it was good!)

    Stefano A (His best performance for me as well)

    Haley B (Kinda off key in the beginning but good song choice)

    Jacob C (kinda sick of the gospel thing and the going up and down pitch… is it possible to get seasick from a "man's" voice?)

    Scotty C- (If I here anyone mentioning the word country music I'm gonna shoot something… Go back to Texas man…)

    Casey D (come on man, last week was good… listen to your peers !! What kinda performance was that… some kinda creepy revival thing to get dracula back among the living??)

    Lauren Alaina D- (She did a Miley song… and it sucked, end of story…)

    Paul D- (Pffff, to me he sounded the way his suit looked…Fu**ed up…)

    Probably going home:

    Who knows… you've got a voting audience that sends the best singer home with 8 people left to go??? Difies all logic..

    Hopefully going home:

    After tonight: Paul,Lauren,Jacob

    Overall: Scotty "Mad Magazine" Country… can't stand the look of his face anymore.

    Big Durbin fan btw !!


    • Raf…..Big James Fan……but he is not remotely Adam….Adam is my all time fav but James is awesome…..He has his own niche on AI…Adam never did heavy metal…..but what a concert performer….and James will be too…win or lose….

    • Pretty good post. The only point on which I disagree about is Lauren. I think she sang that Miley song ten times better than Miley ever could and she didn't need pitch correction either.

  21. scotty is the greatest country singer he sing like he is already artist in country music, he will be as great as conway twitty was.

    • Oh c'mon. He's quite good but he's by no means the best voice in country music. Listen to his Itunes songs and listen to the pitchiness of his voice. Hitting low notes is cool – when you can HIT THE NOTE. His vocal range is quite limited. Look, he's not bad. I'm just saying he's a bit over-rated. "Best voice" in country music is a stretch at best.

  22. i really think jacob needs to go home because he is so badand i think the rest need to stay

  23. Please….Please send Jacob home…..I just can't stand him anymore….the rest deserves the second chance….

  24. @haley : i agree..scotty's the winner..james copypaste of adam but nothing good from sick of james..go home copypaste james!

  25. @cj-xing and haley:…..agree scotty awesome….he will be the winner…..the rest could go home

  26. Applause!!! Standing Ovation for the caricature lolol loved it.

    I wont repeat myself in this blog I said what I wanted last night, just wanted to give big clap clap to the caricature 🙂

  27. Scotty is great, but he needs to work on his stage presence. Jason is becoming #1 with me.

  28. Paul was awful.. he sucks and needs to go home but based on what's been going on with this show he may end up being the next American Idol. Jacob should be next and then Stefano or vise versa no matter. Best in fav order Scotty, Lauren, James and Haley. Oh the favorite of the Judges Casey would come next. I like jazz but the fact that the judges grovel over Casey to the point they have to give him standing applauses is just annoying.

  29. I think that tonight will be bye bye for Jacob or Casey. If any one else goes home it would be Haley or James. The last four standing in this competion will be Lauren, Paul, Stefano, and Scotty. I have been watching American Idol from season one. I am getting good at this. LOL

  30. James has extreme talent. In MORE than a heavy metal way.

    Never has there been such a wide range of talent. So many characters…makes it pretty cool.

    The only one I am over is Jacob Lusk.

    After he goes…it may get tough.

  31. Seriously,I don't understand these flaming hatreds towards Paul..If you are looking for the one who can't sing for his life,it's Stefano!Good Lord!I don't understand what's with the hype you people are having on him?!Jeez!He is by far the worst singer in this competition and should have been long gone by now!

  32. Here are my picks for bottom 3 – if anyone cares? 🙂

    1. Paul – although a great stage presence, I don't know if it's just me, but it seams like his voice is just getting worse and worse, and is not going to carry him much further. His crazy wild chicken dance on stage is also becoming tiresome.

    2. Stefano – sorry, I am not a fan! His very poppy song choices combined with over-singing every note is getting to me! I cringe hearing him strain himself!

    3. Jacob – good voice, great voice if controlled well. Unfortunately too much of a gospel, church style for my tastes. Hands down he could win any gospel competition out there! His mannerism on stage is making me to look away or leave the room when he performs 🙁 Very nice to listen to, difficult to watch him do it!

    I think we will be saying goodbye to Jacob.

    As for the rest, I think Casey is awesome, but he's playing it safe way too much.

    Scotty, sorry simply boring! Every single performance is just the same(with Elvis' song last week being the best!). He did not do justice to Randy Travis at all yesterday.

    Hailey is growing nicely over past 3 weeks, not only with song choices but also her stage presence, and I think she will not be in bottom 3.

    James, what can I say?! He's the rock star! Love his performances! Makes you feel like you are a part of a concert not a competition show! Keep rocking James!

    Lauren, very safe song choice lately and she's not growing as much through this competition as I hoped.

    I guess we'll see tonight.

  33. Some of you don't like Jacob because he is different, but come one he can sing. Haley needs to go.Just because he believes in the word some don;t like. Less he is honest

  34. I voted for Lauren ! She looked so good last night and I thought she sounded really good. Lauren is sooo amazing ~ She just needs to show that more ! Lauren all the way ! : )



  36. james and scotty was the best. but come on lets get over everything sugar and spice judging give them what they need to get ahead, not just idol rating.

