American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Finale Performances

Phillip Phillips on American Idol 2012

Phillip Phillips delivered a final round of performances last night on American Idol 2012 that shook the Nokia Theatre’s crowd and surely pleased his fans.

Phillip started out the night with Simon Fuller’s pick, “Stand By Me.” JLo called Phillips a “modern day crooner” with “soulfulness” and “originality” after the first round while Randy ultimately gave the initial round to Phillip’s competition.

The second round of American Idol presented Phillip with a chance to perform his favorite song from earlier in the season. He decided to go with Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out” which surprised a few of us that that was his favorite. Randy called the second round as a tie but Lopez gives it to Phillip for his performance for delivering “authentic Phillip.”

Finishing out the night with the last performance of the American Idol 2012 finale was Phillip Phillip’s delivery of “Home,” his potential coronation song. It was quite a delivery complete with a stage full of backup singers and even a marching band that was powerful enough to bring the judges to their feet for a standing ovation. Randy pours it on. “Dude. I loved the song. I loved you. I loved the production. I loved the marching band. Everything about that was perfect!” Lopez praised Phillip for what she felt was a unique sound and performance. Tyler told Phillips, “I think you were perfect tonight and I think you are the man.”

Were Phillip Phillips three performances enough to crown him the American Idol 2012 winner? The judges certainly left satisfied with his delivery. Were you? We’ll soon find out! Share your thoughts on Phillips’ performances from last night on Idol.




  1. Listen guys – I think it’s plain childish to say that Phillip is a “true artist”, “great singer/songwriter”, “original and doesn’t sound like anyone else” and similar things.

    First of all, there are THOUSANDS of singers all over the world who sing in that style.

    Secondly, Phillip HASN’T SUNG A SINGLE ORIGINAL SONG for us yet!!?? How can we say that he’s a “great singer/songwriter”? Some even go as far as saying that he’ll change the music industry and become a legend. Please! Compare him to actual legends and then realize how childish you are, if that’s your opinion. Phillip is far from being the best or most charismatic singer in America, guys.

    If Phillip wins over a MUCH, MUCH better vocalist, it will just be yet another clear statement that LOOKS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN TALENT any time of the day.

    How about not doing that?

    • And to the judges, Phillip doesn’t even need to sing on pitch. They’re EXTREMELY picky on pitch issues from all the singers except Phillip, who is quite often pitchy. It just pisses me off that he can get away with it due to some imagined “artistry” and others cannot. The guy can’t hold a tune, has very limited range and is probably going to beat ALL other young singers in America just because teenage girls think he’s cute. Let’s just all have plastic surgery then and get it over with. Here’s a toast to looks over talent! *hickup*

      • Johnny…you suck as a judge of talent. P Phillips will sell more albums ans singles than the rest of the field combined…

      • Johnny – I am over 60 and not a girl and I thoroughly enjoy listening to Phillip.  There are all types of music – opera, rock, jazz, country – and you don’t have to like them all.  Yes, Jessica is a better vocalist but I enjoy listening to Phillip a lot more.

      • And tell me, what is so different about Jessica then all of the thousands of girls all over the world that sing like that.  I listened to Celine Dion sing The Prayer, Jessica was not even close.  The are both sotalented butso very different.  I do not know who will win but they both deserve it.  The edgethatP2 has is that he is unique and he also has a crooked little smile that melts your heart.  He is also very cute.  I do not vote so whatever happens, happens.  They will both be successful, just in different genres.

      • You are right. Phillip has the lucky star miraculously send him to the finale when effort put in seems so little so late. His vocal strength is limited to 10 keys. He is unique in this season but not unique in America. Most important, he just doesn’t ‘wow’ the audience. One song is relaxing and enjoyable, but a few more from Phillip will make me fall asleep and snore.

      •  Having perfect pitch isn’t always what makes someone special.  A lot of performers have more style and looks than exceptional talent.  Phillip is in this category.  Very mediocre voice.

      • Exactly! Phillip can NOT hold a tune and has limited range….Sanchez and Ledet should be the two left, they have both been my choice since the beginning….It would have been a difficult choice between the two.

      • I agree. No one has won but some people are saying that if Phillip wins it is because he had the band with his final’s rigged..blah blah blah. 

      • Pally, how many times did you vote for P2? might get bitter later! Check Agaerlan!

      • Wouldn’t know art talent if it hit them in the face. There were more bad stuff said about Elvis when he first started out. Go figuare, on those negative attitudes.  Stand up like a (man) humanitarian. Quit crying like a baby. This was 132 million votes–be proud

    • I think P2 is far from being the true artist the judges would say or any legend we have/had but this, AI, is a start and
      HE IS ON HIS WAY. 🙂

      Agree at some point that Judges, as they always do, I think exaggerate on things just like the “Best singer Evah!” :)I mean c’mon as if Randy, JLo, & Steven didn’t met MJ, Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Stevie and a lot of great artist/singer/performer~ :)))

      • @29a1bcf0e73cbc60b9d9314b78c487cd:disqus totally agreed, its awkward when the judges addressed the word ORIGINALITY to Phillip while he is being compared to DAVE MATTHEW.

      • Well if you are going to bring up Celine, Whitney, Mariah…come on, you really do not think Jessica is as good as them, do you?  Have you ever been to a Celine, or Whitney concert?  P2 is unique, as Jlo said, you do not hear that on the radio…do you?  We have purchased Celine, Whitney, why woud we purchase Jessica?  Would purchase P2, because is is not a cookie cutter vocalist, he is truely unique.  OK, my opinion!!!  Do I thinkJessicawill win, absolutely, her fan base is massive….do not think they are all US citizens…but none the less…massive.  Alas, AMERICAN Idol is no more.

      • I may like JS but Ofcourse I don’t think JS is greater than Mariah & Whitney. HAHA. “My All” by JS is far from Mariah’s Version. :)))
        BUT>>>>> JS is just 16, we’ll never know how far she could take and improve along the way. 

        P2 is unique. YES. 🙂 BUT. do I hear on the radio? yes probably not often buty yes.,. 🙂
        We have different opinion and I respect yours. 

        P2 and JS are both great. Don’t be to harsh on JS, I don’t think JS would want to follow footsteps of Whitney, if you would listen to her covers it’s different. Like she said, she wants more of Urban.

        Let’s just see how they do after AI. I’m excited for the both of them..

