American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez Finale Performances

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

Jessica Sanchez delivered big performances last night on American Idol 2012 and here’s your chance to watch them all over again.

Jessica lead off the American Idol night with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Simon Fuller hand picked this song for Jessica and she didn’t disappoint her fans. JLo praised Jessica for her “amazing vocal prowess.” Randy gives the first round to Jessica for her performance.

Jessica Sanchez’s second performance of the night featured Celine Dion’s “The Prayer.” This was Jessica’s selection for her favorite performance from earlier in the season and one that helped push her ahead early in the race. Steven Tyler calls the second round in Jessica’s favor while Randy calls it a tie.

Closing out her trio of performances, Jessica delivers “Change Nothing.” This would be her coronation song should she be crowned the winner of American Idol 2012. Randy doesn’t love the song, but he is pleased with how she delivers it anyway. JLo agrees that the song was not the right one for her, but appreciates what she brought to the song. Steven echos his co-judges and says it was just not the right song, but he knows she can sing. Jessica says she wanted to go “more urban” but ultimately went with this song anyway.

Overall the judges were very positive and support of Jessica Sanchez last night on American Idol 2012. They really weren’t thrilled with what she picked for her final performance. Will that hold her back from the crown or will the audience see through that and vote her to the big win? We’ll find out tonight on the American Idol results show finale.




    • She should win,she is the only singer! Phillips may win but he won’t sell any disks,tapes etc.,Jessica will have a huge career ,big concerts and big music sales.

      • No way! Yes she can sing, but I don’t see her selling more albums than Phillip! He is a true artist!

      • I think Jessica should win even if I’m bored with her style –its so Philippine music like..too much melodramatic ballad singing like mariah carey and whitney—there are so many ballads out there that are so beautiful to sing and will get her voice range out more artistically…after a much the same music but that last song she sang I am sure will sell :-). She still deserves to win as she is a good singer…she just needs to find her artistic side when she is all growing up in the business. Problem with overly popular ballads after a while, because many people know the lyrics sang over and over again, they lose their meaning and so it’s so hard to get attention and touch people’s feelings. Singing is expressing and touching people’s hearts (or partying!)

      • No contest – Jessica will win hands down. If she doesn’t then I wont be watching the contest again!

  1. Whatever happens Jessica, you are the World Idol..You are an inspiration to everybody who wants to make it big in America. A “True American Dream”. You’re only 16 y/o but you inspire us to strive harder and reach our dreams even its impossible.American Idol would never be the same without you.I’ll miss campaigning,fighting bashers and most of all vote like crazy every week for you.Work hard and Stay humble BBchez. love you.You are my Winner. Thanks Americanidol for discovering such a gem.

    • Yeah, I’ll miss this site. I hope Ai next season will at least be good or even better. I never been so hooked in AI until this season. 🙂 Thanks to the finalist. 🙂

    • yeah i AGREE with you.. tonight will be the last to see you in AI.. but its worth watching you.. and after that finale  we will now fold the curtain for AMERICAN IDOL11.. we salute you me and my family.. good luck

      • gonna miss this site,, thank you MATHEW BOYER and BRANDEN.. and for jessica we’ll gonna miz u for sure.. GOODLUCK

  2. I believe in you Jessica! You are the reason why I watch American Idol…. Phillip is great, no doubt about that. But there’s something with Jessica’s beautiful voice that enchants us (me, my friends and my entire family). It’s like magic…. beautiful!!!! bravo, bravo!!!!  Whoever wins, I’ll be happy… Congratulations to the two of them. I believe that they will both have a fantastic career in front of them.

  3. If you ask me, they torpedoed Jessica last night with that last song. They gave her the worst pop song they could find, knowing she’s not a pop singer. They also knew she didn’t have the maturity to say “No, that’s not for me!” like Phillip would have done if they gave him a pop song. She did the best she could with it, but it was not good. Not compared to the song they gave Phillip, which was completely in his wheelhouse. I mean, how obvious can it be what they did? Shame on them. Jessica is by far the best singer of the two. She deserves to win, in spite of what the 3 cheerleaders and everyone else at AI think.

    • Jessica said she picked that song.  She initially wanted something “more urban” but then decided “Change Nothing” would have broader appeal. Unless she misspoke then that choice was on her.

