American Idol 2011: Top 8 performance recap – Bad songs, bad judges

OK, maybe the “American Idol” judges aren’t bad. But there’s something wrong when the only person they had an issue with tonight was Haley Reinhart. First of all, are they trying to get rid of all the girls? Really? Secondly, she had the ONLY good song choice of the night and it the performance wasn’t bad like I think they thought it was. I really don’t understand the judges at all. I like their energy and newness, but I almost always thing the opposite of what they say.

Be warned, I’m judging tonight’s show pretty harshly because I was so happy with last week’s performances that this week’s should’ve been even better and they weren’t. And also, America clearly isn’t voting correctly, so what any judge, critic or blog says doesn’t matter anyway. I’m just going to speak my mind and welcome you to do the same in our comments section.

Enough complaining and on to the recap. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade that I think they earned tonight.

In order of performance

*Paul McDonald, “Old Time Rock and Roll.” I still love Paul’s energy and stage presence. He’s comfortable and confident and wonderfully entertaining. And I like his unique sound. But he’s not the best singer in the contest. His stage show is always an A for me but his vocals are hit and miss. Tonight was somewhere in the middle. C+

*Lauren Alaina, “The Climb.” Really? “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus? Really? Ugh. What a terrible song choice. Maybe I don’t get Lauren’s strategy on that song choice. Maybe she knows it would be impossible to sound as horrible as Miley. Or maybe she thinks the teenage girls might throw a vote her way after they’re done sending a zillion text votes to Scott’y’s number. At any rate, I hated it. I’ve grown to like Lauren but I think tonight was a mistake. It was kind of all over the place and if Simon Cowell were still around, he’d have told her that. She’s still got a powerful voice and could win this thing if all the guys were gone. But tonight was just a little meh for me. C+

*Stefano Langone, “End of The Road.” Boring song. Third bad song choice of the night. But at least he sang it beautifully. I also think he connected a little more with the audience. But is it too late? He pulled out all the stops tonight, even showing his muscle. Will the teen girls notice? B+

*Scotty McCreery, “Cross My Heart.” Scotty said he was getting back to his roots tonight. Really? I wasn’t aware he ever left them. But OK. I don’t think Scotty was very solid tonight. He got lost under the backup singers a couple times and even lost his pitch at one point. And again, boring song. B-

*Casey Abrams, “Nature Boy.” Well this was a weird one. Looks like the old Casey is back and I hated it. I didn’t miss that weirdness, that squinty stair, that senseless angry singing. He should’ve listened to Jimmy and sang “In The Air Tonight.” And I wish he’d stop pretending like he’s going to pass out when someone applauds him. C-

*Haley Reinhart, “Call Me.” As I mentioned earlier, I think this was not only the best song choice of the night, it was the only good song choice of the night. And yet the judges told her the exact opposite! I really liked her performance. Maybe someone slipped me some crack, but I like to think I trust my judgment. I respect that the song was risky and adventurous. And I loved how she handled the bridge (the ooooh ooooh ooohs). Loved it. And before you call me crazy, remember, I’ve never really been a Haley fan. I just think she’s really turned up the heat the past several weeks and I think she deserves to stay in the contest. A

*Jacob Lusk, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” I’m tired of being nice to Jacob. He’s an ass. After what he said last week (and still never apologized) I don’t even care anymore. I’m glad Jimmy called him out on it and told him not to preach to America. Best advice Jimmy’s given all season. As for Jacob’s performance, it was the same ole same ole. Sure it might have been an A performance the first two or three times I saw it but at this point, it’s stale. And so is he. And he cracked a very important note. Oh, and if I wanted Gospel, I’d go to Church on Wednesday night instead of watching “Idol.” D+

*James Durbin, “Heavy Metal.” I don’t even know how to grade this performance. I’ve never had to rate heavy metal. Like ever. I guess it was good. Was it? Ha. I know my senses literally felt a little abused but, whatever, right? He always gives 110 percent. I can’t deny that. And for what the performance was, I’d say he nailed it. Still not a great song choice, but OK. B+? A-? Eh. B+

OK, now the fun part. It’s the part where I get to make everyone think I’m picking who should go home when I’m really just suggesting how I think the outcome might be Thursday night based on America’s votes. After last week’s surprise, I’m not sure I should even waste my time doing this, but I will anyway.

Again, this is what I think COULD happen tomorrow night based on AMERICA’S VOTES:

100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery

Most Likely Safe: James, Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams

Possibly the Bottom 3: Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald

Possibly going home: Paul McDonald

After last week, though, anything is possible. So I’m going to suggest a second scenerio:

100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery

Most Likely Safe: James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald

Possibly the Bottom 3: Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams

Possibly going home: Jacob Lusk

Who really knows how it will play out. I think it might be Paul who leaves based solely on everyone getting scared over Pia leaving last week will vote for their favorites and blast him toward the bottom. However, I’m hoping America is tired of Jacob’s boring song choices and his overall righteousness.

Or will the all-girl elimination streak continue and Haley be sent home? At this rate, probably. Who knows.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s performances? Was I too harsh? No way, right?




  1. I liked Haley's performance tonight. But I don't think I loved it. I love Haley though. I'm her biggest fan. lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @Branden: As said in Matt post I loved Haley performance she was ¡¡awesome!!

        About James, I didn't like the havy metal chosen song because I don't like this style but Oh God! He did so great, amazing, very, very well

    • I don't get how the judges ripped only Haley… She wasn't great, but she wasn't as bad made her out to be.

      My bottom 1… Jacob

    • Okay, I take back what I just said. Whoo! I love it. I watched the HD version of it on youtube. Wee! I'm so happy!

    • I loved Haley's performance of "Call Me" and love, love, love Haley!!! I think the judges were so off-the-wall with her on Wed. (Did you realize they told EVERYONE how good they were except for Haley? I felt like they were delivering their kiss of death right then.) And, hey, I am Haley's biggest fan!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i disagree i think haley is the most overrated and should have been eliminated weeks ago

      • @ David P. I actually liked Haley's performance tonight. I do disagree with the judges on this one.

        @ Branden..I agree with your opinions tonight., although and this is just a personal deal for me…I would have given James an A…but aside from that…I, too am wondering what is up with the judges….way too much love when it is not deserving and critisism when it is not deserving. Lauren did okay but wrong song choice for her. Stefano was way over the top…did not like his performance at all…and you are right about Scotty…the back up singers "drowned him out"…he would have been better off singing it by himself. Jacob did not do anything different,,,he had his one moment during Hollywood week and for me it has been down hill ever since. I have a feeling that the bottom 3 will be Stefano, Jacob and Lauren…but gheesh…who knows any more. As always, thanks for the great recap. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jacob, Casey and Paul sucked. In fact Jacob and Casey humiliated themselves. Haley dropped the ball this week by vamping it up too much. I enjoyed Lauren's performance in that it was better than Miley's version. Scotty had his first IMHO real screw up, both song selection and performance. James was crap. Stefano was better this week and I'm not a fan.

      • Was it last year that Miley was a mentor? She was horrible. This year has much better mentors.

      • @ Templar… The song choices were all bad this week. Maybe I was in the wrong mind set…but I thought Haley was actually good…wrong song for Lauren…did not care for the performance although I do like her voice…Scotty did not do any favors for George Strait with that performance…the back up singers way overpowered him and I can't even talk about Paul, Casey or Stefano…for me…way too dissapointing. Jacob did the same old same old…boring. JMO

      • Rose: I agree with you about the song choices. It isn't that Haley was bad, I just think that she doesn't need to act trashy, her voice is good enough. When she act that way [see Mariah Carey] she cheapens herself and that loses votes. And "Bridge" belongs to Clay, Jacob shouldn't have touched it.

      • I'm very glad to hear you say that Casey "sucked." If someone who thinks that's actually an intelligent comment didn't like Casey's performance, he must have been great tonight!

        I couldn't care less if teenie-boppers vote Casey off tomorrow night. He passed this immature competition up weeks ago. I'm glad to see him stop singing juvenile noise and get back into challenging music, whether the teenies like it or can comprehend it or not.

      • I thought Lauren was weak Wed night. Didn't care for her performance; it was just so-so. She did SO much better Thurs night in the duet with Scotty. She was wonderful, and Scotty was lost next to her.

        I disagree that Haley does anything "trashy." I don't know who these puritans are watching, but she is emoting, like all good singers do. I love watching her move on stage. I wish people would judge her singing and leave the rest alone.

    • i higly disagree to the judges…. they're so bias!!!! i love haley's performance…

      • shut up…sh must leave the show tommorrow night…none of you business…let's just leave it to the judges…and plus you are not a judge..if you are a true fan then vote for her…don't just talk talk talk but never walk the talk..

      • you shut up bitchy sharleen!!!! the judges are bias…they criticize extreme contestants because they want to protect their favorite such as Jacob… hate it… stop commenting here bitch! shut up or i'll shut you down..

      • bumshell and sharleen…neither of you should comment if you cant be mature or appropriate.

    • She is one of my favorites and I liked her tonight, but I liked Casey and James better. Coin toss for the best performance tonight, but I'd take Casey, I loved it. James was so cool, I loved it too.

      • James was only cool because he had a frikken legend standing right next to him. Whaatt? Why does he get super famous people to perform with him? I, too, loved Casey tonight. Not gonna fly with the voters, though.

      • He gets super famous people to perform with him because those super famous people know a great talent when they see it and enjoy performing with rare talent such as James.

      • David P……Now don't be cruel…..James was awesome tonight, he makes this show alive…..I want to see a James/Haley finale….that will rock the stage…..Just imagine a Scotty/Lauren finale….zzzzzz.

        At least these two keep us awake…

    • I so agree. She should have been gone weeks ago. What does everyone see in Haley? Her growling annoys me and I really don't think she is as talented as a lot of the people who are already gone.

      • Haley has an amazing voice when she wants to. She's got a nice bluesy edge which a lot of people enjoy. She has a very unique sound to her voice (not just the 'growl') UNLIKE majority of the contestants this year (excluding most of the top 8). And she's hot, though she came across a little classless tonight.

    • I see the appeal but it's not appealing to me, I wish him good luck. But I won't miss him if he goes. (Is he still here, shit)

    • i love country song.. i love scotty. but no X factor (OPPPS. not the show) hahaha

      .. she can do an album and get famous but being on idol bores me…. but he's a good boy right?? haha

  3. Over the weekend when I heard Stefano was doing B2M, I was very, VERY worried, because of the different harmonies involved. I think he did better than some of the other contestants.

  4. 100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery

    I would be hesitate to call anyone 100% safe.

  5. agreed!!!

    Bottom 3:

    1. JACOB (BIG MOUTH need to go home)

    2. Paul (feeling White teeth)

    3. Casey or Stefano

    Stay to LAUREN AND HAILEY!!!

    Bye to JACOB or paul… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello! the thing is exactly as J.Lo stated there is more than one kind of music. Some people like jazz, r&b or gospel because you don't like it does not mean that everyone dislikes it.You should have learned that from the Pia situation.

    • Branden, Jacob is no ass, he is a human being. He is a damn good singer. Could you all leave jacob alone. The more u talk him bad the more he prospers. Best of luck to the top 8. U are all winners.

      God bless!

  6. I have nothing against Haley Reinhart, but I can never imagine that she has a chance of winning. Never. I just..dont' feel she's talented enough for it. I don't feel connected to her.

    Scotyy's country songs touch my heart. Some of Jacob's songs sometimes make me feel the same way. I even feel connected with Stefano and Casey. Not the rest, thought. It's funny that I like Thia's Heatwave and Daniel over other girls' song.

      • THIA is not boring.. and who told you all that ballad is boring.. whenver people sing ballad you say "boring" . you know what makes it boring?? you !! hahahahah thia's great and i think you don't have an ear to what is REALLY good music!! ๐Ÿ™‚ love yah whoever you are.. don't criticize others just support you idol.:)

    • Yeah, melp. I feel the same way about Thia. Aren't we weird? Though yeah, she's out, so who cares?

    • crazy crazy!!! Scoty is the same s…every week, Casey is the only one who really knows about music

    • I think Haley's talent is head and shoulders above all the other contestants'. I sincerely hope I can see her named the winner!

  7. I am SO glad you agree with me about Haley. Her voice and performances are always interesting, and she's really been giving it her all lately. I didn't think tonight was HER best performance, but I still liked it. I really hope America keeps her around for a while. I'm voting hard for her tonight.

    • If I could vote, I'd vote for Haley. Like Pia all she needs is a great producer and songwriter and a star is born. What she doesn't have in my eyes is the Artist quality of Casey, Paul and James. They could leave AI tomorrow and I know we will be hearing about them for a long time. I left Scotty out there, but he is equally an artist with those guys, just not my type, no disrespect intended.

      Crystal Bowersox was my favorite last year. I bought her Album. (If you are willing to spend money, album, concert ticket etc, that's the real vote)

      This is the most talented group I've ever seen on AI, I'm really enjoying this season.

  8. I absolutely disagree with you for once, so I'm taking the time to comment. Haley was karaoke-like, cheap-looking and awkward on stage. She should be voted off, with Paul and Scotty in the bottom three. I usually love Scotty, but his choice of song was a sleeper.

    • You are really thick, the talent is so good this year there will be no losers, karaoke, cheap, awkward, give me a break. It's time to celebrate all the good music we are hearing. To each his own, I say. But don't bash um just cause it's not your style. Every single one of these kids is a great singer. That's just a fact.

      • You sound like the judges this year. Everything is great, there's nothing to say. Why even bother commenting on this forum then?

    • @newyorkaise: I think you are giving New York a bad name!! I love Haley's incredible vocal skills. And I find it so pathetic that people are calling her names and describing her as cheap-looking. She is a beautiful young woman whose parents are musical performers. If you check into her background, you will see she has been performing for some years now (check out YouTube)–and the stage style (meaning movement in this case) she uses fits with the songs she performs. I think her performances are incredible, and I don't see how you could ever call her awkward or karaoke-like. No one has ever criticized her for being either (er, except for you).

  9. Top 5:

    James, Scotty, Casey, Lauren, Haley

    Botton 2 (Weird ones):

    Paul, Jacob



  10. for a show like AI, where the judges and America look for life on stage, scotty has always been boring, but so have pia and thia been…but he's getting America's votes…maybe because adolescent girls give their votes to him?…while the adult viewers dont bother to vote even if they preferred paul or naima or pia or haley…

    • i didn't know that only adolescent girls could vote for scotty, oh my i have been voting incorrectly all these weeks…or does 45 yrs old classify as adolescent…i dont think just young girls are voting for scotty or anyone else..but tonight the best performance was by Zack Wilde hands down..i vote for who i like and who i think performs the best scotty or otherwise but casey and jacob don't get any votes from me don't like either. i like durbin ok love the music he does but if you want to talk ego/arrogant include him

      • Homegrown, thank you for your comment. I know durbin is a great singer but I never connected to him and I never knew why… You just nailed when you said about his ego/arrogant. He really think he's all that. The only problem here is, he may be the winner.

      • Remember, James has Aspbergers..confidence and passion often come off as cocky and arrogant. I really, like this young man. He's an amazing performer.

      • ms homegrown, am glad to know you are among those who vote for teen contestants…am pretty sure you belong to outliers on that curve…i dont think james is arrogant…he is just plainly comfortable on stage…i think you're right about casey and jacob…for me, casey is multi-talented but has poor vocals, while jacob has good vocals but poor control over it..and AI is supposed to be a singing contest…

      • homegrown….its not arrogance, its pure love of performing….He loves what he does….and it shows….

        Haley is a lot more arrogant in her performance….JMHO….but they both are performers not boring at all…..Like some of the others….Scotty, Lauren, Jacob ..same ole, same ole every week.

    • I am 63 and I vote. I bought Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle's album. I saw a lot of comments saying that this year has better talent than previous seasons. Every year there is new talent. This year is not better. That was apparent tonight.

      • Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle? Okay, Major props for having a wide variety in musical taste, because those 2 are about as stylistically different as you can get. I actually think thats great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I agree, was just not feeling it from any of the contestants tonight. And Paul and those

    UGLY suits can GOOOOOO!

  12. My favorites to night were Casey and Stefano. Before anyone rags me on Casey I understand why a lot of people would not like that performance. If you haven't been exposed to a lot of 'cool' jazz or Nat King Cole (not comparing just saying) kind of stuff you most likely won't appreciate. There's a reason that kind of music is no where near popular in main stream music. I loved it!

    I thought Stefano put it out there tonight, showed off his vocals. He didn't strain as much as he normally does. I think it was his best performance ever.

    Haley, Haley, Haley….Pia went home and you stayed. Don't get me wrong, I love Haley but tonight was her night to bring it and she just kind of …. didn't. It was ok, but it wasn't what it needed to be imho.

    Also, did anyone else miss the first part of the show? I'm a directTV customer and my sis uses Dish and the station was down for the first 20 or more ( I missed Paul and Lauren, sis missed Paul, Lauren, and Stefano).

    Bottom 3




    Going home

    Who effing knows after last week, -.-

  13. i actually like casey's performance this week, better than last week. his core is jazz and and his voice is as much as an instrument as his bass, and this performance shows he can do wonderful things with it. his musicality is mindblowing.

    scotty was solid but a bit boring this week.

    haley… oh it was such a cool song and i love her so much and i don't want another girl go this week, but it's a step back from her brilliant performances these past few weeks.

    lauren was just ok but she definitely delivered the song better than miley ๐Ÿ™‚

    paul is always entertaining, but nothing will change. the lovers would still love him and the haters would still hate him based on this performance. i happen to like him a lot.

    some people say james screams a lot this week, but he is singing heavy metal, so rock on james!

    stefano was being usual stefano, but do feel a lot of heart. song choice was MEH.

    not loving jacob this week. bad song choice, not him at all.

    so my guess would be jacob.

  14. Awful performances …yuck. Scotty…off key…not George Strait. Casey…OMG …that was awful and I do not need to be "EDUCATED"…thank you! Paul …cute that is all. Haley…nope! Lauren…I find her endearing for some reason… James. Getting a big head but I still like him. Jacob who? Stefano …sweet but can he win?

  15. haley has no talent and she is not a great singer at all. i think America has gone tone deaf for her to be still in the competition. She is the worst .

  16. Overall, another week of enjoyable entertainment worth watching. I have to say first that I am still missing Thia's voice. With that over, just like last week, Haley gets my top vote again. If that was karaoke then I'm headed for the next karaoke joint. I also feel Jacob's singing excelled through his entire performance tonight.

    • @Arnie, I like what you said!! You are right, if listening to someone who sounds like a karaoke singer, then head for the next karaoke joint, and for me, if Jacob is the same every week and nothing special, then I will take the consistency and excelling anytime during a performance anytime!!

  17. Jacob SUCKS and should have long be voted off with Hailey and actually Thia should have stayed……Stefeno is doing a decent job and is good actually…just that you all do not want to admit it and when PIA was voted off…everyone cried and scream….Jacob have to go off tonight or Hailey…then Lauren and Casey……..Gospel can be heard in church and we do not need a Queenie to show it and tell american off on TV. Please bear that in mind…..

    • What performance did the judges see. They are getting loony. I just watch Jacobs performance (taped) and had to fast forward. The beginning was horrible. the middle not much better. Where were the judges comments on that? You mean all they can remember is the last three minutes of a song.

      What is wrong with them this year. The gush for Jacob, the over the top gush for Casey? It looks like they are wanting another winner like Taylor Hicks.

      Maybe it is time to give up American Idol.The judges are getting really bad. They started out okay, but are now becoming a joke.

    • You can sing whatever song u want. Please enough of all the nasty talk. Leave Jacob alone. Did u hear the judges comments? Take it in you pipe and smoke it! Let your comments be clean please! Some of u are going over board. Cool It!!!!!

  18. Casey is very artistic, unique and creative.And i think his talent will take him far in the music buisness especially in europe where his kind of music is appreciated.

    • I agree with you. Casey is very original. And he plays true music. We haven't had an American idol jazz winner! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh the irony that a time has come where Europe appreciates American music more than America.

    • i'm also loving casey's performance this week. musicality-wise, he's the best of the bunch.

  19. Maybe people who have actually studied music and earned music degrees shouldn't give opinions – but- what the heck, I like Lauren quite a bit. She has much potential. Casey plays super bass, but what has that to do with a singing competition? Causes some confusion apparently. Hailey – Oh please go away, somebody has lied to that girl. No one seemed to be as solid tonight as previously, maybe they figure after last week – who knows what the voting public is thinking or hearing.

    • This contest has never been about 'singing' it's not called 'America's Next Best Singer'. Your degree was probably in classical piano performance or some such thing. But I agree none of them were as good as last week I wish they would have stepped it up.

    • @ David

      Despite your intro, it sounds like you think you think your background gives your opinion more weight. Well, I think Haley has a terrific voice and I sincerely hope she wins the whole thing–because imo, she has more talent than anyone else. I love her voice!

      • Haley's coach in high school (you can see and read about her background on YouTube) thinks she is a tremendous talent. So there is someone in the professional musical field who knows her skills well who disagrees with you, David.

  20. I think your judging is about right, I liked Paul, Haley and James performances best tonight but while Paul is the most polished his voice still doesn't cut it for me. Haley has an it factor that many stars have but her voice is lacking. James is simply fun to watch, with a good voice, just is not quite there yet but with that kind of backup band I would pay to see him, just for the guitarist alone.

    My pick for bottom three are Jacob, Stefano and Casey but Paul is iffy since first spot can be deadly.

      • @Sasha It's totally a matter of taste. Not a whole lot of people can appreciate a good slap bass, you being one of them.

      • Casey may have done well, but Jazz is not that popular to people watching AI. He may have sung his death noel with that performance.

      • Frank! I thoroughly enjoyed Casey's performance but you are exactly correct. It could be his last, but a good last imo.

      • I love Jazz, that being said, I really didn't care for Caseys performance tonight. He is coming off as very pretentious and condecending to the viewers. Not exactly a recipie for success. That kind of attitude almost cost Jacob last week (and might catch up to him this week)

  21. Well by now we know I am a James fan and I am also older than most of you on here so I can say this…he did a grest job but I think what will really assure his safty was having Zakk Wylde play with him! Brilliant move on his part!

    I wasn't wowed by Pauls peformance but I wouldn't put him in the bottom three.

    I agree with you abt Lauren….why that song??? arghhh! But I think the teenager girls will vote for her.

    I loved Stefano performance. I thought it was flawless, but I think he will be in the bottom 3……I just don't think he has the following (I hope I am wrong)

    I am soooo sick of hearing Scotty. I almost muted it again like I did last week lol But the stupid girls will be sending votes his way again.