    • Really….have you seen that most American Idols past are not that great looking! Exception A few of the girls! A lot of singer Stars are not singers like Mariah or Whitney but still just as famous and popular! This is American Idol…not what a few think wins. Geez! Phillip is a original! Don’t HATE . 😉

      • Hate is for childrens unmature minds. Go back and look at Phillips audition in Ga Listen real close to what our judging experts said @the very begining.  I guess you believe Simon C. is nuts also.    (Discusted)

      •  American Idol Season 1 (2002) Winner: Kelly Clarkson


        Born: April 24, 1982. From Burleson, Texas

        Competing Finalist: Justin Guarini

        Voting Results: 58% of 15.5 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        A Moment Like This / Kelly Clarkson

        Respect / Otis Redding

        Before Your Love / Kelly Clarkson

      •  yes they do!
        American Idol Season 10 (2011) Winner: Scotty McCreery


        Born: October 9, 1993. From Garner, North Carolina.

        Competing Finalist: Lauren Alaina

        Voting Results: 54% of 122.4 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        Gone / Montgomery Gentry

        Check Yes Or No / George Strait

        I Love You This Big / Scotty McCreery

    • did jessica wrote her own song?
      i like em both and whoever wins. YAY!

      it’s the judges that suck!!! I hope they get new ones next season.

    • And thousands of girls sound like Jessica. And yet out of the millions that came out to audition these two young talented people made at all the way to the top! Don’t belittle what either has done! A few months ago we had never heard of them, now people all over the world love them and their music! It’s music! There is no right or wrong answer one is not better than the other! It’s music! Music touches all of us for different reasons. It’s personal. It makes us happy, sad, laugh & cry! These young people have done an amazing thing. They have both worked hard and given us such a wonderful time! If your favorite looses, will you not buy their music? Will you not go see their concert? What? They both have won! They were both standing in that room doing what they love! So enjoy them, let them enjoy this! What they did was hard & like it or not, they did it together. And will most likely be friends forever! So enjoy your favorite! And be happy we found them!

      • You are so right on.   They are both unique in their own way and it does not matter now what the judges say.  It’s Americans that make the final decision and they are the ones that will buy the albums each perform.  I, for one, liked so many of them.  The top 10 were really good and the top 5 were really great.  One of them has to win even if it is 35million for Jessica and 35.1 million for Phillip.  They are both winners, right?

    • I think you are wrong.  Looks has nothing to do with it.  Jessica is a very pretty girl and will only get prettier as she grows up. 

      • By no stretch of the imagination is Jessica pretty.  She can’t even be called cute.  She’s awkward and homely.  Face facts.

      • to Blair: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A comment like yours just shows how much of an idiot you are. I have read all of the posts you have made on this site and determined you must be an ignorant sour puss that should keep their opinions to themself, because they aren’t worth reading.

      • to Blair: did they name the witch project after you? Your comment should be removed along with you.

    • jessica sanchez hope she will win beacuse even if phillip phillip is a good artis its that the music that would you buy an would sell
      i have to go with jessica beacuse i would buy her music

      • I would buy Jessica’s music. Now that Phillip has won (because a lot of idiots voted for him), Jessica will have to get an offer. I certainly hope she does, because she has a beautiful voice.

    • Johnny,
      I find it quite humorous that you speak to the fact that “Phillip” has not sung one original song. You should try to educate yourself before you speak as “None” of the AI contestants are allowed to sing original songs. I also find it interesting and would like to know if you are in the music industry “professionally”, because you certainly speak as though you are. Being honest with myself…as most should be…I can only speak to what pleases my ears, not the ears of others. To be sure, I am no tween, so being “cute” has never swayed my vote. As a mature professional (not a music expert as you clearly claim yourself to be), I know what I like and what music I will purchase.

      Good luck there Johnny with your music industry career…LOL

      •  American Idol Season 5 (2006) Winner: Taylor Hicks


        Born: October 7, 1976. From Birmingham, AL

        Competing Finalist: Katharine McPhee

        Voting Results: 56% of 63.4 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        Living For The City / Stevie Wonder

        Levon / Elton John

        Do I Make You Proud / Taylor Hicks

      •  American Idol Season 6 (2007) Winner: Jordin Sparks


        Born: December 22, 1989. From Glendale, Arizona.

        Competing Finalist: Blake Lewis

        Voting Results: 56.4% of 74 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        Fighter / Christina Aguilera

        A Broken Wing / Martina McBride

        This Is My Now / Jordin Sparks


      •  American Idol Season 7 (2008) Winner: David Cook


        Born: December 20, 1982. From Blue Springs, Missouri.

        Competing Finalist: David Archuleta

        Voting Results: 56% of 97 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / U2

        Dream Big / David Cook

        The World I Know / Collective Soul

      •  American Idol Season 10 (2011) Winner: Scotty McCreery


        Born: October 9, 1993. From Garner, North Carolina.

        Competing Finalist: Lauren Alaina

        Voting Results: 54% of 122.4 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        Gone / Montgomery Gentry

        Check Yes Or No / George Strait

        I Love You This Big / Scotty McCreery


        American Idol Season 1 (2002) Winner: Kelly Clarkson


        Born: April 24, 1982. From Burleson, Texas

        Competing Finalist: Justin Guarini

        Voting Results: 58% of 15.5 million votes.

        Finals Songs:

        A Moment Like This / Kelly Clarkson

        Respect / Otis Redding

        Before Your Love / Kelly Clarkson

    • What planet are you from?  Evidentally you have not been watching the same show that I have.  Phillip is an awsome performer, singer, songwriter and has proved it EVERY week, over and over.

    • You talk about comparing philip to actual legends …….. so ok lets do the same for jessica.  Lets compare her to Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, well you can’t she doesn’t even come close.  I am so sick of hearing about how jessica is a better vocalist. This isn’t American Vocalist …. its American Idol which means its about other things too and bottom line is Phillip does have a style of singing that many people like.  Who knows who will win quite frankly it could be either of them but Enough of this Better Vocalist Crap coz I  for one am so sick of hearing it. I really can’t wait for 2 to 3 years down the track to see how well Jessica has done.  I know she will do well after the initial buzz of being  first or second this season but its further down the track where we will really see just how good a vocalist she really is and more importantly, how popular she will be with the music buying public.    

    • You talk about comparing philip to actual legends …….. so ok lets do the same for jessica. Lets compare her to Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Well you can’t she doesn’t even come close. I am so sick of hearing about how jessica is a better vocalist. This isn’t American Vocalist …. its American Idol which means its about other things too and bottom line is Phillip does have a style of singing that many people like. Who knows who will win quite frankly it could be either of them but Enough of this Better Vocalist Crap coz i for one am so sick of hearing it. I really can’t wait for 2 to 3 years down the track to see how well Jessica has done. I know she will do well after the initial buzz of being first or second this season but its further down the track where we will really see just how good a vocalist she really is and more importantly, how popular she will be with the music buying public.  