      • Matthew, JS said in an interview they, AI,  have given them a couple of song to choose from. So I guess, It’s half-half. They chose it, and AI chose it for them. 🙂 Leaving P2 and JS somehow also no choice. 🙂

      • I think Jessica doesn’t want to upset the judges for their comments like before.  She always listen and she even said before that she always have mixed signal from them.   The song was written for her and she has no choice.  Days before final is critical and I believe this will be a hit song after tonights result.

      • She did say that was the song she picked, however, we have no idea what she had to choose from. If given the choice of smallpox, HIV, cancer or a severe case of the flu, one would choose the flu because of the choices, the flu would be the best choice. Perhaps Change Nothing was the best choice of what she was given to choose from.

      • Matthew J was Jessica was given two songs to choose from in 3 days, in fairness to the songwriter it is not that too bad at all, just maybe there could have been a better song. Jlo’s comment was good for future song selection, when a young budding artist is made to choose with limited time and limited experience you can’t get everyone on your side, there are those who will say they liked it and there are those who didn’t… Listening to it on studio version was not that bad at all, she did a great job and it was different compared to when it was presented on stage. Whatever happened behind the scene we don’t know. In my opinion swaying votes for Phillip is what the judges attempted to do, whether that was more than enough to clinch a Phillip win we will see…. Don’t be upset with a surprising turn out…. other people spoke too soon that was their choice. These judges did two things  gave their two cents on the song selection but credit her for making something out of it. JLO gave her an advice coming from a seasoned artist, was that the right forum for it to do so?  I think it could have been reserved for another session, as the poor girl has very little choice and very little time to choose the song for herself. Phillip has been in the block as a song writer for quite sometime on that he has the edge. But does that make him enough to win it base only on a third song…. I don’t think so. But you see the way Idol was created, is just base on appeal at a moment and that has no consistency, as it could sway either way. I am certain Jessica will go a long way win or lose, everyone in AI will discover that later on, just like the outcome of so many upsetting wins going for the same kind of artist and predominantly male…… We have facts, look at the career of Katherine Mcfee vs Taylor Hicks, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert , Chris Daughtry. So is AI a real predictor of superstar and blockbuster talents, not so… as the facts will speak for itself.  Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were the only consistent winners that made it to the top, but recent winners it failed to demonstrate that this contest is a good predictor of winning bankable artist Is it a good platform for budding artist to show the world what they can offer, I think so as the world is watching American Idol. We will see what happens, but win or lose JESSICA has a promising future and everyone will recognize that later on, a talent as young as her given the right people to handle her and the right project and material to work with and the right advice she can do great in the years to come….. hopefully American Idol can take its pride that she won in their contest. We will see what happens with the results tonight….

      • Yes she said that, but there didn’t seem to be any conviction in her words to indicate she meant it. And take into consideration, Jennifer Lopez told her one of the things she needs to work on is saying NO. She’s the artist. She has that prerogative as the artist. She should have said NO to that song. But like J.D. said, her other choice(s) may have been worse. I was just taken aback that she wasn’t offered a better song that was in her wheelhouse like Phillips was. There’s just something wrong about that.

      • Remember James Durbin’s big performance with his own marching band? That was from his creative process. Production is influenced by the singers. If Jessica wanted doves released as she finished her song then it would have happened.  Maybe the way Jessica did her song was exactly what she wanted to do.

    • This is from Australia…..I had never watched American Idol …but just in the net ‘had AI… JS and PP on the last two standing…..had listened to all songs  both sang on Ai stage, yes the talent of that 16 yr old and how she delivered the goods is enormous…fantastic and great talent…the voice? she has  her own way…it does not matter if it was whitney’s or mariah’s or whoever….still she has diff way of singing the songs….her own voice projection?? wow factor….don’t worry about the maturity….at that tender age …she got it already plus as time goes on…how good she can be in the stage performing her own songs????…..we will watch her concert her in Australia….

  4. There shouldn’t be any coments form the judges especially at the finale.  We all heard since Top 13 all their comments good or bad, SO or not, all kinds of criticism.  Did Randy listen to Jessica’s song?  She said “Change Nothing”.  When Jessica crowns tonight, this song will be meant for the judges and people will remember this song as the memorable one.  Jessica was just too nice to the judges and just agreed everytime.   Now its time for Jessica to say this is me, I will change nothing.  The studio version was very nice because it is complete and has back up singers etc.  By the way, I thought at the finale there shouldn’t be any backup singers allowed?  Hah! P2 has 3 backup singers and thats why it was nicer than Jessica.  No wonder P2 voice was nicer than solo version.  Anyways Jessica is already an Idol.    Thank You Jessica for the Memories in Idol 2012. 