    Casey….hummm, not really sure what to think. he gets a standing ovation from all 3 judges….the only other contestant to ever have got 1 was Adam Lambert. I kind of sort of got what he was trying to accomplish tonight but I dont know if America will and I think he will be in the bottom 3.

    I thought that Haley's performance was so/so. That was a very hard song to take on and i think she missed alot of notes. I think she might round out the bottom 3.

    I was hoping that Jacob picked that song last week and I was glad he did it tonight. It's a great song and I like his voice but I don't see him winning this but i think he will be safe this week.

    • Casey gots groove, you can't deny that. I don't think it's for AI and I don't think the majority of Americans (even the self proclaimed educated of all things musical). But it was one of my favorite Casey performances by far.

      What was Haley wearing when she was talking to Will and Jimmy? (YES I am on first name basis with them…k not really). Fuuuglly. I have to agree her performance tonight was a huge step back, if she gets another shot I hope she does better.

      But for you people bashing on Haley, I don't think she did worse than most of the other ones, it was a bad night all around.

    • Regarding the standing ovation…remember this is a panel of new judges that do tend to be a little on the over-the-top sensational side.

      • I know kerri, I was just hoping that Adam could have kept that crown a little longer ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And I think that is only the second standing O this season or did Jacob get one for God Bless the Child, if not he should have. Funny thing about standing O, they can't help it, it's just the way they feel. It's a huge compliment and Casey deserved it. I was standing.

      • I was standing too. Because I was in the kitchen looking for some Tylenol. I love Jazz, but listening to Casey tonight hurt.

  22. Yikes. You gave Haley an A?? Really? I've got to strongly disagree. I really like her but there was a huge dropoff in her performance tonight from last week. I thought she was off tonight, way off. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong….she almost seemed to be singing in the wrong key or something, and seemed awkward.

    I absolutely love the diversity that this group brings every week. (except Stefano, who bores me to tears….wedding singer extraordinaire) What Jennifer said is spot on. I'm so glad James and Casey stood up to Lovine instead of allowing him to turn them into commercial drones.

    • oh, btw….

      Top 3 tonight



      Scotty(hate country but he's got one helluva voice)

      Bottom 3




      going home: Stefano (wishful thinking)

      • Couldn't agree with you more. Haley rocked it last week, but this week not so much. I also agree with your list.

    • @ SandyA: I didn't hear what you heard when Haley performed! I thought she was spot on and I loved every single second of it! (I hate it when people hear merely mouthe what they hear the judges saying.)

  23. The "judges" were pathetic tonight. They gave a standing O to Casey and then pulled Haley to pieces. Give me a break!!

    Jackson said "we tell all of you to be yourselves and don't change." Well, Jacko, you of all people kept telling Pia and, earlier, Thia to change and where did that get them.

    That whole speech you gave was BS at its worst and Tyler making comments about what was under Haley's dress.

    They were disgusting and a bad joke.

    • I did not like Steven's remark about under Haley's dress. It was not appropriate for this type of show.

    • Thank you, Paul for calling attention to Tyler's

      comment to Hayley about her dress.

      I wanted to voice my opinion ages ago, but figured

      all the guys would jump down my throat accusing me

      of being jealous and the little girls would lose

      sleep tonight if I had a cross word to say about

      their Hayley—–

      Oh, what the hell–here goes!

      Even if Hayley were a strong enough contender, she

      would probably have to tone down the "cutesy-slut"

      act before AI would risk having her represent them.

      And maybe "Grand-daddy-Tyler" HAD to ask what was

      under her dress because he's too old to remember

      what a woman keeps there. In any case, we didn't

      need to hear what he was wondering about.

      • I don't think the little girls are voting for Haley. The comment was low, the outfit was sleezy, but not really as far as performing costumes go. I vote for Haley (not because she's got hot legs even though she does) but because she's real, she makes any song she sings her own, she has a very unique tone and style, she's dead on with her notes and her voice goes wherever she wants it to, always in her chords (unlike Jacob). And she has hot legs….but really it's not that…or something.

      • You right Debbie about Tyler. It's not just the awkward Haley dress comment, but he seems to be out of his element in his remarks. He tries to hard to say "profound" things. JLo just talks too much, but at least Steven cuts off.

        And no prob on your Haley cutesy-slut comment. It's an accurate description of the guy fantasy, but I wouldn't call you jealous anymore than it'd be stupid for ladies to call me jealous when I put down their fantasies of Stefano or Paul (at least Stefano has muscle tone; Paul seems more wimpy than faggy I guess). See? I can get Haters too!

      • Aw,no Coonie—

        Say it ain't so.

        Fantasies about Paul??


        Doughtful for WOMEN-sane women

        Probable for GIRLS-crazy ones

      • Cutesy-slut act???? Sleazy dress????

        Where planet are you on? What is wrong with some of you??

  24. My Top8 based on America and my own opinion

    1- James Durbin

    2- Haley Reinhart

    3- Scotty *i dont how to spell his surname LOL*

    4- Stefano Langone

    5- Casey Abrams

    Bottom 3: Paul, Jacob, Lauren(surprised)

    Bottom 2: Paul, Jacob

    Eliminated: Jacob

    well, it could be Lauren will be going home, surprised but not shocking … i hope jacob will be going home..

  25. Paulloved it; plus, best outfit yet.

    Casey like JLO I was nervous when I heard that was his song choice but I thought he was awesome

    James terrific; he’s a star — and I don’t even like heavy metal generally

    Lauren great job

    Jacob beautiful; almost makes up for last week with that song I’ve never cared for (Man in the Mirror) and his snide comments

    Scotty should have gone with Everybody’s Talkin’. I’m sure he would have nailed it. Instead he goes with George Strait — how predictable.

    Stefano possibly his best ever but I’m still not a big fan

    Haley that was the worst performance of the night; she should go tomorrow. But her dress was really cool

    • Haley will get enough of the male vote to keep her on.

      Casey took a big risk that will likely cost him but jazz is rare to find on TV now days so I give him some points for that.

      Jacob has a great voice but as with Stefano, it boring to watch and this is TV not radio.

      • IMHO Buble is a Sinatra/Darin wannabe and falls far short. Harry Connick Jr. is much better.

    • @Utahwoody.

      I think you saw enough proof (by viewers here) that you are dead wrong about your perception of Haley's vocal skills. And I think your "subtle" comment about Haley's dress being "way cool" belongs in the same bucket as Steven Tyler's: A Slime bucket.

  26. i wonder why some people are complaining abt steven's comment on Haley's dress. i do not blame him at all cos even a deaf person knows that Haley cant sing and she has no talent. she is just a sexy blonde bimbo that is still in the competition bcos of her looks and not her voice.

    • If it was all about looks half the contestants wouldn't be there and Pia wouldn't have been voted off. Her dress was a tad sleezy but her performance wasn't any worse than the others and she can sing. Just because you can't appreciate her style or sound or tone or w/e doesn't mean she has no talent. She's one of the few of the top 8 that has actually worked for her votes.

      • if wht u call talent is growling instead of singing.Then so be it.Anyways even Jlo sold albums so i bet she can sell some too.

      • There was no growling tonight. And if you are judging by last week you obviously have never heard Janis Joplin (who is a huge legend, albeit mostly because she died a hippy martyr but w/e). Your word 'talent' is ambiguous at best anyway. If AI defined talent as you obviously do then none of the top 8 should be there.

      • I like Haley early in the comp before she started growling for the judges. When she sang B

        "BLUE" ….. I nearly swooned. She could definitely be in the country genre.

    • i don't think you're right.. ahm.. i respect ur opinion… but i think haley was good but not enough to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Bottom 3…….Paul, Casey, Stephano……..with Casey going home……I wis Paul would leave…can stand his squeaky voice

  28. It happenned again like in season 9.The show keeps turning into a farce. The judges are disconnected from the singers and connected with the producers: shut up and love the singers!! Tyler is the compliments' champion:each one of the singers is either already a star or a star in the making. JLo tries to be Paula Abdul, and Randy is a pale shadow of Simon the Terrible. Jimmy-the-producer has good intentions, but bad mentoring.He is the opposite of Jamie Foxx, who was mentor-singer, pro, warm and inspiring. In result the singers are confused, the judges are confused, the mentor is confused- and most of all the audience that voted off the best singer in the competition because she can't dance or lie on the piano. Nobody knows anymore what to expect. American Idol becomes a pitiful fake, because it lacks honesty. Simon Cowell wasn't a gentleman but he wasn't afraid to speak out his mind honestly. It hurt but it also helped.

    • In a way Idol each year is like a David E. Kelly show [Ally Mc Beal, Boston Legal]. It starts out fun and exciting, moves to bizarre and then falls apart leaving everyone asking "what happened".

  29. I thought Casey was the stand-out performance of the night. If all you are looking for is a pop performance, then he was not it. But if you were looking for a musician who knows music and can perform it well, then he was at the top. He took a great Nat King Cole record and made his own mark on it.

    I like Scotty, too. If you don't like country, than he will bore you. But if you appreciate country then you would see that he brings something unique to every song.

    I am not a fan of heavy metal, but James nailed it tonight.

    I think Stefano was hit by a clue-by-four last week. WHile I would tire of his style rather quickly, he did a great job tonight. He learned how to connect.

    • well said matt. i agree on most of your point.

      i don't like country but i always love scotty's performance. but this week he bore me a little bit ๐Ÿ™

  30. Stefano and Casey were my favorites. I really felt like Stefano took all of Jimmy's advice to heart and really sang believing that he could win and I'm a sucker for jazz music so Casey won me over.

    Scotty was good too, but I'm getting bored with him using country songs or a song with the word "country" in it as a cop out.

    Lauren did alright, but I HATE The Climb and Miley Cyrus so I couldn't fully enjoy her performance.

    James was ok. He's always entertaining, but I think he hit a lot of bum notes. America will more thanlikely keep him around though.

    Haley was ok too. She has a good voice, but whenever she gets to the high notes I always feel like she's either screaming at me or losing the melody.

    Jacob did fine, but I couldn't enjoy his performance because I'm still sore about his comment last week and I think Clay Aiken did Bridge Over Troubled Water 1000x better.

    Paul was eh. I think he could have chosen a better song to suit his voice because it sounded like he was struggling and a bit strained to me.

    So I think Haley, Jacob, and Paul will be in the bottom 3. I hope Jacob goes home, but you never know what's gonna happen on this show.

  31. Dude! I'm not sure how you got this gig to write this blog or what your experience is in the industry but you suck at this! It's one thing to have tastes, likes and dis-likes but get real will you!? Paul, Haley, Stepheno bottom three bank on it. Stop hating first of all or at least have the honesty to tell idiots like me who read your blog the truth: you have no idea what you're talking about. Peace.

    • This guy is just mad cuz Jacob got such a low grade. I agree with the grade. I really liked Jacob during Hollywood week and I voted for him to be in the top 13 but he has a bad attitude (you could see it this week too) and he's the same thing every week. He's not taking criticism seriously and he's not working to improve. Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This describes Jacob perfectly.

      • I didn't say anything about Scotty and have never said really anything good about him…however I think he improved his creeper persona a bit today and has graduated to weird kid with big ears.

    • ahahahaha i'm so agree with you. i know this is a fan blog and you're entitled to your own opinion, at least be consistent about it! he's all about bashing haley when she's performing great the past few weeks, and when she's just okay this week suddenly haley is the ONE! i mean i love haley but be honest, it's not her best performance.

      and what's this thing about 'cannot grade a heavy metal performance?' what kind of excuse is that? are you qualified to write a music piece or not?

      objectivity is a very serious issue on this site.

      • There's very little if any objectivity on this site, lol. Also, I don't think he came across that strongly for Haley, just that she wasn't as bad as everyone else. And metal is very different than any other kind of music and is rarely seen by people that are not raving fans, I don't think it has anything to do with musical ability but more to do with exposure (similar to Casey's performance).

      • but that's just about it David. from what i've read he's a journalist. he should be able do write up an objective piece, should be above common people's knowledge.

        it's not like james was singing death metal or something like that. sammy hagar was in van halen and it's pretty much main stream.

        but i agree there's very little objectivity in this site hahaha. i'm still trying to be though ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Lauren's performance was just ok. She's Steve Tyler fav. She can sing but her voice is just ordinary.

    • ladypries…don't worry about hand signs just listen to Jacobs angelic voice and you'll be taken to heaven!!! (HEAVENTAVERN that is)

    • It's his tourette's leaking out during his performance. He probably doesn't even realize he's doing it.

      • I know it is and I wasn't making fun of him. As much as I dislike James (a lot)I was defending him from the holy judgement of the above poster. He can't control a lot of what he does, and while he performs you can't really tell that he does have these disabilities there are telltale signs of it. And if you don't have proof that it's not due to said disability than keep your personal attacks to yourself before you make yourself into an asshat.

  33. I like Hailey but granting that the judges implied that her performance is not that good, she might go home. You know… the mentality of the voting public was highly influenced by the judges comments. Just saying.

    • Haley will get enough male votes to hang on another week and Lauren when after some of the young girl voters.

      The first spot will hurt Paul some, along with Jacob's attitude and lack of stage presence.

      Casey showed guts but could cost him and Stefano style and song selection may limit his fan base to keep out of bottom 3.

      • @ Bloodyscot: I beg your pardon, but I am a female and I have and continue to vote for Haley, too. I guess you think I am the only female voting for her. WRONG!!!

    • I'm not sure how much the voters are influenced by the judges comments, given that Pia isn't here, and they loved her. I think the performance before she was voted off Jennifer told her she was perfect every time she sang.

      I hope the voters aren't influenced by the judges comments since the judges seem to be on something.

  34. Dude, I don't know if you really follow my responses on your blog every week because there are so many, but for the most part I am going to do what would surprise you and agree with most of what you said. Most.

    First off, the judges suck. I said this last time and now its even worse. The only person they criticize is the ONE person who absolutely nailed the performance? Really? REALLY?!?!?! Then they gave Casey a standing ovation when his song sucked? They didn't even mention anything to Lauren about her song choice when she sang Miley flippin' Cyrus? Ok, I'm going to go one by one this week.

    Paul- I want him to go home because I like everyone else better. I was ready to jab at him once again this week, but then I actually found myself enjoying his performance. I thought he sang good and performed good and could've possibly saved himself once again

    Lauren- Ok, if I were to pretend that she didn't just sing a song by one of my least favorite singers of all time, I would say she sung the song good. But maybe I'm being biased here because she sang Miley Cyrus. She actually sang Miley Cyrus. Horrible. That's crappy song choice in your face. Sure, Jimmy Iovine is right, she sang the song better than Miley, but you gotta have a better song choice than that. For the first time this season, the fact that Lauren is only 16 jumped out and hit me in the face. She acted 16 tonight

    Stephano- Stephano and Paul are in the same boat for me. I want them to be the next two to go home. However, Stephano did the same exact thing that Paul did tonight. He sang really good and ashamedly I found myself enjoying the song. Dangit!!! Oh well, Kudos to you Stephano

    Scotty- Last week Scotty did Elvis and I actually enjoyed him for the first time in the season. This time he went back to his deep country twang and I hated it. Now if I were a country fan, I would've enjoyed it because Scotty sings those country songs really good, but I am I biased because I hate country and Scotty is the definition of country. However, comparing it to his previous country songs, I thought that this was by far his weakest performance. The other ones I could manage. This one was just terrible. I wish Scotty would go home, but unfortunately his fanclub is too huge for that, so it ain't happening.

    Casey- Now I have been a huge Casey all season long and I would've loved it if he sang In the Air by Phil Collins. That is one of my all time favorite songs and it so totally fits Casey, but no. I started screaming at the TV when Jimmy Iovine told him to do it and Casey changed his mind for that Nat King Cole song. YOU IDIOT! Then he sang it and I thought that was the most boring, pathetic performance of this entire season. BOO CASEY!!! Then the judges gave him a standing ovation and when Randy was praising him, I threw a pillow at Randy.

    Haley- Ok, after a very disappointing episode so far, this is where it heated up for me. Haley did absolutely amazing. Not only did her outfit and hair make her look extremely hot, but her vocals were extremely hot and her stage presence in how she moved around and got the crowd into it was incredible. Hands down best performance of the night up to this point. And the judges hated it? This was the one performance that they criticized? My respect for the judges this season went even lower after this.

    Jacob- Ok, this is the one point this week where me and Branden strongly disagree. Fresh of my mind was Casey rejecting the perfectly suggested song for him this week by Jimmy Iovine. Well same thing happened here but flipped. Jacob was singing a song that wasn't going to bode very well for him and Jimmy suggested that he sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters. And Jacob took the advise. Best decision ever. Bridge Over Troubled Waters is one of my all time favorite songs and Jacob completely nailed it. That was absolutely stunning and beautiful and I think was Jacob's best performance of the entire season. Jacob had slipped a bit for me recently, but after this I think Jacob is back

    James- I'll admit, I got really nervous when I watched that introduction video. His warm ups with the piano didn't sound great and Jimmy hated it and I thought it would be Casey syndrome when James flat out opposed Jimmy. But this time around it was so the right decision. Durbin was right. Iovine was wrong. American Idol has never had metal before, so this was a new experience, but I think it worked. Oh my flippin goodness did it work. James is my favorite this season and he has rocked it out pretty good, but it is so totally obvious that metal is his thing because that was awesome. Ratings on American Idol would be through the roof if there were more metal singers like James. I hope he is an inspiration for future auditioners for the show, because American Metal Idol so totally rocked!!!!!!

    Now who is safe this week? Well, after Pia went home last week it is obvious that the answer is no one. No one is safe. When the second best singer on American Idol can go home just like that in 9th place, then anything can happen and I am nervous for tomorrow. With that said, here is what I think should happen after tonight:

    Bottom 3: Scotty, Casey, and Lauren

    Going home: Casey.

    Now obviously Scotty ain't going to be in that bottom 3, but I think he should be. I don't get why the whole country is drunk on Scotty. But since that totally won't be the bottom 3 and it will totally be completely random just like last week, I am going to do just that. I am going to jump to an internet site and pick numbers by random. The contestants get numbered 1 through 8 based on the order of the performances tonight. Here we go:

    Bottom 3 (generated randomly): Paul, Scotty, James

    Going home (generated randomly): Scotty

    Now I promise, I didn't rig that. Completely random. Not going to happen, but that's how I felt about last week with Pia going home, so there.

    • tl;dr Jammin with Paul is awesome! Haley is smokin hot! James…! Boo @ Casey and Lauren and sort of Scotty. Yay Jacob is back! Oh, and Stefano was ok too.

    • Oh, and here's my top 8 rankings after this week:

      1- James Durbin

      2- Haley Reinhart

      3- Jacob Lusk

      4- Paul McDonald

      5- Stephano Langone

      6- Lauren Alaina

      7- Casey Abrams

      8- Scotty McCreery

    • Thanks Adam, I was going to write similarly, but you covered all I had and more. Seriously! Totally agree with you on the asinine judges picking on Haley again like several weeks back. And though I strongly dislike Jacob, I ranked his performance even above Haley's (she never hit the right notes on the "call me"s, Sigh!), but she's so dang sexy and entertaining.

      My only real disagreement with you is regards James, probably because you like metal (?) and I don't. I love him on rock and roll and his talent on even ballads, but I dislike the Arrogance of trying to shove Metal down America's throat–and I hope he gets a warning bottom 3 for it. But I do admire James and Casey for sticking to their guns against Jimmy's lip! though Jimmy was right on switching Jacob's first pick.

      Anyways, I really liked your narrative here Adam. Your talent mirrors Branden's–just different opinions, but I agree with you the most this time.

      • Oh, and even though you "claim" you didn't rig the random bottom 3, I still loved it–agree on Scotty being total boring on his just so he can stay total safe. I dislike that cowardice, and it's not entertaining. And hey, even Pia would have preferred your (random) voting system over America's!

      • I actually am not a huge fan of metal to be honest. I like it more than a lot of different genres (country, rap, etc), but I am more of a rock guy than a metal guy. With that knowledge my appraisal of James for branching out and doing metal and making it work may mean a bit more

    • I agreed with everything except your assessment of Jacob's performance. I thought it was terrible (yes, terrible), even though he looked and behaved more normally than he has in the past. Ruined the song for me.

  35. Haley was the best… by far the best of the night… and i agree, the best song choise of the night

  36. DUH! you comment on the judges' views as if you can achieve even an inch of what they have, you do this blog because you have nothing else to do in your life other than sit around and watch american idol episodes, obviously you're a haley fan, she should have been the first one to be eliminated, bring pia back instead of haley!

    • You condemn him for writing this blog, but yet you take the time to read it and comment on it. Not seeing the consistency there.

    • Haley got more votes than Pia, get over it. She's moved on. Also I don't think Branden is really a Haley fan, this was just a bad week in his opinion. Obviously you read the blog. Who has less of a life: the guy that writes the blog or the guy that reads it and makes rude comments because they can't handle the reality that their favorite was voted off?

    • Keira, I'm a professional journalist with 10 years of professional experience. I watch American Idol TWICE a week for a couple months each year like millions of other people. Then after each show, I spend an hour writing down my thoughts and posting them here. If all that makes me a loser, then I guess I'm a loser. At least I'm not a douchebag like you.

      • Ah, but a true "professional" always has the

        wherewithal to make a point without low-class

        name calling. That's one of the qualities

        that MAKES him professional.

      • Branden……We may not all agree with you but you write one hell of blog. You get tons of hits on your comments…..I so enjoy reading them. Thanks…..

        I'm hoping that the finale doesn't turn into a sleepfest….If Scotty and Lauren are in the finale, its lights out!!!!!

        Now, even though I'm not a great fan of Haley's…..A finale with James & Haley would be a rock of ages event!!!!JMHO

      • Brandon…If i may be so bold as to ask. You mentioned that you were a journalist. May i ask which medium did you work for? And also don't you think its a little rude calling someone a douchebag? I know its irritating to see so much idiocy around but still…

      • Don't usually comment on comments like these. Seriously though, Branden, I come here for everything American Idol related. Keira is unfortunately one of those individuals that doesn't agree with the majority of people that think you write an excellent blog!

  37. I do really wish Jacob will going home. I am not a racist who against gay people. In fact i am madly in love with Adam Lambert; and i still think he is the most original, cool, distinctive american idol ever have (even only runner up!). But Jacob singing style just always give me ill feeling. Facial expression, over the top singing, hips movement, all just put me off!.

    And his comment last week preaching about sexuality just a big no no for me too….

    please just vote him off!

  38. I think tonight's performances were the best I have seen on this show in ten years! James puts his all into every, single performance, and Jennifer's comment about being at a "James Durbin Concert" was right on the money! Everyone was great, but I love Rock, and James is awesome!

  39. Oh man Branden, I think I love you! I am finally in 100% agreement with you. AND I also thought Haley's was the best performance of the night so couldn't figure out what the heck the judges were on about. The best perdormance!! and the only one they picked on!!?