      Thank god for freedom of speech because it allows moron’s on like you to share your very stupid & un-educational opinion  on music talent.  YOU are a moron for thinking Phillip Phillips is not talented.  Don’t you think if the show would have allowed him to sing his own material, he would have, but obviously there are rules and that’s why he didn’t!  When he does put out his own album it will be the material that he has written which most of the other previous winners & contestants most likely have never written one song.  I am sick of the ballad singers that have no clue who they are and all they do is to try to sound like a wannabe Mariah, Whitney  or  Celine.  Sorry, but ballads are BORING and music is more than just hitting a high note and or screaming it! 

  2. I disagree with the judges. Jessica is much better with the final song. So what I did is voted for Jessica at least 750 times. My fingers were numb when I was done. Jessica FTW.

    • Thank-you for supporting the better singer. Phillip always sounds the same… Jessica is AMAZING!! As usual the judges & media are trying to influence the outcome. Even searching for Ai 2012 this article comes up first & Jessica’s not referred to by name only as P’s competition.

    • If you think you could do a better job up there apply, it is rumored that there might  be some openings.  JLo is getting about 20 million, go for it.

    • It’s people like you that destroyed the AL. Not because your choice of idol is wrong but your stupid fingers that vote 750 times. They should be counted as 1 vote. Many past idols who didn’t derserve to win got the vote from dumb voters like you.

    • After you voted for Jessica 750 times, you will tell the world that Jessica won because she was a better vocalist than Phillip?  Hypocrite! Phillip Phillips FTW.

    • Agaerian …. You are a CHEATER! And you are even proud of it! Use your conscience please.

  3. the best for me are the marching band and back up singers without them the song become lame.. lol

  4. I just read an article about things we at home didn’t see. I guess every time Phillip’s name was mentioned, the whole place went crazy. The article also said that the audience was on it’s feet clapping along to Phillip’s song. He is going to win.  🙂

    • Yeah, I think I noticed P2 fans are the most present, heard them clapping and booing most of the times. But about the feet clapping on the whole P2’s song is because it’s a kind of a song people could get along into. I mean I don’t imagine people would do it with JS’s performance. 🙂

      • Let me quote your comment that I saw,
        “I must say…a few people seem quite bitter….”

        I think that’s too much Pally. Sorry. I like JS but I also like P2. They did great! Nothing to bash on.

      • Ouch!! @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus That had to smart a little @ lizlie. That was uncalled for…LMAO.

    • That was because the whole place was filled with mostly giggly little girls.

  5. what wrong with the judges? phil phillips final song is just a normal one, there’s no moment, then randy overrate it, compared to jessica’s final song. Jessica did really a great a job with it, it’s not her fault if they don’t like the song because it’s not jessica who composed it, they should’ve comment other thing rather than that, Judges are really going insane sometime.

    • Most of America loves Phillip’s as you call normal song, The whole song was the moment. Phillip for the win…

    • The point of the last song was to show the audience what and who you are. No one is allowed to write their own song on AI. They have a list of songs to pick from. Jessica picked her song just like Phillip did. in my opinion, what made the differance was that Jessica didn’t pick a song she loved, a song she related to. She was worried about picking a song that would give her the win. She picked what she thought everyone else wanted to hear. She wanted to show her voice. She needed to stop caring what people thought. We all know she has a voice! We all know she can sing! We all know she can perform! What we didn’t find in that song, was Jessica! She’s young, she’s learning, she’s trying to grow up and find who she is and what she likes. When she does that, which she will do, she will fall in love with a song. Not because her parents like it. Not to please judges. Not because she thinks people expect her to sing it. But because she loves it and feels it and becomes herself with it. She doesn’t need to be anyone but Jessica. Not Whittney not anyone! Shell do that and she’ll be amazing.

  6. Well I sure hope Phillip wins I really liked that song home he did such a great job I havnt watched the last 2 weeks unfortantly and I won’t be watching tonight saddly

  7. CHANGE NOTHING… songs don’t have to be literally romantic…. Here’s an excerpt of Jessica’s 3rd song.. ” They say we don’t fit together (American Idol) could do better.. There’s always something.. They don’t know what we’ve been through cause when you (FANS)hold me like you do… That’s when I wanna change nothing…
    Jessica Sanchez gave it her best shot.. that’s what matters!

  8. just wanna know…from the 5 WGWG…whos the best? david cook? kris allen? lee dewyze, scotty? or Phillip? Whos the most original for you guys? just curious….

      • david cook for me :)) maybe because he can hit the high notes, can change the arrngement of the song to make it his own, my fave would be Billy jean! but he can also sing a song as it is, i remember broadway theme when he sang that song (i forgot the title) from phantom of the opera! :)) best voice for me out of the 5 WGWG

      • I also love David Cook~ :)the 2 Davids actually.
        I just prefer Kris because I love more songs from him and he’s that good too. 🙂

      • The broadway song David sang was Music of the Night.  It’s my fave of all of his performances.

    • Lee Dewyze sucks. David him. Honestly, Scotty shouldn’t even be in the whole WGWG list. He’s country and completely different from the others.  I think Phillip is like a mix of Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews. Kris Allen is like easy listening. He doesnt really fit in with David Cook or Phillip.

    • Good question!!!  David Cook is the best among the WGWGs.  The rest (especially Kris and Lee) are snoozefest singers…zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

    • Well I guess since Scotty is the only one whose 1st album went double Platinum, I would say Scotty.

  9. originality??? true artist??? breeeeeeeee!!!!!! how can they give a standing o to a  man that can only sing a boring and simple melody… hahah, judges said that an idol who deserves to win can sing anything which is powerful and an idol deserves to win has an originality… what the heck my head iss spinning.. the one who deserves to win is JS, can rock anything

    • Oh, but it’s perfectly OK for the judges to give Jessica positive accolades?? Where are your complaints about Phillip getting dissed in the first 2 rounds, while Jessica was praised? You’re just upset Jessica didn’t get gushing remarks on the last song!

  10. if we exchange the 3rd song of Philip and Jessica. Who are the best to sing the song? I cant imagine it. lol…

      • Philip of course he is original and does put a spin on his on that’s a true artist that can do that Jessica hasn’t put a twist on anything yet! Ya know im right.