  5. I actually gave 2 rounds to Phillip and one to Jessica. However, I thought her first song was ten times better than the second. The second song, I seriously nodded off. Whoever wrote that third song for her…blech. It was horrible. Phillip won by the last song.

    • It’s not that bad. In fact, If you listen to the full song. It’s great. 🙂 “Change Nothing”

  6. go Jessica…
    winner or not..
    for sure you will make it big in Hollywood..
    with that kind of voice.. the producers are really blind and deaf if they will not offer you any records…
    go go go girl…

  7. i dont know why the judges are so mean to jessica.. the song that she sang was not her choice but the songwriter’s.. why blame it to Jessica.. btw the song that she sings was not that bad.. in fact its so RADIO FRIENDLY.. it still good.. like it if you agree

    • two songs are really awesome for jessica.. she display her prowess voice and really agreat performance for her.. the third one is not that bad anyway but still its nice

    • JESSICA THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL VOICE.. THANK YOU FOR MAKING AI WORTH WATCHING.. EVEN THOUGH ure not that lucky to have the crown me and my family still,, ure our number one.. GOODLUCK for the BRIGHT FUTURE ahead of you… love love 

      • AGREE … so long.. and GOODLUCK for your singing career.. waiting for your new CD to come

      • tommy mottola is interested to jessica,, shell be signing for sure.. so its really a bright future… GOODLUCK

      •  It is not sure yet whether the crown is not hers.   You have to wait until tonight, who knows,  maybe she wins.     Both are good but I like Jessica more than Phillip.   They are both good and talented singers. 

  8. I believe Jessica Sanchez can win American Idol. But if she doesn’t, I will FOREVER blame whoever assigned the song “Change Nothing” to her!

  9. Currently listening to “Change Nothing” (full song).
    It’s actually Amazing Randy, JLo, & Steven. 🙂 You should wait for it to be released. 🙂

  10. i was saddened with what the judges have to say about her performance but hey, i believe that jessica did everything she could and that meant a lot to me, to all the fans, filipinoes, mexican , asians, americans, etc…

    we are all here to support you jessica – win or lose…

  11. What about the complete stage setup for the last song of PP.. With Marching bands??? Isn’t it too obviously biased…and Jessica was forced to sat on the piano singing the whole song with no marching bands like PP.. That’s not fair… Nothing special about PP’s performance if not for the MARCHING BANDS and other stuff…. Jessica has the edge… Judges were biased just like what they did to Joshua Ledet…

      • I just realized now, YES, why? In the studio version there are back-up singers in “Change Nothing”

    • It’s okay for me to have that since it’s part of the song but for Randy to comment about it or anything other than P2 performance.Hmmm..
      You just don’t compare it to JS production ofcourse, I don’t imagine having those in JS’s performance. :))) LOL. 

  12. I voted like crazy for Jessica at least 750 times. Cross my fingers that she will win! go Jess!

  13. jessica’s song wasn’t that bad. for me it actually is the kind of song you would appreciate even when you hear it the first time. she gave justice to the song anyway.

  14. Jessica’s Change Nothing is more original than Philip’s Home that already sung by Greg Holden

  15. P2’s song “Home” was not original.  This song was already written long time before actually for someone else not P2.  Too shame.   But in contrary, Jessica’s song of “Change Nothing” was written just last week by 3 or 4 song writers that have credibility.  Not to mention one was a multi platinum songwriter and one is a Grammy award nominated for Beyonce’ song.  So Randy, who has the better originality in song now….. I’m just being honest.   This is the reason why the judges speak too soon and not thinking before they say it.  They always say P2 is original.. Yeah explain this then….lol….   My opinion, Jessica should win the finale for the most original Song.    Jessica is the Winner already!!!!!!  What else…mmmmmm…. I’m just saying dude…..

    • Thanks for the info. I just know P2 song is not orig but I don’t know about JS’s song. 🙂

    •  Wow so the last song of Phillip is not original?    This is not fair to have him sung not an original song from Phillip himself.    Hoping that Jessica takes this crown and knowing this info she should be declared the winner. 