    I'm not going to bother telling it like I "heard" it this week. You said it all.

  40. i thought they got it right with Pia she could have done better.

    i thought her performance was no good

    Go James Durbin love the rock and roll.

    James laureen scottie will be the lead runners to granfinal

  41. Wow. This is the worst week so far. Hailey totally mucked it up. What a disservice to Blondie. I think they all seriously lacked this week.

  42. C'mon Jacob looked apologetic …look at what James said tonight..he has become cocky, he can't sing for shit.. Hopefully its another shocker and James is gone!!

  43. It was not as great as last week, but they did good. Have to say though that I am getting tired of Paul's, Haley's, Scotty's and Jacob's styles, it has become predictable and as such boring. They should have showed something different by this point. Stephano is trying to improve his performance, so if it is not too late and he stays we may see something more from him next week.

    My favourites are James and Casey simply because no matter the vocals no matter the song choices for the night both are bringing something different and genuine to this season. I am not a fan of the thick and massive sound of heavy metal but James is so entertaining that I started to enjoy this music style. Again, and perhaps because my generation, I've been always a fan of pop-stars so never actually listened to Nat-King-Cole kind of music. But I really appreciated the song and the way Casey delivered it tonight. It was very nice so I think I needed to be musically educated, thank you.

    My guess is Jacob or Paul to be eliminated.




  45. wow, harsh much. Jacob is fine really. compared to many of the singers, he has a voice, and perhaps he was terribly annoying last week doing the man in the mirror thingy,but he was still okay. i think among the guys jacob can sing. he just needs to make the right song choices, and just sing it. i love haley too! i really do, and i hate when the judges go, 'i wasn't feeling it or sth like that' when the girl is the one that tends to feel her songs more than everyone else. overall, i think i want james or stefano to go, they got boring for me. really though, after pia left, i lost interest to a great extent. at this point am just routing for two.

  46. The worst of the evening was Haley with Jacob a close second. Three singers stand out, well above the rest – Scotty, James and Casey. There is the Final Three. Scotty did a tremendous job with his song – not sure what the 'critic' is referring to about being off key. James is a showman, I don't care for Heavy Metal – but that fellow is a true performer. Casey is just so original. I am worried about his vote numbers though, since his song will not appeal to the younger crowd who just wouldn't get it. All in all – very strange song choices. They should have made them pick songs that were written for the movie – not borrowed from somewhere else. Good show though

      • I agree with you abt Casey…..america isn't going to get what he did. We also got to keep remembering, america did already vote him off, the judges are the ones who kept him there.

  47. For those of you who are saying Casey was bad you guys just don't understand. That was seriously amazing and a well deserved standing ovation. The judges kind of do know what they are saying. Did any of you listen actually listen to the comments? I know jazz isn't all that popular nowadays, but musically Casey is the most talented ever on Idol. What he did was so beyond anything anybody has ever done on this show. Simply amazing!

    • They compared him to Michael Buble! That was way too far! Casey can't even begin to compare to Buble's perfect voice.

      • while i agree that they can't compare casey to buble, for me it's only because they have different kind of voice. buble is more a crooner like sinatra. not all jazz singers sings smooth like that. billie holiday's sounded a bit hoarse, louis armstrong too. but can you say which is the better jazz singer? they're all great!

    • I am actually a fan of Jazz, listen to it somewhat regularly and while Casey did live up to the song, there are so many better Jazz songs out there, he did seem to shrink and just didn't fit for him. He really should have performed the other song tonight. I think he would have slayed that.

      • I'd love to hear Casey do his take on "Stompin At The Savoy". That would be worth watching.

  48. You're insane. You have NO clue what talent is or what America thinks. Sigh. Youth is wasted on the young. Stefano, Casey and James were spot ON tonight. Paul is OVER. Needed to be over weeks ago! Get OVER Haley. She has just been lucky and "Call Me" was passable, but nothing that STOOD OUT. Same with Lauren. Interesting and talented belong to Casey, Stefano and James.

    • You're right Trish. I'm Haley's number one fan, but she didn't hit the note on a single one of all the "Call Me!s" in the song. I thought she was a little hoarse or something, and please don't tell me it's because she's been kissing Casey (he ahemmed a couple of times), and even Jacob had a frog in his throat . . . Oh no! I shudder to think . . .! Sorry got side tracked. But I still gave Haley 2nd for the night. I actually gave Jacob–who I hate 2nd only to Paul–the top spot for a talented singing of "Bridge OTW". And I want America to punish James (who I like to Rock) for shoving Heavy Metal down our throat. (bottom 3 warning)

  49. Casey and Paul can't sing, plain and simple. Paul has stage presence??…..if you like watching a noodle flopping on stage.

    I usually find myself agreeing with the judges most of the time, but these ones are something else. Simon was the only one that had the courage to say what he really thought.

    This could be my last season of watching this popularity contest, besides, the X Factor starts this fall. I predict Simon's new show kicks Idol's butt. He jumped off the titanic just in time.

  50. Bottom three should be Jacob,Casey, and Paul with Jacob going home. I hope America does not send another girl home it is getting a little sexest. A guy has won the last three years let a woman win for

    once. We will see

    • A guy has wont the last 3 years because they deserved to win. Although I would have picked Adam over Kris (but it gave Adam the wings to soar).

      • Seriously you would pick Paul over Jacob. Your ear must be filled with something. He was definatley faaaaaaar better than Paul or Stephano

  51. Best performances for me was Stefano, Haley, and Paul. Seems a little strange considering that most want Stefano and Paul in the bottom two but honestly my favourites (Scotty, Lauren, and Casey) just didn't do it for me tonight. Scotty was weak in some parts vocally, Lauren just had a bad arrangment of her song, and I couldn't relate to Casey's song choice (even though I think jazz is where Casey shines)

    In terms of who should go home though, I think it should be Jacob. Yes, I do believe that Jacob had one of his better vocal performances (wasn't over the top to me) but I don't think he's quite redeemed himself from his arrogant sounding comment last week.

    • Of course the person with one of the best performances should go home because of a commment he made last week. That's special.

      • True, my logic does sound a little backwards. To make it sound better, I guess his comment last week was the last straw for me for him. Yes, he is a great singer but performance wise, I can never really appreciate them as much as I like the other performances.

  52. This was a very disappointing week. I was not into any of the performances this week, save Haley (sorta) and James. I do have to agree that Haley could have picked a MUCH better song to sing, but she did pull it off. And I'm so tired of Jacob and his 'performances'. In fact, most everyone stayed safe this week it seemed, which really annoyed me. Let's see some guts, Idol 8!

  53. Loved Lauren (She Has the most beautiful voice of any of them up there).Once again I say she is so easy to listen to.

    • she started gret.. full of emotion but half-way through,,i lost the connection.. she's great.. i hope she'll act what she sings… but don't get me wrong.. i love her too

      • Am I the only one who thinks that Lauren's mother is trying to outshine her daughter? That overdone wig and Halloween makeup made her seem to be reaching for the spotlight herself.

  54. Scotty is my favorite. Yes he sings country and is good at it. Paul is a Rod Stewart wanna be. James can only scream and sing heavy metal. Jacob belongs in a choir. Casey, I do not know where he will end up!

    • Did you watch James last week sing "While my guitar gently Weeps"? It was a beautiful, soft song and he nailed it!

      • People convienently forget those kinds of things when somebody more talented than their favorite starts to really shine. It's expected.

      • I agree that James Ballads and rock singing are super talented and entertaining. And though I see his talent on Metal tonight, I'm hoping enough voters want to send him a warning message with a bottom 3 ranking. Just like the Randy elites of Jazz lounges are so smug over their love of quirky music like Casey did, my belief is that most voters prefer to hear sweet ballads or uptempo popular rock or even country. So I'd like to see the "elitists" punished for forcing their passions down our throat.

      • But what about what you are recommending for pushing down the throats of those that love heavy metal? Isn't it somewhat hypocritcal of you to suggest that the performer must submit to the style that you prefer rather than perform what they like?

      • Kdub, I don't think either side is being hypocritical really. My point is that the majority or at least a plurality of voters prefer the music I suggested–and so the votes is the fair judge of that. Except that voters are guided by 'misguided' judges. lol

      • well look at where 'sweet ballads' took pia…

        honestly i don't know what the voters are thinking this year, but i do applaud them for appreciating personal style this year.

    • mimi…Scotty's a Elvis cowboy wanna be and his sooooooo predictable! at least Paul has great taste in clothes!!!

    • Mimi, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to agree with you! We will just have to see who votes, & for whom they vote. If you have a style, & you're good at it, why change it, if it isn't broken, just like Randy said.

      In my opinion, the bottom 3 will be, Casey,

      Haley, James, or Paul. I don't care for their song choices, & they are way out there from what I think an American Idol should be. Stop the screaming, & trying to hard to be sexy, & pick better song choices. I hope it comes down to Scotty, Lauren, & Stefano. We'll see, & everyone is entitled to his , or her own opinion! good luck to all the singers that have gotten this far. Each is a good singer in what they do, but screaming, & jazz is not what I consider an American Idol to be!

  55. i think stefano will go home but miracles happen. haley, jacob, stefano might be bottom 3. instead of haley or jacob, it might b pal or casey. but i hope jacob's goin' to be out! a guy shud be eliminated this week. cuz gurls hav bin gettin' elim.

  56. miley still sang the song better than lauren.. way better!! when i watched a performance of miley.. she might not sound that great but the emotion, the connection and she's more genuine!!!

    lauren stoped competing and haley.. still great!! GO

  57. i think the top 3 best performances tonite are scotty, james, and lauren:) and haley, jacob, and casey are either bad or just plain boring.

  58. I agree with Branden about Haley.I think she sang and performed great tonight I'm hoping that Paul, Jacob & Casey wind up in the bottom three.

      • rafrafraf!!! i agree

        DO NOT ctiticize people when you're ain't even half of them.. stop HATING!! just go and support your idol!!!

        i love THIA and it hurts me to hear people say bad things to her… ๐Ÿ™‚ love yah fudge!

      • pia and thia are like the best girls including lauren! ur outta yo mind "whatthefudge"

  59. foe me opinion, i dont lyk casey, james nd jacob. lyk i 2tally dont lyk dam. buh, james can sing tho:D

    • It's "like" not "lyk" and totally not "2tally". Misspelling things is completely understandable, but at least try to spell in a way that doesn't make you look like… well, you know.

      Oh, and James rocks!

      • James for the win!!! Vote James!!!! He cares the most and shows everyone how much he loves what he does. He brings everyone in. Has tons of energy!! I would pay 200 bucks to for his concert.

  60. I honestly didn't enjoy Haley. She's always been my least favorite, but her last two performance were pretty good and she was starting to win me over. Today's performance just seemed like a mess, but maybe it's just me. I wouldn't mind seeing Jacob or Casey (or Haley, my usual going home vote) go home. Jacob had been one of my favorites, but he's just getting obnoxious. I definitely agree with Scotty being 100% safe. I think he'd have to be absolutely HORRIBLE for his fangirls to not vote for him.. even then they might still vote for him.

    I'm also extremely glad that there was no dwelling on the fact that Pia was sent home.

  61. Not a good night for any of them–poor song choices. While I like Casey's musicality I didn't like the way he would bite off certain words–ugly. Paul's kind of fun but his voice is weak; Lauren boring and a terrible song choice; Stefano boring; Alfred E. Newman Scotty was boring; Haley sounded pretty good but way too much mugging; Jacob, I can't even look at him, there is something creepy about his mannerisms, he sounded ok but can't compete with Clay Aiken doing that song; got to go with the heavy metal performance of James for the win tonight.

      • but the funniest will be if James gets a bottom 3. and if he does and remains defiant about it, he'll learn that show business (read dollars) is about giving your biggest group of fans what THEY want to hear, not what YOU want them to hear. I like James, I don't like heavy metal–but I admit James is great at it and that guitarist was pretty cool (I wouldn't leave my girlfriend alone with him).

  62. Haley was the greatest singer and PERFORMER of the night… best song choise, best interpretation, best dreesing too (LOL)… i mean she got it all…


  63. Definitely not the best show today.. but still, this is my list for best to worst tonight:

    – Stefano: I honestly think he did great

    – Paul: One of the few performances tonight that kept my eyes on the screen

    – Scotty: sounds good as always

    – Casey: different.. but that's why I like him. I do wish, though, that he did the Phil Colins song.

    – Haley: Not my fav Haley performance.

    – James: He is a true performer, but I can't lie – heavy metal just doesn't work for me. He did good though

    – Jacob: Nice to see him sing without that weird crying face. Better than he has been lately tonight

    – Lauren: such a safe song choice

  64. James doesn't only scream. He can sing anything.

    My predication is that Haley is sent home next, however; my choice would be Paul or Casey.

    • Agree with you 110%. He has gone out of his way to sing many songs to prove this (Maybe I'm Amazed and While My Guitar Gently Weeps being the 2 prime examples) but people still pull the "only screams" crap out of their butt making it obvious they have no clue what they are talking about.

      I hope you are wrong about Haley, tonight was a little rough, but the 2 prior weeks she was red hot, I'm hoping we can see her get back to that form. I'm personally hoping for Paul, Casey, or Jacob to be sent packing next.

    • Yep…me too. Liked him at first, but he's got somewhat arrogant. I think there should be a bottom three, and the judges get to pick who actually goes home. Truthfully..tonight was the worst AI I've seen this season. Just sayin —

  65. im tired of james… he just try to be the rocker boy or something… as i read, he is not axel rose… for me he is a fake rocker

  66. Paul is a horrible imitation of Rod Stewart. He doesn't even come close to Rod.

    James all the way.

    • Why does everybody compare Paul to Rod Stewart? That is crazy. Just because they sing songs from the artist doesn't mean they are trying to be them. They have to pick a songs that are already sung so I don't get it.

      • ashen, Of course I have no idea how old you are, but apparently you are young enough to require an answer to the question… Why does everybody compare Paul to Rod Stewart? So let me help to educate you. Paul comes very close to being a young Rod Stewart clone. Hope that helps.

    • James is a horrible imitation of Adam Lambert. He doesn't even come close to Adam.

      • David P… you're a moron James no imitation he's beem signgin longer than eyeliner boy (adam)

      • Pretty much what Keven said. The two are about as comparable as Steven Tyler and Freddie Mercury. Adam is Glam rock which relies on a whole different set of vocal skills than James more heavy-classic rocker style of performing. The only thing that Adam and James have in common (other than American Idol) is they both perform in the same general Genre of music, but there are many different types of Rock and they are both from very different regions of the rock world.

      • Kevin you are ignorant if you think James has been singing longer than Adam. My comment was just reflecting what the above poster said about Paul anyway. And while they do sing different genre of rock that doesn't mean they aren't stylistically similar. All I have to say is when Adam screamed he actually hit a note.

      • David, if you can't hear the vabrado and the tone when James hits those high notes, then make an appointment with the audiologist. Just a friendly suggestion. James actually has a better range and when Adam had to resort to falsetto, James just goes up there and nails the note.

      • They are two different people. Adam is not rock remember that. Yes they have the same range when singing, but two different styles of music. You can't compare them. They are both great. And Adam should of won Idol.

      • There is a reason that James is a horrible imitation of Adam. Because he isn't trying to be Adam. He is just James.

    • How could you say that?

      Paul's voice is incredibly similar to Rod Stewart's and Paul's version of Maggie May was great. I think Paul's best was Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. That was fantastic. And Paul is one of the only contestants with both talent AND personality!

  67. paul-great performance

    lauren-an okay performance

    stefano-excellent,best performance he ever did

    haley-fun performance

    jacob-less than ok, but glaD dat he has no crying face

    casey-boring, but great

    scotty-excellent as always

    james-very gud

    for sure to be safe-scotty and james

    likely-lauren,casey, paul

    bottom 3-jacob, stefano, haley

    eliminated-haley or stefano?

  68. Paul is the only true ARTIST up there. I'm not saying the other people don't have potential but Paul is already grounded in being an artist. He writes his own music, plays his own instruments, and owns the stage. I know people don't like his voice but from somebody who listens to Ray Lamontagne, Bob Schneider, Ryan Adams, and Teitur I think he has the most potential. Lauren sounded horrible. The arrangement was horrible. She was pitchy at times and it was all over the place. Stefano is boring. He will do great being a karoke singer for the rest of his life but he has nothing to add to the industry. Just cause someone has a great voice doesn't make them an artist. Casey is not as great as everyone makes him seem to be. I totally agree that he was pitchy and growly and not good at all. Sometimes I wonder if the judges hear a total different person. Jacob Lusk deserves to go home. He sucks. I don't know who is out there voting for him but whoever it is must be drunk. He has no appeal at all. His voice = great. Personality = Disgusting. I thought Hayley was really good tonight which made me even MORE confused of what the judges are hearing. Scotty is fine but I thought he was really pitchy and this was his worse performance all season. Finally, James Durbin…I don't personally like his music or his attitude on stage…When he cried during one of the songs he sang one week it felt totally contrived and he lost me. But I think he has great voice for that kind of music!


    • I disagree with most of your points, but at least you made an effort to back up what you said and made sense (even when I disagreed, I could at least respect your point) kudos! ~tips hat~

    • I have Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams in my ipod. Love them. Don't care for Paul. His voice is too shaky. He's only had 1 performance that I liked (singing Rod Stewart), the rest were painful. He has moments where he sounds good but 75% of the time he misses the mark.

  69. I didn't get Casey at all. Was never really a fan of his. He also cleared his throat a couple of times during his performance. Judges gave him a standing ovation because he is the one they saved…So they don't want us to know that they made a bad choice. My personal opinion….

      • I didn't see the dirt but he sure could use some teeth whitener. And so could Randy. Looks like he only does his top teeth.

      • 'pimping of casey'- what does that mean?- last week someone said Paul was the last to sing and had the 'pimp' spot. plz explain

      • When they say that somebody is being pimped, they mean that they are making the person out to be better than they really are. Really talking them up.

        When they say somebody is in "the pimp spot" they mean that they are the last person to perform that night.

      • His beard was shorter tonight than it ever has been. It's like the show "Pimp my Ride." The classic example of getting pimped (if you can remember that far back) is/was Clay Aiken.

    • Casey isn't my favorite but I can't really agree with you. The entire time Casey was singing tonight all I was thinking was that I liked it. I hope he makes the top 3.

  70. what is it with you guys i will vote for Scottie because he is great country western singer , not a wana be country singer singing pop like the stuff comming out now, but Jacob is a good singer, and Paul has a great voice.Stephano did great tonight. But lauren and haley really need to go where they would do best, like a boweling alley.

  71. I like Haley but she has a very awkward way of moving. She always seems so uncomfortable, I don't get it and with all the help that she is getting from coaches and stuff. She's got a voice but not a whole package. That's how I feel about some of the others also. Jennifer Lopez "voted Most beautiful) Wow pretty neat Jen ,,,,,,, anyway she has touched upon this with quite a few of the contestants. Stage presence (check) voice (check) but the contestants as a whole are really great and you hate to knock them down but they need some guidance to get them in the right zone. That was a shame about Pia. Scott needs some help with stage presence also, he's got something but it needsto be polished and I think besides thevoice they need to work with them to polish that part of the performance. If you thought last week was awesomecould you imagine if someone workedwith them forthat! they would be so … out of this world amazing! Jennifer's Hubby … Mark should work with them … he has a great eye for this type of talent.

    I really thought to that Lauren didn't pick the right song … So has such an amazing voice and song choice can either make or break you and I really hope that someof my favorites are here next week after they made some bad song choices. Some one made a comment about Casey … I wasn't able to see it cause for some reason the DVD decided to stop recording at 41 mins. pissed me off and I didn't see all of the contestant .. only 4. so I was really looking for a site that I could see the rest of the show … does anyone know of site to see the shows if you missed them??


    • Hi. You can view all eight performance videos on, I believe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have a theory about Laurens song choice. She has been watching people perform and not quite live up to teh origional performer over and over again for the past several weeks, so she picked a song that she knew she could sing better than the person that made the song famous… lets lace it, Miley Cirus was nowhere near as good with that song as Lauren was… kinda sneaky on her part… I wonder if it'll pay off.

    • i totally agree with you:) it is a racist show. no latinas, asians, mexican won this competition yet.

  72. Can I say it? I hated Casey's version of "Nature Boy". I don't understand why it was given a standing ovation. To me, he was pitchy in the beginning, he even seemed to be clearing his throat at one point. He did better at the end, but his whole demeanor reminded me of the guy that was singing folk songs to the girls in "Animal House" until John Belushi came along and smashed his guitar, then said "Sorry". Belushi would probably be played by James Durbin on Idol. I loved that exchange with Jimmy Iovine about "Heavy Metal". "Where's the chorus?" "That is the chorus". In fact, I like Durbin most nights.

    • I Love some James comes across like his full of himself…but I can tell that's not the case. People with Asperberg's can't pick up on social cues & at times appear to lack empathy!

      He has an amazing voice and even won Country๏ปฟ Idol 2009 (in San Jose, CA)

      I voted for James!!!

      • Yea you can't say he's full of himself. He just gets very excited . He is going 100 miles an hour on that stage. I know i would get a rush if i was happy about how i performed. You are right somtimes things just happen. He seems very sincere and cares about making the crowd happy. I think he shows that more than anyone up there. James gets my vote !!!

    • Hi…I am a huge casey fan..Also a fan of James and Scotty in that order..Actually i kinda like everybody except Lauren..not to my taste…You mentioned that casey's performance was pitchy, so i assume that you don't listen to jazz much…You see in jazz, an artists is allowed to sing feign notes or fake notes..such notes are used in jazz to add character..The real Casey is a great artist and only similar people will understand the talent that he has..To me and you, it may sound flat but the thing is that there is a reason for that..I am not a talented musician but i do have friends who are musicians and they are always going on about how great casey is..I admit i dont always understand what they talk about when they get into the technical aspects of signing, but they all agree on his talent.. so now comes the question of marketability..if casey sings songs like nature boy. then yes his audience will get restricted but if he goes the Norah Jones way, he will be phenomenal…And ys more power to James…When will he sing some maiden? ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers…

  73. I agree that Casey was absolutely amazing tonight, his performance was pure talent and if you disagree it simply means you're uneducated in…"artistic magic"…James is also talented and knows how to entertain the audience…love him! Like many I wasn't a big Haley fan at the start but each week I like her more and more. Her vocals are so ridiculously untapped, if you don't think Haley deserves to stay you haven't been listening to that voice of hers…not so much the raspy stuff which is a little over done … you need to close your eyes and listen to her tone, her vibrato, her vocal control and range…the judges are doing such a disservice to all the idols this season as they need to better critique the kids because they are so NOT perfect…yet!