  37. My concern is with the judges. I really like them but what happened to their judging skills….I know these idols are all very good but perfect their not…..A little constructive criticism can go a long way….They blasted Pia for singing ballads, which is her forte, but they tell these other idols that they are proud of them for sticking with what works for them!!!!! Like Scotty…he is boring, good singer but its the same week after week…. There is something wrong with this picture…..

    • I know ~ Maybe they were extra hard on Pia because they really liked her and were afraid she might go if she didn't do something else?

      BUT then they tell Haley – How great she is and to do more growling !! I don't get it! Where is Simon to put some reality back into the judging.

    • I agree with Laura. Scotty & James are the best. A little bit county & a little bit rock and roll.

  38. My pick to go home tonight is Jacob and Im sorry to say Paul his voice isnt very strong. And Jacob is getting to full of himself

    • I so agree, Jacob can go now, tonight. He is B.O.R.I.N.G. And, yes, I can look in the mirror and still not like him.

  39. Hello Scotty,

    Desde Venezuela mis saludos. Eres el Mejor de esta compentencia. Seras el proximo AmericanIdol. No te puedo llamar por mensaje de texto pero si por los votos de internet.

    Estes Bien Scotty.


    • I like Scotty, but I fell asleep when scotty was singing last nignt.. it was so.. boring! Where's the constructive criticism judges?

      • All the contestants are Basically good singers,but based on last nights show,I could understand if Scotty is in the bottom three tonight. His preformance last night was not bad but it was far from the best.


  41. Wow. There is no point in me sharing my preferences here. Why? There is so much talent on the stage that people are basically picking their preferences.

    If you're into:

    …cute-girl pop/country, you like Lauren.

    …classic country, you like Scotty

    …hard rock/metal you like James.

    …jazz and other eclectic stuff you like Casey.

    …pretty-boy boy-band stuff you like Stefano

    …sexy voice and sexy performance you like Haley

    …powerful and soulful but choir-like vocals? Jacob

    …the "unique but 'bad-Rod-Stewart' voice" -> Paul

    The trouble here is that ALL of the performers have FANS! The question is, which GENRE is the most popular here. Look at them – they all have different genres except for Lauren and Casey doing country. Those two should do a duet and then go off and become country stars. James can rock it, but is his music relevant to todays youth? 20% of people think so according to over 13,000 votes on this site, with only Scotty ahead by 3% at 23%. And every time Scotty is "true to himself" and does a snoozer of a country tune, James pulls closer with his over-the-top performances. The fact Zack Wilde played for him made a statement: James wants to get metal back in the spotlight and Zack seems to agree.

    I think the best answer is NOBODY is safe but nobody is as unsafe as Paul and maybe Jacob.

    Yeah. That's my answer.

    It's amazing that I read so many different posts and opinions and they are ALL VALID. Very strange year this year on AI.


    Northern Guy

    • I am in absolute accord with your assessment of the diversity of talents this year that it has actually become difficult, if not impossible, to identify a clear front runner.

      As evidenced by popular voting (given they have not yet landed in the bottom 3), James, Scotty and Lauren are in the lead, so they could potentially be the last 3 standing. The scenario, however, begs the question of whether the votes sustaining them each week are just marginal or actually significant in number in contrast with the votes of contestants who have consistently been in peril. I think this is a valid consideration especially when one considers Stefano, who, despite having been consistently sent to the bottom 3, has yet to be eliminated – a compelling indication that the number of votes separating the contestants may be very marginal at best. Another critical factor is the voting behavior of viewers whose favorites have already been eliminated – whether they stop voting or transfer their votes could possibly perpetuate or abbreviate a contestant's run.

      As difficult as it has been to judge this year's talents, I am certain of one thing; that is, this season has, by far, been the most thrilling AI yet. It's rather glorious to witness viewers go through the process of selecting a winner from the superb saturation of talents. Best of luck to the top 8.

      Thanks for your post, Northern Guy.

    • I agree….excellent assessment…Fair and unbiased…It really is the best batch of performers in the history of American idol..but for me personally even though i am a metal boy i am supporting Casey..Doesn't really matter now though since i'm not from the u.s. But once their albums drop, that's a whole different area…

  42. Every year that I've watched (season 2 on) someone seems to go home earlier than what most watcher feel is right….-Daughtery, Hudson – Get over Pia.

    My dismay is more with the JUDGES than with the contestants. Where the constructive criticisms? We need someone like Simon who will say it as it is; Be Direct; Say "it was terrible"; say "you've probably just bought your bus tickey home." There is just simply tooooo much complimenting.

    Last weeks show deserved some very high praise, BUT last nights show was a half a dozen rung below last week and the JUDGES owe the viewers truthful comments.

    Here's what I think should have been said:

    Paul you're a quirky dude that's fun to watch, but you don't have the best vocals and you need to work on showing voters something that will show you can sing.

    Lauren: Miley isn't that big, but too big for you. Your song choice needs more attention.

