American Idol 2011 Top 8 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2011 returns with its Top 8 performing live tonight with songs from the movies. Following last week’s surprising elimination of Pia Toscano, the Idol hopefuls should all be reminded that anyone can be sent home so they better bring their best to the stage.

Join us in our Idol Chat room while we review tonight’s show and then and see what other Idol fans are saying right now on our Idol Facebook page.

American Idol 2011 Top 8 Performances:

  • Paul McDonald – Old Time Rock and Roll – 1-866-436-5701
  • Lauren Alaina – The Climb – 1-866-436-5702
  • Stefano Langone – End of the Road – 1-866-436-5703
  • Scotty McCreery – Cross My Heart – 1-866-436-5704
  • Casey Abrams – Nature Boy – 1-866-436-5705
  • Haley Reinhart – Call Me – 1-866-436-5706
  • Jacob Lusk – Bridge Over Troubled Waters – 1-866-436-5707
  • James Durbin – Heavy Metal – 1-866-436-5708

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Tomorrow night we’ll find out which singer earned the least votes and that singer will be eliminated so vote wisely and be sure to cast your unofficial vote in our Idol poll below (poll to be posted after the ET broadcast so no complaining about the votes!) and then share your opinion on tonight’s performances!




    • I don't think Haley deserves any votes after she laughed when Pia was eliminated…and I'm not just saying that because I was a Pia fan. Never voted for her even once. She was totally overrated. This was her third try at AI and she still couldn't make it. I've read that she went to a performing arts school, and even then she couldn't move on stage!

      • I did not notice Haley laughed when Pia was eliminated, if so that is not nice at all, shows poor professionalism.

      • I did notice it, she was surprised but a little smile on her mouth opened, I watched the show over and over by starworld chennel and all my family said so

        How could she be so mean?

      • I agree… yes Haley was smiling she seemed really happy that Pia was voted off. you call her growling and yodelling music…. anyone that votes for Haley is voting because they hate Idol and likes to vote for the worst instead of the best.

      • I saw that she smiled, but I don't think it was a mean thing. I think she was more surprised than anything else.

        I know that sometimes when I see something really sad that's actually quite shocking, I usually smile before I betray my true sad feelings.

        It's nothing to do with actually being happy, but being so damn shocked that I can't help it.

      • So wait.. lemme see if I get this straight. The judges get upset and people get all pissy about poor Stefano, but Haley shows some positive emotion and suddenly people get pissy about poor Pia? Is everbody on the show supposed to sit there stonefaced and show no emotion whatsoever?

      • you are absolutely off of your rocker!!

        It is a competition!!!!!! Some people are not the emotional saps like you and have to cry at everything. Haley is an awesome performer!

      • She did laugh. Pia could sing great. She was awesome. I guess Haley laughed because she felt relief. But it was sorry.

      • I watched it again. It wasn't a laugh. It was a shocked/surprised. Besides, people are allowed to not get along even if it was amused. I doubt Pia approved much of Haley's singing style with all the formal training she's had. Maybe there was something going on we don't know about. Pia might've even said something mean to start it all. The point is, we don't know.

      • hey, pia auditioned five times and when she finally made it, she just roboted on stage…

      • I agree. Whether Haley was happy about it or not, she needed to show a bit more class. Pia can sing rings around Haley, and Haley knew it.

    • don't accuse haley like that! i never saw her laughing last elimination night! is this some kinda dirty tactic of your fan base of whosoever idol you have?! oh c'mon, be fair… pia is out, and you can't do anything to that.. please move on and have a life!

      • oh i have a life and so does PIA… she will have a nice fat contract way before Haley does. Haley is nothing more then a joke. Doesnt deserve to be there.

      • Haley did not laugh! The cameras were NOT on her all the time. I am sure she was shocked like everyone, but some are more emotional than others. The cameras just happened to see her in "a moment". Just my opinion.

      • Haley would not set there on stage and laugh at Pia..Thats whats wrong with this country now..Judgeing before knowing..I think the cameras got a glimps of her smiling because she was happy she was staying..Give her a break..She had every right to be smiling for herself, she had been in the bottom 3 for several weeks, and if I go back and watch past weeks, Im sure Pia was smiling and nobady said a word…

      • Watch it again then. Haley looked happy as H when Pia got voted off. Haley is not 1/5th the singer Pia is.

  1. I don't like Paul, and I don't think he can sing, but depending on the other performances I think he'll be won't be in the bottom 3, though I and personally pulling for Jacob to go home tonight since he insulted the viewers last week. I think this week it's time for a guy to go home.

  2. What a great idea to put the poll after the show Matt this way people cant cheat lol Well Done!

    • I was looking for the poll ha ha ha, just want to see the rank, why not they give only 2 hours for the pool after the performance so the poll really represent the real condition?

      Anyway, I checked other pooling like american idol votefair, still Scotty leading the pooling

  3. It’s lamentable (for me) to not have the opportunity to listen to Pia’s rendition of “Somewhere” – from the West Side Story – as she had disclosed during an exit interview to have been her song of choice for this week’s performance. 🙁

    The show must go on for the remaining eight contestants, however, and I can only hope for another stellar presentation of talents since I fear that the show might have prematurely reached its crescendo with Pia’s departure. Best of luck to everyone!

    • She did sound lovely. Totally buy her singing this song rather than about being a "natural woman". Perfect song choice for her.

    • I agree Theo!

      Lauren was off key more than a few times and her voice was collapsing at times. Not a good performance at all, and I expected much more from her on this one.

  4. Why is still "mentoring" the contestants? Did I miss something? I hadn't realized he was a permanent fixture on it now. And WTF is Jimmy Iovine talking about? Telling Lauren she can now steal Pia's votes. What an a–!

  5. I was very disappointed that pia was booted off.I really don't think america should be the judges.I no longer watch American Idol last week really disgusted me.

  6. The problem this year is not only the voters not voting for the best people, I think there is very little honest remarks coming back from the judges. Even Randy has let everyone down this year. Unfortunately, some voters listen to them. If they say everyone is awesome and then blast Pia for standing still, I can understand what happened.

      • Laura, you could be 100% correct with that comment but she was considerably better then at least 3 of the other contestants

      • I'd like to see the voting data to back up that she was "better than at least 3 of the other contestants" If you have the data to back it up, please disclose it.

    • scotty stinks he sound like every other anoying country singer xP n theirs to many of those already

  7. For me Scotty played it safe this week, I don´t see something that really moves me but he got the votes anyway so…

    • I do listen to his voice and he is great really, but I am not a country music fan and for me Scotty sounds wonderful each week but is not taking any risk.

  8. stefano nailed it! soul is whats missing from todays music, he brought tears to my eyes, now thats the power of a great singer, when they can make u feel that song. AWESOME STEFANO!!!!!!

    • Stefano seems to be that guy that you either love or hate. I personally like him better than Paul, Casey and Jacob, but I don't think he has enough to win AI. The winner will be James or Scotty.

  9. does anyone else think it's time to stop pimping Jennifer Lopez and pay attention to the singers?

    As a singer, Scotty has great blue eyes.