  74. My thoughts:

    Scotty: what's up with holding the microphone like s flute?

    Casey: a good musician, but strange, see Taylor Hicks trajectory; totally over-hyped – standing O, really?

    James: looked like he had fun, but a little full of himself with Jimmy

    Stefano: nice kid, good voice, see Lee Dewyse II

    Paul: chicken with head cut off. Nuff said.

    Jason: is it Jason? Turned me off last week. Rheben Studdard-esque

    Haley: some of her moves read stripper to me

    Lauren: sweet, great voice, needs to go all out

    • That was completely awesome to see Zakk up there. I will admit, I got all fanboy geeked out for it.

      • Me too! Except for the boy part. ;D I'd love to see him tackle some Maiden or Slayer. Dare I mention Metallica? The old stuff, off Lightning or Puppets. As if they'd allow it.

  75. I totally agree with the views. They are right on the money.

    What I like about Haley is she does a bluesy rock. When she did Janice last week the only thing missing was the total hippy look of Janice. And I am tired of hearing female pop or white women trying to sound like black women. Only black women can sing like black women. Otherwise it is phony. Sorry Christina and et el.

  76. I'm really starting to worry that Scotty may win. Everyone seems to like him and no one seems to notice how limited he is. He has a good voice for country music, but that's it. I guess maybe that's enough(enough for America at least). His voice is pleasent, he's just not a very good singer! Not technically. Just a one trick pony!!!!

    • I like Scotty. And I like him for doing Country. But I do get mad at him for mainly doing safe easy country songs. He's not willing to do some cool uptempo stuff like someone Branden suggested "Devil Went Down To Georgia". That would be hard because of the fast lyrics, but fantastic if he could do it. I think he could do Allen Jackson's "Way Down Yonder on the Chattahootchie". That'd be such a crowd pleaser, and he could get the pimp spot, and even his Haters would give him some props for that. Right?!

  77. I am a 61 year old female still actively working and have followed idol for years. I have to say, I really can't stand Jacob even with my eyes closed. I think he is the next to go. Hayley is really growing on me and I loved the song choice! I absolutely do Not like Casey, do not enjoy watching his performances and would not buy his records. Unlike Jennifer, I do not find him sexy even with the shorter beard! Stefano did well tonight, love the richness of Scotty's voice but wrong song choice for him, he should have listened to Jimmy. Lauren has a great voice but just seems to hold back… just needs a little more maturity. I see her having a great recording future.

      • crack me up..and why are people writing their ages next to their name and why on earth should we believe them? Maybe people are just doing that to make us believe that they are wise.aahhahahahaaa..old goat….Gina that was just so baaaaaaaaaahhhhhhd!!!

        P.S- If you're really a granny, then my most heartfelt apologies…

    • Gina, u the dumb goat for being so party pooper dismissive. Janet made some interesting intelligent comments that we can either agree or disagree with, and I actually appreciate when bloggers say their age or sex or whatever because I can tell more their perspective.

      So Gina or Glna, why don't you class yourself up and apologize or do the cowardly thing and change your name, or just not repost. Even Randy would say Boooo to you!

      • Gina—

        I'm guessing here you're about 12…maybe 13

        at best so I suggest you scamper back to bed

        before mommy catches you up past your bedtime.


      • That logic is flawed..coondog….i must say first..i think your name's pretty awesome…Coondog..cooondawggg..hmm..nice ring to it.. But how can you honestly believe that a person's age is what he/she wrote…It is sad but there a lot of idiots out there who write that they're 70 and 50 just to sound more wise…When the basis of your perception is flawed, how can you possibly determine anything written here…Just listeen to the opinion instead of going for factors that might or might not be true…

      • kinda follow your logic Gautham, but I was mostly trying to give solace to Janet in the event that she really was 61 and got slapped in the face by the cruel gina–even you added that apology for her just in case. (I do have to admit I kinda laughed about such a cruel unthinking remark by what appeared to be a stupid kid–Gina)

      • i know right…The unabashedly cruel remark did the opposite of what it should have made me feel..I cracked up like a lit firecracker high on Mary Jane…hahahaha..I love Gina…hahah

  78. uuhhhh!!!!

    i haven't seen the show yet coz it's shown late in my country.

    after reading the comments, I seriously fear for Haley!!!

    I like Haley, I don't want her to go home so soon coz I want to hear her sing more. But ah well, if she's gone, I'll just watch the rest of the performances in You Tube…. nothing will excite me anymore *sighing*

  79. JLo's refusal to opine after Haley's performance (for fear of sending another girl home) brought three things to mind:

    1) that she is accountable for Pia's premature elimination;

    2) that she was either genuinely pleading with America to keep Haley on the show or guilefully imploring the voters to send her home; and

    3) that she will give veritable critiques only when she feels like it.

    While Simon might have contemptibly appealed to most, occasions such as tonight make me covet the day he returns to tell it like it is (sighing with flailing arms).

  80. I think someone must have slipped you some crack because Haley's performance was totally half-rate and cheesy. Awful even.

    Jacob hit some huge notes at the end of that song that were quite impressive. That being said I hate that song and it was boring. By the way your church comments were a little uncalled for. Just sayin'.

    Those were the only two I didn't vote for. I actually only voted for Scotty because I thought to myself, "Hmm, if Pia went home last week then nobody is safe and I like Scotty so I'm gonna vote for him even though it was just ok."

    James was freaking awesome. As a former metal head that was totally rad. He killed it and he had freaking Zack Wylde on stage with him. That was redonkulous. Good for him for telling Jimmy whatfor. I liked the underhanded way Will I Am agreed with James too.

    Lauren picked a great song by the way. Miley isn't good but whoever wrote that song wrote a great song and Lauren killed it tonight.

    Stefano had a comeback night and performed well I thought.

    Paul was really good again. It was fun. By the way Bob Seger ain't exactly the greatest singer ever but he's got character in his voice just like Paul does. That's why I like him.

    Casey caught me off guard a little tonight. And I like that he did. Let's see pick one of the biggest pop songs from one of the best selling pop singers in history or do a jazz number by Nat King Cole. I'm glad he stuck to his guns and did the latter because he honestly showcased that he really is an artist instead of just another singer trying to make it big.










    Bottom 3: Haley, Jacob, Paul

    Eliminated: Jacob (I was gonna say Haley, but I really don't think America will let there only be 1 girl left will they?)

    • agree on all of your point! but i'm not so harsh on haley. half-hearted, yes, but totally awful, no.

  81. I thought that Paul's performance was fun and happy whereas it seems like the other performers are singing the same old boring songs. Except for James of course. I thought he did an amazing job.

    Haley's performance was awesome, I don't care what the judges said, her song was great and her vocals were really really good.

    Did anyone else catch Randy compare Casey to Michael Buble? Now, I'm a HUGE Buble fan. He is the most amazing singer, but when Randy ranked Casey up there with Buble I started to scream at the TV! Casey's performance was creepy and completely overrated by the judges who gave him a standing ovation. I can't believe the loved it. And I'm still fuming over the Buble comparison.

    And a question, am I the only one that absolutely can't stand Jacob? He's ANNOYING! He thinks that he is God's gift to the world and the judges telling him how amazing he is all the time isn't helping his all ready flawed personality. His voice is for church choir not for American idol.

    And a final note, I think that Stefano definitely should have gone home last week. Pia was absolutely phenomenal and there was no justice in last week's choice.

    Oh and Paul is my favorite, just putting that out there. His personality is cool and wacky, and his fashion choices are so out there that i find him very intriguing, unlike the boring same old choices of the other contestants.


    • i think people are annoyed & did not agree with your words here, no wonder nobody dared to reply…

  82. The best 3 tonite were Stefano, Stefano and Stefano! Improving every week. Powerful singer. Great presentation and expression. Passion. Polite.

    Scotty, Haley, Lauren, Casey and Paul…dime a dozen voices, especially Scotty. Yuck!

    Worst egos already…Haley and Scotty…full of themselves

      • If Stefano gets voted out, he will have a recording contract from Jimmy like yesterday, just like Pia.

        He has the work ethic and has literally come back from almost dead in his car accident, so this is nothing compared to what he has been through already at such a young age.

    • Forgot to add…..cancel the judges altogether. They are mostly useless unless they can provide constructive comments…Very boring to just hear the same thing every time…all positive, esp Steven…very boring. and not as helpful to the contestants. Really miss Simon for telling the truth. Randy you should know better having sat beside Simon up till last year.

  83. Okay Branden,

    I didn't figure out everyone's time this week. Just Paul and Casey. Frankly, I thought they all stunk this week, especially "Nature Boy". Paul total face time 5:25 and Casey 9:19. This isn't including the commercial break ins. How unfair! They went on and on over Casey AGAIN!! Make him the winner right now, and save us some viewing time. I'd rather watch my socks drying! He'll be about as successful as Taylor Hicks!

    • I agree. I've posted last page that I hope America punishes both Casey and James with bottom 3 warnings that should normally be reserved for Jacob and Paul (I actually gave Jacob high marks tonight though)–Casey because he and Randy think they can force their elitist artistical passions down our throat, and James because Heavy Metal is not what most voters want to hear routinely. I liked Casey's quirky song, it just isn't that cool unless I'm in a lounge with my girl, but not on a rockin' stage.

    • disagree Ted. I remembered enjoying and agreeing with the recap, but you guys made me curious so I scrolled back up to it. I kind of had to hunt for the "really"s. I thought it was spot on 'surprise shock' moments to capture what he thought of certain moments, and that's why I enjoy Branden's recaps, because he captures my memories of it–or at least I REALLY (!) understand what he's thinking (even when he's wrong! lol).

  84. i dont know why they judge it bad… Haley was awesome… have you heard the original Call me? is not an easy son to sing (like lauren or scotty songs)and she just mailed it!

    My vote is for her… VOTE FOR HALEY

  85. f ur fav idol s elimnated..well… d show wl nt end f we all keep them..thats hw AI mechnics….d contestnt perform…d judges givs constrctiv criticsm?(suposdly)we vote..thn fnally d wnner…piece of advce 2 d judges…try nt 2 b angry w/ d result f ur fav idol s elmnated…it sounds "bias"

  86. Loved Jame's performance, and I'm not a fan of heavy metal. Scotty was very good, but I do wish he would hold his head and mic less tilted. Love hearing him sing but not so much to watch.

    I though Jacob would go home, after the comment he made last week. I, really, couldn't believe my ears.

    Bottom 3 I think will be Paul, Jacob, and Haley.

    • I thought I was the only one bothered by Scott's hands and tilted head, it;s the same each week he is so boring, but can sing country very well, and only country!

      • Scottie has made this his signiture, he is not likely to change it. You do know what a signiture is for a performer, don't you?

    • Bottom 3 will be Paul, Jacob, & Casey. Casey was very creative, but I think it is too much for this voting audience.

    • I believe the bottom three will be…




      With Jacob going home. I just can't help but feel that his comment from last week will catch up with him this week. Especially since Jimmy reminded everyone about it.

      Loved Lauren, Scottie, Stefano, & James.

    • Regarding Scotty's tilt: I don't mean this in an unkind way, but I wonder if the mirror he practiced in growing up was lower on the wall than it should have been. He had to lean to see himself and that's how he feels comfortable. It's just a theory and a half baked one at that. But it's possible.

  87. My predictions for tomorrow night:

    1. Scotty

    2. Haley

    3. Paul

    4. James

    5. Stefano

    Bottom 3:

    6. Casey

    7. Lauren

    8. Jacob

      • Scotty not idol like???? wth does that mean.. idol is idol and in america, as Steve T said, there are all kinds of birds that sing in the forest… and Scotty sings GREAT. hey I am not a country fan but this kid has a voice that you don't hear very often.. amazing…

  88. I think you are way off on this one. I too thought she was the worst tonight. Though I would love to Jacob go home first.

  89. Jacob lusk. plz. go. home. k. tnx.

    casey… boo, dude. wtf were you thinking? you're lucky if u stay this time.

    lauren… bleah. sorry but i hate that song.

    haley… meh.

    paul… meh x 2

    james – hate ur song choice but i guess you were ok. that back-bend thing… don't overdo it. looks lamE.

    scotty – not so hot tonite dude.

    stephano – teeny bit better but still broadway/wedding material.

  90. I loved Haley's performance!!!!! She is my favorite so far. Lauren's song choice was bad. She needs to grow up! She is so immature on stage. Casey? What the hell was that…i bet In the Air Tonight would've been soo much better. I'm proud of Scotty for hitting a hire not than usual. James, I don't know, nothing really different than usual. PAUL HAS GOT TO GO HOME!!!! I'M GETTING REALLY TIRED OF HIM. I think Stephano redeemed himself. He can stay another week. PAUL must go, then Lauren, then Jacob, then Stephano. Top 3: Haley, Scotty and James! Haley for the win. I think no matter what Scotty is going to get a contract – the girls love him.

    • Casey stayed true to what he does best.what's your problem with that, that was a great performance.and Haley was so karaoke at some points.get your ears checked

  91. Paul: Ho hum…same old Paul performing in some bar. Come on y'all. D

    Lauren: Not bad. She did pretty well with a song I don't even know. B-

    Stefano:Don't like his voice. Don't like his style. How has he gotten this far? D

    Scotty: Mr. One Trick Pony. What a snoozer performance. What the heck did he sing? C- (and I'm being kind)

    Haley: Karaoke. Not as much growling as usual. D+

    Casey: I love how this guy goes out on a limb. What an original! B

    Jacob: Sings with incredible passion. B+

    James: Rocked the house. This guy should be heading up a band already. A

  92. I, too, worry that Scotty may win. I wish Simon was back. I think he would at least give some honest criticism. I'm tired of everyone being so 'perfect'…. when honestly, they aren't. They may be good, but I heard off notes, notes that were flat tonight. A pretty sad night, I thought. And yes, Haley's performance wasn't her best, but I don't know if anyone had a great performance tonight.. Her performance was good and better than most. I love her bluesy voice. LOVE. I think Stephano did improve over the past couple weeks. For one thing, Stephano kept his eyes open, and sang with heart, tonight. Paul use to be one of my fav's, but kinda boring anymore. His pearly whites aren't enough to keep me interested. It was sad to see Pia go, but if Haley goes tomorrow… there are several people I know that won't be watching the show anymore. Why bother, really? Do you think the stage is too large and the judges are too close to really hear these people sing clearly??? or are they just ignoring what is obvious to us all?

  93. UHHH. Its time for jacob to go. AS IN GO. I hate his performance. and will hate him more if he doesn't go this week. HAHAHAHA. I love haley this week and lauren too.

  94. Best performance tonight for me was James by a mile. He's just so much better than the rest. I loved the metal song he sang tonight. Tickets for his concert would be $100.

    Casey reminds me of something you'd see if you wandered into a Jazz club with a $10 cover charge.

    Scotty reminds me of every country singer I've heard before, nothing too special but tickets are still $40 to the concert.

    Jacob needs to go home – bad. I can't figure out what the judges are hearing when he sings. It's really bad. I'd pay $20 for some cotton to stuff in my ears if he got on stage at a karaoke bar.

    I wouldn't pay anything for Stephano's concert, but I might actually buy his album because I think he has a good studio voice.

    Paul is weird. Not bad, but too weird for me. Too bad Pia is gone I enjoyed her. Everyone else is kinda boring.

  95. Actually Stefano really blew me away tonight, I don't think I'm ready to see him go home yet…

    • Actually, Stefano has the most convincing performance tonight. Even viewers who don't normally like him gets the nod and appreciated him amazing performance. Am glad Randy did not pick on him…

    • I think Stefano will stay at least another week or two. I feel that America will try to make up for the discrace & disrespect the judges threw at him last week.

  96. It may have not been the best of Haley, BUT it was by far much better than most of the others. I am ok. if the judges want to critizice, but BE FAIR!. Go Haley, yshe really is the few that takes risks and delivers good performances. At the beginning I liked Lauren and Scotty, but by now they (like Pia) are starting to be boring.

    • i didn't like haley since day 1 but she's getting better & better which makes me like her… scotty & Lauren are good but am getting a little bored… am glad Stefano steps up tonight, good for him









    BOTTOM 3:




    BOTTOM 2






  98. Here's my two cents:

    1. Lauren, nothing special, stands pigeon-toed like a little girl – grow up;

    2. Casey, daring and fabulous, good song choice for him;

    3. Paul, he needs to leave the public arena as he is annoying and can't sing;

    4. James, he can definitely put on a performance;

    5. Haley, did okay, but lost it in the middle;

    6. Jacob, can't stand to watch him – please go away;

    7. Stefano, did a great job tonight;

    8. Scotty, boring as usual and the way he tilts his head and holds his mic sideways drives me to distraction.

    Bottom 3 prediction: Paul, Haley, and Jacob.

    • agree, sadly, your bottom 3 would be my bottom 3 with hopes of Jacob going home, or Paul. OR even hopes you & I are wrong and Scotty is in the bottom 3 ๐Ÿ˜€ and is booted out. I know I'm dreaming but then the next couple weeks, Paul and Jacob could go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Still think James and Scotty are in it to win it. Haley did well tonight. Really think its time for Jacob to give it up and go home. Who is voting for him? Seriously?! Bottom 3: Jacob, Paul, Casey OR Stefano.

  100. I will agree with you Branden on Haley. She was absolutely fabulous tonight! Randy has always been a dumba$$ anyways.

  101. Scotty just needs to sing and the girls will vote for him. He doesn't even need to be judged.

    • Nop…all he needs to do is eating a cob on stage…they (his fans) won't notice the different….lol!

    • We don't have music is public schools so it’s easier to market to the musically ignorant. Harmonic complexities baffle the musically illiterate, and myopic taste feed the status quo, yet Casey transcends the status quo. What he accomplished was a stretch for little ears, and maybe a few will endeavor to continue their musical exploration beyond the commercial. Casey, I thank you for giving us who’s ears aren’t lost by compositions with more than three chords, something interesting to listen to.

      • wow..seriously dude??? You're writing in such an eloquent manner to someone who goes by the name of idolfan12…Come on man..As if puberty wasn't hard enough.. Don't embarrass the kid… yes he might be a musically illiterate person but you know what, he's a musically illiterate person who buys records and helps artists to earn money.. the three chords you mentioned are all that he/she can come on..write it in plain and simple English…:D. Let the kid learn…:)

  102. I would rank them tonight:

    1. Jacob…hate that guy, but it was awesome.

    2. Lauren…sounded good, and didn't talk like an idiot.

    3. James..hate rockers..but that was good.

    4. Haley…it was very karioke, but ok.

    5. wasn't my favorite from him.

    6. Scotty…butchered George Strait!!

    7. Stefano…you are not BOYZIIMEN!!


  103. Have been reading the comments to prepare me for what sounds like a lacklustre show (airing in a few hours in Australia). With Pia gone, I must say that I'm not as enthusiastic about watching it. Not that I was die hard Pia supporter. It's more that the best singer of the bunch somehow didn't receive enough votes to stay. This somehow changes the dynamic of the show and highlights major flaws in the voting system.

    Nevertheless, Jacob is still around so here's hoping his performance reinvigorates my interest.

      • Waiting to hear what you thought Andrew? I thought the whole show was extremely ordinary with my bottom 3 being Casey, Haley and Paul. Hopefully Casey going home.

  104. I just finished watching the performances again (minus the judges comments because they are mostly worthless). Haley was great, I don't understand why people aren't giving her a chance. She seems to be extremely polarizing, some people love her and some people hater her and some people are waiting to be drawn to one side or the other. Someone should suggest to her that Steven Tyler peeking under her skirt isn't a good thing, though. What a chomo.

    • Yeah, even though I'm sitting in my recliner "thinking" what Steven verbalized, I couldn't believe he said it. And he got away with it because everybody just flossed by it. I think Hailey kinda smiled with a reticent "thank you". Surprised his comment made it on the West Coast recording of the Live Show.

  105. Paul – Very good song choice, for Paul. It fits his style. Not great, but good.

    Lauren – Another good song choice. But she didn't really connect with me.

    Stefano – He deserves to be where he is – perhaps. I wouldn't choose him to win.

    Scotty – He is still very good, but have we seen all there is? Maybe he peaked a few weeks ago?

    Casey – Certainly out of the ordinary. I give him credit for that.

    Haley is singing much better. I find it really difficult to look at her. She is not attractive, she dresses in a way that is tasteless, and moves awkwardly. But her singing is much better so I will score her higher.

    Jacob – One of the greatest songs ever. Jacob missed the magic of it tho. The music and song should not be overly ornamentalized. (Is that a word?)

    It was too much drama added to the purity of the song.

    James – He owns it at this point.

    • Vote James!!!! Gotta love James!!! It doesn't get any better than this!!! James take it , it's yours !!!!

  106. Jacob – needs to go…starts to bug me now..if one likes gospelly singing and screaming..go hear it in church..

  107. I thought all the guys performed really great tonight except for Scotty, whose stage presence and performance impact was anemic.

    I disagree with Branden about some things, because I personally think that most of them showed their true form as an artist. It's not all about having a great song when you know how to sing and perform very well and make people like the way it sounds although it may not be a popular song. THAT IS WHAT MAKES A TRUE ARTIST.

    It's also about people feeling your emotions and energy while you express it on stage.. this is what Scotty and Lauren wasn't able to do tonight.

    If we base it purely on performance last night, my bottom three will be:

    1. Scotty

    2. Lauren

    3. Hailey, with Scotty going home (But I know he wouldn't be, so more probably its Hailey)

    Any violent reaction, Branden?

  108. okaeeeeyyyyy…I think I got all the names right now so here goes a prediction. First I would like to say that I can't figure out if they are all equally good or equally just average. Paul looks like he is drunk every performance. We all know how fun it is to be the only one not drunk at a party and watching all the other drunks act crazy. So I'm entertained by paul but not overly enthused. Haley did really well and she did the song justice but that song is mostly just shouting "CALL ME!!!" So it didnt really show off her vocal skills. She is an amazing vocalist!! Jacob saved himself tonight. Great song choice and great vocals. But he wont win. Too flamboyant on stage. Scotty did not do as well as last week. Just a decent job singing a beautiful song. The song choice will carry him through. Stephano actually did an amazing job!! He was my least favorite but if he continues singing like that he will quickly move up. He needs to stop with all the broadway movements though. Lauren did an awesome job with her song. Not as good as Joe McEldery but way better than Miley. This girl can really sing and the song really let her voice shine. James did what heavy metal singers do but not really fair having a guitarist of that caliber on stage with him. I think the performance would be viewed differently had the guitarist not been there. But he will be safe cause he really is awesome. Casey, Casey, Casey. A lot of people will like that. He did a good job on it for what it was but I don't think he is in it to win it at this point. I don't think he feels like he can win and I think he is exactly right. He is just trying to showcase his artistic ability now and he is right to do so. I predict Haley, Casey, and Stefano bottom three and Casey goes home. Thanks!!!!