    Stephano: That was your best vocal so far. It may have been too late. You probably don't have the fan base to keep you out of the bottom three.

    Scotty: George Strait, the king of country is too big and too much for you to tackle. It was alright but people hear that sound in their head and you didn't sound nearly that good. Good try. You've got what it takes to make it to the final if you only watch your song choice.

    Casey: I don't know what to think. You're not listening to those who are here to help guide you. You're the best coffee-house performer on American Idol. The fans are looking for more. Get ready to see the bottom three.

    Haley: Wow – really good vocals. That was not the best song choice. Look for songs that display your range and bring in more of the raspy sound. Hopefully America will get out and vote.

    Jacob: You've got a wonderful voice and you know how to work it. The bad is that every week it's the same from you. You haven't shown the variety needed to get the fans strongly voting for you. I'm thinking that this will be your last song as an American Idol Contestant.

    James: You did Heavy Metal good. Good thing the Guitar sounded outstanding for you. That will get you some votes and you're in the safe category for another week. More variety is what you need to show.

    My opinion……Jacob is going home.

      • Well, we need to get you a chair at the judges table. finally, something other than 'you moved me' 'you really connected' 'you stayed true to yourself' blah blah blah

    • Below is a copy of my comment to a previous posting, but thought I'd share it here since it shares your sentiments on judging (or the lack thereof).


      JLo’s refusal to opine after Haley’s performance (for fear of sending another girl home) brought three things to mind:

      1) that she is accountable for Pia’s premature elimination;

      2) that she was either genuinely pleading with America to keep Haley on the show or guilefully imploring the voters to send her home; and

      3) that she will give veritable critiques only when she feels like it.

      While Simon might have contemptibly appealed to most, occasions such as tonight make me covet the day he returns to tell it like it is (sighing with flailing arms).

    • Well said. Everybody is great. blah, blah, blah. They said that last week and then are dismayed that Pia was voted off. Start judging or get Jimmy out there. He might be a good judge.

      • Each week, I find myself very anxious to listen to and intrigued by what Jimmy Iovine has to say to and about the contestants, but couldn't quite precisely identify why. Alas, I read your post and had a Eureka moment: that Jimmy's candor is very much evocative of the trait Simon was maligned for by many but now wish the other judges had. Jimmy could be the new Simon. 🙂

    • Ditto TERRIFIC KC. I have s slight addition re James.Attitude needs adjustment. lyrics were garbled and in other post objection to screaming and schreeching I have not totally tuned in or read a good amount of comments, but agree on many. But are right on. Thank you

    • Totally agree.

      Lauren is 16 and its showing it her song selection I think.

      Jacob likely going home, he has the voice but his style belongs in church not on stage.

    • Well said and you are right about the judges. Yes, ALL the contestants are very talented and the group is diverse with each contestant bringing something different to the table Matter of preference for the viewing audience. I do not think that the majority of us on this blog are tone deaf…I am wondering what the judges are hearing that we are not…there were some poor performances last night…these should have been addressed and been critiqued appropriately…not the over done praise and love that was offered.JMO. 🙂

  43. I thought this was called American Idol, not american singer!!! Every week you hear about how they have to be able to perform, but the only performers are Haley and James. The rest just stand there for the most part… Thats why Pia is out!!! But these judges need to open their eyes for Haley, She was awsome last night!!! And so was James… Casey Abrams needs to be a lounge singer, Jacob Lusk needs to go gospil,Scotty McCreery needs to go Country,Lauren Alaina is a good singer; But Paul McDonald and the rest need to go home!!!!




    • I agree with Lynn… and I love Stefano!!

      Beautiful voice and performances… very cute, gorgeous, handsome guy!!!

      I love him!

  45. James – Heavy Metal/Rocker (#1 in my book cause I am a heavy metal, rock fan)

    Scotty – Country

    Jacob – Gospel

    Paul – Rod Stewart

    Stefano – Pop/Boy Band (think New Kids on the Block)

    Casey – No defined style other than growl or jazzy

    Lauren – No definitive style but very good voice

    Haley – Also has the female growl but no style.

    The top four on my list have promising careers if they stick with it although Paul will never be more than a lounge act cover for Rod. The bottom four are good but need to mature and pick a more solid style of singing. My bottom 3 this week will be Paul, Casey, and Haley with Paul going home. Even though I have a biased opinion, James is the only one that has put on a show as well as singing very well. he will win idol if there are more metal fans than country fans!! :))

    • You have the top 2 correct, but you are way off with Haley… Her and James are the only 2 that can sing and perform… Who wants to go to a concert and watch someone just sit there nad sing!!! I see more movement in a Karaoke bar!!!

  46. bottom three are Paul, Haley and Stefano. I really hope Casey is in it. Not a fan of his. I was not impressed with any of the songs.

  47. i love the voice of scotty it was great and awesome,i'm fan and i love country music GOD bless you…

    • Your right on it. Scotty is the best. I will leason to country but i can't stand heavy metal.