    • “Home” was written by songwriter Drew Pearson, who’s worked with more than his share of Idol alums. It was originally written for Greg Holden.

    • You make no point, just state a fact that is irrelevant. Phillip is the one who performed it last night and he was fantastic!  I would purchase/download “Home” sung by Phillip.  Loved it.

      • Did he really sung… I guess you watched diff. show. The band and the production number did it!

  11. I’m the fan of KK (Kim Kardashian) to PP (Philip Philips) so much..
    Philip indeed is a talented singer ever… Not only a powerful song that sounds great to my ears but also the slowest and romantically sung by him… I love him much… Please vote the best for PP..

  12. Search the song home by greg holden. Is it really written by phillips ? Don’t think so!!

    • it didnt say that the last song should be an original one…AI just said that the 3rd song would be a song that they would want for their first single…lets not make this an issue coz theres really none…Im a jessica fan, u can see it on my previous comments how i love her, but lets not bash on P2…peace guys! 🙂

      • but all of the past final songs were original..if the news is true then this will be the first time on idol history..i still like Phillip, though..he and JS did their best..goodluck guys..

      • NO they said that the 3rd song is what they will record if and when they win American Idol.   But they only get to pick from 2 songs given to them by A1

    • Did anyone say that Phillip wrote that song? That’s just silly. Never in the history of idol was the contestant expected to write their finale song.

      • But they have always been original. Never a copy of someone else’s performance.

    • What are you talking about?? No songs during the season where written by the Idol contestants.  And Jessica definitely did not write her last song either! What a ridiculous statement. And Greg Holden did not write it either—and further-more, Greg Who??? In Germany. Geez.

    • I don’t believe anyone ever said it was written by P2, he just chose to sing it.  As Jessica chose her song, she stated that while talking to Ryan last evening after her performance.  She said it on National TV, if you do not like her choice, blame her.

  13. Philip should have gone out the week Skylar was voted off.  He was aweful and Skylar was perfect.  I don’t get it.  I think he must have caught the judges in a compromising position.  There is no other explanation for thier rediculous fawning over Philp.  He is talented, but should have been beaten out by any of the last six contestants.

    • If we’re really going by talent, Josh Ledet wiped the floor with the lot of them, with most performers in Idol this year when he sang ‘Man’s World,’ ‘To Love Somebody’ and ‘Ready for Love’. But there we go. Jessica has got by far the better voice of the two of them. I really don’t know what the judges are seeing in Philip because I don’t see it. He can’t sing on tune, some of his performances in the last few weeks have been truly awful and yet… he gets a standing ovation for ‘being Philip Phillips’? What? Jessica’s past few performances have completely blown him out of the water, and the judges just sit there. Unmoved saying she ‘did a good job.’ What is going on? Last night was no exception. Jessica’s first two performances were amazing. Her last performance, she did what she could with a bad song. The judges didn’t comment on her voice, or on the performance, they slated the song, thereby giving people a negative view of her. Philip’s song was much better suited for him, he did an okay job with it but he can’t hit the notes, he can’t perform a song (certainly not in the way Josh used to.) I was completely unmoved. Then the judges are on their feet. I think it’s obvious who the winner will be this year but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. Philip should have gone before Skylar and Holly…Josh and Jessica should be the two finalists we watched last night. They have been consistently outstanding from the beginning.

  14. the marching band and back up singers brought the moment not Philip… i still cant believe the judges give standing ovation for that.

    • it was all scripted…truly this is showbusiness, i wonder if they have heart to see the truth…

    • Actually Judges made SO for the band and not for P2. People just misinterpreted it for PPs

      • I don’t know, Jlo stated that she had never hear anything like that on the radio, don’t think she was  talking about a group of drummers.  Also commented how he made every song his own…did not hear that about JS. 

        Why the war zone here, they both will have  careers.

  15. After watching the 2, I’m for Jessica.  Philips sang all western songs, thus he is only for this type of songs, whereas, Jessice sang 3 types of song of varied styles.  

    • Actually you can connect his 3 songs from one to another,,, It all sounded the same

    • You can’t be serious! Jessica sang two ballads in a row and then a rotton third song…not even sure what genre that was. Bubblegum pop?
      Phillip sang Billy Joel..which is not country but more rock, Stand By Me..which is not country..but more bluesy. His third song was probably the closest to country but I still wouldn’t call it that.

      • clears throat uhum…..No I wouldn’t call it that either. I don’t exactly know what I would call it but I definitely wouldn’t call it that. That was the worst coronation song I have ever heard and Jessica’s was no better. I am still dazed and confused about the way this season turned out.

        Jessica’s studio version of “Change Nothing” is pretty good. It’s poppy but if you don’t take it literally it can pretty much be interpreted as about her journey on AI. 

        Phillip’s studio version is auto tuned to the hilt and still sounds like the Foggy Bottom Boys vs Paul Simon. It’s just not my thang! Sorry.

  16. It was obvious that a even a 7year old child distinquished that it was a set up to let PP wins with all the fanfare. For JS it was a bare stage & yet her voice overpowered the simplicity of the background.
    Joshua was supposed to be the top 2 not PP – AI has already scripted what they want to see. I hope there is justice here that the real’winner be declared – it’s JS for very obvious reason. AI will go down the drain if injustice will rule, people can see…Have a heart AI…

  17. I have seen throughout my life “idols”.  Example, the Beatles were idolized.  The idols are idols because of people worshiping them.  Its’ not just one aspect of the being (like the voice, many great voices)  it is the whole being , people worship.  Phillip Phillips has that quality.  People idolize for  everything about the person or the band.   Everything they represent has an inner connection with their audition and in this case Phillip Phillips connected with many generations of people.
    Jessica Sanjez was never able to connect with a wider audience.  The reason being is she couldn’t sell who she was or represented.  Mainly because of her age.  But the reality is she is on the show now completing at this age, so better or worse this is what she is offering now, and what we have to judge on.(21 isn’t that old either)  Anyway, Jessica persona never matched what she sang about.  She looks like a 16 year old singing 65 year songs that she can’t understand but is able to execute.  It doesn’t make the songs connect.    You can’t stop a tidal wave of emotion with a good voice.