  10. I swear people are making Pia out to be a goddess or something. She was nothing special, she was just okay and not someone who was someone that could really blow people away. Seriously people, get over it already! Pia is gone, big whoop! Time to focus now on our remaining contestants!

      • Exactly Frank… you don't find all the other idols being raved about by celebrities and Pia is now being considered a celebrity herself! Pia is the WOW Factor and will not be forgotten the way the others will be.

    • oh they will regret that save for sure now…. but AI is getting what they deserve. Casey & Haley are nothing more then growling grunting idiots.

    • I agree! Casey was AWFUL! Can you believe the judges going on and on for 5 minutes about how great he was??!! What is up with them?

      • The judges must not have heard what we did, that was horrible,and he always sings like he is angry, not for me thank you, wont see me rushing out to get his cd

    • You are right again Marta. You really have pretty good posts. I think Jacob is in trouble. No doubt about his vocals. He just does not come over well at all. I hate it for him. James is going to be a great ROCKER, his screaming is part of Rock n Roll like it or not. Haley I think never hits a bad note whether you like her style and tones is just personal opinions and style. She can sing and perform, I really like her more and more. Stefano sang very good, and had maybe his best performance. Casey I really liked for a while. Just something aint clicking in my opinion. I know Scottie is very good, but is starting to bore me with his one octive only singing. Same with Paul. He knows how to work the crowd. Lauren I thought was great as always. I think the bottom three is Casey, Jacob, and Paul. Haley may be there in Pauls place but don't derve to be. I think its Jacob or Casey going home.

    • He wasn't that great, but he did a good job in regards to that Jazz song. Like I said earlier, Jazz won't cut it on AI.

  11. The drama……if you don't vote….your favorite gets voted off!! Pretty simple, right? It is sad to hear that people make statements like, I'm not going to watch anymore because Pia got voted off, really…..

    I think this is the best season yet and I feel the top 12 will all do well.

  12. I totally agree with the judges on Casey's performance. What a song Nat king cole‘s Nature Boy! People who did not like this do not know music. This is not a pop contest.

    • Laura, again I think you are a good judge. Casey is full of talent…however…just not as a singer. Musically, he is loaded.

    • Unfortunately for Casey, there are not a lot of Jazz fans voting. If there is, it is not very many. The majority of people now days like country, pop and rock and roll. That's just the way it is. I think Casey made an unwise choice even though he did a good job.

  13. i liked all of the performers tonight even scotty he was awesome i think they should keep it up outstanding…

  14. OMG…everyone close their eyes…Jacob is going to sing. I can't stand watching him. It is much better if you close your eyes.

  15. Finally some honest criticisms from the judges, where was that at the start of the show with Paul's performance? I am with JLo it's time for a guy to go.

  16. If Jacob is smart he'll apologize for his comments last week, that cost him more than his performance last week.

    • i think evry1 is taking that one comment he made way too far i mean it wasn't that bad he just wanted to make a pun

  17. Jacob just murdered that song it was awful!!! I just don't hear the same thing the audience does. YUK

  18. go wash the dishes of every american family Jacob. I couldnt forget your comment last week. I can see my face even in the dark, not sure about yours though!

  19. Those who say Casey was way off-key are wrong. Nature Boy is a jazz standard done with a typical 2-5-1 progression in D-minor. That's why he shouldn't have done it since most people aren't used to jazz and it's progressions and keys. It was very well done.

    • Well said. When Ryan said Casey was doing a Nat King Cole number, I was elated – he's my favorite male vocalist (gives you some indication of my age, doesn't it!). Nature Boy is a tough song to sing, and I was very impressed with Casey's rendition. 'Glad he stuck to his guns. So nice to hear some jazz on a mainstream vocal talent show.

  20. Stefano "The best tonight so far".. Scotty is always good……….He is a country star….But please…… CASEY.. You should have taken some advise. That was horrible.. don't care what these judges say… & can't believe what they said…..

    • Stephano is boring. He is not American Idol material….another Chris Allen, Taylor Hicks at best. Scotty is okay but only if you are all about country.

      So far for me Lauren has been the best. Casey has all kinds of talent..just not in singing.

  21. Lauren was awesome again tonight..Casey sucked for my taste and Please voters, Stephano, please just go home..Big mistake voting off pia..

      • I agree solo, it is very apparent that not all of America liked Pia as much as others, that is why she is gone.

      • COCOLOCO your name says alot about you! lol are you kidding me have you turned on the TV have you read the tweets… the celeb's are not going to watch AI because Pia was voted off. You don't see or hear about the other Idols the way you do Pia. cocoloco…yep thats you! lol

      • Peggy, I think a lot of people loved Pia, just not the kind of people that vote on AI. I personally did vote for her and I never vote on anyone.

        People like the celebrities probably don't vote and I would venture to guess that most adults don't vote more than once. That is, in my opinion, why Pia didn't receive enough votes.

        I am sure she did not attract many of the teenager votes, and you know they vote 2000 times a night.

  22. The only American Idol contestant left to win it all will be Scotty,who hasn't changed a bit since day one.The remaining girls don't have what Pia had.She is beautiful and has an amazing voice. This 2011 American Idol ,what a disappointment.Hope next year is better or I'm afraid alot of people will stop watching.

    • Haley and Paul sucked. Jacob should never have tried a song that Clay owns. And Scotty should have listened to Jimmy. Scotty did OK but he got pitchy at the end. And he's my favorite. Lauren did do her song better than Miley and I enjoyed Stefano for a change. James is James. I don't get Casey. He's just weird. IMHO

      • Scotty was way ahead of the song, off key at one point, but yet gets nothing but great comments..Just don't get it. Also, why is it that James had Ozzie Ozborne's guitar player??Talk about being unfair. I thought James did great last week, but this heavy metal thing, ugh. I really hope Haley stays in, her vocals have been spot on, and she didn't need a famous guitar player to help her out.

    • When you r good why should u change??? If U are a country singer sing country DUHHHHH

      • Hear.. hear.. ppl keep saying change… change… y.. he's so good at it, he needs to stick at what he's good at… Nuff said…

    • In the video before his performance he said that if he landed in the bottom 3 then it's because the voters can't look at themselves in the mirror, and he ended up in the bottom 3 such a shame that Pia ended going home instead of him.

  23. ok tonight has been boring. stefano has done the best. i am usually a scotty fan, but he was boring. wish he had done the other song. maybe i am in a bad mood. nobody is standing out for me. lets see how james does

    • Scotty was straining and George Strait can sing circles around him …he was not good tonight…but I do think he can sing

      • I agree. I really like Scotty and he would have been so much better without the back up singers, they were awful. George is the King and always will be. He should have sang Heartland and I think it would have been a better choice.

    • you are right. scotty is always my favorite but tonight the only one that i feel is stefano . so he has my vote

    • JAMES WAS THE BEST HE IS DEFINENTLY THE NEXT AMERICANIDOL AND HE SHOULD SING THROUGH THE FIRE ANDFLAMES BY:DRAGON FORES AND YOUR GOING DOWN BY: SICK PUPPYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HAVE NO REAGRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LIKE PUPPYS,MONKYS,AND JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I dont agree at all I think Scotty stays real to himself and stays country and as always hits it perfect He is just an amazing young man

  24. Well at least that Jimmy guy lectured Jacob about that comment. Can't wait to see James.

  25. I cant help it, I love Jacob he is such a wonderful singer. I don´t understand why people don´t see the great voice he has and he control he has to perform.