      • Scotty is the best COUNTRY. This is more a genre war than a talent war. Scotty is great country and Durbin is great rock and metal. It's down to which genre is more popular, with Scotty enjoying a clear advantage – up until now. Look at the latest poll – rock and country neck and neck, just like it has been for the LAST 30 years!

  48. In my opinion, James and Lauren are the most talented, both vocally and performance-wise, with range, depth, and maturity to their voices. They're naturals on stage, so comfortable in their skins. Their movements are in sync with whatever they're singing, and their joy in performing for the audience is palpable. Stefano and Jacob have great voices. Their earnestness, humbleness, and vulnerability are endearing. They're what American Idol is all about; diamonds in the rough in need of polishing. I can't fathom why each gets consistent low vote counts. Casey and Haley should team up: he with his evil grimace and throat noises and she with her growls. Although both are talented, every performance they give is the same, just a different song. Scotty's hook is his baritone, which seems incongruous next to his Alfred E. Newman visage. I'm sure he'll find a home in Nashville whether he wins Idol or not. It's a mystery why Paul McDonald is there. I cringe and cover my eyes when he starts to perform, but soon peek through my fingers to catch a guilty-pleasure glimpse of the little skippy steps his boots make and the lifting of first one leg and then the other, as though his movements were being controlled by an erratic puppeteer. He may be "quirky," but he's not unique. Rod Stewart was the original, and better, raspy singer. Plus, RS feels the music, whereas there seems to be no chemistry between Paul and the songs he sings.

  49. you calling scotty alfred e newman visage i wonder what you look like no i thank not i think a lot of you all are jeaoulsy because you are not there give them a break be nice or forget and stay a way

  50. I DON'T GET IT WITH THE JUDGES. How can they praise everybody but Haley? She was not at her best tonight, ok. I agree, BUT she performed much better than many other "regular" performances. The judges need to be fair. And for Casey, he maybe an intelligent musician, good guy, but they do no favor to him by praising his "just ok" peformance. The true is that the judges do not want to critizice Casey to let him stay as long as possible BECAUSE…. they know they wasted the "save" with him (which of course should have been used for Pia). I still love Jennifer and Steven (no love for Randy), but they need to be honest with ALL of them. I hope the judges' least favorite (who doubts?) Haley stays longer. See tonight if any other is vote off, the judges will CRY, BE OUTRAGED with America! "How is possible Casey is gone? Oh my God?, "I have no idea why America did not vote for Paul!", "Dude, this made me MAD seeing Jacob gone" and so on……… but if Haley is voted off it would be "Baby, we know you can grow", "You have the potential, keep working on it"….. I have not been missing Simon……… until yesterday.

  51. jacob belongs in a high school play, no talent, fake vibato , he sounds more like a bad female impressionist, laureen and scotty to be the top two

  52. I like Paul but I wish he would go back to the slower stuff I really loved "come pick me up " and I didn't care fore Casey song this week and I don't see what people see in Scotty he is not even useing his deep voice anymore and he can't sing !! sorry dude I would vote u off

  53. I like the show… but this is going to be the WORST A.I. winner in 10 seasons… I love Stefano and Pia! Both talented and beautiful… the rest… Oooh God! One of them is going to be the next A.I.???? Unbelievable and horrible! Maybe the producers decided they decided to make their own A.I. parody this year, instead of leaving this to the Wayans brothers…

  54. Personally, I think a couple of guys on the show are getting way to full of themselves. Someone should take the cell phones away from the teeny bopper girls. Pia had a pure natural great singing voice and was a real talent.

    My opinion is, three guys on there should not be, i guarantee ya, no idol will sell anything playing a cello, not to say hes not talented or an artist he is.. but IDOL Material .. i dont think so.

    Where is SIMON ….. ????

  55. With JLo saying "People want us to be more tough on you, but you're too damn good!" was utter nonsense. I hope hoping that Pia's elimination would have been a wake-up call for them to start being a little more critical. They did get critical with Hailey who didn't do half bad, but where was that with Paul? He ruined a good song last night, but he got nothing but praise for it. Casey cleared his throat in the middle of his performance and they gave him a standing o. Do the performances sound different in person than they do on television?

    My bottom three will be




    Going home

    Paul (which is long overdue)

    But due to how everyone has been voting they might get rid of Hailey since the majority of the voters seem to have something against women.

  56. How I’d rank ‘em after last night (also taking overall top 13 performances into consideration)

    1.) James – The guy’s a flat out performer and I’m sure Zack on guitar did nothing but increase his overall legit rocker image.

    2.) Haley – As Jimmy said, slow starter. But she’s figured it out and has won me over. She’s edgy and performs her heart out. Even last night wasn’t as bad as the judges lead us to believe.

    3.) Lauren – Girl’s got more than she’s given us so far. But she better start bringing it soon or I’ll give up on her. She won’t survive on “potential” alone.

    4.) Scotty – Not a fan. To me every performance SOUNDS the same. However, his performance skills are improving. Doesn’t matter though, he could pretty much just go out there and fart on stage and his fan base will save him anyway.

    5.) Jacob – Again, not a fan. Really wanted to not like his performance. But for what it was, he did great. This guy can bring it vocally. If I could just get past his boring stage presence.