    • hope america thinks like that…just like in a beauty competition, it boils down to the QandA…in AI, the coronation song…

  16. i don’t know why jessica’s fans always said that branden as a jessica hater..i think branden was right! he’s intelligent!! p2 for the win

    • I also don’t believe that Branden is JS hater until his last article about “It’s all Phillip” and stuffs. Even if you are P2 or JS fan or any1 fan you could really figure it out.. 🙂 Sorry. 

    • I don’t think he’s a hater. I just don’t like his being bias. As a writer he shouldn’t take sides and shove our throats with his personal fave. It’s good to rate each performances (according to your tastes) but to stress your inclinations at the end of all the stuffs he wrote is just not so pleasant. Just leave it to the fans, that’s all he should do.  

  17. Both songs sound like crap. I’ve listened to the studio versions and philips arrangement is kinda weird for me and jessica’s song lacks emotions. So for me both songs are flops. Sorry!!!

    • I can’t either. It’s almost like the Phillippines against the Philippines. lol

  18. i think more here are voicing out their opinion base on AI performance. The 3rd song the production for Jessica was very plain while Philip had back up singers and marching band

    • its stuttering all over again..she doesn’t need any backup, a piano wud do fine…and her amazing voice.

  19. Best in Marching band goes to P2 hahahhahahahaha so funny the judges standing O where is the talent there if he wins another boring artist like the past season that is so true 

  20. Jessica is Amazing.. But hey, what about the complete stage setup with marching bands during PP’s last song.. are u covering his pitchy voice ??? Don’t be too obviously biased pls…

    • Don’t be so obviously bitter, Edwin. Joshua had a whole fecking choir with him half the time..look where that got him. 


  22. Judges’ comments doesn’t matter if who will win. They are just suggesting or commenting but in the end it will be with the VOTES that will matter.

    For me round 1 is just a simple round not a finale kind of performance. But jessica performed well so with philip. So no one won. Round 2 i must say is the round that you can feel the heat of the finale. They sung the 2 song that i totally liked. But jessica’s the prayer weighs more. If phillip chose we’ve got tonight oh for me it will be a tie. But this round favore jessica. Round 3 jessica’s song is not so good but she delivered it very well. While phillips song is a happy song where he delivered it veryl well as well. Change nothing is a song for a finale. Home is a song that can be produced already. It is a song not suited for finale but it suits when it is performed to promote an album. Just my thoughts ^_^

  23. Change Nothing… lyrics of songs don’t necessarily need to be coined as romantic… here’s an excerpt of Jessica’s 3rd song… ” They say we don’t fit together (AI).. I could do better.. There’s always something… They don’t know the hell we’ve (AI) been through cause when you hold me (FANS) like you do..that’s when I wanna change nothing………

  24. I downloaded the studio version of “Change nothing” and I just loved it!  Everyone might not like it, just like rap is not for everyone. The chorus is catchy, she put a Beyonce flava to it, and the meaning of the song is like a “you and me against the world” type. If this is marketed, the target audience is mainly the youth and everyone else in between. Could I see it climbing at the top of the Billboard charts? I believe so with her popularity in the international market and the proper guidance of Jimmy Iovine and Tommy Mottola, she can be living the dream and could potentially not only sing at the Grammys but could snag awards as well. Just you wait and see. Can’t wait for her album already!

  25. (adam lambert vs kriss allen) both yellow   (carrie vs bo bice) both yellow  but dialidol was right kriss and carrie won!..just wanna share!

  26. gtg, but i encourage all the fans of jessica to render our prayers for her success..i believe that GOD has a special plan for her..again, YOU ARE MY IDOL…nothing more, nothing less…thank you and godbless…

  27. Go0d morning guys! cant wait for the results tonight! cross fingers for jess, lol! anyway, even if she loses, tommy mottola already agreed to help her on her first cd/album, so she’s a winner already! now…time to download her songs, wasnt able to do that last night since i was so busy voting with my friends :))

  28. Thank you Jessica for the performance and the stint with American Idol. In our hearts you won us regardless of the result tonight. It is sad that a lot of people suggest the winner only through the third song which you have very little control. In fairness to the songwriter it isn’t that bad at all as the judges have judged it. You did justice to the song and you know what if you win, they will be surprised to see how much people will buy the song not only in the US but in the world to demonstrate support for you. The studio version was good, anyways there will be more songs coming your way. Just stay cool and let last nights performance pass, you gave it your best shot and we appreciate that. To us you are still the AI winner, Congratulations….