      • This is the first time I do not agree with you Marta

        You don't like Casey, I heard him again and again in youtube, he was so damm good, the song is difficult and many minor and # keys but for Jacob was not too good

      • Jeffry: Casey is good but he just CANT clear his throat in the middle of a song. I understand he is human and whatever you want to tell me but there are ways to hide whatever he had lol.

        Jacob moves me, probably I love drama lol but even I know he is AI material he really gives me chills but I have to recognize tonight I found him boring.

    • Jacob is only a good church choir singer Not being ugly but its true-he will not win this year

  26. jacob said something about if he did not get voted thru its because american was not looking itself in the mirror…blah blah..thats what he said. jacob sang a great song by simon and garfunkle like an old lady at church..yaaaawwwwnnnn.

      • I like Jacobs voice but don’t like looking down his mouth when he does his thing. Maybe he should turn sideways. Or maybe it’s just me. My favorite has always been James.

  27. How arrogant of the judges and Casey to say they want to "EDUCATE" me. if I don't like the way he sang a beautiful Nat King Cole song …clearing his throat twice …does that make me uneducated or wrong. Hated that version …listen to the original and you will cry

  28. Wow! Casey's performance origanal, powerful. Lusk though, sounded like the great Louie Armstrong at times. Blew me away!

  29. ok tonight officially sucked. james let me down. bubble gum heavy childish. i should have watched reruns on nick at night…i hope someone wakes this show up. this is the worst week.

  30. i can't believe i am saying this but if i was going to vote it would be for stefano. he did the best.

  31. How 20th Century! The most talented entity on stage wasn't James,it was the guitar amp.

  32. Paul – he did better than I expected losing the drunken sailor walk has helped. Lauren did a beautiful job of this song – her voice was very strong and clear. Stefano for the first time didn't come across as a lounge singer – the shock of not being voted out last week has put this competition into perspective for him – although I dont think he will see the end of the show. Scotty did a really good job, not a suprise – he has stuck to his roots and done well every week. Casey – Jazz or not, Casey has never sounded more like a lounge singer than he did tonight. Haley – I didn't like this song for Haley – there are better choices out there. Jacob – Steven said it when he said you can hear him with a choir behind him – Jacob will never be anything more than a good gospel singer bound for the church choir loths. James did exactly what I expected of him – he stuck to his guns sang what he believed in and nailed it.

    • Of all the posts, yours is the most intelligent. I agree with you and liked your breakdown of the contestants. Good job.

  33. Scotty was awsome he is the best of them all even tho i do like some of the other scotty is just my fav….

  34. The polling is starting and Scotty leads again as usual, no matter the polling put right away or after the show, still same, meaning Pia was out is already correct

    • Pia is out cause Pia was boringgggggggg

      Scooty is ahead on polls cause Scotty is gooooooooood

  35. omg all the singers have been great but my vote is for scotty and jacob i know only one can win did not like the heavy metal james it stunk

  36. Casey did the best job tonight and so did Stefano. I don't see why so many people like Scotty, the only thing he can sing is country. Seriously ,

    • I think Scotty is sticking to what he knows. As he gets older he will hear and get to know other music. He is young.

    • and that is why he is a country singer. Would you make the same criticism of a rapper, "he only sings rap"? Come on, at least make sense!

      • Yeahhh… what's so wrong about singing country.. i don't get the judgement ppl put on singing country, man.. i didn't even like country, but that boy did a great job… he can sing ok!!! and pls don't compare him with other seasoned male country singer that have more experience than him, that's just ridiculous…

  37. I love Scotty's voice and on the other hand want him to step out his his safe zone. It's is really conflicting.

    But…in the end, he will return to his root. When he's most comfortable with it, no weird movement, good vocal and he seems relaxed. If he is not going to win, this is the price he must pay. But, staying true to himself is what he always wanted.

  38. WOW!!! Stefano really brought it.

    I wish Jacob had sung one of his choices so that he would have screwed up. He did well tonight for the first time, but he may have a problem getting over last week's comment.

    Lauryn did GREAT!

    Haley and Paul were boring for me. Paul did not start strong and that ruined the entire performance. He usually looks like he is riding a caffeine and sugar high. Same tonight.

    Casey…..whatever…he should try teaching since he wants to educate.

    Scotty did good. I love George Strait, but it would have been nice to hear him sing something he could a country spin to, instead of just singing straight country.


  39. Scotty you do so good all the time you sing I LOVE IT I REALLY HOPE you get this your just sooo damn good my whole family loves you

  40. Go to yahoo or google images and type in mad magazine and press enter and u will see scotty's mini me/ twin

  41. It's getting harder and harder, they all performed so well. No matter who finally wins they will are have some sort of recording deal….thats for sure. But my gut vote for Scotty. His mannors and the way he speaks…is All American. Goodluck to all tonight.

  42. Jacob – You should sing "You are my Lady" by Freddy Jackson. I love your voice!!!!!

      • I don't care what all those other folks that don't and will never appreciate soulfull music have to say on this blog……..Jacob,you are surely blessed… voice in this competition.

    • Jacob is a joke. He is a self centered hypocrite. Once he told us to look in the mirror, he lost my support.

  43. Well I know who I'm voting for, I suggest everyone votes so we don't have a travesty like last week.

  44. This is just my view but I think the bottom will be Paul, Casey, and Hailey, and either Casey or Hailey will be going home. Though I was shocked last week, so who knows what will happen.

  45. my boy scotty you will be the next american idol and i know that,,,,,,,,keep it up scotty,,,love you so much,,,,,,one day i will see you face to face………lol,,,,,,,,,,take care my boy and continue doing your good job

    • Scotty is very good. he seems to have me running to the TV everytime I hear him start to sing. I always catch myself grabbing for the remote to turn it up louder-He brought tears to my eyes for some strange reason tonight-He is just so good. His voice is overwhelming- I hope this boy wins this years Idol although most of them are good except for a couple I dont care for at all as far as their singing. But Scotty-There is just something that amazes me about him.

  46. Lauren and Scotty sings great and they sing great together. Just like Tim and Faith or Conway and Loretta. They should have a tour together. I would buy a ticket to see them. Win or lose on idol, they sing beautiful. They are Country Music. I love it!!!!! Plus, I love JAMES DURBIN too!

    • Scotty sucks, All other contestant proved that can sing different ways…. on the other hand Scotty stays singing one tone (boring) which is country. He has alot of votes because little girls like him cause hes cute… All do reality he looks like WOODY from Toys Story

      • I agree scotty sucks, but I have this awful feeling that he will make it to the finals.

      • I agree Scotty sucks…..can't he sing anything else than country….And El Tio, just made me smile, buy saying that he looks like ""Woody"" in Toys Story

      • All we Grannies love him, too – that is why he's in the lead – he has an outstanding voice and can sing anything – not just country – and personality to go with that voice.

