American Idol 2012 Hollywood and Vegas Ratings

American Idol season 11 Hollywood Week

American Idol had some ups and downs this week when it came to ratings. Wednesday brought a win for Fox with the two-hour final Hollywood night. Idol’s closest competition during the 8PM block was CBS’ premiere of Survivor One World which was awesome yet still brought a series low there. Go figure.

Jump over to Thursday night and just as expected we saw American Idol 2012 slip to second place just barely behind CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Overall the Las Vegas episode was down 14% from last week’s one-hour episode. Maybe America is just ready to get on with the live shows already.

Are you enjoying the drawn out audition process with trips between Hollywood and Vegas or are you ready to get to the live performance American Idol shows?

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  1. It was cruel how they put some through and then had to eliminate them.  Can you imagine the thrill of getting put through and then to be told,  sorry, no room for you.  Heart breaking to be sure.   Very poor planning !!

  2. I’ve always enjoyed Hollywood week and now Vegas week … you get to hear the contestants singing both in groups and by themselves …. and we learn the most about their personality (good and bad) this week.  Like seeing the  elimination process and see how difficult the judges job is to narrow it down from thousands to just a handfull.

  3. It was kinda mean to put them through and then shortly later they are eliminated. I don’t think they should’ve done it like that. I am so ready for the live shows now!!!

  4. So far the show has been completely depressing with all the illness. I believe that for the protection of the competitors and viewing audience, you should have some rules regarding illness. Thank you. 

  5. Either say their good or not– don’t play with their minds!  Going to quit watching it because seeing the judges hurt peoples feelings is not right.
    One nice thing is that judges are not arguing between them selves about there decisions. 

  6. about the illness this year, i’m sure something was wrong about the foods food poisoning cause it happened to lots of them so…
    and i think sometimes the judges r kidding!!!every season cant get why some really good ones are eliminated!!! last year Colton Dixon was eliminated and i got really really shocked about that cause i think he is really talented ,  now he came back iam excited…
    and now this season i cant get why Cari Quoyeser was eliminated!!!!!
    so unfair…

    • Somaya,

      I see you still dont understand The producers superior strategic forecasting process.  I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Rachel Zevita in between her seasons auditioning for American Idol.  She told me the producers tag great singers to be eliminated and then let them know what season to come back and try out.  They told her that as long as she was AT LEAST as good as she was that season, she would crack the top 24.  Lo and behold, she did. 

      I believe Rachel, and I also believe that American Idol has done as well as it has over the years because it knows how to stretch the talent out over the years. 


  7. I’m enjoying the whole process but in a way ready for the live shows too. So I’m just okay with everything right now.

  8. I hate to say it, but someone said to me that the ratings would go down if they didn’t show all those ridiculous acts we hated. Go figure.

  9. I missed the Vegas week but I was thinking of trying out…. Does anyone or everyone think it’s too late? It’s been my dream since I was little. And I don’t plan to get in or even be able to audition, but it’s always nice to try!…

  10. not too thrillled with the show this season.  first off, is this idol or general hospital??  too much crying and emoting and not enough singing.  the contestants should know by now that the beginning is grueling.  hopefully, the live shows will be better than the heart wrenching drama we’ve seen so far.

  11. I really enjoy the Vegas week…as much if not more than the Live shows…the entire process of going from the thousands to the top 24 is fun to watch…shows how difficult the road to American Idol really is

  12. Matt…..I was ready for the live shows back in January.  This week should be okay as long as we don’t have to watch a replay of people getting sick or hurt.   Really, enough with the drama.  

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