      • Oh Im not a jacob fan at all. I think he should go. I was just stating what I observed and heard.

      • Or…get this… actually has an opinion…:D

        Brandon doesn't suck, that Ashli rae chick does though..So biased..Every page is like a James Durbin fan page disguised as an A.I performance review.. :d

        I do love James though..he brought metal and i love him for that… Bring on the the holy trinity

        Priest, Sabbath and Maiden…

      • yo right Gautham regards the various sites. That's why I mostly stay on this site for more honest recaps, and more interesting opinions from all.

      • to coondog

        me too…plus other sites require me to sign in and log on and this and that..I'm too lazy…:D

  109. i miss simon. if simon was here, scotty wouldn't have stayed this long. srsly. scotty has to go (but i don't think he'll be going soon). he reminds me of cristy lee cook.. that annoying girl who kept on staying week after week after week cos she shreds an article of clothing per week.

    • Even if they replace Scotty with a dummy on stage, I guess his fans wouldn't notice & still vote for him…lol!

  110. Scotty was playing safe again after trying Evis song. But he's not going any where soon, I am sure of that.

    He will do it better next week.

  111. i think their so oposite its ver oposite

    i dont know what is happening to the judges

    i think their beating haley

    like thia i think they are beating thia to go home!!!

    because i love thia!!!

    • mikko, Are you in time warp? Thia has been gone for weeks. Jump in that time machine and come on back.

  112. The judges should be kicked off the show. All at once, too. NO SAVE. Just..see ya!! Jennifer might be the "Most Beautiful." But she's also the "Least Intelligent." Well, no… that would go to Tyler. These two have brought Randy down with them. Pathetic. Haley was phenomenal – as ALWAYS- and she gets the ONLY criticism of the night. Casey Abrams practically cleared his throat during his song? Or whatever you call his travesty. Lauren didn't come close to Miley's rendition. The way they gush over Jacob is disgusting. And Paul and Stefano are awful week after week- INCLUDING THIS WEEK. I voted nearly 200x for Haley- but I was happy to say I couldn't get through until the last 1/2 hour- so, HOPEFULLY, America got it right. She's the WINNER of the whole show- in my book. She's got it all. Beautiful in voice, charm and appearance. She's the whole kahuna. I wanted to crash through my tv and choke all 3 judges after she sang. As for the other two: Scotty was ok, but, in no way did he deserve the GOD-like comparisons the judges (especially Randy) gave him. And James, in my opinion, gave his WORST performance of the year. STEFANO OR PAUL BETTER GO HOME! IF it's Haley, I'm done with Idol FOREVER- unless 3 new people are sitting in the judges' chairs next week. While I'm at it, I want to give praise to Ryan Seacrest who NEVER gets credit. His talent is the MAIN reason the show has remained on top. In fact, he makes the WHOLE show on elimination nights. He's worth every penny they pay him. Maybe he should be the sole judge, as well.

    • 120% agree. I think Haley and James are at the top of their game right now. The others are so far behind in terms of talent!

      The judges are biased. It's obvious they have favorites (Casey, Lauren, Scotty). Those three. Really? Gawd.

  113. Maybe I will just watch my recorded Celebrity Apprentice and watch Meatloaf and Garry go at it again!! sounds more fun to me after reading your critiques of tonights airing in Aus.

    • And so we have the Ultimate Dissing of the terrible night of Idol singing (except Haley, and even she couldn't hit the proper tone on the many "Call Me"s in her Blondie song, but she was at least sexy and entertaining).

      That watching an aged actor get verbally abused by an old fat rock star over some trivial crap, is more entertaining than Idol speaks volumes for how crappy the singing was and even stupider judges.

  114. I can't give a Chinaman's used teabag for ANY of

    the contestants at this point.

    What say we submit a write-in ballot and vote

    BOWERSOX in for fun?

    • I agree LOL let's do a write in for Bowersox, she was amazing and not one of these contestants could measure up to her.

  115. I'm sorry but Casey is amazing… Maybe he doesn't have the best vocals but his musicianship is the best I've ever seen on idol. Listen to his bass playing, its amazing and while singing to. Do people not apreciate a talented musician anymore these days. I know its a singing competetion but Casey brings something that the others don't… extreme instrumental talent. When he was scatting exactly what he was playing during the solo I was in awe. Maybee I just appreciate musicains more than vocalist… but I think Casey is something that idol has sorely needed.

      • I didn't think I really did any more, but then

        listening to Casey brought to mind great old tunes I used to enjoy but have long forgotten."No Regrets" by Phoebe Snow comes to mind.

        Casey's performance awed me as well. Only he

        could pull off this song and I thoroughly enjoyed

        every minute!!

        {Made me want to light up a cigarette when he was done!!}

        If he'd "CD-make" I'd be a "CD-buying".

      • OOPS—


        (I might have known my post wouldn't go undetected by you radar-lol!)

      • There are other things that you can smoke but which will not nail you…Well at least in the morbid sense of the word…

    • I couldn't have said it better myself. As far as I'm concerned, Casey is a cut above the rest, and he's the sole reason I'm watching this year. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that he is an incredibly talented musician and artist.

  116. Pls dnt vote that Jacob guy! I cant discribe his horrible singig and can't stand to watch him! Haley did well, so did James, Stefano, Casey and Lauren. Paul may be time to go! Bottom three, Paul, Jacob and Casey or Haley!

  117. Yes…please let that Jacob go and the queenie to sing in the church…he does not belong to the stage of idol. Get Jacob or Harley out first then Paul and Casey……then Lauren…….I am going to vote and vote others to ensure Jacobis GONE tomorrow night and not let him there singing next week.The judges are blind and SUCKs when they can comment good things on him only.

  118. The shows about popularity and bottom 3 would be Jacob Lusk, Paul Mcdonald and Casey Abrams.

  119. Top3: Stefano Langone,James Durbin,Casey Abrams/Paul Mcdonald

    Bottom3: Jacob Lusk,Haley Reinhart,scotty McCreery

    going home: Jacob Lusk

    Hey America Hope Your vote wouldnt Suck Our Mind on result shoW..

  120. Top3: Stefano Langone,James Durbin,Casey Abrams/Paul Mcdonald

    Bottom3: Jacob Lusk,Haley Reinhart,scotty McCreery

    going home: Jacob Lusk

    Hey America Hope Your votes wouldnt Suck Our Mind on result shoW..

    • Hey bumpy… good for U for being able to do that… Cause On this Result Show I gonna have HEART ATTACK at AGe 22 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • am surprised that while you claim not to watch the show anymore, you still manage to hook up on this site just to know what's happening on AI and strike a comment…

      • Agree with you! Someone usually said that they won't watch this program anymore, but we still have to read their comment week after week… LOL

    • yeah right…then why do you still visit this blog…cause u want to see what happens…so watch it

  121. Jacob's singing isn't that good recently but seriously why are insulting because of he said America couldn't look themselves in the mirror If you're reacting so badly to that then maybe you really can't

    • I am always afraid when I watch Jacob sing. . .he doesn't seem to swallow and I'm afraid he's going to drool on me. . .eeeww!

  122. ''100 Percent Safe: Scotty McCreery''??????!!!!!!!!

    NooooO i dont agree…

    ps1: i liked him since day1…But i didnt like his performance this time…and through past weeks he was predictable (except last week) …and i think he gonna be in bottom 3 this time

    ps2:he is funny…

      • James – Haley – Paul bottom 3 terrible performaces. James arrogance and shouting-Haley shouting and Paul outfit and spastic movements all took away from any performances supposed to be on a talent show

      • If he is in the bottom its only a set up Scotty would not go I mean if Scotty left before Jacob or casey or Paul I would protest for sure that soemthign was up fishy!!!

      • U r rlly silly guy kenny. They were the best. James and Hayley made me wanna scream. I only agree with Paul.

      • What makes you think James can't go home before Jacob, Casey or Paul? Pia did and she damn sure sang a whole lot better than this group. So anything can happen.

    • Kenny has it right. At least as to who were the worst 3; however, since America evidently has no clue about musical talent based on the recent voting, Jacob, Casey or Scotty may be leaving.

      • More than many as I was raised in a musical family because my father was a country musician who performed at the Grand Ole Opry and my son was educated in both classical and jazz with a degree from the Berkless College of Music. Some of that rubbed off (no talent, just the information).

      • Oldster, Since you a music background including jazz, how do you feel about Casey? I really like him. I'm not sure why people keep bashing him due to the jazz aspect. What's wrong with Jazz? Where do people think current music stems from?

      • Stephanie: I like Casey. He certainly is not the best pure singer by any stretch. He does seem to be the best musician from what the contestants have shown so far. I think he occassionally makes some bad choices, but, gee, not everything Van Gogh painted, particularly at first, was a masterpiece. I might also add that he had a lot of haters while he lived. He was mostly appreciated only after he died. Hopefully, Casey will find success prior to death.

    • Ok…i dont know…Plz everythinG happen except Stefano 's bottom 3 or elimination…PLZZZ GOD

    • Ok…i dont know…Plz everythinG happen except Stefano ’s bottom 3 or elimination…PLZZZ GOD

    • I don't think Scotty will ever be in the bottom 3 until it gets down to only 3 left! He continues to stay true to himself and stands out above all the others with his natural talent–and he still seems like an "Aw Shucks" honest and sweet guy who hasn't let the whole Idol experience go to his head. I think he'll just keep going along at his own speed and end up winning while all the rest actually THINK they had a chance. :)) I think bottom 3 tonight will be Casey, Jacob and Paul, and really wish Jacob would go, but I'm thinking many of us feel we wasted our votes with Casey. He should pay attention when his more experienced mentors tell him it's a bad choice.

      • Idolfan, interesting comments. I'm rewriting some comments I made elsewhere just to see what you think about my Scotty analysis and top 4 finishers. Also Oldster, whatchu think?:

        I think Haley is top 3 with Scotty 4th, but since he’s always plays it safe with his repetitive Country, he’ll be top 3. Once there though, I think all the 10%s here and there will go to the top 2 which will be James and Lauren. Even though Lauren will pick up Scotty’s votes, James will win American Idol.

        So here’s the order of finish for the final 4 weeks (looking a month ahead):

        1. James–American Idol

        2. Lauren

        3. Scotty

        4. Haley (I don’t want it 2B Casey!}

        My preference:

        1. Haley

        2. James

        3. Scotty (he don’t try hard songs)

        4. Lauren

  123. first tnx forda updates

    i haven't been on line for a while

    trying to catch up with evrytang i missed

    but i still njoy the comments nd updates i can only share my views once i've seen nd heard da contestants sing in the meantime i think scotty is boring jacob should go sing in da church choire it always seem dat da guy is crying with evry rendition him casey or scotty should just go home nd sing in retuarants or entertain people in public squares or parks maybe they will be spotted by some scout but james is still my fave for da boys to win & lauren alaina for da girls

    chat 8ta bey…………….hi……….

  124. remember, it is a singing competition, if so jacob won, then stefano, then casey, the others ar just interesting and paul annoys me and everyone in my house, even my eight yr old

  125. The level of this year is not very impressive. None of them is really outstanding. And I don't even care for who is going to eleminated.

    • Are you insane??? This year in the competition overall is some of the best talent Idol has seen all on one show. We criticize them yes. Who is better than the other one. But they are ALL talented. I think it really boils down to preference. Not talent.

      • I agree with Stephanie, yes, everyone is talented here, it depends on what songs genre individual like. I never like Paul and worst is Jazzy…Casey, and Haley voice…I just can't find the wow in it. So you see here, my top ranking is Scotty, Lauren, Stefano and James. So no point in saying who is in and who goes home,the public decides on the VOTEs..

      • Agree with Stephanie-this is the most talented group I've seen in all the years of the show; however, I can't figure out WHY anyone likes Jacob; imo he should have gone ages ago. He's a one-trick pony with a holier-than-thou attitude; on the other hand, I love Casey and Paul, and thoroughly enjoyed James (for the first time) last night.

      • Feismom: I agree with your overall assessment of this year's talent, however, not the specifics. Paul looks like Howdy Doody with his strings cut and sounds like the midgets singing about the Yellow Brick Road to Dorothy. What there is to like about Jacob is the tone of his voice and the way he uses it. He certainly has a holier than thou attitude, no doubt, but how many great singers are classified as "Divas?" Well, Jacob is a male "Diva."

  126. I'm not sure about the fact that people keep talking about making differences in performance. And if any of the contestants are trying to make something different but it gone worse, people will continue to criticize them. So only the contestants know what best for them and stay for who they are. Doing something different is nice but it must be suitable with their voices and style. If not, don't try to do it!

    Just keep supporting for your favorites! and give other contestants a break!

  127. Haley should really win this thing!!!! Been rooting for her since the start and she never disappoints with good music! Everyone else is BORING! I seriously had enough of Scotty's country music, Jacob's gospels, & Casey's angry singing. I'm definitely sure that CASEY is leaving tonight. The judges will finally realise that they need to start judging properly!! The wrath of Pia's fans is gonna kick Casey out!! I used to like him before the live shows, but all he does now is sing boring songs with an angry face, no one can connect with that. 100% sure Casey is leaving and when he does just say "AJ said so" lol!

    • I was for Haley also but I think she blew it last nite. Look for her to be bottom three with Casey and Paul

      • Agreed. And I like Haley too and didn't like how she has been dismissed throughout the season, when she is a really talented girl.

    • I disagree with you! You just dont know what real music is! Casey rocks! He is the best!

    • Totally disagree – Randy had it right with the karaoke comment. Don't care for her, never did, if Jacob doesn't go home tonight, it should be her. Paul was entertaining as always, and tho I wasn't sure when I heard what Casey was singing, I was very impressed with the result.

    • Haley would win if it were a sex appeal contest (despite the fact that it makes me feel like a dirty old man saying that due to her age). However, it is a singing contest. She simply lacks the pipes. She might win, but then, Taylor Hicks won, too. She will not sell as well as Casey, Jacob or Scotty (who will probably out earn them all).

  128. I am amazed at how many people say they've never listened to heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest — these not ring any bells?). I guess we have a lot of bubble gum pop fans in America.

    At any rate, although I thought James' song choice was kind of goofy (there's much better metal material out there), I think he did about as good as he could've done with it. And the guitar player was the legendary Zakk Wylde which helped a bit. I am glad Randy gave him props, as I am sure most teenie bopper Beiber fans out there were saying "Zakk who?" It's refreshing to see people do real music on stage and not this incessant bubble gum pop and hip-hop BS. (James doing Judas Priest was EPIC. Even Rob Halford himself acknowledged it).

    Here's how I would rate the contestants thus far:

    1) James

    2) Haley

    3) Lauren

    4) Scotty

    5) Casey

    6) Stefano

    7) Jacob

    8) Paul

    I am amazed at how America keeps letting Paul "crest white strips" McDonald hang around. The guy sucks — his voice is so weak and easily drowned out. I attribute this to the teenage girl vote.

    And I was a fan of Jacob the first couple of weeks, but now he is tiresome and monotonous. I also didn't dig his racial comments (I guess he forgets there's been 2 black idols). I am sick of contestants pulling the race or gay card. Stop it already. Adam Lambert had a case (he was robbed), but you don't, Jacob. You're decent, but not great week in and week out like Lambert was.

    As for Haley, I have said since week one that she is a dark horse. I have been a fan from the beginning and it's nice to see lots of other people coming around. She did about as good as one can do with "Call Me" — it is not a singer's song. I would love to see her take on some other Blondie stuff though.

    Stefano has grown on me the past couple of weeks. I like his tenacity and refusal to give up. I just wish he had more vibrato in his high range.

    Lauren will be a star in the country (cross-over) genre. She can go home today and sign. Like Carrie Underwood, we could see her racking up some CMA's in the years to come.

    Casey is the most interesting. I have never seen a contestant that people either really love or really HATE. It's crazy. I put him about middle of the pack right now. I like him, but some of his risks have not panned out for me.

    If Pia were still in, I would put her at a solid #2. This is perhaps the biggest BS moment in Idol history next to Lambert being beaten by Chris what's his name.

    • Too bad most of those who are voting are bubble gum pop and Bieber fans… including the writer of this post. He does not know metal and did not even mention Zakk Wylde

    • In the 1st 6 seasons, we had 4 girl winners and 2 guys. Three of the Six were African American, not two.

      Ruben Studdard – Season 2

      Fantasia Barrino – Season 3

      Jordin Sparks – Season 6

      Since then 3 guys and the only female to make the final 2 was Crystal Bowersox last year.

      • Paul, The AI Male viewers last 2-3 seasons are gone. They have moved on. It will be hard for a female to win AI again.

    • James, I agree exactly with your ranking. See my comments under #4 above, and do you agree with my logic for the finishing order?

  129. I thought Scotty was solid last night as usual…he has his style and brings it every week…as do most of the others. I don't see them changing so much…Paul is whining…I sound like that and was told for years that I can't sing. What was that noise that Casey was making… Whatever, I do wish the judges – fresh as they may be – would make some constructive comments for these young singers…Really…they need some guidance…Can't believe I am saying this…where is Simon?

    • Yeah… Scotty solid but boring! Shame of the judges for give him (and all but Haley) an easy pass. I can not beleive they critized only ONE, Haley's song was not her best but by far much better than many others (Lauren was more karaoke than Haley)

  130. I just say this: which of all the songs is in your head since last night after the show? for me Haley's…you just keep singing it in your head…"call me…" — Simon always used to say that, "you are forgetable", "nobody will remember you or your song by the end of the show"…She was smart! — And I liked the performance, she could not reach the last big one note, but overall was good.

    And don't get me wrong, I like metal and the metal guy killed it!!!

  131. This guy Casey is so weird that he reminds me of the sidekick of the hobbits (from lord of the rings)

  132. I really felt the emotion from Lauren, Stefano, & Casey regarding the loss of Pia. But the show must go on. I was so exceited about Scottie & Lauren's song choices. They were well suited to the song choices & performed them well.

      • great comment tom! scotty is country like it or not, like j-lo said, why not have a country idol

      • yes he is very talented,the voice out of a just turned 17 yr old,WOW!!and its only gonna get deeper with age.just wish he wouldnt have had backup singers they failed badly..

      • Scotty will get a record deal in Nashville someday. I think AI has control of the top 3 for a couple of years.

  133. If it's not Casey's turn to go this week then something is terribly wrong. And I agree…what's with the judges??? They can't say anything negative if it bit them in the a_ _, but when it comes to Hayley all of a sudden it becomes an easy thing to do. C'mon judges don't make it so obvious whom your faves are and aren't. Simon would have been all over Casey last night and rightly so.

    • If you really believe that based on his talent and not on some dopey 'keep the girls in the game' theory, there is something terribly wrong. I WOULD like the judges to give some criticism rather than loving everyone, but Casey was great last night. Jacob or Haley – past time for them to go. As far as Pia, she was beautiful and had a beautiful voice, but she's basically an Italian-American Celine Dion – no matter what she sings it ends up sounding the same, even the Tina Turner song last week; she'll have a great career doing venues like Vegas, AC, etc., but she's too middle-of-the-road to appeal to most of the Idol voters.

    • casey was definitely off-key many times in his rendition but tried to hide it under many growls…i think his only talent his knowledge for playing musical instruments…not his voice nor singing prowess..

  134. Better (no one is best tonight!) Performance:

    James (don't like heavy metal, but he's a true performer!)

    Bottom 3 (or easily bottom 5…lol!)

    1.Jacob (can't stand him no more…yuuuk!)

    2.Paul (horrible gyration again…did Gwen designed that suit for him…so gay!!)

    3. Casey…weirdest performance!!)

    Going home…Jacob….Oh please!! (why is he still around…just search me!!)

    • Paul's suits are a throwback to late 50s, early 60s country singer such as Porter Wagoner and Webb Pierce. Factoid: Dolly Parton wrote "I Will Always Love You" for Porter when she was leaving his show.

      • Thanks for your enlightenment…it'd really broden my knowledge!…but he's still in my bottom 3, I'm afraid …lol!

  135. Branden doesn't know what real music is! You were just reared to hear non-sense pop music. You don't have what it takes to be a good writer of AI. Sorry.

    • I second that…But i gotta least he not so retarded like another writer here…smile smile wink wink…

  136. I like some country music (my dad performed on the Grand Ole Opry back in the day), but much of it is boring. Moreover, I like George Strait and Scotty McCreery. However, that song and Scotty's performance were boring last night. He should still be safe based on past performances, but I would have loved hearing the Harry Nielson song. Jacob is a male diva, but I still vote for him because he can really sing. Paul, on the other hand roots for truffles.

  137. Overall very disappointed in the song choice for the show this week. I will keep it short.

    Hated Casey as usual, really want to turn the TV off or leave the room when he is on and the same again tonight!, James rocked it for sure. Everyone else was just filling inbetween with no real standouts and mostly ordinary perfomances.

    Hopefully going home is:


    Bottom three will be Casey, Haley, Paul.

    • Not a fan of Jazz and Blues, huh, Helen. BTW, thanks for clearing up any confusion about the possibility that you are from Troy.

    • You don't have any taste in music for sure. Your musicality is very shallow! You better go back to your caves! :))

      • Now now Jojo, no need to get nasty, each to their own! If we all liked the same the world would be very boring! I like lots of different music and do have some jazz and blues stuff and have been to New Orleans several times, I just can't stand Casey, I don't looking at him or his so called talent!

      • helen, I agree with you about Casey. And if I may say this, your name and the way you write is so sexy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. I wish the producers of AI would realize that unlimited voting by each viewer does not work on this show just like it would not work for voting for president of the country. We have enough problems with slanted popularity issues. One vote per person folks. That way the whole country can be to blame if there is a mistake instead of a zillion tweenies pressing re-send text for two hours on their parent supplied AT&T cell phone. There’s been two big losses this year that should not have taken place. First, Thia. Yes, I know she is young and needs developing, but there is an unmistakable star yet to be born in her. Second, Pia. Lets be honest here. Pia is ready to record. Pia is a voice and overall package that is refreshing. I’ve grown tired of screaming and over the top songs and so called “super stars” coming out. When and where did the spirit in this country run so far adrift that there is no longer any desire for quality recording stars instead of electronic assisted manic driven invasive trash? Scotty has a place in country music and I’m sure someone is going to pick him up with a contract even if he doesn’t win this year. I’m not a great fan of today’s country music but Scotty does have a voice that fits in as well or better than any country singer out there today. At this point, I don’t care who wins this year. AI needs to be completely re-structured or it’s going to take the big fall and be forgotten and replaced with something where the producers can see the light.

    • Hey Jere, what do you think about having the guys compete against the guys and the women compete against the women and then have the top guy and girl compete in the final show. Just a thought..