    6.) Stefano – Tries too hard to be perfect vocally and forgets to let loose and perform. Last night WAS his best. Too little too late?

    7.) Paul – Quirky, always entertaining. His vocals aren’t strong enough for his performace style however. This guy needs to be on a stool with his guitar to really shine. But then he wouldn’t be as entertaining. Like I said, he’s a quirky cat.

    8.) Casey – The guy’s lost all credability as a “mainstream” artist at this point. Regardless of his talent, I can understand the judges concerns that America won’t get it.

    • All that said however, I think it'll be a James vs Scotty finale. I can see the promos now "he's a little bit country & he's a little bit rock&roll, but who will be the next American Idol!" LMAO

      • The above poll sort of agrees with that, but then again, the poll was saying Pia was in the top three the week she was voted out of the top 10.

        It would seem, as they are saying, that nobody is safe!!

    • i hope scotty goes home next week – ugly as sin and old baritone voice. looks mildly retarded.

    • I think he could sing "Achey Breaky Heart" and you gals would all sigh and melt into a puddle. Sure he's good, but he's not as good as he's getting credit for. His Elvis song rocked, but his last performance was a big yawner for me. Too safe, too easy. He got love and affection from the judges. Haley SLAYED that Blondie classic (Call Me) and made Caseys performance rather forgettable by comparison. Then again, you think Casey is hot and I think Haley is a very sexy singer. So, I guess both gender and musical genre are BOTH factors here…


      Northern Guy

      • Sorry replace all "Casey"s with "Scotty". It's dislexic Thursday here at work… I always mix their names up.

  57. Send Randy home …. for good. 8 performances , only 2 girls left and Randy loudly applauds everyone except Haley. Nice move. She actually did a great job, not her best but nice.

    However I have felt this for a long time these judges prompt people on how to vote. So dont be surprised if Idol loses its 6th girl in row.

    Besides until they change how voting is done, ladies have almost no chance anymore.

    What should be done to make it fair is allow only one vote per person, versus voting numerous times for same cutie, that is why ladies have all dropped off in last few years and guys are winning. The votes are all coming from female audience and guys just dont vote cuz it aint cool or not there job or whatever. We only get one vote for our president why not the same policy on idol.

    But seeing 5 past winners all be guys and 5 straight ladies being cut in this years show tells you there is a pattern, and its not good.

    If this show loses these 2 girls in 2 to 3 weeks, its going to be a dreadful month of May with no more drama a very disappointing Finale … its too bad too cuz all of these contestants are very very talented and this could have been the best season ever.

    Also Judges are done judging. Just sit and act pretty cuz once the Save was used they serve no purpose anymore, may as well plant em in crowd

    It so monotonous with the same praise…

    You Slayed it, Your in it to win it and a standing O for Casey. Great! I do applaud him for being who he is , and no doubt he's good. But ask yourself if you could honestly see yourself at a live 1.5 hr show from him or any of these remaining contestants, would you really pay a ticket price for any of them. My Final Thought : Scotty Pia and James for top 3. No doubt no question in my mind hands down the most marketable with outstanding voices and showmanship ( remember Underwood barely moved onstage she was scared and wasnt sure of herself but look at her now) With being said Pia could have won this thing. I still say its fixed til they find their Donny Osmond. Newsflash – hes not in this group of guys either. Scotty will Win

    • Would go to a James Durbin concert in a second. Because I KNOW it would be a great show. Can't really see the entertainment value of going to a Pia T concert though. Although, I'd never attend a Mariah Carey show either and she seemed to do ok for herself (sucess wise that is). That's the category I'd put her in (Celine, Mariah, Barbara). They could put 'em all together and call it the boredom tour! LMAO

      • I had the pleasure of attending a Celine Dionne concert in Vegas, Barbara Streisand nor Mariah Carey are even close. Celine not only has a wonderful voice she is an entertainer. Pia is not even in the same category as Celine…

    • Singers sell albums while entertainers sellout shows and the greats do both and this is TV not radio.

      • Right, but after AI if they start anywhere they will start with an album – not a concert tour. What happens AFTER Idol is ALL ABOUT the radio. They need hits first, and performances will follow if they can PERFORM.

    • I expected Scotty, Pia and James to be in the top 3. Now I am thinking possibly Lauren, Scotty and James. Not that I think Lauren is the best but the young girls can relate and that is who votes. Haley is OK but a bit arrogant as is Jacob, attitude is not good. Kasey is just weird, I think he will go soon. I expect Scotty will win, he is just a nice kid.

  58. James is the best ,I can't wait to see him in concert he's just brilliant,the star of the show !!!

  59. HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY HALEY needs to STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either Paul or Jacob need to go home! First because Haley's TOO talented even though some people seem to be deaf and then because we need some girls to stay! But mainly because she's EXCELLENT!

    • good choice i LOVE Hailey to i at least want her to be in the top 4 because i don't really think she will be the winner this year.

  60. wouldnt it be dramatic if once again a lady gets the boot, but one of the guys steps up to the plate and goes in her place.