    • very well-said. the way P2 moves, opens his mouth, shrugs etc everything he does just attract everybody. That includes me, an adult male, my mother, brother and most of my colleagues at work (aged ~30) and my students (aged ~20). Thats the kind of feel when you get to the stadium and your idol up there on the stage makes the crowd go crazy. Yes, beside the mad talent, P2 got that “idol aura”, and thats far more than just “cuteness”
      I admitted that JS did a better job at I have nothing, but the way P2 sang Stand by me, I believe, would make every single non-pro JS female vote for him. It’s just so smooth, so sweet. Same happened the moment when he finished singing the word “stay” of We’ve Got Tonight and “home” of Home, everyone knows that P2 is the winner

      • are right..hes so simple ,very calm,hes lovable and hes voice are worthy of our ears ,he has the  inside and outside beauty that the people love it..

  18. im a jessica fan, but i do appreciate what philip had shown last night, while i am watching and listening, i saw and heard him like a  voice of rob thomas, gavin degraw and james morrison, which i do really like their voices.  for me, both of them deserve to win the title. and i knw both of them have a great future ahead of them 🙂

  19. Why are people so freakin’ negative on here, why can’t you all be happy and wish well on both singers. Wether or not you like both of them. People nowaday are always looking to point out the bad in people just be proud we can have a show like this.  They will both go far no matter who wins this show tonight!

    • It’s a competition. If everyone wanted both teams to win it would be kind of pointless wouldn’t it. 

      I mean what is the use if nothing is at stake? This is the Super Bowl of AI  Beth. Root for your favorite and every time your favorite scores you have to rub in your buddies’ face who root for the other team. This is the fun part in my opinion.

      • It is the fun part as long as both camps can play it in a good way–healthy competition and laugh it off

    • Yes, it is like being in a war zone, do not rememmber it being like this in the past.  Fan base is different I think, but not sure.  You are right, both will do well and their success is in their own hands when this show is over.

  20. Jessica is a better singer but i think phillip is a better artist. Just because he cant hit high notes the same way jessica does makes him 2nd best. In the end, it all boils down to who the viewers think is a complete package: looks and talent wise. However, i am a filipina and i can attest how Filipinos can go craZy over text and online voting… They can make Jessica win!! (this officially makes me the only person in our race to root for Phillip)

  21. As American idolizers, votes and emotion are joined at the hip. Enjoy the ride – feel strong, shout back, cry loud – or experience the joy and love for music that the contestants share.  So young and yet so mature. No fighting, only  ultimate respect for hard, hard work. What is left at the end of the night? A love for music that moves and unites us. Steal what they feel.  Feel the real deal and you will be the last one standing.  Love all the judges and singers and support musicians etc. Amazing and wonderful show!   Cheryl NWT Canada

  22. guys, the finale performances and the judges’ comments will not influence the outcome of AI.

    The fans already made up their mind whom to vote a long time ago.
    It now depends really on how hard the fans will vote for their IDOL.

    Obviously, Jessica’s fans will go beyond extraordinary effort to vote for J with  record breaking numbers ( cheering Agaerlan !!!!)

    • Yes,  I was one of those who vote hard for JS but I think P2 fans did the same. He even top dialidol. So I think it’s really close to call unlike last year. It’s a great show/season. 🙂 I love P2 & JS. <3

    • I am so glad that somebody finally admitted that they like him because of “other” things. You are the TRUTH my friend!

  23. I like Phillip  from the start , Ive watched Idol from the beging and this last Idol they had people who could realy sing. Phillip is unique , he has his own way of singing . Don’t  judge him till you walk in his shoes. He is who he is .. and he is awesome in my books.

  24. Loved, loved, LOVED all 3 of his performances last night, but especially “Home”.  Wow!  Yes, I could hear some Johnny Cash-meets-Coldplay, but mostly it reminded me of Paul Simon.  Can’t wait to download the single and Phillip’s entire first album.  He is amazing.

    • Paul Simon’s greatest achievement in life:

      Marrying Edie Brickell. Need I say more? It was more Foggy Bottom Boys meets Paul Simon to me. I didn’t like it.

  25. I can’t stand watching him sing, don’t get me wrong, I used to vote for him, with my screaming teenager in the background who was a Phillip fan. We have to change the channel to Dancing with the Stars everytime he’s on. The marching band was a joke, we thought, AI was having a circus parade. At least they made the judges happy, and the story of standing ovation again, began…

    • You are right… Scripted. Even JLo have to convince the other 2 judges to have SO… 

      • Helnodexas, I agree that that standing-0 they gave Phillip last night … Was the most scripted standing-o I have seen on this show. Do you thing Jennifer made the other stand up because she knows Jessica is so much better than her? I do. And I also agree with Albirt. That marching band in the middle of Phillips performance was flat out stupid.

        Don’t get me wrong Phil fans. I like Phillip, I think he is a good guy and I even like the style of music he performs, more than I like Jessica’s pop style. But, his last performance was a snooze-fest. And the marching band and the standing-0’s made his last performance a even bigger joke.

    • The marching drummers were a bit much. No trombones no tubas was good otherwise I would have expected the Wells Fargo Wagon to come pulling up behind Phillip.

  26.  final votes leaked. (via american idol reliable insider)

    jessica sanchez 57,980,731 (53.09%)
    Phillip Phillips 51,221,700 (46.91%)
    total number of votes 109,202,431

    • Really? considering last week was almost 90 million votes in 2 hours, it seems a little low to me. Maybe the little girls had to go to bed and couldn’t stay up to vote longer?

    • What reliable insider??  There is no such thing when it comes to American Idol voting–just wait and see.

    • Those who are talking, don’t really know — and those who really know (probably less than ten total), have too much to lose to risk talking.

      Oh, by the way — the actual totals are Phillip Phillips 58,217,639 and Jessica Sanchez 58,217,638. If Algaernon hadn’t taken a pee break after voting 750 times, Jessica would have won.

    • Provoking again?–don’t create an uproar by Phil’s fan now.  I know it’s Phil winning it all.

  27. Just listened to the studio version of “Home”.  OMG!  I LOVE it!  Totally hooked!  

    • Auto tune! I still hate the song. Probably in the minority on that but it sounded too folksy and hill billy to me. A cross between The Foggy Bottom Boys and Paul Simon. Not a good mix. I never heard of Mumford and Sons either. There’s probably a good reason for that. It isn’t something I would listen to.

  28. I love Phillips’ voice so much, he has a special one. But tethnically, Jessica handle her tone better than him. She has a strong and tethnical voice . I think idol this year gonna be belong to Jessica. Although I love P’s music style.

  29.  If you want an american idol winner to be famous in 2 weeks in AMERICA and then no more, you should have voted for Phillips. But if AMERICA wants to be recognized that an American Idol winner became famous worldwide, you should have voted for JESSICA!