      • Scotty does not suck! he is so talented.. yeah, maybe i do like him because hes cute, buht he is amazingly talented and he is so goooodd at country! HALEY IS THE ONE THAT SUCKS! (: GO SCOTYY! <3

      • get off scotty,the others sing the same thing everyweek to,just not country,james sings rock everyweek haley same thing for her and casey AND pual same thing everyweek,your blind and tone deaf if u think he is the only one!

      • Haley sings something different every week and makes it 'for her'. That's very different from what Scotty, James, and Jacob do. They pick songs that they can easily fit into.

  47. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE STEFANO! HE did an AMAZING performance tonight, I hope he is not on the bottom three tomorrow night. He has been in the past, and tonight he proved what he can do.

    • I agree 100% but I noted the voting on here is not going his way. I believe the judges slamming him in the past makes people think tonight was just fluke. I think the judges have decided to pimp Jacob and Casey now Pia is gone. My cousin is an attorney and he said something was "fishy" about the whole Pia "thing." He said Idol does not allow the contestants to date or go anywhere alone while they are contestants, therefore, Pia would have had no time to meet Mark Ballas. And she was supposed to be from NY. The day after she was eliminated she was reported to be dating Mark, however, she said they were just really good friends, so from NY to California how did that happen? My cousin said it was a scam for AI to get more viewers and Pia was already under contract but had not yet recorded. Just a come on and ploy by AI to upset the viewers. In other words they used the viewers so when Pia's recording comes out everyone will buy it because they feel she was voted off unjustly, when it was all a set up in the first place. I listend to Blondie's recording and Haley did a much better job than the judges are crediting her as doing. She, like Stefano, is not a favorite of the judges. I hated Jacob's singing, it was nothing like Paul Simon's version. I also thought Casey sounded like a junior high kid trying to sing, and James screamed too much, and heavy metal is no longer popular, plus he showed he is ego ridden.

  48. Stefano brought it tonight. He is in this to win it, I believe, once again, I was right about that young man. Now lets see if he can keep the momentum.

  49. HALEY WAS THE BEST! ok she nailed this week!!

    i think she is safe this week…


    JACOB (needs to go)


    STEFANO (he did well but… boring?)

    HALEY!!!!! GOOO!!!!! HELEY!!!!!!!!

      • I could not even understand a tune James Durbin said-He did nothing but screamed and half of the second was only the guitar player-What a joke if u think this guy is gona win Idol No way!!!!

      • james is not gonna win… he will be in 2nd place… this year all is about scotty… my favorites are haley and lauren but they will be on the 4th or 5th places…

      • James grita todo el tiempo no le veo madera de idolo, no me gusta, Scotty va a ganar!!!!

    • totally agree but haley will probably be in the bottom three, cause she wasn't as good as the past two weeks. but i think stephano or paul should go.

    • Disagree, The bottom three should be




      *Scotty should go home cause hes the Only one that hasn't done anything different… THE BEST TONIGHT WAS STEFANO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He is a true country singer with an amazing voice, he will never be in the bottom 3 and he will ne the nexy American Idol.

      • even if he hasn't done anything diff, he is so unique in his way that he does not get boring. he is a true country singer and he still gets votes because people are not looking for variety from scotty. they respect his chosen genre becase he's so damn good at it!

      • I don't think Stefano did anything different… they all stick to their niche… so don't just pick at Scotty for doing his thing…

      • Haley is the only one anymore that changes it up. Before at least Naima would do something different every week.

  50. Paul has to sing CAT STEVENS. His voice is perfect! Have not really cared for him previously but I hear Cat Stevens with every note he sings!

  51. Jacob obviously made a huge mistake with his comment last week and it showed tonight. His confidence level was at an all time low for him and he seemed genuinely nervous. I just happen to think he is the most talented singer in the group and deserves a shot at the final three.

  52. Jacob is by far the best male "VOCALIST" in this competition. Pia was the best female "VOCALIST", I don't understand why she as voted off, oh yea….. I forgot American Idol has become a popularity contest. My bad……what as I thinking?….

    • Julie, no comparison between Jacob and Pia. Jacob, you have to close your eyes to listen to him. He is so distracting when he sings. He is a mess and all over the place with his variations in his voice.

      • He will get the direction he needs to harness his voice and control his range better. He is still the best vocalist on the show in my opinion. The others are good but I wouldnt pay money to see them.

  53. Does AI need another Adam Lambert? Getting kind of old and boring, enough with the screaming

      • Jacob has talent but not as much as he and the judges think he has. He is right where he needs to be singing gospel music in his church. Pia was voted off (?) because she was already under contract and just needed the publicity to make her first recording sell.

    • dont diss on adam i LOVE ADAM he got a beter voice then any of these people and he can scream and he also can go low so u cant just say its all screaming

  54. Finally American Idol got it right this year! The talent is awesome, and worthy of STAR recognition. Out of the ones that are left, several of them already have been approached by talent scouts waiting to sign them up. Wake up America, this program has finally brought out the best in these young artists. It's finally a show worth watching. Good luck to them all from one who's been there!

  55. Haley was horrible. She has come a long way performance-wise, but a sexy dress can't hide bad vocals. She was more about glitz tonight than working the song. She was amazing these past 2 weeks, not tonight. A stinker for her :[

    • No, she wasn't! I played Blondie's version and Haley was right on. She isn't one of the judges favorites so she, like Stephano, can seldom do right by the judges. And Jacob did NOT do a good job of singing Paul Simon's song, plus his freaking glittering earrings are too gay. I noted Randy had on earrings matching Jacob's. Jacob shrieks and screams some of his notes. HE was bad, bad, bad, as was Casey who sounded like a little kid trying to sing.

    • Play Blondie's recording and you will see that Haley wasn't off by much at all. She and Stefano aren't the judges favorites. I am tired of James screaming, and tired of Jacob's tongue and his ego. He sounded nothing like Paul Simon, who sang the song quietly and tenderly other than the few high notes. James, Casey (who sounded like a little kid attempting to sing) and Jacob should be the bottom three, but I expect it will be Stefano, Haley, and Paul (who did very good job on his song) at the bottom, with Stefano going home.

  56. bottom three:




    They are all so good…each of the eight are blessed with amazing voices! WOW…what a year!

  57. My bottom 3




    Going home Hailey or Casey. But honestly I want Paul to go.

      • Jacob may not be the best looking but he has the best vocal in the competition now that Pia is gone.

        I agree Paul, Haley and Casey should be your bottom 3 this week.

      • Go home already, Jacob & Stefano!! Paul, honey, you got my votes!! And, so does everyone else but Jacob and Stefano. blah.

  58. JAMES DURBIN is a great rocker. He could fit right in with the best of them. Tonight he was great and last weel when he sung that slow ballad, Man! That was crazy good. I would buy his cd. JAMES you rock!!! You're awesome.

  59. Lots of great talent tonight. Stefano, I didn't think you hsd it in you but you surprised me tonight. Good job. Paul I was not impressed with you at all.James Durbin,you are my favorite.Rock on dude. I think you will go all the way!