    Wouldnt that be great for ratings…. hmmm whom might it be… hmmm

    Besides what does it matter at this point most are going to land recording deals and they all have to play together on Summer Tour. Just a thought tiredofdrama

  61. Scotty is a winnner in my eyes. He brings a new sound and has a charismatic magnitism feel pouring out from him. You have to give it to him. He has been able to turn his country voice around and made all his songs sound current and popular. Scotty is unique as a singer. Good Luck Scotty!!

    • I hate scotty – same old crap every week with that deep 50 year old voice. and he is so ugly – looks like howdy doody!

      • "hate"? That's utterly senseless. What are you, jealous or something?

        Scotty is just an eager teenager in a singing contest, striving to do his best with the talent that he has been given (which is considerable even if one doesn't like "country music). He's a complete stranger to you. He's done nothing wrong at all. He's just a happy, eager kid. You "hate" him and think he's ugly? That's absurd. Perhaps you need some therapy or something, it would be good if you could get some help for your obvious anger issues. Good luck.

  62. Haley had the best performance of the night. The judges should STOP cuddling Steffano. He sang badly again! Singing word-for-word all the time is not “nailing” or “slaying” it. Because they saved him first, they are now protecting him and his ego? They just can’t correct him at all! The wailing and the shouting should stop! We’ve had enough of that. Metal rocks, yes. But screaming irrritates! Miley Cyrus?!? Really now… Jimmy whatshisnamewiththebaseballcapon should go. he’s done NOTHING to help the contestants.

  63. RECORDING Quality from Top 8 Movie Night:

    1. Paul. Sounded great. Good mix. Sounded "Radio"

    2. Scotty. Bad mix and mediocre vocal. Not that great.

    3. Stefano. TOTALLY awesome mix and great radio sound.

    4. Jacob. Live was better. Not great for radio.

    5. Lauren. Compression (or something) flattened her.

    6. Haley. AWESOME recording. Total radio smash hit.

    7. Casey. Sounded like open mic jazz night on campus.

    8. James: Totally rocked the radio. Look out Bon Jovi.

    My wife has been downloading the performances on Itunes. I installed Itunes on my audio server, and played back these songs through a very top notch audio system. (not $15 ear buds on a Iphone headphone jack). I could not believe how some recordings were fabulous and others seemed like they were mixed in a different studio. Scotty's vocal had zero effects and sounded like a bad over-dub using a low cost tape recorder. Lauren either backed away from the mic when she sang louder, or the guy on the board used way too much compression or dialed her down. She sounded very flat power wise – and sounded MUCH better live. For Jacob and Casey I don't think we can blame mixing for their lack of radio sound. They're great performers, but without the drama (or the stand-up bass) these two are better in church or a jazz club than on the radio.

    This post is about RADIO – not performance. It's about how these people sounded with me doing critical listening at home on a GOOD system. Do people buy crappy sounding albums if the performances are good? I don't – but you tell me. Performance may determine who wins AI, but to be a recording artist, you need to make recordings that people will love. James, Haley and Stefano had the best three recordings.

    NOW YOU TRY! It's $5.99 for all the songs from the Movie Night. Spend the six bucks and review the songs and post your results here! I'd love to get the opinions of others on recording quality.


    Northern Guy

    • Hi Northern Guy! I like your posts.

      You made good analysis and do not insult people who opinion as others do!

      I will your comments from this day and on!

      • Hurling insults is pointless here. We all have our own preferences for style, genre and even appearance. Not only that, each singer is unique and talented in their own right. You could run the top 7 here 7 years in a row and get a different Idol. It will come down to song choice and fan base. Scotty has a lead but it's diminishing as he continues to do quite boring, predictable and really "safe" songs. Haley got the worst response from the judges, but took a big risk with Blondie's "Call Me" and I think she slayed it. Listen to Haly versus Scotty on Itunes and tell me who's got the radio hit! And check out Stefano's and James' recordings as well…. total radio hits. Scotty's recording sounded terrible to me.

        I dunno – many think Scotty has it in the bag, but there are talented competitors here who are not going down without a fight. That's why this season ROCKS!!!


        Northern Guy

  64. Casey will be around long after the others have been forgotten. It doesn't matter if he is voted off A.I. because he will be loved by millions of music lovers in the real world when the show is over and he becomes well known as an artist. This is just the beginning for him.

    I suspect that James or Scotty will win the title of American Idol,though,as they appeal to youngsters who have the stamina and time to vote over and over.

    It's an interesting show this year,though. The standard of talent has risen.

    • And here they come around the bend: it's Scotty ahead of James by a nose. Lauren and Casey battling for 3rd…

      (According to the above poll that is. That poll indicated Pia was in the top three – the week she was voted off. Somehow that poll has a trick to it….)

      • casey is a DRAMA KING instead of drama queen cause he is a guy,he is not good so get over it,he should of not got saved they should of saved it for pia what waste of there save.

      • Oh no..Casey's in trouble..He just steered off the path and flew over the wall. The other three are still going strong round and round and round and round..

      • Scotty shoots Casey's horse because a real cowboy does not let an animal suffer. Good on ya, there pardner.