  29. with the production from P2’s 3rd song, we all know its the crucial song of the night that’s why they made it sure he gets the better performance.But if both of them have the same 3rd song, who do you think will fare better? All of you knows it who…

    • It depends on the type of song. Of course if it was a ballad, Jessica would do better. If it was upbeat like Phillip’s song, of course he would do it better.

  30. Jessica Sanchez’s CHANGE NOTHING is the REAL AMERICAN IDOL original song! Phillips’ HOME is NOT an ORIGINAL. It was sung by Greg Holden

  31. Go Jessica, I am with you winner !

    Rubens Yacabo
    from Santos – São Paulo – Brazil

  32. Phil is more like Dave M.. we don’t need another! If he wins america is deaf!!
    Jessica is amazing!!!!!

    • Jessica is just like Beyonce or any other diva. We definitely don’t need another one of those! Phillip is AWESOME!  If he wins, American is totally right on the money. Phillip against the Philippines!

      • just like beyonce or any other diva? but these divas are the biggest stars in the world today….beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna, katy perry etc….they all have toured worldwide and is more accepted by fans from other countries outside america…sales wise? its not surprising that these divas top the charts! can i quote the article i read on mtv website ” In Sanchez, they have the show’s best hope recapturing that old magic, of creating an actual, of-the-moment pop superstar. She is young (just 16) and current, she can sing pop, R&B and soul, and, as her alter ego BeBe Chez has proven, she possesses that sheer diva-tude that has driven the likes of RiRi and Bey to superstardom. In every way, from her biracial background to her grab bag of musical inspirations (Mariah, Xtina, MJ) to her supreme belief in self, she best represents the whims and attitudes of the millennial generation that drives trends and shapes culture (and downloads singles). In short, she is relatable to the people who really matter, and that’s the key to it all. Like Rihanna or Katy or Gaga, there is a belief — either real or imagined — that today’s biggest stars aren’t only your best friends, they’re you, living out your wildest dreams and fantasies…

        all the other WGWG…where are they? scotty is the only one who sold millions of his albums, but the others?! im just keeping it real…you dont need another diva? we dont need another WGWG…

      • what is the connection with the Philippines, duh…its American Idol…if youre going to put on race and ethnicity might as well include Mexico…people never learn.

      • Oh please. I am NOT the one who made this about the Philippines. It was alltthe posters coming on here with there Pinoy pride crap. Don’t they have an actual citizen who can do something?

      • @Anamarie..not a single one of those mentioned is in Billboards top 20. If you look at the list of top selling artists of all have The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Queen, Led Zeppelin..see a trend? The only woman up there is Madonna. So you can take your Rihanna (vomit) Gagas and Katy Perrys and listen to them all they want like the sheep you are.

  33. Go Jessica, I am with you winner !
    from Santos – São Paulo – Brazil
    Rubens Yacabo

  34. At least Jessica’s so-called coronation song has never been sung before and not even posted on youtube unlike Philip’s HOME that’s originally sung by Greg Holden and even posted on Youtube so meaning Jessica’s rendition is more original and no need to have  patterned it from the original singer. Now, who is copying?…………….Peace out….

    • AND it was horrible…everyone could hear that. just proves that she is better at copying singers than being original.

  35. jess FTW….even if u lose, ur already a winner for us…so many artists are on ur side and theres no bigger compliment than that! tommy mottola already agreed to help u with ur first cd/album…so for sure you’ll be successful! cheers to that!

    • Get serious.  They’re both crap singers.  One has no charisma or lower register and the other couldn’t carry a tune with a forklift.  Neither will be relevant this time next year.  The Emperor’s New Clothes, indeed.

  36. There were three songs …two of which Jessica was undisputedly the better artist/performer …and just because P2 was given a better sounding original song ….he gets to take it all?