  60. I think Scotty was doing fine, until the backup singers were off…i think he would of done better without them. Seemed like he was low and they were high..and to high to me. Scotty does have a great voice.

    • Scotty was still excellent as usual. He gave me tears-He is just a great singer no matter what He got my vote for sure

      • I agree. Scotty isn't afraid to sing what he feels comfortable with. I think he has a great voice and will go far.

  61. Well well well James rocked the house awsome, stick with the ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!

    Paul stunk up the place GO HOME PAUL GO HOME PAUL GO HOME PAUL!!!

    Jacob you also need to go cry baby!!

    Casey good song but you need to go, and take Stefano with you!!!

    Is it irony that Stegano sang the end of the road??

    Good show on Haleys part but your not the next american idol.

    Lauren good song you can stay for a while.

    Scotty good song but do some rock and roll. If you can.

    America should vote the bottom three and let the judges decide. Well maybe not they used the save on Casey, poor judgement.

    • well i think casey did good its just that he is a different genre of music but i agree stefano, jacob, paul, and scotty should go bye bye

      • Im in my mid 40s so I like and under stand the song that Casey did I just dont think he should ne there antmore!

      • Hmm..maybe you should learn how to type so you can convey that age old wisdom to us younger folks.

  62. enough with the screaming already—-and what's with the country boy chopping up a great love song? lets hear it for jacob! great range in his voice like the great bing crosby and emotion is unbelievable…..

      • The Country Boy as u so call him had the best performance of any tonight By reading your comment u r a heavy metal listener anyway so it dont matter Your James Durbin sucks and the screaming is way to stupid

      • Seriously? I just can't stand to hear Jacob, if I see him I have to look away, I hate looking down his throat!

    • To emote the way Jacob does he has to be someone who has experienced great pain. He sings deep down from the bottom of his soul.

      James also sings deep and both have their challenges. Love his signature tail!

      • I HATE the tail! It's soooo lame, omgwtfisthat?! And he sings from a very fake place, he's shown his true self a few times in Hollywood week but everyone ignores it because they want to be PC about his disabilities.

      • It is my understanding Scotty can sing other genres, however, don't you remember when the judges told him to stick with what he knows and likes which is country. I'm not fond of country but I like him although I would never vote for him.

  63. casey was awesome i will buy his cd i also like james he is a rocker and i love rock dont hate on us because we like rock all others sucked in my opinion i hated that miley song i cant stand her she stinks so she isnt winning my vote atall

    • don't hate just because the song was made by miley cyrus if you only love rock songs that only proves you don't expand enough on music and if that song wasn't made by miley, that would be more famous

      • i do expand on the genre i just think shes another one of those anoying voice u hear on the radio like bruno mars or katey perry

  64. lauren did amazing this week and is still towards the bottom of the voting. someone please explain

    • I can't get thru on the phone lines to vote for Lauren. I agree with you that she was good but I have called 12 times and only got in 2 votes for her. I can not find out how to vote online, I have never done it yet.

    • Because a woman is not going to win AI. It doesn't matter how good they are, proof is that Pia was eliminated.

      I don't agree with it, it is just the way it is.

      Teeny Boppers are voting for their favorite guy.

  65. Paul.- Love his performance

    Lauren.- no much, was just ok

    Stefano.- Langone I like him too

    Scotty.- he did as usual, nothing special but the judges loved him,to much adulation

    Casey Abrams.- Do no like the chosen song but he was great

    Haley Reinhart.- Let me tell you, this girl is going far, really loving her interpretation

    James .- I did’nt like the song he chose, but I still like him.He really can rock. Sang just great

    Jacob Lusk.- Although this boy I do not like, I know he has a beautiful voice, but not enough to be American Idol.

    But although in some momento he was out of tune. Anyone noticed?

  66. The american public should be ashamed that 12 year olds have learnt to press re-dial to keep people with minimal talent in this now 'popularity contest' instead of rewarding people with true talent to actually progress to bigger and better things.

  67. Tonight was a letdown. I hated the song choices. When I hate the songs, I don't enjoy the show.

  68. I can't get thru on the phone line to vote i have called 10 times and only got thru 2 votes.

  69. Everybody please vote for Stefano!!!! 1866-436-5703. Vote as many times as u possibly can right this instant!!!!

  70. SCOTTY suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Good job Jacob. Little Luther. U Sonud better than a gospel singer as stated above. Believe in yourself and the one above.

    • I hate Jacob!!! I hope he leaves tomorrow. An American Idol should not arrogance written all over themselves!!!!

  72. I think Paul should go home, I think Haley and Lauren deserve to stay a while, The best two in the competition in my opinion are James and Casey.

  73. It seems like tonight was one big pep rally-as if they needed to inject credibility and excitement. Wow! At least I confirmed my suspicion that the show for me, tonight was lametastic! Lauren sounded pretty decent but overall these performances could be matched in coffee houses and auditoriums all around the country. Well AI it was interesting for awhile.

  74. Scotty is pretty untouchable I think. I think he's going to be in the finals along with James.

    • "Scotty is pretty untouchable I think"

      Be careful! People thought Pia was going to be safe, but look what happened to her last week.

      Complacency should not be overlooked on this show!

      • Not only does Scotty get many of the votes from people who vote on talent, he also gets the teeny bopper vote too so I think he's pretty safe, but as I said in an earlier post that I was shocked last week so anything can happen.

      • I suspect he gets major support from the Bible belt including grandma and grandpa. Overall he lacks versatility and needs to demonstrate that he can handle other genre of music apart from country.

      • Lauren and Haley have done country, just sayin. Also rock and roll and metal are pretty different genres. James should definitely stick to the R&R. However if he sticks with the metal he might leave faster and that would be awesome.

  75. I was so impressed with the variety of performances tonight, and a genuine respect for the performers style, be it Gospel, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country or Heavy Metal. Awesome show. Perhaps, Idol could get a Brian Setzer Jazz band, or a Country performer, or a Gospel singer(s) as featured acts on the results shows. Nice to celebrate all music styles.

    • The great thing about this show that has a variety of styles, that is why the high raitings

  76. Jacob, Harley or Paul have to go tomorrow night. I am sure Jacob will go but i guess harley should go first…….wrong to put them in the top 8. Pia gone is very very good……no more screeeeching ballads to bear……

    • Jovin, what the hell are you talking about? Pia screaching???? Pia is a pure singer. You have no clue about great singers.

  77. CAAAASSSSSSSEEEEYYYY ROOOOCCCKKKKSS and james =] they both should win if 2 people could win all the others should go their not so great bye bye others

  78. OMG!!! Scotty!!! u truly are a cover musician!!! Can u improvise the arrangement n the notes of the song a little bit??!! WTH!! Just change the vocal…thats it… OMG,he is truly a robot artist!!!

    Casey off-key??!! Just try n listen it again n again!!! u people with normal taste n melodic sensibility should replay it again n again then u start to realize…wow,its not off-key? how come??!! Ladies n gentlemen…that is JAZZ!!!

