American Idol 2012 Eliminee Heejun Han Heads North

American Idol 2012 Heejun Han and Jason Biggs

American Idol 2012 contestant Heejun Han has landed in Canada in what he likes to call “Global Heejun Domination Phase 2.” Just kidding. Heejun arrived in Alberta, Canada to tape his appearance on “Live! with Kelly” for Monday’s broadcast.

Han announced his travels on Twitter along with his first movie crossover debut: “American Piedol.”

Looks like Heejun met with Jason Biggs who is scheduled to appear on Monday as well to promote the upcoming “American Reunion” movie. I’m not sure, but an “American Piedol” movie sounds a little more interesting to me than the “Reunion” one.

Han’s promotional tour will continue once he returns to America so you’ll see him on plenty more shows like he did last week for The Tonight Show. I wouldn’t be surprised if American Idol found some way to get him involved again in the rest of the season since we’ve got nearly two months left to go in Season 11.

Don’t forget to tune in Monday morning for “Live! with Kelly” to catch Heejun Han’s post American Idol 2012 appearance.




  1. The funny thing is hee jun will probably get more TV appearances (or even his own sitcom) than some of the AI contestants that people here are saying “better than Hee ¬†Jun.” ¬†He got the “personalities” that many contestants lack and the “it” factor. I am sorry for hee jun haters…cuz they are going to see a lot more of him. ^_^

  2. well he’s certainly funny enough than Hollywood and may end up a bigger household name than any other remaining contestants right now.. I really want to see him act in a movie with John Cho, Ken Jeong, and Jackie Chan!! One can only imagine how funny would that be.

    • Hee Jun is probably¬†the one that benefited¬†the most from AI. After AI, he could be still thriving & even become more famous.
      Could not wait to see him in the following movies, too –
      1. Hangover III – no more monkey, put Hee Jun in.
      2. American Pie with Kimchi
      3. Arnold, Kumar & Dante
      4. Wayne’s World 3
      5. The New Karate Clown
      6.Batman Vs The Trickster
      7. Rush Hour 4 (film in India)
      8. Brokeback Moutain – A Straight Comedy with P2

  3. Most of these singers, with the exception of a couple don’t have beautiful tone or quality to their voices. They’re technical automatons, and their voices are really hard to listen to. Heejun has a beautiful voice, a really natural tone.

    • True. Skylar’s nasally tone is getting on my nerve. Cute Hollie is too direct. Leandre reminds me of ‘Tootsie” & ‘Mrs Doubfire’ and a little bit of ‘The Crying Game’. His last song was a better version than Yamin & Buble.

    • ¬†So true! Heejun’s voice is pure and beautiful, natural talent without pretenses or technical training. Amazing guy! Love his presence, personality, and humor. He will be famous. I can feel it! His future is bright… TV, Broadway, movies… here we go! Keep rocking Heejun!

  4.  I have watched this show since day one and I REALLY loved Heejun from the very beginning of his debut on the American Idol!!! He is so cute and sings like a dove and very funny which girls do respond to  ~~  I am very sorry to see him gone , I will miss him!

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