    • Thank you Simon for comming back on American Idol to share your poetic words of wisdom with us everyday fans. LOL

      I do agree that no matter who gets the win … Phillip’s style will make him more popular here in USA and Jessica’s pop style will make her more popular, internationaly.

  30. From the begining to end.Joshua& jessica’s voice is stunning!Now joshua is gone, jessica should be the one who get the title. 

  31. THE only original with PP Is that looks on his face, like being constipated trying reach high notes that out of his Voice range.

  32. I am never involved this much in these shows but Phillip Phillips is the only contestant that has ever made me pick up my phone and vote consistently. He is a true artist. I love his voice, facial expressions, originality and all. He truly deserves to win! GO Phillip!

  33. Phillip, you did a great job,winner or not on american idol you will always be a winner because you are awesome!!!!!!!!

    • i love phillip…simplicity is the best…hes the winner tonight ,ive seen ahead of his success….what i like him,he wearing simple clothes,wearing slipper in the audition..he is what he is…hes a lucky star for this season…

  34. Oh my Fricken gosh!! You people are crazy!!! First, No one said Phillip wrote the song Home! He never said he wrote it! They don’t let them use their own songs!! There is a list they pick the song from the list! The only thing different is that that last song is not well known! And the winner will get that song put out as a single to go on the radio! You can buy both songs. But second place song won’t play on the radio! The point of the last song was to show who they want to be, to show what style of music they will put on an album! Phillip blew it away, because he knows who he is. He was himself from the audition to the final. He played his style the best he could given the songs available to him. He didn’t cut his hair, change his look or try to be anyone but Phillip. From start to finish for Phillip it was about playing music his way, with no apologies. Jessica has a beautiful voice, but she is still young, still trying to please people. Her, parents, the judges, the audience. She is still finding herself and it showed in that last song choice. A song with lyrics too old, a song she chose, not because it had meaning to her, but because it would show off her voice. She is still so young! Give her time people! Like jimmy said, a few years and look out! She has the voice, the looks & the personality! She just needs time to grow and figure out who she is.She needs to know, that she can be herself and not worry about what anyone wants her to be. That’s why she has her BeBe Chez side. So stop all them meanness to both these young people! Theyve just done a once in a lifetime thing. Win or loose for either of them this is what will happen. They will go home, chill out, take time to appreciate the crazy ride they just took. Then, they’ll go on tour. Have a blast! Make their albums. Tour again & make more albums. And most likely will be best buddies for life. So stop all the hatefullness! Be happy we got to see these talented people and be happy for them! Because, they will be happy for each other!

    • If Jessica wasn’t ready then why did they put her through to the live shows? If Jessica wasn’t ready why did she try out for the show? If she wasn’t ready then she shouldn’t have made it this far. How many people have they turned away and told that they just weren’t ready? 

      Out of all the people who auditioned why these two? This was not the best two singers/performers out of even the ones who made it to the live shows. Why these two? I tell you why. It’s a TV show. These two would make for the highest degree of drama on the show. On “The Voice” at least they are honest and just go ahead and call the audition process “casting”. That is what it is. They are casting a TV show. Not taking auditions for a talent contest. 

      There were far more worthy competitors than these two throughout the season. I think I said that already. 

      The top 3 show and the final were the weakest musically that I have seen in  a long long time. Compare that to “The Voice” finale which felt like an amazing concert the whole way through and was absolutely awesome!

      Still wishing the best for them both but very disheartened by the whole season and where it could have gone. Oh well, life is full of missed opportunities.

      • Yes, including you who has seem to be so unsatisfied with A1.   I am surprise that you are still interested in what is happening with A1.

  35. i like phillip, though my favorite is Jessica..If he wins, i just hope that his album will sell out..he is original in his own right..i hope that he’ll not be just another lee dewyze, whom the world never seen and never heard of after the finale..hope he’ll become a global sensation..but Jessica definitely is a global sensation luck ahead of you two..;)

  36. Sorry, I just don’t get what all the hype is about Phillip’s 3rd song “Home”. It was ok… nothing phenomenal, better than his first 2 songs yes, but nothing more.

    Good luck to them both!

  37. From KK to PP… Wowww… what an accident moment… Philip you will be the greatest singer ever… I am waiting for your solo album… I hope you can be the real idol… Not like the other idols… At least like Kelly Clarkson can improve her career to prove that she is an idol. 

    • It wasn’t really a marching band per se. It was marching drummers. I didn’t see a tuba or anything.

  38. Go Phillip! You are the best! I love your music and I love that you are you.Good luck!

  39. I have nothing against Phillip performing a song that has all ready been recorded by someone else on his third song. … As others have claimed. Because I do not believe I heard anyone on American Idol say it was a song written solely for Phillip’s first album. Just that it would be a song that would be on his first album. What I have a problem with is the obvious prearranged standing-O’s for such a mediocre song, that literally put me to sleep. That standing-O was as bad, or worse than any of the undeserved standing-O’s the judges gave to Joshua … By a MILE

    • Because in your opinion you were not moved by the song or the performance. That’s fine. But some were moved by it. It is music people! It’s a personal thing! Just like art, acting, ect. And really, your going to try and say the judges were biased towards Phillip! The entire season they have been pushing for Jessica & Joshua. Even last night they gave every round to Jessica except the last song! I dont see bias there! The song his preformance the crowd all worked at the same time. So last night after them saying she did the best on the first two songs, he gets credit for doing a great job on ONE song and all you people freak out and cry unfair! Really! You think after the entire season, the entire show will be won or lost because of that one song? Really? Are you all so nutty that you can’t give the kid some credit for a good job? Can you not appreciate that people actually DO like his music? Really! Can you hear yourselves?

      • they did not give all round to Jessica-they gave 1 to Jessica, 2nd song 50% and one 25%–how can you compete with that? If they gave the 2nd song to Jessica nd gave all of the 3rd song to Phil, I wouldn’t be feeling bad.  But we all know who they want to win so just be cool.  Your idol is the winner!!!

      • To be honest, Phillip get heaps of praise if he just trys to keep sing the song in tune. No other performer gets that that from the judges, that I have seen. Last week was proof of that when he sang a decent performance of a Bob Seager song. Did he get a standing-) for that average performance as well. Yes, it is just my viewpoint that Phillip’s last performance was a total borefest. But, I suspect that 90% of the people that say that Phillip 3rd perfomance was standing-0 worthy, are saying that because they are sheep who base their viewpoint on what the 3 judges say. As that was such a sleep inducer.

    • The third songs were as was stated written for the finalists. They did not choose their song nor did they write it. That has been they way it is for the finale in the Idol season.