      • wow,a retard listener.. can u read note? if u can read note than u know between a cover artist n a true artist. A cover artist is a singer who sing the song just the same as the original (note wisely),but a true artist no. Exammple : Bill Evans,Michael Buble and so on and so on. Dont u get it?

    • LOLOL.- Yea he s good do not pay atention to Templar,they do not know anything about music

  79. casey was awesome so was james they both got my vote the others stink stefano should go first well him or paul and then the others cuz stefano has a ok voice but its nothing special y r u people voting for him?

    • Casey was about as good as nothing. He is nothing but a kid who has been often told he is talented and has taken that to mean he is talented in all aspects of the music field, from arrangements to performances. He IS NOT!!! He was bad tonight regardless of what the clueless judges said.

      • which note that was bad calley? heres a hint.. Jazz and blues is a complicated genre note-wisely. If u cant differentiate between an off-key or not,u should listen it over n over again. And then u start to realize…WOW! Its not off-key?How come?! Just try it calley…

  80. i loved the guitar solo awesome rock forever!!!!! james i will see u on stage someday casey was also good in my opionion james should win casey should be second all the rest bye bye! =]

  81. well we pretty much know who didn't do so great! However through no stage presents what so ever ..bad comments reminders prior to his singing, I would have to say Jacob is on his way off the stage this week! Anyway one could only hope cause he can NOT be our " American Idol" I do not care how good he can sing!

  82. OMG!!! Scotty!!! u truly are a cover musician!!! Can u improvise the arrangement n the notes of the song a little bit??!! WTH!! Just change the vocal…thats it…no creativity at all. OMG,he is truly a robot artist!!!

    Casey off-key??!! Just try n listen it again n again!!! u people with normal taste n melodic sensibility should replay it again n again then u start to realize…wow,its not off-key? how come??!! Ladies n gentlemen…that is JAZZ!!!What is wrong with ur ears people??!!

    JAMES ROCK!!! Its like a frikin concert!!!

    • 1. Casey

      2. James

      3. Hailey

      4. Lauren

      5. Jacob

      6. Scotty

      7. Stefano

      8. Paul

      Hailey n Lauren tie though i think. Scotty oh Scotty… can u be more creative Scotty? If u just change the vocal of the song then u're just a cover artist…please more creativity Scotty…

      Cause of the Jacob comment last week n the anguish of the Pia fans nobody is safe though

  83. I love Haley. But maybe not tonight, so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for the best. I wish Haley shows her range more often. I just know that she can hit high notes with a little rasp, but spot-on.

    GO HALEY! :>



  85. Haley did amazing! James also blew me away with Zakk Wylde on his side =D Scotty disappointed me this week by not singing the other song. He was boring. Gonna vote for Haley and James this week.

  86. YES STEFONO is the best with James…the rest SUCKS…….Jacob the QUEENIE have to go…Please get him off…..real QUEENie…….

    • You all need to stop this. Some of the greatest artists in the world were not straight. What would you say to Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Liberace, Luther Vandross, Rock Hudson, to name just a few. Not to mention those that are currently contributing to the arts today. Would you say the world would be a better place without them? I do not think so. Exercise some tolerance please. We do not have to accept but we should respect.

      • ITA! And you can add Leonardo DaVinci, Oscar Wilde, Mongomery Clift, Barry Manilow, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Chamberlain, and Freddie Mercury etc. to that list.

  87. CASEY AND JAMES ARE THE BEST HANDS DOWN their my favorites and the best the rest stink

    • i think you dont know what music sounds like because casey sucked just thought i would let you know

      • REALLY? Do you know anything about music? Casey was the best tonight, he is really talented, very jazzy, very unique.But those who listen to rap and pop will not understand.

      • yeah casey is talented but lauren has an amazing voice and will do big things in country music along with scotty! lauren haley and scotty are my favorites

    • Everyone was pretty good last night , but James kicked a double ss there is no doubt about that!!!!!! James for the win!!!

    • @ Alex. I agree that James rocked as usual…but thought that although Casey did a decent job…don't think it was his best. Actually, Haley added a little spunk and sass to an otherwise box office bomb. The rest of the performances…not good. The judges really have to step it up…All their "love" is instilling a sense of false security in these contestants…they are going to wonder…what happened…the judges though I was soooo goood~!!! JMO

  88. james is a fake rocker… his moves i dont know but he´s so over the place… benji madden is a rocker compared with him… he have a good voice but man you are not axel rose… i dont like him at all

      • I think James is a real rocker. Not fake like David Cook…… And James is talented. So is Lauren and Scotty Casey is if he sang Phil collins in the air tonight He sounded Great singing that.

      • David Cook fake? What? David Cook is real, James is just a copycat that thinks he's cool.

      • Not saying hes fake but on AI he sung Rock music and nows hes singing soft rock ish just not my type of music… I guess and James isnt Copying you need to open your ears he hasnt sung anything like David Cook. Ive seen David Cook live so im not insulting since he grew up where i live.

      • You said 'not fake like David Cook' and now you are saying you didn't say that? And yes, James copies people, nothing he does is original. He's 80% Adam and 20% modgepodge cut and paste nameless rockers. David Cook, on the other hand, is David Cook and makes everything he does his own.

    • I wonder why Zakk Wylde seems to approve of James, one might think that he has some kind of good perspective in metal rock … hmm… let´s think .. could it be that James really is good????? Do you think Zakk would perform with anyone he thinks is a fake rocker?? … just thinking ….

      • Agree…Zakk even said that James "killed it" ( in a good way…lol) Not really a Heay Metal fan…but I love Rock and James gave an outstanding and awesome performance last night. Go James 🙂

    • agree with malroy… i like heavy metalll but he is like a good charlotte-like singer. Sorry

  89. Scotty, Stefano, James, Lauren, && Paul are the best! (: the bottom three are gonna be Haley(cant stand her), Casey(not a good song for him), && Jacob(i like him, but not that much.) Haley needs to goo! i love scotty he did amazing. he is so talented at country. Lauren did and AMAZING job too, not my favorite song, but now i can enjoy it a little more. Stefano, i like him, not my favorite but hes talented. and then theres James.. WOW! is all i can say, outstanding performance, Love Him!! (: WELL SAY GOOD BYE TOO HALEY!! 😀

      • you suck if you actually think haley is idol material think again no way will she win now i think most likely scotty or lauren would win

    • Hey, Spoiled Princess I think your alittle jealous of Haley..Haley ia a great singer..Your name tells all, more like spoiled brat..

    • hailey may not beat scotty in the end but she is definatly talented and is by far better then some of ur choices my opinion just sayin quit hatein

  90. james and casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the rest stink

    • Wrong! Casey was not good! He sounded like a kid trying to sing, what jazz, I don't think so… He should never have been saved. James is good as a rocker but heavy metal is not his forte, nor should it be since it is largely passe.

  91. For what Casey & James did tonight,was the best to hear,#1 Jazz and 🙂 metal #2. Great job, My two for the week!

    • Agree…about James for sure. And just like I did not need to be "preached to" last week ala Jacob… I did not really care for an education in music this week…ala Casey.

