American Idol 2012 Eliminee Heejun Han TV Appearances – Updated

American Idol 2012 Heejun Han

American Idol 2012 eliminee Heejun Han has been making the rounds on television these past few days and just as you’d expect he’s making plenty of jokes with each appearance.

Yesterday Heejun appeared on “Live! With Kelly” to perform “A Song For You” and you can watch the performance below. After he finished he spoke with Kelly Ripa about his departure from American Idol along with his current marital status with judge Jennifer Lopez. I wonder how she’d feel about him getting kisses from Jason Biggs backstage??

Then this morning Heejun Han paid a visit to NBC’s “The Today Show.” No singing this time around, but he did take the opportunity to line up a dinner date with one of the co-hosts before making more jokes about being married to JLo.

Noticeably absent from both appearances were any comments about watching The Voice instead of American Idol 2012!

Update: Heejun went on The Wendy Williams show this Wednesday. Here’s his interview:




    • Hi aiden, glad to see u here! Please tell your brother Heejun how I miss him so deeply on Idol. Keep up the good work. He’ll doing great

  1. He is now in his element……Comedy!!!!! Where he should have been a long time ago but I guess he needed the exposure and he sure is getting it now!!!!

  2. I find Heejun as a breath of fresh air in idol. and not just a comedic act.. unlike William Hung way back then because Heejun can sing and Hung can’t

    • William Hung is a joke to Asian. I was so embarassed to see him being made fun of on AI. Anyway, William did cast in on his fame. He made a movie in Hong Kong, musical comdey & cashed in on his temporary fame. He ‘s now a chub.
      Hee Jun, on the other hand is Asian Pride. A great way to show the world that asian is charming & talented. Thank you much!

  3. On one of his shows, he said p diddy was drunk.  I’d totally believe that.  p diddy’s mentoring blew chunks.  He said good things about Stevie Nicks.  I don’t think he was the best singer, but I like the fact that he’s honest about his experience & not saying how everything/everyone was so great.

    • I think Hee Jun was not malicious in saying P Diddy was drunk, it just came out like that(I m as direct as HJ). I remember some -ve news about P Diddy so if he’s drunk, it’s not something new. Stevie Nicks, luv your kind soul. U shoed so much luv & acceptance to all the contestants & that’s way they did well during that week. AI should have more mentors like her. HJ reminds me of Simon Cowell – not afraid to say the truth. Thank you Matt for posting all these wonderful news about Hee Jun. It’s the only way we could watch & care for HJ since he’s no longer on AI anymore 🙁

  4. i dont understand why people thought he didnt take it seriously, to be honest i knew he wasnt going to win, but his humor never made me thought that he didnt take things seriously, to me it was his way of making light of the situation and showing the audience his personality…sad to see the funny man with a smooth voice go…but he did well!!!

    •  Hee jun was a doll! He can sing i just think in his mind he didn’t give himself enough confidence. I think the judges were also harsh on him they would give everyone else rave reviews and then they say oh! Heejun you sang that well. I cried when he was voted off cause i voted my ass off for him he’s a cutie and a very caring person for those kids.

  5. -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸Thank You•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ Matt, I think you are really Heejun’s fan. I love every single thing of Heejun. His joke, his humbleness, his passion, his friendship with Phillip but above all his sweet voice. U’re doing great man!

    Now I really miss your bromance with PP 🙁

  6.  I think even  the winner of any singing contestant , success as a singer is very difficult.
    Heejun  `s American Idol contestants road was finished, but his activities in the future will may spread.

  7. I was glad to see him go—I was gettting a shock every week we stayed on. I still cannot fathom how he made it thru but Shannon is gone…..all I can say this is the worseAmerican Idol I have ever seen. I cannot even begin to imagie how Elise made it over Shannon…. the only good one’s left are Hollie , Jessica, Joshua & Colton… Yet we are seeing ollie in the bottom 3 every week. Is it any wonder American Idol rarings are falling?

  8. The judges have turned into fans and are not showing much objectivity. Jennifer and Randy seem to have their favorites. Steven more objective.
    Deandre is one of the less talented contestants but Jennifer seems to be determined to keep him on the show. Time to bring back Simon and get rid of Jennifer.
    Maybe the show has just run it’s course. I was once a big fan but now find myself channel surfing especially when Jennifer is giving her feedback

  9. I totally enjoyed Heejun on American Idol! Whether he was singing, making wisecracks or hamming it up for the camera, he was ALWAYS entertaining! He may not have a highly-trained pop voice like Jessica, but he does have a very good voice with a beautiful tone and of course, tons of charisma. Heejun definitely has talent that could lead to options in the entertainment industry. Come visit Heejunies sometime!

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