  65. I don't usually post, but I had to this time. When I read reviews about Jacob, I truly like him and that gospel sound is not only for church it's for the world just like all the music. They all are talented but each one needs guidance and needs to be shown constructive critiscm to help them grow as a person and as a performer.

    • i agree we need more gospel singers,i think they all need to try to sing a gospel song where is our love for our father,jacob can make you cry with his songs so you know he is touching hearts through his singing,

  66. please send stefano home quit feeling sorry for him,and james dude heavy metal sucks you need to go home to,you have know feelings toward the other ones you are only thinking about youreself,you are not that good,show some compassion for everyone else you are way to cocky,and god dont like ugly,at least scotty has a heart and the love for christ,they all need to try singing some gospel for once,

    • can you please repeat what you said…I didn't understand it. Why does God not like ugly? And how come only Scotty has a heart? Why does Christ only love Scotty? Everyone has to sing gospel? Heavy metal sucks…

      Sweetheart please don't tell me that your last name is black….

    • @Rebecca. What makes you think James "has no feelings toward others and is only thinking of himself"? He befriended Stefano and was the first one to leap out on the stage to Paul after his elimination tonight. I think he has very strong emotional feelings toward his family, and toward his friends, too. He has some medical issues, in case you have missed that. What you are mistaking for cocky is part of the syndrome. But even if he were, it's refreshing to see that in someone who has had to carry the load he has been saddled with. He is an upbeat person, and I think he is a fine young man. And I LIKE what I see and hear from him! So maybe you see ugly in him, but I don't. Are you the arbiter of what and who God likes? I really think you should leave that whole topic alone.

      I don't like Jacob's singing style and no, I prefer not to hear gospel on AI, but that does not mean anything but that.

      So please refrain from airing your false conclusions.

      • Pup,

        thanks for your very kind and factual comments

        re: James Durbin. I agree that James is a compassionate, friendly person, a very courageous and fine young man who is being completely true to himself as a musician on this show. Hope he continues to do so, and that he is successful at whatever he sets his mind to do.

        Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. 🙂

      • Oh, Sophia, that was so sweet of you to take the time to post a note to me. I truly appreciate it. 🙂 Made my evening!

  67. Saludos al proximo American Idol, Scotty McCreery desde el Peru , soy una de su fans.

  68. To-MAY-to, to-MAW-to. Which is smarter, a dog or a cat? All of these singers are brilliant in their own way. My personal favourite is James because I really like his genre, but that doesn't mean that Scottie is without a lot of merit. They're both great, but different.

  69. I'm just sooo glad that Haley is still in the running of becoming the next American Idol. Thanks to all her fans!!! And can I just say how lucky this Stefano is? How many times has he been in the bottom 2? haha he is just like Syesha Mercado! I'm beginning to think that they're just manipulating the results to increase this Stefano's popularity!

    My predition next week: Stefano out!

    a week after: Jacob the drag queen out! then he could look at her fugly self in the mirror all day.

    a week after: Casey out – I'm sure these stupid judges are gonna cry..

    a week after: James out!

    a week after: Scotty out!

    then a final 2 with Haley and Lauren. oh my gosh!!! this is just soooooo exciting!

  70. Paul is gone. And he sang his swan song beautifully ("Maggie May" at JL's request–and a great one at that). I was wishing it had been Jacob.

    And WHEW! I am SO relieved Haley is still in it. Oh, so the judges liked the jazz tonight she sang, but was so underwhelmed last night that they had to give her the "kiss of death" with their unkind critiques compared to everyone else????!!! Thank goodness enough votes came in from her sane and independent thinking fans to save her. I voted for her the most, but also sent votes along to James, Stefano and Paul, and yes, even Casey –because I thought they all did a very good job. But most went to Haley. I was holding my breath when Jacob got sent to safety, let me tell you. (I had been betting on people finally being tired of him.)

    Loving Northern Guy's posts, too. Excellent!

  71. Oh, and I have to say Lauren was soooo soo much better in that duet tonight with Scotty (she outsang him!) than she was Wed night with that Miley Cyrus song. She sounded beautiful! Why in the world did she pick that song last night? Now, she is one among MANY of the contestants who needs to listen to song advice.

    I didn't give any votes to Lauren last night because of her poor performance (IMO) Wed night. But tonight's (and I'm not even a country music fan) was superb! I would love to see a Lauren and Haley final, too. But I'm loving James, and hate to discount him, too. I wish them (and Stefano!!!) the very best!

  72. I think the great thing is all these contestants will have singing careers, regardless of Idol's outcome. I have not been a big fan of Idol over the years because the talent has always been so-so, but this year has a line-up of real musicians. I vote for Casey every time, but ultimately I think Lauren will win. I hope she does because she can sing anything and make it her own and I hope a female wins. Otherwise I'd pick Stefano, but it's time for a girl to win. Haley is too unreliable; she needs to work on her technique. I don't think Paul, Casey, James, Jacob or Scotty need an Idol win to become major recording stars (and I don't like country!).