      • I would not like Kernan's idea. I want to see the best singer win, regardless of gender. What I would like to see is a combination of popular and judge's votes along with limiting the number of votes each person can make (equal to number of contestants less one). This would force the judges to make distinctions (surely they all would not give 10's to everyone) and, possibly, eliminate stupid results like last week's.

    • I respect your thought on this, but then at the same time, hasn’t there been enough male/female competition over the decades? Limited votes, best true performer over all is the best way. Also, it’s time for new recording stars to come into the picture who won’t be devoured by fame and fall down to the temptations that comes with fame and fortune. We need fresh new recording artists that will become timeless and stay around without flushing themselves down the toilet with drugs and alcohol. Fame is hard to live with but there have been some who made it.

  139. Braden hit the nail on the head!!! Bad night for the judges; how they could give Haley(more or less)negective feedback when two bozos like Paul and Casey(the 2 worst preformances of the night) got positive critques. JUST AIN'T RIGHT!! I hope America corrects that Injustice. My Bottom 3; Casey,Paul and Jacob, with Paul goingback home to Porter Waggonerville!

    • The judges like Casey because they have some understanding of the technical aspect of music of which most Americans are ignorant. Most of us just know what we like when we hear it.

      • I agree with you oldster! Casey has a deep grasp of what real music is about. Only the ignorant people won't love Casey's performance. That's pure artistry! No pop music! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • America loves Rebecka black… Yeah!!!! I mean seriously..first nobody believes in global warming, then people say that evolution is a myth, then most people say that Europe is a country..Face it..America is going down the tube in a magnificent way… Wow..i just got seriously off topic…:D

      • The judges like Casey because they do not want him to be vote off too soon. They know they wasted the "safe" with him. He looks like a good guy, knows music, but please do not overrate him.

  140. Really does anyone in this group have star power? I wouldn't to pay see any of them. Being said, once again the judging is absurd. Only one bad comment all night, on a night of horrible singing and song choices. Look if you going to blame Pia for not moving and only singing ballads, then what do you say to Scotty who doesn't move and only sings country? Anyway Paul, how come your still here? Jacob and Casey could easily fill out the bottom three. Halley and Scotty were okay. Top three James, Stefano who rebounded nicely, and Lauren, even though it was a bad song choice. I'ld save my money and go see Crystal in concert before any of one from this group.

    • I agree, Crystal Bowersox outshines all contestants from the last two years. Her album is awesome and I would definitely go see her. That being said I prefer Haley to all others. I think she has been cut down so much that I have gained much respect for her and her perseverance in going up there every week.

  141. My bet for the bottom 3 will be Lauren, James and either Casey or Jacob. I think it should be James but Lauren may be the casualty of the night. She was horrible and James is 2 cocky. Think Scotty and Casey should have listened to Jimmy Irvine's song choices. Jacob probably wont go home yet based on the African American voting block.

    • no way Lauren goes…according to alot of reports, she's been close to the top every week, a huge following. Unfortunately, ditto for James. I've grown to really like Haley, so I hope she stays, but the way the season's gone, I'd predict bottom 3 for her along with Jacob and Paul. Hopefully Jacob or Paul are sent home.

  142. Everyone's wrong.. There are still 3 girls in the competition!



    and •JACOB.


    • Based upon things Jacob says, as well as some of his gestures, I think maybe asexual might be more appropriate than gay. Maybe we do not know how people who still think that sex is not something to market should act. I know that it seems so rare that I am uncertain myself.

      • Yeah..Jacob's gay but he won't come out because of the whole religious aspect..Perhaps with time…but he sure aint gonna pull a lambert…

  143. OMG! what happened to Papa James tonight? that was horrible. I like James too much. And I was campaigning for him since the show started BUT tonight's performance is KABLOOM. freak! There is a chance that James will fall and be a part of bottom 3. I hope not. Praying for him to be safe! Do vote James guys!

    • Obviously you like James for other things, not his music. Tonight he came out and represented metal. Get some rock education before you call that performance horrible. He totally rock the house tonight!

      • LOL! what's the other thing your saying. I love his music and nothing else! Don't make any issue here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It may not be his best performance, but it's still miles ahead of rest of the pack tonight….Btw, I'm no fan of James!

  144. Casey needs to GO!!! He may have some talent but by far he isn't the only contestant that has talent. To me I feel attitude plays a big part in this. Yes I see being confident but not cocky and thinking you know everything and that you are just that great. To me that's what I get from Casey. Major turn off. Time to go he's not that impressive.

      • When I watch AI I try to take several things into consideration before I make a choice for myself. I look at heart determenation of course voice willing to listen to critiques someone who improves dont get cocky and think they are IT. I look at would I spend money on their cd would I spend money for a concert ticket to see them would that be a person I could listen to on the radio or turn to another station. Some contestants gets votes from young people because oh he is so cute or she is so pretty that to me is not the right way to vote. Yeah looks may be a great thing to have but honestly looks is not going to get them through life and have a career in music if attitude and etc isnt good that america doesnt see something special in you.But all and all casey to me has bad attitude and if people want to take looks into no he has no look. that throat clearing and growling yuk. I see potential in several of the contestants I would like to see James in finale because he is a good singer performer and his story moves me he puts his heart and soul into it. Stephano is ok not someone i would like to hear sing back to back but i give him my vote to for he puts his heart and soul into it. I know alot of people dont like Paul I give him a vote because he also puts his heart and soul into it and tries to be a great performer no vocals are not always right but he has heart and I love he always smiles. Haley she gets knocked down by the judges reguardless of what she does. thats wrong. She in her style of music does pretty well. Lauren is one I feel at this point I would like to see in finale with James. She is growing and improving week to week. Jacob well Jacob is Jacob wrote him off when he made remark about america looking in mirror. Be nice to see guy and girl in finale.

    • Come on…How can you say that he's cocky…(I'm not writing this with an angry tone..i'm just curious..)He said that he wants to try and educate..Is that something wrong to say? What he said doesn't mean that people are stupid…It simply means that he wants to do his part in raising more awareness about jazz.. Its a good thing..And really if he is musically very talented, why is he not allowed to believe and proclaim that? Be realistic, most geniuses have a little arrogant side to them… They're not belittling other people, they are simply that way.. I mean if he calls everyone stupid or something, then yes he's wrong…but people dissing him because he wants to raise awareness… I honestly don't think that your criticism is in any way valid…I'm not judging you or anything..just voicing my opinion about your opinion….:D

      Have a nice day!!!!

    • Scotty is pure class and all american as it gets. I admire Stefano and what he overcame from his accident.

  145. at first I was very excited about the new judges but have changed my mind now. It is not possible for some of the contestants to perform without any constructive criticism at all.The judges have only been able to give accolades to all no matter how the performance goes. Pia gone and Paul, Jacob,and Casey still there? Something is wrong with the voting system and it needs to be corrected before next year so that all the teenage girls can only vote one time. My vote is cancelled out 100 to 1 by them with this system…..

    • Judging by their raving about Casey's performance, they aren't thinking about what America wants. For them to give him a standing ovation and great negativity to Haley (and I didn't think Haley did all that well, but she was a heck of a lot better than Casey) shows that they aren't in touch.

      I still like the new judges, but they have to get real.

      • Totally agree with you and the only reason they gave a standing O to a bad performance was because they have to justify the save now that their favorite Pia has been ousted!

  146. what's with the judges anyway…they criticize haley for a karaoke rendition?…if there is a karaoke voice in the show, then it definitely is stefano, casey, scotty, and lauren…voices that we can easily copy and surpass…but as stevie said in past episodes, paul and haley have sexy voices…now that is hard to copy…by the way, for once, i liked jacob's performance…the song piece suited him well…and his voice was not all over the place…

    • If you think anything about Paul is sexy, you probably think string beans are sexy. He is skinny, unkept, over dressed, with the voice that sounds like Joe Cocker after inhaling helium. However, if no one found him sexy, there would never be any more Pauls. Oh, wait! That would be a good thing for music.

  147. will i quess we will found out tonight who goes but think james should never been alow to have a rock star to help him he should been on his own like the others. but they were all good and good luck to them all

  148. Based on singing, I think the top 3 is Stefano, Haley, and Casey…

    Bottom 3:

    Jacob, Paul, James

    I wish Jacob or Paul go as soon as possible…

  149. I actually think that tonight's show was good one. In my opinion, most of contestants were really good. I didn't like Jacob. He might be technically good singer, but I generally don't like the tone of his voice or his singing style. It's just to irritating. I'm hoping he's the next one to go home. I didn't like Poll much too. He's the weakest singer of them all, but at least he is entertaining. Girls were good, both of them, but they didn't give best performances. Anyway, they deserve to stay, and I think that Lauren could end up in the finale. James was good, but tonight he was not outstanding. He is still one of my favorites. I don't care very much for Casey and his angry singing. I find him repetitive, and somewhat boring. Scotty was OK, solid, but not my cup of tea. In my opinion he peaked too early and now is going down. Stefano had his best performance last night, and I think it was the best performance of them all. He has a good singing voice, big voice range; he is fighter, and he is likable. I think he still needs to do more work in stage presence.

  150. I loved all the performances brought on by the Top 8. They were almost good but i feel it might be Jacob who is going home tonight. Though he sings beautifully , he seems to have lost his sparks and he is not moving any further i mean pushing himself to stand out.

    I loved Scotty's performance last week but i must agree like the judges that his song choice for this week wasnt that impressive and he did sound off the key here and there.

    As for Paul, i love all his performances all the time. He is unique…He doesnt deserve to go home now…not yet!!!

    Casey is stil damn good. I love his different delivery of his performances each week…and i love Casey the Bass a lot!!!So he doesnt deserve to go home now!!!!

    Lauren and Haley and Stefano ….not bad…not bad….they should still be around for another week.

    But the best…. i mean THE BEST , MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT….was James Durbin!!!!

    He rocks my heart every time he sings….I'm rooting that he stays firmly till the Final!

    So my bottom 3 might be Jacob,Lauren and Scotty but since Scotty is adored my millions of tennage gals….sadly i think it might be Stefano in the bottow 3!!

    Whatever it is….it should be Jacob that's getting the AXE!!!! Sorry Jacob….i love your voice and i will always love even if you continue to sing gospel like songs…but what the most important thing is your enthusiasm should never die…it should be like the Fireworks!!!!!

  151. Ok I just watched it – get rid of "The Flower Child" Paul and let him tiptoe through, over or under the tulips! Best has to go to James with big help from the guitarist who put James up a notch without the lead guitar – would not have been as good. Haley not too good either – hope Deborah Harry did not see it!!!

    • Hey Wendy. Yes James best tonight, the rest all pretty ordinary. I don't mind if Paul, Casey or Jacob leave, but it could just as easily be Haley or Lauren the way the voting has been.

      Looking forward to seeing who goes about 2pm Aussie time tomorrow. Saves watching the whole show tomorrow night!

      • Sounds good Helen – maybe there is football on or something to watch. If another girl goes I think that will finish a lot of viewers. I am still hoping Paul will toptoe away this week to find Tiny Tim, the Tin Man and the Lion and find his Oz as long as it isnt our Aus!!! lololol

    • Sorry i couldnt agree. Paul is staying and so is Casey…they are unique and good. JAcob is going. Period!

      • Well Rd I dont think Jacob is too flash either. My bottom 3 would be Paul, Haley and Jacob.

  152. I enjoyed Casey, but missed James (who is my personal favorite). I think both the girls are boring…sorry…wish I could say differently! Scotty is boring too…his Howdy Doody faces – it's a shame teenage girls are going to decide this! The good news is that whomever comes in 2nd can still have a great career!

  153. i love james. great to see that kind of music on idol. i love scotty and lauren. i think pias voice was amazing but i thought she was very boring. i dont care if jacob, paul and stephano go home. after them 3 leave i will be a nervous wreck on elimination night!

  154. Jacob and James are a Joke! James just screams! that aint music! Jacob whines too much.. Paul And Haley have the most unique styles, I like these 2 the best! Please get rid of James-I hate the screaming!

      • james is great yes still alot to learn like the others but america knows what they like and dont like. america likes someone real and someone who puts all of them in to it and james does that

    • Nope James should stay…it is Jacob , Jacob and Jacob that needs to go. We need to bring the best in every one of them and that best would be the next 7 minus JAcob!

    • I couldn't agree more with you, John. I think I've heard enough screaming and seen annoyingly weird facial expression this season. Jacob and James have to be eliminated soon… This is a singing competition by the way, not a screaming competition.

    • Screaming James, I was never a fan of people who don't sing, but screeeaaammm!!! Lauren I really love her sweetness. Haley, questionable, never like her voice!

      • James does not just scream he has a wide range and performs better than all the rest . The others are good but he really makes the crowd happy. He doesn't act all stiff and fake up there. He moves like he owns that stage.

  155. Notice the difference in Jacob's performance last evening after being told not to preach to America? Came out on stage, just stood there, and sang. No expression, no enthusiasm, no performance whatever. He cannot take criticism at all. Definitely not ready for stardom — I did notice his arrogance though. I felt like he was saying to American "there, take that!" He's got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Casey is good but you have to be a fan of jazz . I'm quessing paul will be the one going home tonight.

    • I think the criticism worked, this was one of Jacob's least girly performances (it was still girly though, but not as over the top as the previous ones).

  156. This was easily the worst show in a long time and I think I know why. These singers have a lot of talent, more than we have seen in recent years, but they are getting zero direction from the judges. The judges picked a good group and apparently thought their job was now over. There is no Simon to offer constructive criticism. Sure, it is fun and easy to tell everyone they are nailing it, they are awesome, best ever and have the crowd shout their approval, but you need someone like Simon. He was willing to be booed because he honestly wanted to help the contestants improve. That's what is missing this year.

    As for last night, I thought all the performances rated a C or lower except for James who finally woke me up. I am definitely NOT a heavy metal fan and watching the lead-in, I expected a train wreck, but I really liked it. He is looking more and more like the next American Idol to me. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, he is starting to remind me of David Cook.

    I can't argue with your prediction for tonight except that I think James is in the completely safe category alongside Scotty (who was BORING last night – he really should have taken Jimmy's song suggestion).

    • He was willing to be booed because he honestly wanted to help the contestants improve. That’s what is missing this year.

      That's cause he was being payed millions…Imagine being made that much money for doing what…Nothing just voicing your opinion on the job ain't it? But i really do believe that the current judges have to be more critical…

  157. Top3: Stefano Langone,James Durbin,Casey Abrams/Paul Mcdonald

    Bottom3: Jacob Lusk,Haley Reinhart,scotty McCreery

    going home: Jacob Lusk

  158. Ok…i dont know… just GOD knows what will gonna happen…


    Plz everythinG happen except Stefano ’s bottom 3 or elimination…


  159. the judges suck this year! No-one is helping these contestants at all. What on earth do they see in Stefano? Stefano should be next to go. Haley may go because she really didn't do the Debbie Harry song justice. Scotty should have sang 'Everybody's talkin' Poor Jacob – no-one should ever sing Bridge Over Troubled Water – that song is one of the cheesiest songs ever! Jimmy Iovine – he should be the next to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. last night was the only time i liked stefano at all. jacob annoys me. i hope the bottom 3 are




  161. First of all, Branden – your blog is by far the best on this site. I agree with almost everything you ever have to say. Although my favorites vary from yours, I respect your thoughts on the subject! Personally I love Paul, but I know he won't stick around much longer, especially being in the first spot this week. His voice and smile just get me! Lauren always does exceptionally well, in my opinion. And, if I am having to stick with one of the girls, Lauren would be my pick! Stephano needs to find the younger brothers of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees and form himself a boy band. I think he is definitely being out shined by his peers. Scotty and Casey are both unique. I didn't know the song that Casey had sang but enjoy when he plays jazz. He just has that look about him to me. Scotty usually sings okay, he is defintely appealing to the teenyboppers, but those weird stares he gives, are a little too much. Haley has never been my favorite, but I can honestly say that she has defintely grown as an artist. The fact that she tries so hard to come of as so "sexy" just gets me. But I find it ironic that, if Jennifer Lopez wants to save the girls that are left, why is Haley the only one who got critiqued? Then there's Jacob, he is a "Pia." He only sings ballads, and is a little crazy with the mouth movements. No doubt he has a beautiful voice, but he is a little too theatrical to win American Idol, in my opinion. Last and possibly least (least favorite, to me!) is James. Does anyone else wonder why the majority of the time he performs towards the end of the show, and has the most pull with any kind of stage performance. He has had fire from the floor, fire from a piano, and then he has a famous guitar player accompany him with his performance. That just seems like an unfair pull for him. I personally don't like him, so maybe that's why I'm not being as understanding with him…but I did like when he slowed it down, if it was only once.

    I think the bottom 3 will be:

    Stephano, Paul, and Jacob

    Really any of them could go home, but I hope it's Stephano.

    • applause applause…That's how you write an assessment… Voicing your opinion while not belittling the contestants performances…Really i am so glad to read something that makes sense…You have just explained what it is about contestants that you like and don't while being fair to everyone..You didn't call anyone undeserving or talentless or a one trick pony..Seriously bravo..You should write a blog…I would totally read it..

  162. My top 2 are Paul and Haley..

    I don't care about the populist choice but the performances fot hese two, I always replay.

    IIn terms of singing technicalities, I think Pia, Thia and Casey are there on the top. But Pia and Thia are gone. Casey is a good performer but I detest his arrogance and his over-acting and fake. His reaction to the save, the way he receives the praises are so fake.

    In terms of potential, I think Lauren, given the right song choice has the potential to really WOW all of us. Until that time, I'm still not voting for her.

  163. I find interesting that this blogger writes that Haley got an A and Scotty got a B- but that Scotty will be 100% safe. Well, at least he knows his opinions aren't shared by the masses. I am pretty sure most of America wouldn't give Haley an A for her performance last week. I feel like tonight could be the end of her road. Oh wait – I've said that EVERY WEEK since this thing began. I said that when Karen got the boot. "It's a shame that Karen went before Haley because Karen is better than Haley." And don't even mention last week, I had more passion about that than I did with Karen. But we'll see what happens.

  164. Casey is damn good, sorry James… I just saw Zakk Wylde playing his guitar, Iiiiiiiiiiii ;)'

    • Casey is good but not a crowd pleaser unless you like jazz and all that stuff. Casey can't even touch James talent. You are a funny one. lol

  165. I can see you're bias against Jacob Lusk, who sang in my opinion his best song in American Idol. I think it was more wrong to see Haley laughing and smiling when Pia got eleminated.

  166. bottom three… I think it'll be Paul, Casey and Haley up tonight.

    who I wished they would be? Jacob, Jacob and Jacob. Just sick of his voice and song-choices, although much to my chagrin the song suited him alright last night. I just had to turn my head away from the screen and it was bearable. sigh…I'm still unable to marry the concept of Baptist meets Drag Queen so he gets a big thumbs down, yet again.

    Casey… Casey, Casey. What happened to you??? I love jazz and am able to appreciate his talent as a musician but OMG cut it out with the faces dude…so fake and/or trying to be….cute? ugh!

    I liked Haley's performance even though she moved like a new-born giraffe on stilts.

    I disagree that Lauren picked a bad song. Loved her performance last night.

    Scotty is Scotty. I like his character and he is one of the few performers that has grown on me since the beginning of the show. Boring, at times but it's… country. Tears in my ears and all that…

    I enjoy James and his performances. Not sure why some people see him as arrogant because I'm not getting that as much as a sincere love of what he is doing and shamelessly exuding that feeling. It still, in my opinion, comes across as sincere (unlike some fake-asses on there). Keep wailing guy! I love it.

    Stefano..I like him but not sure if he's ready to make it to #1 this year at least.

    We'll see what America decides tomorrow.

    Oh and the judges must be on something judging by some of their reviews last night..

    • You guys don't have a clue. You're way too young of an audience, and that gets in the way of your good judgment. I re-played Jacob's song tonight, matched the vocals with…Jeffrey Osbourne. Last week, Jacob should not have chosen Michael, but instead his voice fits Luther Vandross.

      Now, I'm not expecting you kids to have an ear for this or know this. Yes, I am caucasian, but I also am from Motown and grew up with it. Jacob has an incredible voice. Yes, it is a bit Gospel in nature, but it can be used to record top 40 CD's

      • at last, someone with sense commented. the other guys commenting on this post do not know what they are talking about. casey and jacobs are the best in the lot. casey is multi-talented and his song arrangments are incredible comparable to past jazz american stalwarts.

        jacob is simply a gifted singer. no one can sing ala luther vandross than jacob.

        scotty is the most boring and least talented among the lot. i do not know why people keep on voting for him. his uni-dimennsional.

    • I'll agree that Jacob's performance to me was sub-par. I have friends that sing Karaoke and do it better that that.

      Have you ever watched Carrie Underwood move in her over the knee boots – looks just the same as Haley.

      As far as Casey's faces – every great musician makes them when they get into the music. I once told a popular regional group I was going to video just their faces with out sound and submit it to AFHV. Casey's song choice is so Casey and that jazz sound was superb!

      I am so over Lauren. Little Girl, big voice – Go do a Disney show!

      Scotty is a STAR! He will be a hit even if he doesn't win but I do wish he had done a song from Cowboy Up or Eight Second or even I Don't Want to Miss A Thing (Mark Chesnutt version).

      I think James needs to learn to do something besides Rock – Daughtry and David Cook did!

      I love Paul – Where are all of Crystal Bowersox's Fans from last year and Paul is likable!

      Stephano is still OK but not a top idol contender!

      I love all types of music and while I still feel this is the best season overall, my top two would be Haley and Scotty with Casey and Paul following behind!

      • Haley was easily the best of the night. Steven Tylers comment implying that he enjoyed the view was pretty classless.

        I believe James is the hands down winner and really hoping that Jacob goes home. He is a good singer but the man in the mirror comments has lost my vote for him.

        Scotty should have sung the song WITHOUT back up singers. They apparently want to be the stars and overpowered his voice a few times. I listen for the idols not the backups.

        My last comment is that I have watched CMTs country star and can say that if either scotty or lauren goes home they should join that show cause they WIN EASILY

  167. i think jacob should have been out of here 3 weeks ago, he could be a nice guy, but this is a singing/popularity contest (mostly popularity now). my bottom 3 are JACOB, paul and casey. My all time favorite now and since day 1 is HAILEY.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I HATE HATE HATE Paul, Casey, And Jacob. I mean jeesh! Casey sounds like he is full of nails in his throat and just cant sing at all. Cause the last thing I would ever call what he does is singing. And cut the cheesy faces and reactions. He is totally faking it all. He is making this competition a JOKE! Stop growling…. Please.

        The freaking puppet that is Paul kills me! He is never consistent….. ever!Hated the hoe down last week, hated the whatever that was last week, and quit whispering. THe guy whispers off key.