      • here is who I think will be on the out's today, > Stefano well I hope it will be him anyway, okay its going to be Paul, Haley, Lauren or Jacoh

  92. This voting system on this post is horribly inaccurate. You expect it to display what America is thinking when all we can do is vote for one? Well, news flash. American Idol lets you vote for as many as you want so this system right here will NEVER be accurate

  93. OMG!!! Scotty!!! u truly are a cover musician!!! Can u improvise the arrangement n the notes of the song a little bit??!! WTH!! Just change the vocal…thats it…no creativity at all. OMG,he is truly a robot artist!!!

    Casey off-key??!! Just try n listen it again n again!!! u people with normal taste n melodic sensibility should replay it again n again then u start to realize…wow,its not off-key? how come??!! Ladies n gentlemen…that is JAZZ!!!What is wrong with ur ears people??!!

    JAMES ROCK!!! Its like a frikin concert!!!

    1. Casey

    2. James

    3. Lauren

    4. Hailey

    5. Jacob

    6. Scotty

    7. Stefano

    8. Paul

    Hailey n Lauren tie though i think. Scotty oh Scotty… can u be more creative Scotty? If u just change the vocal of the song then u’re just a cover artist…please more creativity Scotty…

    Cause of the Jacob comment last week n the anguish of the Pia fans nobody is safe though

    • Sound like you are expert in music, yes that true Casey sang very good but Scotty, no one compare to him even the profesional and believe me he will win, see the personality? awesome

      • u judging by personality? yes,all the producer in this world believe he will have a great career in the Country genre and i believe it too cause he have an amazing voice of a country genre. But all im sayin,if he dont have creativity,then he only taking order from the producer so the producer can manipulate him. Its such a waste with his vocal gift.

    • Yes ..scotty will most likely win..but he has the personality of a ROCK and his BORING!

      • scotty is not boring you just don't know music I do this young man of 17 has and amazing voice he will win or he will get a record deal I would buy his cd anytime I love the way he sings he is great

    • Unfortunately, singing a Jazz song will not get you many votes. Jazz appeals to a certain sect of people, but is not widely popular with the type of folks who vote on AI. Good Performance by Casey, but most people won't get it. Bad choice on his part.

      • well,thats fine i guess. AI is just a stepping stone though. He already shown the world how musical talented he is as an artist n thats enough 🙂

  94. is noone voting for james cuz u all hate metal im a metal head and that was impressive it was like a judas preist sorta throw on it i love it and metal will live forever the rest can go home they dont deserve to stay

  95. casey was awesome i like jaz and that was great also james was ok im not much of a metal fan but hes gota good voice the rest stink thats all they just STINK!

    • It's really obvious you are the same person when you use the same verbage in all of your posts, just sayin.

  96. It doesn't matter what other people do, if they drop a note or just plain suck the judges still love it and love what they try to do. Haley on the other hand, Randy always laughs first then insults her, then the rest follow. They have been on her since the start. Cut her a break !

    • Agree 100%. Haley is one of the most talented. I don't get why the judges don't like her. She rarely misses a note. I played Blondie's version and than Haley's and she nailed it.

      • Right on point Chuck, they let Paul, Jacob, Casey, and yes even Scotty by with a few bad notes and dull performances and nail Haley for anything. A lot of people don't like her growling and whining style but that's her like it or not. She never hits a flat or sharp note. That is her style and stays true to it every week. Then they praise Scottie and Paul and Jacob for staying true to themselves. I think Randy just really don't won't to like her. She just done so good the past two weeks he couldn't drop the hammer on her. He did Thia the same way. I just wish they would truely judge them and critique them justly and honestly to help them get better. If they would the voting might even reflect more accurate results.

    • A female is not going to win AI. No matter how good they are. This year it will be Scotty or James, no one else really stands a chance.

      • You are so right!!! I say James for the win. I'll have to stay up all night just to keep up with all the 13yr kids voting for scotty to keep the voting down for him. lol

      • CJ, it is a shame that they allow more than one vote per person. It skews the results so badly, it is almost criminal.

        If a person votes 2000 times for the same person, and 500 people vote for Pia once, Pia loses even though 499 more people liked Pia. It's a joke.

  97. james is awesome rock forever!! all other genre bow to rock for being to awesome! all the rest stink but james hes gona be a rocker n rock the stage someday and ill be their cheering for em

  98. I must say they are all talented. My favorite is Scotty,and I'm not a young teen with a crush. I am over 50 and I know a good country singer when I hear one. He has stayed true to his words about what he wants to sing and God knows he has the voice for it.

  99. I missed the first two performances, (Paul and Lauren) as FOX went off the air here in our area. Did this happen anywhere else?

  100. I voted Haley several times -but when calling in my vote it took 22 tries to get through one time and another time 12 tries. I got in several phone votes and did the maximum allowed online at AMERICANIDOL.COM. Amazing singer and most underrated; especially by the judges!

  101. Scotty-Such an amazing young man. You are wonderful talented and hope you win this. Garner NC is just going crazy over our hometown Idol. Love You Scotty—–

  102. Scotty is my favorite….tonight his back up singers tried to sing over him….hopefully he won't use back ups any more he don't need them…I don't like Paul at all…James is getting a bit arrogant…and Casey is falling apart….my bottom 3,,,are ….Paul, Casey and the boring Stephano …..with Stephano going home….Paul should ave left long ago

  103. Casey is my favorite 🙂 Scotty is also good but not really creative. James is very entertaining. I love Haley's voice. 🙂

  104. Is the first time I watch AI…is it just me or was the Guy with the red beard way out of tune?

    • which note that was bad Julie? heres a hint.. Jazz and blues is a complicated genre note-wisely. If u cant differentiate between an off-key or not,u should listen it over n over again. And then u start to realize…WOW! Its not off-key?How come?! Just try it Julie… 🙂

    • if u dont believe me just watch this. At 1st u will think "Waks,he's way off-key"…but the more u listen,u will think "WOW! Its not off-key?How come?!" Just try it Julie… 🙂

      • In Jazz it's ok to not hit the note dead on, often times it's encouraged to be slightly 'out of tune' as this adds to the color of the sound. Mostly the 'out of tune' comes from the chords which have a lot of dissonance. Casey plays with the dissonance quite a bit making him sound 'out of tune' when in actuality it's amazing.

  105. LOLOL……..OMG..I did it again..I listen to Casey as you suggested my ears are bleeding his HORRIBLE!

    • my post link is not approved (so the author is Scotty fans than 🙂 just kiddin). just type in youtube : Casey Abrams – Why Don't You Do Right – Top 24 no 'Sing For Your Life'!

      At 1st u will think “Waks,he’s way off-key”…but the more u listen,u will think “WOW! Its not off-key?How come?!” Just try it Julie… 🙂

  106. I wonder when al is going to show Haley and Lauren some special attention?? Hulk Hogan for James..Girls rushing the stage for Scotty and Jacab, oh yea, and James got to perform with a famous guitar player. Haley and Lauran have worked their butts off, with no special attention at all. Just don't get it..I hope Haley and Lauren are the final 2. Now that would be a great and fair show. I know that I'm not the only one that see's it this way. Come on wake up!!