  40. Philip Phillips may win the american idol but Jessica Sanchez is definitely the world idol.  I can see her selling millions of records worldwide. The asian market, the latin market and other countries will buy her album. PP’s album will be limited in the States. A music producer should consider geography and population around the world. If I am a music producer, I will get Jessica Sanchez. She will be an asset of the music company. Next year’s American Idol contest, there will be many good looking guys with guitars competing. Girls.. vote for wgwgs…I hope you will remember PP next year. LOL

    • I would never buy a jessica album. Her ‘style’ is the same the same thee same – BORING! Good voice yes but she is unable to deliver an upbeat song. They are all put-you-to-sleepers. Yall cn have her.

      • You obviously have a limited taste in music. I liked all of them in one way or another. For me it comes down to who had the best singing voice, not who was the most liked for other reasons. Having such limited taste just means you’re missing out on a lot. Hope you don’t act like this for everything else in your life, if so your life must be pretty mundane.

      •  Thank you!  I will!  I feel the same way about Philip sounding the same song after song.  Same self interpretation and spin on every song he sang and same stand there strumming the guitar with no movement, as well!  Jessica is only 16 and will be taught to become a better performer but you can’t teach that voice and that range, it’s unbelievable and she already know how to use it!

      • thank you.  And no worry–you don’ thave to nuy her album because other people will. 

    • If I want to hear a beautiful version of “ThePrayer” I will listen to Celine, “I will Always Love You, I will listen to Whitney.  Someone unique and connects with the audience, I will purchase P2.   And sinceI live in AMERICA, that is what I choose.  Good Luck to both, they will both have success!

      • If I want to listen to the songs PP sang I will listen to the original artists like Billy Joel and others. This was a singing contest and they were showcasing their voices not trying to be the people whose songs they were singing.

      • Whats living in AMERICA got to do with it? There are lots of idiots in the whole world like you!!

  41. I have been a fan of Phillip from day one and hoped the final 2 would be Jessica and Phillip.  I hope Phillip wins but Jessica sure has a lot of fans and she does sing ballads great.  Think the Idol winner needs to have more and Phillip does.

  42. I have a great concern, myself and three of my neighbors tried for 4hours to vote for phillip and no one ever answered the phone. No one was able to get a vote thru for him. Whats going on?

  43. Phillip will sell more albums, Jessica will sell more Disney movie soundtracks.
    I wish the judges hadn’t used their save, would have liked to see Joshua or Elise in the finals with Phillip.
    Phillip should create a band and then his name will not be an issue, ie Daultry.

    • Had the judges not used their save on Jessica, it would have been available to save Colton the next week. Without Colton’s voters switching to Phillip, he might not have made the Finale. Phillip Phillips FTW.

  44. While most singers use every means possible to reach out to their audiance Phillip Phillips draws the audianc in with his simple and soulful from the gut delivery . We will never tire from this rare talent!

    Geri —– from San Diego


      • The best singer went home!! Joshua Ledet.. This young man could sing hands down!! Yes Jessica is a good singer, but Joshua is a “SANGER”.. all Phillip does is make crazy looking faces…..At this point I dont care you wins, I stopped voting when Joshua was eliminated……..Just my opinion

  46. Oh well here goes nothing. I have read all of  the comments on the site (except for the ones being added as I type). #1 No body ever said PP wrote Home (did they?) That would be a whole other contest and frankly one 1 would find more interesting.  As for the 2 finalists Congrats to Both. I have liked them (for different reasons) from the very beginning.  What I dont like are nasty snarky comments (you know who you are) about either of them. I think Ive read to many comments from too many sites today. (home sick with, well that doesnt matter) No matter who wins it will be alright by me. Yes Philip doesnt come close to matching the range and tone of Jessica, and yes Jessica doesnt come close (yet) to the delivery and performance of P2. By the way thats just my humble opinion. What I will say is that, to me, artistry does matter. It seperates really good  voice from a captivating one.  For me P2 is the winner in that category.  I am a sometimes singer and song writer and artistry matters because Ive got many friends with really, really good voices that just dont make it.  But I do believe Jess has more personality than came across in the songs chosen and performed for the final 2 weeks. They were too safe. Again, just my opinion, So I guess everything considered I give my vote to PP over Jessica as AI winner (but just by a nose) . But Jessica is gonna be a great performer in a few years. Either they seem like great kids. Their parents should be proud. and both are deserving of a bright  future in music.

    • Thank you for plunging thru all the nasty, snarky comments to add a moment of sanity to the commentary. I write an American Idol Blogsite, and my post last night had all but conceded the win to Jessica right before Phillip took the stage for his final performance of “Home.” I, too, gave him the slightest advantage for the night and the season.
      One idiot on here supposedly posted the final vote count, indicating that Jessica had won. Oh, by the way — the actual totals are Phillip Phillips 58,217,639 and Jessica Sanchez 58,217,638. If Algaernon hadn’t taken a pee break after voting 750 times, Jessica would have won.

    • Thank you for plunging thru all the nasty, snarky comments to add a moment of sanity to the commentary. I write an American Idol Blogsite, and my post last night had all but conceded the win to Jessica right before Phillip took the stage for his final performance of “Home.” I, too, gave him the slightest advantage for the night and the season.
      One idiot on here supposedly posted the final vote count, indicating that Jessica had won. Oh, by the way — the actual totals are Phillip Phillips 58,217,639 and Jessica Sanchez 58,217,638. If Algaernon hadn’t taken a pee break after voting 750 times, Jessica would have won.

  47. The only reason I watched the show was Phillip but I can’t deny he was not the best singer.  maybe not even top 5.  But he brought my viewership week after week just to see what he would do.  He had some real gems “the Stone”, “volcano” , “u got it bad”  and even “we’ve got tonight” was among his best.  I even voted occasionally and last night too for him.  But I have to say I didn’t get the last song.  Then was floored by the comments.  I am still very much a fan but that tune aged me.  I will still buy his first album but I hope his originals are closer to what I liked than that country / Irish folk whatever it was closer.  I feel like such a geezer for saying it but it is what it is.  it was a great ride and he deserves all the attention.  Jessica too.  Just wish her fans were as honest about her performances as this is…..

  48. thats no fair but they should vote for a good singer not buy thier looks but you might be right alot of time they will but for looks not  how got the person is

  49. I am trying to download two of his songs from last night and they don’t come up on ITunes?Great show last night, the best recordin g song I have ever heard from Idol Home by Phillip, I gotta have this song!!!!!! I” keep trying!!!  Love Love this kid!!!