  73. Pauls time was up next to go is jacob then haley then casey then james. Lauren and scotty final 2. And the winner is scotty mccreery.there is no doudt in my mind since I first saw him sing he blowed me go scotty. Your fan all the way from cape town

    • Young people, especially young girls, have been voting for Scotty.I love him because he´s so special (I love country, by the way),but I love James, too, and in my opinion he´s a versatile singer.A pitty Pia is not among the contestants anymore. She was really something. Besides, she had everything to be a star.Paul was never my fan, sorry. I´ve noticed viewers are not voting using good judgement.My apologies for saying this.

  74. Paul had his moments. It seemed as though he was a Rod Stewart impersonator for much of it. That part detracted from his individualism as an artist.

    He is unique and may have a place in today's music, even if I am not a big fan, myself. Even his odd movements, sort of like Joe Cocker, were what made him "Paul". I am sure he will do well.

    Jacob should be the next to go. He is too much of the same thing. His gospel style and tears are too much of a church choir genre, though he has a nice voice.

  75. Paul was my pick to go 1st go round but finally the time has come. NEXT has got to be Jacob. My final 3 contestants should be Lauren, James and Scotty. THAT will be the show down. Out of those 3 Lauren has the real talent

    • About your final 3 contestant, I 100% agree. And in my opinion, Lauren'll win this year and Scotty'll touch the second place.

      This is just an opinion~

  76. Scotty has a chance of being around a good long time in the music business. There's nothing like a deep voiced "crooner" for the female gender, and a sad song for guys.

    If James continues with his screeching sound, his voice will be "going south" and that "ain't" good. I would hope he would try something new, rather than attempting to bring back Heavy Metal.

  77. I think Paul was fantastic on Wednesday night. If anything, Stefano should have been voted off by now. Or at least Haley. I couldn't believe when Stefano got picked over Pia. That was really a shock considering she is better [from my point of view]. But, America made the wrong decision…Paul should have stayed.

    • i well miss paul trememdously your right he should have stayed before haley by the way what is haley still doing there is there some type of malfunction in the voteing process i would be willing to bet there is

  78. Im from Argentina, Stefano you ´ve all my support, i love the way you sing, keep trying & please send me a kiss, my best wishes

  79. I got bored of Casey. Paul was ok. After Casey, Stephano and Jacob are out, we are going to have hard time voting.

  80. After seeing who the quest was Carl Reiner, I now know why casey abrams was saved and is still on the show. (Because he shouldn't be). I'm sure they are related. I would bet money on it.

  81. Scotty keep doing what your doing. I love everything about you. Your voice, style and your clean looks. Right now you are as good if not better than many stars in the Grand Ole Opry.

    Good luck.

  82. i was very shocked idont believe than paul go but i wish for scotty to win american idol or james

  83. James deserves the win he has a baby son and barely has enough money for diapers for his son and he has a beautiful girlfriend and he CAN sing!

    james is like adam lambert from season 8 in so many good ways i know people sometimes feel bad because people had a rough past and vote for that person i'm not saying i don't care about their past but its based on the singing and James can sing even randy said james might even win the entire thing and look at how much james has improved since the audition he has perfectly goos control he is AWESOME he's been my fave since the audition and he always will be my fave idol next to adam lambert and i think james shpuld make it to the finale and win what adam lambert shoulda won 2 years ago! he has serious talent

  84. James deserves the win he has a baby son and barely has enough money for diapers for his son and he has a beautiful girlfriend and he CAN sing!

    james is like adam lambert from season 8 in so many good ways i know people sometimes feel bad because people had a rough past and vote for that person i'm not saying i don't care about their past but its based on the singing and James can sing even randy said james might even win the entire thing and look at how much james has improved since the audition he has perfectly goos control he is AWESOME he's been my fave since the audition and he always will be my fave idol next to adam lambert and i think james should go to the finale and win what adam shoulda won on that stage 2 years ago

  85. James deserves the win he has a baby son and barely has enough money for diapers for his son and he has a beautiful girlfriend and he CAN sing!

    james is like adam lambert from season 8 in so many good ways i know people sometimes feel bad because people had a rough past and vote for that person i'm not saying i don't care about their past but its based on the singing and James can sing even randy said james might even win the entire thing and look at how much james has improved since the audition he has perfectly goos control he is AWESOME he's been my fave since the audition and he always will be my fave idol next to adam lambert

  86. james is great and really deserves to win hes been my fave since his audition he has the talent to win i believe in him and what REALLY bugs me is people vote for people because theyre cute.

    This is why daughtry was eliminated so early and daughtry had real talent and now daughtry is the most famous one from his season and this is why stefano was there so long i mean stefano had talent but he is really bad compared to everyone else Vote for someone who has a good voice not a good look! this is why Pia left!

  87. I enjoyed Paul's Rod Stewart impersonation tonight,but I think his time has come. I was beginning to get tired of him.

    I think Joseph will go next,unless the Gospel lovers come out in force.

  88. I enjoyed Paul's Rod Stewart impersonation tonight,but I think his time has come. I was beginning to get tired of him.

    I think Joseph will go next,unless the Gospel lovers come out in force. I mean Jacob!

    I get those biblical names mixed up.

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