    What was Jimmy Iovine thinking when he picked that awful unmelodious song for Jessica? He did her a grave injustice …or was it really done on purpose? …but awful song or not …Randy said it all… She made that unmelodious song come to life! Would Philip have fared as well had he gotten that poor excuse of an original song which the AI people sandbagged Jessica with? What a travesty of a finale! American Idol producers etc. have just delivered the ultimate insult to us the viewers

  37. I’m looking forward to buy your first album, Jessica! With AI producers? They love losers, so they can keep PP,  & former winners who failed to sell their albums. Jessica, you’re the winner, and then some. AI always tried to sabotage you, but you proved them wrong, everytime. Win or lose, you’re a champ already.

  38.  In Sanchez, they have the show’s best hope recapturing that old magic, of creating an actual, of-the-moment pop superstar. She is young (just 16) and current, she can sing pop, R&B and soul, and, as her alter ego BeBe Chez has proven, she possesses that sheer diva-tude that has driven the likes of RiRi and Bey to superstardom. In every way, from her biracial background to her grab bag of musical inspirations (Mariah, Xtina, MJ) to her supreme belief in self, she best represents the whims and attitudes of the millennial generation that drives trends and shapes culture (and downloads singles). In short, she is relatable to the people who really matter, and that’s the key to it all. Like Rihanna or Katy or Gaga, there is a belief — either real or imagined — that today’s biggest stars aren’t only your best friends, they’re you, living out your wildest dreams and fantasies…By giving Sanchez the crown, not only can voters send her on her way, but they give the show a shot at actually becoming culturally relevant once again. It can be the launching pad for the next great superstar.

    ok this is something i read in mtv website… :)) very well said!

  39. If I may say…Jessica’s Change Nothing, if ure going to listen to it carefully really sounded like Jordin Spark’s This is My Now…I said to myself, hey to this is actually good, something that grows on you…

    Phillips’ Home regardless of its originality, is good also its like Beggin’ and Volcano combine…right on his track.

    It is a win win situation for the both of them…no need for comparison because they sang different song, ok, diffrent genre.

    it doesn’t matter who delivered a great performance but boiled down to the number of votes they get…

  40.  final votes leaked. (via american idol reliable insider)

    jessica sanchez 57,980,731 (53.09%)
    Phillip Phillips 51,221,700 (46.91%)
    total number of votes 109,202,431

    • AI wont give any leak, they are very strict when it comes to the votes….but i sure hope its true, lol…..

      •  ill tell you its true, last week my friend also gave a copy of the result, I did not believe it because I was expecting jess to go home but the insider is right, now, he gave me a copy again and I believe its true 🙂

      • @ Joy. Well, if you believe that, I have some ocean front property right here in Minnesota to sell you.

    • if its true then its time to party!!!! Lol….dinner guys anyone? my treat! LA girl here…21yrs of age, hahaha! “well i just met u, but heres my number, so call me maybe”….lol, that song is growing on in me! ok i sound drunk, need to chill :))

    • HOLY SHIZNITZ! pardon me… is that fo sho’? fo reals? keeping my fingers crossed on that. IF by God’s grace she wins, she’ll definitely make AI history:
      If Jessica wins AI, there will be a lot of FIRSTs. She will be:

      -The youngest contestant to win AI. Jordin Sparks and Scotty Mcreery were the youngest at 17 when they won but Jessica will be  at 16.

      -The first saved contestant to go to the finale and win.

      -The first AI winner with Fil-Mex ethnic background and/or from Southern California (I’m from L.A….gotta give it up to my homegirl!)

      -The first female post WGWG trend.
       Whatever the outcome is, she’s already livin’ the dream.Congrats babygirl!

    • Interesting……Joy……How can we be sure these numbers are correct?  We need to see some proof here…….sorry……..

  41. I’m starting to like “Change Nothing”. Her studio version is better. Honestly, I didn’t like her third song in the finale but when I played it over and over again, gosh I think it will be one of my favorites! 
    Good luck Jessica! And thanks Phil you gave a good fight. Both were fantastic. But IMO this girl should win. 

  42. with the production from P2’s 3rd song, we all know its the crucial song of the night that’s why they made it sure he gets the better performance.But if both of them have the same 3rd song, who do you think will fare better? All of you knows it who..

  43. the first time i heard the song, Change Nothing, i already liked it..that’s why i was stunned that the judges were so negative about it..well i really hope JS wins..but if not, i’d still be grateful that she’s able to get to the finale, sang her heart out and lived her dream..i firmly believe she’s gonna be a star..many music producers are eyeing on her, mottola and akon, just to name a few..God Bless Jessica..I’m really a fan..stay humble..

