American Idol 2012: Heejun Han Interview Clip

American Idol 2012 Heejun Han

American Idol 2012’s Heejun Han has frequently provided the high point of the episode for me in the recent weeks, at least for comic relief, so I’m guessing there are a few more Heejun fans out there too.

Here’s a news segment from the local New York FOX station with a brief interview featuring Heejun who doesn’t disappoint with his funny commentary and a surprising proposal to the reporter.

Check out Heejun Han’s interview below the break and then leave your thoughts on this American Idol season 11 featured funny man or perhaps not-so-funny if you’re not a Han-Fan.




    • He is one of my favorites! Does anyone know if he has had any professional training like Jennifer Hirsh? Jennifer has had the privilege to consistently work with the renowned vocal coach, Peisha McPhee.  Who is a current Idol coach.   

  1. Im a big fan. It amazes me how you can stand, out besides vocally. The camera loves you and I enjoy your quick witted humor.

  2. Watched Idol for the first time last night. I was very impressed with the contestants. Can’t speak for Heejun. Watching program in NZ>

    • Phyllis G. Ccertainly not the best looking either. He is kind of funny. But after he blabs enough it gets a bit boring. did you notice JLO and Steven Tyler are on their toes this year? Pehaps a raise??  Or perhaps if they want to keep their jobs. I am off to wath the special . About a special person. Ms Whitney Houston.  If only they could have kept her away from Bobby Brown.

    • Phyllis! <3  Haven't been keeping up much this year (a bit jaded from all the drama last season) but I saw this guys audition on youtube and had to check back and see who is still around, 🙂

  3. I love him.  He had me laughing until I was crying the night he was talking about the cowboy.  I would have been very upset if he had not made it to the next round.  I just think he is adorable.

  4. I really like him, he may not be the best singer, but he is good and love to see him and watch him i hope he is around for a long while. good luck

  5. He is already our favorite! I hope he goes far. It is also a plus that  his favorite past Idol was Haley Reinhart. That boy is really smart! She should have won!

  6. We are loving Han! He’s a total hoot! I think he sounds good and has the coolest sense of humor. We wish him the best.

  7. If he does make it all the way through, the judges are silly…I will definitely vote for him..his personality and voice are marketable..he can go far with proper exposure and management…I ADORE him…too cute…too funny…and the camera does love him…He has the IT factor.

  8. Cowboy’s ” I hate them. And that stupid hat too! He only talks. He doesn’t listen!. I don’t like cowboys.” Sorry Heejun Han I like cowboys! They are sexy in their hot wranglers. I mean come on George Strait. Yum, Yum. Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts. Lady A. Woo pee. Notice all of them except George Strait cross over to the pop charts too. ADAM LAMBERT is always first in my book though!

      • I was trying to reply to rinsewash. Clicked the wrong key. Sorry Matt. I guess rinsewash doesn’t like Glamberts??? Another week of American Idol. It should be fun this week! Out of here for tonight.

    • ADAM LAMBERT -Is the best to sing on American Idol ever. Except for maybe Chris Daughtry. If you see my friend Phyllis G. Ask her!  She saw him in concert. She stood in cold water 4 hours to see him!!  Most of the women know who he is. And love him. I just now noticed you said Madam Glambert! DUH. So I am thinking you really do know who he is. Let me tell you this ADAM is hot!

    • Yeah i can make my mom laugh and im bad at jokes. She is easy to crack! She was just about ready to roll on the floor laughing:) she also thinks he is the weirdest but thats what makes him awesom and funny!!!

  9. Omg i love him!! His voice is so dull and calm but i dont see how he does that with his hilarious jokes and comments. He and i are both togeather on cowboy. Boo

    • The cowboy actually did better than I expected in the Hollywood Group rounds but I wasn’t that impressed in Vegas. 

  10. I don’t know what to think of this guy. He has good vocals but it’s almost as if he is doing an impression of someone else as in a comedy routine when he sings. I think the fact that he is goofy and silly and trying to be funny lend to a kind of shock factor when he starts singing. There is such a stark contrast with his humor and then it’s like flipping a switch to the seriousness it takes to generate the melody and tone that comes across in his voice. I think it tends to enhance his vocals more in the realm of your perception than in reality. I am not saying that the vocals are not good I would just like to see him in a serious interview and then hear him sing and see if it still has the same impact. Just sayin’!

  11. On a different note:
    I think Brittany should never have been booted – she has an amazing voice and stage presence and could easily have moved into the final rounds.  I just don’t get that one.  Bad move on the judges part.
    We should start a Bring Back Brittany campaign and run it until they call her back.  She deserves it!

  12. i just hope they pick the right people for the top 24 and not go the same thing they do every year the producers picking and giving camera to who they want to be in the top 24 show more of the singers and not just a hand full let us pick who we like not the producers give more people  camera time and stop having it be 80% white each time if they just pick the best singers it will be a great show ………we will see

  13. Did anybody notice how “The Cowboy” offered his hand to Heejun at the end of this Youtube video : “American Idol 2012 – Heejun Han Apologizes To Cowboy”, and  Heejune refused it?  In the Vegas group round,  “The Cowboy”  tried to hug his duet partner Jermaine Jones  several times,  but got burned.. His attempts seemed really genuine. 

    •  Richie Law (cowboy) offered his hand to Heejun not once, but twice! I do not believe for one minute that he meant  his apology.  Richie how ever took it being the Gentlemen that he is.  As for this Koren guy ~ he’s  a major  JURK.  Must of been raised in a barn.

      • Well i like hejun cuz he is nicer than cowboy. Cowboy says, ” we are going to do it my way and thats it” my mom and i were glad when he got kicked. But then again i feel bad for him. He wanted this really bad and i get that but he could have been a little nicer i think. Some people may not agree i get it! He was a good singer so he shouldnt give up on that.

      • I agree with you.  I think that cowboy sings very well, but he is very immature.  Don’t think he is ready for the fame. Instead of being thankful he would probably get a big head and not go very far.  Maybe after he has grown a little he would be eaiser to get along with and make it to the top 24 and probly the top 12. Now Hejun on the other hand. I just love him.  I about wet my pants laughing when Ryan asked him the question abut sweating and he so seriously siad “Mostly water”.  He is a funny man.

  14. Heejun you are hilarious! My favorite so far! Great voice, mannerisms and very comical too! You have my vote! I am hoping you make it to the top!! Stay sincere and true to yourself!

  15. One thing is clear, according to the top 24 I don’t see Richie’s name on the list, however Heejun’s name is there, besides there were other singers in the competetion that were far better singers than Richie Law and Heejun but did not made the list, makes you wonder??  Don’t forget this show is looking for the future “Idol” so this person besides being a great singer should also have  some kind of an appeal not necessarily just good looks but appeal whether by being funny or a having natural gift that attracts attention, in other words someone that is a complete package!!

  16. Even If he fail in the middle of  the show  I would like to him to  remain   as a reporter of the show.

  17. You can’t help but to root for him. He makes me laugh with his quick wit and also shows that he has a sensitive side also. Way to represent the Koreans!

  18. If you are the real hee jun han …….I LOVE YOU MAN.(not in that way)I hope you win American idol you earned it.Hee Jun Han ftw

  19. I love him! He has been my favorite since day 1! He has a beautiful voice and a wonderful sense of humor. He is the REAL American Idol!

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