        And Jacob…. pick high, or pick low and dont switch in the song. It is HORRIBLE! I love church type music….. in church. So not American Idol stuff.

        Lets get rid of these judges. You would think they know what music is…. but obviously not. Neither does American since they are all still here. Let me just say….. Simon would not have let them into the competition!!

    • I LIKE Jacob, I just don't think he's anything special. The judges are super biased on their commenting, and they really did give Haley the bad end of the deal last night. She did good!! I agree… Haley for the win!!!

      • zoey—you are right on. I love the diverse styles in the competition, Jacob is a good singer but really—after his if i am voted off its not because of me, its because of america—what an ego. I really want to see him leave. Oh and as for Jennifer Lopez, I am sure there will be many who disagree with me, but I have heard her songs and can honestly say that ANY of the top 25 idols could outsing her any day. WHY is she a judge?

    • I agree Paul Casey and Jacob should be in bottom 3. And they should change the judges… Are they high on something? Honestly they are ruining the show.. First by praising Casey the way they did and using the save on him? COME ON! I thought they were professionals but they just suck. The person who owns this site should be the judge!

      • GO HALEY! Totally she is unique but the crazy judges don't seem to like her she should be safe today, paul casey and james should be in bottom 3 id like to see casey leave… followed by paul and james i dont know what those 3 are still doing in the competition.

  168. Paul's choice of clothing is just as bad as his voice. He looked like an escapee from a Mariachi band at a third rate taco joint.

    Casey sounded like a whining tom cat with a tin ear. As hideous as the song choice was, he could have had the decency to sing it on key.

    Haley's first note was not good, but the song got better from there.

    I thought Lauren did okay, but she needs stage presence. It would be wonderful if we could take Haley's moves and meld it with Lauren's body.

    Stefano did well but there is nothing memorable about him.

    Jacob is good, but this isn't his arena.

    Scotty didn't do as well as last week, but he is a solid performer. His ability to infuse his singing with emotion is great. Not a fan of country, but this guy has a future.

    James…he's alright. He's a heck of a performer and definitely has a future. I am not a fan of metal, but I thought he did okay.

    No real winners tonight, but the definite loser was Casey.

    (A final note on Pia…she is an amazing singer, but she overextended her welcome on ballads…when she finally started to move on stage, it was insincere…walk, walk, walk, pose. Walk, walk, walk, pose. And the pose was the same..mic in right hand, face tilted up so you could see her upper molars and mic pouring mythical coke into her mouth.)

    • please don't talk about notes and keys when you know nothing about them…because then your opinion just becomes an ignorant statement..

      • Steven Tyler said he loved his suits and he did wear different suits when performing for Areosmith I think he is in, Steven Tyler would wear that I think Paul is unique not like the others Casey Plays the Basey and is wonderful at it That is talented, can you play that your self. I think originality is the best. That is just my opion.

    • Sorry Gautham, but I think Barbara nailed her analysis of last night's show.

      I agree with you Barbara on James and Haley especially. Don't like the Metal, and why oh why couldn't Haley hit the high notes on "Call Me" like she usually can?–and her first note scared me too, but she recovered. I think she was hoarse, and had to work thru it.

      • I respectfully disagree…Her opinion matches yours…You see i get that she doesn't like casey..that all his grunting and growling is putting her off..but dont say stuff about the key..because he was perfect..Jazz allows feign notes and so those the key was purposely selected and not sung due to incompetence…If one doesn't like Jazz, its fine, but dont blame the keys…Thats all i am saying..To each their own..but dont blame the keys ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Gautham, you're right about Jazz allowing the different notes on purpose. But I'm calling Casey "clever" for that because you can more easily hide or get through some areas you're having trouble with. Just like Naima was clever to dance fast, rap, raggae to get around she had trouble with classical note singing.

        Don't get me wrong, Casey is pretty talented, but Jazz notes does allow for some "cheating"! And I like jazz too, but I thought a few notes were wrong, but he 'feigned' like they were on purpose (just like Paul feigned that he whispered on purpose a few weeks back, when really his weak voice just broke!).

      • Since when was clever a bad thing? :D. If you love jazz, then you know that its extremely hard to play the upright bass and sing…Casey isn't the best singer in the competition but his ear is amazing. He can really hear himself sing..Most of the notes he chooses to sing are sung for enticing a particular emotion or purpose… As you said, he's really talented but to call him an unworthy musician just because one doesn't understand is not something i will stand for quietly..Maybe i'm a d#$k for doing so but i get pissed off when people shoot off their ignorant mouth…Ah the flaw i was born with..:(

        P.S-Is till think your names just awesome..Coondog..cooooondooog…Spectacular.

      • I love jazz, by the way…just didn't love Casey and haven't for some time. I think he is not as vocally gifted as others on the stage.

      • thanks for the comp' Gauther–makes me wanna howwll! But no words in my mouth, I agreed Casey was talented, even admired him for being clever–it's smart for anyone to cover a flaw and everyone does it if they're able to so nothing wrong there. I did not call him an unworth musician; my point was I would not allow certain subtleties of jazz to allow him higher in MY opinion than someone else. No real disagreement I think!

        Oh, and by the way, if my Final Four Finish that begins in a month plays out as I've posted (James top, Haley, Scotty, Lauren), I will send everyone back to this page area so I can gloat. Haley will beat out Lauren because at that point Lauren and Scotty will split the cute All-American vote. My preference is for Haley to be top, but as Branden says–I'm predicting America's vote. More info than you wanted here, but I'm honoring your analysis with mine!

      • Oops Gautham, disregard my 2nd paragraph for order of finish above. I'd forgot what I'd actually written. I just saw my original writing a little further down. Still inviting comments here or there. Yeah, I been making a few comment mistakes I know!

    • i couldn't agree more Gautham & Jesseca. Love Casey Abrams. Good choice of music. Jazz & Blues are ultimate. some people are very shallow – all they ever know is POP music.

    • The beauty of a forum such as this is that we can agree to disagree. It doesn't make either of us ignorant…now name calling on the other hand….

  169. I really want to know what your problem is,himbeing righteous or him confessing it?thot they say u guys av freedom of speech.

    Why are u being a Jacob hater,If he doesn't connect wiv a song bcos of the content,let it be!

    Just so u know i'm not a xtian,was just pissed at you saying america shd be tired of his righteousness and kick him out. I take that personally.

    Shd they kick someone that's consistently sang country eeven wen the theme was rock and roll?

    Why ami even bothered,i shd know by now dat ppl don't listen to u,SO U DON"T MATTER!!

  170. Hailey???!!! Really??!! She is like an overindulged 3 year old on stage. And I believe her new found fame has definitely gone to her head. Yuck!! Sexy??!! Absolutely not!! Now Pia, she was sexy with absolute elegance and poise.

    • Pia is also out of the competition sooooo she isn't relevant anymore…Buh bye beautiful lol

    • yes got to love the growling someone had wondered why the back up singers were louder than Hailey, the answer was it was to cover the growling she does at the end of a verse lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Pia who?

      Say goodbye to Paul… (old time R & R)

      "and take those old clothes to the Salvation Army.

      I know they'll sit there all by themselves.

      You voice and music just don't got it no mo'

      I liked it better when you sang at home!"

    • The only prob I have with Haley is if she is actually cozying up to that dirty dog Casey!–he's looking better though as he keeps trimming the beard back.

  171. I am definitely not a fan of Randy and Jennifer!They blew it with me when they used their only save on Casey!!!!

  172. The bottom line is that talent obviously doesnt matter this year and its most likely a popularity contest being voted on by a mass of young teenage girls. Sad part is the winner will just fade in time like the ones in the past couple of years. AI must take control of the voting or the show will suffer for it. BTW As a huge fan of country music, We already have Josh Turner so we dont need a kareoke version of him.

      • That's right we had Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, and the Pickler girl, we need something different like jazz or rock, please not gospel music there is a lot out there we just need something different ๐Ÿ˜€

  173. The fact that there are many different genres of music, coupled with the vast majority of generation gaps, establishes the opinion base and one's own preference in regards to style and performance.

    I, for one, grew up in the era of Rock and Metal and am familiar with these genres. This being said, I am able to voice my opinion in regards to James' Heavy Metal perfomance. For the Metal genre, I believe that he did an oustanding job. Very bold choice to bring Heavy Metal to AI. Though some may not agree, I feel that the lack of knowledge and/or exposure to Metal music from the younger generation will not be in James' favor.

    My parents are huge Country music fans and I endured listening to their music as a child. So, for Scotty, I would have to say that he is 100% Country and does very well within that genre. I admit that the performance was a little on the boring side only because I feel that he chose the wrong song given his talent and ability to do much better.

    Lauren is a country girl at heart and does very well there too. But she does a very good job at changing it up. Again, song choice was not the best but she did ok. I have to keep in mind that she is only 16. I do believe that she will be another CMA contender in the years to come.

    Haley, in my opinion, is still trying to find her "niche" and is falling short of seeing that it is right in front of her. Her performance was very good but she has done better. Her raspy tones allow her to fit nicely in with artists like Blondie. Again, this is just my opinion.

    As for Casey's performance, I did not like it. But that is only because I, admittedly, am not a huge fan of jazz and I was very unfamiliar with the song. He has done much better with other songs but this one left me asking myself 'what the heck is he singing?'

    Stefano is definitly trying and does pull out some excellent vocals. His show/performance skills need improvement.

    Jacob can sing, no doubt. However, he has become somewhat mundane now. Following one track, little to no show/performance skills, and the faultering humbleness that he had at the begining of the season is sure to send him home very soon if not tonight.

    Paul, for me, falls in the catagory of "personal preference". He can sing and perform, smiles all the time, and has no reservations in the clothing/costume department. However, I am not a big fan of his style or his voice. To me, he is fun to watch but not very pleasing to hear.

    I know this will strike a nerve or two but please keep in mind that this is just my opinion. One thing for sure, though, is that we can all agree to disagree.

    My take on the final 8:

    Top 3 – James, Scotty, Lauren

    Bottom 3 – Paul, Jacob, Casey

    Undecided 2 – Haley and Stefano

    Going home this week – Casey

    • excellent analysis ….but i believe that Lauren should go..Musically she is immature and so she won't be becoming a successful recording artist any time soon…She should have waited for a few years before auditioning…

    • Yes my take on last nights performances

      Top 3-James,Cassey,Lauren,Paul

      Bottom 3-Scotty,Hailey,Stefano,Jacob

      GOING HOME- Hailey, Stefano or Jacob

      • I also agree, good analysis. I think Haley is top 3 with Scotty 4th, but since he's always plays it safe with his repetitive Country, he'll be top 3. Once there though, I think all the 10%s here and there will go to the top 2 which will be James and Lauren. Even though Lauren will pick up Scotty's votes, James will win American Idol.

        So here's the order of finish for the final 4 weeks (looking a month ahead):

        1. James–American Idol

        2. Lauren

        3. Scotty

        4. Haley (I don't want it 2B Casey!}

        My preference:

        1. Haley

        2. James

        3. Scotty (he don't try hard songs)

        4. Lauren

      • Templar, I know you're just lightly picking at me, but I said "here's my 'top 3' with Haley 4th". Then I listed my order of finish.

        But you blew it regards Bottom 3? I didn't list a bottom 3, the second 4 names I said was my "preference" after listing what America would pick.

        But thanks for reading!

      • Templar, did you not get that I said I was picking "a month ahead of time"–I know 'gutsy'–for the 3-4 weeks after that?

      • OK, my bad Templar! I just realized you were replying to Jessica I think? Oh well, whatchu think of my future analysis?

    • I think you said it better than I did earlier–right on for your thoughts. If enough people get metal then James is a sure winner. If not then I will have to go with Lauren. She is so diverse–she can cross the country/ pop line as easily as Faith Hill so her future is very bright. My personal fave is Haley—cannot get enough of her so my opinion will always be a little skewed for her

  174. Paul is the only contestant left that has absolutely zero chance of making a signficant mark in music. If he wins, he will be another Taylor Hicks (where is he, anyway). Neither of the remaining girls are ready, right now, but both are young and may win because of their appeal rather than talent. The remaining guys bring something different from the others and have their own weaknesses. Jacob: great voice, Diva attitude; Scotty: another great voice, but different from Jacob, however, limited stylistically; Casey: the best musician it appears, but lacking great pipes; Stefano: a smooth, velvety voice and deliverey – kind of like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, however, he lacks charisma; James has a great rock voice and presence – he just screams too much.

  175. Goodbye Jacob and if not by some miracle then it would have to be Casey. They actually are good but music is supposed to be fun to listen to and theirs was not. Haley may lost a little steam last and would put her in the middle of the pack but I did think she was a sexy number last night

    Top Three

    Scotty, James and Lauren

    • I agree Rich with what you say about music is supposed to be fun to listen to. That's why I get irritated at bloggers mocking people who like pop music, or Randy wanting us to vote for "the Best Artist". I can agree that an Opera Singer has the Best Voice, or that what a Ballet Dancer does is unbelievable talent, but most of America just wants to watch and hear a cool country (but not boringly safe) song or a thumping rock (but not screeching) song or even a beautiful Ballad at times.

      • but see there's the thing…yes music is supposed to be fun..but then again art has to survive..there are many people who love to listen to justin bieber and lady kaka( i know its gaga but kaka is funnier) and all that. but without great musicians like Robert Johnson, the grandfather of blues, B.B king, Louis Armstrong, music would have been crap today.. Fun is great..i myself love unwinding to some Norwegian black metal and hip hop but at the same time there needs to be a certain intellectualism involved…if not for you then for others..but to say that one is not worthy than the other is plain wrong…I see so many comments here which are just so full of ignorance..People hating contestants because they don't sing according to what fits their perception…But who are they to judge others on talent? Criticism is great but then you have to qualified enough to give them. Don't talk about notes and growls and keys when you don't understand them. If you don't like a performance just say "I don't get this guy or girl" or "i will vote for so and so". Don't go all he/she is stupid or he/she is irrelevant…

        P.S- by you i don't mean you..I meant it in the general sense…Peace..

      • good narrative Gautham, makes sense. My disagreement is that I think American Idol should be about the fun, popular music. There's enough other venues to keep alive the true art of music you speak of. But I do understand that your and Randy's perspective is to pay more 'honor" to the Artists of music with AI crown.

      • If we are not supposed to judge them, why has this show put us in exactly that position? Judging them is precisely what we are supposed to do.

      • true that art has its place—but if you dont want me to judge you then dont go on a show like AI where the premise is to be judged by me–and manymany others

      • Coondog

        Like is said before i don't mind American idol being about fun songs but then i wish that the producers gets the right to more exciting songs than most of the boring songs they have now.. Give the contestants more breathing space to choose and perform. American idol is a grand stage watched by millions of people all over the world.If one kid see's the upright bass or takes to jazz, blues or metal, or if one kid expands his/her musical horizon, don't you think that would be great..I mean you are obviously a person who knows about varying genres but there are so many who don't know diddly squat outside of Miley Cyrus or Bieber which i think is sad…Love Miley and Bieber as much as you want but be more open to other genres. If American idol can do that, i think its wonderful…

      • To Templar and Gene

        I never said don't judge….I said that you should judge on what you know. For those who know more about music and its technicalities, they can judge the contestants on the musical knowledge they posses. But those who are not trained in music should instead go for what moves them or stirs them emotionally. But when doing so, have the humility to respect that which you cannot fathom or understand.. That's all i am asking. Judge all you want but to berate a contestant for growling too much, for wearing revealing clothes, for screeching and screaming, for powerhouse signing when they do it to fit a purpose is just idiotic and ignorant. If you don't get something, have the humility to say that you just don't get it instead of attacking them. All this hate for what? A bunch of kids struggling to chase their dreams. Its kinda silly and preposterous if you think about it… This ain't Rome and the contestants are not fighting with tigers… Let us usher in a feeling of sense, passion, compassion and logic into the new century instead of ignorance and dark age…

        Sorry for rambling but i like to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

      • well said Gauther. I accept that. Oh, personally I don't care doodly about Miley's singing, but I admire her Haley like voice and legs! same as the cougs with Bieber I guess. I don't hate him, just nothing to me. But I know you used them to generalize the pop music. Me? I have a weakness for Abba! But I also dig Queen and ELO! And Alan Jackson typesfor the country side. Why is Scotty too chicken to do "Chattahootchie"?!

  176. One thing for sure is that they will all get some sort of contract. Whether it be a major record label, Las Vegas bar gig, or hosting a karaoke event. None of the remaining will walk away empty handed.

  177. haha,,so agree bout Jacob. I'm so friggin BORED to death, and his performance always killin me twice. i'm not a xtian as well, despite of any religion he presented, i have to agree with this time. Jacob is so corny, and i really2 wish he kissin the mike good bye. he's so over the top, time to callin him back to earth =__=

  178. I'm pretty confident that my baby Stefano is safe this week. I pray that Jacob gets eliminated and takes his arrogance with him. I hope nobody wanted to vote for him.

  179. Jacob's facial expressions I think bother people more than his actual singing. Then again some people don't like the gospel angle nor should they because they don't have an emotional connection to it. Meaning do you go to the store and say hey I want to pick up that Marvin Sapp cd or do I want some Metillica in my life etc…

    Jacob to me is just hard to look at he looks like a over sized baby when he sings…Like he is crying…I feel he is more talented then Stefano vocally…

    • Vocally Jacob is more talented than all of them. But, he's just not AI material. And yes I feel that he is getting a little cocky.

  180. Wow. Really Branden? You must be attracted to Haley. An "A"? Really? Dude. This is a contest of musical or singing skills, not how "hot" the contestant is. You're killing me dude.

    • She did well… it wasnt her best performance but it wasnt the worst either. way better than casey paul jacob and james… really

    • Haley got an 'A'?! No way !!!

      She's tried her best, but, her voice isn't what her will can control now. She's losing her voice soon, having been using it to its upmost. Maybe, she can do great in the TV dramas, or the like.

      Season 10 becomes boring from this episode. No guest mentors, no great songs, no Simon and no Adam Lambert, …… !!! Season 8 is the greatest season of all.

  181. I think you're right on the mark with Lauren getting votes with that song. Not my favourite song choice either, but she sang it beautifully. She has an amazing voice and presence on stage.

    Paul is always fun to watch and that's what's saving him. He's a true performer. He doesn't have the best voice, but he's so entertaining and fun, I always enjoy his performances.

    Casey is weird. I think he has incredible musical talent, but he seems like he's trying to be unique, and it just comes across as being a total weirdo. I can't figure out who he is or where he fits.

    James is also a great performer. He proved he has great vocals the week he slowed things down and you could really hear his voice. I think he's going to do well.

    Scotty is just Scotty. He's country through and through and that will never change. I think he's smart to stick with what he's good at. He's never going to cross over into pop or rock. He's a country music singer, he's a country guy, it's just him. I think he's great, and this was the first performance where he actually showed a bit of vocal range and held a note for longer than 2 beats.

    Jacob – get rid of him. Every single performance is IDENTICAL. He does have a great voice, it's extremely powerful. But I HATE watching him. He looks like he's about to break down in tears, and he's so overly dramatic. I can't stand his performances, even if the vocals are really good. Time to go.

    Hailey is interesting. I think she's getting cocky, but she's also improved the most I think. I loved her performance last night, she sang well (less growly for once! I like her growl but sometimes it's just too much), she performed, I enjoyed it.

    Stefano is your typical pop star. He has a great voice, he's attractive, but nothing says WOW. He doesn't do anything that makes me remember him.

    I totally agree with your comments on the judging though! THEY ARE NOT ALL PERFECT EVERYTIME THEY SING! Give some constructive, critical feedback. Something they can work with to help them improve. Telling them "we've loved you since day one, you nailed it" or "dude, we were just as a "insert name here" concert!". That's not judging, it's a cheer squad.

    I really hope the girls stay in it. I HOPE Jacob is the next one to leave. I think he'll have a successful music career, but this isn't his place.

    • Also remember Lauren just turned 16. She probably watched and loved Hanna Montana. Just sayin.

  182. I would really love to hear what Simon Cowell has to say about these contestants, and their performances. I am tired of all the "beautiful, amazing, yo dog!!" comments. This season is getting more boring by the minute, I'm not moved or inspired by any of them. I find Jacob arrogant, Haley tries too hard, Lauren has no personality at all, Scotty..snore… Paul, is just spastic, and James is way too impressed with himself. As for Casey, creepy, just creepy, and the other guy..well there you go, can't even remember his name. Jennifer, Randy, Steven and especially Ryan spend more time yapping, BLAH,BLAH BLAH boo on this season of AI.

  183. my hopefuls are:

    safe: james, scotty, casey

    hope: paul, laurem

    bottom: haley, jacob, stephano

    go home: jacob

    again, just my picks….

  184. Paul will not go home yet because he has the VFTW votes. Jacob has a great voice, but as Randy said, he must pick his "Jacob" moment and not power the whole song. Haley was terrible last night. "Pitchy" and all over the place. I am a jazz lover, so I "got" Casey and loved it. He sang a tough arrangement and did it well. James was good, and loved Zack Wylde performing. Stephano – OK, as was Lauren. Don't like country at all, so I had to plug my ears for Scotty. (BTW, I live in Nashville.) My prediction will be Jacob or Haley going home. (Also, btw, I am a musician) Soooo….. We'll see. I have watched AI since season 1, and I agree this could possibly be the best group of contestants yet. Seems every season has had great performers, but not this many in one season. Such a diverse group. Will be interesting.

    • BEST SEASON for me too. Steven Tyler is a plus. And, jazz is extreme – Go Casey!

  185. Casey is a musical genius. Bottom three: Paul, Lauren, Hailey. I want James to win the whole thing.

  186. Branden, I almost agree with you.

    I understand that everyone has different likes of singing styles but from the many comments , I thought that I had watched a different show last nite… This is my take on it all..

    As to last nite-

    I think Paul stank, Stephano didnt do it, Jacob wrecked BOTW — the choir in his hometown needs him more than AI does, Casey didnt do Nat justice and what was with his odd facial expressions ,Lauren OK, Scotty OK but he needs to sing in front of a mirror to check his odd facial manners,and though I dont like heavy rock James was quite good.The best of the nite was Haley, I cannot understand the judges criticizing her performance but giving ovations to Paul, Jacob, Stephano etc.- (some thing fishy going on here?) These three should be the bottom three but Im afraid Haley may be down there due to the judges critique

    As to the judges — Randy is too inconsistent and contradictory He admits that he doesnt like ballads and so he criticizes everyone who does, Jennifer – Im not sure what to say about her, she is very attractive but 'Most beautiful in the world' I guess some editor from Peoples likes her. And then there is Steven, he has trouble putting four words into an understandable sentence a la Ozzie O. His comment to Haley about her dress – if I heard it correctly – was way off. The capability of these judges is shown by their standing ovations to the mediocre performances from Fantasia, Will.I.Am, Igggy Pop and the other guest singers. Geez can they get some quality singers.

