American Idol 2011: James Durbin Signs Deal and Set To Record

James Durbin

James Durbin fans can rejoice. The American Idol 2011 contestant has finally signed a record deal this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

American Idol season 10 finalist James Durbin has signed with Wind-Up Records, it was announced on Monday. The label founded in 1997 by husband and wife team Alan and Diana Meltzer is home to multi-platinum rock acts Evanescence and Creed.

Says Gregg Wattenberg, Wind-up’s Chief Creative Officer who co-wrote Daughtry’s Top 10 hit “It’s Not Over:” “When the possibility of signing James Durbin to Wind-up Records came up, we knew it was a no-brainer. James is a rock star. We’re all excited to have him as part of the family and can’t wait to let his fans hear his debut album.”

Durbin will start recording next week before returning to the Idol tour. After the tour is finished he’ll be back in the studio to complete this album.

Who is ready to get their hands on a James Durbin album?




    • Templar, do you really know what his music is? You’re making assumptions without any facts. I love James’s voice in all different types of music. I hope his music is as diverse as it was on idol. He can sing anything!

      • Yes Carla, having seen every one of James’ performances, listened to his interviews and read his mission statement, I believe I do know what his music is. I’d put him somewhere in the middle between Iron Maiden and Molly Hatchet, and feel he has the feel for the genre but not the talent. It is only my opinion and as previously stated, I do wish him luck.

    • Way to go James, it was just a matter of time, we all knew that! have a great time recording and enjoy sweetie, you deserve it!

  1. OMG!!! I wasn’t gonna buy his album but if Wind-Up- the record company of Evanescence (the best band in this UNIVERSE) I’ll give him a try.. but I still think that the music he dies is nice but he only wows with the shout… Nothing special about his real voice…

  2. He is the 5th in this season signs a contract (Scotty, Lauren, Pia, Haley) that’s a record. This shows the strength of last season contestants and the judges.
    I think in the first 9 seasons we had 4 outstanding singer(Clarkson, Underwood, Lambert, Cook) but in 10th season we had 7 (Scotty, Lauren, Haley, James, Jacob, Casey, Pia).
    Nice job Judges

    • Ash, your list of outstanding singers from the 1st 9 years is way short. Starting with Clay and Reuben and up to the 3 true singing talents of S9 – Crystal, Siobhan, and Aaron. (With Katie Stevens a ‘maybe’)

      And your S10 list is about the right length, but I would toss Casey who may be a talented musician but can’t sing for squat..and substitute the incredible young Thia Megia.

  3. Great news about James. I knew Scotty was a lock and was the most happy about Haley getting a contract – more than any of the 5 from S10.
    Its a great result! And I have hopes for Naima to have a shot in dance-pop and Thia Megia with her incredible voice to be gainfully employed post-Idol. And Paul McDonald already has a place in a fine, well-regarded band, the Grand Magnolias.
    Last season, you had two phenomenally talented teen singers that were ill-used by Idol and the negative atmosphere producers and judges cast. Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus. Both are working hard to make it post-Idol, polishing their performing abilities. Don’t be surprised if either one makes it…at least on a scale of Pickler, Casey James, Brooke White, McPhee. Not a “Best-Selling Album Superstar!” but making a good living.

  4. I am very excited to have been taken into account to a cream such as star James Durbin, elderly look first album that I will not disappoint anyone.

    • FINALLY!!!! Sorry about the caps but it is the truth……Matt..thanks for the news…

      Ann….I’m not 71 but I am crazy about James too…..Cannot wait to get his album…..To me, he was the best entertainer this season.
      I am thrilled!!!!!

      • Absolutely love James! He was the highlight of the show and of the tour! I screamed like a teen at the Little Rock concert. By the way, I’m 66!

  5. Now I am waiting for his concert tour……I’m hoping he stops in Vegas like Adam L. did…..Fantastic Show and I’m sure James’ will be too!!!

    • Hi Phyllis! It’s about time someone signed up James!! I was starting to think he would not get signed. I hope he does real good. Hope you had a nice summer. I am kind of back and forth about American Idol And the X/Factor. I am going to look them both over and decide. But my husband got x~finity so we can watch one and record the other one at the same time. If I can figure out how to do it. Duh. I can do it. I have already watched one show and recorded another at the same time. Well , have fun.I am sure you are going to watch both too. At least at first. Rose, if you are on here anywhere HI,
      Sherry K

      • Hello Sherry K,
        I am over the top about James’ signing. Now I’ll wait for it to come out. Glad you had a nice summer. It did go quick. It will be Idol season again before we know it…..I got faith in you….you will learn how to use your new x-finity. You know me, I will be watching and commenting on both shows….
        Enjoy the fall and I’m sure we will connect again…..LOL…Love Phyllis

      • @Sherry I’m confused. You say you’ll watch one [X-factor/Idol] and record the other. But X is a fall show and Idol starts in the new year. They won’t be on during the same months, will they?

  6. So happy for this kid.. he has overcome so much in his young years.. and is so deserving..all of us old seniors… wish him and his little family the very best….I will buy his first album… might now listen to it all the time.. but my grandchildren will… go James..xoxoox an old fan

  7. thats great I have been watching for this news as he was always the winner as far as im concerned. I loved every song he sang.


  9. CONGRATULATIONS JAMES on signing with Wind Up records! Great fit for you and yes you are right they are not just a record label but treat there people as family…there was alot of great talent this season but you were THE BEST.
    So glad you did not go with Interscope….now I hope you do the same as Daughtry…he said he distanced himself as far away from Idol as soon as possible. You will be a ROCK STAR for sure, people will be flocking to your concerts for years to come!! ROCK ON!!!

  10. James for the me is the real winner in last season, a versatile singer and he captured the heart of the viewers from last season.Definitely his fans will be happy to hear him again including me.

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