    • Kathy, you are right, but unfortunately neither Lauren or Haley will make it to the finals. Not that they are not good, it's just the way the voting is going. Pia was better than most of the guys and poof, she was gone. I don't see any better fate for the 2 girls.

  107. Don't be biased.Race amd Gender bias should not be a factor….Jacob was great and is so talented….But I guess he doesn't fit into the greater statistics….Sorry, I said it.

    Ps: I think Scotty is gonna win this whole thing though.

    • Jacob called out America. His fate is sealed. He may end up being a very good Gospel singer, but has 0 chance of being the AI champ.

  108. I am a 40 year young woman and I am so in love with Stefano's voice. I think his voice is amazing and his passion is so real. He is under rated. I record his perfomances on my cell and play them 100 times a day. My favorite are "I need you now" one of my favorite songs and now tonight's performance with "End of The Road". Stefano I love you and I wish you the best. No matter what I will continue to be One of Your BIGGEST fans!!!!!!

    • I truly think this season is by far the best we have ever seen from the top 11. They are all so talented in their own style I feel bad ever week when someone gets kicked off. Pia you are the bomb and no doubt have record labels calling you off hook. Your so amazing and I cant wait for your first album. Please do a duet with Charice another one of my favorite singers of all time.

    • i love melissa for saying a great fAN of stefano and whatever happens i will his greatest fan.. forever..hope he will win AI..

  109. haley was the best… no way she go this week… even if she fall to the bottom she will in!

  110. Kinda off topic, but how in the world is JLO the greatest looking woman in the world. What a joke! I have seen a picture of her without makeup and she is pretty average at best.

    • I think she's really pretty for a woman of her age. but prettiest in the world? nope. but she's definitely way above average, we dont see J-Lo's walking the streets every day

  111. i think rady should sing up on stasge and i think james can win this and scotty should be taking off of american iadol beacuse he olny can sing country what if they whant rocker instead of country

  112. i think randy jackson sould sing on stage. i think scotty should leve beause i think he olny sings country what if they whant rockers and i think james should sing a record deal with steven tylor

  113. Out of last nights performances, Stephano and James were the best! When I view the performances, and make judgments on them, I judge based on how the artist sings. In my opinion, Stephano and James simply rocked the house!!!!!!! Stephano with his opening debut, and James with his closing debut. I love American Idol!

  114. It's all a matter of personal preference. That's what it's all about. I like James as he has a strong voice. Haley can't sing in tune as far as I am concerned.

  115. James brought down the house!!!! James was so good last night OMG! It was his night for sure. James is so talented it's crazy!!!! He gives 110% every time he hits that stage. Way to go James!!!!

  116. i think james need to be his self not some dude trying to be a hard metal rock star did he need the star to help him the others did not as far as i can see he has more star helping him then the other come on get real i think they all have a chance so lets see who leaves and who stay


    Keep up the good work Scotty!!!

  118. I hated Durbin's metal rock. I hope that he goes soon along with Stephanno and Paul. Lauren is slowly turning me into a fan. Still not sure what I thought of Nat King Cole, but I know I don't like the facail contortions. Maybe he is ok again, but G-D I hope we rid ourselves of the other three.

  119. Heh Cass, you think Scotty only sings Country yet you love James. He hasn't song anything, just screamed and screached thru all his songs. His George Harrison immitation was pityfull.

  120. When it comes to talent,gifted,and great vocals Jacob is the best I wish it was up to the judges and not the people that do not known what true sing is.

  121. LAUREN!!! SHE IS so AWESOME.. I hope that she wins.. she so sooooo DESERVES THIS!!! I hope Jacob and Hailey go HOME SOON!!!! Steven Tyler SAID SHE IS THE WINNER!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!! JAMES IS GOOD TO . BUTT … I WANT LAUREN TO WIN IT!!!

  122. I quite agree. Simply love Scotty. I do think though, that any of the contestants are in with a chance to win this. All are very talented.

  123. OMG – PEOPLE!!! Paul has GOT to go!!!! I can't stand the way he runs around and his voice is NASTY! I do believe the judges were unfair and too harsh with Haley but she was extremely off key and cannot sing a high note. I do believe that James and Scotty will be the last 2 remaining but I feel Lauren is very talented. She just needs the right songs. Stefano is very talented too but I think the producers have something to do with who they are going to keep in the lime light…ya know? PAUL, JACOB AND CASEY MUST GO. They should have been gone before the others.

  124. I loved Casey's singing last night. Even listened to it a second time. I think though that either Scotty or James will win. Scotty definitely has a looong career ahead of him as a country singer. I'm not into country but I just adore Scotty. I've been watching Idol for years and there has never been as talented a bunch as we have here.

  125. I DON'T GET IT WITH THE JUDGES. How can they praise everybody but Haley? She was not at her best tonight, ok. I agree, BUT she performed much better than many other "regular" performances. The judges need to be fair. And for Casey, he maybe an intelligent musician, good guy, but they do no favor to him by praising his "just ok" peformance. The true is that the judges do not want to critizice Casey to let him stay as long as possible BECAUSE…. they know they wasted the "save" with him (which of course should have been used for Pia). I still love Jennifer and Steven (no love for Randy), but they need to be honest with ALL of them. I hope the judges' least favorite (who doubts?) Haley stays longer. See tonight if any other is vote off, the judges will CRY, BE OUTRAGED with America! "How is possible Casey is gone? Oh my God?, "I have no idea why America did not vote for Paul!", "Dude, this made me MAD seeing Jacob gone" and so on……… but if Haley is voted off it would be "Baby, we know you can grow", "You have the potential, keep working on it"….. I have not been missing Simon……… until yesterday.

  126. The judges have to be positive and supportive because they have a Simon Legree mentor named Jimmy Lovine….This guy is sadistic, controlling, narcissistic, anachronistic, mean-spirited and abrasive….I feel so sorry for the Idol contestants…..But kudos to James, Scotty, and Casey for standing up for themselves and rejecting the autocratic Lovine's orders to sing the way he sees fit…A good mentor should work with the singer and ask the singer what he/she is comfortable with…..Lovine is a control freak….That is why the trio of Randy, Jennifer, and Stephen need to be so supportive and positive…..

  127. Totally I agree, Casey is phenomenal, he will be in the show business for all of his life loved and wanted!

  128. I'm from Brazil. Here we are still in the top 8. This year are all idols, so much talent together. The eliminations are painful. And inevitably some will be unfair. I was shocked with the departure of Pia, I cried too.

  129. Well, I don’t know if I’ll be watching the Finale. As I’m not a big fan of “country” music, the “hype” of the judges for the two finalists and the over-all view (age) of the voting public (as displayed by the home-town vists), I am discouraged. I don’t believe AI has many seasons left, as new more exciting and, hopefully, honest shows are on the horizon. I wish Scotty and Lauren the best, but don’t believe ticket sales or music sales will be high from either of the two. Once again, it must be shown that the contestants that were voted off, due to the lack of music knowledge, will be the big stars.

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