  44. AI is unfair! they have given p2 extravagant production numbers especially on the 3rd song. they gave p2 a song which suits him. why not do the same to jessica? have you noticed, jessica is owning the stage, but p2 always has his backup singers, dancers, even a band! cmon!  can he not perform on his own??

  45. Not a singing contest,purely a popularity contest and the young girls will declare Phillips the winner although he is a horrible singer All he can do is grunt and growl while strumming a guitar and thousands of young people can do that.
    Jessica can actually sing a song beautifully and should be winner,she will have a huge career and Phillips will fizzle just like Hicks did!

  46. i think jessica’s “change nothing” would make a great movie soundtrack. i dont know why the judges didn’t like the song.  probably its not a “winning piece” type of song.. but its something you’d want to hear played over the radio.

  47. Jessica should win not only because she is the better singer but because she would be able to perform her duties to fans as the winner. She would be able to go to the tour. Phillip is ill. How could he be able to do the hectic tour schedules

  48. Also, I see a lot of people are saying the studio version is much better. I don’t know, I haven’t heard it. But as true as it may be, that’s not relevant to her becoming the “Next American Idol.” Jessica was not judged last night on the studio version. Nor were the votes cast based on how good the studio version is, unless they released it before the voting ended. She was judged on her live performance of the song. That is what bothered me about it. And to top it off, the cheerleaders gave her less than stellar comments (to put it mildly), while they gave Phillip the only standing O of the night, then proceeded to slobber all over themselves with their praise. Was I the only one who thought the fix was in to sway the votes?

    • DUDE !!!!  you hit the nail right on the head.  Clearly…Phillip was the judges favorate while at the same time threw Jessica right under the bus.  Go figure.  JLo has always had a “Wet Spot” for this guy and I’m starting to wonder about Randy jackson.  They should have kept it fair…There should have been “NO” standing “O”‘s  and let the public decided to gets the standing “O”.  Clearly…it would seem that Jessica will come out ahead in the long run….I guess the judges don’t wpant anymore talent like “Mariah Carey”……let’s vote for the one person who can sing…..after all… don’t see Jessica using a smoke screen like a marching band to “MASK” his over rated talent……

      If this guy wins based on smoke and mirrors….then America……you really need to give your head a F*** shake……

      • sore loser, even Tyler said Jessica would win

        america preferred P2

        suck it up

        besides Jessica will be fine, same with joshua

        p2 mofos, a11 winner!

  49. I’ll buy a Jessica song, if it is upbeat and NOT terrible. Her version of “Turn The Beat Around” was AWFUL. I just want something not boring from this girl.

  50. jeeezz.. read of it earlier.. not til i actually re-listen to the song that i thought it will be a good soundtrack for a romantic movie! may not sound a competitive song for  AI but definitely a good one for movie soundtracks!!! 

  51. if another white guy with a guitar wins this thing again over somebody as obviously talented as jessica sanchez, i will stop watching this show. what a farce. yesterday was so rigged, they gave jessica sanchez a crap song and had the judges practically pronounce phillip the winner with their comments and standing ovation. 

  52. Jessica! Can’t get over her phenomenal voice and emotion she pours into her performance!

  53. Jessica Sanchez beats everybody, that young women is the singer & the winner since, Whitney , Celion, Arthea, , she can sing to me any time especially the song your going to live me, she is gods gift to the world, to sing to us and to make a difference, my words can not describe how talented she is!

  54. That’s a shocker.Jessica Sanchez deserves to be the American idol 2012.People around the world are voting for her. We heard her sing and for sure when you compare their voices and the way they sing Jessica is outstanding.Still can’t believe it.Jessica you will be the winner at the will become famous and you’ll get recording contract.

  55. Phillip is a tone deaf Dave Matthews knock off. He shouldn’t be in the top ten. He has had two note worthy performances all season. That’s all. I guess working in a pawn shop will get you used to selling other peoples crap.

  56. Well done Phillip,,,, so proud of you! No matter what people say about you and your singing ability, you desrved the AI title!!!  Congrats!

  57. I like all her songs & performance. Jessica Sanchez is phenomenal!!

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