    There are two things AI should do to improve the show First is implement a fairer voting system , one vote per phone or computer — Second is to replace these judges or let them sit in the audience and make no comments when the show has America voting.

    • Good analysis Jun, I agree with you. But I wish you hadn't reminded me of the terrible performance of Fantasia (anybody else thinking, "What Happened?"!), and Will i AM. Iggy Pop? i.e. the crazy naked Demoniac: stupid, but kinda hilarious!

      • love the idea of having the judges silent on voting night—give comments on thursdays shows if they really need to. why influence americas decisions–its american idol–not steve randy and jennifers idol

  187. Definitely Safe

    Scotty,Lauren and James

    next two are probably Haley and Stefano

    Bottom 3:

    Jacob, Paul and Casey ( I think Casey is a good and entertaining singer, but I have him in the bottom 3, cause the song choice was terrible)

    Going home….. Jacob

  188. Before anyone goes ballistic, these are personal opinions based on last nights performances and I know there will be many who disagree and that is healthy.

    Overall, it was a disappointing night and I was disgusted with Steven Tyler and his comment to Haley about her dress and his follow up comment.

    The judges were abysmal last night and the standing O for Casey, I believe, was them trying to justify the save after Pia's ousting last week because he was all over the place with that song.

    Randy Jackson must have told half of them that they were right to stick to their strengths. What a piece of hypocritical BS.

    He spent the previous weeks telling Thia and Pia (in particular) that they had to step it up and not focus on their ballad singing strength so much because we all know what great singers they were.

    Paul is a fun guy but enough already with the crazy flowered suits and jumping around as if he is a marionette being controlled by a drunken handler.

    Lauren, I thought, did a great job on that song and it was one of the better performances of the night.

    Stefano chose a bad song – as did most of them – but performed it well.

    Scotty is a one trick pony and had his worst performance last night but will not be in any danger because he gets the young female votes based on his cuteness. He may have a good bass baritone voice but he is becoming boring with the same style – sorry ladies!

    Casey absolutely murdered a beautiful song and spent as much time making weird noises and making creepy faces as he did "singing." The judges were self-serving with that standing O.

    Haley put a lot of energy into her song and probably made the best song choice of the night. There is such a double standard this year. On the one hand, they tell others that they have to be performers and not just singers and then criticize Haley for over performing.

    Jacob took on a classic and, while vocally almost perfect, did not stir me the way Simon & Garfunkel do when I listen to their version. One other minus to Jacob is when Jimmy admonished him for what he said last week, he was not in the least bit contrite and lost an opportunity to be humble and apologize.

    James, James, James; what can you say about a guy who sang a gentle George Harrison song last week and then brought Heavy Metal to the AI stage. Say what you like about him but he does entertain and, by the way, he can sing.

    After last week, it is hard to assess how America voted but I would put the bottom 3 as all male this week.

    I think it will be Casey, Jacob and Paul in the bottom 3 and, based on last night coupled with previous performances, Casey should be the one to go, with Paul probably hanging on for another week.

    That being said, I have read many negative and some bigoted comments about Jacob and, knowing who is casting the majority of the votes, he may be the one to go!

    If either of the girls go this week, then it will be a farce.

    • Steven Tyler is excessively inappropriate… I felt uncomfortable for her on that dress comment. AND on his comment to Lauren about being a "natural woman". Dude, she's 16. That's just wrong.

      • Even I–Coondog!– agree with Paul and Zoey regards the creepy Tyler wanting "to check out under Haley's skirt". Do you think Ryan will repeat Steven's remark when Haley's in her 'jeopardy trial' moment?!LOL

  189. Seriously….wasn't anyone offended by the judges and Casey saying the fans have to be educated? I love the song Nature Boy …but he did not do it justice. I thought the show was pretty lame last night

  190. Paul- he has an unique voice but for me it sounds annoying. And I think he dances like a drunk man walking on the streets, maybe he should just pick his guitar so he will not dance anymore

    Lauren- for me her performance wasn't good as her previous performances, but it is way better than the original.

    Stefano- I like his performance, but I think he is not here to win it.

    Scotty- did he do another country?

    Casey- I love it when he plays the double bass, but he need to stop being exaggerated.

    Haley- I think she did great, but I think she is trying to be sexy.

    Jacob- did he do another ballad? did he almost cry? he can sing , but he is always doing the same thing. I don't know why the judges don't say that they are sick of Jacob.

    James- I'm a rocker too, and I'm so happy what we did tonight. It was AWESOME!

    Off the topic

    – well, this may sound stupid, but i think Thia is not moving around the stage because she is wearing high heels and I think she is not use to wear it.

    • I like James but too much screaming for us non-rockers. Haley trying to be sexy? She is sexy and that is part of performing. Yes that was a country song by Scotty and like said last night if it ain't broke don't fix it. I agree with you on Casey and Jacob.

  191. Wow. Now I know people actually think Scotty is "all that". I thought he was a joke to be had. This has been an enlightening season. At first I thought this was the best group ever. Now I am not so sure. What will be, will be. But Scotty?

    • If you don't like country you probably don't like Scotty but if you like country then you love Scotty the next AI winner

    • WL, Funny that the best AI singer that Made it Big was Carrie and she sings country. I can bet that Scott Borchetta at Big Machine Records has his eye on Scotty

  192. hi … my favorite tv genre is sitcoms but ai is my favoite show, i have been watching since season 5 and i like all the contestants that made it to the top 24 but there have been only a few goosebump performances this year… i had the same problem last year and i guess that might be what were looking for is that type of performance that you can watch over and over .. that goes to show you how hard it is to find an amateur that leaves you wanting more .. even your favorite entertainers don't always meet your expectations .. that moment where your floored happens when song choice meets the singer .. i'm waiting for that and i don't care who does it and i absolutely think somebody from season 10 has it in them if not i'll watch season 11

  193. Guess I'm in the minority with James. Couldn't stand him from the beginning and still can't. Just seems to me like he's trying to be something he's not. Doesn't ring true to me. His voice his ok, but I couldn't in my wildest dreams picture myself buying anything he sings or going to hear him sing. And I happen to like metal. Trouble is, he'll probably win the whole thing. Oh. well.

    • Don't know why you would feel that way about James. I've liked him from the very beginning. He's fun and just being himself–and having a great time. I love hearing his voice and getting excited with him.

  194. Hayley really screwed up, tried to be sexy, very bad choice of song. I dont know what people see in Lauren.

  195. I don't really know who is going home. But I will tell you the one singer that has yet to impress me is Haley … I guess it just my music taste, but I dislike her growling as much as Casey's. She keeps hanging on though and that surprises me.

    When Lauren decides to grow up and act her age and not act/talk like a child then I will like her. She has a good voice when singing but I need to mute the TV when she is talking … just saying …

    Stefano's hit and misses are getting him into trouble. Having said that, I think he has one of the better voices, for me anyway. He needs to sing some of the gospel songs he sang in his university days. Look for him on YouTube and you will be a fan.

    I think James will win the whole thing and that is just fine with me. He is a good singer and while I HATE screaming, his is at least in tune and soounds good. Very melodic voice for a rocker which is rare.

    Paul does nothing for me. Period

    Jacob's singing while great at times is the same ole same ole .. He won't win but he may make it further than I think.

    Scotty has grown on me as well. I even expect to see him in the finale.

    I am not a music critic or a blogger. I just know what I think sounds good. And, yes, personality has it's own sound as well.

    Haley's got to go !!

    • Dang David, I was agreeing with all you said except the last line. Haley's my fav! But agree that Paul and Jacob have got to go. But since Jacob and Stefano are still getting sympathy votes, I'm hoping Paul goes and that Haley doesn't have "a Pia moment"!

  196. Overall, it wasn't the best night. Jacob and Lauren are overrated. Honestly. I turned the TV down when Jacob was singing, and Lauren is boring. She JUST STOOD THERE. Waved her arms alittle though.. that's always exciting. ANYHOW. I like Casey. I think he is talented, but I'm not certain American will get him, and he is becoming unlikeable. I think he's gotten an ego, and overreacts ALOT. His responses look fake.

    James is talented. Not my cup of tea, but talented.

    Scotty… Oh Scotty.. the boy will probably be the next AI because he's cute and has an accent. he can sing but is limited in range, not a well rounded performer.

    Paul is awesome. His performance last night was bad, and I think he is limited too.

    Stefano showed up last night. way to go.

    Haley is great! Yes, I am biased. However not her BEST performance, but i think the judges KILLED her in their comments. WTF. She did SO much better than Paul and Lauren. How were their perfoomances awesome, and her's just eh?? That sucks.

    Oh, and since people are STILL talking about PIA. Dude, she was boring, and I don't remember her performances. Super forgettable.

    • Nothing personal. Your email was just one of several that I noticed where 'American' was used when 'America' was intended.

      Agreed with a lot of what you commented.

    • you're right about casey…he will be better as an actor than as a singer…while his voice sucks, he sure can act…

  197. I am going to lie down in a faint. I agreed with everything you said, Branden! (Uh, even though I rated Scotty as in my bottom 3 . . . I don't think he will be there.)

  198. What is up with everyone down on the judges. I hated Simon and his degrading ways. A lot of singers went home early because of his rants and raves. Downright cruel at times. It is all made for TV rating and most of us veteran AI watchers were sick of the judge war. That is why they are gone.

    • I am certainly not "down on the judges". It is my opinion that the judges are doing a great job. Especially in the very beginning. However, I feel that the judges are now just in the "sit back and see what happens" phase. As judges in this field, I strongly believe that they should be giving constructive, honest, critism and actually "judge" the contestants. Yes, the kudos help build the confidence and esteem but constructive critism is necessary to assist the contestants in becoming even better performers.

    • The judges aren't "judging". They seem to be just praising and sitting back letting the voters do the work. I miss Simon.

  199. I think James rocked the Idol stage!! Here is my 1-8 1 is the best 8 the worst!

    1. James

    2. Lauren

    3. Scotty

    4. Stefano

    5. Haley

    6. Paul

    7. Casey

    8. Jacob

    James you rock!!

    • think you are pretty close–think people will be moved to vote for casey due to the judges. Haley is a wild card–the judges gave the only negative comments to her for the night, so that could cost her many votes and put her at the bottom—I am hoping though that it fired up all the people who love her, like me. I normally stick to a top 3 and give one vote to each–typically James, Lauren, and Haley, but because of the comments I gave Haley 10 and Lauren 1.

  200. I DON'T GET IT WITH THE JUDGES. How can they praise everybody but Haley? She was not at her best tonight, ok. I agree, BUT she performed much better than many other "regular" performances. The judges need to be fair. And for Casey, he maybe an intelligent musician, good guy, but they do no favor to him by praising his "just ok" peformance. The true is that the judges do not want to critizice Casey to let him stay as long as possible BECAUSE…. they know they wasted the "save" with him (which of course should have been used for Pia). I still love Jennifer and Steven (no love for Randy), but they need to be honest with ALL of them. I hope the judges' least favorite (who doubts?) Haley stays longer. See tonight if any other is vote off, the judges will CRY, BE OUTRAGED with America! "How is possible Casey is gone? Oh my God?, "I have no idea why America did not vote for Paul!", "Dude, this made me MAD seeing Jacob gone" and so on……… but if Haley is voted off it would be "Baby, we know you can grow", "You have the potential, keep working on it"….. I have not been missing Simon……… until yesterday.

  201. I liked Casey's song last night. I like jazz, liked how he sang it. HOWEVER, I'm tired of the goofy "I'm going to pass-out…" schtick. Haley got my vote.

    Who I think that bottom three "will" (as opposed to "should") be: Paul, Jacob, Stefano – with Jacob going home.

  202. I couldn't agree with Branden any more on how he judged Jacob. Jacob really is an ass and the whole world should know. It makes me mad that people can talk crap about Stefano but not say anything about Jacob? Really? Cuz I can tell you right now that Jacob suuuuuuuccckkkssss! Open your eyes America? Don't let this arrogant person stay any longer than he has to in this competition!!!!!!

      • Thank You!!!! I pray to god that Jacob will be sent home next week. But what bothers me the most is that people apparently seem to like him and are blind in seeing his true colors.It's a shame!

  203. Haley had the best performance of the night. The judges should STOP cuddling Steffano. He sang badly again! Singing word-for-word all the time is not "nailing" or "slaying" it. Because they saved him first, they are now protecting him and his ego? They just can't correct him at all! The wailing and the shouting should stop! We've had enough of that. Metal rocks, yes. But screaming irrritates! Miley Cyrus?!? Really now… Jimmy whatshisnamewiththebaseballcapon should go. he's done NOTHING to help the contestants.

  204. American Idol's system is screwed up. Three things.

    One:Every week, it's a different topic. So instead of narrowing down the best singers, they're narrowing down the most versitale singers. That's why, Hayley is thriving and James Durbin, i think, is slipping.

    Two: Since the begining of the show, the American Idol judges have been inconsestent. "You need to make it your own," one would say. Next week, the same would say, "What was wrong with it? Don't change it." They are so inconsestent, it drives me insane!!

    Three: Instead of leaving it all up to america, American Idol should do it like Dancing with the Stars, where they don't leave up all the way to the fans. The judges actually have a say to prevent a Pia or a Casey insindint and sitituation.

  205. (Sigh) Stefano continues to have haters that try to put him down. What can you do. Well I can't wait 4 ya to see Stefano be safe so all u haters to look dum!!!!!!

  206. I really hope Stefano doesn't end up in the bottom 3 or, God forbid, get eliminated. He's extremely talented, and maybe because of his song choices, people fail to see that. Look him up on YouTube pre-Idol and you'll see how amazing he is. His rendition of "I Know Where I've Been" is so beautiful; it actually made me cry and feel something. Who's with me?

  207. Blimey Branden, everyone is entitled to their opinion but you got it completely wrong with Casey. That guy is one seriously talented musician (not 'just' a singer)! His performance last night was stellar. But I'm not a rabid Casey fan by any stretch so I will agree with you that he needs to stop coming over all faint every time he gets a little praise. Case, toughen up dude.

  208. I agree with a surprising amount of your evaluations: the weaker grades for Lauren, Paul, Scotty, and Casey. Lauren's song had an amateur feeling to it in spite of her good voice…the outfit, the safeness of the choice for her, and her inability to use the stage. Scotty passed on some challenge and took a safe, this time boring, choice, in what was easily his most average performance. Casey…musicianship yes, but entertainment value and vocal quality…no. Paul…love him, weak vocals every time.

    I would not grade James so highly as you, but I admire his sticking to his guns. I feel he sacrificed some song for the yelling and noise, but then I guess I feel that about metal anyway.

    I agree with your higher evaluations of Stefano and especially Haley. They were both dynamic and totally entertaining. Haley chose a difficult song and sang the heck out of it. She owned everything about it, sang with abandon, and was exciting!!!

    I enjoyed earlier in the season that I felt the judges had no agenda. That is no longer true. At a critical moment, they banded together for what might be the most criticism of the season against Haley. Stephen has revealed his bias toward Lauren before, and we've heard theories about them wanting a female idol. Lauren's only hope is getting rid of the other female fast and hope her votes go to Lauren (which was actually mentioned!). Number 1: They picked the wrong girl to manipulate for! and Number 2: If America wants another male idol, let it be!!!

  209. you've said it right, u better replace the judges instead. seriuously its the same feeds that we're getting out here. what happened to idol? frankly i am no longer as excited after that casey episode way back. in my opinion, its ok to control things up but dont do it too obvious. we prefer simon and paula than the 2 new judges. the formula and the magic of idol is no longer there and felt. most often than not we've felt that we are watching a j-lo show. this likely is the reason why she's hired, mainly for the fan base. she, i believe strongly is adding much damage to the show in the long run. ai is all abt the talents but seems now its the opposite, talents are taking the back stage as the judges as given the high-ups. with the exeption of randy, i believe that 2 are not helping the idols wannabees. kidding aside, its should be renamed as american idol-wannabees, as talents are taking a back seat as they were being judged the opposite most of the time. i am looking forward of the new simon show, he knows talents than anybody elses…

  210. I agree with you. nobody sounded good. Boring, boring, boring. And the judges are like sheep grazing on a hill of pot plants. What gives with everything so perfect.

  211. okay paul is gone, now i hope stefano and jacob and casey go. after that i will be sitting on the edge of my seat. i really want james, scotty or lauren to win. the craziest thing about my choices is i hate country. i love metal!

    • i hope scotty is booted out from the show. his one-dimensional and mediocre singing is irritating. i can sing better than him. and that's a fact!

      please america, listen with your ears and not your eyes. casey and jacobs are the best singers for this season.

      • Yikes, I think they are the worst. I hate country, but I love Scotty's voice. He is the best on the show, Lauren is good too.

      • I'm not sure anyone can sing low notes like Scotty! Common, he has very unique voice. The judges are not blind, they are all professional and have many experiences in music business. And America are not blind, too. If he still safe, it means he got talent. Anyway, people listen to music, not "see" it! when i first saw Scotty, I even don't think he's good looking, I just like his voice.

  212. du know…Haley has a great voice, but isn't she fake? Anyone with me on this one? sorry Haley fans, no offenses.

    • OMG yes. she spends more time looking at her self in the monitors than she does paying attention to what people are telling her.

      • I think you are gleefully hoping that Haley fits into the description of her that you have posted. So totally wrong.

        Haley has tried to do exactly what the judges are telling her to do, even though the critiques for her have been so wrong and so lame. She never talks back or tries to defend herself. She always says she will do her best to "do better" and deliver what the judges want next time. Personally, I think she walked in perfect and is still perfect. I think she is just the best thing ever to hit AI!

      • How the hell would any of you know whether she is fake or not. Do you know her or just want editors allow you to see on tv. She presents herself humbly. And let's face it, would ANYONE respect a doormat. Haley hasn't done anything wrong. And although she isn't my favorite, I'm glad she made it this far.

  213. Hope to see Jacob in line to leave idol.

    And lets cheer for, James, Scotty, Haley and Lauren.

    They are all great.

  214. Haley's cover of "Call Me" was not her best performance BUT if anyone paid attention last night to the duet with Casey, it's obvious the girl has mad talent. Too pretty to get the tweeny girls' votes though, so unfortunately she probably won't get to the finale, but she should. I am so tired of Scotty's self-satisfied smirk and Jacob's high-pitched gurgling. They were both off-key during performance night. Both over-rated.

  215. Estoy estupefacta con la salida de Pia Toscano, en verdad este concurso esta dejando mucho que desear si una cantante de la talla de esta muchacha no va a finales. Es penoso que los jueces no puedan tener mas control en estas votaciones a veces extranas del publico.

    • This is America, Hablan Ingles. I am tired of hearing about Pia, she belongs on Broadway, not as an American Pop star, she has that kind of voice. Scotty is part Puerto Rican. Te Quiero Scotty, Te Amo, usted es el mejor.

  216. the thing to remember is everyone has different tastes. all the singers are talented, so its just a matter of taste. everyone is so harsh…come on like to see you do even half of what the singers do….Some of them are unique and different…that should be a good thing. it is about what most of america thinks not just one person, so getting mad things don't go your way is crazy. its about the majority. Scotty is humble and decent…paul unique and interesting and entertaining, haley is also very talented…lauren is amazing and has such a strong voice listen to jacobs range…and james can rock it boy…no one inexperienced is going to getit alway right so cut them s ome slack and just try to enjoy listening…and vote for your favorite and do your part.

  217. Brandon's comments are dead on right,it was the first time I liked Haley singing, Lauren totaly picked the wrong song and it was boring, and what was with the standing ovation for Casey's weirdness? Horrible song. Are the judges on drugs? Oh, well, dumb question, one of them is, but what is wrong with Jennifer and Randy?

  218. Oh, but Brandon is wrong about one thing, it is not only teen girls voting for Scotty, all of the mom's in America love him too!!! I am so sick of the judges, I may not watch and just go online every wednesday night and vote for Scotty.

  219. I only like the judge Randy–he gives a real opinion, the others are people-pleasers. Jennifer is becoming nauseating. It is becoming boring with those judges.

    Please vote Lauren and Scotty off! They are both very cheesy!

    • Sue,quit telling people what to do because you don't like who's getting the most votes. This is America, everyone who votes, can make up their own minds, without someone like you telling them to vote your way. You should be ashamed!

      You must be scared your choice isn't going to win……………well, get over it!

      The person with the most votes wins. Live with it!

  220. It's surprising to hear Branden say that if he wanted to hear gospel, he'd go to church instead of watching American Idol. Many Idol finalists have strong roots in Christian muasic (Danny Gokey, Melinda Doolittle, Phil Stacey, Kris Allen, Chris Daughtry, to name just a few.) Christian music, whether gospel, contemporary Christian, or other genre is thriving with incredible talent and some amazing artists. Check out Tenth Avenue North or Francesca Battistelli some time.

  221. OMG, think Haley is AMAZING! I hope she wins! She is beautiful and VERY talented with her singing!!

  222. I am a South African viewer of American Idols and I absolutely enjoy the show … the talent is awesome (compared to some of the wannabe Idols in South Africa). Well done to all the American Idols contestants – at this stage it is one of my favourite shows on TV and I try not to miss it! Thanks guys … u rock!

  223. Ok first of all, I'd like to say every contestant is talented and pretty much unique. Now, on to the more important stuff. I agree that I want Scotty to go home. I feel that he doesn't belong on a show like this where it seems they stress versatility somewhat (moreso in earlier seasons, but still). He can only really sing 1 genre, and with his range being really limited every performance sounds the same…My favorites are James and Casey, and maybe Haley if I had to pick a girl. No question the guys were overall better this year.

  224. eu adora a Haley, espero que ela seja a grande vencedora do american idol 2011

    • O merecedor para o grande prêmio é Scotty,com sua voz linda,grave e única…

      Os outros são imitadores e com vozes comuns.

      I like very much Scotty,he is the BEST!

  225. I hope America is finally getting it and not letting any more good talent go home. It's obvious the judges have their favorites and others take the criticism. Listen to the performances and some of what Jimmy, the coach, says- he's great.

    I don"t know what Casey's performance was but it wasn't good jazz- the coach said you better be right- and by golly Casey wasn't in my opinion. But then again the coach wasn't pleased with James choice and I thought it worked for him last week. So listen America,

    don't go by the criticisms of the judges and let them get you negative on a contestant. You all listen to CD's , the radio and TV- judge for yourselves. I remember the year when Carrie Underwood was on a judge obviously preferred Bo Brice. Well, where is Bo now? Sometimes there is no accounting for taste. But think who will be making the CD's and who will be performing in lounges?

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