  50. I got so sick and tired of the judges one minute saying Jessica was it, but then only stood for her once!  They totally tried pushing Joshua and Philip onto the fans.  I don’t think they should do anything more than critique.  This show is going downhill not only because of that but their voting system sucks!  Why they allow an unlimited amount of votes is totally just so they can say they had 50 million come in.  Yeah, 49 million of them are the tween votes that have allowed only the guys to win the last how many seasons now???  Everything about this show has gotten way old and just like DWTS, I can’t stand to watch it anymore!  The last one the fans got right was Carrie, since then look at what the actual winners have done compared to the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th place contestants………….enough said!!!

  51. Do we really always need to fight and take sides. Good luck to both of them. Let’s also accept the fact that this is entertainment and Hollywood–looks and charm counts-it sells. If its’ just great voice, there are many great singers and voices out there everywhere in the world that are not marketed/packaged well or not successful because they don’t appeal or look nice/right or because they dont sing generally accepted non-sensitive songs (gosepl spiritual) (like taht spectacular gospel brazilian boy Jotta A–mind blwing singer!). it’s painful fact but it’s how it is. If it isn’t about looks too then we shouldn’t even watch AI we should just watch other singers in YouTube. Their both great they have made it to the top 2. There’s always reasons why people make it to the tops.

  52. After tonites show I myself will be relieved. It has been a long run with its ups and downs. Whoever wins will get to enjoy the moment. We regular people will just go back to our same lives feeling a little better that we got to watch it and hopefully enjoy. At this point I just want it to be over I need to take a break.

  53. I am a very big fan of Phillip Phillips.  He has everything it takes to make him the 2012 American Idol.  To say he is a great singer & performer is an understatement.  Rhythum literally oozes from his body and soul and he is facinating to watch.  I am 65 years old and am very much facinated with this young man. Best Wishes Phillip !!

  54. so im a phillip phillips fan!!!!! for the simple fact
    that i enjoy the way he sings. does jessica have
    a good voice? of course. but do we really need
    another powerhouse singer right now? i dont think
    so. i enjoy phillip’s performances because his cd
    would be something i would listen to when i need
    a pick me up or just to put a smile on my face.
    this whole thing is a matter of opinion. who do u
    like better. i would love to see phillip win but it
    really doesnt matter because how many times has the
    runner up had a career that was just as big if not bigger?

  55. Ive loved phillip since day and knew he would b the next American idol there has been no one like him..hes the champ

  56. NEWS ALERT!!! In efforts to get more votes for American Idol people will now be allowed to vote by Jungle War Drums, Smoke Signals and Telegram………..

  57. Phillip is good but not great. Jessica is the best contestant ever showing real talent. But then again it’s a popularity contest. Jessica win or lose you have amazed millions of people already and enough to say that you are the winner.

  58. I swear, I’m not a racist.. But these Jessica fans are ALMOST making me one.
    (and I know it’s not all of you, but it’s a majority, so I’m entitled to generalize).

    And it’s pissing me off how people in the Philippines can vote! Us in Canada can’t.  Obviously AI wants her to win (or just wanted her to go far). But all those naive Sanchez fans think that AI wants Phillip to win… Clearly they couldn’t tell that her “elimination” was completely staged in order to get more votes.

      • Yes, i CAN comprehend.  Apparently you cannot. If you’ve been reading comments, many people from the Philippines have been voting by skype.

  59. I loved Phillip’s last song.  Both Jessica and Phillip are talented in their own way.  Jessica has the best vocals by far, but I think she sings songs that are too old for her.  I’ve been hoping a girl wins this year.  Phillip is the best all around idol when you consider his musicality and artistry.  He’s not the best vocal but in my opinion, the best performer.  I can see Phillip still being around in five years more than I can see Jessica.  Best of luck to both of them tonight and in their future. 

  60. my vote is still for Jessica!!! after hearing his song… it was like… that’s it???

  61. Johnny are you saying that Phillip is a better looking person than Jessica? She is a beautiful young girl and she is very talented when it comes to singing, but what else can she do? She can’t move around a stage, that was proven when she tried only 1 time with that Tina Turner song. She can practice her song and then sing it perfectly but she cannot entertain an audience. There are women that she has been compared to…Whitney, Celine, Mariah, even Beyonce who know how to put on a hell of a show and sing beautifully. Jessica is talented but she needs a few years to learn how to connect with an audience.  Phillip on the other hand has the talent, when he sings it  puts a smile on your face, makes you want to get up and dance, I could see myself going to a concert to see him perform. How many ballads can one person watch before they get board to death. Hope Phillip wins, he is ready for this, to tell the truth I am worried for Jessica if she wins that’s a lot to take for a 16 year old.

  62. Way to go Phillip, by far the most talented artist on all the years of American Idol. Finally someone with some real soul………..can’t wait until the first album.  It will be the first time I actually buy an album from an artist from American Idol.  

  63. I wish Jessica Sanchez won not only she has an AMAZING voice. It would be so unique that a person of  Asian & Hispanic background won in American Idol for a change.

  64. I think it is just pathetic…simply pathetic. Ms. Sanchez had an overwhelmingly better voice than Mr. Phillips. 

    Jessica is by far a much better vocalist, in every way.

  65. i dont love the result its all about  the look not the talent i know that philip is good singer but for me jesica is the champion because from the first up to the last performance she gave all ALL NOT PHILIP

  66. If you’re going to listen to vocal quality, yes, Jessica has a beautiful voice–still in training. The winner should have been Joshua for talent and experience and just awesomeness. He was heads and tails above all the contestants. After he was booted off, I’m glad that Phillip won. He had style that was all his own. Congrats, Phillip!

  67. Many are commenting about Phillip’s song not being his own.  I thought it didn’t have anything to do with it being an original.  Some did write their own songs, but the choice is the song that will be the first one recorded after the show.  I picked Phillip and Skylar as the last two.  Many had the singing ability, but those two had the ability to capture people’s attention.  I watched every week just to see them.  So congrats Phillip for a well earned win. 

  68. I love both of the finalist . But I want to blame the staff of AI . Becoz they really failed to have a extravaganza grand finale for letting Jessica sang a song that will show her vocal talent. AI MISSED that once in a life time opportunity!!!

  69. Philip Phillips is unique and connects with his audience – it seemed when he looked into the camera or out over the audience he was singing directly to you….incredible.  I knew all along he would win….he is his own man and thank God stayed that way thruout and if he does this in his career he will be great and yes he knows his music…………

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